Preparing for Riots and Violence in our homeland


Colin Powell recently commented that the US would face an international crisis on January 21-22, 2009.What would most likely cause this, and what will you do?

**note: 3-9-09 this is overdue to happen now.  I believe something will go very wrong soon.  Just be prepared for anything.

The international community would only be affected by two things:

war and economic collapse. 

We have threats of both.

Right now, there is nothing the average person can do, to offset what is predicted.But what they can control their response, and help themselves as much as possible.

In either case, war or financial crisis, there will be some level of violence, by those thinking only of themselves, or wishing to harm others.

2 Basic responses:

1.Leave where you are at – especially if you live in a big city, or wrong part of town, and head for less populated areas.

2.Bunker down where you are at – and prepare to “camp out.”

Plan to live without routine conveniences, and less personal freedom.Plan to live like you are camping out in the woods, even if it is in your home.Some people have been through a disaster, so this will not be so hard for them.


Level one

Do not panic.Think.Live your life as normally as you can.Remember, God, friends, and family are the most important.

Pray, trust God for help.

The best victims are isolated, and defenseless, so form a network of support with others, so you will have help there too.Make sure each one in the network, if they are able, does their share of preparation.You do not need free-loaders.Have a family meeting, or a meeting of friends.

Level two-

Have a gun and ammunition ready.Get a gun permit first. Learn how to shoot a gun, so you do not hurt yourself.Get advice as to the type you would need.

Have cash on hand, in case the banks are closed for a time.  $3000, or whatever you can do. 

Get good locks for doors and windows.Glass is easy to break.Consider boarding them up, as if preparing for a storm.

Have cash and food ready.The banks may crash, or put a freeze on accounts.Best is food that is ready to eat, and does not need refrigeration.

Have spare gasoline in gas cans.Be prepared to leave.Have a travel plan.Know where you would go, and how to get there.

Have car trunk loaded, and locked, with provisions.Keep gas tank full. Make sure oil is changed, brakes are ok, all other fluids are ok.Keep car in good running condition. Make sure you have at least 6 months of car insurance paid for.Make sure your license tags are up to date.

Make sure property tax is paid and up to date.

Stay away from places where there are a lot of unknown (especially negative) people. There is safety in numbers, with people you know and trust, but not in mobs.

Have alternative heating systems, like kerosene heaters as backup.Blankets are cheap.

If there is martial law, and monitoring troops, just behave yourself.They are looking for violent people, not you.

In case of break in, keep cash in unsuspecting places, and unrefrigerated foods in non- kitchen locations, like bedroom closets, or under bed, or in a locked storage shed.Thieves will usually look in the kitchen, but not elsewhere for food.

Level three- every day supplies, needs

Go from room to room in your house, and make an inventory supply list of what you would want more of, to keep there, or to take with you, in case you would leave.

Have immunizations/ vaccinations up to date.Consider tetanus, and hepatitis A, B for food and water contamination.

Prescriptions – keep filled.Some places like Walmart let you fill a 90 day supply at one time.

General supplies – 3-6 month supply- (whatever you can do) example:


Feminine supplies



toilet paper

Drinking water

Pet food




Over the counter medicines – cold, flu, aspirin, etc

First aid supplies – band aids, antibiotic ointments

Coffee supplies

Dishware – cups, dishes, utensils,

Cast iron skillets or camping cookware


Ready to eat foods – check all the isles in the stores

Dried or canned foods

Peanut butter and jelly

Tang, or vitamin C, instead of real orange juice

Kitty litter

Hefty bags – for quick transfer of belongings, food, and loading into car to leave

Full gas cans

Family photos

Clothing – for 2 seasons, 5 sets each

Shoes, underclothing

Laundry powder

Laptop computer, for travel

Camping stove and fuel

Manual can opener – important!

Reading material – books, bible, magazines

Music and batteries for devices

Games – cards, board games


baby powder, or baby wipes – as substitute for bathing

Matzos or crackers as substitute for bread

Learn how to design a “root cellar” for your home.  This will help refrigerate foods in case the electricity goes out.

Scriptures for God’s protection

Current headlines about unrest

Greek riots

Paris riots

Sympathy protests in Europe

American riots predicted

Iceland protests and riots

Race riots in Spain

Rioters attack US embassy in Belgrade

Race riots predicted if Obama does not get into office- he is elected, but there are predictions he will not get inaugurated, for some reason.

Alleged Madoff fraud has worldwide exposure

Army Brigades Train for Homeland Response Mission
http://www.NewsWithViews. com
http://www.newswith NWV-News/ news112.htm

December 13, 2008
The first active-duty unit dedicated to supporting US civilian authorities in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack is wrapping up three days of intensive training in tactics to be used within the continental United States, according to Armed Forces Press Service representative Donna Miles…….

Military mobilizes on the west coast, is it really about drunk drivers?

Update:4-8-09FEMA plans for 2009

PART 1 (Its only a little over 5 minutes)

PART 2 (Its only about 7 minutes)

Note feb 26, 2014.   martial law is in effect.  russian and chinese troops are in the country.  economy is about to collapse.  and “natural” disasters are happening and about to happen on a greater level. banks will close. and people will lose everything.  people will attack each other for provisions.  government is planning attacks against veterans.  the country has already been destroyed morally.  this destruction will accelerate soon.

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  1. […] crisis on January 21-22, 2009. What would most likely cause this, and what will you do? Click here for […]

  2. Marrianne,

    I can think of a few big reasons why there would be civil unrest. One if there was a major attack on the United States. This could lead to martial law. Martial law could lead to the delay in the transfer of power. People from poor communities especially those of African American descent would surely riot.

    I agree we are headed for some rocky roads in the USA.



  3. I’ve read about Celente’s prediction recently and do believe things are going to get worse. I want to ask what the best food to store is? Do canned foods last forever? Or are they perishable after a year? I’d like to stock up on foods now while they are still affordable.


  4. Hi John,

    Riots would be most likely but very unfortunate. One person from Canada told me in an email that troops were gathering on the west coast of Canada, when they have never done that before. During times of trouble, people should stick together. This would be a good time to witness to people, and help them trust God, for provision and help.


  5. Hi Paul (Mel),

    Food lion is ok. Try dollar stores. many sell food also. Also try stores that sell bulk foods. I never could understand the odd expiration labels on cans, but I have used canned food that had been in the can for a few years, and I was ok. Check with the local grocery store. They have to understand these labels to know when to discontinue the item. Dried food like rice, crackers, etc last a long time. Be careful with “self rising” flour. you should NOT use it past the expiration date. It has yeast in it, and if the yeast could produce spores after a long time, this could be toxic. Same with breads. Keep them frozen, if you can, if not using them.

    2012 supplies is also an option. See side menu.


    ps. what is your email address? When I respond to you, the email comes back as a bad address.

  6. Why do you think Powell is able to put a specific date to it? Probably a deadline he knows about that some entity is not going to meet?

  7. Hi, I accidently came accross your site last night as I have had a lot of witchcraft coming against me and prayed your prayers on Jezabel. I still do not feel 100% and felt like i wanted to ask you to please pray for my two children and myself.

    As an intersessor, I agree with the riots, there is a lot of violence in the land and it is getting ferousious. I am from Australia, Melbourne, and we saw a police shooting laast week on the streets. We are having the bars close early now and night clubs in Melbourne are not to open beyond a certain time.

    Somehow through prayer, we are seeing change in the City, but the violence and mental issues are looking worse. I see people walking around the streets, just talking to themselves, it’s so sad.

    I am so impressed with the site, this has been a blessing.

    I saw the Judgment on the USA, especially with this new election, I saw the gates of the Nation just collapse, I have felt so grieved for America. The financial crisis is huge, however, the Lord is gathering the Joesph’s, the storehouses need to be prepared for the famine, PLEASE, gather the food and prepare the storehouses, is what the Lord has been saying.

    We are getting this prepared here in Austalia with other Nations to come in and support the vision. I have been given a blueprint for this. It was a warning, he does not want us to fear, but it is a warning to be prepared.

    Marianne, could I ask you to please pray against this stratergy in my life right now, regarding this statergy to make me go to the edge. I know it’s Jezabel and antichrist, I would appreciate your prayers.

  8. Hi Alexia,

    I will certainly add you to my prayer list. I have been through the Jezebel ordeal myself. It is very draining on the spirit, and reinforcement and support is what you need.

    Our greatest strength is the Lord now, not the military. We have the military, but it cannot fight in the spirit. We will each pray for our countries, to give strength to those who are in harms’ way, and have to fight the violence.

    If the Lord wants us alive, He will provide for us. If He does not provide for us, then it is our time to leave this earth. Either way, we submit to His will, and we trust in Him.


  9. Hi Archie,

    Maybe Powell knows about an action that the US government is participating in, and that is the approximate date of that plan of action.

    Troops are being mobilized on the west coast right now. That should tell you something.


  10. That article you wrote is definitelly one part of a survivor kit, and I’m sure that soon everybody will need it. I live in Brazil, one of the best prepared countries, economically speaking, and things here aren’t complicated at all, but I’m sure the crisis is only winning its 1st round. And certainlly everything that’s happening now (are you aware of the natural disasters happening in my homeland?) is a chapter of the giant phenomenon that God had prepared for human kind. 2012 is so soon..

  11. Hi Rafaela,

    I am hoping that 2012 is more of a target date than 2009. It takes a long time to adjust one’s mind to a large disaster. If people keep hearing about it over time, it will help them realize better what is coming.

    I did not know about Brazil, but you made me look it up. It seems like a drought is affecting the entire agricultural system there, with fires and frosts as well.

    The bible predicted famine in the end times. If people cannot grow their food, or it is destroyed by flood or frost or lack of rain, then these natural disasters are part of the famine.

    All we can do is the best we can to prepare, and then we have to trust God for what else we need. Food will become very expensive, and so if we can buy some ahead of time and store it, this would be an act of wisdom for us.

    The current situation seems to make my assumptions look wrong – that the real evil is not yet upon us. My interpretation is that the saints will go through war, and famine, but NOT the wrath of God, which starts AFTER the 7 seals have been broken. The rapture would occur before the next set of events (I hope).


  12. Marianne,

    .It Is coming.I can see it spiritually. So many warnings (signs) have been given.

  13. hi David,

    very true. I am praying it is not this year…that maybe we could have a few more…but that is up to God.


  14. Hi Marianne,
    Great list of supplies. Hopefully I can wait till after Christmas to start working on that. Do you have a link to Colin Powell’s statement. I tried to google it, and the only thing it brought up was Biden’s statement. Thanks

  15. Hi Diane,

    Here is my google search. See if this helps.


  16. Hi Marianne,

    I am a US civilian working in Baghdad, Iraq. With GWB coming over here and getting 2 shoes thrown at him, it is very clear how much the Iraqi people dislike us. That same hatred is building up in our own beloved country. Powell may not have the exact dates correct, but he is right about one thing. There will be a terrible disruption of the American people who are fed up with the greed of wall street while the average person is paying all the bills and taxes. Sooner rather than later the U.S. will end up like Iraq. Just another 3rd world country that will dissolve into a nation of undereducated, greedy people who are looking out for themselves, asking for handouts with out producing anything. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  17. Hi JRA,

    Very true.

    With a significant percent of the country out of work, it will be interesting to see how Congress gets its 1.5 trillion to bail out a few greedy, incompetent people.


  18. Please remember to buy Water Supplies not in normal bottles, because they would break when frozen, due to a electricity/heating breakdown!!!

  19. Hello Marianne. Long time no see, David. I hope all is well. I think some very good points have been made here. I do, however, have to strongly object to the comment by John about people being most likely to riot by virtue of their being African American. I dont see the point in that small minded and racist characterization. And then to sign it with “love”?? C’mon man. That said, I think the most likely reason Powell has cited these dates for a meltdown is that they follow on the heels of the Inauguration. You know well that I believe the Saints will be spared the tribulation period, but I certainly believe that all of us have some hard times coming. There’s simply too much going on in the world for there not to be. America has long had an indomitable spirit. Times were that this spirit was backed by our belief in God and the knowledge that he would protect us. This belief has been replaced by a frail reliance on our own ability, means of production, military might, etc. and the notion that people are inherently virtuous and wouldnt destroy one another. We’ve seen the fallout of millions of Americans having their lives turned inside out because they relied on their jobs to be their source. There are many autoworkers, for example, who saw the coming meltdown in their industry but wouldnt get out and into other fields because they didnt want to leave their $60/hour jobs. Now many of them will have no jobs. I fear the same thinking will prevail in the face of crisis. People would be blind not to see the destruction on the horizon; too many, perhaps will be ill prepared for it. Thank you for a sound list of things to prepare with and the encouragement to be ready.

  20. Hi Amardo,

    I forgot to add…..have some cash on hand also, if the banks shut down or are closed for a period of time…..

    I think the rioters will be of different types….and for different reasons
    blacks, because they voted for Obama
    unemployed people, because they want money help
    people who have lost money in investments, because they are broke

    For the believers, we need to be prepared to minister to many hurting people, and be able to act to prevent harm, if we can – reasoning with people, praying for them so they do not want to riot, giving hope, preaching the gospel….etc.

    I heard the only jobs available in Michigan right now pay $7.50 an hour. Sad

    Troubled times are ahead, but this could be Christianity’s finest hour, if we can make a difference for God during this crisis.


  21. Marianne, I understand completely the sentiment that black people would be outraged and that based on previous history of violence in beleaguered areas, riots are likely. I dont think most likely, however. The majority of his voters were white people. Based on the way the media and other outlets have crowned him a messiah, I think EVERYONE is gonna riot as youve pointed out. That said, remember those Visa commercials last year and the year before where someone paying in cash stopped a series of harmonious events? I made it a point then to inform people that we were being introduced to the notion of a cashless society and that cash would become an exotic and invaluable commodity in a disaster. I couldnt agree with you more about having cash on hand. The sort of unrest thats been postulated could easily make electronic money unavailable for some time. It would do eternal good also to be prayerful that we will accomodate people who become displaced in such a time. Those with homes ought to take in those without. The sort of ministry in crisis that you propose will win people who wouldnt be won with tracts and happy promises. Despite all this, I find this the most exciting time of my life. I dont revel in calamity, but as it becomes daily fare, I am reminded again and again about the Lord’s soon coming. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Maranatha.

  22. Hi Amardo,

    Rioters – both black and white – will riot because of various reasons, but, spiritually, it will be because they had faith in man, not God, to bring a Messianic deliverance to this country. The obama messiah cannot save, neither can Bush or the Congress. Only God can save this country.

    I have feelings of grief and joy for the days ahead.



  24. hi Nhel.

    God bless you for your devotion. May we all focus now on the future ahead of us. May we serve with all our heart, all our strength, and all our minds.


  25. Armaro,

    Hi hope you are well.

    To deny the differnce of cultures in this country would be a mistake. I am just basing my conclusion from history. What happened after Martin Luther King was assinated? Where were the riots? What about after the cops in the Rodney King beating were found innocent?

    Racism is a very real thing in our society and so is racial identity. If, God forbid Obama was assinated I would think that there would be riots in these communities as well. I hope you don’t think I am racist, though I may be small minded.8)



  26. Hi John,

    You are so cute. You are not small minded. You just have a certain personal history, and normally think along certain lines because of that history. We are all like that.

    It is sad that one immediately associates riots with blacks and racism. With all the protection that Obama gets, an assassination is always still possible, but very difficult. Colin Powell indicated it would be an international crisis, not a national one. The riots may be more linked to economic distress, or panic, if there if some kind of war on American soil.

    On the national level, riots might occur if Obama does not get inaugurated. There is still pending litigation over his birth certificate, therefore citizenship, as valid.


  27. NXAI3U Thanks for good post

  28. In December I had a dream where I saw a map of the gulf region and the border of one country outlined. Later when I looked on a map I realized that it was Iran. Pointing to it were four arrows, one from the area of Turkey, one from Iraq and two, one east of the horn of Africa and one west of it. I heard people discussing and there were quite a few saying:”No, we can’t do this”. I wonder if these will be the attack routes to Iran. After a few seconds the picture suddenly blanked out and I heard a terrible scream which went through my whole body, as if the people talking were suddenly wiped out.
    When I woke up my heart was beating fast and I was quite shaken.

  29. HI GYOD

    This dangerous time certainly is weighing on the spirits of people. Your dream about Iran seems to indicate that Iran has attracted the attention and concern from the entire region around it. Iran’s threats affect that entire region’s safety.

    I may not have time to do it soon enough, but go to scripture, and look up all passages related to Persia. See if you can get any insights on what might happen next with Iran.

    This site is a good place to search:

    I will try also. Let me know if you find something you want to share.


  30. Now we have a new riot on our hands because a police man deliberately? shot a black man on the ground. Is someone out to create race riots?

  31. Hi GYOD

    I am not sure what is going on. From what I can tell, Grant was may have been handcuffed and in a controlled position, so shooting would not be necessary. But there is an investigation going on, to see if there was some reason we are not aware of, ie like pulling a gun from a concealed site before the handcuffs went on.

    This world is stupid.


  32. Hi GYOD

    I am not sure what is going on. From what I can tell, Grant may have been handcuffed and in a controlled position, so shooting would not be necessary. But there is an investigation going on, to see if there was some reason we are not aware of, ie like pulling a gun from a concealed site before the handcuffs went on.

    This world is stupid.


  33. Maybe Powell wanted to say “could be” because the time is over and we haven’t seen anything yet or the Israel/Hamas conflict is not over yet and about to rekindle again as there are new skirmishes.

  34. Hi GYOD

    I believe Powell now, as much as I believe Obama. The dems were promising a crisis for Obama during the elections, in order to make things more dramatic. Truth, of course not.


  35. I just copied this and emailed it to myself. Thank you very much.

  36. To those that are on those videos I agree with you 100% Am here in Arizona always new that something was going to happen. but when I didn’t know I have every thing under book marks on concentration camps the stickers on back of the signs that would lead to important places and on the N.W.O The men in black, the black Helicopters and the way people fill this is going to happen.

    What I fill the government is doing is bring this country down lowering it as low as it can.
    So people can be less prepared as thy can be so when it does go into affect its a must easier job to handle thy will be hunger,cold,afraid, had have no were to go but to the government

  37. to the ones that did the videos talked about the west coast I am vary interested learning all I can I live in Arizona and due mead to be in some thing to keep me and my family updated and as safe as possible I know in these groups your life is on the line as a christian I except that my email is

  38. I want to pray for the ones that are on the fema update video

    want to you tube to see if there was more on them its been removed
    want preys up for them thy probably are in need of them

  39. This subject reached Glen Beck, of FoxNews. He hired Popular Mechanic’s investigators, who are known to search out truths and myths independantly. They investigated thoroughly, and found it to be a myth. They showed, for example, one of the “prison” gates and buildings shown on U-Tube as “proof” of FEMA’s deeds. The gates and buildings were a long time operating train repair station. Inside, they were repairing trains.

    The day may well come that our gov’t will do as suspected, and it looks like that is fast approaching. But to this point, it is a debunked myth. DavWms

  40. Marianne; Do you think that these riots and this is going to take place real soon?? I mean, I know that nobody knows the hour-etc, I am just wondering. I am stocking up right now on food etc.. I am just wondering what people are thinking and what they feel God is whispering in their hearts and spirit.

    • Hi madjewess,

      Anything could happen soon, but I would first have to assume that our military and police will be preparing also. I cannot imagine SUDDENLY, the entire country goes crazy. It seems like any riots that would occur, would first start in specific locations, large populated areas. When we see this, then we might prepare for the riots to become more prevalent. Since I think you live in a large populated area, I would just prepare as much as you can, and put some things in your car, in case you need to leave, if there is enough warning.

      For you, I would plan to travel first west, and then south. Get out a map or look on the internet for reasonable places to stay. If you have family, practice a drill. But above all, do not worry or panic, because if you are thinking about this now, and prepare, you can think better later as well.

      If you want to discuss this more, email me back after you get this comment.

      I had a dream last night, after your question. I dreamed that I was prepared with boxes of food and other things, and I had these put in storage.

      There were a few people around me, but they were not doing this. There was a dark hooded figure of death, who was walking around quietly.

      He did not hurt anyone during the dream. It looked like he was just looking, to see what was going on with us. He was very calm, and was not threatening us. But he was there, observing us.

      I checked my storage after some time, and realized some food got old, like bread, and fruit. So I had to throw that out, and reorganize.

      Maybe that indicated a delay in the death angel, since some food got old while we waited.

      At first I thought the death angel was a threat, when I saw him. But then I realized that he was not hurting me. Maybe, because I was preparing myself physically and spiritually.

      We have to remember that the time ahead is really meant to punish those that reject God. It is not meant to hurt those who are faithful to God. So, I think the death angel knows who belongs to God, and who does not belong to God.


      • Hi Marianne

        I am not a person that has much really vary little not rich in money wise but in god I fill I am I fill what ever I can put together god will make it last longer were in for trouble times all we have to due in is look around what was happening in 2009 has only gotten worse in 2012 its birth pains starts out little pain and gets much worse what we paid in gas prices in 2008-2009 now higher same with food and so on now with the drought the corn and wheat and everything that uses that will be higher people cant afford what thy use to be able to by I am one of them the news I fill don’t tell the whole story about things people will take the medical RFLD chip because its been set that way so you cant afford medical any other way with out it you cant go to a hospital or doctors and by meds and I am in need off all but will not take it my trust is in the lord hes my doctor it wont be long now I fill were in are last stage were things are really going to
        get going Christians are in for a lot and I been praying for all

        god bless

  41. This site I found talks about right wing groups even the Christians
    thats against n.w.o

  42. I got up this Norine and just sat looked out the window, and said whats going on lord?
    I fill so different and strange inside, it just isn’t the same any more.
    Our world is changing under neath are feet,in ways that we can’t fulling under stand.
    We can sence things that aren’t right.We know are world is going in the wrong direction, many will wake up start there day as always and never think twice about are world some thing god gave to us.

    Just like he gave us are children, to watch over take care of and raise.
    To teach them about him, to teach them to love.

    Soon and vary soon are world will be out of are hands and leading in the wrong hands, it must be its are lords plan.
    Some will know,some will sence,some thing isn’t right.

    Theirs a big storm coming a storm like never been seen before.
    We must be ready,
    We must be ready to weather out this storm until are father comes for us.

    Give us the wisdom to except the things that we can not change and the wisdom to no the difference Amen

    Are hearts are so heavy for the ones we can’t reach.
    can’t touch
    The roads we walk are so long,we fight for are bothers and sister in Christ.
    Its war against Satan every day and night in words and actions its a spiritual battle against good and evil.

    Satan knows his time is short, he knows he must shut up the non bleavers in him.
    Remove them from the rest,before thy get through to the ones that are not saved.
    Through Christ there are ones that are seeing the truth

    • HI Flybird

      What we are seeing is the bible prophecy come true.

      It says in the book of Revelation that Satan would “wear out the saints and overcome them.”

      This means physically, of course, not spiritually, since our salvation is assured if we are faithful.

  43. was wondering how many people out there really deep in there heart fill these are end times as we no them.
    For years theres been people the same passing on there beliefs that the anti-Christ is coming or here and has been wrong.
    Only the true ones can say I believe and mean it. The ones that wake up each moraine and say lord Am here.
    What due you want me to say that I haven’t already said
    point me in the right direction lead me my presses lord.

    The things a person can say point out is so hard to express.
    Filling is so hard to express, you know it, sence it,
    see it, your looking at it.
    Some times you can even taste it.

    When you believe in Jesus its through faith you read it its in front of you you have faith that its true.

    The end times are in the bible but yet its so hard for the people to see its so.

    Thy get up every moraine start there day as thy did the day before northern changed in there eyes, but did it?

    Whats happen over night that were not told?
    That we can’t see. Thats taken care of for us.

    How many were cought with there pants down in Nov or before when things were really starting to happen.
    We seen the gas prices,the food, housing,the job loses,
    and so on happing we wasn’t watching as we were told.

    Are we dueing today what we should of yesterday? Are we spreading the word?
    Are we watching as things change are we aware of the changes?
    Are we spreading gods word of his soon return?
    The troubles that this country is facing and soon to face to the best of are ability?
    To each there own on answering these questions.
    for me I need to due more work harder for my lord.
    If I could just get one to read to look up to ask god that would be one in the right direction

  44. Thank you Marianne, wise words, from a wise woman. Blessings.

  45. When Enemies invade America Click here for more??
    Hallo the enemy has already invaded America. They are called the FED. They are the goverment. They own America and the rest of the world. Its not going to be islam. The American people with its army and police and private security companies is going to be turned against the real Christian Americans. Cant nobody see this!!

  46. Marianne:

    Will we see this again? New Orleans 2005


  47. Marianne;

    How close are we to Martial Law? Any nuclear, chemical, or biological atatck on US territory might trigger just that.

    America’s Pastors: Preachers of Truth or Promoters of Tyranny:
    By Chuck Baldwin

    Click to access america.pdf


    • My Beloved Sister in Christ,
      Greetings to you in most highly exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

      How are you Sister?

      Pray for us.

      We shall remember you in our regular prayers.
      In His Service
      Your Brother
      John Augusteen

  48. Hi Marianne,
    These scenarios are really scary. We are defenitely heading for rough/hard times. May God bless us all.


  49. I wouldn’t be that surprised if that actually happens within. For a long while I have had my suspicious of Obama’s plans. I have seen truck carrying army cars everywhere on freeways. I also have seen them using some top secert airplanes that flew low overhead. Also my bf heard and witnessed near where his mother lives that he looks after.. So, yes, it is right around the corner. To be honest, I am not scared.. just pretty much ready to step out anytime.. and eh.. I also told my bf that I want to make sure others make it … I just cannot leave especially elder people and children behide.. unless I am told not to. 🙂
    Just do not trust anything what those people says in government especially at White House.. They did not want anyone to know what is real going on behide those doors at White House with that Obama.
    Oddest thing that a friend of mine told me that Obama appeared to his dream and try to bribe him to join.. and to be bonded… So I must arise the alarm for all.. watch out. Protect yourself from that. May God watch and bless you all. Much love.

  50. Marianne.

    What about Disabilty, Old people , deaf people. how can they be protected and prepare for their own life.. like me Im poor and college student so I dont know how can I be prepare since I hav very little foods for me and thingsk I have .. I dont haev everything.. I Just dont know. Pray that God will make a way for me .. he knows my limited very well.

    living on Disability dont give me chance to save or stock up foods becuase I dont get much.. pls add me this prayer on your list. thanks


    • hi Dawn

      Do not be concerned. Do your best, and God will provide the rest. This is how I live. I have not had a job in 3 years, yet God provides different ways of receiving what I need to live on. I have to just trust Him. Jesus wants to share our burdens with us. When we let him, we are in line for many little miracles.

  51. hi marianne,
    as i said i will try to get a life raft for the whole family. You just can’t ignore the possibility of giant tsunamis or flash floods coming from the mountains.

    take care,



    A most interesting site!

  54. Marianne said: The banks may crash, or put a freeze on accounts. Best is food that is ready to eat, and does not need refrigeration.

    Have spare gasoline in gas cans. Be prepared to leave. Have a travel plan. Know where you would go, and how to get there.

    Ok, so do we NOT keep our monies in the bank at all? And regarding travel plan…..will need your address and yahoo directions..! laughing..:) make sure you have plenty of pizza for William! LOL

    • if the banks are closed, or shut down, you will need cash on hand.

      Have a secret place where you keep some cash for emergency, and do not use it for anything else.

      I love William…he is welcome to have pizza at my house any time he wants.

  55. Riots in Tunesia due to unemployment.

    The President quits and escapes the country.


    I’m surprised no one had anything to say about what’s going on in the middle East on this blog. This was interesting to run across Webster Tarpley Griffen video

    Remember him in “The Obama Deception”?

    I wonder when I turn is coming here, in the United States for Riots.

  57. Email sent to me:

    I just opened my mailbox and in addition to your email there was another dealing with Obama organizing Egyptian riots with his personal friends. If I had received it earlier

    I had written a bit more. I’ll forward it to you. Two years ago before election Obama promised East Jerusalem to Palis and commanded them to organise riots that Israel would get fed up with East Jerusalem.

    My understanding was immediately after the ultimatum to Mubarak that the whole thing is his handwriting. He has been years friend with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and now he has the opportunity to make them a service at the same time promoting NWO.

    He has been pushing Arab peace plan long time with the requirement to get Muslim majority in Israel. Tactics is clear. Israel will not surrender voluntarily to Arabs so he organises his friends to run Egypt. He is a good speaker and talks about democracy knowing well that Iran of 1979 will be repeated.

    The strongest takes the power and that happens to be Brotherhood. The future is also easy to see. He will ask Brotherhood to keep profile low and in return continues $1,5b annual military aid to the strongest army in the area after Israel.

    In preparation for that he already threatened Mubarak that if democracy does not win in Egypt this aid will be stopped.
    His clear purpose is to eliminate Israel but he cannot win the Lord.

    I have seen also prophecies dealing with Israel in which the Lord says: because Israel does not accept the peace from God but wants to make her own peace Israel will have wars. Thus it is easy to see that this Obama’s operation in Egypt is allowed by the Lord and Israel pays a heavy price.

    And it has been easy to see the Lord’s peace plan after 1967 war. Israel had all the legal rights to possess all the land west of Jordan river. Britain was the originator of Balfour, San Remo etc the treaties never cancelled. Israel should have annexed.

    Instead Israel did not want to govern Arabs and have done her best to create an Arab state inside Israel. Israel leaders don’t even talk about their legal rights publically and the result is that the whole world is now talking about

    Palestinian land which legally is Jewish land. And the Lord very clearly says in His Word about these times of return “and you shall possess the land”. But Israel refuses to follow Tanach, full of dry bones as Ezekiel tells and Rabbis concentrate in their man made rules of conversions etc

    England organized these laws and the US accepted them in the Anglo American Treaty. Every time Obama is talking about eliminating settlements he breaks American law.

    Four years England was thinking Israel which means that it was really God’s doings to establish the Jewish home.

    Lawyers don’t dare to fire Obama.They refer that Congress could do it, simply because he is not natural born citizen. I don’t think that he will be reelected 2012, so many states are planning eligibility checks before ballot. Congressmen are too tied to campaign money provided by NWO and propaganda thru media owned by NWO.

    Obama was Rotshild’s choice and they could easily get rid of him but it looks to me that they let him make and promote laws to make the US a Marxist state. Homeland security program is one of the last needed corresponding Soltzenitchyn’s Archipelago Gulag after having been ten years there.

    Then I read Orwells 1984 which was like easy reading of Soltzenitchyn’s work. Then in 2012 I think that Rotschilt does not let him run because ineligibility would be found possibly cancelling all the laws he has made. Obama knows all this and he is in a hurry to accomplish as much as possible.

    He has also said that he is rather one term president doing a lot rather than two term mediocratic president.

    Obama’s other dealings with the ram. He is pushing NATO defence missile system into Turkey well knowing that if it will be ever used it will be against America or Western Europe or Israel.

    So both jaws will be well equipped. After leaving Iraq the US will leave plenty of armament there in the name of the fight against terrorism. Iran takes over and that’s it. Saudi King has already given up.

    NWO’s plan to start WW III is to get Israel attacking Iran but not right now. You can guess which countries would join. Other alternative is that at first comes Psalm 83 war which would be a lot easier for Israel.
    I have no inside information, I read a lot, also from between the lines seeing what is not written. Sometimes I also notice that God opens my eyes to see something.

    Barry Rubin writes well thought articles from the Middle East. If you don’t belong to his free mailing list I reccommend.

    Another thing. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to know who was Nimrod. With which name he is recorded in history. In Sumer there was plenty of talk who was the rightful king according to promise given to Eve.

    Rightfull king in Sumerian language is sarrukin, history knows this name there. Sargon II has been suggested, obviously corresponding sarrukin in akkadian language. I don’t buy that based on Bible text Cush begat Nimrod. Maybe Sargon II lived too late. I don’t know.

    Its the same thing with Joseph. Which was the name used of him in Egypt. Now it is clear, he was Imhotep, builder of first pyramide and establisher of medical treatment in the world. One of his names Path is still used as pathology borrowed by Hippocrates from Egypt.

    America will suffer a lot but nevertheless Jacob’s son Manasse blessed a lot and thus will win at the end like Israel.

    But plenty to pray

  58. CNN’s “intriguing man” Farrakhan backs Gaddafi, says Mideast style revolution coming soon to America

  59. Seems all you relegious nut cakes hate people that give, love war
    and spread the devil
    .lighten up get a what that you read alot. you read crap

  60. From an email sent to me.

    What’s next before the Muslims take over?
    HB 1388 PASSED

    You just spent $20,000,000 to move members/supporters of Hamas, a terrorist organization, to the United States ; housing, food, transportation, the whole enchilada.

    HB 1388 PASSED

    Whether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U.S. Needs to know…..

    H.R. 1388 was passed, behind our backs. You may want to read about it…

    It wasn’t mentioned on the news… Just went by on the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN screen.

    Obama funds $20M in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA . This is the news that did not, and will not, make the headlines.

    By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in “migration assistance” to the Palestinian refugees and “conflict victims” in Gaza ..

    The “presidential determination” (ain’t that nice?) which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States , was signed and appears in the Federal Register.

    Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing, transportation and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

    Now we learn that he is allowing thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to, and live in, the US at American taxpayer expense.

    These important, and insightful, issues are being “lost” in the blinding bail-outs and “stimulation” packages.

    Doubtful? To verify this for yourself:


    Friends, WE are losing this country at a rapid pace

  61. Riots in London .Famine in Africa.

  62. Best wfay to prepare for riots is to stay home, and lock your doors.

    This day of rage is instigated by Muslim brotherhood, and has no place in American life. Amadinejad even admitted riots would break out as they were going to in Muslim countries. See the pattern?

    Scott Charles Wolfe – facebook posting


    The protest aims to take root nationwide In the wake of Britain’s riots, a group of American radicals are planning a “Day of Rage” targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. The upcoming protests, replete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU. There are indications the protesters are training to incite violence, resist arrest and disrupt the legal system.

    Activists are advertising on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for a “Day of Rage” on Sept. 17 to begin with the “occupation” of Wall Street and continue with protests across the nation. To learn more about this planned protest, go here:

    What does it mean? (from HN News editor) We must not feed into the spirit of Korah rebellion that has been loosed upon the earth. Though protests and demonstrations in Arab nations started with legitimate issues (high food costs, high unemployment), the protests have been hijacked by wicked forces to unseat leaders, usurp their authority, and replace them with Muslim Brotherhood leadership. Except for Israel, the protests in all the other nations, (including London), have broken out into violence, looting, and mayhem. Truly, there is a “hidden agenda” behind these protests. This could very well be a “trap” that has been set: if violence gets out of hand, there would be the excuse to declare martial law. In my view, it would be unwise–in fact– it would be foolish to participate.

    – Please ask Yahweh to diffuse the energy being spent in organizing these rallies, so they will come to naught. We believe in freedom of speech, but there are better ways to voice one’s opinions . .

    – “The LORD is righteous; He has cut in two the cords of the wicked.” (Psalm 129:4)

  63. riots have begun….useless effort

    troops are being called home from Iraq by January…..maybe to control riots and defend american soil from anticipated outside attacks

  64. occupy protesters get arrested

  65. Click to access calendar.pdf

    supply list

  66. travel warning

  67. we all know this country is in big trouble and theirs so much coming that only god can control like he said if he didn’t cut it short Nome would live theirs shootings just about every day theirs fires out of control theirs the food cost up so much only the rich can by the gas up down for different reasons of course the drought were in the weather changes were in for a lot more i fill the riots there talking about is really out of are hands we are not to due as thy due we are sub post to look on god these things are to happen and only going to get worse we need to know that are time is short on this earth look forward to his sec coming or we can spend life after life and on in hell for what we as people due

  68. how to avoid going o a FEMA camp


  69. I found some information about this concretion camps

    Guillotines Have Arrived FEMA CAMPS!! Bible Prophecy!!

    2012 were all dead or in a Concentration camp. Police State 2012 NDAA has passed. NO NWO

    Scary 2012 Obama Martial Law Concentration Camps & Coffins For Americans! MUST SEE!!

    Concentration Camps

  70. riots across europe

    america next

  71. Govt Sources: Martial Law Soon

    march 2013?
    or by memorial day may 27?

  72. Complexity Theorists Predict Food Crisis, Riots and Civil Unrest By April 2013

  73. police bind girl for allegedly sticking rocks in a mailbox……?? actually the kids did it….this is a crime?….. you may be restrained and arrested for stupid things.

  74. DEmocrat wants gullotine to replace electric chair

  75. were these “extremists” conservatives and gun owners?

    minding their own business? they are being blamed for something, but no proof is there…

    they are “radicals” because they protested taxes?

    the first revolution started in boston also….

    Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!

  76. economic riots

  77. Dr Maurice Sklar Saw the Destruction of America Mystery Babylon

  78. Wake Up Call 2013: Obama DHS Prepares For Civil War

  79. russians coming in at military bases….

  80. The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

  81. Black pastor tells the truth about Martin

  82. Marianne,

    Great choice in selecting these 2 video clips.

    The logic and facts presented in the first video with the truth about Jesus as Lord and Savior (“identiy in Christ”) presented in the second video.

    For the past 3 years I have attended two churches where I am a minority. In the current congregation, I am the only white person seated in the room, any room. The community where I live is 95% white with many choices of churches to attend.

    Two of my closest spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ are black. We talked once about race but to say we don’t seem to notice or care about that difference between us. “Agape!”

    The pastor’s message in the second video is a profound message for any group of people.

    As a Believer – I am what I think, what I say and what I do.

    Is my identity in Christ?

    Or, is my identity in my race, religion, national origin, sex, political party, sports team, zip code, and/or my profession?

    “Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ…” (Philippians 3:19-20).

    “You were raised from death with Christ. So live for what is in heaven, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Think only about what is up there, not what is here on earth. Your old self has died, and your new life is kept with Christ in God. Yes, Christ is now your life, and when he comes again, you will share in his glory.

    So put everything evil out of your life: sexual sin, doing anything immoral, letting sinful thoughts control you, and wanting things that are wrong. And don’t keep wanting more and more for yourself, which is the same as worshiping a false god.

    God will show his anger against those who don’t obey him, because they do these evil things.

    You also did these things in the past, when you lived like them.

    But now put these things out of your life: anger, losing your temper, doing or saying things to hurt others, and saying shameful things.

    Don’t lie to each other. You have taken off those old clothes—the person you once were and the bad things you did then. Now you are wearing a new life, a life that is new every day.

    You are growing in your understanding of the one who made you. You are becoming more and more like him.

    In this new life it doesn’t matter if you are a Greek or a Jew, circumcised or not. It doesn’t matter if you speak a different language or even if you are a Scythian. It doesn’t matter if you are a slave or free.

    Christ is all that matters, and he is in all of you.

    God has chosen you and made you his holy people. He loves you. So your new life should be like this: Show mercy to others. Be kind, humble, gentle, and patient.

    Don’t be angry with each other, but forgive each other. If you feel someone has wronged you, forgive them. Forgive others because the Lord forgave you.

    Together with these things, the most important part of your new life is to love each other. Love is what holds everything together in perfect unity.

    Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking. It is for peace that you were chosen to be together in one body. And always be thankful.
    Let the teaching of Christ live inside you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.

    Everything you say and everything you do should be done for Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus” (Colossians 3:3-17, Easy-to-Read Version).


  83. I fill we all can use a up date on this its right around the corner anytime now

  84. Now, what we might be seeing will be more terrorism on US land.
    With the US economy shutdown being on the horizon (by 2014?), …will Russia and her allies make the move against Israel?

    On US (& global) economies…

    Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Preview) (Preview)

    US Debt Crisis – Perfectly Explained (Preview) (Preview)


    The U.S. Debt Clock: Prepare to be scared (Preview) (Preview)


    The Treasury Secretary: THE U.S. DOLLAR WILL DIE SEPTEMBER 2 2013.Debt ceiling Re-raise = Suspended. (Preview) (Preview)



    gullotines in camp – pictures

  85. USA Today; ABC News; CNN & Google all knew Naval Shooting BEFORE it happened.

  86. Only goodness how did anyone know about it three days ahead of time

  87. katrina, sandy and now acupluco….what it will be like

  88. Yes indeed. Store up supplies and establish your hearts (James 5:7-11).

    “Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; Hide for a little while until indignation runs its course. For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain” (Isaiah 26:20-21).

    Pslam 57

  89. obama to cut off 16 states?

  90. strange…I just saw this ad for a movie about the great american blackout.

  91. martial law in 2015 remote viewing

  92. did anyone hear or read articles that underground tunnels in the U.S were destroyed including two underground cities, 60,000 people killed in 2011. it seems that the ‘white hats’ don’t like the New World Order either? look up white hats…I have found several sites but if anyone is interested if you search you will find. somehow related to ‘earthquake’ in virginia…and strange sounds in St. Pete Florida near the air force base in Tampa. One can hear the sound at a baseball game in St. Pete Florida and watch on u tube. also wierd sounds in Colorado. texas, maine, virgina underground roads and tunnels covering 1000’s of miles. including Washington DC tunnels destroyed for the ‘elite’ to escape to? look under tunnels too. Some of us have prayed for some underground evils to be destroyed…who knows…God did hear my prayer. ” the prayer of the righteous availeth much.” just comments that stuff is going on that we won’t all hear in our ‘churches’ or the controlled media.

  93. Breaking News: Sharpton Calling for Nationwide Riots…Here’s the List of Cities

    BREAKING: The Reverend Al Sharpton and his National Action Network (NAN) are planning to riot peacefully protest regardless of the outcome of the Ferguson Grand Jury. “If the Ferguson grand jury decision clears him (Wilson) of criminal charges then NAN will call for protests to remain peaceful and for the federal government to come in with a federal grand jury to move for civil rights charges on excessive force“. REALLY? Is he out of his mind? The only person who’s civil rights have been trampled is Officer Wilson’s. The list of cities that could incur the Reverend’s wrath:

    ATLANTA, GA: 75 Spring St, SW, 2211 U.S. Courthouse
    BIRMINGHAM, AL: 1729 5th Avenue North #140
    ATLANTIC CITY, NJ: 2715 Atlantic Ave
    BROOKLYN, NY: 225 Cadman Plaza E. Brooklyn, NY
    CHARLESTON, NC: 200 East Bay Street City of Charleston Police Department, 180 Lockwood Blvd
    CHARLOTTE, NC: 401 West Trade Street
    CHICAGO, IL: 219 S Dearborn St #74
    CINCINNATI, OH: 550 Main Street
    PHILADELPHIA, PA: 601 Market Street
    CLEVELAND, OH: 801 West Superior Avenue
    DETROIT, MI: 231 W Lafayette Blvd
    FERGUSON, MO: (Police Department), 222 S. Florissant Road
    LOS ANGELES, CA COURT HOUSE: 255 East Temple
    NATCHEZ, MS: 109 North Pearl Street
    NEWARK, NJ: 970 Broad St. (Broad/Walnut Sts.)
    OAKLAND, CA: 1225 Fallon Street
    ORLANDO, FL: 401 West Central Boulevard
    PATERSON, NJ: 401 Grand Street
    PHOENIX, AZ: 400 West Washington
    SANFORD, FL: 1300 Park Avenue
    TALLAHASSEE, FL: 111 South Adams Street

  94. Farrakhan To African-Americans: ‘Let’s Die For Something’

    This guy publically claimed he gets his marching orders from the alien “mother ship”…seriously. Check it out

  95. Farrakhan Threatens to “Tear This Godd*m Country Apart” Over Ferguson Shooting (VIDEO)

  96. April 6, 2015
    Operation Jade Helm is real, US Militias respond

  97. Exclusive Video Inside Closed Jade Helm State Wal-Mart Reveals Attempt To Hide Something With Cops Guarding Loading Docks And Entrances – What Is Wal-Mart Hiding?

  98. Exposed: Ferguson Protesters Were Paid ‘Rent-A-Mobs’ –

    See more at:

  99. stock up on food and water and cash

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