Prince and King of Tyre


They have been here before, and we will see them again.

A prince is the son of the king.

An evil king and his son preside over a rich city.

Both the Prince and the King are described as men of trade, and rich businessmen:

(1) Ezekiel 27 describes Tyre, sister city of Babylon, as a rich and decadent city that will “go down to the Pit.”

(2) Ezekiel 28 : 1-10 describes the evil Prince of Tyre, and how he thinks he is a god. He will also “go down to the Pit.”

(3) Ezekiel 28 : 11-19 describes the evil KING of Tyre, and how he was in the Garden of Eden as an anointed cherub who was cast down because of his pride. The king is Satan.

So, Satan was a king of Tyre.

He has a son, who is the prince.

So who is this son he has?

The son, the prince, was cast into the Pit. (Ezekiel 28: 8)

The angel of the bottomless pit will arise from the Pit during the time of God’s wrath. (Revelation 9:11).

His name is Abaddon (Hebrew) or Apollyon (Greek).

The name means “Destroyer.”

So, Abaddon, possibly, from deduction, is the son of Satan.

Satan has a son, just like God has a Son.

Satan has to copy God in what he does.

Both God and Satan are kings, and their sons are princes.

Satan was the King of Tyre.

I believe the antichrist was the prince of Tyre, was cast into the Pit, and will return again soon.

Just my thoughts about a “person” who has lived before, and will live again.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to “Prince and King of Tyre”

  1. Good call, Marianne! I believe the trumpets are not “judgements” but signal the arrival of someone very important for the end of the age.

    I think the fourth trumpet is when Satan and the demonic are cast out of heaven and arrive on earth, and the fifth is the demonic arriving from the underworld, but I hadn’t considered who Apollyon was and it could be the antichrist.

    I’m not sure that Ezekiel 28:8 is where Apollyon is cast into the pit because it goes on to say, “he will die a violent death in the heart of the seas”. (NIV)

    But that could be the point that the prophecy reverts to the physical city of Tyre being overthrown and being cast into the sea.

    Thank you.

  2. Marianne – Probably a complete coincidence (if there really are) the first thing that struck out at me was your reference in Revelation: Rev. 9:11.

    Then I am struck by the Greek term “Apollyon” and wonder if that is any close reference to the Greek / Roman olympian deity – though they generally saw him as representing light, sun, truth, prophecy and healing.

    In reading Revelation 9 from its beginning, who is it that is given the key to open the bottomless pit in the first place? Not sure who it is crawling out of the pit, satan’s son or not, it can’t be good.


  3. The world system calls forth their Superman to lead them in movies, in religion and symbols. The movie man of steel is a good example. Lucis Trust inside the UN building is their religion and the symbol of the crescent moon is everywhere.

    Most large companies have some sort of crescent in their logo. The UN has the crescent holding the globe and the fourth greenish horse of death rides all over the world waving the crescent moon.


  4. Marianne,

    Maybe you’re starting to see what was and is behind 9/11.

    You don’t need to watch this complete video, but start at the 4:45 minute mark.

    This video is very interesting and maybe helpful.

    BTW – had an interesting yesterday. A Devine appointment at an obscure coffee cafe ( I rarely go there).

    I meet two women because one of them recognized the book I brought with me. She made a positive comment about this book, the only one of 5 books I decided to bring into the cafe. Humm?

    Bang, we then began talking significant spiritual matters. So much confirmation in our meeting/confirmation, thank you Lord.

    Much of our conversion applied to Ezekiel 34, Micah 2 (Easy-to-Read version) and Joel 2 (what is upon us). Wonderful, blessing time of fellowship directed by the Spirit.

    Psalm 37

    • dj

      the twin towers = DNA is way out there….I do not believe that….they are reading something into it that is not there..maybe a long stretch if each had 23 floors, but each had 110 floors

      there is enough true without having to make things up.

      as for the clone theory, one would have to take DNA from suspected father soberto or the pharoah, and match it with bozo to prove it

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