Prophets, or "People Readers?"



A nice, pious person tells you all about yourself. He “reads you like a book.” Is he really a prophet of God?

I see this on the Internet a lot.  “How to read people like a book.”

It is combination of psychology, intuition, observing behavior and analyzing appearance, and possibly, a little of the occult. It also includes stereotyping.

The purpose is to understand people enough to control them, impress them with some general comments, and enhance their impression of you. It can be quite profitable.

Successful salesmen are good at this. Psychic readers are as well.


People Readers in the church – it is all “New Age”

And now the church appears to be picking up on this as well. There are prophecy classes now to “activate the gifts” and people are given exercises to learn how to read people.

No experience necessary!!!

The Holy Spirit is not really needed either, although scriptures are used to justify it, and they ascribe what they are doing to Him. They think what is in their brain is Him.

Yes, prophecy is a gift, which is given by God, but it is NOT learned, you do NOT need to practice at home, and the Holy Spirit is NOT the source of your every mental impression of someone.

The reasoning is that any nice thought must be from God, even if it is just a personal impression, or information one gets from observation.

This is wrong. Even unsaved people have nice thoughts and impressions about others.


The real gift

If one has the gift of prophecy, the person is already “activated,” because the Holy Spirit has empowered them.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Zacariah, Ezechiel, etc. never “went to class” to learn how to “activate their gifts” and prophesy, and did not need to practice at home or work in a team with others, to make sure they got some impression right.

They did not do homework, to practice, and get it right.

The presence and power of the Holy Spirit came upon the person, and they prophesied out the exact words God gave them. In fact, NONE of the words were theirs.

In a sense, their mind was disconnected from their spirit, and their mind, therefore, had no control over what words would come out next. Their spirit was just a channel through which the Holy Spirit worked.


Self delusion

People now, that lack the power of the Holy Spirit, are easily convinced that any impression that comes to their mind is from God, because they have never been around a true prophet.

They do not know the difference, so they can become self deceived. 

Just because they are Christians, and have the presence of the Holy Spirit unto salvation, does not mean they have the power gift of prophecy. 

That is God’s decision, not theirs.

One way to recognize these people is that their ego is attached to what they do, no matter how positive they seem.

1. They will take offerings, as they deserve compensation.

2. They will become offended if you do not believe them.

3. They need to be acknowledged as prophets, or one that “flows in the prophetic.” In general, they need to be acknowledged as special.

4. Spiritually, which may not be visually evident, they are oppressed in nature.

5. They speak in general terms, and say things that anyone could say anyhow. That way, they are always right.

6. They might avoid “prophesying” over people they do not know, or if they do, they stereo type the person first, then speak to that stereotype.

7. They will appear very self confident, because so far, they have the admiration and respect of people who have believed them. The church, desperate for spirituality, may promote them, enhancing their image and self esteem.

8. They will claim that New Testament prophecy is “different” from Old Testament prophecy.

*** This is not true. The Holy Spirit has not changed. And man has not changed either. It is the same Spirit with the same messages.

9. They speak in generalities.


God loves you, and wants to use you.

America is in sin, and God will punish it.

God says you are special.

10. They use “social typing.” They will observe you for awhile before they say anything.

Young adults are told that God sees their heart, wants to use them, and they will get married, and have children.

Older women, that look fatigued and worn out, will be told not to worry about their children, that God will take care of them.

Men are told God wants to use them in ministry.

Poor people are told that God will help their finances.

Rich people are told that God is blessing them, so that they can be a blessing to others.

Pastors are told that God wants to increase the size of their church.

Sick people are told that God wants to heal them.

People who are crying will be told that God wants to comfort them.

11. They may sincerely believe that this learned skill is a “gift,” and a sign that they are especially chosen by God to have this “gift.”

12. They might be playing New Age or “mystical” music. It usually has nature sounds: waves washing ashore, birds singing, dreamy music. You might feel like you are floating down a river somewhere. Check out a local New Age bookstore, and listen to some of it to acquaint yourself.

The purpose of this is to soothe you, to remove any critical impression you might have of them, and make you agreeable to their suggestions.

It is a form of brainwashing.

13. They have been “trained,” “developed,” and activated” by teachers, programs, or schools.

14. False piety. They can have a “spiritual, other worldly” look on their face.


Examples of information from People Reading (“prophecy”) websites – each site focuses on different aspects:

Notice that the flesh needs to be “activated,” and “developed.”

(1) Psychology oriented – The 4 Principles of Reading People

1. Establish the Baseline- begin by studying their behavior in what is their familiar environment. This is best practiced with someone that you know.

2. Recognize Patterns – look for ‘clusters’ – groups of related signals – that coincide with a specific behavior or state of mind. Single traits by themselves, rarely tell the whole story of what a person is all about. It’s not until you broaden your view to include the whole picture, will you begin to correctly analyze someone.

Patterns begin with the first impression and continue onward. As you combine the first impression with specific tells, behavior, vocal attributes, and their environment, you are well on your way to reading them correctly.

Form also a ‘thin-slice’ of experience – snap judgment, size them up, don’t overlook anything

Appearance– In women, short stylish hair could denote someone who is creative, artistic, or expressive. Because maintaining perfectly styled hair is expensive, it may signify wealth. If that isn’t the case, then their willingness to spend a lot of their money to maintain their coif might show vanity, or a need for acceptance, even insecurity.

Less styled short hair on the other hand could mean practicality.

For men, professionally styled hair usually goes hand in hand with the desire to show status and power. If combined with expensive clothing and accessories, this is usually a sure bet.

Every detail of a person’s appearance can offer further clues into their interests, beliefs, emotions and values.

Body Language- see crossed legs, folded arms, facial tics – specific behavioral traits. Seeing how a person behaves in different situations.

Study their interaction with different people, such as with children, co-workers, normal day-to-day people, their family and friends. Watch for veiled acts of inconsistency. Their charming, delightful personality may not be so charming and delightful as the novelty of the relationship wears off.

Realize that sometimes, because of fear, anger, or duress a person will act out of character.

Vocal attributes play an important role in determining what someone is really saying. These traits in many cases contain hidden messages that require you to pay attention.

Someone with a loud voice may indicate a need to control their environment. Like a drill sergeant, they use their voice to intimidate and dominate. Sometimes it can be for reasons of trying to compensate for something they think they’re lacking.

A soft voice also could have different meanings. Don’t immediately dismiss the person as someone who lacks confidence. It may mean they’re tired or depressed.

Understanding verbal gymnastics: For example, always question why someone is leading you towards, or away, from a topic of conversation. Are they showing conceit by trying to find an opportunity to brag? Are they showing compassion through their leading away from gossiping about someone?

Interpreting their Environment – hints about their job, education, religion, culture, hobbies, marital and family status, political alignment, friends, and wealth. geographical location of someone’s home in relation to their work. study the job itself. Why do you think they’ve chosen it? What does it tell about the person? Their education or drive?

The Automobile: having an expensive well-maintained automobile may at first indicate wealth, but taken in context with a run-down home may again show a desire to maintain a certain public image. A messy, disorganized car usually indicates a messy, disorganized person.

The Social Environment: Where do they spend their free time and who with?

3. Delving Deeper through the Art of Questioning:

The types of questions that should be asked are those which help confirm or contradict the assumptions that you’ve made throughout this process.

4. Making your Decision – Being that reading people is a science and an art, use the facts that have presented themselves and couple it with your intuition.


(2) Reading based on physical features. Appearance affects how people are treated, and how they will emotionally respond to that treatment.

Face shape

Round: A person with a round face is considered to have a more emotional personality and may be sensitive and caring. Apparently, you guys have very strong sexual fantasies and enjoy being in stable, long-term relationships.

Oblong: Oblong types are considered to be very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork. You are most likely to have a muscular or athletic physique, which some equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

Square: A square face is linked to fire and you may appear as aggressive, ambitious or domineering. You have a sharp, analytical mind and are decisive.
Triangular: These face shapes are traditionally associated with a thin body and an intellectual persuasion. Chinese face readers associate this face with creativity and sensitivity, as well as a fiery temperament.

Lying – If you ask someone a question and they look up to their right (your left), it means they are accessing their creative brain, which indicates a visual construction (lie).

Up to their left indicates they are accessing a visual memory and are likely to be telling the truth. Similarly, looking directly to their right indicates an auditory construction (a lie), and to the left is an auditory memory (the truth).

The shape of the eye may also be revealing. There is a lot of detail here, but we will just cover some of the basics. Prominent eyes that glitter brightly are preferable to small, shifty eyes that display a nervous temperament.

Unevenly set eyes suggest a person who looks at things from different perspectives, and often have startling insights into problems thanks to their ingenuity.

Eyes that slant upward denote somebody who is an opportunist and are people who know how to get what they want. Many supermodels have this look — as do cats.

Finally, deep-set eyes belong to people with an intense, possessive (but observant) nature, and are often associated with writers and creative types.

How widely set your eyes are may also be revealing. Narrow set eyes suggest a narrow view of the world, while wide set eyes are more tolerant and broadminded. They may also have scant regard for authority figures.


Weak or fine eyebrows are believed to suggest someone who is quite indecisive and sometimes lacking in confidence. Conversely, people with bushy eyebrows value assertiveness and tend to have quite strong personalities. Having a uni-brow signifies an intense personality, which may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness. These are people who think an awful lot, which may suggest an introspective personality.

The Nose

The ideal nose has a high, straight, full, and fleshy tip with gently flared, but protected, nostrils. The fleshy tip indicates cordiality and warmth of personality and deep empathy with others. These types set high standards for themselves and are good mannered.

An oversize nose tip results in violent tendencies.

The larger the nose tip, the more prone they are to an act of violence.

An Aquiline nose portrays strong will, independence and enterprise, while an upturned nose suggests luck in social circumstances and a love of mixing with people.


The mouth is linked to communication and sensuality, and the shape of the lips can be quite revealing.

A thin top lip and a full bottom lip may indicate someone who cannot reciprocate in a relationship.

The opposite arrangement suggests someone who may be overly giving.

Full round lips convey a caring and sensitive nature, while small lips are indicative of a mean and self-centered personality.

Downward curves suggest someone who will be very hard to please, while upward curves indicate an optimistic character.

Jaw line

A strong jaw indicates someone who has a very strong value system and may judge you very quickly.

The stronger the jaw line, the greater someone’s stamina and endurance. These people may also be considered stubborn.

In contrast, a weak or receding jaw would suggest somebody who has a weaker willed personality, and may be susceptible to the influences of others.
Finally, a jaw line that is wider than the ear line denotes someone who is incredibly competitive and hates losing. They do not brook competition. 


(3) Mind reading course:

(4) Straight psychic website – how to “develop” your abilities- the same approach the false prophetic teaches


(5) From a Christian “prophetic” web site that teaches how to “become” prophetic:

Note: I am quoting them.  My comments are in beige highlight

Advanced Prophetic Ministry is an exciting course that will open your eyes to the myriad ways God uses to communicate every day.

*** Introduction to general impressions of every day life.

Topics covered include: Biblical Foundations of Prophecy, God’s Heart for Prophecy, The Place of Prophecy Today, Recognizing the Voice of the Lord, Heart Preparation, God’s Means of Communication, Protocol for Personal Prophetic Ministry, and Avoiding Pitfalls.

Who should attend this course? People who desire to move in prophetic ministry, sharpen their ability to hear from God, hone their revelatory gifts, and minister prophetically…

*** How many prophets of the Bible attended courses, in order to satisfy their desire to move in the prophetic? Answer: none of them.

Experience prophetic synergy!

Ministering on a prophetic team is a great opportunity to see how much more significant and powerful your prophetic word can be in the context of your team members’ words.

***This is not necessary if the Holy Spirit is speaking through you. He does not need any help.

You see in part, they see in part, and all together, you see more of the whole. Discover a powerful way to grow in your gift and to witness God pour out His love on His people.

*** The Holy Spirit does not work on any earthly “team.” He sees everything, not “in part.”

By the end of this course, you will:

Know what prophecy is and why it’s important to the church today

Be able to discern the different ways God speaks

Activate your revelatory gifts, such as the discerning of spirits and words of knowledge

**** the Holy Spirit does not need to be activated!!!

He is a Person, not an electrical outlet with an on / off switch..

Know how to avoid common pitfalls in the prophetic

Know how to effectively and confidently deliver a prophetic word

** use gullible people

Be acquainted with protocol for prophetic ministry

*** Protocol ?????

Be familiar with team ministry dynamics

** Why does the Holy Sprit need other people to do his job?

Suggested but not required prerequisite:

The Art of Hearing God is designed to train students to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him. This course will help you develop and recognize God’s voice, expand your capacity to hear what God is saying, fine-tune your spiritual sensitivity, uncover the many ways God speaks to you, pursue a more intimate relationship with God and much more.

Syllabus Includes (looks good, doesn’t it?):

Three Pillars of Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Time Periods

Five Levels of Listening

Knowing God’s Voice

Practical Tips for Delivering a Word –

****you need “tips?” The Holy Spirit does not need tips to tell Him what to say

Prophetic Servant hood and Authority

Metaphorical Understanding

*** baloney

Fellowship of the Spirit

Spiritual Authority

Spirit of Lawlessness in the Church

*** One is do not grieve the holy spirit. Do not worship false gods.

In this exercise, you become a false god, since you present yourself as equal to God in what you say.

Role, Purpose, and Function of the Church

Godward Meditation

*** No amount of meditation will give you the gift of prophecy. This is God’s decision, not yours.

Old and New Testament Terms for “Prophet”

*** they are changing the definition of the prophet here. This gives them the latitude to change what the Holy Spirit does as well.

Distinguishing Between Prophets and Psychics –

** Prophets hear directly from God.

Psychics can either hear from demons, or they just “read” you.

Just because someone does not hear from demons, does not mean they are hearing from God either.

Using your mind to pick out a scripture does not make you legitimate either.

Comparison of Left-Brain and Right-Brain Characteristics

*** So you are getting all of this from your brain.! 

The side of the brain does not matter. 

You do not need to study the brain to hear from God.

Role, Purpose, and Function of Prophetic Ministry in the Church


Learning ABOUT prophecy does NOT make you a prophet.

All believers should be able to hear from God, as they study His Word, but this may not be prophecy.

Unless the Holy Spirit overpowers you, and fills you with Words that are NOT your own, then you are NOT a prophet, and you are not prophesying.

These techniques have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit empowering a person to prophesy.

This is psychology, learning skills, or just demonic.

Spirits can take advantage of a self deluded Christian, and work through them. They then become a medium for the demon.

If you have the gift from the Holy Spirit, you do not need “training,” and education, as to how to discern and activate anything.

The Holy Spirit does the work, not you. You are just an empty vessel. You will not need a team of people, either, to get one message correct.

For the recipients (victims) of those that “flow in the prophetic:

You need to ask yourself:

Do you need to hear from God?

Or do you want people to “read you like a book?”

Do you want an Isaiah, or the guy who took some classes?

Final Note:

I have met only one true prophet in my life. The others were fakes.

I can tell you that when the Holy Spirit enters the room to give a Word, it will have a definite, divine, supernatural quality to it. It will be powerful, and will overwhelm you.

The information will be useful, and not just good sounding words.

It will be so specific that it will identify something only you and God knew. Any predictions will be very specific, and accurate.

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90 Responses to “Prophets, or "People Readers?"”

  1. Hmmmm. well, I’m not at all surprised that many churches are now ‘training’ their prophets. They continue to reject those truly called of God. We are in the days where they ‘won’t endure sound doctrine.’ For many years I believed my gift was prophecy. As it continued..I came to clearly know that my gift is that of Knowledge. God, by way of the Holy Spirit, shows me the reality of situations…Scripture is always the final revelation. The last experience being the encounter with Elias, who as the forerunner, is working feverishly preparing us for the Second Coming of Christ.

    The most heart wrenching of all things He showed me is …the failure of the ‘church’ in sharing the abundant wealth of God with the those who came to it for sanctuary. They sit inside its walls…dead while they live.

    • hi elias

      I think the greatest gift we can ask for now is wisdom, so we will not be deceived. There are many well meaning people out there making a mess.

  2. So true. We need to pray and ask to fix the mess that was made, its too big for us, amen.
    I can’t tell you how many so call prophets i’ve seen over the last ten years. Nothing they’ve said has come to past. Well I think we all know what that makes them.

    • hi Rev Williams

      Good to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

      In this high tech world, many people feel minimized and left behind. They want to be noticed and be important, as they see others important.

      I think much of this is ego driven. It is a quest to “be somebody.” Some motives are selfish, and others are just gullible, poorly taught, and deceived.

      But Satan is behind all of it. Because they are so enraptured with delusion, they will actually reject any true word from God that contradicts what they have been told.

      Scripture said Christ would be mocked in the last days. When I was younger, I assumed it was because unbelievers just rejected good Christian witness. Now, I realize it is because of BAD Christian witness. WE will do this to ourselves. God help us.

  3. Hi Marianne,
    There is No Truth in lies. None!
    I think that any one who attaches the Name of God to a ‘prophecy’ when it is not of God is in Great danger. I think that this is the blasphemy of which was spoken of which will not be forgiven.
    And how can it be?
    In doing this ‘they’ have blasphemed against God Almighty and against The Spirit of Prophecy, which is Christ and against their own ‘spirit and soul’ and against any who would follow after their minds.
    By this they curse The Living God and they curse any who lends an ear to them.
    Jesus Himself said that in the last days man would kill you thinking they are doing a service to God.
    The Satan and his servants are most deceitful!!!
    I for one can not wait until the day that he is put away for goooood!!
    If any here has participated in this without knowing I strongly suggest that those repent with all their mind and soul.
    And turn from this immediately!

    • hi abigail

      I have thought about this topic for awhile. What pushed me to write it were “prophecies” given to me and a young friend at a “prophecy service.”

      Since he had cerebral palsy, they stereotyped him, told him God said he was special, and to stay the way he was (like he can really do anything about his condition), and that he had a pure and peaceful personality. They figured because of his handicap, he had no way to sin anyhow.

      In truth, he had his wild side, was a college student who had gone to wild parties, been with prostitutes, and had bad temper tantrums at home.

      For me, since I was wearing old clothes, and I am older and overweight, they told me that God showed them that I should bake bisquits and wash dishes to serve him. In other words, since i did not look like much to them, there was nothing important for me to do in the kingdom of God, so I should just do menial tasks, that do not require thinking, like wash dishes.

      In truth, I have never baked bisquits, and I do not know how. Unless it goes in a microwave, I don’t know what to do with it. And I detest washing dishes. It was the usual satan’s lie, that I am not good enough to be anything of value in the kingdom, so go do something that stupid people do.

      • Peace Marianne,

        Just the title ‘prophecy service’ gives Me the creeps.
        Sounds to me as something that one would hear in ancient Babylon.
        They are all sons of devils!

        That is not … no that is not what prophecy is!!
        It cannot even be classed as ‘predictions, neither decay.
        It sounds way passed dead!
        Sounds to me more like oujah boards… even if that.
        Even child play is not that stupid!
        I feel sympathy for you Marianne to have been caught in such service.

        As for sinning I think most sins first are in thoughts and for the most comes out the mouth.
        Of course speaking is a passive action but The Lord says that it is not what enters the body but rather what comes out of the mouth that defiles a man.
        Sins takes root first in the heart of man and so forth.
        I have seen people even mobilized on their death and still with a vulgar mouth.
        And the bread you feed on this site don’t require you to wash any plate.

        • they had new age music playing in the background too.

          I recognized it from my hippie days.


          I went to confirm my impression that what they were doing was fake. We have to test the spirits.

          It was just a suspicion of mine, and I would not criticize unless I had proof that they were wrong. I am always willing to give the benefit of the doubt to someone. But this time, they flunked the test.

          • The Lord never minced words … he called an hypocrite an hypocrite. Truth is never fearful of speech.
            Criticism on the other hand is of no effect.
            But Truth is a sword and should be used.
            I myself find that these days people are ‘afraid’ to voice.
            If I would have been there I am ‘certain’ that I would have said something before walking out.
            Then they probably would have all said that I know nothing of the love of God.
            Liars are liars. Period. 🙂

            • I DO plan on saying something to the Pastor, who was not present. I think he is as deceived as everyone else.

              Talking to the “prophets” would have been a waste of time. They do this in groups, and all I would have gotten would have been an argument, and possibly “rebuked” for being an agent of the devil.

              I will speak to the pastor first, to see if I can get through to him. He happens to be on my email update list, so he has an opportunity to read this post this week. Maybe that will be a good introduction before I talk to him.

              • No need to get the sword out of its sheath now…
                The moment is passed.
                Of course it always takes a group of them …
                The Satan always needs his hordes …
                Talking to the group would have accomplished nothing!
                Rebuke is quick like the flash of the sword.
                When one speaks too many words then they are talking. 🙂

      • Now that’s funny.

      • My 8 year old taught me how to make an egg in the microwave-who knew! 🙂 LOL

  4. Hello marianne. Are you a theologion or studyin to be? This so top notch super stuff. Marianne, sometimes when we go through some stuff in life, we get the answers when the trial is over.
    In uk in my city “there is a school of prophets, which I was continually invited to be honets like the lastest fashion or trend. I lost a couple of good christian friends who became pastors (the fast track way) with thier own agenda’s and who seem determined in pulling people out of thier own Church. Yes like you describe ” a ministry is offered” why do I want that, God already says that I operate in it” Why do I want a short-cut to become a pastor when i need to train, study and prepare for it.
    Why do I need to commit my heart to God when I already made that desicion years ago! Wrong wrong, its all wrong and too many people are doing this. I praise God for the continual discernment needed at all times in a growing christians life. Self-titled and ordained prophets/pastors operate, Unfortunately a few years ago I made the mistake of working with a pastor just as marrinane described and not until you see the deceit, spiritual manipulation and control. I have made some stupid mistakes in my life, but leaving my home church and working with this “prophet was the biggest mistake I ever made. Good thing, i have learned from it. This teaching is anti-christ initiated and so subtle for those who are vunerable. Dont ever look for an experience apart from the written word, the church God planted you in or go against the leadership of your church because “people readers” believes you can have something better elsewhere. It is witchcraft it is most subtle and deadliest form. I can’t re-iterate the importance of obeying the TRUTH of Gods word and what that says about you rather than others opinions. Praise God for true freinds in Christ and the reality and serioussness of what we are warned about in the bible.

  5. I would think that the people who GOD has really given this ability to are not going to say much about it other than to the ones that the information is for. It’s not a matter of show boating, but of doing what GOD wants done. You sure ain’t gonna find them set up in a shop with a psychic readings sign up in neon…

  6. Now that makes me laugh! Yeah ministry is being turned into business is’nt it, sure is. Those who do have shops open for readings, at least they’re being honest. You pay up, they read up or shall I say “plant the seeds”. People readers are egomaniacs true, certainly setting up a following. If look at the “christian psychic website, they are setting up a large sign for business, its just at an online shop with a neon colour book instead!

  7. hi M. Great article. I believe the true prophets of the last days will have a rebuking message as the prophets of old, especially aimed at the pastors and priests who “prophesy unto us smooth things” unfortunately many will fall for these false prophets. We need to keep praying 4 the Saints to not be deceived. Blessings

  8. I think some of this post is accurate, while some of it looses the essence of what the Bible would state concerning prophecy. In Ezekial it states that prophets that speak from their own hearts will be cursed. They will be removed from the people, removed from the records, and left in captivity. God is very serious about people speaking as if they are speaking from Him without actually hearing Him. On the other hand, we are all earthern vessels and someetimes we get out of balance. Sometimes the prophet can be imature and misinterpret what God said, speak out of God’s perfect timing, or simply make a major mistake. Labeling a false prophet is not as easy as it appears.

    Prophets are not perfect, they are human, and like in all gifts, they must mature and grow. It is not shameful to need a mentor, or to seek the gift of prophecy. It is written that it would be wonderful if everyone would prophecy, and in the last days the Holy Spirit would be poured out on all flesh and sons and daughters would prophecy. Prophecy isn’t some ominous gift that mysteriously poofs on the vessel and is perfected at the time of reception. It is a gift, that must be matured, grown, and maintained with a living relationship with God.

    Prophecy is difficult, because God is perfect, and prophets speak from God. If they make a mistake people are quick to judge, and hurt an immature prophet scaring them from trying again. If a prophet makes mistake they must be free to humbly return and correct it.

    The scary side of prophecy is that sometimes a prophet can speak things that come true, but be false and working through a spirit of divination. This is for the Holy Spirit to judge, not us for this reason. When this spirit is at work other prophets and those that decern spirits will judge it and assist and removing the false spirit. Every joint supplies in the body, and all the gifts are needed to keep the body healthy and untainted.

    There is only one way to compile evidence to tell if a prophet is true or false. Only by their fruit combined with the decernment of the Holy Spirit will you know the difference. The Holy Spirit has shown me prophets that appear good, spoke what was Biblical, but were full of taint, bile, and death. You can learn to present yourself well, but still be dead inside, listening only to your own heart. He has also shown me immature prophets that thought they had the word right, messed up in one place, and got it wrong. God is the judge of the prophets, and it is through His word, not our own understanding that the truth is reveiled.

    The Antichrist spirit can prophecy through familiar spirits, do signs and wonders, and imitate the Holy Spirit, but those who are deceived by him are completely false. Do not let counterfeits jade you from the true spirit of prophecy. We live in perilous times, and the only thing we can trust is the word of God. God said by their fruits we will know them, and He would sort the wheat from the weeds.

    Your ears belong to you. Test every word that comes to you, test every spirit against the love and sacrifice of Christ, and if you are in doubt, ask God. His sheep know His voice, and He will tell you the truth.

    God is the judge. Listen to Him, pray, and trust Him.

    • hi trisha

      I have to disagree with you on one point.

      There is no such thing as an immature prophet that “misinterprets what God said, speaks out of God’s perfect timing, or simply makes a major mistake.”

      This is a deluded person who speaks from their imagination, and is a false prophet, irregardless of their sincerity.

      The church is crawling with these fakes, who have been mislead by “prophecy schools” that they are legitimate when they aren’t.

      It is not “a gift, that must be matured, grown, and maintained with a living relationship with God.” When God really speaks, the Word is already mature.

  9. So true, Marianne!

  10. So there is no such thing as an immature christian? No such thing as spiritual growth? Does development in a christian life stop when they make a mistake? I remember one of my favouritE songs in DC TAlk. “What if I stumble, what if I fall, what if loose my step and I make fools of us all? Will the walk continue when the walk becomes a crawl. I remember a harsh statEment made by a man at the begining of the song which said ” the biggest cause of atheism in the world is christians, they acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world truly finds unbelievable”
    We misinterpret when we fail to fully understand God’s words-teaching-hearing. I looked at a verse twenty years ago and now it means so much more TO ME NOW as an adult as it did as little child. We are never born as adults-but the real issue here is the “people readers” That is conspiring witchcraft. Good thing with immaturity is that it grows and develops over time and God gives us that as long as we are obedient to HIS WORD.

    • hi coreeta

      We can be immature – yes.

      But a prophecy is a Word from God, who IS mature, and will deliver the truth, not a mistake.

      see the distinction?

  11. Its sad when the saved close their eyes to the pagan ways of self reliant new age bunk.

  12. OH YES,THATS RIGHT ACTUALLY, and if I keep posting comments, I’ll not get to sleep tonight(10:09 pm UK) This subject got us all fired up and reading everything is really so helpful.
    I wish I knew this earlier in my life.
    God bless

  13. 11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. -1Corinthians Chapter 13 Verse 11

    I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.-1Corinthians Chapter 3 Verse 2

    For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.-Hebrews Chapter 5 Verse 13

    the thing that is immediately noticable to me is growth the reality of life, is a parent (the Father) going to hand over the car keys to a child? I think that there will be training, allowance for growth and maturity in a Christian before FATHER GOD bestows such gifts…to he who much is given, much is required…

    In saying, I have my doubts about a newborn babe in Christ instantaneously receiving gifts upon conversion.

    In my reading, it doesn’t line up with the WORD.

    • hi sharon,

      we know that god does not give out “car keys” to the immature, but we know satan loves to do it. He lives for car wrecks.

      • you got that right Marianne-he’s all about killing,stealing, destroying, and lies…

      • I noticed too what I had written about training in my above note. I’d like to explain what I mean by “training” because I do not believe a person can “train” to be a prophet.

        When a person becomes born again, there is the need to read the word of GOD, to study, to pray, to seek HIM. New babes in Christ will be trained by the HOLY GHOST and the vessels that GOD chooses to use in teaching capacity. Even in that, it is vital that the new Christian take what the person tells them and researches it in the WORD to make sure it lines up-if it doesn’t, then it is false and not to be followed. Just accepting anything and everything people say without looking to see what GOD says about it is the basis of a lot of the trouble that we have. We know as well that in the later days that people will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Thinking about it, what is it that people want so much by contacting a psychic, a reader, a “prophet”? They want to know things that GOD doesn’t necessarily intend them to know, they want to see things HE doesn’t necessarily want them to’s a matter of power, control over one’s life. I keep being reminded personally in my own life that I am to walk by faith, not by sight. GOD will show me what HE wants me to know when HE wants me to know it, and how HE wants me to know. The idea of chasing after GOD to me means a way to get closer to HIM, to become best friends with HIM, not to use HIM for selfish reasons. When HE really speaks, HIS children can know without a doubt that it is HIS voice by the truth of what HE says. I don’t have much of a desire to know the future anymore, because I know that GOD is already there. That is enough for me.


  14. Yes, the New Age (which, is really, really old, lol) has and continues to infiltrate the church’s. This will help to fulfill the prophecy of the last days of the Apostate church. The great falling away. Jesus would be angry if He were to visit many of these church’s, just as in the day He overturned the money changers’ tables. “My House will be called a House of Prayer” He said.

  15. There is a difference in being a prophet and having a gift of prophecy. When you are an imatuer christian then yes God needs to inhabit that person in order to speak through them, however if you are truly a matuer prophet then you have died to the flesh and are one with Christ so you have the mind of Christ. We are to bring every thought into captivity….until our thoughts are His thoughts. Remember when Jesus prayed to God and said Lord let them be one with Me as I am one with You. The more we die to the flesh and to the world the more we become one with the Lord having the Mind of Christ to speak His Will to all.

    • Can you please Rachel explain to me how we ‘die MORE to the flesh’?
      Or ‘die MORE to the world’?
      And how can this makes us MORE one with The Lord?

  16. Good morning and WOW! There’s so much going on these days in the way of deception; especially that which appears Christian. I always strive to be careful in what I say and what I say it about, but there are a number of things which don'[t sit well. The trend of neverending generic-but-comfy prophecies” is one many. And “learning” to prophesy in a class should be something to send up all of ones red flags. It’s so imperative for us to be discerning in these times and Hebrews 5:14 talks of having our senses exercised to discern both good and evil. (through use)

    Thanks for a very important post about an important topic. Blessings always in Jesus name.


  17. I disagree. There are two prophetic gifts. One is the ministry of prophet which must be matured, and can make mistakes in the interpretation, because of the means which God speaks to them.

    Ministry of prophet is when God speaks to the person through a picture, vision, word of knowledge, or something other than direct words into their heads. When a vessel is focused on their own circumstances they may not open themselves up to God’s true intent for the word He showed them, and they could interpret what He said through their own tunnel vision. That does not make the prophet false. It means their flesh got in the way, and there is grace. They need to grow, they are a prophet, and God will teach them.

    The other prophetic gift, which I have, is the office of prophet. This one is when God talks to you directly with words. He conferences with you, explains His heart and motives, and talks to you like the loving God that He is. He teaches through direct contact with the prophet’s mind, and removes all doubt of what He is saying. I could still mess up by getting ahead of God, or messing up the timing of delivery (sometimes things are just for me, sometimes they are for others), but there is less room for error, because there is less to interpret and less chance for flesh to get in the way.

    A false prophet is known by their fruit, because they speak when God did not speak, or they speak when a spirit other than God spoke. If God spoke and the prophet messed up, that is a mistake, and they are still a prophet. If God did not speak, and they spoke, they are false. This is why we need decernment, and the Holy Spirit to judge prophets, not some superficial means.

    When I hear a prophet speak, the Holy Spirit says to me, “Yes, I said that.” or “No, I did not say that.” When I hear His disapproval I pray and ask why that prophet spoke out of turn.

    The last time this happened the prophet was speaking good things, things that were appropriate, but the Holy Spirit said, “No, I did not say that.” and later, “FALSE!” when He became frustrated with this man. I prayed, and asked God to tell me what was wrong with what He said. If He told me outright I would not have had enough faith to accept what He said, so God in His grace and wisdom showed me in piecemeal and let me put it togther so I had no room for doubt.

    I saw a chamelian. I was confused, because the man was not wishywashy, and that is what I associated with that picture. He kept speaking, and He said three scriptures all on the fruit of the antichrist, and who He is. I asked God, “If he has an Antichrist spirit why did he just prophecy about glorifying Jesus?” God said Jesus was His love manifest on this earth. Antichrist kills love by offence, and rejects the love of God. Then I saw the chamelian again, and I realized the demon knew I was on to him, and was trying to throw me off.

    I told the pastor in humility, and hoping I was wrong, despite knowing how little room there was for error, because I conferenced with God and I had no questions left unanswered (the difference between ministry of prophet and office). We prayed for a few weeks, and wouldn’t you know? The man resigned from all positions and left the church. God took care of it once we knew what to ask for.

    In another example, I heard the word of God, but flesh got in the way. I was upset about my car being repossessed, frustrated that I made next to no money, and was angry that my neighbors were lying about me to try to get the landlord to act against me, because they like drama when they take their drugs. I was in a maelstorm of attack, and in the midst of that, God told me to tell the pastor what he was dealing with in the church. He wanted me to name the principalities that were attacking him, and give him direction. I resisted God for three months, but the word would not leave my mind, because it won’t return void. It was driving me crazy. When I finally released it, the words were right, but the tone was not what God intended. I was frustrated, and that frustration came out making it sound like God was displeased. He wasn’t. Later, God told me to go back, and tell him I got in the way, God was not angry, and that part was my flesh. Am I a false prophet for making a mistake? No I am not. Three months later, God annointed me, increasing the prophetic gift on my life, and told me who I was. I felt hot annointing oil dripping from my hands and flowing over my body. God wanted me to know without doubt what He said about me was true. God chooses the prophets, and God judges them as well. Can you now stand on His throne, and tell me I am false when God called me?

    A false prophet is not called by God. A true prophet is. True prophets make mistakes, because they are human. False ones make mistakes, because they act out of their own hearts, or out of direct rebellion against the will of God. We are not God. We cannot pretend to know the difference between His prophets unless God Himself tells us. Judging out of your own flesh will do more damage than good, and you will be accountable for every single true prophet you wound.

    • Trisha

      You have a very liberal view of prophecy. There is no scritpural basis for making mistakes.

      When the holy spirit speaks, it is ALWAYS true. While a clean life, and good fruits is a prerequisite for being a good servant, the sign of a true prophet is ACCURACY.

      A true prophet does not make mistakes, because it is not him doing anything.

      A “prophet” who makes any mistakes, is wrong, and a false prophet.

      A rule in the bible was that the prophet had to be 100% accurate, or else they were stoned to death.

      I think you are confusing the interaction of the believer and the holy spirit. The holy spirit deals with all of us, and guides us. Sometimes we understand him, sometimes we don’t. It depends on our receptivity, and how much flesh is in the way. Here there is room for error, because we are the deciding factor, not the spirit, who is just there to guide us. he leaves it up to us to listen correctly.

      But this is not the same as prophecy.

      In true prophecy, the holy spirit speaks directly through the person. There are no mistakes, because the mind of the person is not involved, or interfere or misread. What is meant is not a human choice.

      • Marianne thanks for clarifying the difference between guidance from the holy spirit and true prophecy.

  18. I will let you go up to Nathen when you get to heaven and tell him that. He messed up when he told David that he could build the temple, and later God told him to go back, and correct himself. He was in the flesh, and God hadn’t said it. Did that demote Nathen? No. He made a mistake, he is flesh and blood, and God just told him to humble himself and fix the mistake. His annointing was not taken from him, and God continued to use him. He was not false, he was mistaken.

    The gift of prophecy cannot be subject to the prophet if the prophet has zero control over the situation. God does not force, because He is perfect love, and He will not take over your will. He gave it to you, and that is the difference between Holy Spirit and demons. They possess, God cohabitates through our invitation. God rules, demons control. Not all things that happen supernaturally are of God, especially during this perilous time. We are to test all spirits. The girl in Acts 16 said something completely true, and prophecied accurately, but she was in the wrong spirit. Accuracy does not always make a prophet correct.

    God communed with Moses and talked to him. God did the same with Elijah, Ezekial, Isaiah, and all the prophets. God teaches the prophets so they are able to stand. In that teaching He also gives them insight that He will use through them later. Prophecy is not always born out of a vacuume (sometimes it is), because often times God teaches them in advance.

    A prophet can be called and make a mistake. Jonah rebelled against God, and God made him willing to go in the belly of the whale. Then even when Jonah’s charecter flaws got in the way, God was patient with him, taught him a lesson in the desert and sent him back to the city to deliver the message that Jonah didn’t want to give. God didn’t possess Jonah and force his lips to move, He taught him, and made him willing to go. That is the God I serve.

    The gift of prophecy is subject to the prophet. God requires His prophets to commune at a very intimate level with Him, know His voice better than their own, and to continually keep the gift clean. It is not a gift for the lazy, there are plenty of opportunities to make a mistake, and each prophet is accountable before God for their mistakes.

    In the old testament if you made a big enough mistake in any arena of life it meant death. Now with the law fulfilled there is a greater level of redemption in all levels of the Christian walk. If a true prophet gets it wrong, there is now an opportunity for repentance where they would have been stoned before.

    I am unsure where this idea that God forces your lips to move, and takes away your will comes from, but it is false. The gift of prophecy is subject to the prophet, and if you are finding yourself taken over by a spirit and losing control, test that spirit. God does not force.

    • The gift of prophecy is subject to the prophet??
      Where is that from??
      A gift is not a toy … certain is God.
      What makes you think that now is different from then??

    • Trisha

      You do not know your bible. Natan NEVER told David that HE would build a temple. You are ignorant. He clearly told David that his son would build it.

      God works through a willing obedient, submissive, pure vessel, not one who thinks God is subject to him. Jonah rebelled, and was disciplined. It did not change the message.

    • She just doesn’t get it. She is offended towards the prophetic and cannot hear sound Doctrine. I know this is a long time ago but I would just leave this alone.

  19. Marianne,
    In your post you say ….
    The mouth is linked to communication and sensuality, and the shape of the lips can be quite revealing.

    A thin top lip and a full bottom lip may indicate someone who cannot reciprocate in a relationship.

    The opposite arrangement suggests someone who may be overly giving.

    Full round lips convey a caring and sensitive nature, while small lips are indicative of a mean and self-centered personality.

    Downward curves suggest someone who will be very hard to please, while upward curves indicate an optimistic character.

    Do these ‘characters’ have a description on the ‘TONGUE’?

    • abigail

      This is a quote from the website indicated. Do not take it that literally. It does not matter what we look like to God. He made us a certain way, and it was his will that we look that way. It does not mean he was influencing our character.

      Now what we choose to speak out of our mouths says a lot about us….and God warns us about it….and this is why we submit to the holy spirit and ask him to help us.

      • Marianne … the reason I asked is I know a proverb which describes lip and tongue.
        Pro 12:19 The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue [is] but for a moment.
        How high is a daisy?

        • God does not make mistakes. If it is really Him talking, it will be true.

          If it is man talking, it may or may not be true.

          • It is written …
            Rom 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

  20. If you want to read about a REAL prophet, go to this link…

  21. I know the Bible.

    2 Samuel 7

    1 Now it came to pass when the king was dwelling in his house, and the LORD had given him rest from all his enemies all around, 2 that the king said to Nathan the prophet, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells inside tent curtains.”
    3 Then Nathan said to the king, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the LORD is with you.”

    Nathan messed up there. He was not told to say that. He spoke for God, but God said nothing to Him about this. How do I know? Read on…

    4 But it happened that night that the word of the LORD came to Nathan, saying, 5 “Go and tell My servant David, ‘Thus says the LORD:

    Read it if you will, but God says David won’t build it, his son Solomon will. Nathan had to return and eat his words. First part Nathan told David he could build the temple, because he was in God’s favor. God corrected Him, Nathan had to backtrack. He wasn’t flawless. Also Nathan was told this entire prophecy before he ever went to David, God did not take over His mouth and force him. He told Nathan what to say, and expected Him to be obediant.

    God works in earthen vessels so He will get all the glory. I know my God, I know His word, and do not use word curses against me again.

    1 Corinthians 14:32 (New King James Version)
    32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

    Black and white, straight of God. He will not force you to do anything. It is not arrogance or God submitting to us, but God’s wisdom and refusal to be anything but perfected love that leaves us in control of our bodies.

    You really think the God that would send His son to die without any selfish ambition behind His actions would think so selfishly about us? HE LOVES US and He wants us to grow, get stronger, and understand Him fully. He wants a relationship, not a dictatorship.

    • trisha

      Nathan never told David to build a temple. He said his son would do it.

    • Why do you twist the scriptures?
      There is a difference between …
      And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.
      The gift of prophecy is subject to the prophet??
      And if you know God’ Holy Word then you must know the chapter of
      Jeremiah 23
      And more specifically …
      Jer 23:29 [Is] not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer [that] breaketh the rock in pieces?
      And I take no pleasure in your words Trish
      More specifically …
      You really think the God that would send His son to die without any selfish ambition behind His actions …
      Now don’t you have any fear of God to dare say that God is ‘selfish’?
      And that God has selfish ambitions?
      People like you serve not The Living God but some other demi-god.

      • I think false prophets should repent of their pride, and false concepts, and work on their relationship with God.

        • Marianne you have done your duty …
          I hope that they can see their error.
          The thing about those who have placed themselves in these so called positions will be judged much harsher for misguiding.
          If a tree that bears no fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire …
          what will be the end of one that has been watered and still refuse to produce the fruit of repentance.

        • And The fruit of repentance is ‘the circumcision of the heart.’
          This is acceptable to The Lord.
          Because Truth in such a broken heart does dwell.
          Give thanks to The Lord.

    • I can see that Trisha loves the lord with all her heart and seeks him with all of her heart and seeks his wisdom. That is where she is coming from and I’m sorry sometimes the enemy will use even god’s people or supposed god’s people to question your identity in Him (and in front of others like this message board). People out there please be cautious always yes but unless God tells you something, please do not put words in people’s mouth or statements that they did not say and twist them around and lead others astray when people who are for Him are really sharing their experiences. The Lord is so awesome and you do not have to have the gift of healing to heal and do not have to have the gift of prophecy to prophesy. Thank you Lord that we all have access to all of your wonderful gifts if we just seek you seek you seek you and you alone and you lead us on whatever personal path you have for us to receive them because you know us better than we know ourselves and you know how to get them to us. Let the people reading these messages and posts and writing the articles and managing this site be set free from strongholds and mindsets that are not of you so all of those coming to this site and reading it and for those who have read things on here in the past see with your eyes hear with your ears and interpret correctly what you say to replace every untrue thing on here that is not of You Lord and for it to be replaced with your truth and your wisdom and your knowledge and your discernment! In the name of Jesus. Amen.
      Lord people who go back and forth repeating the same things that repeat what the person did not say should not have their voices heard that are written on this site so I pray your truth cancels all that misunderstanding and confusion!

  22. WOW. I said God is NOT selfish. To take our will away so He could use us as a glorified puppet WOULD make Him selfish, and is why He leaves our will intact and we must surrender our desires, and serve Him with that will. The flesh is never removed, and is always there to fight with us daily, must be crucified daily, and by no means is ever truly gone until we die.

    To be concerned only with Himself is selfish. He is NOT SELFISH, because He is concerned by US. John 3:16-17 says He loved us and sent His son to die, and not to judge the world, but so we would have a way to redemption. This Bible is the biggest and best love story of God’s love for us.

    This page is full of vipers. Strain out a knat and swallow a camel. Curse, and bicker. I am done. I fear God, and not you. I serve a God of love and balance, not legalism and violence. I came here in peace, because if you teach something that is not true you will be accountable for it and judged for every person that is led astray by it. Compassion made me speak from an unguarded part of me, but I received nothing but ridicule and twisted logic. I lent you revolation from the throne of God, and you spat on it. Follow your blind guides, I will follow the Lamb.

    You came here to twist my words. Removing the word “not” and blocking your ears when the BIBLE says something that doesn’t match your theology. It’s scary. I am completely done. I wash my hands of this site, and knock all the dust off of my shoes.

    There is a reason revival skipped this generation, but I will not be passed over.

    • Trisha

      Like I said, God does not make mistakes. You are permissive, and reason within your own flesh that thoughts you have are prophecies, when it is just your own imagination. That is why they are mistakes. It is not from God.

      I never said God was mean or selfish. You brought that up. I am saying that a true prophet does not make mistakes with the Word being given by God.

      At that moment, the Word and the meaning is God’s decision, not man’s, and it is flawless. The delivery and message will be perfect and not flawed.

      Humans, making their own decisions, are going to make mistakes.

      This is proof that they are NOT hearing from God, but just hearing from their own minds.

      From what I can tell from your responses, you are a self deluded false prophet.

      I do not imply any conscious intent to deceive, but you actually think you are hearing from God, when it is just your own brain.

      You have either come to this on your own, or someone has taught you that is ok to think this way.

      You need to admit that all your errors is not due to a prophecy that you misunderstood, but due to “prophesying” in the flesh, your own thoughts, and not God’s Word. You need to stop making excuses for your errors, and say it is ok with God because one is immature.

      A true prophet will be 100% accurate in their prophecy. Nothing less.

      I hope you can finally see that someday. But misleading others with false prophecy is a sin, and causes spiritual damage in the church.

      I understand that someone can be a sincere believer and be caught up with this. I just hope you can see the error being pointed out to you.

      • Lord people who go back and forth repeating the same things that repeat what the person did not say should not have their voices heard that are written on this site so I pray your truth cancels all that misunderstanding and confusion!
        In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Hi Trisha, I hope this post finds you well this morning. I understand where you are coming from and what you are saying.
      I do not write what I am about to write to argue or to tear down at all. I write in love.

      It sounds to me that you have a prayer life and such. Might I be so bold as to make the following suggestion? It is a suggestion that I don’t make lightly because I have done it myself. Would you be willing to pray and ask GOD to remove anything that is in your life that is not of HIM?

      There was a time that I did this myself, and GOD took away the things that were not of HIM. I was glad when HE did take these things away. Two years later, HE began to work within me in the way that HE chose to do, nothing that I trained or set out to do.
      There is nothing to loose and everything to gain by what I suggest, trust me…It isn’t saying that you doubt HIM even, it is simply a matter of life cleaning which everybody finds themselves needing to do at some point in their lives..

      I’m not saying you are right or that you are wrong either way-that I don’t feel is up to me to say to you one way or the other. We are told that we are to “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling” and know this honey, I do a lot of trembling myself..



      • Sharon,

        This is a good suggestion/advice. I humble myself every day and wish only to serve God. I have vanity issues, so I come to God as his slave and understand my role in the world is to do His will. This means that I pray for nothing except His will is done understanding that His will is more important than anything I wish for or want, indeed I haven’t the capacity to offer anything that compares with the will of God.

        There is no shame in understanding that we belong to God and humbling ourselves to put his will before our own. You can also pray to God and ask that NO words come from your lips that are not given by God. If you are in doubt about your words pray to God for a humble heart in service to him before you speak them. From my heart, I would rather be silent and never speak again than to lead anyone from God or to offend Him.

  23. Wow Marianne!

    Proverb 3:5-7.. it says that Lead on God s insight not my own insight.. I have learned the hard way to change this. but I dont read people.. but I have prophetic dream only comes from God .period.. other dreams that doesnt make sense I ignore it. I know the difference.

    Tarot cards is another thing.. its all from Demonic thing.. I dont like it.. too many people are seeking the answers about thier Love Life.. Its really bothersome… I have noticed on Line chatrooms. too many of them are “fake” or just be a wannabe’s Psychic.. because they are just do it. several of them read me and I never believe them.. because I knew its not from God…

    Thanks.. Dawn

  24. I think the ‘church’ is involved with stereotyping individuals and confused the term with
    If you do not apply the proper terminology to express an activity it leads to disorderly jumble.
    It may all be a security measure?
    Have you not noticed the security bouncers and the cameras in churches?
    The speaker in the front will ask a question to which a particular group is to raise their hands to identify such a group?
    Anyone here seen the angels? (for an example)
    Intimidating to say the least!

  25. People who are very stubborn about being ok to make mistakes with God are NOT speaking for God at any time. God does not use people like that. They are just stuck on themselves, and need to repent.

  26. […] PROPHETS or PEOPLE READERS? (Heaven Awaits) […]

    • Thank you for that video. For the readers, here is the false prophetess “declaring” generalized garbage over the people.

      Readers should note it is the people who cooperate and give this woman all her “power.” They do whatever she says.

      The spirit of “Aster” is declared over these mindless sheep at 2:40. At 2:54 she draws on the power of the earth to pick up mantles for the women present.

      Aster is a star goddess

      notice that “SHE” stirs up the power and anointing. SHE quickens ministries. SHE quickens visions and callings. (Only the holy spirit does that)

      She decrees the “spirit of Jabez? What kind of spirit is that?

      And what are MAT – Trons? (3:32)? Whatever they are, they are “being extended.”

      SHE assigns angels? I guess God does not have to do anything since she is the one with all the authority. Everyone has a prophetic destiny! (even though the bible says not everyone has the same gift)

      She is full of self. Growling and screaming at people and “acting powerful” does not mean anything. TO do this in the name of Jesus is blasphemy.

      But this is understandable, since Juanita Bynum is also full of it too, and is a self assigned prophetess. They are both prophetesses of Baal, and the brain washed people in the congregation are their victims.

  27. The Lord woke me up this morning …. just now … with words.
    And yes I am still sleepy but this is the page I find active ,so let me tell you His words.
    He said to me :” Declare to the right …. For the happiness you will after receive. ”
    And so … Although I have no idea what this mean …. I speak.
    And what came to my mind is todays’ date.
    Thanks for reading.

  28. True vessels of god are truly humble! Very rarely today are prophets recognized whilst still living. The saints are recognized prophets. Living saints don’t brag!

  29. Simply stated…

    Prophecy is spoken from the spirit. Any indication through mental channels is false. Any believer (saved or not) can be oppressed by evil via heart, mind, body, soul. Evil cannot penetrate a saved human spirit, it is owned by God. However, evil can oppress a believer in their mind. If a so called prophet is speaking through their human mind, it is not truly prophesy. It is human intervention, thus open to evil deception.

    Prophets are truly rare. They do not brag, nor seek attention. Some true prophets may be “immature” as they are not walking fully with God. However, if they have been called to serve, God will make sure they have been given fair warning to walk His path. If they choose to ignore Him, they are condemned.

    Prophesy is not a thinking thing.

    “Here I am Lord. Is it “I” Lord? I have heard You calling in the night. I will go Lord, if You lead me. I will hold… Your people in my heart.”

    “I will hold… Your people… in… my… heart….”

  30. ps. Kudo’s Marianne on all the work you have committed to your blog. I am blessed to have been guided to it. Thank you… Laurey

  31. My little girl Theresa would put her arm around your waist and come out with short, authoritative, mature advice like,”You need to know many grouchy people are good people at heart.” then run off to play. She lived to be nine and I miss her gift! I agree wholeheartedly with Marianne…prophecy is purely objective and from God. It is not subject to study or memorizing the Bible or age…retarded people, illiterate people, the mouths of babes…all have prophecied,because they were available and pure of heart. It not only can’t be learned, too much learning could puff up a person. Also, let’s not forget God is playful and likes to get the best of us and test our humility! Blessed Easter all!

  32. Hey Marianne,
    Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit speaking thru you? For instance, this has happened only twice and it is pretty kool but kinda shocking when it happens. For instance, several years ago when my son was doing hippotherapy at this barn, the therapist/owner walked over to me and started telling me about a new location she was looking at to move her horses to and how she was having to go to court to fight this lady whose property was adjacent to this property and so forth and then all of sudden I heard my self saying to her “My father can help you, he has alot of connections”…I am thinking to myself, what in the world was that….and she smiles and gets all excited and wants to know my father’s name! It was a bit humorous but I did tell her that it was G-D who was going to help her get that land (and I actually FELT in that brief moment the confidence that this would happen)…later, when it was over, I started to doubt and got nervous….I prayed about it and forgot about it….do you know, that the next time that I saw this lady (her name is jesse by the way) she told me that the court ended up GIVING HER THAT LAND. She was as shocked as I was! It was named Mckenna Farms Therapy!!! 🙂

    So the moral of the story, always know that the Holy spirit will speak his mind regardless….laughing….and you aint got nothin to do with it except of course listen to yourself say something that you have “no idea where that came from”…ha!

    So what is my point….not sure other than to say that I didn’t go to school, classes, read books etc…when you have the Holy Spirit in you it is through HIM that these things can and do happen but it is ONLY THRU HIM-it has nothing to do with you.

    *And my personal experience with the HOly Spirit is that he is often times unexpected but always welcomed!!!!!!!

    • Lyndsey

      Like you said, maybe a few times, and it was a shock.

      The one that shocked me the most was in a Messianic meeting. They asked for anyone who prayed for Israel each day to come up. So I mindlessly wandered up there. there were about 4 of us.

      before it was my turn, I started to shake harder and harder…and I thought gee, what is the matter with me, I must have pinched a nerve or something. now I am embarassed. By the time it was my turn, I was holding onto the man beside me because I could not stand up.

      When I opened my mouth, all this “stuff” came out that I had no idea I was going to say. It was all scripture, and I was praying against the enemies to be pushed back and calling on the promises of God and his everlasting covenant with Israel, and pleading Israels’ cause to God.

      By the time I finished, I was shaking so hard, that the leader called 3 people to hold me up, or I would have collapsed on the floor.

      I then went back to my seat, and thought, wow, that sure came out of no where.!!! 😛

      I was stunned for days. When people came up to me to comment that the prayer was from God, I had nothing to say. I just wanted to be alone.

  33. I just got done with a hike with a Christian group. I got talking to one of the ladies that I see every so often. It seems her 21 year old son is in this cult called

    They were outside at the Harvest Crusade and I guess this isn’t their first time. I did talk to one of the men who was passing out their literature at the event.

    At first I thought they were one of the Jewish Messianic groups and I joined into their Israeli folk dancing.

    The really sad thing about this is her son is now estranged from her. I looked up this blog and webs site on them:

    I’m going to send it to her. I knew someone who got into one of these cults back in the 1970’s. We never heard from her again. So, sad.

  34. Yahoo News: Psychic are being regulated;_ylt=AsxJDmnYLnzX_4p2xuH2azZv24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTNnM21iMHJ0BGFzc2V0Ay9zL3RpbWUvMjAxMDA5MDUvdXNfdGltZS8wODU5OTIwMTU2NzYwMARjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzkEcG9zAzkEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNwc3ljaGljc2ZvcnQ-

  35. we will know the true prophets by what they say comes true!

  36. […] Prophets, or “People Readers?” […]

  37. You are very judgmental! What do you mean you have only met one real prophet in your life? Who gave you the ability to judge people based on your disbelief. Just because you have not experienced God to this point you call it fake. You sound like a witch or psychic yourself. The book of Joel prophesied that God would POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT upon all flesh in the last days. We are seeing just that but you doubt God and that is why you don’t experience much of God. Some things you say make sense but others show your own disbelief in the power of God. You have a zeal of godliness but deny the power thereof! Repent!

    • Jelaine

      just because the holy spirit is to be poured out, does not make every person a prophet.

      right now, most “prophets” are fake and in the flesh

      I do not fall for every fancy display I see….

      I believe in the power of god, but i am not stupid and recognize a counterfeit when I see one.

      remember false prophets were predicted to also arise.

      do not be gullible and believe every scam artist in the church

  38. Hi Marianne
    That bit about looking upward to the right supposedly proving lying is nonsense. If that’s true I lie daily and constantly! Ha! I look upward to the right all the time because I am focusing in and clarifying what is true of something before I say it. I wonder how these people reader types would interpret that?

    Regarding fake prophets and prophecy, I have noticed that its always postive stuff, ie, you are going to have your influence increased,God wants to use you mightily, visions of minstry and some of the folks who receive saythat is confirmational of what they are hearing, but never correction or rebuke, insight into a real problem, etc. I have some very difficult stuff going on in my life right now and when around those who are practicing to prophecy nothing that is said as a word from God even remotely relates to the secrets of my heart or what is going on in my actual life. I would love to meet a real prophet but fear they are rare as hen’s teeith. If I’m not mistaken ,scripture says prophets reveal the secrets of people’s hearts in such a way that they are forced to admit God is among us.

    • bopeep

      I agree about the eyes….but this is what people are taught, in order to read someone and make a decision about them, so they can pass themselves off as a prophet.

      real prophet, like you said, is rare…they are not found on every street corner.

      god only sent one or two to an entire nation at a time.

      a prophet has to be called of god, and it will show.

      self proclaimed prophets only do harm

  39. Who is the prophet that you said was the only one you knew?

    • ashley

      the prophet was a man I knew in a local church. but many years have past, and he has lost this gift due to sin that came in his life after his wife died. I do not know anyone now.

      many call themselves prophets who just talk about the bible and sound good…..a true prophet will tell you specific things that you would not be able to anticipate them saying.

      false prophets generalize….like “america is in sin, it will be punished,” “god has something special for you,” god can see your pain.” “god will bring his power into the church (me-it is already there)”

      a false prophet would see you are fat and then tell you that you have a spirit of heaviness….or see your sad eyes and say you are sad……or see your shabby clothes and tell you money is coming.

      even worse, a false prophet will be fooled by the way you are dressed, and assume you are what they see, and if you are dressed up, they may say god has a ministry for you.

      also just preaching the word of god does not make them a prophet…it makes them a preacher….

      a real prophet would be more “america is in sin, before the year is out, it will be flooded on both coasts, and the mississippi river will tear open.” “god is going to give you favor for a better job,” “god has someone has cheated you, you will go to court, and be repaid.”

      a real prophet would see you are fat and tell you why (depression due to abuse at home), and what to do about it, they will know WHY you are sad, and they will also know that you are wearing shabby clothes because you like to be comfortable, and it means nothing.

  40. This website is run by an idiot, your right about some things and wrong about a lot of other things. Just an idiot who doesn’t know a thing about prophets. Don’t you have something better to do with your time then lead people astray?

  41. I am praying for marriage restoration

  42. Thanks for the info. I just attend a school of the prophets situation that they taught them to prophesy. My spirit did not agree.

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