Purity of Perception



What we see comes more from our mind than from what is in the environment.

From the book of Titus:

Tts 1:15   Unto the pure all things [are] pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving [is] nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.

Tts 1:16   They profess that they know God; but in works they deny [him], being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

What we believe motives our actions.

The world is full of actions and beliefs.

But how much is true?



Many times beliefs are not based on real facts, but what individuals and nations want to believe.

Our concept of what is really true starts in our minds.

This is why it is important to have a rational , pure mind.

If we are deceitful, then we will see deceit everywhere.

If we are unfaithful,  then we will see adultery everywhere.

If we are abusive , then we will see abuse everywhere.

If we are evil, then we will see evil everywhere.

We will assume that the rest of the world is just like us.

This is worldly mindness.


If we are pure , then we will see purity everywhere.

If we are innocent , then we will see innocence everywhere.

If we are kind , then we will see kindness everywhere.

This is child like thinking.

Not childish…by the way


Why I mention this

I see so many false accusations slung at innocent people at this time.

Court rooms are filled with railing accusations against others.

I see whole nations deceived by propaganda that is demonic in nature.

Multitudes follow what the media says, or what negative people say, and allow this to form their reality.

What the bible says as true is irrelevant to them.

Wars have been launched over lies, because of lies that started in the minds of those in power.

Millions of people have died.



This is a defiled world, and iniquity abounds.

Those who are defiled and unbelieving in their thinking need to repent of their sins, or they will destroy themselves and others.

Those who are pure of mind need to become aware of the evil around them, without becoming part of it, so they will not be victimized.

In psychology, it is called projection, where the mindset of the individual is projected upon others, instead of being open to what the other person has actually done, or actually believes.

Only through repentance and God’s help, can ALL know the truth of their real circumstances.

Even with modern events, the bible still tells the truth, if one knows how to “rightly divide (interpret) the Word.”

The Word is Truth.

35 Responses to “Purity of Perception”

  1. WONDERFUL. INSIGHT…..This is the exact reason we cannot understand much of the Bible…We read ourselves into it… Our loves, or hates or prejudices, etc..

  2. very beautiful and thank you- !!! those with ears let them hear—!

  3. I’m confused though.. aren’t there still demons? Sometimes I think demons come more alive the more pure perception.

    • hi steven

      yes there are still demons.

      that is what influences the evil mind to begin with.

      the mind is wrong

      the demons can be one reason why the mind is wrong.

  4. Amazing! I thought I was all alone in this awareness of evil. Your entry has come at just the right time for me. Dealing with warfare and jezebel spirits..two at the same time to be exact! They falsely accuse and cause problems. Didn’t want to give it power by leaving, getting away from it, but I think that is exactly what I’m going to do! Thank you!

  5. Marianne

    Some of your post are so simple and yet so thought provoking and also timely. This is surly one of those.

    I feel the whole world is a little sensitive right now as we wait for the next shoe to fall in the Middle East.

    One of the best ways to make a point to this post is about the dielima of CS Lewis who was originally atheist, then an agnostic and then due to the pressure of his own ordered thoughts he became a believer. It was “Moral law” that changed his belief. He said the rule of right and wrong, is really a “thing”, it is not made up by us. As it is a thing that is really there, he remembered “Moral law” from his philosophy class and examed it, and when he weighted it, it adventrually made him to change his mind (thoughts), and he became a believer.

    We as people, while knowing less about the bible, the more ignorant we are of Gods’ word. Then this leaves one feeling incapable of making a right decsion without the word. When we make decisions without it, we are left to our senses, and we try to determine the right and the wrong. At this point until it moves to deeper understanding and roots, it can becomes a struggle. This especially is an issue if the desire is to master it right for your soul and to walk uprightly before the LORD. During this time period people are often seen as looking down on others, or that they think more highly of themselves than they should. But the reality is, this is not so, they just want to get it right. So people take time to record the scriptures, which faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Most people when they write they, re-read and write several times, so they receive the word as seed in their hearts and it roots and creates that faith that will not separate from a man, it may separate him from old frieinds but he will not separate from it. To me it is part of the dynamics.

    So Lewis said the concept of what was unjust and what was cruel, he said when he realyzed that he could not explain either part from the reality of God, it influenced his becominjg a believer. It was the only explanation that made sense.

    So this is truth of what he says, and some have mastered a greater understanding of Gods word and to the others it may appear that those with more knowledge are less tolerant than those who possess the greater knowledge. Now this has nothing to do with the certainty that the persons take their knowledge and apply it evenly from the word in their faith life, either. Many today don’t attend church because of many different reasons. So does the whole of thie issue then lean to an understanding that people don’t mean to be cruel or arrogant, or simple minded, but all are trying to master and they have done as the word says hopefully they have entered the race. It is the beginning.

    I know for me I am intolerant on some issues. People who make their God, to be my God. But they believe in changing the words of the bible to suit themselves. Jesus died and was risen on the third day, not the eighth. With this type of thing I loose my cool. Does this make me cruel, I hope not as I think they should examine the issue unless they are a defrauder. Then I would feel I still did the right thing, it is God I have to please not man. I also don’t like witchcraft in any form and when I saw it the two times I noticed on this site, I commented. I must admit I was very vocal, if that offended those who were not a part of it, you have my apologies. There you go, motive and actions. Motive I believe the word of God is not to be changed, actions Ii spoke up. I am a PK, that is a no go.

  6. People report from near death experiences that the next world has colors and sounds not on earth. I always thought that was the wrong interpretation…maybe those colors and sounds ARE here but our perception is dimmed by prejudice and senses eroded by diet, etc.

    “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God…” is the same…God is in and all around creation. But just as an alcoholic looks for pleasure only in drink, we all seek pleasures in our different forms of corruption…revenge, gossip, superiority, racism, status, sarcasm

    If we purify our desires and look only at Jesus this will improve but we may lose our social life!!
    We will be listening to “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and realizing it’s a great gospel hymn. This will put us in the fruitcake category of human life forms.
    Today, being sick and corrupt is “normal”…the gentle and meek of heart are “crazy”.

    • hi deanna

      that is a good thought.

      maybe in earlier, more simple times, people’s perceptions were more acute, and this is why they had more visions and dreams and prophecies that came true. Also why they could see angels ministering to them. We don’t see that much now.

  7. Marianne, deanna
    I had a dream one night, where I was standing in a meadow of flowers. they were beautiful, and in color. then in an instant, I felt a prescence, and a different light source. This light source made the colors more brilliant and vivid, in a way that I could only describe as light eminating from a rainbow. even the plants and flowers bloomed again. The whole time, which was a matter of seconds, I felt a peace that I have never felt. I think it was a glimpse of heaven? any thoughts?

    • What a beautiful gift….since peace was part of your dream, it must have come from Heaven.

      Did you see new light beams?

      • Deanna
        Not light beams, so much as brightness, and vividness of color. The meadow of flowers was beautiful to begin with, but its beauty was magnified, and the plants magnified in bloom. I can’t explain it better than that.

  8. Marianne,
    for some reason my computer won’t let me use my email and gravatar from before. the above was the third time I posted, the first two came up with an error screen. what should I do?

    • hi dru

      Not sure about email issue. You should be able to use any email.

      It sounds like WordPress thinks you are new here, and so assigns a random gravatar.

      If you are signed in, sign out, and then sign back in. I can ask Support about this….and let you know.

      regarding the dream, it sounds like you were experiencing the presence of God…ie the holy spirit, who manifests in different ways.

    • Hey Dru,

      My e mail did that the other day and said pretty much the same thing.
      What I had to do was go to the WordPress symbol at the bottom right corner of the reply box and click on it. You will then be required to sign back in with your username and password, then you should be able to post.

  9. I had to change my password on the gravatar site to log in again, so I am not sure what happened but it seems to work now.

  10. Hang on to your paper money and documents, ya’ll, the material world may rise again!

  11. Golly, NO! I’m just a granny on Social Security!! I mean don’t count on the permanence of ethereal wealth in cyberland.

    Somebody stole my identity and opened a utility, checking my credit first, of course!! It will make a crank out of you…a doubter of the blessings of magical zipping and zapping numbers!!

    Plus, I’ve gotten markdowns from vets and mechanics simply using cash…do you know what debit cards cost them? The middle men who provide the service collect more fees than credit cards.

    Happy Springtime, ya’ll!!

  12. Dru 3, food for thought about your dream: Mt 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

    The presence of Light comes from the indwelling presence of God by way of the Holy Spirit. And He is our Peace. His presence (Light)within is Life.

    Joh 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    Light gives Life to even the flowers. They were responding to the presence of pure Light of their Creator and the result was more abundant Life.

  13. IE
    I see the dream as the moment Jesus returns In glory. In the Noah account of the flood, it says that “My Spirit” will dwell with man a 120 years, Meaning his light and prescence physically no longer resided on earth after the flood, hence the shorter lifespans of humans. And the groanings of creation as spoken of by Paul the Apostle. I think this may be the reason a rainbow is the sign of his covenent, as His light encompasses a fuller spectrum of light than what we live with presently. (This being a physical manifestation of his prescence). When Jesus came the first time, he came in human form, as part of creation. when he comes again he will come in glory, as Lord.
    Whatever this dream meant, it was a blessing. For me it was a few seconds of heaven, that makes me yearn for his return more than ever.

    So yes he is the light within, but he is also going to be the light that shines throughout creation, as the Noahic covenent was not just with man but with all living things.

  14. I don’t understand all this…when did Jesus ever leave?

    • Deanna
      Jesus has never left us, But the Spirit of the Lord left the earth during the flood. Yes the Spirit is within us (Holy Spirit), but all creation still groans for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:12-30).
      Be blessed.

    • On the night He was betrayed, He took bread and blessed it. He offered it to His disciples and said, “Take, eat, this is MY BODY which shall be given up for you.”

      Spirituality has little to do with Christianity. Don’t trample the roots of our faith, which are Incarnate and sacramental.

      A spiritual religion leaves this world, which the Father loves enough to send His Son to redeem, to the devil and his children.

      • Deanna,
        How did I “trample the roots of your faith”? What I am saying is that the world will be redeemed when the Jesus returns (a New creation).
        I only implied that his light was no longer shining on the Material world (creation) because of our sinful flesh, and it was groaning for the revelation thereof. This is not spirituality, this is biblical Christianity. Did you read Romans 8:12-30? I was hoping this to be a blessing, turns out it offends? I am perplexed?
        God bless.

  15. Of course you didn’t offend me or the faith. I think your dream is beautiful.

    It bothers me that some “metaphysicalize” Jesus, whose whole mission was to join us and remain with us in our human situation.

    There’s an article in the HPost about religions seeking God. The wonderful thing about Christianity is it’s about God looking for us,

  16. Deanna,
    I like your last statement. He is standing at the door knocking, All we have to do is open the door and receive him, and the gifts he bestows on us, his future bride. He, in his love for us, is pursuing us. I know its old fashioned, but the future bride must submit to his pursuit, that is the obstacle that we must overcome.

  17. cant believe i commented on the 666 post then found this one!
    the only thing i can add to this is…. what if the mind is pure but the heart not and vice versa? what implications does that have? what is more important mind or heart?

    • Hi Jay,

      That is a tough one?

      However, your heart will dictate your mind doesn’t it?

      If you have a pure heart, your mind should follow suit.

      It has been my experience that the Lord wants your heart and all of you.

      I would ask the Lord Yeshua for clarification on that one.
      Pray and wait Faithfully for an answer.

      Praise Yeshua our Savior and KING of kings and LORD of lords.


      • I agree.

        Mind and heart should agree.

        The body has a will of its own however.

        ask anyone on a diet.

        • Well both you and I know of a great diet, (don’t we). lol.

          Praise Yeshua our Savior and KING of kings and LORD of lords.



        • LOL
          I sure hope our new bodies Get a “facelift”.

          • Heck, I would simply appreciate some teeth. lol.
            Or is Mana actually chewy?

            Love you bro.

            Praise Yeshua our Glorious, Holy, Holy, Holy Savior.
            The Bright and Morning Star.
            The I AM and the Aleph and Tav.
            The KING of kings and LORD of lords.

            Amen, and Amen

    • Jay
      There are sins of the heart that we do not know about. These are what cause the sins of the mind and flesh. Allow him to sanctify the heart first, By praying the prayer at the end of Psalm 139. Be ready for the rebuke that comes with praying this prayer. When the sin is revealed confess it to the person you are hurting by it. The mind takes a while to come around, especially if it is something like pornography or Alcohol addiction. Once the heart is right with God though, the mind will soon come around. Every sin of the heart is “hurting” someone. Your motive always for the change should be Love. Love for God, and love for others. Read the Word of God, and get lost in it. Even if you do not understand what you are reading. And finally pray, Not Just on your knees, but whenever you can. driving in a car, walking in a store. Fill the void that the sin Leaves with thoughts and prayers to God. Then the empty house will be filled with the Word of God.

      The one “trick”, is to not try to do it yourself, but to allow God to change you through the sanctifying work of the HS. There will be struggles, and set backs, but what you must always do is repent, and Keep walking with Him. If you are doing this correctly, no where along the way can you ever take credit for the change, As it is all God. When he cleanses, you will overcome the sin, and no longer even desire to do the sin. Be patient, be determined, and submit to God. Remember, the Lord loves those whom he disciplines, as a father disciplines his son.

      God bless.

      • Amen.

        Very true words my brother.

        I should have said the above, but I am so lost in Him as it is, I figure that everyone is experiencing the same thing?

        My error.
        It is all Him.
        We surrender and He does all the rest.
        He molds the lump of clay.

        Miss you Dru.
        Love you brother.

        Praise Yeshua our Glorious Savior.
        Our king of kings and LORD of lords. Amen

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