Quality Carpenter Needed


Zechariah describes a prophetic vision of 4 horns and 4 carpenters. Each one would overcome the other in competition. Who is the last one we are waiting for, to complete the prophecy?

Zec 1:18 Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns.

Zec 1:19 And I said unto the angel that talked with me, What [be] these? And he answered me, These [are] the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.

Zec 1:20 And the LORD showed me four carpenters.

Zec 1:21 Then said I, What come these to do? And he spoke, saying, These [are] the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head: but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up [their] horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.

In this prophecy, the horns represented the powers that would scatter Judah and Israel, and the carpenters would represent the next empire that would come, and defeat that power.

Horns are powers that scatter and destroy.

Carpenters are builders.

So each power would begin as a horn, and then fall under the next power, or horn.

The incoming power would be the carpenter that would cast out the previous horn.

So each incoming horn acts as a carpenter, a builder.

Throughout history, scholars have watched this prophecy be fulfilled, with one successive event after another. The pattern looked like this until 313 CE:

4 carpenters Darius- Medo-Persians Greece – Alexander the Great Rome ?
4 horns Babylon Babylon Darius- Medo-Persians Greece – Alexander the Great Rome

Then, it got a little crazy after that. Here is the whole history:

Foreign Empires that ruled in Israel
587 BCE Babylonian B
538-333 BCE Persian P
333-63 BCE Greek ( Hellenistic) G
63 BCE-313 CE Roman R
313-636 Byzantine G
636-1099 Arab (Syrian) B/P
1099-1291 Crusaders R
1291-1516 Mamluk (Turk) B/P
1516-1918 Ottoman (Turk) B/P
1917-1948 British R

For the past 1000 years, there appears to be a competition between the Babylonian/ Persian horn and the Roman horn.

Was Zechariah wrong, or just incomplete? The answer is neither.

Apparently, he was generalizing about the 4 powers that would struggle over the land of Israel, until God stopped the conflicts with the last carpenter.

If one visits Jerusalem, one will see the Greek, Roman, and Persian/Babylonian (Islamic) all influence there.

But the clue is in verse 21, about the last carpenter:

…..but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up [their] horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.

Until there is a final casting out of all gentile horns who scatter Israel, the prophecy is not fulfilled yet.

Who would be the last carpenter to cast out all horns?

He cannot be a gentile. He must be Jewish!

It obviously cannot be one of the horns, because the last carpenter cannot be a destroyer, just a builder, and he would have re-gather Israel, not scatter it once again.

The empires mentioned above so far, are not qualified, since they have all scattered Israel.

So, Who is qualified to re-gather Israel into the land forever?

Who is qualified to conquer, cast out all scattering gentile horns, and then build something that will last forever?

Only the Lord God builds the ruined places:

Eze 36:36 Then the heathen that are left round about you shall know that I the LORD build the ruined [places, and] plant that that was desolate: I the LORD have spoken [it], and I will do [it].

Amo 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:

Amo 9:14 And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit [them]; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof; they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them.

Who will heaven use for this building and restoration?

Who is the Lord God’s carpenter that we are all familiar with?

Does it not tell us in scripture who will be this last builder?

Mark 6:3 Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary?

Only Jesus can fulfill the prophecy of Zechariah and Amos. Only Jesus will be able to remove all horns of human power, and destruction, and scattering.

Only Jesus can bring unity to a hurting land, and suffering world.

Jesus is the last carpenter.


God has a way of speaking to us, if we only listen. I was driving home, and passed a small sign, posted to a tree. It said “Quality Carpenter Needed.” It immediately struck me, that there was only one carpenter I needed in my life.

This is where this post came from.

Listen, and he will speak to you.

Listen, and He will direct you.

Listen, and he will show you the way.

Trust him. He will remove the horns over your life, gather you back to Himself, and rebuild you.

25 Responses to “Quality Carpenter Needed”

  1. hooray for Jesus, the best carpenter there is! 🙂

  2. this “prophecy” is both vague and certain to happen – therefore meaningless. of course given time the empire will be overthrown four times.. then it will be overthrown many more times as has already happened. it is akin to me prophecying that “you will meet 4 tall dark strangers”.

    p.s. i prayed for jesus to fix my table and he never turned up.

    • Maybe your table does not need to be fixed. 🙂

      Prophecies that seem vague are supplemented by others that give more details. I could have added these, but that would make the post too long.

  3. post structuralism has shown that any text can be interpreted to have any meaning. the meanings of words are not fixed, meaning is created by the meeting of the text and the reader. i could easily analyse the bible to prove that cats will grow an extra leg in ten years time or that people with brown hair will die in a plague, if i chose to do so.

  4. OK then, do it 🙂

  5. the number five is incredibly important to modern theology, especially calvinism. this link has more detail on exactly why: http://www.tentmaker.org/articles/fivepoints.htm

    this importance of the number 5 has only recently come to be held as crucial to theology, this is a definite a marked change. we can link this change with many of the prophecies and messages from god given in the old testament and in revelation.

    “And thou shalt make . . . five pillars, and overlay them with gold, . . . and shalt cast five sockets of brass for them.” — Exodus xxiv.,37

    these five pillars of theology have only recently been created. the prophecy has been fulfilled.

    in addition to the pillars, there are many mentions of lions throughout the old testament. they play a crucial part in revelation as signifiers of the end times.

    “See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.” Rev 5:5

    This root of david is elsewhere referred to as the morning star.

    “I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.” Rev 22

    This ‘morning star’ can be interpreted as either venus or the sun. venus had an unnatural birth out of the sea which suggests an unnatural birth may be involved in the prophecy. Also, at the time the prophecy was written, the sun was commonly depicted as having five beams of light or “arms” protruding from it. this is indicative of an element of the unnatural birth involving the number five.

    These seperate elements can all be tied together by the inclusion of this crucial verse which links pillars with legs, suggesting that the ideas and images of pillars and legs in revelation are interchangeable.

    “his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.” Rev 10

    What we are left with is a five legged lion, this lion is a sign of the end of days.

    As it is obvious we are approaching the end of days- what with imminent missile strikes and, if that doesn’t do it, the slow meltdown of global capitalism. it is not unreasonable to suggest that these signs will begin appearing any time now.

    I believe these signs have already begun to appear.

    There has been a huge rise in the number of animals born with a birth defect resulting in 5 legs recently, especially cats.


    To my mind this plague of 5 legged cats is in fact the 5 legged lion of Juda. Returning as a sign of the imminent apocalypse.

    ironic examples aside, post structuralism is common sense. a text is given it’s meaning through it’s interpretation.

    “Post-structural practices generally operate on some basic assumptions:
    Post-structuralists hold that the concept of “self” as a separate, singular, and coherent entity is a fictional construct. Instead, an individual comprises tensions between conflicting knowledge claims (e.g. gender, race, class, profession, etc.). Therefore, to properly study a text a reader must understand how the work is related to his or her own personal concept of self. This self-perception plays a critical role in one’s interpretation of meaning. While different thinkers’ views on the self (or the subject) vary, it is often said to be constituted by discourse(s). Lacan’s account includes a psychoanalytic dimension, while Derrida stresses the effects of power on the self. This is thought to be a component of post-modernist theory.
    The author’s intended meaning, such as it is (for the author’s identity as a stable “self” with a single, discernible “intent” is also a fictional construct), is secondary to the meaning that the reader perceives. Post-structuralism rejects the idea of a literary text having a single purpose, a single meaning, or one singular existence. Instead, every individual reader creates a new and individual purpose, meaning, and existence for a given text. To step outside of literary theory, this position is generalizable to any situation where a subject perceives a sign. Meaning (or the signified, in Saussure’s scheme, which is as heavily presumed upon in post-structuralism as in structuralism) is constructed by an individual from a signifier. This is why the signified is said to ‘slide’ under the signifier, and explains the talk about the “primacy of the signifier.”
    A post-structuralist critic must be able to utilize a variety of perspectives to create a multifaceted interpretation of a text, even if these interpretations conflict with one another. It is particularly important to analyze how the meanings of a text shift in relation to certain variables, usually involving the identity of the reader.”

    • zarathustra

      since according to your earlier statments, life is meaningless, so any philosophy is meaningless too.

      all this is psycho-babble.

      For each person to come up with a different meaning of self also means he gets to define the world in his own way, and make up his own rules. This would lead to chaos, if everyone had their own rules. Murder for one person is acceptable, while it destroys another.

      Universal morality is not related to biology or to self analysis. It can only be perfect and just if it comes from a supernatural God.

      Life is a lot more than who you have analyzed yourself to be.

  6. when did i say life is meaningless? you have given me this characteristic yourself to provide an ‘evil’ antithesis to your ‘good’ christian viewpoint. life is full of meaning but it is a meaning given to it by each individuals experience.

    “he gets to define the world in his own way, and make up his own rules.”

    everyone has and does do this, and it has led to a kind of chaos. you are making up your own rules when you decide to follow what you interpret the bible as teaching.

    “Universal morality is not related to biology or to self analysis. It can only be perfect and just if it comes from a supernatural God.” and that is why universal morality does not exist- it is dependent on a non-existent interventionist god.

    you must admit that it is possible to draw practically any conclusion from a text as obscure as revelation- as i have partly jokingly demonstrated.

    • zarathustra

      You indicated you followed philosophers who have described life as meaningless.

      I think all this is nonsense.

      Universal morality does not exist because of man’s rejection of God, not because God has not given the rules for morality.

      The bible is fairly clear cut in what it means. Human interpretation is not needed. Only where there is symbolism, is there some room for discussion. However, the bible interprets itself, and we will see the symbolism interpreted in other passages.

  7. NO TEXT is clear cut. the act of reading is interpretive by it’s very nature. take some time to try and understand the entry on post-structuralism i posted up there. the language and concepts may seem difficult to someone who has never come across them but if you take time to digest it i’m sure you will find it possible to understand it.

    it is not some kind of “anti-christian” argument, it is simply how reading works- as accepted by all scholars of all faiths.

    • zarathustra

      I have already read what you wrote, and have commented back on its flaws. I do not wish to repeat myself.

      The bible is very clear. It was written so that anyone could understand it – even children.

  8. The meanings of words are not fixed, they only point to the individuals past experience of those words in different contexts.

    It is perhaps more clear in the original language, since it has been translated multiple times it is now unclear simply by virtue of being translated.

    Any ‘obvious’ meaning is your own natural interpretation, just because it seems inherent in the language from your perspective doesn’t mean it is equally obvious to others, your experience of the language and memories of it’s use in different contexts is what gives the words their meaning in the new context of whatever text you are reading. Hence a child understands elements of a text which relate to the life of a child.

    • Z

      Most biblical meanings ARE fixed, unless it is meant to be symbolic. It does not matter if a word is translated as “clothing” or “garment,” the meaning is still there. You “shall not commit adultery” is very clear. The concordance is always there, if one wants to go deeper.

      it does not matter what language you use. you could translate Nietzsche into different languages and the meaning is still the same.

  9. you have still completely failed to understand what i thought to be a fairly basic concept.

  10. that’s not the point. of course you understand, but the understanding you have reached is a meaning created by an interaction with the text. the meaning is a product of that interaction and not inherent in the text itself.

  11. Marianne
    Since nobody has commented here for some time, I will take some time to put my theory here. I am taking a slightly different bent on this prophecy, and stretching it farther back in history. I also believe it has two fulfillments much like there Is a first and second coming of the messiah. Two parallel tracks in history, one begining with “One man’s sin” the other with “one man’s righteousness”. It is also a history of the house of God.

    The first Horn = Egypt. Though they were not responsible for scattering, the Jewish people were scattered there.

    The first Carpenter = Moses/Aaron. The tabernacle tent travelled from city to city until it was attacked At shiloh.

    The second horn = Philistines who attacked tabernacle at Shiloh and removed (scattered) its contents.

    The second Carpenter = David/ Solomon. One was military arm defeating philistines, other built temple

    The Third horn = Babylon. Responsible for destroying God’s temple

    The third Carpenter = Zerubabel/Joshua Rebuilt the temple in 516bc under persians.

    The Fourth Horn = Assyrians/ Helenistic. Period marked by persecution and scatterings. NOTE: I am not read up on all thet went on here.

    The fourth carpenter = Macabees/Jesus. Obviously macabees revolt led to independent Israel, with many Jews returning, Jesus fulfilled many jewish prophecies, in fact Jews were looking for messiah at his Birth. Jesus did not come at this time as a military leader, But through his righteous sacrifice it was a turning point in history. and this started a new count towards his second coming when he will return as a spiritual and military leader of the Jews.

    First horn pt.2 = Rome. destroyed temple, scattered Jews

    First Carpenter Pt.2 = Holy Rome/ Church of Holy Wisdom. Note this is Christian now, hence new covenent. This was a time now when both military and religious were together (no military/priest figure)

    Second Horn Pt.2 =Arab conquest under muslims/ Dome of the Rock, scattering of Jews. Note Religion and state are one here.

    A warning: from here on out it gets a little speculative.

    Second Carpenter pt. 2 Crusades under catholic church

    Third horn = Saladin was a military leader, but it was the turks who ruled.

    Third Carpenter = Brittish empire restored israel to nationhood

    Fourth horn Pt.2 = Anti Christ or beast of revalation A combination of all governments/ religions will try to claim he is Christ by destroying the dome of the Rock and rebuilding a Temple that worships all false religions.

    Fourth carpenter Pt.2 = Second coming of Christ, When he returns this time, he will be both military and spiritual head. Jewish people will not reject Him. Will defeat the Anti Christ. and begin his Millenial reign. Jewish people will then see that Jesus had to come at the first coming and they will mourn for having Killed him. But that he had to come that way in order for the redemption of humanity to occur.

    In other words, You have the era of Adams sin, and the era of Christs redemption.

    I know much of this is “out there” but it makes sense. I welcome comments, nothing is written in stone, as they say.

  12. i want to thank God for sending Jesus Christ as the last and superior capenter,who came to set me free 4rm the horns of cultism in 2007,b4 the initiasion dat is when dat unforgetable experience took place.i had him telling me about the consequence of what i am about involving my destiny with and started crying for mercy and he told me he will deliver me and not only dat,he will send me to save lives also and i thank God dat he really brought them to pass.today i am a Missionary Evangelist and give God the Glory for dat deliverance from the demonic power of horns of cultism..

    • Amen Paul,
      May God bless you in your ministry.

      4 But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, 5 he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, 6 whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7 so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life. (Titus 3:4-7)

    • God bless you Paul, and keep you safe and blessed in the days ahead.

  13. your food looks wonderful 🙂

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