Quetzalcoatl – the god behind the Mayan prophesies for 2012


People wonder about the date 2012, which came from the Mayan calendar. Attached to this creation of this calendar was a winged serpent named Quetzalcoatyl, who was part man, part god. He is also expected to return. Will 2012 be the date?

Coauthor : Silvan Wolf






Quetzalcoatl – The historical figure


The historical Quetzalcoatl – was probably born around AD 947. His father, Mixcoatl, was ruler of the Toltecs. He was originally named Ce Acatl Topitzin, meaning “Our Prince Born on Ce Acatl,” the latter being an important Toltec holiday. His birth was immediately preceded by a horrendous family tragedy, the father having been deposed and murdered by a jealous brother named Ihuitmal.

The unborn child’s pregnant mother, Chimalma, fled to Tepoztlan. Before dying in childbirth, Chimalma declared that her infant son was divinely conceived because she had swallowed a piece of blue-green jade.

Reared by his grandparents, Ce Acatl Topitzin was sent to the religious school at Xochicalco. There he so impressed teachers with his wisdom and piety that they conferred on him the name of Quetzalcoatl. Meaning “plumed serpent,” this was a prestigious title given to persons whose behavior shows signs of an exalted state such as that attained by a saint or a sage.

Returning to Tula, Quetzalcoatl defied his usurping uncle by burying the remains of his father with the ceremony to which he was entitled. He then took over as new leader of the Toltecs by pushing the unpopular Ihuitmal into a sacrificial fire.

Quetzalcoatl proved to be a wise and progressive ruler. In an action that demonstrated both sensitivity and enlightened self-interest, he imported a group of talented deaf-mutes known as nonoalcos to work as artisans in his kingdom.

The nonoalcos were descendants of the highly skilled artisans of Teotihuacan and it was they who produced the distinctive designs for which Tula is noted — serpent columns, square pillars ornamented with friezes and giant-sized statues of warriors.

Quetzalcoatl also abolished human sacrifice and decreed that henceforth sacrificial objects be limited to snakes, flowers and small birds. It’s at this point that the line becomes blurred between the historical and the legendary Quetzalcoatl.

Though the priests were undoubtedly annoyed by his outlawing of human sacrifice, accounts of the actions attributed to them are obviously the work of myth makers rather than of responsible historians.

According to this version, the priests summoned an ancient god named Texcatlipoca to help them get rid of Quetzalcoatl. Texcatlipoca was an evil god, and he and the pro-human sacrifice priests obviously looked on Quetzalcoatl as some sort of bleeding-heart liberal. (The only bleeding hearts they wanted to see were the ones torn out of victims and laid on altars.)

Deciding on a ruse, Texcatlipoca crept into Quetzalcoatl’s sanctuary with two minor gods, also evil, and frightened him by demonstrating a new invention: the mirror. Feigning friendliness, they disguised him by covering his body with red paint, feathers and a mask.

They served him a delicious meal and Texcatlipoca persuaded Quetzalcoatl to drink a beverage of pulque mixed with honey. The concoction made him drunk and the conspirators then slipped a beautiful dancing girl into his room. He awoke the next morning with a hangover and the horrible realization that he had broken his priestly vow of chastity.

Tormented with remorse, Quetzalcoatl wandered in self-imposed exile for twenty years and then ended up near what is today the Gulf port of Coatzocoalcos.

There he said goodbye to a loyal band of weeping disciples, promising to return at some future time.

He sailed for Yucatan, where he became equally admired by the Maya, who called him Kulkulcan. Finally, some thirty years later, he died by immolating himself on a self-made funeral pyre.


Mesoamerican god – the legend





Quetzalcoatl (“feathered snake”) is the Aztec name for the Feathered-Serpent deity of ancient Mesoamerica, one of the main gods of many Mexican and northern Central American civilizations. Civilizations worshiping the Feathered Serpent included the Olmec, the Mixtec, the Toltec, the Aztec, and the Maya.

The worship of Quetzalcoatl sometimes included human sacrifices, although in other traditions Quetzalcoatl was said to oppose human sacrifice.

Quetzalcoatl was the god of life, fertility and gave penitence, love, and exemption from rituals of sacrifice, and Autosacrifice.

His birth, along with his twin Xolotl, was unusual; it was a virgin birth, born to the goddess Coatlicue.

According to Apocalyptic literature, esoteric knowledge, such as magic, divination, and astrology, was transmitted to humans in the mythic past by the two angels, Aza and Azaz’el (in other places, Azaz’el and Uzaz’el) who ‘fell’ from heaven (see Genesis 6:4). Is this Quetzalcoatyl and his twin?

Quetzalcoatl was often considered the god of the morning star and his twin brother, Xolotl was the evening star (Venus).

As the morning star he was known under the title Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, which means literally “the lord of the star of the dawn”.

Remember that the name Lucifer also is an ancient name that means Venus, the morning star.

He was known as the inventor of books and the calendar, the giver of maize corn to mankind, and sometime as a symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl was also the patron of the priests and the title of the Aztec high priest.

Lord of Healing and magical herbs, known as a symbol of thought and learning, of the arts, poetry, and all things good and beautiful. Lord of Hope and Lord of the Morning Star.


Quetzalcoatl, as he was known in Mexico, taught the natives their religion, art and science. Mesoamerican reverence for this god helped prepare the way for Hernán Cortés and other European explorers to conquer the New World.

Quetzalcoatl, like some gods in other mythologies, was part human and part god. Some believe Quetzalcoatl’s father was the god Mixcoatl, known as Sky Father of Cloud Serpent. Others see his father as a sun god.

The Aztecs believed that his mother, a virgin named Chimalma, became pregnant by swallowing an emerald and them giving birth in the year 1-Reed. Being part human and part god made Quetzalcoatl grow to be very wise and cultured.

Legends say that Quetzalcoatl was tall and light-skinned, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beard, in contrast to the natives who were short, dark skinned and dark haired. He is said to have worn a long, flowing robe. Quetzalcoatl was special because he was a god of creation.

The Incas believed that he made the sun, moon, stars, and planets. The Mayans believed that with Tepeu, another god, he helped create the earth, mountains, streams and all animals. But his final creation was man because other forms of life could not think about and worship their creator.

His name translates variously to “plumed serpents,” “green-feathered-serpent,” or “serpent of precious feathers.” They all suggest the combination of “quetzal,” a beautiful, green Guatemalan bird, and “coatl,” meaning serpent.

The serpent is both a fertility and lightning symbol among many peoples.”


Mayan temple


This reminds me of Stonehenge – found at top of Mayan temple

Connection to Egypt and Sumeria

Ancient Mexicans and Egyptians who never met and lived centuries and thousands of miles apart both worshiped feathered-serpent deities, built pyramids and developed a 365-day calendar.

Cleopatra, the last Egyptian queen before the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC, saw herself as Isis and wore a gold serpent in her headpiece.

In Sumerian Mythology they were a pantheon of good and evil gods and goddesses who came to Earth to create the human race. According to the some resources, these gods came from Nibiru – ‘Planet of the Crossing.’ The Assyrians and Babylonians called it ‘Marduk’, after their chief god.

Thoughts about multiple cultures with a snake god.

A Snake god that visits different lands, and duplicates the virgin birth prophecy, in order to usurp the coming messiah’s validity and authority?

Shared traits in architecture, with Egyptians building pyramids as royal tombs, and the Mayans and Aztecs following suit with pyramids as places of sacrifice to the gods.

So far, from the information above, QUETZALCOATL is a feathered snake with blue eyes, blonde hair, a beard, with a long flowing robe, green feathers, that looks like a snake. A snake with feathers is one thing, but a snake with a beard?

It sounds like a mix between the European Jesus pictures we see, a pretty bird, and the old serpent we call the devil. It would not be surprising if Lucifer returned as QUETZALCOATL, trying to look like Jesus, so people would believe in him.

Since I see no artwork reflecting this mix of characteristics, I would have to assume that the appearance of the historical figure is separate from the legendary character and god. However, the legend may have borrowed some aspects from the historical figure.

QUETZALCOATL – Connection to the planets and their transits

Connected to the planet Venus, and its transit. QUETZALCOATL is supposed to return again, during a conjunction of some sort with the sun. One transit was in 2004, and the next one will be 2012. There have also been other transits in history, when QUETZALCOATL did not return.

Possible connection with planet Nibu? Many involved in research of this kind predict a return date of Nibiru passing Earth coinciding with the Winter Solstice of 2012; specifically at 11.11 UT, 21st December 12, 2012. In 1993 Nasa launched the IRAS telescope which picked up the faint image of a large celestial body 3 times the distance of Pluto in our own solar system.


The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl


Quetzalcoatl was driven into exile, in one legend. According to legend he left the Atlantic coast of Mexico on a raft made of serpents and vowed one day to return on a day of his own energy.

Quetzalcoatl has yet to return either from Venus or the East. A “ce ácatl” or 1-reed year, is a potential time for their god Quetzalcoatl to return.

Oneness people and the New Age View:




It has been suggested several times by New Agers that the energies of Christ and Quetzalcoatl (Lucifer) are the same or at least closely associated.

Lucifer will return as the Christ in 2012?

*** Time of enlightenment and global human consciousness? No evil is confronted in this view. People reorienting their consciousness to create positive energy in the world. Really? A big winged snake is coming to fuse us together and make us one with him and the universe?

They believe the date 21-12-2012 represents a cosmic event of great note to human spiritual progression. The 2012 conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the dark rift near the galactic centre, and the start of a new precession cycle, and new Maya Long Count.

This offers the world the chance as a species to align with the cosmic energies of massive positive change. New Agers believe that we can consciously choose to rapidly evolve our civilization, and our physical and spiritual selves at that time.

We have yet to explain however what was meant by the prophecy that Quetzalcoatl should return from the East, after or around the year AD 1000, when he disappeared on a raft.

We should then first note that, since then, many pairs of Venus Transits have occurred that did not seem to bring the return of Quetzalcoatl. The most recent examples of such pairs are those of 1518/1526, 1631/1639, 1761/1769 and 1874/1882.

The next Venus Transit that we are now about to experience is June 6, 2012. Why should we expect a return of Quetzalcoatl this time, when it did not happen at those previous Venus Transits? Wait and see? Or is it time for Lucifer to show up?

Quetzalcoatl and Crop circles:


Crop circles, aliens!! Who are the “aliens,” or who is the “alien” making these circles?

Quetzalcoatl will save us from the greys (type of alien)? Look at the link, and see the technical interpretation for the images. It seems quite convincing that someone supernatural was behind them.

Example from link:



The crop-picture effort seems to be spiritual: from this explanation of the pleasing Mayan images that are created, it is possible that Quetzal and his friends (aliens- demons) are trying to “connect” with us on some deeper level, so that we can make face-to-face contact in the near future. The circles are definitely messages of some sort.

Yet most Earth governments and the media do not want him to come, because then they would lose power. I wonder if they know who he really is.

Will we eventually meet Quetzal and his friends (aliens- demons) in early 2013, when the Mayan Fifth Sun ends and a Sixth Sun begins? Or will it be somewhat later in 2039 AD, which is a year “One Reed”?

Quetzalcoatl always told the Mayans that he would return in a year One Reed, which happens once every 52 years. When Cortes invaded Mexico in 1519 AD, it was a year One Reed.

Likewise in 2039 AD, or 520 years after 1519, it will be another year One Reed. But this is all speculation and legend: we don’t know for sure.

2018 again

*** Jesus said that this generation that saw the end time signs would not pass away until all things had been fulfilled.

Many say a generation is 40 years, others say 70. If one calculates the number of generations from Adam to Christ, in the book of Matthew, and consider the total number of years, one arrives at a number (51.4 years, according to Jack Van Impe, scholar) which is close to 52 years for a generation.

The count starts from when Israel sprouted its leaves (mature tree), June 10, 1967 + 52 = June 10, 2019. So, if one used this 52 years as a generation, one might think that the end time tribulation and wrath is complete by that time.

If corrected to 51.4 years, one would subtract 7.2 months from June, 2019, since each 1/10 year = 1.2 months. The final end would occur about December, 2018.

So, 2012, and 2018, is coming, but what, or who is coming with it?


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    • He already here 1 year to embrace then in 2012 game time infos dead on

      • Zac

        If he is here, where is he?

        • embrace yo think dude had a hard enough time spittin what he was about out and then getting beat down for it so maybe u can get em to come out IF U EMBRACE EM

        • It does not matter where. What matters is how. How could he matter unless you made him to matter? So just as you step outside and say it is cold out here, step inside and say it warm in here, you never step outside and say it is cold inside, nor step inside and say it is warm outside. In other words, you will never see outside yourself what you cannot see inside yourself. So perhaps the best question over all is, if you are here, where are you? Then maybe you would see eye to eye with where and how. A strong light cannot be seen eye to eye. The sun can be seen eye to eye, if your eye is strong. You know the sun is there, but you do not know where it came from, so if the son of the morning is here, how can you possibly see it in the bright sun of day?

          What I mean is, love cannot be seen wherever it is, truth cannot be known as much as love cannot be known. So if love exists in a body, with seven names and seven tongues to write the names all over this body, you still would not see it.

          That is why where is not what you should ask. But how. How will you ever see where when where is right in front of you? Why ask a question when you cannot receive the answer?

          You will never know where. You will only know then. And when that is, everyone will know how. When you have nothing left, you will see what you rejected as nothing.

    • ps the calendar says what 21st 2012? 4 days before whose birthday? ur Savior Jesus christ? Why u think we had it set for that date? HUMILITY CHECK humans control a lot of things but the sun the stars and the moon those are ours

      • actually I don’t like to call them stars yo cuz if u write down star on a piece of paper and hold it up in the mirror and read it “THAT’S YOU WE DON’T LIKE YOU” were XITLALIS

      • December 25 was a Roman holiday- the feast of Saturnalia- to try and convert the Romans, the church used their holiday and turned it into a Christian holiday. Jesus was actually born during the passover in the spring. April 6 to be exact.

        • hi joy

          you are right about dec 25.

          It is my impression that Jesus was born in September, not april.

          what is your source for thinking it was april 6?

  2. Marianne, where did you get this picture of the solar system? Sun and moon are really no planets at all! No wonder Nibiru is called planet x elsewhere.
    Has anyone seen pictures of this object out in space?
    Nibiru was to be here in May 2003 according to some. It size ranges from a few times the earth to twice of Jupiter. Being out that far, it would never return to the solar system again after 3600 years. People should be caring for more important stuff than government takeovers or doomsday prophecies.
    Without Jesus Christ it will be the end for you, no matter how hard you try to prepare!

  3. Hi GYOD,

    I am just giving what the reference said. It indicated:

    In 1993 Nasa launched the IRAS telescope which picked up the faint image of a large celestial body 3 times the distance of Pluto in our own solar system.

    It does not matter to me, but it seems to be very relevant to those that believe in the return of this snake god, so I included it.


  4. Mayan Calendar 2012 is a False Birth (Labor) Pain! If it isn’t in scripture or directly related to Israel!! It is false, deception, a hoax (work of the Devil). Israel is it. Mayan and other empires have existed, but they had no connection to Israel. I relate the Mayan Calendar to the 2000 Millennium hype (false Birth (labor) pain. Jesus warned of this.

    As always Marianne, thank you for the information. It is good to know, so one may not be deceived (by the Devil). There are similarities between stone henge, and then Mayan temple and etc. to Egypt. Yes, the deceiver Lucifer (Devil) had placed the seed of the serpent to mankind. This is just one of many examples!

    Blessings to you Marianne, thank you for your knowledge and research! You are Warning the people (flock) so they may not be deceived!

    Brother In Christ…David (Shalom)

    • Hi David
      Ancient Indians had connections to Israel. Texts have been found in America written in many ancient languages including ancient Hebrew.
      When I found this article I noticed that there are many trails which need to be followed and examined.
      Phoeniceans were the most experienced nation of sailors, sailed around Africa in three years It took long because they had to stop to grow food. Indian stories tell that gods came from the east and they are coming back, and they came riding on horses. During Solomon times Lebanon and Israel had excellent relationship and I would be surprised if Israeli had not joined these famous merchants

    • everybodys entitled to their opinion but lemme ask u this if 2012 is a false labor pain WHY DOES EVERYBODY FEAR THAT DATE?

    • Either is December 25 which Christians celebrate as their holiday as noted above it is actually a pagan date. I think it should be left to Santa Clause and the celebration of Christ should be everyday within each person.

  5. Hi David,

    Well, God has his plan, and tell us about it. That is smart on his part, so we will not be deceived, and we can prepare.

    And, the devil has his plan and tell us too. That is not smart, since then we can plan against him.

    Between both God, and the devil, revealing their plans, we should not be surprised at anything that happens next!


  6. David,
    your reasoning is flawed! Not everything of significance is recorded in scripture or related to Israel. The Maya date may be an attempt to distract, no doubt but it may have a significance in the timetable of the road to deception. We will have to watch and pray and see what will happen.

  7. HI GYOD

    Since the Mayans were not Christians, then anything we get from them should be thought out. So, yes, watch and pray. We remember Y2K. Everyone got excited, and then nothing happened.


  8. Jesus said that He would (did) send the Holy Spirit, to lead us into all truth, for He would magnify Jesus and be a source of living water springing up within each believer to nourish us. The Word teaches that there would be many false prophets and prophecies, that we are to discern them and reject that which is not God’s wisdom (James lays out the characteristics of the wisdom from above in hie epistle).

  9. It seems possible to me that any non-Christian prophecy could come true, as it belongs to the evil one.
    Islam have prophesies regarding their messiah, as does Israel, who are still waiting for theirs!
    Obviously a false messiah will come and fool many, but not those who have a living relationship with Christ!

  10. Hi Glenn,

    False prophets usually tell us something that is true to bait us, and win our confidence, so that we will fall for the deception.

    It would not be unthinkable that the devil would reveal his plans to man. That way, as he fulfills them himself, he increases the faith of his supporters. For example, if he plans to kill someone, this can be “prophesied” ahead of time, so that when the murder occurs, people think the false prophet is really a true one.

    The devil likes to imitate God. We can use this to our advantage, by understanding the “wiles of the devil.” So we can use both negative (devil) and positive (God) sources, if used with wisdom and discernment. Most people cannot handle the negative sources, which is why there is a commandment to not consult with evil people. However, if the devil just openly admits to some plan, that just helps us, if we are paying attention. We can then prepare against what the devil has announced.

    If the Mayan calendar indicates a time frame for some planned demonic activity in the next 10 years, then we are wiser to see what is planned and get ready.


  11. “Since the Mayans were not Christians, then anything we get from them should be thought out.”

    Its refreshing to find such a clear admittance that the doctrines of christianity are taken on board completely without question by people such as yourself.

    I’ve always found it best to re-think the dogmas i’ve unreasonably taken for granted and to test all things equally. Without excluding one incredibly closed minded cultural and moral tradition.

    Perhaps you should try reading Santayana’s excellent book ‘scepticism and animal faith’ for a detailed logical disection of the way empty dogma accumulates as a protective shell around many people who prefer easy objective deception to the (paradoxical) truth of total subjectivity.

    I think you’ll find it interesting to realise that all our houses are built on the sand, it is only us who treat the ground like stone.

  12. Zarathustra,

    The natural man has no understanding of spiritual things. Dogma is not empty when it is backed by real testimony, eye witnesses, and miraculous proofs. But the greatest evidence is something you do not seem to understand. It is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Once this happens, there are no more questions or doubts. Jesus is not a “culture” or an opinion. He is a real person, and he is who he says he is.



  13. Hi Zarathustra,
    What Mariannne has said in her response to you is spot on.
    Trusting and following Jesus is not just being a part of a religion, but being in a relationship with Him!
    Only by being born again,by the Spirit of the Lord God, are the eyes of our hearts opened, and the truth and it’s reality fills our whole life!
    I pray that this experience you will come to know!

  14. Hi glenn,

    I would like you to know that the experience of a personal relationship with god is one which i had as a teenager. Speaking in tongues, miraculous healing etc.

    I have since come to terms with these experiences as wilful delusions which i refused to question due to my fear of death. It is the fear of dying and that alone which theology seeks to overcome.

    I completely agree that “the natural man has no understanding of spiritual things”, that is why spiritual language fails in it’s transcendent aim. Take the concept of eternal life:

    Eternal = outside of time
    Human experience is entirely within time. The concept of eternity is therefore pragmatically meaningless.
    One of the predicates of life is that it is temporary. By substituting the temporal for the eternal the concept “life” ceases to have any meaning.
    If something is not subject to time then it cannot move or change. A life which doesn’t move or change doesn’t seem much like a life to me.

    If you want the comfort and stability of dogma then choose religion, if you are looking for the truth then choose philosophy. Nietzsche, Heidegger and Sartre have more wisdom between them than most religious texts combined.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is wisdom to be found in the bible, Ecclesiastes is a prime example. It is simply not wise to swallow it whole without investigating more modern thought.

    A fulfilling spiritual life is more readily availiable to an open mind than a closed one.


  15. Dear Zarasthustra,

    Choosing a temporary, meaningless life that will end in nothing makes much less sense than a meaningful, eternal one. How do you know eternity is meaningless? Have you ever been there?

    You somewhat admit this. I think your problem is that you have a “time” issue, which seems to define what is meaningful and what isn’t.

    Clarifying dogma vs doctrine. Dogma is proven fact. Doctrine is just opinion. There some truths that god has revealed, in person, and with signs and wonders. These are beyond dispute. The problem now is that the original witnesses are dead, and you have lived without witnessing what others have.

    This is when you have to either (1) have an experience yourself that is powerful, or (2), accept the testimony of valid witnesses, just as you would in a legal court case. If 12 people said they saw someone get murdered, you would believe them. So is the case with the apostles. Their testimony has been preserved. I have experienced both 1 and 2.

    For the doubting teenager, most likely (1) would have been more convincing than (2), because you are like many other ex-Christians. Early experiences can have a profound impact on someone, if those who are teaching fail to do their job.

    I have have been through the same thing. My early teachers failed to really connect me with any “meaningful” experience that linked me to God in a way that was alive to me. So God had to step in himself.

    Remember Jesus gave the great commission to his disciples. He did not stay and do it himself. So, the failure you experienced is due to the failure of man to minister to you. It is not because god failed. I am not sure if people prompted you into certain charismatic experiences, or if they were genuine. It sounds like you were involved in the activities of Christianity, without being submerged in the true presence of God. You were disconnected.

    I can relate to this. This is why I am not regularly in a church now. I visit occasionally, but find little there. The pastor can’t find god for me, or give me spiritual experiences. I have to do it. Also, much of what is preached now is “dead.”

    For the Word to be alive within you, you have to read it yourself, and spend time with it. This is what I do, and it has really opened up a different world for me. This is where this website came from. There are over 200 different posts in less than 10 months. The thoughts keep coming, because I feel inspired to keep reading, and discovering what is there. It is like finding an oil well You drill, and then the oil keeps coming.

    Closed mindedness is not drilling the well to begin with. Idealistically, why pursue man’s opinion, when God’s truth is available? Why follow Nietzsche? He had nothing but questions, and had no answers. He rejected God, and ended up going insane. So his meaningful philosophy of rejecting everything other people believed in got him nowhere.


    PS your email address does not work. I routinely send copies of my response, if there is one, to people, in case they want to reply. But yours bounces back. FYI

  16. Just to add a little to Marianne’s words.
    The more complex we make life, the further we move from the truth of it. We get entangled with issues that are not edifying or growth to our soul and spirit.
    Jesus said to His disiples, not to prohibit the children coming to Him, for to such belong the Kingdom of God!
    The simplicity and trust of a child toward their parents goes without saying! Everything they expect from life comes from their parents!, and so it is with a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father!
    It all comes down to trust and faith!

  17. Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for the extra words. I think there are many ex-Christians now who are that way, because of discouragement. The church was just NOT what it was supposed to be, and so many turned away. But looking to the world for answers will disappoint us even further. We need to go to God Himself, for what we need, and not man.


  18. Marianne: This is Philip reporting to you from deep within Enemy Territory. I was in NYC the other day and saw a T-Shirt of our Fearful new leader who is the new puppet for the NWO Masters of War. The T-Shirt quoted Judges 4:6. I thought you might like to know. Please keep me in your prayers.

  19. Hi phil

    They are just trying to make Obama sound like a warrior for God. But Barak in the bible was Jewish, not Muslim, and he followed God, not betrayed Him.

    This is just more fantasy thinking.


  20. […] richness and majesty of ancient Babylon, as well as anything in modern Iraq as well. Click here for […]



  23. I was born and raised Jewish. I am Hebrew and I don’t believe in Lucifer, the Devil, Satan whatever you want to call it. Never have never will. I believe that only we ourselves are responsible for what we do, there is no Devil or “bad guy” that makes us do it. Even though I don’t believe the Devil or that Jesus was or is the messiah I want to know and learn as much about every bodies beliefs as I can. Even if I don’t believe it myself. Now when studying other cultures and the different beliefs they have I see over and over how almost every culture has a deity of messiah if you will that is kind, smart, usually handsome, teaches about peace and love and promises to return some day. Now thinking about Jesus, Dalai lama , Quetzalcoatl and other spiritual leaders from other cultures instead of thinking of them as Lucifer or evil demons trying to deceive people, perhaps they are all the same entity or being trying to give the same message to many different cultures all over the world??? Think about it.

    • Hi Havah

      That is ok if you believe differently. But how do you explain God talking to Satan in the first chapter of Job? Do you practice your faith, or are you secular?

      As far as the different cultures, it has been a tradition since the garden of Eden that a Messiah was coming. This was a strong expectation for all people. After the flood of Noah, we were down to one family, who spread out to different areas over time, and the members kept the tradition alive in their new locations. So we end up with different cultures out of one family, and the tradition took on a local flavor over time, but still had the same basic expectations.

      Also, anytime you have something real, you also have a counterfeit to counter act it…..evil opposes good.

      My impression is that demons are also part of Jewish supernatural thought:

      There is good and evil. God is good, and the devil is evil. Both are spirits, so we do not see them, but they exert their effects.

      That is standard thinking, so you do not agree with this, from what I can tell.


  24. Hi Havah,
    When a person denies the existence of Satan,Satan has them right where he wants them!
    Except in this scenario, ignorance is not bliss!!
    The influence of Satan and his demons has been and continues to be evident in the most horrendous cruelities perpetrated by humans toward each other.
    And it is only going to get worse, as he realises his time is quickly running out!
    The Bible is not a set of lies we are supposed to deny and ignore.Do you honestly think the God of all creation would do that?But rather it is His truth for and to us, that we may live life to it’s fullest abundance!!
    It’s worth thinking about!

  25. I don’t know how much of the Jewish culture or religion you guys have studied but in the Torah or the old testiment as christens like to call it, there is not a devil or any demons making any of the people do any of the bad things that thy did. It was themselves maybe an angel here or there. Your angel is influenced by you we all have one. To take responsibility for ones own actions and repent for them is what God wants us to do. There is a lot of history in the Torah MY family history mind you and I am vary not ignorant to it. Jewish tradition does not subscribe to an independent, and certainly not, a permanent place of punishment, known as Hell. We don’t believe in eternal punishment. Judaism teaches that after someone dies, the soul goes through an 11 month ‘cleansing’ process in order to prepare it for it’s place in Heaven. Heaven is to be with God. now if you read up on it you will find a mix on the heaven and hell theory in Jewdisem but certenly no devil to punish you cuz you stole something, got a body perceing or talked about someone behind theyer back. I think that God is more clever than that. And only we can make ourselves do something like that. Even someone as bad as Hitler who was an EXTREAMLY bad person (I have nightmares about the holocaust and my parents wheren’t even born yet) was influenced only by him self, or perhaps a mental disorder. In the end it dosnt really matter who you are where you come from or what you believe, what happens to you after this is always going to be a mistory till you get there. So before you go spouting out that I’M ignorant and that I don’t practice MY religion maybe you should think if you really know what your talking about. Because I really do study and not just my own region but yours and others as well. So that when I talk I know what I’m talking about. And just so that you know I have a great personal relationship with the creator through my self no one else. One more thing the Bible was written by men not God only based of God’s word it is. Remember that for men are imperfect. Bless you all. Peace

    • Hi Havah,

      I agree with you in many ways. I may be a little non- traditional in my thinking.

      Since Satan is mentioned in both Job 1 and in Zechariah 3, I do believe he exists. I believe he attempts to influence us, but he cannot force us to anything against our wills. Man is ultimately responsible for his own behavior.

      Hell topic: What we do know is that we will be punished for our sins. There is 2 ways of viewing this.
      1. the punishment itself is eternal
      2. the effects of the punishment is eternal.- this is more what you believe.

      I tend to believe like you do. how long can sin stand in the face of judgment? In front of an all powerful God, it seems like the answer is not long, unless he prolongs it for his own purpose.

      My goal is to avoid as much punishment as possible, and stay out of trouble and sin. This way, if I die, I will not be in the punishment too long. I try to repent, and stay forgiven.


  26. Hi Havah,
    At the end of the day, it’s NOT what you or I believe, but what God says!
    And His Word testifies to the existence of Satan, who used to be called Lucifer and to demonic forces.
    Jesus too spoke many times of a place called “The outer Darkness”, where people will weep and gnash their teeth, where their worm does not die!
    Any intellectual ascent, to try and deny what He talked about plainly in black and white, is more denial than facing reality!
    We can try and dismiss any notion of an evil influence in this world, but history is always a slap in the face!
    There are levels of Hell, just as there are levels in Heaven.
    But I would much rather be a pauper in Heaven than a King in Hell!

  27. Hi Glenn
    I’m not going to be scared into believing in Lucifer or Hell. Because I know it’s not real. I just cant except the whole hell thing. but maybe it’s just cuz my parents never had to scare me into believing in God. It’s like I can just feel or even hear God. I mean I have premonition dreams every night, Iv seen many things that have come true and many that have yet to come true. I have never seen Hell, and I have seen terrifying things just all done by mankind. Just do whats right and enjoy your life. Imagen all the people living for the day. John Lennon said that.

  28. Hi Havah,
    I’m affraid all of John lennon’s words, didn’t get him very far!
    Theory and practice are often at opposite ends of the scale!
    No amount of words will convince anyone of Hells or Satan’s reality,but only God’s Holy Spirit, convicting a persons innermost being.
    Unless the heart is changed and the mind renewed, then we will continue to follow the ever downward, spiraling road to an endless inferno!
    If that scares you, then I’m glad………….you should be!

    • Wow Glenn, this Havah person seems like a way better being than even yourself. Stop for a moment and you’ll understand that you two just have different teachings and she’s not trying to convert you, so you shouldn’t either.

      • Dear PBG, I am not trying to convert Havah to anything, but expressing what I know from personal experience.
        You neither know Havah or myself to make any comments about who is or is not a better person.
        I never compare myself to anyone,it is a pointless exercise!
        This site is for people to express their views on a wide range of topics.
        Nothing more, nothing less!

  29. I enjoyed reading up on ol’Quetzalcoatl this morning. It has been a while since anything of interested had actually peaked my curosity enough to entice me into studying or reading up on it more. I especially liked seeing some of the parallels drawn between ancient gods, always cool. Thanks much for the read this morning. ^_^

  30. I tend to have prophetic dreams, and the like. I woke up today from one with a dragon, a feathered serpent, who was named quitzelcotyl. It required a person be ‘sacrificed’ to it (more they fell into the pit in which it was and had been forgotten) and were consumed. The thing was then part this person, and part quitzelcotyl. We were there seeking, a beast had been losed that consumed and absorbed all life, we wanted to end it. There was graphitti of christ’s name and parts of his body on walls, marked over. And murals of clowns dancing and blood spilt. although Q was first thought evil, it had a voice and went straightway to consume the beast, which it did. the ruins from which Q was raised had a dock, if at all relevant. As said, I knew nothing of Q till google and here today, so kudos. To clear anything, I am practicing christian in the power and gifts of the spirit.

    • Hi rob0987654

      Interesting dream, although I was not sure from all the characters, who was doing what – beast, person, Q, beast.

      the beast is a kingdom whose territory represents modern islamic nations.

      Q is Satan, or Lucifer, swallowing this region means he has taken it over. So even though they say they are against Satan, those in this region have been consumed by him, and they are his.

      the ruins and the dock is interesting. Tyre (Lebanon) was an ancient twin city of Babylon, and part of the original garden of eden….it fell into ruins, but prophetically will be rebuilt, as it was not completely destroyed the first time, and it was predicted that nothing would be left of it, when it was finally destroyed for good.

      once Tyre is destroyed, Israel will never be invaded again.

      So to me, this means it has to be built again. Ezechiel 28 describes the king of Tyre as the “anointed cherub” who was in the garden of YHWH. This king, then, was Satan himself, and he plans a return as the Antichrist. Since this is a terrorist country, it is already controlled by Satan, who will possess the Antichrist.

      here is a post showing the city….it does have a dock and the ruins have been preserved for archeological reasons….the island portion sunk into the sea the first time, but left the dock and mainland portions. The next time, it will all be destroyed by fire. Look at the 3 pictures in this post…notice the last one is from google earth, and this is what it looks like today.


  31. I believe that certain astronomical events will happen in these time frames that will for sure change our ways of life. And i welcome it. I could only wish for it to be something so big and powerful that it is capable of stopping our government, along with all others. I hope for the magnetic pole change on earth and the alignment of the cosmos along with many other events our minds and still simple sciences couldn’t even imagine.

    As for the return of a energy being and or alien (being of light) so to speak, I welcome it to. But to truly believe that us humans have any idea as to where we came from and how life is created is a joke. Its those questions of life and death and origin that we strive to know and that is why you cling to such petty ideas as those taught in the bible. Its nothing more than fairy tales told for centuries to provide leaders with a control. there tall tales ripped from cultures such as the egyptians and modernized as see fit for the masses.

    Quetzacoatl and the greys I do believe to be real and I feel the greys have influenced our way of life for quite some time. There are a million and one questions about all of this. and we can argue till where red in the face. But please before you throw my words out the window take some time to look up these topics online. Greys, JFK assassination, majestic 12, William Cooper, Mt. Weather, Federal Reserve, The Truth about aids, Loose change Ver. 2 (the truth about 9/11) and a great thing called ZIETGIEST.

    Letting off the shackles of our modern world is the first step towards Indigo Light.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I am aware of many who believe like you do. From what I have studied, this alien thing is negative and demonic, and not the light of promise that people hope for.

      While you do not believe in the bible, I do, because I have personal confirmation that it is true, in addition to fulfilled prophecies that have been documented as true.

      What I am concerned about is that the aliens are quite real, but are very negative and deceptive, and are the real fairy tale. Much of what you present is propaganda and not true, twisted reality.

      I do acknowledge that you choose to believe it. I hope you will critically evaluate your beliefs in the future, as they fail to be what they promise to be. I would not ask you to do anything I have not required of myself.

      best wishes


  32. Where did you retrieve the green/red/yellow serpent image. I can’t find it anywhere other than your site. I’d be interested in using it for a paper on the deity!

    Thank you for your information. (;

  33. I bet a lot of you will certainly be surprised to see lucifer and christ to be the same. The serpent will eat it’s own tail and duality consciousness will be graduated from. The story of the “fallen angel” and sending the only begotten son hold a similarity when you hold a candle to it. A story of redemption maybe? Christ never upheld the dogmas of his day, but many so called christians seem to want to persecute and Judge every other person and people of other faiths. People are supposedly judged by the deeds of their hearts, not by religious factions. How many of you are willing to cast the first stone? Judge not was the teaching. Many of you who believe that you will be saved but others will not are in for a big surprise. Christ Loved ALL. Even those of other faiths. So many of you speak with mouths of vipers and cast judgement upon that which you can’t even begin to comprehend yet believe that Christ is coming for you. You carry yourselves with self richeousness and call others heathens and you all carry the seed of lower man within you. Christ consciousness is coming and if you want to prepare yourselves then I suggest you wake up to your own ignorance and Live as christ truly lived. In non judgement and unconditional love. (yes, even to the “heathens”)

    In Love and Light,
    John (The Baptist)

    • Dear Oannes,

      You are referring to Matthew 7:1-5. If you go back and read the all 5 verses, you will see that the judge not instruction was referring to hypocrites. When they had the same sin as the one they were judging, it was inappropriate to judge them, when they had not corrected themselves yet.

      Christians are allowed to judge, if they do it accurately:

      Jhn 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

      1Cr 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

      1Cr 6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

      Jesus loved all. That is true. But we must love him back enough to obey the commandments of God. If we say we love, but disobey, then we lie.

      Lucifer (Satan) and Christ are opposites. One is evil, and the other is holy. Mixing them together is a mistake. Jesus opposed Satan while he was here.


  34. I was not referring to matthew, or mark, or luke, or john
    Lucifer is venus and christ and lucifer are the morning and evening stars and if you want to believe that you have the authority to judge others no matter what your status is then so be it. Let the dead bury the dead. Lucifer is not Satan. No matter what the limited mind and dogmatic details of scripture inform you of. There is more going on than meets the eye here. Your gravest error is your interpretation of
    the text of scripture without being initiated into the higher mysteries, of which it is obvious that you do not know. The authors of the texts were initiates. You are not. Open your mind and Judge not. If you will not offer unconditional love to all then how are you worthy of the name christian? I suppose that you believe that there are 144,000 people going to heaven instead of understanding the deeper meaning and esoteric symbolism.

    • Dear Being

      Lucifer is Satan, disguised as an angel of light. The only mystery you need to submit to, and respect, is Jesus. If you have Jesus, you do not need anything, or anyone else.

      I understand the scriptures better than you think. I have been studying them for 40 years. I do not need initiation into a deception. In fact, I reject it.

      Unconditional love has nothing to do with being permissive toward sin. God loves us, and will forgive us, not wanting us to perish, but we will send ourselves to hell, if we do not repent. Hell is a choice. God does not make this decision for us. We do.

  35. You guys and all your good and evil or heaven and hell, acting like you actually know what your talking about, Its funny. To be honest labeling things as either good or evil is your problem to begin with. Its that kinda thinking that opens up all you prejudice and discrimination towards others, for if they are not like me, then they are different and difference is wrong. When building a society structured on differences is the only true way to happiness as a whole. As appose to building a Union of conformity like we have. If you guys must put a name on satan I would say its the Vatican or like many have said before America is the great satan. I don’t follow any organized religion and in fact would never think of god as a man up behind a giant golden gate playing bouncer to the world only allowing those in that follow his every word and belief. In stead of being told what to believe I research it for myself. I close my eyes go through what I know and feel about life and then make my own decisions about it. I Am truly free and can honestly say I strive for “Christ Consciousness” Making My own decisions in life for what I feel is good and right, not because I’ve gone to church and I think I’ll go to hell if I don’t follow the rules. I mean come on, even if there is some grand architech do you really think there could be anything in our little existence on this spec of dust in the universe that (you believe he is the sole founder of) we could do to upset him? Im sorry but your life is not that important that he is looking over you. I mean with that kinda thinking your saying if god saved my life because im a good christian or because I prey? Well shit what about all those people that are 100% living there lives by the book and they die every day to. What do you think god has some kinda personal opinion of you and is going to help you out? it makes me laugh.

    Look I believe In evolution and all sorts of other very crazy shit, I know theres a soul and after life and all that. But you don’t Have to believe in God as the bible or religion puts it to be happy, or excepted by what ever is out there.

    • Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment. I see you are very passionate about your thoughts.

      I do believe in a personal God who loves me, and gives me rules to follow, not for oppression or condemnation, but for my spiritual protection. He looks over me as if I am the only one in existence. That is how important I am to him. That is how important you are to him as well.

      You might agree that rules like “you shall not murder” are pretty good ones, and help people, not hurt them.

      Believe it or not, since God loves us so much, he really does care when we do things that are wrong.

      Death is just the end of our physical existence. There is another world beyond this one. Heaven is a nice place, and prepared for those who accept the love of God. It seems like if God was nice, then heaven should be nice too, and everyone would want to go there.

      God does not force anyone. The door is open. People can choose heaven or elsewhere. It is up to them. God hopes we choose him instead.

  36. To deny good and evil, heaven and hell, is like denying day and night, love and hate.The experience of history convinces us, that although technological advances abound and get more and more sophisticated, the condition of the human heart has remained the same, ever since Cain murdered Abel.Humans have reached amazing heights in science and knowledge, but cannot control the tongue or inclinations of the heart!
    Ryan, you are no different than any of us, unless of course you came into the world a different way!
    If you were born of a man and woman, then the seed of sin was also planted within your being, and over the years, will express itself in ways that will find more and more reasons to keep it alive and well.
    Sin is not a verb, it is a noun.It is a sickness that all humans have, and only Jesus is the long term cure.
    Take the time and read the Gospel of Mark, and ask God to reveal just who Jesus is.You sound like a guy who is searching, I hope and pray that your path leads you to Him.Only Jesus can set you free from the enemy within and the one without!

  37. Let me begin by saying thanks for the replies and I hope I didn’t upset anyone with my little rant.
    I am very passionate about this topic for many reasons and to top it I’m stuck in Utah and have to deal with religion blown out of whack out here. And I don’t care what you say not letting people live out there lives as they want to because of your own beliefs is wrong! I strive for answers so that I can some day present them in a reasonable manner to all, Because I really do want everyone in this world to some day be able to live with complete peace and respect for each other. Some times I make accusations or judgments and that is something I’m working on to so bare with me.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is we see things in terms of good and evil, but in fact there is no such thing as this polarity. everything actually has three components. The Holy trinity, and no matter what polarity you think of there will be a third element to it. For example to hot and cold there is warm, and up and down there is a middle. From higher dimensional levels of existence polarity is just an illusion. Unity Is all that there is.

    My biggest thing with religion is the existence of life on this planet has far exceeded that of any religious teachings. In fact It has recently been proven that even the Sphinx is any where from 15,000 to 20,000 years old. It has water marks going all the way down it to prove it was there before the water had risen that high. And the only time for that was 15 to 20 thousand years ago.
    Or what about all the native American, Egyptian and Eastern beliefs that far date these modern western philosophies. Or our time here on earth isn’t relevant to the time passing on another planet so how could our understanding of the beginning and end of our lives or our existence have any relevance on other planets. Do you realize that there are more stars in our galaxy than there are grains of sand on all our beaches. The existence of life on other planets is absolute but do you really think all of them where created by one being?
    How can the bible say god created night and day? how’s it go? Let there be light so there was light? how can he create night and day when its a natural occurring effect on a large enough object next to a light source. i.e the earth next to the sun, It cast a shadow its self.(This is the first connection to the polarities of good and evil) Or what about dinosaur’s? I mean where talking about life on this planet millions of years ago?

    Okay sorry got way off track there. So Jesus is the cure to my sin sickness? Damn all that money spent on NyQuil too, and this whole time it was a sin seed. Lol. Sorry but really. What does that even mean? I mean doesn’t that sound odd to you?

    Cain and Able? isn’t that the two boys of Adam and Eve? You mean to tell me you really think that all the people of the world came from two people? Even if you are a “Hybrid” incest produces deformations and abnormalities at birth, hands down not to mention their first kids where both boys. And how the hell was the city of Nod populated when Cain and Able where there only kids? Are you going to say its because Adam lived for like 800 years or something like that? And wait step back really quick whats this about god created Eve out of Adams Rib? I’m sorry but ever time I open the bible all these questions feel my head. Here’s a good one. If during the flood Noah only saved his family and sons wives, and the animals? So wouldn’t that make us decendence of Noah? Who also is said to be like 600 years old?

    I cant listen to the “stories” when things like evolution down to the bases of existence in our RNA has been proven. Or While you can watch things like a atom flicker in and out of existence and/or occupy two places at the same time! Its a Amazing Thing.
    I Don’t know the answers but I do know that the for sure wrong answer is following the person that offers absolute certainty into the questions that cannot be proven.

    I’ve tried to take the time to read these books. Maybe some people should try taking some time to live out life a little with out the name of god to fall back on. It is hard to resolve all yourself. But the strength and knowledge you will gain will make you stronger in the end.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Nice to hear from you again.

      I can see where living in Utah might be a challenge, and give a strange view of “religion.”

      You mention good and evil and question the “polarity,” but then you use hot and cold with warm in the middle. Does that also mean that hot and cold, the polarities, exist?

      For there to be middle ground, there has to be extremes for it to be in the middle of…..yes?

      I think your problem with definitions of good and evil come from people, not God. People can many times misrepresent what good and evil is……but God’s standards, in the light of Holy Spirit interpretation, are very fair, and make sense. God gives definitions to guide and protect us, not to oppress us. He created our human bodies, and he knows what “works” with them and what doesn’t. What does not work produces disease, or harm in some way.

      The concept of time vs creation is an interesting one. Our dating system can only be proven based on the current concept of time, and what we can prove. Carbon dating is only really good for about 5000 years I think. After that they extrapolate off the graph to get different longer times. This is an issue in science I will not cover, unless you think you understand enough of science for me to explain further.

      I believe that all consciousness and knowledge of God started at one point in time. As man migrated to different areas, he brought his awareness with him. However, it started to show variation with each location over time. That is why so many stories are similar, but have some differences. It is not that one predated another. They just shared the same original source. Noah and his family are that source.

      Origin of life and universe – interesting question…….if God did not make everything…..then how did nonliving things like rocks generate life out of nothing….and WHERE did the starting materials for the rocks come from? Did they create themselves out of nothing?

      Beginning of man- man was created as perfect and good and healthy in a perfect environment where there was no disease, or stress that would produce disease. Interbreeding to start the race could have been very protected and produced no harm to the offspring. Once mankind was started, and the environment became more hostile, disease and stress would have an effect on the human body. So rules were made to protect man. There is a second theory that adam and eve represented a race of people, not just 2 individuals.

      Lifespan – people lived longer in those days because the environment before the flood was different. Once the environment changed, the lifespan decreased. Also the pre-flood diet was vegetarian, and post flood, they started eating meat.

      How does RNA prove evolution? It is just part of our makeup.

      I do not think Jesus minds if you take NyQuil. He gave his life to cover the punishment for your sins,…..mine too…..he just wants us to accept his love offering for us.

  38. Spot on Marianne.The world post flood, is a lot different than pre-flood times.
    So many people assume the world has continued on the same way throughout millenia.Not only has there benn change, but drastic changes!

  39. Hi. So you’re right, I do think my problem with the definition of good and evil comes from people. This is because I have to live here with people. I can’t live my life the way I would like to because I live under such religious control. Things like gays not being able to marry, marijuana being illegal, abortion laws, the current wars, stem cell research, cloning, and the list goes on. These are all debates that almost always get won over due to religious beliefs.
    God and State should never be put together. Yet every election each candidate declares their religious affiliation and it always helps persuade the masses. There is never a candidate I could vote for that doesn’t say ridiculous things like “I feel God’s words coming to me: ‘Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East.’ And by God, I’m gonna do it.” -George W. Bush
    What am I to do when this is the type of person running our government. Not to mention that but what is legal in the US is not legal in all states. How’s it fair that I have to live under the set rules seen fit for me by my state House when their outlook on life is so different. In the Constitution it declares freedom of religion, but never freedom from religion.

    It’s some of those things that make it so hard for me to deal with religion. I feel the only way for me to be free is to move out of the US.
    We could argue about the above topics for days, but when it comes down to it they affect a lot of people that are trying to live in this world too. The percentage of people that claim no religious affiliation nowadays is the biggest minority in the United States. It has become absolutely unfair to a lot of us here.

    I feel that Governments are built to separate us, and religion is the absolute oldest form of Government.

    I can’t believe your “life before the flood” thing. Why wouldn’t everyone have lived for hundreds of years? Also, how could the flood have changed things that dramatically? Did the flood occur over the entire planet? What year would that have been? Tons of cultures lived before the flood and none of them never spoke of people living to be hundreds and hundreds of years old. According to the Bible isn’t the planet just a couple thousand years old? What about the dinosaurs? In fact, how old do you think the planet is? What about Neanderthals? I mean, technically they would have been the first human beings that would have walked the Earth.

    I would like to hear your explanation of carbon dating then?

    Evolution has been a great thing forever but the biggest argument has been that for it to be true it must be presentable at the very basis of life, at the cellular structure. Basically things adapt and change to their environment adopting new qualities and structures. I’ve read many science articles showing RNA strains attacking, adapting, and changing in their environment. RNA is the beginning building block for DNA. They are essential to everything. Things form through chemical and molecular change.

    What I mean about the origins of the Bible is that the Jesus has the exact same story as Horus (Egyptian God). He existed 3100 years prior to Jesus. It’s the exact same story for Krishna, and many more Gods in other cultures.

    • Hi Ryan,

      There is good religion, that sticks to the bible, and bad religion, that ignores it.

      The reason we are the freest country in the world is that we adhered to a true religious attitude, where all were equal, created by God, and everyone had rights, and everything was fair. Leaders were honest individuals who cared about everyone. The constitution and bill of rights were written by God fearing and honoring people.

      Now, that has changed. But the good people are still around.

      You mentioned several political issues. This would be too much to discuss. What I will say is that everyone should still be equal before the law. This means also that the majority retains their rights, while making room for minority groups. Right now, this is out of balance, and the majority is being forced to give up rights, in order to make smaller groups happy. This is not right. Everyone needs to be equal.

      Also, what is a right, and what is abuse of a right? A true civil right is one that empowers the individual without causing harm to others. For example, black people should be able to have the same jobs as white people.

      But what about abortion? This is where things get tangled up and are outside the concept of true freedom. In this case, the baby has to die, so that the mother can be “free.” Is this fair? Suddenly, the baby has no rights, but his mother does. This is why it is in dispute.

      What about religious freedom for Christians when granting freedom from religion to nonbelievers? The need is for balance.

      I just recently read where a pastor was arrested for holding bible study in his home? Why?

      And why can’t people mention God or Jesus in public places, when unbelievers can say what they think in public? See the point?

      Flood – age of people recorded – the Hebrews tended to write details that were important to them. It may be that other groups did not think these were important, and just did not mention them. If you and I both decided to write books about America, you and I would not write many of the same details.

      Bible – age of earth – the heavens and the earth were created first, with nothing on or in it…… starting with verse 3, there is an evening and morning = one day,

      Gen 1: 1-2 is a mystery. There is no time mentioned for verses 1-2. It could have been thousands or millions of years before he started counting the days in verse 3-5.

      Jesus and Horus – all stories start with Noah and his family….they were the only survivors of the flood, and carried the original promise of a Messiah from the garden of eden. This story spread around the world as people migrated. It then took on variations with each evolving culture. As with any prophecy, there are counterfeit fulfillments, and then there is the real thing.

      Neanderthals may have been the race of Cain, who was cursed by god for the murder of his brother.

      DNA / RNA – this is my specialty. I am a biochemist. This is what I did my graduate work in. RNA and DNA are different and have some bases in common, but their properties, binding and functions are different. It is part of creation, at the sub- microscopic level.

      Carbon dating – based on standard curves of known times…..they extrapolate out off the graph making the data questionable.

      I observe different numbers of apples at ten different times, and I make a graph. The data is good because I was at each time point to count the apples. In carbon dating, the only correct observations are restricted to anyone’s individual lifetime, unless there is a historical record with a date on it.

      Example: Look at this graph

      if the only real data that was observed was between 350 and 400, then we would think the blue, green and red lines were all going straight up. But in reality, they all go up and then back down. So it is necessary to take more measurements to get 3 good curves- one for each color.

      For man, carbon dating has the same problem. We only live a human lifetime. We have no way of taking measurements over thousands or millions of years. We have no idea what the data points are past what we measure. We guess, and assume it is a straight line. But suppose it is NOT a straight line?

      Einstein has already shown that time is not linear. It is modified by space, consciousness, electromagnetism and gravity. So the assumption that we can draw a line all the way to eternity and then make conclusions is in error.

      • So how come the Bible as we know it was culled by the Nycean Council (admittedly long after anyone who actually knew Jesus was dead) from many other texts and gospels of those who did actually know him, into the word-of-mouth ‘gospels’ that exist today? Why were those key voices removed? Why did their story not fit with the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s story? How can we call that “good religion” if we do not truly know these answers? History is written by whomever has the wherewithal to affect the most people, be they victors, spies, priests, or governments. How can they speak of deception?

        • The council did not change the bible….

          it just chose to ignore it.

          and form its own opinions.

          if we go back to the bible, we will find out what is true…..

          read the bible….you will find it helpful, and informative.

          • What I’ve found when reading the Bible is that Jesus always said to worship God, though he was purported to be the same being. Why, then, would he himself make the distinction? Why ‘follow me, and worship God’? And yet, though the Nycean Council chose to ignore the Bible, we are still looking to it for the answers. It is incomplete. The Devil likes to imitate God, and what better way than to make people wholeheartedly believe something that has been manipulated hundreds of years ago.

            • what is important is what is true

              not what man says.

              if you read what jesus actually says, in the bible, you will see that he presented the truth in a very simple way.

    • Hey Ryan,
      I can see your point of how you believe. I come from a huge science and engineering background and for most of my life i did not take the bible seriously. Then i tried a different take. Instead of trying to prove or disprove the bible with science i decided to try using math instead. I heard a preacher say that ⅓ of the bible is prophesy and that we can be sure of its truth by checking out fulfilled prophecies. It turns out if you look and study it (a task I’m afraid most people – including yourself – will never take the time to do) you might just change your mind. There are over 1500 fulfilled prophecies but i don’t know most of them so i started with a bunch i did know. I used my knowledge of statistics to estimate the odds of someone 2500 years ago predicting events events hundred or even thousands of years in the future and proceeded to do some math. After 12 prophecies the odds were over 40 trillion to one. Maybe my conservative figures were off, but with 1488 more to go i figured why continue? And they are still coming to pass. In 10 days the EU will be official and another prophecy will be fulfilled. More are showing up in the papers every month. When i ask people if they think “such-and-such” may happen in the near future without mentioning that it is prophecy they almost all agree it is not only possible, but even likely.
      All this is what made me a believer, and the more i study the more i believe. I agree that there are many different opinions on future prophecies and some are wild and in my opinion unlikely, if you do the research and read some history you will be amazed at what you may find.
      If not all i can say is good luck on judgement day!

  40. I’m confused.

    I see contradictions all around me. I see distortions all around me. I see people arguing over a coin because they can only see their side of it. It’s time we start turning the coin and ourselves around so that we can see the whole story.
    At this point, I personally think we will be given that higher consciousness, some will accept and some will be so stuck in their minds, in this reality and in their one sided beliefs.

    I don’t know whether I am good or evil, but I know that whenever I try to define myself as one or the other, I let down my guard, distort my actions and justify them in order to still believe myself to be either, or.

    The devil takes on many shapes, however, he is true to who he was created to be.

    Sometimes, in order to be evil you must be good.

    Sometimes, in order to be good, you must be evil.

    The truth is all around us, in plain sight, yet we distort it so we can live in peace, in this society.

    When will we break free? When will we protect our children and join our Father.

    When will we stop destroying this Earth and the gifts she has bestowed on us.

    As she, herself, was a gift from God.

    When will you listen to your hearts, and not your minds.

    Knowledge was the first sin.

    • The first sin was disobedience.
      And most likely so will be the last sin.
      As for the earth it is written
      Rev 11:18
      And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth

      And no good is not sometimes evil or vice versa.
      Only God is good!!
      And as for ‘our’ children… they do not belong to us …
      These are a gift from God and as such should be given to the service of The Lord.

      • Actually, sadly, any children born from a marriage presided over in this country are the property of the US Government. Read the fine print on your marriage ‘license.’ That’s a nice return on ‘allowing you to be married.’

    • hi mother

      I can see that life can be confusing. You just have to judge the best you can, based on the evidence you have for each side of the coin.

      Good and evil are absolutes. They can never be each other. We create grAy regions, or flip the definitions.

      Hopefully, heart and mind can work together to make the best decision.

      We will break free when we finally listen to God, and not ourselves.

  41. You guys quote the bible so much, You act as if it has all the answers, without any need to question it. Well im sorry but I must research things before I believe anything, and I always come up with my own answers and beliefs with what I find.
    And I have always lived my life without any “fear in god” like you all like to put it so much. (witch I would like to point out that making people “obey” through fear is not right, The Idea that you’ll go to “hell” by doing what YOU personally feel is wrong and looking down on others for not having the same belief’s as you.)
    Now I don’t mean all of you, Especially some of you that have been talking to me for the past little while, But the Huge population of people out there that let there religious beliefs control there hate and prejudice and use it as a excuse to act that way.
    Now about some of that stuff we where talking about you say Noah and his family are the only ones to survive the flood. Ok so I’m still confused about this flood. When did it happen? and did it cover the whole planet? and if so where did all the water go? Well know I’ll quote a book of my own. The encyclopedia of World History. ” The vast period of time from 2.5 MILLION years ago to a.d.500 saw the appearance of the first human beings and the creation of the first civilizations. Our earliest ancestors appeared in AFRICA some 2.5 MILLION years ago, having evolved from MAN-APES who came down from the trees and learned to walk upright on two legs.”
    Our direct ancestors, Homo sapiens appear in many parts of the world come 40,000 B.C. The last Ice age comes to a end at about 10,000 B.C. Farming begins and the first towns are built in the middle east at about 8,000 b.c. and the sumerians of mesopotamia invent writing and the wheel then the great pyramids of egypt where built in 2580 B.C. So do you really believe that a flood killed all living things especially people and Noah and his family road the whole thing out in a giant wooden ship? To be the soul survivors of this world? and from then all things great started? (note: that even in its latest glacial, ice and water only covered 1/3 of the earth.) This is Just a break down of human life I haven’t even mentioned that life has been on this planet for over 300 million years.

    Now I would believe that Christianity probably began to take off when the Roman Empire decided to take it in as there official religion, Around 400 A.D
    After All before that the Romans worshipped man Gods. Now Religions are The oldest form’s of government. Thats why there are so many. Everyone had there own Ideas on how things should go. So how do you get your Religion to become number one? Why the same way you get a powerful government, through WAR.
    Before We where divided by Nationality we where divided by religion. Humans Love to divide themselves into groups and clicks.
    Before Hitler was killing jewish people there where religious wars in france were catholics where killing protestants, Jews where expelled from spain in 1492, The slave trade began as far back as 1530 when christians where tearing through africa, Reformation and the protestant movement, I mean I could go on and on but I’ve already given you a ear full. Thats just the surface of doubt in the true history of religion. I Will Never Follow another mans words with such blind faith to become ignorant to all that is around me and to “believe” That I know the true meaning of life.

  42. Ryan,
    The reason for quoting the Bible so much, is from our researching into its claims and its many disputed areas, and like you have come to our own conclusions to its validity.
    You are apparently still in your prime, and still searching for, as you put it, “the true meaning of life,” which you PRESUME many… “Believe” they “know” from “following other men’s words.”
    I was once very disillusioned in my earlier years, but it wasn’t till I started earnestly “Seeking” the truth that I found that the Bible DOES tell the truth! What I had to do, is research it with a Concordance, to find the POSSIBLE meanings of the disputed words and with intelligent LOGIC and assuming that God who is the one who is “Behind” its inception, has a message that is also very logical. Had I NOT found consistency, then, like you, I also would have dismissed it all as a load of GARBAGE!
    Jesus challenges us in Luke 11: 9. And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
    10. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
    I had a religious up-bringing, but I can assure you I knew NOTHING of what the Bible contains till I started in my quest to find the REAL answers.
    If you “check out” the ALTERNATE view to that of the Bible, concerning our ancestry, you will find the opposite will be the case, as the further you go into the subject, Charles Darwin has more questions about his theories than real answers.
    The Bible view of “Believing” everything that is “Dished up,” is the same as yours, for it says Acts 17: 10. And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming [thither] went into the synagogue of the Jews.
    11. These were MORE NOBLE than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and SEARCHED the scriptures daily, WHETHER THOSE THINGS WERE SO.
    Religion is not what is required of us in this life for Jesus said Luke 12: 30. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.
    31. But rather SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD; and all these things shall be added unto you.
    It is through RELIGION that all this confusion takes place, and if we care to look through the Bible, there is not ONE Religious denomination that Jesus Christ founded, and NOT ONE of the “Christian” [supposedly followers of Christ], religions take the Bible as their guide in having the last say. I was somehow “LED” into the direction of “SEEKING the KINGDOM of GOD” and I have experienced, The kingdom of God is NOT here on Earth, but BEGINS with a thousand years in Heaven! This Earth has been given over to Satan when our first parents GAVE HIM authority for the facts.
    We can continue what Adam and Eve did in BELIEVING in Satan’s lies, or we can Believe in “God’s Word” and accept the Creation story.
    The Bible has many different purposes to fulfill. Just three of these purposes are:-
    (1) where do I come from (2) Why are we here (3) Where are we going to.
    It gives us examples of Cause and Effect – Follow God’s Laws [More than 10, bye-the-way] and we reap the rewards. Go against those Laws, and suffer the consequences. Just like our Motor Cars, the Owners Manual says, put Water where the Gas should be, it dies. If we accept the fact that God MADE man, then we naturally would assume that He knows what is good for us. If we take Evolution as fact, then there is NOTHING to stop you from doing as you please. It is the acceptance of evolution that the world is in such a mess today. Laws are there not for our hindrance, but for our benefit – what happens if someone decides to drive on the opposite side of the road?
    You were wondering about where ALL OF THE WATER went to after the Flood? Have you realized that if this world had no HIGH SPOTS, and the water that is there right now, would cover the land by more than 30 feet? As you know, water seeks the lowest points, so if we have deep seas, we have land above water, beside the places like Antarctica, which have huge areas of ice many feet thick.
    Ryan, it is not belonging to a religious denomination that will “Save” you from the soon coming destruction of this world, which is also described as being “Like the days of Noah”
    Luke 17: 26. And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
    27. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
    28. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
    29. But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed [them] all.
    Notice that the ones not “Saved” from DESTRUCTION, had not believed in the warnings given. [You might be wondering why NOE instead of NOAH? You can ask those who interpreted the bible in 1600AD.]
    Jesus also said, in Matthew 7: 13. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
    14. Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW THERE BE that FIND it.
    …This talks to ALL Christians [those who PROFESS to FOLLOW Christ].
    Just a suggestion: Look up Google for “DR DINO” a man by the name of Kent Hovind has a Dinosaur Park in Pensacola [FL?] he can tell you the facts or fallacies of Evolution. [I live in Australia, so I am not certain of the state where Pensacola is located.] I have over 8 hours of video from him, and it has also enlightened me of a few errors in my view concerning the creation story.

  43. Hi again,
    After submitting comment, I went to Google and found that Kent Hovind has been imprisoned for IRS Tax avoidance! That will be a precedent for any “Church Organization” in the USA.
    Marianne, I see it as the “Holy City” being down trodden under foot in the first 42 months of the last 7 years of earth’s History, which I believe has begun on Sept.12 2007. [Rev.11:2]
    The above web site is the News Report on that incident.

    • hi Olaf

      Pensacola is a city in the state of Florida.

      Are you defining the holy city as the church?

      Kent Hovind did a good job on the evolution debates. His current situation with the taxes is still to be explained.

      We have congressmen who are on active duty, as well as working for the current President that have been found guilty of ta evasion and they are not even being punished. How fair is that?

      For Kent, it would make more sense to have him pay what he owes, if they are correct, than to put him in prison.

      it says in the article:

      Hovind argues he took a vow of poverty as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and, therefore, owns nothing and receives no income. All of his needs are taken care of by the ministry, he explains.

      He says he understood that as a registered 508 non-profit organization, he was not required to withhold taxes, leaving IRS obligations with each worker.

      the way this was handled does not seem right:

      But in the early morning hours of July 13, 2006, about 20 armed government agents arrived on ministry property without notice to arrest the Hovinds. Kent Hovind was taken into custody as he prepared for staff devotions, while four armed agents surrounded Jo Hovind as she slept. The five-foot tall, 100-pound Mrs. Hovind said she was taken from the house in her nightgown despite pleas to use the bathroom and get dressed.

      I cannot comment on this too much….it does not sound completely fair, and it seems whatever errors were made, the punishment exceeded the crime.

  44. Hi Marianne,
    it says in Rev:21:2. And I John saw the holy city, NEW Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
    New Jerusalem = The ones PREPARED as a BRIDE adorned for her HUSBAND…Coming OUT of Heaven (WHEN?). Who is that HUSBAND?
    Jer.3:14. Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I WILL TAKE YOU one of a city, and two of a family, and I will BRING YOU to Zion:
    Those MARRIED TO THE LORD are TAKEN? …Brought to Zion?
    Jer.6:2. I have likened the daughter of Zion to a comely and delicate [woman].
    Joel 3:17. So shall ye know that I [am] the LORD your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.
    …There ARE still strangers passing through her today.
    This Bride is the 144,000 – Rev.14:1. And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty [and] four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.
    …So they are MARRIED to HIM with HIS NAME being their SURNAME.
    Rev.14:3. And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred [and] forty [and] four thousand, which WERE REDEEMED from the earth.
    4. These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which FOLLOW THE LAMB whithersoever he goeth. These were REDEEMED FROM among men, [being] the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.
    …These are HUMANS TAKEN from among MEN and FOLLOWING Jesus like a WIFE would. …They are VIRGINS [5 Wise] to be married.
    Rev.14:5. And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault BEFORE the throne of God.
    6. And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell ON THE EARTH, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
    …BEFORE GOD’S Throne (His Throne is in Heaven?) …and while that occurs, another ANGEL gives the Everlasting Gospel to all the nations who REMAIN on Earth!
    Rev.22:16. I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star.
    17. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
    …The Spirit and the BRIDE say COME … WHERE? To Heaven where the BRIDE now resides! [With the Bridegroom]
    …The 7 Churches are not in Heaven TILL in the LAST 7 years.
    Rev.1:4. John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace [be] unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the SEVEN SPIRITS which are before his throne;
    …7 Churches in ASIA = on Earth? God has 7 Spirits, speaking to His 7 Churches from HEAVEN. [Before His Throne]
    If the 144,000 are not the First Fruits Harvest, then it could not have been from the Ungodly. It is the NEW or SPIRITUAL Israel known as NEW Jerusalem, who are READY for Harvesting after 1,335 days of waiting [Dan.12:12] from the START of that LAST Seven year period, beginning with the FIRST Trumpet, or NEW YEARS Day 40 years after the Fulfillment of the Gentile period as written in Luke 21:24.
    This 40 years of waiting to enter the PROMISED Land has already been played out by Israel of the OLD Covenant; From Egypt to just before Jericho was overthrown.
    Exod.16:35. And the children of Israel did eat manna FORTY YEARS, until they came to a land inhabited; they did eat manna, until they came unto the borders of the land of Canaan.

    To my understanding, The “Church” is the 5 WISE Virgins, but the rest of the World who aren’t Christians are the MAIN Harvest, but are “Sacrificed” by the “Beast”. The First Fruits are taken to GOD’S HOUSE, and are NOT “Sacrificed” or BURNED as in the OLD Covenant First Fruits rituals.
    Lev.2:12. As for the oblation of the firstfruits, ye shall offer them unto the LORD: but they shall not be burnt on the altar for a sweet savour.
    …In other words Firstfruits are offered to the Lord, not burned.

    • Hi Olaf

      You just gave me an idea for a post. See here:


      Shavuot (Pentecost) is the First Fruits feast

      June 1967 – retaking of Jerusalem

      + 49 – “days” or 7 weeks from Passover to
      Shavuot (counting of omer)

      = June 2016 – Pentecost – First Fruits – for Israel

      2016 – 7 years (last week of Daniel) = 2009

      It could be thought that we have just entered the last week of Daniel. Maybe we have?

    • Olef,

      What you seem to have come to understand is meat indeed!!
      Would that the readers could grasp what you are writing.
      You have certainly the ‘Spirit of Understanding’.

  45. Your Words provide very little answers. I again hear nothing but versus of a book that are so open ended they could mean anything. Im not trying to say the bible is not real and doesn’t offer any answers because I am sure for the most of you it does. But to assume someone is young or inexperienced because my views are different is funny to me. It comes off as a great attempt to make your words more important, As if your life experiences makes your opinion more worthy.
    But let me just say I have a Son, I was there through his birth and cut the cord my self, Experiencing the beginning of life. I have also held someone’s hand as he died, I’ve moved the body into a black bag myself. I’ve saved the Life of a suicidal friend and watched him better his life. While watching another slip into the darkness of death. So Please Don’t ever act as if I have never bared witness to such things. Its very disrespectful to assume people haven’t experienced pain and pleasure.
    As For Laws. What Law actually keeps that driver from crossing into oncoming traffic?
    None. No Law keeps anyone from doing anything. You can’t make a law to every action that could cause harm in hopes that it won’t happen because all will happen, and most of witch will never be justified. Prevention is the key not imprisonment.
    And just like you guys feel about Dr Dino The punishment Will Always Exceed the Crime. (america is the only country that has incriminated almost half its population.
    The “war on drugs” is the same as the “war on terror” its a stigma of uncontrollable fear that has no solution. Drugs are stronger and cheaper now than ever, there in every school, library, and public place. Children start at a younger age, and the deaths on our borders do to drug trades is insane. Just like our war on “terror” it has no face, You can’t stop a enemy that has no name. ( AND AMERICA IS ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ATTACKS ON 9/11. ) All MUST know this!!!!! for all of those that where lost!!!

    And as for scientist proving evolution is faulty, we’ll that just makes me wonder about there own personal ethics that plague there research. Of course if in your heart you believe there is a god, you would never try to prove there wasn’t. It’s like asking a boat sales man what kind of car to buy. If his passion is selling boats he’s going to try and sell you a boat.
    My whole little history spill was just my knowledge of history that contradicts with the bible. I could even go off on philosophy or physics or astronomy for hours about how it all contradicts with God.
    And most importantly. With this “creation” theory who the hell would of made god? I mean you try to put a answer on how God made us, well then what could have made god? wouldn’t worshipping god be like not worshipping god’s god who would be true god? But then Who would have made that one? It’s your classic what came first the egg or the chicken?

  46. Oh and the water and noah thing. What I mean about where’s all the water? is that at NO time on earth was the surface completely covered with water. So HOW could you say all died except who was on that boat. Even though like I said before even in its most severe state of the ice age only 1/3 of the earths surface was covered by ice.

    • All that you have described above are the signs of a falling civilization.

      Civilizations committing a “cultural suicide” and self-destructing;
      Escape from reality and retreat into thrill seeking;
      Have a sense of helplessness and powerlessness;
      Feel self-loathing and guilt;
      A prevalent sense of promiscuity;
      Disregard for morality and a pervasiveness of lawlessness.

      And such is the fate of a people who have exalted themselves above the Laws of God.

    • So Ryan,tell us all about it.You were there to witness everything eh?
      I can hardly wait!

    • hi ryan

      the Noah story is an interesting challenge. At one time, scientists think that all land masses were connected as one land mass. This is called the pangea:


      If a flood were to cover the “whole world,” it would not necessarily have to cover the entire globe – but just where the land was. This would make the flood more localized.

      The ice age theory is interesting. Was there really one? or were animals caught in the sudden upheaval, and then buried under much of the colder water which froze in some places, due to the location. I cannot explain this too well. because it has been a while since I heard the explanation.

      But it is theorized that during the flood, the oxygen loaded canopy which hovered over the atmosphere was destroyed, except for the ozone layer, and the sudden change in atmospheric conditions, plus the time of year (flood happened in winter), plus latitude, plus temperature of the underground water, somehow interacted and resulted in freezing. I apologize for not explaining this better.

      Continental drift was a result of some kind of upheaval of the land masses, and the continents we see today drifted apart from the main pangea.

      This upheaval is thought to have been caused by a splitting of the earth’s crust, and the underground water table bursting upward, like a fountain, covering everything.

      This splitting could also have resulted in a huge earthquake, which broke the continental plates into pieces, allowing them to drift apart.

  47. Hi Ryan,
    What I wrote was not directed at you personally. It was my view for the reason we quote God’s Word so often, having built our trust in its truth and relevance for our personal lives from years of experience.
    I did not make the observation that you were obviously in your prime, out of a feeling of superiority gained by my seniority.
    My observation was only expressed to let you know that you are not alone in your outlook on life, and being a little older I can look back and see similarities to my own personal experience when I was about 30 odd years of age. What made my eyes open, were a succession of hardships that almost led to ending my own life, but for the fact that I believed that there is more to our existence than the few years we spend here on earth.
    After owning my home and automobile, and having 2 children and a wife, I was suddenly deprived of them all.
    To keep myself from doing something stupid, I got my Passport organized, and took a plane for London with a few hundred Dollars to my name, I set out, not knowing what to expect next.
    From that point on, I could see that I was NOT alone, and that started me into reading the Bible, which gave me a lot of encouragement and hope, for I found that we have very little time before God ends this “Hell Hole” that mankind has produced.
    You say in a round-about way that we believe in “fables” as to our origins. You ask WHO made GOD? Can I ask you, WHO made MATTER? If things EVOLVE, where did those “Things” come from? How did they get there in the first place? You need just as much “Faith” in the UNKNOWN as one who believes in God. Not only that, from all of the examples of things around us, “Things” do not IMPROVE with TIME! Have you noticed that in archeology things only deteriorate with TIME. Notice that on this earth there are many species going extinct? What ever happened to Darwin’s theory of a ever expanding species?
    The Bible says Psalms 53:1. The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity. There is no one who does good.
    2. God looks down from heaven on the children of men, to see if there are any who understood, who seek after God.
    3. Every one of them has gone back. They have become filthy together. There is no one who does good, no, not one.
    Well Ryan, I wish you the best of luck, as you will need lots of it in the coming few years left. When the United Nations Takes over in the beginning of 2011, you will see so much bloodshed that you will see your past experiences in life pale to insignificance in comparison to the 42 months of UN Dictatorship.

  48. Dear Olef and others, I thank you for your input, I know these discussions are very personal and can be intense when it is something so passionate to people. I do not mean to offend any of you and must appalogize in advance cause I can get kinda worked up. However Smart comments such as glenn’s I do not feel add any kinda intelligent thought to this conversation.
    And Abigail Your 100% right our society is done for, we are the worst thing to happen to this planet ever. I do believe its such things as believing its our god given will to “mine the mountains and tend the fields” or how ever its put in the bible, Do you really think thats a healthy way of life for this planet? We overpopulate because everyone thinks its there god given right to have as many kids as they see fit. The Hopi indians Believe that Everything you take you must replace like you chop down a tree to make a canoe then you must return to plant a new tree. If you kill a man you must return and care for his wife and family, It wasn’t until the white man showed the indians how to kill with no remorse or disregard for life. That Sounds like a much more true understanding of earth and nature. Sure as hell beats the “meat” farms and the heavy mining industry and every other aspect of our lives that destroy this planet.
    Then we offer nothing but fake solutions to throw over the publics eyes. Did you know that the military hummer (While still owned by america) is more eco-friendly then your little green peace cars? Its because in america where the hummer was made we have chemical release standards much higher than that of the foreign nations making those little electric hybrids. They sell It to americans as a great way to “save” the planet. The process to make those battery cells and plastics is what’s helping kill our air.
    Everyone thinks that If there where no laws then everyone would go crazy and start killing and raping everything. Well I do not believe people are that evil. (even if we have little satan seeds in us.)

    This Brings me to another topic and thats what Olef mentioned about the UN. This is a scary and very true topic that most americans would think you where crazy to believe. I do wish to find a new home outside of the U.S. before that happens or the earth quakes of 2010.
    When Yellow Stone finally blows its going to rip apart the wasatch front fault line tearing apart the U.S and this will cause a chain reaction of earth changing events that will alter our way of life forever.

    The Government is fully aware of the alien problem, global warming and everything else where dealing with, But there ultimate goal is to keep us so wrapped in unimportant bull crap we don’t even notice all the warning signs and problems. They are making sure that there form of government will live through these events, Its the rest of us that are expendable.

    I to have been down some very dark roads, some of witch I never thought I would survive but I did. And I did it because I am a amazing person that doesn’t need the bible or god to succeed. If people started to realize they perform these incredible feats and live through such pain because we are all amazing creatures capable of amazing things. I so also hate a lot about the way our world is but I wouldn’t say its a Hell Hole for the greatest experiences of being can be lived out on this planet.

    Your right all great societies did start out great and went down hill from there. I believe this to be because of our true origins of existence. (from space)

    Look up Alien Astronaut Theories they are very interesting. (I think its funny that this topic is how I found this page) Quetzacoatl is from Sirius.

    As for matter, Look up a hadron collider. The answer to matter is hidden in metaphysics physics and advance chemistry. The answers are there you just got to look harder that a little black book.

    Life developed over millions of years chemical and biological deformations until somethings formed that worked witch was then passed onto the next.

    Just out of curiosity what is the religious answer to asexual reproduction? or what about the way a jelly fish reproduces.

    You wanna talk about the beginning of every thing ok…
    Earth’s early atmosphere didn’t contain much oxygen and was very different to the one we have today. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and oceans enabled life to get a foothold, through the evolutions of basic RNA’s and the first single-celled organisms evolved about 4bn years ago.

    Gradually these algae changed the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, munching their way through carbon dioxide and water, and releasing oxygen. By about 2.5bn years ago significant amounts of oxygen had built up in Earth’s atmosphere. The scene was set for complex life to evolve.

    Humans Are a ever expanding life form. We are taller stronger, smatter, cleaner and in every way better than our ancestors. The physical differences alone in humans such as build, color, look and well hell everything that makes us different is a great example of evolution.

    • ryan

      You raise many issues. I am going to try to get to a few at a time.

      Humans are no different than their ancestors, because they were just like us. There is no proof for evolution. All the original data was faked. it has become the accepted philosophy for atheistic scientists….however, many other scientists do not believe it at all. They do not have to disprove it, because that is the responsibility of the evolutionists.

      The original earth had more oxygen than we have now. That is how the animals and plants could grow so large,

      RNA degrades rapidly outside the cell. It cannot exist independently.

      Even the simplest life form is too complex to have evolved. It is statistically improbable.

    • hi ryan,

      you said:

      As for matter, Look up a hadron collider. The answer to matter is hidden in metaphysics physics and advance chemistry. The answers are there you just got to look harder that a little black book.

      The LHC is a scientific wonder, but it does not explain where life came from. It only works with the laws of physics to produce particles. It does not disprove creation by its activities.

      you said:

      Life developed over millions of years chemical and biological deformations until somethings formed that worked witch was then passed onto the next.

      The dating of millions of years is really a guess. There is no instrument that can be calibrated that can go back that far.

      you said:

      Just out of curiosity what is the religious answer to asexual reproduction? or what about the way a jelly fish reproduces.

      The answer is that this is the way God created them. God had a basic template, but there is variation with it, to produce beauty and adaptation to environment.

    • You say you have been on some very dark roads.
      How do you know amazing Ryan that you are not still on those dark roads??

      It is true That God created every amazing thing!
      Because He is An Amazing God.

      Some of us look in a little ‘the black book’ …
      Others look in a little ‘ the black Hole’…
      Others look in a little ‘black particle’ …
      Others still search the worlds, the stars etc.

      But God was not in the whirlwind
      and He was not …
      God my friend is Spirit.

      as for societies … they are all fabrics of man and times.
      they will fall and pass.

      • P. S. I have found that as amazing as I am and as lovely as I am …
        I did not give myself these things nor can I give it to nature.
        And another point here …
        God knows the little for ….
        He can be infinitely small …
        His magnitude is immeasurable!!

        If you would know Him
        you would know that there is no Love but His!
        And the heart of stone would melt like wax …
        And that would be AMAZINGLY
        WONDERFUL! …
        Because His Name is Wonderful. 🙂

  49. […] yes, there’s a good chance I might make Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent god. So I was sketching what he looked like for […]

  50. Hello Again people.
    Let me begin by saying “well God created it, or its because god wanted it that way or made it that way.” is nothing more than a cop-out to a discussion that you can’t win, I however can bring you books and books of real research and points that you can’t deny, or you can if that’s what makes you sleep better at night.
    I however have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that these belief’s are what’s running this world straight into the ground. You all quote the bible for your rebuttal’s Like its a true source of meaning, Well Im sorry but the bible is as real as our constitution. American Freedom is a joke, and the Western philosophies are so wrong I can’t believe American’s like it this way. You ever wonder why so many foreigners hate America and americans, Well look at us. We live of sloth and greed, we rape the land even that of witch isn’t ours to do so “because god told us to.”
    Now Faked evolutional data? Um o.k. Right.
    You say only atheist scientist believe in evolution? Well hello I can say the same that only religious scientist deny it. Its because even some people in this field will never get over there own religious backgrounds, and when that’s the case they don’t deserve to be in that field. They can’t disprove it thats why they don’t. There will be nothing more than advances in proving evolutionary theory, I read A lot and never do I find articles that disprove this.
    Now Saying there was more oxygen on earth before now makes me laugh. That’s like saying we where all born as adults and degrade after time. Our atmosphere was created first then as time went by Oxygen started replacing the nitrogen. Even today our atmosphere is only 20.9% oxygen and 78.1% nitrogen and about 1% argon and other trace gases. This is Why Life started out in the water. Deep in the Oceans.

    Living Organisms- According to BIOLOGIST the only requirements for a living organism is that it can replicate itself and over time EVOLVE!
    In 1953, American chemist Stanley Miller recreated the earth’s “primordial Soup” in a flask. He sent sparks, (simulating lightning) into the gas mixture (which lacked oxygen). His results…. Lots of amino acids. Some of the most basic building blocks of life.
    The ingredients of life are in space and there observations are growing. Last november an international team of astronomers discovered glycolaldehyde (a type of sugar) in a stellar nursery 26,000 light-years away. Glycolaldehyde is a key component in RNA. This is the first time that the molecule has been identified in a region of the galaxy that could be hospitable for life. “Chalk another one up for evolution.”
    But wait? What? Another RNA ingredient, Propenal, was found in the Milky Way back in 2004. dang. oh wait and last april a team of German ASTRONOMERS reported spotting amino acids in a gas cloud in the constellation Sagittarius! Man thats a whole lot of Space molecules that could help seed life on other worlds.
    Come on 2010, The ALMA (new radio telescope array in chile) will begin operation and I know it will offer researchers the unprecedented ability to locate even more substances that suggest we are not alone And helps prove how we got here.

    Now the hypothesis that DNA and enzymatic proteins with RNA’s acting for the most part as mere couriers of genetic information- evolved out of a simpler, prebiotic chemical system is based mostly in RNA. Of course, The Idea is only plausible only if RNA can support evolution on its own. Well January, one month before the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, The results where announced. The Little Test-Tube System did indeed manifest nearly all the essential characteristics of Darwinian evolution. The Starting 24 RNA variants reproduced, some faster than others depending on the environmental conditions. Each molecular species competed with others for the common pool of building blocks. And the reproduction process was imperfect, so new mutants or recombinants soon appeared and even thrived. more than 100 hours into it scientist saw an overwhelming amplification in the number of replicator molecules by 10 to the 23rd power. Soon after the original replicator types had died out and recombinants (mutants) began to take over the population. (evolution in a bottle at its most simplest form)

    So I’m showing you all how things can and will evolve, and even today we are evolving faster than ever. I’ve shown you how the most basic of basics can lead to the start of amazing things. I’ve done all this with PURE prof from the most accredited sources and never once have I fallen back on “its just that way because” or you just have to have “faith” in it. Well I’m sorry my mind is not that simple and cannot take the “unknown” as a answer to anything. Maybe you should all take some time to read about things other than what’s said in that old book. I’ve touched base once again on astrology and biology and some other sciences and still haven’t even scraped philosophy, which is where your beliefs all originated from. The Ideas of ancient dead scholars.
    As I read my previous statements I can still find A lot of things that you all still couldn’t even counter. I do also love the comments like amazing Ryan and “know it all” because that just proves to me that your all getting frustrated with the Idea that I’m on to something.

    Also the LHC comments I made earlier were to simply show that even amazing scientific discovers are being developed in this day and age. I would love to see how far religion would have made it had we known then what we know now. I also don’t get how millions of years could be a guess. Because our planet IS billions of years old. If you can’t come to terms with the truth when it is presented to you then you will always be in the dark awaiting the end of something you never fully understood to begin with. I feel the essence of life is wasted on so many people.

    Here’s a great bit of information from national Geographic- The early Earth would have appeared to us as a singularly inhospitable place. Fiery gases flared from volcanos pocking the young surface. Lava seared the land and scalded the sea. Lightning etched the sky. But, within the cauldron of the sea, Simple molecules composed of four common elements- hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen- combined randomly to form ever more complex organic molecules. The originally sterile sea became an organic broth of amino acids, nucleic acids, carbohydrates- the brew from which all living things evolved.

    Have you all ever wondered why this stuff isn’t what they teach in school? Its because Religion is a great control That keeps the masses from thinking outside the box.

    I would also like to point out that “God” does not own the idea of a soul and afterlife. Because I believe in both and even a “beforelife.”

    Religion and Government are the evils of our world.

    Please Start thinking outside the box (or should I say book) Start thinking outside the Book.

    I Promise once you all realize that you are all amazing People that’s personalities have evolved into what they are through pain, love and knowledge and not some magical insight bestowed upon you, you will finally come to peace with everything.

    Oh and since you all choose the bible over everything else so much here’s one of my favorite versus.
    Exodus 34:14
    “For thou shalt worship no other God: for the Lord, Whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

    Yeah sounds real “God Like” to me.

    • Hi Ryan

      I suggest you repeat the primordial soup experiment , and see if you get the same results.

      There is no glycoaldehyde or propenol in RNA. Where did you get that information? The sugar in RNA is ribose.

      Just because molecules exist, does not mean they evolved, or contribute to evolution.

      They exist because god created them to be there for his purpose. Only he knows what that is, and is just our guess.

      God created everything that exists….discovering what exists is just science.

      RNA cannot do anything on its own. It autodegrades in seconds to minutes upon exposure to RNases in the environment.

      Genetic recombination is a normal process designed by the creator to reproduce proteins for life. Lab experiments just confirm that this is so.

      No scientist can do ANY experiment unless he uses material God created first. He cannot create his own starting materials.

      The idea that non life first created itself, and then transformed itself into life, in an organized fashion, is silly.

      Science and religion are compatible as long as they stick to the truth, and acknowledge the legitimate aspects of the other. But in our recent times, both have at times, gone off the deep end and spoken errors.

      I am a scientist. I also believe in God. Why, because there is evidence in my own life for Him. He has made himself known to me, which is much more reassuring than if an RNA molecule introduced itself to me. That is a humorous thought, I thought I would stick that in. 

  51. Hello everyone.

    I would love to have my own lab to re-create a lot of experiments believe you me.
    Once again you throw “they exist because god created them” or “only he knows”, “god created them first”, and I promise to someone that does not believe in god those comments are just a waste of breath. Its all just hearsay to fill in your blanks.

    I gather my information from a lot of sites, books and magazines like national geographic the encyclopedia and NASA. Not places like Wikipedia the easy to manipulate encyclopedia.

    And before I get started, If you wanna talk about humor, Try listening to yourself when you talk about God and religion because its so entertaining to listen to the great Creator and his all powerful tools of endless creation and blah,blah,blah…

    According to Science@NASA

    Scientist have discovered Glycolalehyde, A molecular cousin to table sugar, in an interstellar molecular cloud.

    The prospects for life in the Universe just got sweeter, with the first discovery of a simple sugar molecule in space. The discovery of glycolaldehyde in a giant cloud of gas and dust near the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy was made by scientists using the National Science Foundation’s 12 Meter Telescope, a radio telescope on Kitt Peak, Arizona.

    “The discovery of this sugar molecule in a cloud from which new stars are forming means it is increasingly likely that the chemical precursors to life are formed in such clouds long before planets develop around the stars,” said Jan M. Hollis of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

    “This discovery may be an important key to understanding the formation of life on the early Earth,” agreed Philip Jewell of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). Conditions in interstellar clouds may, in some cases, mimic the conditions on the early Earth, so studying the chemistry of interstellar clouds may help scientists understand how bio-molecules formed early in our planet’s history. In addition, some scientists have suggested that Earth could have been “seeded” with complex molecules by passing comets, made of material from the interstellar cloud that condensed to form the Solar System.

    Glycolaldehyde, an 8-atom molecule composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, can combine with other molecules to form the more-complex sugars Ribose and Glucose. Ribose is a building block of nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA, which carry the genetic code of living organisms. Glucose is the sugar found in fruits. Glycolaldehyde contains exactly the same atoms, though in a different molecular structure, as methyl formate and acetic acid, both of which were detected previously in interstellar clouds. Glycolaldehyde is a simpler molecular cousin to table sugar.

    Glycolaldehyde, the simplest sugar, compared to more complex sugar forms that occur naturally (i.e., the D-sugars). Note that the structure of glycolaldehyde is contained in both Ribose and Glucose. Ribose sugars make up the backbone of the ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecule which is involved in protein synthesis in living cells. Glucose, the most common sugar, occurs in plant saps and fruits. Credit: NRAO.

    The sugar molecule was detected in a large cloud of gas and dust some 26,000 light-years away, near the center of our Galaxy. Such clouds, often many light-years across, are the material from which new stars are formed. Though very rarefied by Earth standards, these interstellar clouds are the sites of complex chemical reactions that occur over hundreds of thousands or millions of years. So far, about 120 different molecules have been discovered in these clouds. Most of these molecules contain a small number of atoms, and only a few molecules with eight or more atoms have been found in interstellar clouds.

    “Finding glycolaldehyde in one of these interstellar clouds means that such molecules can be formed even in very rarefied conditions,” added Hollis.

    “We hope this discovery inspires renewed efforts to find even more kinds of molecules, so that, with a better idea of the total picture, we may be able to deduce the details of the prebiotic chemistry taking place in interstellar clouds,” Hollis said.

    There’s a Great explanation and never once did I have to fall back on “its that way because I say so.”

    And now a recap of things you have all not answered for me.

    So no one has had anything to say about my comment about how old the Sphinx is or about the Native americans and Egyptians and eastern beliefs, other than “well It all is because of Noah and one didn’t predate the other.” Well I don’t believe in the Noah story either so what kind of other PROOF do you have? Cause I can prove that they did predate each other easier than you can prove they didn’t.

    Again do you all not realize how many Stars and galaxies and planets there are in the universe? Its endless and forever growing, So God would have to be creating worlds endlessly while looking over all you great little people and helping you out in your insignificant little lives, man that’s one hell of a job.

    You’ve never had anything to say about how light really cast day and night? “let there be light” is not a answer. Saying the sun produces heat and light is like saying a radio alone creates music. There is no light or heat until it enters our atmosphere and the waves cause friction with the ones admitted from our planet. Like how a radio tower brodcast a radio signal and you can’t see them until they’ve gone through the radio so you can hear them.

    Once again I would love to know when dinosaur’s existed to you all?

    I mentioned once before, how did cain and abel populate the earth and how did your magical hero’s live for so long? you say it’s because the environment was different but What set them apart from the rest of the population, of lets say the city of Nod? Either everyone would live incredible life spans or no one would. And you tell me there is a Second Theory that adam and eve represented a race of people? what the heck? Who’s theory is that?

    Carbon dating is only good for about 5000 years? ok so are you going to tell me there’s no way to get a estimate of how old things are? Well that’s really convenient to you side of this. But yet Glenn can say “people assume the world has continued the same through the MILLENIA.” Well how old is the Earth then? How long have humans existed according to you all, since you know more than the encyclopedia.
    You’ve still never been able to pin point when this flood happened? and when Pangea was the only contenient and it was surronded by water, if it had flooded that would make a entire globe of water, witch never happened. But yet its said this flood killed everything? If the flood didn’t cover all of Pangea it wouldn’t have killed everything.
    And what in the world would have kept all the animals from eating each other on that hella long cruise?

    Again Horus existed 3100 years before Jesus, And the life of jesus is ripped straight from Horus’ life story.

    America is not the freest country in the world. And I bet the Natives and slaves (of every country we brought here) would not agree with your comment about our founding fathers caring about everyone. We were Not all equal. Do you even know about the truth of american history? I mean even today in the year 2009 gays don’t share the same rights as straights and its all because of….RELIGION!

    Our founding fathers are a great example of “god fearing people” they stole the land, enslaved millions, and killed everyone that stood in there way. How else would america have gone from the newest country to the most powerful in the shortest amount of time? So sure if you wanna pretend we are all equal because we adhere to a true religious attitude then go ahead and were that veil of seclusion.

    You say everyone should be equal but yet “the majority is being forced to give up there rights, in order to make smaller groups happy.” Well hello its because the smaller groups are sick of living under your Majorities jacked up laws. You don’t complain until it effects you. Once again no law keeps anyone from acting. It simply provides a fake security to those that are scared.

    You ask why people can’t mention God in public places? I don’t even understand where your coming from with that (other than maybe a isolated incident or something) But yet I HAD to say the pledge every day in school with that “in god we trust crap.” Or I was punished.

    We must stop the “RELIGISLATURE”

    Neanderthals may have been the race of Cain? Yeah but there will never be proof of that because its a outlandish idea.

    Not even you guys can agree on that good is evil or evil is good comment because its all contradictory to your own beliefs and ideas. Because God is a great placebo. Your mind will make it into what ever you want it to be. Faith is your heart trying to convence you of something your mind does not understand.

    My child does belong to me. He is not a gift from the Lord and he will not be given service to the Lord. That sound like its ripped straight from the Davidien’s of Wacco, Texas.

    Before 400 a.d. the romans believed in many gods. Why do you think yours is right, it obviously wasn’t the first?

    If Charles Darwin did have more questions than answers, Then Im sure its because having the answers to everything isn’t his goal. Finding the right question is. Its up to you religious people to act like you have all the answers.

    Searching the Scriptures daily is a perfect example of if you look hard enough you will find the answers, Its because you must create them in order to have a solution. A created answer is not the right one.

    You act like how Kent Hovind and his wife where mistreated because he’s someone on your side, But what about all the thousands of americans that are mistreated every day in the exact same way, by our police force. You act like they deserve it because there all assumed as criminals.

    Once again you like to say god created us. Well please will someone tell me what created God then! You can’t make it stop there because the Bible didn’t supply you with that answer.


  52. I have discovered that belilal has invaded my home and some more alike him is working I need so much PRAYER, may I request this.

    • hi ANTONETTE

      I will put you on my prayer list. Why do you think he has entered your home? what do you think went wrong? You can answer me offline if you want.

  53. AHH…. Success. 🙂
    Thanks for playing along.
    I now can go on with what I have found, Thanks for helping me out.

  54. This you wrote:
    Even someone as bad as Hitler who was an EXTREAMLY bad person (I have nightmares about the holocaust and my parents wheren’t even born yet) was influenced only by him self, or perhaps a mental disorder.

    Classical jewish crap !

    (No I am not aryan, neither nazi or something like that, I am just a average guy pissed up everewhere reading this kind of 70 year old moaning. Go forward, you said some good things whats the vulgar need to ever recall Hitler and “devil” world currently has other devils and problems, many in middle east by the way in hands of former victims)

    • dear Te

      I think if you look, you will see that there was a discussion about whether or not Satan (Lucifer) was real or not. Hitler was the devil in the flesh for many people, which made the devil more real to them.

      The holocaust was a historical event. We would NOT like to see it repeated with ANY group of victims.

      Just a note – to bless others is better than to curse them.

  55. Wow. Im surprised anyone is still here!?!
    Not that I think any of you care what I have to say, But I’m bored and am going to say it any ways.

    I must say it is true that the holocaust was awful and horrific. But I would never let Hitler off so easily by simply saying he was the devil, or that it was his illness. He was a incredible speaker that persuaded the masses to think as he did, and he should for ever be known as the one who brought so much pain and suffering to millions. Not the Devil, But “HITLER”, a man. With death brought to the doors of millions “mostly” due to religious affiliation I believe this period to be a great example of pain brought on by people’s relentless effect of religious belief.

    I would also like to point out that more people died due to religious persecution during the 11 or so crusades, and many more during the religious wars of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations than during the holocaust.

    A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.

    • hi Ryan

      Some of the greatest tyrants were those who opposed traditional religion, not supported it. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Nero, Caesar, were all secular leaders who ruled over religious people, and sought to mostly persecute whatever religion was there, while at the same time balancing their speech to curry favor with the general population.

      Hitler used “religious speech” but was in reality anti-Christian, as well as anti-Semitic. He regarded Christianity as a symptom of decay. He was influenced by Ariosophy, an esoteric movement in Germany and Austria that flourished from the 1890s to the 1920s.

      (Whether Ariosophy is to be classified as Germanic paganism or Occultism is a different question.) The seminal work on Ariosophy, The Occult Roots of Nazism by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, devotes its last chapter the topic of Ariosophy and Adolf Hitler.


      How these leaders were raised as children does not determine how they were as adults, especially if they turned against that upbringing, and followed their own path. Stalin was a staunch atheist. Caesar and Nero were pagans. It is not a question of religion, but ideology. The current American government is socialistic, atheistic in leaning. This has already brought hardships.

  56. Hello, Hope your doing well.
    Interesting points.
    The First Crusade however was called upon by Pope Urban II for Christians to free Jerusalem, and as so they where not just inspired by Religious faith, but also by a desire to increase territory and wealth.
    Maybe these Tyrants opposed “traditional” religion because they where only traditional to other people opposite of them. For monotheism is not as old as polytheism.

    I guess the only point Im trying to make about this is that Religious Wars will and always have ruined our world, For the difference in people’s religion is the most critical differences in our world.

    Men Create Gods after their own image, Not only with regard to their form but with regard to their mode of Life.

    • ryan

      I agree that religious wars have not always been conducted in a positive way. But the same can be said for secular wars.

      It is improper to “assign intent” when the facts indicate otherwise. The stated intent behind the crusades was to protect the holy land from Muslim invaders, who were destroying and desecrating everything in their path.

      If the the crusaders had done a better job, we would not have the middle east mess we have today. Nothing about Muslim behavior has changed in all these centuries.

  57. Hi Ryan,
    I agree with what you have said.
    The Crusades were far from being a holy and righteous war!
    Mostly motivated from self interest and the power hungry elite.
    However the crusades was only one mess entangled in a multitude of others.
    The way the Arabs were treated by Western Nations during the 19th and early 20th Centuries, left them little choice, but to adopt their current attitude.They all felt betrayed big time, and rightly so.But on the other side of the coin, it was through western technology and expertice, that their cup now overflows with oil!
    The whole Middle East problem, will not be solved through any human intervention, or peace plans, as these cannot change the condition of the human heart.
    Only when Jesus returns, as He promised to do, will there be a lasting peace.How or when that shall happen, I know not?
    But it is not a question of “If”, but “When”.
    The world will be experiencing a greater number of earthquakes, volcanoes erupting and extreme weather scenarios as each year goes by, just like a woman experiences more birth pangs, as she gets closer to giving birth.
    That is a sure thing!

  58. Hi
    Um…well i really cant belive what i have just read but i belive in the aztecs and the maya’s cause they were many years apart and far away from eachother how could they share the information unless all this is true well i belive but i dont belive the world will end i belive that the mayan’s and aztecs see 2012 as a new begining when there god returns to earth but i belive we wont know he will come in normal dress and as a human and i belive he will help us become a better society as her did with the mayan’s and aztecs.
    im a true beliver….WHAT ARE YOU???



    • hi Aztec_beliver,

      You must be a new ager? Anyhow, I see what the mayan’s wrote as very interesting. It seems to be quite precise. The Mayans were an ancient culture, and I believe that they had contact with supernatural beings, who became their gods. These gods taught them a lot. But who were these gods and where did they come from?

      My impression is that in the beginning of time, there were watchers on the earth. God sent them to minister to mankind. The Book of Enoch discusses this. Some “fell” and got in trouble with mankind (mated with them and did other things they were not supposed to), and others just stayed apart, and did what God said.

      The “fallen” angels – I think – were the ones who taught the Mayans things about science and the stars.

      In the bible, it is predicted that these fallen angels will come back to try to rule the earth. The problem is that the planet already belongs to God, so there is going to be a war between God’s angels and the fallen angels.

      I think the UFOs we see now may be the fallen angels attempting to return. They are waiting for the right moment.

      We have a choice between listening to the fallen angels or God’s angels. It is best to listen to God’s angels, because anyone who listens to the fallen angels will get in trouble just like they got in trouble.

      There will be another war, as people get mixed up with all this mess. God will eventually come and stop the war, and establish peace on earth, and make the fallen angels go somewhere else.

  60. Wow…. Really???
    I mean really. Come on your all kidding right?
    I have a question.
    Is Your God the God of just our planet or is he the God of every planet? Every planet in every solar system, around every star? In every universe? What about on every dimensional plane?
    I mean to be “GOD” he would kinda have to be right?

    That is why I cannot believe in One Absolute Creator and of course if there was just One creator then how was “it” created?

    I mean there are literally Billions and Billions and Billions of planets out there.
    The oldest Meteorite we have found is about 5 billion Years Old.
    Do you people really understand how much a billion is?
    If you started counting at the day of birth and never stopped, even in your sleep and while eating you would never get to a billion in a life time.

    When the Bible was written people thought Earth had some kind of special place in the universe and hell that the sun actually revolved around it.
    But in reality We have no special place in anything, and where out in the boonies of One random arm of a spiral galaxy.

    Earth Took billions of years to be formed, It was then Hit by another Giant planet sized (about the size of mercury) Rock (while still very young) witch blew up on impact this was not a direct hit but caused A huge chunk to get busted off and stuck in earths orbit after more millions of years that huge chunk gathered up all the settlements around and became the moon. That is why the Moon isn’t made up of the same kind of Iron core structure like earth but more of the kind of minerals you only find in the crust of earth.

    Now all our planets are formed the way they are by gravitational pull of settlements and gases to the Sun. That is why mercury is heavy Iron and then they get lighter in material and substance as you go out, On into the gas planets and even the gas planets are made of lighter and lighter gases as you go outward. So if the moon was just there like the earth It would be built more like the Earth Since it is the same distance from the Sun. But it is not.

    Now Amino Acids have already Been discovered along with Salt on Meteorites.
    As I’ve tried to explain before this causes Two very distinctive features.
    One It provides a “organic” substance to our atmosphere in witch Life could have very easily evolved and Two, Inside the Salt you will find Water.
    And over the course of Billions of years of a planet getting pelted by meteorites and thus had created its on moon leaves us with the very plausible setup for life.

    oxygenic photosynthesis began when cyanobacteria started to make oxygen from the bi-product of photothesis, thus changing the atmosphere to a oxygen rich stage.

    Man you know what this could go on for ever. You shouldn’t just say God is the reason for anything. If thats what you wanna believe then that is fine. But if you “Chose” to actually learn more you will be able to find better answers to EVERYTHING.

    Now the Mayan Calender Is that of a “long count.” Witch measures the entire span of what we call history. In what is called a Tun. or 5,200 years.
    so from about 3113 BC to AD 2012. That is our complete knowledge of time from when the pyramids and stonehenge where built (around 3000 bc) on into the “end of history” or our planetary birth into higher consciousness.

    Now Two things that Are important about 2012 one is the Idea of a polar Shift.
    This is a very real thing that our planet does, and can be easily proven has begun by the location of the northern pole no longer being in the arctic shelf but in Northern Canada.

    And Two the complete Alignment of our planets. Witch only happens about every 25,800 years and the Maya had that absolutely pin pointed in a time when there “technology” was extremely primitive. Again this has been proven by astronomers to be a absolute thing.

    Another interesting point is that of the planet Nibru. And its re entering our orbits. This can and will cause some very incredible changes in our ways of life.

    Im sorry but I truly believe that our goal as a species is to become interplanetary before our “Home” decides to “readjust” itself. But when we spend the Majority of our existence stuck behind a Veil of ignorance created by Religion and Government then you Fail to realize the true agenda and feel satisfied with bowing your head in a faith of a unimaginable medium of a non existent creation bestowed upon you by a failure to adhere to knowledge and understanding of existence.

    We exist as a SPECIES, Us human beings of a mere 5000 years on a planet, A living planet as old as billions of years, and Try to say that we understand all of creation in the universe? That is Like a inch worm saying he’s traveled the world because he has sand under his legs.

    “Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring– Not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable; Staying Alive… If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds.” -Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994

    Thank you.

    • hi Ryan

      I agree with a lot of what you say. If a “god” is to be a god at all, then he will all powerful, all creative, all knowing.

      Our Creator God made everything you mentioned, and is aware of the circumstances you describe. He even put the information in prophecy so we could be prepared. He made us, and he is aware of our need for protection.

      If we give him our trust, we will be ok. Natural objects are under his control, as well as under the control of natural forces that he also created.

  61. I could never in my right mind actually believe that One creator god could have produced the INFINITE bound of the universe. And If so that would mean that every civilization out there among the billions would have to all believe in the same Ideas of a creator god. Once again if that was the case then What might I ask would have created that God.

    Humans have only been alive for about what? 5000 years?
    5000 compared to billions is nothing. Why In the hell or how in the hell would a race on a random back water world that has no importance to any thing contain the secrets of the Universe’s creator? Why would we be “created in his image” Thats insane.

    If In a certain spot in the universe their is a civilization that has managed to live for billions of years then I would be a little more open to listening to them, But all that we know about “GOD” and creation and all of that is nothing more then stuff written by…. HUMANS. By Power hungry individuals that needed to control the masses for domination, And the best way to control is to strike fear into the hearts of everyone and then go on “Crusades” killing everyone that doesn’t agree with you. That is exactly how religion was formed and then used to corrupt the world.
    All Evil in the world is developed due to peoples false ideas of religion and creation.

    In Sept. 2001 our own government attacked us on our own soil killing thousands, To strike fear into the hearts of us all. A “False Flag” was thrown up by everyone to seek revenge on those responsible, But we where to blind to find out the real answers before swinging the sword.

    These are the Same exact methods used in the day of religion to strike fear of god into the souls of millions to use them as a weapon of mass destruction.

    We have no experience in life, We have very little compassion for living things, We completely destroyed our mother earth and have completely killed off many species of animals. To any living creatures in space we are probably the most upsetting beings in the galaxy. Humans are a cancer upon this planet, and we will never change because most of you believe you are still within “Gods” good graces.

    • hi ryan

      Nothing comes out of nothing…if there is no real God, where did the starting materials come from?

      You know, just because man has messed things up, and presented a false view of God, does not mean God does not exist, and is a lot nicer than you have been led to believe.

      Impressions about billions of years, and false flag events come from speculation, and distortion of facts. (my opinion)

  62. The association of the Serpent with the Thunderbird.
    The Serpent is swallowing the sun related with the underworld.
    This is the best I could find up to date.
    I hope it opens an understanding passage.

  63. Now here is a photo of the solstice at Stonehenge

  64. Ello,
    So that serpent mound thing could not keep my attention long enough to get to the end of the video. Ha sorry short attention span I guess. So I don’t have anything to say about that.
    I’ve tried to make my points about this whole god thing for long enough, Im going to move on. I feel your all a great Back board to bounce Ideas off of. I can for sure say there is a incredible difference in opinion at this table. I thank you again for being civil, As I will admit I have probably failed to do so, as well as you have.

    I want to hear more from our little aztec friend, I like when people have a incredible open mind to new Ideas, But can see the glimmer of occult suggestibility in there eyes.

    I would agree that nothing comes from nothing but that the absolute smallest “change” or what ever you may call it, can influence a existence of overwhelming transformation. So when some one ask who or what is god, I kind of jump over that question and ask what was that single moment in the very very beginning of everything that caused the “big bang” or bounce or explosion or “creation” ??? I mean that’s the real noodle twister. Its like asking someone to close there eyes and try there hardest to feel what it would be like to be dead. It just can’t be done.
    Although I personally think you don’t feel anything when you die(i mean there’s probably plenty of pain in How you die), But that your physical body has just been left behind by your astrial and spiritual bodies.

    I believe it was Albert Einstein that said God is the existence of all our physical laws and understandings of the known universe come together as one. (don’t quote me on that)
    But I even find this impossible seeing as how we are not the holders of complete wisdom and there for do not know all the true laws of the universe and as the world and society changes so does the acknowledgement of science and physics.

    I do think our way of preserving the dead causes a huge flux in the energy of life as the body can not decompose as it should naturally do. So I think when I die I want my body ditched out in the forest to decompose naturally or I guess to be cremated so that my physical energy can transform into the air. I am a strong believer in the Idea that no energy and matter is destroyed but merely transformed.

    Have you all ever heard of Carl Sagan? He is one of the greatest people I have ever heard of. You should all look him up on youtube, I really like his clips on the human brain and the 4th dimension and Drakes equation and so on.

    I also greatly enjoy Erich Von Daniken, I know you’ll probably all think he’s a nut but I believe he brings some very interesting points to the table.

    Do you know anything on collective consciousness? I love that Idea.

    Have you ever seen the Nazca Lines of Peru? Or read about the Antikythera Mechanism? These are great things other then the mayan calendar that you should check out.

    I believe Its the Dogon Tribe that is one of the oldest known tribes of people that they say all human life developed That owned Star Maps of unexplainable detail and understood more about the planet Sirius then we did until the mid 90’s.

    So yeah, I would love to know what you all think about some of those things and people, There really cool discussion topics.

    And If I don’t hear from you all soon, Have a great and happy Christmas. (even though jebus’s birthday isn’t until februray isn’t it?) 🙂 LOL

    • hi Ryan

      Merry Christmas to you too. I think his real birthday was in October or September, but oh well, the people who give us days off, with pay, have already made up their mind.

      I think collective consciousness is possible. I see it now. Just watch a crowd that has come together for a united purpose. the purpose does not matter. they all think the same and therefore start acting the same.

      I understand and appreciate your fascination with ancient history. I like it too. I grew up with a father who was a history teacher (American history). All those ancient traditions and myths and relics of a highly sophisticated past are something to ponder.

      I know scientists think a big bang started things, but it is just a theory. I heard about it 40 years ago, and they had no proof. That was just what they thought. Now, they just assume that is what happened. No one was there. ( except God 🙂 )

      I think variation (genetics) has happened over time due to environment, but not that variation produced life to begin with. As you know, I think God jump started everything by “creating” life, and then life followed its own course. At first life was the same, with no variation. But as the environment changed (noah’s flood, passing planets that may have produced polar shifts, etc) life had to change with it to survive.

      It sounds like you have a love of history and science. I want to encourage you to keep reading. Although the men you mention may not believe in a omniscient and all powerful Creator God, this belief does not have to be incompatible with science. I am a scientist myself (retired medical science, biochemist), and I am a believer. This is something that takes a personal experience, I think.

      I believe there is life outside this earth, and also underneath it. For example, either “aliens” are either entities from other planets, or they are supernatural beings that have become embodied. I do not believe I came from them, but they may have been here at times to mix in with the already existing human race.

      The bible is a historical account of one race of people on one planet. It is not supposed to summarize everything God has ever done anywhere else.

      People from all cultures have thoughts and history to offer, to someone like you who seeks “truth.” So, enjoy your journey!

  65. Ryan you may enjoy this series.
    Fascinating to say the least.
    Here is number 1 of 5

  66. That was a pretty cool little video, I will for sure check out the other little parts soon. I love scuba diving its so fun, I think doing it there would be pretty freaky though.

    Do you guys believe in Chakra’s?

    Have you heard of those people or places I mentioned above?

    Do you all know anything about the planet Nibru?

    What do you think creates Crop Circles?

    • hi ryan

      I think the human body is “created” ( 🙂 ) with enormous precision. Energy centers are possible, as there are proven nerve plexi in the body that are like centers, where nerves pass through to their destinations.

      I think Nibiru is on its way here.

      Crop circles are so precise and intricate, that only a computer mathematically generated image, or a supernatural being could create them.

      Supernatural defined as either a being with much higher intelligence than us, with greater artistic and technical skills, or something of a spiritual nature, which can perform and project images with its mind.

  67. Well I don’t care what anyone says, I think 2012 will be TEN times worse than Y2K!
    Unbelievers, beware!!

  68. Hi.
    Have you ever heard of prana?
    Have you ever heard of “the greys”

    I’ll admit I do think things are going to get crazy around 2012. But im not going to get all crazy y2k still. That stuff was retarded. Some things for sure will change but who’s to say its for the worst? Maybe things will change for the better? Unlikely but maybe, But I think with the earth quakes and volcanos and prophecies from all over the world, Along with pole shifts and nibru, or global warming and on and on, Its impossible not to think Something will happen.

    Have you all ever seen or heard of Garbage Island?

  69. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are,and shall be tormented day and night for EVER and EVER. For false Christs and false prophets shall rise,and show signs and wonders,to seduce,if it were possible,even the elect. Should we believe in this prophecy ,they worshipped a feathered serpant, we all know who the serpant potrayes. don’t be troubled about this prophecy be more worried about really knowing who christ is before he returns ,with everyday passing it seems more at hand than ever . we are the generation that will see . everyone will have to come face to face with christ ,but the wicked or unbelievers HE will not fight or argue ,he will simply say “I never knew you.”

  70. Right…
    I’ve come to notice there are two types of people on this site, The Believers of God and the none belivers. (non believers being mostly me.)
    So with that being said I fail to see the point in your little Quote. Are you talking to them or me? They are obviously living there lives to the best of there powers in the light of your God. But I however find no meaning whats so ever in your little Hocus Pocus. I’ve come to a peaceful resolve with the fine people of this page. I think we’ve come to a pretty good conclusion of our differences and yet Im still interested in what their opinions are on other topics for they are nice people of a world I do not put myself in, Witch is why I’ve asked many other questions of new topics.
    I will not argue with you on existance of your God for he is Your God. But I do believe your message falls on deaf ears, For you are either preching to the choir or simpley Ranting to someone of witch finds absolutely no meaning in these Versus.

    • hi ryan

      I do not think any comment is directed at you. Everyone here likes to express their feelings and thoughts. What you are reading is typical of believers.

      What is done is expressing certain scriptures as an expression of faith, as well as the sorrow anticipated for those who do not “see” what they do. It is generalized to the world, in general.

      Believers feel / believe that what their faith teaches is critical for the safety and eternal peace of others, and it can frustrate them, when others do not accept what they believe.

      So they express this frustration with bible verses that affirm their faith as important.

  71. Well I guess I can understand that, which is why I didn’t try to go into a rant because I’ve done plenty of that.
    But I guess when I read something like that it sounds so preachy and can come off as arrogant.
    A lot of us that choose not to believe do so with as much passion as you choose to believe, you cannot get frustrated with us because we choose not to see things in your way.
    I am my own God for I am the creator of my own destiny and bringer of life. I can choose to manifest anything in my life if I truly wish to do so.
    I think that I began writing on this wall picking apart your beliefs in hope that If I scratched hard enough then I could find a core, One of which will help shed light onto the matter in a way to help me better understand where your passion of faith comes from. But I have simply come to the conclusion that you simply feel it in your heart that you are right. I to FEEL it in my heart that I am right.
    I would agree that difference in this world is one of the things that make it so great, But I do believe Religion can cause a lot of damage. Not your religions alone but I mean in general, For what you feel is wrong for a lot of other cultures is also generated by their beliefs and they feel others are wrong as well. My heart goes out to all the death and destruction of the world because people can’t agree on religion.
    Now this isn’t a attack on your religions but a simple observation that your differences in religion is what causes the most damage to our way of life as humans. If we could set aside our religious differences then maybe we could finally settle on a peaceful resolve.
    The Human Race could be a powerful thing if we weren’t so busy killing each other out of frustrations that another person chooses not to see things in the same light as yourselves.

    • hi ryan

      You are fine with me. You have to follow your heart too. And thanks for coming here. and asking probing questions. It “keeps me honest.” 🙂

  72. hi ryan ,
    Did you say that you are your own god? isn’t that what lucifer wanted also? We can not save ourselves ,even if you truly wish to do so. I don’t preach with my Feelings,but in light of scripture and in TRUTH,not in what i feel. To be carnally (flesh) minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life eternal.The reason the human race does what it does is because of sin. But i can truthly say that you are right in ther are only to types of people, believers and unbelievers.I wasn,t directing the first comment to anybody particular,i have no hate for anybody here. I have been blessed that i am a new creature in christ.people are not going to hell because they sin, its because of unbelief.

  73. Hello.
    Thanks Marianne, even though I don’t believe in this kind of thing I can pretty much describe myself as a test of faith for those that are true to the faith like yourself. Even though I try to bring up all sorts of different aspects of why I believe what I do you find a polite way to simply explain your faith in a reasonable respectable manor that simply proves your devotion to your faith, and I respect that.
    I feel a little perplexed though. If I believe that I am my own god that is I guess in a way you could say MY belief, There fore since it is my own belief I cannot be compared to something of another belief. Right?
    Like you say “isn’t that what Lucifer wanted.” but if that’s my belief and I do not believe in lucifer then I cannot be compared to him. It would be irrelevent.

    • hi ryan

      I think what you are trying to say, or may eventually believe, is that you have found your sense of God inside of you, not that you are God himself.

      Each person has to find God in their own way. It would be logical to agree that if god really existed, then there would only be one of him that was true and real, perfect, holy, merciful, all powerful, all knowing, and just, with other versions that did not come up to a perfect standard.

      What you need to do is match up the “versions” you observe, and decide which one fits the definition.

      A relationship with God is a personal and free will choice. The result will be freedom, not bondage.

      I encourage you to keep seeking. Jesus once said, “Seek and you will find…” I hope you find what you are looking for.

  74. Hello.
    (Sorry I accidently submitted that last response before I was done.)
    Thanks Marianne, even though I don’t believe in this kind of thing I can pretty much describe myself as a test of faith for those that are true to the faith like yourself. Even though I try to bring up all sorts of different aspects of why I believe what I do you find a polite way to simply explain your faith in a reasonable respectable manor that simply proves your devotion to your faith, and I respect that.
    But Brother you say “isn’t that what Lucifer wanted.” but if that’s my belief, That I am my own God, and I do not believe in Lucifer then I cannot be compared to him. It would be irrelevant.
    Am I right?
    I think it’s these kinds of comparisons that create indifference. Many Faiths believe in very different aspects of a god. Many believe in multiple gods, older tribes and civilizations had belief structures that today’s people wouldn’t even be able to fully understand. A lot of these beliefs came from ideas thousands of years older than Christ. Would you approach them the same way? By stating that since their beliefs are different so they must have the same desires as Lucifer? But how can that even hold debate when to some one of a different faith knows nothing of this Lucifer.
    Sadly enough I feel it’s just one way to put yourself on a level above all others that you do not agree with imposing that you have been bestowed some kind of “truth” that others are without. Once again that creates great prejudice of beliefs.

    • hi ryan

      You must have been resending this while I was answering the first comment.

      Since man began, he has waited for a savior to help him fight evil in this life. There was a long wait before Jesus came. Understandably, many cultures arose with this original promise in mind, and there are different versions of this message converted into various religions.

      Jesus came to Israel, not other countries. He expected this people, who already knew the Word of God, to be teachers to the rest of the world. His mission was to save mankind from evil, and fulfill the promise to them, not condemn them. His goal was to send the best educated teachers he had, because his time was short. His goal is still to send his teachings and healing around the world.

      The bible says there is no condemnation to those who are Jesus. This is because Jesus loves us.

      He also knows that there are people around the world, who are currently in different faiths, with the best understanding they can have, that are really not satisfied and helped by what they believe, and they want more.

      The bible describes these people as being under the “law of the gentiles,” and protects them, as those who already have the law of God in their heart. They just do not know about Jesus. However, it would be reassuring, and more empowering, to them to find out about him. It would match better with what they want and believe.

      In the same way, since they do not know about Jesus yet, they are also vulnerable to error, and being deceived. They are not actively choosing Lucifer and evil, but they can still be deceived by him, since they do not know all they need to avoid deception.

      Think of some of those religions that sacrifice their children to their god. The deaths are due to ignorance, and the children suffer. Child sacrifice is evil, and does take place. The adults do not understand that this is just appealing to Lucifer, but that is what they are doing. They need the truth and love of jesus, and then they will not do this.

      Anyhow, that is some explanation. Many can be serving Lucifer without knowing it, because they are ignorant. Others are ill and need healing. Lucifer does not heal, and neither does a false god. Only Jesus heals. So do they get the best God has to offer, or do they continue to suffer? Offering the truth of jesus is an act of mercy and love.

  75. why is it that so many people who comment on this are so ignorant… its like ryan above me said people were created in the fertile cresent where they then started to spread through out the world.. as they traveled for around 4 thousand years befor christ ever showed up on their door step they were telling the message of God and they used what made since in every day life to portray what they were saying. why is it that every culture in the world has simular stories… it’s probably becuase they started in the same place… so for all of you jack asses who say that since they are mayan and not desended from isreal than you are idiots… if you read the bible you would know that God came to abram and changed his name to abraham and told him that he would be the ancestor to a multitude of nations… realize that multitude means many.. so that is saying that God has been the same guy for tons of other nations too.. now maybe some of those nations strayed because they didnt have a direct axcess to isreal and got lost along the way but many civilizations have been affected by the same mesage with different conotations. So why should we be ignorant and say only the jews know the way when they them selves beleive pretty much as the mayans do… i say that because they dont believe that jesus was God but a prophet… now no they dont animate God by using snakes and wierd symbology but instead picture him as a man.

    • hi joe,

      True, man all started out with the same God. Only Israel had a copy of the Torah and laws, and stayed in touch with him for centuries. But others completely lost touch with God, who he was, and what his truth and teachings were. This is why Jesus called people “lost.” They need the truth of God’s word again, and salvation through Jesus.

  76. f,u he wasn’t white skin ,, I don’t know where you get
    all this bull ,,it,s white color ,, like vishnu was blue ,,
    anyway you f,end ,,when they say white means white color like the moon ,you f,end idiot ,, guess what vishnu was blue because , of uranus ,,stuped f,,,, like you ancestors

  77. uuu let me tell u ,, for the indians ,you color was avory and pink like the color of pigs,,,

  78. What is up with this statue at Stonehenge? And look at how these “new agers” are “worshipping”

  79. Hey everyone! I’ve reading all your comment and i’m particularly interested in ‘the god vs evolution’. In the end your just arguing in circles’Nothing comes of nothing’ and ‘who created god’! Can the evolutionist(ryan) exlain 1.where the information in rna and dna came from for them to creat PERFECT living cells? 2.the perfection of the solar system and earths precise distance from the sun inorder to support life?. To those who believe in God/bible(marianne) exlain 1. why there exists remains of nea herdals that predate the bible creation story time?. 2. Who is this God? Could there be an intelligent designer? Who is this designer? Please hit the nail on the head.

  80. Hey everyone!

    I’ve been reading all your comments and i’m particularly interested in ‘the god vs evolution’ topic. In the end you are just arguing in circles’Nothing comes of nothing’ and ‘who created god’! Can the evolutionists explain 1.where the information in rna and dna came from for them to creat PERFECT living cells? 2.the perfection of the solar system and earths precise distance from the sun inorder to support life?.

    To those who believe in God/bible(marianne) exlain 1. why there exists remains of nea herdals that predate the bible creation story time?. 2. Who is this God?

    Could there be an intelligent designer? Who is this designer? Please hit the nail on the head. All i know as a simple man is that every day im faced by choices and i have to choose the choices that most favour me.

    • ZKuria

      what are nea herdals? You mean neanderthals?

      1. there is no legitimate standard curve for radioactive dating that proves its time data. Explanation of a scientific standard curve is beyond this post.

      2. God is who He said He is. He has appeared, at times in human history, to men and women who are open to His presence and made himself known in powerful ways to thousands of witnesses at a time. We open the door to Him and He will come. We close the door, and He does not bother with us.

      The real Creator is not a fantasy, even though there has been many imitations and myths based on Him.

      3. RNA degrades quickly when outside the cell. It was created to only function perfectly inside the cell.

      4. the solar system hangs on nothing. There is no law of physics that can explain that.

  81. Has anyone noticed that as the Dec 21, 2012 date approaches all things are beginning to go haywire? Is it just me. Normal people are starting to behave like irrational people, odd things are starting to happen, the earth itself seems to be growing restless as all it’s inhabitants. What was up is looking like it’s down and vice versa. Can someone realistically tell me how the civilizations almost 2500 years ago could simultaneously build these temples, pyramids and sphinx’s without some type of collaboration? How can such people wtih their limited abilities (technology like we have today, no email, internet, telephones, machines, etc) build such creations? How can they build the landing zones in Peru – how come we can’t do the same today with our technology they did previously? Is it possible God allowed others from another planet to help these people out?

    • Enoch said some Angles left their first Estate to interact with humans, and create what he called the Nephilim, or earth born. It was the main reason for the flood of Noah.

      Lucifer is the smartest, and most beautiful of all created beings. He knows what G-d has said the world would be like in the end times. Enoch also wrote about the end times. So, false religions would be given some truths by Lucifer to mislead millions.

      Yes, today we see all the signs for the second coming of Christ. Those who say with their mouths, and believe G-d was murdered, and rose from the dead for our sins will have everlasting life.

    • Hi Kevin

      Yes, I do notice things are getting more haywire. We are approaching the peak of the sun cycle also, where the sun flares and sun spots increase. This affects the electromagnetic energy on the earth, and our brains, which are also electrical.

  82. Hello people.
    Some of you asked some questions directed towards me so I would like to answer those for you.
    First off, angel, to much anger. Especially over color. Of course Jesus and god are/where not white. But does that even matter?
    Second. Life and creations are not perfect, in any way. And it’s proven many changes in design come by random mutations and what not and yes people evolve over time.
    “and the lord God formed man of dust of the ground.”
    Early seeding of earth of molecular combinations (from meteors and space) of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, helium etc. Along with vaporized water from torrent rains mixed with minerals from erupting volcanos leads to the oxidation of minerals on the ground. Along with our soup mixture (tested in multiple settings by multiple universities) of methane, ammonia, water vapor, ultra violet light, ionizing radiation waves, currents, and ranging temperatures led to grouping of organic molecules, creating amino acids and hydroxy acids. When the organic acids and nucleotides wash upon the shore and combine with the nickel and zinc the wet and drying process begins to form chains of organic substance.

    2) there is an entire new field of study on extremephobes, creatures that live in conditions originally thought impossible. Such as creatures living in the deepest depths of the earth with no oxygen or light, or creatures that live in magma fields and etc. To be honest life can and will develop without any of the things the human body needs to live. This kind of throws the “sweet spot” right out the window since its obvious life doesn’t need these strict guidelines to develope.

    There is also a gene in humans only in Humans that is expected to be the reason for our intellectual development.

    Angels can’t have sex with humans there uniq. AND supposed hybrids!

    So who are the nephilim that created humans by genetically altering Neanderthals to mine gold? These are the ones man was created in the image of.

    • This is a Christian site, not an evolution site. Have you created life in the lab? I didn’t think so.

      As an evolutionist, you should know the Neanderthal is considered fully human. How can we be made in the image of a Neanderthal? I bet you have not done your homework.

      We know by eyewitnesses Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, was murdered, and rose from the dead. He stated it would be in the end times as it was in the time of Noah. When asked if he was G-d, he stated, “I am.” The same answer G-d gave Moses.

      I have hope to live forever, because G-d died for mankind’s sin. What do you have?

    • hi Ryan

      The evolutionary process, in the manner in which you describe, is statistically impossible.

      But that is a topic too broad for this site.

      If you want eternal life, seek Jesus.

  83. Hello, sorry as I’ve said before Im here for curiosity, i mean weather god is real or not you wouldn’t have any thing if there weren’t people to dispute it,right? Like there is no good without evil right? So I mean by me asking and prodding so much it kinda brings your god to life by initiating you guys to try and show me wrong, to show me what you all feel? And by actively placing god into consciousness thus making him real, right?

    Do you guys know that according to national studies atheist know more about religion than any other group? Isn’t it at all odd that any one who studies the bible the most ultimately decide against it.

  84. I’m not trying to prove points or change minds, I’m just presenting things I’ve learned that might be so different from what your used to that maybe it’ll spark a little imagination.
    Question Who are these eye witnesses? I’ve never read of any REAL person that knew Jesus in person, please provide me with some names so I can learn.
    I also don’t get how he died for all of our sins but yet where still born with original sin? And to be honest I don’t even fully understand what that’s even supposed to mean? He died for our sins?
    If there is life on other planets doesn’t that mean that god had to create all that life to? And if so wouldn’t they have to have the exact same beliefs as us? And what about all the worlds out there that are older than earth I mean why would the creator of the universe spend so much time on or with earth? And what makes us so special?

    So please tell me is space completely empty of any and all life with the exception of earth?
    Or is god one lonely entity creating life as it floats through space making sure every race is to accredit it”s beginning to the all powerful omni potent creator?

    I’m to open minded to believe that absolutely nothing exist in space, and you must face it if there is life else where then our beliefs of god will be completely un valid.

    If not please explain to me how life could exist on different planets and still allow the idea of god to be valid.

    • Wow Ryan,

      You ask some good questions.

      Many people, including atheists, study religion as a topic, but not everyone understands or knows God personally.

      That is the goal Jesus had – was to have this personal relationship with God.

      We are all born as weak humans. We are made incomplete so that we need to depend on God to complete ourselves.

      I guess you could call the incompleteness “original sin.”

      Because of this weakness, or incompleteness, we tend to sin and disobey God.

      Once we do that, we are even MORE incomplete.

      When Jesus died for our sins, it was like he bridged the gap between man and God. Jesus is the bridge.

      Jesus is the missing piece that makes us complete. When we accept him, he gives us his holy spirit, and this is what makes us holy before God. We turn away from sin, which damages us, and turn to God, and feel his Love and Presence.

      Since it is 2000 years later, of course, all the original witnesses are gone, who knew Jesus personally.

      But because he has sent the holy spirit to earth, the spirit is who connects us now with Jesus, and helps us “know” him.

      This is a spiritual knowing, since Jesus is not physical right now.

      Once you experience this knowing, you will understand what I mean.

      Until you do, it will seem like an academic issue.

      But knowing Jesus is a real experience, and it will change you.

      The holy spirit is gentle, and he does not push. He leads.

      So the fact that you are asking questions shows that the holy spirit is working with you now, to inspire you to know more, and ask the right questions.

      I cannot answer the questions about life on other planets, but someday we will know more. Jesus will return and life will be much different. We will be more spiritual, and he will be there to answer our questions.

      May God bless you Ryan, and guide you in your search for truth.

  85. ryan
    You talk in your letters of being open minded, and I appreciate the questions which you raise. Underlying your questions however, there are a certain number of assumptions which you make, that indicate your world view, or in other words your “religion”. Your primary assumption is that there is no Creator. This belief requires “faith” on your part as well since you were not there to “witness” the creation of all things. In other words your belief in evolution, The big bang etc., are all unprovable theories (or beliefs). Chrisianity however is based on a relationship with the Creator, that we as Christians “witness” each day in our lives. Sin is the thing that separates us from our relationship with the G-d. The first or original sin was our pride. We (humanity) were deceived by satan that we can know more than G-d, that we can be like G-d. in a way it was as though we denied that there was a G-d. If you are looking for evidence of a Creator, in the same way you are searching for evidence for evolution, then you will find it in the bio chemistry arguements of intelligent design groups ( Read Michael Behe’s book Darwins black box). If, however, you are not as open minded as you say you are, you will probably dismiss this as Christians with an agenda, as much of the secular world does (and the media as a whole). Im sure someone out there can recommend some good science based websites that can show the scientific basis for creation.

    It has been myexperience with people that argue for evolution that they have an agenda other than “Truth”, If this is not the case for you, then search diligently, and G-d will find you

  86. Hello, thanks for the replies, I appreciate the “nice” replies.
    Being born incomplete and with sin is so sad sounding to me, children, to me, are like the most sweet innocent being on this planet and yet you say there born that way? I still doesn’t make sense to me.

    Dru, do you mean that just “faith” in general is like the same as belief? like my faith in evolution or whatever is very similar to your faith in g-d and thus kinda accomplishes the same goal of self understanding in spiritual beginning?

    because even though I don’t exactly believe in a creator doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a soul or spirit and all of that so even though I talk a lot of evolution I to know there is a lot of unexplainable things relating to afterlife and all of that.

    You guys no what, it would be so much easier for me to fathom the idea of a create if it wasn’t just one entity. Like if it was a society or something, it would make more sense to me. Do you absolutely deny that idea of there being more than one g-d?

    Do you guys know what directed panspermia is?
    I read the bible for creative ideas in my logic, you guys should look up some more science articles and read them to,
    Thanks, have a good day.

    • hi Bryan

      Being incomplete at birth does not have to be a sad thing.

      When you think of it, men and women feel incomplete without each other, and so they pursue each other romantically. We might feel incomplete without friends, so we look for friendship.

      God is omnipotent and we aren’t. He is limitless and we are limited. It is our union with him that increases our capabilities, and satisfies all our needs.

      I looked up panspermia, and it is an interesting theory. 🙂

      I wonder why you would be interested in more than one god. That would imply that each god is limited and incomplete and not enough to do the job. Why wouldn’t one all perfect God be enough?

  87. ryan
    I am refering to faith here as a belief in things unseen, Christin faith is much deeper than a mere belief. …Even demons believe in G-d and tremble.” Christianity is about a personal relationship with G-d. It is also a world view.
    Evolution is based on the assumption that there is no G-d. It is by design, a homo-centric world view which has to deny the existence of a Creator or Designer. This requires as much “faith to believe in as does believing in a deity.
    Evolution has largely been debunked by modern science, however this science has largely been silenced by those who currently hold “power” in the scientific community. It is similar to how the catholic church persecuted Galileo and others that challenged the accepted beliefs of the church. If there is one consistent theme in human history, it is that those with power do not want to lose their power. If you would read the science, especially in bio-chemistry, and genetics, you will find this lack of validity for the theory of evolution. But also know that there are proponents of evolution out there trying to discredit or silence these scientists.
    It should be your goal to discern what is “truth”. I cannot argue you into the Kingdom, or my belief system, but I can tell you that I witness the existence of G-d in my daily life, and therefore I believe. G-d will reveal himself to you when you are able to repent of the sinfulness within you. Until you do this, you will be blind to the data which exists all around you. Repentence requires one to admit their incompleteness and shortcomings. Until one can humble themselves and submit to G-d’s authority, they will continue in their sinfullness and separation from G-d. Evolution has just become a tool of man to hide from G-d and his truth.

  88. Hi peoples,
    I’m glad you looked up panspermia, I thought it to be very interesting too.
    Just a note- I come up with a lot of ideas and present a lot of creative ideas and try my hardest to stir up thought, now I have listed my ideas in as much detail as I can above with all sorts of things that are very real in the scientific community and pose very possible ideas. And Its nice to ponder, but with most of your guys replies don’t really present much proof or like really anything solid to fall back on. Now I know that neither of us can prove anything to the other but I’m coming to you all for responses to my ideas and maybe some ideas about god that I haven’t already come up with. From people that view completely differently than I do.

    And for both of us we can agree that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

    When I said multiple gods I don’t mean like let’s say a god of this and a god of that and so on.
    But what if a dying race left there home planet in search of another life bearing planet.

    • hi Ryan

      I would guess that if an alien race came here and established a new colony, that the offspring would look like their parents. Just like human children look like their parents.

  89. Geez, sorry, I wasn’t done earlier, I’m trying to do this on a iPad and sometimes it’s a little difficult.
    So the multiple god thing, I guess what I meant by that is like what if a dying race in search of a solution stumbled upon a life bearing planet that already had the basics of life. Maybe some slightly evolved creatures and what not, now what if this race came down to “earth” and created Adam and eve and so on, it would make more sense for me if it where like a race capable of genetic engineering and other incredible feats coming here and doing the whole creation thing rather than just one all powerful super dude. You know?
    Crazy sic-fi sounding stuff right?
    Well we can travel in space, we can clone, we can genetically alter creations even develop our own hybrids, why couldn’t some one else?
    Also real quick, if god is omnipotent why did he create such a stir in the story of eziekel? Instead of puff I’m hear he descended amongst turning wheels of fire and animals faces and what nots? Sounds a little immense to me for someone that you should just know is there.

  90. sorry Marianna i hadn’t noticed you replied so quickly in between my two messages above and now mine look a little rude, i was saying “gez sorry i wasn’t done” cause my ipad tripped out and posted my message before i was done typing it, thus the geez… was directed as a comment towards myself and crapy ipad, not towards you.

    So, look im sorry, but i was thinking long and hard on my drive home and you know comments like-

    “G-d will reveal himself to you when you are able to repent of the sinfulness within you. Until you do this, you will be blind to the data which exists all around you. Repentence requires one to admit their incompleteness and shortcomings. Until one can humble themselves and submit to G-d’s authority, they will continue in their sinfullness and separation from G-d.” -dru

    And many other comments i’ve noticed being said, come off as very egotistical and well rude, it goes to show the basic christian view that many have that all others that believe something different are sinful and evil and incomplete and so on, this must have been the same “world view” chrisians had during the crusades, or maybe even todays war. I mean this is ultiamtely the same view towards others that lets say terrorist have. what about that church thats protesting soldiers funerals because of there views on gays. That love for god is whats wrong witht the world, when you speak of people in power but yet our presidents are always spewing jesus and god talk when ever they need a out for their actions.
    Thats is what god is, Big Brother. and the christian needs big brother to survive, gods there to ask for advice, to blame misfortunes on, to ask for help in need, to look after you etc. well if you did take away your god then where would you be? just a person with no clue in the world how to solve their own problems. I could come up with like half a dozen different ideas for creation and yes their is one that i lean towards more than others but I still don’t think I have the answers to everything and im ok with that and it doesn’t make me incomplete.

    Honestly I wish one day for world piece, to one day be able to band all the great minds together and see what us as a human race could accomplish. Now what do you guys (every religion) wish for? because we know that the world would never all agree under one religion. So Religion Must be seperated from state as much as possible and religions must stop forcing themselves upon others and so on, You all talk about how perfect god is but he’s vengful, and jeolus and so on. I mean look at the story of Job.

    And you guys keep making comments like “evolution has largely been debunked” … uh, what? so instead of believing that their are random mutations (birth is clearly not a perfect function) that can lead to a better design, thus improve the state of life and increasing the lifespan of a certain creature that can be passed on to its young, thus over time alowing the “mutant” to over take the previous design in numbers due to better survival probability?
    like whats your best argueement against that? does god sneak down here late at night and tinker with his designs? His designs that came about how again? oh yeah it just happend and ive gotta have faith in that and if i dont then Im the weird one. Like its odd that i don’t believe in any of the creationist theories. Even if evolution was wrong at least its a physibal scientific idea. As apose to your ideas of unconcievable fairy tales.

    Name one person or one refrence to jesus the individual, in any record that is not a bible.

    Who wrote the original Bible? before the king james?

    And this wouldn’t be the same King James that the knights templar worked for is it?

    • “fairy tales.” Then, why are you here? Go live with the evolution forum groups, and bad mouth those who believe they were created by an all knowing G-d, not evolved from a Monkey.

      Thank you,

    • hi Ryan

      You raised several points.

      1. If a dying grace came here, I would think they would focus on strengthening themselves and working toward recovery. I do not see why they would genetically engineer a different race that might compete with them for food and resources.

      With that said, it is possible for a superior race to genetically engineer an inferior race, possible to serve them as slaves, or servants. That is being done now. We do have aliens here who have subjected abducted humans and subjected them to genetic manipulations.
      There are testimonies to that.

      2. there is nothing evil about being incomplete. However, it can cause us to fail in being the best we can be. A relationship with God is a partnership. We do our best, and God does what we cannot do. There is freedom and joy in this cooperation, not despair or bondage. Just like if you and I decided to work together on something. The chance of success would increase, since there are 2, instead of 1 working on the project. God is there to help us and advice us. This is a good thing. I agree that many people have no clue who God is and misrepresent him to others, and cause trouble and bad feelings.

      3. you said:

      random mutations (birth is clearly not a perfect function) that can lead to a better design, thus improve the state of life and increasing the lifespan of a certain creature that can be passed on to its young, thus over time allowing the “mutant” to over take the previous design in numbers due to better survival probability?

      This is actually incorrect science. Random mutations are usually destructive and lethal. the survival rate for a mutant is lower than what is called the wild type (the original species). Even in bacteria where they develop antibiotic resistance, you would think that would benefit them. But it is only temporary. The lifespan is actually shorter in these bacteria. While they seem “stronger” in antibiotic resistance, they are “weaker” in other ways. I am a biochemist, and I have worked with mutant strains, so this is something I understand fairly well.

  91. Thanks Marianna!! Your always so well spoken and thought out in your responses. I was really wanting to hear from dru though I wanna pick his brain!! 😉 My explanation of evolution was to get him thinking a little, or anyone for that matter, it was like a quick personal explanation of evolution that I thought of as a small child, to spark up some contraversy, making people dig a little deeper in there own explanations, because I’ve noticed that when you question this kind of thing people expect you to have all the answers, and like I’ve tried to explain before, I prospect theorie there for I thrive to ask the perfect question as to having all the answers. (and i find your answer to be a good one, and not being a specialist in the field, i won’t argue you, but along with all the scientist in the fields there are always going to be different explanations for studies and witch are agreed with and witch are not.)
    Now I appreciate the way you convey your beliefs in a none aggresive/insulting way to those that believe differently.

    But you still never answered my questions at the end, those questions where geared towards you Marianna, I figure you would know best on those.

    p.s. hi leatherneck, sorry dude, I’ve asked several times if Marianna minds me and my inquizative attitude and she’s more than welcome to tell me so, but compared to some of the things people have written above, I don’t think Im causing any harm. Some times I do get insulted, and I’ll go off like that, but to be honest is it such a bad thing to see that those kind of comments and ideas really hurt people different than yourself, and no good comes from that. And im sorry about the fairy tales comment, that was my bad for a lack of words to describe that, and heck i even tried using (G-d) as a reference for ya’lls sake just for the heck of it.
    So yeah I could go to a atheist forum and ask questions but won’t i just get a lot of the same ideas as myself and a lot of confirmation that Im right? Well thats not what im looking for, I don’t need my ego stroked, I came here so I can ask those that actually HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION than myself. Its more educational that way.

  92. Ello, um.

    -Are there any writen accounts of people NOT in the bible meeting or knowing jesus?
    -Didn’t king james run the knight templar?
    -What came before the king james bible?
    -Are the Nephilim or Anunnaki mentioned in the king james bible at all? or have you ever heard of them?
    -What is your take on the story of Eziekel? I mean do you think anything of it as being a incredible account?
    Thanks. sorry came up with some more there.

  93. 1) Thank you! your the first person to answer that for me!!! I’ll have to look into it.

    2)D’oh.. It was Salomon, Thats who i was thinking of, he got any play in the bible?

    3)thanks again! once agian a first, now doesn’t the old testament have a lot in it from the hebrew bible? or am i way off? Are there longer versions of the bible?

    4)No way. Do you know where in genesis? thats crazy!!! what do you make of that? That blows my mind, you know. Where did they come from? I think they where aliens and as much redicul as it brings couldnt that be a possibility? (i think people are just afraid of the word alien.) lol, for real. people have tried to tell me that Nephilim where angels?

    5)I love this story, I think it sounds a lot like a alien encounter, thats the only reason i ask.

    -Was it Enoch, who is Noahs father? who went up to the heavens and spent time with god or the gods or something like that?
    -How was the serpent in the garden of eden so knowledgable of the fruit of the tree? how did a serpent(no pun intended) know that of which god knew? And i thought he had not yet made animals yet too? or had that already happened? (serious questions)

    • ryan.

      1. ok 🙂

      2. Solomon was the son of King David who also became king. He did not know any knights of templar. That was before his time.

      3. the old testament IS the hebrew bible

      4. nephilm in the hebrew bible are giants who were offspring of fallen angels who had sex with human women. nephilm is hebrew for giants.
      Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33

      5. Today we call the fallen angels and their nephilim offspring “aliens.” They are the same entities. They are still around, but underground and overhead in the air. They are still evil and will hurt us. There is one group that may not hurt us, but it is in the minority.

      From a science point of view, if you mate two closely related species, their offspring will be larger than both of the parents. Example; a tiger and a lion. The offspring will be a liger, which is larger than both.

      In the same way, the fallen angels were about 7-8 feet tall. Mating with a human woman, the nephilim are about 10-12 feet tall. An example is the giant Goliath in the bible. King David killed him, and his measurements are recorded in the story.

      Enoch knew both the good angels and the fallen angels. They lived among him at the time. THey were called Watchers, and were supposed to watch man and be sure he was ok, but some of them mated instead, and God got mad at them.

      The serpent in the garden was Satan. He knew about the tree because he was there when God made it, and understood what God intended with it. Satan used to be in heaven with God before he rebelled and got kicked out. So he knew God’s plans to create the earth and man.

  94. Nice!
    You know when I have someone that can explain it in such a well educated and yet open minded way I can really relate to this to some of what I believe in.

    Yeah I was wrong again about the Solomon thing, masons built solomon’s temple? I guess the knight hung out there?

    So then it is a rewrite then? Isn’t the Hebrew bible pretty big? So where things omitted?

    Wouldn’t fallen angels be uniq? Like not have sexual organs though?

    5- this is so interesting to me to hear this. I’ve read about a alien species called the reptilian that live in the earth and then ether are things like the greasy in the sky that are evil, but vie also heard of norms that are like blond slightly taller athletic build humanoids that are nice and want to save us, have you ever heard of these creatures? I know it sounds out there, I’m not confirming these things to be real either but like I’ve said I have heard of them.

    Have you ever read any books on inter dimensional beings? Phillip Imbrogno does a lot of good books on them, what do think of these entities?

    And have you ever heard of Djynn?

    So Enoch was Noah’s father?

    Now would god be any different then the rest of these people? Or is he just king of this kingdom? Like we talk about niphilim, giants, angels, fallen angels, etc. Are they all different looking? Wouldn’t it be kinda safe to say this setting describes a society that was involved with the creation of man?

    • 1. the temple of Solomon was completed in 953 BC

      the knights templar did not exist until 1129 AD, which is over a 1000 years later. So they had nothing to do with Solomon’s temple.

      2. in my bible, the hebrew section is 1300 pages long. There are a few lost books, like the book of Abraham, the book of wars….and there are some not included for some reason: book of Enoch, book of Jasper. Maybe they were lost at first and then found later. So they are kept separately.

      3. Fallen angels in physical form must have sex organs in order to mate. When they are in spiritual form, they cannot mate.

      4. there are both good angels and bad angels. Both are here on earth walking around. We do not normally see them because they are spirits. but they can manifest and appear to us when they want to. They are usually taller than humans when they appear.

      5. When they are in spirit form, these angels can travel anywhere they want. So they are intergalactic. I do not know if there are other creatures who do this also.

      6. Djinn are lesser spirits with less authority than the angels. I do not know much about them.

      7. Lamech was Enoch’s father. This is the genealogy from Adam.
      Adam · Seth · Enos · Kenan · Mahalalel · Jared · Enoch · Methuselah · Lamech · Noah · Shem

      Shem was Noah’s son that was the ancestor of the Jewish race, starting at Abraham.

      god is above his creations. No one know what the Father looks like except Jesus. The entire universe and all universes were created by the Father God. They are all his kingdom.

      I would say that nephilim, giants, angels, fallen angels all look similar but the true appearance of the fallen ones is uglier than the good ones. However, the fallen ones can appear attractive too, when they want to trick us.

  95. Wow sorry number 5 got all sorts of misspelled.
    I’ve heard of reptilians and “grey’s” and “Nords” are the blonds.

  96. So here’s a interesting thing I’ve connected through some findings.
    I believe it’s the Maya that believe that the end of the world as we know it is coming to a end, and it’s the third time for this to happen, the first time was brought about by a giant black jaguar, the second was by fire from the sky and the third was by water.
    Now going backwards you have the great flood, then the meteor that killed the dinos, the the black jaguar,
    Now the djinn are like genies of another dimension who lived on earth before humans but after a horrible display of power and destruction they where cast to the lower dimension to spend eternity always wanting and never being complete, and it’s 2012 when the celestial gates align opening up the demon door. And they will seek revenge on the adamu that god had given earth to. Now i’ve read that the djinn are represented by a black jaguar in Maya culture.

    Anything in that story above that is mentioned in the bible?

  97. Ryan
    I left a response on the Daniel 2320 days post accidently, If you wish to respond to it respond on this page. sorry for that.

  98. ryan
    are you into the Urancha stuff? sounds like a lot of what they believe.

  99. How’s it going Dru, so I checked out your reply, I have a quick question with a lot of what you where saying earlier like before I started going off, where you quoting scripture or versus? Cause when I was re reading it I realized that if you where then it makes more sense because your quoting something not literally saying these towards me, thus coming off in a completely different light. Does that make sense?

    I’m sorry I have actually never heard of the Urancha?
    Have you heard of any of these other things I mentioned above?

  100. I dunno about that urancha stuff? I just glanced at it but it’s kinda different for sure. I’ve read some really neat Hopi prophecies of star warriors and blue’s and I’ve of tribes like the Dogon, that believe their from the planet sirious.
    Now I’ve also read about edger Casey and some other “alien telepathy” stories involving aliens and like dead egyptian gods and I just don’t know about all that, it’s kinda out there. I’m not dismissing some of the aspects but it is different for sure.
    And I would never agree that life started in the center of the galaxy and worked it’s way out I would say life is starting all over the universe in all sorts of places at all sorts of times under all sorts of conditions.

  101. Ryan
    Just curious on the urancha stuff. It has a lot to do with aliens etc. I personally do not believe in life on other planets, unless we put it their.
    Perhaps the “sightings and abductions” are demons or angels. never given much thought to it.
    As for quoting scripture, The part about demons believing is a quote, But I will have to look it up as to location.
    James 2:19
    As i said before, I cannot argue anyone into the kingdom, But a genuine search for Truth (with a capital T) will lead you to the point of repentence. Whether you take that step is up to you. G-d will reveal himself to you through the Holy Spirit if you do.
    If you have looked at other sections of this site you will realize that we are living in the end times. I do not know when, Day and hour, but I do know the signs are beginning. (Dead birds and fish all over is one).
    I dont know if that answers your question, as to verses. Repentence is an essential part of salvation. ” repent therefore and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out.” Acts 3:19
    I was using my own words to describe the biblical concept of repentence. “you” is in those cases a general term, Perhaps it would have been better to use “we” or “us”. sorry for the linguistic error.
    You stated you are an atheist? Have you taken the time to read the bible before denying its validity? This is not meant as a condescending question.

  102. Hello Dru, no it’s my fault, it was me misreading your use of the word “you” as appose to we or us.
    I totally believe in life on other planets just because of the pure size of space, it seems almost impossible to me for that to all be nothingness. I like how you said unless we put it there. That’s a cool idea in it’s self.
    Either of you know any thing about the planet nibiru?

    Yeah the changes in the world are for sure coming, I find them to be more of a earthly cycle as oppose to a rapture type armageddon.

    Do you guys agree that global warming is a serious threat?
    And we all can admit natural disasters around the world are going through the roof.

    Have you ever seen the nazca lines in Peru?

  103. Ps I don’t believe myself to be a atheist, I’m just not committed to any set ideas, or more importantly any set religion.
    When I read the bible due to the extreme nature of the ideas presented there, it often leaves me to question it more than get any answers from it, you have to spend so much time processing the information in there in the way it’s written and really ponder on the ideas to really start to understand it.
    But with everything I read in there it just rises more questions, I guess I use it as more of a reference than anything else.
    It’s funny, I carry around in my backpack a bible, along with many other things, but I bet you guys would have never guessed that.

  104. ryan
    Never heard of nibiru, will look it up later
    As for earth changes, Read Romans 8:18-30 (Too long to transcribe)
    Creation is “groaning” due to effects of Sinfulness. (The curse of the fall). There is a fundamental disconnect btwn creation and humanity. As for the global warming ideas presented, when I was a kid it was global cooling, and now its climate change. Its like the weatherman that puts picture of a cloud with sun,rain, lightning and or snow coming out of it. They’ve been proved wrong so many times, so they do not go out on limb to make any predictions. Seems to me they are merely covering up an agenda.
    G-d’s Creation is groaning, however, I don’t think man’s efforts will solve it.
    As for the complexities of faith, Jesus said “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of G-d like a child shall not enter it.” Luke18:17 Obviously It is not too complex for children to understand. Arguably Christianity is more difficult for adults due the hardening of our hearts. We become set in our ways and are unable to understand the simple concept of repentence. In other words, we see no need for G-d.
    This is often why Christians seem childlike in their arguing of their beliefs. But as we grow in Christ, so does our understanding of the complexities of faith. Proverbs 3:5 puts it best saying “…do not lean on your own understanding…” I asked if you had read the bible, because as one who leans on your own understanding, you fail to see the simplicity of faith. When a child doesn’t understand something they read, they will ask someone who does. Your statement of being neither here nor there in your beliefs, is whats hindering your ability to understand, because if it doesn’t make sense to you, you cannot commit to it.
    I know this sounds like an attack on you, I am not saying you are not smarter than a child, But rather your search for answers has led to this cross roads of commitment and repentence or noncomittment and denial. This is the concept of being born again. Any search for truth will lead to this paradox. Ultimately, our own understanding can only go so far. A saying I once heard stated ” to really understand someone (or something) you must stand under them”.

  105. ryan
    I just looked up nibiru, and quickly glanced at it. Is it possible yes, yet highly unlikely. The lack of gravitational effect seems to be best explanation against it. Could it be that Gov’t is hiding it from us so as to avoid panic, possibly. Revalation 6:12-17 has description of an event similar to this?
    I have also heard revalation 12:1-6 explained as events in the sky, with the women being a constellation, and the dragon with its tail being a comet. This is however contrary to most explanations for this?
    At any rate, I am no expert on revalation and prophesy, I am just beginning to look into these concepts and writings.

  106. ryan
    refering to carrying around your bible, It did not surprise me. I know you have exposure to many differnent religions, just by the questions you ask. It is a good reference to have.

  107. I can see where your coming from with the global warming, there is a lot out there that I’m sure is causing all kinds of differences in our earthly cycles. And I’m not going to say all those whistle blowers we see are right but I do personally feel like I’ve noticed a change in climate in the small amount of time I’ve been on this planet, and serious changes are obvious in our history. I personally feel that earth is to fragile for man to stay here, I think colonization of other planets is necessary for human kind to continue on and as a space faring civilization it is absolutely needed to do so as soon as possible.

    Have any of you read about virgin galactic? And the space races for NASA contracts?

    Have any of you heard of the magnetic north pole moving?

  108. ryan
    sorry for the long response time.
    I believe it says in the bible that somewhere( don’t quote me on it as I do not have my bible handy)that humans will attempt to go to the heavens to escape the coming tribulation, but they will not escape it. I have heard of virgin galactic etc. not sure how this pertains to the discussion we are having. Personally I believe NASA should have been defunded and privatized long ago, we might have humans on other planets by now. If their is one thing government is good at it is inefficiency.
    Yes the north pole is shifting. That concerns me less than if it were weekening. This shift could be caused by earthquakes shifting the plates. If i’m not mistaken, the earths crust floats on a molten core, ripples in the crust caused by earthquakes can move the pole relative to the crust. (I think i heard on the news that the Bandah Acheh earthquake caused the earths axis to tilt out of place slightly or was it the rotation to slow slightly?)
    Have you heard any reports of it weekening?
    Refering to the fragility of earth, I believe that it has a way of finding its own eqilibreum. Whether or not that effects how we live our lives is the question we should be asking, not how we effect the earth. As Christians, we are called to be stewards of the earth and the things therein, Not as overlords, or worshipers of it.

  109. Hello,how is everyone.
    I was just bringing up virgin because I think it’s great other sources are reaching towards space, and I hope if they achieve their goals it’ll speed things up.
    I read some where that there where stories in the bible about a time or place when the sun would rise stay in the sky for many days then set in the same direction as where it came up at? That ring a bell to anyone?
    No I haven’t heard anything about the poles weakening.
    So I just watched angels and demons, it was alright, I was surprised to find it was about the illuminati, do you guys know much about the illuminati?

    • hi Ryan

      The magnetic north pole has been moving at a rate of 24 miles (40 km) per year…it is moving toward Russia.

      The illuminati is a Luciferan group that wants to control the world.

      The sun stood still in the sky one time while Joshua fought his enemies.

      It was an answer to prayer.

  110. Ryan
    On the link to the right there is a section on the case againt 2012. There is a video in the comments section with Adrian Salbuchi. This to me sounds like the illuminati at work paving the way for satan. There are numerous things which have to occur, one of which is the collapse of the U.S. Dollar. this I believe will occur this spring or early summer when the Dollar will be replaced as the reserve currency for world banks. There is talk of this already in the news, and if you watch the illuminati backed news media, especially the financial ones, you will see them dropping hints of this coming in that time frame. I am not making a prediction here, but rather interpreting the signs I see out there. When this happens, the dollar will be worth dramatically less overnight. This will usher in the new world currency. They have already minted sample coins for this currency. If you do an internet search for them you will find them, especially in numismatic sites.

  111. Hello, so yeah crazy stuff, this illuminati.
    I have stumbled upon them many times in my studies,and have made connections with them and our past.
    This is something I cannot figure out though.

    Are the illuminati connected with masons?
    Our founding fathers (many of) where masons, but where they connected to the illuminati?
    Masonic rites are all over and reach far back into our past.
    Where the masons also the knights Templar?

    If the masons are the illuminati, and where the knights Templar then how are they luciferan?

    I to have been waiting for the fall of the dollar since 9/11 and with rumored north American union and nafta, the amero, and all that stuff is something I have been expecting for a while, and everyone I talk to about it thinks I’m just crazy into conspiracies.

    I wonder if science and religion would have to finally merge in order to stop what’s at hand?

    • Ryan

      The groups are all connected. Just different names. The dollar will most likely crash this year…if no, then next year…..there are conferences on it now to convert to a global currency.

    • Ryan,

      From what I understand, the knights templar was formed out of Kabbalah and/or the need to find more info on the Kabbalah, thus, the “holy grail” which was most likely just information instead of a “thing” per se.

      They wanted to know more about its magic. They attacked Palestine and made the tunnels under solomon’s temple. They grew into what we refer to as the “masons”.

      The illumanati are above the masons and control them…just another step up or rather, “degree” up from Masonry (going past the 33rd degree). Lucifer is above the illuminati-basically pyramid scheme with Lucifer at the top.

  112. Ryan
    Your last statement is an interesting concept. History has many times tried to merge science and religion, with little success. At best it has been a case of one co-opting the other to serve its needs and power structures. I, as a Christian, have always believed system of governance that believes in having an open debate, and a competition of ideas. I believe that the truths in the bible can stand on their own. This has been proven time and time again in historical and archeological studies throughout history. Perhaps this will be part of the millenial kingdom, when the only power structure will be Christ, and not the government of man. I have always wondered what sort of rule will be in the millenium.
    Are any of you familiar with the concept of a technological singularity predicted by Vernor Ving and Ray Kurtzweil among others? I have always wondered whether this superintelligence will be used by satan or by Christ? It has been predicted to occur around 2026. Or will computers be athing of the past due to occurances in the tribulation?

    • dru said “Are any of you familiar with the concept of a technological singularity predicted by Vernor Ving and Ray Kurtzweil among others?”

      Never heard of this dru…..would love to know 🙂

  113. Yes Dru I to have never heard of that, I will look them up.
    Have you guys heard of Lilth? the first wife of Adam? i just heard about her on some history program??? very odd.

    Hello Lyndsey thanks your explanation sounds pretty right on with some things I’ve read.

    Have you guys every looked up illuminati stuff on youtube that shows there hidden messages all through out the media and television. Its nuts.

    Has anyone every heard of the Zietgiest Movement and the Zietgiest addendum? Whats all your input on these?

  114. ello, yeah ive seen the movie, but im pretty sure the movement is different?

  115. The technological singularity is a point in time when the limitations of the human brain(all humans) are surpassed by computers and artificial intelligence. It is a point in time when machines will be able to replicate themselves and improve themselves far beyond human limits and imagination making the future harder to predict. I know that this sound kind of like science fiction, but that is the direction we are heading in. Many of the first fruits of this are already in effect, the internet being one of them and the computer trading being done with the stock market (think back to the day we had a drop in the stock market of a thousand points in a matter of minutes due to a computer “error”.) Other facets of this singularity include fields of medicine where life expectancy will expand faster than a year per year. (eternal life in a way)
    This seems like the realm of the impossible, but that seems to be the ultimate goal of the creations of man. Whether these are part of the antichrist “wonders”, or a part of the millenial rule i do not know, but I believe that without G-d in these equations, I can only see evil.
    For Ryan, this is perhaps the closest to the need for science and religion to merge, because without a value system, The ends seem dubious.
    Remember that the original deception of satan was that Man could become like G-d. Gen 3:5 says “For G-d knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like G-d, knowing good and evil.” Will this creation of humanity lord over humanity, or serve it?

  116. I fully agree with you on that scenario for sure. It makes total sense, if you look at the robotics in japan, and into nanobot tech. and things like Gnome projects, and so. You add that to the incredible rate of progress that technology has I see this being completely possible, soon. (i dont know if you guys have ever watched the ANIMATRIX, but its a bunch of shorts going along with the Matrix series, and there is a two part epispode about that very thing happeneing. its quite amusing.)

  117. I need some advice, this is a serious matter, im not messin around.
    My parents have owned this home and ever since they moved in they and my little sister would swear up and down that they would see weird things (mostly a little dark haired girl) and would hear things etc.
    I had to have surgery about 2 1/2 years ago and moved back home with them and have lived here since.
    It did not take long before I too started to hear things. I would always just play it off as my over active imagination.
    Until one day I was using the restroom, and my little sisters round glass fishbowl (no water, but w/gravel) was sitting on the bathroom counter as she had left it out to dry and cleaning it the day her fish died. So as I was sitting there deep in thought, I kid you not the bowl slid at least 8 in. right off the counter and shatered on the ground. I promise I like to pretend I somehow bumped the counter and made it fall or something (it was out of arms reach) but I still till today have no for sure Ideas as to what happened.

    About 3 months after that, I started “feeling” a presence in the home, It was very eri, It literaly was like that feeling when you walk into a room and you can tell a tv (muted,not making sound) is on? or it feels like someone is in there hiding?
    So after being like this for a while, I can remember one night I was lying in bed watching tv, I got up to get a drink and when I opened my bed room door that feeling hit me again, as I walked down the hall, it literally felt like I walked right passed something, I proceeded down stairs, again feeling like I passed right by something maybe even through it, and into the kitchen. I got a drink feeling like i was beeing watched from across the darkness in the living room. As scared as can be due to how intense these feeling where, I hurried upstairs passing through everything again and hurried and closed my door.

    I layed in my bed trying to calm down, eventually dozing off…
    My realiziation of my dream that I will explain in the following, along with me awaking took about 5 seconds.

    DREAM- I opened my eyes to a bright White light above me right in my eyes, like a doctors table in a old movie. I was nude, And i could tell I was on a cold metal table, as I took a deep breath I realized there was something in my mouth going down my throat and it hurt very bad. In that same instance I realized There where three figures around the bed one on my left,one on my right and one above my head looking down on me. But in the amount of time it took my brain to process all of this, it scared the hell out of me. I gasped and jerked upward out of bed, at the same instance I felt like the thing in my throat got ripped out and I was unable to make out any kind of detail of the figures around me. When I came to, my throat hurt extremeyl bad and stayed that way for a couple days but whats weirder than that was three of the really old metal fillings in my mouth from childhood fell out the next morning.
    Things eventually started to calm down again. But now Im moved into the basement of our house and across from my room is my moms office, every now and again when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom I’ll notice that office door will be open when i go and the closed when i come back.. And I’ve been being woken up at random times of the night hearing very weird and loud things, sometimes i can hear whisper-chatter. Like people talking but i cant make out any words..

    So here’s my question- I have boughten a small camera,a memeory card and a adaptor that will allow it to run for long periods of time.. Should I set it up outside of my room?

    • Ryan

      It sounds like you have demonic activity in your home. What is your parent’s belief system? what kind of activities go on in your home?

      • PS. Ryan


        Your fascination with the occult can usher in demonic oppression. True, there are fascinating things about the earth history and life, but some of those things are actually evil.

        Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself. Ask God to forgive you of any mistakes you have made.

        The thing with the table and the beings around you suggests some kind of remote mind control by these beings. This can be extremely dangerous. This kind of thing has been reported by UFO abuductee victims.

        Get rid of anything in the house that is occult in nature – astrology, witchcraft, books about aliens, etc.

  118. I have noticed that when I talk to people about it and bring it up, i notice it intensifies. witch is one reason why I have waited to bring it up. I wanted things to calm down some before i brought it up again, and I don’t know what people will say because of the things I like to study and read about.
    My parents are good christian people, they don’t go to church but do belive in god, and all that. I am deffenently the black sheep when it comes to that kinda stuff.
    I have a lot of books on history,religion,aliens etc. but none on demons or the occult. We have no weidgi board, or did anything “odd” to bring these things here. But! I do remember reading that a lot of Richmond homes in my neighborhood where bulldozed because they where on ancient indian burrial grounds, but i never found out where in the neighborhood those houses where.(our community is pretty secluded.)

    I cannot get rid of my books!! if it is something like that what if I boxed it all up and removed it from the house? would that work?

    oh, one more thing. I never think much of this, but just maybe its not me doing it to myself. Sometimes in the morning when im in the shower Ill realize I have cuts on me. There scratches but very fine and deep. It happens like once a month. I never notice them or even feel them until the water runs over them. But they can be in multiple spots usually like one or two sometimes up to four, are always about 2-6 in. long. now there always on my back or sides or backs of arms but there always in a place where it would be possible to do it to myself. But what do you think.

    p.s. i asked about the camera, because i dont want to make it mad, and im affraid to see what i might find.

    • RYan

      Having books about history, etc, is ok. It would just be anything to do with the occult. Any kind of cursed object ( something forbidden by the bible) could open a door.

      You are definitely describing some sort of witchcraft on you, or demonic oppression. I have had others come here who had the same problem with cuts on themselves. Once an entire family, including the small children, would wake up with cuts on them.

      Is there any one you know that deals in witchcraft and curses?

      Since your parents are christians, tell them your problems, and ask them to pray for you and with you. They need to know that their son is being harmed.

  119. Well my parents are aware, my step dad thinks it’s nothing, my mom preys for me, and the family all the time and thinks there is something going on.
    Do remember a lot of the sightings by my family happened before I moved in, they seem to be stronger with me and my sister though.
    I’m the only one experiencing the scratches.
    We don’t own any occult stuff, or any old mysterious, cursed things or anything like that.
    I don’t know anyone that works with the occult or witch craft.

    • hi Ryan

      It could be that there was witchcraft in the house before your parents moved in? How long have they been there?

      Also, do you know anyone who does not like you, or your family? They could be sending curses your way.

  120. Well it was a brand new built for them home in a very new neighborhood. And they’ve lived there for like 5 years now.
    I now me and my parents don’t know anyone like that or have enemies, I would have to double check with my little sister but I think she would have said something about it by now, since she’s the one that believes in there being a ghost in the house more than any of us.

    • Ryan

      I am not sure what is going on. But do this for now:

      repent (be sorry) for anything you have done wrong.

      Ask Jesus to be your Lord and savior.


      plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and your home , in Jesus name.

      rebuke any spirit you feel in Jesus name.

      Say the name of jesus any time you have a problem.

      Ask Jesus to protect you.

  121. ryan
    I will be praying for you. The devil will do anything to prevent you from discovering the truth and the Way. Search for the answers in the bible you carry, and you will be guided to the answers you seek. Your soul is at stake.

  122. hi HP

    You are referring to the tares being burned?

    Mat 13:40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

    Mat 13:42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    I would assume the time of Jacob’s trouble would come first, which is 3 1/2 years. Since that has not happened yet, I would expect the wicked to be around for until the end of that time, at which the tares would be burned. So we would wait at least 3 1/2 years more.

    I think the Nibiru – if it is big enough – will cause land and sea upheavals. fires could result as electrical and power places are damaged.

  123. Hello everyone.
    Real quick, haven’t had any bad spirit updates to report. lol.
    for real though nothing freaky has happened lately.

    Second there are reports of another planet being “confirmed” by ways of comets orbits being altered by another major gravatational pull or something like that? There are several articles about it that can easily be found.
    Now Im not really trying to debate anything about this, like weather or not that’s proof or what it means if its true. All I wanna say is I think that Sitchin should get any and all credit for Discovering that the planet exist and it should be named as he wished. The only reason Im saying that is because some of those articles Astronmers are calling the planet by a different name, and Zecharia Sitchin is no longer alive to defend his discovery.

  124. Hi,
    Its two Physics Prof. from the Univ. Lousiana Lafayette named Drs. Whitmire and Drs. Matese, and they are calling it Tyche.

    This is the exact same planet that Zecharia Sitchin’s studies of Sumaria has labeled as the 12th planet Nibiru.

  125. HP

    Ok, but I don’t see where I quoted it.






    • The book of Mormon is false teaching on Christianity. Mormonism is a cult, and believes we can become as G-d. It is the old lie of Lucifer in the garden.

      G-d was not once a man, and we are not going to be gods ruling over planets. Nor, were we once Angels.

      Mormonism gives Christianity a bad name, because those not of the faith in Christ equate Mormonism as another form of Christianity which it is not.

  128. Greeting, From The Real Quetzalcoatl/Jesus/Yeshua. No this is not a hoax or a pathetic sick joke. The Real Deal!
    As it states on this site that The Countries Leader’s, Religious Leader’s, Media and various other bodies, groups and people do not want Me to return for hundreds to thousands of different reasons. Well it is much too late. I have been here for many years observing and learning the ways and teaching of modern society. I have watched corruption, crimes and crimminal activity from all governments and their leaders. These people know I am here and they think that they can block my identity. Let them think what they like for They are very, very wrong. I do not have a job to do I have a Duty to fullfill. The Astrology highlights and associates these following numbers with dates and also as reference to the sun, aligator etc. (4,5,6,7,8), The Date of My Conception was The 4th July(7) 1967 and My Birth Date was the 5th of April(4) 1968. 4754=ALFA
    Steven= The Crowned One.

    That is all I can tell You for now. Regard’s and God’s Bless Yeshua! “The Real Deal!”

  129. A feathered dinosaur?




  130. Those fallen angels called the watchers who taught mankind many scientific and naughty things took on appearances of part man part beast to deceive us all. Many races worshiped them as gods including sacrifices as they secretly hated us mainly because it was the creation of mankind which played a big part in the war of heaven. Information can be found in the bible and the dead sea scrolls such as enoch and genesis. As for the watchers they are still out there watching us until the day they return. Example would be ufo sightings.

  131. No where in the Bible did it call the snake/serpent in the story of Adam and Eve the “devil”.

    • hi William

      While the snake was not called the devil, he was the first snake to talk, tell Adam and Eve to sin against God, and then get yelled at and cursed by God for tempting them to sin. He was told that his seed would be in conflict with the woman’s seed after that, and that he would be crushed by her seed.

      Not a normal snake.! 🙂

  132. More info

    WAKE UP!!!

    • That’s a neg there Ghost Rider.

      The false gods that are coming, are what is left of the fallen Angels not in prisoned by G-d the Father for changing mankind’s DNA to create the Nephilim. Lucifer was given respite until judgement day. He is among those respited. We see some of them in UFO’s.

      I suppose he could look like a reptile if he so wished.

  134. Silly mortals..How your kind err because of the stars..Hopefully you remember who Jesus, truly was and not follow dogma that will decide your soul’s fate..

  135. ==============================================================================================
    Quetzalcoatl – the god behind the Mayan prophesies for 2012
    The diagram “The Meaning of the 12th Planet” (phrase weirdly included both Sun & Moon) appearing at the top of this thread (towards the end the preliminary presentation), describes Nibiru as follows: “In 1993 NASA launched the IRAS telescope which picked up the faint image of a large celestial body 3 times the distance of Pluto in our own solar system.” We now know that Pluto’s orbit ranges from 30 to 49 AU, while Eris’ orbit extends up to 97 AU, so the 3x is the 97:30 ratio. So in 2006, this ‘so-called Nibiru’ was labeled our solar system’s ‘10th Planet’, but simultaneously the official definition of ‘planet’ changed, so both #9 Pluto and #10 Nibiru(Eris) became known as ‘dwarf planet’ planetoids. The official name of this 10th planet “Eris” came in 2006. Eris is named after the Greek goddess Eris (Greek Ἔρις), a personification of strife and discord. The planetoid glyph of Eris comes from Discordianism’s http://www.poee.org/images/misc/holy23.jpg which is an ‘apple core’, symbolic of the forbidden fruit Eve ate in Gen3:6. So when one considers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eris_(dwarf_planet) and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibiru_collision , keep in mind that Eris has an orbit of 557yrs and its next perihelion will come in 2257AD, so this “Nibiru” will not have its closest approach to Earth for another 250 years!
    So what is happening here with this fire serpent and Nibiru?
    Isa14:29 …out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a COCKATRICE, and his fruit shall be a FIERY FLYING SERPENT.

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockatrice and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilisk
    [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naja
    [3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mi5_crest_and_logotype.svg
    [4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hyde_Park_London_from_1833_Schmollinger_map.jpg
    [5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Moby_Dick_p510_illustration.jpg
    [6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptations_of_Strange_Case_of_Dr._Jekyll_and_Mr._Hyde
    [7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jekyll_Island
    [8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creature_from_Jekyll_Island#The_Creature_from_Jekyll_Island
    [9] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Federal_Reserve_System
    [10] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-08/fed-s-jekyll-island-forum-considers-lessons-of-history-for-monetary-policy.html
    [11] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_London_Corporation , the world’s Greatest foreign exchange market accounting for a full third of the whole world’s $4 Trillion dollars traded every day.

    It is complicated subject matter, but the above links help a little. The legendary cockatrice[1] is basically a snake which Dan7:4 (comes off of the ground and goes upright like a man) like unto a cobra[2] seemingly to have legs by reason of its tall stature. At one time, the British equivalent to the CIA had a cockatrice cousin as its emblem[3]. Just above Buckingham palace (British equivalent to USA White House) is the Hyde Park Serpentine[4] which is lake, shaped like a Moby-Dick[5] sized snake ‘gone upright’. The British novel[6] describes a split-personality Dr. Jekyll who turns into the hatefully evil Mr. Hyde. Not a long distance away from the Georgia Guidestones is Jekyll Island[7] where according to[8] the American Federal Reserve System[9] was first drafted in November of 1910. This must be accurate because current Fed Chairman Bernanke visited[10] there on 11-4,5-2010 in commemoration of its 100th Anniversary. So the world’s reserve currency, the Fed-backed $US dollar, has its origin location on Jekyll’s Island. This is the normal, quite sane, “Dr. Jekyll”. What we have yet to see, is for his split personality evil side to become dominate in the form of “Mr. Hyde” in the City of London[11], as the Serpentine[4] in Hyde park foretells of, i.e. a World Financial System dominated by a Serpent ‘gone upright’ sprouting both legs and fiery feathered wings. When Mr. Hyde takes over, this is when the Rev13 embedded Financial Mark on every human will become required.

    Rev 13:16-18 And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: v17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. v18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

    So the December 2012 arrival of Quetzalcoatl is synchronized with the 99th anniversary of the US passage of Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Please understand that I’m NOT suggesting a 666 mark will be required then, but rather that this political momentum will increase from 2013 forward.
    Since Nibiru(Eris) will not be an impetus coinciding with the Mayan 2012 date, is there any other astronomical data which remotely suggests this point in earth history will be significant? Actually, Yes!

    It is well known that the sun undergoes a magnetic pole reversal every 11yrs, making a complete cycle every 22yrs coinciding with the sunspot cycle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:800px-Sunspot_butterfly_with_graph.gif which in turn is primarily dependant upon a Jupiter-Venus-Sun alignment, for this alignment coincides with the 22yr sunspot number maxima. http://www.bautforum.com/archive/index.php/t-100033.html Actually, the whole solar system center of gravity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Solar_system_barycenter.svg rotating around the sun affects solar output and sunspot number. When year after year sunspot numbers are low http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%B6rer_Minimum earth’s climatic temperatures tend to be lower than average. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age This barycenter can extend as far as 2.2 solar diameters out from the center of the sun. On rare occasions, conditions are just right for the barycenter to skim along the surface of the sun for an extended period of time, inducing ‘super stability’ something like a bathtub of water where the surface is as smooth as glass. When the barycenter begins to exit this equilibrium http://plasmaresources.com/ozwx/landscheidt/pdf/CreativeFunctionsOfCycles_PredictablePhase-ShiftInSolar-TerrestrialCycles.pdf it triggers solar output in the form of a ‘major instability event’ which has historically coincided with strong shifts in earthly human social behavior. December 2011 was an exit of this sort. In fact, the 2002-2011 solar system 8yr equilibrium period was the longest period for 3000 years into the past or a 1000 years into the future. I have no idea how this could be linked so closely in time with the Mayan 2012 calendar reset, but I do know that this barycenter phenomena is legitimate and worldwide human behavior will be affected strongly, at least for the next couple of years, probably longer. The only two periods in history which compared to today were 571BC and 532BC which were each 7yr equilibrium periods. These two dates occurred within the life of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great who created the largest empire the world had yet seen. Therefore the Quetzalcoatl bottom line conclusion is that solar activity affecting earth right now is a very fertile environment (militarily-politically-socially) for pursuing a one world government.

  136. Nice stories. To us Mexica, our traditions mean different things. Translation and interpretation, as well as cultural differences, make for a misinterpretation of our ways. Quetzalcoatl is made up of two words: Quetzalli and Coatl. Quetzalli means “beautiful” and also “feather”. Coatl means “snake” and also “twin”. Quetzalcoatl was not a man or god, but a state of being. The serpent to us means wisdom and knowledge, hence “beautiful or precious knowledge”. The return of Quetzalcoatl means the return of wisdom and knowledge. Please ask a Mexica about Mexica matters. Thank you.

  137. Thank you for the details. I like the wisdom knowledge part for there IS beauty in that, but there is just something really creepy about curling up with a nice big snake wrapped around one’s self, and then taking a nap. But if thats what you like, who am I to say no? If it turns and bites you, well… who am I to stand in the way of what you knew might happen?

    Personally, I would rather be a harmless dove than a wise serpent.
    That way no blood is on my hands. Good day to you.

  138. This post is very interesting topic let’s hope june to december 2012 doesn’t turn out to be the Great Disappointment. 😀

  139. Im back 🙂 and ready to play.

    Neil Degrasse Tyson, Explains Stupid Design got me thinking about this forum again. Hello everyone.
    There is also amazing talent on youtube that goes by melodysheep, who post the Symphony of Science music videos. (some of his videos are not science related.)
    I suggest you watch them all.
    In my journey Ive been completely verified in my Belief of Science and Conclusion God does not Exist in any way shape or form that is stated by ANY religion.
    Without falling back on Quotes or “hearsay”. I would like to hear Anything that could verify your god as factual Evidence. This had always been a debate for me to verify my beliefs in the world, so I would like to turn the tables and get you all to PROVE to me, that god does exist.
    I have also started a website,facebook and twitter all called relentlessaxiom to help spread the word of Factual Science and Ancient Alien Theories (I know ancient aliens would be considered hokey to most.)
    On my facebook page you will find a ever growing number of videos from the GREATEST MINDS in the world proving that I am correct in the truth of our existance.

    So please present to me something tangible as Proof in your God. I will continue to PROVE that he does not exist, slowly through my post. That is if you are all up for debate.

    • Since you do not accept what most would provide as evidence, I will let God contact you himself, so you get your questions answered.

    • Hello again Ryan
      I cannot prove to you observably that God exists, any more than you can prove God does not exist. I can point you to the complexity of his creation, to Michael Behe, and the Intelligent design science, which infers an intelligence in our creation. I Can also point you to the Romans 1:18-32, which states that the existence of God is “clearly perceived” to those who do not “supress” the inner light which allows them to see God. I suggest you read this passage in the bible you carry around with you.

      That being said, I know God exists, because his prescence exists in those who do not “supress” that knowledge. We experience God and his will, and his creation, illumated by that light. Obviously, you would not be “looking” for proof if you did not deep down inside you have that knowledge, but until you stop suppressing His light, you will not find “proof” for the existence of God. In other words, You are looking for “observational” proof, we offer “experiential” proof. “For although (You) Knew God,(You) did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but (you) became futile in (your) thinking, and (your) foolish hearts were darkened.” (Romans 1:21)

      This yearning for the creator God within each of us, alone should be “proof for his existence. But We humans have turned from this truth to worship the “creature” rather than the “Creator”.

      If you truly did not believe that there is a Creator God, then you would not need to disprove his existence.!!

      You see Paul knew about those “greatest minds”, who by denying God, they “claimed to be wise, they have become fools” (Romans 1:22). It is no secret, This is the war that has been going on for ages. From the “Fallen Angels” (AKA ancient aliens), to Modern Humanist science. All of it is an attempt to replace the creator God with “The creature”, An Idol of some sort.

      So therefore the fact that you are here trying to disprove God’s existence is my first arguemnt FOR his existence.

      Your move.
      To God be the Glory.

    • Hey Ryan
      You said “The truth of OUR existence” are you implying that you are an ancient Alien??? Or was it just a Typo??

    • Ryan
      I Just had another thought as well.
      I bet if we put a call out to all those that come here, and they give their testimonies, you will have hundreds of “proofs” which you can refute with your buddies. (A Hobby for you to pass the time) Lol. (eternity?) NLM (no laughing matter)
      I know I have got a few of these “experiential proofs” to share. When and if you open your eyes, you will see God everywhere!

  140. Howdy Ryan the Earthling, You are from outer space but all you know about is simple Science and you claim that God doesn’t exist? Well, I don’t think you are an alien then Ryan because with those concepts you would have to be pretty human. aww shucks. Did I upset you? I had to crack your human ego a little bit at first. That is what I do to everyone. Now. What is this thing about God and Proof? Huh? Elaborate…..Tell me oh master Human who thinks he is an alien, prove that God doesn’t exist. Because very soon God will be proving God’s existence to all mankind. The names SancheNuss. Dunt forget it. But seriously, prove that God doesn’t exist…..

  141. 🙂 philosophy!
    Dru and marianne, you always have great answers with so much philosophy it makes my head hurt (in a good way)
    Really quick the Axiom is fun for me. I obviously dont think im a alien sitting in a crater, and I word things on my site to appear that way to make it fun and stand out from other sites, sanchenuss.
    And my sites are geard for a certain audiance and topic that I do love being a part of, so im sure it comes off as bias to some that dont subscribe to ancient alien theory, but as my first page says its all about sharing the knowledge and building a community for thinkers alike.

    To add to that im kinda thick headed in my thoughts and beliefs because they are MY thoughts that i developed on my own through hundreds of hours of study. So if your goal is to “hurt my ego” it’ll take alot more than some odd philosophy of your own, sancheness.

    Now im back here, because like I said I was watching that video and started thinking about the cool people back here at this forum, that and I recently went onto thinkatheist, a atheist forum, and started stirring up trouble there, and man I do not like talking to most of them at all. There to closed minded 🙂
    Im sure marianne would agree there’s very little that is simple about astrophysics and astrobiology as well. So I dont get that, what I do think is that it is simple to turn to one man made book over and over again for all the answers.
    Now the reason I ask for proof is because I see so much proof in what I believe (even if i cant prove it to you, just like you cant prove it to me) so I came back here to A) say Hi. And b) get some good rebudles (sorry i still havent improved my grammer, and spelling.) to the stuff ive been learning lately.
    Now for the complexity of creation, Im sorry but I truely believe in a “snowball” of evolution if you will. From the evolution of the human brain and evolution of physical form that is so clearly in my mind proof by the history of life itself on earth.
    So instead of jumping head first into this debate as i am known to do (again thick head, remember, lol) let me ask you this.

    A) if angels and god are not human, and do not live on earth (unless you believe in heaven in the clouds) what would they be called? I feel angel is just a term coined in antequity by people that couldn’t explaine it for the better sense of understanding.

    B) why is christianity the penicle of understanding when SO MANY other religions are way older?

    C) why is god and jesus white?

    I would like to close with this, im a scientist and philosopher there for I would much rather present good questions, rather than propose to have all the answers. Im ok with not knowing, it gives me something to try and learn.

    Thwap, boing,boing….balls in your court, lol 🙂

    • people need to be nice to ryan. 🙂

      • I am sorry,
        My attempt at humor (second and third comments) were not intended to harm. The first on the other hand was intended to convict his heart.

        Before you throw the ball back my way, you need to rebut my statement, That within us all is the knowledge that there is a God, but that those who do not believe that are always trying to prove to themselves that “there is no God”. Much like your quest has been in our previous discussions. In Other words, Your constant questioning of the existence of God, proves that you are suppressing the knowledge within you of God and need “assurance” in your belief that “There is no God”.
        It is a basic debate format with Statement, rebuttal, comment, comment. Then we will shift and have you begin with a statement. Obviously you have discarded the Intelligent design “proof” so I will not Go there, instead we will look from a philosophical and sociological way.IF YOUR UP TO IT???? (Them is fightin’ words)

        RE: Angels. There are also fallen angels, which may be the “ancient aliens” you are so fond of. It is biblical. And they were predicted to return in the endtimes which I personally believe began with the restoration of the nation of Israel (My opinion) which was around the time of Roswell. Coincidence???

        Why is Christianity the pinnacle of understanding? Christianity is a child of Judaism which is far Older than most surviving world religions. God revealed himself to the decendents of Abraham, and revealed more of himself to in the flesh (As Jesus), He was a fulfillment of Judaisms promise. (God keeping his word)

        Why is Jesus white? Why would he not be? I Do not think he looked “European” as the artwork depicts him? I am sure there is older artwork that depicts him with more of a dark complexion, from the middle east. He was Jewish so I suppose he would be a darker skinned Caucasion, But that should not discredit Christianity???

        Boing boing.

  142. Ahh, your always so nice to me.
    If its any consolation, my conversations with all of you do carry on into my life, im sure you’ve noticed. When i first came to this site I was bitter and rude in my argueements and felt like there was something I could prove or even needed to prove.
    litteraly after seeing the patience in this community and understanding especially from marianne and dru, it had completely changed the way i try to approch these matters and my overall exceptance of religious theology in a whole new way.
    I thank you all very much for this!
    Im ok with the comments people make towards me, i can understand all sorts of factors can go into people words,and it doesnt mean its always directed at me, and not seeing the people your talking to, and just mearly typing on a keyboard can leave you saying all sorts of things you wouldnt normally say.
    But out of disagreements can come new perspective and clarity in dark corners.

    If you all dont wanna talk about god, we can change the subject to 2012, since im pretty sure that i keep changing the perspective, and its only cause this is the original forum i stumbled apon, and never wanted to lose any of you guys if i jumped to a different part of your site, so let me know marianne if there is a beter place here for our talks, so long as everyone knows were to go.

    Heres my two cents on 2012, so far it has been the END OF THE WORLD AS I KNOW IT. Simply because I have done so much to better my life this year.
    My ex girlfriend of 10 years left me, for her mormon religion (with the influence of her parents) and engaged another mormon she knew for less than two months and tried to take my son from me all within six months,(happened in sept, 2011) but through court battles i won joint custody! (by far the best thing to happen to me, getting my fare rights to visitation with my son!!!) through heart ache can come great reward.

    Seeing my problem with relationships and intamacy being used against me I had taken a vow of celebicy (over a year now, and counting)

    I quit smoking (never been a drinker in years already.)

    I got my criminal record cleared of all my past mistakes (from long ago, if you recall I came from a broken place)

    And I started my website/business to help promote my art, and up coming clothing designs (based on ancient aliens) along with purchasing a airbrush, compressor and soon a tattoo gun to further my art carreer.
    And its not even march yet 🙂 so i welcome 2012 for its my year, for new beginnings and I am fulfilling my own mayan profecies!

    • wow Ryan

      You have been through some significant changes. Sorry to hear about your break up with your girlfriend.

      I am glad to hear you got joint custody.

      Looks like you are making personal progress on many issues, so I am proud of you.

      2012 is the year of the ages. So much discussion!

      Or will we end up the year drunk, and disappointed, because nothing happened?

      Nibiru is supposed to be on its way in.

      economic collapse of nations?

      Rise of the antichrist?

      WW 3?

      Alien invasion?

  143. Thank you, like i said. Ive decided our break up was for the best. I feel above anything, beliefes or whatever, love is whats most important, i just guess thats not how she felt, do you guys think in order to be happy and compatible you must be of the same faith? (you can give me your honest opinions)
    Economic callapse i think is coming, and world war three does seem very likely. Unfortunently.
    So ive seen alot of yes and no about nibiru, do you know if its actually locatable in our system yet?

    Not to get political or anything but santorom and romney scare the hell out of me. (you guys dont need to respond to that, and i deffenently wont argue politics here, especially since i think were screwed no matter what.)

    Match point -dru. Lol. I dont even know how to respond to your answers, ill have to get back to you, nicely done. Plus, i feel bad about that first post. I came crashing in here, after watching those neil tyson videos, and my brain just like popped with excitement:)

    So question, you all remember those evil spirits i was dealing with? There gone now, and i cant help but wonder, do you all think that by having so much negativity in your life (like all the stuff ive been fixing) you can litteraly manifest “demons” and evil spirits into the physical world?

    unfortenently, i have been dealt a bad hand in my health lately, i recently found out i have a arachnoid cyst on my brain, im allergic to like every native plant here in utah, ive got a deviated septum, and two blown blood vessels in my sinus cavities, stomach olsers and a hernia, vertigo, and bad inner ear vestibular problems. But im doing my best with it all. Considering in the next ten years 1out of every 2 males will be diagnosed with cancer, i feel i cant complain.

    Question number 2, ever heard of puma punku, the ancients called it the land of the jaguar and there are giant stone gateways there that just lead into more stone (might not be puma punku, but somewhere else in bolivia, i dont have my books with me)
    But the maya say once before us the djynn ruled the earth and refur to it as the time of the jaguar, they were djynn banished for evil doing. Do you think the above place is a ultra dimensional gateway they used to go back and forth?

    • Ryan,
      My Heart goes out to you as well as my prayers. (for what its worth). I too have been going through a similar “testing” though not as severe as yours, and not nearly like Job’s testing in the Bible. “Whom the Lord loves, he disciplines” (citation needed) has been what has gotten me through it all. It sounds to me like he is reaching out to you. He is “standing at the door knocking”. Asking you to let him in. The “ball” has just been bounced back into your court to either score or shoot a brick. But this is no game. You can react and despise God for what he has caused in your life or you can turn to him and Let him in.

      As for being “unequally yoked”, which is what the Bible calls it, If that is the situation you find yourself in, as Christians we are called to “suffer” through this so as to lead that partner to Christ, by our sacrifice. I do not know what morman teaching on this is, as it is a cult, but I suspect it is similar. I do know that the mormans (LDS) is very into this 2012, end of the world scenario, and are preparing for it. If this changes their opinion of Marriage under these conditions, I am not sure? Sometimes, however, the Lord will lead a person out of a situation, in which they are to protect them from his wrath as he did Lot who was living in Sodom. Perhaps This is part of God’s plan? At any rate you have the right attitude with regard to it. I think it is definately preferable to be in a relationship with someone of the same faith, in that if you get along with one another on the spiritual level, the rest just seems to fall into place, not to mention the communication it generates.

      So there is my advice column for the morning newspaper!!

      As for demons, Jesus blood has the power to overcome them. I will let Marianne discuss that more with you, as she is more familiar with the topic.

      Regarding the Djinn/Fallen Angels/ Ancient aliens/demons, whatever you call them, Yes they ruled on this earth at one time and were destroyed in Noah’s flood according to the Bible. It is all there, the fact that we are now finding evidence for them, is to make us aware of their return to be Judged. Though not mentioned often in the Bible, they are there. The Book of Enoch also discusses them at length as well (You would have to look that up as it is not part of the 66 book cannon in most bibles, Unless you happen to have an Ethiopian Coptic Bible?) Science has no other way to explain these phenomenon, such as Puma Punta, and the Incredible stone work found in sites around the world, so now they are trying to point to “aliens” from another planet. As Immortal beings, their Judgement will be eternal, and they will attempt to bring as many with them as possible via deception, which the bible predicts. Part of that deception is having them “appear” as aliens, coming to our rescue, and demanding our worship. But their time will be short. (Now watch the second transformers movie, and you will see it in a whole new light)

      I am afraid to say this, but I believe that many religions around the world, and cults will fall for this deception. I also believe that the LDS will swallow it hook line and sinker as well.

      Now I say this, with the hope that you will research it yourself. Do not take my word for it. All the wars to come are part of this deception, and I do not really think the U.S. will be spared. So needless to say, politics is not my passion. I did vote today though as my civic duty, for none of the above, and yes they both are not as they seem. But what could be even worse is that a “saviour” comes from a brokered convention, and then leads us to hell, literally. This country is “ripe” for such a saviour, Much like Germany in the early 30’s, and we all know where that led.!

      • Ryan
        If you do not mind me asking, were you brought up in a mainline Christian church, and made a commitment to Christ at one point in your life? Even if this was forced, or a negative atmosphere for you, and you renounced this?

  144. Thank you dru, I accept your prayers with gratitude. I often just say Ill send my positive energy your way, cause I too feel you gotta think positive on the behalf of others. and i hope the best in the results of your medical testing.

    Your free to ask me anything. as you can see i have no problems sharing.
    So the more I learn about Christianity and the ancient aliens stuff I cant help but wonder just how much does actually go along with eachother?

    So as you can see I do feel Ive been being tested, I except most thing to happen to me as purly a test for me to achieve in a better outcome in my life.

    I strongly agree with you about the scaryness of the lds, and fear that exact (german) outcome if they take presidency.

    Why were so many books left out by the council of nicea? (i believe thats when they were choosing what books to canonize)

    What do you both think the annunaki are? were they amongst the said giants and demons wiped out by the flood?

    I had read somewhere that many founding fathers and master masons used to be put through trials in the pyramids? I dont remember where i read that but do you know anything about that? and whats your opinion of masons?

    I had never heard about mormons and there 2012 preperations? creepy.

    have you ever heard of project Blue beam? could defenently be conspiracy but i just recently heard about it.

    how do you all feel about the lds doing proxy baptism? I hate it so much but dont feel they have any actual say in the baptism of the dead, but I cant stand it.

    I was never baptised, nor have I ever attended church. All my studies of religion has been on my own accord. My mother was only 16 when she had me, My father was abusive. I spent my second birthday in a leg cast after my father broke my leg in rage, and this caused the state to take me from my parents, and sent me to live with my grandparents….. My first memory I have is the day my mom returned to me at my grandparents when i was about 3. And then she was so busy trying to provide a Roof over our head Religion was never something we had time to “worry” about if you will and my grandmother didnt become super religious until a long time after we moved away… I kinda had to live a life of autodidactism.

    My mother is the greatest person ever and I could ask for anyone better though so dont worry, my childhood wasnt horrible.

    • https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/blue-beam-project-and-the-fake-rapture/

      is your mother still alive? how is she doing?

    • Ryan
      Many of the books that were left out of the cannon by the council were done so rightly. The Idea was to Get the most firsthand eyewitnesses to Jesus, while leaving out some of the later “Passed down accounts”. At other times, books were left out for the contradictions in them to the earlier Gospels. Just like we would embelish a past accomplishment (Such as the size of the fish we caught) Many of those later gospels embelished the accounts. The four that we have in the Bible were written at the time where the physical Eyewitnesses were there to confirm them. Matthew and Mark being the earliest ones. I Had a professor in college who said that Mark was the earliest, as 95% of it is repeated in the other gospels, others say it is Matthew. Each one however, was written before 70 ad, with the exception of John, which we have an early church father, Polycarp, saying that John wrote it when he was “advanced in age”. Polycarp was a disciple of John. I am not sure about the book of enoch, and some of the other hebrew texts which were left out. But I do suspect the same reasoning. I do know that the book of Enoch was added to at a later date (200’s bc), which would put into doubt its reliability. But it is Quoted by Jude in his epistle, and some of the terms were quoted by Christ, which are unique to that book as far as hebrew writing. I am sure someone could provide a good link on the councils decision making process?

      One thing that you must understand is that Christianity is not a “religion”, but rather a “relationship”. Though some christians make it a religion, thereby equating salvation with membership and works. But ultimately, acceptance of the Gospel allows people to approach God, via the blood sacrifice of Jesus, with no other mediary. Membership is not earned, but is rather a gift for those who are willing to ask for it. Asking to receive that gift entails repentence (an acknowledgement of our inability earn salvation) and believing that Jesus was God in the flesh, who via his death on the cross is able to atone for our rebellion from God. Though important, things like baptism, the eucharist, church membership, etc should not be equated with salvation. Unfortunately many churches have placed thes burdens and works as salvation qualifications, thereby perverting the Gospel. The Lds performs baptisms for their dead relatives, which has nothing to with their salvation? The Catholic church says that baptism forgives sin, which for John the Baptist was true, but once Jesus died on the cross, Baptism became an outward expression of an inner belief.

      A gift however, is freely given. And a mere “thank you” suffices in return. This is what worship was intended to be. A remembrence of a gracious gift, and praising of the one who gave it to you. That gift however, has the ability to transform the recipient, if we allow it to. As we walk with God, and talk with God, he will change us to be more like Christ (sanctification). Where many people make a mistake is that they force themselves to change, instead of allowing God to change them. This makes them look good in the eyes of their peers, but places man on the pedestal, thereby making Christianity just another religion of codes and morals. There are few who “walk with God”, and totally submit their will to him. This is because we as humans must still contend with our fallen flesh in our lives. We have learned to distrust others because of sin, and find it hard to trust God. We see submission as oppressive, which is justifiable in light of human sinfullness, But in our relationship with God, this submission is liberating. I say this to you, because many who come from broken homes, and abusive relationships build up walls to protect themselves, which do not allow them ever to trust God in this way, and through God trust another person in this way in a relationship/marriage. Until acouple has this trust they will not know the fullness of love. and the same goes for our relationship with God. We will not know the fullness of his love until we submit our will to him.

      I am not sure why I got off on that tangent, but pray the Holy Spirit will speak through those words??

      I had to look up autodidactism as my latin is not what it used to be. it is a good thing to be autodidactic, (if that is a word), but I have found that Truth, with a capital T, requires confirmation of multiple witnesses. Much like criminal law requires this. I take it that this is why you like to “bounce” ideas off people? We Christians also get the Bonus gift of the Holy Spirit, (The Spirit of Truth) to confirm that the Testimony of Jesus is True. Something you may want to look into acquiring!!
      AND be blessed.

  145. Yes, my mom is alive and well.

  146. 1.
    ISAIAH 54:5-6.
    “But Saints and loyal Servants start reading at verse trey or 3; this is us in just a few minutes! Look up not down at your cell phones sneakers or high Heels”, Yawl have been sold out, and it’s a wrap bad.
    In the Earth I-AM known as 7=me because it is finished! “Also by other names both good and bad”, I-AM, (smiling). My Father has giving me (the order) to start striking now! He is putting on his custom made Tuxedo, for the royal wedding now. My big brother/ our Redeemer, Michael, Gabriel and 2 billion Chariots of fire, what you call UFO’S, 2nd KINGS 2:11, make the last adjustments to set this Planet back on its Axis from the first time Satan made a run on my Fathers Throne in Heaven.
    I-AM THE “HOLY SPIRIT IN THE FLESH” AS WELL. Also you can read of me in MALACHI 4:5-6 it’s the last 2 verses of the Old Testament. I-AM “The All in The All.”
    NIV Study Bible reads like this;
    “See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord Almighty comes.” He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls. Where did they come from?
    1 kings 18 verses 4 & 13.
    While Jezebel was killing off the Lord`s Almighty prophets, Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets and hidden them in two caves, fifty in each, and supplied them with food and water! Verse 3 states. (Obadiah was a devout believer in the Lord Almighty.
    1 kings 18 verses 21
    Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waiver between two opinions? If the Lord Almighty is GOD follow him; but if Baal, Satan, the Devil, Zeus, Hey-Zeus, Jesus, Allah, Buddha is god, follow him.”

    JOB 3:8
    It was his job, “Job is not pronounced Jobe” to stand tall when calamity struck but instead he fell down and whined until The Lord Almighty in his supreme time stood him up on his ^feet starting in verse 38, when he answers the crying Saint (note; not a Christian/Christos’, water!) The first miracle our redeemer performed was at an important wedding when he turns the water into wine. Our blood is thicker than the devils water and does more than just quench the thirst!. (It was symbolic and fortified) Follow up with the woman at the well JOHN 4:13
    Leviathan (pronounced Lie-v-Athan) who or what is this?
    Is the snake that beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden before her husband went into her sexually producing Cain. The definition of beguiled; means to wholly seduce mentally, spiritually and sexually. ((Look it Up yourself)The devil is called Jesus same as hey-Zeus in Spanish or vice versa and Baal is also called god, Zeus (Lord) El, the Devil, Witch, Satan, Adad or rather (a-dad) and Hadad, rather hey-dad (does” Who`s The babies Daddy ring a bell?), Beel-ze-bud, Je-ze-bel as well as Pharaoh. He goes by many names all throughout the whole world but these are his most common to us in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA better put, the twelve tribes of JUDAH, America the melting POT. We are the {MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF All PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH! Read Revelation 17:6}
    ISAIAH 27:1 reads;
    In that day, “The Lord Almighty will punish with his sword, his fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; the Lord Almighty will slay the monster of the sea!” the underlying word used in {Canaanite Mythology} is used to name a dreaded sea monster. This monster is also pictured as national (Babylon, Jeremiah 51:34; Egypt, ISAIAH 51:9; Ezekiel 29:3; 32:2 or cosmic (JOB 7:12; Palms 74:13 and ISAIAH 27:1 (Barack Obama) “a must read Revelation 13:1-2 “The Beast I saw resembled a Leopard” (black as tar father and whiter than snow mother) is all the proof you need if you are doubting!, came out of the sea by way of Hawaii and his two generals are Jay-Z, short or slang for Hey Zeus/Jesus and Con-Yeah whom had a deadly wound to his head and yet lived as well. Both now are on top of the World now and that new baby of Jay-Z`s, is actually a baby Giant. That’s why the Lord Almighty flooded the earth during Noah’s time because fallen or failed Angels (which are also called sons of God) and Nephilim had started interbreeding with us New Beings/Nubians. Genesis 6:1-8 and Numbers 13:31-33. Little Wayne can’t tell you enough he’s not human. “Little Wayne, jay-z, con-yea are Revelations 16:13) neither of them love woman rather respect woman in a good or honorable way which was prophesied that Satan would not be a lover of women.
    Canaanites who and what are they Genesis 10:18? Teach of a weak, pathetic European man that looks like a sissy, with long, straight light brown hair. Their Jesus just Loves, Luvs love you; to death, just so long as you keep putting your money in his


    collection plate and working for free for him spreading his Ghost-spell, also called in Canaanite slang gospel. His good news to him and his off spring, Not The 12 tribes of The Lord Almighty`s called JUDAH! Important, the house of ISREAL and JUDAH are (one) and indivisible period in the sight of The LORD ALMIGHTY. Do >you over-stand now? Obama “Yes We Can”-An-unites/united with The Lord Almighty’s Human race and Rule the World! That was the joke on us, I even voted for him too but have whole heartedly repented and been completely redeemed so smile. Fact: KING JAMES was a very well known and respected Slave Trader and owner. After all he was a king during the black slavery Boom. This is why he changed the Redeemer`s name to Jesus, pronounced Hey-(ZUES) in Latin or Catholic in the New Testament. Unfortunately he made a deal with the devil in order
    To keep all 12 tribes oppressed
    Saints and Servants of the up Most High, My Father is also known as Yahweh, (EL SAADI) over-stated “I SHALL DIE” because he did! Please read what our GOD says about Himself who he is also known as Elohim or Eloi in Mathew 27:46 with Ely own meaning the most High God. If you read 2 KINGS 19:22-23 you will realize that you have been (vam boo-ze-giled) out of all your money, time, gas, common sense and dignity because you let (Sinner-gods) and Temples of Satan, (my Muslim brothers alike too), tell you what the word of GOD says and what verses to read each and every Sunday!
    ONLY SAINTS SHOULD READ THIS; concerning the real Lord Almighty
    PSALMS 2:1 Ok, l have warned yawl!
    “Why do the nations conspire and peoples plot in vain? The Kings of the earth and take their stand and Rulers gather together against THE LORD ALMIGHTY and against his Anointed One.
    Let us break their chains, they say, “And throw off their fetters.” The One enthroned in Heaven laughs;
    The Lord Almighty scoffs at them in his WRATH, saying, “I have installed my King on Zion, My Holy hill.
    I will proclaim the decree of the LORD: He said to me “ You are my Son, today I have become your Father. Ask of ME and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the Earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron scepter; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.
    Therefore, you Kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the Earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his WRATH can flair up in a moment! Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

    (In this context is talking about Kissing his feet) Follow up with your study by reading ISAIAH 63:4-6 (Whoa)


    This is what was Prophesied about (the great falling away of the church). This is one of the reasons I-AM that I-AM, HE-IS THAT HE-IS this is why WE-ARE THAT WE-ARE. We are Identical TRIPPLETES and Indivisible-Undividable. JOHN 14:6, last sentence. And verse (9). HEBREWS 1:2-3, an exact representation!
    When asked what does the father look like? the Redeemer said if you have seen me you have seen the Father. When I’m asked my Fathers Holy Spirit responds always the same way “If you have seen me you have seen my Brother, for we are all one.”

    We three, (1 The Father+2 The Reedemer+3 The Holy Spirit=6).THE FATHER THE SUN AND THE HOLY SPIRIT
    Are (One.) all sums totaled together equals 7.)
    This is why demon possessed people and those that are influenced or led by Satan or the devil tremble in fear of me. They see The Lord Almighty looking bad, homeless, stinking, holes in both shoe heels, hungry and limping, their eyes gouge out. Because they have been living high of Hog and they know “big bra” all too well and what is in store for them all, before judgment day.
    “More on that later” I’m going to teach yawl a lot!
    My Children, “My Father is speaking” (7).
    We 3 made a deal with the devil to redeem you ALL back from the price of sin which is death, basically your Redeemer’s Righteous blood for the world’s sins; in the Governments yard at Trench town.
    Yawl need to stop immediately listening to the devils music’s, most of it has the teachings and doctrines of demons and instead listen to a Saint, ex-martyr in heaven and Israel artist like “Bob Marley.” Pay attention to the words and not the beat of “no woman no cry” “Get up Stand up”, “Buffalo soldier” and I “shot the sheriff but I didn’t shot the deputy”. (WE-DO) One Love~
    But instead you keep dancing; reciting and jam-men to a JAY-Zero, a Con named Yea and a Leopard-con beastly say; keep your eyes on My thrown in JERULSALEM! Pronounced; Ja-rule- Salem “I’m flabberGasted”
    2) +the 1 are 3. I= “I-AM THAT I-AM REAL”= ISRAEL /IS-RA-EL
    3) (Elijah).1= Elohim is singular or Eloheem plural is us, I=-I-am-that-I-am, = Jah which means GOD=
    E-Li-JAH! 1+2+3=6.wich is All of us together .us as 1 added with the 6 and you have (7) which is me.


    About your social Security number
    See we are the only society that cares to number their men so meticulously. “God hates this because when a man or woman does this you put your trust in numbers instead of him and his awesome power!”
    But first read Revelations 14th. Verse) Because of the sign he was giving power to do on behalf of the first Beast who was wounded by a sword and yet lived. 15th verse) He was given power to give breath to the IMAGE of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16th verse) He ALSO forced everyone, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand (OR) his forehead, 17th verse) so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18th verse) Now this calls for WISDOM (spiritual). If anyone has insight,” it continues” Let him calculate the number of the Beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666. NIV Study Bible
    Now look at this below
    000-00-0000. it’s your social security number.
    Now let’s look at our license (Hummmmm)
    You see back in the days you had a license that stated who you were that you had to show the state licenses office by proof and in person of your social, prior licenses, military Id, passport, etc. what street you lived on, age, photo, what you are approved to drive on the streets we pay for in taxes! And that was it. Now I don’t know who is reading this right now. What State there from, what side, what color what belief or height. But I do know in the State of N.C if you take a look at the back side of something you have been carrying around on your hand and in your for years, You will notice Bar Codes. We all know what bar codes where started and still used today for. Well if you didn’t—-“FOR INVENTORY PURPOSES AND INFORMATION UNIQUE TO THAT ITEM THAT IS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER PRODUCTS”>>>……………….
    On the back of your license you have not one but two bar codes? YA….. You are pulled over on a routine stop and all of a sudden a hired gun/cop goes back to his or his cruiser, scans you license and know who u are, Where you live, how much you paid in taxes representing how much you make. Any warrants issued by the soon to be GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. Not only that do you know what those bar codes are really for? Of course you don’t –Droned- you have been preoccupied with shopping for high heels, more sneakers, entertainment like pussy, sports,


    IMAGES, gossip, lies, football, basket ball, nails, reputations Etc. you missed something so obvious with even being in the palm of your hand. One bar code itself is enough but u now have (2) on one license? The second is for your financial history, work history images of you where you live your friend’s names, addresses, images of them their school schools, affiliations, religion etc. How you ask? He did this by way of his technology idol that we worship as a God of its own, His gadgets-smart phones-droid phones-face book-chat rooms-text messages-voice mails and media. Yes he’s been listening and watching us for a long time because he made you believe it was yours and personal. (Private) but as we all know it’s not! It’s his and by law he can listen, spy, snoop or whatever any time he wants. They are all connected via cell towers and
    Satellite`s. Yes your emails, Journals, deepest desires or fantasies he has already got your life and acquaintances from face book and other social networks, now they are even tailing you on tweeter (clue). You see if anybody can break into the government of the US (Wiki Leaks). Find copy and publish classified top secretes on the WWW. Or truthfully said The Global government’s net work, than you no good and well you are naked as a new born right now!
    You see Money is just an idea! Or image. Since the Devil can’t make Gold the way The Lord Almighty did (SATAN) being the pre- tend [or rather] instead of Jesus [Anti Christ. He just created an engraving image/ Idol or rather idea and sold it as if it was worth something or back by gold the past 100 years. Most other than a select few elect ones, Gods Elect or for the Elects sake God calls us in his Holy Bible, Most humans still believe that lie to be true.
    Fact: There have been no gold= reserves > (Bars/ Dust/ Flakes) in Fort Knox since the forties if not sooner. Historians will fight themselves over this one but I don’t give a squirrel’s ass, monkeys tongue or bitches satisfaction or stimulation less, point blank. What are U.S dollars backed by then you ask?
    LOL…. The Idea or image it is, SORRY! Yes Sir, that we will pay our National and International bills based upon the idea our money is backed by Gold Bullion BARS, it’s a rare, shiny, precious and heavy metal with unique properties unto itself unlike any other metal on the planet. Our “money”/dollars are made out of cotton, fiber and die that explain a fight of good and evil all over it, front and back.
    See God never said nor believes money, bartering, making a pledge or decree is a sin or a bad thing. Instead God said honestly that only “THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”. We have all been worshiping an image that doesn’t even exist in reality.
    Have you ever thought to yourself or said out loud “I only wish I had more money, I don’t have enough money or God please bless me with money? Well first God will never bless any child of his with something that is absolutely worthless in huge amounts rather piles of it period. (Think about it?).
    Oh yawl are about to find out when yawl elect with your hands at the ballot box to go to a Global Government. : ONE WORLD SOCIETY_ NEW WORLD ORDER> this is why it is written without it you will not be able to buy sell or trade. Without: YOUR LICENSE: your Global ID. License Huh, rather permission that is you see as we all know driving is a privilege and not right. You even pay for it before you get them And have to go and check in and renew them. If lost or damaged beyond recognition and you’re a base of the pyramid Nigga, be you whatever race. You will go to jail period until they book you, fingerprint and Affix you for driving without something you paid for on

    roads you pay taxes for. You see your God you have chosen to be over you in every aspect of your life, fashion, Music, Foods, Religion, Movies etc. wants to make life easier for you since he knows what best for God Almightiest creation by means of no more five or ten credit cards (nope). Everything will be down loaded, subtracted, added, deleted, and or accredited to your global ID. DRIVER LICENSE even your time card gets swiped with it at your new Global government jobs that comes along with and I Quote Borack Obama “ Cheap, Affordable Housing deducted from your driver license oh I’m sorry I meant to say pay check> See the technology has been here it was just waiting for the right time to implement it. Peoples this time is now. Have you noticed that any hospital you go to in the U.S and you give them your social at the emergency room they will bring up all of your life long medical history with a few clicks? The Hospitals are already wired to do and are doing it thanks to theY2K Lie but unfortunately everyone seems to be asleep or only see the rewards of his Technology even when it comes to tracking peoples personal information and sharing it with others in his ( spiritual virus/ unclean spirit) network of friends as useful and nice, Hum.
    OK you must turn off your T.V, phone, iPod and do not answer the door. We are at the final stage of this earth age so now whenever GOD is talking to you they (Demons) in the flesh are allowed to push up and still the conversation if you open the door through his technology he developed on El Shaadi’s/The Almightiness’s Planet Earth. Do you understand trend setter? This is so serious that I had to come back and tell yawl key Things that God led me to in his word that I had never been led to before. Oh it’s on and popping fast. I do not know if anybody will read this or if anybody is sharing “it is finished! “Book at all through contacts.
    I’m like you the son of a man. Just please follow God and the truth my brothers and sisters from all races, the Redeemer of you from the wages of sin that we are all guilty of at birth in which we deserve death. My brother said in Revelations “Behold, I have foretold you all things”. When he reappeared shortly after the resurrection and they wanted him to stay he told them “I must leave so the comforter will come and reveal all things to you and lead you in all truth and understanding”. That’s me-Smile.
    I will never Charge anything to talk to you- time permitting. Never a collection plate passed, no band, no youth basket ball or swim league, none of the stuff that we think or have been droned to think God is.
    ? How can God be broke when he made the earth and all the precious minerals, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, lead, copper etc. all in one day/1000 years? God is not broke and never will be. In his Holly City that he is bringing to earth at the end of the millennium as described in revelation his streets are made of clear gold?
    I do ask that you please share, duplicate, fax, set up web sites, email (trick from your contact list be sure to hit the BBC. Blind carbon copy button) put ISAIAH 54:5-6 like on page 1. on the back of business cards pass them out, leave in laundry mats, car windshields, rent billboards, in break rooms, bath rooms, gas pumps and mail a copy of this in its original entirety to anyone you feel led to. Oh dear brothers I have to begin again so I must stop. My spirit is willing but my flesh is not able writing any more but if you want what I have, all you have to do is say Dear Father in Heaven. I’m evil and dirty please make me pure with the blood of redemption paid for my sins on the Cross so that we will spend eternity together. Time is short and I need a double blast of your Holy Spirit that represents you.
    The Beginning.

    “He told me to say it this way”
    It’s a limited time offer. (7 =ME in the flesh) smile, I love yawl.
    ~And now we understand~

    Yawl warned your people especially in France what was up and told everyone to keep their eyes on the throne. Well you can eye ball it all you want to but you will NEVER SIT ON IT.
    I let my 144,000 thousand and the world know that you’re a dead evil spirit walking, a mere ghost and you lost again. It is finished, so watch your mouth before I kick you out off the game, “my boy is balling so hard.” And I’m grinning from ear to ear! Ooops he just slammed it backwards (Again!). LOL Ha-ha-he-he-hah.
    (9) Ether gas. 9 to the ninth power 9(999) = Life + Eternity + Spirit = All Creative and endless.
    A simple definition for you (seven)
    Nine-Ether is the Combination of All Existing Gases of nature, Thus, the All is in the All. Nothing Anywhere Can Be As Powerful all Existing Gases. Therefore, Nine-Ether Is the Most Potent Power Gas Mass in The Universes! Thereby it means that there are no powers or forces existing anywhere (Good or evil, Heaven or Hell, Visible or invisible, Living or dead) more powerful than the Most High Almighty GOD!
    THE Omni Present “The All IN THE All”=123. Ely-Own

    (6) Ether gas. 6 to the sixth power 6(666) = Death + 6(333) =Ghost +Eternity = All Destructive. It Is SATANS Mark and the mark of a Man or Human. Satan’s reward and the 1/3rd that followed his rebellion is the Great GOD organized Tribulation, a living Hades/evil spirits Mega Party for them, but for you it’s pure Hell on earth! Your reward for loyal worship of an evil spirited/extra-terrestrial, instead of your supreme loving maker called GOD Almighty, your Bridegroom.
    Chose one Now


    You did not know any better because you don’t read any more and have chosen your right, not to have a one on one relationship with your maker. You have exercised your right but just for the record please stop wearing crosses around your necks, putting them on tombs or grave sites. For your
    This cross represents Eternity
    Redeemer from sin has rising and is alive forever and ever! The cross of Calvary represents the death penalty paid for sin! If you wear one you should wear this kind above^ it represents what was done on the cross that represents the life after the death penalty was paid in full. It was paid by an innocent man; not my only son, instead by my (only had begotten) son.
    The Beginning.
    My Father Created Eunuchs,’ “what you call Homosexuals “, basically your misunderstanding of them is why you call people funny and humans believe that they are gay or lesbian. Some say, born that way (they were). They are in the Bible and protected the Royal blood line of our Redeemer. But yawls don’t read. It only becomes a sin when you start fornicating /adultery and debauchery with it. It is falling in lust/Love with an Image of you. (VANITY)= SATAN. Satan was the first Homosexual this is why he does not love woman at all. This was the Final straw in Heaven! He actually made an identical, life like image of himself and was…… well I won’t go into detail about what he (kept) doing in the Up Most High Courts of Heaven but let’s just say he was sickly— glow-ing!,,,,,,Dull/neon… “Pink”.
    Eunuchs’ is where we get the word unique from, they are in Heaven now! Already celebrating and cheering for us all. Heck, Elijah’s right hand man was a Eunuch named “Eli-sha” Hum do you get it now? It’s where the girl name Lisa and Elisa comes from. He asked for a double portion of the Holy Spirit and received it. “Please read 1kings 19:19-21” But especially ISAIAH 56:4-5 A Eunuch’s Reward in Heaven. Whoa.
    He is the Prophet that succeeded Elijah. Read Gen 10:4 Son of Javen, Eli-shah is masculine. Eli-sha is feminine!
    Don’t ask anyone, read the word of GOD for yourself lest you be deceived.
    It is Awesome!

    When I come back as soon as my Father gives the order to me… /Break/… (I)=ME =Holy Spirit in the flesh “speaking in your cloven tongue” translating for they are righteous “I GONNA RIP YAWL A NEW ASS…/End/…Before unleashing my WRATH, you pathetic self absorbed Sick creatures of Satan’s. 4 idiots have already committed the unpardonable sin on baby bra. He only has three 1 (0)more to go before you see up-close and personal your sweet baby Jesus with a dirty diaper on, sucking on a plastic penis/patsy fire, instead of his own mother’s breast that my Father made and said it was good after the sixth day;
    Riding on some lame horse, shooting arrows of love with my pink wings on helping people break my Fathers heart with idolatry, adultery and fornication to another one of Satan’s deities “and then yawl have the nerve to call it, a happy SAINT valentine’s day’. ohhh, uhhhh RAAAAAAHHHHH. Listen what yawl call UFO`s, we call Chariots of fire because they run off of 9 Ether (RA) and Michael and Gabriel our Chief Ark Angels have made 2 billion ready with it at my order. M&G are our intergalactic, out of Stellar– Hit Men, if you will……
    Now Mine’s is the Biggest and fastest in all the Universes, that’s why you’ll see ME FIRST HEATHENS
    “Please I’m begging you!” Read ISAIAH 63-1-6, especially verse 6. My big brother is Brutal and very protective of his baby brother and those who know our real names and what they represent.
    I tried my hardest; please forgive me if I came up short for even one sole.
    Yawls humble servant (7) =me


    To call my Father or your Redeemer by any other name is of Satan PERIOD. Enjoy your Great Tribulation! And your Eternal place on the losers list. HOSEA 2:17. JEREMIAH 16:10-13 READ!
    I forgot, my Father; The Lord ALMIGHTIEST wants me to tell you that if you want to support Elohis Redeeming work instead of Satan’s for a change as well get updates, home Bible studies prepared by me “because we’re sure some have been looking for the real truth for a long time and this is my JOBE. LOL/ Just playing, No I mean Job and I love it! Also Saint News and the latest strikes made “more be with us-than them”. “Sometimes I ask my father to un-cloak the Chariots of Fire, 9-Ether (RA) for me” and he INSTANTLY Does, 700,000 already surround our Planet. They are so pretty if you are a saint and scary if you are not. The rest are in what yawl call planet Nirubu? The 13TH planet X or something, that’s our Galaxy command center for this mission. You can look it up on the internet if you like; it takes 3 and 1 half years for them to come to a complete stop! With them you will see us and The Army of The Lord ALMIHGHTY, for you to please email me=7 at


    13th Planet
    Ooops, now you know why Catholics are so superstitious about numbers. Ya, they have crapped out more than once over the eons. But no number strikes fear in them like the number 13=us. Once big bra put the Planet back on its axis, that X coming at you at warp speed will then be a cross + the way it’s supposed to be.
    We are getting ready to put it down NOW and bring ours out before my father starts the second part of the great tribulation. YOU do not want to be here period it is no place for you or your kids! They are going to be cutting your kids out of your wombs and sacrificing them to BAALS. ISAIAH 13:16-19.You must read (clue) in the Old Testament where ever you see Israel`s name replace Israel with Judea/US-AMERICA “Mystery City Babylon”. They have already been through it and now it’s our turn. Remember this, Israel and Judah is (one).

    I “The HOLY SPIRIT IN THE FLESH” will keep you updated with all the news and info. My father never does anything in the earth without telling me first and then what he wants me to do, say and or write.
    This is why I-AM-That-I-AM

    I can’t say peace because we are going to WAR for you again for the last time!
    02/12/12 today’s date.
    Zero two + me=Three for we are One. Today’s date (02.+1=3/1+2.=3/1+2.=3) add the three`s together and you get us (9 ETHER GASES!) RAW
    It was a cloud of “Gases” during the day which my Father lit at night coming out of Egypt.
    The Twelve Tribes of Judea with Twelve Apostles representing them=144,000 along with my Fathers mixed race Multitude Revelation 7:9 look> (7+9=(16) (1+6)=7 me). I-AM your Moses, taking you to my Fathers land flowing with milk and honey for all eternity! Your Noah right before my Big brother unleashes his Great and Dreaded flood on the earth when he puts the Earth back on its Axis.
    “Do not be fooled and let no one steal your crown”. If any one of Satan’s helpers says to you that “I-AM or rather they are”. You tell them WE said – Go to HELL!

    The End of this Scroll

    I love yawl so much but not in a fake Jesus way, I just can’t even put it into earthly words and I have gotten pretty good at cross translating back and forth between heaven and earth between my languages, math, maps and sorts and still come up short for words. I do want to give you this extra but it is important to get on my mailing list as my Father started my Ministry on 02/12/12 and he is preparing the way for me to start teaching in Public Parks that he designates for me of course no collection plates passed! If there are any plates they will have food in them for all to share with one another after service. One love every one, seven.
    In the New Testament replace the devils name (Jesus and or Christ) with the name or title of (The Holy one of Israel or Redeemer/God of all the earth). Watch how the devils strong holds and confusion on you start falling off.
    You see when you invoke his names or his deity’s names they have a legal right to be in your life in whichever way you prayed or asked for them to be! Notice now how the Redeemer will be talking in red ink in the New Testament and King James would purposely stop the flow and then in black ink write (and Jesus replied, and then Jesus said or Jesus then asked etc. Now you know why I-AM That I-AM and

    JEREMIAH 13:10 “Can the Ethopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Niether can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil”

    Melanistic leopards are commonly called black panthers, a term that also applies to melanistic jaguars. Pseudomelanism (abundism) also occurs in leopards.[9] Melanism in leopards is inherited as a Mendelian, monogenic recessive trait relative to the spotted form. Pairings of black animals inter se have a significantly smaller litter size than other possible pairings.[10] The black color is caused by recessive gene loci.[11]
    The black panther is common in the equatorial rainforest of Malaya and the tropical rainforest on the slopes of some African mountains such as Mount Kenya.[12] Between January 1996 and March 2009, Indochinese leopards were photographed at 16 sites in the Malay Peninsula in a sampling effort of more than 1000 trap nights. Of 445 photographs of melanistic leopards taken, 410 came from study sites south of the Isthmus of Kra, where the non-melanistic morph was never photographed. These data suggest the near fixation of the dark allele in the region. The expected time to fixation of this recessive allele due to genetic drift alone ranged from about 1,100 years to about 100,000 years.[13][14]
    Melanism in leopards has been hypothesized “ to be causally associated with a selective advantage for ambush”.[15]
    [edit] Etymology
    In antiquity, a leopard was believed to be a hybrid of a lion and a panther, as is reflected in its name, which is a Greek compound of λέων leōn (lion) and πάρδος pardos (male panther). The Greek word is related to Sanskrit पृदाकु pṛdāku (snake, tiger, panther), and probably is derived from a Mediterranean language, such as Egyptian.[16][17]
    A panther can be any of several species of large felids: the term can refer to cougars and jaguars in the American continents; and everywhere else, to leopards.[18]
    The generic component of its modern scientific designation, Panthera pardus, is derived from Latin via Greek πάνθηρ (pánthēr).[19] Folk etymology held that it was a compound of παν (pan, all) and θηρ (beast).[20] However, it is believed instead to be derived from an Indo-Iranian word meaning “white-yellow, pale”; in Sanskrit, this word’s reflex was पाण्डर pāṇḍara, which was derived from पुण्डरीक puṇḍárīka (tiger, among other things), then borrowed into Greek.[17][19]
    [edit] Taxonomy and evolution
    Like all of the feline family, the Panthera genus has been subject to much alteration and debate, and the exact relations between the four species as well as the clouded leopard and snow leopard have not been effectively resolved.


    The leopard was among the first animals named under the modern system of biological classification, since it was described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758 in the 10th edition of Systema Naturae.
    Linnaeus placed the leopard under the genus Felis as the binominal Felis pardus.[21] In the 18th and 19th centuries, most naturalists and taxonomists followed his example. In 1816, Lorenz Oken proposed a definition of the genus Panthera, with a subgenus Panthera using Linnaeus’ Felis pardus as a type species. But most disagreed with his definition, and until the beginning of the 20th century continued using Felis or Leopardus when describing leopard subspecies.[22] In 1916, Reginald Innes Pocock accorded Panthera generic rank defining Panthera pardus as species.[23]
    It is believed that the basal divergence amongst the Felidae family occurred about 11 million years ago. The last common ancestor of the lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, snow leopard, and clouded leopard is believed to have occurred about 6.37 million years ago. Panthera is believed to have emerged in Asia, with ancestors of the leopard and other cats subsequently migrating into Africa. The researchers suggest that the snow leopard is most closely aligned with the tiger, whereas the leopard possibly has diverged from the Panthera lineage subsequent to these two species, but before the lion and jaguar.[24]
    Results of phylogenetic analyses of chemical secretions amongst cats has suggested that the leopard is closely related to the lion.[25] Results of a mitochondrial DNA study carried out later suggest that the leopard is closely related to the snow leopard, which is placed as a fifth Panthera species, Panthera uncia.[26]
    [edit] Fossil records
    Fossil leopard bones and teeth dating from the Pliocene were found in Perrier in France, northeast of London, and in Valdarno in Italy. At 40 sites in Europe fossil bones and dental remains of leopards dating from the Pleistocene were excavated mostly in loess and caves. The sites of these fossil records range from near Lisbon, near Gibraltar, and Santander Province in northern Spain to several sites in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, in the north up to Derby in England, in the east to Přerov in the Czech Republic and the Baranya in southern Hungary.[27]
    Fossils of early leopard ancestors have been found in East Africa and South Asia from the Pleistocene of 2 to 3.5 Ma. The modern leopard is suggested to have evolved in Africa 470,000–825,000 years ago and radiated across Asia 170,000–300,000 years ago.[28]
    US=1+2+3, Fighting for you.
    It is not our wish that any one Perish. elijahintheflesh@hotmail.com

  147. The Mayans reveal their darkest mysteries: New excavation reveals secrets of their calendar – including black-clad figures and symbols never seen before

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2142491/The-Mayans-reveal-darkest-mysteries-New-excavation-reveals-secrets-Mayan-calendar–including-black-clad-figures-symbols-seen-before.html#ixzz1ucE5YPBH

  148. […] […]

  149. All people watch a moment of earth …..end of the world by a nature of phenomina….

  150. I feel therefore I believe. I love you all.

  151. Dear Friends:

    You are receiving this publication announcement because at least one section of a book I just published, Vectors of the Counter-Initiation, might be of interest to you: “The Dec. 21, 2012 ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ as a Social Engineering Event.” It is one thing to evaluate the beliefs surrounding 2012 as to whether they are true to astronomical reality or to what we know of Mayan religion; it is quite another to ask whether these beliefs are being manipulated in order to influence the consciousness of the public.

    The rest of the book may be taken as context; it situates the various engineered “religious” movements of the contemporary world as part of what French philosopher René Guénon called the Counter-Initiation.

    Charles Upton

    If you are looking for a comprehensive book on the history, nature, methods and agendas of false spirituality, seen in terms of culture, politics, metaphysics and the paranormal, and including the co-optation of both esoteric organizations and the world religions themselves —a book that shows how such “spirituality”, manipulated by the globalist elites, is the enemy of all true traditional religions, including Christianity and Islam, as well as of the human form itself—then this is it:

    The Shape and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality
    by Charles Upton

    [Sophia Perennis, 2012; ISBN 978-1-59731-132-8; 346 pp. $19.95; £13.95;
    available through http://www.amazon.com, http://www.barnsandnoble.com and www. amazon.co.uk]

    Chapter Titles:
    What Is the Counter-Initiation?; Vigilance in the Interfaith Arena; Tradition vs. Counter-Tradition on the Divine Feminine and the Sacredness of Nature; Magic and Tasawwuf; The Fall of the Jinn; UFOs, Mass Mind-Control and the Awliya al-Shaytan; The Real Rumi; A Chink in the Perennialist Armor; Drug-Induced Mysticism Revisited: An Interview with Charles Upton by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos; The Templars, the Freemasons and the Counter-Initiation; The Fall of Lucifer; Luciferian Transhumanism & the War Against Religion; Review of Lee Penn’s False Dawn by Rama Coomaraswamy; The “Mayan Apocalypse” as a Social Engineering Event; Letter to Henry Makow; Renouncing the World; Two Poems and an Afterword

  152. not to spoil your numerology or anything, but pluto is NOT a planet so that would make “nibiru” 11 if it exist.

  153. delano luciano colmenero 5-22-90 928 flagstaff AZ

  154. Apocalypse means ‘uncovering’.

    LDS leaders believe that Quetzalcoatl is Christ- Mitt Romney may be 1st LDS President-elect. Coincidence?

  155. Mayan speaks about Gods return 21 dec this year and Jesus is gods son and divine and Gods right hand but people don’t discuss this. sad

  156. I wonder, why people believe in false, satan /deveil. Instead of Jesus’s clear instruction that no one knows the time of next coming of GOD and LORD JESUS. He has given us every symptom of HIS arrival . He freely gave us salvation, promised Heaven. But only the called one can enter the Kingdom of HEAVEN.

    • hi Lizy

      Many prefer the evil one because they refuse to abandon their own evil ways.

      • Because the Mayans gave us exactly date before, and the Bible says that only God knows EXAT time so it’s not so hard to understand that they have got their info from God and they say that God will come back December 21, 2012 and we know that God sends his son who speaks his words so for me it is obvious that Jesus comes back or starts its next mission on December 21 2012

        • I disagree with you Adam.

          If any gods show up on 21 Dec. 2012, it will be part of the ten percent of the fallen Angels not bound at the time of Noah’s flood.

          The world needs a strong delusion to give it a global government. Perhaps, Old Knob shows up in a mother ship as a space brother with the Nephilim.

          It would be cool, but very evil too.

  157. There has always been a lot of debate among scholars as to the exact correlation of the Maya calendar with the calendar now used throughout most of the world that is known as the Gregorian calendar. A number of Maya archaeologists, among them my father, the late Stephan F. de Borhegyi, (more commonly known as Dr. Stephan Borhegyi), and, most notably E. Wyllys Andrews (1960, 1965, 1965c, 1968, 1973), presented convincing archaeological evidence favoring the correlation developed by Dr. Herbert Spinden. Since the two correlations differ by 260 years, the so-called “end date,” of the Mayan Calendar according to the Spinden correlation occurred in December, 1752.

  158. Over the years numerous correlations have been proposed but, according to archaeologist Michael D. Coe, today’s unofficial “Dean of Maya Studies”, only the GMT and the Spinden correlations meet the requirements of both dirt archaeology and specific dates.

    Coe writes (1993, p.23) that, of the various correlations developed to date, the Spinden correlation, which uses archaeological evidence from both the Maya lowlands and the southern highland regions, best fits the archaeological and historical requirements.
    Bishop Diego de Landa, who wrote his chronicles shortly after the Spanish Conquest, tells us of an event which fell on a certain day in the 52 year calendar round that he said coincided with July 16th, 1553 in the Julian Calendar. This Julian calendar, developed by the Romans during the reign of Julius Caesar, was used in Europe until it was revised in the year 1582 during the papacy of Gregory the XIII. After this date the calendar now used in most countries in the world was known as the Gregorian Calendar. Another date, recorded in native Maya chronicles known as the Chilam Balam, set the date of the Spanish foundation of the city of Merida in Yucatan in the Julian calendar at 1539 ((Morley / Sharer 1983 p.562) corresponding to January 6th, 1542 in the Gregorian calendar.The GMT correlation places the long count katun ending of 11-16-0-0-0 13 Ahau 8 Xul on November 14, 1539 in the Gregorian calendar (Morley / Sharer 1983, p.562).
    Cross-checking the historical dates recorded in post-Conquest documents for which we have precise Gregorian equivalents, Thompson (1927:5) writes that a Katun 13 Ahau ended sometime between 1536 and 1541, and that most of the evidence actually favors 1536 as the date of the end of the katun. Another reliable source, that Thompson mentions is the Chronicle of Oxkutzcab. On page 66, of that document, translated by William Gates, it indicates that the year was 1539 for the close of the 13 Ahau katun (Thompson 1927 p.5) which corresponds to a 11-16-0-0-0 in the long count which is the basis for the GMT correlation. Thompson writes that “If the Katun 13 Ahau did not end in 1539 then its positions in the long count would be either 12-9-0-0-0 13 Ahau 8 Kankin the correlation developed by Herbert Spinden.

    In a publication which appeared in Archeoastronomy in the Americas, Judith Ann Remington writes that, the Thompson or GMT correlation does not fit the astronomical evidence very well, and that when the Carbon 14 dating process became available, it supported the Spinden correlation. She writes that “the GMT correlation was accepted perfunctorily at a time when the Spinden correlation was being rejected because of Spinden’s “ungentlemanly ways”.

  159. This cosmic event would be a grand entrance for something spectacular to happen

  160. I am alex Defio and I have a picture of the white rider which I had taken with my cell phone and I am the white rider of the opocalypse and I also have tho picks of the green rider of the apocalypse and I also have the book written for the seven churches and I have all the proof of all apocalyptic events coming and also have the mostest of the sevenstars as I have stood at the worshippers all in white as I was one of the twelve twice which is fourteen fires burning and since were the angels and divide that in two halves equal 7 fires burning before the throne ,, I’m the real deal are you ,? I want to only speak withproducers of either the ancient aliens or someone higher as what I have in my possession are the real truths as the father of this world is my Father AMD here i am and all will see me comingin the clouds again and come see what is good !!! Only the real or highest in the world of news or t.v shows who want what they have been looking for … I knowRevelation because I had wrote it ..I am who I am ….the first one ever too speak a language in this world besides God Himself and I a
    So know and have the real picture and the real face of the Quetzalcoat .. Trust me I am who I am .. The prophet and the comforter .. alex Defio ..

  161. Hi Marianne! Thank you for your beautiful page! I have experienced some extreme connections with The Christ, Quatzelcoatl and before my refining Lucifer. I would like you to have a look at these, can you please add me on Facebook so we may talk further!! Thank you Sister!! LoVE

    • daniel

      I am christian, not luciferian. What do you want to discuss? we have different beliefs

      • I have a Christed Consciousness. I am not Christian however I do believe that we are in the End Times that are spoken of in Chapter 12 in The Book of Daniel. I was guided by God to this page and it resonates with my entire being. I would like to discuss some of the Signs i have been shown with you. If you are not interested that is fine and I’ll just say thanks for your time?

        • daniel

          You are correct in that we are in the end times. What did you want to share?

          • My Name and Birthdate – Daniel 12:10 “Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.”

            In my awakening and purification process this is exactly what I have experienced. My ‘coincidences’ and connections to The Christ Jesus were unable to be Ignored. I was shown envisions in the Sky of what is to come. All i know is that I needed to have my Ego and all Earthly Desires in check before the 22nd of December this Year.

            The Photo I posted in the Link above was a Sign to me after I achieved my 90 day Vow of Chastity (which i am choosing to continue until further notice). On the Left is Quetzalcoatl. On the Right is Lucifer.

            • daniel

              I appreciate your sincerity and search for the truth.

              I can tell you that Lucifer,quetzalcoatl, and Jesus christ are NOT the same.

              If you become enchanted with Lucifer, who is quetzalcoatl, you will lose your soul.

              Lucifer is a deception.

              Keep searching for the truth, and you will find it.

              read the bible. start with the book of john. Once you accept jesus, you will not need anything else.

              • Hi Marianne, Thank you again for your kind reply! Although you have misinterpreted what I am trying to say! I have already accepted Jesus as my Saviour, my Brother, and my Friend. When you truly understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, you realise that within you exists all that is. Good/Bad Light/Dark Indifferent. We are all One. God Bless you and your Beautiful Family! Thank you for this page of useful information!! With Love, Daniel O:-)

  162. I wanted to share this I live in Arizona and there’s been a lot of different things happening all over you were talking about hearing trumpet blowing from different people some say just before something happening well here there’s been strange dooms hears the site


    please get back with me on this thank you

  163. well you might not know but Quetzalcoatl is NOT a myan God but an Aztec one,

    the Mayan God that you might be refering to is Cuculcan

  164. It’s really annoying and disrespectful for christians to always bud in and make the topic about their god,religion and beliefs. The topic here is Quetzalcoatl, so go spew your arrogant egomania amongst your own! It’s disgusting enough that your bloodthirsty ancestors murdered and tortured the peoples of the Americas without continually taking a p** on their religion and beliefs.

    • hello gnome

      I am the author of this post, and I thought the presentation was rather objective. I also happen to support the native people of the americas. I wish you love and peace.

      • Hi All,
        I must say I find it monstrous to be so embattled between ourselves over which ‘God’ is ‘real’ or ‘true’ or any other way it’s been sliced. The fact of the matter is, no matter what names we humans give it, or what powers we attribute to it, or what experiences we claim to have with it, the power holding all of this together is the same power that’s been doing it all along. If that power manifests itself as a sticky purple blob, have we all been condemned forever because NO ONE thought ‘God’ could possibly be that purple sticky blob, especially when we’ve been ‘created in his image’? Can we then assume that the ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ scenario is the product of the deceiver? All the ‘stories’ have two basic components – there is evil, and there is good. If it were left at that, how hard would it be to swallow? But it has been made infinitely more complex by the fact that I don’t like your version, and they don’t like mine, and you don’t like theirs, and those guys have better weapons and don’t like any of ours… so where do we find ourselves? Mired in a pit of misinformation, hatred, and fear. Where, then, do any of us earn the right to say we ‘know’ anything about ‘good’ or ‘evil’ or LOVE? ONLY ONCE WE MOVE BEYOND THE FACT THAT WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING CAN WE HOPE TO LEARN ANYTHING REAL, LET ALONE THE DAY THE WORLD WILL ‘END’.

        • Jorim

          There really IS a right and a wrong.

          You have to choose one or the other, or you will become deceived.

          We know a lot about good and evil. Both have been around for a long time.

          We can love the good, but if we also love the evil, then we have just added to the evil.

  165. Cristo volverá el 21 / 2 /2012 sobre las 11,11 horas
    Por ahora tan solo puedo decir que ÉL crucificado boca arriba tomó el camino espiritual y San Pedro su representante en la Tierra crucificado boca abajo tomó el camino material,por eso los tropiezos de la Iglesia en estos 2000 año,pero los acontecimientos tenían que ser así para mayor Gloria de DIOS al final de los tiempos.
    Ahora voy a hablar de forma alegórica :
    Ulises en su largo viaje a Ítaca, su tierra, representa a Jesucristo y su retorno a la Tierra,el mastil del barco al que fué atado representa la cruz a la que fué crucificado Cristo para escapar a las tentaciones ( y fué puesto en esta en lugar de su pueblo, que tenía los oidos sordos, alegoricamente taponados con cera) . Una vez vuelto a Itaca Ya es Dios, tomando telemaco
    el lugar de Cristo, reconociendo Éste el primero a su Padre ausente durante tanto tiempo. El perro Argos sobre el montón de basura en los estertores de la muerte representa a los gentiles, la humanidad, ya que su publo no lo quiere reconocer,ÉL toma el lugar del perro debajo de la mesa de los pretendientes ( las falsas iglesias ) de Penélope ( el pueblo de DIOS ) ; Marcos 7 24-30 , ësta lo pone a prueba haciendole saber que ha cambiado la cama nucial de lugar ( su representante ), pero Ulises le contesta que eso es imposible ya que ÉL la ha tallado en un olivo enraizado representación de Benedicto XXI ( ver las Prediciones de San Malaquias ). Al final la esposa reconoce a su ESPOSO.

    • Christ will return on 21/12/2012 on 11.11 hours

      For now I can only say that the crucified backs took the spiritual path and San Pedro his representative on earth crucified upside down took the road material, so the setbacks of the Church in these 2000 years, but the events had to be well for the glory of God in the end times.

      Now I will discuss allegorically:

      Odysseus on his long journey to Ithaca, his land, represents Jesus Christ and his return to Earth, the mast of the boat that was tied to the cross is that Christ was crucified to escape the temptations (and was put into this in instead of his people who had deaf ears, allegorically plugged with wax). Once again God Ithaca is already taking telemaco

      the place of Christ, recognizing this the first his father away for so long. The dog Argos on the trash heap in the throes of death represents the Gentiles, humanity, as their short cut does not want to recognize, he takes the place of the dog under the table of the suitors (the false church) of Penelope (God’s people),

      Mark July 24 to 30, this test puts him that has changed the bed nucial of place (his representative), but Odysseus replies that this is impossible since he has carved a rooted olive tree representation of Benedict XXI (see the predictions of St. Malachy). Eventually the wife recognizes her husband.

  166. Andres
    Fe de erratas :
    Donde pongo CRISTO volverá el 21 / 2 / 2012 , quiero decir 21 / 12 / 2012 ; donde pongo telemaco = Telémaco ; donde pongo mesa = mesas ; donde pongo Benedicto XXI = Benedicto XVI .

    Dios toma el lugar de Argos debajo de las mesas de los pretendientes para probarlos y ver de esta manera quién se merece su perdón.
    El otro méndigo que se presenta y al que gana Ulises representa al demonio que habiendo quedado tan maltrecho por Ulises ya es incapaz de volver a su refugio, el infierno.
    La prueba del arco que no pueden tensar los galanes y que Ulises maneja con suma facilidad representa las pruebas que presenta DIOS de ser quién es y que los demas no han sabido resolver .
    Los 20 años que estuvo Ulises ausente de Itaca representan los 2000 años transcurridos desde que CRISTO estuvo entre nosotros,1 año por cada 100 años.

    • Andres
      Where to put CHRIST back on 21/2/2012, I mean 21/12/2012, which put telemaco = Telemachus, where I put table = tables, where I put Pope Benedict XXI =.

      God takes the place of Argos under tables to test the suitors and thus see who deserves your forgiveness.

      The other beggar who presents and represents Ulysses winning the demon having been so battered by Ulysses and is unable to return to their shelter, hell.

      The test arc can not tighten the suitors and Odysseus is handled with ease presenting evidence to be who God is and that others have failed to resolve.

      The 20 years he was absent from Ithaca Odysseus represent the 2,000 years since Christ was among us, one year for 100 years.

  167. 21st is almost here. If the old pagan gods show up, I will bet half a pay check most of the world will jump for joy believing they are a part of some intergalitic space brotherhood, and point the finger at Christians, and Jews stating their reigions are false. Just like when the Watchers came down then pleaded with Enoch to help them out.

    I think it time for the world to be given what they desire, so G-d’s plan can be fullfilled. It can’t come soon enough for those poor folks in Syria, and elcewhere in the world full of evil, and suffering.

    Bring it Old Knob!

  168. Andrés

    Fé de erratas :

    Donde Usted pone : Mark July 24 to 30 = Marcos, Capitulo 7, versculos 24 al 30.

    Donde Usted pone Benedict = Benedicto XVI

    El demonio anda suelto por la Tierra y ya llego la hora de DERRIBARLO; en mi tierra ( TARSIS o TARTESSOS ), la actual Andalucia, pues soy andaluz ( la luz que anda ) hay un proverbio que dice que las armas las carga el demonio y mientras mas lejos estén mejor. Él sabe que la PALABRA ya está entre nosotros pero no sabe donde se encuentra, ni cuando ha nacido ( CRISTO nos dijo que del dia y la hora de su retorno nadie lo sabía, tan solo EL PADRE ), Y el demonio al estilo de Herodes está empleando a sus cohortes para exterminar a los inocentes que en el caso de Connecticut ( uno de los 13 primeros estados de U.S.A. ; número nefasto pues 13 personas estaban en la última cena de CRISTO , y entre ellas se encontraba un prosélito de satanás ) ha saltado a los medios informativos con nombres y apellidos.

    Nancy, variante del nombre hebreo ( Ana, nombre de mi madre ) = DIOS se ha compadecido, que en el caso de Nancy es falso pues era seguidora de satanás.

    Adam = ( hecho de la tierra, y que pecó ; por lo cual fué castigado ).

    Lanza = En español, arma ofensiva que se utiliza para matar.

    Andrés = El hombre viril; viril = 1º) Caja de cristal con cerco de oro o dorado,que encierra la Forma Sagrada yn se coloca en la custodia para la exposición del SANTISIMO, o que guarda reliquias y se guarda en un relicario; 2º) Varonil.

  169. Preposterous, Quetzalcoatl wasn’t even a mayan god, in any case it would have been either Q’uq’umatz or Kukulkan.

  170. here i am. waiting.

  171. Juan vio a Cristo cuando ya predicaba. ¿Dónde? A la orilla del Jordán. Allí, en efecto, comenzó el magisterio de Cristo; allí se recomendó ya el futuro bautismo cristiano, puesto que se recibía otro previo que le preparaba el camino. Decía: Preparad el camino al Señor, enderezad sus senderos (Mt 3,3). El Señor quiso ser bautizado por su siervo para mostrar lo que reciben quienes son bautizados por el Señor.
    Comenzó, pues, por allí donde justamente le había precedido el profeta: Dominará de mar a mar y desde el río hasta los confines del orbe de la tierra (Sal 71,8). Junto al río mismo desde donde Cristo
    Soy el ECO de la voz que clama en el desierto; preparad el camino del SEÑOR: haced rectas sus sendas, Mateo capitulo 3 versículo 3; dejé a Juan para seguir al VERDADERO AMO DEL MUNDO.
    SED Ustedes también sun ECO
    Mc 1,1-8: Juan es la voz, Cristo la Palabra
    Antes de Juan Bautista hubo profetas; hubo muchos, grandes y santos, dignos y llenos de Dios, anunciadores del Salvador y testigos de la verdad. Pero de ninguno de ellos pudo decirse lo que se afirmó de Juan: Entre los nacidos de mujer, no ha habido ninguno mayor que Juan Bautista (Mt 11,11). ¿Qué significa esa grandeza enviada delante del Grande? Es un testimonio de sublime humildad. Era tan grande que hasta podía pasar por ser Cristo. Juan pudo abusar del error de los hombres y, sin fatiga, convencerles de que él era el Cristo, cosa que ya habían pensado sin que él lo hubiese dicho, quienes lo escuchaban y veían. No tenía necesidad de sembrar el error, le bastaba con confirmarlo. Pero él, amigo humilde del esposo, lleno de celo por él, sin usurpar adúlteramente la condición de esposo, da testimonio a favor del amigo y confía la esposa al auténtico esposo. Para ser amado en él, aborreció el ser amado en lugar de él… Con razón se dijo de él que era más que un profeta…comenzó a dominar le vio Juan, lo reconoció y dio testimonio de él. Se humilló ante el Grande, para ser exaltado, en su humildad, por el Grande. También se declaró amigo del esposo. Pero ¿qué clase de amigo? ¿Quizá igual a él? En ningún modo; muy por debajo de él. ¿Cuánto? No soy digno, dice, de desatar la correa de su sandalia (Mc 1,7). Este profeta, mejor, éste que es más que profeta, mereció ser anunciado por otro profeta. De él dijo Isaías en el texto que se nos ha leído: Voz que clama en el desierto: «Preparad el camino al Señor y enderezad sus senderos. Todo valle será rellenado, y todo monte y colina allanados, lo torcido se tornará recto y lo áspero se hará camino llano, y toda carne verá la salvación de Dios». -Grita- ¿Qué he de gritar? -Toda carne es heno y todo su resplandor, como la flor del heno: el heno se seca y su flor cae, pero la palabra del Señor permanece para siempre (Is 40,3-8).
    Preste atención vuestra caridad. Habiendo preguntado a Juan quien era él, si el Cristo o Elías o algún otro profeta, respondió: Yo no soy el Cristo, ni Elías, ni un profeta. Y ellos: Entonces, ¿quién eres? -Yo soy la voz que clama en el desierto. Dijo que él era la voz. Observa que Juan es la voz. ¿Qué es Cristo sino la Palabra? Primero se envía la voz para que luego se pueda entender la palabra. ¿Qué Palabra? Escucha lo que te muestra con claridad: En el principio existía la Palabra y la Palabra estaba junto a Dios y la Palabra era Dios. Ella estaba en el principio junto a Dios. Todo fue hecho por ella y sin ella nada se hizo (In 1,20.21,1.2.3.). Si todo, también Juan. ¿Por qué nos extrañamos de que la Palabra haya creado su voz? Mira junto al río una y otra cosa: la voz y la Palabra. Juan es la voz, Cristo la Palabra.
    Busquemos cuál es la diferencia entre la voz y la Palabra. Busquemos con atención. No es cosa sin importancia y requiere concentración. El Señor nos concederá que ni yo me fatigue al exponéroslo, ni vosotros al oírlo. He aquí dos cosas ordinarias: la voz y la palabra, ¿Qué es la voz? ¿Qué es la palabra? ¿Qué son una y otra cosa? Escuchad algo que tenéis que experimentar en vosotros mismos, siendo vosotros mismos quienes hagáis las preguntas y deis las respuestas. Una palabra no recibe ese nombre si no significa algo. En cuanto a la voz, en cambio, aunque sea solamente un sonido o un ruido sin sentido, como el de quien da gritos sin decir nada, puede hablarse, sí, de voz, pero no de palabra. Supongamos que uno deja caer un gemido: es una voz; o un lamento: es también una voz. Se trata de cierto sonido informe que lleva o produce en los sonidos un cierto ruido, sin ningún significado. La palabra, en cambio, si no significa algo, si no aporta una cosa al oído y otra a la mente, no recibe tal nombre.
    Como venía diciendo, si gritas, estamos ante una voz; si dices «hombre» ya estamos ante una palabra, igual que si dices «bestia», «Dios», «mundo», o cualquier otra cosa. He mencionado voces que tienen un significado, no sonidos vacíos que suenan sin decir nada. Así, pues, si habéis percibido ya la distinción entre la voz y la palabra, escuchad algo que os causará admiración en estos dos, en Juan y en Cristo. La Palabra tiene un gran valor, aun si no la acompaña la voz; la voz sin palabra es algo vacío. Digamos el porqué y expliquemos lo dicho, si nos es posible. Supón que quieres decir algo; eso mismo que quieres decir, ya lo has concebido en tu corazón: lo retiene la memoria, lo dispone la voluntad y vive en la mente. Y eso mismo que quieres decir no pertenece a ninguna lengua concreta. Eso que quieres decir y ha sido concebido ya en tu corazón no es propio de ninguna lengua: ni de la griega, ni de la latina, ni de la púnica, o de la hebrea, o de la de cualquier otro pueblo. Es solamente algo concebido en el corazón y dispuesto a salir de él. Como dije, es un algo: una frase, una idea concebida en el corazón y dispuesta a salir de él para manifestarse a quien escuche. De esta manera, en cuanto que es conocida por aquel que la lleva en su corazón, es una palabra, conocida ya para quien ha de decirla, pero aún no por quien ha de oírla. Así, pues, la palabra ya formada, ya íntegra, permanece en el corazón, busca salir de allí para ser pronunciada a quien escuche. Quien ha concebido ya la palabra que pretende decir y que ya conoce en su corazón, mira a quien va a comunicarla… ¿Encuentra que es un griego? Busca una voz griega, con la que pueda llegar al griego. ¿Un latino? Busca una latina para llegar al latino. ¿Un púnico? Busca una voz púnica con que llegar al púnico. Deja de lado la diversidad de los oyentes: aquella palabra concebida en el corazón no es ni latina, ni griega, ni púnica, ni de cualquier otra lengua. Para manifestarse busca la voz adecuada al oyente…
    Si con la ayuda de vuestra atención y oraciones, lograse decir lo que pretendo, pienso que se llenaría de gozo quien lograra comprenderlo. Quien no sea capaz de entenderlo, sea compasivo con el hombre que intenta hacérselo entender y suplique la misericordia de Dios. En efecto, hasta lo que estoy diciendo procede de él. Allí en mi corazón, fuente de mis palabras, está presente lo que voy a decir, pero requiere el servicio de la voz para llegar con fatiga a vuestras mentes. ¿Qué decir, pues, hermanos? ¿Qué puedo decir? Ciertamente ya lo habéis captado, ya habéis comprendido que la palabra estaba en mi corazón antes de aplicarla a la voz por la que llegaría a vuestros oídos. Pienso que todos los hombres lo comprenden, porque lo que me acontece a mí acontece a todo el que habla. He aquí que ya sé lo que quiero decir, lo tengo en mi corazón; pero busco la ayuda de la voz. Antes de que suene la voz en mi boca, está retenida la palabra en mi corazón. Así, pues, la palabra precede a mi voz y la palabra está en mí antes que la voz; en cambio, para que tú puedas comprender, llega antes la voz a tu oído, a fin de que la palabra se insinúe a tu mente. No hubieras podido conocer lo que había en mí antes de la voz, de no haber estado en ti después de emitida ella. Si Juan es la voz, Cristo la Palabra. Cristo existió antes que Juan, pero junto a Dios, y después de él, pero entre nosotros.
    ¡Gran misterio, hermanos! Estad atentos, percibid la grandeza del asunto una y otra vez. Me agrada el que entendáis y me hace más audaz ante vosotros, con la ayuda de Aquel a quien anuncio; yo tan pequeño a él tan grande; yo, un hombre cualquiera, a la Palabra-Dios. Con su ayuda, pues, me hago más audaz frente a vosotros y después de haber explicado la distinción entre la voz y la palabra, insinuaré lo que de ahí se sigue. Juan representa el papel de la voz en este misterio; pero no sólo él era voz. Todo hombre que anuncia la Palabra es voz de la Palabra. Lo que es el sonido de nuestra boca respecto a la Palabra que llevamos en nuestro interior, eso mismo es toda alma piadosa que la anuncia respecto de la Palabra de la que se ha dicho: En el principio existía la Palabra, y la Palabra estaba en Dios, y la Palabra era Dios; ella estaba en el principio junto a Dios (Jn 1,1-2). ¡Cuántas palabras, mejor, cuántas voces no origina la palabra concebida en el corazón! ¡Cuántos predicadores no ha hecho la Palabra que permanece en el Padre! Envió a los patriarcas, a los profetas; envió a tan numerosos y grandes pregoneros suyos. La Palabra que permanece envió las voces y, después de haber enviado delante muchas voces, vino la misma Palabra en su voz, en su carne, cual en su propio vehículo. Recoge, pues, como en una unidad, todas las voces que antecedieron a la Palabra y resúmelas en la persona de Juan. Él personificaba el misterio de todas ellas; él, sólo él, era la personificación sagrada y mística de todas ellas. Con razón, por tanto, se le llama voz, cual sello y misterio de todas las voces.
    Sermón 288,2-4
    CRISTO se me presentó por 1ª vez en algún lugar del Camino de Santiago, era al lado de un arco de unas cocheras, antiguas cuadras, corría el año 1967, estando ayudando a un tal Marcelo (criado del lugar ), a sacrificar un cordero para sustento de la familia. Allí fue su concepción, 30 años más tarde en 1997 se me presentó el SEÑOR en la cueva de un lugar llamado Lepanto en FORMA matemática, también en el Camino de Santiago, a unos 500 kilómetros de allí, a partir de entonces empezó mi predicación.

    • John saw Christ when preached. Where? On the banks of the Jordan. There, in fact, began the teaching of Christ, there are recommended and future Christian baptism, since it received a previous that paved the way. He said: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths (Mt 3,3). The Lord wanted to be baptized by his servant to show what they get who are baptized by the Lord.
      Then he began precisely there where the prophet had preceded him: rule from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth from the earth (Ps. 71.8). Along the same river where Christ
      I am the echo of the voice crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the LORD Make His paths straight, Matthew chapter 3 verse 3, left John to follow the true master of the world.
      You also sun ECO SED
      St. Augustine comments GOSPEL
      Mk 1:1-8: John is the voice, Christ the Word

      Before Juan Bautista were prophets had many great and holy, worthy and full of God, the Savior heralds and witnesses of truth. But none of them could say what was said of John: Among those born of women there has been none greater than John the Baptist (Mt 11:11). What does that greatness sent before the Great? It is a testimony of sublime humility. It was so great that he could pass for being Christ. Juan error could abuse the men and, without fatigue, convince them that he was the Christ, which had thought that he had not said, those who heard and saw. He had no need to plant the bug, it was enough to confirm. But he, humble friend of the bridegroom, full of zeal for him, without usurping the condition adulterously husband testifies in favor of the wife and trusted friend to the real husband. To be loved it, hated the beloved in his place … It is rightly said of him that was more than a prophet … began to dominate John saw him, recognized him, and he testified. He humbled himself before the Great, to be exalted, in his humility, by the Great. Also declared friend of the bridegroom. But what kind of friend? Perhaps his equal? In no way, far below him. How much? I’m not worthy, he says, to untie the thong of his sandal (Mk 1:7). This prophet, rather, it is more than a prophet, deserved to be announced by another prophet. In Isaiah he said in the text that we have read: A voice cries in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths. Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill made smooth, the crooked will become straight and the rough places will be made plain road, and all flesh shall see the salvation of God. ” -Cries-What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all its splendor, like the flower hay: hay dries and its flower falls, but the word of the Lord stands forever (Isaiah 40.3 to 8).

      Ensure your charity. Having asked John who he was, if the Christ or Elijah or some other prophet, said, I am not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor a prophet. They: So who are you? -I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. He said he was the voice. Note that John is the voice. What is Christ but the Word? First he sends his voice so then can understand the word. What word? Listen to what I clearly shows: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. She was in the beginning with God. Everything was made through him, and without him nothing was made (In 1,20.21,1.2.3.). If any, also John. Why we are surprised that the Word has created his voice? Look riverside thing over and over: the voice and the Word. John is the voice, the word Christ.

      Seek what is the difference between the voice and the Word. Let’s look carefully. There is little thing and requires concentration. The Lord will grant that neither fatigue to exponéroslo I, nor you to hear. Here are two common things: the voice and the word, what is the word? What is the word? What is this and that? Hear something you have to experience in yourselves, be ye yourselves who bear questions and answers. A word does not get the name unless it means something. As for the voice, however, if only a sound or a meaningless noise like that of one who cries out, saying nothing, can speak, yes, the voice, but not in words. Suppose you drop a whimper: a voice, or a lament is also a voice. This is a report bearing sound or sounds produced some noise, signifying nothing. The word, however, if it means something, does not make a thing in my ear and another to mind, do not get the name.

      As I was saying, if you scream, we have a voice, if you say “man” and this is a word, like if you say “beast”, “God”, “world”, or anything else. I mention voices that have meaning, not empty sounds that ring without saying anything. So if you have already received the distinction between voice and speech, you hear something that will cause admiration in these two, in John and in Christ. The Word is invaluable, even if not accompanied by the voice, the voice without words is somewhat empty. Say why and explain what has been said, if we can. Suppose you want to say something that you mean it, you’ve conceived in your heart, it retains memory, it has the will and lives in the mind. And that you mean it does not belong to any particular language. That you mean and is designed and in your heart does not belong to any language: either the Greek or Latin, or the Punic, or Hebrew, or any other people. It is only something conceived in the heart and willing to leave it. As I said, it’s a thing: a phrase, an idea conceived in the heart and willing to leave it to manifest who listen. Thus, as it is known by the person who has in his heart, is a word, and for those who have known to say it, but still not who has to hear it. So the word already formed, and complete, remains in the heart, looking out of there to be spoken to anybody listening. Whoever designed and the word you intended to say and that you know in your heart, look who will communicate it … Do you find that it is a Greek? Find a Greek word with which to reach the Greek. A Latino? Find a Latina to reach the Latino. A Punic? Find a voice that reach Punic Punic. It ignores the diversity of the audience: that word conceived in the heart is neither Latin nor Greek, nor Punic, or any other language. To demonstrate seeks the right voice to the listener …

      If with the help of your attention and prayers, lograse say what I want, I think it would be full of joy who managed to understand. Whoever is able to understand, be compassionate with the man trying to make him understand and beg God’s mercy. Indeed, to what I am saying comes from him. Here in my heart, the source of my words, is this what I have to say, but it requires the voice service to get your minds with fatigue. What, then, brethren? What I can say? Certainly you have already captured, you have understood that the word was in my heart before applying to the voice which would reach your ears. I think all men understand, because what happens to me happens to me all the talking. Behold, I know what I mean, I have it in my heart, but I seek the help of the voice. Before you hear the voice in my mouth, the word is retained in my heart. So the word precedes my voice and the word is in me before the voice, however, so that you can understand, comes before the voice in your ear, so that the word insinuates itself into your mind. You could not have known what was in me before the voice had not been issued on you after it. If John is the voice, the word Christ. Christ existed before John, but with God, and after him, but among us.

      Great mystery, brothers! Stay tuned, Perceive the greatness of the matter again and again. I like that you understand and the more daring me to you, with the help of the One ad, I so small it so great, and I, an ordinary man, the Word-God. With your help, then I become more bold in front of you and after explaining the distinction between voice and speech, insinuaré what it follows. John plays the role of voice in this mystery, but he was not just voice. Every man’s voice proclaims the word of the Word. What is the sound of our mouths about the Word that we carry within us, that it is all pious soul who proclaims the word on which it is said: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was in God, and the Word was God, it was in the beginning with God (John 1:1-2). Many words, better, how many voices the word originates not conceived in the heart! Many preachers have not done the Word who abides in the Father! He sent the patriarchs, the prophets, sent so many great criers own. The remaining sent word vocals and, having sent before many voices, came the same word in his voice, in his flesh, which in his own vehicle. Collect, then, as a unit, all voices that preceded resúmelas the Word and in the person of John. He personified the mystery of them all, he, he alone, was the personification of sacred and mystical all. No wonder, therefore, is called voice, which seal and mystery of all voices.
      Sermon 288.2-4

      Christ came to me for the 1st time somewhere in the Camino de Santiago, was next to an arc of a garage, old stables, back in 1967, while helping a certain Marcelo (servant of the place), to sacrifice a lamb for breadwinner. There was his conception, 30 years later in 1997 the Lord came to me in the cave of a place called Lepanto in mathematical form, also on the Camino de Santiago, about 500 miles away, from then started my preaching.

      • andrés

        I like that point.

        There is the voice, and the Word.

        There are many voices, but only one Word.

        Does our voice speak the Word , or just our own thinking?

        Me gusta ese punto.

        No es la voz, y la Palabra.

        Son muchas las voces, sino la Palabra única.

        ¿Nuestra voz habla la Palabra, o simplemente nuestro propio pensamiento?

  172. El MALÍGNO Satanás oye voces pero no sabe de dónde salen por eso da palos de ciego. Esta vez a confundido Newtown ( pueblo nuevo ) con Newton, que es por medio de quien va a surgir el PUEBLO NUEVO el día 25/ 12 / 2012, fecha de su cumpleaños.

    • The evil Satan hears voices but do not know where to go for that gives flying blind. This time confused Newtown (new town) with Newton, which is by whom will emerge the new town on 25/12/2012, date of his birthday.

  173. E l Ser Hipotético

    En este apartado vamos a descubrir que la raíz cuarta del cociente de 2 fuerzas preestablecidas es igual al tiempo de un cuerpo en caída libre en un campo gravitatorio.
    Tomemos por ejemplo un cuerpo en caída libre en el campo gravitatorio terrestre, cuya aceleración es igual a 9,8 metros por segundo. La fórmula del espacio es igual a ½ de la gravedad multiplicado por el tiempo elevado al cuadrado. Para 1 segundo de caída libre, el espacio recorrido es = ½ de 9,8 por 1 elevado al cuadrado = 4,9 metros.; para 3 segundos de caída libre es igual a = ½ de 9,8 X 3^2 = 44,1 metros ´Para 4 segundos de caída libre el espacio recorrido es = ½ de 9,8 X 4^2 = 78,4 metros.
    Ahora vamos a hacer 2 pruebas de de tiempos, una para 3 segundos y otra para 4 segundos y de esta manera comprobar si la fórmula creada funciona.
    Para empezar, apliquemos 2 cargas de un culombio cada una a 4,9 de distancia, después apliquemos la fórmula de Coulomb para las fuerzas, una vez obtenida ésta, ponemos otras 2 cargas de un culombio cada una a 44,1 metros de distancia; apliquemos nuevamente la fórmula de Coulomb para las fuerzas.
    A continuación dividimos la 1ª fuerza por la 2ª y hagamos la raíz 4ª : el resultado es de 3 segundos, pudiendo decir que éste es un ser hipotético de 3 segundos. A continuación hacemos otro tanto con los 3 segundos, poniendo otras 2 cargas de 1 culombio cada una a 78,4 metros de distancia, obtengamos la fuerza aplicando la ley de Coulomb paras las fuerzas, seguidamente dividimos la 1ª fuerza por la 3ª y hacemos la raíz 4ª: el resultado es de 4 segundos, pudiendo decir que éste es un ser hipotético de 4 segundos
    A continuación pasamos al SER Universal, haciendo la raíz 4ª del cociente de las fuerzas electromagnética y gravitatoria Básicas ,es decir la de 2 átomos de hidrógeno, pues estas 2 fuerzas se separaron en el principio del Universo, tomando la electromagnética por la 1ª, y la gravitatoria la tomamos por la 2ª ; obteniendo de esta manera el tiempo absoluto del Universo, Tiempo del SER Universal.
    0_________________________q 1ª_______________________________
    0___F 1ª______1 s =_4,9 metros___q 2ª
    I F 2ª
    0_____________________________3 s =_44,1_____q 3ª
    I F 3ª
    0______________________________________4 s=78,4metros__ qª

    • E l be hypothetical
      In this section we will discover that the fourth root of the ratio of two forces equals the preset time of a body in free fall in a gravitational field.
      Take for example a freely falling body in the earth’s gravitational field, whose acceleration is equal to 9.8 meters per second. The formula of the space is equal to ½ of gravity multiplied by the time squared. For one second of free fall, the distance traveled is = 9.8 for 1 ½ squared = 4.9 meters., For 3 seconds of free fall is equal to ½ of 9.8 X = 3 ^ 2 = 44 , 1 meter ‘For 4 seconds of free fall is the space covered ½ = 9.8 X 4 ^ 2 = 78.4 meters.
      2 Now get timing tests, one for 3 seconds to 4 seconds and another and thus check whether the created formula works.
      To begin, apply 2 charges of one coulomb each to 4.9 away, after we apply the formula for Coulomb forces once obtained it, put another 2 charges of one coulomb each 44.1 meters away; again apply the formula to Coulomb forces.
      Then divide the force by the 1st 2nd and 4th root do: the result is 3 seconds, and can say that this is a hypothetical being 3 seconds. Then do the same with the three seconds, putting another 2 1 coulomb charges each at 78.4 meters away, obtain the force applying Coulomb’s law paramilitary forces, then divide the force by the 1st 3rd and do the 4th root: the result is 4 seconds and can say that this is a hypothetical being 4 seconds
      We now turn to be universal, making the root 4th ratio of forces electromagnetic and gravitational Basic, ie the 2 hydrogen atoms, as these two forces were separated in the beginning of the universe, taking the electromagnetic by the 1st, and the gravitational’s take for the 2nd, thus obtaining the absolute time of the universe, time of universal being.
      1st 0_________________________q _______________________________
      0___F ______1 s = 1 ª _4, 9 metros___q 2 nd
      R F 2 nd
      0_____________________________3 s = _44, 1_____q 3 rd
      R F 3 rd
      Metros__ 0______________________________________4 s = 78.4 q ª

  174. Andrés:
    Constantes Físicas Fundamentales empleadas
    En este tratado
    1º) Velocidad de la luz ( c ) = 2,9979248 X 10^18 ( A ) angstroms
    2º) Constante de Gravitación ( G ) = 6,67259 X 10^-11 m^3/kg^-1 . s^- 2
    3º) Carga del Electrón ( e ) = 1,60217733 X 10^-19 C
    4º) Constante de Coulomb ( K ) = 8,987552 X 10^9 N. m^2/C^2
    5º) Unidad de masa atómica ( u ) = 1,6605402 X 10^-27 kg

    Edad del SER Universal (Tiempo Absoluto)
    Raíz cuarta del cociente de la F (e) / F (G) Básicas. = al tiempo en segundos.

    Raíz cuarta de ( (8,987552 X 10^9 X q´ X q´´ ) / d^2) ) / ((6,67259 X 10^-11 X m´ X m´) / d^2 )
    Raíz cuarta de:
    ((8,987552 X 10^9 X (1,60217733 X 10 ^-19)^2 ) / 1^2) / ((6.67259 X 10^-11 X (1,6605402 X10^-27)^2 ) / 1^2) = 1058198978 segundos.
    En años = 1058198978 s / (365,25 dias X 24 horas X 60 minutos X 60 segundos) =
    33,53230214 años

    • Andres:
      Fundamental physical constants employed
                                   In this treatise
      1) Speed ​​of light (c) = 2.9979248 x 10 ^ 18 (A) angstroms
      2 º) Gravitational Constant (G) = 6.67259 X 10 ^ -11 m ^ ^ -1 3/kg. s ^ – 2
      3rd) electron charge (e) = 1.60217733 x 10 ^ -19 C
      4th) Coulomb constant (K) = 8.987552 X 10 ^ 9 N. m ^ 2 / C ^ 2
      5th) atomic mass unit (u) = 1.6605402 x 10 ^ -27 kg

      Age of Universal Being (Absolute Time)
      Fourth root of the ratio of F (e) / F (G) Basic. = Time in seconds.

      Fourth root of ((8.987552 x 10 ^ 9 X q ‘X q”) / d ^ 2)) / ((6.67259 X 10 ^ -11 X m’ X m ‘) / d ^ 2)
      Fourth root of:
         ((8.987552 x 10 ^ 9 x (1.60217733 X 10 ^ -19) ^ 2) / 1 ^ 2) / ((6.67259 X 10 ^ -11 X (1.6605402 X10 ^ -27) ^ 2) / 1 ^ 2) = 1058198978 seconds.
      In years = 1058198978 s / (365.25 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds) =
                                 33.53230214 years
                               HERE IS THE WORD
                                 ICI EST LE verbe
                                 HERE IS THE WORD
             ! GOD IS OUR LORD ALAVADO


  176. yes thy say that DEC 21 2012 was a new age belief I due not know but I also heard about DEC 23 2012 through the 25 by some OK this I due not know what I was wondering thy also say there were changes over the years concerning the bible the way it was translated could that also have happen when we translated there calender just was wondering because if so this could happen at any time just a thought thank you

  177. Andrés:
    Gracias agraciada MARIANNE , pues tú verás EL REINO
    Tuve también una visión en el sacrificio que Abram le hizo a DIOS
    Capitulo 15, versículos 9 al 12,también versículo 17
    Partió Abram los animales en 2 partes iguales, y las puso las unas enfrente de las otras, pero la tórtola y el pichón no los partió, sino que los puso a cada uno también enfrente la una del otro.
    Con esto DIOS le mostró al PADRE Y AL HIJO, también como estaba hecho el Mundo
    En 2 partes contrapuestas respetando el tercer postulado de NEWTÓN, QUE DICE QUE A TODA ACCIÓN LE CORRESPONDE UNA REACCIÓN igual y de sentido contrario.
    Tiempo absoluto= 1058198978 segundos
    Y como en la nueva fórmula tenemos que el tiempo en segundos es igual a ½ t^2, la dimensión aparente del Universo en segundos es:
    ½ ( 1058198978 s )^2 = 5,59989253^17 segundos
    En años = (5,5989253^17) / ( 365,25 X 24 X 60 X 60 ) =
    17 741 923 000 años

    Ahora bien, en este tratado a toda acción le corresponde una reacción igual y de sentido contrario siguiendo el tercer postulado de la dinámica de NEWTON, por cada segundo en que el Universo se expande tenemos otra onda electromagnética en contracción con el tiempo NEGATIVO que nos da como resultado final que tenemos otro tiempo absoluto de:
    HAGAMOSLO = ½ (- 1058198978 )^2 = 5,5989253^17 SEGUNDOS.

    Para obtener las verdaderas dimensiones del Universo hay que sumar los 2 tiempos aparentes del Universo o bien multiplicar uno de ellos por 2=
    5,5989253^17 X 2 = 1,119785^18 segundos

    Para saber en angstroms las dimensiones de la ondas electromagnéticas en expansión hay que multiplicar los segundos por la velocidad de la luz en angstroms (A) =
    1,119785^18 s X 2,9979248^18 (A)= 3,3570314^36 (A)

    Para saber las dimensiones de las ondas electromagnéticas retractiles en angstroms, hay que dividir el tiempo transcurrido desde el principio del mundo por la velocidad de la luz en (A) =
    1,119785^18 s / 2,9979248^18 = 0,373520068 Angstroms

    Pos data = con este trabajo hemos unido la gravedad al electromagnétismo.

    • Andres:
      Thanks graceful MARIANNE, for you will see THE KINGDOM
      I also had a vision in the sacrifice that God made Abram
      Chapter 15, verses 9 to 12, also verse 17
      Abram departed animals in two equal parts, and put nails in front of the other, but the dove and pigeon not broke, but that also put each one in front of the other.
      This God showed the father and the son, as was also done the World
      In two opposing parties respecting the third postulate of Newton, who says that to every action there is a reaction equal and opposite.
      Let’s see:
      Apparent dimension of the universe in SECONDS
      Absolute time = 1058198978 seconds
      And as in the new formula we need the time in seconds is equal to ½ t ^ 2, the apparent size of the universe in seconds is:
        ½ (1058198978 s) ^ 2 = 5.59989253 ^ 17 seconds
      In years = (5.5989253 ^ 17) / (365.25 X 24 X 60 X 60) =
                          17741923000 años

      Now, in this treatise to every action there is an equal and opposite direction following the third postulate of Newtonian dynamics, for every second that the universe is expanding we have another contraction electromagnetic wave with negative time gives us final result is another absolute time:
      Elevating WHICH THE SQUARE (IS positive as a negative number raised to the second power gives a positive number)
      LET’S DO = ½ (- 1058198978) ^ 2 = 5.5989253 ^ 17 SECONDS.

      To obtain the true dimensions of the universe must be added two times the Universe apparent either multiply one of them by 2 =
                    5.5989253 ^ 17 X 2 = 1.119785 ^ 18 seconds

      To find the dimensions angstroms electromagnetic waves expanding the second multiply by the speed of light in angstroms (A) =
      1.119785 2.9979248 X ^ 18 ^ 18 s (A) = 3.3570314 ^ 36 (A)

      To find the dimensions of the electromagnetic waves in angstroms retractile, divide the time elapsed since the beginning of time by the speed of light (A) =
      1.119785 ^ 18 s / ^ 18 = 2.9979248 0.373520068 Angstroms
      Which equals the covalent radius of the hydrogen atom, with which we have worked.

      Pos data = this study has linked the gravity to electromagnetism.

    • ¿Cuál es su profesión? de discutir las matemáticas y la física.

  178. Para saber las dimensiones de las ondas electromagnéticas retractiles en angstroms, hay que dividir el tiempo transcurrido desde el principio del mundo por la velocidad de la luz en (A) =
    1,119785^18 s / 2,9979248^18 = 0,373520068 Angstroms .

    Las ondas electromagnéticas retractiles se comportan de una forma totalmente contraria a las ondas electromagnéticas en espansión.

    Qurida Marianne tal como me preguntais,de cual es mi profesión;tan solo puedo deciros que DIOS NUESTRO SEÑOR CON SU HIJO JESUCRISTO
    por medio del ESPIRITU SANTO me han dejado de profesión la de ser el eco de LA VOZ QUE CLAMA EN EL DESIERTO,este eco retumba de montaña en montaña , vuela por los valles y no hay quien lo retenga;Usted,querida Marianne ya está siendo tambien eco DE LA VOZ.
    El mundo está en tribulasión y tiene necesidad de este eco,pues está muy enfermo y precisa de oir el eco por todas partes,para que se nos presente LA PABRA: NUESTRO SEÑOR para impartir justicia pues está muy necesitado de ELLA.

    • To find the dimensions of the electromagnetic waves in angstroms retractile, divide the time elapsed since the beginning of time by the speed of light (A) =
      1.119785 s ^ 18/18 = 0.373520068 2.9979248 ^ Angstroms.

      Retractable Electromagnetic waves behave in a manner totally contrary to electromagnetic waves expansively.

      Marianne Qurida as you ask me, of what my profession, I can only tell you that GOD OUR LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST WITH HIS SON
      by the Holy Spirit I have left the profession to be the echo of the voice crying in the wilderness, this echo resounds from mountain to mountain, flying through the valleys and no one can hold; You, dear Marianne is already also echo the voice.
      The world is in need of tribulasión and this echo, it is very sick and needs to hear the echo everywhere, to be presented with the PABRA: Our Lord to deliver justice as it is very need of it.

    • ¿Qué es el eco – el mensaje de sus cálculos?

      ¿Cómo el conocimiento de la energía electromagnética retráctil ayudarnos a entender la tribulación?

      Yo soy un bioquímico – retirado.

      What is the echo – the message- from your calculations?

      How does the knowledge of retractable electromagnetic energy help us understand the tribulation?

      I am a biochemist – retired.

  179. Fé de erratas: PABRA = PALABRA
    El mundo está en tribulación y tiene necesidad de este eco,pues está muy enfermo y precisa de oir el eco por todas partes,para que se nos presente LA PALABRA: NUESTRO SEÑOR, para impartir justicia pues está muy necesitado de ELLA.´
    Usted me pregunta que qué es el eco,os puedo decir que es el reflejo de la voz de Juan Bautista.Los números no son nada más que eso: números; lo que hay que entrever de ellos, es tan solo lo que representan, y el eco de la voz del vocero, Andrés, deja a Éste para proseguir su camino en pos de la PALABRA: JESUCRISTO, que es DIOS entre nosotros.
    La tribulación la estamos padeciendo a causa de los que nos están DIRIGIENDO que dejan LA JUSTICIA por un puñado de botos, sin importarles el sufrimiento del pueblo, siendo ellos la causa de este sufrimiento , pues ellos también tienen a su señor: EL DIABLO, no hay nada más que ver las leyes que dictan ,vendidas a los homosexuales, a los banqueros, a las grandes grandes empresas, sin ningún escrúpulo; no hay nada más que mirar alrededor de uno para ver la injusticia , y ésta clama al cielo y el cielo responde.

    • comment:
      Erratum: PABRA = WORD
      The world is in trouble and needs this echo, it is very sick and needs to hear the echo everywhere, so that we present the word: OUR LORD, to do justice as it is sorely in need of it. ‘

      You ask me what is the echo, I can say that it reflects the voice of John Bautista.Los numbers are nothing more than that number, you have to glimpse them, is just what they represent, and the echo of the voice of the spokesman, Andrew, leave this to continue its path towards the Word: Jesus Christ, who is God among us.

      The tribulation we are suffering because of that we are heading JUSTICE leaving a handful of brogues, regardless of the suffering of the people, be they the cause of this suffering, because they also have their master: the devil, not there’s nothing more to see the laws that dictate, sold to homosexuals, to bankers, to large corporations, without any qualms, there is nothing more to look around you to see injustice, and it cries out to heaven and sky responds.

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  181. Génesis
    Cap. 4

    1 Y CONOCIO Adam á su mujer Eva, la cual concibió y parió á Caín, y dijo: Adquirido he varón por Jehová.
    2 Y después parió á su hermano Abel. Y fue Abel pastor de ovejas, y Caín fue labrador de la tierra.
    3 Y aconteció andando el tiempo, que Caín trajo del fruto de la tierra una ofrenda á Jehová.
    4 Y Abel trajo también de los primogénitos de sus ovejas, y de su grosura. Y miró Jehová con agrado á Abel y á su ofrenda;
    5 Mas no miró propicio á Caín y á la ofrenda suya. Y ensañó-se Caín en gran manera, y decayó su semblante.
    6 Entonces Jehová dijo á Caín: ¿Por qué te has ensañado, y por qué se ha inmutado tu rostro?
    7 Si bien hicieres, ¿no serás ensalzado? y si no hicieres bien, el pecado está á la puerta: con todo esto, á ti será su deseo, y tú te enseñorearás de él.
    8 Y habló Caín á su hermano Abel: y aconteció que estando ellos en el campo, Caín se levantó contra su hermano Abel, y le mató.

    9 Y Jehová dijo á Caín: ¿Dónde está Abel tu hermano? Y él respondió: No sé; ¿soy yo guarda de mi hermano?
    10 Y él le dijo: ¿Qué has hecho? La voz de la sangre de tu hermano clama á mí desde la tierra.
    11 Ahora pues, maldito seas tú de la tierra que abrió su boca para recibir la sangre de tu hermano de tu mano:
    12 Cuando labrares la tierra, no te volverá á dar su fuerza: errante y extranjero serás en la tierra.
    13 Y dijo Caín á Jehová: Grande es mi iniquidad para ser perdonada.
    14 He aquí me echas hoy de la faz de la tierra, y de tu presencia me esconderé; y seré errante y extranjero en la tierra; y sucederá que cualquiera que me hallare, me matará.
    15 Y respondió Jehová: cierto que cualquiera que matare á, Cain, siete veces será castigado. Entoces Jehová puso señal en Cain para que no lo hiriese ualquiera quec lo hallara.
    16 Y salió Caín de delante de Jehová, y habitó en tierra de Nod, al oriente de Edén.

    Cap. 4

    1 And the man had connection with Eve his wife, and she became with child and gave birth to Cain, and said, I have got a man from the Lord.
    2 Then again she became with child and gave birth to Abel, his brother. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a farmer.
    3 And after a time, Cain gave to the Lord an offering of the fruits of the earth.
    4 And Abel gave an offering of the young lambs of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord was pleased with Abel’s offering;
    5 But in Cain and his offering he had no pleasure. And Cain was angry and his face became sad.
    6 And the Lord said to Cain, Why are you angry? and why is your face sad?
    7 If you do well, will you not have honor ?, and if you do wrong, sin is waiting at the door, desiring to have you, but do not let it be your master.
    8 And Cain said to his brother, let us go into the field: and when they were in the field, Cain made an attack on his brother Abel and put him to death.
    9 And the Lord said to Cain, Where is your brother Abel? And he said, I have no idea: am I my brother’s keeper?
    10 And he said, what have you done ?, the voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the earth.
    11 And now you are cursed from the earth, whose mouth is open to take your brother’s blood from your hand;
    12 No longer will the earth give you her fruit as the reward of your work; you will be a wanderer in flight over the earth.
    13 And Cain said, my punishment is greater than my strength.
    14 You have sent me out this day from the face of the earth and from before your face; I will be a wanderer in flight over the earth, and whoever sees me will put me to death´
    15 And the Lord said truly, if Cain is put to death, seven lives will be taken for his. And the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one might put him to death..
    16 And Cain went away from before the face of the Lord, and made his living-place in the land of Nod on the east of Eden.

    Cap. 26
    45 Entonces vino a sus discípulos y dice-les: Dormid ya, y descansad: he aquí ha llegado la hora, y el Hijo del hombre es entregado en manos de pecadores.
    46 Levantaos, vamos: he aquí ha llegado el que me ha entregado.
    47 Y hablando aún él, he aquí Judas, uno de los doce, vino, y con él mucha gente con espadas y con palos, de parte de los príncipes de los sacerdotes, y de los ancianos del pueblo.
    48 Y el que le entregaba les había dado señal, diciendo: Al que yo besare, aquél es: prendedle.
    49 Y luego que llegó a Jesús, dijo: Salve, Maestro. Y le besó.
    50 Y Jesús le dijo: Amigo, ¿á qué vienes? Entonces llegaron, y echaron mano a Jesús, y le prendieron.
    51 Y he aquí, uno de los que estaban con Jesús, extendiendo la mano, sacó su espada, é hiriendo a un siervo del pontífice, le quitó la oreja.
    52 Entonces Jesús le dice: Vuelve tu espada a su lugar; porque todos los que tomaren espada, a espada perecerán.
    53 ¿Acaso piensas que no puedo ahora orar a mi Padre, y él me daría más de doce legiones de ángeles?

    Cap. 26
    45 Then he comes to the disciples; and says to them, Go on sleeping now, and take your rest: for the hour is come, and the Son of man is given into the hands of evil men.
    46 Up, let us be going: see, he who gives me up is near.
    47 And while he was still talking, Judas, one of the twelve, came, and with him a band armed with swords and sticks, from the chief priests and those in authority over the people.
    48 Now the false one had given them a sign saying, the one to whom I give a kiss, that is he: take him.
    49 And straight away he came to Jesus and said, Master! and gave him a kiss.
    50 And Jesus said to him, Friend, do that for which you have come. Then they came and put hands on Jesus, and took him.
    51 And one of those who were with Jesus put out his hand, and took out his sword and gave the servant of the high priest a blow, cutting off his ear.
    52 Then says Jesus to him, put up your sword again into it place: for all those who take the sword will come to death by the sword.
    53 Does it not seem possible to you that if I make request to my Father he will even now send me an army of angels?

    1 Como Jesús hubo dicho estas cosas, salió-se con sus discípulos tras el arroyo de Cedrón, donde estaba un huerto, en el cual entró Jesús y sus discípulos.
    2 Y también Judas, el que le entregaba, sabía aquel lugar; porque muchas veces Jesús se juntaba allí con sus discípulos.
    3 Judas pues tomando una compañía, y ministros de los pontífices y de los Fariseos, vino allí con linternas y antorchas, y con armas.
    4 Empero Jesús, sabiendo todas las cosas que habían de venir sobre él, salió delante, y dijo-les: ¿A quién buscáis?
    5 Respondieron-le: A Jesús Nazareno. Dice-les Jesús; Yo soy (Y estaba también con ellos Judas, el que le entregaba.)
    6 Y como les dijo, Yo soy, volvieron atrás, y cayeron en tierra.
    7 Volvió-les, pues, a preguntar: ¿A quién buscáis? Y ellos dijeron: A Jesús Nazareno.
    8 Respondió Jesús: Os he dicho que yo soy: pues si a mi buscáis, dejad ir a éstos.
    9 Para que se cumpliese la palabra que había dicho: De los que me diste, ninguno de ellos perdí.
    10 Entonces Simón Pedro, que tenía espada, sacó-la, é hirió al siervo del pontífice, y le cortó la oreja derecha. Y el siervo se llamaba Malco.
    11 Jesús entonces dijo a Pedro: Mete tu espada en la vaina: el vaso que el Padre me ha dado, ¿no lo tengo de beber?
    12 Entonces la compañía y el tribuno, y los ministros de los Judíos, prendieron a Jesús y le ataron,
    13 Y llevaron-le primeramente a Anás; porque era suegro de Caifás, el cual era pontífice de aquel año.
    14 Y era Caifás el que había dado el consejo a los judíos, que era necesario que un hombre muriese por el pueblo.
    15 Y seguía a Jesús Simón Pedro, y otro discípulo. Y aquel discípulo era conocido del pontífice, y entró con Jesús al atrio del pontífice;
    16 Mas Pedro estaba fuera a la puerta. Y salió aquel discípulo que era conocido del pontífice, y habló a la portera, y metió dentro a Pedro.
    17 Entonces la criada portera dijo a Pedro: ¿No eres tú también de los discípulos de este hombre? Dice él: No soy.
    18 Y estaban en pie los siervos y los ministros que habían allegado las ascuas; porque hacía frío, y calentaban-se: y estaba también con ellos Pedro en pie, calentándose.
    19 Y el pontífice preguntó a Jesús acerca de sus discípulos y de su doctrina.
    20 Jesús le respondió: Yo manifiestamente he hablado al mundo: yo siempre he enseñado en la sinagoga y en el templo, donde se juntan todos los judíos, y nada he hablado en oculto.
    21 ¿Qué me preguntas a mí? Pregunta a los que han oído, qué les haya yo hablado: he aquí, ésos saben lo que yo he dicho.
    22 Y como él hubo dicho esto, uno de los criados que estaba allí, dió una bofetada a Jesús, diciendo: ¿Así respondes al pontífice?
    23 Respondió-le Jesús: Si he hablado mal, da testimonio del mal: y si bien, ¿por qué me hieres?
    24 Y Anás le había enviado atado a Caifás pontífice.
    25 Estaba pues Pedro en pie calentándose. Y dijeron-le: ¿No eres tú de sus discípulos? El negó, y dijo: No soy.
    26 Uno de los siervos del pontífice, pariente de aquél a quien Pedro había cortado la oreja, le dice: ¿No te vi yo en el huerto con él?
    27 Y negó Pedro otra vez: y luego el gallo cantó.
    28 Y llevaron a Jesús de Caifás al pretorio: y era por la mañana: y ellos no entraron en el pretorio por no ser contaminados, sino que comiesen la pascua.
    29 Entonces salió Pílato a ellos fuera, y dijo: ¿Qué acusación traéis contra este hombre?
    30 Respondieron y dijeron-le: Si éste no fuera malhechor, no te le habríamos entregado.
    31 Díceles entonces Pilato: Tomadle vosotros, y juzgadle según vuestra ley. Y los judíos le dijeron: A nosotros no es lícito matar a nadie:
    32 Para que se cumpliese el dicho de Jesús, que había dicho, dando a entender de qué muerte había de morir.
    33 Así que, Pilato volvió a entrar en el pretorio, y llamó a Jesús, y díjo-le: ¿Eres tú el Rey de los Judíos?
    34 Respondió-le Jesús: ¿Dices tú esto de ti mismo, o te lo han dicho otros de mí?
    35 Pilato respondió: ¿Soy yo judío? Tu gente, y los pontífices, te han entregado a mí: ¿qué has hecho?
    36 Respondió Jesús: Mi reino no es de este mundo: si de este mundo fuera mi reino, mis servidores pelearían para que yo no fuera entregado a los judíos: ahora, pues, mi reino no es de aquí.
    37 Dijo-le entonces Pilato: ¿Luego rey eres tú? Respondió Jesús: Tú dices que yo soy rey. Yo para esto he nacido, y para esto he venido al mundo, para dar testimonio a la verdad. Todo aquél que es de la verdad, oye mi voz.
    38 Dice-le Pilato: ¿Qué cosa es verdad?

    Cap. 18
    1 When Jesus had said these words he went out with his disciples over the stream Kedron to a garden, into which he went with his disciples.
    2 And Judas, who was false to him, had knowledge of the place because Jesus went there frequently with his disciples.
    3 So Judas, getting a band of armed men and police from the chief priests and Pharisees, went there with lights and with arms.
    4 Then Jesus, having knowledge of everything which was coming on him, went forward and said to them, Who are you looking for?
    5 Their answer was, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus said, I am he. And Judas, who was false to him, was there at their side.
    6 And when he said to them, I am he, they went back, falling to the earth.
    7 So again he put the question to them, Who are you looking for? And they said, Jesus the Nazarene.
    8 Jesus made answer, I have said that I am he; if you are looking for me, let these men go away.
    9 (He said this so that his words might come true, I have kept safe all those whom you gave to me.)
    10 Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, took it out and gave the high priest’s servant a blow, cutting off his right ear. The servant’s name was Malchus.
    11 Then Jesus said to Peter, Put back your sword: am I not to take the cup which my Father has given to me?
    12 Then the band and the chief captain and the police took Jesus and put cords round him.
    13 They took him first to Annas, because Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas who was the high priest that year.
    14 It was Caiaphas who had said to the Jews that it was in their interest for one man to be put to death for the people.
    15 And Simon Peter went after Jesus with another disciple. Now that disciple was a friend of the high priest and he went in with Jesus into the house of the high priest;
    16 But Peter was kept outside at the door. Then this other disciple, who was a friend of the high priest, came out and had a word with the girl who kept the door, and took Peter in.
    17 Then the girl who was the door-keeper said to Peter, Are you not one of this man’s disciples? In answer he said, I am not.
    18 Now the servants and the police had made a fire of coals because it was cold; they were warming themselves in front of it and Peter was there with them, warming himself.
    19 Then the high priest put questions to Jesus about his disciples and his teaching.
    20 Jesus made answer, I said things openly to the world at all times; I have given my teaching in the Synagogues and in the Temple to which all the Jews come; and I have said nothing secretly.
    21 Why are you questioning me? put questions to my hearers about what I have said to them: they have knowledge of what I said.
    22 When he said this, one of the police by his side gave him a blow with his open hand, saying, Do you give such an answer to the high priest?
    23 Jesus said in answer, If I have said anything evil, give witness to the evil: but if I said what is true, why do you give me blows?
    24 Then Annas sent him chained to Caiaphas, the high priest.
    25 But Simon Peter was still there warming himself by the fire. They said to him, Are you not one of his disciples? He said, No, I am not.
    26 One of the servants of the high priest, a relation of him whose ear had been cut off by Peter, said, Did I not see you with him in the garden?
    27 Then again Peter said, No. And straight away a cock gave its cry.
    28 So they took Jesus from the house of Caiaphas to the Praetorium. It was early. They themselves did not go into the Praetorium, so that they might not become unclean, but might take the Passover.
    29 So Pilate came out to them and put the question: What have you to say against this man?
    30 They said to him in answer, if the man was not a wrongdoer we would not have given him up to you.
    31 Then Pilate said to them, Take him yourselves and let him be judged by your law. But the Jews said to him, we have no right to put any man to death.
    32 (That the word of Jesus might come true, pointing to the sort of death he would have.)
    33 Then Pilate went back into the Praetorium and sent for Jesus and said to him, Are you the King of the Jews?
    34 Jesus made answer, Do you say this of yourself, or did others say it about me?
    35 Pilate said, Am I a Jew? Your nation and the chief priests have given you into my hands: what have you done?
    36 Jesus said in answer, M
    my kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom was of this world, my disciples would have made a good fight to keep me out of the hands of the Jews: but my kingdom is not here.
    37 Then Pilate said to him, are you then a king? Jesus made answer, You say that I am a king. For this purpose was I given birth, and for this purpose I came into the world, that I might give witness to what is true. Every lover of what is true gives ear to my voice.
    38 Pilate said to him, True? what is true?

    Pos data:
    El mismo Jehová no ejecutó a Caín cuando éste mató a su hermano Abel (la cuarta parte de la humanidad ), sino que lo protegió e impuso una pena al que lo matase de siete veces el castigo que merecía Caín, pues debía penar su castigo vagando por la Tierra, llevando a cuestas el peso de su culpa.
    También Jesucristo dijo en Mateo capitulo 26, versículo 52 que todo aquel que empuñe espada a espada morirá.
    Haciendo-nos saber que el único arma que el hombre debe empuñar es su palabra, pues ÉL ES LA PALABRA, y quien lo imita está con ÉL Y ÉL ESTÁ con su imitador.
    ¿Te gusta la caza o el tiro al plato?, atente a las reglas y jamás pongas ninguna especie en peligro de extinción, sino que luches para proteger-la; una vez terminada la cacería o el tiro al plato entrega tu arma a tu nombre en locales habilitados por el estado para la guarda y custodia de éstas; de esta manera jamás tendrás malas tentaciones, y si posees en tu casa algún utensilio que se te haya pasado por la cabeza utilizar como arma contra alguien, entrega-la también, poniendo por escrito la tentación que has tenido, quedando dicho utensilio bajo protección estatal.
    Fin de toda fuerza armada:
    Las fuerzas armadas (ya sea, municipal, comunal, nacional o bien Internacional) deben de tener un papel defensivo, jamás ofensivo, provocando en el oponente el menor daño posible para su reducción, debe de actuar al estilo de un organismo que es atacado por un antígeno, creando aquel anticuerpos para atajar la enfermedad.
    Siendo posible prevenir la enfermedad a la vista tratarla con pequeñas dosis homeopáticas´.
    Las diferencias discutibles, entre estados, deben tratarse verbalmente, pues donde hay dos con la palabra, allí estoy YO.

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    Search: Apocalypse – God incarnate

  184. […] e entidades, mas os mesmos enredos. Os nossos heróis já não nascem da espuma do mar, de pedras de jade azul, mas de acidentes com aranhas radioactivas, acidentes de laboratório, ou devido a mutações […]

  185. Sagittarius Arm and the arc of the covenant?

  186. People want to understand everything. We look to science for answers because the bible does not explain everything.
    For example, the creation of the universe. The bible says Gods words created the universe, but man wants to know how-why.
    The scientific theory is that the universe we now live in expanded from a molecule size singularity. But science does not explain where the singularity came from. Science tries to get around creation with theories of multiple dimensions or multiverses but how did it all start. Science cannot now or ever answer this. The laws of science say that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so the matter that composes our universe had no beginning and will never end.
    This sounds a lot like religion to me. One of the definitions of a theory is that you must be able to test it. Science cannot explain the most basic question, where did the universe come from.
    Science tells us we live on an object we call earth in something call space. Wow, way to go science.
    For every answer that science comes up with there are new questions. The scientist tell us the universe is infinite, just goes on for ever. How can you start from a molecule size singularity and become infinite. But if its not infinite what lies beyond. One scientific theory is that we our just one universe in an infinite number of universes which reside in the multiverse. Okay, whats outside the multiverse. You see there is no scientific answer for where we come from or where we are, its no wonder so many people feel lost.
    We hope that there is someone who can explain it all to us, some advanced race of aliens living around another star somewhere. This is just not going to happen. The distances involved are to great.
    The aliens have never been here and there not coming. Our government isn’t covering it up. Think about it, these aliens can cross the universe but they take orders from Obama. The republicans don’t even do what he asks.
    If there are other life forms in the universe they would be just like us. It doesn’t matter which you choose science or religion they would be just like us.
    The bible tells us God created us perfect so if he created other beings somewhere they would have to be the same.
    If intelligent life evolved on its own somewhere else it makes sense that they would be just like us physically.
    I know that animals do have intelligence, but what I mean by intelligent life is trying to understand the universe.
    There are probably worlds that have not evolved to the point of humans, where life was wiped out by comets and had to start over.
    This looks like what has happened here several times in our past – mass extinctions. It had to evolve just the way it did
    for us to be here. All of it from the beginning of our universe to now. The rate of expansion of the universe, the laws of physics.
    gravity, if anything was just a little bit different we wouldn’t be here. If the comets hadn’t killed the dinosaurs mammals would never
    So its either pure luck that its all just right for us to be here or God created it that way.
    That’s why I say looks like what has happened. If you believe in God a lot of what science tells us could be wrong.
    Dinosaurs for example, or 14 billion years of expanding universe. God could have created all just as it is now, never
    were live dinosaurs, or earth evolving for billions of years. I know most people would say that’s crazy why would God do that. He might do it to test peoples faith.
    You have a choice put you’re faith in science that says these rocks, fossils, theories that cant be tested, galaxies so for away we cant ever see them, matter so small we can never see it proves something or put you’re faith in God

    Quit trying to predict the end of the world, God says no one knows when that will happen. If someone claims they can predict the end of the world they are a false profit. Even if a super volcano erupts in Yosemite and USA ceases to exist, not the end
    of the world. End of world is everything dies. Atmosphere is striped off planet, all water lost to space, dead world like mars.

    And about evolution, its real. Its observable at the molecular level. All evolution means is change. Take a look around everything changes. God created everything. God created evolution. Its part of his plan. He created all that’s known an unknown. If you
    don’t like evolution take it up with God.

  187. Bullshit.

  188. My name is Don, Devan Wade Perez DeAngelo de Guzman I’m from Louisiana I have a strong story that draws a picture that the one everyone has been waiting on is me after 2012 my whole life changed and I grew in spiritual enlightment to degrees that are not understandable to a simple email i feel that spirits found integrity in me I am spiritual and was raised as a loyal Christian but something happen to me you can call me a quack you feel how ever you please I could care less I dont know you but I tell you this much if you read this you was looking for something and you believe something I believe and Spirits found favor I me Jesus has removed the evil ones whats crazy is how I felt when it happen maybe someone can relate to me maybe not but God Elohim Yahweh Allah Lord Lord god Jesus Yahshawa there good all have the same name the CREATOR question you should be asking is am I worthy to be choose by God when YOU figure that out no question is hidden i know my purpose question is do you know yours

  189. Quetzalcoatl was prophesied to return on a 1 Reed year on a certain date. Cortez arrived on the Yucatan Peninsula on a 1 Reed year on that date prophesied. This date was also Good Friday on the Christian liturgical calendar. Our schoolbooks said “Montezuma hesitated,” giving this as the reason Cortez was able to take advantage of him. The schoolbooks don’t expand on that “hesitation,” probably because N America is influenced by Protestant prejudice against supernatural occurrences not mentioned in the Bible. Another reason Montezuma hesitated was because his sister-in-law, Papantzin, had gone into a death-like coma and they were burying her behind a wall when she came out of her coma and told of a dream she had of men on huge boats with crosses on their sails who were coming to tell the Aztecs about the True God of Heaven and Earth.

  190. I call fire from Heaven but let’s clear some facts#! Essa Jesus was a Essene children of the light sons of the sun sons of the fire sons of the dawn for our lord is a consuming fire! Now Essa was brown skin swarthy and we know the truths of who murdered in Jesus name rewrote history n told lies n stole land n manipulated ancient teachings but nice try Be ye wise as serpents so as Moses raises the serpent now he was also called the good serpent most of all it deals with Kundalini resurrection within up 33 n a half vertebrae to peak the white stone that you are to receive so I guess I’m telling you stop lying pull up facts not opinions thank you

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