Raised from the Dead – Nigeria


A man legally dead is raised back to life after 3 days.

Isa 25:8   He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken [it].

How he died – accident – Pt 1

Wife believes for him to be resurrected – Pt 2

What he saw in hell – pt 3

pt 4 Doctor speaks, final thoughts, joy

24 Responses to “Raised from the Dead – Nigeria”

  1. wow! I didnt hear about it. Though i reside in the unfortunately tribalistic northern state (sokoto state). I’ll check online for the news. Its amazing how islam and christianity have similarities,all pointing to the worship of The One true God or Allah in arabic. God willing we will all unite under that banner to fight evil and corruption on earth. There is a verse in the Quran that says the meaning of : all among the jews and christians and muslims who believe in One God and join not parters with Him,and enjoin good,forbid evil and give in charity,shall have no fear,nor shall they grieve on judgement day….and it goes on.
    Its amazing, dear Marianne, how we can all be united despite differences. I gotta go now, more work to do. Thanx so much,keep in touch. Peace : )

    • The videos are on the page I posted. I think this happened in 2001, in Onitsha, so it is not recent news.

    • The only way to the Father is through Jesus. The word made flesh. All who deny the Son, deny the love of G-d the Father. Jesus lived a perfect life, was murdered, and rose from the dead for the sins of humanity to sit at the right hand of G-d the Father.

      This is the only way to Heaven, and to include any, or all other ways, and false gods is not what Jesus preached.

      Doing good, or being a good person will not get one to Heaven.

    • Jews and Christians worship the G-d of Israel. We do not acknowledge nor worship the god of islam.

      There will be no unity-G-d of Israel forbids it! He tells us NOT to be unequally yoked.

      If you want to know the G-d of Israel, then we can help you.

    • It is no very much amazing since Muhammad hijacked both the Old and New Testament. The Muslims take fighting much too literal. We will not join them. You obviously overlooked “and join not partners with him”. With that they deny the nature of Jesus Christ as Christians believe in.

  2. just a quick second. I googled it,an found a couple of stories about it including one”raised from the dead! By reinhard bonnke, oh really!” Under http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com ,among others.
    God alone knows the truth,we seek His guidance and protection. See ya soon : )

    • The website you picked is an apostate site which declares all faith, including yours, as a lie.

      They make irrational conclusions. They refuse to believe anyone’s word, even God’s.

      They have suspicious minds and the way they analyze data is with prejudice. They are not objective.


      1. most doctor’s handwriting is not very legible.

      2. just because he came from a small village just not mean there was collusion.

      3. the presence of another minister does not mean there was something suspicious going on..with this same reasoning they would say because 2 muslims live in the same village, they must be plotting some evil. Also, they said that the man was brought into a small building and revived. The other minister did not know about it until later.

      4. What rule is there saying the death certificate has to be submitted to a local hospital the SAME DAY someone dies? I have my mother’s death certificate. She died on 12-20-98, but it was not registered until 12-29-98, nine days later. So is it true my mother died? the answer is “yes.”

      5. insisting that a dead man was injected with marijuana is stupid.

      6. claiming that because the sealed casket was opened proves he did not die is also stupid. They testified that they opened the casket and took him out to pray for him.

      7. one does not have to be an expert on rigor mortis to know a body is stiff. anyone with a brain can figure that out.
      8. Looking carefully at the testimony, they said Daniel’s chest was thrust into the steering wheel, which is what caused the death, with internal organs crushed and hemorrhaging. It said his head “went into the windshield” but if his chest was stopped at the steering wheel, this means his head could barely touch the windshield, or not at all. Only a giraffe could stretch a neck that far and have his head go through it. Try this yourself. Sit in your car, put your chest up against the steering wheel, and see how close your head gets to the windshield. It may not even touch it. So I would not automatically expect scars on his head.

      9. That people routinely die at prayer meetings a lie.

      10. There have been many testimonies from people taken to hell to witness the torment, so they could return and warn others. god has used pastors, sinners, and people who know nothing about God. One’s job is irrelevant to god.

      The critics here are willfully ignorant, and scorn the work of God. They will end up in hell for their attitudes of mocking God.

  3. It belongs to ‘resuscitation’.

    BTW have you read a news (prob. already several months old) that someone who was thought to be dead came back to live after about 50 days? If you find the source, please let me know.

  4. I am reminded of when my dad died. On my way to the funeral, I thought “Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead”……and then I thought “my dad would really be mad if I pulled a stunt like that! ” HA! LOL

    My dad was ready to go home (heaven) YEARS before he died….it would make him so mad when somebody else died ahead of him!! laughing….it really was funny…you’d have to know him to understand. I told him G-d wouldn’t take him because he wanted to go and as soon as he wanted to stay here then G-d would take him! lol

    Just thinking of Jesus raising lazarus and how mad my dad would be if Jesus did that made me laugh on one of the saddest days of my life 🙂

    • Wonderfully said. I thought the same thing. I too would be asking”Now why did you do that” if some prayed for me and I was raised to life again.” Just let me be with the Lord. That was good.

      • The final say is the Lord’s, so if he grants the prayers then who are you to complain? He wouldn’t do that without a purpose and beware when you come to the door next time. You might find it locked! Not really, but I think you get the point! Instead of complaining be happy for such an extraordinary experience.

      • Hi Minister Williams,

        I read that Smith Wigglesworth’s wife emphatically told her husband that he just better not bring her back from the dead; when she is dead she wants to stay that way…she wanted to stay with Jesus! 🙂

        That is too funny!

        *for those who don’t know who smith wigglesworth was, he was a spirit filled, FAITH beyond belief, child of G-d who took Jesus at His word and went around healing and raising people from the dead in the name of Jesus! His wife has seen these miracles and just knew her husband and Jesus could bring her back….she didn’t want to come back and made a point to tell her husband that before she died! LOL

  5. Marianne

    I have been in the position more times then I care to think where I had to pray for my Husband. He pasted out and appeared to be dead. His eyes had rolled back in his head, I cried out to the Lord and my Husband jerked and came back. Praise God, his word is life and it is truth.

    When Jesus died and came into his new life passing out of old, his life source was so strong that people who were dead for years returned to life.

    Matthew 27:15 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

    Praise God that new body can’t be held down it is of the Father and made for eternity, and true faith can ask for anything and it shall be done.

    Also when I was a little girl about 7 years of age my Mom gave birth to a baby, they pronouced the baby dead.

    My daddy went to the chapel in Hospital to pray and to ask the Lord for her life. He and my Mom were back sliden. While he was making prayer to God, God answered immediately. A young nurse was scared to death as the baby she was taking to the morgue started to breath, cried and came to life.

    God gave him my sisters life in exchange for his. God doesn’t want that any should die before there time. My Daddy served the Lord and became a Minister for him.

    Yeah God honors the prayers of those in need that will turn to him in that need. The word also says he honors the prayers of a righteous man.

    The Bible says;

    Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

    What does this say that we live a watered down faith, because look what Jesus said;

    Matthew 21:21
    Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this (which) is done) to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it
    shall be done.

  6. Aw God I hope this one does not torment me like Angelica’s testimony did. 😀

    I’ll watch the vids and cross my fingers that I am not tormented with what was “witnessed”.

  7. Great! Left me wanting more, sometimes hard to read the subtitles-I guess it was in God’s plan to show him the other minister in hell about riches, posessions and money? What about that?

    Too bad I didn’t have a strong NDE. Once you have it, most of the people all want to do is die. Myself included. I didn’t see any angels either, but my husband said I never “coded”. So I had an experience with a coffin too, but no angels. I wish I could see one.

  8. I have just now watched videos 1-3. I am amazed at this womans’ faith! This makes me want to go live there because their faith is so strong.

    I loved what she said in that she presented to G-d what HE SAID and she held FIRM to HIS PROMISES. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She went 3 days later to the mortuary and told them to take her husband to where she knew the anointing of G-d was!

    Reminds me of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ prayer shawl…she “touched the PROMISES of G-d” when she reached out to touch the prayer shawl-the fringes.

    I listened closely to what the angels said to Daniel…they said he was VISITING paradise. They already KNEW that G-d would grant Daniel’s wife’s request and raise her husband from the dead. This is just incredible and I find their testimony to be sincere if anyone doubts.

    I would love to meet her and her husband! And I wish that our country “our village” had this kind of Faith!

    If I had wanted to do this for my dad they would have sent an ambulance FOR ME and sent me to a nice little padded cell. These are people that attend church every Sunday and hear the scriptures but when it comes down to the REALITY of what Jesus says, they tell you “your crazy” and send you away….Jesus said, “oh ye of little faith”

  9. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..?

    • what part do you not understand?

      God raised the dead husband back to life, after the prayers of the wife.

      Then Lyndsey said that if she tried to do this (in America) people would think she was crazy.

      But this happened in Africa. The faith is more simple there.

      Does that explanation help you?

  10. OT-A girl is born with a frog face in Dominican Republic


    • hi Johanna

      They practice Voodoo there. Not sure if this birth is related to that or not.

      I have heard other stories similar to this where it was admitted that the human female had been impregnated by a demon (alien).

      Jesus said the last days would be like the days of Noah. In those days, giants roamed the earth, beings created by fallen angels, having sex with human women.

      • “where it was admitted”

        who admitted?

        Why do the “demons” look like frogs? or any kind of reptilian….not fully understanding this.

        I saw the picture of that baby and was horrified! It goes beyond a “possible” deformity….had to be from something else.

    • That is so very sad.

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