Redeeming the Time


How do we do that?

Ephesians 5:16-18

16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

17 Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

18 And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit,


: to make (something that is bad, unpleasant, etc.) better or more acceptable

: to exchange (something, such as a coupon or lottery ticket) for money, an award, etc.

: to buy back (something, such as a stock or bond)

Replacement of bad with good:

There is selfishness in the word, so be generous.

There is cruelty in the word, so be kind.

There is poverty in the word, so help the poor.

There is anger in the word, so be patient and forgiving.

There is lust in the word, so be pure.

There is contention and strife in the word, so be a peacemaker.

There is murder in the word, so protect life.

There is fear in the word, so show faith.

There is hate in the word, so show love.

There is ignorance in the word, so teach.

There is sin and drunkenness in the world, so be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Buy back:

For mistakes made in life, don’t just forget about them and sweep them under the rug. Do something to correct what happened.

If we cheated someone, then pay them back.

If we lied about someone, then tell the truth.

If we neglected something or someone, then pay attention to it now.

To exchange:

If we commit fornication, exchange this spirit with one of purity.

If we are lazy, then exchange this for industriousness.

If we do not pray enough, then exchange this behavior with prayer and real devotion.

If we gossip, then exchange this for respect for others.

If we have sin in our lives, then exchange this for a robe of righteousness, with repentance.

Whatever is bad in our lives, exchange it for something good.


Simple truth

Many claim to know Christ but do not change their lives to something good.

We must all redeem the time wasted, and exchange it for something that will be productive, and glorify God.

Jesus already redeemed us and paid the price for our salvation.

We should accept this, and give back by purifying our lives, and correcting that which is wrong.

8 Responses to “Redeeming the Time”

  1. […] here for […]

  2. Time! I wish I could manage it correctly!!!

  3. the days are indeed evil

  4. marianne, in the beginning of this piece, did you mean “world” instead of “word”?

  5. Thanks for the thought-provoking piece. Sometimes I need a reminder, and this was just what I needed to read.

  6. Good points M. The scary part is the Illuminati are about to move forward in their plans. Expect a humungous financial collapse possibly in the first quarter of 2014 which will result in paper money being replaced and then the introduction of UN Agenda 21 gradually.
    God bless the discerning believers.

  7. Very good article, and something that is scarcely talked about. 🙂

    (Not trying to be critical, but at first I was confused–in the section ‘Replacement of Bad With Good’ it repeatedly says ‘in the word’ . . . but I’m sure you meant w-o-r-l-d.)

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