Religious Spirits 2


The following “15 Signs of a Religious Spirit” are derived from the Book of Jude, and from Jack Deere’s teaching Exposing the Religious Spirit.

This list delineates a spectrum of expressions of the religious mindset.

Manifestations of the religious spirit are not limited to Christianity, but can be identified in any false religion as well.

Your thoughts and comments are most certainly welcome.


1. RIFT – One with a religious spirit believes he has a mission to tear down error or what he believes is wrong.

2. REBUKE – He has a hard time receiving rebuke from someone less spiritual than he.

3. REBELLIOUS – He will not listen to people, because he can hear from God.

4. REPULSED – He immediately notices what is wrong with people, or the church, rather than looking for what is right.

5. RIGOROUS – He keeps score on his spiritual life and carries guilt when he doesn’t add up to the Lord’s standards.

6. REJECTING – He feels as though he has been appointed to fix everybody else.

7. RIVAL – He may feel as though he is truly closer to God than others, and his life or ministry is more pleasing to God in comparison.

8. RANKS – He takes pride in spiritual discipline or spiritual maturity and ranks himself against others.

9. REPUTATION – He will do things in order to be noticed or affirmed by people.

10. RIGID – Religious spirits are overly repulsed by “emotionalism.”

11. RAUCOUS – Seemingly converse to the prior, a religious spirit will use emotionalism or hype to manipulate people.

12. RESISTANT – He will tend to resist the supernatural or reject spiritual manifestations he cannot understand.

13. REACTIONARY – He will overreact to carnality or immaturity in the body of Christ.

14. RENEGADE – He will not fully commit to a church or lend a hand to help if the group is not “perfect” in their theology.

15. REFRAIN – He will tend to be suspicious of or even oppose new moves of God.

A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT (mindset) seeks to substitute religious activity for the power of the Holy Spiritand the grace of God in the believer’s life.

The primary objective of a Religious Spirit (mindset) is to have the church “maintain an outward form of Godliness", while denying the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is accomplished by seeking to replace true repentance and grace, with religious performance and works

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, truce-breakers,
false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, {false…: or, one who foments strife}
Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away
2Timothy 3:1-5

This RELIGIOUS SPIRIT can work in partnership with the JEZEBEL SPIRIT which is a controlling, dominating and manipulative spirit! DEADLY!

This spirit works together with the WITCHCRAFT…..plain and simple!

The JEZEBEL SPIRIT will always be found close to someone who carries the ELIJAH SPIRIT…..THE ELIJAH MANTEL!

They will show up in their circle of friends, their bible studies, their church and will do everything in their power to counteract their ministry, their success and pull them down.

They don’t want you to succeed, to minister the gospel and especially do deliverance and set people free!

They are jealous of everything that you do!

This religious spirit wants to keep us from hearing the present day word by keeping you in the past….in the Torah instead of in the New Testament! Now, there is nothing wrong with the Torah!

This spirit will quote scriptures or show you scriptures til the cows come home!!! They can’t give you enough scriptures!

You see them on your posts, in your comments.

They take advantage of your posts and quote as many scriptures as they can to either support your claim or disclaim it!

They not only will leave one comment but come back and leave another and yet another! They want to control YOUR POST!

They want all the attention instead of you! Their goal is to distract the others from the real topic!

They want to get everyone off track, therefore causing confusion in the end……and they do!

It also works through a SPIRIT OF PRIDE, HAUGHTINESS!

People who operate with these spirits usually have a tremendous amount of pride!

They so they think they are better than everyone else because "they know the word of God" better than anyone!

They always try and control the conversation, by telling you endless facts why they are right! They never stop talking!

They want all the attention in the room! They actually become obnoxious! To we who have discernment……they make us sick!

This religious spirit is under the STRONGMAN OF LYING, the LYING SPIRIT!

The spirits that are connected to that are: Strong deceptions; flattery; Superstitious; accusing spirit; religious bondages; false prophesy; gossiping; false teachers.



















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  1. Marianne, you hit the nail on the head. This is so very true, and it takes great discernment to know when we see this happening. We need to pray more and more for that gift of discernment so we will know.

  2. Wow! Thank you for this post.

    I plan to do an inventory with the Holy Spirit guiding me down this list (2Timothy 3:1-5). Excellent application of the text.

    Since I was raised, taught more about God and Jesus than the Holy Spirit, there seems to be an innate doubt of the power of the Holy Spirit, which I think is “denying the power thereof”.

    When no one in my 40+ years of “church attendance”, bible study and Sunday morning messages, along with attending Protestant Seminary ever spoke in tongues or acknowledged the gift of prophecy or acknowledged the ministry of deliverance (let alone practiced), than this demonic spirit (spirit of religion) had a doorway into my “mindset”.

    The evidence of “denying the power thereof” by denying (not seeking or practicing gifts of tongues and prophecy) and the ministry of deliverance within “church” are obvious and easy to identify across the evangelical spectrum of denominations (religion).

    So, my questions to the Holy Spirit (guide, counselor) – “How does this spirit of religion manifest within my mindset?” Then, apply the prayer of deliverance from that oppressive “religious spirit.”

    Psalm 20

    • DJ Peace be with you.

      I see you are also a graduate of a Protestant seminary that is “cessationist” (Interesting word by the way. It isn’t in the Bible, or my American Heritage Dictionary, and Microsoft Word flags it as a misspelling….) Which school did you attend?

      King David committed adultery, murder, and polygamy. It’s in the Bible record, not as a model of maturity and an example for us to follow, but rather as an example NOT to follow. No one disputes this, and we don’t immediately rush to defend David, bring up that David wrote half the Psalms, and quickly try to cut off any conversation that might help us learn from David’s sinful experience.

      So here is a quick test to see if you have an oppressive demonic “religious spirit.”
      Can you name, specifically, 3 specific sins of Paul from the pages of the Bible? (Things Paul did, said, or wrote that were clearly WRONG.)

      Not where Paul “might have been wrong.”
      Not where Paul “went too far, but he was right on the substance.”
      Not where “maybe this was not the best thing to do.”
      Not where “this seems wrong, but we don’t know all the circumstances so we shouldn’t judge.”
      Not where Paul “got carried away, but his heart was in the right place.”
      Not where Paul “broke the rules, but he did it for the Gospel so it’s OK.”

      3 specific, definite, clear mistakes, exaggerations, deceptions, carnal behavior, hypocrisy, sins, doctrinal errors etc.

      If you mind goes blank, you feel panic, you absolutely refuse to open your Bible, you want to run away, and your mind is filled with rationalizations and justifications for everything Paul ever said, did, and wrote, then you have an oppressive demonic “religious spirit”. The “evil spirit of Paul.”

      “’Be quiet!’ said Jesus sternly. ‘Come out of him!’”
      [Mark 1:25]

      • your test for a religious spirit is contradictory to what you are looking for .

      • “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
        [Proverbs 27:17]

        What you see before you are two men who are armed differently. Not David and Goliath. Just two regular men, both Evangelical seminary graduates who are now a mature age, who have been walking with Jesus for decades. But they are armed for battle differently.

        Here is an analogy (not perfect of course.)

        I am fully armed, in both hands and in my voice, with extra reserves in my belt.
        .1) In my right hand, I have one double-edged sword, which is the word of God, the Torah, on one side, and the Living Word of God, The Gospels, on the other side.

        .2) In my left hand, I have another backup double-edged sword, which is The Prophets on one side, and the New Testament Prophecy on the other side.

        .3) In my belt, I have a number of other smaller weapons and tools – also useful, but not the main thing to do battle with, except for the Psalms, which are also in my mouth. The other weapons in my belt are The Old Testament Writings, and the New Testament Letters aka the “Scripture”.

        The other brother you see before you is armed with one weapon- a dull 6 inch hunting knife, which is the personal writings of Paul- who described himself near the end of his recorded ministry saying “I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee.” [Acts 23:6]

        How could he do battle with me in the open with this little 6 inch hunting knife? He can’t- but he a couple of possible options.

        .1) He could run away, and tell everyone he meets that it’s “not profitable” to engage in that battle. Then he could try to wait until later, when it’s dark, and I’m alone and asleep, and try to stab me in the back.

        .2) He could just throw his one little hunting knife at me, and then run away and tell everyone that he won the battle. He could deceive himself, thinking that he’s being “like David” killing Goliath with just one stone from a distance. But that would reflect an ignorance of the text of the Bible.

        David “chose five smooth stones from the stream” [1 Samuel 17:40] David wasn’t so arrogant to think he didn’t need to be ready to take more than one shot. He was ready to do battle, ready to strike 5 times if needed, not just try once and run away. David was skilled and experienced in using his weapon, and a sling is designed to be used from a distance. That is how David used it. A hunting knife is not designed to be thrown from a distance.

        Paulist pastors today maintain the “cult of Paul” by teaching “one way” from the pulpit or microphone or computer keyboard, and then refusing to discuss their teaching because they say it’s “not profitable.” Numerous other cults do the same thing. Their idolatry of Paul won’t stand up in a discussion with a follower of Jesus who has an open Bible, and they know that, so they cut off and forbid discussion.

        I reality, I am more like David here, facing the demonic giant Goliath “Boss Paul the Pharisee” who has largely taken over Evangelical churches.

        From the pages of the Bible, we can conclude that Paul, for most of his recorded ministry, felt that he alone had “the complete revelation” and practically speaking, when it comes to specifics, he was always right in everything he did, and he thought people should follow him.

        But this was not the end. Paul was a late bloomer, and near the very end of his life, he grew and matured, as recorded by Luke at the end of Acts.

        “From morning till evening he [Paul] explained and declared to them the kingdom of God and tried to convince them about JESUS from the LAW OF MOSES and from the PROPHETS.” {Acts 28:23]

        Note very carefully what Luke records here. Paul was NOT reading and explaining his own personal letters to other people. Paul was NOT talking about his own feelings, experience, emotions, ministry, opinions, travel plans, justifying his behavior, or claiming to be an “apostle.” No.

        “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”
        [Hebrews 4:12-13]

      • How to tell whom your pastor is really following:

        .1) The religious spirit of Paul, or
        .2) The true Lord God Jesus the Jewish Messiah, the Son of God, who was written about in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.

        Ask him: What were some of Paul’s specific sins as a Christian?

        If your pastor is bound in spirit by the evil spirit of Paul, (like most Evangelicals are), he will never give you a straight answer to this simple question.

        Here of the kind of things you will experience:
        .1) There will be awkward silence and avoidance.

        .2) He will brush off the question saying things like “that’s an interesting question- I’ll have to get back to you on it.” But you could wait years, even decades, and he will never bring it up again. He’ll just keep preaching through Paul’s letters and the Book of Acts, as if everything Paul ever wrote, said, and did is 100% right all the time, and it can never be questioned or compared with what Jesus said and did.

        .3) He’ll tell you “of course Paul wasn’t perfect. But he was a model of maturity and his life was given to us as an example to follow.”

        .4) He will quote Paul speaking in the Book of Acts, claiming that he was working hard in Ephesus for three years day and night, implying that Paul wrote this under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit so it can’t be questioned. But he is blind to the fact that Luke is the one who wrote Acts, not Paul.

        Luke recorded Paul giving his boastful false testimony, but Luke also recorded the truth in [Acts 19:8-10.] Don’t protest or object, just open your Bible and see for yourself. This is a simple fact. It was 2 years and 3 months. Not as Paul claimed; “for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.” [Acts 20:31]

        Luke recorded that Paul exaggerated. If you want to argue that Paul just “rounded up” and it wasn’t intentional, you can do that. But Luke took the trouble to specifically record these details. And whether intentional or not, it is a fact that Paul exaggerated his own ministry here, according to the clear record of Scripture.

        If your pastor simply can’t admit that, without reservation, without having a heart attack, without cutting off conversation or maybe even terminating a relationship, then he is bound in spirit by the evil spirit of Paul, and he is worshipping Paul. He has made Paul God. Luke wrote Acts, not Paul. So your pastor is saying that even every word Paul SPOKE stands alone, needs no backup, and overrides every other text in the Bible. That is idolatry. Don’t let your pastor brush it off with “this isn’t that important, nobody’s perfect” without ever facing the truth. If it isn’t so important, let him open his mouth and say the words “yes, Paul exaggerated here.” Then you can drop the subject. If he can’t bring himself to do that, he is really following Paul, not Jesus, and he is guilty of idolatry.

        .5) He will say “it’s not profitable” and refuse to open his Bible and discuss it.

        .6) He will quote Paul writing about himself saying he isn’t perfect, but it is always at a general theoretical level- never anything specific. (Paul never admitted to committing any specific sins, mistakes or errors as a believer.)

        .7) He will quote Paul bringing up his pre-conversion sins (when he still called himself Saul.) But Jesus never brought up anyone’s pre-conversion sins, so for Paul to do this was at best unnecessary and not like Jesus.

        .8) Up until today, only about 1 or 2 Evangelical pastors in 100 will acknowledge that Paul made a couple of mistakes, such as being “willful” in going to Jerusalem, or not showing grace to Mark, or being divisive with Barnabas. But even in these cases, they are quick to “soft-peddle” it, offer mitigating circumstances, share the blame with others besides Paul, rationalize, justify, excuse, hedge that “maybe” Paul was wrong – but they won’t say for sure, and they offer plausible reasons and explanations for Paul’s behavior.

        All the human authors of Scripture were just that – human. Paul isn’t “the exception” in a special category by himself above everyone else in history. In fact, Paul was less spiritually mature for much of his life than many others.

        Christian maturity is not to “be like Paul.”
        It’s becoming more like Jesus was.

        • I think you are obsessed with Paul. And you are over rating people’s supposed allegiance to him. he wrote some books…

          jesus called him….so he cannot be as evil as you claim.

          • Yes indeed God called a number of “great men” in the pages of the Bible, some of whom wrote books. Like the Prophet Jonah, King Solomon, and Paul. Also God called Samson and King Saul.

            • and we do not discredit what they wrote. some of what each one writes is history, and some is “message.”

              sampson and saul did not write, although they accomplished what they were supposed to accomplish

              • Yes, I credit Solomon with expressing his feelings about his life, after he had wandered away from God. He wrote “Everything is meaningless” and “There is nothing new under the sun.”

                Those are Solomon’s personal feelings, not the voice of God or statements of fact. For those who choose to walk with God, everything has great meaning, and life can be fresh and new every morning. I could quote plenty of supporting Scriptures if needed.

                Yes, eventually Jonah and Paul got to where God wanted them to be – Nineveh and “out of Jerusalem, far away to the Gentiles.” But their life examples show us they did it the long hard way, and we can learn from their sinful experience of disobedience how NOT to behave.

                • sometimes, when we are called, we start out ready….

                  other times, when we are called, we start out on a journey, and we are eventually ready.


              • I also credit Luke with accurately recording history in Acts.
                Luke recorded that Paul was in Ephesus for 2 years and 3 months, [Acts 19:8-10.] and
                Luke recorded that Paul spoke, claiming he had been there “three years….night and day.” [Acts 20:31]

                There is no inconsistency in Luke’s writing – he is simply recording the history of things that happened, including words other people spoke. Naturally, just because a narrative portion of Scripture records a person saying something does not automatically mean what that person said is true (except Jesus of course.) It just means he really said it.

              • Likewise, I credit Luke with truthfully recording the historical narrative of Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus [Acts 9] including specific details. And, Luke accurately recorded the words of Paul speaking on two later occasions [Acts 22 and Acts 26] where Paul stretched the truth and made things up, exaggerating his own importance.

                Paul’s words recorded by Luke in Acts 22 & 26 don’t match the true account of what really happened in Acts 9, and they don’t even agree with each other! Luke recorded Paul’s false boastful statements without error. I credit Luke with documenting this accurate history.

                But, in the Evangelical world, we have been blinded by tradition so we don’t compare. We won’t see that Paul’s words don’t agree with the historical Scripture record. We make the voice of Paul (recorded by Luke) override the record of the facts (also recorded by Luke.) It makes no sense! It’s a blind spot.

                We’ve been brainwashed by the voice of Paul to think that; “if Paul said something it must be true, and if Paul did something it must be right,” and Paul is the only man in all history who does not need another witnesses to back him up. We think Paul can stand alone, against all other authors of Scripture, and even against Jesus.

                Just as Muslims are bound in spirit through their interpretation of the writings of one man, Muhammad, Paulists today are bound in spirit by their interpretation of the writings of another man, Paul. It is a stronghold of Satan. And the trigger words to activate these spiritual strongholds in the minds, hearts, emotions, and spirits of these oppressed people is to say that their “special holy man” was “wrong”, “made a mistake”, “didn’t tell the truth” “sinned” or “disobeyed God.”

  3. how many of the above qualifies you of having a religous spirit?
    what happens if you have just one of these?

    • dave

      usually it is a combination, but even one trait is going in the wrong direction.

      the more advanced the spirit is in a person, the more traits they will have.

  4. Jesus saved his most scathing rebukes for the Pharisees who looked good on the outside but on the inside were decayed remains. Yet the common man and woman he drew close to. He kept referring to the ‘fruit’ of the tree as being a barometer for holiness. Are you feeding the poor? Visiting those in prison? Clothing the naked? Providing comfort to the broken hearted? I went to church for many years with modern day Christian Pharisees and was married to one who made my life a living hell for 10 years.This is my religion ” Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so” and I let Holy spirit transform me instead of always trying so hard. Grace is a wonderful thing. People that can’t talk to you like a real human being and always quote scripture scare me to death.

  5. Marianne and all,

    Not to respond to everything, but most of what is up there is related to the following:

    “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

    We are living in the end times and Satan has and is attacking the truth of God’s word from every angle and we as believers must continue to contend for the truth. There is nothing wrong with quoting Scripture after Scripture until the cows come home and that because people are being deceived and misled. As Jesus said, “Let no man take your crown” and there are lots of them out there who are doing just that. This is why I contend that we are free in Christ, under grace and not under the law and that because the law will condemn a person if he/she is living according to it, for you cannot live under the law and under grace at the same time, for they are two different covenants. There are people who believe that Paul was a false apostle and a liar and according to Scripture, this will also destroy a person. Yet there are many of these people who teach this and have even written books about it. (See 2 Pet.3:15-16)

    Notice the Paul’s instruction to Timothy: preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; CORRECT, REBUKE and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction. Regarding this, Scripture also states the following:

    “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

    So, shall we quote Scripture until the cows come home or be silent when someone teaches a false teaching? If a church is engaged in and is supporting same-sex life styles shall we be silent? If they are teaching that we are still required to be circumcised and made to obey the law of Moses shall we be silent? If they are teaching that Christ’s resurrection was spiritual and not bodily shall we not correct and rebuke? If they are teaching that since we are under the grace of God we have free reign to sin, shall we not quote Scripture and correct and rebuke in love? If by quoting Scripture I am labeled as a “Religious Spirit?” then I praise God for it and I will continue to proclaim the truth of God’s word when I hear false teachings. I will not pass judgment, that is, proclaim a damnable sentence against anyone, but I will teach, train, correct and rebuke as the Spirit leads.

    • scriptures should only be used when appropriate for the discussion, and should not imply charges against someone when they are not guilty.

      it is like quoting scriptures to prove the sky is blue because you want to argue the sky is not red.

      if someone never said the sky was red, then the scriptures used to prove the sky is blue is a waste of time.

      the message does not match the recipient.

      if you do not accept what people say about their own faith, then it is best to converse with someone else that needs the correction you want to deliver.

      you can be led by the spirit and not listen to people at the same time. try understanding what people tell you.

      no one here has claimed to be under grace and free to sin….the ones you contend with like to obey god, not disobey god. you have been told this multiple times.

  6. Satan has indeed planted tares in the church…He teaches them that four and four are eleven….They cannot accept the real truth that four and four are eight, until the lies of satan are removed..Many hold tight to their lies …
    I learned at a very early age not to believe men’s version of the Bible but to seek the truth through the teacher, the Holy ghost..
    I might qualify to be a bigoted know it all but the Lord accepts the unperfect, thank God for that….The truth is we are living in a day when God is exposing all of satan’s lies including the lies the tares have planted in the christian church… It is for the good of man to understand, thereforer those that understand cannot remain silent..

    The Lord really does have watchmen that must warn the people or they will be held as quilty as the ones who are defaming the Word…Ezekiel 33-6..and chapter….

    Matthew 24…Jesus said many false christs and many false prophets will rise up….MANY means millions… As I see it the false Christs are those tares that are in the Christian church, aka cults….The false prophets are those that say koran is words of God.. Tha is what false prophets do… See Jeremiah 14-14, Jeremiah 23-30.. false prophets steal god’s words out of men’s hearts and minds with the koran lie.

  7. Marianne, I don’t know how you do it….Yolu have a huge responsibility and you also must have patience of Job..

    What little I do for the Lord dwarfs me in comparison…

  8. If you are full of fear of hearing the Word – you are already deceived and do not know it. You got to hear the Word to let the Holy Spirit guide you into truth or error. – Jesus was hated for His Message and Word. As I have always stated. The Prophets wrote the Bible by the Holy Spirits unveiling it to give and understand it. Matt. 13:23- Jesus said the congregation of Israel hated their message and killed the Prophets sent to them. Jesus being the Greatest of all.

    Its a must to correct error if you “Love People”.

    Religion is the “Mark of the Beast” most cannot except that. Truth anyway.
    They deny the “Power thereof ” . The Power of overcoming traditions, and letting God=Spirit take you over and Transform your Spirit to Christ Character. The Protestants are not protestants anymore. Its all turned to religion.

    Jesus and John came to their own and their own would not receive either one of them. They were called deceivers, devils etc.

    The Majority will never love to hear “thus saith the Lord”. No grey area, Just Black or White. Most religious people will think you are stubborn and do not understand what they are saying. Then crucify you. As a devil.

    Bottom line – Only God knows them that are His. He knew all of us before the foundation of the World or He is not Alpha and Omega. Don’t fear but accept your calling to Christ. Its your choice.

    PS- the Post had so much in it. It would take awhile to go through all the signs. Very good post – Lord bless you. ——- Bro. ty

  9. From what I would perceive, there is a thin line between this ‘religious spirit’ and being genuinely guided in the Lord. Let everyone be convicted of the reasons behind their actions, and lets leave the judgement to God. I would also ask if it were possible for a blog administrator to be controlled by such ‘religious spirits’, and not this blog in particular. Thus from my observation there is a thin line betwixt the two and only God knows who labours for Him, or otherwise.

    • john

      very true

      which is why I allow debate on people can agree or disagree.

      the only control is if someone is overdoing it, or becoming very negative and accusing or harassing others.

  10. Wow for all of you who agree that this hit the nail on the head, you have no idea how for Judaism today in Israel this is a thousand times stronger than in Christianity. Yeshua- for your salvation I wait all day long.

  11. To all

    You are a “product” of how you was raised and taught.

    Your beginning in most cases. Mold people all their life.

    That is in the Natural and Spiritual realms of the two worlds that we live in.

    Without knowing the True Jesus Christ – You understanding will never change. You would rather die that to switch “to understand the Word” and have life eternal.

    It was by “Blindness” that Israel could not see their “Message of their hour”. And Most did not change because of Fear.

    When a “blind man” gets healed by Jesus. And the Sanhedrin call his Dad and Mother they was so full of fear they would not even back up their Son that “who’s eyes were opened”.

    Their Son was rejected and called a sinner = unbeliever and excommunicated from fellowship.

    The Parents wanted to stay in what they was taught all their life. And their blindness unless repented of. Sent them to hell.

    Most Christians today are like the Parents of the blind son.
    Where was their “Perfect love casteth out all fear. ” Gave up their son for ‘Traditions of men” the educated, smart, scholars that new it all. They are called theologians today. In that day it was the Scribes and elders smart learned men that deceived most of Israel. And Israel loved to have it so. They were to lazy to read and study and pray for themselves. Just like today. Yet Christ loved them all and gave His life for them and us.

    br. ty

  12. I was sent here by the Lord to see ty’s reponse, because I was looking for the Salvation prayer on the site. I need answers today on this question and I know by my Lord it is forthcoming!
    My sons’ father has a Jezebel spirit and everything else that is diabolic.
    When I met the Lord I knew I had to pass through the waters to be cleaned and sealed. I studied and thought a lot about it, getting conviction by the Lord. When I called the pastor he explained everything and made sure about my salvation.
    In that moment my ex walked in and said he also wanted to be baptised. The pastor refused but my ex had a super ‘surprise’ repentance. We were baptised together. My eldest was three years old then. From that moment I started walking through the desert. It was really dry, but God gave me grace by a wonderful baptism in the Holy Spirit with whom I walked closely since then, giving me visions and special moments of bread. I went out along with the church winning souls and setting the captives free.
    After some time I came to realise that my ex was working harder at destroying my salvation by talking to the pastors in the sweatest voice against my work for Jesus.
    Through the years it got worst until we finally divorced.
    All pastors dropped me like a hot coal and I could never get any agreement from my sons.
    It was only about a year ago that I found Marriane’s site and really peacefully got to truly be setting free from his witchcraft and attempts on my life.
    Then I learned about the 4 kinds of curses and understood what happened to my middle son (praise the Lord he is already better and studying again – a mirical – after he renounced the curses.
    Now the problem is with the eldest. He is set in the tradition and pattern of the father, making life impossible for his wife (reborn), his son (4 years) and for me and the other two. We suffer a lot under his demonic attacks. Me and his wife prays daily but I know (have a feeling) that we’re missing something. I know it from my experience with his father who never submitted to Jesus and is always walking with a smile. We so much love him but it is as if he doesn’t want the love but something else.
    Paul said to confess our sins to one another and now I humbled myself in front of the Lord. Please Father have mercy on us and reveal to us what we must do. Amen

    • hester

      you have to be aggressive with jezebels……tell your son he is acting like the devil, and you do not accept his behavior. he needs to repent and act right…and you will say NO to him, when he is wrong, and you will not cooperate or submit to him in any way. tell him if he gets abusive, you will cal the police.

      you can also tell those useless pastors that they are deceived and have the spirits of ahab to allow such nasty behavior out of your husband. so they need to repent also….otherwise, you are wiping the dust off your feet and you are going on with your life …you do not need their approval to live… you have God’s approval, and that is all that counts.

  13. Thanks Marianne. Satan is so clever. He knows it’s exactly how I don’t like to behave, but I have to stand firm. Now what should my attitude be towards God and my son – this I don’t understand. People tell me they have the right to be saved and make me feel guilty, because they (my ex and son) were baptised and spoke the words “I accept the Lord Jesus as my saviour”. This is the big problem. But 2 Peter 2:21,22 says It would have been better never to have known the Way of righteousness because the dog turns back to his own vomit.
    You have always been spot on!

    • do not go by what they say…….

      go by what they do…….

      hypocrites say one thing and do another…..

      the tree is known by its fruit.

      also with your son….. you are his natural authority…you are his mom…you have a right to correct him and give guidance.

  14. MP,

    I ask that you open your left eye wide, look and read what I wrote you weeks ago – I’m not replying to your comments or questions but write this again.

    I turn you over to The Lord.

  15. 1990 Jack Deere – quotes of his words are in 2 sections below

    For the first section, I am in partial agreement, and I have an answer to a question that Jack Deere did not answer in 1990.

    For the second section, I disagree with Jack Deere.

    The Gospel
    In 1990, at a Charismatic Conference in the States, where Wimber and Deere were the speakers, Dr. Deere was questioned in a friendly conversation, as follows:

    Questioner: I wonder if you might tell me why you felt my explanation of the Gospel given yesterday was
    defective. [I said that Christ died for our sins, was buried, raised on the third day, and that it is this
    Gospel by which we are saved.]

    Dr. Deere: I am not prepared to talk about that.

    Questioner: Well, just offhand, what do you think the Gospel is?

    Dr. Deere: I am not prepared to make a formal statement about that.

    Questioner: Could you tell me informally what the Gospel is?

    Dr. Deere: I am not sure.

    Questioner: I find that surprising — that you are not sure just what the Gospel is.

    Dr. Deere: I used to be just like you — thinking the Gospel was simply justification.

    Questioner: Are you saying that the Gospel is more than justification by faith?

    Dr. Deere: Yes.
    Questioner: Would it be fair to say that you are in a state of flux since joining the Wimber thing?

    Dr. Deere: We are always in a state of flux — you are….

    Questioner: But in the Gospel message? Surely that is one thing we should have worked out. Don’t you
    think we can reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement like Paul does in say 1 Corinthians 1
    and 2, or 15; or 1 Thessalonians 4, or Romans 5?

    Dr. Deere: [No response, except a shrug of the shoulders.]

    Questioner: Do you think the Apostle Paul had anything particular in mind when he wrote to Timothy and
    asked him to guard the Gospel that had been entrusted to him? Are you saying that you couldn’t go back
    into that pavilion and tell those people the Gospel?

    Dr. Deere: No, not yet.

    Questioner: When do you think you could do it?

    Dr. Deere: Maybe five years, maybe ten….

    (From Biblical Perspectives, July-Aug. 1990, p. 5. taken from the original interview by Graham Bannister for “The
    Breifing”, April 24, 1990 (45/46))

    MY RESPONSE to the question:
    “Don’t you think we can reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement like Paul does?”

    My response is, “No.”
    Let every matter be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. Paul’s personal letters to the Corinthians, Thessalonians, Romans, and Timothy are not four witnesses; this is one witness, one man writing- Paul.

    Did Jesus, or any New Testament writer besides Paul, “reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement?” It’s an honest question. I don’t know of anyone besides Paul who did that, but maybe I’m mistaken. If so please show me where.

    In Biblical Perspectives, Sept.-Aug. 1990, p. 3, Dr. Thomas Ice reported that “Dr. Jack Deere gave a message entitled “Joel’s Army” — his explanation of what the Church is going to be like in just a few years:
    “Heretofore in history we have only had one Moses on the scene. Only one Elijah, and only one Elisha at a
    time. Among the Apostles we only have one Paul, one John, one Peter — a few of those were really
    Heretofore we have only had one or two mighty servants of God on the face of the earth at a time. This is
    not true any longer! When this army comes, Joel says, there will have been nothing like it before.
    Revelation hints at this when it talks about the 144,000 that follow the Lamb wherever He goes. A
    powerful Army with many Pauls, and many Moseses, and many Davids. ”

    We had one Paul, and that was enough. Paul was an evangelist, teacher, and writer, but he was not an Apostle. God’s definition of Apostles is “12 witnesses” who could testify personally of the entire ministry of Jesus.

    Matthias was qualified, and permanently appointed as the 12th Apostle. Paul was neither qualified nor appointed. There are no more Apostles beyond the 12. So, regrets to all Mr. Deere’s friends who call themselves “apostles,” but they are not. I don’t know everything. None of us have “the complete revelation”, and Paul didn’t either. So when we’re wrong, let’s just admit it, get over it, and move forward.

    I’m not calling all Mr. Deere’s friends “false apostles”, I’m not saying they are all wrong about everything, I am not saying that none of them are really following Jesus, I’m not saying that God has never worked through any of them, I’m not saying that all their ministries are invalid.

    What I am saying is that they have been brainwashed by the voice of Paul into thinking that the voice of Paul is the voice of God. It is not. They have accepted Paul’s definition of Apostle, rather than Jesus’ definition of Apostle. And according to God, they are not apostles.

    You notice this exaltation of Paul in Mr. Deere’s choice of whom to talk about.
    He makes 3 lists of 3 names each. And on 2 out of 3 lists, Paul is first, followed by different men in each case.
    .1) “Among the Apostles we only have one Paul, one John, one Peter”
    .2) “powerful Army with many Pauls, and many Moseses, and many Davids”

    But in truth, we don’t need “A powerful Army with many Pauls…” We are all individuals, created by God, and we should each manifest our own personality as we are growing to become more like Jesus was, not trying to “be like Paul” or any other man.


  16. Following up on my post above regarding

    The 1990 dialogue about “The Gospel”,
    Between “Questioner” and “Mr. [Jack] Deere”

    This dialogue reflects the mindset of a modern Pharisee, who is listening first to the voice of his idol, Paul the Pharisee, rather than listening to the voice of Jesus.

    This “Questioner” essentially “begs the question” and frames his question to make any answer fit into his own pre-conceived man-made box. His unstated false assumption is that “we can reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement like Paul does.” And that we SHOULD “reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement like Paul does.”

    The Pharisees in the time of Jesus thought the same way, and questioned Jesus in a similar way:

    “Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: ‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?’”

    Jesus replied: “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these TWO commandments.” [Matthew 22:36-40, Deuteronomy 6:5, Leviticus 19:18]

    And another time,
    “One of the teachers of the law… asked him,
    ‘Of all the commandments, which is the most important?’

    “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “ is this: ‘Hear, of Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than THESE.” [Mark 12:28-31, Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Leviticus 19:18]

    But in contrast with Jesus, Paul the Pharisee didn’t know the greatest, most important, first commandment according to Jesus. Paul made up his own rule. Paul wrote:
    “The entire law is summed up in a SINGLE command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” [Galatians 5:14, Leviticus 19:18]

    And again, Paul wrote:
    “He who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not covet, and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this ONE RULE: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” [Romans 13:8-10, Leviticus 19:18]

    Jesus said it’s TWO commandments, with the greatest, most important, first command to 1) first, love God with everything you’ve got, and 2) second, love people.
    Paul said no, it ONE commandment- to love people.

    So in the 1990 dialogue about “The Gospel”, between “Questioner” and “Mr. [Jack] Deere”, the “Questioner”, was talking like Paul the Pharisee, because he was thinking like Paul the Pharisee, not like Jesus.

    “Questioner” was pushing the false idea that “we can reduce the Gospel to some sort of summary statement like Paul does.”

    It’s like Paul the Pharisee pushing the false idea that “The entire law is summed up in a SINGLE command”… “ONE RULE…” “love is the fulfillment of the law.”

    This is very similar to The Beatles- “All you need is love. Love is all you need. Love, Love, Love.” (In other words, the second commandment, the love of man, without the love of God. Love as me, myself and I define love to be, and continuously redefined by sinful men.)

    In essence, it is also the same principle as what Eve did in the Garden of Eden, forgetting about the Tree of Life, which is the first tree in the middle of the Garden, and instead referring to the second tree as “the tree that is in the middle of the garden.” [Genesis 3:3 & 2:9 2:17, 3:24]

    Kind of like the Pharisees with Jesus, who were pushing the false idea that we can consider ONE commandment in the Law, alone in isolation, to be “the greatest commandment in the Law.”

    Or like today, false teachers in the Chrislam – Purpose Driven – Seeker Sensitive – Emergent – Liberal – Ecumenical – New Age – world church movement pushing the false idea that the ONE RULE is “Loving God and Neighbor together.”

    The Lord God Jesus the Jewish Messiah, Son of Yahweh the Most High God said:
    “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these TWO commandments.”
    Not one. TWO.

    Sometimes, Paul was wrong. Jesus is always right. I’m following Jesus.

    • Matthew… if no one else is spiritually bold to say it- then know that the Holy Spirit directed me here to tell you that you have a religious spirit w/in. My spirit grieved everytime I read your long crtical argumentative posts. You are a perfect example of religious characteristics 1- trying to prove your views w/ many unnecessary words 2- constantly critical of Paul yet failing to see it for yourself. I guess no one wants to go back & fourth w/ you because the Truth cannot be argued & people don’t have that kind of time to argue… Arguing isn’t godly & wont rid the religious spirit in you. We can surely pray for you & bind that religious spirit up in JESUS name. We silence it here in JESUS name & shield you with Christ protective Blood. Leave Paul alone in JESUS name. Why all this energy negatively directed to Paul- a man JESUS Himself apointed. Are you going to rebuke JESUS for mistakenly choosing Paul? Lets be keen. GOD makes no mistakes! Trust GOD that Paul was chosen for a reason even if you feel he wasnt fit. I believe the Holy Spirit used you to be a perfect example of how religious peopl operate. I cant go back & fourth. The Holy Spirit needs to work now w/in you dear Brother. Lets be silent & allow it to deliver you from the anger inside. Peace & mercy to all here. Glory to GOD in Christ!

    • CW,

      You may be right in what you are saying. But what you have identified as a “religious spirit” infects most everyone of us, to a greater or lesser degree. The problem Matthew had was handed down to him through the doctrinal beliefs he most likely had been raised with, as is the case with most believers. It creates a stronghold within them that is not easily broken. When confronted with this fact, he stopped posting, at least as far as I could tell. Truth be known, he believes he is doing what Yah has given him to do, much the same as you and also myself. By the mercy of Messiah Yahshua, may we all see where we fall short!


      • Al,

        I agree with you too.

        We all got something (sin). It is what we do with it. Right?

        I’ve wondered about Psalm 1 regarding individuals (anyone, including me) who walks in the the council, stands in the path or sits in the seat.

        Did Lot do this “seating” at the gate?

        What could be taking place in me when I do the above? What is the impact mentally and spiritually? (Recalling the thread on wise/foolish and the light stand).

        Spiritually – a “spirit of religion” seems to be very deceptive and have a powerful influence upon the mind. Over time a stronghold is established and manifests.

        Mentally paradigms are formed and breaking them is very difficult. I’ve been reviewing paradigms lately.

        I don’t know – just thinking this out with this note.

        Psalm 40

  17. Warrior,


    Blessings to you,
    Psalm 20

  18. I am sorry but after all this happened to me & churches & people accuse each other, this terminology & issue of RELIGIOUS SPIRIT can be man made.

    Jesus only said real or fake.

    What I see is mostly spirit of judgement raised with this issue. This add more sin than so called RELIGIOUS SPIRITS.

    My own experience has been confusing. Pastor wife told me no need to read more than one bible verse per day, otherwise you have religious spirit.

    Another female minister told me to read bible verse but going to church is not too important, even when I said the reasons: I need the Holy presence. She said that church made me feel good for the religious spirits. And that was totally wrong (let the Lord judge). I am selective to which church & which side I feel His presence the most, which sometimes the back corner.

    This is my conclusion: this issue was like a trap so everybody accuse each other of having religious spirits.

    And their words have weaken people & prevented them to go to church and to give. And that causes the church starts to lack and die. Then, no more pray for the cities, or to the country.

    Thanks to the wrong judgements!

    • ratna

      It sounds like you have met some ignorant ministers, who should not be ministers.

      go to church if you feel like it, but find a better church that does not teach stupid ideas.

      religious spirits are mean and judgmental, and want to boss people around. they will hurt you

      read the bible on a daily basis. read more than one verse a day…..the more you read, the more you will understand.

      the wife you told you to only read on verse a day wants you to stay stupid, so she can be smarter than you.

      spend time in prayer. there are psalms in the bible which are good prayers. read a few each day.

      find some friends who love God, and talk to them about jesus, and enjoy yourself with their company and friendship.

      you will be ok.

  19. I wanted to interject my own thoughts into this article. I have trouble submitting to churches because there are a lot of controlling pastors out there. which hence they have the religious spirit. so the contention that you have a religious spirit because a churches theology isnt perfect makes me say wait a minute.

    if a pastor is controlling thats another whole issue. plus Im looking for a church who believes in deliverance or at least doesnt oppose deliverance

    where do you get this that folks with a religious spirit demand theological perfection from a church or nothing?

    can you expand on this?

    • jeff

      This and the other article (part 1):

      are fairy comprehensive.

      the people with religious spirits are NOT perfect, yet they think they are, and demand others to fit their own personal standards.

      where do I get this?

      I have met many of them.

      there are still good churches out there, but it may take a while to find one to meet your needs for deliverance.

      I can send you some prayers for deliverance, if you’d like me to.

    • Jeff,

      If you are seeking more information on deliverance ministry – purchase these books:

      “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince
      “Pigs in the Parlor” by Fred and Ida Hammond

      You can also watch many messages on the subject by Derek Prince via YouTube.

      Derek Prince rejects Theology (knowledge/study of God) in pursuit of acknowledging God and His Son and the power of the Word.

      Psalm 25

  20. Jeff,


    I’ve visited 15 churches in within 3 counties since experiencing my deliverance (which was not within a church), and ministering deliverance (which was not within any church). There is not one churches or Pastor I’ve met in this area that comprehends, teaches or ministers deliverance.

    You’re more than likely not going to find a church where the “leadership” (elder/pastor) ministers deliverance.

    The spirit of religion (theology = mind) is oppressing the work of the Spirit.

    The mainstream Evangelical church is led by Pastors educated in schools teaching Theology.

    Mainstream Evangelical authors also are educated at esteemed divinity schools where they teach Theology.

    Theology is the study of God like Astronomy is the study of astronomical objects. Theology is an academic study of God, promoting a dogma.

    Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. It serves as part of the primary basis of an ideology or belief system, and it cannot be changed or discarded without affecting the very system’s paradigm, or the ideology [Theology] itself.

    Dogma can refer to acceptable opinions of philosophers or philosophical schools, public decrees, religion [Theology] or issued decisions of political authorities.

    The term derives from Greek δόγμα “that which seems to one, opinion or belief” and that from δοκέω (dokeo), “to think, to suppose, to imagine”.

    Dogma came to signify laws or ordinances adjudged and imposed upon others by the First Century.

    The plural is either dogmas or dogmata, from Greek δόγματα. The term “dogmatics” is used as a synonym for systematic theology, as in Karl Barth’s defining textbook of neo-orthodoxy, the 14-volume Church Dogmatics” (Dogma – Wikipedia).

    Theology is a construct guided by consensus religious beliefs held by individuals who study, acquiring knowledge of God by not acknowledge Him or recognizing that the Word is alive and power (Hebrews 4:12).

    How else can deliverance be ministered but by Hebrews 4:12?

    Indulging in Theological study and thinking reinforces the negative effects of consensus beliefs (mindset) while minimizing the impact of any spiritual manifestations (deliverance ministry) that contradicts those theological beliefs.

    Here is a common response to deliverance ministry by Pastors and Theologians –

    “I don’t care how good your evidence is [we’ve experienced and ministered deliverance to others] I won’t believe it until the majority of theologians also find it acceptable.

    Your evidence [experience] cannot be right, because it would mean that hundreds of textbooks and thousands of learned experts (theologian in Bible colleges and seminaries, within pulpits and media) are wrong.”

    In Jesus day – they were called Scribes and Phrases (Theologians). These “theologians” said to him – “How can you expel demons?”

    You know this passage –

    “Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’

    And He said to them, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions (demons) and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you…

    In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent [theologians] and revealed them to babes [childlike faith].

    Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight. All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.’

    Then He turned to His disciples and said privately, ‘Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see; for I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see what you see, and have not seen it, and to hear what you hear, and have not heard it'” (Luke 10:17-24).

    A “spirit of religion” (unbelief in the work of deliverance and miracles) is found in the practical application of Theology.

    What is the basis of my comments?

    I attended a graduate seminary where professors were educated at the following divinity schools:

    Yale, Princeton, University Edinburgh, John Hopkins, Chicago, and Union.

    No one talked about deliverance and they still don’t in any of the pulpits of the school’s graduates.

    Psalm 27

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