Reverse apartheid……South Africa cries out for help

I am passing along this cry for help I received from someone in South Africa. Sometimes we only see one view, the one that makes the most noise, or the one that is the biggest group. This is about persecution of white Christians by blacks in Africa, something we do not hear much about.

The Boers are a small group of Christian Dutch colonists that relocated to South Africa in the 18th century, to find a place to farm.

They legally bought the land, and now it is being taken away, and they are being persecuted for just being white and Christian.

The letter:

I live in South Africa in a country where it is okay to murder, kill rape, steal and name any sin you want to, if you are black. Here they already murdered more than 4000 farmers, but they will carry on about 4 student that just wanted to initiate black people to their hostel. All of a sudden it is taken out of total context. The world is running with it. But what is really important, is not important. Our sons and daughters are fearing for their lives.

We live in fear.

You may murder, rape, sodomize, and lock up people for years with out a proper trial, if you are black. In my country we live behind bars.

Private security budget is nearly the same as our police budget. There is hardly any border control. People from neighboring countries are streaming into our country because, in their countries, there is not enough food.

If I were them I would have done exactly the same but our infrastructure can’t take it. We are top heavy. The government officials are stealing money from the poor.

The people that must build houses for the poor are stealing the money, they build sub standard houses and pocket the rest. Farms that are bought by the government from white farmers, and given to black farmers, is not producing enough food.

Those farmers only produce enough food for themselves or they are a total failure, like all the other black nations around us. There is just not enough real farmers left on the ground. But still they carry on murdering our farmers.

They kicked out the people with the skills to run the factory’s, mines, schools, electricity, etc. They put people in charge that have no idea how to run it. They even kicked out the people that know how to maintain it. This is all over Africa.

Just go and see what is going on in all the Africa nations. Starvation. wars. Oh this people love making war and call it freedom, but all they want is money, money, money, not taking care of their people


In my country we gave them big parts of the country which is theirs now. We also gave them the money to build up their country, but they did not want to do that, they want what did not belong to them, that is their tradition. They are not prepared to work for it.

Countries, world wide, keep on giving money to Africa to make war. They keep on feeding them so they don’t have to plough the fields and provide for themselves. People that don’t work for a living give Satan their time.

Stop giving money to Africa, stop giving them weapons because they are destroying themselves, and stop providing for Africa and their statesmen.

AND STOP BELIEVING THEM THAT WE STOLE THERE LAND. BECAUSE IT IS NOT TRUE. When the Dutch came to South Africa, they bought the ground from the people. And as the white people move into the country, vast amounts of land, there was no people living there.

And where there was people living, our leaders went to so the head of that tribe, and bought the land from the people. So please tell me why we must give our country that we build up to them.

Why could they not build up their part of country as we did ours. They love to tell the world we suppressed them, they don’t tell the world that they love to make war, and take what does not belong to them, because they think it is their right.

We provided them with schools, hospitals, universities. We provide them with the means to build up there country. But they are a lazy bunch. It is easier to take than to build.

They are liars, and the world believes them. They told the world that we supplied sub standard education and hospitals that is a lie. They burn down their schools, destroy their country, because WHY MUST WE WORK HARD if it is already there.

And the world believes their serpent language. And discriminated against the BOER people have always been God fearing people. We wanted a place where we can live with God. That is why we try to help them also.

God’s people can’t walk hand in hand with Satan people. It is forbidden. Since they have taken over the country, Satan is loose in this country.

But God also sent us a man that walked with God, and he told us this is going to happen. But that we must not loose faith, that the Lord will restore this country but not in the way we think. He also told us it will get much darker before the light will returns, and the only thing that will save us is our trust in the Lord our Savior. He also said that this country will be a save place for people that will flee for their beliefs. He also said that the people that don’t believe will die or flee out of this country.


There is so many beliefs here that is speaking serpent language. That our people is losing their way. Some of our big churches has lost the way totally, they are saying Jesus did stand up out of the dead, that it was only his spirit, He did not go to the heaven in the way that the Bible says, that the old testament is only a story.


That they will hold on to the Lord Jesus, our savior, because that is our only Hope. Our children and grand children must learn now in our schools all the religions. We are trying to build schools for our children, where we can educate them.

But I fear we are loosing the battle, to many people has lost there faith. But I know if Christians all over the world will start praying for the Christian in this country we will survive.
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Do you know how many of the so called Christian people in this country is shouting “KILL THE BOER. ONE BULLET, ONE BOER.!!”

Do you know how our children is indoctrinated, do you know how our moral standards is destroyed amongst our girls. That our sons have higher standards.

Do you know how our children are raped, sodomized, crippled or killed? Do you know how our old people is raped, sodomized, crippled, that there soles of their feet is cut off, hot water is poured over them, burned with cigarettes etc?

That husbands are forced to watch while there wife is raped, sodomized and sometimes cut open if they are pregnant. Children must watch while these ungodly things is done to their parents. Parents must watch while these ungodly things is done to their children. We are not aloud to defend ourselves if we do we go to jail.

Please pray that you don’t ever go to jail in this country. Black men in jail sodomize our men. They are deliberately put in with this type of men. Or they get robbed of the little they have including their clothes.

No. I don’t live in a terrorist country according to the world. I live in a country with no respect for God, and His word.

They use the Word as they see fit. And that is the work of the SERPENT.

They even went back to there old traditions of praying to their fore fathers. [I assume she means something similar to voodoo here]


Hate for the black people of this country is flaring. Where there was no hate before there is now. Where there was respect for other people before, there is no respect.

And the problem is that the black people of Africa are their own downfall, because they listen to people that speak serpent language. Very few black people uphold the 10 commandments.

And our Lord says you won’t walk with this people. You won’t mix with this people. Except to bring the Word to them. That we did, but they want more. They are never satisfied.


This is not a terrorist country, but a Serpent country. That is worse.

You don’t fight a visible enemy, but an invisible enemy that manifests itself in the people. You may tell the world.

*****Please pray for the Boers in South Africa. Thank you.

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  2. wow, I live in south Africa and couldn’t have said it better than she did. All she says is true.
    If you don’t believe her come and live here for a while not just as a tourist in the ” safe places ”

    Please pray for our country

  3. Bee,

    Your area has already been put on my prayer list. I had no idea what was going on until I got the letter. I never heard from her again either, and I pray she is ok. I also notice that certain dutch sites have been linking to my site. I can see this on my administrative page.

    This is horrible, and should not be true. People from there need help. Maybe it will end up being someone with authority outside the country who has read about this.

    God bless you

  4. Hello,

    Hope you are well. I have every doubt of your purchasing the land and of finding the land empty. That sounds too close to the lie in the USA about Manifest Destiny. Historians always leave the bad parts out or twist the truth in their own histories. This is a world wide occurance. Fact is that the lighter skinned Euorpean people have been oppressing the darker skinned peoples for a very long time. This isn’t only in South Africa but all around the world. So if what you are saying is indeed happening I would point you to the scripture that you reap what you sow. That may sound cruel but it is true. I will pray for you and I suggest that you follow the teachings of Jesus. Mathew 5:44 “Love your enemies.” For you see your ancestors have done the darker people a very grevious injustice. If what you are saying is true than you are getting the same horrible treatment. This does not justify it by any means it just helps you understand it.The answer is to break the cycle. Return the hate with Love that is what Jesus did.



    • John it is just that more intense in South Africa simply because we hold the land that has to provide a home to you and your descendants during the last days, when much of TRUE Christianity will relocate here, as their countries will become uninhabitable due to military action that will even burn the very soil.

      This country has always seen the most intense battles between satan and Jesus, that is what apartheid REALLY was about – to keep the communist atheist from taking over power. The idiotic free West, however, did satan a favour by ensuring that the antichrist rises to power here.

      The Afrikaner (also called Boer) comes from 40% Dutch, 40% German, 9% French, 9% Scottish and 2% other bloodlines. We came here to establish Christianity but were soon overpowered by the British, whom wasted no time in putting mineral resources under the power of the illuminati, headed by the qreen…..

      The rich British communists were the FIRST to write apartheid laws into their constitution….. They burnt our farms, killed thousands upon thousands of our women (Just Google “South African War” or “Anglo-Boer war” and see what comes up.

      The fight against the darks side has always been very, very intense. Then came the Belgian Dr hendrik verwoerd in 1961 and turned South Africa into racial mayhem with his Nazist government. But don’t be fooled into blaming us Afrikanesr for everything. The uprisings on June 16, 1976, was planned in the Kremlin by the mid/late 1950’s as was discovered by gerard Ludi, undercover security police officer whom had infiltrated the sa communist party and even had an office in the Kremlin!

      Recommended reading: Operation Q-018 by Gerard Ludi as wellas A History of Communism in South Africa by Dr Henry R Pike.

    • Breaking the cycle, John, will need you to go and kill satan….. this is no ordinary matter, but one that goes hand-in-hand with end time events. it cannot be compared with any other region as the reason for the battle is different.

      I would suggest that you come to south africa and do your bit of breaking the cycle, come see for yourself what is going on. I have spent a lifetime alongside Christ jesus and understand what you are saying, all I am also saying is that talk remains cheap. I challenge you to prove your worth in making the esssential difference here. and if you have success in practice HERE, then tell us to follow your good example.

      before you get onto the plane, check with Dr Bruce Wiliknson first…he came to do what you have said, and left… Oprah had her disappointments…it is NOT comparable to anywhere else. it really is rather unique….

    • Dear, John

      Drowning in that WHITE GUILT, are you?

    • John get your facts straight!!! We didn’t came to South Africa to kill the blacks…. the black people came from the north of africa into South Africa and us whites came from the south point of South Africa, the black people didn’t originate in South Africa, the only people that originated in South Africa were the bushmen / Khoi San people. We only defended ourselfs against attacks from the blacks that did attack the whites first and the same goes for the British army that attack and made war against us BOERS we fought two (2) wars against the British army. We the BOERS are a peacfeful nation we never go to war for no reason and we never attack anyone first!!!!!

  5. Hi John,

    Wasn’t it the black Muslims who sold their brothers into slavery to begin with?

    I could be wrong, but I do not think this particular group of settlers were oppressive.

    I do agree that all oppression should stop, and love should take over.


    • lies of the white man lies of from the devil. You ppl have created so much lies with your education, books and all the fake stuff you come up with. Ofcourse you made up Jesus because you were conquering nations just like the your father Jesus promised you. How do beat a slave and hung up in the tree and open your bible and pray. after you slaved the Africans you give them the bible and tell them to forgive all how you told the Africans that its okay to suffer on earth because they will find happiness in heaven a whole bunch of bullshit ass lies so you take our land while we pray to your fake GOD. why did you have come teach us Christianity who are you to tell me what to believe in when you are just a low conscious being that doesn’t understand the spirit. Thats why you pray to something outside yourself instead of knowing that God is in all of us his love and spirit is in all living things your body is your temple that’s all you need let real GOD teach you some things. IAM GOD KNOW THY SELF AND LOVE THY SELF as result you love everything else around you but you lack Melanin so you probably cant comprehend you are the devils agent.

  6. John,

    The Bible also says “Ths children shall not be put to death for the fathers, nor the fathers for the children, but every man shall be put to death for his own sin.” This woman did not “sow” what she is now “reaping”. You reap what YOU sow, not what your ancestors sowed. In this situation, you’re required to give encouragement and to pray, not to give a “history lesson” about how these people deserve their plight because of the sins of their ancestors. I will pray for God’s Peace on this woman and her nation.

  7. Duane.

    Thank you for your comment. I really pray that the love of Christ erases past generational curses on everyone. We do not have to be victims of any past, or current abuse. God will help us all, if we trust in Him.


  8. Hello,

    Hope you are well. No the Dutch had a very big part in the slave trade though I’m not sure those in South Africa participated in it.

    Duane Williams that scripture from Ezekiel is referring to how God views and judges. God has the remarkable ability not to be influenced by the past and looking at each soul individually. Unfortunately most of us humans don’t have that ability to act impartially. That is why the hatred caused by wars are passed on from generation to generation. Ask a man in Georgia about how he feels about General Sherman and thus the North, one day. Or you could have asked my Polish grand father why he hated the Russians so much.

    I know something about South Africa from the Bergs who attended church in the Manhattan Church of Christ with me. When I asked them if they were happy after Nelson Mandella’s coming to power and reforms they said they were estatic. They then informed me that the congregation they attended was almays a mix of races.

    Let me bring these questions to the people who wrote this article. How did they treat people of darker skin twenty five or thirty years ago? Did they go out and welcome them in their churches? Did they try to build bridges of friendship? Did they fight for the rights of the opressed majority?

    We’re not talking about ancient history here. These are times where the writers of the article most likely have lived in unless they are young. Furthermore the action of reconcilliation must originate from the oppressor rather than the oppressed. That is just the nature of reality.

    I would that all people live up to the standards of Jesus. But this is impossible. 1 Peter 1:5 starts the building blocks of a Christian with goodness. If only we could just be good people that would be a wonderful start.

    But it is important to understand that things happen for a reason. Also we must understand that God is slow in responding to a situation as He acts in His own time frame. One day America will be held accountable for the way the European invaders have committed genocide on the indigenous people and have enslaved the African people. You may ignorantly dismiss this as a “history lesson” as well but it is not. The impact and ramifications of the evils transgressed against these individuals effect their society in a profound way until this day.

    I do not know you sir, your race or your beliefs. I’d imagine you are a Christian, but unfortunately in the world today that doesn’t tell me much. I would hope that you are loving God and loving your neighbour as those are the greatest two commands.

    Finally when Mandella came to power there were no mass executions. Instead he conducted manners with great nobility. If things have changed I am unaware of this and I would say it is most unfortunate. Still there are reasons why things happen and turning a blind eye to their cause and reducing vibrant emotions and feelings to a “history lesson” is not the answer.



  9. John,

    How would you suggest dealing with the current situation? I have to admit, I am not intimately familiar with the history of this region, but I wish that anything wrong be corrected. Anyone injured unfairly up to this point has my deep sympathy.


  10. I pray that you don’t feed on the “bait” of satan by focusing on the “blacks” who are doing you and your people wrong. If so, you will be ensnared and weakened by the “Serpent’s” corrupted double-edged sword. I know you are hurting – but is it right to labled a whole group of people based on the actions of a few? So we should stop sending money to Africa, huh? In that case should we stopped sending money to all countries that commit these wicked/evil crimes? Sin is everywhere. Jesus predicted these times (Matt. 24) And, sin is sin whomever it’s in; sin has no “color”. Where is the love of Jesus Christ? Where is the Word of God? You speak on many who are now hating “blacks” in Africa because of these gross and wicked sins. Are these people Christians? If so, Jesus told us to “love” our enemies. Now I realized this can’t be done in the natural. It fact that statement is unnatural. To be honest, I once held hatred and resentment in my heart against a group of people (whites) for what they did (enslaved & killings) to my people. However,I did not realized at the time I was “feeding” of the posioned “bait” on Satan – himself! To be blunt – I was wrong!! – and – in sin!! When the Lord revealed this to me, I had to confess and repent. This was not a easy process for me – but thank God I am healed and delivered!! Amen!! I had to except what Jesus has commanded us to do. And, He would not have commanded us to do this is if it was not possible. In fact, Jesus led by example when He prayed (for his murders) to the Father to “forgive them for they know not what they do” Again, this can’t be done in emotions or feelings. And boy do I know! When I processed things thru my emotion/feelings, I failed. We are not supposed to walk by feelings; we are to “walk by faith – not by sight”. I will pray for the safety of the Boers. And, I will pray for these terrorists to come into the loving grace and salvation of Jesus Christ. To this end, let us pray for – all people – for this is the heart of God. (John 3:16). Peace & God Bless

  11. Hi Pastor Luke.

    It is true that divine love is a supernatural event in someone’s life, that can only be accomplished by allowing God to work his will.


    • lies of the white man lies of from the devil. You ppl have created so much lies with your education, books and all the fake stuff you come up with. Ofcourse you made up Jesus because you were conquering nations just like the your father Jesus promised you. How do beat a slave and hung up in the tree and open your bible and pray. after you slaved the Africans you give them the bible and tell them to forgive all how you told the Africans that its okay to suffer on earth because they will find happiness in heaven a whole bunch of bullshit ass lies so you take our land while we pray to your fake GOD. why did you have come teach us Christianity who are you to tell me what to believe in when you are just a low conscious being that doesn’t understand the spirit. Thats why you pray to something outside yourself instead of knowing that God is in all of us his love and spirit is in all living things your body is your temple that’s all you need let real GOD teach you some things. IAM GOD KNOW THY SELF AND LOVE THY SELF as result you love everything else around you but you lack Melanin so you probably cant comprehend you are the devils agent.

  12. John,

    As for your American History lesson, why should America as a whole be judged for the deeds of dead white guys? There is more to America than just white people. I have done extensive research on American history and I know her injustices and hypocrisies all too well. My mother’s side of the family is of Cherokee Nation descent, and the Trail of Tears has been etched into my consciousness. However, I don’t hold these tragedies against innocent white civilians or the modern American Government. Jews have no right to hate Germans(born after WWII), or modern day Romans or Babylonians or Assyrians or Philistines(if there still are any of the last three) or Egyptians. Blacks and American Indians have no right to hate whites who haven’t done any harm to them. Chinese people have no right to blame the rape of Nanking on Japanese children today. Americans have no right to hate Brits today because of the burning of the Capitol, or to hate Japanese citizens because Pearl Harbor was bombed. If all whites in America were to be put into slavery as justice for the enslavement of blacks, would you object? You should, because punishing innocent people who have never owned slaves would not be justice, it would be yet another American tragedy. I do object to the fact that we press the image of a genocidal murdering racist onto our $20 bills and hold him up as some kind of American hero when in reality he was a lowlife scumbag and a coward to whom I will not give the respect of typing his name. BTW, I know all about the differing attitudes on General Sherman, having family in the deep South who resent him and currently living here in William T’s hometown of Lancaster, Ohio, where he is practically worshipped.


      • Adam is translated from the Hebrew word “AWDAWM” and means White Man. The basic derivative means: “Ruddy complexion, show blood in the face, transparent white skin. ” The skin of the black and yellow races is not transparent

        • this makes you wonder if god made white man, who made the others 🙂

          • Your prior comments have highlighted your appalling ignorance and hypocrisy. This comment highlights your ugly soul. You have shamed yourself with these vile words, and proved that you are no Christian. May God have mercy on you.

  13. Greetings,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Ev. Duane Williams. You are of course one hundred percent correct that people should be Loving and forgiving. In fact Love is the most essential thing about a Christian and I cite the two greatest commandments and 1 Corinthians 13. God is Love after all. If only that Love was a reality in all people we would have most of our problems dissapear. In fact that is our great hope that when we are caught up with Jesus to be taken home we will indeed in a land without pain, sorrow and suffering. A place so wonderful that we cannot conceive of it now on Earth.

    Yet too deny the historical realities that brought us to this place in time is a grave error. The conversation began with what is occurring in South Africa. Just as one can’t understand the United States without it’s history one cannot know any other place. I choose to use American history because it is the one I am most familiar with and one that I guessed others on the blog would be the most familiar with.

    Let me say the legacy of all peoples follow them through the generations whether it is consciously or unconsciously. For example the Jews practice the Passover. To ignore the Passover would be a great folly if one wished to understand Jews.

    The general point I was trying to make was that there are reasons why things happen. When calamity happens to oneself it is viewed as more than a disaster than if it happens to another.

    There is only one way to break the cycle of hatred and destruction on this planet and that is through Jesus Christ. The unselfish, all giving, cross bearing Love that the Son of Man displayed.

    But God is also a just God. As you pointed out in your first entry that God looks at each individual uniquely and judges their sin. But we do reap what we sow. This is not an iron clad rule but a general one. For I know babies being aborted or blown up by bombs sowed no evil at all.

    But history, the good and evil of man has brought us to this present world. I see that we are on the brink of disaster where hatred and war threatens to distinguish all life. In all this I seek to serve God as best I can.

    Have you ever heard of ‘flight’ or ‘fight’. It is a condition that is carried over by some of those originally from Africa who were enslaved in America. There are scientific studies that back up this theory. Basically because of the upbringing these former slaves do not react in a ‘normal’ fashion. Instead they will run or become extremely confrontational. It is traced back to the trauma of slavery and its evils. I heard it explained to me from a woman who was of African descent.

    So we are a product of our history. I myself who was a victim of abuse must realize that it plays a part in my life. When I understand why I react to certain things I can then seek a remedy.

    This brings me again to what the letter claims to be happening in South Africa. Even if everything is true, which I doubt, there are reasons for their plight. Furthermore the tone of the letter demonizes all Africans. Jesus wants us to Love our enemies.

    Certainly anyone acting in the fashion described in the letter would be denying God simply in their actions. But the enlightened Christian should be the one with the wisdom to make peace. Turn the other cheek, bless those that curse you, bear your cross daily, store your treasure in heaven. Aren’t those the Words of Jesus?

    Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a Christian. When I was a child we moved into a neighborhood next to a Dutch farm. They were supposed to be Christians but they were sons of the devil. Their own kin would testify to that and have. I have forgiven them and moved on. Vengance is mine sayeth the Lord.

    So you have evil people in the world and many times for very good reasons. Like I said only Love will break the cycle.

    Perhaps if the tone of the letter was presented differently. Perhaps if the writer of the letter also simply asked that we pray for the Africans to turn to the Lord. Perhaps if the author of the letter acknowledged the abuse of the darker skinned majority. Perhaps if the author didn’t demonize all of Africa. The letter is a far cry from Jesus’ words on the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”



  14. I think throughout history, we have have seen

    whites fight whites
    Blacks fight blacks
    semites fight semites
    anti-semites fight semites
    whites fight blacks
    whites fight other races
    chinese fight chinese
    russians fight russians
    germans fight other europeans
    romans fight greeks
    british fight turks
    french fight french
    pakistanis fight indians
    meixicans fight americans
    arabs fight jews
    arabs fight blacks
    one religion fight another

    they usually fight over property and power. This is not a unique thing. Someone wins, and someone loses….then if the loser wants their property or power back , they revolt and have another fight. The one who is the best prepared wins. The loser is not necessarily a victim. They are just the loser, and they either need to get over it, or re-group and learn to fight better and try again.

    slavery has also been around for centuries…ages…..and it is the loser that ends up being the slave…..the slave owners can be good or bad to the slaves. there have been times when slaves actually chose to stay with their owners because their life is actually more secure and better than the way they had it before.

    there is a difference between a conflict over property / power and true victimization. Child abuse is victimization. Adults fighting is just that.

    If one group is stronger than the other, it means they are more prepared to fight for what they want. If the other one is easily defeated, why are they so far behind technically? Why is one group so much smarter, or stronger, or more educated, or more physically fit, and the other one so much more primitive, illiterate, or clueless in many aspects of life?

    In the Africa case, the natives were just that…primitive, most likely practicing voodoo, instead of becoming more civilized. Civilized people are not necessarily evil because they decide to expand their territory. People usually do this when they are too crowded where they are.

    I do not approve of hurting anyone, but some people benefit from the leadership of others, esp when they are not advanced to have any of their own. If they are illiterate, whatever schooling they get is better than what they had.

    If they know nothing about government, civilization, or democracy, I can see why they would not know what to do with the right to vote anyhow. We have that case today, with illegal immigrants who cannot read or write, but people want to give them the right to vote, so they can get into office. The ignorant aliens have no clue how to contribute to a democratic government.

    However, if someone is really being beaten, or raped, the first instinct is to cry out for help. Turning the other cheek is only feeding the abuser. One can forgive, but they should not submit, and they should try to get away from the abuse. Once they get some distance, they can practice forgiveness in peace and safety.

  15. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Your ignorance shines through in a big way. Following your thoughts you would commend the school yard bully for his superiority. I recall a time when the most sophisticated country was Nazi Germany.

    Just because a country isn’t advanced in technology does not make them inferior. In fact most likely they were more advanced socially. Also written language is no guarentee of advancement either. Perhaps you have been watching too many movies from Hollywood.

    Furthermore if you don’t like turning the other cheek I suggest you take it up with Jesus, those are His words. Turning the other cheek is fufilling the command to Love your enemy. I’m not suggesting someone being raped shouldn’t attempt to escape or run away.

    In the context of this discussion “turning the other cheek” or “loving one’s enemies” would mean the Boers going out and embracing their offenders.

    I understand that the Boers were in every way very much like the oppressive KKK in America. The KKK after all claims to be Christians as well. Not that it justifies the African natives actions but it helps you understand why they want to do what they are doing.



    • couldn’t have said it better

    • You horribly misunderstand I’m afraid, I’m an RSA citizen who is not a Boer, first off. Let me give you a tiny bit of a reality check from what is happening in my country.

      White people arrive (as they do, only more willing to share than usual) The Khoi & San people at the time are being slaughtered by the Zulu people (who are from the Northern parts of Africa and have only been here 200yrs longer than white people, King Shaka is renowned for his brutality -Please read what he did to his own tribes and why he did it here:

      This leads to white people helping the Khoi & San from being eradicated..(They now have many children called the Xhosa, Mandela was one of them, a great, wonderful, peace loving culture. The main rteason white people felt welcome in South Africa)
      Then many decades of peace and mixed race babies between White and Xhosa/San/Khoi people follow.

      Then The Boerre run into the Zulus…. And The Zulus trade land for supplies, as the San and Khoi did before them.) Live stock, clothing, medicine etc… Then they initiate war by killing the settlers at the celebrations to celebrate this new found co-existence(Search:Piet Retief’s death) and then follows what can only be called Zulu genocide brought on by the Zulus themselves (self defense). (Called:the battle of blood river)

      Then history is as it is, Many wars, many dead Zulus and white settlers and even some British.

      Then Apartheid is instituted… Homelands are created to stop black on black violence to preserve their respective cultures… And as we all know such power corrupts anyone… It goes to far, as it did and it breads KKK type people…
      But these where a minority of the white people in the country calling themselves the AWB, who never gained any form of political success because of their KKK mentality. (Your swooping generalisation is horribly misinformed)

      Also a little more food for thought – Slavery never happened in RSA. The white founders of the country outlawed it.

      Then 1970’s…
      A war against apartheid gains strength and global support, as it should rightfully.
      What they don’t tell you though is that…
      1990 The President puts a vote to the white minority to stop Apartheid or to fight for it (This would end in black genocide obviously) 2/3ds of the white minority vote AGAINST apartheid (No black genocide) or so they thought!

      Between 1984 and 1994 (Year of first democratic election) approximately 21 000 black South Africans die as a direct result of political violence (this is where you possibly think to yourself, “See what white people are capable of!!”, right?)

      Well, the reality is that only +- 800 of those deaths are due to white on black violence the rest… “Turf wars” between the IFP and the now ruling ANC, at the time. ANC was mostly Xhosa and IFP is mostly ZULU. Most of this violence was brought on by the IFP…

      The black on black violence that gave birth to the homelands in the first place carries on only now there is no mediator to stop it.

      KZN- KwaZulu Natal (Zulu land) is now the most looked after province in the country while the Eastern Cape (Xhosa land) is one of the poorest provinces all thanks to the shift in power from Xhosa to Zulu.

      Xhosa’s are the only TRUE South Africans and they are being slowly starved to death, to add to this (A few months ago) the RSA Police force decides to spray large parts of the Eastern cape(Which is also one of the most well conserved provinces) with crop killing poisons, Now the Xhosa people are starving at an even higher rate and they cannot do subsistence farming because the police poisoned the land they live on and nothing will grow there.

      So before you go thinking white people created the violence we witness daily in my country. Think again! That same violence is what started the oppressive nature of my countries history.

      But After all is said” If I could go back and stop every single white ship aiming for Africa I would sink them all…

      What my ancestors did is horrifying and should not have happened, But it did and now I am paying for their mistakes, Although I never had any hand in Apartheid, slavery, black oppression or any other form of inhumane actions against any race.

      I know how my friends are being murdered and raped for the colour of their skin or because her dress was considered “provocative”, I hear how all colours of foreigners are being burned alive in the streets of our biggest cities, I see how people who fought together against oppression are oppressing each other because one culture thinks itself better than another.
      I read about people dying in their homes because the government could not listen to warnings of a pending energy crisis, and I sit and wonder why they are ignoring the same warnings about pending food and water crises.

      I see how the opposition is helping more people than the leaders that promised them social justice.

      I see the President of my country “allegedly” raping, cheating, stealing as much as possible at the expense of others much-much less fortunate.( Did you know he owns a Boeing and he is thinking of buying 3 new private jets.
      This after increasing income tax and fuel levies to pay the countries deficit and to pay for new power stations)
      I saw every speech where he insights racism and hate, and where he blames Christianity for the state of our country when we all know that he is the problem.

      So before calling someone ignorant consider your own ignorance!
      When do stop and think that we are all human beings with a history that should never be repeated.

      So once you hear the stories of how South African children have taken on eating each other to survive think about your ignorance and how just a little bit of sympathy from you could have stopped it.

  16. John,

    I am glad to hear from you. I only try to give an alternate view, trying to understand both sides. Please continue to feel free to offer your perspective.

    I had understood that the British had come in and actually defeated the Boers for the property, so the Boers were not really in control anymore. For me, I wish they would all live in peace together.

    This seems to hit a personal note for you. Do you know people there?


  17. Marianne,

    The English did takeover. But the Boers are Dutch had larger families so they regained power over the years.



  18. There is a misunderstanding,in the first place I dont hate the black people and my people and some of the black people live in harmony.Till theire leaders greed overtook them because my people work hard and their life stock became more.Then the black people will attack them,kill them if they can.Then my people went out and attack them and bring back our live stock.
    Some of our people have still today documents to proof they have bought the land.Some Boer people did not trust them.But most of them have the following Christian attitude,if I have given my word,then it was as good it was written on paper singed and sealed.They expected the same from the other party.They believe if you live the TRUTH and walk in the truth other people will do it also.Then the English came with theire greedy fingers.And everything went down the drain.But the Boer people picked themsefs up with the help of theire Father in Heaven.And rebuild the land again.Then communist came and told the black people again they dont have to work,they can carry on in there tradition to take what does not belong to them instead of starting buld uo there own country.
    Not all the black people is like this,but they are only a few.But most of them will steal and kill.
    If you cant give that money or food directly to poor and the hungry dont give.Because most of that money and food go to the war makers and the people that is supossinly doing the admin.Or make very sure you give it to a VERY trust worthy organisation.
    Thank You to all who carry us in your prairs.
    We never have the attention to come to this country to kill.But every time we are forced to defend ourselfs.We just wanted to live in peace and take care of ourselfs,and live near GOD.

  19. Alida,

    I believe you. Things like this happen in America too. The wrong people get the blame.


  20. And for those that dont believe,this is happening.Go to the following sights and read.,1,22
    The first one,you will find some article in English to read.
    Keep you eyes on Jesus He is coming soon.

  21. As a young white South African im am appalled at this letter. Its is a utter disgrace that someone with this mentality and someone with these thoughts and ideas is allowed to live in the new south Africa. You are seriously sick and need help. May i suggest immigration. The South Africa that you are describing is not the one that i know. You clearly have not accepted the change that has taken place in Mzansi and cannot deal with the fact that this country now belongs to ALL wholive in it. Your facts and figures and opinions are blatantly racist and one only hopes that your miserable, frustrating life does not end in this way. It is disturbing to know that i am living with white people like you in the same country!!! Get a life and grow up – accept the change and move on you prick!!!

  22. Dear John,

    Your letter is the first I have gotten that contradicts this letter. Where do you live in relation to what is described? I am interested in all viewpoints.


  23. Dear John,I also want to know where you are living.Because it is not in South Africa.Do you read news papers,do you have a TV?

    Well it seems you have internet.Go to the following sight and go and see the photos.But a word of caution if you dont have a strong stomach dont look.But if you look start praying that this wont happen to your family.

    Scroll down till you reach the photos click on the first one and it will open.

    Where were you,when the xenophobio was happening.They even put a tire around one persons neck and set it on fire.It was on the news,TV and in the news papers.

    You either dont live in South Africa.Or you are a very lucky person.So where are you living,my friends and I would love to move to that part of the country.


  24. Alida,

    John d may not be white, like he says.


  25. Hi

    having lived in South Africa since birth (37 years) I have seen many changes, I did my 2 years national service when I was 18 fighting against the terrorists bombing churches and shopping centres, and then saw the coming of the rainbow nation.

    Now please do me a favour and visit on a regular basis and see what our current leaders are doing to our country.

    and yes when I say “our country” it is for all races, I don’t usually argue about politics with people that do not live in said country since they really do not have a clue what is going on.

    For example our health minister has recently blamed the C.I.A for starting AIDS in africa, and in a public speech told the nation to go to bed early so we can wake up clever.

    2 days ago school kids where picked up to go protest against the constitutional court so that they can drop the charges of corruption against Zuma ( the person who is to be our new president in 2009) so that he does not go to jail…

    Many black people have declared a wish for apartheid rule since thay where better off then, now I dont really care who is in charge since I follow God first and only pay my taxes ( render onto Caesar) but to blame the white South Africans who landed on these shores and created this country 150 years before the first black people came here (fleeing from Central Africa) is wrong.

    Now most Americans know nothing about South Africa and visa versa, but I can tell you now nobody is safe in this country under current rule and our(communist trained) leaders are as far from God as I am from the moon.

    South Africa was once rated as one of the few Christian Nations in the world alas that has disappeared and it feels like Satan has taken over.

    before you flame me down, please go do your homework on our history from the beginning

    God Bless and pray for us all

  26. Dear Robert,

    It is interesting that you mentioned the “rainbow nation” A black rights movement here is called the “rainbow coalition.”

    I would not “flame you down.” My desire is to give white farmers and others in south africa a fair view, and a voice, so others will know their situation. I am willing to help in any way I can.

    My opinion is that opinionated, uneducated people have no talent to fairly rule others. Your current government sounds like it is ruled by these kinds of people.

    blessings and prayers

  27. thank You Marianne

    the”flaming” was not aimed at you, but from experience when people’s posts go against what they want to believe (see some of the above responses) it is easier to try break them down than to have intelligent debate.

    And yes our current government (irrespective of the color of their skin) is corrupt and rotten to the core.

    The “Rainbow nation” was supposed to be the new utopia once Mandela was released from prison and took over, but the people that fought ( blew up churches etc.) for the right to govern South Africa seem to have lost sight of those ideals and are now only concerned with lining their own pockets at the expense of ALL citizens, so the whole “Rainbow Nation” is debunk.

    I thank you for your willingness to be impartial and fair, and hopefully more people will see that open discussion is more constructive than narrow minded preconceived opinions (mostly not their own but like sheep to scared to stand as individuals)

    Lucky for us their are Christians like Angus Buchan trying to make a difference, if you have never heard of him read the link below for a short history on this simple man who through Christ can get 35 000 people to gather together in His name at any given time.

    • Robert

      4 666 4 Mandela and his people never had these ideals that they tell you about – atheist Communist Karl Marx and his ideas were firmly rooted in the blacks from the Eastern Cape where andela hails from……and their late 1800’s riots and sensesless violence ever since is what GAVE RISE TO APARTHEID in the first instance. Apartheid was a necessary evil to protect various minority groups, black and white, and to keep the constitution there for God. Now the stan has his in place………

  28. Kimberley – A woman has told how she “screamed and screamed” while she was allegedly being raped by four men after she was locked up in a police cell with them early on Sunday morning.

    The rape ordeal lasted about three hours, Monica Kanyane, 19, from Galeshewe, said on Monday.

    “Police arrested me on Sunday morning and then locked me up in a cell with the four men. The men were at the back of the cell.”

    Kanyane was apparently arrested and locked up for being drunk in public.

    “There was a bed in the cell and I went to lie down on it. One man kicked me awake. I screamed for help, but nobody came to help me.”

    ‘The men took turns’

    She said she was then repeatedly raped by all four men.

    “I was crying. The men took turns. At about 06:00 the police arrived and I told them what had happened. I had to make a statement and was taken to the Kimberley hospital. I also saw a counsellor this morning (Monday).”

    She said the policemen had apologised to her, but she was angry at the officials who had locked her up with the men.

    “My stomach felt like it was turning inside out. They must lock up men like that in a separate cell.”

    Dan Morema, provincial head of the Independent Complaints Directorate, said on Monday the case had been reported to them.


    “The complainant said police had called her a tomboy and said she had to be locked up with the four men in the cell. She was then raped.”

    Morema said the Independent Complaints Directorate’s preliminary investigation had indicated that police had helped the woman to open a case of rape.

    “They also helped her get medical care. The case file has been given back to police for further investigation. The official who locked up the woman with the men will be dealt with by the department.”

    Police spokesperson Constable Sergio Kock said police were investigating the allegations against the respective police members. “The investigation is continuing.”

    # Kanyane gave permission for her name to be used.,,2-7-1442_2382493,00.html


  29. Robert,

    I think the policemen knew what would happen when they put the woman in there to begin with.

    You say “nobody cares.” Well, I do. Find a way to leave there. What do you do for a living?


  30. Kubheka said he did not think the “kill the farmer, kill the boer” slogan constituted hate speech.

    web designer and bianca & I do(did) property –

    thank you Mariaane for your support

    God Bless
    had a awesome night last night – our small congregation got together to start the Biblical Portrait of Marriage course and we could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence

  31. the above rape case is made worse by the fact that both the victim and the police where black, no compassion even for their own kind, it seems that they have gone back a few hundred years and become savages.

    The Democratic Alliance is to take the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) to the newly established Equality Court for incitement to violence.

    This comes after members of the tripartite alliance brandished posters saying “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” outside the Phalaborwa magistrate’s court in Limpopo on Tuesday. Other posters waved outside the court read “Tired with the boers” and “Castrate the boers”.

    this is after a black man was murdered, yet whites get murdered by the dozen on a daily basis – it is sad how instead of making a difference as they promised to get white votes to come into power they have decided to rather exterminate us.


    Durban – A policeman is being charged with corruption after he allegedly took R500 from the suspected rapist of an eight-year-old girl.

    Police are now investigating other instances of alleged corruption by Inspector Kistasamy Pillay, 44, from the unit for family violence, child protection and sexual offences in Kokstad, after case files and documents from other cases were allegedly found at his home.

    The price of a childs innocence.. R500..

  33. Does anyone know of anything bad happening in the Cape Town area? My friend is being sent there to live as a missionary. And how far is Cape Town from all this violence?

  34. Hi Decie,

    I am sending you an email with a response.


  35. Shoot me too, that’s OK. You’ve murdered my husband and I can’t live without him.”

    These were the words of Jeanette Greig, 64, to the robbers that had shot her husband, David, 65, only minutes before on Friday night.

    “They threatened to kill me after David had closed his eyes for the last time,” she said.

    “I no longer cared, because they had taken my loving, funny and generous partner from me.”

    David, an immigrant from Wales who came to South Africa in 1967, died in exactly the same spot where his seventy-two-year-old mother, Hannah, was shot by robbers in 1996.

    ‘Don’t be scared’

    Jeanette said she woke up when her husband rubbed her shoulder and told her not to be scared.

    “The armed man at the foot of our bed demanded that I unlock the kitchen door for his two companions,” she said on Wednesday.

    She went to the kitchen while the men outside held up her husband with another firearm through the bedroom window.

    “David must have got away, because suddenly he was there with us. Several shots rang out, from inside and outside the house, during a struggle for the gun,” she said.

    Jeanette said the murderer watched coldly as her husband sank to the ground, before shooting him yet again in cold blood.

    She was badly assaulted and stabbed with a blunt knife after the other men also gained access to the house.

    Fled with just R1 200

    A hard knock against the head burst her eardrum and has caused permanent hearing loss.

    “I knew David was dead, but I wasn’t allowed to go to him,” she said.

    Forty-five minutes later the men fled with only R1 200. Jeanette went to ask some farmworkers to call for help.

    His son, David jnr said: “My father would not have wanted to be regarded as just another murdered farmer.

    “I think it would be his wish that his cruel death should spur on the farming community to actively join the police in fighting this crime.”

    “Despite my grandmother’s murder and the high crime rate, he never spoke of leaving South Africa. He believed in this country.”

    Another farmer murdered for 121$,,2-7-1442_2460641,00.html

  36. Harare – A South African farmer in Zimbabwe had to slaughter 1 000 of his pigs and feed the meat to crocodiles because farm invaders had decided that no pig feed would be allowed on the farm.

    Louis Fick has been farming with pigs, crocodiles, cattle, fish and grain near Chinhoyi since 1993.

    He said the last of 3 500 pigs will be finished off within weeks, while all his cattle had already been killed.

    This is partly due to the ban on animal feed and partly because the senior Reserve Bank official who had seized the farm in July 2007 was limiting Fick’s farming activities to 5ha of the 400ha farm.

    Nothing was happening on the rest of the land, said Fick from Zimbabwe on Wednesday.,,2-7-1442_2460662,00.html

    destroy the farms and kill the farmers and the rest of Africa starves

  37. Hi Robert.

    Those are such tragic stories. And how cruel. And how stupid to deny feed, so that others will not starve.

    My heart goes out to all of you.

    blessings and love

  38. thank you Marianne

    It is so sad what’s happening here

  39. HI Robert,

    Can people get visas and leave?


  40. Well, I’ve been to SA, and I’ve been to Zimbabwe, and it’s not as bad as it is in Zimbabwe that’s for sure. For blacks and whites alike.

  41. I live in South Africa, and I am a Christian. Life here is getting worse by the day – and the responses up here from people NOT living here should be ignored! I try my best not to hate anyone, but I have to ask the Holy Spirit to help me everyday. I went through a armed robbery at a friends house – 4 black men with guns held us for more than an hour – doing whatever they wanted, hiting us, kicking us, a loaded gun against your head is not easy to live through – I prayed the whole time. I should be dead – but I am alive because of God’s grace.If you don’t know what it is like to pray for your life, and eventually saying to God that you don’t know what to pray anymore – then please don’t judge articles written out of desperation John. It was not easy to forgive them for making me feel like less than a dog, making me feel unsafe in my home, making me want to leave a country I love, making me want to hate, making me scared of all black people and making me negative about my future – but I try to forgive because Jesus forgave me. So yes, please pray for us in South Africa – ALL of us in South Africa.


    • dear Africa

      You have my wholehearted support and prayers. I sit here and ponder what to do about this. I am in a different country.

      I pray God’s protection over you, and endless mercies. May He put a hedge of angels around you, to fight off all evil and keep you safe.

  42. Dear Marianne.

    Can I suggest that you help us South Africans by raising more awareness about our plight using whatever means and facts you have at your disposal. I fear that this whole situation will explode pretty soon and the world will be shocked at what is going to happen in South Africa. Perhaps there is still a peaceful solution to our woes, but I have to warn you that the Afrikaaner nation is losing their sense of humour swiftly. It would be wise to remember that we are the descendents of a small group of boers that held off the might of the British empire at their height of power. I shudder to think of the consequences if we were once more forced to defend our right to exist under the African sun. The prophecies of Oom Nicklaus Van Rensburg clearly state that a leader will emerge from among us and lead us in battle against the Satanic hordes that murder, rape and steal from us. He states quite clearly that this will happen as a result of the afflictions we suffered under black marxist rule. We never as a nation started any war but we will fight if we are pushed any further.

    • dear White Afrikaaner

      Raising awareness is what I am trying to do here on the website. But you need more than awareness raised. You need physical help.

      I will do my best, but my influence is limited. Having limited influence means nothing however, because there is a God in heaven who is able to save, and do anything he desires.

      I will write to my congressman, and to the news media, if they will hear me. Maybe they will offer some insight on what to do.

  43. Thank you Marianne for your sincere efforts. I myself am on a campaign of my own outside of the country of my birth for the next couple of months mustering as much support as I can for my poeple and their pressing situation. I have long ago sent my family away to a country of safety as I saw the writing on the wall so to speak of what is inevitable- the slaughter of whites in this country. We had a wonderful life in South Africa with our own business and surrounded by natural beauty. This is all gone now as we had to uproot ourselves and try to build a new life. At least my wife and children are safe where they are even though our standard of living is nowhere where it was. I will however not abandon my poeple and the remainder of my family or the love of our beautiful country. I am constantly rallying poeple together to take positive steps to prepare for the onslaught to come. I would be most interested to see if you get even a slight response from your goverment on this subject as the entire planet seems to have demonised us and turned a blind eye. So much myth and deception has been put to use against my poeple as has always been the case in our history. Nobody deserves what is been dished out to so many of us on a daily basis. Horrible crimes and deeds that even the hardest man finds difficult to digest. Little babies raped and set on fire. Old poeple boiled alive and disembowelled ect. This is an everyday occurence and the world is doing nothing about it. The governments of the west are just as guilty as these terrorists by turning their back on us. They forget how we as a small nation held off the combined might of 4 communist armies in a deadly war that spanned nearly 30 years- all in the name of civilisation and our Christian faith which we believed to be a common thread connecting us to the western nations from where we originated. Our brothers and sisters will have our blood and the blood of countless others on their hands if nothing is done. We have faith that our God sees our despair and we know that at some stage He will avenge our slaughtered women and children. The media doesnt even make mention of what is going on here and if it does it is done in a brushed under the carpet manner. They have put Mandela on a pedestal and just fall short of deifying him. Let me tell you the truth- Mandela is not the angel of peace that he is made out to be, he should rather be called the angel of death. This is war, a war of deception and lies covering the blood of the innocent drenching our soil and crying out to our Lord. It is not just the blood of whites but that of other innocents from all race groups that are victims of this tide of satanic malevalence. My fury at this grows with everyday and I struggle with it knowing that I am powerless as a man and a former soldier to tke up arms and eradicate this filth from the earth. That is my prayer and I pray that He will answer my request that I can be given the opportunity to fight with all my heart against this beast of evil.

  44. SA white gets refugee status

  45. Yes Huntley caused quite a sensation and the left wing media had a field day trying to dicredit his claims. Even the communist marxist terrorist ANC Goverment at high levels had alot to say about it denying any wrong doing in the running of the country. I have personally seen poeple gunned down on numerous occasions by these savages. Nothing we say will make the world believe us. On one occasion I had to watch an elderly woman die in the street after she was shot at point blank range 6 times in the head and chest- It took her 45 minutes to die. They killed her for her hand bag as she came out of a bakery.(Croydon Kempton Park 1996). My sisters family was attacked in their home by gunmen, pistol whipped and tied up. Thank God my niece managed to escape and alert the neighbours. (Sandringham JHB 2002). My sisters neighbours were beaten to within an inch of their lives, not once but on 3 seperate occasions- they are elderly poeple and have since abandoned their home and gone to Israel. The neighbour on the otherside of her was gang raped by 5 blacks last year. (traumatised for the rest of her life). And this is in an upmarket suburb with security patrols and electric fencing ect.Two of my personal friends have been murdered in the past 15 years.I have had enough and cant even begin to tell you what rage is burning inside of me. I believe in God and and fear Him and you can call me what you want, but I am now at the point where I could kill without any remorse- WHY BECAUSE I AM BEEN DRIVEN TO IT.GOD help us.

  46. Greetings,

    Hope all is well. I want to pass this on.




    • hi john

      This establishes bad leadership. With all the diamonds, gold and platinum, among other rich natural resources, the country should be doing well.

      You need education to know how to develop resources. But the masses are uneducated there, and the leadership does not have to be.

  47. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Yes the article proves that the ANC did not do a good job. I agree that education to run things is needed.

    You have to understand when the Europeans came they destroyed the existing structure. Now these societies are handicapped by the deliberate depency created by the Imperialistic oppressor.

    Now this is why the West see the Russia and China as a threat because they can give the know how as well as the United States and Europe.

    True Christianity would create a society that could help itself.



    • hi john

      When the Europeans got there, all they found were bushmen. There was no structure to destroy. The bushmen were primitive people. The Europeans instituted the first schools.

    • John

      Much of SA was no-man’s land when the Dutch settled here. And we BOUGHT land yet some still got killed by brutal blacks long before there was any hint of European oppressors. The Dutch here NEVER did what the Germans and British did where THEY went! And the Dutch, now Boer/Afrikaner in loose terms, got on VERY well with the blacks until the British missionaries arrived and sown dissent.

  48. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Forgive the harshness of this statement but your words express the arrogance of the European.

    The same thing that you said was said of the Native Americans or First People. Jefferson called them “merciless savages.’ But the truth of the matter is that the idea of the unification of the colonies came from the Iriquoi Federation as did the concept of a Bill of Rights. The Native Americans in fact had a culture more noble and more sophisticated than the European invaders.

    I do not know the African situation with the same intimacy that I know the American one. However I do know that the Zulu nation was quite advanced! In fact they remain a powerful entity even to this day. You can see their sophistication as evidenced by their battles with European invaders. Once again the Zulu situation is not in my expetise but I suggest you reaserch it.

    Just because a society does not have technology does not make them less sophisticated and certainly not inferior. I believe any evil that existed in Afica could be met on the same level with of that of the Europeans.

    You see things through European eyes. You have to loose that prejudice if you can. It will help you grow in your Love for others as a Christian. Instead see things through the Word of God. Paul became all things to all men to win them over to the Lord. To dismiss the people of South Africa as ‘bush men’ or ‘primitive’ is wrong. You don’t need a building to have a school and certainly not to learn. Psalm 19 says nature testifes about God. There is nothing inferioir about ‘bush men’ than what we call ‘civilized’. In fact I would argue that the ‘civilized’ people were inferior to the ‘bush men’. Imperialism was and is such a wicked abomination that God abhors!!!

    For example in the United States the so called ‘Christian’ missionaries told the Native Americans that they had to give up hunting and take up farming. You find me a scripture that remotely points to that and I will thank you for adding to my knowledge of the Word of God. In fact in Egypt the Isrealites were shepards.

    Perhaps we can discuss which civilization is the greatest. For example the United States has the worlds’ greatest economy and military. Yet it has more people in jail than any other. The people in the islands are poor but the are exceedingly kind, though things are changing for the worse. China has the oldest civilization. Also look at how the Chinese culture honor their eldery while many in United States dump them in nursing homes to die. What is the criteria to be used to say who is the greatest?

    One is known by their fruits, that is scripture.



    • Hi John,

      I do not think it fair to the American Indians to compare them to the bushmen in Africa. The Indians were never cannibals or savages. Now that these bushmen have been educated at least some by whites, they are still failing to accomplish anything except violence and blood shed. South Africa has the highest crime rate in the world. Whites had to train them to work on farms, since they did not even know how to grow crops. They were illiterate, and white people provided an education for them. They had the same opportunities as other cultures to advance in the world, but they still fail to advance in any way, and there are still many who practice voodoo and slice off heads for their collections.

      • Marianne, most of black Africa today is considered “fourth world”, down from third world when most black African nations got their independence 50-60 years ago. Even before the Europeans came, many black Africans had very primitive societies & would still be this way today if black Africa was left alone. Illiteracy as high as 83% in Niger, computer usage one in 4-5000 like in the Congo. Semi-literacy is also very high & sub-standard education is everywhere. No sub-Saharan black African culture had any written languages, no wheel no use of cement/concrete, stone, glass, ceramics, porcelain, & almost no metallurgy, no draft animals, no multi-story buildings, no bridges, no paved roads, no money or banking, no sea-worthy boats or ships. Not too many non-black folk travel to black Africa & no tourist infrastructure & crime, violence, corruption so high most of the area is warned about not to travel there !!!!!

        • ronnie

          they have innately low IQ, more beastly than civilized, more flesh than spirit. now being in a white environment would improve their chances, staying where they are keeps them as who they are. sad.

  49. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    You may be right but I do not know. I don’t things are as simple as we present them. When I took a course in anthropology we were warned against two things. One was the Noble Savage and the other’s name I forgot. The Noble Savage views the objects of the study as superior in every way. The reverse can happen too, where anthroplogists look at the other culture with disdain. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

    Still I will stand by the statement that African evil could be matched by Eurpoean evil. Head hunting is in my opinion is just as bad as torturing people as occurred in the Inquisition. I think I will investigate the Zulu culture. I have been studying the Bible pretty intensely these days so my time is limited. I’ll try on the internet first and post links if you don’t mind.

    Like I said, Africa is not my expertese especially South Africa. I know about Mandela and Ghandi’s experience in that country. I also know a little about the English and the Dutch as well.

    You have to understand that lies are the tool of the devil. I am not accussing you of lying. What I am saying is that the peoples who were the subject of imperialism were demonized. That way it was easier to justify the killing and oppression of them.

    A modern example was in WW1. Go back to the American news papers before the Balfor Agreement. You will see the press was neutral. After that agreement then Germany was demonized. You would have cartoons of German soldiers bayonetting babies.

    • hi john

      I agree that one should not blame all one side. Whites have their history of sins as well. I call them bushmen, but I meant whatever the people are called that still practice violence or cannibalism. Many of them practice voodoo. But then we have white people who are satanists. Same thing.

  50. Bushmen are just that … bushmen on any land or continent.
    They do no harm … they simply just try to live under the blue skies of this earth.

    It is the military and the greedy powers that be mixed with religion and/or other lies … which are the oppressors and enemies of mankind … ir-regardless of color, nationality, gender, age etc.
    And these type of atrocities existed in all eras, centuries, decades etc.
    And often what we call civilize is quite the opposite and what we esteem as good is evil.
    Enough said … watch …

  51. Juluis Malema can sing “kill the boer, they are rapist”, he does this not only in public – but at universities – he is busy swooping up the youth of SA, to hate white people, one of his fans on facebook says they will kill Zuma and start raping and killing white South Africans in 6 weeks (4 from today). Please Google the terms: “kill the boer, kill the farmer”, “kill the boer, they are rapist”, they claim it is a song sang because of Apartheid – AS PER USUAL these days, apartheid is used to excuse EVERYTHING they do. And remember – in the news they say these frases are against the law – they say people are prosecuted for saying it – they tell the rest of the world Malema goes to court over it – IT IS ALL LIES! They do NOTHING.
    I will not be afraid – my future is in Gods hands.

    John – The San people (bushmen), are the only original tribe of Southern Africa – they where nomadic, which means they never settled in one place and therefor would not get involved in wars, because they did not have the need to protect their land. They have absolutely no aggression towards other people – still today. The problem in South Africa is all the other African people-they believe South Africa belongs to them because they are black. The British settlers payed alot of money to buy land from the San, the other African tribes just took land from them.

    Please think about giving South African families refugee status in countries out there – people with children really needs to get their children to safety! I do not have children and will not leave a country I love, unless God tells me to go. And yes John, don’t take this plead out of propotion – we still carry on with our daily lifes here, we work, we drive in cars, we eat…But so did the people that where given refugee status during apartheid – IT IS THE EXACT SAME THING. White people fear for their lifes, because the government ITSELF sing “KILL THE BOER, KILL THE FARMER” – if this is not genocide, NOTHING is!!


    • I will do my best to help if people want to come to America. I will try to contact churches and see if they can host a family. I am not sure how this will work, but it is better than the danger in South Africa.

  53. Thank you Marianne, good to know that someone cares. The situation in SA the last couple of days has grown very tense! Eugene Terreblance was murdered on his farm – he was the leader of the AWB before 1994 – they were against a black government, and did at times take things to far, they were a small group of white people that believed in race purity, in other words that races should not mix. People are very angry – white, black – everyone. It’s scary how many people are being killed – really scary, I don’t know anymore – looks like there is no answers to this problem for now. – THIS IS STARTING TO FEEL TRUE – MORE EVERY DAY.

    Marianne, do you think white South Africans should start applying for emigration? Do you as outsiders see things as serious as we do – or is it just difficult getting perspective on this because we are so close to it?

    • dear Africa

      Most people in the world do not even know about this. While the black advertised their side, before the black government took over, the world has heard nothing, almost, about what is happening to the whites. There is nothing on the nightly news about this.

      I have tried to send emails to news media, and then I never see any reporting on the TV. It is as if your situation does not exist. But remember, the media is not Christian, so it only reports what it thinks important. Also, they might ignore many emails.

      If you feel it best to emigrate, that is a big decision. It would be a hardship for anyone to do this. So much would have to be left behind, as you would have to travel lightly, and not take much with you. But if it is dangerous, then it might be best to leave.

      However, if you do, come with much documentation. News articles, pictures everything you can. or, send them ahead of you, if you suspect officials will block the information. Most countries would take people from South Africa without question. The only countries they might block emigration from at this time are Muslim countries, and even that is still somewhat open.

      If you foresee a time when your government or society will NOT let you leave, then it is better to leave now, while you have a chance. Remember Nazi Germany. At first travel was open, but once Nazism took over, the Jews, and others, were not allowed to leave.

  54. Marianne

    Emigrating is exactly what about a million had done so far. They were the lucky ones, as most cannot afford it. That is why 600,000 whites are just hopeless and the churches generally don’t look after them.

    I still find that missionaries defend the position of the racist element amongst the blacks, or even the communist one. Communism – atheism, period. Churches had been the agencies for communist influences for decades and this has not changed.

    God has told my family and I to stay, which is difficult as even ten years ago, we were offered $100,000, a home for a year, a car as well as office facilities in a different country. We stayed in obedience to God and went through immense suffering as a result.

    Yet if God told me I was free to go………. being here is not my first choice.

  55. 1. Our Dutch (Holland) ancestors came here to bring the gospel to
    Africa and founder Jan Van Riebeeck made a covenant with God on
    April 6, 1652. Our French ancestors came here in 1688 because
    they were being persecuted for their faith in Europe. They were
    the French Huguenots. German blood was added later.
    2. Our forefathers BOUGHT land, I saw some of these deeds of sale
    myself. Much of the interior of South Africa was no man’s land
    due to the murderous raids by the Matebele of Zimbabwe. Unlike
    in other colonies, we did not STEAL any land, but the British
    did so at the and of the Anglo Boer War.
    3. From as far back as around the mid-1800’s, the BLACK SETTLERS in
    Cape Town started riots inspired by atheist communist Karl Marx.
    AS whites are outnumbered 9:1, the white Afrikaner realised the
    need to protect everybody’s rights from both British oppression
    and violent majority rule.
    4. This view was strengthened as the result of the Anglo Boer war
    when the British used roughly 450,000 troops to burn down our
    farms. Women and children were interned in the most inhumane
    way in concentration camps, where they wre fed ground glass
    mixed with their gruel. Upward of 26,000 died as a result.
    After the war, the British chased black farmers of their land
    and it were the white Afrikaners whom had shown them mercy.
    5. Blacks sided by the British oppressors and also by the atheist
    ideologies of Karl Marx. The Afrikaner realised the danger due
    to unfavourable demographics and started working at Afrikaner
    nationalism that would find its way into government so as to
    protect the rights of all minority groups as well. AFRIKANER
    BLACK VIOLENCE AS WE SEE TO THIS DAY. We don’t hate blacks,
    actually were are fond of them and respect them….BUT we will
    oppose their anarchist, ungodly violent conduct with our last
    drop of blood.
    6. During apartheid years, immense amounts of disinformation was
    spread around the globe through a media driven by the New World
    Order. the lie was swallowed, hook, line and sinker.
    7. The decay of South Africa is unbelievable. Don’t be fooled by
    the obvious, scratch underneath the surafce and see what had
    happened to social welfare, health care, education,
    infrastructure, scientific research, etc.
    8. Whites are excluded from job positions – the Afrikaner
    government secured jobs for them during apartheid and looked
    after them.
    EXEMPT! When they then burnt down schools, universities,
    hospitals, etc’, the minority white taxpayers were VERY upset,
    of course! ( I was a tax officer at Inland Revenue at the
    11. Anyone criticising me is welcome to do so AFTER you have come
    here and applied your wisdom in PRACTICE. Anything short of
    that means a lack of insight, you cannot compare this to the UK,
    USA or any other country.
    12. Can you justify 4,000 farmers killed brutally? Or the 600,000
    that, unlike blacks, do not get food coupons or other assistance
    from the Government. They live in the most desperate
    circumstances and even THEN get robbed by the blacks, as we did
    in both Zandvlei near Muizenberg as well as at Kommetjie, both
    camping sites around Cape Town. My family and I had gone to
    hell and back, we could not sleep at night as many times black
    hands came from under the canvas and grabbed our stuff. We
    lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks
    were given tents and even heaters!


  56. Just a note: for those of you not from South Africa. Before you judge the whites in this country try living the lives we have to. Racism from whites is few and far between, in fact most whites openly accepted black rule as normal. In the beginning life went on. Blacks had the power to vote and decide on their leaders as did whites. i am an english/afrikaans mix white male. Try getting a job in South Africa, impossible if you are a white male. banks redline whites for business loans, the government openly tells you that they will not help establish white owner run business. The few whites living in luxury tend to remain in the so called safe areas, the rest of us have to do with what we have. I grew up post apartheid, as did my friends, yet as whites we are treated as 2nd class citizens. i was fortunate, I managed to land a job and now i pay taxes to support a corrupt communist government. Our infrastucture is crumbling and the very blacks who voted the government into power are under further pressure to survive. So, being a minority in a country that wants our money but is unwilling to provide basic services in return shows you that racism is alive and well in South Africa. So yes, the original letter is true…and before you judge get out of your sandton security controlled areas and come to the middle class mixed areas, here you will find the truth. God save South Africa because the Americans and British just wanted to destroy a powerful nation in Africa with their sanctions. Where are they now? Where are the reporters and the government officials to help protect the minorities. Oh, yes, they got what they wanted so now we are no longer an issue.

    • dear Gary,

      you said:

      they got what they wanted so now we are no longer an issue.

      I want you to know that you are an issue to me. I want to see this changed so that you have the same freedoms that you have given others.

  57. who told to those white people to go to South Africa and take the land from native people, enslave them. The same tactics aorund the world.. rule the gas, oil, gold mines… and when native people want justice are cleared. VERY NICE INDEED.

    • zomi

      The politics of south africa is complicated. The whites who are having problems are good people. They were good to the black people and gave them jobs and education. But other whites came in who were bad, and caused trouble. So then bad blacks protested, and took over government. Now good whites suffer and good blacks suffer.

    • Zomi, that happened in the past. Also, it is a tad more complicated than you may perceive. We whites were sent here to bring Jesus Christ to the African people. In the process, we became African but Africa still needs to turn to Christ Jesus, who is no,t in fact, “the white man’s God.”

      Some of what you see as white racism, was reaction to black racism. The Marikana and De Doorns-type of riots caused that reaction from some whites, when these kind of anarchist violence broke out in Cape Town in the late 1800’s, because of the evil seed sown back then by atheist Karl Marx.

      In 1983 and again in 1988, when the current generation of whites had their very firs chance to vote for the freedom of blacks, landslide victories at the polls paved the way for your freedom today. It was the will of the white man to see the black man emancipated, liberated and given full citizenship.

      Current generations are at each other’s throats for things that others had done long ago. Must I hate Jews because the crucified Jesus? Or for the discrimination by the British against the white Afrikaners? How can I hate an Englishman today for what his grandparents did?

      Perhaps, read my posts below, give the current situation a second thought. Also, research the true history and not the drivel produced by the media.

      Peace is very much within reach, if we are willing…..

  58. Zomi, I agree fully with you. The problem is that the millions of non whites in this country do not seem to comprehend the power they have given the government. During elections the African National Congress goes into the black residential areas and make promises such as free basic housing and services. these are people who are desperate, many dont have jobs. They then select the government who imidiatly start to enrich themselves. I would not mind a non white government if it was based on the true values of freedom. i do not justify what the old apartheid government did and stand against such forms of government, but its the minority in this country who suffer. i feed non white school kids because they are living in such poverty and cannot afford basics even though my basic income barely provides for myself. The government promised these very people assistance but when the time came to help them officials lock themselves away in their big fancy houses with top security paid for by me and other tax payers. The united states in their effort to end apartheid, which I agree had to end have placed a communist government in power here. This government claims to be democratic but with all the new laws prohibiting freedom of speech and forced land sales etc it smells of corruption and racism disguised as democracy. The fall of apartheid was one of the best historical events this country could have been through, and the blacks who demostrated against apartheid where not bad, they just wanted freedom as did many whites.The problem we now face is that through our freedom battles we have been placed in a situation that deprives one race a decent living. I am not racist and i dont say all blacks are bad, what i say is that as a minority in a country that claims its democratic, whites see no future.

  59. Mariaan, thank you for your understanding. Like i said before i ma prof freedom of choice and believe in a strong democracy where people of all races have the same rights and privaledges as each other, no one person should be placed above the rest. However, being white has very many disadvantages, for example…if a white person attacks a non white person the media report is as a racist attack..even if it was a stupid fight over a spilled drink or something. When a non white person attacks a white person the case casually dissapears from the police station file room or the issue is pushed aside. only high profile incidents are actually investigated. I apose corruption and crime in all its forms regardless of which race does it. I do not profess that all whites are good, no, there are bad applaes in any race. i also do not say all blacks are bad. The problem here is the actual government policies that openly victimise the minority white race in this country and the world does nothing. I appreciate that there are organsisations such as your who highlight the problem and maybe one day we will have a black and white government who see all citizens as equil and not as black or white but rather as South African

  60. Sorry folks but I an tired of reading and listening to baloney by PCLF’s, that is, Politically Correct Leftist Fascists. They will claim that it’s healthy to play in excrement, abortion is painless to the victim, Islam is a religion of peace, South Africa is a rosy picture of racial harmony, whites are responsible for all the world’s problems and so on, and all religions are bowed to except Christ. Truth has gone out the window. As Walid Shoebat says, the tactic for the oppressor is to accuse the victim of abuse and cruelty and the PCLF’s go along singing the same song. Like the school bully – side with the bully. Instead of facing up to the real cause of the problem, like aids, they proclaim it’s good to play in excrement (and its pushed on our children in our schools) – wear a condom – instead of the answer to aids – chastity and heterosexual relationships only. Of course TRUTH doesn’t matter, come on parrot the same old PCLF Darwinian line.

    I did study the history of South Africa at school and everything this lady says is correct. Some 40 years I remember appeals for children in Africa, aid to third world nations to get them on there feet and they’re still going. After several hundred years of western contact and all the help we have given there has been virtually no change. Why? All sorts of stupid excuses, but never the TRUTH. Aid to Africa will just enable more children to be produced, more billionaire dictators requiring yet more aid. I wish I was wrong.

    The only hope for change is for a nation to people to repent of their sin and accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and to live by his rules. I remember when Nelson Mandela took over, everyone cheered, said all was forgiven, they would live happily as a united society. I always said, just give them time, they’ll stuff it up as sure as night follows day and it has. The Nobel peace prize followed (didn’t Obama get one too? – now America is heading for the abyss). Look at Zimbabwe. These people really know how to run a modern nation, fire all the white engineers and administrators and guess what – daily blackouts. Should I continue?

    Whenever a Christian points out opression, it’s the Christian’s fault isn’t it? Like when three teenage Christian girls are beheaded in Indonesia as they walked to school. As Scripture says “woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”


  62. For all a short history lesson. Download ” When the lourie calls again”
    Its a good read and is very accurate. Currently you cannot open the newspaper without reading about a murdered farmer,even a 2 year old little girl being executed. The South African government is ungodly and are run by the most corrupt individuals.
    Please Jesus do not wait to long.

    • Most whites are killed by whites, even today.

      Blacks suffer as well, they are just less vocal about it. The colour of either criminal of victim becomes the focus here, instead of saying that crime is wrong and that all victims of crime need our compassion.

      What we need is to have a true spiritual repentant revival, not yet more laws and charismania. We need to return to Christ Jesus instead of being at each other’s throats.

      In Afrikaans, we don’t have a separate word for Grace. Like Mercy, we call it Genade. Mercy and Grace are not the same thing. Our most acute deficiency as white Afrikaners is that we feast on legalism in church, we are law enforcers instead of sharers of the GRACE of Jesus Christ. We deny what is written in the New Testament because we are stuck in between two solid rock slates with ten laws on them. The new command of “Love God with your entire being” and “Love others like yourself” get applied selectively.

      God sent us here to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we failed in turning others into disciples. We need to take up our responsibility and correct that error of the past, by starting to worship Jesus Christ, who in my Bible is called the Everlasting father. (Isaiah 9:6)

      Are we His children as we claim to be? It sadly does not look like it!

  63. You’re all racist pieces of shit…literally the scumbags of the earth… You behave like racists and then cry like little virgin bitches when you get called WHAT YOU ARE. Stop trying to make everyone else seem racists when they call attention to your obvious prejudices and just own up to what you are. You should be riding a horse white your KKK garment and just OWN the ideologies you really embrace instead of pissing on people and calling it rain. Your type is nauseatingly disgusting and YOU don’t deserve to live. Somebody should have aborted you all because you’re all inbred MISTAKES. God’s MISTAKES… and when you die (hopefully within this weekend) you’ll join your step-father that actually wants you, the DEVIL. You’ll join him in the flames with your white garments and be burned to a black crisp for all eternity. Have fun! And pack some sunblock.

    • It sounds like you need to fine Jesus and get saved.

      • Reading the words and discerning what is BEHIND the words….Sounds like the devil has found your website! babha haah ba ha ha ha

        Matthew 15:18But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean.’

        Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

        Matthew 12:34 You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

        Matthew 15:11 What goes into a man’s mouth does not make him ‘unclean,’ but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him ‘unclean.'”

        James 3:6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

    • Christina
      Last time i checked, the Christian church had members from all or almost all the races of the world. Therefore, it cannot be racist.
      We will accept anyone so long as they believe that they can’t save themselves, and that Christ died on the cross to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I think you need to learn about repentence, and then the cross will make more sense to you.

    • Intravenous feeding is expensive, but be sure to get it as you cannot eat with that mouth. You have just shown the entire world why blacks hate we whites, seems they have a good reason to?

      Where is the Jesus you were sent to deliver to the hearts of others here?

  64. from an email sent to me.

    Just some news on South Africa

    Things here are on a knife edge, everyday the news papers are reporting more farm murders of old white people. Brutal murders, women being raped and tortured with boiling water and Irons ( clothes Irons) Men having their heads crushed open with axes and steel pipes. Children being executed and raped etc. This is just getting out of hand

    Politicians are just talking about taking back all the land and calling us who have been here since the Reformation thieves.

    We are having major strikes by unions lately, I believe that the words of Van Rensburg will come true soon


    Granny 85 years old raped by 16 and 17 year old black men after they stoned her son (a farmer) to death!!!! 80 year old granny beaten and stabbed to death after assualt, these are only 2 of the MANY daily news stories…
    THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH – Abba father please save the white South Africans – protect each and every one of them everyday, there is not enough money to immigrate – it is so expensive! Please Father don’t wait any longer, please come back, come take us out of this mess…

  66. We cant leave SA we have to stay here because this is where Father wants us, we have a duty to perform here for all followers Of Jesus all over the world, it is going to be a safe haven for all of you when the times come. So buy your tickets and book your flights well in advance. My fellow SA’cans do not despair, Father is not sleeping nor slumbering, He is busy preparing a place for all his children here, He WILL provide safety and security here for His children, just believe and have FAITH, He will not fail us. And by this I don’t suggest we are not going to endure hardship, but in the end you will receive your due reward. I attach a prophesy for encouragement.
    Marianne thank you for your understanding and support and well wishes, we could do with the concerted prayers of all the Jesus followers all over the world, and then not only for the whites but for all peoples, for all is suffering because of the (forgive me for the word) “stupidity” of the majority.
    God Bless SA.


    Sent by Pastor Amaka Abe from Nigeria.

    I spent my time praying one early morning while travelling in

    Nigeria. Suddenly I was in the spirit and I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    “Write down what you are about to hear.”

    Suddenly I saw the globe and the continent of Africa was in front of me. I saw myself walking from the South to the North. Everywhere my feet fell, I saw rings similar as when a stone is thrown into a pond. These rings went from South Africa all over the continent of Africa, the sea and to the other parts of the world. I asked the Spirit what the meaning of this was and this is what the Holy Spirit told me.

    “The rings you see are the healing, saving and miracle power that will start from the Southern tip of Africa. This will be a mighty outpouring of my Spirit and many will come running into my Kingdom. AFRICA WILL BE SAVED!!.

    Many people from all over the world will come to experience the power of God. You will see things you have never seen before. THIS IS NOT THE SO CALLED END TIME MOVE, but this is a move where sons of God will raise up and take their rightful place.”

    As I moved to the North, these rings just increased in magnitude and as I stepped into Israel, I turned around and looked back to Africa. I stood amazed as I saw the cross over Africa. The foot of the cross grounded in South Africa, the left and right arms on the horn of Africa and on the Western coast of Africa and the top of the cross on the North edge. Suddenly the Spirit spoke to me again……

    “My time is now, where I will make My Word come true, Africa will be saved and this Gospel of the Kingdom of God will go from South Africa to the rest of the world. From now on Africa will evangelize the world, and this initiative I will start from South Africa. The best time in the Spirit is on your doorstep South Africa, now you will see My power and love in action. In the darkest moment My light will shine and no darkness will quench it. I’m raising sons who will stand on My Word and will proclaim what I say.

    Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t flee South Africa; God will bring the knowledge back to South Africa. A white cloud (Gods Glory) is rising from the South and the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth.”

    About 3 months later, one morning in a church service, I was caught up in the Spirit again and God showed me another vision. This was strange because I have NEVER experience such visions before.

    This is the vision: I was sitting in an airplane and had a window seat. We were flying very high, as if we were in outer space. As I looked out of the window, suddenly I saw a giant cross. Behind the cross I saw the globe and again the continent of Africa was facing me. Suddenly the cross fell down and as I watched it, I saw it was on its way to the earth.

    The cross went straight to the Southern tip of Africa and it pecked itself in the Southern tip of Africa. Again I saw the rings as when you throw a stone into the water. I heard the same voice saying, “That is my healing and miracle power that will flow from South Africa to the rest of the world. It will start there. I have a plan and no one will stop me”. Suddenly I saw the Southern tip of Africa becoming blood red and it moved upwards into Angola, DRC, Nigeria till it covered the whole of Africa. Again I heard the voice of the Spirit, “I will move mightily and soon you will taste My might and see what I have in store for My children. It is time for the Spirit-filled to come together as one. Don’t look to colour, for this move is not prejudice. Change your minds and seek Me with all of your hearts. It is time to leave your petty arguments and seek My face”, says the Lord, “for I have a plan. I am about to bless My people abundantly more than what they can think. Supernaturally you will experience My provision. Be faithful with what I give and I will open for you a window of heaven”.

    This word must reach each and every South African. Send it to the South Africans overseas. Be sure, God has chosen this nation to show the world what and who He is. Send this to your friend, pray together and help us as South Africans to call Gods Word into action. Families, call on the Lord, seek His face and He will heal your houses, your businesses, your government and your churches and you will live in peace and no harm will come to you.

    He knows the plans He has for us, plans of a great future and of a good hope. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

    This was received in the year 2011.
    One last thing:- Father forgive Christina because she does not know what she says.

    • hello Johan

      Thank you for posting that. I pray daily for those who are persecuted, and this includes South Africa. I pray all this comes to an end quickly, and there is peace.

  67. Hi all,

    I am an African born again Christian living in South Africa. I would like to warn members of this forum to guard against false information being sent out on the internet. First of all, this information posted here about white farmers being killed each day in South Africa is void of any truth but a malicious campaign by a small sector of our community who do not want to accept political changes. They are the very same people who embraced and benefitted during the apartheid era and now do not want to be mixed with other races that were previously oppressed. Secondly, the issue of land is a serious one given the fact that the indigineous Africans of South Africa were forcefully removed from their land by the very same Afrikaners who masterminded apartheid, hence the fact that over 80% of the farming land in SA is in the hands of the minority (9% of total population of about 50mil) Dutch-descendents, i.e. the afrikaners. In closing, what I would like the forum to do is to pray to God for peace and justice in SA.

  68. I know religion and all is very important, But guys in South Africa the only way we can fix this is decreasing Black people’s numbers DRAMATICALLY… Or i fear all you people who thought that everyone here is black… is gonna be right… we have too many D**n black people KILLING and raping the HELL out of …well EVERYONE… In truth, even their own family members and friends…. believe it or not, Most of these Black people say, “No, But it is my Culture”…F**king whatever….

  69. oh yeah and Mxolisi…. Shut the f**k up… you just want to take back SA and kill all the white people…. Or wasn’t that the campain of the ANC?… Kill the boer..Kill the farmer?….

    HUH, WASN’T EVERY f**king black piece of sh*t, at those conferences, Singing and screaming to KILL all white people in SA?… dude… when you try to convince people in other country’s that Black people in South Africa aren’t what we say, your really tugging on a rope that could bring a Anvil on you… Seriously, boy… THINK before you write… i really don’t care what these people see from what i write… because they never experienced South Africa like i did and STILL do…

  70. its amazing how the author of this letter forgot to mention how ‘white’ police men killed masses and masses of ‘black’ SCHOOL CHILDREN who were simply voicing their refusal to be taught in Afrikaans. very funny how u turned a blind eye towards that and choose to rather be bickering over land,which God blessed us all to share.

    • Kaykay, you have no idea what you are talking about, you only know what the MSM wants you to know. Have you not learnt not to believe everything you read as fact. If you have lived in South Africa for 60 plus years you realize early in life that no matter how educated black people in South Africa are, most of them are as primitive as before the white people came to South Africa, and killing ,stealing and torturing people are what they do best. If you are a Christian, do you believe it is ok to kill, torture, mutilate, rape helpless babies and old people, or to watch your wife and daughters being raped, or boiling young white children in a bathtub. If you think it is OK then you are a bigger monster than these murderers. May God forgive you for your misplaced opinion, and may you never experience what these murdered people went through. I pity you.

  71. And the murder , rape and genocide just continues unabated. Our president has 700 charges against him and nothing gets done about it. The youth league have 20000 youngsters in military training camps at present, obviously to ensure the tyranny continues. Has the world gone mad that they allow this mayhem to continue ? Surely the powers that be needs to step in and avert this looming mass destruction.

  72. Just this week a 95 year old woman was tied up (bound) to her trouseau …was tortured ,mutilated and then murdered. This is one of many being murdered on a daily basis. People are burned with hot irons, genitals removed , raped at any age from 6 months to 95 years old. Yes this is satans lair without a doubt! You are not even safe from the police who rape and bribe. Hire out their weapons for hijackings and murder. This is the most disgusting form of mass murder and genocide. All the descendants of the Dutch should be given an escape route back to the Netherlands. Our forefathers were sent here at their behest surely they should now assist us in returning. Please share this with as many people as possible

  73. White Genocide In South Africa
    Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1994 to 2012:

    Whites Murdered by Blacks

    Since 1994, an estimated 68798 white South Africans have been murdered of which 4041 were commercial farmers. True figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. There is also no distinction between white and black victims in crime records.

    As the white population

    • dear K

      This is all very grievous. I am in America, and feel helpless to help you. You have my prayer. I am trying to figure out what else I can do.

  74. of South Africa was 4 434 697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400 000 white South Africans have left the country, it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy.

    Compare that to the 7518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population.

    So, if anybody ever asks you how many black people were killed by white people in South Africa, you can tell them that black people have murdered roughly 100 times more white people in the last 63 years

    • mathematics genius you cant compare the two because the white population is so much smaller than black…when you ring it down to size, whites have killed more blacks…but there your “christian self” goes and makes it a black and white issue, my advice: read a bible, go to school, take math and statistics, and then you can open your mouth…you just sound foul

  75. The ANC Youth League and Young Communist League have since last year been
    receiving full-time training at several SANDF military bases across the

    The training is government funded and currently at least 8000 black youths
    18-35 years of age will receive 2 years training at a military base. No
    whites are included in this programme, nor any youths from any other
    political Youth groups.

    According to the Defence and Military Veteran Minister, they aim to train
    about 20 000 youths a year. The first batch to receive training were 500
    youths recommended by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform,
    altogether the Department recruited 2500 to take part in the programme and
    has urged them “to emulate the young revolutionaries of the 1976

    “Skills development will include discipline, patriotism, life skills, rights
    awareness and specific skills areas empowering youth to change rural areas”

    The official name for the group is the National Rural Youth Service Corps

    In May last year 600 Narysec recruits had already received training at a
    military base in Bloemfontein. Their commander ordered them to paint the
    words ‘UHURU’ on white stones overlooking a busy road.
    The incident needs to be viewed in context, since it occurred just days
    after the murder of the AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, making the message
    seem even more relevant and threatening to the Afrikaners and farmers living

    ‘Uhuru’ means ‘freedom’ in Swahili but in South Africa the word has
    generally taken a different term, meaning the ‘killing of all whites’. The
    word is associated with large-scale violence and massacres against former
    white colonists in African countries gaining independence in the 60’s and

    If you ask anyone in SA they’ll know what you’re referring to if you mention

    The Afrikaner civil rights group Afriforum tried to give a petition to the
    Minister and ask for more details in accordance with the Freedom of
    Information Act. Their request for information on the subject was rejected
    and called ‘unnecessary’ and they were told the Minister did ‘not have time
    to answer questions’ from them.

    The Minister has however been quoted in the past as saying that the
    programme was started in order “to train the youths as rural census-takers”.

    This has led Afriforum to officially launch a law suite under the Freedom of
    Information Act to force the Minister to give public details about the
    nature of these civilian military training schemes.

    The reply so far from the Ministry of Defence has been that even though
    training takes place at military bases no military training takes place “but
    we teach them how to salute and parade and we show them the guns”.

    They claim they do not teach the recruits to use the guns though.

    The Minister also claims they are taught “a lot of skills such as electrical
    engineering, business management and other skills.”

    Though why these skills need to be taught at a military base instead of the
    many specialised colleges and training campuses across the country is still
    a mystery.

    It sounds more like a loop-hole for the ANC to use the law and public funds
    to militarise their followers, particularly the Youth League.

    The fact that political youth groups affiliated with the government will be
    receiving training at military bases is an ominous one with too many
    horrific parallels in modern history.

    One of the most recent and most relevant would be Zimbabwe.
    Their National Youth Services militia also started out with the same claims
    and were later used as a tool for invading white owned farms and property.
    But their main acts of terror were against the population in general, using
    murder, rape and violence to intimidate voters and punish areas which had
    dared support the MDC opposition party.

    Description: cid:45ACE30BB49B4DE18B0A2639A9D20EA3@personal29acbc

    The youth are always the easiest to mold ideologically and due to
    conditioning at such a young age have often been some of the cruelest
    For example, the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia used mainly teenagers as
    their torturers and interrogators in the notorious Tuol Sleng torture

    Likewise, the Red Guards, who were mobilised by Mao Zedong in China, were
    mostly students and teenagers.There are many cases of these youths publicly
    denouncing and even torturing and killing their own parents.

    Another more obvious example would be the Hitler Youth.
    They never received weapons training before the war, most of the focus was
    on political indoctrination and mentally preparing them for conflict and
    war. As well as familiarising them with military life and procedures such
    as basic training, marching, unit cohesion etc.

    Besides military training the most dangerous aspect is the propaganda and
    indoctrination, since all members will be associated with the ruling party
    and will have their ideology and principles drummed into their heads on a
    daily basis. And at the age where propaganda would have the maximum effect
    in shaping their minds.

    The ANC claim they won’t be using any weapons, only ‘shown’ them.
    Personally, I don’t believe this. Why are they training at a military base
    in the first place for so-called ‘life-skills’ and ‘management’ training?
    This could be done in any school or college.
    They’ll also use military style uniforms, have ranks and use military

    The government must think the public are either very naive or very stupid.
    Or maybe they just don’t care what anyone thinks since they have the
    majority in parliament, and like with all other laws they can just
    steam-roll whatever policies they want in place, no-matter the public
    reaction, especially from the opposition parties.

    Either way, having civilian members from the ruling party in a one-party
    dominant state receive military training is never a good idea.
    At least in a so-called democracy.

  76. Genocide has to come from somewhere. People won’t just go out and start killing people because they feel disadvantaged or because of a wage dispute. They need to be called to action.

    The world is turning a blind eye to the hate that drips from the ANC’s lips. The ex-ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema, defied a court ruling that banned the ANC from singing “Kill the Boer” just hours after he left court. The courts are run by “racist whites” according to the ANC Youth League and they don’t have any respect for any ruling unless it is in their favor.

    Ronald Lamola, the current president of the ANCYL, is trying his best to outshine his predecessor by stepping up the hate speech against Afrikaners.

    On 18 June 2012, Lamola told ANCYL members that “Land reform needs an act as forceful as war” and that it was an illusion that land would be given back to black South Africans “peacefully”.

    Afriforum has laid charges of hate-speech against Lamola earlier this month for other racially motivated slurs. Lamola is also calling for Nationalisation of banks and mines

  77. A few hours after Lamola called for war… a 77-year old farmer is murdered in Limpopo.
    This time, American tourists found the deceased farmer and his critically injured wife. So we all hope that the Americans will go home and tell the world what is happening in the “Rainbow Nation”.

    But as the highly intelligent Lamola said on 8 June 2012: “We are told that investors are going to be scared away when we speak about the economy. Good riddance. South Africans will take over.”

    Anti-white hate speech is turning up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is due to the lies that the liberation movements and their uneducated children keep spreading. If you keep telling the masses that whites stole everything from them, how long before they start taking back what they falsely believe belongs to them

  78. Dear Marianne, thank you for caring I truly appreciate your concern.All we can do is spread the word as far and wide as possible in order for the rest of the world to open their eyes to this atrocity. To give you an idea: Our president Zuma has 700 charges against him and nothing has been done about it>the Rand is weakening to the US Dollar daily due to the violence and strikes.We the whites have to live behind burglar bars and security fences. It feels as though we are in jail (the law abiding citizens) and the convicts are free. Thank goodness we have a network whereby if a crime is spotted happenning or about to happen we alert each other via social network sites etc.Daily we are alerted to the fact 2x Bravo males jumped over a wall in such or such street. Police are alerted but rarely show up.At night one must be carefull as they place boulders in dark stretches of roads. One drives into it the car is damaged people who are injured are robbed. This is satanistic in my opinion. God help us white people here in South Africa. Please dont stop praying for us.

  79. Car-dealer Cloverdene smallholder Barry Newland, 56 tortured to …
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    08:12 Sep 28 2012 Crystal Park, Cloverdene, Benoni, Gauteng … in his eyes had burst’ (was murdered in movie star Charlene’s old home: 56 Seven Road, … a statement saying they are looking for five black males who had gained entry to the …

  80. Afrikaner woman, 80+, attacked, injured by two armed black males …
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    10:00 Aug 30 2012 Lombard Street, Brackendowns, Alberton … attacked by two armed black males from Kagiso: Aug 28 2012 Lombard Street, Alberton, Gauteng Brackendowns – 30 August 2012 As reported by Mari Venter and … Owein Lombard of Alberton: shot dead in ambush from blue-bakkie, driving home with family …
    Afrikaner Andre Jordaan 50, killed by large black male gang: fired 7 …
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    Afrikaner Andre Jordaan 50, killed by large black male gang: fired 7 shots through closed door. 19:52 Sep 13 2012 Muldersdrift, Gauteng. ATTACKS ON …
    Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water |
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    25 Jul 2012 – Two young black males gagged a crying 12-year old white boy and afterwards drowned him in a bath filled with boiling water. … family were massacred on 1 October 2011 in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. … The animal was killed by disembowelling him. … Petrus Ponkiediel July 30, 2012 at 12:27 pm …
    South Africa: Horrific murder of white family by blacks | Counter ……/south-africa-horrific-murder…Cached
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    Posted on July 26, 2012 by Joe Rebel … Two young black males gagged a crying 12-year old white boy and afterwards drowned him in a … as they appeared in the Vereeniging regional court, reports the Johannesburg Afrikaans daily, Beeld.

    Johannesburg is the provincial capital of Gauteng, the wealthiest province in … Soweto from the rest of Johannesburg to make it a completely Black area. …. (3.9 in) in the southern suburbs, and then again on 7 August 2012. …. Male, 506,147, 50.16 … Murders in the Johannesburg municipality amounted to 1,697 in 2007 …

  81. One-million whites, (mostly Afrikaners) are in total destitution and denied jobs under SA law; many whites are cruelly tortured to death…

    also: Genocide Watch warns whites to leave South Africa

    Saturday, 6 October 2012 Written by Christian Gomez – The New American. APPLETON WISCONSIN – On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Fox Valley Conservative Forum, which meets regularly for a luncheon on Tuesdays, hosted a talk by South African Sonia Hruska (pictured above). Hruska, who now lives in the United States, discussed the ongoing genocide against white (‘Afrikaner’) people in her country under the largely communist-controlled ANC government of president Jacob Zuma.

    Born in Victoria, South Africa, to a nontraditional Afrikaner family, with a right-wing father and a left-wing mother, Hruska would go on to work in politics as a consultant in the presidential administration of’(South Africa’s first black president) Nelson Mandela from 1994 to 2001. “I was the coordinator between the different spheres of government, civil society and state organizations, to actually implement the new government policies,” Hruska said.

    As an early supporter of Mandela and the dream of a rainbow South Africa, Hruska truly believed in establishing a country where, regardless of the color of one’s skin or ethnicity, one could live in harmony and equality. Unfortunately, as she described, the opposite came true.

    “After about six years,” Hruska said, “I realized something serious is wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we were promised.” She explained the change that followed:

    Whites were getting excluded through affirmative action and black economic empowerment. And at the same time, the Chinese got “black’ status; so the (4million) whites were excluded and the Chinese were included under affirmative action as “blacks”. We now find that a white is not allowed to enter, for instance, into management, but a Chinese person may buy a mine or buy shares in a mine, and the same [is true] with banks.

    A business owner in SA can get 25 years in jail for employing a white person:

    As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I do employ a white person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative action – [the black-economic empowerment laws of South Africa favour the fast black majority and deny the small white minority access to the job market] — could have gone so far.

    What began as a quest to end the white discriminatory policy of apartheid has transformed into a kind of “reverse racism,” where “whites are now totally excluded from the economic sector,” according to Hruska.

    South African trade unions also are plunging the country into widespread violent strikes each day where many innocent people are attacked in impromptu roadblocks each day for the past three months. The SA communist-party alligned trade union movement Cosatu promised to make the country ‘ungovernnable and is clearly succeeding. Strikers of the truckers’ union Satawu on Oct 6 2012 carried the above sign: “South Africa, for Blacks only’. Leaving no doubt that Genocide Watch’s warnings are based on daily reality. Google: Strikes South Africa


    Hruska said ‘the newly empowered African National Congress (ANC) government has slowly curtailed the rights of whites, and now some black South Africans have gone as far as committing atrocious killings of whites – to the point where the situation has been classified as “Stage Six genocide” by Genocide Watch . Over the last decade, at least 3,000 white – overwhelmingly Afrikaner – farmers have been murdered in South Africa:

    Favourite ANC party song “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer’ ruled hatespeech by two High Court rulings: but they stil sing it

    A favorite (party-political) song among the ruling ANC is “Dubula iBhunu,” which means, “kill the white farmers, the Boers.” Former ANC Youth League chief Julius Malema and SA president Zuma both sing Kill the Boers! The Racists! in public – the song inciting followers to kill white farmers (Boers) is sung at major ANC party functions: even though the song was ruled as “hate speech” by (two) South African court (s). Law Library: “Kill the Boer’ ruled hatespeech

  82. How much more proof than this does the world want? when the president of this country can sing and incite the masses to genocide.

  83. Many white victims of violence are totally destitute and hiding their children away from raids from sex-slavery gangs

    The widespread violence and killings in South Africa have led many victims to lose everything and go into hiding, with some living in makeshift shanty dwellings or in the fields by rivers. Out of the nearly four million whites living in South Africa, nearly one million live in economic destitution. Hruska described how in some cases, young white individuals, especially white females, because of their popularity, have been kidnapped and prostituted as sex slaves. “Human trafficking is not illegal in South Africa and many young white teenage girls are drugged and sold for sex acrss the country. The police do nothing about this; in fact, in some cases they are involved in the prostitution of those women. Those who do escape,” Hruska explained, “go into hiding seeing as there is no government assistance for them and because they are too embarrassed to tell their family or friends.”

    Heinous torture meted out to white ‘crime’ victims:

    Although a majority of those murdered, nearly 80 percent, Hruska said, are seniors (over the age of 60), the killers do not discriminate against age. “It’s heinous torture,” Hruska explained. “Even children as young as two months old get burned with hot water, get wrapped in newspaper and burned.” She continued, “There is no easy way of saying exactly how these people are tortured. The standard would be a hot iron, electric iron, boiling water … and these are carried out for hours.”
    (daily-updated race-related crime-reports in South Africa: )

    In the case of one family, Hruska detailed, the black mob broke into a home and waited for the white family to get home. When they arrived, they took them and raped the mother, in front of the father and son to see, and then once they killed her they killed the father, and finally the son by way of boiling water.

    The government denies that such murders are occurring or that they are aimed at the white farmers. Instead they are reported as ‘robberies’ despite nothing being stolen, Hruska explained. “The murders occur now at a rate of at least one per day,” she said.

    Don’t deny this genocide, she urged: even though Mandela and ANC are sacred-cows in news media:

    After her talk, she stayed for an additional hour speaking to the people and answering questions.
    Her main message to the world, she told “The New American” was, “Acknowledge it. Don’t deny it,” She realizes the difficulty in speaking about this unique situation, especially due to its racial dynamic and the politically-correct state of society.

    “You cannot criticize Mandela or the ANC; they are sacred cows,” Hruska explained. Stll, the truth needs to be told, regardless of how difficult it may be for some to hear or accept.

    Her main objective is not only to create greater awareness about the genocide but also to help find the victims of rape and economic destitution and provide them with the necessary post-traumatic support and assistance to help them cope with the trauma and either rejoin society, or leave the country if they so desire.

    Sadly, much of this has gone unreported in the mainstream media — and that which has made press headlines is often heavily sanitized.

    Hruska plans to continue doing her part to create further awareness and help victims. By the time the world and media acknowledge the atrocities it may be too late for some. Saturday,06 October 2012

    South African Tells of Genocide in Communist-dominated South Africa
    Genocide Watch warns Afrikaners to leave SA
    7 October 2012 § Leave a Comment

    Breaking: Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch urges Afrikaners to flee SA (below)

  84. To Sunette Bridges from Greg Stanton: “As you know, Genocide Watch has already raised the Genocide Stage level for South Africa to Stage 6 because we now have evidence that the murders of Afrikaaner farmers and other whites is organized by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa, nationalize farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state. Marxism-Leninism is not yet the official ideology of the ANC government, as it is in ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, but ANC policy will take a further step in that direction at the ANC national conference in December.

    However, a two state solution to the racial problem in South Africa, while it might have been possible sixty years ago, is no longer possible. For Jews surrounded by anti-Jewish governments, the best solution was emigration. For Jews, the State of Israel was created by the UN. Many also emigrated to the United States and other countries. But the UN will never allow creation of a separate state for whites in South Africa. We (Genocide Watch) are encouraging governments like Australia and the US to adopt liberal asylum policies for South African whites so they can leave South Africa. It is a pity. Whites in South Africa have lived there for over 300 years, and have just as much right to stay there as African-Americans or white Americans have to stay in the US.

    We fully recognize the crisis. Our hopes are that the ANC can be changed from within, or defeated in the next elections, or that the constitutional system in South Africa will prevent the ANC from imposing communism. Best wishes, Greg Stanton (Stanton’s press conference below)
    Stop the Murders! – The international campaign commences
    By Jacques Mare 04 October, 2012 Copied from: The Afrikaner Journal

    PRETORIA – South Africa — Afrikaner human and civil rights pressure-group Afriforum launched their ‘Stop the Murders” campaign last month — geared at informing and soliciting international support for their cause.

    Afriforum delivered a memorandum on 4 October 2012 to 110 embassies and institutions in SA — explaining why they need international support for this cause. They appealed to all recipients to put pressure on the ANC government to declare Afrikaner-farm murders a priority crime. Source: Afriforum Facebook Page: News Announcement

    ANC-militias are organised to attack Afrikaners:

    This will ensure that more time, money and general effort be redirected toward the safety of rural farming communities, who are now at the mercy of black ANC militias, maiming,torturing and killing the food-growers of this country.

    South African farmers produce and supply most of the food needs of South Africa as well as most Southern African countries like, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and even as far afield as Angola and beyond into the interior of tropical Africa.

    The USA-based Genocide Watch organisation declared the attacks against Afrikaner farmers as “deliberate” and a possible “genocide in the making”. Press conference:

  85. Nov 30 2008 – Ex- SAPS reservist, Kyalami businessman Baden Hall assaulted by female cop – video:

    Nov 30 2008 – Mr Baden Hall, a former police reservist who ran a corporate landscaping business from his Kyalami smallholding north of Johannesburg, filmed this assault by the police officer. The former police-reservist was following one of his business-trucks on Thursday morning enrute to a filling station in Lonehill, north of Johannesburg, when it was pulled over at a police roadblock on Lonehill Boulevard and his workers were summarily arrested “for not having their identification cards on them”. He was told that the men would be taken to Morningside police station, and when he queried this as Douglasdale police station was closer, he was insulted and assaulted.

    “You white shit, you are going to die here with your money… ‘ shouted SAPS constable-reservist T. Mahlwempu (SAPS force number 2040072-1)

    He wrote on the clip he posted: “A deranged Black Female unemployed reservist constable T MAHLWEMPU Force Number 2040072-1 masquerading as Sergeant attacks me (and ends up punching my wife) because I was filming her aggression inter alia: “

    “She (the female police officer) started screaming a string of political abuse at me along the lines of ‘You white sh**, you are going to die here with your money. We will make sure you never leave this country, you will die here first’,” said Hall. The seven seconds of footage on his phone shows an angry policewoman storming the camera aggressively, striking out in front of her as a loud slap sounds. Then the picture ends suddenly as the phone was knocked out of Hall’s hand. The couple said the attack caused a commotion, as other police members entered the fray and restrained their aggressive colleagues.Hall said: the issue is the fact that “an arresting officer refused to identify herself, then struck me twice when I tried to photograph her lapel badge.“

    “They join ranks against you…’ Speaking to The Star newspaper shortly after the incident, Hall said he was devastated, and would lay a charge of assault against the police-woman.“Nobody was in control there. The inspector told me to f*** off at least three times, and I intend opening a case and reporting this to the Independent Complaints Directorate in the hope this will be escalated as high as possible.”Melanie Hall said she was horrified by the assault. “You feel so helpless. They join ranks around you.” The SAPS said they could not comment
    Victim Baden Hall of Kyalami films assault by black SAPS officer



  86. Massacred were 12-year-old Amaro Jose Viana, his mother Geraldine (42) and father Tony (53).

    Vereeniging Regional Court, South Africa. July 25 2012 Three of the four black males who admitted to the massacre of the Viana family in Walkerville were from left to right Sipho Mbele 21, Sphiwe David Motaung 20, Petrus Radebe 24. The fourth male, a minor, is the son of the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe.

    Two of the young black males also admitted that they had gagged the crying twelve-year-old white child – and then ‘drowned him in a bath filled with boiling water’. The men admitted their guilt to the murders with smiles as they appeared in the Vereeniging regional court, reports the Johannesburg Afrikaans daily, Beeld.

    PRAAG notes that ‘In a typical South African black-on-white atrocity, the boy and his entire family were massacred on 1 October 2011 in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. The Portuguese-South African family were killed in an attack by the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe (24), Sipho Mbele (21) and Sphiwe David Motaung (20). A fourth black person, a minor whose name was not published and apparently is the son of Petrus Radebe, also participated in the attack. All four admitted their guilt on all charges against them.”

    According to the accused, “we mutually raped Geraldine Viana”. Sipho Mbele raped her first while Petrus Radebe helped to restrain her by standing on her face. Afterwards Radebe raped her too.

    Beeld reports that Charmaine Castleman, an attorney appearing for the accused, read a statement in court explaining that “the three men burgled the Viana residence to rob them of their possessions and “to get Geraldine Viana back” for the way she had treated them.”

    The white family’s dog apparently barked tremendously during the burglary. The animal was tortured to death by disembowelling him. According to Beeld’s court reporter, 12-year-old Amaro’s dad Tony Viana first arrived at the burgled home. The three black men were waiting in ambush: attacking him him from behind with a machete and a golf club, after which he was forced to unlock the family safe. He was then tied up. The boy and his mother arrived later and were tied up in separate rooms.

    Horrific gang-rape of Mrs Geraldine Viana: her son was drowned in boiling water:

    Then the raping started. One man put his feet on her face to restrain her, and when Radebe and Mbele had finished raping Geraldine, Mbele placed a cushion over her face to muffle her screams and shot her with a pistol obtained from her husband. The accused stated: “Afterwards Sipho took the gun and shot Tony in the head.” Mbele and Radebe then went to Amaro’s room and claimed they ‘realised that the boy would be able to recognise them.” “We went to the bathroom and turned on the tap. We went to fetch him and gagged him because he was crying. We forced him into the bath face down, knowing that he would drown.”

    From forensic evidence tendered in court, it was clear that the boy was held down in boiling water. The exact cause of his death has however not yet been determined by state pathologists. The boy’s hands and feet were tied.

    According to Beeld, “Mbele and Radebe admitted guilt on charges of burglary with the intent to steal, robbery with aggravating circumstances, the possession of an unlicensed firearm, the illegal possession of ammunition and intentional damage to goods.”

    PRAAG writes; “The accused will be sentenced on 6 September 2012 in the Vereeniging Regional Court. As the death penalty was abolished in South Africa, they will probably get lengthy prison sentences but could be out on parole within five to ten years. The vast majority of South Africans, black and white, support the reinstatement of the death penalty, but the liberal Constitutional Court has stated that it would be unconstitutional. The ruling ANC and liberal opposition DA are also opposed to the death penalty.

    A search of South African newswires in English for this story has returned an empty result. Until now, only Beeld has reported on the court appearance of the three murderers – in Afrikaans, which is only spoken in South Africa, although easily comprehensible to Dutch-speakers.” and
    (embed: )
    These are the words to the song chanted by the South African president in Bloemfontein, on January 8 2012, at the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress party:
    Zuma sings Kill the Boer (Afrikaners/Whites) – subtitled with English translation:
    First he says to the crowd: “Power for Us – Come Together all the Winners”. He then starts singing this repeating chant, enthusiastically sung and gestures copied by the crowd, Zuma’s wives singing along behind him, and the ANC-leadership on the stage: which included youth league leader Julius Malema)
    “We are going to shoot them, they are going to run, Shoot the Boer, shoot them, they are going to run, Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run, the Cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun, the cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun (‘big gun”. January 8 2012: Bloemfontein, Free State province, South Africa:
    Shortly after Zuma sang this song above at the ANC’s most important meeting, namely its 100th anniversary celebration in Bloemfontein, murders against whites surged again after a relatively ‘peaceful’ period of an average of ‘four hatecrimes against whites a day’ : as this graph from January to April demonstrates, the average went up to six a day with peaks of 11 and 9 murders in March. By June 2012, the average daily murderous hatecrimes against whites rose to eight and since January there had been more than 400 violent, countrywide riots along major roadways in which primarily white motorists and –truckers were targetted for violence and ‘demands for toll’. And in towns countrywide, long-time Afrikaner residents are being driven from their own homes by violent armed militia-style gangs – an ethnic cleansing campaign of vast proportions.

    By June 2012, with a constant stream of these songs at all the public meetings of the ANC, the ANC youth league, the SA Communist Party and the Cosatu Trade Union movement, and a growing number of countrywide riots where white motorists are frequently targetted and the same song is chanted – the number of hatecrimes against whites – and also against foreign visitors – has risen even more:

    What response from Amnesty International and other ‘human-rights’ organisations to this incitement by the leadership of South Africa to kill its own minority?

    One of the priorities listed by Amnesty international is: Refugee and migrants’ rights and xenophobia; so when the president of South Africa, and all the leading members of his Troika-government, continue singing this hate-speech song at all their public meetings despite an order from the highest court of the land not to – Amnesty International has never said one word in public against the massive human-rightrs violations against SA whites by their own government:

  87. A formal complaint will be lodged with the Human Rights Commission after a pastor allegedly used hate speech on Twitter, the FW de Klerk Foundation said on Monday.

    Reverend Kemo Immanuel Waters called for white South Africans to be killed in order to end racism.

    In the early hours of Saturday morning, Waters tweeted: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites. @helenzille your indifferent and patronizing stance is a double dare…”

    His comments sparked outrage from other users, including Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. The DA leader replied that she would be laying charges against him for hate speech.

    Waters later defended his rant and claimed that he had since received death threats.

    The foundation’s Dave Steward said that the gratuitous statement was out of line. He said it was unacceptable to encourage such behaviour.


  88. A 77-year-old farmer has been shot dead at his home in Stella, near Vryburg, North West police said on Monday.

    Hendrik Cilliers was found half-naked on the ground five metres from his house on Sunday evening, said Brigadier Thulane Ngubane.

    He had a bullet wound to his head, and his hands and feet were bound with shoelaces, said Ngubane.

    A neighbour called the police when he saw Cilliers’s car on the main road and his phone went unanswered.

    The motive for his murder was unknown and police were searching for his killers.


  89. A man and his wife have been killed on a farm in Rustenburg in the North West, police said on Thursday.

    Don du Plessis (72) and his wife Jackie (68) were apparently assaulted with “objects” at their home around 2am on Wednesday, Captain Elsabe Augustides said.

    A visitor found their bodies in separate bedrooms two hours later. The wife had also been shot once in the head.

    An undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the safe as well as a camera and a laptop, Augustides said.

    Police were looking to question a Zimbabwean couple, who had been working for the Du Plessis couple. The woman was a domestic while her boyfriend did general work on a bird farm.

    “Police have linked the two to the crime because they disappeared a day before the bodies were found,” Augustides said.

    A house robbery and two murder dockets have been opened.


    A man has gone on a crime spree in Pretoria, first stealing firearms, then stabbing a man to death in a flower shop, before abducting and raping a woman at a church, according to a report on Tuesday.

    He was tracked down by the police and hospitalised after being shot in the head, according to Beeld newspaper.

    The 21-year-old man broke into a house in Retief Street in Lyttelton on
    Monday morning where he stole a hunting rifle and revolver.

    From there he went to a Pretoria flower shop where he stabbed a man, Peter Ntona-Maleka (54), to death, who tried to stop him from robbing the shop.

    It was believed that the assailant had also been hurt and the police followed his blood trail to a nearby church.

    There, he allegedly raped a woman and held her hostage, but when the police arrived at the scene she managed to escape, police spokesperson Warrant Officer Annabel Middelton told Beeld.

    Shots were fired and the man was hit in the hand and head.

    He was currently under police guard in hospital.


    An elderly couple was murdered in Bonearo Park, east of Johannesburg, during an apparent house robbery, a report said on Monday.

    The 65-year-old woman was stabbed in the back before her throat was slit, while the 70-year-old man was found dead with a plastic bag over the head, Beeld newspaper reported.

    Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Cobus Halloway said it was

    suspected that Percy and Noellene Whitmore were overpowered on Thursday morning after returning from a church meeting.

    “The house was in total chaos,” said Halloway.

    So far, only a DVD player seemed to have been taken from the house.

    No arrests had been made.


  90. A teenager has been attacked at the Gelvandale Church of the Nazarene in Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth, police said on Monday.

    “The 17-year-old girl was getting ready for a youth service evening on Friday when she noticed a young man in his early 20s outside the church,” Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said.

    The man asked for water and slipped through the gate when the teenager opened it for a friend.

    “He was armed with a knife and tied them up. He then apparently took the 17-year-old to the bathroom and raped her,” said Janse van Rensburg.

    He fled when three other churchgoers arrived for the service.

    “He took two cellphones with him,” she said.

    The man was arrested at noon on Saturday and would appear in Port Elizabeth’s New Law Courts on Monday on charges of rape and robbery.

    I would like to know how the country is up in arms over woman and child abuse and its a terrible thing and how bad rape is our country, Yet a 52 year old man in a township can rape a 4 year old girl AND NO ONE DOES anything about it. The Osindisweni Hospital has done nothing about it but just send the mother and child home it has not been reported otherwise something would have been done ( but what do you expect from a government hospital as I have witnessed first-hand that , that hospital is more like a prison as that is how you get treated and they don’t care for the patients). Then he tries again and broke in to my domestic lady’s house to get at her 9 year old niece, when my Domestic chased him out as he only lives 3 houses down. so the lady that’s 4 year old was raped stood up to him and confronted him and he beat her. The police were called he was taken away but by the time morning came he was back , wait for it ….. the constable is on holiday so just let him go. LET HIM GO id understands if he had stolen a chocolate but he has RAPED AND BEAT a mother and her baby. Why was he not kept in prison to wait for the constable to come back from HOLIDAY, See this is the problem it seems no one cares about the kids and ladies in the township something happens to them oh well so what. It’s a disgrace and no wonder women don’t report what happens in the township as the men get out scott free and come back for them. The only way this will start to have any effect is if the RAPEIST are put and kept behind bars not let out with a slap on the wrist, the police and government hospitals need to start doing their job properly. What gets me the most is how you can have a drunk driver arrested on a Friday and only let out on a Monday but a rapist can be let out 3 hours later PRIORITY Please help what can we do to get this monster behind bars where he should be. Please keep my name anonymous as I live in the community where the township is and don’t what them to know who has complained ( as I far from trust the police to protect me

    A Gauteng woman was raped in front of her teenage sons and their friends, and an elderly couple was robbed at a holiday resort in Richards Bay, northern KwaZulu Natal, The Witness reported on Wednesday.

    The 38-year-old woman from Vanderbijlpark and her two sons were attacked by four armed men just hours after arriving at Meerensee for a five-day vacation.

    They had arrived for their holiday at 9pm on Monday.

    After raping the woman and ransacking the self-catering unit, the four went to another unit on the same property and held an elderly couple at gunpoint and robbed them.

    According to a woman from the second unit, who wished not be named fearing for her safety, the armed men must have entered the property protected by five-metre walls and an electric gate, between 9.30pm and 10pm.

    “The other group had just arrived [from Vanderbijlpark] and asked us if there was a shop nearby as they needed a few items.

    “The armed men must have entered the property when they left the premises because when they returned they were waiting for them,” she told the newspaper.

    They allegedly forced the people into the home, forced the boys onto the ground and then one suspect raped the mother.

    “One of the boys told us the mother just told them to look away while she was raped. He also said the robbers told them they were acting on ‘inside information’,” the elderly victim told The Witness.

    She said the suspects entered her unit at about 11.30pm through the bathroom and kitchen windows.

    “We had just gone to bed. However, seconds after I got up to go and check on the dog, our bedroom light flicked on and this man entered our room.”

    With her husband waking up startled, the suspect pushed them both back onto the bed and immediately demanded jewellery, money, cellphones and laptops and threatened to rape the woman, the report said.

    “We sat on the bed and pulled the duvet over us. One of the suspects started pulling the duvet down saying he was going to rape me, but he was distracted by my gold chain and instead took that. He kept saying ‘where is the money, we are going to kill you’.

    “They then ordered us to lie on the ground and tied up our hands and feet with my husband’s shoelaces.”

    At this point the attackers escorted the four teenagers and the rape victim into the elderly couple’s unit.

    “The other woman had a gash to her head and was stumbling. They tied them all up and threatened to kill us. They had no masks; they weren’t scared.

    “One suspect said ‘you [holidaymakers] shouldn’t come here [Richards Bay], it’s a sh*t place; look what we do to you’,” said the elderly woman.

    “By 11.50pm the suspects took the rape victim’s BMW X5. They kept saying they were going to come back. By 1.45am my husband said we had better get out of the house.

    “We forced a burglar bar open and climbed out the window, jumped walls into neighbouring premises until we were eventually helped by a drunk man who arranged to have the police called.

    “I must say the SAPS in Richards Bay were flawless. We are thankful for their response,” she said.

    By Tuesday morning, police had recovered the BMW X5.

    Richards Bay spokesperson Captain Debbie Ferreira told the newspaper no suspects had been arrested yet.


  91. Special to AR News, February 20, 2012
    The murder of white farmers in South Africa is one of the great, unheralded crimes of our time. People and organizations that would be in a frenzy if whites were killing black farmers turn their backs on the Boers.

    Last November, however, three members of the European Parliament drafted a declaration calling attention to these barbaric crimes, and urging the European Community officially to press for better protection for farmers.

    The declaration was drafted by the three following Euro MPs, and signed by 48 others.

    Philip Claeys, Vlaams Belang
    Fiorello Provera, Lega Nord
    Andreas Mölzer, Austrian Freedom Party

    This is only a modest beginning, but it is encouraging to see Europeans are taking note of the plight of their kinsmen overseas.

    Can we imagine an American Congressional committee issuing a declaration of this kind?

    Below is a 10-minute excerpt from a powerful documentary 2011 film about the South African farm killings called “War of the Flea.”

  92. It follows on from what was done to French Algerians, the Belgians of Congo, and the Portuguese of Angola and Mozambique, and what is happening in Zimbabwe. All these peoples were violently forced off lands which their ancestors had occupied for centuries. It was done with the encouragement of the US and British governments and made possible by finance taken from their own taxpayers for the purpose. What is behind this? It is what is now called Globalisation, which is a euphemism for the attempt to create a New World Order.

    African-ruled countries are a variation on a theme of total corruption, and it is a matter of time before South Africa collapses. The 3.5 million Whites remaining might slow that process but the end result is inevitable and Western elites and journalists must take responsibility. The chaos on the railways is an indicator. Locos are not turning up at coal mines to collect fully-loaded trains, and the power stations are out for coal. The electricity generating plants are fast deteriorating and break down regularly, and the country has been plagued with power cuts for the last few years. The ANC is still dominated by members of the South African Communist Party, they are anti-white racists, and they have a vigorous land confiscation programme on the statute books. Farmers and their families are regularly murdered.

    These things are little reported in the west because the liberal-left media fully support the ANC as they fully supported Mugabe in 1980 and thereafter and for the realities to be broadcast by our media would demonstrate the real facts of African rule and destroy the unrealistic ideology of racial equality that they desperately need to believe in else their whole falls and their lives have been wasted.

    The dream was Mandela accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for all who have opposed racism. It was awarded to him, the ANC and all South Africa’s people. The reward was to be freedom and democracy in an open society which respected the rights of all individuals. This is the fantasy. What is the reality? Mass genocide of Boer farmers.

    The genocide is happening on the farms where Boers are being murdered, but not just Boers, Indian farmers are also targeted; the targets are usually defenseless, especially old people.

    The government does nothing to prevent attacks, so the farmers have begun to co-operate in mutual defence. That the Black government wants Boers harmed and driven from their land as indicated by their programmes to force Boers to sell their property to blacks. These programmes are to remove a huge percentage of white farmers and can give these farms to blacks.

    At the beginning of the decade there were 40,000 White farmers in South Africa and there have been is 3,037 murdered in racial genocide and more than 20,000 armed attacks perpetrated by groups of militant, young Black racists on commercial farmers, since the ANC came to power in 1994. This is certainly higher as the South African government and police, with the world’s press keep it covered up. Boers are often tortured or raped first, by boiling water forced down their throats, tendons cut, burnings, personal humiliations – most perpetrators are protected by Blacks within government and the police and not tried. Now ask yourselves, gentle readers, when did you see this on television news or read about it in your quality newspaper?

    The idealism that accompanied the birth of new South Africa has been destroyed by black rule yet the rainbow nation is still a fantasy to Western elites. They need to believe in it or face the reality that racial equality does not exist. The dream of truth and reconciliation and the deification of Nelson Mandela make it hard to accept that after whites gave way to Blacks the Boer minority would be subjected to racial genocide. Boers, you see, have not been sentimentalised, are not figures of sympathy but dehumanised as racists so their murder is not seen as important.

    The SA government forbids the publishing of South African police crime statistics without their permission. Media crime reports are vetted by the police. The world’s media want to pretend the new government is responsible or face the fact that races are not equal on one hand; on the other, to keep the overseas aid for mineral rights deals quiet

  93. SA Blacks, especially ANC youth, still sing the old ANC resistance song “Kill The Boer”. This shows their purpose. The Boer is just a farmer but the grudge goes on. Boers are honest, taciturn people work who hard with their hands. Their children consider leaving but have no country to return to. The “Kill The Boer” slogan has been ruled hate speech by the SA Human Rights Commission because it incites people to kill Afrikaners. But the ANC sing “shaya ma buru” at public meetings all over South Africa. The UN Genocide Convention declared that ruling regimes killing ethnic minorities is legally genocide and could be pursued in the International Criminal Court.

    The new rulers have imposed racial quotas that deny work to most young Afrikaners, whether or not they have the right qualifications. Mbeki’s programme of Black Economic Empowerment is called “rectifying action” – Affirmative Action. Thousands of ANC civil servants give preferential treatment to blacks over whites and even browns. “Progress” plans are implemented, fines and other sanctions imposed. In most cases it’s an unqualified or illiterate black who gets the job. Whites are left with begging or emigration.

    If the farmers are wiped-out the rest of South Africa and parts of southern Africa will be plunged into famine: as in Zimbabwe the Boer genocide may lead to the death of millions by starvation and outbreaks of Cholera.

    Does anyone protest?

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu criticised Black Economic Empowerment, but because it enriches such a small minority of already powerful blacks not because it impoverishes the white minority. His world-famous moral indignation does not stretch that far. People put themselves first when community spirit breaks down and Afrikaner intellectuals want to keep their own jobs so conform to the black apartheid system like the Judenräte under the Nazis. Those who criticise Black Economic Empowerment are de-humanised as racists. Yet, the government replacing 35,000 commercial South African farmers by blacks is more than imposing job quotas in industry and commerce. The farmers are landowners and have a special bond with their territory. The authorities are undermining that and the SAHRC has endorsed the withdrawal of commandos from rural areas to leave the Boers open to murder and banned the term “ farm attacks” from the SA Rural Protection Plan as it links the Boers to their land and makes clear what people are being targeted but these are now the more abstract “murders” which is vague and gives the impression that it could happen to anybody.

    The Government is made an inventory of South Africa’s farmers by race to …

    … monitor the patterns of land ownership as it implements land reform, the deeds registration system would be improved to reflect nationality, race and gender of land owners.

    There has been legislation to make it possible for the government to expropriate assets summarily without having to apply in advance to a court. The ANC is rewriting the South African Constitution but not stating what its being replaced with.

    In 1991 the White population of South Africa was 5.1 million however, as of 2007 the official White population of South Africa was its lowest of 4.2 million, even though millions of White refugees from other parts of Africa added to South Africa’s White population in recent years. Whites are persecuted and dispossessed for being White leaving them unable to afford council tax so they end up living in shanty huts in Black neighbourhoods which hate them because of their race. An example is the ‘Affirmative Action’ policy of the national school netball championships committee – teams which do not have enough Black children have points given to the opposing side before the game has started!

    This could develop into full scale racial genocide and ethnic cleansing like in Zimbabwe and the Belgian Congo before it which was another of the richest Nations in Africa but is now war torn. The elites know the history but keep doing it to African countries.

    The killings show savagery and brutality as most are tortured and die slowly and in agony yet in many of the murders, no property is stolen. This shows a savage, uncivilised hatred for fellow humans that we can not comprehend but the authorities and international media pass it off as “crime related” when it is racial genocide

  94. Do you perhaps think that the European countries that sent the white South African’s forefathers here 0ver 300 hundred years ago should take responsibility? They were sent here to start trading posts etc for the Dutch and English originally. White South African’s are told non stop that they have no future here and no claim to anything. They are basically put in a position that they cant apply for jobs and in turn are made unwelcome. The chinese who are the govt. latest flavour of the year have BEE status which puts them ahead of any white wanting to apply for a job. This is absolute madness.

  95. Senseless violence targetting EastCape like carnage of late 1990s DA-MP Annette Steyn: “Farmer Boy Jordaan shot in cold blood in mielie field Barkley East, Mrs Helena Gouws from Ugie murdered; and execution-style murder of David Dlali ANC MP killed in Matatiele” – Annette Steyn 30 July 2012: DA MP says current situation reminiscent of carnage of late 1990s The recent spate of rural murders reflects the inability of government to provide physical safety and access to economic opportunity for all its citizens. Late last week, ‘Boy’ Jordaan was shot in cold blood in a mielie field on his farm between Barkley East and Maclear. David Dlali, an ANC MP, was killed on 10 June in Matatiele (although this was not considered a farm-murder but a political assassination – PO). The bail hearing for the recent murder of Mrs Helena Gouws from Ugie will take place today. Failure to prevent farm attacks is a failure of collective governance. The DA calls on all relevant government departments – the police services (SAPS), rural affairs and agriculture – to better coordinate their efforts and improve their ability to gather intelligence and respond more swiftly and with greater effect. The current situation is increasingly reminiscent of scenes from the late 90s, where in the space of three years 361 people were murdered in more than 2000 attacks on farms and smallholdings in South Africa. There is little that breaks trust and undermines attempts at reconciliation in South Africa quite as quickly as farm murders. It also creates radical uncertainty in rural areas, with farmers reluctant to re-invest and new investors strongly deterred. Thus it is not only farmers who suffer, but farmworkers especially. Government’s draft National Development Plan (NDP) hopes to create 1 million jobs supported by agriculture by 2030. That is a pipedream diminishing by the day unless government acts with purpose and an effective long-term plan to reverse the current disaster. (Very conservative Estimates indicate that at least 1500 farmers have been murdered and approximately 3 000 farmers attacked on their farms since 1994. SAPS have since 2007 refused to publically release its official statistics, though it apparently does still record these (?). Farm attacksre a war against all South Africans and should never be narrowly caricatured as a race issue. If government is serious about reconciliation and creating access to economic opportunity for all South Africans, it will move with clarity and efficacy to prevent further attacks. Statement issued by Annette Steyn, DA Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, July 30 2012 ========================== GENOCIDE WATCH: SOUTH AFRICA IS A COUNTRY WHICH IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE Transcript|: Prof Gregory Stanton, chairman GenocideWatch July 26 2012 press conference Pretoria, Transvaal Agricultural Union headquarters: ======================= ===================== He said: “The cycle of genocide starts with dehumanisation. And we saw this dehumanisation in the documents of the ANC itself when they refer to all whites as ‘settlers’. That all whites are ‘settlers’ in South Africa, is when you are saying they don’t belong in South Africa. It’s the same thing the Turks did to the Armenians and the Germans did to the Jews, when they said Jews were interlopers and were not Germans. Whenever you have that kind of dehumanisation, you have the beginning of that downward spiral intoof that genocide. The fourth stage of organisation – the people who are organised and trained ideologically and with arms to carry out the expulsion and destruction of the target groups. In this country you have several groups in that category Under former ANC youth league president Julius Malema, they were carrying out forced displacements of the white population and he was calling for it openly. Now we have the deputy president of the ANC youth league who is being sued by the TAU for calling for a war against white farmers. This is the kind of talk that is not only pre-genocidal but it alsocomes before crimes against humanity. I was here during apartheid and I saw apartheid in action, I was very involved in the anti- apartheid movement and so for me, this is, really coming to grips with another reality that I did not fully understand before. “We as human beings need to remember that we are all human and that is the key fact about us – so at any time that we make these racial distinctions you are dividing up the unity of the human race. We are really all human first. I whenever I fill out forms in the US requiring ‘racial’ identification I say ‘ human ‘ . “It is my belief that it is our ultimate characteristic in the sight of God, and I believe we need to remember this, this is our humanity. The next stage of this genocidal process is polarisation: that’s when you are trying to portray the people who are not with you as somehow being against you. In which you portray the moderates for instance, the Democratic Alliance party in SA, as being also the enemies. That’s why we at Genocide Watch have classified South Africa as a racially polarised society. Yesterday I was really struck at a conference at the fW de Klerk Foundation this week dealing with the racial polarisation of SA society. it was astonishing to me that not one member of the ANC attended. That’s astonishing having a meeting with a Nobel Peace Prize winner and not one ANC member attended. It is telling that not one member of the ANC attended . I thus saw this racial polarisation in action, and in very real terms. What worries me the most is the next stage. That is the Planning stage, the preparation for how to carry out killings, and how to carry out forced displacements: how to drive out the people you do not want in your country. We (at Genocide Watch) are worried that this is happening now, that there are organised groups doing that planning. We had raised SA from stage 5 to 6 when Malema sang Shoot the Boer song agan and saw that the youth league was this kind of organisation, that it was planning this kind of genocidal massacre and also the forced displacement of whites from South Africa. We raised it to six but when Malema was tried thanks to the TAU and others and convicted for hatespeech and enjoined by the judge from not ever singing that song again we had a great sense of relief that maybe SA pulled back and returned SA to stage five. But now the president of South Africa Jacob Zuma hismelf has also started singing that same song and that really worries us now.One thing I also did not realise until we investigated I discovered during this trip in South Africa, is just exactly how powerful the communist party’s influence is in this country is – through Cosatu and the ANC and the SA Communist Party structures, how interlinked they are. We have also spoken to many members of the farming community and saw much evidence through which we concluded that the farm murders are not accidental. We don’t know exactly who is planning them as yet but we call for an international investigation as to who is planning these murders. We do not believe they are accidents or common robberies. Like in this Viana case – those people were just murdered, nothing was stolen. These were hatecrimes. The peoples’ bodies are being desecrated in many cases; chopped up, disemboweled, people ‘s bodies are displayed with signs showing these were crimes of racial hatred such as for instance leaving open Afrikaner bible on the bodies. Such signs also happen during hatecrimes elsewhere in the world. Those people who would deny and refuse to read these warning signs in this country are ignoring the facts. I am meeting with the US Minister Councillor at the US embassy – who was appointed as a higher authority over the ambassador. We will be talking about these things and also about the Green Paper for land reform which in my opinion as a constitutional lawyer would take away so much power from the judiciary that it would remove the rights to own land and place the control over land-rights in the hands of the government. Whatever land-tenure is adopted the communists in the long run always want to take away all private property. That is a fact in every communist country. Every place you go communists take away private ownership. Once you take away private ownership the citizens of that country also cannot have economic power to oppose the government with. I have come here and learned a good deal . There has been a struggle for such a long time in this country that I believe that this is a country in great danger. I happen to know a lot of people by this time at the age of 66 and the people in charge of atrocities-prevention units and campaigns in the USA and at the UN are good and longtime friends. I will be contacting them about what I have learned in South Africa. I will also return to south Africa to investigate many more details. We will be keeping South Africa on our radar screens.

  96. absolutely this is a communist and Godless regime.

  97. Description
    The Gonubie Farmers Hall attack early hours of this morning was confirmed by SAPS Spokesperson Col. Mtati Tana. Gobubie Hall smallholdings farm attack: woman stabbed, survives: June 20 2012 Gonubie SAPS Phone: 043-7404040 Fax: 043-7405148 East London SAPS crime-intelligence Phone: 043-7225555 Fax: 043-7430211 3 Black males entered the farm residence in the early hours of the morning and tied up the lady of the house , (name not provided) gagged her and she was stabbed in the leg. Undisclosed amount of cash , laptops , cellphones and electronic equipment stolen. The lady is in a stable condition. Anyone with any information to please contact the SAPS. Gonubie SAPS Phone: 043-7404040 Fax: 043-7405148

  98. Description
    Mrs Ria Mills 65 was shot dead execution-style GreatBrak farm Hamelkop, Mosselbay, WC: URL: ———————— Mrs Mills, who was involved in the SA tourism industry for many years, was found murdered on her farm in Great Brak, near Mossel Bay, Western Cape police said on Sunday. Police found the body of Ria Mills on Saturday night while responding to a call from friends she was supposed to meet for dinner, said Captain Malcolm Pojie.Police arrived at her farm, Potsteelhoogte in Hamelkop shortly before 20:00.”The body of the deceased was found in the lounge with a gunshot wound to the neck. Police also confiscated a .38-Special revolver that was found on the scene.”The gun would be send for ballistic tests to determine its involvement in the murder.Pojie said Mills’s iPad, laptop and her handbag were missing.Also, the killers fled in Mills’s Chevrolet utility bakkie, which was recovered on a footpath near the Wolwedans Dam on Sunday morning.Mrs Mills is the mother of Dr Ceval Mills, the severely disabled inventor man whose special voice-communicator was stolen in 2009 and is father, also a medical doctor, nearly shot dead. ===================================== Background: Dr Ceval Mills: 20090717 Traffic-accident disabled Dr Ceval Mills’ was robbed of his patented electronic voice simulator, and the attacker also shot down his fatherd Dr Neville Mills, 63 – critically injuring him at their home in Evander, Mpumalanga. Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie wrote that after Dr Mills’ own designed patended voice-communicator was stolen by the gunman, the thug screamed “are you happy now?”. Dr Mills senior was gunned down and critically injured when he came running from his room after his wife Ria, 61, shouted when a gunman threatened to shoot their nearly totally disabled son Dr Cival Mills, 34. Dr MIlls has been unable to move anything except his eyes and thumb/index finger of his left hand ever since he was injured in a traffic ‘accident’ outside Shongwe Hospital near Malalane, where he worked as a rural doctor. The traffic accident’s injuries had left him with the locked-in syndrome (a neurological complication whereby a patient loses all voluntary muscle function except for the ability to move the eyelids). He gained fame two years ago as the winner of Mpumalanga province’s Fundza for Fun (Reading is Fun) writers’ competition for his book “This too will pass’, which sold out its first printing within just weeks. It took him four years to write the book on a laptop computer using his thumb and index finger. He also developed a patented computer mouse enabling himself to type just as quickly as he did before he was disabled. For the three years before he was attacked, he worked as a researcher at the medical aid schemes Momentum Health and Discovery Health. He also developed an electronic voice simulator with which he communicates – and which was robbed. This innovative, self-designed IT apparatus functions with controls that are activated with only the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and which he has named Thingy. He was also working full-time to develop two different IT devices that will make computers more user-friendly for other disabled people with (extreme) limited hand function. A patent has been registered on his first design Thingy — and a grant was approved by the Department of Trade and Industry for its development and marketing. He is currently registering and developing the second device, which he has called Penpal. Mrs Mill’s daughter Mrs Madie Dittrich, a Pretoria lawyer, said the first words to her mom and disabled brother by the robber gang as they stormed into the Mills home were: “Do you want to die today”?” They ripped off Cival’s patented cellphone he designed himself, and which he wore around his neck, and pushed a handgun to his head. “They told my mom they are going to shoot Ceval dead. My mom screamed, and this alerted my dad who was on his bed. He jumped up and rushed to the living room – and when the gunmen saw him they shot him down. Then they screamed at my mother ‘Are you happy now?’ While Neville Mills was lying on the floor, bleeding and critically injured, the gunmen calmly took the family cellphones and laptop-computers and strolled out of the sliding door they had broken through to get into the house. Her brother still tried to push the gangsters with his wheelchair but her mother intervened, stopping him from doing so, Mrs Dittrich said. Neville was rushed to Unitas Hospital where one kidney was removed during a six-hour surgical procedure and his stomach, which also was struck by the bullet, required repairs. Mrs Dittrich said that her mom and brother were very traumatised. Police supt. Abie Khoabane confirmed ‘the incident’ and said nobody was arrested.,,3-975_2540163,00.html – Memoir by Dr Cival Mills Becomes Overnight Bestseller – She is the mother of Dr Cival Mills, the severely disabled man whose special voice-communicator was stolen in 2009. ( The date, time and place of this Tweet-report are vague and also inaccurate. We are awaiting confirmation from official sources.) Dr Ceval Mills: 20090717 Traffic-accident disabled Dr Ceval Mills’ was robbed of his patented electronic voice simulator, and the attacker also shot down his fatherd Dr Neville Mills, 63 – critically injuring him at their home in Evander, Mpumalanga. Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie wrote that after Dr Mills’ own designed patended voice-communicator was stolen by the gunman, the thug screamed “are you happy now?”. Dr Mills senior was gunned down and critically injured when he came running from his room after his wife Ria, 61, shouted when a gunman threatened to shoot their nearly totally disabled son Dr Cival Mills, 34. Dr MIlls has been unable to move anything except his eyes and thumb/index finger of his left hand ever since he was injured in a traffic ‘accident’ outside Shongwe Hospital near Malalane, where he worked as a rural doctor. The traffic accident’s injuries had left him with the locked-in syndrome (a neurological complication whereby a patient loses all voluntary muscle function except for the ability to move the eyelids). He gained fame two years ago as the winner of Mpumalanga province’s Fundza for Fun (Reading is Fun) writers’ competition for his book “This too will pass’, which sold out its first printing within just weeks. It took him four years to write the book on a laptop computer using his thumb and index finger. He also developed a patented computer mouse enabling himself to type just as quickly as he did before he was disabled. For the three years before he was attacked, he worked as a researcher at the medical aid schemes Momentum Health and Discovery Health. He also developed an electronic voice simulator with which he communicates – and which was robbed. This innovative, self-designed IT apparatus functions with controls that are activated with only the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and which he has named Thingy. He was also working full-time to develop two different IT devices that will make computers more user-friendly for other disabled people with (extreme) limited hand function. A patent has been registered on his first design Thingy — and a grant was approved by the Department of Trade and Industry for its development and marketing. He is currently registering and developing the second device, which he has called Penpal. Mrs Mill’s daughter Mrs Madie Dittrich, a Pretoria lawyer, said the first words to her mom and disabled brother by the robber gang as they stormed into the Mills home were: “Do you want to die today”?” They ripped off Cival’s patented cellphone he designed himself, and which he wore around his neck, and pushed a handgun to his head. “They told my mom they are going to shoot Ceval dead. My mom screamed, and this alerted my dad who was on his bed. He jumped up and rushed to the living room – and when the gunmen saw him they shot him down. Then they screamed at my mother ‘Are you happy now?’ While Neville Mills was lying on the floor, bleeding and critically injured, the gunmen calmly took the family cellphones and laptop-computers and strolled out of the sliding door they had broken through to get into the house. Her brother still tried to push the gangsters with his wheelchair but her mother intervened, stopping him from doing so, Mrs Dittrich said. Neville was rushed to Unitas Hospital where one kidney was removed during a six-hour surgical procedure and his stomach, which also was struck by the bullet, required repairs. Mrs Dittrich said that her mom and brother were very traumatised. Police supt. Abie Khoabane confirmed ‘the incident’ and said nobody was arrested.,,3-975_2540163,00.html – Memoir by Dr Cival Mills Becomes Overnight Bestseller –

  99. Description
    Rudolph Meyer, 53, attacked on Vierquellen farm 2pm by gang after a man first asked him for a job Meyer’s teen daughters and 70-year-old mother traumatised but unharmed. 13 September 2012 – By Tamlyn Canham ECR: The SAPS arrested six suspects following a farm robbery at Wartburg, near Greytown, less than 24 hours after the crime yesterday. Fifty-three-year-old Rudolph Meyer was assaulted at Vierquellen Farm just before 2pm yesterday afternoon as robbers barged into his office and demanded money. The trouble began when Meyer was approached by a man who asked for a job.A short while later, the robbers arrived in a car and confronted him. Police have pieced together that one of the men ordered Meyer at gunpoint to go into the house and open his safe. Two rifles and a pistol – as well as money – were stolen. One of the robbers was already inside the house keeping watch on Meyer’s teenage daughters and his 70-year-old mother. They are physically unharmed, but Meyer has suffered an open wound to his head. A few hours after the robbers fled the scene, police spotted a broken down car with two occupants in Church Street, Pietermaritzburg. Live ammunition as well as cash were found in the car.The officers then headed to Greytown where another three suspects were arrested. A sixth man was nabbed outside the town. The suspects are due in court soon.–six-arrested

  100. People please share the above in order for the world to take note of what is happenning in South Africa. Please keep us in your prayers.
    God bless

  101. 20091029 Leon and Hetta Steyn, restaurateurs, Artist’s Cafe, peri-urban Hendriksdal, Sabie shot dead with R5 – no motives
    Leon and Hetta Steyn, owners of the Artists’ Cafe and Guest House at the restored Hendriksdal railway station near Sabie in Mpumalanga, were shot dead at 7am inside their home by an R5 military assault weapon. Two unknown black men were seen leaving the scene shortly after the shooting. Mr Steyn’s .38 handgun was still in its holster. Nothing whatsoever was robbed.

    Buks Viljoen of Beeld newspaper reports from Nelspruit that the popular restaurateurs were discovered by neighbour Martin Boulton after he heard shots fired. When he knocked on the front door and called to them, the two murderers walked out of the back door – one carrying an R5 military assault weapon. The couple was murdered at around 7am. Mrs Steyn, a former kindergarten-teacher from the West-Rand, was lying propped up against the refrigerator in the kitchen, with a gaping wound to the head. Mr Steyn’s body was lying next to his bed in the main bedroom. His .38 revolver was still inside its holster on the bedside table. He was shot through the chest. Both were still in their bedclothes. Police picked up six spent R5-bullet shell casings and a live R5 round inside the house.Police inspector Whitey Nel of the Sabie police said the motives for the execution-style murders are deeply mysterious: nothing was missing from the house. The White River police dog team started tracking the attackers’ shortly after the double murders and followed them for about an hour through neighbouring forestry-plantations. They had to stop the search when a heavy rainstorm hit the area, which washed out the tracks, said Capt Phil Liebenberg of the dog-unit. Beeld reports that a total of 147 military-attack carbines of the R5 variety went missing from the SAPS storage depots last year. The Transvaal Agricultural Union has called on the government to ‘carry out a proper audit of all the state-owned arms, because far too many crimes are carried out with firearms such as the R5.’ Mrs Steyn leaves her son from a previous marriage, Mr Dirk Nel, 24. Four South African citizens have been arrested for this double-murder. People with any information may call inspector Nel, telephone 013-764-9960

  102. Source: The Citizen

    “Section27 has noted reports in today’s Times newspaper relating to the shortages in staff at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital (CMH) and reports of the shocking impact this is having on services in the hospital,” the NGO said. “But the crisis at CMH is a manifestation of a far larger problem. It relates to inadequate budgeting processes and poor management within the Gauteng Department of Health (GDOH).” Section 27 said whenever problems within the Gauteng health department were made public, the department first denied there was a problem and then shifted spending instead of addressing core issues. The Gauteng health department had overspent its budget for the past seven years and as a result, every year the department was accumulating debt. “Early in 2012, the GDOH’s inability to pay suppliers of goods and services came to a head as several suppliers stopped supply to hospitals,” the NGO said. The Gauteng health department had paid suppliers through a combination of using this year’s budget and through measures such as freezing the appointment of staff. This meant the department was likely to run into similar problems this year, Section 27 said. The NGO called on the Gauteng health department, together with the national health department and the Treasury, to draw up and publicise realistic budgets for all health care facilities in the province. “These budgets must be based on a quantification of the need for health (rather than historic spending), which has repeatedly been shown to be inadequate in the face of a growing population and growing burden of disease.”

    The Gauteng health department was not available for comment.

    Submitted by Precious on Sun, 2012-08-19 22:35 .

  103. The annual crime stats present us with figures of how many people reported their crimes in the previous year.

    These can be incredibly hard to comprehend. It’s hard for me to imagine what 100 people look like, never mind thousands of people. So trying to imagine the 64 514 people who reported a sexual offence between April 2011 and March 2012 is almost impossible.

    What makes this more incomprehensible is the daily news we get of women being abused, raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed and essentially bearing the brunt of a failing ability of the state to protect its citizens from violence, and a crisis of both the criminal justice system to convict and incarcerate offenders, and a crisis of South African masculinity that enacts violence on women and children every single minute.

    Breaking down the numbers — what is 64 514?

    Let’s try to break that figure down into something more understandable then shall we.

    – 64 514 divided by 365 days a year = 176.75 sexual offences reported a day.
    – 176.75 sexual offences reported per day = 7.36 reported an hour.

    So essentially what we’re seeing is that a sexual offence is reported about every eight minutes. So dividing it in terms of time makes it a little more comprehensible. Every eight minutes (how long have you been reading this) a survivor of a sexual offence reports a sexual offence. Be clear, this doesn’t mean that every 8 minutes someone is a victim of a sexual offence — because many people don’t report sexual offences, and if they do, it’s rarely within 60 seconds of the event.

    Does this help us understand how many people that is? For me, it makes it even harder to understand the scale of this type of criminal offence.

    So what about this? Imagine if you ran 1km per person who reported a sexual offence. You’d run 64 514km. How far is that? Well, it’s 1.5 times the circumference of the earth which is 40 075.017 km (equatorial). If you ran 5km a day, it would take about 12 902 days to complete your task. That’s 35 years of your life.

    Will those 64 514 be more likely to get some form of justice than those who chose not to report?

    Of course, it’s only those that report a rape that have the opportunity to go to trial. Sexual offences are considered crimes against the state, and thus the perpetrator is prosecuted by the state. It’s not a case of survivor vs perpetrator, but state vs perpetrator. The survivor becomes a witness in their own case.

    How many of those sexual offences will go to trial? In a study on rape attrition, Dee Smythe and Lillian Artz show that most cases don’t make it past the police station because:

    “The second stage of the process — including reporting, forensic medical examinations, statement taking, investigations/evidence gathering and arrest of accused persons — is also a key attrition point in our criminal justice system. The ability to find the accused, and in some cases the complainant, has a great impact on the ability of the criminal justice system to assist rape complainants. Without the accused the case cannot proceed. Other aspects of the investigation, including the ability of investigating officers to collect appropriate and relevant evidence for the prosecution of rape cases, is also questionable in the majority of cases.”

    They provide an even scarier analysis of what this actually means in practice on page 168 of the article:

    “The findings of a shocking 1.998 CIETafrica study illustrate how attrition works: it was shown that for every 394 women raped in the Southern Johannesburg Metropole, 272 (69%) reported the attack to the police; of these only .7 (6%) became ‘rape cases’; one of the .7 was ‘lost’ in a manner considered fraudulent, five were referred to court for prosecution and one resulted in a conviction.”

    The scary thing is that 45% of sexual offence cases that went to trial achieved a conviction in the 2010/2011 period, a total of 4 915 cases (see page 10 of that report). In the same year, 66 196 new offences were reported.

    An existing backlog of 17 242 cases exists at a regional and high court level. The minister of community safety stated that “convictions are a key deterrent” to perpetration of a crime. It doesn’t seem that a 45% chance of getting a conviction IF you ever go to trial is something that would scare someone off.

    What does this mean?

    It means the criminal justice system is not working for the survivors of sexual offences. The poor decisions at police level mean most cases don’t get to court. The low conviction rates in court mean that most who undergo the harrowing process of seeing their perpetrator in court do not achieve a conviction, and their perpetrator goes free.

    Do I think you should report a sexual offence against you? Is it worth it?

    Some days I think, why not spend all that time and energy on healing yourself. On taking yourself for counselling and healthcare. On rebuilding your ability to live as a whole healed person. I think f**k the (in)justice system and its failure to take the rights of survivors seriously. I think f**k the magistrates who have no understanding of sentencing that is appropriate to a crime and so have their sentences repealed or reduced at higher courts, providing survivors with a false sense of security in their convictions. I think f**k the section of the Act that allows for “serious and compelling” evidence that sentences should be reduced, and all the bullshit reasons that have been given to reduce them. I think f**k all of that. Stay home, get better, live your life, don’t let the incident define you.

    Other days, I think that if you don’t it’s likely the perpetrator will perpetrate again. He cannot fear a conviction if you don’t report. Prepare yourself for a long battle, but know that there are people, organisations and institutions that believe you and will support you.

    I don’t know. I guess it’s up to you. The bottom line is that the scale of this problem is more terrifying than we’re acknowledging

  104. 2012-10-11 08:25

    (Jay Reeves, AP)

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    Related LinksDurban hijacking – cops make more arrests
    Bank card led cops to Durban hijackers
    Rapist hijackers arrested Guide to the Architecture of Durban and Pietermaritzburg
    This is a handsome guide to the major buildings of Pietermaritzburg and Durban Now R133.00
    buy now
    Jeff Wicks, The Witness
    Durban – A chilling SOS to his daughter and an abandoned car found more than 200km from his office a day later, are the only clues in a family’s frantic search for a KwaZulu-Natal father believed to have been hijacked on Tuesday.

    Leon van Rensburg, 52, an IT specialist from New Germany near Pinetown, sent an SMS to his 15-year-old daughter Megan at 10:41 on Tuesday.

    It simply said: “Help, hijacked.”

    Megan’s cellphone was off as she was at school. She only saw the message four hours later and immediately raised the alarm.

    On Wednesday, Van Rensburg’s white Toyota Tazz was found abandoned in Kokstad.


    “I just want to know where my dad is,” said an emotional Graham van Rensburg, 23, a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Westville campus.

    “I am feeling terrible and I just want to know where my dad is.

    “The past two days have been a mess… an absolute rollercoaster with everyone phoning me all the time. It’s hectic.

    “I was in shock when I heard. My mom told me when she got home and she was in such a state.”

    Van Rensburg snr dropped off his wife at work at 08:15 and was reportedly seen by a work colleague leaving his Fraser Road office in Hillcrest at 09:00.

    Comments on the Cato Manor Organised Crime Unit Facebook page said the 10:41 distress SMS was triangulated to a cellphone tower in New Germany.

    However, this could not be officially confirmed by police.

    Family spokesperson Rob Gardner told The Witness: “The police have just called us and let us know that his car has been found.

    “After the SMS that he sent to his daughter we have heard nothing from him. You can imagine how the family is feeling.”

    Family man

    Van Rensburg, who was born and raised in Pinetown, is a devout family man who enjoys sport, he said.

    “He likes playing tennis and is a member of the Lahee Park tennis club. He and his wife attend the Pinetown Methodist Church and he plays guitar in the church band.”

    Lahee Park tennis club chair Robert Kelly described Van Rensburg as “an incredible family man”.

    “We played tennis together for many years and I know him well.

    “He is a hell of a nice man, a really gentle guy who has a wonderful wife and children,” said Kelly.

    Social networks were abuzz with posts and tweets of Van Rensburg’s photo, description and appeals for his safe return.

    Police have remained mum on their investigation’s progress.

    Van Rensburg is still missing and investigations into the hijacking continue, said police spokesperson Thulani Zwane.

    The car has been recovered and no arrests have yet been made.

    Forensic experts

    Facebook posts regarding the vehicle’s discovery on several groups were deleted, apparently on request of a police task team.

    One post read: “They do not want information shared now please. This is a request from the SAPS task team. Please delete the post.”

    A source close to the investigation, said all items of value had been removed from the car.

    The vehicle was at the Kokstad police pound where it would be examined by forensic experts.

    The source added that the last signal from Van Rensburg’s cellphone was picked up by a Wyebank tower. This too could not be officially confirmed by police.

    Van Rensburg’s disappearance comes on the back of a hijacking in Durban North last week in which estate agent Dorothy Carlyle, 59, endured a nine-hour ordeal at the hands of her assailants.

    She was bundled into the boot of her car after being stabbed while her hijackers made several withdrawals from her bank account.

    Carlyle was rescued by a team of police and private security staff who recovered the vehicle outside a tavern in KwaMashu.

  105. Why are Afrikaner farmers being murdered in South Africa?

    by Leon Parkin & Gregory H. Stanton, President – Genocide Watch
    14 August 2012
    The following report is the result of an intensive personal inquiry in South Africa conducted July 23 -27, 2012.

    Deliberate inaction of the South African Government has weakened rural security structures, facilitating Afrikaner farm murders, in order to terrorize white farmers into vacating their farms, advancing the ANC/S. A. Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR.)

    The South African Government for the last 18 years has adopted a policy of deliberate government abolition and disarmament of rural Commandos run by farmers themselves for their own self-defense. The policy has resulted in a four-fold increase in the murder rate of Afrikaner commercial farmers. This policy is aimed at forced displacement through terror. It advances the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NPR), which aims at nationalization of all private farmland, mines, and industry in South Africa. Disarmament, coupled with Government removal of security structures to protect the White victim group, follows public dehumanization of the victims, and facilitates their forced displacement and gradual genocide.

    Afrikaner farm owners are being murdered at a rate four times the murder rate of other South Africans, including Black farm owners. Their families are also subjected to extremely high crime rates, including murder, rape, mutilation and torture of the victims. South African police fail to investigate or solve many of these murders, which are carried out by organized gangs, often armed with weapons that police have previously confiscated. The racial character of the killing is covered up by a SA government order prohibiting police from reporting murders by race. Instead the crisis is denied and the murders are dismissed as ordinary crime, ignoring the frequent mutilation of the victims’ bodies, a sure sign that these are hate crimes.

    However, independent researchers have compiled accurate statistics demonstrating convincingly that murders among White farm owners occur at a rate of 97 per 100,000 per year, compared to 31 per 100,000 per year in the entire South African population, making the murder rate of White SA farmers one of the highest murder rates in the world.

    Incitement to genocide is a crime under the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, to which South Africa is a state-party.

    The ANC government has promoted hate speech that constitutes “incitement to genocide.” The President of the ANC Youth League, Julius Malema, revived the “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” hate song at ANC rallies, until it was declared to be hate speech by a South African judge, and Malema was enjoined from singing it. For other reasons, Malema was later removed as ANCYL President. His followers continue to sing the hate song, and the Deputy President of the ANCYL has called for “war,” against “white settlers.”

    After the judge’s injunction to halt singing of the hate song, even the President of South Africa, ANC leader Jacob Zuma, himself, began to sing the “Shoot the Boer” song. Since Zuma began to sing the hate song on 12 January 2012, murders of White farmers increased every month through April 2012, the last month for which there are confirmed figures.

    There is thus strong circumstantial evidence of government support for the campaign of forced displacement and atrocities against White farmers and their families. There is direct evidence of SA government incitement to genocide.

    Forced displacement from their farms has inflicted on the Afrikaner ethnic group conditions of life calculated to bring about its complete or partial physical destruction, an act of genocide also prohibited by the Genocide Convention.

    High-ranking ANC government officials who continuously refer to Whites as “settlers” and “colonialists of a special type” are using racial epithets in a campaign of state-sponsored dehumanization of the White population as a whole. They sanction gang-organized hate crimes against Whites, with the goal of terrorizing Whites through fear of genocidal annihilation.

    What is dehumanization?

    The process of dehumanization has the effect of numbing and decommissioning the moral sentiments of the perpetrator group. Polarization creates the “us vs. them” mentality, in SA the “Indigenous Black People” group versus the “White Settler Colonialist” group.

    ANC leaders publicly incite followers using racial epithets. By dehumanizing the White victim group, members of the perpetrator group exclude the victim group from their circle of moral obligation not to kill its members. Dehumanization is the systematic, organized strategy of leaders to remove the inherent natural human restraints of people not to murder, rape, or torture other human beings. Taking the life of a dehumanized person becomes of no greater consequence than crushing an insect, slaughtering an animal, or killing a pest.

    The ANC denies its genocidal intentions. But the South African Communist Party is more open about its plan to drive Whites out of South Africa. Gugile Nkwinti, South Africa’s Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform has declared that all “colonial struggles are about two things: ‘repossession of the land and the centrality of the indigenous population.’” Mister Nkwinti is confirming the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR) and stating that the colonial struggle is not yet over in post-1994 South Africa. He is saying that Whites are unwelcome “settler colonialists” with no role to play in South Africa’s future.

    The Transvaal Agricultural Union, Freedom Front, Democratic Alliance, IFP, Afriforum and numerous other organizations have on a regular basis called for the South African Government to declare farm murders and rural policing a South African government priority. The President, who should be the guardian of the constitutional rights of all the people, has deliberately ignored these calls for action.

    Former President F. W. De Klerk, on 25 July 2012 during the De Klerk Foundation’s Crossroads conference correctly accused the current generation of ANC leaders of cynically manipulating racial sensitivities for political ends. In our analysis, the current ANC leadership also publicly uses incitement to genocide with the long-term goal of forcibly driving out or annihilating the White population from South Africa.

    This report has explained the rationale for the deliberate inaction of South African government functionaries to prevent, prosecute, or stop the murders of Afrikaner farmers. As a group, Afrikaner farmers stand in the way of the South African Communist Party’s goal to implement their Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist New Democratic Revolution and specifically the confiscation of all rural land belonging to White Afrikaner farmers.

    Genocide Watch is moving South Africa back to Stage 6, the Preparation stage in the genocidal process.

    Copyright 2012 Leon Parkin & Dr. Gregory H. Stanton

  106. Blacks urged to reclaim land from whites

    16 September, 2012

    Contralesa president Chief Phathekile Holomisa has called on South Africans to stand up and reclaim land from the white minority by next year. Chief Holomisa says the ANC-led government has failed people by adopting the land redistribution policy.

    He says land was not bought from the blacks it was forcibly taken by whites. He was speaking at the memorial lecture of struggle hero, McGregor Mgolombana at Dikishe outside Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. Mgolombana was exiled because he resisted forced removal for his community.

    Holomisa says: “We need to prepare ourselves next year for a struggle for the restoration of land so that we no longer have a situation where 87% of land is in white hands and the 13% is occupied by blacks. It is unsustainable what you find in the constitution which requires that the state must buy land from the whites in order to be able to give it to the landless South Africans, it is unsustainable because it is unaffordable because the money is not there, so a way must be found therefore to ensure that redistribution of land takes place without any obstacles being put, be it in terms of the constitution or in terms of the requirement that the land must be bought . The people who took it from the majority of South Africa did not buy it.”

    Meanwhile Deputy Minister of Defence, Thabang Makwetla has admitted that there have been challenges in the restitution of land. “We will see what happens at the ruling party’s national conference in looking at the matter because there are clear suggestions that we need to look at other ways of expediting this programme. The challenge in the recent years has been the availability of sufficient budget to make sure that land that is under claim is bought back by the government and handed back to the communities.”

    © SABC, 2012

  107. Police in Melmoth, KwaZulu-Natal, reportedly claimed they could not attend to an attempted rape complaint one block from their police station because of a lack of transport.

    The Witness reported that on Saturday, Mthonjaneni Municipality protection services manager Derek Horne heard the screams of two girls and reported the matter to police.

    Local police said they could not respond to the complaint because there was no police car available.

    Horne apparently told the charge office that an attempted rape was taking place only a block from the police station, but could get no undertaking from police that they would investigate.

    Horne resolved to help the girls himself.

    “I walked through an open security gate into the building, heading for the source of the screams and saw two young girls, I estimate about 12 years and 16 years old. They had been tied to cement windows, with rope around their hands, and two young men were attempting to rape them,” Horne was quoted as saying.

    The perpetrators ran off, and Horne helped the traumatised girls.

    Captain Tienkie van Vuuren, spokesperson for Eshowe police, said an internal investigation would be launched into the matter.

    – SAPA

  108. Peter Tracey It’s the settlers who exploit and steal who must be sent packing – the arrogant and unrepentant rats must be put on a skewer and roasted like they do up north! Leave our economic freedom fighter alone – this is His land, Not yours!
    2 hours ago via mobile

  109. Mfundo Magwaza Malema is to meet progressive forces in Zimbabwe to discuss economic freedom in our African continent.People must understand that South Africa its not an Island, therefore South African progresive movements must unite with other African progresive forces so that Africa can stand up and benefit Africans and not only Europeans and Americans..Its good that a fearless leader like Malema is willing to represent SA in defending Africa and pushing the African Agenda..
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  110. Peter Tracey Viva Malema!!! We wait patiently for you to free us from the bondage of these vast apartheid-created inequalities! We wait for you to rise up and take your rightful place as our leader and spread the land and weal+h from the arrogant rich, thieving minority so that there is economic freedom in our time, so that we All enjoy our countrys wealth – Nationalise Everything Doctor Malema.
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  111. The above are random posts on social media in South Africa

  112. K.plund
    Can you please post everything in one post instead on several because we miss a lot in the latest comments when only your name shows up.

  113. Sure Adam, no problem and accept my apologies

  114. Zimbabwe under Zanu-PF an “inspiration to Africa” – Malema
    15 October 2012

    Former ANCYL leader also ridicules polygamy in address to Harare wedding, says its spreads disease

    Former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has described Zimbabwe’s achievements under Zanu-PF rule as an “inspiration to Africa”. This is according to a report in the Zanu-PF supporting Herald newspaper in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Malema was speaking at the wedding of Zanu-PF Youth League members, Tendai Wenyika and Mike Gava in Harare on Saturday. Among the other guests in attendance were senior Zanu-PF officials including Nathan Shamuyarira, David Parirenyatwa, Saviour Kasukuwere, Chris Mutsvangwa and Cde Patrick Zhuwao. Almost the entire ANC Youth League leadership was also reportedly in attendance.

    Addressing the guests Malema stated: ‘‘We are coming here to Zimbabwe not because we are running away from problems, but to come and gain strength because what you have achieved is an inspiration to Africa. Don’t listen to imperialist newspapers. You have achieved a lot. You are running your own country, you have been managing your own affairs and you are not controlled by foreigners. That is what we need in South Africa. So we came here just to seek an inspiration and wisdom so that when we go home, we can double the spirit of fighting against imperialist forces.”

    Malema added: ‘‘Our struggle is a defined struggle. We are not a lost generation. We are asking what belongs to us. We are not asking for any favour neither are we victimising anybody.” He said the youth in South Africa were calling on whites to surrender their land and mines – without compensation – because “when they came from Europe they did not carry any land into South Africa. What we are asking is for them to surrender our minerals because they did not come with any mineral.”

    “We want that land and those minerals for free because they never paid for those minerals. Actually they killed people to get that land and those minerals. We are not going to give them money when we take the land back because it will be like we are thanking them with money for killing our people. We will never do that, little did they know that we are not scared of blood. We are scared of defeat. We don’t want to be defeated but seeing blood is not what we are scared of as long as that blood delivers what belongs to us we are prepared to go to that extent. Because it cannot be generations before us, which has failed to deliver what rightfully belongs to us and we equally fail the future generation. We want to be remembered as a generation of economic freedom fighters.”

    Malema also took a dig at ANC President Jacob Zuma’s polygamy in a comment which, the Herald said, left many in the audience in stitches of laughter. He stated that: “comrade Marupeng (an ANCYL member) raised a very important point last night. She spoke about them (Mike and Tendai) having many kids and people laughed as if having many kids is a taboo. You must never be ashamed of having many kids; you must be ashamed of having many wives, not many kids. Many wives are not an alternative. Actually they spread diseases because that is multi-sexual relationship and they are not protected. Have many kids with one wife Mike.

    We want to see many kids, why? Because we must reproduce ourselves. For our ideas to be sustainable, we have to reproduce ourselves. In the whole of Africa, we are not more than one billion and the world has got seven billion people. In Africa we have not more than one billion people. What it means is that we have gone less than a billion people in Africa facing more than six billion. We have to be half of that so that our ideas can dominate. I know that in some instances size does not matter . . . but when it comes to a revolution, size matters.”

    • Colossians 3:10  And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:
      11  Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.
      12  ¶Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering;
      13  Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.
      14  And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.
      15  And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.
      16  Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

    • Is it our job to compete with the rest of the world in numbers, then create poverty in doing so, then wage war because we are angry about poverty?

      I have read some posts above, not all. I have noted that there is a hectic blame-storming going on, and each party being the epitome of innocence.

      The black man has been mentioned in Isaiah 18, to become wealth in God’s treasury. The white man was to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is not the white man’s God, as messengers to the aboriginal nations of this continent.

      Neither black nor white were open to doing His will, but each wanted to settle and become wealthy. From the north came black tribes and met up with the whites who moved up north from the south. In this confluence, a certain battle took place, in which Hod showed His power and, centuries later, that same tribe has become some of His best followers on this earth. Many back then did terrible things, to their own and also to others. Racism between black and white is insignificant, even easily discountable, when compared with racism amongst black vs black.

      Like Peter, the apostle, one’s nature gets changed when you invite the Holy Spirit to control you. African tribes, the black ones, are known to be deeply spiritual and one finds wisdom amongst them. People such as the Sanusi Credo Mutwa, a man who understand spiritual things better than many. Never did God need of the black African to build ships, to build towers to live or work in, nor to fly anywhere. They were exactly where He wanted them. There was enough food and drink, place to live, for all. Until Western culture brought a life demanding comfort and the immense consumption of resources. Such is the arrogance of man today, that we ruin our planet for the sake of instant gratification.

      God never gave the black African the skills to invent and engineer, yet He gave the black man a deep sense of spirituality. All we whites needed to do was to come and share the Love with them. (Dearest Lucky Dube sang so beautifully about it.) Instead, we taught our own misaligned religion and turned people into what they never were intended to be.

      God had called Africans to become part of His savings in the currency of eternal life, to become secure deposits of souls so that all could live with Him, forever, in the life after death, when we will be resurrected in Him.

      I can easily blame the English for all the land that they grabbed, for the apartheid that they brought, for so many things. Those people are dead now and none of my English friends are acted that badly today. Verwoerd is dead (and his death was paid for by an Afrikaner entrepreneur) and we need to move on.

      If we keep fighting, we will ruin God’s plan and the future of millions of black and white South Africans. Racism has no right to exist. We need to respect each other’s cultures, we need to allow for the natural differences and we can also learn from another. Eugene Terre’Blanche, Julius Malema, Robert Mugabe, Patricia De Lille, Nelson Mandela – none are perfect and all, myself included, have made terrible mistakes. Yet all these people have one thing in common, something worthy of respect, which is a sense of nationalism and patriotism. Mothlante and Zille fought over Midvaal; why don’t they partner and replicate the success achieved there, in other places? Graaff-Reinet is another municipality that has achieved a great level of success. The former a DA constituency, the latter an ANC one. In both, patriotism and true African nationalism have made way for petty politics.

      The ANC and the Afrikanerbond were formed more or less at the same time, for the same reason and with the same objectives. Why did they not partner? Because both were racist, to some extent, and self-centered, therefore perhaps less patriotic than either claimed to be. Now, if we all found peace in Christ Jesus first, became filled with His Spirit, then we by now may have been among the top economies of this world.

      If we go in that direction, even at this late stage, we can really join forces and fight common enemies such as poverty, disease, etc. We can study together, we can work together, we can live and play together. I once knew a black guy, a former APLA cadre, who had met Jesus Christ and who was then called by God to take the true Jesus Christ to…….unbelievably…….Rustenburg, to the right-wing Boer people! I know of a former FRELIMO fighter, one that I knew very well, who was saved by Jesus and who created scores of jobs, funded two churches and provided in rent, utilities and material needs of his former bosses, when they were retrenched by the mines. That man, not even a South African, did not even buy a car when his income was around R250,000 per month. He made use of the minibus taxi and spent his money on the welfare of others.

      We all have the potential, we all have talents, aptitude and inclination to do things in life. If we start living for the purpose of building our Creator’s Kingdom up[on earth and not serve our own ego and desires, we can achieve a lot and our descendants will receive a healthy place to live in.

      I have often said that, if one can have a chat with Malema, that very same man can achieve so much. His current reaction, as in the past, is because he is hurting inside, not because he is a bad guy. Ditto Robert Mugabe. While I question their ways, I do not judge them and I also see and understand where they are coming from.

      So, shall we join hands and pursue a better Africa, together and make God’s heart a happy place? We really do have a win-win situation for all, as long as we don’t choose to mess it up.

      There is a better way, we can freely choose to follow that, if only we bury our own pride and self-importance. Any volunteers to start building a new nation? Count me in!

    • SOMETHING EVIL IS MAKING BLACK AFRICA “SUPER-EXPLODE” IN BLACK AFRICAN POPULATION GROWTH !!!!! No other ethnic groups worldwide these days except some muslim radical groups !!!! The white Europeans & Orientals are dying out. Black Africa will have 15 billion blacks by 2100 if the population trend keeps going. Blacks will be 35 % of the world’s population by 2060 with 25% black Africa. Whites 8-9% in 2060! Satan is behind this & eventually satan wants a 100% black human gene-pool worldwide with 100 billion blacks & 0(zero)white Europeans !!!!!!!

  115. You have’nt seen anything yet…just wait until you see what we do to you whites here in America. I personally think my Zulu brothers are being way to easy on you edomites over there.your wicked white skin should be purged from the earth.As well as your children forever. I rejoice and praise my God.

    • Perfect.
      Our Lord is Perfect.
      He also is Love.
      He needs nothing as He is complete.
      Love has no meaning unless it is shared.
      To share Love, He created us.
      Creation was perfect.
      We were created in His image.
      He is Spirit and so are we.
      He is sovereign and so are we.
      Sovereignty means we can make choices independently.
      To make choices, there has to be options.
      This is why Evil exists, so that we can choose.
      Creation was perfect.
      There were no seasons, only 300 days of equal length.
      It never rained and earth was covered in cloud.
      Animals did not fear man, as both were herbivores – Genesis teaches that even lions ate grass “given as meat unto them.”
      Man was given choices and warned of the consequences of making the wrong ones.
      Despite perfection to his avail, man chose Evil over Love.
      Earth was cursed as the result.
      We are reminded of this curse every 28 days.
      There is decay and effort.
      There is war and terror.
      There is disease and disability.
      There is disaster and turmoil.
      There is litter and waste.
      There is conviction and eternal suffering.
      Man was evicted from Paradise.
      The Word teaches that hell was never intended for humans but for Satan and his fallen angels.
      Now, our Love has to see His beloved go to waste, go into the eternal pit of condemnation and torture.
      He sent prophets and judges calling man to obedience, to return to the Father.
      Man deliberately rejected His approaches.
      He gave laws but man could not comply.
      Laws were only given to prove to man his own inability, his own incapacity to obey. Laws were not to start a new religion.
      Man either could not follow the laws or chose not to. The law proved man to be imperfect.
      Man was lost.
      Man needed redemption.
      Man needed restitution.
      Man needed restoration.
      God proved to man that mankind could not save itself.
      He then took the burden upon Himself, to liberate man from sin and death. Still, a selfless act of love.
      He came to us as “the Son of Man”
      He shed His blood, as life is therein, to redeem us.
      He ended ritual sacrifice as He became the sacrifice.
      He ended the law as He became the law.
      He ended the Sabbath as He is the Sabbath.
      We are now with Him forever, if we are reborn, as we have eternal life.
      Eternal life is resting from sin, Jesus is our rest.
      If we love Him, we will rest in Him.
      If we love Him, His “law” will rule our hearts.
      The Ten Commandments were perfected through the New Covenant.
      Love your Lord with all your heart.
      Love your neighbour like yourself.
      Love will rule out murder and strife.
      Love will rule out corruption and greed.
      Love will rule out dissent and divorce.
      Love will rule out partiality and bear unity.
      Love will heal wounds and not wage war.
      Love will never covet.
      Love will not gossip or slander.
      Love will not manipulate.
      Love will overcome fear.
      Through Love, Jesus Christ restored us to the legal status of innocent perfection prior to sin.
      We are deemed to be perfect.
      We have been liberated.
      We have been set free.
      Why do His children riot?
      Why do His children go on strike?
      Why on this earth do we not accept the Love that offers us Grace?
      Why do we not accept our pardon?
      Why do we torture and maim, be it in body or in spirit?
      Let us accept His grace.
      Let us return to Him in Love.
      Let us Love Love.
      As God is Love!
      Out of Love, let us be led by His Spirit
      Out of Love, let us obey His will
      Out of Love, let us bring Him joy
      Out of Love, let us draw others to Him
      Out of Love, let us line the deep pockets of the death robe with jewels
      Jewels like yourself
      Jewels such as others like you
      Let us go to Him
      Let us embrace Him
      Let us become one with Him
      As He wants to be One with us!
      Such is the need of Love
      Complete Love.

  116. Dear, Yahuda

    I will be your HUCKLEBERRY

  117. ….and the Messiah wrote on the sand……..

    ……let the sinless cast the first stone………

  118. So, was this letter written around the 19th century? As a “Christian” she sounds condescending, using God and hate in the same letter. She states the land was purchased from the natives… it sounds like what they did to the American Indians. And if it was purchased, that means it was the natives’ land from the beginning. It is like purchasing a lot to build your house on, the gov’t still has the rights to the property.

    • someday

      The letter was sent to me in an email, so it is not from a previous century.

      It is obvious you did not read it because she is crying out for help as others try to murder her, and are already murdering others.

      She and many whites in South Africa are victims of hate crimes by the blacks, who are under criminal communist leadership.

      The blacks advertise their hate on Facebook, and are proud of it.

    • Afrikaner = 1652 Settlers to the Cape from Netherlands (Dutch) mostly, but also German (Deutsch), Swiss and later French. Mostly Germanic (and Viking) people. French Huguenots
      Boer = Cape Settlers who refused being governed by Dutch or later by Britain and who trekked from Swellendam to Eastern Cape and then further into the interior.
      English – Romanic people from Britain

      Apartheid and land grabs came from English.

      Afrikaners and Boere legally bought land (but many were brutally killed after they paid. This gave rise to racism or racist reaction as even little babies were butchered)

      Afrikaners and Boere, like black people, also were oppressed and had land grabbed by English, especially diamond- and gold bearing land.

      My own grandfather and my wife’s lost their milling businesses due to British rule and became poor.

    • We Afrikaners were not racist and many married African ladies. We generally had good relations with indigenous people but this was changed when evil-spreading English missionaries came and sowed dissent.

      As for treating locals like Americans did with Red Indians, that is unthinkable Our people were deeply religious and just, typical of the Dutch in those day. The wild west and the little whorehouse in Texas, the House of the Rising Sun, would never happen here as our people were God-fearing and truly Christian, mostly.

      We are disgusted with the way Indians were treated!!

      When oppression came here in South Africa, it came from the British and also by virtue of the atheist Karl Marx. Racial segregation was first put into a constitution by the communist English in Cape Town, not by we Afrikaners.

      No, we Afrikaners aren’t saints but we are not the oppressors we are made out to be…..and when we are racist, it is REACTION to black racism and violence, unlike the racism displayed by the haughty English whites. The English did the same in other colonies.

      Afrikaners are not as fundamentalist and conservative as the Aamish, yet we are much closer to their culture than we are to the wild west cowboys.

  119. Our fight is not against flesh and blood.
    There is a battle between Christ and Satan Atheist communism against Christianity.
    A small minority in SA was being threatened by communism.
    What would YOU have done in their place?

    More than 70% of south Africans are Christian. the majority of Christians voted communist atheism into power and the free West, especially Christians supported them.

    Christians from Europe, the US & Canada will have to repent and confess their sins to God, as they thwarted His plans for Africa.

    4 666 4

  120. A quick glance at Afrikaners and their role in ending Apartheid. We paved the way for Mandela!
    Some foreign Christian verbally assaulted me and called me a racist because I am a white Afrikaner. It is time to change perspectives. Wrong perceptions that are not based upon actual facts.

    As an Afrikaner, it means that I am a white African and my language is an indigenous one, consisting of some ethnic African, Cape Malay, Dutch, German and French vocabulary. We are not European; we are African.

    Some interesting historical facts, lesser-known and somewhat different from the eschewed popular opinions floating about.

    Having been persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus, my ancestors had to flee from Europe and guided by the Holy Spirit to settle in the Cape. This migration started in 1652 but my own paternal ancestor arrived in 1658, my maternal one in 1688.

    Karl Marx’s sister was married to a lawyer & publisher in Cape Town. She and her friend, author Olive Schreiner, had sexual liaisons with a man called Ellis and described his body as “Jesus to us.” Marx started his evil of trade unions here in Cape Town, where we have seen terrible strikes ever since.
    Trade unions were designed to intimidate the population, to destabilize the economy, to cause anarchy and to make a country vulnerable through making it ungovernable. Its purpose is not to look after workers’ interest – that is just a ruse. They exploit workers, to be “unpaid soldiers.” Trade unions are a tool of foreign powers wanting to gain political and economic control of a country.
    The British invaded “our” country and subjected it all to their authority. Their missionaries came and sowed dissent, strife and caused war between the Afrikaner (mainly Dutch) farmers or Boere. (Boer means farmer, but it also means White Afrikaner by proxy. The Trekboere were those who migrated further north circa 1838-ish, also called the Voortrekkers.)
    The wealthy English were first to bring racial segregation and privately they also entered this for the first time into our history into a constitution, that of their new Communist party.
    Next Karl Marx told them to change that so that the (then) ignorant blacks could be used as free soldiers.
    Then diamonds and gold were discovered and the Queen set her dogs upon Afrikaners and blacks alike. Genocide followed. Boer men and also young boys, in total perhaps 20,000 or less, had to fend off the assault coming from 450,000 British troops.
    After the war, the British took much land away from blacks in 1913 and also white-owned land, especially where diamonds and gold could be found, and more.
    Afrikaners, with 30,000 farms burnt down and desperately poor, took in many blacks who were then homeless.
    Then communists became violent and there was major unrest on the diamond- and gold fields, around 1920-ish. Mostly white Afrikaners who rioted violently and security forces shot them when they attacked innocent people and vandalized property. This shows that communist uprising would be suppressed, regardless of the skin colour of the rioters.
    Many whites then learned that the unions were atheist-communist and withdrew. Many Blacks continue(d) to this day and still burn down the country and cause major disasters.
    In 1948, the white Afrikaners came into the Union’s power. Still a British subject, though and so enforced British laws. Afrikaners still could not own more than 49% shares in any business.
    1960′s saw Hendrik Verwoerd (a Belgian?) and his friends “win” an election and so the new republic was formed after which Nazi-like oppression followed. They won the referendum by a tiny margin, already indicating that the majority of whites (mostly Afrikaners) were opposed to apartheid. A former national intelligence agent hinted that said referendum was rigged. I have no opinion on that but what I do know is that, through my entire life, I have seen that most Afrikaners are not racist and Verwoerd’s marginal victory does not add up. How did they win? Bear in mind that his generation had died out and that we, as later generations, see things differently and we have showed this quite clearly in two referendums.
    Meanwhile, Mandela and his communist cohorts continued their Marxist exploits and did really terrible things. Read A History of Communism in South Africa by Dr Henry R Pike. Their acts of terrorism, the torture of their own, their partnerships with atheist communists were all factors that delayed peace talks and they have effectively postponed the advent of democracy. Mandela had a change of mind in jail and then opened up to the negotiations he is best known for. He did not do this single-handedly and many others contributed.
    In 1983, my generation had the first opportunity to vote against apartheid and for black liberation and we did so with a landslide victory. We are now 45 years of age, or older. Most of the aged whites who are still alive, are also not racist but they are more conservative.
    Again, in 1988 or 1989, we once again cast our vote, with yet another landslide vote, for the freedom of blacks.
    The international media is guilty of having fed the entire world disinformation and pro-communist propaganda. It is sad to see how the world of Christianity supported atheist communism.
    “Our” fight was against atheist communism and not against blacks. Blacks, however, see Afrikaner and English as the same and have been discriminating against us for centuries. What is more, is that their racism is evident everywhere, even in the USA. Africa was racist and genocide did occur before the whites arrived. None of us are innocent and we all were wrong; we should love and accept each other and build a strong community.

    To those not understanding South Africa, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities in the air; it is a battle between Christ and Satan. The majority of South Africans are Christian and we should be focusing upon bringing His peace about and leave the petty fights to the unsaved. We as Christians disgrace God in how we treat others.

    Do not judge current generations by the sins of the predecessors.

    What will future generations say, especially young blacks who no cannot find jobs as 26% of the country is employed – the official figure. In reality, a few million more are unemployed. Was it fair to the black youth to have Mandela freed? Even in apartheid South Africa, there were jobs and people like Dr Anton Rupert even ensured that blacks had job protection. It is easy to have hindsight and we will be making mistakes just as our forefathers did.

    The bottom line: are we serving the Creator, Jesus Christ, in what we are doing?



      US BOERE ARE NOT afrikaners



  121. There is no shortage of the capable and nice skilled persons in the South Africa but some factors like genocide are defaming and DE-stablising it.

  122. all of you are dumbasses white people destroyed black lives get the fuck out of sa hope you get ass raped everyday for coming to a country and raping its people from it…go mugabe





  123. It is a sad thing for me to see so much hatred. I am a 17 year old White, Boer, South African of French descent. I am one of the ‘new generation’ the first generation to have completely grown up in the New South Africa. I live in a community that could possible be considered one the most conservative in the country. And yet, racism is a rare sight here. I live right across the street from a black family, and just down the street from an Indian, Muslim one. I go to a mixed medium school (i.e. We have afrikaans and english kids attending the same class during the same peroid.) This is the system that I have seen to work best to end the racial divide within this country. I have several close friends that are black (or brown as they prefer it.). Some of whom are way better educated than many of my white friends.
    I should probably state at this juncture that I am NO racist. I have always been a person that tries his best to not judge at all. I accept people based on who they are inside, not their skin colour, becaus – after all – skin colour is just that, skin deep.

    Here are the facts:
    In school we are taught the Zulus and Xhosas, Tswanas and the like are the original inhabitants of South Africa… Well, the truth is this is COMPLETELY wrong. The San, Khoi-Khoi and the Khoi-san are the only people that lived within the geographical area within the modern day borders of South Africa, when the settlers first arrived.
    Yes, some land was taken unfairly, but the greater majority (round about 98%) was bought in fair currency (not money, but cattle and other livestock as well as weapons and foodstuffs.).
    For many countless years the settlers lived peacefully with the natives, even creating alliances and trading extensively with them (similar to the first settlers in america). We admired each other’s culture and learned from each other. (Many of the Kaaps-Hollands houses found in the cape have decorations and finishes based on San and Khoi principles, the grass roofs being the most prominent.) We lived as a new community, simply just another addition to this diverse continent.

    Most of the later facts have been covered extensively by previous posts, but I felt it necessary to highlight these once again.

    Back to the present.

    As I have said, I live in a small enclave that is exceptionally conservative, and yet not racist in the least. Black and White, Indian and Chinese alike respect one another. We live in separate neighbourhoods due to the legacy of apartheid. But this is not because we don’t like one another, it is just that it is the way things have been done, and the way we choose to continue doing things. We have no desire to change that (all sides and races included.) And yet in schools and in business and social circles we are completely mixed. We respect the black business men in town, and the one working in the garden equally, and so they respect us as well. Not because the regime told them that, but because we have earned each other’s respect.
    The main reason that we have not moved out of our designated neighbourhoods, is because we still live exactly like we did in Apartheid. Our community loved, respected and helped each other during apartheid just as we do now. For us the change of government has had little effect.

    This may have to do with the long history of our people. The Tswana denomination of Black people that live here, and the particular Boer denomination that live together with them, have been in good standing since the beginning out the town. We have never had wars between us, we even fought side by side against British rule when they declared the town part of the British Empire because they had won a war we never partook in. I know this sounds way to idealistic to you, but the truth is that this is the reality for me and my friends, family and townsmen.

    The last house-aide we had, Anna, was a soft soul. We have often spent Saturdays chatting when we invited her and her husband to town. They always insisted on sitting outside, and drinking from their designated cups (A remnant habit from the regime). We never saw her as ‘the maid’ or ‘the black woman working in the house’. She was a dear friend whom we happened to employ to clean the house.

    I tell you this to show you that there is hope. The problem lies not with the people being unwilling or incapable of change or reform, but in the Government doing its best to prevent just that from happening.
    Luckily out town is mostly run by the DA, a political party that really does the job. Our black, white, indian and chinese townsmen are mostly all DA.
    In fact, one of my black friends I talked about earlier, is the biggest critique and hater of the ANC I have ever seen. He openly despises the organisation for taking money from the people, and not using it where it belongs. He is currently beginning his path up politics with a vow to change things for the better.

    Our town has been working to get the Twana people involved in every sector of the economy, from management, to politics, to agriculture.
    Agriculture is one of the major areas that we have been making improvement on. Our current economy is a minefield for farmers, you can’t really farm on you own anymore. As a result, white farmers have begun making black workers on their farms partners. So many of our farms are run like a business on its own. With the White farmer dealing with most of the finances and contract etc, and the Black farmer dealing with the management of the workers, the labour, the implements etc. It is not that the white farmer thinks he is better than the black farmer, and therefore should handle what he does. It is that the black farmer knows and acknowledges his limitations and chooses the path best for himself and the farm.

    These and other community projects have helped to built our town to what it is today. A beacon of hope for the future of this country.

    The important thing is to forget about the skin-colour, and to focus on the PERSON beneath the skin. If we learn to not judge, and to be loving, caring and accepting, anything is possible.

    I do not try to uphold God’s ten commandments. I only uphold two:

    And I have not regretted it ever, one bit.

    Sincerely, with Regards, with prayers, and with hope

    Gideon T. Roos

    • dear Gideon

      thank you for your commentary. I hope and pray all goes well for you and your neighbors, and your country.

      Love is color blind. 🙂

  124. The oppressors are now being oppressed… Very funny

  125. Dear Marianne.

    I am glad to see what you have done here. I have made several attempts at reasoning with people that are close minded and have a set view of the world.
    In most cases, any argument is futile. People that are like that are stuck on their ways. They use broken down, flawed arguments to try and refute your sound ones, and when that fails, they simply dismiss the arguments.
    The saddest thing for me, is not that people make stupid mistakes. But that they defend those mistakes to the end, justifying them with idiotic responses.

    The key thing that the world out there needs to understand is that the world media at large is a coalition of sensationalist organisations. Sensationalist being the key word. They highlight only certain facts that will help them sell the story, and get viewers.
    Yes, Apartheid did horrific things, yes the government was racist and discriminated against non-white people. But that doesn’t mean that each and every citizen did as well. As I have already proven in my last message.

    What the world needs to ask itself, is whether children should be punished for their fathers’ mistakes.

    Gideon T. Roos

  126. I will pray for our people!

  127. Please pray for safety of the white people in South Africa. People are murdered like flies. The old people are brutally attacked and murdered by means of slitting their troats!!! Only Lord God Almighty can help. Please please pray with us!!

    • delia

      You have my heart and my prayers. I pray a hedge of protection around all of you, to protect you from the forces of satan.

      I plead the blood of Jesus over you, and that you have his protection, provision, power, peace and presence.

      May the Lord be your warrior , and fight for you, and surround you with his angels, and cover you with his holy spirit.

      I pray Psalm 92 over you….and hold to his promises.

  128. I see there is mentioning of Angus Buchan, a member of the Promise Keepers, a Jesuit organization, satanisim in the name of christianity, both sons of the Roman Satican church. The Almighty God, The Creator, does not have a son called jesus/zeus christ/cristos. Christianity = satanism, the trinity demi-god = Roman Satican church.

    KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE RUBBISH CAPE-DUTCH AFRIKANER AND THE BOERVOLK. So when you pray for the Boervolk, make sure it is in the name of our GOD, GOD ALMIGHTY, The CREATOR, we will not accept any other god/s especially NOT the afrikaner god, the son of satan yhwh, jahwesua the morning star jesus cristos and his “holy spirit”. – micha”EL”

  129. I am a white South African living in South Africa with no fear abnormal to anywhere in the world. I categorically state that this message is absolute rubbish. What is true is that there is a handful of so-called ‘
    “Christians” in SA which are to narrow-minded and suffering from paranoia ad evident in this message. The way these “Christians” treat other races is a scandal and blasphemous to the God of Christianity I know who do not discriminate between people based on colour or anything else! Scandalous liars! To say the least!

  130. GOD …………….Only white people get hurt in South Africa ? So lets pray !! call yourself Christian but you want to pray for a certain race.
    Black people had their own traditions before white ppl came along with the bible from Europe .I’m Christian but white people pushed their beliefs on to the natives at that time ……was that not VOODOO or must they just except it because you said so now their beliefs are VOODOO ,Muslims,Jews ,Hindu …..all VOODOO because you don’t understand it ……Picture a black man in the NG Kerk in the 80’s or 90’s lol even now , i dont understand how can you be a Christian and be racist .

  131. white people in africa are being mistreated, because what goes around comes around. it’s the law of cause and effect, as long as white are mistreating black africans it’s okay, but when the shoe is on the other foot the ballgame is different, yes so call whites call black savages, that’s a joke of the century, white are the most savage and satanic demons in the world. just look at their track record, trying to rule the whole world. and when they can’t have their way they flip the script, and pretend they are being done wrong. the white ‘s demonic ways through out the world speaks for it self, they allways claims self they are so right, every one else is so wrong. if you read the bible the so called white man is the closest being to satanic stop whining so called whites in africa, you came to their country, and trying to rule them, take your asses back to your country, turn it around suppose some one came to your country and wanted to rule you, you are no better or smarter than they are god gave the a mind just like he did you. who are you to judge them. god bless you go back to own country.

  132. South African farm murders – a curse of God’s Laws

  133. stupid pink alien cave mutts why are you on African land? GET OUT OF THERE! no empathy from me whatsoever. you asked for it! and by the way your prayers wont ever be answered for your races sins! you white people are all SINNERS the Christian lords name is not jesus Christ his true name is Yeshua ha messich and he was never white ,Pontius pilates and the romans who are white killed the lord you whites are devils.

    • Foul mouth. He wrOtten stench of your words will be returned to you. It will cover you and return on you. The words you speak will reflect on you. And have power over you.

  134. Messiach typo the true Christian lords name is Yeshua ha messiach and he wasn’t white. you whites killed him. you are edomite devils the sinners.whites perverted Christianity and tainted it beyond comprehension .all whites should be deported or die

  135. more the other way around without colored people whites wouldn’t know agricultural skills which would have led them all to famine why are you on non white lands? because you are dependent on non whites as you couldn’t stay in your filthy fn cave. we should massacre you fn devils you are dead when the next war erupts .

    • Hmm, I noted your people’s excellent farming skills in Zimbabwe. You are aware that you will give account of every word spoken……good luck on that one ;-0

  136. for the time right now you ILLEGAL honkys will be dead if you are seen outside. you should be scared you should run you should DiE!

  137. why did white trash convert and ruin Christianity? that’s NOT your religion you aint that. whites are NOT Aryans nor is the swastika even belong to whites these belong to north hindu Indians ,quit misappropriating cultures. .whites love to cultivate their own ignorance ,these are the low level mentalities which push non whites into harming you

  138. whites feel they can steal anyones sacred beliefs because whites have self entitlement but soon that will be gone when whites get massacred by 2 thirds of the non white population wait! ITS COMING!

  139. Regrettably, the supposed facts presented on the letter are dubious if not absolute lies about the real situation in SA. What doesn’t help the situation is that most of the interlocutors on this site are spewing racist bile. Bitterness and untruths have never been a substitute for dispassionate discourse. All these does is to muddy the all debate, even where there might be a legitimate grievances.


  141. whites invented colonialism,sexism,fascism,imperialism,classism,racism,jim crows law,ira,kkk and are the most xenophobic immoral bigots which need to be eradicated.

  142. don’t ever believe anything that comes out of a septic shit smelling cracker they are full of bs and always have been. they also have the highest divorce rates are infidels and the least monogamous race which they also are alimony golddiggers.


    • Don’t like what you see in the mirror…. and the foam comes out of your mouth…… no proof of any black achieved building in SA. You are one of those….


    • It gets deleted cause you talk shit. Proof is in the pudding please don’t make me laugh

  145. I don’t believe this at all. I mean i don’t get you at all. You are saying that God help you but i mean your already sinning by calling god’s creations that they are “a lazy bunch” and i don’t believe that u guys built schools and hospital, i mean u may think u did but when ur ancestors went in africa, they did had those stuff so please don’t call them a lazy bunch because they good at alot of things like figures, mathatics, and a bunch more……

    • The Egyptians had schools, books and medical facilities… they are also one of the oldest cultures known to enslaved others long before white people where even a spec on a map.

      And IF you feel you have to associate black Africans with the oldest slave keepers known to man then all the slavery and oppression that Africans have had to endure and survive is yet another turning table, isn’t it?

      But I do agree with you, Africans are not “Lazy” from what I have seen.
      And trust me when I tell you – I have seen, I did not grow up with all this so called “white privilege” I myself went to school in a township and tutored many young black minds willing to learn.

      If you consider some/most African cultures before the cultural contamination that white people brought upon Africa (Not Egypt)
      For the most part, they lived as socialist tribes, where gatherers would gather, hunters would hunt, the elders would give wisdom and woman would nurture while the tribe leader would lead their tribe to more prosperous lands.

      Then… those identities where corrupted and a new way of life had to be adopted.

      If a black person waits for for a black leader to do something and expects food, housing and support to be given to them, it is not “laziness” and I myself am quite tired of hearing white people say it is. It’s part of their socialist culture and if we(white people) expect Africans to show us and our culture respect, don’t you think we should extend them the same courtesy…?

    • You clueless dumb person. If you live here. …… Please I hope that you get raped and attacked….. They won’t leave you alone because of your idiotic uninformed opinion. Please come live here…… Please. ..

  146. AWWW White people crying racism!!! What a joke… you white devils are reaping what you sow, after all the bullshit you Edomite Demons have wrought upon black people, from slavery, colonization, apartheid etc it’s all coming back to bite you all in the ass and you all deserve it, no matter how much you whine and wail, it’s only going to get worse………….

  147. Narysec volunteers – ANC youth undergoing secrrt military training:

  148. My word… It suddenly occurred to me that this post is not a new one…

    I thought I’d give you an update on the situation then.

    This article just about sums it up:

    The UN has been contacted.

    Even some of our fellow black South Africans bare witness to the genocide,
    And let these prove to all the white people that put all our fellow black countrymen in the same “Savages” little box, that it is not true.
    As apartheid bred extremest groups, so will the rule of the current deteriorating ANC rule.

    As some uneducated whites followed the fathers of apartheid, so will it be for the poor and uneducated that maintain the current ineptocracy that rains supreme in South Africa.–herman-mashaba

    But with the coming of 2015… A sign of hope appears, Again he is a Xhosa man that insights peace and harmony for all in my country. And he bares the signs of the successes achieved by a free democratic country built by Mandela’s ANC before the deterioration of the ANC even began. When the ANC was still a sign of progress and not a sign of pending genocide and dictatorship.

    His address to the President and the parliament of my country:
    His words have brought me to tears over and over again, mostly because the truth hurts wen spoken so directly.

    “A broken parliament” He refers to the ANC leadership forcefully removing MP’s from a parliamentary meeting while jamming all telecommunication signal in and out of the parliament buildings so it won’t become news.

    RSA was doing very well in correcting it’s past until he and his cronies came into power. We are now further away from from being a “Rainbow nation” than we where in 1990 under apartheid.

    And after the ANC fails to produce, uplift and sustain, they turn to excuses, they turn to blaming white people for their failures thereby inciting violence against a minority willingly.

    • thank you

      I can tell you that it is very hard to understand another country’s problems well

      one has to live there and experience it

  149. I would like to invite all of those people who call white South African “racists” to come to live here in South Africa and see the truth for themselves! You are being fed with lies and propaganda! I am a Brazilian woman living in SA for 7 years and I can say that EVERYTHING Marianne says is correct! In 7 years living here, I haven’t met a single racist white, but many racist blacks who would kill any white in a blink of an eye given the opportunity! I’ve seen pure hatred in their eyes, and it’s not a pretty sight… Being a foreigner who looks like a white SA (I’m of mixed race though, so have no reasons to be a racist) gave me the opportunity to see who the real snakes are… When I open my mouth and say I’m from Brazil, the blacks automatically start treating me right after giving me the dirty looks! I’m sorry, but reality is that most of the blacks are real savages who kill out of pleasure! They torture, rape and kill even elderly people and babies who did nothing whatsoever to them! Makes me think if Apartheid had a good reason to be – I wouldn’t want to live side by side with people who would kill a human just to steal a chicken!

    It’s sad when people swallow lies without questioning. My heart bleeds for the white SA people! They are good, hard working, good natured people and it really saddens me that the rest of the world judge them so harshly because of distortions of facts.

    Let them come here and try to buy a house, for example… Go to the municipality of any SA city and deal with lazy blacks playing on the Internet instead of working and feeling angry you interrupted them in their “leisure time”! The city of Johannesburg property market faced a huge crisis a few years ago because people couldn’t buy or sell houses because they couldn’t get the clearance document from the municipality. A tv crew went to investigate why that was happening and their hidden cameras filmed the black municipality workers playing games on their computer instead of working! A huge part of the economy of the biggest city in the country almost went down because of laziness!!! That is disgusting!

    I wish all the people who call the white South Africans racists came to live here by force and not by choice! Only then they would see the truth!

    • Exactly. One must live here…… All those who don’t. …. are uninformed and clearly stupid.

      Reverse racism is the rule in SA. Black people think the world owe them bup they do nothing. …except consume… demand……eat…..rape….kill……take….. play the race and ancestors cards. ….. pathetic race. Doomed. Evil

  150. I do not believe that person who is calling on for apartheid to be brought back. Our Christian reverends prayed so hard for it to go away. Black people were treated in a cruel and inhumane way and here is a christian who is saying bring it back. I am sorry if i am being rude but you must be out of your mind. I expect for all of us on this platform to be Christians and no christian can recall the for the apartheid, instead a christian would call for fellow Christians to help pray to God to heal our beautiful land. with everything happening here in south Africa, some bad but you have exaggerated most of the things you have said so far. I am black, i have been hijacked and my hose has been burgle-red. if i can tell you of how the white people took the land from my ancestors back then, you will be disgusted. white people came with no land here in south Africa. they only came with the bible they then took the land from us and left us with the bible. little did they know that they were giving us the greatest gift of all. that is just how great God is. Crime is everywhere my darling even in America, that is why we should keep on praying for the safety of our country and for the healing of our country everyday. my plea to you is that you go back to your Deutschland where you can live in peace. my country is not perfect but i can never even begin to recall for apartheid and i can never begin to call for white people to be treated in a degrading and inhumane way. Let us be true Christians and do what God says we should do and that praying for one another, if you feel that black people are your enemies, God says love your enemies and pray for them. Our president is not perfect but he has never called for white people to be killed. we are a peaceful and loving country and yes there is corruption in our government, but our government has never killed people because of their skin colour. have you ever considered that black people are the way they are because of the way white people treated them for many decades? Whats worse is that we put that aside and forgave it all. i expected that we would be preaching forgiveness and not hate. YOU CANNOT “I REPEAT CANNOT, WANT TO BE LOVED WHILE YOU HAVE SO MUCH HATRED IN YOU” THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RECALLING FOR APARTHEID. WHY DON’T YOU TELL PEOPLE ON THIS PLATFORM HOW YOU TREATED BLACK PEOPLE WHEN YOU HAD POWER? YOU ARE JUST SITTING THERE THINKING CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, MY MOM WAS ALSO HIJACKED, IN THIS COUNTRY IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT COLOUR. STOP COMPLAINING AND LETS JUST JOIN FORCES AND ASK GOD TO HEAL OUR SICK COUNTRY, AFTER ALL THAT IS WHAT BLACK PEOPLE DID WHEN BOERS KILLED THEM DURING THE APARTHEID ERA.

  151. I am just so annoyed, your blog spoiled my evening. Please go back to your peaceful Deutschland. white people did to blacks people exactly what hitler did to Jews and you want to recall apartheid???????? white people are divorcing everyday, they are the ones who started the gay and lesbians, and everything else and now you have the nerve to recall apartheid. true Christians do not do not talk like that, you really need Jesus.

  152. It is sad to see how generalizations are made and also the hatred going around.

    You get good and bad in every color, no one is perfect anyway. Perhaps we will get much further when we start realizing this, try to understand each other and work together to fix things that need to be fixed. As long as we choose to sow bad seed, that is what will grow.

    It is quite easy to see the spirit behind most of these posts then you realize why the world is in such a mess. It is time that we stop listening to the one who try to destroy that what God has made perfectly. It is time that we start to speak the language of the Creator, the one that created everything by His Word. It is now our responsibility to maintain His creation by the words we speak. If we can all start to sow love, peace and joy then you will see the world change.

    Stop criticizing other and start making a difference yourself.

  153. Anybody who disagree with this…… have not yet experienced the racism and hatred black people has toward white. They take and demand and blame everything on apartheid. This country is doomed. God be with us. God only knows why black people think the whole world resolves around their needs…. as they are not able to build or produce anything. …
    Come live here before you judge….. All of the above is true. My child has no future. We have no hope for a moving forward future…


    Y’all sound real racist saying brown Africans are savage and self destructive from the beginning of time so apartheid was necessary and no lands were taken. All of that is false. Apartheid began after an already heavily racist environment in WW2 so the whites could ensure their own safety including economic and political power. Yes trades were made initially because that’s normal. If you have something i never had and i have something you also need then a trade is a civil method of working together. Africans had indentured servitude which was much different from chattle slavery. Daniel Francois Malan was your first prime minister during the apartheid and any killings or rapes or inhumanities that occurred were a response to the invasion of whites and how you systematically broke down spirits and communities and the order that was already in place. Who are your Dutch, English, French, Spanish, etc ancestors to come in to a new place and just say “I rule here now”? Brown people would have gladly worked with the pale people at that time but as history shows white people hate other white people. White people hate in general and like to conquer and not work things out. And to paint this reverse racism is racist in itself. If anything folks are suffering from ancestral mistakes but don’t act like it isn’t karma.

  155. The world is ran by racially enforced whiteness and ‘Sarina of South Africa’ amongst others thinks that black people are self-entitled and lazy at the same time? Even if that was moderately true do you really think it’s for no reason? As if white people history doesn’t show how they hate and put down anyone that doesn’t fit their model of what is appropriate. Black people are only called black because of whites to put us down and raise yourself up. White people hated other white people just because they have “curly hair and seemed stuck up. Or they didn’t come from noble blood” That’s how you all looked at Jewish people and Irish people but even they could have a dark slave. Which is funny because the same reasons you didn’t like Jews are the same reasons you don’t like Africans or African Americans. Asians, N.Americans and Jewish people all got some form of physical apology in reparations but folks of an African diaspora get nothing. White/Pale faced folks stole dark skinned people for slave labor with no agreement. It was forced. Then you treat us less than your animals and say we have no work ethic but they’re doing all your white work for you. Black folks raised white babies and had no time for their own. If they find love the master made sure to separate them so systematically they could keep families apart and children don’t know what a functioning relationship is. So misery ensued. We were working from dawn til dusk and beyond and we have no work ethic and we just demand and take whatever?

    All of you are crazy if you think you’re natural Africans just born there since the dawn of time. And then to think that all this “chaos” you speak of is just because black people are ignorant and violent in nature. Black folks haven’t been violent since slavery, at least not compared to our white counterparts violent history. Any violence dark Africans or African americans dished out was fully warranted and it was an act of retaliation for not getting respect and treated as an equal. White people never had dark folks issues as a concern. If you were ridiculed and demeaned and stereotyped beyond any normal level of human decency you’re trying to tell me you would just accept that life as is while you see everyone else around you given opportunity to thrive in some aspect of life? Let’s be serious people. Get over yourselves and understand for once what it is like to be on the other end.

    • lady

      black people have a long history of cannabalism, witchcraft and other violence. they also sold their own people into slavery. you need to rise above your roots and get Jesus into your life, and forget your own hate and fake victimhood.

  156. Ok so humanity is good at dividing people up into random categories based on appearance, region,, religion, favorite soccer teams and so on.

    The point? It makes us feel good to cheer our soccer team.

    Whatever. Don’t we all have brains?
    Control your emotion. Control the urge to blame whoever that’s not you.
    Stand up for reason. Be strong and love others.
    Hard? No it’s innate.

  157. Marianne, is the news about this that we hear on alternative sites old news or is it just still going on?? I heard about this on a newsite last year for the first time, but this post is from 2008…:(

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