Reverse the curse



There is no good reason to accept harm from anyone.

I am writing this because someone thought I was hateful for recommending this in spiritual warfare.

He thought we should just accept the curse, and not send it back. We should love them instead.

While it is good to love our enemies, we do not have to accept harm from them.

If someone tries to shoot us, we can love them, but it would be wise to try to get the gun away from them, or get them to put it down.

We can still love our witch enemies, and deal with the curse and the spirit of witchcraft.

We do not have to accept harm from anyone. We have to protect ourselves.


If someone throws us a base ball. We can keep it, or throw it back.

If we keep it, then it is ours.

Many times the ball (curse) thrown by a witch, or someone practicing cursing, is thrown to us.

We can either accept it, or send it back.


Since the witch originally had the ball (curse), it was hers originally.

So for her to send it to us, is to relieve herself / himself of the curse.

Someone sent her the curse to begin with. Possibly, the devil himself, or another witch.

So ultimately, when we reverse the curse, we are sending the curse back to its original possessor.


All curses originate with the devil. That is where the power comes from.

If we reverse the curse, we send it back to the witch.

This is not to harm her, but to reject harm to ourselves.

She also has the option of giving it back to the devil, the point of origin.

It is a wake up call for her too.

She does not have to keep it either.

So reversing the curse is not an act of hatred, or unforgiveness.

It is self defense and wisdom.


How to do this:

Repent of any sins allowing the curse to remain.

Use the Word of God to protect you.

Find promises of protection for the righteous, and speak them out.

Plead the blood of Jesus over you.

Reverse the curse – speak it out loud – in Jesus name.

If you can, have others agree with you in prayer.   The more support, the better.

Be persistent with this, until you feel relief.

Be patient, and have faith.



We are told in scripture to resist the enemy and he will flee from us.

To reverse the curse is to reject it and send it back where it came from as unwanted, rejected, and destroyed by the power of God.

This is resistance…and opposition to the curse.

It does not mean you are cursing them.

Link to prayer against witchcraft:

Link to prayer to break curses:


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  1. Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    Matthew 18:18″I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

    I thought it interesting that this is mentioned twice in Matthew. I was taught that you bind and loose in this way…”I bind any and all curses and I loose any and all blessings in my life and the life of my children in Jesus Name”

    I also thought it was interesting that witches will also “bind and loose” when they are cursing another. I saw this done on a tv show no less and wondered why they would do this, being that I read it in the scriptures. I suppose they understand the same spiritual implications and laws-something we christians need to understand as well. On our own, we have no power-our power and authority is given by the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

    It is my understanding that just as the laws of physics are set in place so it is with spiritual laws. What goes up comes down; give and you shall receive; bind and it will be bound; loose and it will be loosened….good post Marianne. Witchcraft is all around us and we have to prepare and know what to do about it-as children of G-d this is our responsibility-not just to protect ourselves but others as well.

    • Cool,thank you it made me feel good because I sure been curse I know they curse me and my family because of money they just greedy but it messing with my head I would like to get even wit ah them I pray to my GOD to help me I know my God is there with me,butI also knowthe deveil there too pray for me

    • My son stated that someone is trying to harm him, he told me this today he had long hair a year ago and stated a young lady cut his hair and told him, she were going to practice voo-doo. HE angry, frustrated all the time with mood swing how can I reverse the curse and send it back to the sender. I need help

      • tinar


        1. pray for deliverance against all spirits that curse you
        2. ask god to bless you, which will cancel the curses
        3, also tell young woman you are praying against her voodoo

        I am sending prayers for you to print out and say each day

        i will agree with you in prayer.

        • i had someone who told me three times i will have nothing. My life really took a turn. Every time i am supposed to have a breakthrough something always happen to prevent it. i would like some prayers on how to break that curse.

          • ted

            I am sending prayers for breaking curses.

            print out and say each day

            I will agree with you in prayer

            • Can you please send me a reverse curse prayer as well? It’s been a vicious cycle since I was born. I lose everything I gain in a blink and it’s breaking me down.

              • tanisha

                I am sending you a prayer against curses.

                also say each day, “I send back all curses as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God.”

                • Hi Marianne I think and I also know that my husband ex wife is using black magic on him. I never saw him in a rage with severe mood swings, nose running, degradin me, and he has never told me to leave him alone. How can I reverse this demonic curse back to sender for my husband to have peace?

                  Regards, Ashley

                  • ashley

                    first tell your husband that he needs help and prayer…that you see this curse on him, and he needs to break off any ties he has with his ex wife..

                    say each day, “I send back all curses as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God.”

                    also I am sending you a prayer against curses and a daily prayer covering for you and your husband. and a prayer against witchcraft

                    say the prayers each day…if you can, get your husband to realize this need to be free and have him pray also with you…if that does not work, pray alone or with someone else

                    I will agree with you in prayer.

                • Can you send me the prayers?

              • Please also send me that prayer as well, Thank you very much


            • Hi Marianna, please send me a “reverse the curse prayer “. The past few months have been hell for me. And lost a lot due to this curse. And have decided that i can’t let that woman get away with this, because she destroyed me life and I want it back. I also want to ask you to pray for me.

              Thanks a lot.

            • me too, just as the above..and cursed to commit suicide

              • lawmzuala

                you do not have to feel like you are cursed to commit suicide.

                do you know Jesus as your personal savior?

                he came, as son of god, and died for your sins, and everyone else’s sins….he came to remove curses, and defeat evil

                if you belong to him, you can be delivered from curses, and despair.

                please let me know if you want to make this decision, or if you have already made the decision.

                I can send you prayers against curses, which can be destroyed with the name of Jesus

            • Hi please send me “reverse curse prayer”. I’ve lost everything.. Me and my family just found out that one of our relative doing us some witchcraft work and cursed us.. She was succeeded to take the lives of my father and other relatives. Last year she was also almost succeeded to take my life and my mom’s life. It’s just our faith saved us. That time we didn’t know that someone was doing some witchcraft to me and my family.. Until now she continuously doing it to us.. Hope your prayers can free us from witchcraft and curse.

              • enelra

                I am sending prayers against witchcraft and curses, and for strength and protection

                print out and say each day

                I will agree with you in prayer

                also , send all curses back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of god, and cover yourself daily with the blood of Jesus

            • I need prayer. I was due for promotion at work ( it was promising)but had differences wuth superior and she took it personal. Now and again i fall. Just trip and fall. Now I think it’s a curse against me to remain down. Other avenues are also closing down. I need God yo intervene and rwturn my glory. I also did self introspection and I’m correcting the way I react to situations. Please agree with me in prayer.

              • dudu

                the falling could be physical….

                check with a doctor to see if you have any blood pressure or balance issues.

                or you could be so introverted and self conscious that you trip…

                just in case, I am sending you a prayer against curses, and a little one for blessings….so you can turn things around

                say daily

                I will agree with you in prayer

            • I would really appreciate it if you sent me the prayer as well- please please please.

              My family (mums side ) has faced 5 sudden deaths from mid 2016 till last month. This has shaken our once peaceful clan (so I thought ).

              Some relatives have been for prayers and have been told it’s witchcraft within the clan and the one doing this is not done yet. And this morning my own son told me I am dying soon- I do not know how he came to say that. I asked him to send it back and he did but was not sincere. I rebuke it in JESUS name.

              Thanks in advance and remain blessed.

          • I have the same curse and I do make a lot of enemies in my line of work as a Security Officer.

        • Hello, I just read your reply to Tina as shown above, I like it. I too I am in a battle of life and death with a woman I thought was going to be my life partner for life. But because of greed, she turned around to attack me spiritually. Her attack has affected my legs, both, and makes walking very difficult. Mind you she was my wife until she started to sleep around with a very young pastor that she’s been funding with my business money. Both of them have ganged up against me. Their objective is to decimate themselves and not me so that they can steal everything. What I need is a series of powerful prayers to subdue and triumph over them, principally the wicked woman. The woman is 57+ years old, the fake pastor is just 47/48. Go figures.

          My email is I am Ebenezer

          • ebb

            I am always sad to hear about a broken marriage..

            adultery has un-reparable damage, which is why jesus granted divorce on grounds of adultery….

            I am glad you can see the demons behind this and you are prepared to fight back.

            reject all curses, like illness, in jesus name, and send the curse back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of god

            I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft, jezebels, other spirits and curses. also some prayers for strength and healing

            best to print out and say each day

            I will agree with you in prayer.

  2. I has been a victim of this spoken curses, and it was done to me by somebody I trust and love and the more bizarre is this woman was a christian! we are living in the last days for sure when Jesus said we will be “turn in” by our own family and friends.Pay attention to the Holy Spirit the Bible said he will take us to all true.God was talking to me and show me in dreams and vision the woman that was doing the witchcraft on me and the good news is that God word is more powerful that any curse! I have not support from any one or church when I find about it, every one turn their back on me! and call me evil and crazy and said any kind of bad things about me that you can imagine, and the Devil told me you are crazy you yet imagine things, I thought I will never come out of this, but I did, all alone with the help of the Holy Spirit! I]ll send back all the curses she spoke agains me, I saw her in a vision through at me some “black seeds” and demanding a harvest! but thanks God the Holy Spirit is my friend and Jesus died for me at the cross.

    • hi Luisa

      Good for you. Stay strong and fight back.

      • There is no doubt curses exist. Curses are demonic and manifest when an individual gives power by disobeying God and ungodly behavior. Curses and other demonic powers are weak. We give them power. A perfect example is 911 or September 1, 2001. The terrorist came peacefully to America and used America’s system and money to train and become pilots, only to use it against us. We are not CRAZY! Don’t let Satin, that worthless piece of an excuse, con you into thinking differently. WE are in a spiritual war fare and God has not blocked this cruel intent by Satin for a reason. Just don’t let him win! We can fight together and have a blast doing it! Good luck to all. Lets pray for one another everytime our the thoughts cross our minds! May God Bless you and all of your efforts fought for God’s Kingdom.

        • amen

        • Hi to you and all victims on this . Site. I too have had curses put on me and thanks to heaven awaits and Jesus, i feel they have been removed. It feels good to be among others who have had roots , curses worked on them and we are helping each other. This thing is real and dangerous curses are.Thank God for you all.

          • I would like to talk to you. I need your help. Please call me as soon as you can at 832-231-8474 my name is Reggie .

            • emailing you first

              • I believe I have roots on me I’m not sure what to do but things have really took a turn for the worst in my life after this young lady started dating my ex I think she sees me as competition . first had a miscarriage then I lost my job of 5 years then got n a really bad car wreck where my truck flipped over 5 times then I get denied for any kind of financial help I seek please help

    • Hi Louisa,
      You are so blessed that you can talk to the Holy Spirit , I ask GOD THAT I HOPE SOMEDAY, the Holy Spirit is my friend too!

    • Hi Luisa the similar thing happen to me.My mother an sister meddle with occult.God showed my mother an sister so many times in dreams an things that they have done to me.God even showed me that they have caged my son in spirit who in physical they call autistic.God showed my sister defiled my life with images of her feces all around me an her menstrual period in a bucket of water I wasabout to use to bath.I have had at least 50 dreams about them and not one is good.please tell me in detail what you did to overcome.The experiences I have had is unreal.The devil think we don’t know.God exposemy mother an sister are behind everything I am going through.I have no one to help email is

    • Hi Luisa my email is let me know how you overcame.I need help.The devil is using my mother an sister against my life.
      Thank you

    • I have the exact same problem. YES I saw her myself. SHE is clever. Everything about who she really is was put on me. i have had several . SHE took away my bed and gave me a piece of cloth and I didn’t sleep for days SHE is also my sister. SHE caged my dead husband. In a dream he was screaming HOMICIDE! MY mother came back as she saw some of what’s going on. I found a site where a priest helps you for 4 hours denouncing all curses against you. I use GOD”S WORD. Tell me how you have over come it. I go to church. I am keeping positive and using LOVE to over come fear

    • I was done the same by the preacher son and his wife, who was married to a pastor, witchcraft is no game, and it does not discriminate. I know when they did it, cause I had a nasty dream about them, but it took me three years to return it, but when I did, things started to change for the better for me, and the senders started to fall. I encourage all to send back spells and curses back to sender in Jesus name by the power of the blood. When things not going well with me, I do it and change the course of my life many times, so the sender will be the carrier, this is my testimony of the truth about witchcraft.

      • roy

        I stand with you in your fight against this witchcraft….we must all remember that we do not have to accept any curse….it is like mail we get….we can always refuse it and send it back to the sender.

        I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft…print it out and say it each day, I will be in agreement with you.

        • Marrianne would you please send it to me also I am also fighting a curse..

          • I am going through something and have been for years.but I met a lady name achanta, .and since I moved here I think she’s been doing something to me she has put people here against. Me.

            • marlene

              you are only speculating about her, but do not know for sure.

              I first recommend that you try to be friendly with her, and see if your impression is correct.

              if she really is cursing you, then I am sending a prayer you can use against the curses… you should also tell her you will pray against her curses, so she is wasting her time.

              also, reach out to others around you, and show them that you are a good person….

          • send me the prayer. i would appreciate it.

        • Pls send me one

        • Marianna could u send me the prayer to

          I am almost certain someone has a curse on me sometimes I get sick as a dog n no Dr can figure it out. My husband can’t find job I can’t get the jobs I know I deserve please help

    • I am going through something like this. Someone reverses my prayers. I am coping by praising God for the situations I find myself in regardless and speaking the words of God with his promises. I am finding positive results. As far as the person that is doing these things, only God knows. But it is interesting that I get a sense about certain people that when I pray for them, there is a block as though sin is there and God can’t bless sin. That’s how I know things are not right with them.

      • Amen.. out of 5 people in my house, there is 1 that I didnt feel a block, and he has rededicated (he says himself) his life to Yeshua (Jesus). I to speak the word of God, having authority. Witches, of which there are those in my family serve the devil, who is the enemy who Yeshua has defeated. I have Faith in this, and I have it on writing. Not sure that sending curses is the practice of witchcraft; based on whose doing the sending. Binding and losing (mentioned by someone earlier) isn’t the same as “sending (back) a curse”. Salvation, redemption of The Curse..the Blood of Yeshua. He defeated the devil. If you belong to God, the devil has no authority, learn, understand the word of God and take authority. Once God showed me thr woman who gave birth to me and her daughter are witches while claiming salvation, things improved in my life with me standing on Gods word, and ubderstanding these people are not my true family. The bible talks about all if this happening in the last days.

  3. God gave his judgement.

    • how would i know if in fact a curse has been put on me what sort of sign i need help with this because im living in the home with my dad and step mom and in my opinion she is a classic hoarder and the fact that im constanly cleanin i feel negative energy from her as well as my dad the air is thick and i know that in the scripture it says that cleanlyness is next to Godlyness help me

      • cheryl

        Your mom may not be cursing you. She might just be a little eccentric. She makes you nervous. Your personalities do not match. Unless she is negative toward you, she is not cursing you. You have a lot else going on that makes you nervous also. The jezebel would make anyone feel cursed and nervous. He is a different matter. He is the one making you feel cursed.

  4. Now read Malachi 3

  5. On the spiritual front, nothing can harm you if you pray to G-d the Father in Christ’s name. Nothing!

    On the physical front, if someone tries to murder/harm you with a weapon, esculation of force is warrented. Up to deadly force, unless you are Amish.

    This is planet earth, not heaven. However, it is better to not seek conflict, and try to make peace.

    • That is not quite right! Balaam could not curse Israel because it was under the protection from God. So he suggested getting involved in fornication and idolatry so God would have to judge Israel. There are still things to be aware of like to bring no accursed thing into your home. If you give grounds to the devil and we do at times, then curses still can hit us.

  6. Hi marianne. This is an important topic to understand and sadly many of the saints fail to take it seriously. We have a real enemy who continuously assaults us through any willing vessel in our ambience. We should not be fearful of this, but we must be aware of the tactics which are employed against us.

    A couple of years ago, I had a dream which featured a wiccan lady whom I used to work with. rather than engage in a lengthy comment, I’ll just link to the post (if I get it right that is) The conclusion was that when the enemy comes at us in seemingly unconventional ways, the Lord will protect us. The most interesting aspect of the encounter was that I wasdn’t responding to the attack. I was talking with the Lord about issues that were not even related to the attack, while the opposer was launching an all out assault. While talking with the Lord, every salvo from this opposer would come within about three feet of me and then “fizzle.”

    Well that probably sounds nutty, however, it was a reminder; both of the battle in which we are engaged and the fact that God is far greater than all the devices of the enemy. In the course of that dream, a stronghold was shattered. Thanks again for taking time to discuss this.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • That is awesome! Since August, I have been up against a Jezebel spirit (was made aware through Marianne-thank you!). Each and every time she made a ploy against me it was futile. I was still in a panic each time, but on each ploy that she was defeated I was simply amazed and thanked G-d for his protection.

      I have to add that I was given this verse by the Holy Spirit which helped me in dealing with her, it is: Matthew 10:16Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

      With this verse and with the advice of Marianne in that I was to document everything along with many times praying in the spirit and binding the Jezebel spirit, she was defeated in each of her many many attacks.

      Thanks for sharing your experience timbob!

  7. Since the font is so tiny on this site, I couldn’t read all the longer responses. So if I repeat something already written, forgive me… Sending a curse back to the sender seems retaliatory, and I don’t see anywhere in Scripture where we are told to do this. Keeping it or returning it to the perp, are not our only options; “Any tongue formed against you, you shall condemn..” (don’t have the OT reference handy) Nothing there, about sending it back; we’re to condemn it: disarm, undo it, by our faith. I also dont’ recall anywhere in the NT where a curse was sent back; the person was dealt with and the demon behind it, disarmed by the Blood of Jesus and the Word. Seems like the devil is plenty capable of punishing his own, without our cooperation. Where’s the love in returning it to the sender?!

    • hi Cindy

      Good points. I do not see sending back a curse as a lack of love. We can love the witch, but we do not have to accept harm from it. She does not have to accept it either. It is just a message that we are not her victims.

      The curse is not a thing like a baseball or bomb that comes our way. The curse is a demonic presence that is sent by the witch to come and afflict us. To “send it back” or “send it away” is about the same thing.

      • Matthew 18:18″I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

        We are also told to rebuke satan and he will flee (James 5:7)
        We are also told to make G-d our refuge so that we will be protected ( Psalm 91 )

      • A witch cursed me over the phone. I practically grew up around this lady and I loved her. It really hurt me, that she was attacking me like this. I thought I had to put up with it until I learned how to fight back. I reversed it and she was in my dream saying she was tired of bickering and fighting even though she started it and was picking at me! She is a pastor of her church. Throughout my life, after my third spiritual witch attack, I’m now fighting back. I’m not gonna accept what the devil send my way. I’m acting on my God given right to protect myself! If you choose to be turn the other cheek then so be it , but not me.

        The bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. Christians better realize enemies can battle with you in the spirit realm and it will manifest in the physical realm. Wake up people! Don’t allow your life be ruined by letting folks curse you, and you sit back and allow it! I’m no witches victim ANYMORE! If you dish it out be ready to take it right back. Look out for these so called Christians they will pray with you one minute and curse you the next.

        • dear brave

          the turn the other cheek was referring to avoiding physical confrontation, if possible……but the bible also says to be at peace with others, IF POSSIBLE….sometimes it is not possible…..

          it also says to resist the devil and he will flee from you.

          if jesus intended for us to submit to witchcraft and curses, then he would not have commanded us to cast out devils in his name.

    • Cindy, LOOK what God ACTUALLY says in His word, do not be deceived by this website:

      Luke 6:28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.
      Romans 12:14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

      THIS is the way of Christ!

      • Hi Silvan

        This was an effort to just express my opinion, and let people disagree if they wished. I do take negative feedback. You may be right, I may be wrong.

      • Silvan,

        Marianne is talking about binding, NOT cursing. Yes, we should pray for our enemies. However, We have to see the “spirit” behind the individual’s actions and behaviors.

        The Armor of God

        10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

        • Lyndsey,

          please read again what Marianne is writing:

          “If we reverse the curse, we send it back to the witch.”

          This IS witchcraft and AGAINST God’s word.
          Are you not able to see this?


          our “opinions” dont matter when it comes to the Word of God and The Truth communicated into our consciousness by the Spirit of Holiness.

          If you are not sure if your “opinion” is correct you should be quiet and wrestle in prayer and reading scripture until you get the unshakable Truth from above!
          This is a major problem of yours and your website.. you are trying to educate and teach other people, yet you are not firm in the Truth.. you are communicating your “opinion”, and not the Will and opinion of God !

        • Marianne, I dont mean to hurt you. I am just trying to WARN you that the Truth is not to be taken so lightly.
          Our opinions are worthless and even dangerous if they dont aligne COMPLETELY with the will and word of God!

          Given the fact that you reach millions of people who read your teachings this is even more dangerous and you WILL have to answer God for what you are saying here.

        • Would this hurt you or your self-worth and pride IF you would have to take most of this site down IF there where falsehoods in it?
          Does this thought hurt you?
          Or would you be able to do it?

          IF you think one tiny falsehood does not matter, you love yourself more then God and the Truth.

          • Silvan

            I take everything I read in the Word of God seriously, and put a lot of thought into it. There are aspects of the Word which are vague, and could have different interpretations.

            One example is “Who is Mystery Babylon?” People have debated that in sincerity for ages. An opinion is not evil, if it is based on a quest for the truth.

            In some interpretations, different opinions are legitimate, because the text is not clear. In other passages, it is very clear, so there is only one interpretation possible.

            I do put purposely put forth any falsehood, and your opinion of the truth does make your “truth” exclusive and the only truth.

            For example, you feel the current state of Israel is illegitimate. What makes that true?

            Just your opinion of an Ezekiel prophecy that is totally against every known biblical scholar’s assessment. So you have the truth, and they don’t?

            Spiritual warfare is not witchcraft. Sending a demon back where he came from is not witchcraft.

            • “Sending a demon” IS witchcraft!

              We are to send BLESSINGS and the Holy Spirit NOT DEMONS !!

            • Israel is not “illegitimate” in my eyes. I am just saying it is not biblical Israel and thus not approved by Yahweh. Huge difference.

              So, again, if you are sending demons to someone you are doing the same as witches do and you are violating against the Word and Will of God who says we are to send blessings and prayers.

              • silvan

                There is no difference between saying the current Israel is not legitimate by biblical standards, and saying this Israel is not approved by Yahweh.

                Where in the bible does it say to bless a witch?

                Returning demons to where they came from is not the same as initiating a curse. It is rejecting something as evil and unwanted. You act like witches do not have any demons to begin with.
                Witches fellowship with demons, and do not consider them a problem.

            • Marianne turn a deaf ear to these people who are shunning you about your views. When I was being attacked the church couldn’t help me until I started fighting back spiritually! Spirit attack is no joke. Keep exposing these evil so called Christians doing the most dirt! Start sending their curses back heaping on top of their heads. This is your right to freedom of speech. Don’t let them back you in a corner, because this is gonna help somebody who is going through spiritual warfare. Man has no place to condemn anybody, they need to stop trying to be God!

              • dear brave

                it is an every day battle now with negative spirits. we might get beat up fighting, but it has to be this way….the other choice is submission and defeat.

            • If I may interject. There apparently is a lot of spiritual warfare against Christians now more than ever. Unfortunately, something about this age whether it is because of ritual sacrifices happening all around us in the open, etc., but it is happening. We need to join in agreement to plead the blood Jesus against these things, bind these powers of the air, curse them to the root, and speak the word in Jesus name. We don’t need to send anything because the Word says Vengeance is mine, I will repay, but we need to start using faith and that sword with a deftness. WE as believers have to remember the real enemy is not flesh and blood but against powers, and principalities and rulers of darkness in high places (groves or where ever).

              • hi marjorie

                what is meant here is not to curse the offender back, but to reject the curse and send it back as unaccepted. maybe the wording should have been more clear.

        • You should just not be teaching when you have not gotten a clear word from above and the commission to write it down. Period.

          • Silvan,

            As you know, I am very passionate about the Truth and getting it out there as much as I can. A lot of people get offended by this but their argument is not with me, for I am only the messenger-getting my information straight from the source-Word of G-d.

            Regarding your above comments, I will take them into consideration and I understand your concerns. I am not well versed in this area so I will have to research the scriptures to find the answers. If you know where I can look, please post them.

            I did read back over the post. It reminded me of an interview I saw on Sid Roth where an individual was being cursed by a witch. He didn’t know he was being cursed until later. He described moments where he would feel the Holy Spirit surround him? This happened periodically. When he visited the witch, the witch was so upset because all of her curses that she had sent to him were returning back to her and worse.

            So, from what I gathered from his experience is that each time the witch sent a curse the Holy Spirit shielded him. The curses bounced off of him because of the power of G-d and returned back to the witch. He did return the curse-the curses bounced off of the glory of G-d surrounding this man and went back to the source.

            I met a male witch in my early 20s’. He told me that he had stopped placing curses on people because they kept coming back on him seven fold. I remembered somewhere in the scriptures where it talked about this. From my conversation with him, I was given the impression that even witches understand the spiritual laws….kinda like, “give and it shall be given to you”

            Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

            *notice, For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you…just a thought.

            Succinctly, the believer doesn’t have to reverse anything-the power of G-d and his spiritual laws take care of that.

            • Lyndsey, I agree. We dont have to do anything else than to be walking with Christ and staying in Him and filled with His Spirit. Then nothing, no curses, can harm us.
              I believe we wont even notice it if some witch sends a curse – and you are confirming this.

              Our shield is Yahweh.

              If we take action ourselves, sending demons back, we lack
              1) faith in God
              2) His protection
              3) obedience to walk the low Christ-like way in unconditional love for our enemy

              Yes, I put in regards for Truth a high measure to me – as you do – and I WANT to KNOW TRUTH AT ALL COST EVEN IF IT HURTS

            • What a depraved unholy dirty thing it is to send demons… brrrhhh

              • Silvan

                You don’t think condemning an entire nation – which is a curse – is wrong?

                When you direct a spirit of condemnation against an entire nation, that is witchcraft.

                Critical spirits, religious spirits, spirits of condemnation, and anti-semitic spirits are all demons.

                • So now we are talking about me… how convenient for YOU

                • You have just not understood my position about Israel and you probably never will.. but this is not the discussion.. I am not sending demons to anyone..

                  • What are you going to do you do with the demons that you have now? Keep them, and bless the witch?

                    Don’t think that, as a Christian, that you are immune to influence. Demons are everywhere anyhow, and they are there to influence all of us. You have to be aware of what is around you, and examine what is coming out of your mouth, which is a reflection of what is in your mind and heart.

                    I understood you perfectly about Israel.
                    There are other pages on the site where you went to great lengths to demonstrate your opinion.

  8. Cindy and everyone else:

    Just a suggestion on increasing or decreasing the font. Hold down the control key and then the + it will increase the size. To decrease the font hold down the control key and then the – key

  9. Hi,

    In response to curses being ‘sent back to the perpetrator’ or ‘being sent away’. The Bible tells us that while we should be attuned to and aware of the existence of evil in our world, we don’t have to spend time thinking about details of how we should deal with evil, other than to turn away from it in our daily activities through our belief system.

    If we believe in the Lord and his Son Jesus Christ, we are under God’s protection – fully and totally, without reservation. And while evil may ‘prowl’ about all around us, it will not harm us.

    Please note these verses from Psalm 91: 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. 8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. 9 Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; 10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. 11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. 12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    Psalm 91 is the great comforter to rely on when we are faced with evil. It tells us to rely on our faith to protect us and lead us away from any type of evil – no matter in which form it manifests itself. Psalm 94 also speaks of reliance on God in the face of evil: 7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. Just imagine – the angel of God, appointed by God camped around us at all times! The devil knows this and does his darndest to convince us otherwise…but no entity of evil can harm us and we can and must bring that power to fruition by believing that God is thwarting evil 24×7!

  10. The Saints are far beyond any curse. They are divine love in manifestation on the earth plane that’s why they hear my call and the word of God that we deliver.

    • Not sure how to “dance” around this one….how do I say this….”The Saints” are dead. They are indeed far beyond any curse….no earth plane and pretty much not hearing your call.

  11. The Faithful Remnant

    16 Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name.

    The scroll of remembrance was given to the Messenger of the Covenant in Israel in May 2006.

    17 “On the day when I act,” says the LORD Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him. 18 And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.

  12. Amen! We are God’s treasured possessions through our love, fear and honor of God. He protects us from evil!

    I feel he is telling us that our only burden when it comes to evil is to recognize it for what it is and then through thought and deed, move away from it. He does the rest.

    God gives us spirutal discernment and by this spiritual discernment, we clearly and easily can separate good from evil:

    “But ye have an unction from the Holy One and ye know all things.” (1 John 2:20).

    This a very timely and thought provoking conversation. Thanks again Marianne for being a catalyst for our continued growth!

  13. Luke 6:28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

    -A witch curses you; will you be obedient and bless her?

    Romans 12:14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

    -A witch persecutes you with demons; will you bless her, agree?

    -If you are “sending demons back” you are doing the opposite of a blessing, agree?

    FACT) Cursing and blessings are opposites. You cant do both. You cant send demons “back” and at the same time pray for and bless the person you have just been sending evil spirits,

    CAN I HAVE AN AMEN ??????

    • if Satan curses you, are you going to bless him too?

      Do you prefer to keep the demons?

      • It is one thing to be delivered by demons, a great thing, and another to send them back to the source, who is harmed by them (often various illnesses like cancer).

        Of course, loving someone means not to send him evil spirits, and as we are commanded to love even our enemys it is forbidden for the true children of God to send back demons to the enemy.

        Loving the enemy is the way of Christ, and possibly the hardest task to do on earth, for me it is only possible by denying myself and my flesh and let Christ live in me.

    • Please understand that unbridled criticism is a curse on others. I love you Silvan. Just want you to know that.

      • Marianne, if I would not love the Truth and love you and the people who read here I would not write here.. I have much temperament when it comes to the Truth.. I am sorry, like I said I dont want to hurt you.. but what has to be said must be said…
        I am trying to shake you up..

        • Hey Silvan,

          We have to remember to separate the evil from the person. Marianne is not wanting to curse the person-she is wanting to reverse the curse back to the spirit of which it came…

        • silvan

          I am not saying to send the demon back to the witch to harm her. She is already in fellowship with the demons, and they do not harm her, because she is cooperating with them. They are “friends.”

          The demons attack those that belong to God, not those that they are in fellowship with. Returning the unwanted demon, who never hurt the witch to begin with, is just letting her know that the curse did not work.

    • Silvan errs coz you don’t understand fully the scriptures. Read all scriptures well. Have you ever read, suffer no wit h to live? Add these verses too: Ps. 54:5-7; 55:9; 58:1-11; 35:1-9. Before I give you more verses look at Ps.35 verse7 & 8, the pit and net are what is secretly done, you might not necessarily know the one doing it, but it is the enemy, so the prayer is, let them fall into the pit they dug for me and let the net they hid catch themselves….so let the curse send against me fall back upon them that send it. We were once praying for salvation and mercy upon some enemies that had attacked us twice at night, beat us and stolen from us till God rebuked us through a prophetic word by one brother that we don’t know how to pray, and God instructed us to pray Ps.35. From that point onwards to date no thief has ever stepped into that compound. We we not merciful and exercising love? I don’t think so. Love and punishment or judgement ride together.

      Check Ps.64, especially verses 7, 8,. Pliz, we are instruments in God’s hands and he can use us when he retaliates His enemies, and blesses His people. Isa.41:15, 16. Our father of faith Abraham went to a mission to rescue Lot, did he bless those captors? Did he kill them? Some rescues might need bloodshed. Paul returned the curse of Elymus the magician who tried to cast it upon Sergius Paulus in Acts 13:4-12. When you don’t understand spiritual warfare in depth you will think returning curses is wrong, but when God reveals to you what to do especially when you are always on His front line you will gladly carry it out. 2Thes.3:2.

      As a pastor I know what it means to fight spiritually using God’s word. Majorly those who curse you don’t do it with your knowledge or where you are, they do it in the secret especially those using satanic powers. Those cursing you at sight are the ones you are commanded in the scriptures to bless and pray for them. I have experienced both. By you blessing them in their eyes you are in a way nullifying the power of their words. But to a witch, suffer no witch to live.

      I concur with what Marriane says.

  14. Why do you think you have to send demons back to the witch in order to be delivered from them?

    Why dont you agree that sending them to the witch means harm to her?

    • Hey Silvan,

      I think Marianne is talking specifically about witches. I don’t know that much about them. I honestly don’t think she is talking about “cursing” the average Joe-Joe the plumber…LOL sorry, it was there….

  15. The bible also indicates that the eagle of the USA will be brought down, the words of the Prophet Obadiah provide a prophecy about the eagle that nests with the stars. The USA as more celebrities then any other nation and as we know both the Eagle and the Stars are symbolic of America.

    ‘Though you soar like an eagle, and make your nest amongst the stars, from there I will bring you down says the LORD.”

    “But how Esau will be ransacked, his hidden treasures pillaged! All your allies will force you to the border; your friends will deceive and overpower you; those who eat your bread will set a trap for you, but you will not detect it.”

    “The day of the LORD is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.

    FRIDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2010

    False Apostles USA

  16. It just makes no sense giving the witch her friends and her weapons back… would you give your attacker his knife back so that he could do more harm?

    The blood of Jesus is sufficient for protection, we do not need to send demons around.

    If we love the witch we will pray that she is delivered FROM demons and not send her some.


    • hi Silvan

      TO be fair to both of us, I scanned through the bible and did not find any definite instructions as to how to deal with a real witch that has sent a curse.

      Witches in the OT were put to death. In the NT, they are not really dealt with.

      People were delivered from afflictions either they were born with, or maybe brought on themselves due to sin. Or the cause is just unknown.

      But, no one approached Jesus and said a witch put a curse on them. A guess witches were scarce at the times anyhow.

      When Jesus dealt directly with Satan, he did not pray for him to be delivered. But Satan has some difference between him, and the witches who serve him.

      So this is a vague area that is not really addressed.

    • Silvan are u a witch? why are u defending dem?de bible says pray for dose who persecute u it ddnt say pray for witches who persecute u. by the way why are u so scared to type GOD that u even type only g-d?

  17. Marianne,

    T0he new testament says bless those who curse you or spitefully use you. If you are under an attack, remember the Lord will come. God expects you to keep the faith, he knows all of your pain. The worse it gets the more that is taken the more the Lord will return.
    Keep you face to the wall and talk to your friend. God said he doesn’t want us as slaves but we are his friends.

    He knows better than we do what is going on, we are living in the
    end. I ask the Lord why are so many terrible things happening?

    He said it is the Barley Harvest? I didn’t have a clue what it met. If you haven’t listened to Lyndsey Williams last prophesy you need to. To many people have the same feelings about what is going on.

    I heard the Lord say stand on the wall get up for the 3 or 4th watch and pray for the USA and Israel.

    I learned from Britam that all of the Irish are evidently (or maybe I should say the most of them) are the tribe of Jacob, England is the tribe of Manannesa. They if I understand right a small part of them are practicing their faith. I don’t mean you should be claiming that is who we are, because God when he comes will tell you. There is much more then meets the eye.

    Pray and keep on praying start large prayer groups, remember the power of 10 is with all who pray. If we pray enough the army of Joel will include all of us.

    Dont forget that Jesus loves you, all of us. Give out love and know that your weapon of warfare at pulling down strongholds is prayer. Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ as the word says and know that our Father will do the rest.

    We aren’t alone, we are someone babies.


  18. Marianne,

    I would ask all of your listeners, if it is ok with you? Knowing we are all Gods’ first. To please write back to Marianne at this website, in this particular blog. “The curse”.

    Please consider how you think we can accomplish what God is asking. What time could you take to stand on the wall in prayer
    for the unsaved, the USA and the nation of Israel.

    As this is what I feel lead by God to do. Contributing to the house of the Lord, isn’t a religion. This is faith, not man made junk but God given opportunity.

    If 1 puts 1,000 to flight, and 2 puts 10,000 to flight how many can 10 or 20 or 30 put to flight? We are hated because we are Gods’, not someone elses but the living deal. The word says he scorges those he loves.

    If you aren’t feeling issues right now I would be concerned, Why?
    Is not the master preparing his children to come home. Is he not making the fatted calf, preparing the crowns and the robes.

    Remember you can enter in but then you can enter in with reward for your concern for your family. Who is your family, everyone who believes or we are willing to take time to make known who is Jesus? Well the word tells us he is the chief corner stone, Is he not the author and finisher of our faith?

    Obviously, I know you pray for all of your family. If you know the time is short, should we do anything other then pray and make time to invite anyone into the house of God that has the truth.

    I have been with these attacking issues for 3 years now! Do
    you think God means stop praying, he means pour on the steam.
    I am sure when you all pray and cry out to the Lord, it gets hot
    and the annoiting of Jesus comes on you. That is pouring out the steam. That steam annoiting where living waters flow is where Jesus will meet you.

    Is everyone who reads this being called to make a step of faith, to do as the Father has ask? Are we the bride? Our they our guest, are we there guest?

    I heard a minister say; he believed that John the Baptist is going to present the groom, Jesus Christ and that Father will present the Bride. I don’t know if this is so but when you think about the players, the company you will be in, in heaven how much is to much to ask?

    Jesus came to save the unsaved not the saved? What does that mean?

    There is a parable of the “man”, who was giving a wedding for his daughter, the “Bride”. He told the servants go out into the by-ways and the hi-ways and invite them to come. Why? As those he invited were to busy to come? Isn’t that scarey?

    What did the Father say to the one who came to his daughters wedding without a wedding garment?

    Who does the wedding responsiblity belong too? the door is closing. We must stay prayed up. The enemy who hates our Lord hates his babies. God told them when they were going to curse the Jewish children, that they could not! I am certain he told them the same thing about you and I. However the enemy who hates us, will inflicted as much pain as we let him. Stay in the Lord, which is the word. The word is a 2 edge sword?

    Is it possible if we don’t know what it means that the enemy who stands around the thrown can kick our tails, is it part of the scourging? Jesus wants a bride who knows who she is, the price that here groom paid to marry and have her. Who could have ever loved us more the Father?

    Will you take a time on the wall to pray about these things and be faithful to the Lord in doing so? You might only be able to giwe 15 minutes. When you have wedding preparation and you are the Bride? Do you have things to take care of? Do you have invitations to give out?


    Thank you Marianne for lending the Lord and me your site to speak to our family.

    • Thank you Pattie…intercession is definitely needed and we definitely await a “wedding”. Details of the Jewish wedding is fascinating and when compared with the parables Jesus used it opens up a whole new understanding of what Jesus was talking about.


  19. I was once also among those who sent curses back. Then I noticed an alternative. Indeed it looks revengeful when we send curses back. So I decided to break them, loose myself from them and leave it to Jesus Christ what He wants to do with them. So if He decides, the with should learn a lesson then it is His choice and not mine. In that case I do not have to put up with that and am sure, it is dealt with according to the will of God.

  20. The Lord said –

    Deuteronomy 20: 3-4 – “And the Lord shall ye say unto them, Hear O Israel, ye approach this day unto battle against your enemies; let not your hearts faint, and do not tremble, neither be ye terrified because of them. For the Lord your God is he who goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you”.

    Deuteronomy 29: 7 – “And the Lord thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them who hate thee, who persecuted thee.”

    So, as far as ‘binding and loosing’, it appears that this is particular verse is referring the the spiritual state within ourselves. Not referring to outward evil spirits. Whatever we bind – meaning to our hearts and minds – (believe in), we shall receive both in heaven and earthly places; whatever we loose (don’t believe in), will not be manifesed in our lives.

    By our complete solidarity and oneness with our Lord, we have defeated the Devil and the Devil knows this. Our strength of belief manifested in our mind and soul and spirit (which is the power of God) crushes the Devil and his forces. We must believe this and not be distracted by demons and curses. Live under the protection of God and his Son, Jesus Christ and the Devil will flee!

  21. Prophecies being fulfilled on schedule and soon the forces of the North (China And Russia) will move down on Israel. Also with all that is happening in world economies – End Times as we know them will be happening soon – very soon….

  22. Marianne and everyone else,

    this has been a topic that has been on the forefront on my life for a few years now…there is scripture that seems to support both sides of the coin on this one. like when The Apostle Paul turned someone over to satan for the destruction of his flesh that he might be saved. or when Jesus Imprecated the pharisees…and to bless…however I believe our focus is to pray for people who curse. I do admit years ago after a church service I was commenting to a guy who stood and gave a testimony and next thing I know he is laying hands on me and the presence of God went away and I was vexed..for the next week after that I tried casting it down, rebuking it on Jesus name breaking words and so on, so finally I decreed what he put on me goes back to him…and I asked God to forgive me for doing that. And you know what it lifted. and one more thing it seems this usually happens because the church is disobedient when dealing with offense like the right of confrontation because if you have an ought a lot of times we are told to let it go and do nothing however if we the church really followed the steps in Matt 18 and I think in Luke 17 then there would not be as much witch craft, because if someone is put out of the church whether its a house church or an institutional church then a lot of it would be cut out…and for those who say just do nothing have you ever come to the aid of someone distraut? and just tell them be strong and have faith and nothing will happen to you or did you bear with their weakness and not have the attitude of “well if they just would trust God then they could walk right out of this”.

    I Believe The Next move of God is inreach in the Body of Christ with out the stipulation and having to go out and do this and that to be able to connect with other believers. My reference is eph 4 and 1st cor 12-14.. Because Jesus said they will know you are my desciples because of your love for one another and the as much as you did to the least of these MY BRETHEREN you have done it to me.
    So the real work of the ministry is the building up of the body of christ in love and the result wlll be people being saved and added as God see’s fit. not adding millions of mental ascenters thru some huge crusade or some tv preacer. one more thing if you are honest with yourself and really study the new testament you will see its mainly about dealing with other people and tough situations in life and of coarse The Lord Jesus Christ.


  23. It seems that David was quite serious and very specific about sending things back to the sender in this psalm. He was a warrior who knew how to fight. I believe we are supposed to be warriors as well, know the enemy strategies, know our weapons well and use them to their best advantage.
    Psalm 35 Of David.

    1 Contend, LORD, with those who contend with me;
    fight against those who fight against me.
    2 Take up shield and armor;
    arise and come to my aid.
    3 Brandish spear and javelin[a]
    against those who pursue me.
    Say to me,
    “I am your salvation.”

    4 May those who seek my life
    be disgraced and put to shame;
    may those who plot my ruin
    be turned back in dismay.
    5 May they be like chaff before the wind,
    with the angel of the LORD driving them away;
    6 may their path be dark and slippery,
    with the angel of the LORD pursuing them.

    7 Since they hid their net for me without cause
    and without cause dug a pit for me,
    8 may ruin overtake them by surprise—
    may the net they hid entangle them,
    may they fall into the pit, to their ruin.
    9 Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD
    and delight in his salvation.
    10 My whole being will exclaim,
    “Who is like you, LORD?
    You rescue the poor from those too strong for them,
    the poor and needy from those who rob them.”

    11 Ruthless witnesses come forward;
    they question me on things I know nothing about.
    12 They repay me evil for good
    and leave me like one bereaved.
    13 Yet when they were ill, I put on sackcloth
    and humbled myself with fasting.
    When my prayers returned to me unanswered,
    14 I went about mourning
    as though for my friend or brother.
    I bowed my head in grief
    as though weeping for my mother.
    15 But when I stumbled, they gathered in glee;
    assailants gathered against me without my knowledge.
    They slandered me without ceasing.
    16 Like the ungodly they maliciously mocked;[b]
    they gnashed their teeth at me.

    17 How long, Lord, will you look on?
    Rescue me from their ravages,
    my precious life from these lions.
    18 I will give you thanks in the great assembly;
    among the throngs I will praise you.
    19 Do not let those gloat over me
    who are my enemies without cause;
    do not let those who hate me without reason
    maliciously wink the eye.
    20 They do not speak peaceably,
    but devise false accusations
    against those who live quietly in the land.
    21 They sneer at me and say, “Aha! Aha!
    With our own eyes we have seen it.”

    22 LORD, you have seen this; do not be silent.
    Do not be far from me, Lord.
    23 Awake, and rise to my defense!
    Contend for me, my God and Lord.
    24 Vindicate me in your righteousness, LORD my God;
    do not let them gloat over me.
    25 Do not let them think, “Aha, just what we wanted!”
    or say, “We have swallowed him up.”

    26 May all who gloat over my distress
    be put to shame and confusion;
    may all who exalt themselves over me
    be clothed with shame and disgrace.
    27 May those who delight in my vindication
    shout for joy and gladness;
    may they always say, “The LORD be exalted,
    who delights in the well-being of his servant.”

    28 My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,
    your praises all day long.

  24. Please pray that the curse my mother inlaw spoke over my husband is broken. My mother inlaw stood up in front of my husbands family and my family saying she did not want grandchildren.
    My Mom stood up and declared I want grandchildren.
    Please pray that my husband and I have children, thanks.

    • hi Rosa

      I will add your special request for children to my prayer list. And tell your mother in law that it is NOT her decision. It is YOURS. And to mind her own business. Sometimes, it helps to stop the person doing the cursing.

  25. HI

    • dear Roy

      Only God knows your future and all your past. I suggest you seek him in your life, and the answers you really need will be given to you. People that promise this are just in the business to get your money.

  26. thz he is and will be always in my life. i have face lot of problem but sometime he did nt listen to my prayer

    • dear Roy

      God hears your prayers. But since he is God, and sovereign, he answers when he is ready. We have to be patient. The answer could come immediately, in a few days, or we wait our entire lives. But he will answer. There is always a reason for any delay, and we learn it when the answer comes.

  27. thz marianne for all reply.

  28. I Cor. 5:5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
    I had a spell placed on me by a family member. Jesus broke it after asking for 4 months…but not ubtil I sent it back with a heart of love so that ‘she’ would undersand evil, and see that Jesus s more powerful so that her spirit may be saved…

  29. It is not people that we are dealing with. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. It is demonic spirits. We love people. But we take our Authority over the demonic spirits. The Blood of Jesus is the nuclear bomb against the devil. As we take our place at the right hand of the Father IN Christ and command the devil to get under our feet. Then no weapon formed against us can prosper. We speak to those spirits and command their power to be broken over us and/or loved ones. We don’t need to return any kind of curse. We only need to break it. We should pray that the LORD deal with the hearts of those who are cursing. The light always shines in the Darkness, Be the light. We as Christians should not be out to hurt people no matter how evil. Jesus loved us even when we were in sin. We are to be like Jesus. So we love the person, hate the sin, by the Blood and the Authority intrusted in us we take care of the Devil. It;s just that easy.. To many people try to make like the devil is equally as strong as Jesus.. the devil has been dis-armed and defeated. He has no authority what so ever over anyone who has Jesus. Greater is He that is in me than he who is of the Word. If the devil can fool you into making you think your weak.. then the devil wins.
    Get the book “The Authority of the Believer” by Rev. J.A. MacMillan. This will show you exactly who you are in Christ and who He is in you!

  30. Hello,

    I am new to the site; hence, I am just getting acquainted with the comments which have been posted on the website. I would like to say that I do support Marianne’s claim that we (as Christians) are entitled to reverse curses sent to us by warlocks, sorceres, basically those who curse us. As well, it is biblical. Please reade Psaml 109, especially verse 17 & 18. Notice that in those verses, David is not asking God to bless the one who persecutes him. He (David) is reversing or sending back the curse.

    Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise;

    2 For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue.

    3 They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause.

    4 For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.

    5 And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.

    6 Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand.

    7 When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.

    8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

    9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

    10 Let his children be continually vagabonds, and beg: let them seek their bread also out of their desolate places.

    11 Let the extortioner catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labour.

    12 Let there be none to extend mercy unto him: neither let there be any to favour his fatherless children.

    13 Let his posterity be cut off; and in the generation following let their name be blotted out.

    14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered with the Lord; and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.

    15 Let them be before the Lord continually, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth.

    16 Because that he remembered not to shew mercy, but persecuted the poor and needy man, that he might even slay the broken in heart.

    17 As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.

    18 As he clothed himself with cursing like as with his garment, so let it come into his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones.

    19 Let it be unto him as the garment which covereth him, and for a girdle wherewith he is girded continually.

    20 Let this be the reward of mine adversaries from the Lord, and of them that speak evil against my soul.

    21 But do thou for me, O God the Lord, for thy name’s sake: because thy mercy is good, deliver thou me.

    22 For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.

    23 I am gone like the shadow when it declineth: I am tossed up and down as the locust.

    24 My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness.

    25 I became also a reproach unto them: when they looked upon me they shaked their heads.

    26 Help me, O Lord my God: O save me according to thy mercy:

    27 That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, Lord, hast done it.

    28 Let them curse, but bless thou: when they arise, let them be ashamed; but let thy servant rejoice.

    29 Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle.

    30 I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.

    31 For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor, to save him from those that condemn his soul.


  31. This site and instructions will be the one I use because its not evil.

  32. We have a condition in our family which causes intense and unbearable pain that affects our hands and feet. It can also affect the entire body at times. This pain has been around for at least 4 generations. It will affect some and totally miss others. For example i am 1 of 4 boys. I have the condition along with 1 of my brothers but the other 2 have nothing. Its the same with all the others in our family line. We have sought the expertise of the best dr’s in the country, particulary at the cleveland clinic here on OH. They cant pin point anything. We have heard for years that the family was cursed. My mother went to a church and explained what was going on with the family to the prophet who spoke. He asked what the family name was and told her that the family had been cursed. He then went on to say the way to break the curse was to break up bread, put it in a paper bag, pray, and allow the bag to flow down a body of flowing water. We want to be healed of this curse because it truly seems to rob us of a full life particularly the kids. My mother is just in limbo of whether to go through such an “extreme” because it seems for lack of a better word “voodoo-ish”. Can you please shed some insight on whether its a curse and what can we do. As we speek my son is going through a very painful episode and he is crying out asking the Lord for help and asking the Lord why him? Please help us or give some direction. Thx, Glenn.

    • dear Glenn

      It sounds like your family has genetic idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.

      there are various causes.

      the cleveland clinic may not be the right place to go….i did not see a neurologist listed,,,,did you see one?

      try here

      search for neurologists….

      It may be a curse, in the sense that it is hereditary, and you “cannot escape it.” But check with a better specialist first before you worry about curses.

      it is true that there are generational curses….and you can actively repent of the sins that originally caused the curse, and do something to compensate for the wrongdoing to reverse it.

      Give this to God, and check with medical specialists…get another opinion…from the websites given here, it sounds like symptomatic relief may be possible. Also check yourselves for diabetes, as it is one cause of this affliction.

      Stay in touch, and let me know what the doctors say……

      • Thanks for your response. We have seen many dr’s: neurologist, endocrologist, rheumatologist, pain mgt psychologist, geneticist, and the list goes on and on. All at the Cleveland clinic. We’ll look at the info you’ve given us. Should we discard the things that the prophet told my mother? We have seemed to have prayed for so long.

        • glenn

          that advice to your mother was stupid. no real prophet would ever say that. sounds like nonsense. and superstition.

          a real prophet would have prayed for and delivered your mother from illness.

          the only “neurologist” i could find listed at the clinic was a DO, not an MD.

          they obviously could not identify your problem when it was evident what was wrong…..many doctors now are just technicians…look for someone that has both a PhD and an MD.

          if I can figure out what is wrong, someone with half a brain should be able to think through it. ..sorry, but sometimes the medical profession really gets to me! I have had many misdiagnoses myself….keep searching for someone with some sense, and good credentials.

          • Thanks for the insight. The dr’s names are Debabrata Gosh MD, DM (neurologist) , Sumit Parikh MD (neurogenetics & metabolism), & Rocio Moran MD (clinical geneticist). We will keep in touch. God bless!


  34. @Glenn

    Hi there! I’m new to this site and has read most of the comments. Thanks Marriane for the site. It’s very informative. Glenn, please advise your mom to be wary of those th at come in the name of the Lord. The guy who spoke was a warlock. What he asked her to do was witchcraft. I have experienced these things with people (false prophets) telling me what to do that was not found no where in the word of God to do. Kitchen witches is what they are. Your family should get together, anoint yourselves, fast and pray this away because it is a generational thing. God is a healer and he can deliver. Ask for forgiveness of sins, even those of your fore fathers, then pray casting away the spirit that afflicts your family.

    God Bless

  35. The bible says whoever curses someone will be cursed them back. Is this still true nowadays? I can feel something or someone is cursing me, so I want to cure it, are there anyway to find out who is doing the negative energy and does ignoring it, staying positive plus praying to God for help is the best way to deny it? I can feel that thoughts are very controlling aspect of something, even though it is not visible. So, it is like signals, energy passes through to another person if they have the intention, and that person feel it by having bad luck…etc. it amaze me how thinking of another person with your will could change something physically. Does evaluating something bad, like I did it intentionally in a negative energy about someone but deep in my heart I absolutely denies it, would this rejection afterwards helps reversing my energy back to normal?

    • dear PG

      It depends on why the curse is being sent.

      If someone is sending a curse in order to harm another, that will eventually come back on them, as well as harming the victim.

      Here, I am saying to return something because you do not want it, just as in returning anything else you do not want from someone.

      this is not meant to harm, but to send the message that you reject the curse to yourself,, and you refuse to be the victim.

      hopefully, when the curse comes back as ” not accepted,” the sender will feel what it feels like to be a victim, and will repent.

      it also means here that you reverse a curse, by instead blessing yourself, and let the blessing cancel the curse.

      i do not know how to identify who is cursing you, but it would be someone you know, and maybe someone you do not suspect.

      I would not focus on “energy” but on the choice between God’s blessing and the curse from an enemy.

      After your reject the curse, and pray a blessing in its place, pray that the sender is touched by God and repents of what they have done.

  36. I always have self imposed curses and that may even add up being a lot worse plus biblical and people’s curses. Sigh…I really need help. I feel like evils are putting bad thoughts on me all the time, from cursing myself when I feel bad and denying God sometimes, due to I feel bad again.

    • do not curse yourself and be your own worst enemy.

      read the bible, especially the new testament.

      find out how much God loves you and wants you to be free and safe from harm.

  37. I stopped reading bible and become lazy again. I don’t know if this is mainly of depression or how my parents said that I am lazy all the time, several times a day, everyday. They always say I am a demon or a demon had been controlling me when I am disobeying them. It makes me feel that these are somehow verbal curses, it which it may not be what they thought it would be, but soon become what they said because it is too repetitive, I can’t get rid off my mind about it.

    • maybe you should ask your parents to pray for you , to get rid of the demon, instead of making criticisms,

      if they will not pray with you, then get someone else to do it

  38. I have made up an unavoidable habit of cursing myself hundreds of times everyday, and someone whom I love. I hate myself for saying that, I can’t control myself, I don’t want to curse someone or myself but free will makes it so hard because thoughts are processing energy at some point of time, I heard so many evil stuff from around the world, I thought and evaluate and i feel so ashamed I am affected by them. It makes me feeling so worthless to stay in the world to curse the most loved person because I don’t feel I deserve their love, so I feel rejected yet curse myself back, I know it sounds funny and weird, but I am questioning myself why is my temptation is so intense, it is heart brokering to commit bad things. I wish I wouldn’t be human, and even though there are lots of beautiful things on earth to experience, I would rather be staying with God and worship him at the beginning, could be a selfish manner in which avoid sufferings and pain on earth where consequences do exist, and I just so want to be like a normal Christian, why is everyone who believe Christianity is normal and I am not? Anyway, maybe it could be depression, but i now feel against wisdom, the more I know, the more I am more evil and less controllable about things, control couldn’t be blamed entirely, but part of the reason I think is wisdom that makes me feel so bad to myself and others, and I wish I could be like a child again, the innocence and pure mindset….

    • you need to clean your brain.

      get rid of the garbage and put good stuff in there.

      get rid of anything that contaminates your thoughts.

      find worship music, prayer, bible reading, good friends, and good movies about God to fill your brain.

      if you are not good at reading , then get DVDs and watch christian movies, and listen to bible teachings on tape or CD

      you CAN be like a child again…once you get cleaned up.

      • I agree. I will try. I know I have the ability, it was just me obeying the wrong direction. Hope that I would archieve my innocence back as easy as you had mentioned. Have a nice day!

  39. Hi. I came across this site whilst looking for answers on how to resolve my issue. If anybody has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. My brother has been in a relationship with another man for about seventeen years now. My family has recently found out that his partner practices in paganism (hope its slept correctly because I, myself don’t even know what that entirely means). He has admitted in the past to have put a spell (called “follow me boy”) on my brother. This man has corrupted my brother so that he doesn’t even want the name of Jesus mentioned in his house. Is there anything I can do to break the curse using the power of the Lord and is there a way to make my brother a follower of Christ ? I want my brother to succeed in life, and this man is holding him back. I have offered to start him up a sister company to mine and this man has persuaded him against. I just want the best for my brother and I know the lord can guide me in the right direction and, I just don’t know where to start. Your inputs and suggestions would be Greatly appreciated.

  40. I agree 1000 % with you on this one Mariane. Jeremiah 11;14. What did Paul do to the sorcerer? Acts 13;6,11. Elijah and Jezebel?

  41. My brother has been cursed and we are praying to send the curse back

  42. How would I know if there is in fact a curse on my life or me

    • cheryl

      Things are going wrong, and you did nothing to cause the problems.

      • Things have been steadily going wrong for me for several years. I haven’t progressed at all let alone prosper. I tried my hardest to succeed in a career and nothing opened up, in fact, things were taken away from me although I was the one who put the effort and work in. Others took credit for my work and there was nothing I could do. It has been very unjust and painful. I boiled it down to God/the Universe must be telling me that this career path isn’t right for me. However, I am very passionate about it and still think about it a lot in sorrow. I did wonder if someone put a spell on me to fail. It’s hard to know if I’m just not supposed to be in that field or if a curse has been put on me. How would i really know?

        • camryn

          first of all….this is NOT your fault……

          yes i think someone cursed you at the beginning, and it has just snowballed into a big mess.

          we can talk more offline, as I am getting this email about bedtime for me.

          it may be that the path is not right for you, but it is NOT because you are not suited for it, or not talented in that area…..

          it is because the PEOPLE are garbage, and are not worthy of your talents and efforts.

          most do the minimum now, and anyone who excels in their work is a threat to them.

          so you are a threat, they do not appreciate you and want to take credit for what you do.

          think deeply….is there some way you can transfer your talents to an area that seems more friendly to you, without going back to school?

  43. That was helpful.thanks Kenneth

  44. Your failures are the very things that are teaching you as well as shaping you God always gives us the desires of our hearts try and remember this maybe even meditate on it.So embrace your fears as a conqueror.GOD BLESS!!!!

  45. Psalm 109:17 NIV – He loved to pronounce a curse— may it ……Psalm+109%3A17...
    He loved to pronounce a curse— may it come back on him. He found no pleasure in blessing— may it be far from him.

    The entire Psalm 109 is even more PLAIN and actually very specific and somewhat shocking and terrifying to those that curse others:

    O God, whom I praise, do not be silent,a

    for wicked and treacherous mouths attack me.

    They speak against me with lying tongues;

    3with hateful words they surround me,

    attacking me without cause.

    4In return for my love they slander me,

    even though I prayed for them.

    5They repay me evil for good,

    hatred for my love.b

    6Appoint an evil one over him,

    an accuser* to stand at his right hand,

    7That he may be judged and found guilty,

    that his plea may be in vain.

    8May his days be few;

    may another take his office.c

    9May his children be fatherless,

    his wife, a widow.d

    10May his children wander and beg,

    driven from their hovels.

    11May the usurer snare all he owns,

    strangers plunder all he earns.

    12May no one treat him with mercy

    or pity his fatherless children.

    13May his posterity be destroyed,e

    their name rooted out in the next generation.

    14May his fathers’ guilt be mentioned to the LORD;

    his mother’s sin not rooted out.f

    15May their guilt be always before the LORD,g

    till their memory is banished from the earth,h

    16For he did not remember to show mercy,

    but hounded the wretched poor

    and brought death to the brokenhearted.

    17He loved cursing; may it come upon him;

    he hated blessing; may none come to him.

    18May cursing clothe him like a robe;

    may it enter his belly like water,

    his bones like oil.

    19May it be near as the clothes he wears,

    as the belt always around him.

    20*May this be the reward for my accusers from the LORD,

    for those speaking evil against me.

    21But you, LORD, are my Lord,

    deal kindly with me for your name’s sake;

    in your great mercy rescue me.

    22For I am poor and needy;

    my heart is pierced within me.

    23Like a lengthening shadow I am gone,

    I am shaken off like the locust.

    24My knees totter from fasting;i

    my flesh has wasted away.

    25I have become a mockery to them;

    when they see me, they shake their heads.

    26Help me, LORD, my God;

    save me in your mercy.

    27Make them know this is your hand,

    that you, LORD, have done this.

    28Though they curse, may you bless;

    arise, shame them, that your servant may rejoice.

    29Clothe my accusers with disgrace;

    make them wear their shame like a mantle.

    30I will give fervent thanks to the LORD;

    before a crowd I will praise him.j

    31For he stands at the right hand of the poor

    to save him from those who pass judgment on him.

  46. […] Reverse the curse […]

  47. Please pray for salvation

  48. Insightful thank you!

  49. Jennifer,

    There is a lot of resources within this link that will help you, “Blessings and Curses” by Derek Prince.

    God Bless you!
    Psalm 25

  50. Jennifer,

    One more important resource for you – a specific teaching on the subject of curses and blessing in a video presentation.

    God Bless you!
    Psalm 18

  51. How do I remove a curse that a neighbour placed on me via the assistance of a witch. I have prayed and prayed with no assistance from God so it seems that her power is much stronger than God’s so quite honestly I have lost faith and stopped praying. Can’t see the sense of praying if it doesn’t helps so I have decided not waste may energy.

    • Riaan

      God is greater than your witch.

      what kind of curse do you have?

      you most likely have failed so far, because your belief is that the witch is stronger, and you do not know how to pray.

      I also do not see that you are saved by the blood of Jesus, so that would leave you open to attack.

      first, give your life to Jesus, and repent of your sins….if you do not know what sin is, I will send you a list. it you see anything on there that applies to you, then you must stop doing that. sin is disobedience against God. you must decide to stop intentionally sinning , and accept the sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross for you. if you do not do this, God will not listen to your prayers. JEsus is God’s son, and you have to honor him with your life, and mean it…..or there is no favor with God.

      If you really do not understand who JEsus is, then let me know and I will give you more information. if you have a bible, read the new testament….if you do not have a bible, then get one and read it.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and for strength. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you. I am also sending you a list of sins for you to use to examine your life.

      also, tell the witch you are pleading the blood of JEsus over you, and if she continues, God is going to punish her with torment and push all her curses back on her…do not be afraid of her….she is powerless when you are covered with the blood of Jesus.

  52. Hi! I am new to this. I have been with my fiance for 5 years. We are getting married next year. Last year we moved by my fiance’s grandmother and aunt. His family and his mom and dad warned me of them and told me to stay away. Once I moved over there the lord dealt with me alot! I also began to deal with more evil spirits. I began to have dreams and visions or his grandmother and aunt dealing with witchcraft and when they would enter my home I would discern evil from them and when they left later on I would be waken up from my sleep praying. Also out of the blue every time we would began arguing for no reason at all once they came in our home. I didn’t tell my fiance at first I talked to his parents and they began to tell me they did things like that to them before as well.Eventually I talked to him and banned them from my home. His aunt came back unannounced. I began to pray she began to throw up fled immediately. We moved from over there and into our new home. I then began to deal with problems from his mother. I have always felt like she isn’t 100% genuine how she claims to be. We had planned to move into a home and pay a mortgage. They congratulated us and all (fiances parents) then his mom would try to get him alone and ask him is he sure he wants to marry me and is he ready for commitment and she didn’t think getting a home would be a good idea. He came back home and told me everything. Even siding with her in a way. I’ve always noticed how sneaky she was and how she always says little things when i’m not around. She is also this way with my brother in laws and their girlfriends as well and one has had a similar experience with the mother. I couldn’t believe it at first but I do now. She smiles in their faces and speaks badly of them when their away. I have never gave her any reason to dislike me. Recently the same evil feeling I got from my fiances aunt and grandmom I got from his mother. I went to a family gathering and noticed how funny she was acting I also ate at their home something I hadn’t done lately. Later that night I got home and got very sick and dizzy and weak. I found it very weird his mom kept calling and texting me asking how our child was doing because she was sick to. I got a feeling she was just trying to see if I was doing fine and if I felt sick. But I didn’t say a thing. I thought it may have been a pain pill I taken. The next night I dreamed of me and my mother she began to call me downstairs and I could not move, talk, or anything. She said you know his mom is performing witchcraft against you. I tried to tell her I knew but couldn’t say a thing. In the dream I was eating her food and she kept calling me and texting me as well to see how I was but I would not respond. I would see her coming to our home peaking in through our blinds and getting back in her car and leaving. I woke up and felt a evil presence I began praying and rebuking in the name of Jesus and praying over our daughter. I was upset to know she would actually go that far. She is always trying to be friends and smile in my face and she knows I’m not buying it at all.

    • ki ki

      you have not mentioned your family at all.

      where are they in all this?

      you should be near supportive family and friends, not a bunch of strange evil people with issues.

      it would be better to move away from ALL of them that cause trouble.

  53. Marianne, My family is around. I don’t have much but I do have a praying family who warned me of them before as well. My close relatives that live by me are my mom sister and brother. That’s exactly what I did move away from them all. But they will always try and find a way to come around or keep in touch due to my fiances and I daughter. But they are not allowed to come into my home anymore.

    • ki ki

      Your finance is either an ahab or a eunuch…in spirit. if he were a real man, he would not allow this.

      he will go with the most aggressive female in this case. tell him you are the boss in your own house, not his mother or any one else in his family….you will not be pushed around.

      talk to him and tell him his family is bad news, that you will not tolerate it, and you and he have to stop communication with them until they learn to repent and behave correctly.

      take charge, and also tell him to start acting like he has some male hormones and tell him to get his family under control.

      have a meeting with him with YOUR family there, backing you up.

      lay some ground rules, because you refuse to be a victim to their insanity and witchcraft

      I am also sending you some prayers against witchcraft control and for strength.

      print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  54. I send back any curse that was send to me or my family. I left my job because I somehow felt that a curse was send to me, but in gods name I will servive and concord what I lost.
    Let my angel protect me and my family. I will find a good job in 2015.

  55. These movies of Weir wolves and Vampires are making them LOOK sooooo Romantic and Sexy, that young girls want to be them. There are weir wolf spells on the internet that you can do on a full moon and the next full moon you will change. Very young girls are getting each other to do these spells on themselves. Of course it is put on the internet by Satan’s minions to trap these very young girls into destroying their lives and getting trapped early so there is no way to think differently at an older age to see the difference.
    They just see what is on TV and think it is real and it is OK and because the hero and heroin never die they think all is safe.
    Have a group prayer daily or at least once a week to surround all the young girls with the power and blood of Jesus, the White Light, the Christ Light, the PROTECTING light, the Forgiving Light, the Loving light, and that all the Warrier Angels will surround them and fight for their souls to protect them from Satan and his traps.
    try to get the data out about these traps on the internet.
    We worry about sexual predators getting to our children, but what about Satan and his minions as predators that prey on our children in the form of these spells put on the internet to become …..whatever…..and suck their life force from them.

  56. For the person who has a brother who is with someone into pagan worship. Surround your brother with the christ light, the healing light, the protecting light, the forgiving light, the loving light. I have kept my children safe as they grew up in that way. I just draw a circle around them, fill it with the Christ light until it is so bright I can’t see, then I start at their heads, and draw another circle down and around and up, then fill that with the white light, then another circle beside that one, and another and another until it looks like a ball of white light around them. Once I get that ball filled with the White light, the Christ light, I start expanding and expanding it until it gets so big it is out to the edge of the MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME UNIVERSE.
    I then ask the Father, Son and Holey Spirit to send their Warrier angels to fight for and protect My sons for whom ever or whatever is coming to attack them. I close by saying “In Jesus name, Amen”

    An elderly lady once told me to get Frankenscense oil and put it on each window and door opening, both sides, top and bottom thresh hold saying at the time, “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit go back to Hell from whence you came!”
    Frankenscense was burned in the temples in old bible times because Demons hated the smell she told me.
    I have in-laws that bring bad things when they come to visit so I do this before and after they leave.
    Another thing, attachments of evil entities do not like to cross running water.
    Put a water hose across your sidewalk and turn it on running lightly before people come into your home for the holidays or for events of ANY kind.
    Leave running for the whole time they are there letting it go out into the flower beds so the water is not wasted
    These negative entities do not like to come in and cross over that running water so you will have less problems of so called friends bringing unwanted guests of these negative entities into your home.

  57. dazey

    Amen to your comment/reply. I too apply the light as well as oil to doors and windows with spiritual success, thank you Lord.

    “For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9).

    “Therefore, let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the Armor of Light” (Romans 13:12, NKJV).

    I don’t see the light, but I do meet with someone regularly who does. She also feels the darkness. What she shares with me is very helpful and a blessing in spiritual warfare – thank you Lord.

    As for the water – I listen to Scriptures or read them. This is very effective and works 24/7 rain or shine.

    You may appreciate these two pages. Please read into the comments for applications and more information.

    Psalm 27

  58. Here is so many comments here I hope you get to read mine and reply to me on email on my questions. In South Africa where I live. Our presedant and some opposition leaders openly and bublicly curse white people particular the Boer people. They shout out creeds that says kill the Boer kill the white man bring me my machine gun. The proclaim at their rallies with witchdoctores to send white people out the country and to bring destruction to us. This guy has even gone as far as to removing commandments from the bible and other scriptures in his new Zulu translation. 100 of thousands of people has died violent deaths here because of those words of hatred properganda. I once read a South African pastor who prophecy and said ‘ God is sad end that no one in authority has taken authority of those evil words spoken to bee in’.
    I thought to myself I Cary the same power in me that raised Jesus from the dead thus I should have the authority. And God said I can move mountains with faith of a mustard seed. I become terably sad on the words of hatred spoken oubout guys so I started praying saying ‘ I send those words back to manifest 7 fold on them and their house holds for what they spoken’ I break those evil words of my fellow brethren who its been spoken over.
    Those are terably evil words that has been spoken over us and only death will come from this and I think rather them than us. We did not speak those evil. I especially thought of the house of Ahab because of the evil theuy did and what these politicians are doing is just as evil.
    However I have been critezied by my fellow Christians for not showing love by saying that death will come to there house. But this guy continue sly defy God by making a mockery of Him. So how else do you do but to stand up and return those curses of death?

    • Jaliza

      I am aware of the violence against the Boers. I have several pages on it on my website.

      Jesus did not teach hatred, only love.

      but god is a god of judgement as well……. it would be unfair to the good people to allow the wicked to go unpunished.

      telling people about the judgement of god is an act of mercy….it saves them from hell if they repent

      stick to what the bible says and tell the truth…

      people who are in sin need to repent…if they don’t, then they do not love god like they claim.

      ask god every day to bless you and your family and ask him to provide and protect you from all evil.

  59. I think that what you expressed in this article is the right thing to say. I never believed in accepting a curse or any wrong doing from anyone. It’s just not right. We must protect and love ourselves. Someone has cast a evil spell on me about 7 years ago. I never reversed it because I didn’t want anything bad to happen to me. Is it too late to reverse it now that I’m more knowledgable or how long does karma take to knock on their door. Or is there a prayer I can say that will reverse it. What I went through was horrible and I almost died in the hospital right after a person informed me of that evil person. Please may someone give me an advice. I would like to live my will in life and in peace without any worries.

    • nicole

      just openly declare that you reverse the curse and send it back where it came from.

      openly ask god to send blessings to cancel all curses.

      it is like unwanted mail….you just “return to sender.”

      I am also sending you prayers against witchcraft, curses and spirits, prayer for strength and one for blessing, to help cancel the curse. print them out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  60. Thank you deeply so much for information may my CHRIST Jesus bless you and that all your family is protected amen

  61. thank u for this post. the sin I committed 21yrs ago – licking of the virgina of a young girl has been used project an evil spirit on aura. this make people to reject & avoid me wherever l go. I really hope this will put paid on that. thanks once again! Samuel

  62. To prove what you say is in fact the will of God (in one’s authority) is pretty simple…. what verses of God’s word are you basing your claim on??

    • neecee

      we are told in scripture to resist the enemy and he will flee from us.

      to reverse the curse is to reject it and send it back where it came from as unwanted.

      this is resistance…and opposition to the curse.

      • I have yet to find scripture on sending a curse to someone and it not being witchcraft… and what about not repaying evil with evil…. God really does not contradict Himself. I understand where you’re coming from But we have to be TRUTHful in order to be effective and helpful. I’m say this after finding out that the woman that birthed me has been practicing witch for over 50 years and has been a willing host of the enemy while saying she was saved. she has been a willing host of probably a Jezebel spirit among other things to destroy my family. She has been unable to do that because we are under the protection of the Lord and as we begin to understand what is happening we are standing up on what God says and following His word and also very importantly getting our selves in the position that we’re supposed to be in with the Lord, which would automatically not allow strongholds, , or opportunities for the devil to affect our lives. The enemy has no control over what belongs to the Most High God so rather than sending out curses (and I’m sorry but just because somebody claims to not be a which doesn’t make sending a curse not witchcraft…you’re sending one (or attempting to do so ) regardless of the direction… we need to be seeking God on what to do. If you are the seed of Abraham, than God says HE WILL bless those that bless you and HE WILL curse those that curse you. Gen 12:3… those who are saved, who have Jesus as their Savior Redeemer, walking the walk in addition to talking the talk are the seeds of Abraham God also says that vengeance is HIS.. that HE WILL REPAY.. Romans 12:19..the devil has no control over what belongs to God if that person is truly walking in the light, you tell the devil to step off you bind him and you do it CONTINUALLY and DAILY. put a note up in a doorway and every time you go in and out of the doorway you profess the Word of God! He is a fake and a liar, he id s temporary furloughed convict of whom by the way, God also created. he has no authority or control over the children of the Most High God neither does hosts.demons, witches warlocks their incantations and all of speak the word (learn it first study it believe it)..the truth over it while walking in the light which keep the devil out and the same will happen to you that happened to me. The witches in my family whom the Lord tells us don’t even exist, The Walking Dead; stay away from me, and my life is improving daily I am blessed, we are having bodies healed, etc. I am focusing on things so much higher that I actually go days without even thinking about the woman that gave birth to me. think before we start telling people what to do and being all spiritual we need to understand what God’s Word says people that actually belong to Jesus and share the TRUTH you’re representing God.. you really don’t want to tell people to curse people..

        • neecee

          rejecting a curse is the opposite of accepting it and its power over us.

          we reject it, we do not curse back.

          • Galations might be another source of good information I mean we are saved from the curse we are redeemed from the curse Jesus defeated the enemy and the enemy has no authority over us so it’s actually a matter of knowing the truth and I am talking about true people of God who are redeemed from the curse the word doesn’t say the truth makes you free it says KNOWING the truth makes you free (john 8:32).. shut it down change your thinking transform your mind and started walking in the truth

        • the more condensed version would be to receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior be born again covered by the blood of the Lamb protected from evil and darkness start there and read /understand the word you want to be covered with God’s promises do things God’s Way really that simple… ask Jesus into your heart make him your Lord and Savior in face believing that he is the Son of the Most High God the Redeemer of mankind to make atonement for your sins believe the promise of your receiving the Holy Spirit be baptized at some point as early as possible… God s as says that is how its done…

          • I am already saved by the blood

            • Was not my intent to offend anyone, I do ask forgiveness from whomever I have. I thought of readers in general when I posted my comment, no one in particular. It makes me very upset, we are greatly deceived. Now I know that I know nothing, but what God shows me, and while I have a lot to learn, I know that the ‘sending back of a curse” never “fitted” right in my spirit. How can the Lord tell us to forgive, don’t do evil, the battle’s His, He will repay, while regarding curses like those spoken of here as witchcraft and then ok us (HIs people) ‘directing” (if that is possible???) them and that not be practicing witchcraft as well. I’ve yet to find scripture to back that up. Is reversing the curse the same… I don’t know. I wonder if this (sending or whatever) is a wife stale, lie of the enemy, its what he does. At any rate I think we can agree that the protection from the enemy comes in salvation, Yeshua and only Him. Once The Lord let me know about my family members not only occult involvement, but what they were attempted to do to me and had done all my life; I had to really, truly forgive them ( in some time), they are hosts (Possessed or whatever you’d call it), but the evil is the devil. Only after repenting myself and checking daily (we all sin), forgiving, etc, etc, did the Lord say ” Now it Begins”… evil is determined (2 sam- Sauls craziness) but all their attempts miss! ( ooh, get it; like sauls spear missed david…) . I’m told to stand in faith, and agreement with other relatives who’ve been victims. I expect as the bible says to look for them (family-eveildoers-enemies-witches) and not find them, they will be no more, they names will not be remembered in the streets as the bible says. Neither the devil or his family has any control over me, my life, my whatever… That’s me though. I’ve even spoken to the thing in the woman who birthed me… this 83 yr old woman who professed to be born again, looked at me with the demon’s eyes, pointed at me and told me to stay the F away from her, I commanded her to go to her room, and she did. I refused to conversate with it and as I begin to seek God and do what He said daily, step by step, she stayed away from me more and more, she finally packed up and moved out as quickly as possible w/o telling me the day she was moving, I don’t have her address. She and others once had something to do with a depression I claimed, I wanted to kill myself, God would not allow it, so many pills I should have died 8 times…God would not allow it…. now I know the depression came form her (host), and a number of relatives have been depressed. But not anymore. Thats just one of the things. You don’t send this kind of thing back, you seek God, do what He says. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb yall’. We say its the endtimes all the time, do we realize it. I wouldn’t have believed it. I am only still here (she would have killed me as a child) because of God. He will fight your battle, seek Him, since He ALWAYS wins; let Him… I mean no harm .

  63. Please help me! People are throwing curses at my 3 month daughter!! I don’t know what to do!! These curses are making her cry all the time, always in pain, she only cried when she’s with me, she twitches a lot, and now she’s not wanting to Breast feed any more.. I’m trying really hard to have faith in the lord but this is all to hard and emotional for me! Someone please help my daughter and I!!

    • Nohely

      Is this your first child?

      Babes cry.

      it does not mean they are cursed.

      it means they are uncomfortable….

      wet diapers, gas in stomach….

      or maybe she is sick. she might have colic.

      call your pediatrician and make an appointment.

      if you can talk to a nurse over the phone that would help and be quicker.

      • Oh trust me I have!! 😦 I given her teething medicine, pain medicine, and even colic medicine! I’ve taken her to her pediatrician 4 times already and he said she’s perfectly fine! She’s one of the healthiest babies he’s seen in a while! It’s just when she’s with me she begins to cry!! I think my boy friends father has something to do with witch craftery and has something to do with all this! Am I being paranoid or..??? 😦

  64. Also wherever I go, people always reject and avoid me! Everyone looks an glares at me evil! It’s like everywhere I go people know to stay away from me! I feel like I’m paranoid all the time!! I just want to feel happy and free again! I haven’t felt this in awhile!

    • it sounds like you are so nervous and anxious with her that she cries..she is picking up on your emotions.

      try to pray and calm down…

      smile more, think positive thoughts more, do not be so self conscious…

      do the above first, then if you still think it is witchcraft, then I am sending prayers for deliverance, strength and blessing…blessing to reverse curse.

      print them out or download to computer……say them each day..

      I will be in agreement with you.

  65. Luisa do you mind send me the prayer dealing with witchcraft too please thank you Blessing to you 💖

  66. I feel that I been cursed and I think, I mean I know my ex girlfriend did this to me. Can you please give me some information on this.

    • fernando

      you need to fight back, with prayer and asking god to bless you, to cancel the curses

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft, one for strength, and one for blessing

      print out and say each day.

      also tell your ex girlfriend that you are covering yourself in prayer and the power of god, and that she is wasting her time fighting god.

      if she does not quit, she will go to hell.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  67. I’m in a relationship and he is diving his son with his ex across the country I was not comfortable with the situation I called a psychic hotline to try to ease my insecurities and they informed me that she is currently doing a root spell over him I do not feel comfortable doing any kind of witchcraft to try to reverse it how could I apply this to him and for it to still work

    • melinda

      has he already left?

      if not, talk to him and say why you object

      if yes, then pray

      I am sending a prayer against witchcraft….print out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      also include eunuch spirit and ahab spirit when you pray

      reverse the curse here means send it back as REJECTED…it does not mean curse the other person

      also, do not consult psychics.. they are witches also…

      any one with a brain ( except a stupid man) can see what is going on..

  68. Me and my mother is being a victim right now. My grandfather passed last month in Vietnam out of the blue. He always complain about his Chest hurting and legs hurting but we always thought it’s because a he’s getting old. Never did we thought his own daughter in law’s did witchcraft. After the funeral my mother and I return to the states my mother been having back and body pains. Feels like a nail was poking her heart and feet as she walked. Then in my dreams my grandpa told me he was murder. My mother and I then booked a flight to Vietnam and went to a fortune teller and they said that my mom been curse bad and the person who cursed her is the same person who curse and killed my grandfather. I know because I am Christian I’m not supposed to believe or listen to card reading but I’m Vietnamese culture it pretty popular and our only option. We found a lady who does good and take these nasty curse out. Believe it or not when she prayed for the curse to come out my mother had hair, nails and needle. Inside of her body. My grandfather processed the lady and talked to my mom. I myself have stuff inside of my body that was taken out. We’ve been going to this lady for almost a week and she has taken out so many items out of my mom’s body. All of this was capture on video! Nothing was fake and she didn’t even hide anything. She said this was done by two daughter in law’s which are my evil aunt in law. My mother is still hurting and so am I. Not only did she curse my mom and I, she cursed her own husband which is my uncle to act mean towards everyone and his neck is hurting. She cursed the WHOLE family. So long story short evil is so real but cannot overcome the power of God and prayer. I still need help to pray for these items to all come out of our body and return it to whoever sent it. I need a lot of prayers please…

    • dear linda

      Evil has no real reason, logic or justification. It sounds like voodoo to me.

      usually I read that the hair and nails etc are used to curse someone but you are the first one to tell me the hair and nails were inside of you.

      it may be a common attack, under the skin, but I am still learning. this person must have a lot of hate in them to do this to the family.

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft…..also prayers to help strengthen you… also prayers for healing

      print out prayers and say them every day, or multiple times a day.

      if you do not have a printer, download to computer and read from there.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      also, seeing this “nice” witch may be helpful because she removes objects from you, but this contact with her may actually keep you cursed.

      she is just more witchcraft, but a different variety

      contact a medical doctor about removing any more objects in you.

      you personally, as a christian, have the authority of jesus inside of you to stop all this. you just need to educate yourself and use what god has given you.

      many people get hurt because they do not know about this authority and the devil takes advantage of this….

      I used to be hurt also, until I learned how to pray and realize I had the power, through the name of blood of jesus, to command the demons to go.

      I want you to learn this so you can help your family, and stop this nasty witch and her voodoo.

  69. My name is Michel and am a brother in Yeshua. one thing i would suggest is that none will be left free. Therefore when someone comes on this site he should rather receive a powerful prayer to fight back the assailant(s) instead of mere advice.For anyone afflicted will have consolotion only but when his/her expextations are well treted.

    • michael

      i routinely send people a prayer they can use against spirits, witchcraft, and curses if it sounds like they need it.

      but I took your advice and added a link to the prayer in case people want to go right to it.

      thank you, and god bless you

  70. My husband and I have been under attack by his X wife Christina who has put a Reversal Spell on us.. She is a practicing pagan.. She has reversed everything we have tried to do.. She has steadily been trying to make my husband want her and destroy our marriage because their marriage was destroyed..
    She is evil and I as a woman have been praying and praying for her.. Nothing is working.. She refuses to let go and move on with her life.. She wanted the divorce.. She filed.. She got it and is remarried unhappily to a man she lies to and uses magic on repeatedly.. Will u all pray for this woman to leave us alone and all the people she has using magic intentions against us.. Please..
    God Bless
    Jackie and William Eyster

    • jackie and william

      are either of you saved / born again?

      if you are not, then the door is open to attacks like this.

      only the blood of jesus will break this and protect you.

      I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft….and one for salvation, if that is needed….print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  71. Dear sir
    I have been having misfortune since the year 2002 till date but lately I was show the person behind the crus what should I do

    • emeka

      pray against the curse, and pray for blessings from god that will cancel the curse

      I am sending you prayer against witchcraft/curses/ spirits and for blessing and strength..

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      also, if you are able, confront the bad person and tell them you are praying against them, in jesus name, and you are covered by the blood of jesus..

      and that they are evil and need to repent or end up in hell.

  72. I need help, my sister in law feels she has been cursed by a witch, who is trying break her and her husband up, things have happened, but now she is out of control with this curse, she wants to leave and take her kids with her, is there any way I can reverse the curse, I’m desperate to help her she losing her mind

    • Helen,

      This video message will be of help to you.

    • helen

      to break this curse

      pray against witchcraft

      pray for god t bless you

      sending both prayers to you

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you

      see DJs comment also

  73. I do need a curse reversed, for my loved ones and me- please contact asap- targeted victims of evil.

    • vanessa

      I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft.

      also a prayer for god’s blessing, which will reverse the curse

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  74. Hi, I need your prayers brother and sisters in spirit, I was also cursed by my own beloved one, I need you pray and help me reverse the curse. Your prayers are important

    • yvonne

      you do not have to be anyone’s victim

      stand up for yourself.

      fight back

      tell him to leave you alone or go to hell for what he is doing. and that you are praying against him, and god is on your side

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses, as well as prayers for blessing and strength.

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      • Dear Yvonne, first of all i want to take notice of the following : If you offend your sister, will you go confess to your father and apology to him instead of your sister while she is still alive? Also, are you innocent for the curse? Beware the creator is not what fake men and women of G-d are preaching. Contact me on my whatsapp line on: +233 2446 888 06 for more

        Heaven Awaits wrote:

        > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ Marianne commented: “yvonne you do not have to be anyone’s victim stand up for yourself. fight back tell him to leave you alone or go to hell for what he is doing. and that you are praying against him, and god is on your side I am sending you prayers against “

  75. Will you please keep me in prayer for my family. My dad, my children and myself are in desperate need of prayers to remove any witchcraft that was put on us. I ask the Lord to bind the enemy and the person or persons that is hurting us. My boys who are 36&35 and are
    . to heroine and who knows how many other drugs are they doing. One got out of prison and the other one is headed to prison. Don’t know what to do. I feel run down and like someone is sitting on top of me. MY ENERGY LEVEL is down, my financial is I can’t make my money strech, I need a new roof where am I going to get that kind of money. Please keep me my father Joe Garcia, my sons Charles, Joseph and Emilio in your prayer
    Thank you Lord for putting up sites like this one. Please hear my cry for help Lord remove the person/persons who’s wants to hurt us in Jesup name Amen!

    • debbie

      Heroine is a real bondage. i can imagine the strain on you.

      I am going to send you prayers for deliverance from witchcraft and other spirits (you can add in addictive demons of drugs and heroine), prayers for strength, and blessing.

      also prayers for salvation of loved ones

      I hope things resolve soon, but if they don’t, do not give up.

      I am going to agree with you in prayer for your father Joe Garcia, sons Charles, Joseph and Emilio

      god bless you and give you strength, assurance and peace.

  76. Hi Marianne how do I remove a love curse of someone else ?
    Do I have a right to do so?
    Can I send him protection?
    And how can I protect myself ?
    I have been told several times by mediums…she has binded her energy to him

    • londongigs

      you plead the blood of jesus over the victim and command the demons to go in jesus name

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft.

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  77. Pray for the curse to be lifted from Joyce Richards and her children and be sent back to is sender

    • joyce

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other curses.

      also prayer for blessing

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

  78. Asking for prayers for myself and my family. I was cursed by an ex boyfriend many years ago. He was abusive and knew people who were into dark magic. I believe he sent a demon to afflict me after I left him. I want to send it back before it harms myself or the husband and children that I now have! Thank you and blessings to you for any help in prayers.

  79. Sister marian pls send thr pyer cause my friend cast spell against me, 3 yr ago, by the grace of jesus im still fightng. Heres my email

    Im not always in thissite so pl send rhe prayer thank u.

  80. Hello can you please tell me how to remove a curse to the owner someone in my family is cursing me and my family please help me to remove it in jesus name amen

    • vathiswa

      first talk to the person cursing you and tell them to stop. if they don’t, then tell them you are going to pray against them, and god will punish them for being evil.

      second, pray against the witchcraft curses. reject them and declare them destroyed by the power of god

      third, pray for god’s blessings to replace the curses.

      attached are some prayers. print out and say them each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  81. Step1:have u accepted Jesus as ur saviour ?
    2:did u receive the baptism that “makes u feel that indeed u a CHRISTIAN and not a mere church goer “?
    3:do u have faith (is the God of yesroel capable of every and any thg?)
    4:do u read ur bible(u have one?)
    Only this for the meantime. For surely i assure u for ur self defense u gonna get every necessary weapon in the bible. If u know this quotation: The just shall leave by faith…rectify in ur life what thg u thk u did wrong and as long as u shall b alive keep trusting in God. Caution: don’t at no time belittle him or u may attract worse than what is there now.
    Pray or learn to pray now with fasting …the rule of the game!3
    Go, now

  82. Pray for my family .we start well at school bt we faint when in secondary school and that is the end of our destinies

    • titus

      I am sending you a prayer for blessing, which i hope will help bring good things to you

      print it out and say it each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  83. Hi
    in need of Prayers
    I feel cursed n I think I know the person who sends bad luck in my life n I wanna return it

    • fiona

      reject all curses in jesus name, and declare them broken.

      I am sending you prayers for blessing. say them every day.

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  84. Hello ,
    i was cursed in 2004 (i found out i was cursed after a car crashed onto me over sea’s in a very safe zone 40 km speed limit zone in 2007 it was unbelievable )
    i curried this curse month after month ,injury after injury,
    i also been attacked by a unseen force ,which my sister and her friend was my witness , like some demon came near me cut my right leg ligament cut from the inside, DOCTORS can’t believe how my leg got cut from the inside,
    i went to a high PRIEST PRAYERS HELP only inside the Church , but when i walk out ,
    1) car accident NOT MY FAULT , i’m a good driver, but drivers like to hit me why’ll they not even looking ,
    2) fire opened in my bedroom , twice second time by a fan got jammed ,
    unbelievable RIGHT ??
    3) bad lucks in girlfriends , and jobs , horrible
    but lets keep it on the real affect of curses, not by words but by real rituals written on my name , and now after 10 years of curring this curse
    NOW IT’S MY 2 BABY SONS are having these bad lucks
    THEY BROKE THERE TEETH ALREADY , when there only age 3 years old
    YESTERDAY just yesterday happy new year 2016 my 3 year old son was driving his electric kids jeep , and it got on fire :/ unbelievable AGAIN , I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT MY SELF , UNBELIEVABLE i have seen it my self , i have trowed my son out quickly out from the electric jeep BREN NEW JEEP TOO
    and i turned the fire off by a fire extinguisher because i curry lots of em everywhere , since i am use to smell demon hell fire smelling from time to time ,,, and i still can’t believe it my self , SO NOW I KNOW THAT THIS Demon Curse is going to keep following my kids too now ,even when il be old and dead, i need help of a great ritual of God Adonay Allah
    to VANISH THIS EVIL LUCK AND CURSES that have been done and hunting me and my babies now too 😦 my email is
    if anyone know how to vanish this black magic curses ,
    real God deus ritual to vanish this real curses ………..i’v been trying so many believes and nothing works , this evil is keep getting to hurt us month after month . finance problems is came to far to me also now , everything is too much , i can’t handle it. i need real powerful ritual to communicate with God to break us free , and Vanish this black magic curses that was done . i also tried to REVERSE THE CURSE, but things became more worse after a month , SO I NEED GOD’S help on this . not by just praying a few normal prayers, they don’t work , need more higher words , more powerful please

    • kevin

      much of what you tell me happens many times to many people. but it is not a curse. it is life in a fallen world. things break, things do catch fire if made wrong. things are made in a defective way now because people do not care enough to do a job the right way.

      one problem you have is that you give negative circumstances POWER by calling them curses….this gives power to satan to really curse you.

      you reverse a curse by rejecting it…calling it defeated and destroyed by the POWER of GOD, who is Yahweh, not allah, …allah is satan

      you do not need a ritual, or more witchcraft to solve your problems.

      you need to get saved, born again by the power of God also..

      I am sending prayers against witchcraft and spirits, to help you learn to pray. and prayer for salvation and blessing….let these prayers change your thinking from seeing everything as a curse to seeing blessings around you.

      say the prayers every day. and give your heart to Jesus, who died for your sins, and for you to have authority over the demons

      I will agree with you in prayer

  85. ok , what ever you say then ,,,,,…..
    i know who has curses , has to have a higher power help by some one close to God the true one God ,
    but King Solomon had rituals and there ware Angelic and Demonic ritual’s what he had made , it was done , and they are not natural things as you say .
    but ok , what ever you say .
    but who ever is cursed like me, and prayers don’t work , there is always a man or lady who is very close to God and know’s all the names of God in Different languages like DEUS , ADONIE and they really help , Because God comes down unseen forces to kick the dark forces out from your life, and they work , just need to find that person who is really close to the one true God Allah , to set you free, if your prayers don’t that is , xx with love and respect to all .

    • kevin

      as long as you think allah is god, you will always be cursed.

      you need to be born again, and accept Jesus as savior, and yahweh as God.

      you do not need a witch doctor who will bring more curses with rituals

      you need jesus, but you do not show interest in jesus…so the curses will continue

  86. i am cursed and be witch me and my childrens and small childrens.My sons and daughter can not stay in a relationship and they are so bewitch they dont get jobs,one had his own welding bussines we had money ,cars and we love and care about each other we were very close family that have people comming to our house and in the year 2000 i whas promoted at work where i was working and then all of a suden i fell from the stairs by my house .but to come find out the person that did this to get my position is the lady staying under my flat shd and her family.they have taken everything away from us even my late husband and the boy that was going out with her he now staying belong with her and the child they did get from someone and now she is pregnant.I want to send they curses and spells back and my families luck must come back everything that is ours big and small our lifes must come back.

  87. Hello,

    I just need a sample prayer with verses from the Holy Bible that one can say so as to send any attack forged against them back to the sender.

  88. Hello I just wanted to know about curses because for the last thirty years it has been hard for me to keep a job every job I had the people will mistreat me and after two weeks I would have to leave for no reason and the people are very rude and a supervisor called me for a job and I went for a interview and she was nt there and she told the lady that was working there she would not be in and she never said she was sorry and never called me back I was cold and the weather was bad and I went their for nothing even at college people did bad things to me and they never got in trouble when I reported them for stealing my work assignment I ask the lord why I want to work bad I have no money and I hate my life I am a believer I feel lost and I ask the lord to help me and I am very scared but I still pray and have these problems what should I do I feel not good about my life

    • francine

      I think you have had so many problems that it has affected your spirit, and this sends a message to others to lose confidence in you

      you are also surrounded by negative people.

      you have to heal your spirit.

      turn this around by asking EVERY DAY for god to bless you. and you should also bless yourself, and tell yourself you are worthy to be treated well.

      I am sending you prayers for daily blessing. also a prayer to break curses

      print out and say each day.

      I will agree with you in prayer

  89. Thank you for this post as it had my prayers. I often wondered why my life was in rambles after years of people telling me how smart i used to be n how i had inspired them even as a young teen to the point it made a big impact in their own lives. Then a few years ago, it hit me that my mom may have cursed after i came to America to meet her. I struggled with this notion n didn’t want to believe it until now. Right now with my tears running down my face, your article has made it clear for me. This woman have always hated me because no matter what she said about my father, i still loved him. The things I saw her do n the things n the manner she spoke to me. I wasn’t even allowed to look her in the eyes when i addressed her n that is a current issue i so have with her or anyone else. Even with my kids, i feel uncomfortable making eye contact when i speak with them. Anyways, long story short, I’ve recently prayed for an answer n boom, the Lord has once again delivered. And i can say right now is GLORY!!!!!!!!+!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS. AND COVER ME LORD. THANK YOU

    • tarah

      I am happy to hear you are getting answers. you also sound like you need emotional healing . I am sending you prayers against curses and for healing. you can print out and say each day. trust in the love of god, and start looking at those beautiful children god gave you. they will be grown someday, and you will miss too many memories if you don’t start making eye contact.

  90. hello Marrianne, i am happy i found this site, i have learned a lot through reading the comments. i think i was let by the Holy Spirit to this site. i just know i need prayers, i am dealing with a problem with my only daughter. for the past 20 years she has always been a peaceful person, bubbly charactor, inspirational happy, enthusiastic. i had always wondered how many friends she had. everyone wonders about how beautiful she is, both physically and spiritually. however this is all gone within a brink of the eye all gone. friends despise her, peace gone, happiness gone, bubbly charactor gone, boyfiend gone. it looks like everything she touches falls apart. she is in a depression status, she is seeing the phsychatrist and i dont like the pills its like they are changing her. she is hopeless, she is afarid of friends she has no one she is at school. the situation is overwhelming. will you please help us pray for this situation to go away. i fully agree with you that curses must be returned to the sender like undelivered mail, they have no right to send us curses, they made their choices create the curses, curses a like burning fire, it should burn their hands before they could send curses, this way they will learn that they can only curse themselves and hopefully they will turn tothe Lord. they have to be blocked. sending back is tough love and we should do it, its different from creating new curse

    • maleshoane

      things were going well for her.

      what do you think caused the change?

      an enemy? a bad experience?

      who are “they” that sent the curses?

  91. Recently, I have been to a few different places in the UK and I have noticed something very interesting – not to say diabolical! This thing sort of ring true with the topic on this page and the other comments above.
    I noticed shop owners and sales people (sometimes very young) to clearly speak a curse to the person buying when giving them the product or the change due back! The first time when that happened I simply thought I was mistaken or misheard but when it happened again in a different place and then again and again I was sure that this is not an accidental thing and now I think that this is some sort of cultural or believe practice in some parts.
    On many occasions the person was intentionally changing the words “thank you” or other similar words to be offensive for the person they disliked or just simply saying ” cuss you” when at the same time the person taking the money were responding with thank you by default!
    Whereas rudeness and offensive wording, verbal abuse etc. is nothing new
    I think there is more to that and I think the believe here is that by saying thank you and getting the money the person accepts the curse or the transference of whatever “bad luck” or “negative energy” there was!
    Also I think there are many people that does this intentionally and deliberately and by doing so they reveal themselves as clearly not sincere Christians but servants of satan.
    On one occasion and rather only to gauge the reaction I confronted the sales assistant and asked her about it and she pretended she didn’t understand what I am saying but then went into an exaggerated and very clearly false tirade that convinced me she knew exactly what she was doing! I do not want to sound paranoid but it is clear to me that some people are hoping to succeed in life but gaining good luck through cursing others and I would like to know if there are more people out there that have witnessed this practice or something similar? Also how this can be dealt with as it is clearly harmful and anti-christian?

    • dean

      when they curse you, respond by saying I reject this curse and send it back to you as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of god.

      then tell them you will not be doing business with them again

      then tell them, have a good day, goodbye

  92. Good Day Marrianne . i was searching for a prayer to protect my family. i am married with 3 sons. my husband is seeing another women. Wanted to leave last Tuesday but clothes still here. resigned his work. We do not have money to pay debt and for food. He wants to divorce. leaving the house and staying away for a few days. do not have a phone and we do not know where he is a d how to contact him. i pray everyday for his healing the restoring and healing of our marriage and family. Please add us to your prayer list.

    • Antoinette

      you need help in two ways

      you are in a different country from me, so I do not know what is available.

      check with your local government social service agency or charity to get help with food, shelter and money

      they should be able to help make you more secure, and can help with the legal aspects of your husband’s request for divorce. he cannot just leave, and not provide for you. he is committing adultery

      for spiritual, I am sending you prayers for broken marriage, debt help, blessings, and salvation for unsaved loved ones

      print these out if you can, and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      do not give up

  93. Hello im going thur same thing there is a woman and she. wants my man really bad she is trying to put alll types of spells against me she has caused alot of harm but i will not atand for it any more she is trying to break us but one thing god gives us in this world no witch or evil cam take from us is love real love our bond she is trying to force us apart and him to love her but he does not even cate about her at all and has no contact i drwam of her and her mother which idont know nut i feel them trying hard to put spells on us but inees a way to remove her and whoever elae she is working with idont care to send her any harm because she has to answer to god when hwr judgment comes help me

    • unknown

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses.

      I suggest you and your man print them out and say together each day, and tell the witch to get lost

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  94. Hi, thank you for your prayers they were exactly what I need now, I’m currently dealing with thee witchcrafts, spells & curses, I’m asking for your continusly prayers on this matter because so many don’t speak or know witchcraft, thank you Sharon.
    P.S I would really like to stay in contact with as my spirtually, partner in agreement on this matter, thanks Sharon. Since using your prayers I have reversed the curse, spell and have a since of peace, fell free to contact me by email anytime when GOD leads to. I have covered my self, family in under,the blood of Jesu ps 91& isaiah 54:17 Thanks.


  96. Please help me i was married and lost a wife later. The elder sister to the late come home after i have married another woman and said these words “you will not do anything in your life and you will not have any child apart frm the one you have” i ask her why she said that , since iam with another woman who is young. She just cried and left, from that day i have never got employed and my wife has no child up to now from 2013 to date please help and advise.

    • jolly

      how did you lose your wife?

      did she die. or did she leave the marriage?

      what she spoke over you is a word curse.

      I am sending you prayer against curses.

      also one for blessing ( like children and job)

      print out, if you can, and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  97. But What About The Chapters And Verses?? Because These Are The Most Important Ones.

    • haggi

      I am not sure what you mean.

      there are many verses in scripture that indicate curses are a bad thing, and we should resist or avoid them.

      since we are covered by the blood of jesus, we should reject any curses aimed at us, and declare them rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of god.

  98. I want to know how to destroy all spells and curses placed uppon me who uses my biological name and agent names how would i reverse The spells back to a none practiced person

    • Christine

      you send all curses back as rejected in jesus name, declare them null and void, and destroyed by the power of god

      it is like returning unwanted mail to sender.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses.

      print them out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      • Hey your prayer you sent me i really thibk it worked i feel much different now but one thing iam pregnant and have a 2 year old can you send me something to protect against anything she may try to put on them

  99. I have a small shop in a mall.recently I am not selling looks like my sale has been cut short by enemies.there is only one shop that is selling like wildfire in that mall.all the other shop owners are complaining.I believe that the owner of that one shop selling has kidnapped the whole block and all other shop owners except herself,are in the dark.everybody goes only to her can we break that curse so all the business owners can see the light and start selling like they used to?thank you

    • stella

      first, are you sure it is a curse?

      what is this special shop selling?

      I am sending you prayers to break curses.

      print out and say, maybe the other owners will join you?

      I will agree with you in prayer

  100. What you are teaching is completely against the doctrine of Christ. The Word of God teaches to bless and not curse. To send back a curse is to bring a curse upon someone and that makes you no different to the person who sent the curse in the first place. If you had an attitude of forgiveness you wouldn’t try to justify your teaching. The correct way to handle the situation is to break and neutralize the curse, then to send back a blessing. Your teaching is damaging and your prideful stubbornness to remove it is selfish. You are teaching others how to utilize a curse. This IS hateful and is absolutely not the way of Jesus Christ.

    • gregg

      read the note at the end.

      there is no hate

      the curse is sent back as unwanted, rejected, destroyed by the power of god

      we do break their curse and resist them

      we are not cursing anyone.

      we are just notifying them (in the spirit) that their curse did not work.

  101. Christianity is a subtle distortion if creators will. See my video: ALIEN PSYOPS SERAPHIM

    You can also see my MESSAGE TO BLACKS but bear with rant that takes half of pt one.

    Yt user: one repentant

  102. My fellow brothers & sisters pls help me,i am suffering from evil attacks of pains which seems like needle pricks in my body and causes me pain when i breath.My husband has been taken by another woman and does not want anything to do with me,i think she has used evill spells & herbs to blind him ang turn him against me.All that he wants is to see me dead by evil means.Pls if any of you can help kindly let me know.

    • meisie

      you are being cursed by the witch so you have to fight back.

      do not accept her attacks.

      your husband has a eunuch spirit and the woman is a jezebel witch

      tell your husband you are not dropping dead to make him happy.

      tell your husband he is a wimp, weak man, and he is worthless and sinful, so he needs to repent or go to hell with his witch friend.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses.

      also for strength

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      and say psalm 91 before bed each night

  103. -some Community Members have put life-long curse on me 68 years ago. I still have work to be done, not only for me. I need to urvive tht curse (it ha been ‘given’ to me under the shpe of many diseases. It seems that for this Community, I am an important person and they use most of their Energy to destroy my life and all what or whom are dear to me. You have no idea of what me and my proaches have endured and still are. They almost killed me giving me diseases. Now everybody tries to help me, but the began the ugly things much earlier. Only together wecan invert these curse,and turn it back to them. We must do it fast: The whole world might depend on it. As the christian gospels and the Quran say it too. And maybe people who really help will not pass through Death. Maybe s some said, we will not die. And t this moment, this hellih people who put a curse will disappear. These peoplere in France and in Israel. They must be unable to provoke wars or hell from now on. See what we, you & I can do. Thanks. See ya later !

    • Jean-Pierre

      Many people have been victims of curses, and this includes over a lifetime.

      we have had churches that were ignorant of this, and did not deal with curses, so their congregations suffered alone, and in silence many times.

      but there is a way to stop or reverse curses

      we have to bind all spirits in Jesus name, rebuke their presence, command them to leave, reject all the curses in Jesus name as well, send the curses back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God.

      we are not cursing them back. we are rejecting what they have sent us, and letting them know in the spirit that they failed.

      I am sending you prayers against curses, and witchcraft and spirits….

      it is best to print them out and say each day

      get others to pray the prayers also on your behalf.

      continue until you feel relief

      I will also be in agreement with you in prayer

      • …yes we have had churches & temples. But we were lazy not to perceive/discern that they had been invaded by enemies of Human Kind with some bad people or degenerated creature (that we thought were friendly Humans like ll of us non-jewish) infiltrating those churches and temples & sclerosed/perverted most of us. And so therefore we never were in the position to “chose” and their goal were ugly first of ll making us lose our freedom of choice, mde us blind nd deaf, and then could get power on us: Listen to anybody ? Now see where we all are. There is not “God on one side” and the rest of the World” on the other side” ! There is “All together now” ! Don’ t look for the exact word to the letter ! Don’t forget jesus (Issa) was a warrior against the “Foul Best”. There isnot the “best” neither the “worst” ones: There the ones who fight sincerely, and the mecreants who simulate
        praying while they in relity wit for human “preys”. We know who they are. Would you advice to “don’t kille the Devil” ? – so you would hve a new friend, the devil itself. Coz it knows it is in danger and it can send too ome very nice friendly religious peaceful e-mails.I m not believing in what I see on TV. And nobody told me TV is bad. And still I don’ t believe a word of it. Some hyper-stupid people, the worst stupid ones, are scared about Arabs and Muslims. Do you know WHO ? Do you know why ? The first answer is “jews”.The second snswer is “Money, domination and wht they thought was their “Eternal” Power on Earth. Well, too bad: Not going to be eternl as they would love it to be. And that is why they d’ rather see the World off than different thn wht they previewed it to be in their satanic book. They are not humans, they are not the Arabs. We don’ t have to respect what and whom re not respectable. We already gave them a second chance. It is not because a spider ignores that it spreads poison and it ignores that it is killing, that the spider must have our pardon and go on be free and go on kill, innocent or not, it hs to be stopped from killing. But it is not a human felling to sy: We will let it a second chance. Because whom it lways killed used to be us, the non-jews. Do we have to let the spider poisonning and killing ? Nope. We just have to live & let the spider die. With not a scrupul,and not any remorse. Sorry for wht your stupid books say “jeus” ws supposed to say:” Thou Shallst not kill” was in fact the jews modifying it to “Thou Shallst not kill Jews” in a foul “preventive-self-defense victimizing “shield/dissuasive-weapon” against jesu-followers,who really wanted to get rid of the Beast, you stopped them once nd killed all of the goods. Now you can pray and check anytime you like: There will not be judaism, therewill not be judists, nd there will not be Israel. “The first Time they tried to screw you while your trusted in them ? Then the blame was on them.” The second time, the same ones tried to screw you while you still trusted them ? Then the defitive blme would be on US.” No, we will not let the “Beast” alive. Tell your jewish friends.

        • Jean-Pierre

          do not blame jews for the muslim violence in paris or anywhere in france.

          the muslims are following instructions in the quran for jihad.

          jews are not on the streets damaging everything. it is the muslims.

          so take off your blinders and see what is going on.

  104. Halo Marianne, please send me a curse reversing prayer. And i would also like to ask you to pray for me.

    Thank you very much.

  105. I really believe I have been cursed by my aunt, she is deeply into curses, she get out of her body and roam the earth, she sent strokes to people. I really believe she cursed me I have been having bad luck for the past few years. It seems prayer doesn’t seem to help because she is really strong in what she does, I am losing hope can you please offer advice

    • vonny

      if you are a believer in Christ, and are saved, you can be protected from curses

      she has no authority or strength against the blood of the covenant

      First, are you saved by the blood of Jesus?

      if not, I am sending you the prayer of salvation, which means you have to repent of your sins, turn away from them, and accept the forgiveness of Jesus. then, you can proceed to step 2.

      Second, if you are, I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses. also, for blessings and strength

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      • yes I am saved and I 100% believe in my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for the prayers you sent. Blessings

  106. Pls send me d prayer n also pray for for I am battling d witch right now

  107. All spells and curse reversead back to the devil his self off of me and my body

  108. This girl that was dating my husband told him if she can’t have him no one will so we been having bad luck every since then every type of money we make it goes

    • kristy

      the problem is not that she has been dating your husband, but the real problem is that your husband has been willing to date her.

      what is he doing about this?

      he needs to act like a real man and straighten up

      he should NOT have anything to do with her, and tell her he made a mistake with her, he is staying with you, and she needs to get lost

      you both need to reject all curses in jesus name, declare them null and void, and plead the blood of jesus over both of you.

      also tell the witch you are praying against her, and if she does not repent and quit, she is going to hell

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses.

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  109. My name is Norma Berry,
    I live next door to a WITCH for many years and thought NOTHING of it, until she got into an argument with my son, and put a spell on him where he was hit by a car and received
    BRAIN DAMAGE as the outcome, I confronted her and the next thing I knew I began to get very bad mirgram headache. For months I went back and forth to different DOCTORS, I
    Lost my job, I had three ANURISIMS in my
    BRAIN, It was then I began to suspect someone was doing something to me and my family…I became very sick almost TILL my DEATH, I had stomach pain and went to a specialist who said my liver was failing, then I couldn’t WALK THEY said I had NEUROPHATY, SICKNESS , sadness BAD LUCK,ARGUMENTS,HATRED, lives in this house and I CAN’T seem to break the curse or spell this lady or WITCH has put on me…PLEASE, I need your help…

    • norma

      what happens in many situations is that people do not know anything about spiritual warfare, and how to fight back. so, because they lack knowledge, they become victims

      did she actually admit she put a spell on him? I am trying to distinguish between natural and supernatural causes. it may be she had nothing to do with the accident, and the effects on you were so traumatic that it led to you being sick, without her help.

      also, are you saved by the blood of Jesus? have you repented of your sins, and accepted him as savior, the source of forgiveness for your life? this is an important condition for positive answers to any prayer. if you are not saved, then I recommend this as step one.

      I am sending you a prayer for salvation, in case this is needed. this is a choice, so I cannot force you, only recommend…..if you are not saved, I hope you will consider this

      if this was witchcraft, I am sending you also prayers against witchcraft and curses, and prayers for healing and strength

      it is best to print out and say each day

      it may seem a lot, but then, a lot has happened, and a lot is going on

      I will agree with you in prayer

  110. I was currently cursed.By three cursses.To the point I was to be dead by my girlfriend and my so called best friend for over 20 years.I saw a sight in them that I never knew it exsite.Im not sure who is yhe witch.But I think the guy is stronger.They would have telepathic powers also
    Could have a normal conversation with me in my mind.Knowing everything that O was doing.To the pointwhere they callled me that day when I was suppossed to perish that to ask me how I felt.She has. Been checking up on me almost everyday.Since Im still here wondering why Im still here.I know its my lord and savior.+

    • lee

      just because someone tries to curse you, does not mean it has to work.

      hopefully it will NOT work, if you are a believer in jesus

      you can fight back with the name and blood of jesus over you

      I am sending you prayers against curses and witchcraft.

      best to print out and say each day.

      I will agree with you in prayer

  111. Hi Marianne, my son was first afflicted with mental illness in 2012 when he was sixteen. Someone will be controlling him to take his clothing off, to be destructive, to be misbehaving, hallucinations, etc. He has been in and out of the hospital many times. The medications the hospital prescribed for him is not helping at all. Before each affliction, I will have a dream in which I will see him stripped naked in my dream, then few months later, it will manifest in real life. The church cannot help, I have prayed and prayed. Please, how can we break this insanity off him?

    • lola

      is he taking Flaka? it is a new drug that causes such symptoms. have him drug tested for this…

      I will also send you prayers against witchcraft and spirits,

      best to print out and say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      also, if he tests negative for drug, talk to him, and see if he can pinpoint when this all started, to get an idea what is wrong.

  112. No Marianne, he has never taken any drug but the one prescribed by the hospital. I know what is wrong, a member of my family who was a witch afflicted him by sending destructive demon against my son in order to hurt me.

    • lola

      if you can, confront the person who is doing this.

      tell them you are praying against them, so they need to stop.

      they need to repent and get right with God, or they will end up in hell.

      are you saved by the blood of jesus? is your son?

      if not, do you want to be/

      i have to find this out so i know if I am putting you on the right track.

      the prayers will work better if you are both saved.

      let me know, thanks

  113. Thanks Marianne, yes I and my son are saved, I was told by a pastor, that one of my family members is responsible but did not know which one of them precisely.

    • lola

      maybe it is time you start asking around to see who it is.

      most saved people are not informed about the occult and what to do.

      so the dark side attacks them, taking advantage of their ignorance.

      it is time god’s people learn to fight back, and win

      go ahead with the prayers.

      I am also sending you the armor of god prayer

      I am in agreement with you in prayer.

  114. Thanks Marianne, I have move on, dont contact them anymore. We lean on Jesus Christ, and all we do now is pray to Lord Jesus to deliver us.

  115. Marianne, I love God with all my heart and love serving Him. But for a long time now, I feel like I have to crawl over broken glass for everything and everything I touch turns to ashes, Everything is an enormous struggle, my finances, health, relationships, everything.
    So I reversed the curse, a few days ago , but everything has suddenly worsened in my life. I am being harassed and bullied by nearly everyone, my financial state has worsened and I was a passenger in a car yesterday when the driver did the unthinkable: she went to turn into oncoming traffic that was flowing past us, which was both insanity and suicide. I yelled and she stopped. I have no idea why she did that, neither did she.
    Now I have fear. I don’t want that. I pray for protection and claim God’s promises, His blood, sing praises to Him, I do everything I can think of all the time to stop this attack but it continues .
    What can I pray to finally put an end to this barrage of going attacks from the enemy so that I can step forward in wholeness, without obstacles and live the abundant life God has planned for me?

    • rose

      maybe you did it wrong….I did not give much instruction here.

      you reverse the direction, but do not send the curse itself intact.

      you send back all curses in jesus name, as rejected, canceled null and void and destroyed by the power of god.

      it is like returning unwanted mail….return to sender….you just reject it.

      I am sending you prayers to cancel / reject curses

      hopefully this will be more clear.

      also, remember you are in spiritual warfare…the enemy does not like to lose and will resist you.

      these are bad times also for all believers. many are being persecuted and killed. most people are wicked not good.

      but as scripture says, YOU submit to God, RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you

      keep your chin up, pray, and keep going as best you can.

      things are going from bad to worse soon, and jesus told us to endure to the end

  116. Need help two people started using voice to skull on me .for 7yrs its been one hellva ride stabbed 6 times tryed commit SUICIDE 3 times because of voice to skull.they have beed burning me with pins.death threats everyday stocking.,no sleep anger the list goes on kevin and shacoy are the 40 year kids

  117. Please I need your help,can you send me some of the prayer lines on how to reverse a curse.I have been having problems lately with my life and I strongly believe there is something wrong in my life if you can help me I will be very happy.And also I will like to know if I can used candles with your prayer line to break a curse.thank you

    • daniel

      you do not need candles, unless it just sets the mood for you

      you send all curses back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God, in Jesus name.

      I am sending prayers against curses and witchcraft

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  118. My husband is always in pain in his private places and doctors can’t find nothing wrong e him we are always fighting

  119. Need prayer to reverse the curse and restoration

  120. How to reverse the spell or curse back to sender of hooking up the body’s to have sex and reading minds back to all black hair females as and Hispanic men

    • christine

      you send all curses back, as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God.

      I am sending you some prayers against curses.

      it is best to print them out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  121. it, empowers to see into invisible seeing th
    rre might we have in jesus

  122. I have a death curse on me from a evil wiccan who is 63 and trying to sucks the life outa the younger people in my town, my name is James 5 26 85 , please help me so I can help others !!!! 9062359880

    • james

      you have to fight back with prayer, and confronting the witch.

      if you confront her, bring a witness, so she cannot lie against you…

      tell her to quit, you are using prayer and the power of god against her, and if she does not quit she is going to hell. that is all you need to say

      reject all curses in Jesus name, sending them back as rejected, null and void, and destroyed by the power of God

      I am sending you some prayer guides….against witchcraft, spirits, and curses.

      best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  123. Forgive your enemies god gives everybody whats coming to them
    Returning evil is not his doctrine we should be conduits of peace which is why people attack us (its demonic forces not the person sending it they are using the body of the witch or sorcerer hence why jesus is called lord of hosts and why self control is a gift of the spirit) if we ddnt give them grounds like masterbation promiscuis sex video games or fantasy novels etc sinning in general we wouldnt get hurt in the first place its easy to follow human nature and take the many evil roads to spread evil but at the end of the day it makes it worse so be careful what ur about

    • chris

      we are not returning evil

      please read entire post, especially this part:

      We are told in scripture to resist the enemy and he will flee from us.

      To reverse the curse is to reject it and send it back where it came from as unwanted, rejected, and destroyed by the power of God.

      This is resistance…and opposition to the curse.

      It does not mean you are cursing them.

      Link to prayer against witchcraft:

      Link to prayer to break curses:

    • What happens to your soul if the witchcraft isn’t removed? Me and my family have been cursed by witch’s and warlocks that I married into the family and they hate me and all my kids been getting broken bones n constantly in the hospital and I keep getting bad vibes and sleepless nights alone with nightmares ?what happens if a person dies before the witchcraft is removed or reversed in time?

      • Dvoyla

        nothing happens to the victim’s soul because it is not the guilty one.

        this is as long as the victim has repented of any sins allowing this attack, and has given their heart to jesus for forgiveness and salvation

        they are just oppressed in this life if they do not get the deliverance they need

        in the next life they are free

  124. I would like to reverse a curse or spell of a mind tracking looking glass through another eye

  125. Hi my life is under attack by a woman who called herself a prophet and practices witchcraft she is trying to ruin my life and my daughter life and turn everybody against me .she cursed me by keeping my ex boyfriend away from me and cursed me by saying that no relationship that I will ever get into will work for me she caused me to have a terrible fall 2weeks ago and since then I have been in a lot of pain the doctors are not believing me about my pain she is ruining my finances causing me to lose time away from work please pray for me to remove all her curses off of me

    • trina

      are you saved by the blood of jesus?

      prayers work better that way

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses….and for protection

      it is best to print out and say each day

      if you have a chance, tell her to quit that you are praying against her

      I will agree with you in prayer.

  126. What happens if you die with the witchcraft spell on you with out removing it? Can someone help me please? Where do that person soul goes once that person dies with the voodoo demon on them ?

  127. Im not sure if this is possible but My dad took aways ladys cancer but the lady was cursed by a black witch that why she got cancer and now has really bad pain and lung cancer and its spread to his hip is there anything i can do safely as ive heard it can be dangerous?

    • lucy

      If I understand you correctly, someone else was cursed with cancer, and he got the cancer also.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses

      also healing and strength

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  128. Please keep me and my family in prayer, Specially my little nephew, he is 5. Someone put a curse on us and it is hitting my nephew the worse. Every time something good is about to happen for us, something bad happen.

    • amanda

      how do you know there is a curse?

      what happened?

      I am sending prayers against curses

      and for blessings

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  129. I ‘ve been stagnated fr close to 15 yrs pls pray fr me all i set out to do hardly come to pass. Bless u, i still believe in God.

    • prince

      i am going to send you prayers against curses, and for blessings

      print out and pray these every day, and see if we cannot turn things around for you

      I will agree with you in prayer

  130. God bless u aunty mariane i’ll appreciate

  131. Hi Marianne, Please send me prayers against curses please, Thank you very much


  132. Please help me pray to reverse every curse the enemies sent to me. I been sick for nearly 3 months now and no medications are helping I believe is enemies

    • betty

      I am sending you a prayer against curses and a protection prayer

      also for healing

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  133. It is good and wise NEVER to accept any illi wishing or curses directed at us. but there is NO devil that is the source. it is the human being themselves who is thinking in a negative and destructive way. there is NO such entity as the devil !!!!!! there are ONLY positive and negative human beings and how they use their own power and thoughts to hurt others or Love others… it IS completely disempowering to give ANY power to any such entity as the “devil” . there is NO such being…. If he actually existed, someone would have seen him !!!!!!! how typical of human beings to completely abdicate responsibility for their own negative thinking to an unknown “entity” which has become the scapegoat for the destructiveness of human beings… How arrogant to think that human beings are always trying to find ways to escape Self Responsibility !!!!!!! Human beings MUST be responsible for their OWN thoughts and feelings and NOT put blame on something that does NOT exist… How stupid this is.

    • whirlwind

      while it is true that people should accept ultimate responsibility for their own behavior, the devil is real.

      many have met / encountered him, including me.

      jesus also had to interact with the devil while on earth.

      the devil tempts us to sin, but it is our decision to go along with him

  134. while I live and let live, it is very sad to see people continue to “give” their power away to something that is NOT real. Ask Jesus himself what the “devil” really is, and he will enlighten you. It is simply the negativity on this earth that has always been the scapegoat for man, due to his unfailing inability and irresponsibility in taking control of his OWN thoughts and NOT placing the blame for HIS thoughts onto an “outside” entity which is complete fantasy. If you truly follow Jesus and his teachings, you would KNOW this. Your response to Divine Truth, only reveals your own negativity and lack of TRUE belief in God and in Jesus, whom you espouse to worship ????? Be REAL and do NOT follow everyone else and help create a scapegoat that does NOT exist. WAKE UP to Divine TRUTH and KNOW there is NO “devil” or anything OTHER THAN GOD.

  135. As I said “live and let live” I allow your to have your illusory beliefs of the “devil”… I stand by my own TRUTH.. for it is DIVINE… you are NOT attacking me, you are attacking GOD.. by believing in something OTHER than God. you are obviously NOT a true Christian, otherwise you would NOT belief in the devil… and give your power away…… How unwise you truly are. Open your eyes and KNOW that the ONLY devil is humanity’s negative thinking….. and obviously YOUR negative thinking also. Get a life and believe ONLY in God… then you are a TRUE christian.

    • jaguar

      even jesus dealt with the devil…..a true christian is smart enough to know there is a devil, and to reject him.

      if you think he does not exist, then you are open to deception.

  136. as i said, “live and let live “… do NOT attempt to impose YOUR crap onto me. Jesus dealt with the negativity in his OWN consciousness and NOT some stupid “devil” outside of him. It is people like you that cause wars and struggle with your oppressive and archaic belief systems. I am eternally glad that i am BEYOND your reach and beliefs… I would NOT like to be you, caught up in your OWN deception, and trying to project that deception onto others… which of course is NOT possible… Truth is Truth and cannot be denied or oppressed. It can only be misunderstood, which you clearly do Not understand. YOUR belief system is archaic and oppressive and will NOT stand in God’s Presence, for it is based completely on Deception alone. do NOT project your crap onto others… take responsibility for it and OWN it, and then change. it Human beliefs are like dead leaves… they die when their time is over… thank God…

  137. I love God i do not care people think im Gay to do so i trust God wit all my heart even it hard to .

  138. Whether you are gay or not, God does NOT judge. Human beings are the only judgemental creatures. God Is simply unconditional Love, which means there is NOTHING that we can do that will make God turn away from us. do NOT listen to human beings and their illusory complex judgements about who you are ONLY God knows who you are. NO human being has any idea of what or who you are. they project their own insecurities, and fears onto each other every moment, without taking responsilbility for themselves on any level. If More people trusted in God like yourself, it would be a much better world, worth living in. NEVER trust human beings, because they are NOT God. ONLY trust GOD, and there is nothing that any human being can do to you on any level. GOD is worthy of our trust and love, and NEVER human beings. They are NOT worth trust on an level. Some may ask why this is so, and God says: ONLY I Know who and what you are, therefore, ONLY I know what you need. Human beings can only manipulate, control, and dominate to get want they want. GOD simply is, and everything we could ever need comes ONLY from GOD. and NEVER from a human being. They are NOT capable of unconditional love. ONLY God is unconditional Love. Remember this DIVINE TRUTH, and you will always be free of ANY need for approval or acceptance from any human being, which they are NOT capable of giving anyway.

  139. someone placed a curse on me saying i will see what i am in 3 months

    • mpho

      you do not have to accept any curse

      I am sending you prayers against curses, and witchcraft as well

      print and say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

  140. do NOT give your power to anyone who will “pray” for you. people like this simply want power over others and will do and say anything to get it. NO human being has ANY power to remove any curse. The ONLY source that can remove any curse is God. and any human being that “says”they can can, are simply manipulating you and your precious energy for themselves. do NOT give your power to any human being. They are NOT worth it, on any level.

  141. Every being has the iNNATE right and FREEDOM to return what is sent to them, be it “curse” or negativity. No Being has any right to direct harm to another, and in response, every being is FREE to return any harm directed to them. GOD does NOT accept any harm, so why should human biengs, who are miade in GOD”s image. ????

  142. pls send me the reverse cause prayers, God will help u tio

  143. We are made in the image of God, therefore NOTHING can touch us or hurt us. We are IMMORTAL divine spiritual beings, indestructible and invincible. Simply ASK God to dissolve all harm directed at you, instantly with His Divine Love. this prayer is enough. Nothing can stand in the presence of God’s divine Love. All is destroyed that is contrary to God and His Divine Love. This is all that is necessary. bless you and Keep your heart turned to God and God ALONE…. Let God dissolve any illusions.

  144. You are right and also you can say “I rebuke / reverse this curse in the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen. I have written blogs on this topic too.
    I love what you wrote about curses and you are so right and I will add your link to my blogs.

  145. I have been having trouble with witches and witchcraft attacks for over 15 years now. it started when I was 17, working for a grocery store and having this jealous girl curse me because she wanted to date another boy that worked with us. The boy originally liked me, but she was very aggressive and eventually got him. She saw me as a threat and decided to curse me, and after that I started getting sick, noticed a bad smell following me around everywhere, and started getting attacked by others, especially other women in relationships. About 3-4 years later, my parents separate and my father goes to prison because he is totally out of his mind and attempts to harm my mother, something he’s never done before. He and my brothers come home demon possessed and sick everytime they spend time with my uncle and his family in their home. I found out my uncles wife hated my family, and later on I found out through my uncle’s parents that his wife and her mother are witches and curse others. During this time period, my father goes to jail, my mother loses her business, home, and has to file for bankruptcy. We are destitute and are forced to move into a very bad neighborhood and into low quality apartment where a witch manages the place. This witch immediately tried to scam my mother into paying rent twice in the same week, and later on I find her stalking me in the parking lot at night, and she pretends to have moved into the unit above us where I hear footsteps and a woman screaming at me on a daily basis. I later find out nobody lived in that apartment even though I heard the managers’ voice in it almost daily. This woman steals my identity for 10 years, steals my underwear from the washing machine in the apartment unit while I lived there and then put it outside my apartment for all the neighbors to see. I got very sick like I’ve never been before, I still suffer from dizziness and confusion and have lying spirits try to manipulate me to this day. I lost nearly all sleep for months while I was living there, I got viciously attacked by demons at night, vomit constantly; I almost lose my sanity and fall into a zombie state. I also develop a serious memory loss issue, and find that my countenance completely changes, others and myself have told me that I look completely different- like an old hag or a dying corpse. After this encounter with the manager and my aunt, my life takes a turn for the worst, I get attacked by every and all witches that I come across and all my relationships fall apart. Ive been paralyzed and viciously raped by a demon because of bullying coworkers (witches) I had. Every encounter I have with others turns into a nightmare, all perspective relationships with other men and friends falls apart, neighbors attack us without ever speaking to us, people mock me or they look at me in amazement/disgust as if I was a freak show when I go out in public. I am unable to focus in school, every endeavor I ever take falls apart, Ive been in school my entire life but have yet to attain a degree or anything worthwhile (I’m over 30 years old). It seems that even my family members will come against me, my mother is constantly moving us like she is running away from something and when I tell her about these people she tells me to stop talking about them and that I’m a liar. I believe even my younger sister is being used and lied to by these demons and has decided to attack and curse me and our family with the help of her friends. Both of my younger brothers lost their sanity completely and one of them is permanently hospitalized. We have to deal with my brother’s outbursts and tantrums every day (the one that lives with us), he listens to the demons and will come to their defense when he sees us pray. Its also hard for me to hold down a job because I always get bullied by coworkers or because the demons make it very hard for me to focus on my job. Ive been dealing with these issues with these demonic attacks and with these witches and warlocks for over 15 years now and I’m at my wits end. Ive once even been cursed by another Christian that was holding a Christian healing ministry class, she did not like my mother and I and tried her very best to attack me in class and outside of class. My mother constantly prays and believes that if we do community service and pray for others, that suddenly these issues will stop. But I know it wont help. My mother herself is lied to by the spirits and is constantly pushed to do extreme things because of them. She believes God talks to her but I know it’s the spirits because of their fruits. I’ve prayed, fasted, sought out help from other Christians, had others pray for me, everything I can think of, but these demonic entities have not gone away and I continue to get attacked by these witches and warlocks. The demons are mocking me now as I write this. I will also add that I am a new born again Christian, have returned back to Christianity only about a year or so ago so I admit there is a lot I don’t know about yet. I would appreciate any help or advice.

  146. I would also like to add that after I had gotten into the fight with the christian that was teaching courses for the healing ministry, God has stopped interacting and talking to me. I’ve also noticed some pastors and Christians that I have reached out to do not respond to me, almost as if I am a leper. I’m afraid that God is very angry with me for how I responded to the other christian and that I may have committed the unforgivable sin. How would I know if this is so and can I do anything about it? Please help me, I am desperate and very upset about this. Thank you.

    • rita

      the christian teacher may have been a witch herself…pastors have a tendency to be ahabs, and just let the jezebel witch rule in the church.

      if “christians” do not help you, then they are fake and not true believers….so do not let them bring you down….they are in more trouble than you have been

      keep your spirits up. if you are seeking help from god, you will get it

      god is not ignoring you… you are just being blocked by these demons, and you need to get rid of them….god also wants you to learn spiritual warfare, and get stronger….it is not an accident you showed up on this page…he is guiding you

  147. oh, I noticed the first post I had written did not get published. Okay, so I noticed the first time I had gotten cursed was when I was 16 years old, by another co-worker that wanted a boy that had a crush on me. She saw me as a threat and cursed me. Shortly after I found a strange, noxious smell following me around everywhere, I lost a lot of friends and my self-confidence. I fell into deep depression and almost killed myself. The second major time I realized I was cursed, was by an apartment manager we had in 2006. The woman is a self-confessing witch that takes delight in harming/damaging others. This woman has been stealing my identity for 10 years now. She tormented me for a year while I lived in her apartment. I would get tortured almost every night by demons, they tried to take my sanity, and in the end the witch and her husband managed to somehow change what I looked like. My countenance changed completely, I and others have noticed that I look like a hag, like a dying corpse with serious disfigurements. I also noticed my memory failing me, I would lose memory of multiple days and would get lost on my way to my home. I was terrified of this woman. Since coming across this woman my life has fallen apart, everything I attempt to do in life fails, I’ve lost all of my closest friends, lots of perspective relationships always fall apart in a horrible way as a lot of men end up choosing other women-some of which do witchcraft and try to teach others about it. Its not normal because before I was cursed, I never had these types of issues with men. When I go out in public strangers and children gawk at me as if Im a hideous freak. I cannot keep a job because I always get bullied by others or because the demons will attack me to a point I cannot do my job. I was once paralyzed and viciously raped by demons because of my coworkers. I’ve also noticed I get attacked by a lot of witches wherever I go, its almost as if I have a target on my back. My neighbors will attack my family and I. I have to also mention that my family found out that my uncles ex-wife and her mother were witches that would curse others. Im positive that they have done something to my brothers and father because everytime they would go to my uncles house to see our cousins they will come back demon possessed and dangerous. Both of my brothers are now considered mentally ill, one is permanently placed in a hospital. The other one will come into agreement with the demons and will do harmful things towards my mother. I also believe my sister and her friends have attacked us with spiritual warfare, I’ve had this feeling for many years and recently my sister has admitted that she will hold on to childhood grudges but when i ask her if she is a witch she will deny it. When I tell my mother about these people she will tell me to shut up and that I’m a liar, she always says she is too scared to talk about it. Ive also gotten into a fight with another Christian that was teaching Christian healing ministry courses. When I took her classes, the woman let my mother and I know that she did not want us in her classes, and after a few weeks of taking her classes demons would attack my body at night and every time I would pray I would hear voices laughing and mocking me telling me I wasn’t a true Christian (it was as if they were right there in person, louder and more dynamic than any other demonic mocking voices I’ve ever heard). I admit that I’ve only returned to Christianity for about a year or so now, so I know there is a lot I still don’t know and my faith is tested every day. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do about these curses. Anyone that doesn’t believe demons are real is either lying, is very lucky they’ve never been attacked by demons, or is a fool (sorry to say). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • rita

      you are a classic victim, because you have never been taught to fight back.

      this is the reason for repeated attacks.

      if you have truly accepted jesus as savior, then you already have the power to put satan and his demons under your feet.

      so you need to get your mind in gear to do damage control for what has already happened, and arm yourself against any future attacks.

      as far as self image and self esteem is concerned….as the holy spirit told me once…it is THEIR sin and evil, not YOURS

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses

      also for strength and blessings

      print out and say daily

      also I want you to read the bible each day esp the psalms,,,,ex psalm 91 …

      I will agree with you in prayer

      this will be a battle, but you can win it…it may be immediate , or take a long time

      trust and submit to god, resist the devil, and he will flee

      also, when encountering others who are witches threatening you, let them know you are covered by the blood of jesus and will fight back with prayer and the power of god

  148. while I accept there are human beings that believe in the “devil” and all his minions; there is NOTHING but GOD. and if any human being believes in anything other than GOD, then he or she is giving power to that which she believes in. Jesus taught 2 very important secrets of True power:

    “ask and you shall receive” if you ask for demons to attack your through your belief they WILL… that is the power of human thought and imagination to create such ILLUSIONS…. !!!!

    “If you ask for anything, pray that you have already received it, and it shall be so. ”

    If you believe in the power of God to heal you from your illusions, it SHALL be so.

    Why is it that human beings continue to IMAGINE illusions that are NOT true… they are illusions.. But don’t take my word for it.

    ASK GOD…. why is it that ONLY God exists…

    If we give our power to anything OTHER than God, then we make that thing power-FUL… meaning that it has energy that WE give it…. that does NOT make it REAL… it simply makes it a present ILLUSION in our lives.

    GOD is unconditional LOVE ALONE… therefore God Cannot be “angry” with us. that is the creation of man and his own “wrathful nature”, which he refuses to take responsibility for and BLAMES GOD for being ‘angry’

    How stupid it is that human beings can still continue to believe that GOD is anything BUT unconditional love.

    If you were a TRUE Christian, you would NOT believe in anything OTHER than GOD. You are simply living in a fantasy world of demons which do NOT exist. How very sad that is. And all the while God is waiting to envelop you in Her Unconditional Love… why are you NOT going to GOD for help, instead of putting your faith into human beings… NOT wise at all… human beings WiLL NEVER be trustworthy, because they are NOT GOD. ONLY GOD is trustworthy… human beings are caught in their OWN illusions.

  149. I need prayer because I been having problems having to use the bath room for years urineing and Ioose stool and I am nervous I use to go to emergency but they say I had no bladder infection and I haven’t been in a while and I know I need to go see the doctor and all so my x boyfriend wants to get back with me .I haven’t been with him since May his children’s mother deal with witchcraft and her mother even cause trouble for him he told me she did to get rid of people he left The state to live in a new one I help him move here he told his baby daughter where he live I told him he should of not told her .she told her mother he went through a lot but it been 7 years since he saw his x but see his daughter in New York he has three daughter and he has not seen his x and other daughters they don’t like him he only deal with his 17 year old .

    • francine

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses

      your physical problems may be spiritual curses from children’s mother

      print out and pray each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

    • Please search You Tube: “Secrets of the Demonic Realm – Power of Christ Jesus!”

  150. One of the most powerful secrets that Jesus taught was:

    this in truth means to remain indifferent to Evil and to NOT give any power to any negativity. the “devil” is simply the negativity of human beings that they refuse to take responsibility for.. and they CREATE the scapegoat of the “devil” which does NOT exist on any level. this is the great Lie of human beings. They do NOT take responsibility for their OWN thoughts and actions. instead, blaming a imaginary ILLUSION called the devil to take the blame for the cruelty and harm of human beings.


    Whatever you give power and energy to, GROWS in your life…

    Choose wisely WHAT you believe in… and what YOU give power to.

    There is NO outside force acting on anyone… it is ALL imaginary and illusory.

    and certainly do NOT give any more power to human beings asking for their help..:: they can do NOTHING….

    for they are NOT GOD

    ONLY GOD can dissolve the illusions that human beings create.

    • James 4:7King James Version (KJV)

      7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

      the devil, satan, also visited jesus during his 40 day fast and tempted him. jesus rebuked him and made him leave.

  151. Jesus Taught that when you RESIST evil, you in fact MAKE EVIL STRONGER. When you remain INDIFFERENT to evil, you STRIP it of any power or existence In your life.

    True Spiritual education is desperately NEEDED to help people understand what Jesus was trying to teach. Do NOT give evil ANY power, and It will have NO power over you.

    This is the Divine Truth of what Jesus was trying to teach.

    But then, we see what happened to Jesus when he tried to teach others: they crucified him…

    they WANTED to keep fighting evil… and NOT walk away.

    GOD knows what is in our hearts, and She sees through any deception and power hungry human beings that are NOT teaching TRUTH.

    they are KEEPING people in the darkness of ignorance and therefore, PERPETUATING their suffering and pain.

    Jesus was trying to HELP people learn the TRUTH of GOD..

    If you are ONE with GOD, there is NOTHING that can touch you.

    NOT EVEN DEATH, which Jesus revealed as truth.

    Are you going to believe a human being, or GOD……

  152. Thank you so much for the prayers Marianne. I’ve only prayed them for a day so far and I felt there was a change around me. The neighbors that are attacking me with witchcraft were not happy to hear my prayers, they stormed out of their apartment and slammed their door. I know its going to be a difficult and long struggle but I am going to do everything in my power to overcome these attacks. God bless.

  153. while it is good to ask for help when needed, it is NOT wise to give your power to ANY human being. what you are actually doing is GIVING THEM control OVER YOUR own energy and life. Is this what you truly want. ?? NO human being can protect you with their “prayers” It is GOD and GOD alone that does this. and if you continue to give control for YOUR life over to someone else, you will continuously be drained and stripped of ANY power to control your OWN life. Human beings are cunning and insidious when they want POWER and CONTROL over other beings… they “offer” help in the disguise of niceness and ‘assistance’, when in fact what they TRULY want is power over YOU.. and YOUR life and energy. When you ‘ask’ someone to ‘pray’ for you, you are GIVING YOUR energy and power to them… and they will TAKE it as fast as lightning !!!!! any seeming improvement in your life is NEVER due to human beings, and their ‘prayers’. It is due ONLY to the power of God and Spirit to protect you. Earth is NOT a planet of true spiritual empowerment. It is planet of CONTROL, DOMINATION, and GREED. You will lose completely ALL control over your OWN life if you give your power to human beings. They have NO power to protect you. and if they say they do, they are deeply entrenched in their own darkness and illusions.

    Jesus taught: who is my father, brother or sister. There is ONLY One Father, in heaven.

    He is teaching here NOT to give your power to ANY human being. when you do so, you LOSE your own life. More fool you if you do.

  154. Every being has the innate right to contact GOD without ANY intermediary. and those who “pray” for others, NEVER have the correct energy for the person concerned that wishes the prayers said. No one can ask for another. It is between God and the soul ALONE. It is impossible for human beings to NOT become power hungry when they see the results of “their” prayers for others… which is due to the human desire for Power and control. there is NO need for anyone to ask for anyone else. Prayer is a PRIVATE affair between God the soul that is asking, and when another human being interferes (by praying for another) they add their own fears, doubts and insecurities to the person being prayed for. and this only adds negativity to the person who is asking for the prayers !!!!! No human being has the RIGHT to interfere in the life of another being. FREE WILL is Divine and belongs to every human being. “praying” for another IS interfering in THEIR life. No can can possibly pray for another !!!!!! It is impossible.. ONLY the soul that wishes the prayers can pray for themselves… No human being KNOWs what another human being needs or desires on a spiritual level, and it IS completely ARROGANT and DANGEROUS to ASSUME that someone else knows what is good for another human beings. VERY arrogant indeed. and this of course, stems AGAIN from the human ego attempting to dominate and control another human being. FREE WILL does NOT allow for ANY interference in another being’s life. HOW Arrogant to think that you know better than GOD !!!!! YOU have NO idea of what another human being needs on ANY level. ONLY GOD KNOWS that. and ONLY GOD can provide what that soul truly needs. any attempt by another to interfere in someone’s life by “praying” for them will ALWAYS end in disaster and manipulation, which is NOT GOD’s path for ANY being. GOD acknowledges our FREE WILL, therefore so should we and CLAIM it from those who would attempt to control us, through the act of ‘praying’ for another. Human beings have MUCH to learn about FREE WILL and what it truly means from a spiritual persperctive. We are SPIRITUAL beings, and have absolute SOVEREIGNTY over own OWN lives. We do NOT need any person to pray FOR us. that is insidious, dominating and controlling….. and GOD sees it clearly for what it is. and laughs at the human ego attempting to influence GOD. How lucridous to think that human beings can influence GOD they have NO power whatsoever to influence GOD on any level. and to think otherwise is absolute arrogance and the INSANE desire to control and dominate others… GOD does NOT needs prayers… GOD already KNOWS what we need, on EVERY level. To think that GOD needs to be told what to do… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Divine Truth cannot be argued with. As the human ego has no comeback to protect itself from Truth.

  156. Hi, I am from India and I am a Hindu. I thank Jesus for what he did my life. My mother in law is one wicked witch which I realized after 21 year of my marriage. She is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing destroying my side of the family and today I have no relative who comes to my house or speaks to me. My father died within 3 years of our marriage with terrible financial losses and unexplainable troubles. My brother got attracted to another witch who came into the family, got together with my mother in law and created even more problems. It was hell break loose because I did not know what to do. It was not in my control at all and all I could feel was something is wrong somewhere. I would get terrible dreams, I would wake up scared some times. I just did not know what to do. These witches had intruded into every part of our lives, my husband’s business was also taking a bad turn, we are still recovering from that as of yet but I must say we had no clue that our own relatives would do such dreadful things. One thing I must say is these two people (MIL and SIL) knew everything that was happening in my life. My MIL has 2 daughters and they are equally wicked, so my case looked unsolvable because the opposition was too strong for me. My brother is just a puppet in his wife’s hands. My husband never believed in witchcraft until one day I insisted that he sat and read with me what I had browsed on the net. He read the symptoms of witchcraft and started to believe it. I must tell you all this started 21 years back when I got married but it’s effect became worse when my brother got married and then one day I was so confused, tearful and scared. I got a mail I dont know from whom but I just remember when I opened it, there was Jesus Picture with his arms wide open saying if you open the door I will come in. I never realized what a stupid thing I did that day, I deleted the mail. I am a Hindu, never realized how dangerous my situation was. I went on with my life forgetting about the mail but where ever I went I saw these three words “Jesus Loves You.” Still I never understood until one day when I came across Day Star channel and heard the sermons of Joyce Meyer and TD Jakes. Wow, it was life changing. I came to know about Jesus and his love for us. After some time, I understood from some youtube videos that we need to pray warfare prayers and then I read the salvation prayer. Accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and fought my battles. Prayers are part of my life. We had to shut down one of our businesses but somehow we are pulling through. God blessed my son with a medical seat. We are waiting for our business and financial breakthrough. Please pray for us.

    • Vanishree

      you are a very wonderful, patient, and brave soul.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, and curses, and for blessing

      it is best to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer.

      and yes, Jesus loves you very much….

  157. Hi I what a spell cast for me I’ve lost all my teeth I what my teeth back spell

  158. Hi Marianne, thank you so much for the prayers. I have one question. The 10 commandments of the Bible says honor your parents. Now, when we know that the parents (my husband’s) are into witchcraft and evil chanting we are sort of confused as to how do we obey the commandments. Please tell me with example what is right and what is wrong. We do not go to fight with them and we stay in the same building but separate houses. We get to see each other’s faces daily. A couple of months back I told her I know what she is doing to us and from then she does not speak to me but speaks to my husband and son. I have told my son and my husband not to eat anything she gives as I have a very bad feeling about whatever she gives. Earlier when I did not know I have eaten a lot and I saw myself vomiting worms in my dream. She flicks our socks and tells us she will wash it and give. Now, I have stopped her from doing that. Please help me on this and thanks again for the prayers. It means a lot to me and my family.

  159. “As a “wiccan”, you may not send curses out, but SOMEBODY is sending them out. As a Christian, we simply RETURN all evil to the sender, seven fold, in the name of Jesus. Note we are not SENDING, but RETURNING. Quite a big difference. If you don’t want it back, don’t send it. If the curses COULD NOT be returned, I wouldn’t be getting email telling me that returning curses is not the Christian thing to do. God is a good God, and He protects us, but sometimes we have to take a little action, using the authority and power we have been given by Him, with the name of JESUS CHRIST.” Apparently there are many Christians that believe this because its the truth. Most that deny this are probably witches trying to protect themselves from having their own curses returned upon themselves.

    • rita

      agreed. returning a curse to sender is like returning unwanted mail back to sender…the christian does not initiate a curse, but just refuses to accept what is sent to him/her.

  160. GOD is unconditional love ALONE. therefore God does NOT allow or disallow magic. GOD IS MAGIC… and Witchcraft is simply the manifestation of God’s presence in our lives, informing us that we DO have absolute control over our own lives. the ONLY beings that judge witchcraft as “forbidden” is MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How archaic are your views of TRUE worship of GOD… True Magic positive and loving IS the sign of God’s presence in our lives, showing us that we CAN change our lives for the better. you are still living in your own “cave” of blackness and ignorance and insidious judgemental hypocritical behavior that judges God’s children to be other than who they truly are: Magical and Divine. How dare you judge Magic as “forbidden” !!!!! what authority do you live by: ???? Man’s and certainly NOT GOD’s…
    MAN is the ONLY being that judges others… and through his insidious ego and narcissistic behavior, he tries to impose his own fears and judgements onto others who actually SEE and recognize their own spiritual authority as Divine Magicians and Witches of God, who have EVERY right to practice magic !!!!!!! YOU have NO authority as a human being to judge anyone for the path they follow. and if you do, you are NOT following GOD. You are following man and his hatred of other human beings, which is VERY evident in your words and cruel judgements of others and their FREEDOM of choice to follow the path that is RIGHT for them… you have NO right to limit the freedom of ANY being… You are cruel, narcissistic and judgemental and should NOT have ANY site to impose such destructive “religious” hypocritical behavior onto others.

    the bible is written by MAN and NOT God…

    It is filled with man’s insidious destructive judgemental behavior, under the “guise” of spiritual authority. WAKE up and open your eyes to the madness MAN is perpetuating alone.. through his hypocritical claim that GOD wrote the bible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOW INSANE…. GOD is unconditional LOVE alone..

    therefore GOD does NOT judge, limit, label, inhibit, punish, or disallow anything..

    How punitive man’s god really is… man has MADE the bible out of fantasy in his OWN image, and of course this image is punishing and cruel.. because he is based on MAN’s OWN Nature !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you want to have a site and “advise” others, (I would never come to you for ANY advice, spiritual other otherwise), do your RESEARCH and find out WHAT IS TRUE… and DO NOT judge others for the path wish to follow…..

    GOD’s voice speaks to everyone… you have NO right to impose your own destructive nature onto others… especially through the “disguise” of advice which you are NOT giving…

    you are giving judgemental cruel energies out to others, and rest assured, they will RETURN to you 10-fold. and this is as it should be.

    do NOT presume to judge others… you have NO right to do so.

    You are NOT a Christian of any kind. Jesus taught unconditional Love ALONE… and NEVER judgement.

    therefore you do NOT follow Jesus at all…

    you follow your own negative destructive cruel nature…

  161. Every has the INNATE right as a CHILD of GOD to protect themselves from any other being who wishes them harm.

    All you “send out” whether it be curses or blessings, return to the sender always…

    whether you are a “wiccan” or Christian, do NOT allow anyone to harm you and protect yourselves with wisdom and TRUE knowledge.

    NOT based on the “bible” which is wrriten by MAN and NOT GOD.

    If you believe “curses”are real, you are deluded, and live your life based in FEAR and NOT love.

    ONLY LOVE is real and curses have NO existence, except in the mind of those who BELIEVE they exist.

    How stupid human beings truly are to belief in anything OTHER than GOD..

    WAKE UP… and REALIZE who you truly ARE:;;

    God’s Divine immortal spiritual children…. INDESTRUCTIBLE and INVINCIBLE…

    NOTHING can hurt us…. we are DIVINE…

    and anyone who teaches others through the “guise” of advising, like the person who has this site, are living in fear and cruelty, and take every opportunity to judge others cruelly without the slightlest regard for the consequence for the harm and hurt she is directing at other people.

    Every JUDGEMENT is a “curse”

    You yourself are SENDING Out curses with your negative and judgemental behavior directed at GOD’s children.

    and EVERY curse is ALWAYS returned to the SENDER…. because that is who it belongs to …

    and this is as it should be. do NOT judge others from your pulpit using GOD as your measuring stick… HOW INSANE you are to judge ANY being…

    EVERYTHING you send out, in the form of religious persecution, which is what you are TRULY doing, will RETURN to YOU , the sender, and for one, am glad that this is so.

    YOU need to learn the lesson of unconditional Love…

    and the ONLY for “people like you” to learn such a profound divine lesson is to feel all the hatred, judgement and cruelty you are TRULY sending out, all in the name of GOD….

    YOU ARE NO different to terrorists who KILL in the name of their god…

  162. Jesus is a false idol devil work so we cannot reverse it and call on Jesus he will have to call her and gods or I Messiah

  163. Thank you for your explaination in regards to returning a curse. My thought was that returning the curse was evil and I do wish to do evil.
    Thank you.

  164. Well, it looks like the racist witches in my apartment building have undone all of my efforts last week, with all the prayers you had sent me. I was making progress and they saw that so they attacked me as viciously as they knew how, and it worked. Ive backslidden big time but if I continue to pray now all hell will break loose. I just dont know what to do with these people anymore. They have been antagonizing me since day 1 and have made sure to destroy any and all of my efforts in anything I do, and they fully support everyone single person and demon that has ever attacked me and comes against me. Im positive it is because of my race and jealousy, the woman next door to me hates black people and she had started dating the man above my apartment sometime after I moved, so now she has constant access to me whenever she wants, and she has gained the alliance of the other woman that lives on the other side of us and all three neighbors are attacking me with their witchcraft and attempting to destroy my life. They have easily become the worst witches I have ever had to deal with.

  165. I would like if you could send the ugly spell or ugly curse back to sender please & thank you please send it off of my body and back to sender

    • christine

      basically, you just reject and return all curses as null and void, destroyed by the power of god, and cast into the lake of fire.

      then bless yourself with the goodness, power, strength, and presence of god.

      I am also sending you prayers against curses

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

  166. These people are complete sociopaths and I know they find clear enjoyment in making me miserable every day. They are unemployed and sit here harassing me all day long. I am currently looking for work, trying to figure out what Im going to do with my life, and now I have to worry about these degenerate psychopath racists whom I know will be affecting my life in a negative way for years to come.

    • rita

      people who “care” about race do not really care. they care about power and control, and venting anger on others of decent character, because they, themselves, are failures.

      if people really cared, instead of hating, there would be peace, not attacks

      frederick douglas and martin luther king were excellent examples of those who really cared.

      the rest, like you said, are psychopaths bent on destroying others

      if there are any open attacks, report them to police

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft, curses, and a daily prayer covering.

      focus on your goals, and look forward to moving UP, to a better place

      say prayers daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

  167. what you give out comes back to you. !!!!!!!!!! If you give out hate towards “witches”, rest assured it will come back to you. God’s LAW of karma is perfect in its manifestation. Why not MOVE to another area where you do NOT have to deal with these “witches”. You are giving your power to other people and are TRAPPED in a cycle of fighting… how stupid this is… you can simply WALK AWAY…. it IS that simple

  168. there is NO such thing as curses !!!!!!!!!!!!! Human beings IMAGINE such energies and then their life is fraught with negativity. Get a TRUE life and STOP imagining such things.. they do NOT exist, other than in your head… ONLY GOD Exists… why do human beings persist in their own negativity. Do they have NO life, except to imagine things that do NOT exist !!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Fear and hate are really the same energy, simply manifesting in different ways. EVERY being has the right to live their own life, according to their OWN path. Witches are simply those who have taken control of their own lives and DO NOT give their power away to anything or anyone. And they have as much right to live their lives as anyone else. the singe most cause of discord on this planet, is Judgement of others, and their way of life. If people LIVE and LET LIVE and simply allow everything to be as it is, will find that in God’s kingdom, EVERY being is free to live their own lives. God DOES not judge, She Accepts ALL as part of Her.. If people minded their own business and stay focused on their OWN life, they would have NO time to judge others for who they are..

  170. People who say “they don’t hate anyone” actually DO hate… for their own defensiveness reveals the truth of how they feel. If you know you don’t hate anyone, why say it… ?????
    Those who hate always feel guilt, hence the need to be defensive of why they feel such hate. If hate were NOT present at all, there would be NO need to say “I don’t hate anyone”. Justifying how you do “not”feel, actually reveals how you DO truly feel….

    • i am not defensive or fearful or guilty. I am just replying to your comment.

      I only fear God, which means I stand before HIM in awe, and respect his ways, and obey his word.

      in HIS word, witches are to be killed, as they are dangerous.

      god exists, and so does satan, and those that follow satan are evil , and to be reckoned with.

      while you may be a new age witch, traditional dark witches do commit evil, and this must be resisted and overcome.

      it says in God’s word that the righteous have the right to judge righteous judgment. the unrighteous have no such right. this is because the spirit of the LOrd dwells in the righteous, and judgement is made with gods help.

      so stop the accusing….projecting negative attitudes on someone because you disagree with them is inappropriate and false.

      satan is the accuse of the brethren and you are doing some accusing here

      instead of accusing me, focus on your own ways, and get your head out of the clouds, and come back to reality

      accusations are not proof of anything except what is in your own mind.

      you sound like mainstream media….if they accuse, then it must be true…..stupid and dangerous, since one may act on what they think

      I KNOW what god’s word says, so i cannot be swayed.

      I suggest you spend some time reading the bible and find out what it really may be a long journey, but taking the first step helps.

  171. How on earth can you sleep at night thinking and feeling that witches are to be “killed” ??? What sort of INSANE god do you worship… Obviously NOT GOD… you are sadly very caught and trapped in the MAN MADE god which is the ONLY god that judges.

    GOD Is unconditional LOVE ALONE… I have said this before, but you obviously choose to worship a god that is punitive, punishing, and MAN MADE…. and a god that TELLS people to kill other beings.. !!!!!!???????????

    You need help. Go to a TRUE spiritual healer to find out WHAT GOD truly is…

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The bible is written by MAN and NOT GOD…

    GOD’s word is invisible, undetectable, and is filled with gentleness and peace..

    and if you “fear” god, you are absolutely INSANE…

    throw the “bible” away. it Has NO truth in it whatsoever…

    you are a judgemental, cruel, deceptive being, who uses your site to promote INSANITY and HATRED.

    GOD does NOT judge. but before you “stand” before GOD, you will have to have your ego and current belief system annihilated completely.

    Are you willing to face DEATH ???? and give GOD your INSANE little self that is cruel, judgemental and stands in darkness and NOT in light. ???

    • whirl

      you are entitled to your opinon

      but god is not only LOVE, he is also HOLY, and does not tolerate sin and rebellion.

      God DOES judge….whoever told you he doesn’t is a liar

      god dictated the bible to man, so it is god’s word

      bible is truth

      you are deceived, you think god will tolerate all sorts of evil..and he will not

      he expects us to repent and put away evil from our lives.

      god is not cruel, he made a way for us to come back to him, repent, and stop our wrongdoings

      his name is Jesus.

  172. please email ne or call

  173. Thank you so much for this prayer. My family is going through a lot for over a year now. Someone I used to work with has Voodoo dolls of me and has been tormenting us. This person has control of our phones and our computers and taunts us all day. He had a big position and was let go from our company. Apparently he spent a lot of money to do what he is doing. My husband and I feel something in our backs. He said who he was to me and said that he could feel me every time I touch myself. I am afraid to take showers because, of the things that happens. During the day and at night he bores my private parts with pins so that I can touch myself. This may sound strange , however it is the truth. My faith in Almighty God is what is keeping me standing. This evil man has hurt many on the job. Please pray that the Lord will stop him in Jesus name Amen.

    • sandy

      it is common for people to be victimized by witches….this is because they were never taught to fight back and how to do it

      jesus gave us the power to tread on snakes and scorpions…to rebuke and bind demons and command them to leave. that is what the kingdom of god is all about on earth…but we are taught to passively wait and let god to this

      you have been given the authority to stop this guy

      fight back

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft, curses, and for strength and covering

      say daily out loud

      start declaring victory out loud, and let the devil hear this!

      I will agree with you in prayer. get your husband to pray with you also and agree

  174. My neighbors have started sending rape demons to rape me at night. It started last Saturday night when I heard the neighbor upstairs sexually assaulting a girl. Then shortly afterwards I started getting sexually assaulted. Tonight, I heard him violently rape this girl. Now I am being violently raped by the demons. I know the girl is really the other female neighbor that we have here that is a witch, and she is working with this guy that lives upstairs. I often seem them together, and this week when he saw me he ran away quickly in fear. I just suffered through a whole week of being raped by demons, now the rapes are going to become more violent. They laugh at me when I scream out in pain because they are sick and they know nobody in my family will help me. I am stuck in this apartment.

    • rita

      if someone is being “violently raped,” that is a crime and you should report it to the police.

      rape is different from consensual sex, and here you seem to say she is raped, then act like it is ok because she is willing, because you think she is a witch.

      how do you know they laugh at you?

      how do you know she is witch?

      how do you know they “know” no body in your family will help you?

      maybe she really is a sex trafficking victim, and you are ignoring her rape..which would open you to attack yourself

      if the guy is sending you demons, he would not run away in fear.

      report him to the police..

      I think you need to first repent of ignoring the rapes, allowing her to be victimized… it sounds like you are listening to the rapes, and doing nothing, giving silent consent

      if you do not stand up for what is right, not even god will stand up for you.

      we need to clear this all up before I can help you

  175. I cant seem to be able to respond to your questions

  176. Oh sorry, my message was too long. As I was typing my last response to your message, I heard a girl upstairs making loud noises again and sex noises again, and as I went to go get the phone to call the police, my mother stopped me just as I knew she would. Its difficult to do anything with my controlling mother around who doesnt want to get involved in other people’s issues, including mine. She will literally physically hold me back from reacting to things as I should. I’m working on just moving out of this apartment and notifying the police about these people as I cannot contend with these people anymore. Do you think police take calls about witchcraft attacks seriously? Im sure these people have a criminal background, they are some of the most violent and psychotic group of witches I have met in 10 years.

  177. Can I report the sexual assault 12 hours after it had already occurred and even after she may have left the apartment?

    • rita

      yes you can report it anytime…since it happens over and over

      borrow someone else’s phone…if they are that loud, others can hear it too.

      your mother is nuts

      when you call the police, just report the possible rape, do not discuss witchcraft with them

      how old are you?

  178. My name is
    Tinesha martin i have a handsome boy named seth i beleave im being attact and my son i have pictures to prove it . i need help. Im from sarnia ontario . my cell number 2263495979 thank u for reading this have a great wonderful night . what do u do when u see a picture of a human face an allen looking skeliton and a witch !

  179. I need to reverse a beauty spell or curse back to sender the girls are Hispanic and one white hair Hispanic make sure. To destro . The permanent spell or curse back to Cynthia Ann mori who goes by last name Neville please. Reverse the spell off me and back to her thank you

    • christine

      I have answered you before on this

      first, you say daily, I reverse the curse 70 x 7 back to the sender, in jesus name, for their deliverance from evil and salvation. ( you are not cursing them back, you are praying that they get saved..)

      then, you REJECT all curses in Jesus name, declaring them null and void, destroyed by the power of God, and cast into the lake of fire

      at the same time, daily, say the prayer to break curses which I am sending you, along with the prayer against witchcraft

      I will agree with you in prayer

  180. Ive since found out the neighbors that live above me are much older individuals, 50 years or older, and the woman normally leaves the apartment every night and leaves her boyfriend here overnight. Which is strange, because Ive been hearing younger individuals from what seemed like directly above me talking and yelling since Ive moved here. That night that this happened, my mother told me she woke up to the noises of the older woman’s voice say “we’ll see how long” and then drop something extremely heavy onto the ground. When they started fighting and went out into the hall to investigate, they disassemble and immediately stop fighting. I am positive they will deny any type of abuses have occurred and will resume their lives as if nothing has happened if I call the police. Im positive they have just been doing this to drive me to move away. I was away, I left the apt all last week and just returned sat night. All the witchcraft attacks stopped while I was gone. And as soon as I hear anything I already have all the information ready for the cops. I dont care anymore. By the way Im an adult but still live with my mother because everything I attempt to do in life always falls apart and witches wont stop attacking me.

    • rita

      you would have to report the events while they occur and get police over quickly….
      you could also tape record the noises
      or get a witness to back you up

      why don’t you move from there?

  181. Yes I know but I dont have any good way of recording the noises. Nobody in my family would back me up, my mother has already told me she would just speak out against me. Im working on moving out, applying at different places and waiting for an interview in a few weeks. But at this point I cant afford to move out. Im praying that my mother will have a change of heart about this place and agree to move back to my sister’s town before this month and just break the lease.

  182. Things here with the neighbors seem to get worse when I write on your page. I feel as though they are eavesdropping because just a few minutes ago right after I gave you the update, the girl that lives next door went out of her apartment went upstairs, then I started hearing them fighting again. As soon as I looked in the hallway to see what was happening they stopped. She’s the same girl that used to slam her door and leave every time I would start praying those prayers you had given me.

    • rita

      well, then just let them fight, and kill each other (figuratively speaking)

      when they wear themselves out, they will slow down and finally quit

      keep praying, maybe softer

  183. I hope its okay that I post this in here. I found this to be very helpful and informative. Also, notice that one of the symptoms of witchcraft is a ‘whirlwind’ of confusion and chaos. I dont know how you can tolerate transparent and redundant witches that come to this page just to spread misinformation and confusion. I cant even stand to read their posts. Anyway, hope this helps

  184. Please pray for me. I believe there is a high probability that my neighbors may try to kill me. Pray that I am able to survive them before we are able to move from this place. Thank you.

    • rita

      you are in my prayers. I pray against witchcraft daily.

      i do not tolerate witchcraft. there will be some witches who happen upon this site, just like other people, but they do not stay long. some are new age hippie types who are deluded and do not know what they have gotten into…..if anyone comes and tries anything with evil intent, I block them

  185. Thank you so much

  186. In 2007 I went through a divorce. I divorced her because of a lot of resons I don’t want to talk about. She went to work on the internet using my credit card casting Curse after curse upon me. With in a year I got leukemia and had to move away. Its now been 10 years and I have had so much bad luck. Seems like I can’t get a brake. At first I did not beleave in her crap but now I don’t know. From blood cancer to bad luck I don’t know what to do. I pray and seems like I’m not heard. I bleave in god and try to talk with him every night. I still don’t seem to get a brake. I’m not giving up on god at all. I just can use some blessings and luck..

  187. Please pray for me and my family or wife separated from me and said someone put a voodoo curse on me and my wife last night video because people are jealous we go to court on the 28th because she put a salt and battery charges on me pray for us tomorrow so everything turn out right tomorrow and Tuesday because I had to put order on her cuz he slapped me I would like to hear from you at noon tomorrow if possible

  188. Is there such a thing as soulmates because people say we are

  189. […] Source: Reverse the curse […]

  190. I dont want to spam up your blog with this same problem but I found the identity of the people who were sending demons to attack me and who had raped the girl. One of the instigators was a 35 year old woman that worked for the government in Golden. She really went out of her way to lead me to believe she was a teenager. Another was a sheriff of that town. Im assuming the others probably also worked for the government in some capacity, maybe military. The government must not do a thorough check when hiring people. And they were neonazi satanists to boot. I’ve moved since but I definitely have demons following me around everywhere because I seem to have become a target for women everywhere, Ive been followed and harassed by random women every time I step foot out in public. And the new upstairs neighbors had started behaving in the same manner as our last neighbors almost immediately after we had moved in, they were scowling at us as we were moving our furniture in on the first day.
    Oh yea, I called the cops right after we had moved and told them about the rape, they showed up several hours later and told me they didnt believe me and suggested I seek medical help.

  191. I should add, I also told the police about a lot of the other things, such as the harassment, stalking and that they were neo-nazi satanists. Im sure thats why they suggested I seek medical help.

    • rita

      if you mention anything spiritual to secular people, like police, they will think you are crazy. just mention the behavior that bothers you to them.

      just keep praying …………

  192. The new demonic neighbors upstairs have started doing exactly what my old neighbors had done to me, they’ve even started sending demons to viciously rape me now. Their hostility and curses against us have only been increasingly getting worse and worse. They’ve also been contacting the management and feeding them misinformation about us as their satanic attacks against us get worse. They mock and laugh at me when I pray. Is there any organization you know that I can contact, anyone that does deliverance or exorcisms? I refuse to move this time.

    • rita

      you are in one of the WORST cities in the USA.

      contact Kenn Pitt at Church in the City – Beth Abraham.

      Address: 1580 N Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80206
      Phone: (303) 322-5733

      tell him I sent you

      he would be supportive of you and would work to help you

      and tell him he can contact me back for additional prayers and thoughts, if he needs to

    • Rita, here is your solution – Please search You Tube: “Secrets of the Demonic Realm – Power of Christ Jesus!”

  193. Thank you so much Marianne. Thank you for constantly offering me support and advice, especially when it seems like most others wont take the time to really reply back or help. I really appreciate everything

  194. Hi I need some help bad. Ive had a man who is trying to hurt me curse me. He’s unbalanced he has been n my life for 4yrs. I believe I was bewitched at birth. Nothing good happens for. Me I lose everything I love. I have nothing no food or money I lose everything. Im depressed, no motivation. Body is shribbin up. Help me please. I should’ve known better its like im under a spell please help me

    • felicia

      if you were bewitched at birth, you may have a generational curse. but you can turn this around.

      first, give your heart to jesus, and let his protection come upon you.

      claim healing and deliverance,

      reject all curses , bind them, and declare them null and void, in jesus name, and cover yourself with the shed blood of jesus daily….he died for your salvation and freedom…so claim this for yourself.

      I am sending you some prayers against curses, witchcraft to say daily, as well as prayers for strength and blessing

      I will agree with you in prayer

      also, find a local “church of god” and seek counseling from the pastor. you need local help as well.

    • Felicia, Please search You Tube: “Secrets of the Demonic Realm – Power of Christ Jesus!”

  195. Please help me with curse breaking prayers,some one who is jealous of my progress cursed me.I was doing well in all my endeavours but all of a sudden every thing went down the drain…I can barely take care of my responsibilities.

    • frankie

      the devil is a liar….!

      put all curses under the blood of jesus and reject, bind and break them in jesus name

      I am sending you some prayers against witchcraft and curses. also some for strength

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer

    • Frankie, Please search You Tube: “Secrets of the Demonic Realm – Power of Christ Jesus!”

  196. ive been dealing with this bullshit for over 2 yrs; Facts are the intelligent the human being we tend to get dealed with nonsense drama- street improv, street theater, voodoo-witchcraft-etc. The devil is a liar I just laugh how many people tend to fall for his traps. Im no puppet, and know the devil which is more of a demon. I know he is scared of me. Im not scared of him. 30 ft. Ohh plus an individual will get hypnotized without his consent “1) when they will speak to you fast in order for you to get confused cause there speaking nonsense jiberish with three slightly movements of hands in a slick way. #2 or be hypnotized while your sleeping. You can only realize youve been hypnotized when your walking and all of a sudden “slightly head change’confused’dizzy.. when you snap out of it. Im an observer, and I will indeed play the dumb role to out smart them, the only way I can fool them by them thinking there winning that im being fooled by them fooling me but lowkey they just dont know I’m playing theire game but switvhing it up.. all about timing.. sometimes you wait a few months chill out.. laugh let them waste there time.. i truly dont give a fuck. “ying yang” and the difference of a regular guy and few that are gang related that most work for CIA/FBI. which those 2 subjects are affitiliated with the drug cartel/mex. which kidnap kids, human trafficking, sex trafficking. Most causes will turn regular guys into transexual but first they get them all doped up to get them addicted which they’ve done to me. No im still a regular guy. But my fam have kicked me out and while being doped up when they make u an addict. think about it. why do they do this? well they do this cause they know u know the truth so they get u addcited so no one can buy your story even if its true. we tend to not believe nor trust an addict or a homeless but trust a suit which will highly fuck over your life… But I am trying to do whats right. the smart way. sometimes the innocent does life in prison wearing the guilty face while the guilty that did the dirty work to frame to save his butt walks away with the innocents face which only cost $300,000 for surgery. Then the media comes along telling you all fucking bullshit cause they know how stupid the people of America really is.. I will never join the army for America piece of shit land of the free my fucking ass.. Im sorry I used to love this place but when they broke into our house took our social security from us, now dealing with identity theft fraud, and making us look like criminals such as terrorist. which kidnapped my own family. Just for money. The next thing they wanna do is to kill me, But I aint worried I always come back. To the ones that pray to a God, think about it b4 judging one another. You never know he is giving u the message, u never know he is infront of u. No he is not white, But hey the bible is man made with a twitch to it. Ten commandments do not steal do not do not. just saying to control u. You dont steal from one another but you can take from big corporations. you do pay taxes which they use your taxes on nonsense when they can use it to help other countries worldwide that truly need it. what is change if we dont try. what is change if we want it but keep believing the bullshit of news its all entertainment. I truly think Jesus will slap the living soul out of you. As I carry the cross in my chest. Peace out dont give a fuck if i Get deported, shit deport me where everyone goes on vacations. to paradize. all tropical then a polluted place which mind games with electro manectic field to drive intelligent individuals crazy or the belief they have to question themselves have i lost my mind, a static which the stasy use central intelligence of the germans. which 1980’s the FBI got caught up. Highly illegal yet still use it to control the people, next time you feel like your being followed. well remember taking the flu shot, or going to the dentist. yeah they set a chip inside your teeth without you ever knowing. and the flu shot another chip. chemtrails.. ohh microscopic nanobites. Damn America. In the end its like taking a bullet for someone thats behind the trigger. And the aliens consider Earth fucking Ghetto. 2000 yrs ago he was old school, this time Im a little bad ass.. you fuck with me, Ill try to give them hell.. osiris. 05’87

  197. Thanks so much for this. Blessings to you. I am seeing many miracles.

  198. Give a scripture to back this please…. otherwise your participating in whitchcraft yourself!

    Colossians 3:8
    But now put away and rid yourselves [completely] of all these things: anger, rage, bad feeling toward others, curses and slander, and foulmouthed abuse and shameful utterances from your lips!

    Reverse the curse is not biblical!!!!

  199. Please send prayers for reversing curses. I was told years ago that I will amount to nothing and I will not get married. That I will work hard and have nothing to show for it. That I will not have peace and my children that I will have will amount to nothing. That God will not help me . This curse must end. I cannot allow this to continue.

  200. I became pregnant and the father told me not to have the child. I was hurt by his remark but decided to keep the baby and raised the child myself. It has not been easy but I managed. Over the years I have notice or should I say a heaviness around me and my child because I decided to keep my child against his wishes. I also notice that some people were not happy that I became pregnant for him. I did not have the child to spite him or for financial gains. We remain a secret to his family to this day but I notice that this has affected our child because he has gone on to have other children who he acknowledges except our. I accept that he never loved me, but to disown his child is another matter. I love my child with all my heart and I forgive him for treating our child the way he does but our child is hurting. Is there a prayer for healing and forgiveness?

    • jenny

      I hope you are getting child support from him for the child.

      if you are not getting support, take action immediately. DNA tests prove a lot now, especially with fathers who deny their children.

      the child is the priority, not the father who denies him.

      the heaviness you feel is partially self imposed, trying to be too fair to the father, but not the child.

      also, you are assuming all the guilt here……… are assuming an uncomfortable victimized position..

      so quit. put the child’s needs first. and your needs too..

      assert yourself.

      do not be a doormat

      to keep this a secret from the family is only catering to his “reputation,” and disallowing the child family contact.

      do not look to him for acceptance, but build around the child people who support and love you both.

      prayers are simple.ask god to heal your heart and forgive you for this relationship with the father, forgive the father but make him responsible for the child.

      does the child have uncles, grandfathers, older friends, pastors, etc who will give him attention? use these resources…

  201. Amen, this is true! People that cast spells and decides to do rituals of this nature know what they are doing, for years I’ve been doing this, sending curses and spoken word curses back to the sender and binding the hands of the enemy and putting up a hedge of protection from future demonic activity, I had an apostle to tell me to pray for them, he said prophetess you can pray for them and I would tell him if they wanted prayer from me they wouldn’t have casted a spell against me or tried now they must reap what they sowed!!

  202. Thank you for this information. I believe it to be true. Very helpful.

  203. I have voodoo curse or spell on me.can u help phone number is 724-698-9557.the reason is because she will probably delete the email or text me..I have done my research either Sweet wispers.they say mind control.

    • david

      are you saved / born again?

      that has to happen first before anyone can help you

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and curses to print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      If you belong to the Lord, the prayers will help

      you can communicate with me further through email.

  204. Hi there, the reason why the curse should be returned to sender is because they are the originator and they will know how to break it not you. You have no idea what they did or said you were not there. Why shoud you be tormented by something youdont want in your life while they are happy they have won? Sometimes pure common sense should prevail. God gives us wisdom to be able to deal and be free with wickedness. So it makes sense to return their own property, that is, if you dont wnt it. You need to understamd what a curse does to a persons life, so many people are suffering because of this evil, some suffer for a lifetime until they die without having enjoy their God given life, how is that fair while wicked people who cast these spells are enjoying their lives and your blesings too? Luke 6:36 Good measure, preseed down… This should not be done with evil intent but to have them break their own spells because they know them better. After that pray for them to repent and to get a relevation from God of the evil they invoke with their deeds in other peoples lives. We cannot just sit around idly we pray and wait for God to move us. We need to move with God.All this should be doe with peace and without any fear becausr it works. If you dish it out you should be able to eat it.

  205. I would like prayer as I pray for myself. My mother has been into the occult, numerology, astrology, tarot, witchcraft and ouija since 1993 and I am a Christian. Today she put a curse on me, after trying to gaslight me to no avail. I believe God is bigger and stronger than any curse! Unfortunately because I know firsthand how powerful my prayers can be over my children, I find my faith wavering like never before.

  206. Hi Marianne. Its been a long time since Ive been on this page, I hope you’ve been doing well. Thank you for trying to help me. I still use your prayers and give them out to other Christians that are being attacked by witches and Satanists. They are very helpful.

    I still live in Denver, in the same horrible oppressive environment surrounded by Satanists. I recently found out these women have been stalking me to locations I go to. I caught them stalking me to my new job over 10 miles away last month- they almost hit my car twice! I was praying to the Lord for my day when suddenly the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to them, I tested them to see if they really were following and it was true! I knew they were following me to date the men at my job location, theyve been incredibly active in contacting men that are interested in dating me, luring them away with their lies and seduction, then using these men as pawns to harass me for them. They have been doing it since I moved here, but its gotten even worse the last few months. Apparently some witch stated that “Id have a boyfriend, get married, and have a normal happy life over her dead body.” I can definitely see her curse taking affect as I realize women have been doing this sort of thing to me for over 15 years now, aggressively pursuing men that show any interest in me, attacking everything I try to attempt in life, make my home life hell. It only seems to be bad in Colorado though. Anyway, since then Ive been getting counseling from a pastor, got deliverance from a deacon (albeit it was only a week long-not sure if that matters), but these witches continue to stalk and harass me (I suppose its because they’ve already found me in the spirit and are unwilling to leave me alone as Im an easy target). Now Im just trying to find a safe location to move to within Colorado until I finish my schooling, someplace that isnt completely occupied by witches and occultists. Also trying to make sure these women dont just stalk me to my new home, although Im sure the demons will unfortunately.

    Thank you for your prayers and your links. God bless you. Rita

  207. Oh, and apparently they’ve been trying to set the spirit of insanity and suicide over me for over a year now, atleast thats what a prophetess has told me. I also believe some of their friends are actually Christians, I thought they were pretending with their crosses but they fast and pray as a group against me in an effort to help the witches and their agenda against me. Spiritually they are able to hide their activities and mix a lot of the truth as to what is really happening here, when I have Christian friends with discernment come over or my pastor prays about the situation, sometimes he will reiterate a lot of the same lies these witches are trying to say about me- that they arent really stalking me, that they dont sense anything happening in my neighborhood, that im just crazy and this isnt really happening, that these women are just victims. They certainly dont look like victims as they are tailgating me in the highway or going outside when I do and laughing, mocking, and insulting me to my face! If nothing else, they are definitely infuriating.

  208. rita

    do you have to live in denver? where is your school?

    that whole state is demonic.

    denver is the center

    can you transfer to another school?

  209. My school is located in Littleton and a little closer to the mountains, although there is a huge demonic presence there also. I was harassed by witches and school administrators even in my classes. Unfortunately I cant move to another school because not many have the same type of nursing program that my school does, the ones that do are hours away from my home and Im weary of moving to these strange towns by myself as Im sure Id have to deal with the witches even there.

    No I dont have to live in Denver. We are planning on moving to Aurora or a little further eastward towards the plains. Yea, I figured most of the state was evil as I seem to face violence, opposition, persecution, and oppression wherever I go but was weary to admit it as my family seems to think its just me. The attacks have gotten much worse since Ive become a Christian, it comes from many, and Ive been told this is happening because of the spiritual gifts God had given me and that Satan wants to oppress.

    I was hoping of just moving out of state after I got my license although at this point I dont even know if I’ll be able to graduate at all in this state. Not many are able to help with this here in CO. Im starting to doubt if there are any capable Christian institutions that can teach how to successfully deal with this overwhelming demonic presence in CO. Even the Christians in my neighborhood are in alliance with the Satanists here, its appalling.

    • rita

      I was also attacked in nursing school long ago, so I quit.

      I was very young at the time and did not know how to fight back.

      can you transfer to trinidad nursing school?

      I have a friend that lives there,

  210. Yea, Ive heard witches purposely choose to become nurses so they can curse their patients and cause death upon certain individuals. I dont know how true that is but it would make sense, easy access to the vulnerable. Ive had to stop taking nursing classes multiple times because of the attacks, one crises after another seem to occur. Thank you suggesting Trinidad and offering to help. At this time I dont know if I will, Im hoping after we move far away from Denver things will get a little better. Also, it seems my upstairs neighbor who spiritually attacks me on a nightly basis heard me suggesting this to my mother and started laughing, Im sure she were trying to be arrogant and almost hint that this wont stop even if I move to Trinidad.

    Recently I seem to be coming under attack in a way that they mess with my thinking. Sometimes I can discern when they are trying to convince me of something wrong, trying to trick me into making mistakes. They did yesterday, and today I felt they were really trying to get me into trouble at work. Even my mother is starting to have a change of mind concerning the harassment from the neighbors, she seems to be coming up with excuses for their ridiculously awful behavior. Not sure what they are doing exactly but Ive been trying to send their curses back and release the opposite of what they are trying to do upon my home and family, but the changes havent been as noticeable as they were when I first started doing it.

  211. I highly suspected that my Biology teacher was into the occult. He seemed to know a lot of personal information about the students, seemed to have some kind of command over the spiritual influence going on in the class and knew about the oppression I was under but seemed to support the witches that were causing it instead. I was not the only one being spiritually attacked in his class this semester- I think there were a few girls that were spiritually attacking a lot of the other Christian students in class, a lot of them dropped out mid semester even when they were incredibly bright and seemed to do well on a lot of the group assignments. Some even changed career choice. I looked these girls up (the ones I suspect were witches) and their facebook pages had a lot of occult symbols all over, were incredibly promiscuous (one was dating the teacher), controlling, and grouped up together and practically let me know they wanted me to fail the class and were going to do anything to make it happen towards end of the semester.

    I dont know about all the other teachers at the school, but I do remember a few years ago while I was taking another class I was being so heavily attacked by the demons that I was constantly getting nightmares of being attacked by people or being chased by the demons. I would dose off and have these visions of being surrounded by a swat team that breaks into my home and starts shooting. Id hear demons heavily breathing and cackling when I prayed, Id hear their footsteps and hear them on my bed. A few individuals that work for the school are incredibly abrasive and standoffish though, they make it very difficult for me to sign up for school every time I attend and always refuse to accept my scholarships despite the fact that I earned and deserve them and they come from an accredited source.

    I just bought a dash cam today, hoping to atleast be able to catch them following me places and have proof for the police and everyone else that doesnt believe me.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long messages. Ive been having a lot of attacks against my mind lately, and Im just beyond fed up with this apartment and town.

  212. Im not sure if Ive already mentioned this but I think the apartment management and leasing agents are themselves heavily involved in the spiritual/witchcraft attacks themselves. Last August a prophetess friend stated the management was responsible for most of the witchcraft attacks but I couldnt see it because the neighbors were constantly in my face and harassing me on a daily basis. Now though, whenever something horrible is happening in my personal life, the management is always lurking around or sending maintenance to “work” on the grounds right around my unit. I dont know what that could mean but it seems to always correspond to things falling apart or getting sabotaged by these women. Last year before things with them escalated, I called the office and told them someone from upstairs kept making loud hardwood floor scratching noises in the living room late at night, and soon after my mother and I both started hearing spirits impersonating our voices and calling out to us at separate times in/around our apartment. I hadnt heard anything like that ever, and hadnt heard demons trying to make their presence so blatantly known in years.

    Ive contacted the office and asked them for the names of the manager and assistant manager and they only retaliated and got meaner, Ive contacted corporate and reported the management thus far but nothing has happened, wrote a lot of reviews about this place, reported my neighbors, contacted security- every time I think the management lies and denies anything is going on. The witches living around me also seem to react strongly when someone mentions that the management might be involved and might want us to move out. At this point I wouldnt even be surprised if it wasnt the leasing agents and management of my complex that were the women that have been stalking me to these different locations and meeting up with these men, I think one of them was even sitting in the hall in front of my class, just waiting, during our last 2 weeks of school.

    • rita

      I hope you know denver will be destroyed in the near future, acc to prophecy, due to witchcraft. If you can transfer, it would help you a lot. this is summer, can you switch?

      • Wow! I had not heard that Denver would be destroyed. Well, there was the one that I had heard a few years ago about Yellowstone erupting and most of Colorado being enveloped with ash, and the lava spilling onto most of northern CO, but have been doubting its accuracy lately. Do you have a link to this prophecy, something I can share with my family? Thats amazing, and frankly Im not at all surprised that CO will be punished for its evil practices- witchcraft, new age, Illuminati activity has been thriving here for decades now. I will see if I can still transfer to another school, but I can also do a lot of online classes, which was what I was going to do with my current school.

        • rita

          no I cannot prove it. I was told this by someone who read the prophecy somewhere, but does not remember the reference. he also lives in colorado.

  213. Oh okay. I know of prophet Stephen Hanson that used to live in CO until recently. I was wondering, do you know of any prayers against the spirit of legion? I think my friend and I might be dealing with this.

  214. Wow, thank you so much for all of those prayers! God bless you! Im still not sure if we are coming up against legion, my friend said the Lord wanted him to focus solely on Jesus, play worship much and praise him constantly for the next few days. Perhaps this is also what I need to do.

    I just caught a witch at work doing the exact same things my neighbors have been doing to me for the last year. Is it possibly my neighbors can contact others I come into contact with, like those at school and work, through visions and dreams and plot together against me?

    I know this is going to sound racist, but for some reason white women keep stalking me and luring away and dating every guy that shows interest in me. They seem to find out almost immediately, and within the next day they heavily pursue him until they get him. This happens no matter where I am, close to home or far away like at work. Then they have their friends come and harass me and behave as though they were dating the guy but only as a cover to confuse me, because later I see those same guys with these women that had been stalking me initially. The heavy demonic attacks start soon after. Its been happening for the last 15 years, but mostly seems to be like this in CO. I never noticed such a strong fascination and obsession with my relationships and life from other women in the other states I lived in, but I could be wrong. Not sure what I did to cause this.

    I dont mean any offense by this, I just wonder if its a clue as to how I should pray against the attacks because Im still not sure what is going on.

  215. Im sure Im probably getting paranoid in relation to my last post. I realize all of these women are witches, and their covens and members run deep. Ive been seeing a lot of freemasonry symbology everywhere I go for months now, Im sure they have something to do with this as well.

    • rita

      witches are predators.

      since whites are the majority of the population, although that is changing quickly due to illegals, most witches are white in america. so it might be coincidence, or just statistical probability, that your attackers are white. that also means most victims are white as well.

      they do not care what color their victim is. they don’t like you anyhow.

      pick out the prayers that suit you most, and just start praying.

      denver is a big witchcraft area

  216. Hi Marianna. I know youre right, but Im also wondering if they are more often targeted and influenced by the demons that have been assigned to stalk and destroy my life. By the way its not just white woman Ive found, a lot of Hispanic and mixed (black and white) women have been found doing this to me as well, but I think they were just doing this to work in solidarity with and support the other witches attacking me. Yea, I realize that race probably isnt the main reason they are doing this as they also have Hispanic and black people helping them, but I dont think its also because Im Christian because some Christian women have been spiritually attacking me lately as well. Im just at a loss, its probably because of curses and just the demonic influence that follows me around trying to hinder my life- probably a generational curse maybe that my deliverance minister and pastor havent been able to help with yet? I think all of Colorado is wicked, both inside the church and outside. Just lots of predatory and cruel people everywhere, both near Denver and very far away from it. Recently, a witch found me on reddit in the category bad neighbors and she claimed that she wanted to help me. She sounded heavily mislead by Satan, believes not all dark spirits are demons, and claims to be harnessing a close relationship with God whom she calls creator. She used to be a Christian but ran into some nasty people at church which ran her off and away from church, she also said it was constricting. I dont know if I should continue to talk to her, I realize that witches are predatory and God only knows Ive had to deal with their stalking and harassing for over a decade, but Im also wondering if perhaps I can help bring her back to God by telling her about how God changed me and brought light and meaning into my life (although right now I seem to be getting caught up in this black hole since coming back to CO). I dont know if she’s sincere or if I should just avoid her like the plague.

    Oh yea, Ive since installed a dash cam on the back of my car and have taken some videos of my neighbors harassing me in the mornings before heading out to work. In the last week, some management and leasing office agents have either gotten fired or transferred, atleast according to my mother. Ive also gotten a little backlash from both neighbors at home and those at my job, although it could have definitely been worse. My upstairs neighbors continue to be horrible and continue to send demons to oppress and choke me at night. Still updating and posting dashcam videos of the stalking and harassment online.

    • rita

      christians who attack others have religious spirits, the kind that crucified jesus. they are worse than witches, since they do this in jesus name.

      the ex christian witch you met was most likely hurt by the religious spirits in the church. she my be well meaning in intentions but she is powerless to help you. she may consider herself a white witch, but she is just deluded.

      witness to her if you want, but do not accept any witchcraft activities from her

  217. Yea, I havent really spoken to the witch since the last message I sent you. I pretty much told her I didnt want her help and that the Lord was going to help me get through this. Our lease is finally finally up and my family is going to be moving in 3 weeks, only problem is my mom. She is behaving like a Jezebel, going behind everyone’s back and signing leases in bad neighborhoods, arguing about everything and refusing to listen to reason. 2 days ago she went and signed a lease at an apartment that was across the street from a retirement center/nursing home for Freemasons!! I tried to tell her what Freemasonry was and she always refuses to learn anything about the occult or their tricks/signs. The day after she was interested in another apartment across the street from one of the witches that used to live here that had made my life hell- every time I drive near this place something in my spirit tells me there is seriously something wrong with the neighborhood, even my brother picked up on it. I suspect she’s being controlled by deceiving spirits and by these witches into being interested in moving into their neighborhoods. Ive pretty much had it with my mother though, we’ve been going through this for the last 2 years, and she has always sabotaged a lot of important things in our lives (my siblings and I) the majority of our lives. Im saving up the little that I have and Im going to try to rent a room with another person. Im even considering moving to Pueblo if your friend is still offering, this might be the wake up call I needed.

    • rita

      it sounds like you and your mom should rent separately.

      there are lots of rooms at my friends’ house . he is in trinidad.

  218. Yes, Im done going through hell and my mother continuously putting me in these situations time and again. Do you have his contact information? I

    • rita

      I need to call him first. his phone has been out for the past few days.

      if the offer still stands, I will email you the phone number

  219. Thats okay. Ive been thinking about just renting a room with another individual so its cheaper and I dont have to quit my job. We still havent moved, and my mother told the management the new address she signed up with. Im positive she was under the influence of the witches when she signed a lease in the bad neighborhood, they started coming here often (usually when I was away at work) and started taking her away on trips and giving her God knows what- same moves they were doing over the summer with people at my job Im sure. These witches that attack me usually try to befriend my mother so they could get personal information or as an easy access into our family. Right now I believe they are also trying to cause a rift between us like they did with my sister and I.

    Either way, I have come to the firm conclusion that a reverend at an Anglican church here near my home, one I thought was a friend and confidant, has been spiritually attacking me and cooperating with my neighbors since atleast February. She had done a “deliverance” for me in Feb, and insisted on coming to my apt to pray over it, but since has decided to turn against me, speak word curses at me and started blatantly lying about me. She destroyed my reputation (tried to call me crazy) and destroyed my relationship with my sister and break my sisters family apart (lied about her too without ever meeting her), which is funny because my neighbors would consistently wait for me in the parking lot and proceed to try to follow me to my sisters home whenever I would go over to babysit. Everytime the witches in my neighborhood are up to something she seems to be after the same agenda.

    I was seeking counseling for months with another pastor at a different church, and she managed to lure him in and turn him against me, his office is now right next to hers at her church and everytime I speak to him hes just so heavily deceived (Ironic because a whole slew of men from my job have been moving in with my stalker neighbors or distancing themselves from me since late July/August). He tries to give me advice but he thinks Im the one behind all of this trouble, just like all the men my neighbors had lured in and manipulated, and he tells me I should stay out of their business when it is they who stalk me 24/7 and constantly try to sabotage everything in my life. He should know this, hes told me himself what my neighbors were doing, and yet fails to see that the reverend is participating in this as well. I do admit though, I spoke to my upstairs neighbor 2 weeks ago and she just kept lying and lying in my face, said she was christian yet allows witches into her apt to harass me and she herself behaves unethically, tried to lie about facts I was already aware of and denied everything. I was just astounded, she was yelling in my face about it all, then later came to my apartment with 4 of her friends and demanded to speak to my mother so they could all go to management and claim they did nothing wrong because I told her we were moving anyway. The management has also been very blatant in their involvement in this as well, all of the decent employees have since been fired and the people that are left will come to our apt banging on the door and screaming demanding to come in “to see something” or harass me in the parking lot when they see me.

    Another pastor told me that I was receiving fiery arrows from all sides (this makes sense now seeing that even the reverend and her friends were stalking, lying about, and spiritually attacking me), and that I was essentially surrounded by nothing but really awful people trying to cause as much turmoil and darkness in my life. This isnt the first time a church leader has attacked me like this before, and it always seems to be a woman who serves in a catholic church oddly enough. He prayed that I could find a way out of this apartment and just start over again because of all the destruction they have caused this last year and a half. I have no idea why these supposed Christians side with these people in my complex, but I understand my neighbors are probably pathological liars and fervently claim to be Christians, they also have significant psychic abilities as they seem to know things happening around me when Im not home before Im even aware of it myself, and then proceed to destroy good things in my life. Ive been considering calling ICE- Immigration on some of them and having them deported as there are Tons of immigrants in my complex and many seem to behave like they are in a gang and do illegal things like stalk and steal.

    I apologize for the long message. Ive just been really overwhelmed and angry. I will most likely have to move away from my mother to a location none of them know about in order to truly stop all of this. Oh, they knew I was considering moving to Trinidad btw, and started laughing about it so as to hint that they were going to stalk and attack me from there also.

  220. Hi Marianne, I hope everything is going well. Thank you for your prayers. I was wondering if you knew of any ministries in Colorado that do deliverance and cast demons out? They are incredibly hard to find.

  221. Hi Marriane! Ive been going to a deliverance group through one of the healing rooms from the list you suggested. Things have been difficult, they say its not normal that the demons wont speak through me to answer their questions. The leader has been getting really upset by this, they wonder if I want these things to continue to oppress me because they wont speak through me. I have no control over it, and sincerely want these things to leave me. They also want me to cut all contact with a lot of friends, they dont want me to go to other Christians for help, and have looked up every Christian pastor or minister Ive contacted, even had some visit them. They refuse to pray against the witchcraft attacks though, they think Im paranoid about some of that stuff and just dont want to pray against it and it bothers me because they’ve seen first hand what the witches have done to me on days when I did have a meeting with them, or the night before. My neighbors have started following me to the church on meetup days and will spiritually attack me to try to sabotage/prevent me from going. Im wondering if this is all normal and Im just overreacting or if I should be cautious with this group. I dont know, Ive never met a deliverance group like this.They do have very prophetic gifts and Ive learned a lot of what is happening to me in relation to the types of curses sent out against me. Any insight would be appreciated. I hope you are having a good Holiday season. Have a blessed weekend.

  222. Hi Marriane, I was wondering if anyone associated with the healing room/deliverance ministry I was involved in a few months ago has contacted you?

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