Jezebel in the Church- Carnal Christianity


Note: This woman’s beastly, primitive, predatory behavior is amazing. All she and her husband talk about is sex and aggression. How good their orgasms are at home. How sexy she is. How to be a good bully. They are the sex experts, even though they cannot make each other happy. This is godlessness, full blown ego and self-glory. And the crowd cheers on in laughter, and adoration, for them. Everything that is spoken says “Look at me, and how great and powerful I am. Be like me, not God.” There are two kinds of Jezebels- aggressive and sneaky. This is an example of the aggressive type. The violent, loud, harsh, angry, rebellious manner is supposed to impress you as “power.” No tender words for Jesus in all this.

specific example (Juanita Bynum):

Their Booty Gospel:

Bishop Weeks is no prize either. The government needs to shut down this church as a sex cult, or porn club. This is NOT Christianity !!! The carnal Jezebel rides again!!

What is really bad is that people bring their children to church to hear this kind of trash. Listen to the congregation laugh and cheer them on.

Click here for more

she attacks

She plays the victim, and sheds tears. Notice she is “NOT wrong.” Avoids responsibility:

instructional videos (4 part series) about jezebels in general

Click here to see the Jezebel spirit and the single woman.
Click here to see how to deal with the Jezebel spirit in the workplace.

Click here to see how to identify and remove the Jezebel spirit.

40 Responses to “Jezebel in the Church- Carnal Christianity”

  1. So Is Hell

  2. Hi HIsWarrior

    Well, you are very concise, but accurate.


  3. WOW…VERY informative Marianne! Learning about this spirit is new for us, and I now realize how COMMON it is in this day & age! My husband found this little video too…It was pretty good.

    Jesus Bless you!

  4. PS…The ‘booty gospel’ up there was especially SHOCKING.

  5. I just realized you already had posted these videos & now feel dorky…lol…Sorry

  6. Hello, Thank you for the work that you went to so that people like myself can better understand. I am going to continue to view more of this website. I believe my stepmom has such a spirit and is hurting her own daughters whom I care much for. She has made effort to hurt me and my son too. She is possessive of my father and all of us wish we could be closer to him, but she doesn’t let anyone get too close to him. My eldest step sister is quite hurt as her mother “wrote her off” as my stepmom calls it. I hope to learn how I can comfort my step sisters without being insensitive to the fact that their mother is controled by this spirit.

    • Hi Genie,

      This spirit is so common, that most just assume it is a “personality issue.” It isn’t. I am guessing that your father is a nice, passive, gentle, quiet man, who lets his wife take the lead on things.

      This is called an Ahab spirit. So he is enabling her with his passivity. This is a weak spot in him, maybe due to his upbringing. He needs to overcome this and stand up for his daughters.

      In the meantime, since he will not take any initiative due to his passivity, you and your sisters will have to be very assertive (positively aggressive) and stand up for yourselves, and demand the respect you deserve.

      You will also have to confront her, and let her know SHE is the one who has problems, not you. A group effort is best. You have to outnumber her, to make her back down. When you do, expect her to whine and cry and put on a show.

      Read the different links I have on Jezebel and Ahab. You can do a search on this site ( box at the top) for jezebel, and then for ahab. Learn about the spirit, and you will feel much better bout yourselves, and will have more confidence in handling this unruly woman.

      to get you started:

  7. I read people pretty well and there was always something about Bynum and Weeks I didn’t care for. I always felt Bynum was a false prophet. I use to live in Atlanta and saw her at a TBN taping, she seemed real phony to me, and very vein. People loved her, she was all plastered on the sides of the bus, people spoke about her like she was God or something, and inside sources talked about her having a nasty spirit. I was also there when all the mess went down between her and Weeks. I picked up from just watching her on local tv that she was playing the victim and i felt she was the aggressor. Now it all makes since, she is carrying a Jezebel spirit.

    • hi Dawn

      I hope more people catch on to the Jezebel Spirit. Couples like that are destroying the purity and cause of Jesus, and the world is mocking us for following such false ministers.

      I spend most of my time with unbelievers trying to convince them that this is not real Christianity, even if it is advertised that way.

    • I believe that god uses bynums and her getting married to who she got married to was a set up by the enemy. Her proverbes 31 woman was awasome. After all the stuff with her marriage failed. She fell off and started letting her flesh over ride her spirit. On top of all the different spirit that was loose upon her by her ex husband. Thats why we should be holy and humble women of god and seek God when trouble comes. Cause the enemy has his forces waiting to enter in. I pray for strenght and covering for juanita. Cause she is a powerful women of god when she let the holy spirit have his way.

  8. Catrina and eveyone else

    I’ve said it a few times:
    If you post a video, put it in a separate box. That will bring it up. It will get missed otherwise. This looks like a good video. Just right for the holiday that is coming up “Halloween”.

  9. Here is what I wanted to post:

    Interfaith movement brings world closer to global religious system
    September 21st, 2010 3:24 pm ET
    By Nicole Horrelt, Canada Bible Prophecy Examiner

    During the last days prior to the return of Jesus Christ, one of the many signs heralding His return will be a global apostasy (2 Thessalonians 2:3) coinciding with a global cry for peace.(1 Thessalonians 5:3) Globalized communications of our day facilitate the rise and speed of this falling away from the faith, and have also been prophesied since the Bible foretells the world will see certain events come to pass. (Revelation 11:9-10; 17:8)

    With nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons technology, terrorist threats, combined with several nations increasingly more hungry for power and domination than for true peace, the capability of mankind destroying all life on earth today, is real. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus predicted this capability for world destruction at a time when only spears and swords were the weapons used. (Matthew 24:21-22)

    All these factors and more, play into the role of fulfilling the prophecy found in Revelation chapter 13, the time coming when the Antichrist , or ‘false messiah’ forms his one world religion (Revelation 13:12)

    To get to the point of global worship of the Antichrist who will rule the world temporarily during the tribulation prior to the return of Jesus Christ , the true Messiah, there must (logically) be a global ‘conditioning’ or preparation, and this begins with apostasy, or the ‘falling away’ from the true faith in Jesus Christ in much of the Christian world. This is happening right now and increasingly so, with the global cry for peace. Jesus Christ is denied as being the ‘only way, truth, and life’ (John 14:6) and in many churches, this truth is excluded (subtly in many cases with a weak gospel) in the name of ‘peace and tolerance.’ How can this happen? What is the motive or inspiration? This is an examination of only a few factors working together to bring about this change.

    In an August 30, 2010 article entitled, ‘Religions should unite against radicalism,’ Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, who is leading the project to build a mosque and muslim/interfaith centre near the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks, provides a clue: “we are all in this together … there is a common threat: Radicalism, which exists in all religions.” He further states, “the real battlefront is not between Muslims and non-Muslims – the real battlefront is between moderates and extremists.” In a Daily Times article entitled, “Interfaith harmony for world peace,” the author Mohammed Jamil concludes that the ‘fundamental reason for the turmoil and tension in the world is the absence of a just economic order.’ In his reasoning, interfaith harmony is a means to solve this problem. In 2008, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called for interfaith dialogue between Islam, Christianity and Judaism and said at that time, “If God wills it, we will then meet with our brothers from other religions, including those of the Torah and the Gospel to come up with ways to safeguard humanity.” The king, who is the guardian of the holy sites of Mecca and Medina reasoned that the major faiths “shared a desire to combat the disintegration of the family and the rise of atheism in the world.”

    The unifying theme in all interfaith dialogue is ‘tolerance.’ While this sounds virtuous and good, it is deceptive for that very reason. There is no question that peace-making is a noble effort. However, in the name of ‘tolerance’ and for the cause of eradicating ‘radicalism,’ it is highly likely that the Christian faith, specifically those who teach and maintain that Jesus Christ is the only way to God as truth – will be viewed as intolerant and bigoted, and even extreme. The increase in religious tensions all over the world in all forms; terrorist attacks, burning of books, arguments against the banning of books from schools, public offices, etc., will likely lead to global restrictive religious laws, in attempt to reduce these tensions, and promote ‘tolerance’ as a means to bring about global peace. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations program is one such body set up for this. An article entitled, “Saudi U.N. Interfaith Movement would “Crush Religious Freedom” provides more insight on this topic.

    The blending of faiths, and unifying of world religions in the name of peace, but to the exclusion of truth, is leading the world and those who follow this path into a deceptive trap.

    Matthew Ch 7 v 13-14

    The Narrow and Wide Gates

    “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.”
    “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

  10. I just find this subject on the burqa such a fascinating one. So foucused on Women and their sexuality and freedom and dress. Any comments anyone?

    Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Israel are about to issue an edict banning a particular outfit adopted by a few women — because it’s too modest. That outfit? A burqa.

    The Hebrew expression hafuch al hafuch — an inversion of an inversion, or the opposite of the opposite — comes to mind in this strange footnote of the politics of women’s dress in the Middle East. A few years ago, a hundred or so women in ultra-Orthodox Bet Shemesh began wearing burqas of their own volition, as a way to trump previously-accepted standards of modesty. At the time, one told Haaretz, “At first, I just wore a wig, Now when I see a woman with a wig, I pray to God to forgive her for wearing that thing on her head.”

    Personal choice? Ironic novelty in the bigger picture of Jewish-Muslim relations? Maybe. But publicly sanctioned, as a Haaretz op-ed this past March about France’s burqa ban indicated:

    To the Israeli observer, the public debate in France appears as fascinating as it is strange. In Israel no one would think of prohibiting any sort of “extreme” dress. This is primarily because the Israeli model allows a number of tribal campfires to burn alongside one another, within certain limits. The ultra-Orthodox have a beach of their own in Tel Aviv where they can bathe covered from head to toe, while Muslim women can swathe themselves in as many yards of opaque cloth as they like.
    No one would think of prohibiting any sort of “extreme” dress — except for Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, apparently, policing their own community. According to reports in The Jewish Chronicle and The Telegraph, the rabbinic organization of Eda Charedit — prodded by the husbands of burqa-wearing women, apparently — are over the Jewish burqa. They’re issuing a statement condemning it.

    According to the Chronicle, a top rabbi with the organization said, “Cover the body, fine, but you would think them a sack of potatoes…The Eda Charedit is very against it and sees in it a real danger that by exaggerating you are doing the opposite of what is intended — severe transgressions in sexual matters.”

    It’s not really clear if this is kinky because you can’t tell she’s a woman for all the potato-sack qualities of the burqa, or because it has associations with Islam, or because the rabbis didn’t think of it themselves. But these women should have every right to cover as much of themselves as they wish.

    Israeli Rabbis Clamp Down On Burka [Telegraph]
    Ban Jewish Burka, Say Israeli Rabbis [Jewish Chronicle]

    Related: Israel More Tolerant Of Muslims Than Burka-Obsessed France [Haaretz]

    Read more:

  11. French or Latin; hear this:
    Set other scrutineer
    Objects unto unanimous results,
    Seeing outside securities
    Relate reports orally
    End to end sustainded-
    At the INEC’s Voters’ box climax–
    Level of vocal eminence.

    I call THIS a 8million VOTES 4 GOODLUCK 4 now;

  12. I thank God i get all dis information and i want more about di jezebel spirit cos now i know how to destroy di spirit.

  13. i just would like to say i greatly appreciate this information and i have recently given my life to god and each day i read about more things an i could never understand what was goin on with me now that i read i grow closer and stronger in my faith an i contuine to grow

  14. I just found this site tonight. To bad I am too late to see the video’s of this behavior. I was told four years ago that my husband had the spirit of Jezebel. But in my ignorance I only thought in terms of sex and affairs. Which has not been the problem in the marriage, just the other behaviors that have been so clearly described here. After much prayer and tears tonight, I was lead to this site. Pray for me as I prepare to do battle. With God the victory is already mine. You may have just saved a 22 year marriage, because I was at my wits end and ready to leave this marriage. At least now I know what it is!

    • dear Catherine

      I am sorry to hear of all your pain. I am adding you to my prayer list. If he is a true jezebel, you will need to develop much local support. I do not know much more than what you have said about your specific circumstances, so feel free to email me if you need to. I will agree with you in prayer.

  15. Dear Marrianne and other believers,

    I need your prayers. I believe I have been battling this spirit for much of my life, both from within and without. As a child I was sexually abused and went on to be promiscuous, etc. Praise God, I was delivered a few months before I gave birth to my daughter. I’ve been in the Word and in church ever since. However, this spirit continues to come against me. My husband’s ex is filled with this spirit. I am just in awe at how perfectly this describes her. She has been doing everything to discredit me, destroy our marriage and keep me away from my step children. Sadly, for much of this time my husband has had the Ahab spirit, passive to the point of accusing me of having the problem with her. It’s too long a story to go into, but through much prayer we now have a court date upcoming for the children’s welfare. I am deeply concerned my husband will not rise to the occassion. We are both Christian’s but he has been terribly brutal to me verbally this last while and I believe it is the spirit influencing him against me. This website is a godsend. I know God brought me here for such a time as this. I know God is with me, but frankly its intimidating. I need hope and faith that this spirit can and will be overcome and my marriage and life will be restored. There has been great damage and I feel alone. Please pray for me for courage and wisdom, for my husband too and for the courts. She has always been one step ahead of us because of the familiar spirits that give her knowledge and power, but as God told me recently- He is already at the finish line. Thank you for your prayers.

    • dear nicole

      I will put you on my prayer list. what is happening with the children? are they in danger?

      you need to encourage your husband to rediscover his male hormones, and stand up to her. if he would do that , he would win.

    • The spirit of Jezebel desires to lead men away from God, your husband, The Lord in sexual sin, apostasy, false dreams, heresy, etc…

      Deny that apostate Jezebel and The Harlot.

      She leads men and women astray, into sexual slavery and sin, which if it wasn’t for the word of God, straight to hell.

      You need Christ and the Angels.

      They are not homosexuals.


      Prince Michael
      Covenant Prince

  16. I was referred to this site by my sister. Wow I finally am aware of what I have been battling at work with my boss. You put words to exactly what I have been experiencing in the workplace. I had been praying for God to reveal what I was battling after being in complete disbelief with the stunts my boss kept pulling on me. Throughout all her tactics I was asking God to show me what I was doing that made this woman hate me so. My only crime was that Our spirits conflicted because I walked with the favor of God and was obedient to Gods expectations of me. She wanted to control me and make me give in to unprofessional and unethical directives. Thank you for educating me on exactly how to rebuke the Jezebel spirit in Jesus name!

  17. Hello I wont say my name, I have seen this spirit in the first lad of my church. My family and I have been going to this church for 12 years, our old pastor passed away and a new pastor and wife took over church. We have really been involved in the ministries at our church, however every time we try to serve and offer our gifts we are rejected and it starts at the top (first lady). Recently our first lady joined facebook, and she accepted everyone else as her friend and when I sent a friend request she never accepted mines. I just thought for a moment maybe she has been busy and haven’t accepted all the request. Than we I look at it, she just recently accepted other members from my church. For some reason it seems that my family is rejected in a lot of ways. It seem controlling spirit, and pulling other on her side. My family is loving, we don’t cause problems or trouble, I smile and try to speak to other members. Some just look and keep on walking. We’ve never done anything wrong to hurt anybody. I was really hurt and saddened by this, and just began to read bible scripture on rejection and how Jesus was also rejected. I don’t want to leave my church, but I’m really beginning to feel that I should leave because of all of this. I pray that they are not looking at me as a jezebel spirit, when I have never shown this. I don’t get too close to ministry that involves the first lady, because I feel that I will be rejected. All the other women of the church try and impress and be seen. I stay in the basement and teach the youth in the ministry. Her husband accepted my family on facebook about a few years back. She just started and connected to facebook. I post encouraging words on my facebook daily. Need some help with this I see a Jezebel Spirit within her, but I don’t want to accuse and make judgments. I pray that she’s not thinking I have a jezebel spirit, when in fact I know I do not.

  18. The spirit of Jezebel desires to lead men away from God, your husband, The Lord in sexual sin, apostasy, false dreams, heresy, etc…

    Deny that apostate Jezebel and The Harlot.

    She leads men and women astray, into sexual slavery and sin, which if it wasn’t for the word of God, straight to hell.

    You need Christ and the Angels.

    They are not homosexuals.


    Prince Michael
    Covenant Prince

    • I agree.

      We all need guidance, no matter how righteous we are, or strive to be.

      We cannot fight in this life alone.

      It would be nice to meet an angel, and learn many things.

      I pray and wonder about a lot, maybe someday the answers will come.

    • Dan 11:22, 9:26

      Why do you call yourself the covenant prince?

      are you the antichrist?

  19. I’m doing a research n u have given all dat it worthy for. Thank u

  20. I really wish to know how to overcome this spirit of jezebel

  21. Ngiyawuhlulekisa umoya ka jezebel

  22. Bon Jour, Como ta le vu? This spirit has been a part of my circle for years. In be knowingly, a spirit of control, and witchcraft. It has been in my family, as well as the church. It’s mean & cruel, and strikes with its claws, tongue, and venom. If your have fear, then you will be over taken, and succumb to her. The Bible says’ To pray’ The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man, avsileth much” Ephesians 6:10-21, Also Resist the devil, and he will flee from you; Draw high to God and he will draw high to you. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but, are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” Call for back up, There are souls hanging in the balances”

  23. […] Zdroj:… […]

  24. I know time has passed but still your info is even more relevant now where can I obtain videos

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