Shadow Boxing the Devil



Those engaged in spiritual warfare can learn something from real boxers. Fighting requires practice, but also facing the opponent.

Shadow Boxing:

I present some videos below. These are my notes.

Consider how this relates to the spiritual world, and prayer:

video (1)

1. relax

2 watch yourself in mirror – see yourself and what you are doing.

3. add one step at a time

4. foot work

5. Jabbing

Benefits: boxing your shadow imaginary opponent is practice for the real opponent


video (2)  by denny the trainer

Proper Stance

Throw punches – jab left and right

Feet move


Try combinations

Keep moving

Go back and front

Learn how to slide out of the way- one foot stays close to ground

Full body involvement

Watch posture


Protect your face and head

Get your punches in

Remember, this is just practice. You then have to face your opponent.

Same principles apply to prayer.


There are 2 parts to spiritual warfare:


1. practice

2. facing the opponent




You need to relax, and not be afraid.

You need to be aware of your own movements, to see if they are effective, or allow the enemy to attack you.

You need to guard your mind.

You need to practice each aspect of warfare until you are good at it

Reading the Word of God

Allowing it to fill you

Calling on the Holy Spirit to enable you

Praying the scriptures

Using the authority of Jesus

Covering yourself with the blood of Jesus.

Watching where your feet take you – into trouble, or away from it?

Knowing specific scriptures that will “jab” the enemy for your situation

Proper positioning – are you saved, living for God, or do you have sin in your life?

Constant movement –staying out of the enemy’s reach, it also tones the spirit to be constantly active in prayer and fasting

Be constant in your punches at the enemy

Learn to grow spiritually, by daily discipline in the Word of God


Facing the opponent

Practicing is important. Defeating the enemy is the goal.

Remember, that with all the prayers of the Israelites, God still expected them to go out and face the enemy, and defeat him.

I see many Christians hide in their bedrooms, or huddle at church, to pray against the enemy.

This is fine, if the enemy is actually there with them.

Examples of this are:


demonic oppression

generational curses

affliction due to sin.

In this case, the spirit they are fighting against is there with them, in association with their spirit, afflicting them.

But, in many cases, the enemy is elsewhere.


Problems with someone outside your bedroom, or outside your church

Work issues

Witchcraft practiced from a distance

Behind your back gossip, or slander

Legal issues that need court resolution.

Sick loved one, who lives at a distance from you

If you spend all your prayer time shadow boxing the afflicting demon, when the demon is not there, you are wasting your breath, time and energy.

You need to go into action as well.

You need to face your opponent, and use the resources around you to confront the enemy.

You may need to collect witnesses and support people and confront the person – face to face.

You may need to go to court, and have evidence.

You may need to go over the head of the person who is harming you, and go to a greater secular authority, and file a complaint.

You may need to go directly to the room of the sick loved one and pray.

You may need to rebuke the spirits around a witch, and tell her she has no authority over you.

In fact, you are there to bind and break her power in Jesus name, and tell her to repent, or go to hell when she dies.

You have to speak directly to the demon, or act directly against it, depending on the surroundings you are in.

Use discernment.

Rebuking a witch cannot take place in a courtroom, in a legal setting, but you can surely get her in private outside, when no one is looking. Have your back up buddies with you.

Standing up for yourself is very important.

Being the battered victim, weeping in your bedroom, is not enough.

Or rebuking an enemy that is not there is only swinging at the wind, unless you face the enemy and do this in person also.

The enemy expects you to give up, and give in.

You need to stick up for yourself, and fight.

Be confident in who you are, and the righteousness you have in Jesus.

Respect yourself, and demand respect from others.

Do not be a doormat for the devil. Give him a hard time back.

Use your authority in Jesus, and fight until you have victory.

You can do it!!!!


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14 Responses to “Shadow Boxing the Devil”

  1. […] learn something from real boxers. Fighting requires practice, but also facing the opponent. Click here for […]

  2. Hi Mariam
    here is a little video for your post.

  3. ‘God is jealous, and the Lord revenges; the
    Lord revenges and is a possessor of wrath. The Lord takes
    vengeance against His foes, and He keeps [wrath] against His
    enemies. The Lord [is] slow to anger, and great in power. And
    He does not by any means acquit the guilty. The Lord [has]
    His way in the tempest in the storm, and the clouds [are] the
    dust of His feet.’ Nahum 1:2-3

  4. After much debate with myself and while there is still a little time.

  5. The word of God teaches what preachers have not taught.

  6. So that through Love “An unbelievable act of love for the one inflicting pain, allowing them a chance to come clean.”

  7. marianne,
    Thank you for this post on Shadow Boxing the devil! I will bookmark it. Because most do not understand its a everyday affair against the powers of darkness through the power of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I say this because the Lord Jesus is true to his word! I say this because he sanctifies himself! I say this because Jesus kingdom is not of this world. I say this most of all because Jesus told us “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”. Thank you for taking today’s meaning of a boxer equating it to that of scripture’s definition of Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us!


  9. Great post!

    Had a fight with the enemy this morning. A small team of prayer warriors (SWAT), assigned by the Lord to break demonic oppression over our congregation/assembly of believers (gathering in a church building).

    Week 3: Prayed and walked around the building, anointed all doors with oil/pray, going into the basement (foundation) with prayer, and childrens’ rooms for prayer of protection.

    We had spiritual demonic resistance in a few 
    locations – both within and an outside 

    The Lord is with us, victory in today’s battle. The victory is our in Christ Jesus our Lord. We but only obey and walk it out. 

    The demonic oppression felt today was lifted as we continue our walk around the building. Each time, the location what was resistant became less resistant.

    Within, the Spirit led us to a demonic stronghold and we hit is hard! Serious prayers of rebuking, then blessing. 

    The enemy is real. There are individuals (bound in darkness), that plot and attack believers and the worship of our Lord, disrupting our worship in “spirit and truth”.

    Hosea 6:4 “My people are distroyed for lack of knowledge…” 

    Gain knowledge regarding spiritual warfare and the keys/armor/prayers available to Believers.

    Put on the Armor of Light (Romans 13:12-14), the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-18).

    For we are fighting (wrestling) against principalities and powers (Satanic), against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of sickness in heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

    Folks, it is only going to increase in the coming days/months.

    But, the Lord’s Army (Joel 2:11) prevails as we march in formation, not breaking rank or pushing (Joel 2:2-11), with His Might, His Shield, the sword of Righteousness and a great right uppercut to the chin, (praying the Blood of Jesus, in His name), and calling down warrior angels to bind/remove all demonic spirits in the name of Jesus – His Kingdom come. His will be done. Amen.

    Psalm 18 and 27

  10. I used to date this guy I go to his Church. His girlfriend Crystal is using witchcraft on him. She has me bound to control him. He has tried several times to broke up with but she keep coming back. Back in August she told him she was pregant to get him to marry her right away. That back fried he would marry her but it would be in Decemeber. Couple months later she she said she lost the baby. She want to get pregant and want him to marry her. She is still putting spills on both of us. And he is now bringing her to church. Her face is looking like leather. Couple of weeks ago she was in the hospital fainted at work. We thought that was the end of her. But she is back now strong as ever… We can I do to stop her from using me to control him?

    • ellen

      you are not controlling him, she is.

      to stop her requires HIM to do something.

      he needs to tell her to get lost.

      he needs to get his hormones working again, and act like a man.

      if he cannot do that, then do not bother with him.

      she does not belong in church there.

      tell the pastor

  11. I know he has broken up with her more than once and she keep coming back. She keep putting spells on him. Will she ever stop?

  12. She’s most likely has some personal effect of his probably bound with her hair and a spell securely put away in a protected box of some sort. You must find them cut use the item from the binding spell an return the item to him. Heh witches that think they know what they are doing but don’t know what they are doing… so cute.
    Most of the human body pilot jockeys feed off the energy of fear and steadily drain their victim until they are weak enough for them to get behind the wheel. All that shadow boxing is great you’ll be in shape to get bounced off the walls for a while ( Sam & Dean Winchester style). I have posted on a few other topics of this subject dealing with those meanie face fiends of the dark. Instead of shadowboxings indulge in some Tai Chi for physical defense & Qi Qong (Chi Kung) the breathing healing martial art. Though they practice it to cure ailments & sore anything.

    Here’s a list for all of you beginners XD.…0.0…

    Now combine these nifty little exercises with the power of jesus and Jehovah. Bring up your energy levels is what it’s all about the higher frequency we vibrate the more we will be able to see hiding from all the normal people. I don’t know what scriptures to use haven’t needed to use them on these pests. Once they see me they either leave their victim and flee or look at me like a high energy buffet an move in for the energy gourging feast. Only to find themselves lunging into my demonsnaring web thank you jesus. Once you learn how to create an orb between your hands and begin to push and pull it like a balloon you will soon be able to make shapes. Give it a name and a purpose and oh my goodness you’ve just created a thing. You can’t see it but you sure can feel it. It’s been 13-14 years since the basics. Creating 20-30+ things everyday since then. Every night i go for walks I make little mini me’s to patrol my neighborhoods. I live in Sin City so i guess you could say I am training for what is coming. So how do I vanquish the demons i come across. I drain them without mercy until they breakdown into tiny dust particles recycled back into mother Earth. Good lucky instantly coming back when it’s being used as global plant fertilizer. Don’t forget to ask the Archangels for assistance people. I have only prayed to Jesus when i’m worried about everyone around me and Archangel Michael before i venture outside to encounter whatever. As Master Lee used to say, “Expect the unexpected.” Believers there is no way we can be stopped from seeing the kingdom of jerusalem descend from the heavens. The description alone has me floating off the ground with anticipation.

    This is the A-Team of righteousness.
    I pray for everyone & everything everyday. May all the day to day, athiestic, skeptic drone sheople see the glory before it’s too late.

    “Think like him and you will be like him.”

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