Sharia Justice in America


Muslim in St. Louis, Missouri, has Star of David carved into his back for a poem he wrote in defense of Israel.

And the mainstream media said nothing.

Why depend on the mainstream media for truth, and complete coverage of events relevant to our safety and lives.?

They avoid stories like this.

Too politically incorrect?

Might offend someone?

This is Nazi Germany all over again.

We have to stand up, and fight this sort of hate.

The haters need to hear that they are wrong.

Here is the news story.

A group of Muslims took revenge on a fellow Muslim for writing a poem in defense of Israel, and against the holocaust.

These criminals should be arrested for terrorism and hate crimes.

Better yet, they should be deported.

They are adding nothing of value to American society.

A Pro-Israel Arab site:

The poem in protest was featured here. It is in Arabic:

“Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust”


I want to comment them for working for peace, instead of oppression of the Israeli state.

23 Responses to “Sharia Justice in America”

  1. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As we all know, the media–especially the visual media–is controlled by the God of this world (Satan). Islam is controlled by the God of this world. So why would the media rat on their brothers in satanspeak?

    Satan is a master propagandist (look at Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler and the Nazi propaganda machine) and he is the master liar because that is his nature. Only those that are into Judaeo-Christianity can really see through Satan’s lies.

    People who are conformed to the world have no problem with most of the media because they are dead in their trespasses and sins. We need to be truely surrendered to Christ and dead to self and let the Lord show us what is really happening in the heavenly realm and to warn us of Satan’s strategies and counter moves here in the Earth.


    Marianne: Here is another really good blog that you might like to see sometime:

    Jesus, the Revolution & You:

  3. amen shey…

    Another little bit of insanity from satan’s crew in this site…

    Every praying Christian needs to sue the ACLU…

  4. Where are the Jews? They usually jump on things like this and howl !!

    Why are they muzzling themselves?

    The drone attacks that killed 2 Al Queda leaders who were Americans is getting a lot of criticism. That seems odd, too, since in WWII many Americans fought for Germany and also died…did anyone gripe?

    I agree that Islam is enjoying a curious favoritism in the media…the place held by Israel for so long.

    Many young men are fighting in this Arab spring….but I believe the international banks want their natural resources and are encouraging it. Christian Arabs are not taking part…they are afraid of the change for good reason. I don’t believe a word about it. These tyrants have been around a long, long time…why now?

    • hi deanna

      No Jew is muzzling themselves. They, like most americans, do not even know it happened, because it was not reported on main media news. I just found out yesterday myself.

      the upheavals in arab muslim cultures and beyond is an effort to usher in the Islamic Mahdi, their savior. from what one muslim told me, he is due in 2013.

      • Marianne, Jews are SMART! They have watchdog groups everywhere!! Do you think they missed this because the victim is a Muslim? Jews have a bigotry of their own.

        They need to broaden their base of pity because this ugly reprisal needs their attention.

        • hi lilcowgirl

          Actually, I heard this first from a Jewish lady who was outraged after hearing this on some obscure radio program. No one else in the room, who were all Jews, had heard about it yet.

          I do not understand your comment about them lacking pity. While the Palestinians, who have no pity, shoot rockets into their homes to kill the Israelis, the Jews, in turn take the wounded of their enemies to their hospitals, and heal them for free.

          • I wasn’t referring to Israeli policy.
            Does the Anti-defamation League in America care about gentiles like this Muslim boy? If you say so, then they need to learn about him.

            • I think anyone who experiences a hate crime should be helped. I really do not know much more than what I have written so far. I just found out about this.

  5. Marianne

    If anyone thinks God isn’t close to coming and that the beginning of tribulation isn’t soon they are missing it.

    Hiding in the closet won’t make it go away. I live in St. Louis suburbs again and there has been nothing of this news that I am aware.

    There are musslim people peppered through out all of America as with all other religions. Maybe because the news is thinking it as religion they are not reporting it or maybe they are afraid to speak up.

    Our hope is the same hope that Jesus Christ preached before his going to the cross. God nor the word has changed, he is the same yesterday and forever.

    He loves us and he said in the end the evil would be so great that before his coming that if he did not come none would be a live. We are at the beginning of the wickedness I fear.

    Having a leader of Christ faith would be the best thing for this nation right now. Fear paralyzes people. I was having fears about moving to a new home because of my Husbands passing.

    A dear friend told me last night that I must be brave. The people of this nation have to be brave as we are hated ourselves by much of the world and all believers are hated evidently by hate mongers above all things.

    Let us stand upon the rock and trust in him who gave us faith and love that will never separate us from him and our belief in him.

    • Power politics use victims and victimhood to manipulate public opinion.
      I don’t think a Muslim kid with scars on his back can be used this way…he’s not political box office.

      May God console him and angels bring him to Heaven…it is so hard to be an outcast from your own “people”. I’ve known others scorned in their own circles and it’s very lonely.

  6. How disgusting. I shared your blog link on my blog and other faith pages that im apart of. Thanks for sharing.

    • hi Robert

      You are welcome. I hope all believers wake up and realize this could happen to them as well. There should be contacts made to protest this hate crime. Because they are muslims, people are quiet, but should not be. This short of silence also occurred in Nazi Germany, when many Jews and Christians were killed, because initially no one thought they should say anything. So anything you can do to spread awareness will help.

  7. In Germany people were desperate for jobs and security. All their focus was on that. Nobody could imagine anything worse than that…

    By the time the brownshirts were beating people up for not giving the salute it was too late. Today a hate crime is defined by anti-gay behavior or at worst anti-black. I agree, the media will hail the new “savior” for creating jobs.

    Did you hear that Kissinger (the worst cynic since Judas) is behind Chris Christie? There’s no balm in Gilead…

    • I have no opinion yet of Christie. although if kissinger is endorsing him, there must be something wrong.

      • Back in the 60s a Christian prophecy named Kissinger as the anti-Christ!! At the time it seemed so funny, ha! ha!

        But the total cynicism of the man (and those who share his world view) denies everything Jesus personifies.

        Have a beautiful Sunday, Marianne. Put all this aside and enjoy this weather!

  8. Good God, they don’t report it to prevent copy cat crimes. Are you thick or something.

  9. Well that is a wake up call for Christian America

  10. The majority of Muslims do not understand and appreciate the true Islam.

  11. Don’t worry the majority of Christians do not understand and appreciate the true Christianity.

    • Dave,

      That is not the same thing.

      Islam, to follow Muhammad, and pray to a false moon god from the Kaaba, is to murder, and rape.

      To follow Christ, who healed the sick, and raised the dead, is to try and love one another, and pray to the G-d of creation in Christs name.

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