Siener van Rensburg: Visions for Africa, Europe, and America– Boer perspective


The Seiner lived in the last century, and interpretation of his visions vary somewhat, with emphasis on different aspects. These are more revelations from the tradition of the Boers, regarding the world and its future.


Current plight of Christians in Africa foreshadows the future plight of Christians in America

Right now it is Zimbabwe that is being destroyed.  South Africa is next, and the idea is to annihilate the Christian Boer people completely at that time, because it us who really are standing in Satan’s way – nobody will want to believe this but we as a people are rather important in Jesus’ eyes and planning.  America will follow after Germany and all notion of “conservative (Christian) resistance” in Europe has been overpowered.

Leaders like Obama, Clinton, Mandella, Mbeki, Zuma, Mugabe, etc, they all work for the same organization and the promises they made and still are making are meant to play for time only.  When the right time comes fall of them will change into the monsters they really are.

Zimbabwe eye witness report:

I mean they are actually ploughing down brick and mortar houses and one family with twin boys of 10 had no chance of salvaging anything when 100 riot police came in with AK47’s and bulldozers and demolished their house.

It’s genocide in the making and if you do not believe me, read the Genocide Report by Amnesty International which says we are – IN  level 7 – (level 8 is after it’s happened and everyone is in denial).

The petrol queues are a reality, the pall of smoke all around our city is a reality, the thousands of homeless people sleeping outside in 0 Celsius with no food, water, shelter and bedding are a reality. Today a family approached me, brother of the gardener’s wife with two small children. Their home was trashed and they will have to sleep outside. We already support 8 adult people and a child on this property, and electricity is going up next month by 250% as is water.

All property is going to belong to the State now. I want to send out my Title Deeds to one of you because if they get a hold of those, I can’t fight for my rights.

Censorship!—-We no longer have SW radio [which told us everything that was happening] because the Government jammed it out of existence – we don’t have any reporters, and no one is allowed to photograph.


The place of the USA in the visionary story

The visionary story deals with the coming Third World War, and it consists of four mainline stories that intertwine to form the narrative. I will briefly describe each of these to enable you to place the USA more effectively.

1. The biggest one (70% of the whole) deals with the struggle of the Boer People against their enemies. Those of you who are conversant with the (racial) situation in South Africa will be surprised to hear that there is absolutely no sign of a racial war in my country in these visions. Your perception of what happens in South Africa is mostly based on disinformation and the deliberate spreading of political lies.

2. a struggle between Germany and four other countries against England and France. It may come as a slight surprise to you, but the information in this part of the visions is of such an explicit nature that I could only name it The fall of the European Government.

The exact term European Government, furthermore, is no older than only some twenty years – and yet Seiner coined the exact name in 1923!

3. rebellion inside the ranks of the European Government, which includes (as in incorporate) the body known as the British Commonwealth. This eventually plays a major role in the fall of the expansionist British Empire in the visionary warning.

4. war between the USA and the extremist revolutionary Islam in Europe! My friend, when this old man died in 1926 there was absolutely no sign of any future clash between the USA and the Islam.

5. The coming Third World War will be started in Europe by a terrorist character called The Turk and his fighting force. This fellow seems to attempt an attack somewhere in Germany, but he is smoked out before he can do so, and then the fight is on. He is assisted by three Indian terrorist groups, also deployed in Europe, and they work together with an evil group of Englishmen. The symbolism employed makes it clear that these are terrorist groups, and who else but the revolutionary Islamic terrorist groups are this active today on a world wide scale? The governing body of this evil and hidden group of people is the UNO (in Europe).

Germany and the Americans in Europe become allies against this evil plot to overpower the free western world, and this part of the story describes how the Americans eventually overcome and destroy the Turk. It is interesting in this respect, for me at least, to watch how the admission of Turkey to the EU is developing at present.

Seiner used the maps printed in the back of his Bible to point out how the war would run its course from Europe “over the North Pole” (Siberia), into Alaska and then roll through Canada right down to your southern border, and maybe even beyond that into Mexico and South America.

He described this as three black clouds that came from Europe and Africa, and that they moved in from the north (Canada) and settled on the USA. He then heard a great deal of fighting in the semi-darkness around him. This was made up of the clashing of swords (probably bayonets), as well as musket and gun fire. I am not quite sure, but I think he also saw men fighting each other, i.e. soldier against traitor and invader.

During World War 3, South Africa will be a place of refuge for Christians, because by then, South Africa will have gone through and completed its own time of tribulation.

*** quick synopsis of Seiner at

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  2. Hey Marianne,

    Thank for the Siener post. I used to read all the books about Sieners visions and prophesies. We grew up as Afrikaans South Africans and it was part of our heritage, although you don’t hear any of that these days in South Africa.. South Africa used to be a safe place, but i can see in now way the white standing together, even to survive.. Well definately going the way of Zimbabwe, just wondering what to make of Sieners visions of Prieska and the railway lines and the help that would arrive from Germany, Germany seemed to hail Obama when he went on his tour, somehow this picture is not clear to me, but what is much clearer is what is going on in the US and also Europe.. Africa is darker as ever.. just praying that this is the minute before dawn, when the Light of this world will arrive..


  3. Hi Corne,

    I have just started collecting information on Seiner. THis may be quite incomplete. I am willing to post more, if I have new information. Obama will show himself soon to not be everything he said he was, and will be forced to “change” himself. (“Change” was his mantra during the election). What to expect from him- mostly what Germans would expect from Bill Clinton, since he has all Clinton advisers.

    The USA is dark too, but it is presented as a false light now. Soon, the falseness will be more evident, and the darkness will manifest itself as something that has been there for a long time. Now that Obama is the next leader, this will speed things up. I noticed that in the future predictions, that America and Germany will be cooperating against the terrorist from Turkey.


    • “Change” Oh no! “Speeding up the change” is the motto of the ANC in SA, but all they ever ,are names. The rest just fall downwards!

  4. Hi,

    Hope you are well.

    I am sorry for the Boer persecution, I wish all peoples could live in peace.

    Saying that why do you have your list of leaders? Nelson Mandella was an outstanding man much in the way of Martin Luther King. The Europeans in South Africa were oppressive invaders and the people there had a right to rise up for their freedom. Nelson Mandella showed great restraint when he came to power.

    Perhaps all those people you mention belong to the same group. What was the big difference between Obama and McCain? In America we have the illusion of democracy. There are only two choices Republican and Democrat. Any other party gets zero press coverage so they can never compete. Make a list of the major policies. Both McCain and Obama want to continue both wars, give money to the banks and make some kind of health care reform. Obama showed his true colors when he reneged on his promise to tax the wealthy.

    Also what about Bush. He is an evil and wicked man. He accepts both evolution and creation. He started a war with Iraq. Don’t you know the plans to invade Iraq were created before Bush came to office. Then there was 911. If you look hard at that you will see the facts prove it was done by our own government. In the aftermath of 911 Bush took advantage of our shock and turmoil and passed the Patriot Act. That law took many freedoms away and its full implications have not been felt yet. Then Bush had the intelligence changed to say there were weapons of mass destruction. We knew there were none as the weapons inspectors had free access to investigate anywhere in Iraq. Of course we found none after the war. Then we invaded Afghanastan to supposedly hunt of Bin Laden. But when we had him cornered we let him slip away. Just like communism was given as an excuse to do things detrimental to our country so is Isalmic Terroists. The government needs an enemy to keep the policies intact.

    God is Love. That is what the Bible teaches. We are to Love our enemies and to turn the other cheek. So many want to water down these words. God says bless them that curse you.

    You may disagree with a lot of what I say. Scripture is the basis of Christianity. One must go to scripture and humble themselves and conform to what it says. Too many take their ideas and try to make scripture fit their views.



    • The rightful owners of South Africa were the bushmen who were persecuted by the blacks from the north and whites (europeans) from the south.The blacks were nomads and travelled where there was grazing for their cattle and good hunting.Much the same as the American Indian. The difference is the blacks were not hunted like the indians and murdered.
      Many of the native blacks currently in south africa were brought from other african countries to work on the imperial mines i.e Britian and achieved naturalisation.
      Slavery was not amongst the blacks but Malays imported who have since interbred with bushmen,hottentots,whites,chinese and blacks.Their language is predominantly afrikaans (the second largest language group in the country)
      Aparteid means SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT retaining the culture of parents and grandparents.Under the current administration this is not happening and within a few generations we will all be the same colour i.e. coloureds.

      • I read that the early Dutch Africaaner settlers saved the bushmen from the zulus who were bullying, enslaving, raping & killing them!! Short & pygmy type folk of black Africa were a persecuted black group by other black groups!! Many pygmies have lost their origional language because of being enslaved by other blacks!! This is why many pygmy groups went into the rainforests & semi-arid/arid regions because other blacks would not go there!! BTW both ‘heightism & colorism’ are common attitudes with black folk everywhere!! Rwanda in 1994 was a result of ‘heightism’ in play many years & decades, that turned into a civil-war & genocide!!

    • John
      Didn’t America also invade and oppress the indigenous people’s of the land. They came from Europe which is busy falling into tatters. So I guess there is no turning back is there. The same applies to South Africans that supposedly stole Africa.Are we suppose to go back to Europe.
      I don’t think anyone in his right mind will go back to Europe. I am sure most Americans will agree.

      • John, the white Europeans are decendents of Japeth/Yapeth & this name means ‘expansion’ in Hebrew. In Genesis ch.10 Noah prophesied that Japeth would be ‘enlarged’ & in the 1500s, 16th century, this started to happen!! The Europeans first settling the Americas & in 1584 the Russians going into Siberia!! John I sincerely believe that this was to in the long run save the white-European gene pool from extinction!! Satan/Hasatan in Hebrew wants to destroy most of the physical human gene-pool & interesting how the black man is being promoted & put on a pedestal by the communist liberal lefties out there!! Now other non-white, yet non-black groups are being called ‘racist’ against blacks, here in America & other areas like South Africa with the Asians & mixed race colourds looked upon as racist against the blacks!!

  5. Hi John,

    1. Mandela – Although his supporters glorify Mandela, who he is and what he stands for is not worthy of glory. Since he took power, his country has the highest crime rates in the world, and there is reverse apartheid with a vicious murderous twist, sanctioned by the government. While before there was just issues of equal education or voting, murderous rampages occur to kill all white Christians. He is an evil leader and NOTHING like Martin Luther King. King had morals, Mandela doesn’t. Under Mandela, the Boer Christians are being persecuted, murdered, and their farms taken. Mandela is a murderer.

    He has achieved next to nothing in his relatively short political career which saw South Africa rapidly decline to the status of the world’s most violent and crime-ridden country, and, to add to the confusion, his greatest friends are communists and dictators like Fidel Castro, Moammar Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein. His ex-wife Winnie Mandela, whom he quickly jettisoned when it became clear she was a considerable embarassment to his political career, is a self-confessed advocate of terrorism and violence and has even committed murder.

    In his public statements and speeches Mandela is always critical of the democratic countries of the west, but has nothing but praise for the remaining communist dictatorships of the world. He condemns mistakes and controversial policies of the west, but refuses to publicly condemn the genocides and brutal repression of current or former communist countries; he is supposedly a “champion of freedom and democracy”, the “hero of oppressed people everywhere” but considers dictatorships like Cuba and Libya shining beacons of freedom and justice…

    He was himself originally incarcerated, not for his political views, but for involvement in 23 different acts of sabotage and conspiring to overthrow the government. He and his fellow conspirators of the ANC and the South African Communist Party were caught by the police while in the possession of 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines and 210,000 hand-grenades!*

    Winnie Mandela has been equally fulsome in her praise of Communism and violence.

    Mandela the right to hold views opposed to a war on Iraq, but he is here revealing his own racist attitude to world politics – only white leaders are a threat to peace,

    His views are always anti-American and pro-Communist. He is an evil leader.

    2. Bush – He is not evil. You just oppose the Iraq war. I support it. I also support the Patriot Act. 911 was NOT done by out government. That is a lie that is spread by liberals, hate mongers, and perverse individuals like Hillary and the rest of the Democratic Party. Osama bin laden admitted to 911. There were weapons of mass destruction. They were moved to Syria before the war started, in the 6 month delay created by France, Germany and Russia, who were the real ones after the oil there.

    3. One evidence of love is not to lie about someone. To willingly believe lies is an act of hatred. So before one quickly condemns, one needs to examine their hearts and ask why it is important for them to believe that lie, and do nothing to discover the truth.

    John, You talk a lot about Jesus, but I do not see the love and compassion you mention. You seem to think all white people are evil, and blacks do nothing wrong. To really love one’s enemies, you have to be fair to them and not accuse based on hearsay, or tradition, or a false impression. You need to realize that black people also abuse white people, and not just the other way around. One should examine all information to see whether it is true or not true. I am having trouble seeing how you could say you are a Christian, and then exalt Mandela, a murderer and Communist, for example, who persecutes and kills Christians.

    Pro 17:4 A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; [and] a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue.

    Pro 17:15 He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both [are] abomination to the LORD.

    Pro 26:28 A lying tongue hateth [those that are] afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.

    Maybe this helps clarify my position and views on the issues mentioned.


    • Marianne

      Mandela was put into power by a white man and not through activism or even leadership. He is a kind old gentleman whom is no Christian and his past is rather shady.

      You are right – South Africa is falling apart………. thanks to him!

      1. Our Dutch (Holland) ancestors came here to bring the gospel to
      Africa and founder Jan Van Riebeeck made a covenant with God on
      April 6, 1652. Our French ancestors came here in 1688 because
      they were being persecuted for their faith in Europe. They were
      the French Huguenots. German blood was added later.
      2. Our forefathers BOUGHT land, I saw some of these deeds of sale
      myself. Much of the interior of South Africa was no man’s land
      due to the murderous raids by the Matebele of Zimbabwe. Unlike
      in other colonies, we did not STEAL any land, but the British
      did so at the and of the Anglo Boer War.
      3. From as far back as around the mid-1800’s, the BLACK SETTLERS in
      Cape Town started riots inspired by atheist communist Karl Marx.
      AS whites are outnumbered 9:1, the white Afrikaner realised the
      need to protect everybody’s rights from both British oppression
      and violent majority rule.
      4. This view was strengthened as the result of the Anglo Boer war
      when the British used roughly 450,000 troops to burn down our
      farms. Women and children were interned in the most inhumane
      way in concentration camps, where they wre fed ground glass
      mixed with their gruel. Upward of 26,000 died as a result.
      After the war, the British chased black farmers of their land
      and it were the white Afrikaners whom had shown them mercy.
      5. Blacks sided by the British oppressors and also by the atheist
      ideologies of Karl Marx. The Afrikaner realised the danger due
      to unfavourable demographics and started working at Afrikaner
      nationalism that would find its way into government so as to
      protect the rights of all minority groups as well. AFRIKANER
      BLACK VIOLENCE AS WE SEE TO THIS DAY. We don’t hate blacks,
      actually were are fond of them and respect them….BUT we will
      oppose their anarchist, ungodly violent conduct with our last
      drop of blood.
      6. During apartheid years, immense amounts of disinformation was
      spread around the globe through a media driven by the New World
      Order. the lie was swallowed, hook, line and sinker.
      7. The decay of South Africa is unbelievable. Don’t be fooled by
      the obvious, scratch underneath the surafce and see what had
      happened to social welfare, health care, education,
      infrastructure, scientific research, etc.
      8. Whites are excluded from job positions – the Afrikaner
      government secured jobs for them during apartheid and looked
      after them.
      EXEMPT! When they then burnt down schools, universities,
      hospitals, etc’, the minority white taxpayers were VERY upset,
      of course! ( I was a tax officer at Inland Revenue at the
      11. Anyone criticising me is welcome to do so AFTER you have come
      here and applied your wisdom in PRACTICE. Anything short of
      that means a lack of insight, you cannot compare this to the UK,
      USA or any other country.
      12. Can you justify 4,000 farmers killed brutally? Or the 600,000
      that, unlike blacks, do not get food coupons or other assistance
      from the Government. They live in the most desperate
      circumstances and even THEN get robbed by the blacks, as we did
      in both Zandvlei near Muizenberg as well as at Kommetjie, both
      camping sites around Cape Town. My family and I had gone to
      hell and back, we could not sleep at night as many times black
      hands came from under the canvas and grabbed our stuff. We
      lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks
      were given tents and even heaters!


      • Thank you for telling it as it was and is now.

      • Bravo, well said, the rest of the world does not know the true history and background of South Africa, Mandela was part of the terrorist group that bombed the Johannesburg railway station killing not only whites but his own people as well, he was a murderer and was sent to jail, South Africa must be the only country in the world where we have criminals and murderers running the country. My heart bleeds for my country and my family living there, I have been living overseas for 26 years (married to a foreigner who loved living there but decided to leave the country because of the criminality, we were robbed and cleaned out 3 times in the space of a year and the violent crime) I go to visit my children once a year and I see the decay, Johannesburg was once a lovely busling city, and now it has become a crime infested, run down ghetto, my grandson cannot find a job because his skin is white, all I can say is cry my beloved country

      • Very well said!!! Its easy for people to comment or critisize on whites in SA if they don’t have to live the part! I’ve heard and read warnings of what’s coming on the 16th Dec… I’m a God fearing human being and therefore I refuse to run and hide in a hole! In God I trust and may God have mercy on all our souls!

      • Exceptionally well said as it is the truth. We are now in August 2014 and it would seem to me that the crimes and murders against the boer farmers has doubled. I have a deep suspicion that where they plan to mine is where crime increase in order to get the boer to sell his land to the criminal for a tuppence. As few as we are left and the more that are being murdered people around the world condemn us even further and there are those (as young as they are ignorant) who tell my son of 19 that we deserve what is coming our way. This death sentence is coming from the French who by the way France, we are your descendants too, yet you would have your own blood line murdered.

      • Good post Marriane. People seem to be blind to the atrocities and destructive nature of blacks because as you have rightly stated,they are quick to judge however they have never been here to see for themselves what is rally going on.



      • Africa Borwa, I am a white Messianic-Christian American. 52% of murder in America is ‘black killing black & the rate back 30-40 plus years ago was 42%!! 93% of blacks here are killed by other blacks & 81% of whites murdered are by blacks!! 3-4 trillion dollars has been thrown at black poverty since president FDR & his New Deal program back in the thirties/great depression era!! Back 50 plus years ago, only whites were seen as racists against blacks!! However now, blacks are calling Hispanics/Asians/Orientals/American Indians/Hawaiians-Polynesians racists against blacks!! I see this in South Africa now, that since 1994, the blacks have been double-crossing the Asians & mixed race colourds!! I myself have been a victim of 2 violent crimes, in 1987 & 1996 & both times, they were young criminal black men!! BTW both ‘colorism’ & ‘heightism’ excist in the American black community!! I see it also excist in Africa & South Africa!! The pygmies & bushmen are also victims of black violence!! Am I right?

        • Ronnie. You have identified the root of the problem in America. Throwing money at a problem does not solve it. Making people responsible citizens is a different issue and requires different strategies. But to encourage victimhood and entitlement just makes the problem worse.

  6. Marianne,

    Hi hope you are well.

    To be perfectly honest I am not a hundred percent on top of what South Africa has become today. I have two sources. One was a couple who attended the Manhattan Church of Christ who were white. They were thrilled with the changes in South Africa as they always worshiped in a racially mixed congregation. They were ‘white’ by the way. They worked with the South African consulat in New York City. Also I knew a man in special forces who went to South Africa with the United States army and he killed people there to keep the status quo. I recall this man very vividly and his tales. He explained how in South Africa there were many valleys and sometimes forces would just pop up out of them. The people they met were promptly machine gunned dow.

    With regards to violence I categorically reject it being a pacifist. I oppose all wars and the Bible plainly tells Christians that we should only fight in spiritual wars. How can you Love you enemy and then kill him. How can you Love your neighbor and then drop a bomb on his house. I would rather go to prison or die then to pick up a gun and kill or harm anyone.

    As regards to Mandella supporting other regimes I am aware of this. These were the same people who supported him in his struggle for freedom. Recall in WW2 how the United States allied itself with the Soviet Union. It was out of necessity. Mandella is just repaying those who helped him.

    As regards to Iraq I guess we will just have to diasgree until further evidences are seen.

    I am not your judge and you are not my judge. Jesus is the Judge. I am glad of that! Just remember Mathew 25 where Jesus says “Whatever you have done unto the least of these ye have done unto me.” So when bombs drop in Iraq and someone gets blown up or a person gets tortured in jail imagine it is Jesus who it is being done to. Love worketh no harm.

    By the way thank you for allowing my comments to be put on your blog despite my disagreement with your points of view. That is a noble act.



    • JOHN







    • I am a white born in South Africa of Scottish and English parents, my Grandparents were traders in Lusikisiki Pondoland ( Near Port st Johns) in 1948 when the Nats came to power we English speakers were treated as unwelcome in what was intended to become a bantustan (Transkei) and I grew up and was schooled in Rhodesia which was more English and was a colony of the British, Rhodesians although mainly British descent became over time closer to the South Africans possibly due to the majority of whites who have lived and worked close to the Negroid peoples have learned that as Albert Schweizer stated once you allow them to be treated as equals they will devour you , he said they should always be treated like children, South African Afrikaaners along with European race be they Belgian, English, French, German, Portuguese whatever came from a more advanced world where the Negroid has no possibility of ever advancing technologically without being shown or taught by the other races, just try to find anything that was invented by them, no brick or wheel and their total knowledge of architecture was and largely still is about equal to making a grass and mud nest like the rest of Africas animals in fact nowadays they use plastic and stolen corrugated iron sheets, wire and cardboard, we had pet monkeys and a baboon that did just the same!!
      I am sorry if this offends anyone but facts speak for themselves and it is time that the White race stopped apologising for being white and whilst one may classify me a racialist in actual fact I am an aware racial differences and note that there are some, although a minority of Negroids trying to be equal to the civilized world even though they are copying and surfing the wave created by others I accept them and even try to help them where possible, I was brought up to respect and was even scolded and called bad things by my parents if I showed disrespect to others no matter what race.
      From Cape to Cairo the Negroid who gets the paternal leadership role in his troup or tribe eventually makes enough noise to become something like an excuse for a politician with a concience for his troup but same as the wild and beautiful animals (Classified ) as further down the scale in intelligence he really only knows how to feather his own nest and really caring for his troup is not the same, as the intelligence of the troup is on average not very literate they accept the primitive big whip as a way of life being ruled by fear is the Negroid way
      The whites who go out and preach their feeling etc about how bad we are have not been faced by real crime and they love the being treated as heroic do gooders thing, they need to see the real world as they are living fairyland,
      Re being Christian I was never good and although brought up as a Presbyterian and going to church occasionally, I guess It would be hypocritic of me claiming to be a Christian, I do however accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour and support this but I cannot claim anything for myself as my visa for getting to Heaven just probably would not be given as I find it impossible to just turn the other cheek, anyone hurting any of my friends and family especially by the manner of racial attacks in South Africa I will not forgive I am a Rhodesian not a Zimbo I have never had a home of my own, the plot of land 4 acres on which I purchased and intended to build a home on now belongs somehow to a Mr Ndhlovu (Elephant) outside of Bulawayo, How I dont know as I still have the title deeds in my name but then can anyone reason with a Negroid? sorry but the front part of their brain is behind a hard skull which stopped the reasoning ability to develop. Quite a few Negroids cant believe I dont own my own home as they do own theirs I have never earned enough money in order to do so but they say I am white therefore rich, I am sorry but I have no faith in Africas future when it is led by primitive species who have no idea what the meaning of democracy means, to them it means that a black man is chief.
      Britain in its quest to dominate the world were bad and most likely invented before the Germans and Japanese, the concentration camps but dont be misled by that as the real culprits behind and fueling it as in many conflicts including the American civil war were the Rothchilds, Rockefellers Openheimers etc and they still pull all the strings

      • hello gordon

        thank you for sharing your view. a lot of what you say is true. the world has changed because we did not listen to einstein. so now we have to deal with the consequences. I wish you safety.

      • Gordon

        I couldn’t have said it any better.
        Born Boer and proud of it

    • May God show you the truth oneday…
      Point is, God will give our land back as Oupa Siener van Rensburg saw in the vision. If God promises us that, then who are you to think we had any wrong doing? If God is for us then He is doing it because they did something to upset our heavenly Father. Draw your own conclutions and let me know when you figured out why God is helping the wrong nation…

    • John here in America 52% of murder is black killing black & the rate was 42% back 30-40 yeras ago was 42%!! There was a PBS tv documentary back then, late 80s/early 90s on this situation!! 93% of blacks murdered & 81% of whites murdered in America, is done by blacks!! BTW both ‘colorism & heightism’ excist in the black community here in America & elsewhere!!

  7. Hi John,

    You are always welcome to my site. Disagreement just makes people think more. I also prefer peace, but I am also realistic enough to know that we do not live in a perfect world, and violence will occur. The question is – do I defend myself, and my children, or allow further violence and death through submission?


  8. To compare Mandela with Martin Luther King is somewhat of an insult to the latter. I have had a good friend who lived in SA for 10 years and he classified Mandela as a terrorist even while in prison.
    I also do not agree that the war Iraq was justified. The whole thing stinks and American soldiers pay for it daily. There are too many hidden agendas involved. I do not believe that the Iraqis would have been able to carry away all those weapons without leaving at least a trace.
    I find it somewhat amusing that Siener sees Germany as a great power. Surely they have a good police and secret work but the army is a joke.
    There are a few clips around that say that Great Britain plans to make the countries of Europe colonies of GB. It would make sense that Germany and others would oppose that.

  9. HI GYOD

    I guess when you mention Mandela, you are referring to the comment made. I hope it is clear from the post, that he was portrayed as a “monster.”

    I guess there will always be disagreement over the initiation of the Iraq war. I personally thought the beginning was justified, but then we should have been withdrawing. We have bought some time there, keeping terrorists busy overseas, instead of here. But I will also admit that it is a war that will go on forever, as long as there is one Muslim breathing. And for that reason, we should pull out.


  10. “I find it somewhat amusing that Siener sees Germany as a great power. Surely they have a good police and secret work but the army is a joke.”

    You know when I was growing up the Berlin wall seemed as thought it and the Soviet Empire would be there for ever, but in a twinkling it was gone. 5 years ago, I would never have believed that a Mulatto could be elected president of the United States. Just look what we have now.

    Right now Germany’s military isn’t much of a force, but then it wasn’t much of a force before Hitler came to power either. Who knows what changes may come in the next year or two? van Rensburg has been right about many things that seemed unlikely before they happened.

    • hi Fritz

      very true….and also, many would not have believed that a powerful America could end up in such a huge economic crisis that it will finally collapse, and be invaded by enemies…..yet the enemies are already here, and they are making their preparations.

    • Fritz….bear in mind how many Americans have German ancestry? He was talking about America but the interpreters saw it is Germany!

      The problem with dear old Siener is that his interpreters don’t always have a close walk with God but they are religious. That explains many misinterpretations.

  11. Hi there. It’s very simple. South Africa was a christian country under the Afrikaaner and enjoyed unparralled freedom and prosperity. The constitution started with the words “In humble submission to God Almighty…” When the ANC came in we then fell under an anti christian government – by your fruits you shall know them. Corruption, violence etc. Although I believe we still have more freedom in SA than the USA or Europe. Howver God will not allow a country peace and prosperity that openly rejects Him and so there will have to be a catharis before we come back to God. I’m British originally and rate S.Africa many times better because many of it’s population still submit to God. God will help us overcome a godless governemt!

    • Hi John,

      It is amazing. We are separated by a great ocean, yet have the same God, the same concerns, the same troubles. May God help us both, and keep us safe.

  12. I am a bit confused about a thing or two and maybe you would know the answer?

    1. Van Rensburg saw that Britain would attack South Africa – why?

    2. If property rights are made away with, why would Europeans still want to come here?

    Could you explain please? Thanks!

    • Hi Andre

      I do not see where I said that here in this post. Maybe it was in another post I have, or something you know anyhow?

      Britain would only attack South Africa if British Interests were threatened. It was a colony of Britain at one time, and many English people are there. It might be an act of self defense.

      Things may change there in South Africa. I am not sure how yet. Governments do have a way of changing hands, as one leaves power, and another comes in. Somehow, it is supposed to be a place of refuge in the future, instead of a place of oppression.

      • Marianne

        Britain attacked us for our gold and diamonds…and they got rich while we remained poor! Interestingly, so many of the British soldiers remained after the war and became …..Afrikaners! Earle, Keevey, Nell, the names say it all!

  13. It is in one of the letters from Boy Mussman the close friend of Siener Van Rensburg. I quote:

    “Na daardie twee groot slaë gelewer is op die Westerfront Kom Vyf Duitse oorlogskepe na Duitswes en een Vliegkamp skip na Duits Oos. Sodra die oorlog skepe land, sien ek die Engelse vlug weg uit Rhodesiä en Kaapland. Ons Parlement sit daardie tyd. Dit het gereen en die gras is groen.”

    — (rough translation) I see 5 German ships on the West and an aircraft carrier to the East of South Africa. When they dock I see the British flee from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    • Hi Andre

      Well, that would make sense…if Germans and someone else is attacking south africa, and attacking British people, Britain would have to come to defend them.

      It is not a good thing when Germany is against England, and then America becomes an ally of Germany. This means America will turn evil.

  14. No, I will upload the PDF book somewhere for you to read. The British are actually the aggressors and the Germans are supplying the South Africans with weapons. Sorry Marianne, you are not South African are you because you are overlooking the Anglo-Boer war and the results thereof?

    • Hi Andre

      Yes I am familiar with the war……I was just confused when your question indicated the British attacked, and then your next comment made it sound like the Germans were attacking.

      If you can send me extra reading, I would appreciate it.

  15. Hi Marianne/

    Good to see that the plight of white South Africans has not been forgotten. It is an absolute atrocity, that which is currently taking place in the country. We as South Africans are most concerned about our future and are slowly coming to realise that ultimately we will have to take a stand against the barbarians that are destroying the last hope for Africa. The current elections might pan out in the favour of peace loving and hard working white Christians but I somehow doubt it. We need a miracle if the Afrikaaner is to survive here any longer. We did the right thing to end apartheid, but now we stand powerless against murderers, rapists and general anti-white terrorism. The averege white man woman and child in south africa is under threat of their very existence. A time bomb waiting to explode is the underlying hatred that blacks always have and always will have towards whites. I myself have witnessed a number of things in the country that do not bode well for the future. And yes I can see why the “uhuru” predictions and the warnings of “Oom Nicklaus” seem very probable now more than ever before.We are painfully aware of what a race war entails and it iis the last thing that any peace loving south african be they black or white needs or wants. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Peter,

      This is definitely a world that has gone wrong. I wish there was a way to help those in danger in South Africa. If there was a idea that would produce success, and it was within my capability, I would do it. If there is any way I can help, please let me know. I am a person of simple means, but I am willing.

  16. “5. The coming Third World War will be started in Europe by a terrorist character called The Turk and his fighting force. This fellow seems to attempt an attack somewhere in Germany, but he is smoked out before he can do so, and then the fight is on. He is assisted by three Indian terrorist groups, also deployed in Europe, and they work together with an evil group of Englishmen. The symbolism employed makes it clear that these are terrorist groups, and who else but the revolutionary Islamic terrorist groups are this active today on a world wide scale? The governing body of this evil and hidden group of people is the UNO (in Europe).”

    I think this is it…

    What do you think?

    • hi Johnrev

      It definitely has some of the elements predicted. I always thought that the final terrorist would be from Turkey, be Turkish, or be associated with it. The one who attacks Israel will be called the Assyrian, but part of modern Turkey was part of the ancient Assyrian empire.

      The time of the gentiles is ending. 1948 + 70 (time of captivity, time of one generation) = 2018.
      2018 – 7 = 2011. Things will be accelerating now until 2011, then they will totally go off the deep end.

  17. “5. The coming Third World War will be started in Europe by a terrorist character called The Turk and his fighting force. This fellow seems to attempt an attack somewhere in Germany, but he is smoked out before he can do so, and then the fight is on. He is assisted by three Indian terrorist groups, also deployed in Europe, and they work together with an evil group of Englishmen. The symbolism employed makes it clear that these are terrorist groups, and who else but the revolutionary Islamic terrorist groups are this active today on a world wide scale? The governing body of this evil and hidden group of people is the UNO (in Europe).”

    Why do I have a feeling that this is all connected with the bust in Germany?

    and do you really think it is all over in 2018?

    • HI John REV

      At the current pace of Islamic aggression, added to the pacifist response of most countries, it looks like most, if not all, will be over in 2018. I cannot say “all” since I am not God. But there is logical grounds to say this world will be totally different by then, and much evil will occur, and go out of control beforehand.

  18. Hi
    Just a comment. 911 was an inside job. Check the buildings falling and listen to the people on the street ecspesially the firemen who survived that they. And why did building 7 after the 2 towers implode, which wasn’t hit by a plane, implode after several hours by it self. When a building was hit in the middle, which was build to withstand more then one plane crash, it will brake of and the top will collide first. It will not implode on it’s own fondament. Ask your self, who have the capabilities of imploding buildings?? Yes, correct America self not someone living in a cave 10000miles away. Go and do research or visit or Oh also the Oklahoma building was also an inside job. Just by looking at the photo you can realize that a truck bomb in front of the building would left a crater in the ground and the building would not have explode but the opposite. And George Bush is evil but also just a puppet for the New World Order. Also want to add. Britain wont fight for there people if the darkness begin in SA they will rescue them by flaying them out of SA.Check out British The New World Order is about to take shape with Obama the newly ellect puppet. Britain and America will be the NWO. The American people is in the same position as we SA are. They are losing there jobs daily and there houses and there water food and medicine are potioned. There constitution are also under attack and there guns will also been taken away soon. Their money mean nothing and the bailout plan is the beginning of taking away everything they own. Soon their money wont mean nothing.Then the NWO goverment will own them. So what I am about is that no one in this world is safe anymore. It is not just SA. Forget about freedom and the land. Its about God our Lord Jesus that will come soon after everything progressed. No one will stop what is happening now in this world.
    Another thing, dont forget that the Christians that have came to SA is the same Christians that have came to America ass well as history know this. So I take my hat of to those Americans that is now awake that knows the truth and stand with God for the fight of their lives. SA people is still asleep. Sorry but this is true. That is what the ANC have accheived. They are also just puppets for what is about to happen. Remember it was Rhodes and Millner who started appartheid. It was never our founding fathers intention to rule over people. Best regards Diaan SWA.

  19. Hi
    Have more to say.Who is the god of this current world?? The answer is satan. Why does every one believe that it is only the islamic people that is the enemy of us and the rest of the world.We are brainwashed by the media that is belonging to the same people who put us in this very potition through our so called leaders and schools and churches. In some cases yes but remember it is the money powers, the elite, the buldeburg group, the iliminati the rochefellers the rochchilds ect. that play nation against nation. No war have ever started without their involvement. They like money and power. The whole idea is to kill 80 percent of the people of this earth. Remember that there is still soles to turn so dont blame the islamic or any other nation for all our troubles but start talking to them about God and that through Jesus they can have eternal live. Race nor color is the problem. Any one can be a Christian if they believe that the Bible is the only truth in this world and that Jesus has died for our sins and trough Him they can found salvation. Awoke before it is to late. Start researching now if you dont believe what I am saying. Remember the occult, witchcraft and satanism does ecsist. Yes they still kill people or babies for lucifer. What do you think abortion is all about?? Babylon is still amongst us. Every where we look is sin. Our children’s games movies and nowadays is our schools. They are taught newage releigon. Its ok to be gay?? Walt Disney? Who do you think he was. He was a 33degree freemason and also gay. All the walt disney movies comes from this instituite. Wake up people you are being brainwashed and you are letting your children fall into this darkness. Harry Potter. This is real witch craft, real spells real darkness. Not just a movie. Even finding Memo is a movie with certain intentions. Hey an atheist made this clear to me. If an atheist can see the truth of how our Christians are deceived then we are so far gone. How about your elections their now is SA. It doesn’t even help to vote anymore. You have to choose between the devil’s plan in white or the devil’s plan in black. It is the same devil.

    Hope to everyone that reads this. Lets pray for our enemies salvation.
    Diaan SWA

    • Hi Diaan,

      what you say is very true. Islam is a problem, but there are definitely other satanic influences around us that can destroy us.

  20. so where is this PDF book of siener ?

  21. I have been reading up on Siener for quite a while, it is amazing how accurate he has been, NASA has recently sent a rocket to the moon for “exploration”. They are bombing the poles “looking for water”… Could they be testing these weapons that Siener speaks of? Siener also predicted that Mandela would be buried in a glass coffin at the Union Buildings, apparently this has already been organised?

  22. I am very interested in Siener’s predictions and feel that they are highly accurate…what wories me, is that I don’t identify myself as ‘white’ , just South African – I am in a mixed marriage and don’t feel comfortable about the prospects of a race war…question: how do we love our neighbour, who is black ? there are not only ‘white’ Christians, you know…concerned Capetonian.. PS i have read one of siener’s books, In English..very good!

    • HI Paul

      Ideally, race should never matter, but apparently it does to some people.

      We are all a mix of something now. I have relatives that came from different countries, who seem to have mixed genetic backgrounds.

      We should love our neighbor, but we do not have to be their victim. Use wisdom.

      Seiner seems to have been fairly accurate, from what I can tell, and not influenced by “public media,” which many false prophets use now to promote themselves.

  23. Hi Marianne…race to me is not the issue, as a I attend a mixed church and live in a mixed residential area (one of few in Cape Town)…my concern is that, if one considers siener’s predictions to be accurate, then one in the future , if one is ‘white’ will have to choose sides…it assumes that God has racial favourites, when before the throne in Revelation we see people from every creed, language and tongue..even the apostle paul says that we are neither male nor female, Jew or Gentile, bond or free but all one in Christ…so how can I, as a Christian, support a future where one racial group dominates another , considering that , surely, there are Afrikaaners who are white, but not born-again, and others who would be seen as the ‘enemy’ but know Jesus? This is my main concern, not the accuracy of the visions, per se.. God may use certain groups at certain times in history for His own purposes, I do not dispute that…and yes, that can change…but as a believer the idea of ‘all white christains vs all non-white non-Christians’ bothers me…any ideas? I write this as a concerned believer in Jesus, not as a ‘white’ person! 🙂

    • Hi Paul

      I think the Christians will just have to evaluate the situation when it occurs. No christian will want to fight another one anyhow.

      What will be the issue that starts the fight? Will it be race or religion?

      I would think that whoever starts the fight will not be a Christian.

      Personally, I would not fight myself, unless I was attacked, or someone I knew was being hurt.

      This may be something that Christians, both black and white, need to discuss ahead of time, and decide how to protect themselves and stick together.

    • Hi Paul! A year later and I see your post. “White” in these visions means “true Christian” and not ethnic white. The opposite is true for black in his (and my) dreams. Bear in mind whom the interpreters were/are.

      I don’t see God as racist, my broer! Check Collossians 3…go read it to my fellow white countrymen whom think God is their exclusive privilege….

  24. Hello Marianne

    Good reply, thanks…
    wondering what others think?
    I am not so starry-eyes however that I believe we will all live in ‘peace, harmony and the brotherhood of man,’ indefinitely….

    The clock is ticking…for the King of Kings to return..and yes, surely before then, we are in for dark times indeed, and need to be prepared!Mandela’s death could be any year now (a few left, at most) he is being kept alive by the grace of God, for afterwards?!!..


  25. In what country do you all stay. Siener van Rensburg? Read what Deut. 13 says about visioneries and that we should not go after them. Also a wake up call should be given to all those who want to go to heaven…there is no heaven! The Bible says so. Jer 23″:5 say Kind david will rule on earth…so where does they heaven come from? Heb 11:13 says all the great men died not having received the promises…so nobody is in heaven. I dont understand all the hoo ha made by so called christians…maybe they are not true christians….Christ spoke of a little flock and little is definitely not the hordes of Christian which cannot agree on the basics. So what is the truth? Here is 1% of it:
    1. Sataurday is the sabbath and not the day of he sun or 1st day of week.
    2. God has 7 annual festivals and not xmas and Easter which are in actual fact pagen…yes I know you hide behind thamm as merely family days…Our God is a jealous God.
    3. Don’t eat pig…why cause God said so.
    4. Dont wear makeup ….cuase god said so.

    Enough…go to the only true church site and read for yourself …. and come out of her ()

  26. Siener van Rensburg books available from Radio Pretoria (dept) woord en klank (word and sound ) mainly afrikaans language some translated

  27. So…the great leader has fallen? Eugene Terblanche a South African leader of the AWB has been killed on his farm, hacked and clubbed to death. Yhe AWB notorious for their Right wing efforts to ensure that the country does not fall into the hands of the communist, failed, afterwards South Africa was delivered by FW de Klerk (Nobel “PEACE” Price Winner with Mandela).
    I believe that the leader that would be burried and flames will erupt around his coffin and then one huge flame from the front might just be this leader, humiliated and demonised before he was locked away for some attack on a petrol attendant. Again, like most news in South Africa, could have been easily orgastrated to get rid of anyone who stands in the way of the worlds new goverment… Christianity is balancing on the tip of a knife. The battle has already begun. Events had been put in motion that can now not be averted, stopped or side-lined. Siener van Rensbug, a revereant himself, a devout Christian and humble servant of the God Almighty, prophecies yet again starts to make sense…. Could this spark a race war all over the world? Could this be the catalyst? The tension in South Africa is at a all time high… And the news report again, purposely misdirecting, that this radical man died because of a wage dispute – demonising him yet again as an unfair and unjust man… This even after fact that 1600 Boers were tortured, some raped and all killed after 1994, with the inception of Mandela. And yet the ruling party keeps quiet about these events.

    I noticed John had questions on the British that fought on the side of the anti-christ. This is a simple question to answer. Van Rensburg mentioned the 5 evil (powerfull) men in England that are throwing their plans against the Christian. Even in the old South Africa, the biggest share holders of gold and platinum mines were British owned… The White rule used the profits to build infra structure and produced the most modern civilsed country on the African continent. The British seeked out an ally that could be better manipulated, the black South African. With stereotyping and other arts of war the British powers concocted a plan to bring this old lost colony back under their rule – through the hands of the Xhosa. They just misjudged the plans of the old friend of Cuba and Russia – The Zulu. Mr Zuma, the new Dingaan, Zulu King. Living in ultimate wealth. Costing the tax payer already 16 million rand. Funny, people thought that the white Afrikaner enriched themselves… Did you see the farmhouse of Mr. Terblanche, did you see the humble means in which he lived? Did this house, furniture and out-buildings strike you as a wealthy person in SA? The lies are woven and the world swallows every last drop of it. The Media is after-all the court clown of the New order. The propaganda machine. Lies that will melt like butter in the mouths of the poor unsuspecting viewers/slaves at own will. This is indeed the most dangerous time the world has ever seen. People are slier, smarter with manipulation, artful in deception than ever before. Are we going to be ready for this? The prophecy has been foretold and the warnings were highlighted in the last Book. I can only pray now. I can not see the peace that many of our white South Africans thought will be instilled after ’94 between all races. I remember that black people streamed from their ungovernable northern African countries to South Africa to work on the mines. They worked, enriched the British and the Afrikaner ensured infra structure, water, power and food (Boer-Farmer). This era was known as the Republic of South Africa. Crime was the lowest in the world, at a time the Rand was as strong as the dollar…look it up. And prosperity was slowly but surely borned into this beautiful piece of earth. The government of that time also had raised and funded Homelands, and their vision were simple. Help these Homelands to rule themselves. Lesotho, Swaziland and Venda were all products of these. The black population moved into South Africa 400 years ago, moving from central Africa. The white populous from Europe 250 years ago. This land was undisputedly won with the blood of many Christians. This country were in the hands of God and there was prosperity. Now, it is a place of terror. Hatred. Fueled by the powers from the greedy powers.

    There is a promise that I know South Africans will keep with their last dying breath. There will always be a place for Christians in this country. And there is a Promise that God will keep over this country, like bloodbonds shared with Him in our previously historical battles. He will keep us safe. We will fall under his protection. The seal will mark this people. I know this, because we are a good people, kind and faithful. We will not become dust in the wind. 30 000 Boers won against a British army of 400 the name of the Lord. We were protected by His glory. We survived the Great battle against the Zulu’s of bloodriver. We will survive this too….

    Ek vir jou Suid-Afrika.
    from, a child of God.

  28. As I said before, the British will never be welcome in South Africa. They have caused to much pain.

  29. small prophet

    I agree with you 100%. Once again He will show the world His power through us, the Boer people, as He did a couple of times over. If you think of it, we should have been wiped out a couple of times.

    Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika

  30. Nicolaas

    He will only do it through us if we truly repent from our pride and ego as a Boer nation and allow us to be His instruments…..



    Cameron and Sarkozy hail UK-France defence treaties

    can anyone say rather odd =)

    God Bless

  33. It was in 1976 and I where my first year in high school – when people from america wanted to make a film about everyday South Africa – We where practice shooting with .22 rifles using normal round paper targets – When a program on verslag where shown, we where shown shooting and then they showed the other side instead of targets there where blacks laying on the ground – filmed 80km away in Pretoria , sleeping during there lunchtime, the filmed our principle praying ( they made him pray 8 times in Afrikaans) and they translated it to their own version of praying .

    Very few blacks where killed by whites in South Africa since 1948
    most blacks that where killed where by blacks and lots of them by winnie mandela’s slogan “with our matches and our necklaces we will liberate this country” ( necklace putting a tyre round a persons neck douse it with petrol – gasoline and put a match to it. And some John where somewhere telling about a friend who where a Rambo – I now a lot of guys who where not even in the army telling such stories – ( I where on the border wars for 11 months)

    • dear Wynand

      It is obvious you were betrayed by Satans’ people for political reasons… have my prayers …..I pray you stay safe…….

    • Here in America 52% of murder is black killing black & the rate was 42%, 30-40 years ago!! 93% of blacks in America are killed by other blacks & 81% of whites are killed by blacks!! Whites were at one time the only group racist against blacks!! Now all other non-white, yet non-black groups are considered racist against blacks & now the same in South Africa with the Asians & mixed race colourds considered racist against blacks there!!

  34. What I have read on this blog is shocking, are you really Christians? Who are you to condemn another Human being? God is the only person who can judge and condemn. I think i is time you started praying for your redemption

    • In 1652, Jan van Riebeeck made a covenant with God, that South Africa would become the torch-bearer of Jesus Christ and, ever since, there was a diabolical effort to thwart this.

      Karl Marx’s sister married Cape Town lawyer Jan Juta and that is how Marx got an inroad into the media. His ideologies were accepted by the wealthy Cape English and Jews. It was the FIRST organization in South Africa to EXCLUDE blacks by virtue of its constitution.

      Marx, however, saw that changed after he had convinced SACP leaders to include blacks and exploit them as FREE SOLDIERS by means of violent strikes and riots.

      The white Afrikaner, outnumbered 10:1, foresaw terrible oppression and totalitarian atheist control. Their REACTION to the black violence and riots around 1860, together witrh their experience with British usurpers and oppressors, is what had given rise to apartheid.


      Of course, when white Dutch settlers BOUGHT land, they were murdered in cold blood. When blacks were racist before the white man arrived and still kill their own, it is only the white man that gets accused of racism.


      Nelson Mandela had sided with Soviet and Communist Chinese leaders and fought side by side with the antichrist, but gets hailed as the world’s greatest statesman ever. This is factually incorrect as his hands are dripping with the blood of so many blacks tortured and brutally killed in Camp Quadro and others across Africa.

    • China had black slavery 1400 years(319-1644 A.D.) & brought to China by the Arabs!! Marco polo the famous Venetian/Italian explored mentions seeing them in his travel journals!! Back over 70 years ago, Chairman Mao exterminated the afro-Chinese community in China!! One of the first of the 80-100 million people he exterminated, not including the 40-80 million killed by starvation!! This is a black genocide 5 plus years after Hitler & China was isolated during the 27 years of Mao’s rule(1949-76)!! America had black slavery only 245 years & the world cannot & will not ever forgive America for black slavery!! However are the communist Chinese teaching their kids & youth in school about the black slavery & genocide in their history??? All what remains of these folk are old black & white photos from the 1860s to the 1930/40s online!! This topic in China today would get one arrested, jailed & very likely executed!!

      • ronnie

        I did not know that about the china slaves. you know a lot about history!

        • Marrianne, back in the late eighties, early nineties, there was a Christian black man who wrote a book on this subject & he was on the TBN Christian station, you know Paul & Jan Crouch back then? He talked 45 minutes to an hour about his book & I listened to every word & I can kick myself for not getting his book & tried looking for it online!! Marrianne he said the Chinese called them ‘hunlun’, meaning “black devil slaves”!! Many were casterated!! They generally could not learn to speak Chinese but learned to understand it!! Just like in America, the black slaves were in the southern part of the country!! They first came from east Africa & Madagascar, but eventually they were marched from west & possibly central Africa to the Sudan to be shipped to China!! There was a port city up some Chinese river a city withe a G name in Chinese!! BTW black African slaves were also taken to India & there are communities of their decendants in India today! Also some escaped to the jungles of southern India from over 500 years ago. Also Marrianne in northern South America in Suraname, Guyana & French Guyana, in addition to the Taino/Arawak Indians, there are the ‘Bush Negro’, decendants of escaped slaves of these countries when they were colonies centuries ago!! It is said there has been a love/hate relationship between the Indians & Negros over the centuries!! There are 8-9000 Taino/Arawak Indians, but 55000 Bush Negros!! today in this area!! Marrianne what this shows is that if back centuries ago if blacks from Africa had crossed the Atlantic to South America, their populations would have over taken the Indian populations in due time!! However some Bush Negros have left the jungle bush for urban areas in these countries!1 They speak various West African languages!! Marrianne there is a BBC documentary on you tube about the Melanesian blacks that lived in eastern & central Brazil before the Indians & it looks like inter-tribal warfare killed them off!! There were black pygmies in Florida & the southeastern states before the Indians!! I came across informantion that the Cherokee Indians when they came into the southeastern states, they encountered the ‘etene folk’, a pygmy black group!! Arthur Custance talks about the negro factor in the Americas along with the Indians, in a book he wrote The Three Sons Of Noah & The Roles They Played In Human History by Zondervan Press 1970!! Also the Tasmanian pygmies of the 19th century!! Marrianne when the British started to settle the island of Tasmania these pygmies fiercely fought against the British but in the end they willfully died off by having no children & in the late 19th, early 20th century they all died off!! They were one of the most primitive cultures in human history & did not know how to make fire & forgot how to fish!! They wore aboslutely no clothes even loin cloths we not worn!! Marrianne just like there are invasive plants & animals, it seems that the black race is the ‘human invasive factor’!! Marrianne the decendants of Japeth & Shem all stayed in the northern hemisphere, while Ham went south into the tropical northern hemisphere & southern hemisphere after Babel.

          • Ronnie this is definitely a very tragic history. For some reason this population group cannot defend itself. It did not advance to that point with real weapons but they could used to push off their enemies. So for those blacks that complain about their history. They should consider their own weakness as well as the fact that more than white people have been enslaving them. Hispanics Chinese excetra are all involved


  36. Talking About Prophesies:-
    I don’t accept many of these as true because of many frauds,
    Decide for yourself if true or not.

    Sent by Pastor Amaka Abe from Nigeria.

    I spent my time praying one early morning while travelling in

    Nigeria. Suddenly I was in the spirit and I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    “Write down what you are about to hear.”

    Suddenly I saw the globe and the continent of Africa was in front of me. I saw myself walking from the South to the North. Everywhere my feet fell, I saw rings similar as when a stone is thrown into a pond. These rings went from South Africa all over the continent of Africa, the sea and to the other parts of the world. I asked the Spirit what the meaning of this was and this is what the Holy Spirit told me.

    “The rings you see are the healing, saving and miracle power that will start from the Southern tip of Africa. This will be a mighty outpouring of my Spirit and many will come running into my Kingdom. AFRICA WILL BE SAVED!!.

    Many people from all over the world will come to experience the power of God. You will see things you have never seen before. THIS IS NOT THE SO CALLED END TIME MOVE, but this is a move where sons of God will raise up and take their rightful place.”

    As I moved to the North, these rings just increased in magnitude and as I stepped into Israel, I turned around and looked back to Africa. I stood amazed as I saw the cross over Africa. The foot of the cross grounded in South Africa, the left and right arms on the horn of Africa and on the Western coast of Africa and the top of the cross on the North edge. Suddenly the Spirit spoke to me again……

    “My time is now, where I will make My Word come true, Africa will be saved and this Gospel of the Kingdom of God will go from South Africa to the rest of the world. From now on Africa will evangelize the world, and this initiative I will start from South Africa. The best time in the Spirit is on your doorstep South Africa, now you will see My power and love in action. In the darkest moment My light will shine and no darkness will quench it. I’m raising sons who will stand on My Word and will proclaim what I say.

    Do not let your heart be troubled, don’t flee South Africa; God will bring the knowledge back to South Africa. A white cloud (Gods Glory) is rising from the South and the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth.”

    About 3 months later, one morning in a church service, I was caught up in the Spirit again and God showed me another vision. This was strange because I have NEVER experience such visions before.

    This is the vision: I was sitting in an aeroplane and had a window seat. We were flying very high, as if we were in outer space. As I looked out of the window, suddenly I saw a giant cross. Behind the cross I saw the globe and again the continent of Africa was facing me. Suddenly the cross fell down and as I watched it, I saw it was on its way to the earth.

    The cross went straight to the Southern tip of Africa and it pecked itself in the Southern tip of Africa. Again I saw the rings as when you throw a stone into the water. I heard the same voice saying, “That is my healing and miracle power that will flow from South Africa to the rest of the world. It will start there. I have a plan and no one will stop me”. Suddenly I saw the Southern tip of Africa becoming blood red and it moved upwards into Angola, DRC, Nigeria till it covered the whole of Africa. Again I heard the voice of the Spirit, “I will move mightily and soon you will taste My might and see what I have in store for My children. It is time for the Spirit-filled to come together as one. Don’t look to colour, for this move is not prejudice. Change your minds and seek Me with all of your hearts. It is time to leave your petty arguments and seek My face”, says the Lord, “for I have a plan. I am about to bless My people abundantly more than what they can think. Supernaturally you will experience My provision. Be faithful with what I give and I will open for you a window of heaven”.

    This word must reach each and every South African. Send it to the South Africans overseas. Be sure, God has chosen this nation to show the world what and who He is. Send this to your friend, pray together and help us as South Africans to call Gods Word into action. Families, call on the Lord, seek His face and He will heal your houses, your businesses, your government and your churches and you will live in peace and no harm will come to you.

    He knows the plans He has for us, plans of a great future and of a good hope. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

    This was received in the year 2011.

  37. I thought this was a good website, but total crap.
    Who started the killing and the apartheid ? The lovely christian Boers ? Who did slave trade ? The lovely white christians ? And the crap land deals ? The honest white christians ?

    My God is love.
    My God Commands restitution and forgievness,
    therefore blacks forgive you.
    However, restitutions in full still awaited, if not stop fooling yourselves. The wheels are turniing the other way. Sorry for you. Feel it yourselves.
    But God is faithful. If you really know him, and cry for help, He will never forsake you.


  38. second time I find pastor Abe’s vision on the Internet…

  39. I have read a lot of stuff abour this Third World War, I thought it was going to occur in the whole wide world. I was very suprised to know tha our loved father Tata Mandela is also part of this N.W.O

  40. WW3 –

    Prophecy by Siener van Rensburg: (Please see links)
    1960-1994, the South African government loses more and more grip on situations and circumstances because they ‘forgot’ their Lord and God that gave them the country in the first place.
    e.g.: daily opening prayer in parliament was abolished in 1972 for the sake of Muslims and Hindus.

    SA Distress

    1994 – mr. van Rensburg correctly prophesied the release of Mr. Mandela, it’s political ties (communism) and the false and violent ‘peace’ that the man and it’s party ‘preaches’.

    [The Illuminati and the Protocols –

    1994 until the death of nelson Mandela: the era in which the boerevolk (afrikaners) lose their power in parliament, get persecuted, murdered and alienated from their origin/roots. note: South Africa has got with the anc a 70% party; therefore it hardly can be called a democracy.

    The Truth about Democracy

  41. Marianne

    You said somewhere above that it will be evil when the USA joins forces with Germany. May I mention that to my knowledge democratic groups were fragmented in Hitler’s time and only in recent times “took hands” Siener vR pedicted the rise of a woman with blue eyes and it is noteworthy that Angela Merkel is a Christian, and also someone with a formidable intellect (and not average, or slightly above average as with Hitler’s case)… So, the true leaders seem to have emerged in Germany…

    About South Africa: first there were wars, then Afrikaners obtained power by controlling politics, but the real test for freedom will be to allow the Holy Spirit to work without the restrictions of man-made systems. Ironically Hendrik Verwoerd was killed on 6/9/66 by a Freemason and the occult signature is quite obvious. The question to me is: why was it allowed that a so-called Christian leader of Afrikaners and the country was killed via a Satanistic plot? Clearly his system was not perfect enough. IMO the population explosion of blacks in the past 100 years have caused a drastic change in the cultural make-up of South Africa, and the whites won’t rule ever again, unless they establish an own “homeland”. Otherwise they would have to rely on the power of conviction, based on spiritual integrity. Interesting to note that many African countries welcome Afrikaner farmers to their countries nowadays, because they are renowned for their successes…

    • ben

      It is an age old question as to why good people get martyred and the wicked remain. I cannot answer that with any assurance. All I know is that the servant is not above his master. if satan tortured, and killed jesus, which was allowed by God, how can any of us expect to be exempt from such an injustice. Satan hated Jesus and he hates us. this will all come to an end when jesus returns, which I hope is soon.

  42. Cant wait to get into the white homeland mainly because I should be able to get work or even start my own business without having to by law have a corrupt black partner who has influence with some other sinister heroes of the struggle giving me permission and expecting to be bribed all the way, BEE has turned me into a racialist,. The real reason I am writing this is to find out if since Africa followed by those in the rest of the world follow fashion that God has been replaced by Mandela and his disciples of other African leaders like Mugabe and Zuma, when are they going to set up the church of Mandela? and will they endeavour to eliminate my Christian faith?
    And before the critics send in the tuppenies worth, I am not good yes I know and maybe I wont make to Heaven, I cant just turn the other cheek OK but that does not stop me believing in one God and Jesus Christ

  43. @gordon, hi, sorry you forget there are many black people that believe in our lord Emmanuel Jesus Chirst, am white i encounter more blacks who believe in God, than whites….. so think about what you said, the coming situation is a complex one, people are being deceived on a mass scale, people are not educated.

    and thats just dumb a church of Mandela lol they the ANC are communist we are fighting the “fire that burns in the minds of men & women” and that type of fire cant be put out easily.

    Die Siener is fully correct and a prophet of God.


    i get you but your so off the mark its a joke…..

    apartheid law where not started by The lovely christian Boers
    nearly all where started by the British Government.

    THE SLAVE Trade was not started by whites….. your understanding of history is a joke…….. the Arabs where trading humans, even blacks traded other blacks way before the white man came to afrika…..

    i ask you all you all claim to believe in God, yet you all have failed….

    Mark 12:28-31 King James Version (KJV)

    28 And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all?

    29 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:

    30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

    31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

    FAIL FAIL FAIL shame on all of you’s and also on me (cause am honest) we are all guilty as charged.

    • well said
      all man fell short of the glory of GOD lets not act holy for becouse we are not. As for madiba no man is to judge least you be judged.

    • Also Johanna Brandt who lived during the time of Van Rensberg & in 1917 had a herrendous vision of the black rule coming to S.A. & it is said that she was in a state of shock many days after this vision & wrote warnings in all the languages of South Africa back at that time!! Johanna Brandt was a pastor’s wife in the western Cape & died in 1964!!

  44. and many of you will be murdered, in 2009 i had a vision of the night attack in HB before i ever knew of the siener. what is coming is judgement upon us, yet all of yous think your sum how special please we are all sinners we sin day in and out, my the Lord have mercy upon us all, and many we be forgiven by the grace of Emmanuel Jesus Christ of nazareth.

    u all say you Christians yet 99% of you’s go to church on sunday (which is ordained by the POPE)

    its time to look in the mirror, cause time is rushing quickly to the major events that are coming.

    have we not learnt anything from the Lords words???

    am really trying tobe fair in my thinking.

    andyesthe ANC has a short time left.
    when the DA (whites) will come in to power


  45. In Zephaniah 3 there are prophesies concerning the dispersed children of Israel (if we forget a moment about Siener); those who live beyond the rivers of Kush, i.e. southern Africa (see Researchers say that the Afrikaners are descended from the lost tribes, and the Lemba tribe of the Venda claims the same thing. Perhaps we should all rather strive to come to the New Jerusalem, as described in the book of the Hebrews and wait for the second coming in the hearts of believers. In a collective sub-conscious sense it makes sense to me that the Afrikaners will have a second chance, because of the trauma and after-effects of what Britain did to us in the second Anglo-Boer War.

    It was interesting that the top final year school student last year was a girl from Venda, who obtained 100% in three of her subjects! So, IMO, if the women of Africa start to behave with more dignity there is hope for the people, but only if the voice of the Holy spirit is followed.

    Did Siener see Germany as a big snake, i.e. led by a woman? Pure reason but still deprived of the initiative of the old “Herrenvolk”…

  46. Look dont say boer ch
    ristians christianity does not allow racism prejudice and greed.So they belong to lucifer I dont mind if they do it in europe.They should take all their wealth to europe whites earn six times more than blac ks.inequality and unfairness will lead to chaos.mandela protected the boers and betrayed zulus xhosas locals.zimbabwe victorious any black african is proud ofboers go back to are the worst malema true african.

  47. Why must Afrikaners leave the country if they built the most prosperous country in Africa with the best infrastructure accoring to Bible prophecy? In a post-modern world society where all votes are equal success depends on the initiatives of each individual. Also in South Africa it shows that better qualified people get the better jobs. So, wake up and meet the challenge.

  48. Early Christians forsook marriage & sexual relations upon baptism (married couples even staying together but abstaining from sex). The Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:15) are false teachers that introduce adulterous marriages, sexual sin & lack of fasting in the church.
    “Blessed are they who keep their flesh undefiled, for they shall be the temple of God”
    “Blessed are they who have wives as though they had them not, for they shall be made angels of God”
    The Acts of Paul & Thecla (Apocrypha)

    Jesus speaking:
    “If you do not fast as regards the world, you will not find the kingdom. If you do not observe the Sabbath as a Sabbath, you will not see the father”
    Gospel of Thomas 27
    (Apocryphal New Testament)
    “they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; & are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection”
    Luke 20:35-36

    “Without holiness no one will see the Lord”
    Hebrews 12:14
    (Canonical New Testament)
    “These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they kept themselves pure. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among men and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless”
    Revelation 14:4-5

    The devil is an angel & angels can change the form of their bodies when appearing as men!

    Narrow is the door!

  49. Prophet David Owuor has just published a video on july 14th/15th regarding what visions he saw. After Mandela passes away, a real genocide whereby blacks and whites start murdering each other with weapons begins. He also proposes a solution to the issue. Please watch the video, google it and visit his homepage. We are entering a very dangerous period in history. WW3 is also not too far away with atleast 9 years to go through.

  50. I am from South Africa and i love my country.I do feel however that the rasisme has gone on to long!Siener predicted that the Afrikaaner will be “free” again and i hope that is true!Right now we are not,BBE had its use and should stop now.Let people who are can do the job the best get the job insteed of giving it to someone who has not been properly trained but is black.I also want to defend Mandela he was `n great man you did beter then most could in those time of our country.and when he dies I realy hope that insteed of killing each other the whites and blacks,indians and colourds can all mourn him and so we can bridge our diffrences and make this country as it should be !!one of the greatest in the world.Maybe when we stop hating each other the afrikaaner wil be free but he wont be white he will be every one in South Aftica

  51. The problem is that the are black and white nations lol really
    but the is one red blood, if i stabb a white person today would they bleed white blood or red blood. i will pray everyday to God to humble my heart and be able to serve my master in truth and loyalty (white) just one day all things will be reviled to all man. if white people are meant to run please leave it at that becouse Black people just messed things up no Offence and Really thinks a lot TATA but SOUTH AFRICA IS BAD but if we all look up to the hill where our help will come. white people may rule again

    • Really if i stab an elephant is it no red blood? So everything that has red blood has to be human – if they are all the same why is it that blacks around the world in all this time have never invented one single thing or improved the human race?

      Even when handed schools and free education they cannot do much with it other than using it to pimp out their drugs and burn the things down.

      South Africa will be handed to the ones who love and look after it the ANC dont love SA one bit, they use it to milk it for their own selfisih reasons – They use racism as a vice to force the world to feel sorry for them

  52. Well Sienner was right again – Mandelas coffin is glass and it will be brought through the streets – how is it possible to know this 100 years ago.

    • … There are other prophecies attributed to Mr. Rensburg as well – such as Nelson Mandela lying in state in a glass coffin for 7 days and then mass murder of whites all around Johannesburg area. Here is what I have found on it:

      “There seems to be some confusion regarding the death of a black man and his lying in state on Church Square. Prior to this event, he tells his friend, Boy Mussmann in 1916:

      “A time will come when I will be very much in the news again. During that time I see we are still fighting amongst each other, then suddenly it will be over and we will have a black government. Then the last, but most intense struggle will begin for the Afrikaner…”

      And on the morning of the 8th September 1925 he told his daughter, Anna, that he sees a black being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return the country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. (This could be either Mandela or Mbeki). However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader and a massive strike cripples the country that real trouble starts.

      The black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people will flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects.’ Nicolaas said: “The body of the king (black leader) is placed in a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria, for seven days. Mourners come from all over the world to pay homage to this king. Nobody worked for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly and could not be consoled for seven days.

      On the eighth day he is buried in Heroes’ Acre (A special place in the old cemetery in Pretoria reserved for statesmen). Nicolaas (Seer) says: “I see a coffin being lowered into a grave. Fires emerge but one great fire emerges in front. Naked people appear.

      This tells of violence and civil war erupting with the burial and the Boer nation will also stand naked, stripped of everything and experience dreadful oppression…

      In another part of the book, Nicolaas also speaks of this oppression until the Boers take matters into their own hands, a bucket of blood valls over, drenching what we call the ‘blood flag’ (a vierkleur like my avatar) and this is hoisted over a now free nation.

  53. whats going to happen now in SA?

  54. There are questions: Mandela died peacefully and will be buried in Qunu, not the Heroes Acre?

  55. Thank you so much for your website!

    Two programmes were shown in recent years on British TV. They were as follows:

    1. Louis Theroux’s documentary about the Free Masons in the US.

    From this the following was observed:
    Nelson Mandela was a Free Mason, reaching at least the 33rd degree. Therefore, by then, he KNEW that he was worshipping Lucifer or Satan. There is a photograph of him with his wife, Graça Machel, where he poses in his free mason’s regalia. This portrait is proudly displayed in the Black Free Masons’ lodge in the USA. When I saw this, it was like someone had slapped me on the face with a very large haddock.

    The Bible says:
    “Woe to him that calls evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil’.”

    I wish the world would wake up and realise what a fake and a phoney Nelson Mandela was!

    2. Documentary about the volatile situation in South Africa.

    To my utter amazement (I have never been to South Africa and only have gone by the media and other sources) there was footage shown of a present day community of destitute white Afrikaans. They were so poor they went about in rags, barefooted and appeared to be living without the aid or help from anyone. They were just ignored!! The South African government did not give a hoot!! Normally in situations like this, the UN send planeloads of aid, like they did in Ethiopia and are still doing in many other places. The world seems to hate the Afrikaans and quietly rub its hands gleefully at their planned demise.

    But the Lord says:

    ‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you…’

    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all those who put their trust in Him, for He is our rock and our refuge in times of trouble. Soon the world and the schemes of evil men will perish, and the Lord will reveal Himself in all His glory. For the time is at hand for mankind to repent, before it is too late. God’s judgements is true, right and fair. He does not show favouritism, nor is the detestable ‘politically-correctness’ or ‘positive discrimination’ going to be part of His Kingdom.

    Blessings to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Diana

      the UN is morally bankrupt….do not expect anything good from it….

      The Lord is our rectifier and savior, not man, so we look to Him…..

      god bless you !

  56. I personally think this WW3 is actually the Tribulation and Armageddon, where all false religion and governments(the harlot & beast) are destroyed. Who turns out to be the true religion is a mystery, as so many have their hands full of blood.

  57. Knowing the history or should I say some of it about the rogue thing, why this?


  58. Why don’t SA people migrate to Kenya, in SA you shall be murdered like flies and cockroaches. With the upcoming WW3 what nations shall remain a little stable compared to the others?

    • shah

      because people are not that stupid, to go to a land where allah, who is satan, rules over ignorant people.

      • Your insulting ways of commenting are not helping your character. Kenya is 80% Christian, 19% Muslim and remaining 1% is traditional african+hinduism… Have a good day.

  59. Hello, I would like to know more about the visions for south africa and the boer

  60. Vir almal met al die verskillende redenasies wil ek hiermee almal wat 90% reg is in hul eie dalk so antwoord.
    1. Siener van Rensburg was regtig ‘n boodskapper en net soos ons eenvoudige mense wat God as spreekbuis vir ons gekies het
    2. Ek myself het deur ‘n krisis in my lewe gegaan om te kan verstaan hoe die Bybel en watter boodskap die Here vir ons gee en wil he om te leef. Wat ek nou gaan se gaan baie mense warm om die boordjie maak, en my as ‘n rasis beskou, maar ek gee nie om want uit my Bybel kan en sale k my kan verduidelik.
    a. Die Bybel en sy wette moet ons behou as ons se ons is Christene. Om dit te doen is om reg te leef na die word maar ook net so belangrik om nasie vas te wees en nie te onder trou nie, want die Here het sy wette op die berg vir die Isrealiete gegee, en nie vir die heidene.
    b. Reg deur die Bybel waarsku die Here ons om Sy verordeninge te behou en Isreal het ‘n bloedlyn wat uitspel van sy volk uit Abrham en sy kneg Jacob gebore is.
    c. Hy vertel on sons moet nie eet wat die ander eet nie, want sy kos is veragtelik.
    d. Ook sal Hy vir die heidene verewig vertoorn en dat iemand tog net die deur kan toemaak omdat die heiden nie op Sy altar tevergeefs sy offer kan bring want Hy het geen behae daarin sonder om te lank of te kort. Ek dink jul kry my idee.
    OPSOMMING: Jy meng nie, jy deel nie in sy ideale nie, jy eet nie sy kos, jy maak nie soos hy nie, en jy laat hom nie grond besit in jou land, wat die Here aan jou gegee het deur jou voorvaders se bloed en sweet nie. Jy vat homo ok nie in die Here se huis nie want dan vat jy die Here se werk oor. Hy se self Hy sal in oorlog of by die oordeelsdag hul toets soos jy goud toets – smelt soos jy silwer smelt en dit kom ons nie toe nie. Jy sal wel kans kry om in oorlog ⅔ weg te vat of verslaan met die sward.
    My Bybel se wel ons moet nederig wees maar tog moet die helper jou vrees en jy sal nah om omsien aan die poorte van die stad.
    So vir die wat alweer klaar kritiek will ewer my God maak voorsieniiing vir alles wat Hy gemaak het, maar jy wat jouself ‘n Christen noem moet Sy wette en verordeninge nakom en daarvolgens lewe. Jy mag nie haat nie maar jy mag nie vergeet wat jou vyand aan jou gedoen of doen nie. Jy moet ook na daardie kyk wat nie die erfenis sal beerwe nie. Dit se die wat nie die ewige lewe sal ontvang nie. Dit is nogal groot woorde maar almal het keuses in die lewe waar hy wil wees. My God is genadig aan hul wat in Hom glo.
    Menses al se “jy is rasisties” as jy so daarna ky wel so noem jul dit dan, maar dan is my God ook rasisties want Hy het net een volk Isreal. God het vir Moses gese: Jy sal die beloofde land sien maar nie ingaan en hulle wat van hul kinders vir Molog gegeehet sal ook nie daar woon nie. So Moses is gestraf omdat die volk nie wou luister in die woestyn nie, en die baster nasies wat hul gevorm het was ook gestraf.
    Nou gaan ek net ‘n gedagte los. Wat het ons gedoen in ons land en waar het ons verkeerd gegaan om ook gestraf te word?
    Ons is nie leierloos soos sommige dink nie. Tel jou Bybel op en lees self. Keer terug na die Here wat Hemel en aarde geskape het. Jy en ek behoort net aan Hom. Ons is geleen aan mekaar. Wees trots om ‘n Christen te wees en die heiden die bose en die voorvadergees aanbidders sal jouu vrees. Waak teen hulle want hulle is jaloers op jou en sal altyd jou benadeel. Onthou die Here het jou en my hier gesit om om te sien na di twat rondo mons is. Die dier staan vandag op in alles wat verkeerd is en spreek dit aan in die naam en geloof van ons god en Jesus Christus, wat ons verlos het. Hy sal ons weer kom verlos van di twat hier aangaan teen ons. Ons moet eers ons pad vind terug na Hom en die knie buig.
    Ek wou maar net ook met julle praat en dit maak my nie verkeerd nie, en wat jul elkeen hieruit verstaan is julle gevolgtrekkinge self. Moet nie verwyte gooi en my name noem. Gaan soek self die antwoord. Dit het ook tyd geword om terug te neem en die Here sal help. Kyk vir die regte tekens. Moet julle nie in die moeilikheid dompel nie. Lees Siener van Rensburg se voorspellinge en kyk waar ons nou is.
    Lees verder Jesaja vir antwoorde en insae.

    • For all of the different arguments, I want this all that 90% right in their own perhaps as answer.

      1. Seer van Rensburg was really a messenger and as we simple people of God a voice we selected

      2. I myself went through a crisis in my life to understand how the Bible and what message the Lord has given us, and want to live. I’m about to say, many people hot under the collar make, and me as a racist view, but I do not care for out and can halls I can explain my Bible.

      a. The Bible and the laws we must keep if we say we are Christians. To do this is to be the right to live, but also just as important to be stuck nation and not to intermarry, for the Lord has given his laws on the mountain for the Israelites, not the Gentiles.

      b. Throughout the Bible admonishes us to keep His ordinances and Israel have a bloodline that spells of his people Abrham and his servant Jacob was born.

      c. He told one sun should not eat any other food, for its food, is contemptible.

      d. He will forever be angry for the Gentiles, and that someone can just close the door because the heathen on His altar in vain his oblation for he has no pleasure in it without too long or too short. I think your idea to get me.

      SUMMARY: You do not mix, you do not share his ideals, you eat his food, you do not like him, and you do not let him land ownership in your country, which the Lord has given to you by your ancestors’ blood and not sweat.

      You take gay ok not in the Lord’s house because then you take the Lord’s work. He’s self he will at war or at the day of judgment, their testing as you test gold – melt as you melt silver and we do not allow. You will have chance to take away ⅔ in war or defeat of the sward.

      My Bible does we must be humble but nevertheless the helper you fear and you will nah to look at the gates of the city.

      So for those who already finished criticism will make transversal my God voorsieniiing for all that He had made, but that you yourself a Christian name must obey His laws and ordinances, and live. You should not hate but you must remember that you did to your enemy, do not. You also have to watch those who do not inherit the legacy will not. It’s those who do not will receive eternal life. It’s quite big words but all have choices in life where he wants to be. My God is merciful to their believes in him.

      Menses all say “you are rasisties” if you do so then ky so call your it, but then my God rasisties because He only people Israel. God said to Moses: You will see the promised land but not enter, and those of their children to Molech gegeehet will not be living there. So Moses was punished because the people wanted to hear in the wilderness, and the hybrid nations who were also punished their forms.

      Now I’m just a mind loose. What have we done in our country and where we went wrong in order to be punished?

      We are not leaderless as some think. Count your Bible and read for yourself. Return to the Lord of Heaven and earth. You and I belong to Him. We were lent to each other. Be proud to be a Christian and the heathen evil and an ancestor worshipers will jouu fear.

      Guard against them because they are jealous of you and always will harm you. Remember the Lord your and put me here to look to these twat rondo mons is. The animal stands today in all that is wrong, and it speaks to the name and faith of our God, and Jesus Christ, who has redeemed us. He will come again saved from di twat is going against us. We first have our way back to him, and the knee bend.

      I’d just like to speak to you and it does not make me wrong, and who can tell everyone you are your conclusions themselves. Do not throw accusations and my names. Go find your own answer. It has also become a time for getting back and the Lord will help. Look for the right signs. Do not you dip into trouble. Read Seer van Rensburg’s predictions and look where we are now.

      Read on for answers Isaiah and inspection.

    • Well said

  61. I hope people will understand the above in Afrikaans. So where are we now according to Van Rensburg’s prophecies?

    • ben

      Progress so far

      1. The white boers are being massacred by their black enemies at this time, which has been going for awhile. The boers have nowhere to go, to escape. This is not on the news because it is black on white crime.
      2. I am not sure what is going on in Europe yet
      3. The USA is fighting extremist Islam now, and has been since 2001
      4. The rise of HAMAS, muslim brotherhood, and ISIS has already infiltrated Europe and is causing unrest and bloodshed . the Turk contribution to this is developing.

  62. Ek het vanoggend wakker geword en ek voel gedwonge om die volgende aan elkeen wat glo en verstaan die volgende met oortuiging te doen.

    Ek vra dat die mense vandag ‘n gelofte afle om elke aand 8 uur hul deure toe te maak en die Onse Vader te bid, sodat die Here kan weet en erkenning kry waar Sy kinders is. Sodat die beker van smart in die tyd van nood wat op ons deur drimpel is sal verby gaan. Amen

    • This morning I woke up and I felt compelled to believe the following to all who understand and do the following with conviction.

      I ask that people today have a vow every night for 8 hours to close their doors and pray the Our Father, and the Lord may know and recognized where his children are. So that the cup of sorrow in the time of need on our door drimpel will go over. amen

    • boerleon


      may sorrow “passover (pass over) ” you because the Lord is protecting you. May he keep you under his wings.


      mag hartseer “pasga (verby)” kan u, omdat die Here is die beskerming van jou. Mag hy hou jou onder sy vleuels.

      • After all that Boer has done against the blacks through history we must understand why blacks hate boers. I am white but on the blacks side in SA.

        • I would like to know exactly which part it is you mean when you say “After all that Boer has done against the blacks through history”. Are you referring to Apartheid/Separate Development (English translation of the word) as a political system? Or specific abuses you have in mind? Example: I read that someone from Poland thought we Boers gassed millions of Blacks at Secunda (a place where we refine natural gas) or some place like that. When they went to visit this town they asked the Black population of the town where the gas chambers were, and was met with surprised denial of its existence. That’s right, they were sold vicious (but effective) propaganda in Poland… So please say if you know of similar specific things we Boers “have done”? Not wanting a fight, rather just curious.

          • Still waiting for that response. I would also like to learn about these atrocities.
            Will the lies against the Boer people ever end.

            Sieners visions is becoming true at an amazing pace.
            War in middle east and USA aligning themselves with Britain and Turkey against Russia.
            The Turk Erdogan clearly started this.
            Now we await English betrayel and the rise of Germany.

    • Amen, well said.
      Amen, baie waar dankie dat jy dit met ons deel, so moet n mens na die woord van God luister.

  63. This siener guy was a false prophet. Period!

    • Jy is ‘n idioot. Punt.

    • There was another Africaaner prophetic voice along with Van Rensberg, Johanna Brandt(1876-1964)!! She lived in the western Cape area & was a pastor’s wife & wrote some books!! In 1917 she had a horrendous vision of the future black rule & was in a state of shock for many days afterwards!!

  64. It is coming true now.

  65. why did you erased the immigrant part?

  66. you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.

    • sue

      seiner van rensburg lived from 1864-1926, there was no technology like you are suggesting.

      also, people have been having dreams and visions since ancient times… no technology there either.

      the average person today does not stay connected ( wired or wireless) to a device that creates dreams and visions for them.

      I suggest you look past your admiration for technology and consider the content of dreams and visions, and see possible truths therein.

  67. Hi there, very interesting, there was a prediction also of a, waviel, wat losraak en begin rol, weet jy iets van dit, en ons het sy boek gehad maar verleen iewers, waar kan ek nog 1 kry. Dankie

  68. Hi Marianne,
    Trust that you are well.
    Thank you for the excellent organising of Siener, Duduman and Branham prophecies. I did not know that Washington was a prophet. That is a very nice surprise. What is the next vision to comecto fullfilment?
    Then I thought that you are from America as I have read some of your messages in the past. Just to find out you are just up North ftom us in SA.
    Well thank you for all the hardwork that you are saving me. I would love to have more information on this.

    Greetings and Kind Regards Inus Pretorius

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