Signs in the sky – natural or unnatural? – end times

When Jesus said there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars, was Jesus referring to more than simple solar and lunar eclipses? Was he referring to signs created by man, or non-humans?

Here, I screened selections, and tried to pick what was the most scientifically believable. I tried to avoid sensational or speculative sources. This is just something to think about when you hear about “natural” disasters.


UFO caught on tape in France

UFOs reported around the world – seems to be mainly in the USA and Europe. I wonder why these locations?

Fox News shows video of UFOs surrounding NASA shuttle near moon. They are described as harmless, but what are they, where did they come from? notice how round they are. Most general debris have an irregular shape. The best part of the video is in the first few minutes. You do not have to view the entire thing.

UFO sighting in Nanjing,China

UFO over Bejing in 1995

An entire fleet of UFOs over Mexico

Eye witness astronaut Gordon Cooper tells of UFO – video is just a simulation of what he said he saw.

Some NASA tapes – UFO reports from astronauts

UFOs on january 8, 2009 in New Jersey

-Life on Mars?

A scientist looks at artificial structures on Mars (9 minutes – a bit long)

Aurora Lights

Aurora lights occured before China earthquake – natural or unnatural in origin?

HAARP- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

quasi military/research/educational program of ionospheric research initiated about 1995 – how much does this help or hurt weather patterns?

** note. some claim the HAARP station in Alaska caused the China earthquake, but if you watch this video, it shows more than one HAARP – like stations around the world. There are 9 other ones- including one in Northern China. The question is, what is unique about the atmosphere over China to cause such a high level? Is it some activity on the ground, or is it “floating in” from somewhere else? UFO activity? Or can the cause of the China earthquake be found inside of China itself?

** also, some say that the aurora from the HAARP is unique to it. But Alaska is near the north pole anyhow. Is the aurora actually from there? The aurora borealis was present before the HAARP station was built. The ultimate energy source of the aurora is the solar wind flowing past the Earth.

Both the magnetosphere and the solar wind consist of plasma (ionized gas), which conducts electricity. So how much is this “artificial” HAARP source affected by a true natural source like the sun, and what events are happening there? Each solar cycle has been getting more intense, and has been predicted to cause major natural events by itself.

See……. Solar Cycle 24 and more Earth Changes

Click here for more

NASA Video of HAARP shooting at a UFO? Maybe one purpose of HAARP?

World map of ionosphere status

Here is a link to world wide ionosphere changes recorded every 5 minutes for updates. Note that China is still (at this writing) in the red zone. Scroll down to ionosphere status (2) ionization TEC maps. Does this mean more problems?

Crop Circles – what causes them? natural or unnatural?

the results are on the ground, but speculation is that the cause comes “from above.” This is an entire discussion of its own.


Chem trails – – what is behind them?  See link. this shows everything.

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  2. Jesus may have been warning us about such things as UFO’s. He stated it would be as it was in Noah’s day, so shall it be at the second coming.

    This subject goes back to the Nephlim. Lucifer was given respite, yet he is already condemed. It appears a great many other powerful fallen Angels are chained until judgement day.

    Anywhy, these fallen Angels came down to earth. The Jewish writings read they flit from place to place. Sounds like UFO’s to me.

    It could be Lucifer will make more Nephlim to mislead humans away from the true truth. There are stories of hybred children, alien/human, in the thousands ready to decend to earth.

    Perhaps, after the restrainer is removed, this is the great lie that will mislead humans in the last days.

    Crazy stuff.

  3. Hi Leatherneck

    yes it is crazy, but it never stopped satan before. I am heavy with thought tonight. About this coming year….and actually, the next few months….could be really bad…and start everything.

    pray the believers have the protection of God on them.


  4. If all is taken away, we are to give glory to G-d. Just like Job, and remember we once had it good. It may become tough, amd you might be tested.

    You are reaching a lot of individuals with the true truth. This type of works should get you a few crowns in Heaven. Of course, you know good works does not get us into Heaven. They are an example of our faith.

    Do not worry, but for the day you are given. Be ready to die every day.


  5. Remember never to take any glory away from God. Christ will come back to earth like a thief at night. . . No one knows when or how… Only God knows when the end times will begin. I would suggest figuring out how to be a good person and loving soul then worrying about signs. Be prepared yes… but don’t get to occupied. This life is about serving our God with pureness, happiness, and most of all love. Not what ifs and who knows.

  6. Hi Blake,

    I agree with you. The purpose of this sight is to stimulate both believers and unbelievers to look at biblical prophecy for the last days, see the truth of the word, and examine their lives. There are about 200 postings so far, about a range of topics, including repentance, good vs evil, prayer, holiness, witnessing, and who Jesus is, for those who do not know yet. I would appreciate your continued comments, and prayers for me to continue to do this in a humble way, that is pleasing to God, to make this a better site.


  7. I think that aliens were human like us before. Maybe because their body structure was changing over time and as a result, they looks weird and strange. So, who made aliens if they are real people?

  8. I read a book about UFOs and they make stunning shapes even though they are destroying part of our Earth which can be unpredictable. These strangers are real people and they have the power to destroy humans. Since they look as they want to be our friends, aliens stopped destroying us. And they look as they had changed DNA across the generations and looks really weird.

    • hi Perfectionist Gal.

      We might have aliens visiting us in the next 5 years. They are not friendly, I think they are demons, and we should reject them. They are here to deceive us, and corrupt mankind by making us like them.

      • Is what you said is really true?

        • No reason to listen to her. That’s how wars are started for absolutely no reason and why innocent people of killed. If Aliens ever did land on Earth, it would be best to find out more about them first then immediately writing them off as Demonic. I know this is an old post but I couldn’t help commenting on this particular subject. If you keep that train of thought Marianne then I would say the Aliens have a right to deceive you, you can’t automatically “judge” something that has that sort of power without first learning more about it.

  9. Well, here goes again…My wife was an alcoholic, long term. She went thru heavy drinking periods of maybe a month, with sobering up times in between. After years of this in one of her withdrawal times, she scolded me for bringing in those little men to taunt her. I questioned her, and she explained.

    There was this little “alien,” about 3′ tall with one eye in his forehead. He played on her guilt over not being a good mother. He told her he was from a planet where there are thousands of parentless kids, and they wanted her to come there and parent some of them. After winning her confidence, he finally told her the way to get on his space ship was to commit suicide, and that would put her there. She considered it, but ended up dying from alcohol related liver problems.

    After she died, I was teaching a Bible study for a host at a homegroup. The host turned out to be an alcoholic and demonized. As we tried to deliver her of the demon, her story came out. She was being visited by a little “alien” with one eye in the middle of its forehead. Same story, with suicide to get on their space ship.

    Let’s not forget the story of that cult in S. Calif. They all lived in a home, isolated from the world. They all took poison and died there. After, the story came out that they were convinced that aliens had a space ship hiding behind a comet that was passing near earth at that time. The aliens told them the way to get on that ship was to commit suicide.

    Folks, these are demons who will work on gullible people to believe the answer is not in God, but in aliens. DavWms

  10. Yesterday NSW and even lower Queensland Australia experienced a very rare and unusual blood red, orange, and yellow sky. This has never happened before on the east coast of Australia and I’m wondering if this is a warning from God that we are about to experience some sort of blood shedding here?

  11. Hi Jill,

    I am not sure. Usually, the colors come from more particles in the sky which scatter the white light.

    See this reference:

  12. hi Jill

    Someone just sent me this for Australia. Do you have this red dust?


  13. Don’t care for the music … but good photography.
    Some are saying after the fact that the dust contained Uranium??
    Prediction for the same for the sabbath.
    So lightening can really strike twice??

  14. I have seen sand storms before but this one is unusual …

  15. Yes this was the dust storm alright but I’m in Newcastle and we had the same thing here as in Sydney except ours was more of an orange colour and you couldn’t see too far through it. We got another dust storm today Sat 26/09/09 but this was is more of a greyish colour with a little more visibility.

    • hi Jill

      I hope you get through this ok. It looks like something bad to breathe in. The color is coming from Iron oxide from the soil, which has been stirred up by winds.

      But this is a local situation, and not global. So it is NOT a warning from God…yet. It does indicate that your ground is dry and not good for agriculture. Many times, drought precedes a famine.

      As far as prophecy goes, I do not know how this could occur on a global level, since the soils are different in different regions.

      However, if Nibiru (which will be orbitng around earth for a few years) were to cast off some fragments containing iron oxide, and collide in different areas of the earth, then each region effected could possibly have what you are having now.

      From the crash, iron would disperse into the atmosphere, and create a red glow.

      I hope this dust storm leaves you soon, so you can breathe better.

  16. Sydney hit a second time.

  17. I think the red blood dust of September 23/ 09 in Sydney is different! I think very different from anything I’ve ever seen and does not compare in parallel with the storm of Sept. 26.
    Time may tell us more but for now I’ve found a production that shows U.F.O’s in the midst of the red ‘whatever it is’.

  18. This is the a video of the Newcastle’s dust storm where I live. I didn’t make this video

  19. There are billions of them in our skies…
    Too much to understand.

    • Might be what happened to the flight to twin cities.
      We must pay much more attention to what is happening!!

      • I never saw the purpose for chemtrails. Maybe they “feed” the ufos.

        • First of all, if this was a real UFO, it was very small. Check out time frame 0:53. On close inspection, the white dot comes between the plane and the camera and it is smaller than the fuselage of the plane. So the maximum possible size of this thing – if it was almost as far away as the plane – is maybe ten – 15 feet in diameter. Maybe one eighth the size of a space shuttle. And if was halfway between the camera and plane, it’s size would only be half of that. Hardly worth of interstellar travel.
          As for the black speck – it should be sunlit on the left side as is the plane if it were a real craft of some sort. Neither comes close to being irrefutable proof of alien spacecraft.
          And as for the “Chemtrails”, I believe you are referring to the contrails (Condensation Trails) left by the jet exhaust. They are clouds of condensed water – exactly the same as clouds. They are not chemicals nor are they used for cloud seeding. That would be silver iodide crystals which are never released from jet engines.
          Hope this helps clear up some of what you saw on this video.

  20. Hi Marianne
    About the recent orange dust in the Sydney area: the newspaper story told, an unusally strong wind lifted up farm-soil, which was fertilised, and carried it hundreds of miles to our area where it was ‘unloaded’ in a storm…and further into the Pacific towards New Zealand. Yes in the city were thousands of ‘orange-coloured’ cars and the fine, slippery dust crept into all houses that had to be cleaned,..and we even now find traces here and there. Farmer say the soil is poor now and won’t yield good crops.

  21. Hi Marianne,

    About the recent orange dust cloud: Farmers said, a very strong wind-storm lifted up the top-soil and carried it hundreds of miles from the inland/outback farms toward NSW/Sydney, offloading it and the rest flying into the Pacific and N.Z. Yes, cars drove around in an orange ‘frock’ and the fine , smelly, slippery dust crept into all houses, which had to be cleaned.

  22. Hi Marianne again,.sorry to be so clumsy with electronics, didn;t see confirmation that it WAS sent, excuse….
    The weather and lots of political deals are so strange. I see the writing clearly on the wall, but most folks don’t want to fall out of the ‘frame-works’, feels isolating. Nevermind, could be
    worse. I watch everything I can. Age has it’s blessings.


    • Marianne,
      What if it is the devil that has come down?
      Are we prepared for an exodus?
      If it is the fallen angels that has entered … then we must be prepared for The WAR of THE END.
      If it is the fallen Angels … it won’t be fun at all!!

  24. Here is another video on the subject. Notice the it is Spiraling in a counter clock motion.

    I have copied and I am pasting what someone’s comment was as well

    This spiral of light in the sky is an opening through a portal. This is the beginning of the Cosmic Burst of Love StarGate Portal Opening.

    This is a 72 hour process which will raise the vibrations of Earth and on 12/12/09 nothing that is not at 5D or above will be capable of withstanding the energy here. Everyone will be able to feel the effects of love and bliss pouring out over the Planet. It will be in this extremely high energy where miracles will occur

    • abigail

      That sounds too “New Age”…burst of love star gate…energy…God does not need a stargate to show up.

      if the devil has come down, then we will know soon enough. Not that he and his fallen angels are already active…..

      Rev 12 does describe, at some point, a war in the heavenlies, in which the fallen are cast down by Michael and the good angels, and they come with wrath to persecute the earth….if that is the case, I am staying inside my house until it is over!!

    • Well it is past the middle of April 2010 now, and nothing has happened in regards to this event. The moon and the earth are still here. Nothing has vanished into a black hole. No alien visitors have announced themselves. Nothing.
      All predictions of doom and gloom have failed to pan out. Guess everyone got their panties in a bunch over nothing.

  25. Take a look at this one marianne,
    It appears as though something is being spitted out from the black hole at 0:11 seconds and again at 0:44 seconds and so forth.

    • The center of focus in other videos seems to be the moon, so in a way, the moon darkened and lost its light….

      reminds me of scripture….God never said it would be him that would do it, but only that it would happen.

      Also, in the first video you showed me, there was a UFO like object with a light on it below the “moon + spiral” combo.

      • I am sorry but I just do not any moon at all.
        I must be blind.
        What are you saying ‘the moon darkened and lost its light?’

        • that light object in the sky is the moon, according to other videos where it is more obvious…..the light object blackens repeatedly in the above video.

          • Indicate if you please the time in the video where the moon is and then blackens … because I just can’t see the moon at all.
            Thanks marianne

      • What appears to be the moon is not at all. On Dec. 10, 2009 the moon was a waning crescent, setting about 1 hour before sunset. (I used my astronomy program but you can consult an old calendar). Therefore there was no moon in the sky at the time of the event, so Abigail is correct on not having seen it.
        This brings up an interesting point though. People see what they want to see. Marianne was sure she saw the moon because for a moment, the light did look like the moon, especially when the camera was at a wide-angle setting. Other telephoto views actually showed a rocket engine shooting out a tight spiral of bright white exhaust. This eventually widened and turned bluish, perhaps from the ingredients in the rocket fuel.
        As the vapors burned out and turned black, a dark “hole” appeared which Abigail and many others saw as a theoretical “black hole” as seen in various sci-fi TV shows. The problem is that while no one has ever seen a black hole, it would certainly not look like that. An if one were to appear that close to the earth, it would have instantly been sucked into it. A black hole is actually a star so massive even light can’t escape from it. Something that big would surely have been noticed for more than three minutes.
        Hey, Stargate is a TV show not a documentary. Using cool sounding terminology from a sci-fi show does not make it real.

  26. On Signs in the sky.
    Years ago I saw personally several times a round disc in the sky that not always but sometimes removed itself with great speed.
    Enoch was caught up into the sky on the wind.
    Elijah in a chariott. BUT chariott means VEHICLE. What and how I don’t know.
    In the UTAH desert wre hundreds of miles of undergeound Tunells and Labs for the Military and Scientific experiments. I know that after WW2 the Scientist Werherr von Braun was taken to America and rumour had it also to Utah…
    I am certain that NASA is doing more work than it tells, e.g. for controlling each and every one who has the ‘mark of the beast’ but also for ALL other purposes……”the eye in the sky” !! on the US $ note, spying on everything, trying to be ‘gods’….
    There were ‘funny’ things in the past e.g. SOME angels with wings. Wonder in which Department they serve ?? and creatures like CENTAURS, which the fallen angel-demons created with a human head and an animal body or vica versa.
    In the end Jesus will change our vile bodies and form them to suitable spiritual bodies, to be able to traverse the, or some part of the universe. I don’t care what it will be. Usually I forget something, sorry.

  27. Here we go again: other signs are made by humans. On our Radio, years ago a farmer reported that the Govt. tries/experiements with making clouds to make it rain on certain farmland. I heard years later again that the Gov. does things like that. We have in the outback forbidden stations, that are only used by scientists and military and they are in contact with NASA, also connect and divert electronic stuff (I am not educated in that) but this has substance, is not rumour.

  28. Chem trails are nade by humans… make RAIN by shooting up a mixture of chemicals….that’s all I know.

  29. Just adding more info about Norway’s mystery.

    And space weather has this to say.

  30. Here is the story now according to CNN news release.

  31. on this link….look at the last picture.

  32. The music is not to my liking but the photography is.

    • abigail

      I was assuming the round white object … 34 seconds…….in the video here was the moon. maybe I am wrong.

      There is a round black cloud that forms in front of it at one point.

  33. Marianne,
    Here is a film by Norway military.

  34. This event occurred in deep space and not at the horizon. It was seen thousands and thousand of Km. away. China claims to have seen this and I know a few people in the states who claim to have seen blue lights in the middle of a snowstorm.
    I do not think it to be a missile.
    It is another type of event ….
    And your guess is as good as mine.

  35. Now here is another angle … watch to the end.
    What seems to be occurring after creating black hole is curious also.

  36. It would make sense that the “aliens” are actually the fallen angels, aka “sons of God” who in the old testament “came into” the daughters of men and produced the Nephilim…fallen angel/human hybrids aka Giants.

    All of the alledged abductions and sightings are actually the “sons of God” doing the same thing they did in the Old Testament with the “daughters of men”.

    If you look at the skulls that Marianne has posted under “Satans DNA”; they look like the skulls/features described by the abductees.

    Just a thought..


    • hi lyndsey

      I was just reading Joel 2 & 3.

      The day of the Lord is described….happens when the sun and moon turn dark.

      Look at the “people” described in 2:15, nothing like anyone has seen, their appearance is like horses, rampaging the earth in a cloud of darkness, because there are so many of them. people writhe in pain, their faces drained of color.

      These are demons, fallen angels. They are coming back.

  37. Hate that they refer to them as “horses”; I love horses and they are most beautiful animals (I have 2)…LOL

    • I think they are more like “horses prepared for battle.” In this, it just represents the natural power of the creatures. Horses are large, impressive animals. It might indicate the size of the people as well. I like horses too.

  38. Comment: following is my research in conjunction with other researchers. Understanding helps when first reading Ex.4:11 – Deut.32:39 – Isa.45:7, God is like a father, rewarding or punishing his children. He has the right to. Jer.22:7, Zech.8:10b,
    etc.etc. are all O.T. examples..for OUR learning/understanding how God works, who is in charge of all good and bad, managinmg it as He sees fit.—–About natural/unnatural SIGNS: Again the weather is in God’s hand. He directs it as He sees fit. We don’t know all the reasons why her, there or why not where WE live. Just trust HE is righteous and knows all the why’s and how’s.
    In Mat.24:29 Jesus said that He gives signs BEFORE His great Day/ the Day of the LORD. He forewarns “immediately AFTER the TRIBULATION” with SU, Moon, not give their light, stars fall from heaven,–which is already end-punishment being pourd out on willful disobedient people.—Lu.21:9-26 same,plus detailed things happening to believers and unbelievers (during the last 3
    1/2 years of His WRATH. —Joel 2:2-3,11 also speaks about this LAST episode,- where the WEATHER (God’s heavenly armoury), foreign enemy armies and even demonic beings come and vex/torture/scare humans because their sins increase with more intensity.—NOW, WE are still in the Mat.24:6-9—phase, of “SORROWS”, spilling soon over into the real thing. 2012 seems a starting point.—–BUT we need to see first the Psalm 83:- Arab war with Israel as well as the GOG MAGOG war which ends in ARMAGEDDON and the 2nd Coming. But, we still have not enough clarity about the sequence and timeline, so we watch and pray.
    Thanks Marianne for providing your website where we still can exercise freedom of speech,..before some interfere,quelling the cyber-space…China would and other Westerner I talk about later.

  39. Read Ezekiel 1. The whole chapter. The four living creatures are described as the same four living creatures John describes, in heaven, in Revelation 4:6-8. They were around the throne in in heaven. There with the 24 elders. Now back to Ezekiel 1. Read it all again. They came in crafts from the sky. Out of fiery clouds. Sounds like Independence Day, the movie, doesn’t it. Space ships. Heavenly creatures in them. Is it too far fetched to say when Jesus returns with his army of millions of angels, they will not be in spaceships to burn the earth up and it’s inhabitants that remain? Luke 12:49. “I have come to bring fire to the earth, and how i wish it were already kindled!” Exclamation mark. Forget the Nephilim talk. He is coming to wipe out unbelievers on earth. And are Christians going to be surprised when He comes in a fleet of spaceships.

  40. And yes, demons fly around in them too. Any being of the spirit realm can do so. The spirit realm is a different dimension then ours. We live in physical only. They can live in both, spirit and physical. In the spirit realm, the UFO’s are able to do the things they can do in the sky, incredible speeds and turns, because physical laws, or the laws of physics do not apply to them. Angels have been shown in the bible, and Jesus himself, to do amazing things. Come thru closed doors and fly. Again the laws of physics do not apply. These are super-natural events done by super-natural beings. Both demons and angels are super-natural beings. When the rapture occurs and our physical bodies are linked we our spiritual bodies and we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye, we will be super-natural beings as well and will be able to do these things too. Jesus says we will be like angels.

    • Rick,

      Regarding the above, I can’t help but think of the dream I had not long ago….I saw the sunlight rays coming thru the clouds and taking the shape of a hand and as i got out of the truck to take a closer look, the clouds that had the shape of the hand turned into a real hand (huge!) I knew it was G-d’s hand at this point and He pointed…I ran over to where He was pointing and noticed across the street about 3 or 4 people had gotten out of their truck (no idea why there were trucks and not cars) and saw one of the older ladies with short hair and green shorts being “caught up” in the air….THEN I felt an incredible “tingling” sensation go thru my entire body and felt myself being lifted up off the ground. It was AWESOME! I said, “its the rapture, its time, its TIME! ” After I woke up I realized that G-D had answered my many questions and one of them being how we would be caught up in the sky….thru the HOLY SPIRIT! I recognized the feeling as to when I received the Baptism of the HS! Incredible!

  41. On Abigal’s question,..the moon being a black hole:…no, he is not. But a black hole sucks-in cosmic debris and never let it go. (seems to me like a cosmic vacuum-cleaner ?) It has no exit. – Wonder for what else God uses it ?

  42. About Signs in the sky: natural or unnatural.
    Well, Up there, nothing is unnatural. God communicates also via signs/ weather, heat, snow, winds, rains, hail etc. – In Gen.1:15 He says “the lights in the firmament of the heaven divide the day from the night ; and let them be for SIGNS and for SEASONS, for DAYS and YEARS. Astronomers can read a lot from all the stars, sun and moon eclipses,..but no one tells us a lot, they keep it to themselves in their UNI programs.

  43. Hi Marianne,

    I noticed that in one of the crop circles is a design of the jewish Menorah? do you see it?

  44. Marianne How do you see following ?
    The current spewing volcano was catapulted by an underground earthquake. THIS sign from God indicates that we are in the timeing of “birthpangs” or also sorrows, according to Jesus in Mat.24:6-8 and –next, after– comes V.9-21 etc. typical physical danger for certainly Jews. Believing Christians should be raptured by that time.

  45. We thought we only had ONE Nibiru to deal with … right??
    How does SIX of them sounds to you???

    • OMG!!!!! I’ve never seen such stupidity on YouTube! Oh no wait… yes I have.

      In any case, if you’re not familiar with the program, the author is using the Google Earth program’s “Sky” feature to look at astrophotographs of the heavens. It’s a cool feature which you should try. Google Earth is a free download.

      I used my copy to search the skies in the areas the author shows in his video. There are many, many bright stars that have that cometary-looking “tail” coming out of them. Like the NASA photos in other videos, the images contain anomalies or artifacts – defects due to the camera lens, sensor, telescope structures and data processing glitches. I have seen many of these problems in many photos taken over the last hundred years.
      The most common artifact are the four “spikes” coming out from the center of bright stars. These are caused by the blades that hold the secondary mirrors in the center of the telescope tube. They are a kind of reflected glare and the brighter the star, the bigger the spikes. The effects are greater the longer the time exposure is, sometimes many hours. During the exposure the operator must manually guide the big telescope by keeping a bright star centered in his guide scope. If he is good at his job the final photo looks good, but if he falls asleep or has to go to the bathroom during the exposure, errors can occur. The friend I used to know who did this to work his way thru college told me he got $20 for a good shot and nothing if he screwed it up.
      So now you know there is human error injected into the photo, to some extent. The images are far from perfect.
      I’m not sure where Google gets its photos from but in my opinion, they are a bit amateurish and not too sharp. They also contain many anomalies in them. The “comet tails” are one such artifact. They are definitely NOT COMETS! Or planets. Or anything moving. If they were moving they would appear as short streaks, even in a relatively short exposure, which these are not. These are deep-space photos showing very dim objects. Unfortunately these long exposures tend to destroy the quality of brighter objects which need a much shorter exposure time.
      The streaks that look like tails are actually due to an overflow of light inside the camera, like the halo you usually get if you photograph a street light at night. It is a common photographic problem.
      Another tip-off that these are not comets is the gap between the star and its “tail”. This can’t happen with an actual comet. Never has, never will.
      Also, comets are always white. There has never been a red comet, a green comet or any other color comet.
      Also, comet tails change over time and these are all almost identical. In fact, their size and shape are in direct proportion to the brightness of the star, not the size of the object or it’s distance from the sun.
      I also discovered a group of three of these items where two tails (one red /one blue) were facing down and the third tail was pointing up. Clearly this could never happen since all comet tails always point away from the sun.
      So clearly, these are not comets, nor are they planets with tails. If I had the time I could match up these stars with my Starry Night astronomy program and give you their names, magnitudes and R.A. and declination.
      And there are way more than six of these things on the Google images. If you searched the entire sky you could probably find hundreds of them. Even in sections of the sky far from the ecliptic – areas where comets never appear.

      Finally, for the last sequence, showing a series of white dots roughly in a line and roughly pointing toward another withe dot, Not a series of red comets any more, but white dots. What gives? And how does he justify that the small white dot at the bottom right is our sun? Really? In a deep-space photo? Or does he think this picture was taken 50 light-years from our sun. So what, Google bought it from space aliens? This whole scenario just doesn’t make any sense. Total crap actually.

      Another YouTube idiot looking at imperfect photos of space and creating fanciful stories to try to scare the uninformed public. Hope you all are too smart to be suckered in by this guy. Or anyone else for that matter.
      The universe is filled with genuine mysteries. We don’t need idiots like these to pervert the truth. Take the time to learn some real astronomy and you will just as thrilled and amazed as watching a bunch of comic book sci-fi junk.

      So there…

  46. A little video I put together.


    • Marianne I was getting quite discouraged … so thanks for reposting this here.
      If you turn the volume on this video up loud you will hear the dogs barking as they become alerted.
      The same in the other video taken in flight over Washington. If you turn the volume up you will hear the reaction of the one filming.
      This phenomenon was seen from the coast of Alaska to at least Washington.
      The above film was taken in Prince Rupert.

      It seems for me at times such a sad struggle to do what I must do …
      and that is to alert the people that judgement is at the door.
      But they are an ignorant bunch.
      Even in the above video to which I posted a comment prior to it being disabled …
      terrible were the responses, the insults etc.
      My heart is sick at what these people have become!

  48. Abigail, do not be discouraged.. 🙂 I am still heeding and learning.. and from what I study that film… I really hate to say because I know I will get critized also .. so I am in this with you.. Bless your heart…

    Film… I watched it closely and felt it all the way from head to toes.. of goosebumps and it is very familiar to me.. I cannot explain why… Just it does.. It is the gateway opening for Him to come.. Our father in heaven is coming… and yes judgement day is right round the corner..

    * Big hugs to you *

    Never let anyone cause you to feel discouraged or losing hope.. There is many others out there will know when it comes to the day.

    Marianne is correct since it is not normal is simply because it is not from this earth… but from heaven .. sending the sign.. a warning… for HE is definately coming.. and quickly…

    Bless you and all.. Pray daily.. Day and night.. honoring Him daily.. is the best term I only can say because I do the same except I am pretty rookie or rather know nothing how to present things properly for our LORD of lords..

  49. Sweet Tamara … God this evening sent 2 angels to comfort me, because I needed courage. I am so sad, the oceans are dying, the skies are falling apart, animals and birds and fish and the bees and the children and the innocent are dying while the greedy and blind people play the harlot.
    But you are one of these angels my friend because I was able to taste your words and how sweet these are! Your heart is pure. And your words are comforting and uplifting. Like the gentle wings of a bird. A Holy dove!

    The other angel came with a song … her name is Anette.
    I know you can not hear her words and yet I know you will feel her song.
    The song is called ‘Water and Wood’. She composed this and it is really beautiful.
    Like wood absorbs water my soul absorbed this song. Peace my friend

  50. This object was travelling at an estimate 9,800 mph.

  51. Dr. Ed Hindson was a another great speaker at: \

    Click to access 2010-USA-Prophecy-Conference.pdf

  52. “What has struck me so far about this year are not so much the overall number of meteors people have seen, but the number of reported fireball meteors,” said’s skywatching columnist, Joe Rao. “It seems there have been more such sightings than usual this year.

  53. Scheduled visits? UFOs – Satan’s army in the sky.

    Look at times 2:44 to 3:52. The UFOs turn red in the sky. If a whole group of them gathered at night in front of the moon, the moon would appear “red.” Also, the falling UFOs look like fiery hail. A new interpretation to think about.

  54. Hi Marianne,

    Can you see the deception also? Look at the one where the people are chanting UFO. It’s almost like a street party. The UFO’s are demons lead by Satan. And they are setting people up for a Great deception. That they are our friends. Look at how most people view them. With excitement and cheering. Biblically they are not extraterrestrials. See Luke 16:26. During the story of the rich man and Lazarus. “And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.” To me that is saying e.t. can’t visit here and we certainly don’t have the ability to go there do we. : ) The great chasm is space my friends. And in Ephesians 2:2 we are told another name for Satan. “Ruler of the kingdom of the air”. In John 12:31, Jesus himself calls Satan, “the prince of this world”. Makes sense to me. Most people don’t get it. These are not e.t.’s up there but an army of demons. I don’t think we want to be friendly to them or greet them unless you are a follower of Satan. I know it’s just a show but “V” is pretty darn close to what I think is really about to happen. Revelation 13:13-14. “And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth.” It is real clear to me. I hope this helps anyone that might read this. Everything should be backed up by the Bible! Remember that. No wild speculations. Just fact and the Bible is fact. Jesus is the Truth and Jesus is the Word.

    Love you all brothers and sisters in Christ.


  55. Hi Marianne I hope you allow this article ? What do you think of following…
    …..Dear Friends – (Jim has outdone himself here in his wider research with something other church-going mortals are deprived of. I knew this from my search but he has put it in words and form I did not think of). This perspective/mental view should enhance our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his honesty !….says Jim:…..
    Brethren, in part one I made a mistake giving the wrong Hebrew word for giants. The Hebrew word for giants is GIBBOWR. The Hebrew word Nephilim means the cast down ones. (1/3 angels that defected to Satan’s in-dependency)
    It is ALWAYS RIGHT to bind spirits not of God in the Name of Jesus, by the Power of the Blood of Yeshua. In any deliverance I see no possible downside to binding in Jesus’ Name the Kundalini spirit, the Nephilim spirit, and Cross-breed, half-breed spirits as the strong man to be bound FIRST.
    Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. How was it in the days of Noah? The sons of God, the watchers, the genetic manipulators, came down probably about 500-1000 years before the flood. These particularly evil, sons of God, nephilim, (1/3 fallen Angels), the cast down ones, watchers, were intent upon LEAVING THEIR FIRST ESTATE.
    These particularly evil spirit beings wanted to have incarnation, bodies of flesh. They were not content to indwell as other evil spirits (in invisible bodies like the good Angels). They did not marry all the wives they took. I believe it was very much like abduction and rape, much the same as the many consistent reports of those who have experienced UFO and/or extraterrestrial alien abduction and molestation in our time. I will not argue the point but in addition to what we have looked at so far –
    Mat. 22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
    Mark 12:25 For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven. ((the Earth is the ‘breeding-ground)) – (but are positional and corporal higher than earthlings)
    Te ancient literature of the flood is in every ancient culture, and the accounts are consistent. The ancient accounts of the flood are just as consistent as the many accounts of UFO alien abductions that began happening and escalating since about 1948. That year of 1948 was very significant, prophetically, with the founding of the modern state of Israel.
    The ancient accounts from many cultures are consistent that these fallen angels, the cast down ones, the nephilim not only sinned against the humans, but against the animals as well. ((that is why we see cave-wall-carvings of beasts and various birds with animal heads or vica versa !!)) These cast down ones used BOTH human and animal DNA, operating upon both humans and animals. ALL flesh of man and beast had been corrupted. This is consistent with the Scripture of Gen 6:7 & 12 – I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; BOTH man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for ALL flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. ((God wished he had not created something that had a gap to be corrupted,…even He had trial and error but can/will rectify it with those obedient to Him beeing given immortality/irreversibleness…thatswhy WE must be tested which way we follow))
    It seems to me that this really does away with the most popular views of sins being sexual immorality, because animals do NOT have any moral connection. Animals just do as their instincts are programmed by the Creator, and there is no freedom to will and to choose to have any moral connotation for animals. Animals do not do what they do from any moral considerations. Since all flesh had been corrupted BOTH human and animal, then I personally do not believe the popular opinion of the sins of the cast down ones who produced the nephilim to be sexual sins but even worse. They degraded and corrupted the DNA of ALL flesh. (that is also why today people walk around with debased, disgusting attitudes,.. Not found in most common folks),
    What the cast down ones, the watchers, wanted to do was leave their first estate/heaven as spirit beings, and to have flesh bodies. These cast down ones, nephilim, who produced the giants, were not content to indwell humans as other evil spirits, they wanted their own bodies (offspring, like we want our own babies !!). From what I can understand of the genetics involved, this would require use of both human and animal DNA. Humans can have the Holy Spirit indwelling their spirit, and/or demons indwelling their soul and body, ..but ..there is no way to separate the human spirit from its soul and body… other than death. 1 Cor 2:11 For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? No human can have his spirit separated from him until his death. Eccl 3:21 Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?
    Every flesh creature that God created reproduces after its kind. God established barriers, like a donkey and a horse can produce a mule, but the mule can not reproduce. The cast down ones, the watchers could not create as God could, but they could certainly do what genetic scientists are doing today. They could corrupt genetics (seize . They could blend the DNA of humans and animals. They could in this way make something that could bypass the barriers which God had established. They could make something where the spirit of a human would NOT enter into it because it was not really human and the spirit of an animal would not enter into it because it was not really and animal. Thus by using both human and animal DNA the watcher, nephilim, cast down ones, who wanted to LEAVE THEIR FIRST ESTATE could form a body for themselves that did not have the interference of the human spirit or animal spirit but only their spirit. (robotic, without conscience),…
    .((Jasher page 10 said: Nephilim as rulers and judges robbed & plundered and took the wives from the people by force and choice also from their cattle and fowles,- and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other to experiment until all flesh: men and animals had corrupted its way)) short (scientific experimentations)
    This is why the cast down ones came under this particular heavy unredeemable judgment of God. Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. This is why God also instructed the Israelites that if they were to see a nephilim they were to kill it on the spot. With the way we see how God is longsuffering, patient, merciful, we see here that this sin of the nephilim goes way beyond the limits of what we normally would think of as sin.
    So how do we find the giants and nephilim somehow getting past the flood? We know there were giants, Anakim, Raphaim, Emims, Zamzumims (Numbers 13:-).
    ((However the word of God says that Noah was perfect in his generations. That means the genes of Noah and his wife’s ancestors had NOT been corrupted. Shem, Ham, and Japeth did not have corrupted genetics, but what about their wives? That is how the giants, the corruption of the nephilim, got past the flood. It could not have been Shem’s wife because of that line we do know the Messiah, the perfect spotless Lamb of God, born of a virgin, the seed of woman, IS come, The Lord Jesus Christ, came from that line. So of the possibilities of Ham and Japeth’s wife we KNOW it was Ham’s wife that was negroid/Cainitish etc etc…. and the Lord said to Noah: ‘go chose for thy sons (Shem, Japheth, Ham) 3 maidens from the sons of men/unbelievers ***
    Gen.10:8 Tells that Ham begat Cush – And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. That Hebrew word is GIBBOWR, the word for giant. Nimrod was a nephilim giant, and most say about 5 years after Nimrod’s death, his wife Semiramis, gave birth to a son Tamuz. All false religions, Hindus, Buddhists, Islam, and even the Roman Catholic religion trace their roots back to that Babylonian, unholy, counterfeit trinity of Nimrod the Sun god, and Semiramis, the moon god queen of heaven, and Tamuz the son of the sun god and queen of heaven.
    (( according to Jasher on page 10-11,- it was Noah’s second wife NAAMAH who was of the lineage of Cain,, probably black. Possibly for this reason their son Ham, meaning swarthy/black carried the ‘negroid’ DNA….Noah was 498 yrs old when he married his first wife EDNA, daughter of Enoch, who was 580 yrs old. They had two sons: Japheth and Shem, both grew up ‘IN the Lord’–but then EDNA died,—and the Lord ordered Noah to (again) take thee a wife and beget children…‘take 3 maidens from the daughters of ’men’,- meaning from non-believers, so he went and asked for 3 daughters of Eliakim, son of Methuselah/oldest man on earth for his 3 sons Japheth, Ham and Shem ))***
    Many who speak openly of the Kundalini power say it is the power of the supreme goddess, the power of the mother aspect of the divine. God IS.. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is NO such thing as the mother of God, as the Roman popes like to teach, or a mother goddess, or female divinity. The Bible never mentions any such thing. Here is what the Holy Bible says about the queen of heaven. ——-“Kundalinî: ‘She who is coiled; serpent power.’ The primordial cosmic energy in every individual which eventually, through the practice of yoga, rises up the sushumnâ nâdî. As it rises, the kunalinî
    awakens each successive chakra etc etc…..
    The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger. (Jer 7:18 and also Chapter 44).
    There is NO feminine side of God presented in the Bible. However, I do NOT believe there is any human gender that is superior or inferior to another. I believe it foolish, and asking for the judgment of God upon America, by the Obama-nation making a law respecting 6 genders, and not have sound enough mind to know God only made 2 human genders. I am not in any respect a male-chauvinist. I simply will not corrupt, or try to politically correct the Word of God for anybody or any reason.
    There is nothing inferior about submitting to authority. In fact, it is a mark of GREAT FAITH. The Lord Jesus only ever marveled at two things, the Great Faith of the Roman Centurion, and the Unbelief of those in the area of Nazareth. The Great Faith was manifest by the Roman Centurion because of how he expressed the impossibility of one being IN authority unless one is UNDER authority. Jesus submitted to the Heavenly Father while upon this earth, but He was not inferior in any way. Likewise, a Godly woman who obeys her husband is not inferior in any way, and in fact is quite superior to the women who do not. The only one inferior may be the husband who is abusive and fails to love his wife with kindness, respect, admiration, appreciation, and who cherishes her as Christ loves His Church.
    There are women today who presume themselves to be Christians who feel it is degrading to even think about OBEYING a husband. Then they wonder why they can never have peace, and an abiding sense of joy and fulfillment. It is very unfortunate why this subject is seldom addressed in so many modern churches, bound under the influence of such women and spineless liars for hire. It is no wonder why the divorce rate among Christians today exceeds the divorce rate of the general population. It would be hard to name a more positive sign of the great apostasy of the last days.
    God has created us all equally IN HIS IMAGE. For Jesus is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us.
    Many Christians speak of spiritual power, without ever defining it properly. Everyone likes to assume that just because someone claims to be a Christian that any supernatural power manifestation is Holy Spirit power. Christians MUST test the spirits to see if they are OF GOD. Christians must insist that the supernatural power manifestation be KNOWN exactly what or who that power refers to. The New Age movement obliterates the Lord Jesus Christ. They speak of forces and powers, but fail to recognize the ONLY source of ALL power, the One and ONLY God of Israel, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Truly Jesus, and only Jesus is our Peace, but this peace is only promised to those who have been born-again into the Kingdom of God’s family.
    The test of the spirits (even your own inner spirit/belief) can be as simple as asking them to say – Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh, is Jesus the Son of God… If they read it out of any other bible than the KJV Holy Bible they will wOT pass the test of the spirits given in 1 John 4. We MUST test the spirits to see if they are OF GOD. God commands
    we do so, and the Holy Spirit is NEVER threatened by the test of the spirits.
    Rom 5:1 – Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Those in the mystical religions and the occult say one can have peace by using spiritual power. However, the Holy Bible says peace begins by accepting Christ as your personal Saviour. Only by trusting in the atonement, the propitiation of the Blood of God, which Jesus shed for our sins can anyone have true peace. Jesus Christ, God, the Son manifest in the flesh died, was buried, and rose again for the justification of those who receive Him as Saviour AND LORD. Even a small child can turn to Jesus Christ in the simplest of faith and ask Him to forgive us our sins and come into our heart, to have His Spirit take up residence in our spirit, to be our Savior and desire to acknowledge, serve, and worship Him as LORD. Jesus Christ is God. Yeshua is more than just our peace. He is also our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification and our redemption. 1 Cor 1:30 – But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.
    Even those who dabble with, seek the powers of, and are promoters of, as well as guru masters of Kundalini, openly acknowledge it is dangerous. Even the masters of Kundalini Yoga say the Kundalini spirit or Kundalini power is restless, and at the lower levels is anything but a way of peace. The masters and gurus of this occult power say, perhaps to feather their own nest, that the higher forms of Kundalini power are not restless and are more peaceful. That is ridiculous to even mess with something that is so obviously not of God, with such high risks to everyone. Yet, it is these same mystical occult eastern mystic powers that are being brought into the church to please those who seek after signs and wonders. In the Christian Churches these spirits are NOT tested as a rule, and most are inclined to assume anything supernatural in the Church is of God. That is ridiculous when there is such obvious departure from the warnings given in the Scriptures. Faith is the comprehension/ understanding of who has redeemed us- who is protecting
    our spirit – is the only legitimate LORD/HERR and IS RETURNING/ COMING back to earth to wind up the whole scene. Is either SAVING us or going to DESTROY us along with all earthly works that men have built. Is this sooo difficult ???
    What is the name of the spirits behind such powers and forces? Is it Baal, Ashtaroth, Jezebel, Baalam, or Nephiylim spirits? Just because Hindus and Buddhists call Kundalini the holy spirit, by NO MEANS is that spirit part of the Godhead. Eastern mystic religions teach that everyone has this Kundalini spirit.
    One should not wonder that Kundalini power can perform all kinds of miracles. The majority of physical illness, and almost all mental illness, is the result of spirits of infirmity. It should therefore be no wonder that Kundalini power can be seen to heal all kinds of diseases. Satan put the spirits of infirmity in the poor victims in the first place. But it does sound enticing to get the power to become invisible, or to levitate, or to heal people. I do believe in miracles of healing, but the Scriptures most certainly do NOT call it Kundalini. Power to heal from occult or unidentified spirits IS NOT OF GOD.
    And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray Psalm 83 every day. Only be very strong and of good courage. Stay IN the Word.
    From Chittim, Isa 23:1, Shalom” is used to both greet people and to bid them farewell, and it means much more than “peace, hello or goodbye”….and Simcha means: be..happy – joyous

    • Thank you for this post Ed. How right on it is! Shalom brother.

    • hi Ed

      Interesting viewpoint. Just one comment. Since Noah and family were selected because he was perfect in all his generations, I do not think God would have then included a son’s wife that was NOT perfect. All Cain’s descendants should have died in Noah’s flood. True, one of the wives may have been black, but that does not mean she was from Cain. Noah’s wife may have been black also, for all we know, because Ham was black too.

      So how did they giants appear again? Not immediately, but I think the nephilim just showed up a second time, and started the process over. This is why God commanded the Israelites to destroy them all when they entered the land of Canaan after Egypt.

      • I’m just finding out that Cain was the son of Satan! Where did i miss that in Sunday School! ha!

        Guess it wasn’t “appropriate” to mention THAT fact!

        • that is not in the bible…..just go by what the bible says…..

          • Heard Arnold Murray mention it the other day….he quoted this scripture..The Children of the Devil

            42Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. 43Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! 46Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? 47He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”

            “he was a murderer from the beginning” (Cain was the first to murder…??)


  56. I would say the nephilim returned because the devil didn’t give up. I do think the flood wiped them all out but after the flood some fallen angels again mated with earth women, although this second time around is not mentioned in the Bible. I would agree with Marianne that God did not goof up on allowing a faulty female in the ark.

    • Rick….Please explain why not ?…..Gen.6:1-7 happened before the Flood !–In verse 8 God said: “NOAH (no other mentioned) found GRACE (undeserved forgiveness) in the eyes of the LORD. Verse 9 for: Noah was a JUST man and perfect in his generation. Noah’s family must have been of the SETH line, but not even there were all 100%
      ‘kosher’ not even Noah but God saw his ‘justice”. Verse 12 says “ALL flesh has/had corrupted his way upon earth…” no human was ever so 100% perfect only Jesus !

  57. Rick sorry, forgot following comment:
    To restart/continue the human race, God needed faulty ‘eggs’ to TEST people who is for or against Him. – Also the DNA/genes were in ALL from the Ark, good people mainly, but soon weakened after.Beside, all races of the three sons needed be tried. I think (Bible doesn’t directly say but indicates it somewhere in script. that God knew already how many races and individal SOULS He has waiting to be born and how long they would live. HE also knew that NOT ONE could save him/herself, thatswhy He initiated sacrifices for His selected people (not yet the other races who worshipped demonic things) but at length Jesus gave is own live as a sacrifice for ALL incl. pagans,…if any comes to recognise and accept Him for what He IS. (thatswhy GRACE undeserved forgiveness for Faith!) really sooo gracious. Therefore He could tolerate an imperfect, but probably otherwise good second wife
    for Noah after the first wife died. God knew before our birth who will “make it” and who won’t. (Jer.1:5 as an example.)
    Hope it may help ??

    • Rick, sorry for the intrusion but I read up about Noah and his wife….here below is a copy of the research in the book of Jasher:
      Noah’s WIFE (from Jasher, mentioned in Josh.10:13 & 2Sam.1:18) – and my apology for misquoting the true account due to an other presentation about this subject impressed me at the time. But now following: about Noah’s wife not wives./.. correct short extracts .
      Jasher 5:6: “all the men who knew the Lord, died in that year, because the Lord evil upon them (world) for the Lord willed them to die, so as not to behold…(the killer-Flood). V.23 Noah was the son of Methuselah
      who lived 969 years. — 5:5 all who followed the Lord died in those days. — Noah, son of Lamech refrained from taking a wife in those days, to beget children, for he said, surely God will destroy the earth, wherefore then shall I beget children ?” — Noah was a just man, he was perfect in his generation and the Lord chose him to raise up seed from his seed upon the face of the earth..and he said to Noah: “thou shalt raise up seed, and thy children with thee in the midst of the earth; and Noah went and went and took a wife, he chose NAAMAH the daughter of ENOCH and she was 580 years old and Noah was 498 years old.” — Naamah conceived Japheth and Shem and the boys grew up in the ways of the Lord.” (no mention of Ham yet) – and “ thou shalt choose for thy sons THREE maidens, from the daughters of men, they shall be wives for thy sons. (In the 3 must be Ham). ((we all have mind lapses it seems)). “and Noah took 3 daughters from ELIAKIM, son of Methuselah…and Methuselah, son of Enoch died”,…from the illustrious lineage. — and Noah made the Ark in 5 years!. — 6:1-5 “the Lord told Noah and household in the Ark, and said: seat by the door, and all animals that crouch/bow before thee shall come-in but all that will stand /refuse to crouch, leave. And a lionesss came with her two whelps, male and female and crouched before Noah, but the 2 whelps rose against the lioness and smote her, made her flee from her place, she went away and the whelps returned to crouch/submit before Noah. (maybe some kids are better than their parents ?, no family salvation but individuals)..and animals in pairs came to the ark… — On that day the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the SUN darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, the earth moved violently, lightning flashed, thunder roared and all the fountains IN the earth were broken up./tsunamies ? God did this to terrify/wake up people…but they repented not. –and the windows of heaven opened up and it rained 40 days and 40 nights ….“and the Lord shut the door of the ark, and locked them in” ((maybe the gap between the end of the first part of the Tribulation and Armageddon ?))etc. ((sounds like our weather !!)) This must sound better in your memory, ….

  58. video sent by David

  59. Hi Ed,

    I wasn’t around back then so I can’t know for sure what happened. We all can only speculate of certain things. Some things we can know for certain such as Cain was the son of Adam, not Satan. I don’t know where that came from??? And Noah’s family was indeed from the line of Seth as in the geneology line, Genesis 5. We also know the nephilim were around before, and after the flood, Genesis 6:4. We also know for certain the conflict between Satan and God has existed a really long time and will continue until end times when Satan is defeated once and for all, Revelation 20:7-10. We also know that Earth is now home to man and Satan and his demons, that we are here together. God, the Father, and Jesus the Son, have temporarily left us here to fend ALMOST for ourselves. We do have the Holy Spirit to help us so we are not totally alone, although sometimes it feels that way. The Japan earthquake being an example of that alone feeling. You say Jesus is perfect, and he is, but so is God the Father. Let’s not forget Jesus is God as part of the Godhead. If the Father is perfect I SPECULATE that God did not allow imperfect into the Ark. He was again trying to create the perfect race after the flood but like I said, the devil doesn’t give up. Remember, angels are eternal. So are fallen angels. In my opinion only, the fallen angels again mated with women to create a new generation of nephilim. There were lots of generations between Noah and Abraham, see Genesis 10, the table of nations. Lots of time not spoken about in the Bible that they could have created the new nephilim. Joshua then had to try and kill off many of them again when he entered into the promised land. He did not get them all. The nephilim became part human and their bodies could die. Take Goliath and Og. They died. Why are UFO’s flying around today and abducting people??? My opinion only again. To mess with our DNA so they can produce more of their offspring, the nephilim. Again I go back to the tv show V. I think it is almost, right on with what is happening in reality. I love the back and forth on this brother and your opinion is highly valued by me so keep it coming.


  60. I hope by the permission of Marianne:?
    I can agree with you. Not all is spelt out to the ‘tee’ probably too many manuscripts have gone lost or get dusted in Vatican cellars ?? who knows. We should try to work with the Spirit:..Now about Satan: (hate to talk about him) but in JOB 1:6 “..there was a day when the SONS of GOD,(GNB heavenly beings)had a sort of ‘business-conference, assessing their activities,- and Satan ALSO came among THEM. The LORD summoned him where he was,- said he: from going “to and fro in the earth”,…accusing Job, reckoning he was God’s protege for being a good little boy.—-Ezek.28:11- following is a repeat lesson for Tyre’s ancient earthly narcistic ruler. (Lesson taken from Satan the famous, handsome, narcistic, bejewelled, ruler who was set over the Garden of Eden with even a personal ‘terrifying bodyguard V.14,16’ protecting him (( bodyguard must have been same angel with the flaming sword !! protecting Satan to have nomore entry into the Garden.—(remember Sat. had ‘1/3 lackies/followers !) and (like our Gov.also have) ,-until he, the ruler over Eden became (like today) a ruthless purchaser and seller/self-corrupted indulgent merchant,–so that his/Sat’s demise became necessary.— (with future implication for any other imitations,– God said he would .. “so I set fire to the city and burnt it to the ground and you to ashes ((what only can apply to Satan and his Babylon the Great Relig. + economic imitated system and ldrs. etc …I know this is higgledi piggledy style but we have got to try having the greater vision…
    Ps.God the Father is the SOURCE of everything – and but he the OWNER of this universe has anointed/appointed his beloved, obedient SON, JESUS/Saviour Christ/Anointed and has invested with everything HE has, so that Jesus can act as capital God,..among the’lower-case gods. Churches don’t teach this, Bible does Heb.3, John 1:1-3, Col.2:9 and 1:15-16, 18, 19-23 !!!!—–I love the God’s words. We have to go to/through the General Executive, before he will introduce us to the Owner, the Father. Jesus himself said in Mat.11:29-30 “Take MY yoke/partnership upon you and learn of ME..for I am meek and lowly in heart (not aloof !!)
    and you find rest (indeed so, thank you dear Jesus) For MY YOKE is EASY, (not rituals, feast-days, re-enactment/temple imitation rites…and MY burden is light…yes yes yes, no early church attendance instead sleeping-in and taking the kids to nice places
    (instead having them sitting on the floor with colour-in books and no one to talk to, how cruel. I did this all and could still cry rivers over my stupidity, listening to “mountain-claimers and platform glory-talks”. Now I pay for it, deserves me right.

    • Feast days are G-d’s appointed days….just noticed you put in there along with rituals etc….G-d requires the observance of the Feast Days even into the millineum…just sayin 🙂

      • Hi Lindsey, thanks for your good scrutiny. Yes I am forgetful rather often to finish my message properly. Yes we have ONE rather somber (feast) day to observe, if physical possible: 1Cor.11:24-26 observing/remembering the Lord;s death….who has redeemed us.
        But I also read in Hosea 2:11 “I will also cause all her (Jewish) mirth/or feasts to CEASE, her feast days, new moons, sabbaths and solemn feasts”. — Isa.1:13 “Bring no more vain oblations;Incense is an abomination unto me, new moons, sabbaths,..even the solemn meetings.”
        ALL said to the sinning Israelites who grieved the Lord. And later for the “Talmudic” Jews who joined the fake,
        Pharisee party some 200 yrs previous to Jesus’ time (no wonder he drove them out of the temple,– and since 70AD when the Romans destroyed the Temple and took all the utensils etc. no Jew today can observe ANY feasts correctly, neither we,…too much is paganised.
        But for us: We have nothing Jewish to observe, we have no Jewish legacy, we are Christ’s and all he requires is to remember him, his death so that we are reminded who has purchased us back from the world’s slave-master the Devil.
        By the way what feast do you think we should observe ? I am so ignorant here….be interested to learn !
        ok. ciao for now
        Many of us cannot even come together to remember his death due to health or physical barriers and no local place to go to. Therefore many of us ‘fly solo’, without companionship due to knowing no other person with same interest !! not easy, we long for exchange, for which provision I am gratefully thank Marianne for.
        I hope not to be wrong, don’t want to mislead others.
        So if I am wrong, tell me so. – for now: ciao

        • Hosea 2:11 and Isa.1:13 are due to Israel’s rebellion-G-d was angry to say the least!

          But don’t forget that in Leviticus 23, G-d went to great lengths and detail to explain HIS FEASTS and how and when they were to be observed..

          And look at Zechariah 14
          The Lord Comes and Reigns

          Zechariah 14:16 Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, and to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. 17If any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, they will have no rain. 18If the Egyptian people do not go up and take part, they will have no rain. The Lord will bring on them the plague he inflicts on the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. 19This will be the punishment of Egypt and the punishment of all the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.

          • Lindsey
            I had to re-read and re-study something on Noah, but you are stewing around the Feasts. Yes God was angry about the Jew’s but like I said, no one today can perform the feasts like they anciently did…whatmore Zech.14:-is for the yet future kingdom-age and I am also looking fwd to participate with the true Jewish people,..though for now I am looking fwd to the Rapture to heaven. (am not presumptious, that’s what the Book says) The most difficulty reading the Bible is in the “timeline”! to what time it applies: past, present or future and to whom: true Jew or Gentile.–Ask someone else also. Marianne should know. Thanks, appreciate it.

        • I think the law and feasts are in different categories.

          The law helped to mold human morality and good civil behavior.

          the feasts were to celebrate God’s goodness and rejoice.

          No one will be punished for not keeping Passover, but they will miss the blessings that come with observance.

          • yes 🙂

            Now can you teach me the passover seder…or better yet, just make it and I’ll show up! laughing…just kidding…I hate to cook! and G-d knows that!! yes He does!!

          • Marianne/Lindsey
            I came upon this in my reading, and felt it was relavent here.
            Psalm 50:13-15,22-23
            13.Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats?
            14.Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High,
            15.and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”
            22.Mark this,then, you who forget God, lest I tear you apart, and there be none to deliver!
            23.The one who offers thankgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his ways rightly I will show the “salvation of God!”

            May our sacrifices be those of thanksgiving, and glorify God. In that respect, I believe the feasts of the lord will be different from those of old. For Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us.!

          • Hi Marianne,
            The O.T. was written for the Isr/Jews -which Jesus has fulfilled, check Ro.10:4 and Heb.8:13 – 7:12,18 there is more but can’t find it. I am writingso abrupt because I’m forgetting things quickly…am calcified ! sorry about that.
            The N.T. was mostly for Jews (Jesus a Jew also and as long as He lived they observed O.T. Laws,—but since Jesus’ death and resurrection Jesus sent Paul to the GENTILES to whom he no more preached the O.T. Law but
            FAITH and GRACE. ….I would never make it if I had to stick to O.T. prescriptions. I thank Jesus for so much.
            But I guess if one can keep certain things, blessings would be very welcome.
            Thanks for your patience with me.

    • Had no idea that the occult/newager/interfaith/puluralism morons are already preparing their congregations/followers for a “20 million person disappearance”. They are hoping and waiting for it as much as we are so that they can usher in the one world religion/”interfaith” that was introduced by Oprah no less! Made me wonder if she also help to usher in the AC as well! yep, I said it!!

  61. Wow! Great video! Thanks Marianne. Glad to see there are a few of us, 20 million I guess, : ), that get it. See you guys in the sky. Real soon. Love you brothers and sisters in Christ.


    • We-Children of G-d-are a big pain in their bum! I find it amusing that they want us gone-guess we are just more trouble then we are worth! Ha!

      Guessing that they (occult-newagers-one world religion religion promoters etc) aren’t able to do much at all until the “restrainer”/Holy Spirit is removed….who seals until the day of redemption.

      For their plans to succeed, we can’t be here.

      And how amusing is it that they are prepared to use the “abducted by aliens” excuse to explain our disappearance!? This may be when “disclosure” actually takes place….hmmmm

      • “disclosure” of the DEMONS flying those ships!

        What Billy Crone said on the above video regarding the demons/ufos reminded me of what I had read in the book of Enoch.

        The fallen angels taught men/women how to build weapons, wear makeup, astrology (thinking of the sumerians who drew a map of the planets-10 of them) as well as how to make ink to write!! Think of that the next time you pick up a pen to write! ha!

        They will be doing pretty much the same thing when they arrive/are revealed but on a much larger scale…to exceed our current level of technology. They will be viewed as “heroes”…”saviours”.

        Who knows, they may even give a “cure” for cancer…by manipulating DNA no less and then everyone will see them as “friends”…….”wolves in sheep clothing”.

        just some thoughts.

  62. LoL 😉 <3<3<3 Bless in Jesus Christ !

  63. there are more things between heaven and hell than you and i can imagine. Just to think after the millenuim before the white throne of judjment the lord our god Yahweh and Elohim will roll the entir universe up like a scroll .And He measures the universe in the space of his hand. For the lord gives wisdom and from his mouth coms knowledge and understanding “proverbs”.for the time of tribulation is near. sell your cloak and buy a sword. as we will ride with the King of kings and Lord of lords. and never forget these words “and behold I come quickly” “be ready for the master that when he knocks the door shall be opened immidiately”

  64. AND to add no one is perfect and no one is free of SIN however in the making of this universe the Creator devised a plan for mans salvation .

    Too many times i have heard “why are we here” “what is my purpose”

    The creator did not made us for his ammusment or to be slaves. He made us for his fellowship “for it is his GOODPLEASURE that we inherit kingdom of heaven”

    We do not have to belong to specific church or denomination of a church to be in his fellowship . for a chuch building is merly of brick and morter .There he dwels not . But your body is the temple and he dwels in your hart.

    Going to a church can therefore be seen as this. “There is raging fire(religion). remove a twig from that fire and place in the floor It will eventually die ”

    To sum the entire bibles contents of importance there is one scripture that is most important


    Your works on earth will be judged so once you accepted Jesus as your lord and savior fix the way you live and ask forgivness for your sins.

    If by the time you die you have not reapeated sins that you have commited and seeked to make these things right YOU WILL NOT FACE JUDMENT. For the price was paid By our lord Jesus Crist ..

    Take this from a personal account. When I Was Younger I has a close encounter with Death. When i realised i was dead I did not see hell. As satan had fooled me into beleving i was unsavable. But the aformentioned scripture was on my hart and i saw my saviour he did not let me see his face as it was not time yet and i returned .

    Remember its not what poeple see you do. Its what you do when when no one is around, thats what counts. So to make a decision to pick up your cross and follow him is a personal decision and you can do it with no one around.

    to help you heres the Sinners Prayer

    “Heavenly Father I call apon your name , I am a sinner and ask for your forgivness for my sins , I thank you for your sacrifice ,and accept the blood of Jesus as payment for my sins . As your word say’s If I Belive in Jesus that I shall recieve life everlastind. I thank you for your gift. And accept your forgivness .As all things pass away and become new I accept my new hart and your blessing in Jesus Mighty Name Amen ”

    Love your neighbor as yourself, Pray for your enemies . Forgive those that ask you for forgivness and build yourself a treasure in heven (how much has God forgiven you for )

    For your hart is where your treasure lies. for where your treasure is the lies your hart also.

    May this help you!

  65. I didn’t know where to post this, but what do you think of the approaching massive asteroid headed towards earth called Apophis. I looked on the internet and found nothing, but heard them talking about it on the news and our current affairs program in Australia. According to this it’s approaching towards earth and will be here sometime tomorrow and will pass between the earth and the moon but will miss us.

    My question is what if their calculations are incorrect? Humans err and earth will suffer in some way shape or form when and IF it hits us tomorrow

    This program was held on Sunday night, it’s now Tuesday night.

  66. I should correct myself in saying I couldn’t find anything about the asteroid apophis coming tomorrow 9 November 2011.

    I found articles on it, but not about it approaching tomorrow.

  67. Here I found another article about it in today’s news.

    • hi Jill

      God said as long as the moon and sun give their light, we have a covenant with him.

      During the onset of the wrath to come, the sun and moon will grow dark, which is a signal to believers that we are going to be removed from here.

      But if either the sun or moon were destroyed, then the covenant is broken by God, who does not break covenants. Man does, but not him.

      If the moon were to be destroyed, then we are all in trouble, and the discussion is over.

      Just trust God and say a prayer, and then let it go.

    • Hey Marianne,
      This one is right up my alley.
      Notice that the background (black space) around the earth has been replaced with cyan-colored pixels for some unknown reason.
      I do this all the time when I replace the blue sky in some of my photos with more spectacular sky images I keep on file.
      I do this with the “magic wand” tool in Photoshop – one click selects all contiguous pixels of a similar color and lightness as the ones that were clicked on. But it is not a perfect program, so I often get small chunks of blue sky that were never selected leaving a small artifact on the horizon which I have to erase manually. I’ve done this hundreds of times, maybe thousands of tries, and I recognize the artifact shown here because I have erased so many of them in the past.
      If the guy who posted this video also did the Photoshop work, then he really knows what it is and he is simply lying and trying to create a mystery where none exist.
      If he picked up this image elsewhere, then he may not be a liar, he is just stupid.
      Either way, this is just one more case of making a mountain out of a mole hill and I am always surprised how many people fall for this crap over and over again.
      But I’m never surprised that you do. When it comes to finding this sort of junk, you’re simply the best!


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