Solar Cycle 24 and more Earth Changes


The upcoming solar cycle 24 will be the worst in 400 years. It will affect life on earth, the earth itself, the weather, and our own physical bodies. It will peak about 2011-2012, and I wonder what the combination of a total solar eclipse and a red moon prophesy from scripture, and an intense solar cycle will be like.

The last days will be full of negative earth changes, and this combination seems to fit this description.

To see the predicted solar and lunar eclipse schedule

Click here.

I am wondering: The solar cycle 23, which is milder by comparison, produced weather like the tsunami in Indonesia, and Hurricane Katrina (category 5). With cycle 24, which is more intense, what awaits us in the next 11 years?


1st Reference:



Each 11-year solar cycle consists of a solar maximum characterized by a large number of sunspots (and solar storms) followed by a solar minimum characterized by a smaller number of sunspots (and solar storms). Currently, we are approaching the end of Solar Cycle 23 (a solar minimum) and are on the heels of the start of Solar Cycle 24 (a solar maximum) — so the topic on the minds of many people is the upcoming Solar Cycle 24, its much anticipated solar maximum, and the number of solar storms it will generate.

“The next 11-year cycle of solar storms will most likely start next March (2008) and peak in late 2011 or mid-2012,” said Doug Biesecker, a solar physicist from the NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo., who also chaired the NASA-funded 12-person panel.

In reality, these storms can carry tremendous power and travel at speeds up to 5 million miles per hour. Solar storms have been known to knock out satellites, power supplies, communications and navigation systems.

“The predictions for the strength of Solar Cycle 24 had more than a threefold difference among them — that’s a tremendous range,” says Murtagh, space weather forecaster at the NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo..

2nd Reference:

Evidence is mounting: the next solar cycle is going to be a big one. Solar cycle 24, due to peak in 2010 or 2011 “looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago,” says solar physicist David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center. He and colleague Robert Wilson presented this conclusion last week at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

3rd reference: Extra Thoughts (Mitch Battros)

It is not just the “external” (earth changes) which is shifting, but humans as well. Remember: we too have magnetic fields which surround each of us. I think it is not unrealistic to conjecture what is happening “externally” is also happening “internally”. I believe current science will acknowledge this notion, showing the Sun’s “charged particles” and its influence on Earth’s magnetic field is the impetus of change.

In-like, this same causal effect occurs with human magnetic fields ushering in a change or “transition”. Perhaps this is what our Mayan elders are trying to tell us—
We are coming into “cycle 24″ which was predicted “live” on ECM Radio Hour by NASA stating cycle 24 will be up to 50 percent stronger than “Cycle 23″ in which we witnessed the largest solar flare ever recorded. This means larger earth changing events in the way of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and various storms. But it also means we (humans) will be bombarded with charged particles via severe geomagnetic storms from the Sun.Here is a physicist’s opinion about the sun in 2012:

For information about solar storms that are overdue

Here is a physicist’s opinion about the sun in 2012:

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49 Responses to “Solar Cycle 24 and more Earth Changes”

  1. Why are you creating your own fear? Good and bad things happen to people every day. Be grateful for the good things and believe that you have the inner strength to overcome the bad. Dont make life out to be a boogey-man. Life will happen when it does. It always has and it always will.

  2. Be assured. I am not afraid. I think the science is interesting and I like to look at prophecy as well. Thank you for your comment.


    Yes welcome to the last days, won’t be nice, already been seeing all this, since about 911 really things have gotten far worse.

    I could say much and usually, do, lol, but I’ll leave that to the Bible, which so far has been 100% accurate and true.

  4. Even if you look at the science, there is nothing there it said that the earth will pass a catastrophic event in 2012, nor the mayan do. I had kept an interview made by Drunvalo Melchizedek with the actual leader of the former mayan people and they never saw this date, this year as something like a switch to a paradise or to a total anihilation. This is absurd of what had been said about 2012

  5. Cristian

    thank you for your comment. True. what I present is speculation. We really do not know what will happen, if anything. Sometimes natural things affect other natural things..but I do not expect this earth to pass away.

    From a biblical perspective, which is what I have, the earth may be renewed, but not destroyed. I present the science along with probabilities. I like science. In the link below, I explain the odds against anything actually happening….discussion is all based on “if” an event occurs.

    Please feel free to visit other pages on the site, I welcome all comments.


  6. You understand the world a lot. ❤ !

  7. Я практически случайно зашел на этот сайт, но задержался тут надолго. Задержался, потому что все очень интересно. 🙂


    I practically have casually come on this site, but was here for a long time. Was delayed, because all is very interesting.

  8. i just hope scientists around the world could come up with a logical solution to prevent this catastrophic event.

    • dear miranda

      That is the point. Scientists can do absolutely nothing to change what will happen. What they can do is accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and then they will not be here when it all happens!

  9. but most scientists are atheist. How can they accept Jesus?

  10. lorraine , a friend of mine was asking me awhile ago..she asked me if Jesus is God why would he send himself to earth and became man..and if he is God..whom is he talking to when he was praying in Gethsemane hours before his capture? Was he talking to himself?. she asked.

    • doc

      Jesus was praying to his Father in heaven. Jesus is the spirit son of God. The Father was “officially God,” since that is all that had been revealed before that time. Jesus is divine, but he is not his Father. Jesus was in heaven before he came to earth. He had divine qualities in order to do God’s will on earth.

  11. mariane,
    this is the problem i am having and the reason why i left catholicism. the concept of trinity is quite confusing for me. what exactly do you mean by ‘spirit son”. can you please expand on htat for me please?

    • hi Lorraine

      I used the term “spirit son” to make clear who Jesus is. Jesus was, and is, a heavenly personality. The Catholic Church created the Trinity, because it could not distinguish between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the bible. It did not understand who they were, so they lumped them all together. Rather than study the scritpures, and just go by what they said, they decided to make all 3 God. Only the Father is God. Jesus said so, and so did Paul in his epistles.

      This has caused 1700 years of confusion.

      Jesus is the “spirit son” of the Father in the sense that he pre-existed in heaven before he came to earth as Jesus, and he had a father-son relationship with Father God while in heaven. He still does. That relationship was always there. Mary was just used for a miracle birth to bring him to earth in human form. God does not need a wife to create anyone. Everything he does is spiritual, and by just speaking out what he desires. Muslims get confused over this, and I can see why. They think Christians believe that god must have had a wife to have Jesus as a son. This is not correct at all. So they are right to question this.

      The response from the Catholic church is that “it is a mystery” how 3 people are one God is just not satisfying. Well, it is not satisfying, but it is not correct, and contradicts the scritpures. It is also confusing. Jesus came to make God clear to man, not to confuse him.

      Jesus is divine in the sense that he is a heavenly being. The Father God also shared many of his divine qualities with Jesus, so that Jesus could do his work for Him. God has given Jesus much power and authority, as Jesus is faithful to the Father. But this does not make Jesus equal to the Father. Even Jesus said that the Father was greater, and prayed to him. So this proves that the catholic church is wrong. They are not equal, which is what the trinity concept means.

      When Jesus said when you see me, you see the Father, he was not saying to people that he was the Father, or that he was equal to the Father. Jesus was covered with the glory of the Father, and resembled him in appearance, if you can even imagine that. Just as a son on earth may look like his father, Jesus resembled the Father in heaven. But the Father – no one is allowed to look at his face, except the spirit son…if they do, they die. The glory of God is too great for anyone to look upon it. Because the Father has shared his glory with his spirit son Jesus, Jesus is allowed to come into the presence of the Father without harm. This gives Jesus the ability to intercede for us.

      When we pray, we are to pray to the Father, in Jesus name. This is what Jesus instructed us to do. This allows him to intercede for us. Many people pray wrong, and pray to Jesus instead. Jesus will still listen, but this is not what he said to do. The Father God is the one who makes the decisions about answers to prayers, so they must be directed to Him, not Jesus.

      The holy spirit is called the helper, and the comforter, and one who brings man to repentance. He also has divine qualities, or he would not be able to read our minds, and know what we think, to correct it. But he is also, like Jesus, in submission to the Father God.

      • Is it alright to just believe in God alone without Jesus?

        • hi doc

          The answer would be “no.”

          J0hn 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          The Father sent Jesus to earth to redeem man from his sins, and reconcile mankind to himself, through the sacrifice of Jesus. To ignore Jesus, would be a great insult to Father God, who gave Jesus to us, to show his love for us.

          If we reject the gift of Jesus, we reject the Father.

    • if it is a problem aggrandizing Jesus Christ also into a Father turning him God, Not denying the fact but concluding if a human does not possess a mother or a father, He is likly to gain the power to raise this earth through his own will:prophet mohammed(peace be upon him & his family)

      if Juses should must be a god because he raises the dead
      jesus is not the only person who raises the dead
      Elisha did the same he raises the dead walked on water
      Ezekiel too he raised 3500 from death
      but there nation did not worship theme: Imam Al Ruda (peace be upon him & his family) he is one of the prophet grandsons

      • hi Husayn

        Jesus and the Father (God) are different persons. Jesus never said he was his father. Jesus came to do God’s will on earth, and because he was obedient, he now sits at the right side of the Father’s throne in heaven. God has given him great authority.

        • I do believe in Jesus(peace be upon him)and I love him and believe in the bible as the book from god,but people could take care of that holy book and changed the way they like,they give God a son and also made 3 Gods(in qur’an you will find a very beautiful way explains this idea us it says that if there had been more than one God truly you will find a confusion in the heaven and in the earth)I think Christians priests changed the Bible the same way as Jews priests changed the Torah, thats why god sent Jesus the Jews and now he sent mohammad to the whole world(peace be upon all the prophets and there familys)and Qur’an wasnt changed since 1400 years,still the same language the same words the same letters,and people memorize it easyly word by word letter by letter moves by moves as god said that he will make it easy to memorise it{And We have indeed made the Qur-an easy to understand and remember;then is there any that will receive admonition}54:40

        • sorry there was some spelling mistakes LOL
          this one is correct

          I do believe in Jesus(peace be upon him)and I love him and believe in the Bible as a book from god,but people could not take care of that holy book and changed it to the way they like,they give God a son and also made 3 Gods(in qur’an you will find a very beautiful way explains this idea us it says that if there had been more than one God truly you will find a confusion in the heaven and in the earth). I think Christians priests changed the Bible the same way as Jews priests changed the Torah, thats why God sent Jesus to the Jews and now he sent mohammad to the whole world(peace be upon all the prophets and there familys)and Qur’an wasnt changed since 1400 years,still the same language the same words the same letters,and people memorize it easyly word by word letter by letter moves by moves as God said that he will make it easy to memorise it{And We have indeed made the Qur-an easy to understand and remember;then is there any that will receive admonition}54:40

          • Husayn

            I agree that the catholic church has caused confusion, but i do not promote that here.

            Look at a bible, which is unchanged since Jesus taught, and see for yourself.

            The bible will have the teachings of Jesus in it.

            There are not 3 Gods in the bible, only one.

            • what you said is true that the bible said God is one, but some people say something else
              they say that Christ (peace be upon him)is a son of God, but he is not the father
              so how many Gods is there?
              I believe that the God whom Jesus Moses “Abraham”(PBUT) was praying to and submitted them selves to him is the only true God
              and these great sinless men were our lights for guidance and the way for salvation, and we must believe in there same messages.

              • Husayn

                Jesus himself said he was the “son of God.” He also called himself the son of man.

                He existed in heaven, along with the angels, before he came to earth.

                He had a son-father spiritual relationship with God, the Father, before he came, while he came, and after he came, and has this even now.

                The angels did not have this relationship. They were servants of God only. Jesus was closer to the Father God, and there was love in his father-son relationship. This made Jesus greater than the angels.

                This also made the work of Jesus on earth special to the Father God.

                When we pray, Jesus told us to pray to the Father, not him, but to mention his name.

                Because the Father loves him so much, he will answer our prayers, if we honor Jesus as his spirit son.

                The good news is that if we embrace Jesus as our brother also, we will also become spirit children of God.

                Jesus will pray to the Father for us, to be sure we are blessed and have God’s protection and provision.

                This whole relationship is spiritual, not physical, and it is based on love.

                Only the Father is God. Jesus is his submissive, loving spirit son, just as we should be submissive sons and daughters.

                He has been given divine qualities in this relationship, to do the work of his Father.

                It is the pleasure of the Father to share his power with Jesus.

                And it is our benefit if we honor Jesus, because this will please the Father, and bring blessings to us.

                The Father God loves us. Jesus is his gift to us, to show us the way to Him, the Father.

                Since Jesus knows the Father personally, he knows how to help us come to Him, and know Him also.

                Jesus taught, that he was “the way, the truth and the life,” and no one comes to the Father except by him. This is God’s plan.

                Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the prophets were all great men, but only Jesus is the way of salvation, for the reasons I gave. He is the “way.”

                Do you understand yet?

                • thanks for the reply
                  I do agree that Jesus Christ (PBUH) is greater than the angels like other prophets, I do believe that he healed the people and walked on water with the permission of God, just like how Elisha did that, and also I believe that he raised people from death with the permission of God just like how Ezekiel raised 35000 men from death, I also belive that he was born miraculously without a father from virgin Mary (PBUH) who was chosen above all women of the universe, and the likeness of his birth is the likeness of Adam’s birth PBUH, God just said be and he was
                  I also believe that we cant seek guidance and light, except through those that God choose and give them the message, I also believe that he said something like this “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth, is come, HE will guide you into all truth: for HE shall not speak of HIMself; but whatsoever HE shall hear, that shall HE speak: and HE will shew you things to come.HE shall glorify me”
                  but I don’t believe that Jesus Christ was a God, and I’m sure that he never said that
                  but I believe that his first miracle is protecting his mother against what the people said about her when she showed him to the people by talking miraculously IN THE CRADLE, and I believe that God Loves Christ very much that he saved him from Torture and made his enemies think that it was him who was tortured.

                  • There is only one God. Even Jesus said that.

                    Jesus really did die. His own friends were witnesses.

                    But the good news is that God raised him from the dead.

  12. lorraine! Welcome aboard kid. Nice of you to join us here.

  13. thanks marianne

  14. Hi marianne 🙂
    thank you for demystifying the concept of trinity for me. RE: doc’s question believing in God only.. i think that was an indirect dig at me. I always tell him that i refuse to belong to any organized relgion anymore bec. their teachings/doctrines just mess up my head and that form now on I will believe and pray to God only I just dont think that Jesus is GOd. that is wrong. GOd has no equal and he is sufficient unto himself. That brings me to a few more questions which i hope you again explain to me. PRAYERS: Can we pray for to God for something ( bec. as we all know the only time most people rmember to pray to GOd is when they want something .hahahaha!) without Jesus’ intercession? ( no one comes to Father except thru me). Is there such a thing as an unanswered prayer? Although one might say the answer is obvious. If your prayers were not granted then the answer was NO. Still, i just want your opinion. Another thing I always wanted to know Will God give you a sign if you ask for it. For example ( i know this might be whimsical) you want certain theories or gut feeling about something validated and you ask God for a particular sign and it was given, does that mean it is so? or it would just be a coincidence? thank you again Marianne.

    • hi Lorraine

      Well, yes, you can pray directly to the Father without the intercession of Jesus, if that is your choice. The OT Jews and modern ones do it this way.

      That covenant still stands as an option, because anything God agrees to is an everlasting covenant. But, this also means you have to observe all the ordinances and do it the OT way, to get a result. This includes many sacrifices, offerings, observances. etc. to accompany your prayers. Jews can get their prayers answered this way.

      The mission of Jesus was to offer a better sacrifice/ offering, and a revelation of the Father to mankind, to make heaven more accessible for people. His intercession would definitely help, since he has a bond with Father God. Since God went through the trouble of sending Jesus as a gift to us, if we reject Jesus, things may not go well with our relationship with the Father. It is like rejecting HIM.

      All prayers are answered, in God’s timing. A delay is not necessarily a denial. It might take years to get an answer.

      God may give you a sign, but it would his his choice, not because you asked for one. The closer you are to God, the more concessions he may grant you. A sign is a rare event. God expects us to read his Word and believe in it, and get guidance from that, for most of our “signs.”

      That is, since most of the answers we need are in scripture, there is no reason for him to give a sign for an answer, when the answer is already written down. He may, or may not give a sign, if it is NOT already written down.

  15. June 20, 2010 the biggest solar flare ever.

  16. Have you ever seen anything like this??
    A distinct divide of light and darkness!!

  17. Australians evacuate as cyclone aims for NE coast

    2 meters of rain expected in Queensland.

  18. Massive storm begins trek across Midwest

    ST. LOUIS – Midwesterners accustomed to dealing with snow, sleet and ice have readied themselves for a monster winter storm that could be bigger than many cities in the nation’s midsection have seen in years.

  19. from Lyndsey:

    The FEMA Pole Shift Illuminati Warning

    Yesterday another “amazing” piece of upsetting information was discovered and sent to me. It appears that FEMA has begun releasing commercials to the “public” on a pending “pole shift”.

    But you know, as well as I do, that these warnings will not be understood by the general public since the “Planet X” approach is being kept secret. You might want to take the time to rent and watch the 2012 movie again.

    I guarantee you will see hidden messages all throughout that you didn’t see the last time you watched.

    So since this FEMA commercial will ultimately fall on “deaf ears” to the general public, who then might it be for? Could this be yet another warning to the “elite” that they should purchase their tickets for arrival at the Denver Airport and the deep underground bunkers? I don’t know.

    But let’s take a look at the transcript of the language used in the commercial.

    What if a disaster strikes without warning? What if life as you know it has completely turned on its head? What if everything familiar to you becomes anything but? Before a disaster turns your family’s world upside down, it’s up to you … to be ready.

  20. “Space Weather News for May 28, 2011

    “GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field on May 27-28, sparking a moderate geomagnetic storm and auroras in both hemispheres. At the time this alert is being composed (1500 UT on May 28), naked-eye Southern Lights are dancing in the skies over Tasmania and New Zealand. If forecasts are correct, geomagnetic activity should remain at elevated levels for the next 24 to 48 hours. Visit for updates and images of the ongoing storm.

    “SOLAR ACTIVITY INTENSIFIES: The recently-quiet sun is waking up. New sunspots are emerging across the solar disk, and at least one of them is crackling with C-class solar flares. Even stronger eruptions appear to be in the offing.”

    Something is in the wind. God created the stars and heavens so even science, including government “science” sees what God has created.

  21. Just and FYI for everyone, (I realize I am posting this a bit late), from that same website as listed above:
    CHANCE OF MAGNETIC ACTIVITY: NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of geomagnetic activity on June 4th when an incoming solar wind stream and a CME might deliver a double blow to Earth’s magnetic field. High-latitude sky watchers in both hemispheres should be alert for auroras. Aurora alerts: (voice) or (text).

    We are entering this part (the most active part) of the sun spot activity cycle quite quickly and intensely.


  22. peak of solar cycle in 2013

    videos provided

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