Soldier’s Bread Rose 2002


Restoration and miracles sometimes go hand in hand.

Back in 2002, I had a dream:

I saw my mansion in heaven, and myself dressed up to greet whomever came to visit.

The Holy Spirit then showed me a group of Israeli soldiers coming in the back door into the kitchen.

As I wondered about this, He spoke and said, “they have no bread.”

I immediately understood that the soldiers had no bread from heaven, the Word of God.

End of dream


When I woke up, I wondered how I could help the soldiers.

I discussed this with a friend on the phone, saying, “what would the Israeli army do with me? I would be like Mother Goose to them,” since I was in my 50s.

How would I even be allowed on base?

Then God opened all the doors.

I was to go to a folkdance workshop in Georgia in 1 week, and there I would people from the Volunteers for Israel, which focuses on having civilians help the military on base, doing routine tasks, so the soldiers could be free for defense.

They referred me to a Jewish Chaplin near me, and I got interviewed and passed. I also was referred to a local rabbi for a letter of reference.

After approval, I found I had enough frequent flyer miles to go to Israel and back for free.


So I would leave within 2-3 weeks of the dream.


Before I left, my favorite Rose was damaged, and I was distraught about it.

In another dream, God promised that he would give me a new one.

I did not understand what He meant.




Since I was going to help the soldiers, I assumed they were all my “flowers.”

I would arrive in time for Hanukah, so I brought some chocolate with me as gifts.

So off I went!


While I was in Israel, I got to visit an Israeli military hospital, and spend time with some of the soldiers that were there.

I went with other volunteers who also had a few treats besides chocolate to share.

The soldier patients enjoyed the visit and the candy.


One patient was depressed about his commander being killed. I tried to comfort him.

He asked, “why are all the flowers dying?”

I struggled for a brief moment, then explained that Israeli soldiers are not ordinary soldiers. They are not French, or American, or British, or Italian.

They belong to Hashem, God, and so the Satan hates them. They represent goodness, and not evil. God has a covenant with them, He knows their suffering, and is there to comfort all of them. And when Moshiach, Messiah, comes, all this war will end.

So know that they are all loved by God, and He will pay back the enemy for the suffering they experience.



After I left his room, a young soldier came up to me and gave me a special present.

He had taken bread from his hospital tray 2 days before, and molded it into a beautiful rose.

He had made it right before I departed for Israel, and had completed the “replacement flower dream promise.”

He held onto it, thinking he was supposed to give it to the right person.

When he saw me, he walked up and gave it to me.

He was so sweet and humble.

I then told him my dream, and he took it as a confirmation.


On the flight back, I carefully held the Rose in my hands to protect it all the way home.

I had also put cotton balls around it in case there were any “bumps.”

When I got home I put it in my bedroom in a quiet safe spot, and put a glass dome over it to keep dust off of it.

That was 2002.


It is now 2018, 16 years later.

I still have my soldier’s rose made from bread.

It has never molded.

It has not lost any petals.

It is a miracle bread rose.


For those who wonder if God cares about them, He really does.

And He still performs miracles.

They may be dramatic ones, or quiet ones.

We need to look around in our lives, and not miss these opportunities to observe His presence and encouragement.

These daily miracles are there to give us strength.


God is present in our lives to turn all burdens into miracles.

I encourage everyone to get to know the Father God better, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as well.

The Holy Spirit teaches and inspires us, and points us to Jesus as our Savior.

And Jesus, Yahshua, who points to the Father, is also the only way to the Father.

God loves you!!

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