South Africa – the second cry for help

***taken from South African police files, from funtuna blogspot.

This is a copy of an email I got. I am passing it on to give this person a voice in the world.

Are we to turn our backs on those who are being hurt? Do they have to be a certain color before we show compassion? This is satanic. These are white Christians being killed by black communists. This is just as bad as Darfur. Why isn’t the United Nations doing something about these situations?

The email:


So you guys are waking up only now? Well I am glad to hear that you are suddenly becoming concerned. We have lived under similar conditions for years, so what is new about it? Allow me to quote you, with a little adaptation here and there:

We whites have long been aware of a number frightening years of terror, mayhem, and murder.

When I was living in South Africa, where I am only existing at present, White farmers were being killed at an alarming rate of more murders per month than Americans died in Vietnam in wartime, and this over a period of fifteen years. I’m yet to hear an official call this situation a crisis and treat it with the immediacy that it deserves.

I ask what the farm terrorists would have to gain from attacking farmers. “I don’t know, because in most cases they do not steal much, but seem to enjoy torturing their helpless victims. Can you imagine? It’s so bad that people are even emigrating to Australia and Canada (of all places)!”

What we did not see on TV this past decade i.e. the scenes of the mobs, mostly including thugs and drunks that were marching (and conveniently looting) over farms that do not belong to them was things the ANC regime did not want the world to know. This genocide has been going on for many years now. I’m yet to hear an official call this situation a crisis and treat it with the immediacy that it deserves.

They refused to allow this uncomfortable reminder of the days when MK supporters would march in townships to intimidate fellow blacks with “traditional weapons” such as gasoline-filled car tires to get them to co-operate.

This war against white farmers is a grim reality, and we only hope that the facts will now come to light to shake us local whites and our kinsmen overseas out of our collective stupor.

But we can’t understand why the black populace is frustrated. They got the communist government they voted for. Under the previous (white) government, black nations were granted their own homelands, and the white taxpayer provided jobs, education, housing and health, as well as access to water, plumbing and electricity, amongst others.

But you guys rejected all that, and ran after the communist promises, which did not prove viable, and are now frustrated that the ANC cannot deliver? We told you, but you and your SACP masters would not listen. Mandela became your redeemer, your god. Surprised that you lost out?

Of course we all know what the real source of all this madness is, and of course we associate it with the political violence of the 1980s and early 1990s.

If I were president of the country, or even the president of the ruling party for that matter, instead of empty sound bites to the media, I would have dropped everything to physically be present at the affected areas to demonstrate that I care enough, and to take charge of the situation.

But by their silence on farm murders, the Mbeki regime has condoned them, if not actually instigated them. Judging by their damp squib reactions to this matter, one can only conclude the present regime is actively involved somehow or another.

Are you picking up on this, News24?

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News reports to confirm need for help

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  2. Thank you maraianne for for putting our plight out there.
    We pray someone that can help us will be able to read this message.

    If you want to help on a personal level, there are many SA’s wanting to emigrate but cannot due to finances. or unable to sell their assets to make the move now. You can please look at acting as a sponsor to a SA citizen through the US gov, whereby you offer them a job in the US through your company or the company you are working for, if a US citizen cannot fulfill the position.
    South African people especially the ‘ Boere ” are a very hard working nation and are happy with what they have.


    • Hi; I’m looking to get in touch with white South Afrikaners. I have some ideas for a place white people can go to possible set up a small nation for us. So far I’ve had no real interest in my ideas but I believe they are sound and money could be gotten via crowd funding. Here is my page I set up with some illustrations. The idea I favor right now involves islands that are being flooded such as Tuvalu. It is slowly being overwhelmed by the sea but I have an idea of how to restore these islands using technology invented by a German scientist. It is used in restoring coral reefs and has been used to rebuild piers with rotting pilings. It is a simple system using wire frame structures and electricity. When in sea water lime stone forms on the wires producing a cement “seacrete” or “biorock” as it is often called. What I want to do is get people interested in a white homeland to try and make a deal with the government of Tuvalu. We send some people to study the concept of restoring the islands, put down some wire, see what might be possible. If biorock can actually form reasonably well to elevate the land above sea level it might be possible to do something similar to what the Dutch do in Holland. Slowly spread this out into the sea and reclaim sea bed for living space. I think crops could be grown via such methods as hydroponics and water could be obtained via desalination. I’m still working on my site , still a lot of ideas to post there but the basic stuff is here.
      This is my email. I think this is worth looking into as to building an actual home for whites and saving these kinds of islands.

  3. sorry, my message came out wrong.
    i didn’t mean you Marianne helping on a personal level but rather an American Citizen who would like to help a white south African leave the country.


    • I am an australian, and would love to help any white south africans move her to aussie, I dont have money, just 165years of history in this country, I found this sight, whilst lookng for “how to help white south africans” I am not racist, and have only chossen to support white south africans after seeing footage of white south africans in slums, please come to australia, we are kin with you and you would be welcome. My emails address is I am not a church going fellow, so I am not motivated by religion. Only our kinship of colonialist, from europe. Hard work and heat and dust, footy and cricket.
      If my email doesnt work try

      • thank you for your kind offer. I hope something good develops from it

        heaven awaits administrator

      • We are white south africans who dreamt of going to Australia since 2007. We paid a huge amount of money to an agent who would’ve helped us, and nothing happenned. My husband has a trade qualification and one of the best in his field. We have twins (boy and girl) and fear for their lives daily. There simply is no future left for white south africans in South Africa. Please if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

        • Hello Nicki,
          What kind of trade qualification does your husband hold? How old are your children? What about the United States? Do you have a desire to move your family to the USA?

      • Hi,

        My name is Alwyn Dippenaar.

        I would love to get out of this country with my wife and kids.

        I am currently working as a Restaurant general manager and function coordinator.

        It almost seem impossible to get out of this country.

        Any advice?

        We are hard working people but are so scared to stay here and there is no future for our kids here.

        Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Dear Bee,

    The best idea is to move to an agricultural state in the USA, since that would fit the skills of the farmers. I can try to make calls to churches and agricultural agencies. I know it is a terrible thing to loose what you have, but for your own safety, you need to leave, and put the property in the hands of others until it is sold.

    Once the first of you leave, you can then form a network of support, and help others leave. But someone has to be first.

    Since you do have an internet, you could watch job postings. If you could secure a job, a local church might be able to sponsor a move here.

    I did say “maybe.” American Christians can be very spoiled, and busy spending their money in the wrong ways, so that they have nothing left to help others. But I will try to help.

    this is one site. It is NC State University. IT is an agricultural college that does farm research. They need experienced farm people. But look at all the listings. If you have a question about what something is, you can email me.

    also, do not feel limited in job skills. There are other jobs you might consider doing, and just start a new life doing something else. You can always start with one job and change to something else, if you do not like it.


    • Marianne

      Im 34 and a top sales executive, but I need to leave this country. I have tried everything, and nothing seems to work.

      Have you got any advice??

      • rudi

        Check the embassies and visa or entrance requirements for countries you want to exit to. there is a process. for example, one needs a visa to come to the USA. Ireland does not require one, etc.

        for work visas, you need to go online, and seek job employers and make contact with them….there are certain job sites where you can make a connection. if it is the USA, I can possibly help.

        it may not work, but you can also request a visitor visa, for 3 months, and then make arrangements after you get here, but you would have to come, and then return with a different visa…..or you can come as a visitor, and “disappear” after you get here….this is happening a lot with immigrants anyhow….

        or you can apply for a student visa, and say you are coming for a degree here…..

        it all takes strategy…..just come up with different plans and see what works

        what have you tried so far?

        also,as long as you are there, create a weapon of some kind….gun, knife, mace etc, and keep it close by. I have been told carburetor spay works well. just spray in assailant’s eyes, and they will run away with burning eyes

  5. thanks so much I have already passed the info on to some people.
    We are looking at emigrating the investors Visa route once we are able,

    blessings and love

  6. Bee,

    I have a spare bedroom. 🙂


  7. I also passed this on to a news station.

  8. Bee,

    I feel terrible and helpless. I support ministries like Voice of the Martyrs but when I hear of stories like yours, I’m not sure how to help. In America a lot of christians are having a hard time financially due to poor stewardship and circumstances beyond our control, and because of all the rip-off schemes it has become harder for many to trust. How can we help, do you have any ideas?
    Is there already a movement or a trustworthy organization to help people transition out of there?

    I was just reading on about Tsvangirai’s recent release from jail. He was told to stop campaigning or people will not be able to receive food. Only supporters of Tsvangirai will be affected. I admire Tsvangirai for not quitting. May God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

  9. My wife and I would like to immigrate but the question is will be accepted, as we are only teachers.

  10. Dear Sharky,

    America always needs teachers. What do you teach? Here is an example from my personal geographic area:

    You would have to write and see how your credentials match what they require, and make arrangements to meet them before or after you get here. I think credentials can be waved if you have good experience.


  11. I teach Technical drawing, math and electronics. my wife foundation phase. its good to hear they need teachers.
    are there reasons why they wont let you immigrate.

  12. Hi sharky,

    Most of the visas that get denied are from terrorist countries. You do not have that problem, unless you are Muslim. The American government is most concerned with security.

    Also, if you already have a job waiting for you, and you have a letter from the employer saying they will take you, that will help.
    They also try to avoid people who just come here to get free money, medicine, food, houses, etc.


  13. Sharky,

    Here are some extra links you can try. These are close to me, so I know about them. Let me know if I can help you.


  14. hi there I am also a South African and found your website through speaking to Bee.

    Marianne it is refreshing to see somebody seeking the truth and not judging others and you seem to have a lot of compassion and kindness.

    May you be blessed – to see exactly how South Africa is being brought to a standstill through reverse racism/BEE and coruption

  15. Dear Robert

    I am glad to help any way I can. I want those who need help to have a voice.

    The Lord told me once, which humbled me, that I wanted to know his joy, but I did not want to know His pain. Most people do not want to know pain. But he meant the pain of others, and how he suffers because they suffer. My life is focused on that now.

    You are in my prayers.

    God bless you

    • i have a 5 year old daughter and fear for her future. I have a degree in business administration and am currently compketing a bcom in human resource. I would appreciate any help or genuine advice that can be given. Single mom and willing to start at the bottom and work my way up.

      Your posts are amazing by the way and the selfless act of you trying to assist us where you can is invaluable. Wow. Thank u

      • niki

        ireland requires no visa to enter. try contacting a church there to help you with a transition.

        I am in USA. visa required so if you seek job here, I might be able to help. i have a church nearby who can help with temporary housing. for where I live,search for jobs at,, also, the walmart store here hires people who are from other countries. arrange interviews maybe by phone or skype. your business degree will help you and is useful in most places.

        since trump is president, and NOT obama, you have a better chance of being granted a refugee visa, but I am not sure if the embassy near you still has obama staff there. if it does, you may have a harder time,

        or you can just leave there, go to ireland, then come here without a visa, or ask for a visitor/tourist visa and see if it works, just to get away from there. you can say you are coming to visit me. once you get here, find a job, then stay on a work visa. the way things are here now, because of the fake muslim refugees who have support here, you could actually come illegally, and still find a job.

  16. I am a white South Afican and will stay. Our place is here altough everyone must decide for themseves. We love and trust in Jesus our God and He will deliver us from this evil one day.
    God bless you.

  17. Dear Elize,

    I really admire your faith and determination. South Africa is in my prayers.


  18. Being a white south african My self, from Joburg, i am glad i got out of there.

    its so refreshing to see someone who cares…

  19. Luckly my Mom’s Mom had gone and had found her self a place living in England, she was a citizen there, so we were aloud in because of that. it did take a while though, i would have been here out of Joburg a year on april

  20. I am a bit late to the game but I have been to SA and our friends there have relatives living in Zimbabwe…farmers who barely escaped the brutality, they and their kids while fleeing saw their animals being slaughtered and buildings burned. Our friends son has been trying to immigrate to America for almost 2 years now, and would have a job…lots of red tape and from what we know immigrating from SA to America is and will be one of the most difficult. sad.
    My heart goes out to those sharing this plight.

  21. I didnt like the coin flip scene either. ,

  22. Believe like a child, unconditionaly, and you will have nothing to fear. Live according to the Law of GOD and worship as you should. Your body, unlike your soul is not meant to live fore-ever. Your soul is what GOD is interested in.

  23. SA white gets refugee status

  24. ‘One bullet: one white infant’

    Meet Nceba Sodo – the black racist who coined the slogan: “One bullet, one white infant’…
    May 30 2010 – “It’s with utter disgust that I once again see how black youths promoting violence and the genocide of the Afrikaner whites in South-Africa. I now present the latest case of black-on-white racism by one Mr Nceba Sodo. This individual has published three notes under his personal facebook profile and since he sees it necessary to promote racism, his three notes will be published here with explanations’ from me on the topic. The comment under these notes have been screenshot-saved and will also be displayed underneath each note,” writes Mr Jean Kriek, the leader of the Freedom Front Plus youth branch in Gauteng on his facebook page:

    Mr Kriek writes that he has already phoned Mr. Nceba Sodo’s employers (Safmarine in Port Elizabeth) and “have demanded that appropriate action is taken in regards to this case. I will also be opening a case against Mr. Nceba Sodo for hate speech. “

    “Please keep all comments on this article without profanity, we cannot make a difference if we ourselves commit the same kind of atrocities.”

    Kind Regards and God bless !
    Jean Kriek
    FF+ Gauteng Youth

    • dear Mike

      I was told civil war might be breaking out. Has anything happened yet? There is nothing on the news here. You are all in my prayers – nightly!

  25. Is there any one that knows anything about the white genocide the 12th of July. Is this a hoax or what. It is nno joke Ive got fam. there

    • dear Ezme

      I was told the area was on the verge of a civil war there. Since the media is quiet, I cannot tell what is happening unless someone writes in. No one has yet.

  26. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:
    There is none to stand in the gap and intercede for the people of the Lord. All seek their own gain. People roam over the mountains like sheep without a Sheppard. But the Lord God of Hosts will not allow the mischief of the evil one.
    The people relied on Corporate America for an unfailing check and have not prepared for these times. Corporate America became greedy, therefore transferring all the work the people had to places where they can profit not a 100% but over a 1000% if possible. They used the people to extract the sketches of what it took to build this great nation. Your children engineered the trains, the factories, the mining machines. Yet all has been taken, and the people are left to be slaves to greed and be consumed.
    The Government needs complimentary support we can provide. Governance is countered by selfish interests, legal manipulation and corruption. Blindly and unwilling they have been used in the exodus of Jobs, manufacturing and wealth to greener pastures.
    Where there is no vision the people perish. The country suffers for lack of knowledge to decipher the times. Where is the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Leadership of the Church?
    Church arise encourage the people. The state does not want to stand with you but you can stand for the People. Provide Manufacturing skills, help reopen factories, restore trade with developing countries. Quit criticizing the Government; use the little support they provide grow the country. “Occupy till I come” said the Lord Jesus Christ, engage for God’s sake.
    Watch what you listen in the News-media; Despite our advanced education, there has never been a people so misinformed as ours. Distortion of facts and control of knowledge as this is worst than Communist propaganda in the Cold War era.
    Help the people with raw material procurement, import and exporting. The world still buys and sells, or else China would not still be in business, we alone willow in politics and speculative financial demagogies. You can still afford homes, if only there were jobs and home values were not manipulated. China prizes our products, Africa, Asia and Mediterranea still need what we make, and Europe wants a competitor.
    Gather your strength, resources and knowledge. For the sake of the body of Christ, the Land and the People we will provide engineers, researchers and developers in any field there is. Engage for sake of the people. Contact us:







    • There we go here comes the truth. there is a book out now from one of the Russian Generals we fought and the Cubans that explains it very well. To all those who thought my friends died for nothing.

  28. There is barely a day that goes by that you do not here of another farmer that has brutally been murdered. A 2 year old girl shot execution style. Mother raped and disemboweled.Someone’s gran being burned with boiling water or with an Iron.White people being shot in town for a car or a cellphone. I have had 3 attempted break ins at my house in Pretoria. 18 year old girl was shot and paralyzed just up the road. 19 000 murders a year here is SA. The police minister says leave if you don’t like the crime! ANC youth league leader calls for ” one farmer one bullet” and does not get reprimanded. He gets taken to court and gets defended By the ANC and our president Jacob Zuma.I have never seen hate brewing like this in SA never. The ANC have disbanded the commando units that used to protect the farmers.There is huge trouble brewing in SA and the world is silent. South Africa is turning into just a another african despot country with leaders lining their pockets at the cost of the poor and the poor just keep on voting like sheep. Your companies that invested in SA will soon loose 51 to 60% of your business here in SA to the black elite and they call it nationalization.

  29. I am a Christian and a natural born American citizen. If there is anything I can do for any white south african who want to escape SA, I will do it.
    (Sponsorship, travel, housing etc.) please get in touch with me at:
    May God Help the Whites of SA

  30. Marianne are there any Christian organizations that are helping the white South Africans? Iam helping an organization by a Russian woman Olga Lutsenko that is distributing Bibles in Russian&Ukranian schols.I would like to help those poor Dutch Africaaner peoples being hurt by this reverse apartied. Thank you&God bless.

    • hi Ronnie

      There are Christian churches in South Africa, but they do not seem to be addressing the problem. I know of one church, if you want to act through that one. There are different social groups of whites, and it seems it is only the Boers that are getting hurt.

      • The easiest way to legally immigrate to US as a white is still marriage. It could potentially get extended family out as well over time. I am a pro-white 41 year old single educated man in the US who feels enraged by the treatment of SA whites by the ANC. I am open to helping a white person or family get out and to the U.S. My email address is My race is my religion, and my heart goes out to the plight of the Boer.

  31. Marianne some months ago I came across the Kindness International Foundation. It is headed by a woman by the name of Olga Lutsenko. We know that atheism/evolution&communism was taught in the former Soviet Union 1917-92, 75 years.The Bible was banned&parents could not teach it to kids. Within months of the fall of the USSR in 1992 the Bible&Creationism was reintroduced in Russian schools& Olga was the main one behind it&she was an atheist then.Death threats made her leave in 95-96&she lives in Canada(Vancouver BC)& married a Russian Canadian minister. She became a Christian some time after 1992. Marianne this so impressed me because for nearly 30 years I kept up with what was happening in the USSR. I now support her financially distributing Bibles&teaching teachers so they could teach the Bible to students in Russian&Ukranian schools.Atheist get really mad when I bring this up on pal-talk&you tube Marianne give me the information of that one church that is helping the Africaaners in South Africa&let me check it out to make my decision to support it or not. Thank you&God bless.

  32. Marianne.
    I am a BOER (farmer) in South Africa,from a small farming community in the Limpopo province (previously Northern Transvaal) The area I farm in used to be known as the countries food basket, due to the ability to produce fruit and veg for 12 months of the year.This all changed in 2000 when the goverment started giving farms to so called previously dissadvantaged people who had and still dont have any knowledge of farming.About 70% of the farms have already been transfered to them and needless to say stopped producing any fruit or veg, thousands of people lost their jobs and as a result started stealing from the last few remaining white owned farms in the area.On my farm I employ about 60 to 80 people and have a good work relationship with most of them, in many cases the whole family stays on the farm for free and the others get transported to and from work (for free)that goes for about every white owned farm in the district.What Im trying to imply by this is that most if not all Boers take good care of their workers because without them we cannot do our jobs.BUT and this is a big BUT, the goverment portraits us as the biggest racists under the sun and therefor will never condemn farm murders.In our small community there have been more than 10 farm attacks in the last 6 months (thank GOD that not all of them were lethal and in some cases the thugs were shot by the Boers )The police wont lift a finger to do anything, but they are quick to throw you in jail after firing someone you caught stealing.To say that the world dont know whats going on in S.A. is the understatement of the century.To leave my country is not an option, we all have fathers, mothers, brothers ,sisters with added on family on their sides, so to leave would be like turning your back on your own people and the financial implications of taking everybody with you is enormous.I am a GOD fearing man and Im not afraid of death and my Bible tells me that if GOD is with you who can be against you.So to all the barbaric murderous hordes out there trying to kill off our Boer people I say “bring it on boys”my GOD doesnt sleep.Thank you for what you are doing for us

    • hello jakkie

      Thank you for your story. I am so concerned about what is happening there. Many are “asleep” and do not see the dangers around them. And what is happening there will happen other places as well. Evil is evil. I pray the protection of God over the Boers, and may this whole nightmare come to an end soon.

  33. Interesting! I am what you will call a “boer”, because I’m white and Afrikaans speaking. But a “boer” translated in english is a farmer so there for I am not a boer I do not farm, I live on a farm but do not farm. There are hundreds of black farmers that sell there fruits and vegetables on streets to feed there families of more than 10 that live in a one room house or “hut” Yes here is a lot of white people getting killed because of racism and they are both Afrikaans speaking and English speaking. But we are not the only ones getting killed out here, blacks are fighting against them self’s the Zulu agains the Xhosa and so on. We have multiple rural villages here and there is educational problems, children and elderly people ages 18 and up that can’t even write there own names all of them black! There for I say they shouldn’t even vote, they keep on voting for the ANC because the ANC tells them that if they do not vote for the ANC apartheid will return, if I am uneducated I will believe them. Some black cultures believe to pray for there fore fathers ( grate grand parents) for guidance and some believe if they don’t pray for them they will get possessed by something evil. Yes they do take the white farmers land because of there believes that this was there fore fathers land, they were taught this many years ago so that in the future they can take revenge. Now the story has changed into selfishness and just money. Most of the black people who do kill are young,poor and uneducated so the “higher standard” black person will pay and influence them to kill. Some blacks believe to stone a person to death that did ‘bad things’, and as they believe that what our grate grand parents did is carried on with us, so they kill us. The black population is much bigger than the white population and if you equal the numbers the killings between black and white would be equal. I see this as that some blacks find the white to be intimidating and I must say that some whites are just as guilty as the blacks are. The blacks are afraid for apartheid returning and the blacks that is educated use racism as an excuse to get what they want, when this happens the whites tend to throw something back. We all must learn how to put the past behind us! We are working against each other instead of with each other. Let’s teach the uneducated the truth! THAT APARTHEID WILL NEVER RETURN!! We should start making changes and stop complaining and judging. The blacks are just as sceared as the whites, whites are getting killed because of the few blacks that are educated use, dominate and manipulate there own. We are killed for money and lies that are fed to us most murders in this country is because of money and lies. Learn the blacks how to farm educate them so they can get decent jobs then maybe they will stop killing for money and another mans land! I will pray for justice between the white and black. I will pray for blindness in colour so that WE ALL can stop looking at each other as different and start seeing the inner being the same. Hopefully we all can be as one and put the past behind us as WE ALL are stuck in the past. I thank God that he gave me an opportunity to be educated. I am an african and will strive with the knowledge I have to help those who have fallen who became part of the system and believed the bold statements. I will stay here in Africa and fight for justice I will fight for the blacks and I will fight for the whites. I pray to God so that he can be by my side while I fight against the system that makes us to be different!!!!

  34. Marianne thank you. And may you also be blessed.

    Just another point I would like to make.
    I pray for peace everyday. Its evil that takes peace from us, and I am not yet able and strong enough to fight these evils, I rather work around them and teach people of them so they will be able to fight them. Those who suffer of poverty and un educations are those with no knowledge and are easy targets by evils. We “boers” are loosing our faith because even our churches are evil. Why does some of the black people kill the “boer”, because they are fed lies by government, they have misconceptions over what the whites are doing. Why is the “boer” getting killed because we are to afraid of the black to help them understand that we do not tend on starting a war against them. Blacks see all whites as to be a “boer” and whites see all blacks as to be killers. I see beyond this I don’t see a white struggling to stay alive, I don’t see a black or ‘kaffer’ killing a “boer”. I see a nation that is struggling to learn from each other. You can not stop a crime unless you stop poverty, you can not stop poverty unless you find a job, you can not find a job if there is non and you can not get the job if you are uneducated. Blacks need to FORGIVE the PAST!( you are not a ‘kaffer’ if you work for a white, you are not a ‘kaffer’ if you speak Zulu, Swati, Xhosa,). Whites need to FORGET the PAST ( you are not a boer if you work as a bank manager, you are not a boer if you speak Afrikaans, you are a boerder if you plant and work with livestock). Its an insult to be called a boer and its an insult to be called a kaffer, it is words that is in the past let’s make it history!! I AM NOT A BOER I AM A WHITE AFRIKAANER!! I AM A BOERDER OF SUNFLOWERS! I AM NOT A KAFFER I AM A BLACK ZULU!! I AM A BOERDER OF COWS! WE AS A NATION NEED TO FORGIVE AND FORGET! WE AS A NATION SHOULD STOP FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER AND FIGHT AGAINST THE SYSTEM THAT FEED US LIES. WE AS A NATION ARE NOT A RAINBOW NATION WE ARE ALL THE SAME LET’S SEE BEYOND THE COLOUR AND STAND TOGETHER AS ONE!!!!!!

  35. There were 2 white Africaaner prophets-Nicholas Van Rensberg1862-1923&Johanna Brandt1877-1964! They both saw South africa being turned over to black rule&then the country would go into a very dark period in which there would be the death of a famous black man(possibly Nelson Mandella) 7 days of mourning&then a call to wipe out the whites! However the blacks would even fight each other&fammine would take its toll! Then the whites will take back the country opening up immigration from Europe&the new S.A would rise to be even more prosperous than in the past! Now the prophecies of these folk are being noticed by the whites while many blacks are “scared”! Many whites will leave the cities when these things start to happen&they have been making plans for years!

    • we want to know where to go to as a white family. Who can be contacted as the spirit tells me to find these men and make plans.

      • elna

        try europe. I was just invited to Germany.

        • Save the necessary money for plane tic Western kets. Apply for tourist or student visas in another country where you’d like to settle. Then go and stay there, individually, to start with, if necessary, and with other family members then following. Get a family member to marry a native, or in some other manner establish permanent roots. At some point in the future there will be some kind of domestic crisis in the RSA, and the Europeans will be focused upon as the scapegoats. What’s happening now will appear benign in comparison. Get out now while the getting is good. If you wait too long there will be no avenues for departure. Note othernations are also being engulfted by the Third World; pick one with a future. We live in the U.S., which will also be a Third World sewer in two or three decades. We are contemplating Scotland as a destination, if it achieves nationhood and allows immigrants to settle there. We have 400 years of family history in the U.S.; this is what our governments have brought into fruition.

  36. Dear Marianne
    I have always believed that this beautiful country of ours will be ok, always said – give it a few more years, again & again. I have become very negative of late. My son of 28 does not have a degree or any specific qualification, but he does have his own aircon installation business. I often wish that there was some way to get him into the USA. I really do worry about the young white South African men who are trying to make things work. We do see beyond colour – but life is becoming increasingly difficult in our country.

    • Hi Carol

      I was 13 when the country was handed over to communist marxists and I can tell you from a person who has borne the brunt of it and seen the hypocrisy. It’s not even about the education you have anymore.

      Trust me I have a matric with exemption and a 3 yr Bachelors Degree in marketing management and it’s only made a marginal difference. I came out of varsity in 2003 and couldnt find any viable work within my field for 3 yrs and even then as a casual in retail sales. Every job I have ever been at I have been the victim of some kind of racial prejudice from both the black /Indian population especially. The funny thing is that most of them don’t even know theyre being racist thats how racist they are. This is not a statement made in anger but a statement of fact coming from someone who has tertiary education the subject. I had the opportunity of leaving SA but at that point I had found some employment but stayed out of a young misguided sense of idealistic positivism. The worst mistake I ever made. Currently unemployed and there is no sunset clause on Affirmative Action in this country so effectively it is now institutionalised racism in our workplace. I have 7 years retail experience and a degree in Marketing Management and Psychology but I can even land a retail sales job. Overqualifed they say. I cant land a Marketing Job. Not enough experience in the industry they say. I have seen the Human Resource emails they send and South African White Males are at the very bottom but apparently we live in such a free fair and supposedly equal society! It’s tough seeing everyone else enjoy things like starting a family when you can barely feed and clothe yourself. I feel like I have all this good to contribute but no one wants what I have to give. I used to be South African but I just cant live in a country where I am regarded as a second hand citizen and I would gladly leave if I could get a job anywhere else: Auz, Canada or NZ would be my first choices. I would adopt the countrys culture as my own and shed this shameful South African label.

  37. Dear Marianne
    I do need to add to my comment above, my concerns do also include young men of all races in the country, there is an enormous lack of employment for all, not just the white men.

  38. This is what I was trying to write in my preceding post, located a few entries above this one (the text got garbled as I typed it):

    Save the necessary money for plane tickets. Apply for tourist or student visas in another country where you’d like to settle. Then go and stay there, individually, to start with, if necessary, and with other family members then following. Get a family member to marry a native, or in some other manner establish permanent roots. At some point in the future there will be some kind of domestic crisis in the RSA, and the Europeans will be focused upon as the scapegoats. What’s happening now will appear benign in comparison. Get out now while the getting is good. If you wait too long there will be no avenues for departure. Note other nations are also being engulfted by the Third World; pick one with a future. We live in the U.S., which will also be a Third World sewer in two or three decades. We are contemplating Scotland as a destination, if it achieves nationhood and allows immigrants to settle there. We have 400 years of family history in the U.S.; this is what our governments have brought into fruition.

    • A few additional thoughts.

      I only began thinking about this tragedy after a friend began commenting on it, but I do recall Fox News in the U.S. had a program several years ago entitled “The Killing Fields of South Africa.” In the program it mentioned whites being randomly murdered both on the farms and in the cities, whites of all ethnicities, though it did point out most of the people being murdered in the farm country were Boers or Dutch.

      Many people after World War Two asked Jewish people, “Why didn’t you flee prior to the massacres? Couldn’t you see far ahead of time what was coming?”

      I would currently pose the same questions to South Africa’s Europeans.

      The objective of the new powers that be was never to coexist with you; their intent was always to promote socialism and to redistribute land and wealth. You are perceived as the primary obstacle to those goals, regardless of your age, gender, status, class, etc. What then will they do other than remove you as an obstacle to their agenda?

      The same forces are at work in other countries, including the U.S. And they are also “winning” here. America’s European population is being speedily displaced by massive Third World immigration. The racially motivated murders in our own streets are also described as “street crime.” There are similarities to your situation, though nothing as drastic and horrifying yet.

      But stay tuned….

    • this USA will be a sewer in a few years, not decades

  39. A last comment, I promise. If someone knows of a church denomination in the U.S. that is helping Boer refugees, please tell me so I can contact them.

    May God hold all of you in the palm of his hand to keep you safe.

    • tom

      I wish I knew a church. I tried to get a church here to accept one lone teenage christian boy trying to escape pakistan, and every church I went to denied him. I was trying to get him into a christian school on a student visa, and the church schools rejected him.

      He had no money for them, although I offered to pay, and they were suspicious of him. He is here now with me, and even though he is still christian, he does not like churches now, because they rejected him when his life was in danger. How he ended up with me is a different story.

      what we need now is not institutions, but individuals, who can accept or help a person or family come here. they can be sponsors and help the people relocate, and help them get the visas….if they don’t know anyone to sponsor them, they will get denied. the government there is tricky, so one needs patience and prayers.

      there are some there who believe in a prophecy by Seiner back in the 1800s who predicted the race conflict, and that someday it would be over. so they are waiting for that day, if they manage to survive.

  40. Here I am breaking my promise (to stop chattering in here). Has anyone forwarded some of this genocide data to Fox News in the U.S.? The news program I mentioned (“The Killing Fields of South Africa”) was aired several years ago, but it is obvious things have grown much bloodier. There are very few media references to the violence, aside from mentions of an SPLC (a Red/Leftist group) denunciation of eleven small demonstrations across the U.S. regarding the genocide. The SPLC decried the demonstrations as being sponsored by “Nazi groups.”

    How does one sponsor refugees? I am a poor farmer with children to raise.
    Who would I contact? How can I do further research?

    • tom

      All I know is leave messages on the news websites…we cannot force them to air a story….

      this is a liberal media, and only reports what is politically correct….blacks killing whites may not make the news.

      even fox news is changing in this direction, but you can try.

      I am a retired person with a small income so I understand your position….

      by leaving your name here, you might attract a person in need and then you can communicate with them….

      I met the boy I now have online….and where God opens the door, he will provide…..

  41. May God bless you and your life and efforts, Marianne. Our species is vastly better because of the presence of people like you.

  42. Fantastic letters- We placed one here- IF you don’t mind- pse visit this site:

  43. Hi there
    My husband’s trade is fitter&turner. He’s currently employed as a maintenance fitter at a FMCG company. Our twins are 7 years old. We would consider usa as well. Anywhwere safe is better than the SA we live in now.

    Thank you for your response.


    • nicki

      See if you can get a work visa to leave SA. Look up your husband’s job description and see if there is work in USA or elsewhere. Use multiple key words to search for the jobs, not just fitter an turner, since it might be called different words in different countries.

      If you get a commitment, then you can take a letter of interest from the employer to the visa office, and apply for work visa.

      Also inquire about other types of visas, if possible. It should be open between SA and USA for visas, but I am not sure, because of the situation there.

      Stay in touch with me, and let me know how you are doing. I could write a letter myself for you, possibly, but we are a different type of business, and work is on and off here for us.

  44. Hi there my name is emila Lowery I have a fiance and two small kids aged 11 and 6 we are desperately in need of assistance we cannot get employment here due to affirmative action and both my children are out of school as the educational system here is not very helpful we stand to be homeless very soon and just have no future at all here as everything is going to previously disadvantage people my fiance is very good with his hands he can do cabinet work he builds kitchens bedroom and bathroom cupboards etc I myself am entitled to a British passport as am first generation I also have a American sponsor who lives in Idaho but we don’t have the finances to be able to relocate we don’t even have money for food at the moment please I do have a bank account if anyone wants to help I will give them here Shane van Staden Ned bank cheque account account no is (contact me) pls can somebody help us we are desperate I also have a western union profile I myself unfortunately do not have any qualifications but am very knowledgeable and am interested in studying disaster management pls help us to help ourselves looking forward to hearing from you soon yours sincerely Miss emila Lowery

    • I took out your banking information. People can contact your directly to help. they can contact me, and I will give your email, with your permission.

      Your american sponsor should help with travel arrangements.

  45. Hi Marianne

    I’m desperately asking you or anybody for help.

    I have worked 20years in the insurance industry and lost my company due to the economic impact 2years ago,due to the situation i came onto the itc and therefore are unable to get any work in the industry i have experience in.Since then i have been applying,seeking,trying everything to survive but with no success.I have applied for literally anything that i know i”m capable of doing or have relevant experience in but with no success.

    I was born on a farm and grew up through my whole schooling years so therefor have relevant experience about farming as well but unfortunately dont have the papers to show for it.I also have security qualification up to management level which i can provide.

    I’m willing to do anything and willing to start anywhere if someone can please just help me to get a work and assist with visa.I only have enough left for flight tickets and visa etc fees,this is my last finances and i need to use it to make something happen.

    Please anybody,im begging not for money but for an opportunity in any country.I want to work,am loyal and dedicated,willing to learn or do any courses.

    Kind Regards

    Henry Matthews

  46. Hi Marianne

    Do you recommend i apply for positions for example in america?
    To your knowledge,will they consider my application and assist with workpermit and necessary documentation for me to obtain a visa?

    This is where we normally get stuck as a south african?

    I’ve been told its easier to get helped in the farming sector?

    • henry

      I think you know your own country best.

      we have many business positions in america open, but I do not know the visa requirements on your end.

      I think you have to contact a business in america and arrange a position through long distance communications, and then present the job to your country for a visa…

      I understand it can be difficult to get a visa there, but it may be that most people do not know how to get a job outside the country.

      america has people who get hired from outside the country all the time, especially in business and in universities.

      once the american decides they want to hire you, I think work permits can be arranged.

      documents can be sent via pdf file or DHL express.

      I think if you are used to insurance, then stay with that….farming is very different, geared toward uneducated people, and more physical labor oriented.

  47. Hi Marian,
    I am black, born in South Africa and am born again Christian who experienced first hand as a child to adulthood both the cruel repressive system of apartheid which saw many die because they were black and I also saw and experienced life after 1994. Blacks are human just like whites and I believe ALL nations and tribes are in God’s heart. Jesus Christ is neither black, white, Americaun, Chinese, Indian etc; to me, my brother or sister is ANYONE who has accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Saviour irrespective of where they come from or their nationality, There are millions of blacks who detest the killing of innocent lives including those of farmers. I have personally experience crime where I was once hijacked, robbed at gun point and my house broken into 5 times and I am black who believe in the principle of true reconciliation thrue Christ! There is rising in South Africa a voice of Christians who are prepared to speak out against evil, whether it is in the ANC led government , church or society; black or white!
    If we serve The living God, South Africa will be saved! There are a lot of black and white Christians who intercedes day and night in unity and agreement for our nation and our country will rise again and will become a godly Kingdom nation which will serve as a model for Africa and the world.
    Yours in Christ, Mpho Mosoeu.

  48. Hi Marianne,
    My sincere apologies for misspelling your name.


    • dear Mpho

      You have great wisdom. we see racial violence everywhere but it is not the race that causes it. it is satan.

      all believers should band together against our common enemy. that is the kingdom of God at work!

      God bless you and keep you safe.

  49. South Africa needs help, we need help from the UN.. we need to speak together, let our voices be heard, how can we possibly get the UN’s reaction on this? I’m also not racist but all the white people here have fear in their hearts, I’m scared for dear life, scared for my family, my friends and all other white South-Africans, where this country is headed no one knows. We are all desperately crying out for help, is there no one out there willing to help us? We desperately need it!!

  50. God bless you Mpho, I just want this country and its people to get along, without going to bed with the fear will we wake up tomorrow? I’ve never been this scared, and I’m solely against apartheid, but it’s not our fault the choices that were made before apartheid, that they where the wrong ones? Why should white people from this generation, and the generations to come have to suffer for it? We all, all the South-Africans that suffers from this massacre-to-be, we need help, this needs to end.

    • dear Lolla

      the UN is dominated by racist arabs….they have very little sympathy for white people….

      can you get a visa to the USA or another country? some countries do not need visas, just passports…..

      big question…can you leave there? do you have any funds to relocate?

  51. Hi Marianne. My story is one you have heard a thousand times over. As I write to you tears roll down my cheeks for a fear of what lays ahead. Today a statement was released that 10000 white South African will be paid off by Telkom and SAA so the ANC can full fill their promise of creating jobs. My husband lost his job and has zero chance of re employment as he is white and Afrikaans. He is a good hard working loyal man. We have two kids. A wonderful son of 17 who has learning difficulties and will be semi dependant on us for life and a beautiful daughter of only 10. My kids lock themselves in the house every day of their lives for the fear of what is happening out there. Its almost surreal. We are in a constant state of fear. I cannot see my family hurt like this any longer. I am prepared to clean houses and labour on farms to ensure that my kids are free and safe and not judged and prosecuted for the wrongdoings of a previous regime. If you know of any way we can leave SA or of any church organisation that can assist please mail me. USA EUROPE Anywhere.

  52. Pls I am a single mom from south africa and I am begging for help.
    We need to leave but where can we go?
    I am begging for help pls.

  53. Hi
    I am a mother of one and expecting my second in about 7 months. Been married for 4years and we both work.

    I am really afraid for me and my family (

    • Is there anyone who can help us get out of south africa. Has anyone read robert mogabes statement ? Its so frightning. Please help

    • liz

      there are several I know that want to leave. see the comments above…you have to start working on a visa, if you wish to move to certain countries…but other countries do not require a visa….I suggest googling and contacting a church in the country you wish to go to, then make arrangements for them to meet you when you come, to help you get a safe start

    • I am a registered nurse in the U.S. If you are a white SA man or woman nurse of some sort maybe I could help you and your family find a job at a hospital here.

  54. Scary post,

    I was involved this month in a research project on the agriculture industry here in SA and came across an interesting Thesis (from a reputable University) which looked into farm murders. Research was for potential problems that may deter investment in the agri industry here in SA. The stats were eye opening at most, but one that shocked me most is that (according to the article) the agriculture and farming industry in SA is the most dangerous one to work in, this based on farm killings alone. ‘Tis a sad situation.

  55. hi I am a white lady 46 divorced just me and my dog i need help to get out here pls i have been applying for jobs all over the world but no one will help with the work visa which is required to get a visa out(job offer) i am out of money and wont be able to pay rent for a room the end of this month, i dont have family to help me, i have 24 yrs eternal sales and management experience and i cannot get a job here in south africa because im to white pls anyone in usa or canada if u can help pls let me know we cannot survive here, Shaz

    • shaz

      This is a very difficult situation for you. you can see from this site that you are not alone.

      I am not sure what to do for you……I will lift you up in prayer for financial support to leave there or find a place to stay for awhile while you collect yourself and find other help.

      seek jobs in other countries that do NOT require a visa.

      seek charities to help you..possibly just enough to relocate… if you have to, walk out of there

      do not worry about work visas….try a visitor visa or a tourist visa just to leave, then plan NOT to return.

      .I wish I knew more about resources there….

      I will ask around here about jobs for you.

  56. Hey
    I want to know,is there any way for n 19year old student to leave the country?I don’t have funds to stop my studies and move out there to study.I fear for my future in this country.

    • zanna

      you would have to apply for a student visa in a country most likely to accept people from your country. and this is after you have applied to a school in that country and get accepted. you also have to pick somewhere that provides student aid so you have money to live.

  57. I am a Brazilian white-skinned woman (I say white-skinned instead of white because I’m of mixed race, as are at least 85% of Brazilians, thus only my skin is white), married to a white South African man and living in SA for 7 years now. Before moving to South Africa, I had the standard opinion about the Apartheid, white racism, etc., acquired through the education system and media. Coming to live in SA changed my views, as I could witness things for myself. In 7 years living in this country, I HAVE NEVER EVER MET A SINGLE RACIST WHITE PERSON! I cannot say the same for the black people, though…

    I am very fair skinned, although I have black and Brazilian indians ancestors (my own grandma was a mix of black and indian) and because I look quite european, even white South Africans address to me in Afrikaans when they don’t know me, thinking I’m from here, this happened many times. So, by looking like a white South African, I was a victim of small acts of reversed racism! As soon as I tell black people I’m from Brazil, the treatment changes!

    A few times I’ve noticed, while my husband was driving, that black people with better cars used to look at us with contempt, on purpose, as if saying “My car is more expensive than yours!”, sometimes even blatantly laughing at us! I never told my husband about that, till one day I asked if he noticed. He was surprised that I noticed, and said “It happens almost eveyday to me.” Then I asked “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” He replied “I thought you’d think I’m a racist!” It happened just weeks after I have arrived here!

    It’s interesting to notice that most charities that work helping poor blacks, especially children, are run by whites! The wealthy blacks don’t give a dam to their own poor people! They are too busy calling the whites racists…

    I think what most people see as “racism” is nothing other than pure frustration towards black people behavior. It’s not easy to depend on people who don’t seem to value life, their maltreatment of animals is barbaric, their traditions are questionable and most of them have very poor work ethics. They demand rights without caring about duties and they seem to be more racist toward whites than otherwise.

    Some might argue that being married to a white person helped changing my point of view. Let me tell you this: my husband, when younger, used to protest against the Apartheid. The black government pretend that white people who fought the Apartheid didn’t exist! You don’t see on tv old footage of white university students protesting against the Apartheid, but you see all the time old footage of white policemen hitting (looting) blacks!

    My husband oversees a staff of 50, 98% blacks. Lots of them steal from the company, it happens on a frequent basis, and upon being caught, the first thing they do is to call my husband a racist! And then comes the whole Apartheid wada wada that they use to justify their criminal behavior! And my poor husband is called a racist every time he tries to do his job honestly! He can’t even fire them straight away, cause it’s against the law, even when they are caught stealing!

    It all comes down to pure hypocrisy! I don’t agree with the idea of an Apartheid, but I am equally against using the Apartheid to commit crimes and get away with responsabilities and obligations. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with SA blacks. I expected more from them. I don’t like to generalise, but when you witness first hand things happening over and over again, you just cannot deny the facts. It was a life lesson, and from now on, I will not believe anything anyone tells me, whether through media or books – I must experience it for myself!

    What a waste of a beautiful land! I don’t regret coming to live here, but I feel sorry I might leave one day, and this day is not so far in the future, by the way…

    • Disillusioned

      thank you for that observation. I feel the same way, and I do not consider myself racist either.

      • Thank you, Marianne! It really saddens me that the world still sees the white South Africans as the racist monsters they are not and never been. Shows you the power of propaganda… I hope one day the rest of the world can see the truth about SA. I love your blog, it’s one of the best I’ve come across. Keep up the good work! Peace&Love!

  58. Just as a side note, I’m far from being a racist, in case someone ends up having this impression after reading my post. I’ve met wonderful black people in SA. I just wish all of them were like the ones I am friends with…

  59. Hi I just wanted to find out if anyone would be able to help us move out of south africa. Myself my fiance and my brother is desperate to move, fearing for our lives here and seeing what is happening to our country. I work for a large international firm who would assist me with the relevant Visa etc but is unable to help my 18 year old brother and my fiance. The options I have is Seattle USA and Dublin Ireland. I have been struggling to sleep at night for a few months now due to break ins everywhere and this is effecting my health as well. I am 29 years old and have been effected by racial hate speech on various occasions as well as been threatened on numerous occasions based on my race. I am not looking for financial help just guidance and maybe some assistance with some things. I cannot leave my brother and fiance here. My brother has been attacked and robbed as well and I can already see that it’s getting worse here. My parents also still live here but my mother is too stubborn to move. I am two minded about this as I would like my family to be safe and if I cannot get them to move I feel that I have to be here to protect them if anything happens. My father would also want to leave south africa but we cannot leave my mother here alone. Please can anyone help us. We can probably get arround $50 000 US if we sell everything we own as well as the house etc. I feel so helpless here and have nightmare about this. I cannot believe how our country has become. I used to love it here and feel safe-ish, but now it feels like we are being targeted.

    Kind Regards

    • pierre

      I have sent your message to a friend in germany who is from south africa…to see if he has any ideas. I will let you know….

      for your brother and fiance, tell him to apply to a school and get a student visa…..unless he wants to get a work visa like you.. he would have to identify an employer

      .if you marry, then you can bring your wife….she can also apply for school and get student visa….it is just a way here…..but marriage gets a spouse transferred the quickest.

      your parents ….I do not know…..maybe they should go somewhere where there is less legal stuff to deal with.

  60. I’d like to help bring South African whites to the USA but not sure how. Anyone interested, feel free to contact me. Is there any site that can match people who want to immigrate with people willing to help out? Big potential for fraud here so we must all be careful. I am in Chicago. God Bless and Protect all of you. In case you’re curious, I’m a single white 46 year old male; but it doesn’t matter who you are. male, female, old, young, whole family or individuals.

    • mark

      I can be the go between with contact information for anyone who wants to contact you.

      thank you for caring.

      DJ is right… you are not in a safe location yourself.

    • I feel the same way. I can offer an honest white trying to make it out a safe and comfortable place to stay for sometime for free if your come to US of tourist, school, or work visa. Honestly, the things I have experienced and witnessed over my 41 years of my life have made me strongly pro-white, and I have no interest in helping any other races for the remainder of my days. I am not a rich man but if I can help you escape murder and abuse from blacks I will.

  61. Mark,

    In a matter of months they will be safer than you are in Chicago.

    Hebrew year 5776 is very significant to those who worship Lucifer.

    2nd Tim. 2:7-13

  62. I hope you are right about that. I wish I could help defend SA, myself, but I’m a bit old. Yes, Chicago has some areas on the south side that are extremely dangerous; no one goes near there. But most of the greater Chicago area (7 million people) is safe. I know what’s safe and what isn’t. Is that the case in SA? I am looking at SA for the first time and know very little. In Chicago you don’t have to worry about invading clans. Blacks make up only 13% of the population here.

  63. Getting here would be difficult, but when here there are 35,000 cities to choose from. I pray SA will remain safe, and it’s people vigilant.

  64. hi, Mark that a wonderful offer its leave just not so easy to get into the states you would have to find out how you can help theres so many of us trying to leave here warm regards shazzy

  65. Mark,

    It’s not a neighborhood issue – it’s a metropolitan issue. The only safe places in NA seem to be farmland country, excluding California. Metro areas look more like a target.

    It all begins in the Hebrew year 5776, which starts September 15, 2015.

    It seems to all be over one day in Fall of 2017.

    How can we know?

    Can we know what is the length of this “generation” that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:32-35?

    And can we know exactly what He meant by the fig tree “putting forth leaves”?

    There are 7 definitions and 7 is the number of completeness.

    1) According to Gen. 6:3 it may be as long as 120 years.
    2) Genesis 15:13, coupled with Gen. 15:16 indicates 100 years.
    3) Psalms 90:10 indicates a possible 80 years.
    4) Psalms 90:10 also indicates a more likely 70 years.
    5) Matthew 1:17 may indicate around 50 years
    6) Psalms 95:10 indicates 40 years.
    7) Deut. 2:14 indicates 38 years.

    2017 – Using ALL 7 generations, based on the premise of ISRAEL being the fig tree Jesus spoke about in the end times:

    1) 2017 counting back a 120 year generation = 1897.
    Significant event: The first ever Zionist congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

    2) 2017 counting back a 100 year generation = 1917.
    Significant event: The first official political act paving the way for Jews to return to their land was the Balfour Declaration of November 1917.

    3) 2017 counting back a 80 year generation = 1937.
    Significant event: The Peel Commission published a report that for the first time recommended partition of Palestine, and the land under it’s authority be apportioned between an Arab and Jewish state. The plan was declared unimplementable.

    4) 2017 counting back a 70 year generation = 1947.
    Significant event: The United Nations general assembly voted in favour of the Partition Plan that actually created… the State of Israel!

    5) 2017 counting back a 50 year generation = 1967.
    Significant event: The Jews regained Jerusalem, fulfilling“when the fig tree putteth forth leaves.”

    Choosing a 50 year generation requires some explanation. Some people have reckoned on a 50 year generation, starting with 70 using Psalm 90:10 for an average age, and then taking away 20, because those under 20 years old who came out of Egypt were not counted, as mentioned fifteen times in the book of Numbers, Chapter 1.

    6) 2017 counting back a 40 year generation = 1977.
    Significant event: The State of Israel reaches the Jewish “age of maturity.” In the Old Testament Bible, priests could not work in the tabernacle until age 30. See Numbers 4:3.

    This was when they were considered mature. Modern Israel was born in 1947.

    Now do the calculation: 1947 + 30 = 1977.

    “When the fig tree putteth forth leaves” could be considered as another way of saying “when Israel becomes mature.” An example of this maturity is that the Liqud political party came to power in Israel in 1977. The Hebrew word Liqud means ‘The Consolidation’ in English.

    7) 2017 counting back a 38 year generation = 1979.
    Significant event: Israel signs a peace treaty with Egypt. Other than the events already mentioned I’m thinking this would be considered the other most positive historical step towards modern Israel’s expansion, showing “the fig tree putting forth leaves”. It led to many long term benefits, such as providing for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal.

    And is 2017 really significant?

    See the years of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:8-11). A jubilee occurs every 50 years on God’s calendar.

    2017 is the Jubilee when counting back to 1967.

    In 1967, Israel gained control over Jerusalem for the first time since the days of King Solomon.

    1967 + 50 years (Jubilee) = 2017 (Jubilee).

    1967 – 50 years = 1917

    1917 is a Jubilee too. (The first official political act paving the way for Jews to return to their land was the Balfour Declaration of November 1917.)

    Seal 1-5 are open. The 6th seal is in the process of opening.

    Hebrew year 5776 is very, very significant to those who worship the all seeing eye.

    The son of perdition is about to be revealed (2nd Thess. 2:3).

    Rev. 12:11

  66. Thanks for that. Good to know. And thanks Shaz; Still pondering options. I am already familiar with visas. Student, Friend, Work, Marriage, etc.

    • Hi guys. I have read everything on here with regards to this subject and I too will do anything to leave south Africa. Very difficult to find jobs overseas! My wife is a foundation phase teacher and I am a IT support guy. I have done research and applied to countless places looking to do any job. I have two kids 2 and 4 and refuse to have them grow up behind bars…i say behind bars as that is what is on every window and door of our home. Very sad state SA is in. Just wanna leave. Been subjected to all sorts here from racism to armed robbery countless times. One time robbed three times in one day. Laughed at them and told them their buddies up the road got to me 1st!! Im sick of it and would do absolutely anything to get out. Love the site and the fact you care!

  67. Wow, breaks my heart. I would love to bring someone to Canada.

  68. The one thing i dont get is why does everyone put this down to farm murders?its all over in the cities itself not farms anymore a lady donw the road from me was walking her dogs and was attacked and killed at 3pm broad daylight its any white thats a target not just farmers, to everyone who is offering to help be aware that we do not have jobs so no money to get up and fly out most of us end up like me in someones backyard in a room with no water no food and no means to pay rent so someone needs to open a fund or charity to assist people out of here id we had the funds wed be gone thats our reality I am 47 and that already is a bad age to immigrate countries dont consider one then either. Thanx marianne for helping with this site godbless you shaz

    • shaz

      I started the post with what I knew about. the farm murders.

      I am deeply concerned about everyone there.

      try to immigrate to a near by region, and then further away, when the opportunity presents itself.

      in the meantime, I pray for your safety.

      stay inside

      do not go outside alone, travel in groups

      have something to use as a weapon, even if it is just a piece of wood.

  69. thanx for advice marianne but i dont think you understand without a job or income no ones going down the road even

  70. Hi Marianne. I lost your email address. Can you please be so kind to send me your email address again. My email address is



  71. Marianne, Can u please send me your email address as well – we also need help urgently.
    I am even willing to wash floors, whatever, as long as we can get out

  72. Hi
    I am from Argentina,I want to help.

  73. Hi Marianne,
    I would like to know on what basis the person from Argentina can help?
    The mail only say that he/she want to help
    What options of help is he/she offering?

  74. Hi
    I am from Argentina,I want to help.

    Esteban said this on January 18, 2016 at 8:28 pm | Reply
    Hi Esteban,
    you said you want to help – can u please forward me your email address and explain how you can help?
    I will appreciate

  75. I am descendent of Hungarian people who,almost killed in Communist Hungary in 1956,become to Mendoza,Argentina and start a new life,It’s a good place to new starting,I have houses for rent ,If you come there and fiind a job,i will give you big disscount.My age : 18, I’m a man.My mail is

  76. I think one needs to explain this better so options of help really become real help, most white south africans trying to leave do not have the finances and the rest of the world is oblivious as to what is going on here, people need help with jobs for a job visa entry or flight money to get on a holiday visa not only do they need the flight money they need money in there accounts to be accepted on holiday visa or its denied the actual criteria for us to leave is almost impossible. we exempt from refugee status in most countries and we are in a genocide trying to flee and save our own lives when every country is against us coming there because of apartheid. sins of the fathers and all seems to be the problem as we were then under british rule, its wonderful to see people reaching out and wanting to help us i applaud you all, maybe think up ways to get money together to help like cake sales or raffles anything one can to generate flight money, try get donations of products and try raffle them off sell tickets etc maybe ask companies if they can hep with jobs from that side in the states thats all i can think of. Ive tried for 10 yrs to get work in another country i dont even get replies on applications its a sad state this side the whites are all ending up in squatter camps to die with no food. cover as in roof over there heads
    it breaks ones heart to see what really goes on here and try not let it get to us, all the murders and death that goes on daily simply because we white. I never thought id be ashamed of my skin color but there it is. godbless you all for trying …..

    • shaz

      we have to keep talking about this….and figure out a way to help…money is not enough…we have to convince visa people that you can stay, and not go back after 3 months ….the best way is a job…..there has to be a way to connect employers with potential employees.

  77. Hi Shaz,
    Yes, the idea is great – what about churches?
    I am thinking of CANADA – We are also willing to clean offices, floors, hospital floors – anything!
    I am also an animal lover and can work with animals
    I am still working in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY in S.A – 15 YEARS now
    It is not that we are not able doing nothing
    My husband was also in INSURANCE Industry – we both do personal lines and commercial cover.
    Currently, my husband is working as an estimator at a panel beater shop – we brought this into our business as an additional service to clients
    My husband worked for ESKOM and is currently an ESKOM pensioner.
    At our age, we don’t want to retire – we want to be busy and work as we are both healthy.

  78. We keep on getting messages on our phones: “Angry black tide will rise up against white South Africans, they will do the unthinkable …no room for discussion” It just never stop – this type of messages is ongoing.
    At the moment, I am so stressed that I cannot operate properly in my business – I can’t sleep at night – I am scared all the time.
    Who can live like this day in and day out?
    I just cannot any more!

  79. Hi Marianne
    I agree the blacks very much want us to leave so why the government wont let us go, instead they made agreements with other countries not to let us in so one can see then cleary they want us dead. I will be applying for a holiday visa to try go find work so cross everything that i succeed.
    warm regards shaz

  80. so far after 10 yrs of trying to find work i get no responses either our emails dont reach them and are blocked or they see south africa and go no way little do they know south africans are very hard workers and not lazy so its 10 yrs wasted without decent jobs gettin sick from not eating and gettin older and blowin all chances of a better life and being able to take care of oneself its very sad and heart breaking and we all carry the scars.

  81. Dear Marianne

    Once again, I found your site today and it is fantastic!
    Is there anyone from SA that you know of that was able to leave through this site?
    Wonderful to know that there are people out there that care.
    Thank you!

    • bvr

      what do you do for a living? maybe you can get a work visa

      • Hi Marianne,
        Thanks for responding!
        We are Real Estate Agents.
        Are you talking about a work visa for USA?
        When I last checked it looked somewhat tricky and differs from state to state, but it looks like you need a license that you can only get while already there so a work visa sounds difficult?
        I would appreciate your input!

  82. …then again we are talented people and can do ANYTHING! You should see me scrub a toilet…and then some! Seriously I am also a master Boere Chef.
    You have my e-mail, is it possible that I can send you direct e- mails?

    • bvr

      I was trying to think of a way to connect to christian businesses and see if they would consider your situation and give you a job so you could apply for a work visa. I have never done this before and don’t know if i can do it, but the business and your resume has to match

  83. Hi please let me know where I can apply to get out of South Africa, I am 33 have a diploma in human resource management and conduct outcomes based assessments, my husband is 48 and have a lot of SHEQ courses also a lot of ETD, my child is 9 years old

    • Chantelle, I feel for you, and I pray that you and your family will get out safely! I also pray for ourselves and our poor brothers and sisters in squatter camps that will never have the opportunity to leave. God be with us all! AMEN!!!

  84. We would love to get out soon, as we own a plot that we worked hard for , but we don’t want to be dependant on the state of a new country, we need to find jobs and be productive. Please help, I don’t want to see my child raped and murderd

    • chantelle

      start looking for where you want to go. for example in my area, there are jobs …apply for one and see if you can get an interview on skype…if you are hired,…then go to embassy in SA to get a visa for that country….

      also before you do that, contact embassy anyhow and ask about what you have to do to relocate to their country….example canada.

  85. Sorry I got your name wrong, Marianne. “Mariana” is one of the Afrikaans versions of your name 🙂

  86. Hi Marianne

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about SA. You are truly doing God’s work.

    My wife’s cousin was murdered last week and it was the final straw for me. We desperately want to get out of this country, but we do not have the finances for it.
    I am married and have a beautiful 4 year old baby girl. As a father I live in constant fear of her being harmed, she has no future here.

    I am 33 and have 11 years of experience in the office automation industry (printers/copiers), technical and sales. I currently run a small business from home fixing printers. I have a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in psychology.
    My wife has extensive experience in banking and administration. She is currently the PA for a chartered accountant. She has not taken one day sick leave in her entire life.

    All I want for my family is a safe and normal life free of fear
    If anybody is willing to help us get out please email me at

    God bless you all

  87. (My original post did not appear, so let me try again)

    Hi Marianne

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about SA. You are truly doing God’s work.

    My wife’s cousin was murdered last week and it was the final straw for me. We desperately want to get out of this country, but we do not have the finances for it.

    I am married and have a beautiful 4 year old baby girl. As a father I live in constant fear of her being harmed, she has no future here.

    I am 33 and have 11 years of experience in the office automation industry (printers/copiers), technical and sales. I currently run a small business from home fixing printers. I have a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in psychology.
    My wife has extensive experience in banking and administration. She is currently the PA for a chartered accountant.

    All I want for my family is a safe and normal life free of fear

    If anybody is willing to help us get out please email me at

    God bless you all

    • marrtnesdc

      i have been telling people to find a country to go to where the visa will be easy to get, or you do not need a visa ( ireland?)….then, check the jobs on line and see if you can connect with an employer there…..

      here we have,,…..and sometimes other countries advertise that way too. or just search for “jobs” and the name of the place you want to go.

      if someone wanted to come here, I would certainly help with the connections, if i am able to. I am in raleigh, north carolina, usa

  88. Hi Marianne

    I don’t mind going there but is scared that our age is counting against us?
    We are still working and also don’t really have the money to go
    I am in the insurance industry (not life insurance) and my husband is working as an estimator on vehicles for panel beaters.
    As long as I can leave, I don’t even mind cleaning hospital floors or sweeping streets – anything will do

  89. Hi I’m phillip what can I do don’t want to be here anymore have my certificates in health and safety in don’t get job now I have to do security pls someone if you can help have no money because of my low income

  90. Hi there fellow South Africans and guardian angels!

    In silence we are being picked off one by one without ANY media coverage. We are a very close knit family married for 22 years, son 20 and daughter 18.
    We sleep with a Rottweiler alongside our bed, we have an alarm system and gates all around. Still cant sleep, lying awake thinking of the consequences of my daughter being home alone after school in the afternoon. People around us being robbed and murdered everyday and no one seems to notice or want to notice!

    I work in civil construction as a general foreman (large scale drainage systems in water, storm water, sewer and road works) and have been doing so for 10 years but have no formal qualification, only experience. My wife is a legal secretary with 16 years experience. My son is studying construction management and survey and my daughter is in her final year of school.

    My work is in the townships where we do large projects installing services for low cost housing, just during last year we were held hostage 24 times, violently! We had to evacuate our construction site during the night under riot police and private security companies. We are threatened pretty much every day that we will be burnt alive, our machines and plant destroyed and the mob is not even angry at us. They are angry at government for stealing their money to live in luxury.

    Yesterday 2 weeks ago I was violently robbed while sitting in my car texting my wife. Two men came to my window, one grabbed my chain from my neck while the other grabbed my phone. It was terrible!

    We cant take it anymore we don’t want to get out, we NEED to and quickly!

    My wife, son and I will work for board and lodging and stipend just to get out of this hellhole! Here in South Africa we earn decent salaries and will leave our financial comforts behind just to get out! Unfortunately we do not own cash reserves but will be able to afford our airfare out of here.

    Please help us find a sponsor to get out of here, we cant take it anymore!

    Morne, Chanelle, Brandon & Chelsea van Vuuren

  91. Hi

    I’m a single white mother of one three year old. I am not a farmer so I have not experienced the horror but I have been told by my father who works on some farms installing equipment. My family needs to leave SA now.

    Like many people here I stumbled on your blog looking for an escape from SA. I don’t know if you are aware but our “beloved” president has been found guilty by the constitutional court and if he doesn’t step down or our parliament displaces then there will be war in this country, it will not just be our hard working honest farmers being murdered but everyone will be a target.

    I beg the help of someone, somewhere, anywhere but in SA to help me and my family. I have no qualification other then my matric but I am a very hard worker, proof? The company I currently work for, I’ve only been with them for two years and already been promoted three times. I started as a part time receptionist and now I am the practice manager of the vet.

    If there is anyone who can help us please email me on I don’t care where we go as long as my child is safe. Please, I beg of you.


    • Candice

      I recommend either get a work visa, which means you need to locate a job in another country, or go to a country that does not require a visa from south africa. ireland is one example.

      I would be glad to help you if you came here, and can send job lists you can apply to.

  92. omg It’s awful, EU should take actions to aid immediately .. serious threat against human right


    • blah

      I care, but I am not a government…I am an old lady….I pray every night for your safety, and pray that god gives me a solution.

      • Marianne, I know you care, and THANK YOU!
        The problem is those Communist Governments and they are really hating the white race!

        • blah

          God will get rid of them soon. in the next few years, if we can hold out and endure to the end

          • No One cares whats happens to the whites in SA they think we deserve it and even if you have the money to leave no one in usa will give us a job as they have to prove an american cant do the job to give it to a foreigner so no one will sponsor us with work we doomed every which way we turn the world just doesnt care about us

            • shaz

              I care.

              i encourage people to either come to usa , with a work visa, which means you have to look for a job to take you, and they will hire…I see it all the time…foreign workers do not have to be unique, employers hire who they want.

              or….go to country like ireland, which requires no visa……and get a job after you get there.

  94. Can someone set up a Gofundme page for Kayla Meyer’s family?

  95. Hello, i have a friend in south africa who is struggling….he is white was a police officer and was fired because he is white. He is not making ends meet and about to move his family to the tents. He needs to get out of south africa…i am willing to give them a place to live but we need to get them into america. Can you help?

    • gina

      to come here, he would need to identify a potential job and get a work visa. have him look for police jobs near you. do applications and do phone interviews.

      if he is in a hurry, ireland does not require a work visa

      • Dear Gina.
        Thank you for reaching out to your friend in south africa. You are an angel sent and have a heart of gold. I hope you will manage. Its really very difficult for a south african to find a job in the usa. If you/him have money I know a lawyer who is willing to file for refugee status. She is in usa. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to pay her. May God bless you for your efforts

        • Will filing for refugee status be successful or can’t it be guaranteed?
          How much money are we talking about?
          Things are very, very bad in South Africa
          A gang of 18 black men, with AK47’s killed only 2 farmers yesterday!!!
          We cannot live like this any more!!!
          Is there not anybody in America, willing to come over to assist us and give us some help?
          Why is it difficult for South Africans to get jobs in America?

          • Anche.
            I am a south african and single mom myself. I know its very bad here. I have been to the usa with my son and we have tried everything to make it there. People will tell you you must come there and they will help you but once you are they don’t. I have met this lawyer in desperate attempts and she was willing to file for refugee but I couldn’t afford her and had to return to RSA with even less. Its really difficult and no,nobody is going to come here to help us,we are unfortunately on our own. I am just sharing my personal experiences.

            • Lee, this is my concern as well – no guarantee and we cannot afford to loose income.
              I am aware that we are on our own – where do you live and do u have a personal email address?

            • November 2017.
              Anne and Des Torr

              Can someone please help us. Circumstances are now so terribly bad that there are now 4-5 farm murders a day and more.
              I am a Cardiac Theatre Nurse and my husband an ex Export Citrus Farmer.
              Can someone please tell me what is the “cut off age” that we are helped to get out of South Africa.
              Please help.
              My e-mail address :-

              • anne

                I am not aware of a cut off age. it may be best to go to another african country like kenya, or go to a country that does not require a visa like ireland.

                check the local embassies for info. stay armed with what you have. you may not have a gun but you have knives, and other objects.

          • refugee status is very hard to get. you have to prove that you are being persecuted, and the american board is very critical, you almost have to have a leg or arm missing that was cut off. however, if you are muslim, they let you right in, because america has a muslim president who favors muslims, and ignores the persecution and torture of christians

            getting jobs in america is not too hard, if you have someone here to help direct you to the right job sites.

            the best way here is a work visa….you have to connect with a USA employer.

            the alternative is to move to a country that does not require a visa….like Ireland or maybe a country closer to you

  96. Hi all soon to be 56 yr old white SA male officially denied veterans beefits by ANC government, more than 30 yrs experience in the private security industry. My son is 25 yrs old cannot get a job even in my industry coz of BBBEEEE laws limiting white employees being employed. Back in the Aparthied yrs I was brought up to respect every person no matter their skin colour. I served in the SADF because being white I had no choice like the rest of us males in my age group and older. We did not murder black civilians in the border war or in SA at the time either we were deployed to stop communism on behalf of the western world due to the strategic importance of the SA at the time we fought a cold war in Angola as a proxy army for the powers at the time in thw western world USA included. I never thought our european brothers would forsake us after 1994 I have seen the decline of productivity in my country of birth in all sectors. Crime has gone totally beyond being out of control it pandemic in some places. Kids getting shot every day mothers, sisters grandmothers & fathers being raped and murdered black and white to and from work. Why is the rest of the world not putting economic snactions on the country to turn this around I caanot figure they sanctioned us back in the 1970’s during apartheid. he way the world is now I feel as if nowhere is safe anymore the cirrent rehtoris is world war 3 looming between USA and Russia my old enemy the “rooi gevaar” (red danger) that we were indoctrinated with in the army nothing about hating black people per se only communist orientated ones I must add were shoved down our thoroats during basic training. We accepted our duty as being part of our culture as south africans we even had black and coloured soldiers figting along side us in the conflict we stood together until we were all sold out by the very politicians that drafted us into the military upon leaving high school almost like USA in Vietnam. The ordinary working class SADF vets of this conflict are suffering greatly and need assistance fom all corners, we still work productivley and see to our famlies needs as best we can, while the west and black not all but most continue to make us pay for the sins of our forefathers, mine from the UK Scotland to be exact and even Scotland cannot get its independance from Westminister. So how do we find a part of the world that will accepts us for who we are and not what we have all been lablled “White supremecist” Every body wnats to help Middle East refugees that are nothing but terrorists in disguise (not all I am sure) but current events are showing that the West is aginst all honset people that have no more love for their war mongering around the globe. Peace to all and love to all war does not solve any problem unless you are defending from attack, crime makes honest people and there families victims of low intensity economic warfare here in SA. Waiting for the messiah to come is not an option get out if you can if you cannot, get your kids and wives out, it’s coming! Unitl the colour of mans skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, there will be war.

    • peter

      you ask some very probing questions.

      as the world rejects God, the love of many wax cold.

      they focus only on themselves, and not others

      the world we see now has to come to an end,

      and a new world created.

      those of us that have faith in God will see him clean this earth in a fearsome way

      god also sees the ways of the righteous, and will protect them, if they call out to him.

      we have little time left before the cleansing starts.

      this is the purpose of the messiah… take charge of this cleansing , remove the wicked and deliver the righteous.

      I encourage everyone to call upon the name of jesus for salvation and deliverance from the evil that is in this world

      follow your heart. leave or stay…..but know that the only safety and refuge is the God in heaven above.

      personally, I am preparing to leave this world…..I know God will be faithful and take me at the right time.

    • I really feel for your despair. I agree with what you are saying. Is there any way for your son to emigrate to the US? I can help him. What type of work can or will he do? Does he have a college education? I may be able to help you. You can email me at

  97. Peter my dear, it is ALL because Satans children ( Khazar Jews) are in charge, and are ruling the world. They rule ALL white counties!

    • If you are a true Christian you would not live in a communistic country as it usurps God.

      All true believer’s in Christ need to leave this country. We are actively looking to leave and appeal to the USA to assist in getting us out of this country.

      • jeremy

        well, YOU live there.

        do you plan to leave?

        leaving a communist country is not easy, they deny the applications to leave.

        try leaving and see .

        if you try to come to USA, that is a bigger mistake….. USA government does not care about any christian…..we have a black racist, communist, homosexual, muslim leader who hates whites and christians, who formed ISIS, to torture christians, who has set up FEMA death camps just for us, to start soon, and will establish martial law in the near future….he already signed it into law, as well as making many homosexual demands on our society

        God will destroy america for its vile nature….try going to Ireland or someplace that does not require a visa from south africa.

  98. Hi everyone,

    Things are really starting to fire up now. Just listened to the news and Julias is really on a “mission”….we are 2 white females looking to get out before its too late. Im 31 and my mother is 53. I would appreciate it if anyone could give some advice as to where the best and easiest would be. America is unfortunately not on my list due to personal reasons. I know every country comes with its own issues and dramas and im prepared to face them and get used to it. Any advice will be appreciated!

    • rossie

      check to see which countries do not require a visa, which takes time, and has requirements….I know Ireland does not require one from there. but that is far away. check countries local to south africa.

      also I have a few pages on s africa. in the comment sections, there are a few people who have volunteered to help in some way. they left their contact information. check with them as well.

      may god keep you safe

  99. Thank you Marianne

    I had a look at Ireland and yes it is a visa free country for only up to 3 months thereafter one need to apply or do a visa run in other words travel across border and back(don’t know if that is acceptable though).I will do try to get hold of the above individuals. Hopefully something will come my way as im really desperate and I have extensive work experience.

  100. Hi im a 34 year old single male in the Sales Industry, im really really good at sales and is willing to do any kind of work if anybody can assist me in getting out of South Africa please, I beg this.

    Thank you in advance.

  101. It is not just farmers, we killed in our homes daily! I myself was attacked and raped in 2008 I don’t know what it feels like anymore to not live in fear! And I wake up all night to check the doors and see my children are ok, to think one in 3 woman are raped here every day I fear ever time my daughters are away from me when I am at work for example, I have to get my children safe and I don’t know how. We work hard have good jobs, my husband and I work in the motor industry he is a master technician and we currently run a workshop here. Just don’t know where to start but have to get out asap….have to for my children 😦

    • sherrin

      I am willing to help in any way. I am in america, which requires a visa, but there are countries, like ireland and others, that do not require one.

      find resources and where you want to go, and work to get there.

      if you want to come here, I have a church that can help with housing while you try to get settled. I will also be near by

  102. Hi Marianne,
    We have corresponded before and I mentioned that the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH have not responded to any of my mails – I’ve tried again and can see that mails was read, but no further response
    Where are u situated in America, as I think we would like to make use of the help.
    Will the church be able to sponsor us as well?

    • anche

      the church I know will help with housing only…it has some space in its building where people can stay…it cannot sponsor or hire anyone.

      • Hi Marianne

        First of all I want to thank you for your help and output that you do for us afrikaner nation

        I am a Christian family man with the most beautiful family boy13 and girl 4

        I don’t want tell my story as we as a family is also a victim in this revers racism I am to scared of saying something because whatever we do is apartheid and we are wrong because of our pile skin

        I am a cnc programmer machinist with 16 years of experience in manufacturing military… Mining…. And medical parts. I am Christian none drinker or smoker hard working man I am prepared to anything and prepare to immigrate anywhere in the world I would prefer to go to USA as I got friends in Las Vegas

        Now I Got the money to immigrate I just need someone to help me to make it easy for a work visa

        I already applied for jobs in my line of work and had two guys already interested in me bud this thing of first they must prove that they couldn’t get a American citizen for the job is putting them off I think

        I will take your advice that what you give for the other people to look at Ireland as well.

        I really hope and pray for the Father in Heaven to help each and every soul on this platform

        If anyone can help me and my family my email address is

        Tian Smith

        • tian

          do what is best for you. this world is changing quickly and I expect serious problems to occur in the USA before the end of the year which will make it hard for citizens as well as new comers

          we have a dangerous political situation.

          Ireland is so neutral, that I would go there and find a job after you get there…contact a church there and ask for a little start up help, like websites or agencies that help provide jobs, and where to find housing.

          be blessed.

  103. When the whites came to this country, we found a couple of half naked savages roaming around killing each other. Slowly we started lifting them up and taught them to wear clothes and started educating them. We brought them the bible and taught them about God. They were worshipping the moon, sun and their forefathers. We protected the country against foreign invasion. We protected them. We did not kill and murder all of them. We did not nearly erase them like the Americans did to the red indians. In the meantime they outbred the whites as they were fed fat by the food the white people produced. In 1994 we gave them the country. We gave them everything we whites have build up in this country. We gave them cities, towns, infrastructure, clothes, shoes, cars and civilisation. We shared everything we worked hard for in this Country. We thought they were civilized enough to be able to rule a country. After 22 years of their rule, the country has fallen to junk status. Everything is ruined. Service delivery is non existent. Municipalities are bankrupt. Strikes and marches is the order of the day. Schools and universities are burned down. Blacks wants everything for free. We had to work hard to own a house and what we got today. We had to take bonds by the bank and repay the loans every month to own a house. They want houses for free. They want education for free. They want all medical aid for free. They want everything for free. When seperate development was introduced to see if they are civilized enough to develop and rule on their own, they could not. They wanted what we developed for free. They fu”‘ed up the country. They stole the money. Even the president stole money. They kill the farmers who feeds them and their children. Farmlands were given to black farmers with aid to farm but everything went to ashes. Farm houses were broken down. Implements were sold as scrap. My point is, if we all worked together to make this country a success, we would still have been the most developed country in Africa. The poor should have been uplifted. Racism should not have existed. Racist laws should not exist. We would have been the most prosperous country in Africa. But where are we now????? On the brink of junk status. On the brink of civil war. Anarchy and genocide. Leaders with NO leading abilities. Leaders who steal. Corrupt leaders and corrupt police and traffic officers. Bad medical service and i can go on and on. Who cares??? Nobody.

    • Gerhard

      I care….

      the same is happening to USA.

      europe is now learning from its “refugee” crisis… 3rd world jihadists who are invading the continent, destroying raping, killing…with permission from stupid leaders….europe is being pillaged.

      it is a tough lesson that incompetent primitive people will prefer to remain incompetent, and will want everything for free from those who are smarter and more productive.

      the only thing we can try to do is take back the country.

      in the USA it might be possible, but in SA it would be harder, as you are outnumbered.

      I have no advice or strategy….seek god’s wisdom, help and protection

      group together for safety

      I think this world as we know it is about to be destroyed, and we have to keep our wits about us

  104. Hi.

    I just found this site. I dont know what to say. My husband doesnt really want to leave SA as he still has family here. I on the other hand want to leave for my childrens sake and the fact that I can not get a job here. But where do we go? Where is it safe to raise your kids and be financially stable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My husband is a Poultry Farm Manager.

  105. I just ran across this site and am on my way to work now so will have to revisit to read more comments this evening, but perhaps the following website might be helpful if it hasn’t already been posted.

  106. Hi
    My name is Nicky. We also want to leave SA. My husband is a qualified Motor Mechanic. We want to move to Australia but because our Son has autism our Visas will be denied.
    Is there any country that will accept an autistic child. My husband is a hard worker. We would appreciate any information. Thank you.

    • nicky

      that is a good trade to have. I did not know visas would be denied to autistic children. are you sure? please check on this.

      you can also try ireland…they do not require a visa.

      US requires a visa , I think, but I am unaware of this kind of restriction

  107. Hi to all
    My name is Nicholas Nel. I’m married, have two children and have 22 years mining experience. I’m 42 years old. I’m pleading with any one to please contact me with any help to relocate my self and my family to any where out of this country. I’m willing to start from the bottom and work my way up so I can provide for my family. Please and thank you.

    • nico

      I have a local church that can provide temporary housing for people coming from south africa. you would need a visa to come to USA.

      but I do not have any mines around me to work in..there are other states that do

      ireland does not require a visa if you need to leave quickly

      • Hi Marriane.
        Thank you very much for your email. I will most certainly keep in touch with you. I got some info from a friend regarding a possible opportunity in England. But yes, being white in SA is like Russian roulette at this stage. Hopefully I will come right but I will stay in touch with you. Thanks again for your help.
        Yours sincerely
        Nico Nel

  108. Hmm, hard to address this.
    Not sure if this helps

  109. Hi Marianne,
    Which church can provide temporary housing for us?
    What is the address and which area?

  110. Pls help me I have lost all,my home car ,I need someone to help me get a home and a car and start again pls I am desparate. Please.Kathy 0827978441

  111. Hi Marianne , do you have an email address I could please speak to you on ? Regards Gary

    • gary

      sorry for the delay. the website is supposed to send me a copy of each comment and somehow I did not get yours

      hit reply when you get this email

  112. Hallo is this site still operational?


    • johan

      yes it is…..

      • Marianne

        Thank you for your reply,
        What is the possibility of me and my wife moving out of South Africa and relocate in the USA?

        I am 57 healthy very fit and been running our own business for 21 Years,If possible it would be my intention to work as hard as possible and share my vast knowledge and experience in the information communication and technology industry,i don`t intend living from grants and plan to be self-sufficient as soon as possible.

        We both are fluent in English and Afrikaans.

        Your Thoughts on this would be appreciated.

        Kind Regards


        • johan

          a visa of some sort is normally required to enter. to stay you would need to identify a job in the usa. that is the normal way. with all this refugee business going on, refugees with NO visa, that way could be possible,.

          christian refugees were rejected under president obama, and muslims accepted.. with the new president trump, you may have more options,

          some use a tourist visa to come for 3 months to find a future job, then go back and get a work visa…but do NOT tell the embassy that is what you are doing

          I suggest contacting the US embassy there and find out if things have changed with their rules and preferences. if the obama staff is still there, it will be harder. if they have changed for the better, then they should be able to help you

          it is my understanding that Ireland (and maybe other countries closer to you) does not require a visa to enter. if you had the financial resources, you could move first and identify a job after you moved.

          local to me there are certain websites like craigslist,, that have job openings. there are also local state agencies available for job search help.

          you are in a good field of work. I hope you find a way out of there. feel free to contact me further

          there is a local church that is willing to provide temporary housing for people coming from south africa

  113. Help me out of here i have a 5 year old daughter and fear for her future.

    • niki

      apologies for a late reply. I did not get a notice like I am supposed about your comment.

      please read other comments and replies on this south Africa page

      Ireland is visa free. contact churches there and see if they can help you transition. other visa requiring countries – go to their embassy websites and follow the rules.

  114. Hi Marianne. I am a 58 year old Christian lady. I have been trying to get out since my daughter was hijacked and repeatedly raped in front of my two grandchildren by 4 blacks. I myself have had had my home robbed by knife point. I have been trying to get out as my daughter moved to the UK after the rape. We have tried for me to get in to the UK but it is impossible. I am a Personal Assistant but have been working as an ESL Teacher for the past 3 years, just to get out of the country. I fear for my life and I fear for the safety of my family, who are trying everything to get out as well. I am worried that my age is going to be an issue trying to get somewhere safe. I have tried Ireland but it is very difficult for me to find work especially at my age. I am at my wits end as what to try and where to go. Any help or advice would really be appreciated. My email is

    • marion

      my deepest apologies. I am supposed to get an email when I get comments, so I can respond, but in your case, I did not get one. I am assuming this since I do not see a reply to you. I come to this page occasionally as other comments draw me here. I have 960 pages to monitor.

      there is so much red tape in getting anywhere. can your daughter bring you into the UK under a family visa application? I am not an immigration expert, so I have to refer people to embassy requirements and rules. also, try a visitor visa to see your daughter, and then apply for residence. so study the rules and met the requirements. also I think Ireland does not have a visa requirement and you could go straight there.

      I pray something works out for you. this reply is coming to you late, so I hope you are still safe.

  115. Hi Esteban, i live in south Afrika i have 3 children, and We afford to het get out. We need help to
    Get out

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