Statement of Faith and Vision Statement


This is my statement of faith:

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Vision Statement

To spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth, and to open spiritual eyes, that they may see the Truth of God’s Word.

This is done in the gentleness and love of Jesus, teaching and patience, and by cooperating with the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit in presenting the truth. 

To also encourage repentance of sin, and acceptance of salvation through the atonement of Jesus for us.

And, because I believe we are in the end times prophesied by the Bible, it is my heartfelt burden to educate and prepare the saints for the dangers which lie ahead, so that they can be used effectively to witness to non-believers when trouble comes.

With Jesus inside of them, each person should become a “walking Word of God,” giving good witness to Him that lives within them.

This also means that those saints still on the “milk” of the Word must now learn to partake of the “meat” of the Word.  Spiritual maturity is essential before anyone can be used well.

Fleshly works and thinking must die.  We must die to ourselves, forget we, as individuals exist, and be so absorbed and  overwhelmed by the presence of God, that this presence is all others see when they  meet us.

Praise and worship must be accompanied by the power of God, and the authority of the believer over the enemy.

The world is growing darker, and the enemy has taken his position for the final war.  Battles have already begun.

The saints must be ready for this spiritual conflict, and must put on the armor of Christ, being ready in mind, soul and spirit.

We are to tread on snakes and scorpions, heal the sick, cast out devils, and raise the  dead back to life again.

The greatest harvest is ahead of us. 

No one is “not important” in the kingdom of God.

Each person is crucial to the harvest efforts, and has a unique role and calling.

So, spreading the gospel is not just the work of the leaders, but the entire body of Christ.  

We are all to be leaders among the lost.

I wish to see all saints be vessels of light, and deliverance, for Jesus Christ.

In this way, our Lord can say to each and every one of us, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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