Steve Munsey and his ignorance of the Jewish calendar

Munsey has the practice of finding numerology in the Bible and soliciting funds by what I call number gimmicks. All conclusions invariably have something to do with blessings due to donating money in that particular “number mindset.”

Munsey has claimed that this year, 2008, is an”8” year on the calendar, because there is an 8 in it. So we are to sow in multiples of 8. We will get many blessings if we give 80, 800, 8000, 80,000 etc dollars to his money solicitation.

What is dangerous is that he claims the Holy Spirit is using the modern roman, pagan calendar for his “revelations.” This is a gimmick, and it is not of God. It also insults the Holy Spirit.

God only uses the Hebrew calendar, and it goes in 7 year cycles only…..this happens to be the Shemittah year 5768, which is a sabbatical year of rest.

Shemittah just means to abandon, to leave to lie fallow. So it is really a 7 year, not an 8 year, and we know the Holy Spirit would be aware of that.

As a year of rest, there is no sowing or reaping expected by God.

In 2007, there was supposed to be enough gleaned for the 2 years of 2007 and 2008, and in the fall of 2008, the 1st year cycle will start over again.

What Munsey is teaching is totally against scripture. He is making things up. I bet next year he will use the number 9, with the same promises, because it is the year 2009 on the pagan sun calendar. Isn’t this a bit silly?

This Shemittah year is focused on human dignity, environmental aspects, trust in God, , rejecting the worship of property and money, support of the poor.

As an example the “abandonment of” (Shemittah – Shamot ) does not only have the land in mind, the bible also include debts and loans.

When the Seventh year starts on any Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), all debts and loans are nullified, (between individual people, not institutions). Thus, God has a special way to remove debts, bring forgiveness of debts, and bring physical rest to the land and the person.

Munsey uses this year 2008 to the exact opposite, ie. a year to sow money in special number patterns, so that one may increase in property and wealth, as if materialism, not holiness, is the goal of the Christian.

There is no accuracy in his reasoning. He demonstrates very little understanding and proper interpretation of the Jewish scriptures.

Jesus made it very clear in his parable of the sower, that the seed was real, living seed, which represented the Word of God.

If he had wanted it to have a materialistic interpretation, he would have had the sower sow coins into the soil, so they could sprout more money.

We must all remember that the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom, and it is not made of dollar bills.

To encourage others in what may be a financially difficult time for them, I want to remind them where it says:

Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Jesus was saying that God will care for us if we put Him first, and obey Him.

Jesus also said

Mat 6:26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Mat 6:28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

We can see in nature, that the animals do not sow nor reap, yet God provides for them. So we should be confident also, that sowing is not required for us to receive God’s provision.

All God wants is our love and obedience, faith in His son Jesus, and for us to show mercy to others in need. If we will do that, we can have confidence that our heavenly Father will take care of us, and send us what we need.

Be encouraged. For those that are faithful, everything will be ok.


60 Responses to “Steve Munsey and his ignorance of the Jewish calendar”

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  2. 1 John 1:4 says “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world”. We are also encouaged to ‘prove all things‘ (1 Thess 5:21). There is only one way to ‘test the spirits’ and ‘prove all things’ and that is to line up everything with scripture.


  3. Hi derek ( again- 🙂 )

    it is good to hear from you again.

    I just posted what I did about Munsey and the Jewish calendar, because I hear it every year, and it is so silly. I just cannot understand why the network allows it, and people actually believe him.


    • Hey thts mi pastor u r talking about so hush your mouth

      • Most of Munsey’s followers are uneducated and blindly give their paychecks to Munsey while he lavishes in a huge home, travels the world in first class and boasts luxuries for him and his wife (oh and plastic surgeries)…

  4. just think if sowing a seed and god will give you a 100 fold return. how come these tv preachers dont use the same principle and not ask for money…..

  5. Shalom!!,

    All I have to say is that all of these word of faith pastors are going to get what is coming to them. They are all without a doubt “FALSE PROPHETS”. They feed on the ignorance of people looking from God. Steve Munsey, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, and Crefto Dollar are just a few to mention among the wicked pastors. I feel sorry for them come judgment day.

  6. I believe that we(Christians in America)don’t give enough to the Lord but need not do so for earthly gain but as a sacrafice to the God.And we are saved by grace and in no way can purchase anything the Lord has offered us but can only receive by accepting His Son,Jesus Christ,as our Lord and Saviour. And I believe that Christian TV has good things on it that reach many lost souls that might not receive the gospel any other way. I also believe that ‘I’ should’nt watch too much of it,although God speaks to me through it,sometimes it’s too much. I must stay in God’s word and in prayer and when I do watch TV use the Lord’s judgement to determine what’s sound doctrine.

  7. I just plain don’t understand how ANYONE could buy into this evil get rich quick scheme that Steve Munsey and his ilk spout. It is so plain to see the greed in the ever changing amounts of money that Mr Munsey claims God told him to tell the sheeple….Answer me this….Have all the folks that have given to Mr Munsey, you know, some of the people that Steve can ‘feel’ are getting the blessing from giving to him, have they all been blessed with all the money they will ever need because they gave to him? How does he feel at night after he has pressured hurting souls and told them to go more into debt on their credit cards to give him more riches….Wake up folks!! Of the money they get they do give a small amount to the poor to make it look good but you KNOW as well as I do that their lavish life styles show the REAL reason for them wanting your money. Every sermon they give is 90% about giving them money to buy God’s blessing. Even thou they tell you that you cant buy God’s blessing, they turn right around and tell you you can get 30, 60, 100 fold depending on the amount you give….LOL…. These are the Wolves and false prophets the Bible tells us of….please, give your money (if you have it to give) directly to the poor or to non-profit folks that truly help the poor. Dont listen to these liars and their ‘seed’ lies. You dont need to give anything to Jesus but your faith and trust to be blessed. Money means nothing to Him and He certainly doesn’t require any from us….may God have mercy on Steve Munsey and I just hope one day he will come out and repent and leave Satan behind….

  8. Marianne….I have been watching a lot of these WoF preachers on TV and I have never been so appalled, and perhaps a little depressed, as I have been lately. The sadness that I get for all the people sitting in a huge church getting clobbered with the prosperity gospel (and actually applauding totally false doctrine being spewed out by these twisters of the Word) is very real. Recently, I happen to see this wolf again (S. Muncey) on the Insp. Network live from Jerusalem with Morris and his side kick son David Cerullo. Mr Muncey had the NERVE to call Morris Cerullo an Apostle of God…..I almost threw up. Here was Morris trying to hawk his so called ‘Bible’ coming up with a number of people that he said God told him about to send in $900… know they are working over the last of the 9 numbers for 2009. Can’t wait to see how they start trying to work in the number 10….lol…. It got me wondering….Do you think these vipers ever think of the consequences of their actions when judgment day comes? Since most are very well read on Bible verse they must see that the money gospel is a sham. Do they not have ANY concern for all those they are leading astray? Why is it so obvious for some to see through fakers while others are so blind? Is it just pure greed on both the giver and listeners part? Lots of questions and any response would be welcome……thank you for this site and may God bless

    • hi rev jack

      people have become apostate. They run to hear gospels that appeal to their lusts and tickle their ears. That is why there will only be a remnant left for Jesus to return to.

  9. I know the people only want to be lead and not read for themselves and I have sadness for them, but my question is about these false teachers of which there are many and their motives are questionable.

  10. I’ve been knowing Steve for over 40 years. What saddens me is that at one time, the man was full of the spirit of God and was a great minister. He’s done like many others. Sold out to the greenback and to church numbers. God help him. As his dad once told me as a young minister myself, “the worse enemy to a man’s soul is a minister that won’t preach the truth”. From what I gather, his dad, Frank Munsey has pretty much sold out himself. I know there’s a forgiving God and hope they realize it soon.

    • dear anonymous.

      Just pray for him. I also have known someone on TV for a long time too, and he has also strayed. It hurts and frustrates me to watch him. I try to write letters to awaken him, but it does no good.

      Since these men have established ministries, they can do much for the kingdom if they are on track, as opposed to others, who have no way of reaching people.

      Prophecy states that even the very elect would be deceived. But the blame is not just on them. It is also much more on the flesh oriented congregations that are hungry for money and prosperity and success…If the congregations did not reward and reinforce the false teachings, the false teachings would cease. There would be no profit in it. It is, for now, an unbroken cycle of blindness.

      If you know Steve, then do what you can to pray, and communicate to him what is in error. This might take repeated attempts. You might be ignored and rejected for it, but keep trying. Maybe something will sink in, and he will wake up to what he has been doing.

      Right now, each person, no matter what their status in ministry is, is important to God. We have to do our best to help them get back on track.

  11. Many years ago, this scripture puzzled me. I couldn’t understand how such a thing could take place. Now I do ….
    Matt 7:21-23
    “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ NKJV

  12. Thanks Rebecca for reminding me of that scripture…. it is a very timely one to describe what Mr Munsey does…..I just saw him again this morning and now he is working over the number 10 (surprise, surprise…lol). When will the sheeple stop sending this con man money? I sit amazed watching the same old bunch, Mike Murdock, Steve Munsey, Ken Copeland, ‘Apostle’ (cough, cough,) Fred Price, Benny Hinn….et al. Speaking of Benny Hinn I see he is getting a divorce…I wonder….will he step down as a church leader now? hahaha ….SURE! and give up the money machine he runs now…aint gonna happen.

  13. Hi–you’ve written a great blog post. Steve Munsey is pretty blatant with his errors. And he does this stuff most often at Passover and the Jewish High Holy Days–which is an absolute disgrace. I wonder what Moses and Aaron would have done with him, twisting the Scriptures like that! Munsey might have suffered the same fate as those who worshiped the Golden Calf at Sinai–only HIS ‘Golden Calf’ is green (as in money)! What can be done for the poor sheeple who swallow this nonsense whole?

    • hi Patricia

      It takes some people awhile to catch on, because they are in the flesh themselves. They want to hear what he says, that they can give a donation and get rich. So they will have to suffer for their greed before they wake up. Also, they will eventually run out of money, and see that no miracle has happened yet.

  14. look um hope that steve musey see all you people in heaven cause his gonna bethere i hope your there u think it ah fake how could u have people fund wickedness but it somthing wroug with sow to god u think all these high powered people dont no about god they have ah job to brainwash any christian form an whoever is againsgt the word of god o boy lol youll just been part of the devil the whole is based on good and evil from day it showw now matter what calender when u have a minister u have to understand what ah ministry is if u dont wantr to no dont speak nothin about bad abot any cause lolo what goes around comes ah around u said about bad u r gettin back ummm show u what church folk could teach u carnal mindpeople what mess u spread will bring back just has much demon in ya life so laugth at ya self god no whar steve is doin an ya talk about one of the best pastor i hope thar god has mercy on u read ya bible god say seek an u shell find what ever u feed ya mind into dont let it be bad cause that what gonna manifest what we should be worry about no we worry about god people alone go hand out wit the devil people they would show u even more then me u like they are gonna say go church no they want to destroy the work of god n ouestion thast look at the top look at they root um research they history of these GOVERNMENT people them um ya better off running to the church unless ya one of them influenced or brain wash an the stuff um read to keep going against god people u need serious concelin cause ya missing out on reallly blessing an ya faith according to ya faith so think ya gonna walk throught life escaping god keep seeking u havnt seked the right way

  15. Wow….who ever taught you how to write and punctuate should be ashamed of themselves. I can’t make heads or tails of what you are trying to say but your the one that sounds brainwashed….sorry

  16. Munsey pimps Jesus and Jews for money….listen to his nonsense and see how he dresses, lives, travels, etc…then research the needs of his congregation and the community…..what a scam artist.

  17. Pastor Steve Munsey is my Pastor and I am a Pastor.
    None of these accusations are true. You will be accountable for the words that you speak. THIS IS GOD’S PASTOR AND HE IS A MISSIONARY AND has HELPED PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.
    We serve a God that wishes all may prosper and be in Good Health as our soul Prosper.
    We serve a God of the Increase.
    Ask yourself the question, Do you have a personal relationship with God or Have you committed yourself to the Lord as Pastor Steve Munsey have.
    Are you willing to commit to God, and Pray day and night for the People all across the world.
    Take a look at yourself and give your heart to Jesus!

    • dear Dr. Evans

      I am not wrong, not am I carnally minded. I already belong to Jesus.

      I have heard Steve Munsey teach falsehood consistently for years.

      He distorts Hebrew traditions for money. He makes money off the poor.

      His god is Baal.

      As someone with a Jewish background, I KNOW he is wrong.

      His treatment of the Torah is a disgrace.

      I could make a long list of his false teachings, but I wrote about this one issue only.

      If you are a “doctor” you went to the wrong school. A doctorate should indicate someone capable of critical thinking and analysis of facts, not gullible acceptance of melodramatic distortions of scripture.

    • I feel sorry for anyone who thinks steve munsey is a true pastor hes a wolf among the sheep i will pray for him but i also want to laugh

  18. Shanda
    Not knowing who Steve Muncy is at all…Has he ever preached a sermon on how we are called to suffer for Christ? How we will be persecuted for our beliefs? Hated by this world? Or How “the things of this earth will grow stangely dim” (Old Hymn) when we are in arelationship with God?

    • dru

      he is a paid scam artist….only ignorant people follow him. TBN uses him to make wild promises to people in exchange for donations.

      He is famous for his Passover scam and atonement scams.

      On the day of atonement no serious Jew would ever touch money on a holy day…..yet he tells people to bring money to the altar for miracles.

      He has no clue what passover is about…but he uses it to make money.

      • What you are saying is falsehood. Very rarely does Pastor Steve even talk about money. He doesn’t raise multiple offerings per service. He teaches on the principles in the word. I have sewed passover offerings, it’s all there in the word. There is scripture to back up everything Pastor Steve preaches. I pray that your eyes are opened. He is a man of great faith. If you actually knew him your opinion would change. I don’t understand why you would choose to slam another ministry. We are all part of one body, one kingdom. We all have the goal to show people the way to Jesus Christ. Every ministry has a different approach, but the word is the same. Trust me we will not be segregated by denomination in Heaven.

  19. You will know a man by his fruit. You don’t grow a church to be one of the largest churches in America. (Number 22) on the list without the presence of God. I know this man, he is God’s anointed. I have been close for years, seen this man give the shirt off his back for someone, I have seen him go into prisons and hospitals and weep for those who are sick, dying, and incarcerated. He is not perfect and neither are you. Why do you spend your life being a bully behind a computer. Anyone can be bold behind a keyboard. It takes guts and passion to preach and teach. It is sad that you even have a voice, when you probably have nothing better to do than to criticize others who are making a difference. How many people do you feed a year? FCC feed’s over 35,000 people a year. How many prisons have you visited? How many sick people have you prayed over? HOw many missionaries do you support in other countries. The sad thing is, you don’t even know YOU are the one being deceived. The enemy is using you to cause division in the kingdom. You should probably spend less time on your computer judging who is and who is not of God, and more time acting like Jesus. Why don’t you get off the couch and go feed the poor. Or better yet, when is the last time you prayed with someone or witnessed to them? God did not send you to earth to be judging other people. Take the big old log out of your eye before you start looking at specks in other people’s eyes. You were created for a destiny and a purpose, sad to think your mission in life is to point a finger at a man you think is a false prophet. Why don’t you let God be the judge in that let him be Jesus and you be you. You don’t sit at the right hand of the father and do not have the authority to condemn anyone. Be careful on your words because you to will answer for your judgement. My prayer is that you forgive, and release what ever is causing you to act out this way… God has better things for you to do than this…

    • Munsey lies about the bible.

      I cannot help him, or sit by silent, as he cheats people.

      We are entitled to make righteous judgments.

      Deceiving people to help the poor is not justifiable.


  21. Let me say here that your statement that God only uses Jewish calender is not correct. God in his omipotency, can and will use anything he seems fit to use. He once used a donkey to speak his will to a prophet. so boxing God in a theological train is absolutely a misrepresentation.

    Secondly, you said all that is required of us is to love and obey God and he will take care of us, we don’t need to sow. whao. How do you define obedience? if it is carrying out an instruction, then the bible is full of specific instructions about giving and receiving. Gal 6:7. Malachi 3. Gen 8:22, Ephesians 4:28.
    what aperson gives is representative of the economic systems of that era. during the dispensation of the prophets, from Abraham to John the baptist, the primary measure of economic well beign is crops and animal. So the tithe and offering mentioned in Malachi is a representative of these measures.
    if you jump to the 21st century dispensation, you will find that even though we still have crops and animals, the primary measure of economic worth is your dollar bill. Hence the tithe and offering and any giving would be more convenient to be in those measures.
    Giving instead of receiving, sowing is a way of obeying the instructions of God and is not a man made coercion or mandate as you have stated. I believ this is the true stand of the scriptures irrespective of whatever interpretational strand we want to defend.

  22. All I can say is it takes lots of money to have several facelifts, breast augmentations, colon cleanses, liposuctions and fake weave, and that is just for his wife…if you ask her, she probably thinks she looks pretty darn good, the opinion of the rest of us is that she looks pretty ridiculous. Cold, calculating and non-Chritian like would be a few adjectives to describe this woman as well, not to mention hidious and fake looking. I think between the wife and step-child (daughter) he just gave up long ago. At one time Steve Munsey “was” a man of God, now he is “just” truly tormented. If you cannot run your own household, how on earth do you run a church? This church is nothing more than a place for several thousand to take their money and be fed a bunch of lies and untruths, bordering very closely on the edge of cult.

    • hi paula

      That is one reason you will never see me ask for donations here on the site, or even off site. Money ruins the call of God. I do all this for love.

  23. Thts my pastor so any haters get ready to be smaked

  24. Pray Pray AND ALLOW GOD BE THE TRUE JUDGE!! Every one has stated what there analyses are! Let the wheat and the
    Tares grow together and in the day of harvest , God will do the separating for man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart. So many will go to hell because of our unforgiveness and just like the Pharisees, man would love to judge a man as they did the woman that was caught in adultery and God said those without sin cast the First stone,
    God knows our heart, man does not know the end of a persons life so work out your own soul salvation! This year let us love as God would love!

    • dear pastor shandra

      I agree about the love and judgment.

      this post was not to judge Munsey as a person, but to address his doctrinal errors and behavior in supporting those errors.

      I think we should all pray for him.

  25. I was invited to see the play “Choices” by my best friend (a faithful member)
    & I found it all kinda creepy. The reproduction of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, graveyards, zombies, & all
    with the song beating into the church was especially strange. I didn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings, but I felt better when we got out of there…. & that’s how I found myself here. Praise God for the real kingdom soldiers out here.

  26. Interesting…Let God judge…if one has the Holy spirit it will bear witness of himself. Steve is accepted in circles where Gods power is made manifest…no one that has no power in his life ought to judge…no power means empty cloud with rain…even Jesus was accused of performing miracles by Demons…”Ye shall know them by their fruits”

    God bless brothers….Jesus lives….and if that does not show then doubt….The things of God need to be proved ….not just criticized at a distance…again …is God being manifest in Christ in your life…examine and try yourselves first…then inform me….

  27. Steve Munsey truly believes he is the answer. He interacts with ghosts and blames the church. He seems to know everything already. He probably knows everyone that comments here already. When you get close he becomes your new father. He cannot comprehend someone in front of him, so he creates a separate idea called “up close and personal.” You can count to 5 and he is patting you on the back like he is helping someone swing on a swing set in a park. You are blessed to be not seen. Your life is his. Do you actually believe in court?

    Court is his greatest sense of humor.

  28. Steve Munsey Lawsuit: Urgent
    I need followers

  29. Recording????
    This pastor that appears so beloved seems to have a very horrific experience with someone holding a camera. Not sure or when and where it happened. A person holding a camera is going to need Flashers. This person (Whoever) is not in the know of a Steve Munsey sighting. I was in his said TV Ministry at one point. He sure made himself clear. I made a hit record on his stage, that never seemed release.

    To answer the question: I ironically have no real relation to him. There is no such thing as a position, so articles are more insulting than they are helpful.
    I have another question: Is Jewish (Christianity) the one true religion?
    Followers (LOL)
    Keep up the work your doing. This seems to be some real credit for a change.
    P.S. This is for your own read, I am not looking for anything in particular.

    • christopher

      I follow what was originally called “the way” in the bible

      it goes back to the original teaching that jesus is the way, the truth and the life….it precedes organized religion with hierarchies and demands for tithes to support self called preachers….and yes, it is jewish in nature..and adopts no pagan feasts in its observance…. everyone is a preacher and messenger for the gospel, not just a select few who get paid salaries, or personalities that jump around in front of cameras and say crazy things to get donations.

      I am on facebook too, to some extent

      I never ask for money. I find it horrifying that people make money off the suffering and death of jesus….I serve jesus out of love, not for profit.

  30. Steve Munsey (Response)
    Steve Munsey ((Tax)
    Steve Munsey (Stage)
    Steve Munsey (Screen)

    Too Much?

  31. Steve Munsey (?)

  32. Verse?

  33. Jesus?

  34. How about this?

  35. ?

  36. Hmm.

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