Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico


Summary of the effects of asteroid impact on not just Puerto Rico, but the United States, Mexico and South America. Prophet Efrain Rodriguez.

I am attaching a file that can be downloaded. Also some videos for people who prefer videos over reading.

Some information seem to be from consultation with American scientists at FEMA, NASA.


Asteroid will approach from the east, heading west, and strike on west side of Puerto Rico in the sea.

12.0 earthquake

Earth rotation will stop for 3 days and western hemisphere will be dark for 3 days. Eastern hemisphere will have opposite experience.

1000 ft tsunami will hit west coast of Puerto Rico about 2am.

Large wave will travel to Miami by 5 am, and to New York by 8 am.

Wave could travel from 25 miles to 100 miles inland as it travels. (Terrain and elevation may be a factor)

Wave will go in all directions from point of impact, which is ground zero.

Height of wave could be from 500 ft high at Miami to other heights in other locations.

Seems to occur in 2014, imminent.

FEMA camps and coffins are ready for millions of deaths. US Army is in Puerto Rico, set up with missiles to try to shoot at asteroid.

Epidemic and pestilence will start during the 3 days of darkness.

Judgment occurs in this nation due to sins of the people.

Pastors have been silent.

President of US is responsible for much of this disaster due to bad sins and evil laws, challenging God, and hurting Christians. He is offensive to God, and will be punished. Homosexuality and abortion are GREAT sins. Homosexuality mocks God, and rainbow covenant with Noah, with its flag.

All nations of earth will be affected, especially with the epidemic.

Nation still belongs to YHVH. God is greater than man’s government.

Troops will be moved to safer areas. Martial law will be in effect.

Those close to God will be protected, but many Christians will die also.

After the wave, the water will return to its place.

Prepare spiritually. Repent and get close to God. Only prayer will save you. Not material things.

Beware of the health care “mark.”

Let Obama keep his chip.

Pray when you are sick, asking elders to pray with you. This is the old way.


Open Pdf File:

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Marianne’s disclaimer.

I think this is a combination of both a word from the Lord and a word from the government mixed in. 

US Government gave him some feedback, and government sources have been less than honest about all this.  Original prophecy did not  have a date, like a specific year.  And it did not say 12.0 earthquake. 

All it said was that an asteroid would fall in the ocean.  I am not sure either about the 3 days of darkness here either.  The bible teaches about a fiery mountain that crashes in the sea with many killed. this is the 2nd trumpet. 

The bible does not say anything about time stopping for 3 days.  It does say that the sun will turn dark, and the moon red, while stars fall from the sky at the 6th seal…but this precedes the 2nd trumpet.

It does not say how long this will last, and maybe it will be 3 days.

My sense is that this will not happen this year, 2014, but maybe a different year.  I may be wrong, so we will wait and see.

best advice is to ALWAYS be prepared, both spiritually and physically.

Note september 4, 2014 

I checked his facebook page.

regarding 3 days of darkness, that came from “Expert” sources

65 Responses to “Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico”

  1. And people here (Northern California) think this morning’s 6.1 was a nightmare. Just wait for the 12.0. I can’t even imagine one of that magnitude.

    • I think it will open up the new madrid fault….also

      shock wave will be westward toward mexico and california…to increase earthquake activity

    • Time is up now , please pay much attention to pastor Sadhu’s message. – the destiny of America.

      It is time to pray and repent , pray for our young generation , our children and America.

      Also pray for the salvation, deliverance and healing for gay people.

      Also pray and ask God ban the gay marriage in America.

      PLEASE listen and watch Pastor’ Sadhu’s message video. you will know the reason.

      God want us to teach our children to become Godly offspring.

      God does not allow homosexuality, God does not allow gay marriage. God define marriage as one man and one woman unit.

      According to pastor Sadhu’s message,

      “In the end time, why homosexuality become so popular , The main reason is that devil want to destroy and defile our children. enemy come to destroy and kill .

      More seriously, homosexuality activity is form of practicing witchcraft. ( this statement is confirmed by another genuine prophet.)

      It is form of worshiping devil,

      Why gay people want to adopt children ?

      It would populate more gay population in the world.

      It would make the wickedness spread out like wild fire around the world.

      devil’s main purpose is to destroy children. “

      we could not image why most of people (except Lot’s family ) were gays in the city of sodom and gomorrah . (book of genesis) , it happened in the old days.

      when the city was defiled by the sins, God sent judgement over that city.

      God Have Mercy on America !

      note : there is no one born as gay ,

      God can heal all kind of brokeness.

      check the website to receive healing .

    • Daily Prayer Prompts
      We invite you to join us individually or corporately and declare the daily prayer prompts below:
      •The Needs of the Homeless – to see from their perspective their situation and cry out for transformation into Christ’s image
      •Drug Abuse and Alcoholism – Declare that the lines of connections, sellers, etc, will be cut off destroying all suppliers of drugs in San Francisco and beyond.
      •Broken Families and a Fatherless Generation Lift of the children of broken and fatherless families covering them with the love blanket of their heavenly father
      •Prostitution and Sex Trafficking – That we would truly see the spirit behind prostitution, which is ancient (connected to spirit of Babylon) and the destruction of a Joshua generation of transformers stopped, may they be broken free and lead the way for the NEW Jesus Movement

  2. so be it.

  3. I heard in another video that scientists told Efrain they expect asteroid to be 5 miles in diameter.

  4. I’ve always had a hard time believing in this guy. He says things that catch my eye, but the way he presents himself throws me way off in left field.

    He says God chose him personally. He says God tells him secrets. He says the rapture will happen after the asteroid at some short time.

    He said immediately a tragedy would happen after that evangelist would pass. He also says things like “on behalf of God” like he is speaking for God or something. He also compared himself as righteous as Noah.

    There are a lot of things he has done that haven’t set right with me. I am not here to discredit the man, but some things don’t sit right with me.

    Hey he may be right about the asteroid. I will just keep watch.

    • most prophets are disliked, we will very soon find out if he is a messenger from god or not. if not,is the case, then we should not accept anything this man ever says afterwards. i find his words to be the truth as far as what the world has become and it’s leaders. as stated; we all will know within 30 days, so i would be ready to meet the lord.


  6. CIA Analyst: We Are All Gonna Die! 😦
    What Does He Know That We Don’t Know?


  8. instructions

  9. Shot over the bow?

  10. Someone is lieing big time. Nothing could hit the earth and cause it to stop rotating for 3 days and then start up again. Something that big might tear a chunk of the crust off but the earth’s core would continue to rotate. Plus once the earth would stop rotating, there would be no available mechanism or force to start it rotating again. Try spinning a basketball on your finger, then whack it and see if you can get it to stop for a bit and then start spinning again on its own. You realize there is no gigantic hand out in space to get the earth spinning gain once it’s stopped.
    This whole blog is bogus. There is no asteroid. This is a hoax. If you believe this you’re just another gullible fool. If ever such an asteroid is discovered it will be up all over the news night and day.
    But for right now there is nothing to worry about.
    Trust me.

    • jim

      we actually agree on something…I do not think as asteroid, which is likely since they happen all the time, would stop the rotation of the earth, which would then start up again after 3 days. what would make it start again?

      people are trying to explain a prediction of 3 days of darkness…

      right now the only thing that could cause darkness is an eclipse of the sun….normally eclipses do not last but a very short time….so anything else causing it would be unusual…like a planet passing in front of the sun..

      right now the only candidate for that is venus, but is has never done that before that I know of.

      so the object would have to be unusual….planet or huge asteroid,…but that is not proven yet

  11. I can’t wait! Its going to be a hoot!

  12. Hello to you & your crew & staff members. I have been thinking about this event that maybe taking place around the time of Sept 26-28th 2015. I am providing you with stories & a scripture from the Book of Revelations. What I am thinking is that this all falls into place, & will occure in this time line period.
    Book of Revelations
    Sixth Seal: (6:12–17)
    When I saw the Lamb break open the sixth seal there was a great & violent earthquake where “the sun becomes & turns black as a goat’s-hair tentcloth, and the moon grew red like blood” (6:12).
    The stars in the sky fell crashing to earth like figs shaken loose by a mighty wind. Then the sky disappeared as if it were a scroll being rolled up (6:13–14).
    Every mountain and island is uprooted from it’s base & moved out of place (6:14).
    The kings of the earth, the nobles & those in command, the wealthy & powerful,the slave & the free–all hid themselves in caves & in the mountain crags. (6:15).
    They cried out to the mountains and rocks, fall on us, so as to hide them from the “wrath of the Lamb” (6:16).
    The great day of their vengeance has come.

    Here are all the websites that talk about people & the Government moving into underground hide-outs.
    The last eclipse of the tetrad (Blood Moon) will occur on September 28, 2015.
    Please go over & look at all these articles, & I believe this all makes perfect sense..
    Prophet Efrain Rodriguez: The Asteroid Prophecy-An Urgent Call From the Lord
    I just wanted to help you all out, & hope you can save yourself from not knowing what’s coming.. I wish you the very best & many blessing to you..
    Best Regards Robbie..

  13. that would be right before God’s final return, not the rapture. when the people ask the mountains to fall on them to hide them from he who livith forever and ever, the rest of your comment could possibly fit in with an impact. to a point, you are using multiple verses which pertain to final judgement times, the last and final return. the rapture has to happen prior to this, then the beast and false prophet come into play, this is all prior to the great day of the lord.

    • I am so happy to hear from you….I was wondering how you were doing

      • sorry for being away so long Marianne. i missed talking with you,to. still having really serious serious pain in my left arm and left leg but hoping new p.m. clinic i will be going to in about 3 weeks will provide better pain medication. i can really use prayers from most of the people on this site, all are close to God and that makes a big difference in prayers for one and another. i will do my best to post more often. God bless you and keep you in the palm of his Mighty hand.

        • that is ok…just concerned about you.

          you have my prayers for healing and pain control

        • John, may I suggest you also listen to some of the sermons at

          Most are about healing and pain. Some of the other doctrines taught on that website are wrong, but the healing and sickness teachings are spot on. For example, did you know that, besides healing us, Jesus also bore our pain,? – So we don’t need to have pain!

        • John – I echo with Marianne, it is good to hear from you, your contributions are always important. I hope this other PM clinic helps.

          My primary care doc, in addition to the opiate I am on, prescribed gabapentin (neurontin) for some leg pain I was having. It is an anti seizure medicine but docs found that it also helps some people contain certain kinds of pain.

          Just an FYI. I pray you find the relief you are seeking. It can be such a nightmare just finding an MD who understands and is educated properly on how pain affects different people.

          • i cannot take gabapentin or lyrica, they tried both of those several years ago at different times and i gained 20 lbs. in less then one month, on each of them so those two are not even in the picture for me. and yes i know jesus bore are pain, and i have prayed uncounted times for mercy on this. but for some reason it is not to be. all i know is it’s been like this fo 4 years and i am really at that point of thinking; lord; how long am i going to half to live with these kinds of pain levels every single day. i am just completely exhausted every single day from my whole body taking this kind of pounding. i average 7-9 on the pain scale every day.

            • I wish there could be some relief for you

              I have arthritis pain that does not go away either, but I can tell your pain is worse than mine

  14. There has to be a reason for it. Perhaps something may still need to be repented of that you have not made the connection to your pain with. I don’t know of course. I do know Satan often tries to hinder those whom he most hates. But God, regardless of doctors, has to have an answer for you about it.

    “For I am Yahweh, thy physician.” Exodus 15:26

  15. Thank you for the links.

    You’ve provided information that offers no comfort. The Gov. has control. Therefore, it is imperative at this hour to seek Almighty God, through Jesus Christ.

    “Gather yourselves together, yes, gather together, O undesirable nation, before the decree is issued, or the day passes like chaff, before the Lord’s fierce anger comes upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger comes upon you!

    Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld His justice.
    Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden
    In the day of the Lord’s anger” (Zephaniah 2:1-3).

    A prayer for sanctification, dedication and protection of a house, making it a blessed home.

    “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast” (Isaiah 26:20).

    “Father God, I come before you knowing that the blood of Jesus presents me righteous before You. It is in the name of my Savior, Good Shepherd and Lord that I speak sanctification, dedication and protection. Thank you, Lord.

    By the blood of Jesus Christ, I bind every evil spirit that is in this room and command them to flee right now and go where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them.

    I renounce and reject any inch of this house and property that has been yielded or surrendered unto Satan and by faith I take it back and surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    By faith, I claim that this room is covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and no evil spirit can enter it.”

    [Proclaim the above in very room of the house. Next, speak the following at front door of the house.]

    “In the name of Jesus, I dedicate and consecrate this house to my Lord and Satan has no hold on this house, all that is within and the property on which it stands.

    I surrender everything in this house to the Lord Jesus Christ and claim it is under His divine protection including all electrical wiring and plumbing.

    In the name of Jesus, I bind every evil spirit that is in this house by the precious blood of the Lamb and command them to flee, going where the Lord Jesus Christ sends them.

    I claim by faith that everything in this house is covered under the blood of Jesus Christ from the top of the roof to the bottom of the footing and everything in between, especially anything that conducts electricity.

    I claim by faith that this house and the property on which it stands is surrounded by a hedge of protection, a wall of fire, a wall of faith, and covered under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ on all sides, above, and below.

    Father God, I pray that You send powerful warring angels to protect the Four Corners of this house and property, guarding everyone who lives within.

    Thank you Almighty God for the complete victory I already have in Jesus Christ.

    I ask that this house be consecrated with Your divine presence so that everyone who enters will be blessed with spiritual blessings from heavenly places as this house is now a home filled with peace and joy of the Spirit.

    Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth and in this home as it is in heaven.

    In Jesus name, Amen.”

    Adapted from a prayer by Dr. Preston T. Bailey, Jr.

  16. I’ll bet 1000$ that no astroid will hit Puerto Rico in September.
    How can you believe in such rubbish?
    Best regards
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    PS.: there is no god:)

    • kjeld

      I do not think the post said the asteroid would hit in september.

      maybe someone on here thinks that.

      I believe eventually something will hit, but I do not know when.

      I believe this since asteroids, and meteors have hit before

      so an asteroid hitting is not rubbish.

      it is a probability, statistically speaking

      there is a God, it is just that you do not believe in him.

      i hope you change your mind some day

      • How can you explain these link that you included?

        “METEOR will Hit Puerto Rico at SEPTEMBER 24th 2015, Tsunami Expected, The JESUS’s Hour, The Rupture”

        I think someone here is getting an amnesia due to expecting what

        they a “thing from God”. Look, is that your kind of God? He will come

        but first let me throw you an asteroid because “Judgment occurs in

        this nation due to sins of the people.” Seriously? Sins of people? If

        that’s your theory please tell your “God” that if he can throw some

        asteroids first at the whitehouse, CIA, or to George W. Bush’s face?

        Base on my understanding upon reading your statement and

        reasoning, i can say that this is all about Religion, Political & Gender.

        I am not saying that events like these cannot happen, it id and it can.

        But at the end of the day it’s all about science!

        The God i know is not a murderer.


        • stfu

          you seem to have the impression that the god of heaven is a weak kneed pushover, so he will look the other way when people do evil and wickedness, and do not repent

          news flash…god is not a wimpy liberal…..

          the god in heaven is a merciful god, but he is also holy, and does not tolerate sin and rebellion.

          all those who refuse to repent will be destroyed.

          god is not a murderer but he is a just god, and will execute justice against the wicked.

          he created life, and he can destroy it….he is sovereign, and can do what he thinks is best

          • Aren’t we missing something?

            “METEOR will Hit Puerto Rico at SEPTEMBER 24th 2015, Tsunami Expected, The JESUS’s Hour, The Rupture”

            “I do not think the post said the asteroid would hit in september.”

            And i know what to believe about my God.

            Someone here trying to make a quick U-turn.

            Bye then.

            • stfu

              I put up extra links, but if you look at the main post, I did not commit myself to any date and gave a discussion of it.

              I also said I felt his impressions were MIX of god and human “expert” sources, which made parts uncertain.

              it may be possible, since the bible predicts such an event during the time of wrath of god.

              the post I put up did not mention september…..maybe your link did.

              when this might happen, I do not know.

              I go by bible…which i suggest you read for the first time, since you apparently know nothing about revelation’s seals, trumpets and vials.

              • I respect your opinion. Thanks for answering my question.

                And i don’t have any links. lol

                Anyways, i admire your personality and your patience =)

                Being a “single mother with many kids” is not that easy, right?

                But with God always backing you up makes life wonderful!

                We both know what’s behind this cruel world now.

                Courage and Honesty can pay an ultimate price.

                God bless!

                From Philippines.

                • stfu

                  my goal is to help people want to learn the word of god, and to trust god at his word.

                  there are some mysteries in the bible that people discuss, and some prophecies that people argue about, because one could interpret them different ways.

                  but what is really important is to believe in god and know what he says is true, even if we do not understand him.

                  to believe in him requires us to know what he has said, so we know what to believe.

                  I encourage you to read the book of revelation. it describes the end times which we are in now

                  I first read it when I was 17 years old, and it amazed me. that was 50 years ago, and I am still amazed at it.

                  we have to remember that life is short, and we may die before any asteroid hits us… that is why the date is not as important as being born again through faith in jesus, who died, to take away the punishment for our sins, and make us acceptable to god the father.

                  I love the Philippines…this is where my parents first met, and fell in love. I have warm feelings for the people there.

  17. you are all f*cking stupid pr*cks

  18. I believe it will happen very imminently. Any day now. Please pray for America and that gay marriage will stop and abortion will be over.

  19. Only a year out.

    There’s a prediction of one hitting on September 23, which it is in Puerto Rico – for another 28 minutes.

    I’ll get back to you shortly.

  20. lmao we still here

  21. Glad to be here still as well. Though, if it was to be the Lord’s, so I go.

    When individuals prophesies about a cataclysmic event, I’d rather hear about it and then make my own impressions as to what I should do, or not do, if anything.

    However, when NASA predicts an event, I sit up straight and take notice. After a little Googling about NEOs (Near Earth Objects) and LDs (Lunar Distances) I found myself back at an interesting site set up by NASA.

    According to NASA’s Earth Impact Table we are set to possibly be hit by an asteroid named, 2016 DY21, on 2019-02-18.39. The “.39” I believe has to do with how far into that day. “.39” is a little over 1/3 of a day, so, perhaps in UTC 8:30 – 9:00a.m.??? The west coast of the US runs 8 hours behind (now 7 hours behind with daylight savings) UTC (or GMT) so, 1:30 – 2:00am PDST, and 4:30 – 5:00am EDST on February 18th, 2019? The kinetic energy at impact is measured in megatons of TNT. This asteroid was measured as having an Energy Impact of 6.44e-01.

    Only “discovered” this year, this asteroid was observed 18 times over 3 days, February 29th – March 2nd. The sigma LOV (Line of Variations) Impact is at 0.000 which means the LOV intersects with the earth. The “Palermo Scale” of -5.74 reflects an event “for which there are no likely consequences.” NASA further computes that there is a greater chance (99.9999%) this asteroid will miss the earth altogether. A 1 in 4,348,000 chance of it NOT hitting, if I am reading all these scales correctly. I am not a scientist.

    But, this is NASA, folks. Another wait and see. I have listed a few websites below, or just Google NEOs. As for me, I do my best to stay present in the present and to do what is in front of me in service to our Lord.


  22. I think I got dumped in your spam folder, Marianne, as my post had some web site references.

  23. Y’all crazy. Go back to school and finish your education.

  24. news on asteroid breakup

  25. Date impact i will say 01/10/2017.. 18.61733 months later time 13:14:36 Puerto Rico. ..

  26. small one hit

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