Super Moons


The coming Super Moon (which is also known as a Full Worm Moon) will be so extreme (221,566 miles away) that a similar event hasn’t been seen since 1993 – it’s almost an Extreme Super Moon.

There are opposite opinions as to whether this has any significance or not

Super Moon 2011 – March 19th Closest Position in its Orbit to Earth – Amazing Facts



The astronomer Richard Nolle coined the term “Super Moon” which means a new or full moon at 90% or greater of its closest perigee to Earth.

Well on March 19th the moon will be at perigee (its closest position in its orbit to Earth). This will be the closest perigee in 18 years. 

The largest effect will be on the tide which occurs at the full moon every month as the closer to the earth the moon orbits, so the effect on tides increases.

A 5% increase in proximity makes about 20% difference in the power the moon exerts so those in coastal regions should anticipate stronger tides.

An extreme “SuperMoon” is when the moon is full or new as well as at its 100% greater mean perigee (closest) distance to earth.

By this definition, last month’s full moon, this month’s and next month’s will all be extreme “SuperMoons”.

Some largely internet-based claims say such events are related to catastrophies such as extreme siesmic events or extreme weather and some coincidential strong events have happened at the same time as Super Moons, however no definitive scientific research has concluded that.

Opinion 1 : that it is associated with weather changes



According to Nolle’s forecast, from March 16 to March 22 we could see “the usual.” That means:

[A] surge in extreme tides along the coasts, a rash of moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions), and most especially in this case a dramatic spike in powerful storms with heavy precipitation, damaging winds and extreme electrical activity.

Floods are a big part of the picture in this case, although some of these will be dry electrical storms that spark fast-spreading wildfires.

A “perigree” describes the moon’s closest approach to earth in its irregular orbit. “During,” in the context of this article, apparently means “somewhere in the same year, or maybe the one before or after.”

For instance, Cyclone Tracy hit Australia on Christmas Eve, 1974. The closest SuperMoon was on Jan. 27, 1975.

Hurricane Katrina made land on the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, which was 10 days after the SuperMoon for that month.

The 1938 New England hurricane happened on Sept. 21, three weeks after a SuperMoon.

Australia’s Hunter River experienced mass flooding and property destruction in February 1955, two whole months before and after bookending SuperMoons.


A scientist mentions the moon in connection with earthquakes.

Fox news video

Opinion 2: Supermoon – tsunami – earthquake connection disputed by meteorologist.


The Moon Illusion

From the Dark Sky Diary

9 March 2011 Steve Owens

I’ll make a prediction: on or around 19 March, when the so-called “Supermoon” occurs, at its closest approach to Earth in two decades, people will indeed report that the Moon looks much bigger than normal.

But it won’t really be much bigger in the sky at all. It’s all in our heads!


The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit, meaning that it is not always the same distance from the Earth.

The closest the Moon ever gets to Earth (called apogee) is 364,000km, and the furthest is ever gets (perigee) is around 406,000km (these figures vary, and in fact this Full Moon on 19 March 2011 will see a slightly closer approach of 357,000km).

So the percentage difference in distance between the average perigee and the average apogee is ~10%.

That is, if the Full Moon occurs at perigee it can be up to 10% closer (and therefore larger) than if it occurred at apogee.

This is quite a significant difference, and so it is worth pointing out that the Moon does appear to be different sizes at different times throughout the year.

But that’s NOT what causes the Moon to look huge on the horizon.

Such a measly 10% difference in size cannot account for the fact that people describe the Moon as “huge” when they see it low on the horizon.

What’s really causing the Moon to look huge on such occasions is the circuitry in your brain. It’s an optical illusion, so well known that it has its own name: the Moon Illusion.

If you measure the angular size of the Full Moon in the sky it varies between 36 arc minutes (0.6 degrees) at perigee, and 30 arc minutes (0.5 degrees) at apogee, but this difference will occur within a number of lunar orbits (months), not over the course of the night as the Moon rises.

In fact if you measure the angular size of the Full Moon just after it rises, when it’s near the horizon, and then again hours later once it’s high in the sky, these two numbers are identical: it doesn’t change size at all.

So why does your brain think it has?

There’s no clear consensus on this, but the two most reasonable explanations are as follows:

1. When the Moon is low on the horizon there are lots of objects (hills, houses, trees etc) against which you can compare its size. When it’s high in the sky it’s there in isolation. This might create something akin to the Ebbinghaus Illusion, where identically sized objects appear to be different sizes when placed in different surroundings.


Ebbinghaus Illusion – the two orange circles are exactly the same size

2. When seen against nearer foreground objects which we know to be far away from us, our brain thinks something like this: “wow, that Moon is even further than those trees, and they’re really far away. And despite how far away it is, it still looks pretty big. That must mean the Moon is huge!”.

These two factors combine to fool our brains into “seeing” a larger Moon when it’s near the horizon compared with when its overhead, even when our eyes – and our instruments – see it as exactly the same size.

Supermoon Nonsense

9 March 2011 Steve Owens

There seems to be a growing excitement about the “Supermoon” that is due to occur on 19 March 2011, when the Moon will be at its closest to Earth in this orbit, and closer than it has been at any time since 1992.


Moon – not Super

The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit, i.e. it is not perfectly circular, and so in each orbit there is a closest approach, called “perigee” and a furthest approach, called “apogee”.

At this month’s perigee the Moon will be 356,577km away from Earth, and will indeed be at its closest in almost 20 years. But how close is it compared with other perigees?

Let’s start by comparing it to the Moon’s average distance from the Earth, which is ~385,000km. This perigee will be ~8% closer to the Earth than average. OK, that’s a bit closer, but not significantly so.

What about comparing it to the Moon’s average perigee distance, which is ~364,000km. So this “Supermoon” will be ~2% closer to the Earth than it is most months at perigee. Wow!

So what will this mean to you?

Nothing at all.

The Moon will be a few percent bigger in the sky, but your eye won’t really be able to tell the difference.

It will also be a few percent brighter, but your eye will compensate for this too, so altogether this “Supermoon” will look exactly the same as it always does when it’s full.

As to all of those soothsayers claiming that there will be earthquakes and tidal waves.

There very well might be, but they’ll be nothing at all to do with the Moon.


Marianne’s note

So, will this super moon be considered a prophetic landmark for upcoming events?

Or, it is only an astronomical normality?

Sometimes, God uses the ordinary in nature to accomplish his supernatural purpose.

Other times, it is just nature doing what it is designed to do.

More important than watching nature, we should be keeping our minds and hearts on God.

Then, we will be able to interpret whatever comes our way properly.

In the meantime, the sight of a Super Moon is awesome, and beautiful, and is the glory of God revealed to man.

21 Responses to “Super Moons”

  1. In Jesus Christ name I pray that all who read this web sight of Marianne’s and those that are kin to them by blood or marriage are ready whenever our Lord comes for His Bride. I pray that we will all be overcomers. I pray for mercy for Japan and all people around the world during this coming time of trials. I praise the Lord for warning us in His word about this time of sorrow. I pray that we the Body of Christ will
    continue to help whenever and wherever our help is needed. I pray for mercy for those who are in need or hurt . I pray that we can also witness to people about the Good News of the Gospel and that many will accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior during this time. Lastly i thank the Lord for the ministry of Marianne and ask Him to continue to bless her and her family in every way and continue to give her dicernment and wisdom . Amen. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer above . i believe you will answer every word. To you Heavenly Father God be all glory , honor and praise for ever and ever Amen.

    Thanks for all the great articles and information Marianne. You are such a blessing to me . Glad to get the dates about the Fast.

    May God Bless and Be with you all.

  2. I don’t know about you but I intend to stuff as many rocks as I can into my pockets so I’m pulled up into the sky by the moon’s gravity!
    Actually I for one believe that it is possible that the moons tidal forces can tug hard enough on the earth’s crust to possibly trigger an earthquake, but only if one is about ready to happen anyway. It could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak, but it is not a primary trigger for such events. It may be a stronger possibility at new moon phase when both the sun and the moon are tugging in the same direction – the time of “spring tides” A lot also depends on the direction of the fault and the angle of its strike and slip.
    As for the “supermoon” I don’t think it makes that much of a difference overall. And something so common can’t be prophetic. God’s work will be much more spectacular than a full moon at perihelion. And remember this – the moon travels around the earth once a month reaching both apogee and perigee at some point in its journey, just not always at full moon phase. So technically, there is a “supermoon” once every month, so what is the big deal, really?

  3. It’s very painful for us humans to admit that God really judges sin, according to His Word, by using such awful catastrofies as earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. BUT HE DOES! Especially when nations violate His Land Israel. Not because the Jewish peole are perfect, but because of God’s Covenant with Abraham. We will do anything to explain away Gods Hand in painful events.

    Unless….. we realize the holiness of God, and our incredible sinfulness.

    It’s actually grace from the Lord He has not yet completely done away with this world already…….

  4. scientist mentions the moon in connection with earthquakes.

    Fox news video

  5. those pics of the moon above are pretty much what I saw in my dream–maybe the one in my dream was a bit bigger (or maybe it was my shock at seeing it)…in the dream, I could see the craters…a smaller moon (what I thought was our moon) was behind the “in your face” moon at the top left and then the red x was to the left of both of them….it was HUGE!

    What I thought was our moon, being above and to the left of the HUGE moon was not a full moon but you could see part of it…

  6. It’s a documented fact that emergency rooms are in full force during full moons, treating people w/ illnesses, dysfunctional conditions, drug & alcohol abuse, mental illness, etc. in greater numbers & severity. Our bodies are 99% water, we are effected by the gravitational pull of the full moon. It seems only logical the earth is as well. Our heavenly father gives us plenty of signs to show His mighty presence & power. He gives us free will to choose our responses. It’s all about God, isn’t it? God creates the events or allows them to happpen. It is said there are no absolutes in science, but we know there is in our Father God. The cause & effects are beyond our absolute determinations, designed to create a deeper need for faith. The signs & wonders are created by God to get our attention. Those who mock or bebunk these effects don’t understand the moon is a heavenly body, an instrument of God. Let us pray for all in deepest faith & gratitude, fast & repent. Thank you Marianne, may God bless you!

  7. Hi Lyndsey, I am curiious about your dream. Was it related to these types of events?

    • Hey Elle,

      This is my recent dream I had on Feb 17, 2011

      “I was in the midst of a crowd of people spread out over a large area….it was dark and there was chaos…..I “knew” that we had to get to the top of a mountain-highest point-and that Jesus was returning. I was excited and could barely contain my excitement and strong desire to reach the top and then I realized I had to go back for my sons. I hesitated because I didnt’ want to miss what was about to happen (didn’t know what was going to happen but knew something was going to happen that was exciting and of course now I feel guilty for having hesitated)…I ran back down to get the boys and found william in a bed wrapped in a blanket. He was thinner then he is now and I remember thinking that was odd….he is now 105 lbs and he looked like he did when he was younger in the dream. There were 4 female adults in the room with 3 of them sitting on the bed beside William. One of them was very hostile towards me and refused to let me take him…I was intimidated at first and then got angry and told her to get away from my son and I went past them to get to him. I grabbed him and carried him outside where it was still dark and the people were running around. I looked up to the sky and saw a gigantic RED X in the sky…then I saw what I thought was a second moon only larger behind the X to the right…I thought WOW! we now have 2 moons? It was HUGE HUGE I tell you, as if you could reach out and touch it. Then I saw a black man in front of me-he was facing me as he tilted his head upwards with a smile on his face and then he began to be lifted off the ground….then I felt myself and william being lifted off the ground (I was still holding him in my arms and he was still wrapped in his blanket). I then remembered Ashton and while in the air I managed to turn myself around to see if he was behind me…I saw others being lifted off the ground and did not see ashton….my heart paniced…I remember thinking “where is ashton” and then I woke up.”

  8. Hi Lyndsey! What a dream….I wonder if your dream will come back & continue to the point of getting Ashton? And, what could TWO moons represent? What does the RED X mean? But to be lifted off the ground, were you going with Jesus? You were going to heaven?

    • Hey Elle,

      My impression in the dream was that this was the rapture. The man in front of me was praising G-d as he was being lifted off the ground. His head was tilted up and the palms of his hands were upward as we do when we praise G-d. He was smiling and just looked so calm and content amongst the chaos….as if it didn’t matter anymore. The dream was so vivid. I will never forget that dream.

      And when I was able to turn around (still in the air mind you-this was hard to do…lol) to see if Ashton was behind me, I saw so many people being lifted up. It was incredible…..yet I was heartbroken over not seeing Ashton.

      I talk with my son about Jesus and G-d and the angels. He used to stick his fingers in his ears and make noises so as not to hear me….now he is at least listening to me.

      Since this dream, I will say things to him such as “don’t forget what I am about to tell you…this is very important….whoever calls upon the name of Jesus will always be saved…don’t forget that”

      And I am trying to help him memorize John 3:16

      My son is 8. I have always thought the age of accountability was 13 due to the bar mitzvahs?

      The son I was holding is 10 and he has Autism. I have always prayed over my sons since they were born. Last year while praying over Ashton, I “heard” G-d tell me that Ashton was His. So I have this to give me comfort.

      I am hoping this dream was not a “prophetic” dream. I am hoping it is only symbolic…..and so I am looking for clues as to the meanings.

      It did startle me a bit when Gavriel had a similar dream of a huge moon; then Scott was told by G-d that “when you see the moon in your face…I will come shortly after that AND THEN we have a mega super moon coming up on the 20th!!! UGGH!

  9. (Food for thought related to Lyndsey’s dream) Things from God have multiple applications. The following is how it applied to me.

    Darkness represents the ‘world/flesh/realm of spiritual death’ (in the world but not of the world)

    Sleep represents unawareness/blindness/sleeping sleep.. (child was unaware/blind to the reality of the trinity of evil ones who desired to have him…Lyndsey was aware of their hostile intent)

    Moon ….is the lesser light which lights the darkness…lesser since in the dark a little light is equal to the sun during the day. Jesus is the Light which lights the darkness…and he sits at the RIGHT hand of the Father.

    Red X….Red represents the blood. It reminds of the striking of the door posts in Egypt. Since the Moon (Christ.Light) was behind and to the right of the red x…the Red X would be the throne of God (Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father). ‘x’, too, is a sign or symbol of rejection. The ‘blood’ both justifies and condemns (presence justifies/absence condemns).

    Lyndsey represents the Bride who awaits the Bridegroom….in the darkness. The Light of the moon is the oil in her spiritual lamp. But she as the Temple of God is the manifestation of Light..the ‘city set on a hill which cannot be hid’ amidst the darkness. Her desire is propelling her to her place on the hilltop. Keenly aware of the widespread darkness of the world…Her hope…her faith…her delight…her eyes are on deliverance rather than darkness. As the Bride, the Church, the Body of Christ…her desire is to rescue the offspring of God’s man who is ‘bound’ (blanket) in unbelief (sleeping sleep and who are in danger. The one she rescued represents all those helpless sinners who were saved by the Blood of the Lamb/Gospel/Bride. The one she looked for …felt deep concern for…yet did not ‘find’.. represents those lost in the darkness.

    • Thanks Carolyn! That is an incredible interpretation 🙂

      I was thinking upon that dream this evening and wondering of the black man who approached me who was so calm could have been an angel. And wondering if the 4th woman standing in front of my sons bed (to the side) was his angel. Neither one of them said a word to me but I “felt” they were good-not threatening.


  10. I am not sure about the dates given here, but the science is valuable.

  11. New Agers chant on full moons for their Superman to appear. The son of the Sun god. Nimrod returned to rule over a one world government. See Lucis Trust in the UN building.

  12. [audio src="" /]

    • Listening to this audio. Very Very informative-a must listen.

      • ok…this guy is describing my dream…or rather explaining it!!!

        3 days of darkness as a result of this comet/elehin? coming between earth and sun this september!

        He is saying now is the time to forgive whoever you need to forgive and make things right and pray that you will be counted worthy.

        Store food, such as rice, beans, oatmeal, store water, a filter for water (marianne said to use 1 drop of bleach per gallon of water to sterilize it).

        Storing food and water is due to the electricity going out as a result of the magnetic pull of this comet…tail of comet is towards the earth….this is also due near or on Feast of Trumpets! HELLO!

  13. Esther, the Queen, the sign is the Moon, She reflect the Light of Messiah, and saved her people . Purim, today , March 20th, 2011 and the Sign of the Moon being very close to us, God has willed it, that the Woman of Israel, America, shall protect the Jews from Persia, it is Parousia, a sign the Invisible God shall give His strength to prove a Promise God keeps, and this year’s sign of the Moon, means God is close to Israel, and God shall stop Iran and shall stop the threat of nuclear destruction of Israel , and America is the Lady, symbolized in remembrance of Esther. She is Queen, and Purim is the Sign and the Moon is very near.

    • Carmine,

      You seem like a nice person, so I will be nice. There are a lot of Christians in the Military, but the US CFR controled government has earned the wrath of G-d for supporting the terror group known as the PLO, and supplying training with weapons, and money to same.

      The US has turned it’s back on G-d. She floods the world with porn, and the desires of this world. I am confident the USA will be a part of the Anti-Christ’s world government. America continues to turn it’s back on Israel, and will be cursed.

      America is no Queen, she has become a whore.

  14. What’s wrong with porn…or do you find it stimulating. I’m afraid that’s you not the pictures.

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