Supplements for anti viral, antimicrobial

25 Healing Herbs You Can Use Every Day

From my research the  past 6 months

vitamin E, K2.

magnesium 500

lipoic acid

Omega acids

methyl B12.

Selenium 200

vitamin C 1000

Apple pectin powder

zinc 100 mg

vitamin D3 5000 units

B complex

Gaba and ashwagandha to decrease cortisol.

Quercetin 1000 mg is similar to hydroxychloroquine / quinine (hcq).

Wormwood it’s similar to ivermectin (IVM) both zinc ionophore keeps virus from going into cell and replicating.

Cucurmin (Black seed oil) is also a polyphenol similar to quercetin and wormwood.

Also garlic tumeric and ginger cloves, lemon honey sea salt mustard seed broth .

Budesonide. Or Indian prednisone – steroids

Antiviral herbs. Elderberry Mulin ginseng astragalus and Eucalyptus.

For lungs. NAC (Swanson a good brand) . Linden tea, nettle tea.

Azithromycin / doxycycline antibiotic



Aspirin 325 mg 2x day  – pain and to prevent blood clots

  Swanson’s White Willow extract capsules
   is a natural form that aspirin was synthesized from.

   A strong pro-biotic can be made from boiling cut up avocado

    pits. This can help with pain


24 Responses to “Supplements for anti viral, antimicrobial”

  1. 12~3~2021 Many Jews are keeping the 5th day of Hanukkah. I will be
    keeping it next month according to Bible time.

    Thank You Marianne for sharing the natural healers. However, I would add
    that Swanson’s NAC seems to prevent all Coronavirus’ including COVID-19 . At least for me since 2009. Everyone vaxed and not should be taking this.
    A strong pro-biotic can be made from boiling cut up avocado pits. This
    immediately stopped the terrible pain I had with adult mumps.
    Zithromyacin is a strong anti-biotic that will kill all good gut bacteria. I will not
    take it. Also, aspirin hurts the liver. Swanson’s White Willow extract capsules
    is a natural form that asperin was synthesized from.
    Mike Adams The Health Ranger (on Brighteon) reported today about a paper released showing that Pfizer and the FDA knew Pfizer vaccine was killing people very early on. 1200 dead by the end of February, 2021.


    • I can modify the lift to show more natural remedies in some cases. I already have the NAC listed

    • Hi I saw that you mention the Bible time or Year.
      Ever wondered, How can you determine the beginning of the New year for yourself?

      Psalm 90 verse 12
      …. teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

      The book Genesis 1 verses 14 and Psalm 19 verse 1 to 3, both explain that The Almighty has made the luminaries for signs, seasons, days and years, they can reveal Divine info.

      Please Consider:
      That It’s commonly known this planet turns in an eastward rotation that takes almost 24 hours.

      But less people know it also toggles slowly north and south relative to the equator, when the sun seems to move for six month into a northern elevation, this yeilds summer in the north and after that six months there is a daily southward decline yielding winter in the north countries.

      This is why daylight or night is reputed to last six months the artic regions.

      To the observer on earth the sun moves from left to right on the horizon during the course of a year, it gradually rises in a new spot each day.

      The beginning of a year can be calculated when the “horizontal movement” of the sun southward stops and the next day it begins its northern transit, rising a few degrees north of the spot it did on the horizon the day before. It is often too small a shift to notice.

      This is the Head of the year.
      A b i b
      Aleph B-eth E-yin B-eth.

      The number of months in a year can be confirmed in, 1 Kings 4 verse 7, that hilights Solomon’s twelve governors. Then again in Revelation 22 verse 2, Both show us there are only twelve months in Creators “Acceptable Year.”

      If you want to measure the shift.
      A home made “sun guage” can shed some light on if this is true.
      Put up a stright edge or a ruler in an area where it will cast a shadow in the morning sunrise.
      Put it up in an area where it will not move or shift, you can even outline the spot that the base of it is resting on.

      (Set an alarm) so that
      each morning at the (same time) so you can make a line where the edge of the rulers shadow is on the flat surface at the base of your sun gauge.

      In January 2022, the new (moon Month) is predicted to be on Janu 2nd, the second Gregorian Calender day.

      If thats in coresponds with The Creators change of times, then the lines that you draw will stop progressing in one direction and begin to move in the opposite direction back over the lines you already drew days before, and it will happen on January 2nd

      In the evening of the 14th day is the Passover of Exodus ch 12 verse 1 to 8.
      Leviticus 23 verse 5 to 11.

      That Yehoshua also gave in the in
      Matthew 26 verses 18 and 26 to 29. In
      verse 29 He shows He will only drink of it new in His Fathers Kingdom.
      That confirms what is written in Ezekiel 44 verse 23 to 24.

      For those baptized into the Covenan. Commandment /Sabbath Keepers, Who call on the Sacred Name,
      John 3 verse 5 to 6 and verse 18.
      Joel 2 verse verse 31 and 32.
      Acts 10 verse 48. Please note Psalm 51 is the Dively ordained prayer of repentance and Salvation

      • 12~27~2021 On Yahweh’s Earth in Winter. Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua His Only Son Returns VERY SOON! Yes, at the end
        of 6000 years of world history. PRAY NOW to be SAVED and
        SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Thank You for your added information. Sounds a little complicated.
        Call it what you will. This year had another month. Abib in 2022 will be on April 2. With this cold even here, this seems like a long time from now. Brrr.
        I always remember that Abib is the first New Moon after the Vernal Equinox (Hebrew:Tkufah, Tekufah.) I do not know why the Jews as a group often get this timing wrong. Scripture states that Yahweh’s Appointed Days should be in their seasons, not early. Leviticus 23:4 Again they were wrong this year. Well, as a group they still do not believe that Yahshua came over 2000 years ago. Yeah.
        Messianic Jews do!
        Happy Hanukkah!


      • Hi just a,follow up, hope that you all are ok.
        This is a note about the Passover in Exodus on in Hebrew Hagada.

        Focus on Exodus chapter 12 verses 1 to 11, The giving of Passover.
        And again it is also presented in
        Leviticus 23 verse 2 (that says), “Speak to the children of Israel, and tell them, ‘The set feasts of Ya-ho-va-h, which you shall proclaim to be Holy (set apart) convocations, even these are My set feasts.

        ? Why the days hilighted may not correspond to the days that other groups List as Holy Days, these calculations are based in part, on the:

        ? The 12 month year as depicted in Revelation 22 verse 2, with 30 days in each true month.
        Some other groups added a 13th month to the Hebrew Calendar in 2016 and 2019, they continue to do so every three years, inspite of what Revelation 22 verse 2 shows, that there are only twelve (12) months in a Biblical year. ??

        The are two yearly Passover observances listed:

        1st) The Hagada Pesach, at the sundown on the 14th day of the first month of”The Hebrew” Solar new year, the month is called either Abib or Nisan.
        This is Always the first Full Moon of the Creation year.

        References can be found in Exodus 12 and also in Matthew 26 verses 18 to 29.

        2nd) Then there is a little known second observation given in Numbers 9 verse
        9 Yahovah spoke to Moses, saying

        10 “Say to the children of Israel, ‘If any man of you or of your generations is unclean by reason of a dead body, or is on a journey far away, he shall still keep the Passover to The Almighty.
        11 In the second month, on the fourteenth day at evening they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.


        Baptized persons can partake of the bread and wine as Yehoshua depicted in (Matthew 26 verse 26 to 29)

        Un-baptized persons should not patake of the Passover bread and wine, until they go through the proper steps and are baptized. They can eat un-levened items for the duration of this week
        They may also gather to keep the services together with baptized covenant keepers, who are prepared to keep it, as we are instructed to keep a service on the first and last day of the feast of unleavened bread.
        The focus should be on relevant scriptural events like the ones in:

        Exodus Ch 12. Verses 1 to 11.

        Matthew Ch 26 verses 18 to 29.

        And also read about the other Passover events documented throughout the Scriptures such as.

        2 Chronicles Ch 30. Hezekiah Passover remembrance.

        ?Joshua Ch 5 verse 10 to 11.

        When ever there was some uncertainty of the new moon,
        those of the ancient days who kept these days could at times observe the convocation two days to be sure.
        1 Samuel Ch 24 verse 28.

        I hope that this was informative.

  2. thanks, God Bless

  3. Dr. Ben Carson on Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ for Treating COVID, and a Warning on the Pfizer Vax for Children

  4. check out the video, very very precious testimony !

  5. What If? – John Kilpatrick very important.

    Spell Bound (Part 1) Feat. John Kilpatrick

    Spell Bound (Part 2) Feat. John Kilpatrick

    what is spell bound,

    • 12~15~2021 Still Yahweh’s Earth! King David in Psalm 24:1
      His Son Yahshua Is Returning VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be
      SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      qt, I would say that people who are deceived into taking COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines are “spell bound.” It’s as if they have been hypnotized to commit suicide. When warned, many refuse to listen or chastise the messenger. The vaccines are probably the worst “pogrom” in American history.
      “The End Time Deception?”
      IMPO (In My Prayerful Opinion), IT’S CHRISTIANITY!


      • I heard one doctor discuss the vaccine. He said the recipients were being inoculated with the AIDS disease. Which is the spike protein

        • I believe it. The Health Ranger Mike Adams said the vaccine ingredients cause immune deficiencies like AIDS does. IMPO, the AIDS virus , the COVID-19 virus, and vaccines all probably come from the same WHO lab in Fort Detrick, MD. Sigh.


          • The modified stabilized mRNAof the vaccine is specifically designed to produce the spike protein, which is the mean damaging protein from the AIDS virus.

            • Marianne, thank you for this information. Sadly, with the unstable weather (at least here) many of the jabbed will probably become very ill now. We had heavy winds and 1 1/4″ rain yesterday. Very unusual for here. Now low temperatures. And, it is not even winter yet!
              Not long ago there were winters when we did not need any all. Not now! An indoor mask mandate is back here in Cali. Sigh.


  6. Wonderful work. You are a beautiful soul

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