Targets for Terror


If someone wanted to destroy civilization, where would they strike?

The answer is: where the populations are the greatest.

Look below at the world maps, and see how heavily populated your area is.

The more lit up, the more people.

It also gives you an idea where to move, if you are concerned for your safety.





22 Responses to “Targets for Terror”

  1. Marianne, I had a dream the other night in which I was standing in the doorway of a house (not mine), someone else was standing beside me (don’t know who). I looked into the distance, and maybe five miles or so away, a nuclear bomb exploded, and I saw the mushroom cloud start to rise, I said to the person beside me, “Run!” , so I turned to run and just as I did, I felt the firestorm hit. It lifted my body up and I knew I was being vaporized, and yet, there was no pain, and all I could think was, Thank you Jesus! Very strange. Then I went online and had an email about how celestial activity coming up could wreck all of our nuclear power plants in the U.S. Anyway, just thought I’d share that. It was as if it was a relief that finally the worst had come to pass, and I was going to get to be with Him! I grew up fearing a nuclear attack from Russia. My grandparents actually had a bomb shelter. I stand on Matthew 10:28, and it helps with the fear I sometimes feel.

    • holigrits. You do not have to feel fear. Our LORD Yahshua has invited us to take HIM as our REST. We are to REST in HIM. When we truly REST in HIM 7 days a week, 24 hours every day, then we are never discouraged, depressed, anxious, afraid. This is PEACE in HIM.

  2. The only country that will drop such a terror bomb is Israel. They will, however first starve all Palestinians to death.

    • mr west – you got to be kidding me. Just last night I heard a Congressman from California say that “China and or North Korea” is a real threat to the U.S. I believe that. Anytime that China tells North Korea to sink LA it will happen. Especially if we try and keep Tiawan. China has already said that the U.S will not want to sacrifice LA for Tiawan. I believe it.

      And Who could blame Israel If they did set off an Atomic Bomb to save their Nation. The Muslims are not going to give up till one or other is gone.

      Revelation says in “One Hour” it will be over with. So pick you Nation. Cause one will set off another one. Best if you read AA Allens Post that is on here by Marianne. Its long. But I believe it will happen to America as well. It was wrote in 1954 – And Other Great men as far back as 1933 of the last century prophesied America as a burning heap of craters all over America. We are hanging by a thread right now. And I believe it could. Have you ever read George Washington’s Vision of American he had. It could happen any day. It ended with a Bright light in American destroying it etc. etc. Wake up people. Just my opinion.

    • Derick, you are either a liberal, a fascist or disillusioned. Islam has one goal and that is the destruction of Israel and the Jews then they will destroy the Christians. Islam was set up by the catholic church, do some research and know your enemies. Islam is the child of Satan, its number is 666. In your own words you have justified yourself as a child of the devil and an enemy of the God of the Bible. Read Ezekiel 38-39 and you will see what happens to the enemies of Israel. First, we will see in the Middle East, the Pslam 83 war followed by the Ezekiel 38 war (WW III). We have 4 blood moons coming starting 2014 and all on Jewish feasts, in the middle is an eclipse of the sun. Orthodox Jews say this will be God’s judgment on the enemies of the Jews leading to WW III. The US will be obliterated in WW III. God is about to judge the US for the present leadership and their growing anti Israel policies including arming the surrounding nations of Israel. If you read the Book of Kings in the OT you will read where God brings retribution against the country that defies Him and follows other gods. The US has thrown out the 10 Commandments and seeks the god of secular humanism and Allah which is leading to a new Tower of Babel. Believe me, it will fail again because God is in charge!

  3. The electical grid and the financial system… The north pole of the financial sytem is the federal reserve and it’s mechanism to print money (capatalist oppurtunism).. The south pole is china (consumerative colletivism, or communism)… Much like the earths magenitc field the printed money goes in the direction gloabally to china where it is consumed. It is a mutualistic relationship with no positive or negative symbiosis.. it just is. Now the debt ceiling is the healthy balnce between these two, and when the debt celing was surpassed at the fiscal cliff.. It went over our head. We were no longet able to print enough money to make up for the defecit or demand. the financial system was defeated

    • we have yet to see the actual attack though.. though the grounds were laid for one… The seal is merely lose at this point

    • the sequester was implemented to avert immediate reprecussion, though it is short lived

  4. that is to say, that critical infastructure attacks happen on the instituions themselves…

  5. If one is smart, and has the funding, it would be a full court press. For example: Attack marriage, bring in millions of illegal aliens Marxists, moon god worshipers, create debt, then cause a crisis like the housing balloon.

    Once, you have culture on the ropes, and half of the population on the government sugar tit, cause a global war.

  6. Money fundamentally is stabilized, organized, instrumentalized, and methodically stragetized allowance from the old system… of which was in place before power found stability and was the original source of this power… it is blood..

    • in the old system, things were paid for with blood… and both angels and demons were particapory and acceptive of such realities

    • and even Jesus made his payment (ransom) with blood…. As long as the financial system functions, we have allowance from the old system…. and even to its destruction… if we are with you know who, we are covered… but those who aren’t covered by blood will find difficulty when the ordained system of money subverts itself..

    • In some countries.. I do not remember the name of the treaty… but the financial system is set to default with RFID implementation. The United States signed this treaty but did not ratify it…

    • the lucky countries will regress to the old system…

    • “It is blood.”? What are you writing about?

  7. Whether it is physical destruction or spiritual destruction, a large population is not a necessary factor. A domino factor starts with just one and expands rapidly. What would be the primary cause for the first domino to fall and effect the entire world?

  8. Only one who was worried about civilization was Nostradamus. He lived in France. They have tried already to destroy Greekland which is the origin of western civilization but I guess France or Italy are probaly next in line.

  9. I say we bring back the old year of jubilee when all debts are forgiven and we start back at zero again. If I remember correctly it was every fifty years, and if I have my dates right, it will come again in 2015. Wonder if there are any Jews who have actually kept track? Maybe Jesus will come back and tell us all debts are forgiven, and at the count of three everyone will be debt free! That might give us 1000 years before we’d be back in the same situation we’re in today. I’m sure Jesus would clarify the fine points.

  10. The desert in Africa. 🙂

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