Terror Tunnels as potential sources of explosions


We know about “some” of the terror tunnels and places of weapon storage in the Middle East because Israel has discovered them.

What about the others?

I was just sent this vision from 2008 which describes explosions from underground tunnels, which seem to be located in Saudi Arabia, or in that general Middle Eastern area.

Will this become a reality, with all the violence in Muslim revolts currently taking place?

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis vision – connect to link to read it all:



He saw what looked like an underground tunnel system explode when hit from above by a missile.

The Terror Tunnels: an
Underground City of Weaponry



In the Tunnels: Gaza’s Underground Economy

By Abigail Hauslohner / Rafah Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009


A Palestinian man inspects a smuggling tunnel at the border of Egypt and Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip



Underground Tunnels "Link" Iran, Lebanon, Gaza

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu



where The Iranian-Hizbullah-Hamas axis is connected via a common use of deep underground tunnels – which, in Iran, hide Tehran’s nuclear facilities enriched uranium can be used to manufacture a nuclear weapon.

Iran recently admitted that it has been building a previously unknown reactor in the area of Qum, a confession that was made only after foreign intelligence experts reported on the new facility.

The discovery that the plant is located inside a mountain duplicates Iran’s use of a network of tunnels to hide other parts of its growing nuclear infrastructure, according to The New York Times.

The American policy of threatening sanctions and leaving open the diplomatic option has given Iran enough time to build the tunnel system, leaving behind the near-impossibility for the Western world, including Israel, to know the exact location of the nuclear plants and then be able to bomb them through underground rock and thick man-made concrete.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak last month implied that the Western world has put itself in a tight corner. He told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee that the Qum plant is “located in bunkers that cannot be destroyed through a conventional attack.”

One possible offensive weapon for the Western world is a tunnel-busting bomb, which still is in the development stage in the United States as the race against the nuclear clock counts down to zero.

The American government has ordered a speed-up for delivery of the huge bomb, which contains more than two tons of explosives and weighs around 15 tons.

Iran’s of using a complex web of tunnels goes back more than a decade and may be the source for the construction of a similar network by Hizbullah in southern Lebanon and by Hamas under the border between Egypt and Gaza.

Underground bunkers and tunnels gave Hizbullah a decisive edge over the IDF in the Second Lebanon War, when soldiers were surprised to discover that bushes in southern Lebanon began to move.

The vegetation was a camouflage that stood over the entrances to huge tunnels, which hid rocket launchers, missiles and full-fledged communications headquarters and escape routes.

Underground tunnels may have been used by Hizbullah in the kidnapping of soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev while the Israeli Air Force conducted aerial bombings in an effort to cut off above-ground escape routes.

The tunnel system was built since 2000, when Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who then was Prime Minister, ordered a sudden withdrawal of the IDF from the security zone in southern Lebanon, leaving Israel without an intelligence system to report on the terrorist organization’s massive preparations for war.

In southern Israel, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terrorist faction which succeeded it in elections nearly three years ago, have used hundreds of tunnels to smuggle into Gaza hundreds of tons of explosives as well as advanced anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, many of them made in Iran.

The technical knowledge and advances for building tunnels was advanced by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is a former transportation engineer and who has been personally involved in developing the tunneling industry in Iran.

He has brought into the country huge machines that can quickly dig through hard rock, some times for civilian purposes, such as subways, and often for military purposes, such as nuclear reactors.

Some of the tunnels also may be bogus, a tactic to confuse would-be attacks on the nuclear reactors.  

The American policy of threatening sanctions and leaving open the diplomatic option has given Iran enough time to build the tunnel system, leaving behind the near-impossibility for the Western world, including Israel, to know the exact location of the nuclear plants and then be able to bomb them through underground rock and thick man-made concrete.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian protests affect efficiency of underground Gaza tunnels


Gaza Smuggling: Tunnels and the Threat to Israel

By jdi311 at August 18, 2010 | 2:52 pm | Print




Hamas using ‘underground city’ to launch attacks on Israel from Gaza

Hamas was using an "underground city" of tunnels to stage attacks on Israel forces as fighting raged on Wednesday in built-up parts of the Gaza strip.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Telegraph – UK


Underground Egypt-Gaza tunnel dubbed ‘wall of death’


Saudi Arabia underground tunnel system connects Iran (Persian Gulf) to Red Sea:



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a member in the International Tunnels Federation ( a NCO which was recognized by Royal Order No. 19401 datd 12/ 2/ 1415H.

The Ministry of Transport represents the Kingdom in the Federation as a governmental body by the Supreme Economical & Social Council of the United Nations. entrusted with the task of design execution and maintenance of tunnels and mountain passes and under passes of the underground roads and railways in addition to execution of some structures and works by certain other bodies .



So, is it possible that a stray missile fired, could accidentally hit, and activate, an underground tunnel, and create an explosion that could start the next war?

It seems like the answer is yes, but will this be what happens?

6 Responses to “Terror Tunnels as potential sources of explosions”

  1. Pastor Matutis saw ‘a very small spark’ destroy the hidden/unseen enemy. And since we don’t ‘wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places’…the ‘spark (fire/purity/purged by fire) represents God and His promised destruction of the wicked. The ‘very small spark’ equates with Daniel’s ‘stone cut out without hands’…Daniel 2:35 which destroyed the hidden (spiritual) wicked. Thought, too, as I read Pastor’s vision of how similar it was to Rev 6:15-16 which speaks of the wicked … hidden in the ‘dens and rocks of the mountains’ from the face of God.

  2. Marianne

    I agree with Carolyn’s response. But I would add that I believe
    Saudia Arabia was one of the two towers in my dream.

    I think the nation of Saudia Arabia is like the tunnels a hidden thing. I think it acts as if it is on our side but that they throw the rocks and hide the hands of protection, monetary support and so on.

    The work that went on this week in Washington however about looking for terrorist under every Muslim as if they are all rocks, was wrong. I wish they would all turn to our God and receive salvation. I feel like this is going to anger many people and cause people to fear one another and maybe ignite fires.


  3. Dear Marianne

    It is Monday morning 12:21M. I am going through the days email.

    The tunnels are not the only way they are getting Gods children.

    I received some really bad news out of Israel in two emails from the Rabbis in England and Israel.

    A family of 7 in Samaria had their home broken into while they slept. This happened night before last. Five are dead and two untouched.

    The Father they slashed his throat while sleeping and they stabbed a 3 month old baby girl in her heart while she layed next to her Daddy in bed.

    The Mother had gotten up and was in the bathroom, they stabbed her as she exite. They then proceeded to slash the throat of an 11 year old little boy while he slept in his bed.

    A 12 year old girl returning home found the front door locked and went next store to the Rabbi’s home. He went with her as the people normally evidently didn’t lock the door until the little girl returned home.

    So the Rabbi went home and got a flashlight and gun. As the Rabbi noticed some odd footsteps coming across the lawn.

    Then he and the little girl went back to the home, they looked thru a window and her 6 year old little brother was laying on the sofa. They called to him threw an open window. The little boy unlocked and open the door and the little girl went in to get ready for bed.

    The Rabbi returning home assuming nothing was wrong, then heard the little girls scream as she turned on the lights and saw the trail of blood leading out of the bathroom and the parents bedroom.

    The criminals missed the little 6 yr old boy who fell a sleep on the sofa and the 12 year old little girl who are now left orphaned. Why? All because of a hate crime, they didn’t come to steal but the kill and take the lives of this family.

    The Fatah Freedom Fighters Stabbed the Fogal family while they slept. They entered a guarded neighborhood crossing wires and destroying the alarm basically.

    Please pray for this little girl and her brother who saw the remians of acts done by mad men in violence on a family.

    The Rabbi said they must pray for Purim that they beable to get anger enough to rise up about this and bring the wicked ones to justice.

    The fact of the matter is the poor Jewish people of Israel are in a bad position and surrounded by mad men who hate them and the Americans and all Jews around the world.

    Not to be off the subject of this study, pray for Japan and the horror of another type that is going on over seas. More then 10,000 dead and nuclear reactors on melt down. Please pray for their souls that they find and turn to God before it is to late and that the savior give them an ark of safety.

    I recieved another email stating that the mad man of Lebanon
    has 1000 lbs. yellow cake uranium, scud missles and chemical and biological warfare. This terrorist madman has killed many and his number one man quit on Thursday. He said he is crazy and he plans on using the devices and that it isn’t a threat but a promise.

    Tripoli can not act alone and therefore all nations will be pulled in, the USA will more then likely be in the middle of this and we are in an unfolding of propehsy.

    Pray like you have never prayed before for the nation of Israel, England and USA. May God bring all of the protection we need.

    Marianne should the fast you are calling be move up with the news or did you feel that God gave you those dates?

    The nations will meet on Friday is my understanding but I have the feeling if he knows this he is already acting.

    Let us remember to study the word and pray.

    God bless to all of Gods children,

    • dear Pattie

      I am aware of the horrible event. I picked the dates I did only because they are the historical ones (3 days before Purim). If you wish to start the fast before, or extend it longer, then I leave that up to you. It is whatever God lays upon your heart.


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