The Baby Boomer generation is dying early?

I found a “baby boomer death counter” that predicts when the baby boomers will die off. It is earlier than normal. What could this mean, if true?

James Love of claims that a Baby Boomer will die every 49.5 seconds in the USA during the year 2008.

Baby Boomer Basics (according to James Love):
The generally accepted birth years of the USA Baby Boomers is 1946-1964. In Canada, the Baby Boom extends to 1966. With retirement investments overflowing, the big Boomer DieOff will accelerate around 2015 and the majority of boomers will be dead by 2025.

Baby boomer cohorts

Baby Boomer cohort #1 (born from 1946 to 1954) average year 1950

Baby Boomer cohort #2 (born from 1955 to 1964) average year 1960

Click here to see the death counter.

Currently there are 8% dead, but deaths will accelerate in 2015?? What is so significant about 2015? That is 7 years from now. The majority (I assume from cohort # 2) will be dead by 2025.

So in 2015

Average cohort #1 (average year 1950) will be 65 years old

Average cohort #2 (average year 1960) will be 55 years old

This is the year 2008. Someone born in 1948 (cohort #1), the year Israel became a nation, is only 60 years old. From what I can tell, if this is accurate, the cohorts of this generation are dying 10-20 years early, as compared to those before them.

My mother died in her 80’s, but I might die in my 60’s? I have already had several friends die in their 50’s, and others are sick with serious diseases, but I don’t know if this is a major pattern.

I found some data and decided to calculate this for myself. This comes from the state of California. It seems to agree.
































With modern medicine as advanced as it is, this seems to be opposite of what we would expect.

So what is wrong with this generation, if all this is true?

One bible passage from the Book of Luke comes to mind when I think of this possibility. I recall something Jesus said to his apostles when they asked him when he would return. Jesus describes the end times,

To get the entire message in context,  one should read the 21st chapter of Luke

Click here to see entire chapter

Luk 21:29 And he spoke to them a parable; Behold the fig tree [symbol of Israel], and all the trees;

Luk 21:30 When they now shoot forth [re-birth of Israel], ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
Luk 21:31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

Luk 21:32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

***This passage is interpreted as meaning that the generation that sees the rebirth of Israel, will see the return of Christ.

If it is properly interpreted that 1948 (cohort #1) starts the countdown to the second coming of Christ, then we need to see how long this generation lives, or is living, or how soon it is coming to an end.

Possibly, if cohort #1 is already starting to pass away, then the return of Jesus is imminent.

What do you think?

One way or the other, it is wise for Baby Boomers to do estate planning. They will not live forever, and it is best to think about this now.

The main movement of the cohort #1 – hippie- baby boomers was a desire for peace. I wonder if they will get their wish.   Maybe they will, if Jesus returns before they all pass away.


Interesting facts about each recent generation:

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  2. As scary as the end times sound, this is very exciting news! I cannot wait for the return of Christ. On a personal note: I have 12 brothers and sisters, half are married including I, but none of us have our own children. It seems common to me that this generation is not reproducing. I wonder if God is preventing this to later bring our focus more on His coming and the souls that already have been borne into this world. Jesus does mention how difficult it will be for pregnant and nursing mothers in the end times.

    The Lord’s coming is very near! Just the other day I read an article with a Jewish rabbi stating that the temple will break ground next year! My heart rejoices! Come Lord Jesus, Come!

    • If you want Christ so bad, jump in front of a bus to meet him and spare the rest of us your whining.

      • Ignatz
        “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD.
        Though your sins are like scarlet,
        They shall be as white as snow;
        though they are red like crimson,
        They shall become like wool.
        19. If you are willing and obedient,
        You shall eat the good of the land;
        20. BUT if you refuse and rebel,
        You shall be eaten by the sword;
        For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.
        Isaiah 1:18-20

        3. knowing this first of all, that SCOFFERS will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.
        4. They will say ‘Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.’ 2 Peter 3:3-4

        2 Peter 3:7b The heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgement and DESTRUCTION OF THE UNGODLY.


        • I understand that it is not possible to present logical arguments to anyone who is BEFUDDLED by belief.

          I am quite certain that you will produce a citation from Scriptures for any argument I might submit.

          I feel sympathy for you, that you are, like a willing and obedient sheep, limited to arguments from only ONE SOURCE of wisdom, a source that, like all sources, is flawed. All sources are flawed because thay have been written by people, and people are imperfect creatures.

          One way to try to overcome our imperfection is to strive for understanding using all available sources of wisdom and knowledge, to exercise our curiosity and challenge our preconceptions, rather than accepting the comfort of pre-packaged dogma. It does not matter that the dogma was packaged 2000 years ago, or last year.

          I am sorry for your fear: your fear of exploring concepts beyond your comfort zone, and your fear of actually acting on your beliefs: if you truly believe time is running out, stop wasting yours and ours and catch that bus.

          • hello Ignatz

            So if we use one source which is flawed, and you use another source or sources, which are all flawed as well, how is your knowledge superior to ours?

            Adding more sources of error only adds to confusion, not clarity.

            Having more sources of error does not make us more perfect, but more deluded.

            We are not afraid. WE are quite happy and eager to see Jesus return.

            Time is actually running out. You got that part right. So which bus are you taking?

            • I di not say my knowledge was superior.

              I do say it is more extensive, broader and deeper.

              You are incorrect to suppose that adding sources of information, even if they are flawed, increases the likelihood of error. You may flip a coin ONE TIME and get heads. If you then claim that the coin will always come up heads when flipped, you would be very wrong. If you flip it 50 times and get heads half the time and tails half the time, then you will arrive at a more correct conclusion.

              So, you have read the Bible. Have you read the Koran, the Talmud, or any other sacred texts of other cultures? The people raised in these other cultures are as indoctrinated into their faith as you are in yours. Who is right? Maybe no one.

              You are claiming to be right, and so are a pile of other people. This tells me we are probably all wrong. However, if you study enough different faiths, you will eventually discover the spiritual well-head from which they all sprung. You must strip away that which has been written by itermediaries, middlemen of faith, and get at the root of the spiritual.

              On the other hand, if you find comfort in believing you’re right, that’s your privilege, and your intellectual and spiritual prison. Some people are happy in a prison; there is comfort in predictability.

              I prefer the freedom to believe that I may be wrong, and my spiritual liberation that comes about as a result.

              • hello Ignatz

                So, you are more broad in your errors?

                Suit yourself.

                The bible has been documented by history to be true many times. Many prophecies have come true, and the historical data is accurate.

                The Quran is severely flawed. Muhammed even thought the sister of Moses was the mother of Jesus. The whole religion is based on sex and subjugation of women to men. Pedophilia is included. There are many historical errors as well, and stupid claims that the sun sets in the mud.

                yes I took philosophy in college, and it was very boring. It is dead, and offers no real spiritual life to those seeking more.

                There is no spiritual wellhead for all religions. That is a buynch of empty talk. There is either truth or error. Anything that brings forth error is not from God. God only brings forth truth.

                God authored the bible through chosen prophets, and what they said came to pass.

                All other sources came from man, and his imagination, or are a mix of the bible, which is not always quoted properly, and pure error.

                Why do you feel so balanced, when what you believe could be a pile of hogwash?

                Instead of criticizing, read the bible, and see what it says. Start with the new testament, since it is shorter.

                • You have given me the exact answer I expected that you would.

                  God bless you looking out of your goldfish bowl.

                  Peace, over and out.

                  • hello Ignatz

                    What you mean is you have no good response to me.

                    Silly comments about fish bowls are not an adequate defense for a narrow minded position.

                    You claim you are broad minded as long as it does not involve the truth of God.

                    Contradictory, at least.

                    Well, you and I don’t not agree.

                    I wish you well.

                    • I did not intend to pursue this discussion, but I am puzzled at your reaction.

                      I have not dismissed the Bible, I just think it’s one of many sacred propositions.

                      Your comments show you have dismissed everything except the Bible.

                      Who’s being narrow-minded?

                  • Ignatz

                    I had indicated that I had already studied other areas in an academic setting, and this includes the Quran, which was more recent.

                    The bible is my conclusion, not my starting point.

                    • My conclusion, then, is not the same as yours. As to the validity of our conclusions neither of us is equipped to judge. We believe what we believe.

                  • hi Ignatz

                    You have the right to believe what you do. So do I.

                    I hope someday, you see the bible in a more favorable way.


                • ‘There is either truth or error. Anything that brings forth error is not from God. God only brings forth truth.’

                  If error is not from god (or ‘God’, if you prefer), then where, and how, did it originate? If you answer ‘with Satan’ then you have to explain how a supposedly ‘good’ – and perfect – creator could have bungled so badly when it came to the creation of such an entity. If in response to this you answer ‘to test us’ or ‘endow us with free will’, then you will need to reconcile the very real inconsistency of the concept of free will with the belief that the Christian god is all-powerful and all-knowing. If the aforementioned god is all-powerful and all-knowing then it cannot be argued that we really do have free-will, now can it.

                  I’ve heard it said that the Christian god is omniscient, omnipotent, perfect and just, and yet even a cursory examination of the Bible reveals a deity that is very, very far from any of these (ex. when in Genesis ‘God’ is calling out for Adam because Adam is hiding from him; how can anyone ‘hide’ from an entity – God – that is omniscient? It defies logic).

                  a) Why are there still Christians on this Earth when it is quite clearly written in the New Testament that ‘there are many standing here today who shall not taste of death until they see the Son of Man returning on the clouds in glory’, or some such words (I’m quoting from memory here)? The prophecy didn’t come true, ergo Jesus Christ was a false messiah.
                  b) Why do so many Christians (especially the extreme right-wing ones) support the apartheid state of Israel?
                  c) Why do those same Christians hate the poor and disadvantaged, when Christ clearly states, on a number of occasions, that only the poor shall inherit the Kingdom of God?

                  I could go on, there are so many other questions I could ask, but I’ll assume your time is valuable and limited. However, an adequate answer to just one of my questions would make me happy.

          • Ignatz
            Let us argue from science and philosophy then. Christianity is far from narrow minded, for it has opened my eyes to the wonders of his creation as well as Liberating my mind.
            I propose standard debate format. You lay out your best argument for how Christianity has closed people’s minds. I will then respond to your argument, which is followed by your defense. And then each will have a final remark. Then for the second round I will take the lead and present my arguments for the negative. And you will respond…
            Thus the topic is “Christianity has closed the minds of its followers.” You argue for the affirmative, I will argue for the negative.
            We will each have a day to respond. If you accept, a simple yes will suffice, as I will await your first presentation.

            • While I appreciate that such an exercise may be be mildly entertaining, I see little point in debating issues of faith since there is no empirical method to definitively proclaim a “winner”.

              It’s like trying to grab a fistful of water. Further, even if I were to argue that Christianity is closed-minded because dogma proclaims “no salvation outside the church”, even within the church there are proponents of pluralism, exclusivism and inclusivism.

              As Marianne said: we’re welcome to believe what we believe.

              • Then stop saying that we are closed minded. Your ignorance is your bliss.

                BTW my proposed topic was Christianity, and not “the church” to equate the two is ignorance. Maybe when you realize the distinction, your eyes will be opened.

      • Matt 24:39 And they were unaware until the (Noah’s) flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

      • That is a stupid statement. Christians are not suppose to off themselves.

        Christianity is anything but a closed mind. For example, G-d gave you the right to refuse to believe in him, and his sacrifice for your sins. I support your right to worship a fence post. See how opened mined Christianity is?

        What is your beef with Christians? Are you a moon god worshiper

  3. Hi Mel

    It was very odd. I found this all by accident this morning. It is just something else, if true, confirms what I have been feeling. I had asked the Lord about my retirement years, because the way the cost of living is going, my retirement money would not cover the expenses. The message to me then was, “Don’t worry, you will not be here.” What a relief…!

    I share your enthusiasm for the Lord’s return. Our focus now is to make sure we are right with God, make sure our loved ones are ok, and witness to as many people as possible.

    That is really neat about the temple……!! It is time to start “looking up,” and listening for the trumpet that will call us home.


    • ‘I had asked the Lord about my retirement years, because the way the cost of living is going, my retirement money would not cover the expenses.’

      I’m not a Christian, but even I can see that if you really did make such a request then the ‘Lord’ would have (almost certainly) been deeply offended. Such crass materialism is condemned on numerous occasions in both the Old and New Testaments, but especially the New. There is an entire section in the book of Matthew that basically states that one should not concern oneself with the issues of the next day, for each day has enough problems to deal with as it is, and that the trivial issues of what to eat and wear would be well taken care of if one had enough faith that such concerns would be taken care of by God, and that one’s focus should be on the Kingdom of Heaven instead.

      I think it is in chapter 6, not sure. It’s also mentioned in the other Synoptic Gospels. What is it about Americans that so many of them seem to think that the Bible is a guide to getting rich? How on Earth did this belief ever take hold?

      • dear Peter

        I was not asking about getting rich, only where would I get the money for my basic needs. The Lord also answered, and said I would not be here (in general), so whatever I had would be enough.

        God created the being we know as Satan now as a perfect creature, beautiful, who was not evil, but good. He used his free will to rebel against God. So it was Satan’s fault, not God’s, for his outcome.

        There is no passage in the bible that portrays God as deficient.

        You did not understand the passage in Genesis. God knew where Adam was. This was his way of asking where Adam was spiritually, since he was hiding, indicating he was ashamed. god already knew he sinned. He was trying to get adam to admit it.

        a.. jesus was only talking to his apostles, not every christian in every generation

        b. Israel is not apartheid. Palestinians are, and they are a hateful, lying group.

        c. we are the major source of charity in the world. We do not hate the poor, we help them. you just made that up.

        • ‘I was not asking about getting rich, only where would I get the money for my basic needs.’

          …but, Matthew clearly states that those who have faith in God and the message preached by Christ have no need to worry about such things. All will be taken care of. Do you lack faith?

          ‘God created the being we know as Satan now as a perfect creature, beautiful, who was not evil, but good. He used his free will to rebel against God. So it was Satan’s fault, not God’s, for his outcome.’

          Okay, but if this is true, then it means that there are things that are beyond God’s omnipotent control, and that the reality of free will precludes the possibility of God being able to determine the course of action that an individual make take. Never mind, moving on…

          ‘God knew where Adam was. This was his way of asking where Adam was spiritually, since he was hiding, indicating he was ashamed. god already knew he sinned. He was trying to get Adam to admit it.’

          Okay, this is one interpretation I guess, but… God is omniscient, he knows EVERYTHING, therefore if God did not know where Adam was ‘spiritually’ then…

          I think I should at this point in time say that I am not trying to cause trouble here, it isn’t my intention to cause offense, but these are questions that simply NEED to be asked, and so far I have yet to meet a practicing Christian who could do so. It makes me wonder if they have truly examined the implications of what they believe to be true.

        • ‘b. Israel is not apartheid. Palestinians are, and they are a hateful, lying group.’

          Which is why they have blockaded Gaza (they were not happy with the election to office of Hamas), why they have constructed a wall of separation, and why, in spite of worldwide opposition, they continue to erect Jewish settlements in Palestine. That certainly looks like apartheid to me.

          Do ALL Palestinians tell lies, and are they ALL hateful? Do you seriously believe this?

          ‘c. we are the major source of charity in the world. We do not hate the poor, we help them. you just made that up.’

          I didn’t make it up, I was thinking of all of those fundamentalist TV preachers (ex. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson et cetera) who constantly agitate for tax cuts for the rich and the elimination of all forms of government welfare. They DO hate the poor, seeing their poverty as a consequence of being ‘lazy’ as they would put it.

          • If I had Palestinians for neighbors I would put a fence up too…to keep the terrorists out

            tv preachers are not involved in any tax cuts for the rich…..check with the democrats who tax even the poor and then spend it on themselves.

  4. What a great statement you made about, “making sure we are right with God”. I’m now in that phase and am looking to every characteristic of mine, every habit, every thing I do, and am in the stages of changing what is not righteous before God. We all have been bought by Christ’s blood. After believing in this, if we truly love Him we will desire to want to please Him by obeying his Word. (John 14:15) Once I am ready, I know the Lord will use me wholy as an instrument to witness to others. I can’t wait. In the meantime, of course, we should do the best to prove ourselves as God’s children and who God is by our character.

    Tip: I’ve been reading Spurgeon’s sermons as my mentor toward understanding His Word, and every one of his sermon’s are great! Read one when you have time!


    PS. What an amazing answer you received about retirement fundings. What a wonderful thing it is to be a part of the generation that experiences Christ’s return!

    PPS. Here is another sign of a prophecy manifesting:

  5. Hi Mel.

    I agree, we all need to work on “fixing ourselves.” We should look our best when we appear before a king.

    The best retirement is one that has great rewards and the benefits never run out. 🙂


  6. Greetings. This is a very interesting post and I wasn’t aware of the death rate concerning baby boomers. It’s amazing that while Jesus told us we would not know the exact moment of his return, he told us what to look for that would signify the closeness of that moment. The hour is so close that one can feel it. I mean, in times past, there always seemed to be wiggle room insofar as just how late it actually was. Now the wiggle room is gone as we see everything coming to pass before our eyes. JESUS IS RETURNING! WOO HOO! May we all have our lamps filled with oil, be watching continuously, and work while there is still time.

    Have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  7. I’ll have to make a point of stopping by here more often. You cover a lot of timely issues.

  8. Hi Timbob

    WOO HOO ???? 🙂

    It is always so nice to have you visit here. Your comments are very uplifting.

    This generation really is passing away. You see the girl in the picture? It brings back so many memories. She could have been my twin 40 years ago. Now, it is many years later. Time really does fly.


  9. Timbob


    Jack van Impe did a calculation of the average generation from adam to Jesus in the bible, and he came up with an average generation length of 57 maybe there is something to this…or maybe not…we will see soon. 🙂


  10. I grew up listening to my grandparents preaching about the end of time and I have become skeptical as an adult. I try to understand why we would ever want life as we know it to end, even for the coming of the Lord. Don’t get me wrong it would be a great thing to be part of but life as we know it is a great thing to be part of. I don’t think that we need to wait for the end of times to make sure that we are right with god. That should be done every day regardless. Being prepared as if it was the end of times seems to be more the point.

    We will all go unto the lord each one day and this notion that we will not die in order to accomplish this circumvents ones preparedness for the inevitable truth that we all die! What could make us so special, that we could do what no others have ever done? Every human born before us is dead. There is no human alive today that is older then 120 years. 100 years ago almost none of the current population existed. In 100 years almost every one of us alive today will be dead.

    I would love to think that we could be the ones that get to skip out of the dying part and jump to the cool stuff but the odds are against us. With modern advancements in medical science it may be possible to extend our lifetimes, but for us to think as a people that its Ok to let the world just fall apart around us in the name of the end of times is just crazy. We shouldn’t be pushing for it we should be stopping it.

    The passage in Luke from the bible is tantalizing when interpreted with current events such as the baby boomers dying and Israel being born, but why would we as a people want everything we know and love about life destroyed. A lot of people believe that all the good people will be saved and taken away so it wont really mater what happens to the earth after that, it will be all over. Our stewardship to this planet and its people are lessened by that belief. We don’t have to fix it because we wont have to deal with it. Its getting bad out there just like it said in the bible so lets make it worse so we can set up for the end of time instead of fixing it and stopping the destruction of the earth. People want the end of time and it makes no sense. Everything as we know it is destroyed. Why not try to make this life the heaven we seek? Why does everyone have to die for there to be peace?

    Trying to guess when the end of times is coming is understandable but it is not for us to know. I wonder what the date is going to be when all the X generation people are dead?

  11. Hi Jonathan,

    You raise some good points. I only have a theory, not proven fact, about what you have said.

    In past generations, people did not grow up with much, but as they grew older, they knew if they worked hard, and got a good education, they would have a better future, and have success in their lives. Society, in general, was pro-God, and they could look forward to a happy old age, with loving children and grand children surrounding them for support.

    The baby boomer generation grew up during prosperous times, and assumed things would continue that way. Most had whatever they wanted, so the drive to obtain what they missed during childhood was not there. They only needed to continue on in this prosperity. I remember seeing signs on buses saying, “to get a good job, get a good education.” That sign reflected the philosophy of the previous generation.

    So we got a good education, but that was not enough. So we continued on and got more education. That still was not enough. So we continued on again, but success was still not always there. Society had changed. Society had also become godless, because many found out that to be secular in values got them farther in life than honesty and hard work. To be godly was to be discriminated against, so they either fit into the crowd, or suffer failure. To love God and obey him made us hated and shunned. If we defended, or continue to defend, our values on the job, we were, and are, dismissed for “hate speech, being “unprofessional,” and lacking the intelligence for advancement.

    Right now, the bus drivers with no education in my area make as much as people with Master’s degrees. And uneducated people can find jobs, and get more help financially, quicker than those with graduate degrees. Education only puts us farther behind in life. Instead of wasting time in school, we should have gotten those needed jobs right away, and we could be retired by now. Those with educations have more debts to pay off, and will have to work longer than those who got in the job market earlier than us, and took all the best positions, and have seniority over us.

    Because life has become secular almost overnight, the family structure is destroyed. Children rebel against their parents, and have integrated into a sinful society. They commit fornication, have abortions, and do drugs, and tell their parents to mind their own business. They abuse their parents. They listen to society for values, not their parents.

    Families are split up more than ever, and father’s abandoning their children and their support is the norm. Single mothers have the burden of being both mother and father to their children. There is no happy family to look forward to, and, on top of an already established injury by an unfaithful and abusive husband, the mother’s are treated like whores by the church, and have no respectable standing. They are just charity cases, but cannot go to the church for support. Instead, they turn to the government. Of course, the reverse is also true for single fathers, financially and emotionally, but at least the church accepts them better.

    Nowadays, if an older person get laid off from their job, it is unlikely that they will get another job equal to what they had. Employers, instead of rewarding workers for experience and hiring them, like was done in the “old days,” prefer to hire students right out of school, because they are “smarter” and cheaper. The older workers, even with graduate degrees, are told they are “not the best qualified.” They end up going to the local crisis center, or getting a minimum wage job, since no one wants them any more.

    Old age is feared by most baby boomers. We know we will not be cared for by our children, as past generations have. We will be put in nursing homes and be neglected by staff, until we die from neglect. We can also look forward to being “put to death,” once we are no longer convenient. “Do not resuscitate” signs will be put over our beds. Our children will not, or rarely, visit us, and we will be lonely there. Also, the quality of health care continues to decline, because health centers are hiring nurses to replace doctors, because nurses are cheaper. However, the nurses do not have the knowledge that doctors do, and this can be dangerous.

    Unless one has become rich in the secular system, by acclimating and has become godless to fit in, one has really nothing to look forward to. The older we get, the worse it will be. Our voices for a better world have been ignored for decades, and they will be ignored more in the future. That is because we represent Christ to a rejecting world. We will continue to speak out, and continue to be hurt, not appreciated, for it, just in case a few people listen. But the world is on its own course toward Satan, and we cannot force God on anyone. Most people are not seeking God, but their own selfish ambitions instead.

    So to us, the future is not good, but bad. We do not want to be here. We know that life will become more and more painful as time passes. We will do our best, but see many failures at even reaching our own children, who reject God, and will eventually have us possibly euthanized for being crazy, useless, and lacking “quality of life.” The bible predicts that children in the last days will put their parents to death, and this has already started to happen.

    So that is what I have seen in my own generation. Each day is a struggle for a believer.


    • “Right now, the bus drivers with no education in my area make as much as people with Master’s degrees. And uneducated people can find jobs, and get more help financially, quicker than those with graduate degrees. Education only puts us farther behind in life. Instead of wasting time in school, we should have gotten those needed jobs right away, and we could be retired by now. Those with educations have more debts to pay off, and will have to work longer than those who got in the job market earlier than us, and took all the best positions, and have seniority over us.”—And people are afraid of socialism? It seems like it’s already started to happen without Obama’s help. This also confirms what I’ve heard repeated about my parents’ generation as a whole, which is that they took prosperity for granted, were pretty selfish and materialistic, had generally ambiguous morals, were very anti-traditional anything, and viewed Social Security as a “right”. This may be exaggeration, but the point is that they viewed the bills for their wealth as being footed by their children or by other people and that they would somehow be able to do anything with minimal consequences. This is probably why Generation X and Y (my generation) are so cynical; we can’t trust the government for help because it a.) is becoming a police state and b.) is inept and corrupt and we can’t, by extension, trust government programs that we know will collapse and suck up our wage money currently (Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security). In short we’ve been shafted and told to survive on our own. We also have to spend hours upon hours of our time doing homework in high school and taking standardized tests (which only recently were created), just so we can graduate and then put ourselves in debt for 20 or 30 years to get a degree that may or may not actually influence our salary. We also have credit card companies constantly marketing to us to throw us into more debt. Additionally, jobs we could’ve once easily gotten are now outsourced or more competitive because of outsourcing, again showing how little loyalty companies in America have. In addition to this, we were marketed to from birth with shows designed to sell toys and sell BS liberal “lessons”, which we have slowly rejected (in some ways). Also, our high schools have become police states, with surveillance cameras, programs that allow centralized surveillance of computer use, motion sensors, etc. So excuse my collective generation if we’re just a little paranoid, angry, and cynical! We were lead to expect a time of peace and economic opportunity (USSR fell, Gulf War was won), and ended up being screwed by the government not doing its job (didn’t kill Bin Laden in Clinton Years, didn’t regulate Wall Street in 90’s, and didn’t improve border security/immigration problem). Additionally, the government attempted to trap us in the same political mindset as most adults, but it hasn’t worked as well, since we’ve been able to see plenty of Republican and Democratic scandals that show how corrupt and power-hungry both sides are. Hopefully my generation can help spread the gospel and get America back on solid footing, even if it takes civil war with the police state to do it.

      • Will,

        My generation has no reason to believe it will see Social Security benefits either. This is something we pay into, but the fund is full of IOUs instead of money. I do not expect to see one dime of what I paid when I reach the right age. I do not even expect to be alive by then.

        In the old days, my parents’ generation, congressmen had to have the correct education and credentials to get elected. They had to have backgrounds in economics, history, government, and law.

        Now, totally stupid, unqualified people get into office based on social acceptance, and have no idea how to run a country. They are just there to serve those specific interests that got them elected. They have narrows views, and no brains.

        I think we should vote them all out of office. The average American has more sense than the congress.

  12. My feeling is that you have been hurt by people in this world and that your experiences with these people have left deep scares. I am saddened by your experiences and moved by your testimony.

    I believe that the world is full of evil and it is our job to counter its occurrences wherever and whenever it is manifested in our lives. I also am of the opinion that the resignation to fight that evil is diminishing among the people, much to Satan’s planning.

    I am reminded of what a paster told me many years ago when he said “If everything is going just fine in your life you better check the path that you are walking and make sure its the right one. Satan doesn’t interfere with the souls he already has. He attacks the souls he’s trying to get.” I understood that to mean that when life’s easy on people they become complacent and lost in their beliefs. Through trial by fire and adversity our true beliefs our tested. Our true spirit is brought forth to confront evil in all its forms and we live or die by the conviction of our faith in what is good and right.

    If it all seems so hopeless and bleak it is because that is a possible future, but a future we can change. We are all instruments of gods will and no evil can overcome the goodness and truth of his will. The trials that we all must suffer are unique to each of us but fundamentally it is the same old battle of good versus evil.

    I agree when you said that God cannot be forced on people. Accepting such belief is between you and your god, know one else. You are not responsible for anyones faith but your own and know one else is responsible for your faith but you. It seems that our obligation to the lord is to spread his word and his teachings. It didn’t seem to indicate that everyone would accept it, in fact the opisite was supose to happen, most wold not accept it. If one way does not work try another. If someone refuses to listen it is on them not on us. It is not our failure. We are only obligated to deliver the message. It is between them and God if they chose to except it.

    We as a people must not give up on those around us. We are the only line of defense from the wickedness of this world. Complacency is no match for determination and truth. Evil is around us every day and we must not let it trick us into thinking that its not there or that there is nothing we can do about it. Tomorrow can be better then today but we need to fight today to make that happen.

  13. Hi Jonathan,

    I have worked with unbelievers for 30 years. It is not the good old days, when others see something we have of value, and desire what we have.

    To witness properly now is also to fight the modern day church, which is full of heresies, apostasy and greed, and is published on TV. People have already made up their minds about Christianity from the false witness they see on TV. Rich prosperity preachers threatening mindless people to give money or get cursed, and other ridiculous behaviors, churches allowing homosexuality, preachers giving dead sermons, hateful, red neck and obviously greatly uneducated pastors who actually are an embarrassment to Christians, and make us all look stupid as rocks, an entire political party that claims to be Christian, but endorses abortion, sex scandals among preachers that are still allowed to pastor, priests molesting young boys, sinful lives of most/many Christians, adultery and a high divorce rate among Christians, who remarry against the words of Jesus……

    The unbelievers see no difference between them and the world…so we get accused on hypocrisy when we try to witness. They mock us, because we are fakes, and they see this. They have no respect for us. So it is not their unbelief that is the problem. It is the fact that Christianity has, for the most part, died and become corrupt.

    The unbelievers actually lead better lives than most Christians, so why should they reduce themselves and associate with us?

    I forgot to mention that many baby boomers really are dying early, despite the current advances in medical research. There is a high AIDS and cancer rate among them.

    Maybe God is punishing this generation for turning against Him, and corrupting their children as well. The children of boomers are turning to pornography, witchcraft, and homosexuality. The boomer generation has failed. Many are dying in their 40’s and 50’s, which is normally too early.

    This is all something to think about. For many, it is too late.
    For me, I keep trying, but it is an uphill battle, and has cost me much. In all public places, God is illegal now, thanks to the corrupt members of my generation.


    • So what you’re saying is that the INSTITUTION of the the church has superseded the RELIGION on which it is based and become corrupt. Really, this is unsurprising if you study the Catholic church. Our church, like that church, has become too intertwined in politics and business, and as a result, I am unsure how people will react if I tell them I’m a Christian, since that is automatically associated with being a Republican right winger rich Pat Robertson type.

  14. You have brought up some important observations in regards to the christen establishment. The corruption of its leadership and unwillingness of its followers to purge their ranks of this corruption.

    I do know that in my heart I believe that this is part of God’s plan. God was never meant to be an establishment. It is mankind that seeks establishment and it is mankind that has lost its way through that establishment.

    I personally don’t associate myself or my family with any established doctrine or church. My relationship with God is personal and private and i have reached that relationship through the love, kindness and forgiveness that has been bestowed on me by God. I did not reach the conclusion that Jesus was my savior through church services and established Christian teachings. I did’t learn to live a good life by listening to the preachers tell me what to do. I listed to what God told me to do. In a still small voice deep within my soul the answers were always there.

    Everyone is always waiting for someone to come along and tell them what they should be doing. I believe that this has left the vast majority of people susceptible to false prophets and the teachings of those prophets. People need to spend more time trusting their personal relationship with God rather then trusting what everyone around them is saying even if it is a preacher.

    I am of the opinion that most of the problems christians are faced with today are a direct result of the establishments that they have created. When two or more are gathered in his name God will be their. That is all it takes. Why do we need 5 and 10 thousand people congregations. There is to much money to much power to much incentive for corruption. Have you ever heard of the saying “Kill the shepherd to steal the flock” It is by this premiss that without personal checks and balances within each of us the Devil need only to corrupt the leadership and everyone else just follows along.

    God is not fear, God is Love. I do not believe that he would punish a generation of people and corrupt their children. I do not believe that is what he is about. God is hope and forgiveness, love and kindness, unity and strength. We as a people cannot be fooled by the divisiveness of evil, or tricked into blindly following our corrupted leaders into the abyss. We need to think for ourselves and follow the still small voice within each of us to a brighter more fulfilling life in harmony with our maker.

  15. Hi Jonathan,

    It is refreshing to find someone who sincerely follows, loves, and obeys God. Don’t change where you are in Christ, except to go deeper.


  16. I write what i am inspired to say. Thank you for giving me a place to do that.

  17. Um well on behalf of the new generation let me just say you probably shouldn’t have been so mean, kept your job for so long, used all those drugs, etc.

    • Yeah. If people had been more restrained, things like drug legalization, homosexuality, etc. wouldn’t be public issues for our (new) generation. There also wouldn’t be drug lords making billions off of people’s addictions/habits. I think we’ll be lucky if we get by with only having a Civil War in the U.S. If you think I’m crazy, check out HR 45 and 1388. Which reminds me, the War on Drugs and Cold War are what started these openings for police state legislation in the almighty name of “national security”.

      • Hi Will,

        Sorry to be late in responding. You say a lot that is true about modern times. I wish I had a paint brush and could paint over all the wrongs. We need to keep the true faith, and do our best, even when other Christians ruin things for us.

  18. hi Elijah

    You are funny. But what you said is true.

    I want to tell your generation to try to excel, and be better than us, so you can have a decent world to live in. I also want to apologize for the mistakes my generation has made. We brought in AIDS, drugs, immorality, contempt for authority, and abortion. I want my kids to have a better life.

    God bless the next generation.

  19. What a fascinating article; I’ve been hearing this too, from other sources. I admit I couldn’t read every word of the replies (the tiny print hurts my eyes), so some of what I mention may have been covered by someone else. Marianne, feel free to edit out any repetition!

    I’m convinced there are tangible reasons why Boomers are dying earlier than our parents will/did.

    1) Our is the first generation totally raised on TV. We are content to be passively amused instead of genuinely entertained.
    2) We’re the first generation to have junk/fast food as part of our regular diet. (I cringe, considering the next generations’ health in a couple of decades!)
    3) Our generation inherited an even greater dependence on modern medicine instead of healthy living and diet. And the Church, having abandoned God as our Healer makes us most accountable.
    4) The Sexual Revolution of the 60s and the “Me Generation” of the 70s (when I came of age) was the modern-day Dark Ages; we are reaping what we sowed.
    5) The first generation becoming dependent on technology over skill, education, character to accomplish things. We are “dumber” than any previous generation.

    6) Removing prayer and God HImself from our public education system opened the door to all I don’t have room for here.

    7) And the biggie of all, our generation saw abortion legalized. We unwittingly created a death culture for our children and grandchildren.

    Well, this was not an exhaustive list I’m sure, but didn’t want to go on with a lot of ‘bad news’. This should shake us into the realization that we MUST hit our knees, get on our faces and seek God’s, for revival and reformation!!

    Our church will be participating in “DEPENDENCE ON GOD DAY”, July 5 this Sunday.. the day after we Americans celebrate our national Independence Day. Based on II Chron 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    • Hi Cindy,

      I am seeing people I know who are about my age every day dying. It is quite a serious thing to consider.

      What is ominous is this death culture that had been created, with the lack of godliness and the abortion. What is the end result of that, outside of the obvious?

      Scripture also says that in the last generation, that children would put their parents to death. So, those that learned it was ok to kill, will kill their own parents, if they have not already died from something else.

      The parents of the younger generation need to pray for God’s protection against the very ones they love.

      • I have heard that euthanisia is soon to be a very acceptable way to get rid of the boomers.

    • ‘6) Removing prayer and God HImself from our public education system opened the door to all I don’t have room for here.’

      Such as? Where is the direct line of causality here between refraining from saying prayers, and all that you don’t have room for here? Is there even a loose correlation perhaps? I want specific examples here. Data. Objective evidence. Research conducted examining the issue of whether or not the absence of prayers in schools has led to a direct, and proportional, decline in, for example, economic performance.

      Also, does it, or does it not say, that when one prays to God that one should ‘close the door and pray in secret, and you will be rewarded in secret, for God will then reward you’ or words to such effect (I’m quoting from memory again). It’s in Chapter 6, just after Jesus tells his disciples how to pray.

      Do it in secret, not in open public, for those who pray in public have their reward already.

      Public prayers in schools are not only unconstitutional (First Amendment), but also anti-Christian. It’s strange, but even I (an Australian living on the other side of the world) know more about the U.S. Constitution, and Christianity, than all of those Americans pushing for prayers in school.

      What do they teach in schools over there? I often wonder.

      • peter

        I know my constitution. It grants freedom of religion and freedom of speech, which is why I grant you the right to complain here.

        after the prayer in school was removed, scores dropped, teenage pregnancies sky rocketed, school violence increased, gangs formed, and school massacres occurred.

        those are a few examples.

        the bible does not forbid public prayer, only prayer that is prideful, and wants attention.

        • It grants freedom of religion, but it also places a barrier between the state and ecclesiastical authorities; that is, it guarantees freedom FROM religion as well. The First Amendment prohibits the state from imposing and enforcing the religious beliefs of the majority upon all others. It keeps the government out of religious controversies. By the way, I am not ‘complaining’, simply pointing out errors in basic logic and sense.

          ‘After the prayer in school was removed, scores dropped, teenage pregnancies sky rocketed, school violence increased, gangs formed, and school massacres occurred.’

          Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Evidence please! You have made a number of baseless assumptions, and committed a number of logical errors in your response here. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (i.e. after the fact, therefore because of that fact) being one of them.

          Where is the evidential link between the absence of school prayer and low scores? In Australia we never had this nonsense imposed upon us, and yet according to research conducted here scores have also dropped. Could there possibly be other reasons for the decline? Had you even considered those other reasons?

          ‘…teenage pregnancies sky rocketed…’ So, prayer prevents pregnancy does it? I never would have guessed 🙂

          ‘The bible does not forbid public prayer, only prayer that is prideful, and wants attention.’

          …but, anything that is performed IN PUBLIC, will generate ‘attention’! How could it not do so? Your statement is nonsensical.

        • One other thing. The school massacres you mention occurred because every Tom, Dick and Harry can ‘bear arms’! Please do the world (especially Mexico) a favour, and GET RID OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

          • you are a troll

            • Do you think I’m a troll because I actually question dubious (and lazy) assumptions? Why did you not even bother to address the issues I raised here?

              • You have made no comments or asked any questions so far…..nor raised any issues. this is your first comment

                • For some reason I couldn’t post under ‘Peter’.

                  • No one named Peter has been here either. are you on the right website?

                    • Marianne, do you have problems with your vision? You called me a ‘troll’ on the 19th of May 2012, at 12:24 PM. Look above. You can see it, it’s there. This is the right website, I see my name everywhere here.

                      Anyway, as I asked before, why did you choose to insult me instead of actually addressing the issues I raised?

                  • ok I see the previous comments….so you are here 3 years later to continue an argument?

                    I gave you answers then….so you can accept them or reject them.

                    • Yes, three years later. Three years ago, 30, or 300, it makes no difference to me. Why should it? Time is irrelevant, the issues I raised still stand and need to be addressed and, unlike most people these days, I do not have a short memory or attention span.

                      My acceptance or rejection of your response would depend entirely upon how convincing it was. Simply spouting dogma or calling me a ‘troll’ will not convince me, and neither will making claims for which there is neither reason nor evidence.

                      So – why did you elect to ignore the points I raised? It’s a simple question really, and should be easy to answer. I will not go away until I receive an honest and satisfactory answer, even if it takes the next 50 years to receive one (yes, I will still be around and remember this conversation even then).

              • the second amendment is there to protect citizens from government and from criminals, who always seem to get weapons, legal or illegal.

                if you want information on the relationship between godlessness, lack of prayer and massacres, then do your own reseach

                • Thanks. You’ve just told me all I ever needed to know; you haven’t researched this alleged connection at all, you’re just making things up as you go along. There is NO correlation, no connection between public prayers and ‘godlessness’ on the one hand, and violence on the other. That’s just a fact.

                  The nations of Australia, Sweden, Holland, Japan and others that are similarly secular don’t have anywhere near the level of violence, gun-related or otherwise, that the United States does. I HAVE done my own research, and I can truthfully say that you are completely wrong about everything here.

                  Now, do us all a favour and stop spreading ultra-rightwing, ‘Tea Party’ lies. Close this obscene website down. It is nothing but a mouthpiece for the pro-Israeli lobby, the Republican Party, and other rich tossers who get their kicks out of screwing the poor.

  20. This post reminds me of something my Uncle Rick once said…

    if a sweat shop factory had air conditioning would it still be called a sweat shop?

  21. This is a whopper of a blog because it affects everybody! When I was 20 I read all the new women’s lib books…Second Sex, Feminine Mystique, Female Eunich..on and on. I thought about it all and came to see it was all rot. There were some good historical studies done about women, sympathetic and real. That was the only substance I saw. Now, of course, David Rockefellar freely admits cooking up Women’s Lib in his kitchen with other lords of creation, to jack up real estate prices and get women paying taxes. I became Catholic, had children and nursed them, lived a poor life hanging clothes outside. And guess who has left me in the lurch? The Catholic Church! So here I am on St. Joseph’s day reading evangelical blogs, trying to make sense out of life, just like I tried in 1968. With God’s help, again, I’ll recognize the hokum and seduction around, and hold fast to Jesus.

    • hi deanna

      Good for you. The churches do not save us. Jesus does.

      The churches really do not represent Jesus much anymore. Spending private time with Jesus will do us more good than a church service anyhow.

      Fellowship with believers can be found, the holy spirit is still at work, bring people together.

  22. Oh, Marianne, what you say is so sad…think of all the generations who worshipped and kept the faith in the beautiful old churches of Europe…think of the tent meetings with dinner on the grounds…I will always go to Mass, but it is hard. Our bishop has forbidden priests to preach on morals of any kind. (The latest making the rounds is: Before a priest can be made a bishop he must first have an operation to remove his spine.) I don’t understand what is going on . The pedophilia is nothing new at all…probably been common since the beginning because of the Greek and Roman cities where the faith began. The real new thing is not sin, but sanctioned sin…the absence of vision, of the Victory over weakness in ourselves, the absence of zeal to reach the crown, to even TALK about the crown! I know this time is one of mercy…and the devout are called to patience and fortitude. This is a time for pity and compassion, not judgement. But it saddens me to think of the empty churches…empty of people but more…empty of the security of the incarnation, of the Tidings of comfort and joy that our forefathers and mothers knew at the altars of God.

    • hi deanna

      Those that have worshiped in sincerity will not lose their reward.

      Judgment is to start in the house of God, and will begin with the leadership.

      the trend is dismal, but each person can still make a difference, if they wish to try.

  23. what you say is the main message of the 3rd Fatima secret…the worst kept thing on earth! Satan will infiltrate the Catholic church beginning at the top with the heirarchy and apostasy will spread, though many faithful will stay truly Christian. It is a warning not to trust power and authority as they are sell outs…masons, banksters, agnostics, cynics, and worse. There are a few Christians at the top and they suffer a lot for it. Any religious organization with power and money has been tainted…have you read the ludicrous gobbledygook the Methodist’s call their latest creed? May we stay faithful to Jesus, our incarnate God, the love of our life! AMEN!

  24. I remember my dad telling me of the doctor who offered no hope for my uncle, yet the doctor died and my uncle lived into his 90’s.
    The one who predicts all boomers dead by 2025 might die before they do.
    We don’t need anyone to tell us when someone is expected to die according to the year they were born.
    Here is the thing: Anyone can die at anytime at any age for any reason.
    Matters not how old you are what matters is you are alive.
    death comes to all and never asks if they are a baby boomer. or what year they were born.
    Death comes for no reason except to come and take away whoever it wants.

    • hi Susana

      I am inclined to want to believe as you do. I am a baby boomer, and would like to live as long as possible.

      I wrote this when all my friends started to die in their 40’s and 50’s, and I researched out what might be going on.

  25. Bob Jones only received prophecies thru the 2060’s… very interesting. Either God simply didn’t see fit to go that far in cluing him in, or “we won’t be here”. !

  26. Marianne, I learned this about age once when I fell madly in love with a man God brought into my life. He was alot younger than me. I told God I didn’t like the age difference and God said to me, “It doesn’t matter what age you are. What matters is you are alive.”
    Since then I feel very good being any age and being around people any age because any of us can die at any time. Age basically means nothing.
    The only thing that matters is we are alive.

  27. […] […]

  28. Hi Marianne,

    After reading this blog I definitely believe something unusual is going on with the generation called the “Boomers”. Quite some time ago I got the same impression about this generation as you had: they sow what they reap. The reaction of Will was an eye opener for me to read, very interesting to read how a high school student (someone who could be my child, I am 42) looks at society, and has made the same conclusion concerning the “Boomers” generation.

    In 2005, in the summer time, I had the strong impression that the Holy Spirit said to me that I had 10 more years to live. I was so grateful, could hardly believe it. It would mean I would go home around 2015-2016. I never wanted to come of age, also I never wanted children of my own, and I am married 10 years now. My husband feels the same. Are there more people with the same experience concerning children, and/or an impression from the Lord when they would go home?

    Yours In Christ,

    Marianne, I like the way you respond to people, always loving and respectful, also when people disagree with your position.

    • hi Dorien

      Interesting how the Lord gave you 10 more years, which would end in about 2015-2016.

      About 10 years ago, I got my retirement statement. I was complaining silently to him that the government was going to give me a tiny retirement check, and I could not live on that.

      He suddenly said, “Don’t worry, you won’t be here,” which startled me.

      I have 2 retirements – one with the state of NC (age 60), and one with social security, and for my birth year, the federal retirement would be at age 66, which will occur in October 2016.

      For a while, I was not sure if he meant NC state retirement, or federal retirement.

      The State retirement begins next month, so we will see if I am still here. 🙂

      But if he meant federal retirement, then the date the Lord gave you (2015-2016) coincides with the date I am not supposed to be here either.

      This is a confirmation to me as well, that I have 5 more years here. This is a relief, because I have unsaved loved ones, and I am concerned about them. This gives me more time.

      I am glad you shared that. It helped me settle things in my head.

      I plan to apply for early retirement at 62, to get what I can before they shut down everything. I will have 3 years to get a tiny but of my taxes back. 🙂

      This is also a relief to me. I did not want to end up old and sick and in a nursing home, fighting multiple debilitating medical problems like my parents did. This way I can look forward to a few more years in somewhat reasonable health.

      Many of my friends have died. I have 2 left.

  29. The Lord has led me into researching nutrition, organic-related things, etc; which includes a lot of info on what the world governments (mostly ours in the US) is doing in collusion w/ the food corporations and corporate farms. Many of those at the top are 1) colluding w/ the population control crowd, 2) squashing virtually every effort to expose the dangers of genetically-modified foods and chemical additives, and 3) doing all they can to force as many of us as possible into medicine- dependence. There have been odd “Mafia-style” tactics against formerly-revered scientists making these discoveries; one was even intimidated w/,”We know where your kids go to school…” !?

    I am more convinced as I go along, that the enemy of our souls is mostly in charge of those who produce what we ingest, for several reasons. The obvious is, he just wants as many folks as sick and clueless as he can (what a convenient way to wear out the saints). This is the END TIME HARVEST generation, so he’s hoping to divert our attention and energies to more earthly concerns, so fewer of us are involved in Kingdom activity, and too weak to maintain spiritual warfare. It takes health and strength to do “Kingdom” stuff!

    Our church has acquires rural property and we’re planning to organic farm, raise small livestock; as well as develop a retreat center and worship school. We see the ‘earthly’ end of this, as providing safe food for us and the local Body of Christ for if/when the food supply gets too pricey or too tainted to risk eating. Also, will go solar/wind power to get off the grid and no longer utility-dependent. What’s to prevent a gov’t from just flipping the switch at whim – that would bring most of us to our knees for sure. Let’s wake up, and become more dependent on God so we don’t have to be statistics!!

    • hi cindy

      It sounds like your church really has it together. It would be nice to see more of that.

      • Aww thanks… well, credit to the Lord of course. None of us would be doing any of this, if not for Him! And I’m seeing A LOT of others being called to this too, so we’re not so unique. A bit off-subject, but wanted to brag on our God a bit more: just yesterday, a master builder friend of our pastor called to say he’d save ALL his new-but-unused materials, appliances, etc and would provide installation on our ranch structures!! And, I got a call, got to sharing w/ a friend what we’re doing, and it turns out her husband grew up tending bees (what my husband and I are sensing a call to do on the ranch). !! God connects more dots every week..OMGosh!! We all have the potential to be “sons of Issachar, who know the times” and respond accordingly.

  30. I don’t know how far along the master bigwigs are at manipulating our minds and bodies. But for sure humans have done evil with the earth and its creatures…who are innocent and with God.
    So it is only logical that nature is about to revolt. People talk about God’s wrath….I don’t buy that. We have done it all to ourselves.
    Fascinating church! All the best!

  31. Wow… you all are batshit crazy. There is no significance of baby boomers dying. You think just because of some Bible verse that this is somehow the end of the world? Really? How many other Bible verses were there that Christians thought foretold the end of the world? 50? 100? Yeah, I like your odds… Instead of fearing the end of times–or your own death, which is really all that you give a damn about–how about you be optimistic and maybe learn some science and history?

    • So how did you find your way onto this site, if not for curiousity sake?

      I always find it most interesting that the ones that insult and criticize are the ones in desperate need of the truth and are the ones diligently searching for it as well.

    • Hi Peter

      A scientist is the author of this blog. 30 years of experience.

      Science is currently confirming the prophecies of the end times.

      • And isn’t “ironic” that G-d created Science too? lol, just sayin 🙂

        • And isn’t it ironic that you have made a statement that is completely baseless, without either evidence or foundation, and yet cannot see this. LOL, just sayin 🙂

      • A ‘scientist’ with 30 years experience in… what, specifically?
        Even if such is true, it proves nothing, for even the best minds in the business can (and do) get it wrong. This is the logical fallacy of ‘argument from authority’.

        I don’t know where you got the idea that ‘science’ is confirming Biblical prophecies. Could you provide me with the evidence that it is indeed doing so? This is news to me, that’s for sure.

  32. […] It’s hard to imagine the Greatest Generation Who Won World War Two On Two Fronts getting cowed by their kids, but they did.  Everyone knows it.  A permissive attitude along with too much money and free time ended up in sex, drugs, and rock & roll. […]

    • Oh dear, there are so many things wrong with this statement that I don’t know where to begin.

      The ‘Greatest Generation’? Says who? Oh, that’s right, they do say so themselves. Such shameless arrogance on their part.

      They ‘won World War Two’ – yes, the ALLIED members of the ‘Greatest Generation’ did so (not to mention the Soviet Red Army, that kept the Wehrmacht occupied in the East for four years), but the Axis members of this generation LOST the war.

      ‘Permissive attitude’ – By this do you mean that parents are no longer allowed to regard their sons and daughters as property? That they now have a minimum amount of protection, under the law, from parental abuse and neglect? Please DO explain this comment of yours.

      By the way, not all of us ‘young people’ take drugs or like ‘Rock and Roll’ – I, for example, am a teetotaler who has never even smoke a cigarette, and I can’t stand that dreadful ‘music’.

  33. I also read that the brains of baby-boomers have a high concentration of aluminun and doctors are saying that there will be a much higher amount of senility than what is normal in an aging population. Also wiyh all these white people dying off. They will be replaced with non-white peoples& America in 20-30 years will start to look drastically different than before in its 400 plus year history since 1607.

  34. The aluminum in our brains, is mostly from fluoridated water, which is in most of our municipal water supplies. Dr. Mercola has some really good articles on his site, explaining the how’s and why’s of all this. We found a company that delivers purified (from fluroide AND chlorine), and have been buying that for years now. And DeeGee: you’re so right – the Greatest Generation let the Boomers down. Just like the Israelites that first occupied the Promised Land. They failed to pass their faith on to their children and their grandkids ended up in idolatry.. God sent judges to lead them out… repeating this pattern for hundreds of years, going into total destruction and captivity several times. Sound familiar? The Western Church is doing the same thing….

  35. Most of my boomer pals are disabled & my best friends have passed on. I myself have also become debilitated. The doctors say nothing. I get no disability aid. My family hides me. However, arthritis & cataracts keep me from living a full life and working. I wonder how many more there are like me. I was born in ’53.

  36. Anneliese… there’s a lot out there like you, and most of us have that fate ahead if we don’t regain our fitness BEFORE our health starts to go. Just look at our atrocious diets: the average American (man, woman and child) consumes an average of 5# of PESTICIDES A YEAR. Our bodies were created w/ an amazing filtration system but they weren’t designed to deal w/ decades of poisons, ingested w/ virtually every bite of food we eat. And, we dare not count on ‘saying grace’ and then eating any old crap we want. God blesses food, not poison and He gave us common sense and lots of sources of info. We are without excuse… let’s start honoring our bodies and converting our diets back to how God intended for us to eat. And, get off our cans and get fit before we really fall apart and it’s too late. Myself turning 54 one month from today, I’m currently fighting joint/back issues, to garden and return to exercise, out so I don’t fall apart and end up a slave to meds just to function.

  37. Die baby boomers, die! Good riddance!

  38. The BOOMERS are the wicked generation mentioned in the scriptures, a spoiled seed, nurtured upon SEX, DRUGS(drink) and good old ROCK & ROLL. Their matto “It’s MY ride MAN” says it all. Unfortunately, many retain their CUTE, juvi-characteristics into old age. Wolves in sheeps clothing? You will know by their FRUIT.

  39. Okaayyy…I’m assuming “JCs” parents are Boomers; if it weren’t for them, he/she would not be here. So what’s his/her problem w/ them, and what is he/she doing to help?

  40. Have you heard the “Baby Boomer” song?
    This really tells it like it is:

  41. This article is very enlightening and I totally agree with the article and some of the comments about baby boomers and the early deaths and declines. My father was born in 1950 and he fought in the Vietnam War. I was born in ’73 and my father and my father had horrible blackouts and was very traumatized and he was violently abusive to my mother, myself and my siblings. Somehow I knew in my heart as a little girl that the Air Force and Vietnam was the reason my father was crazy. I loved my father dearly and was never at peace in our home. Several years later as a young adult I got Saved gave my life to Jesus Christ and began bombarding heaven for my fathers salvation, healing and deliverance. I pray for him as he has suffered PTSD, and has brain tumors as a result of the war. Today because of constant prayer and fasting my dad is much better than he use to be. I grieve for the baby boomer generation because they have sowed and reaped, via the sexual revolution. Although some baby boomers like my father were sent off to war they had no control of, forced to fight and face untold horrors then come back to a nation that rejected them and caused many families untold terror, horror and abuse. Which I believed was a gateway for the crack epidemic that plagued our nation in the 1980’s. Please keep my Father, Mother Siblings and I in prayer. and all of our loved ones as well as we pray for you and your ministry.
    I have been blessed beyond measure by your ministry.

    • tina

      You have much in common with me. I was born in 1950 and my son was born in 1973. I was also of the Vietnam era and saw my beloved, with PTSD become disconnected from family, and this ended in divorce.

      I have 2 children, and both grew up without father, who could not seem to connect with them, even though he lived close by. He lived in denial.

      It was not my husband, but my father who had brain tumors as a result of the war ( WW2 and Korean) he was in. You have my love and prayers. And I pray your father gets better.

  42. Marianne,

    Thank you for replying to me. We do have a great deal in common. I am so deeply empathetic and relate to your life story. I grieve for your lost of your beloved and your children who grew up without a father. I have always felt that God had a special place in His heart for those who fought in Vietnam and their wives and children and family members, who suffered as a result of their PTSD. I long for the day that Jesus comes and heal the brokenhearted baby boomers and deliver them and us from this wicked untoward generation.

    I am sorry that your dad had brain tumors. The Korean War is hardly ever reverenced or spoke about. I am grateful for your father fighting in WW2/and Korean War and your ex-husband for fighting in the Vietnam War. If he is still alive I pray for his salvation, healing and deliverance.

    I always had a heart for Vietnam Veterans growing up in high school I’ve seen on the streets in San Francisco and just recently (as an adult) on Skid Row in Los Angeles. I Pray for them all the time that God would break the Wandering Vagabond Curse, The spirit of Rejection from this Nation when they came back from Vietnam, and the deliverance from drugs, Heal their Emotional state of being and restore their souls for His namesake.

    I am forever humbled by God’s grace and mercy,
    He watches over and ministers to those in the desolate places trapped in their minds, bound by trauma. Jesus Blood Washes cleanses heals and delivers! The Lord is able.

  43. Burying a child, including one’s adult-child, is an unnatural act, but one that is happening with more frequency these days, particularly the past decade to be more accurate.

    I think a big part of the reason baby boomers are dying younger than their parents generation, especially considering how far we’ve come technologically and with so many medical advancements as well, is two-fold; first, most (U.S.) baby boomers were vaccinated for Polio, which is believed to contain the Simian Virus, although it’s supposedly dormant.

    Secondly GMO foods/beverages and our tap water are all wreaking havoc on our health/immune systems and causing auto-immune disorders. Without a strong, well-functioning immune system one is often ill and unless they can strengthen their immune system (by eating/drinking only fresh, healthy, organic, nutrient-dense non-GMO foods) they will not live long, or as long as their parents generation……

    …… who btw, were not injected with the Polio vaccine and also lived the first two-thirds of their lives without GMO foods/liquids, including GMO milk and other beverages, whereas most baby boomers have been subjected to GMO foods the past 25 yrs, since somewhere in their 30’s when junk foods and pre-packaged fast-foods were really pushed and popularized.

    In other words the baby boomers parents have only been subjected to genetically-engineered foods in their final yrs, meaning the last third of their lives, as by the time GMO’s were introduced most baby boomers were 30-something yrs old, not in their mid-60’s to late 70’s, approaching the last phase of their life. I think the death rates for American baby boomers will continue to rise, and parents burying their young-adult (under age 50) children will become more common. Thank you Monsanto and other evil scum of the Earth (sarcasm) who are aligned with the Devil.

    Love & Blessings to all, JanaR

    • janaR

      i could not agree with you more.

      I have trying to search it out. there were certain years that SV 40 was present in vaccines, and other years it was not. i wish I could find that info you know?

      as for gmos….not even insects want to eat plants like that. I saw a picture of ants walking around gmo food instead of trying to eat it.

  44. Hi Marianne — Due to conflicting information, I am not certain of the exact time period SV-40 was present in Polio vaccines. I have reason to believe it was present from 1950 to 1960, but don’t know that to be fact.

    A respected Doctor had made that claim and since he is credible I chose to believe that is the time period. However, I can’t be 100% certain. But, if that is true, that’s the time period I was vaccinated — in the late 1950’s.

    • jana

      I was also vaccinated in the 1950s…but I also heard that there were some safe years in that decade….but not sure which ones were safe….all I know for now is that I do not have cancer…thank god.

  45. Baby boomers are dying because they are the worse generation ever!! They disrespected soldiers who were protecting there freedom and burnt American flags!! All because they were high on dope!! Not for piece!! Just a selfish generation that will marked as the worse!! This is just one post of many

    • gregg

      valid points!

    • None of this happened in a vacuum….most of our parents were among the most prosperous generation of Americans, and many didn’t handle it well. So consumed w/ climbing corporate ladders, making $, and living large; they ended up neglecting and/or spoiling their kids. We were also the first generation to have so many conveniences, didn’t have to grow our own food, saw TV come on the scene …snack and fast food that we realized kindof late in the game, how unhealthy it was. I came of age in the 70s as a solid believer, and even then was grieved at what was happening all around me; many of my peers (in an affluent HS in Denver) descended into drugs because their parents weren’t paying enough attention to them. Our parents really didn’t see what was influencing us, and didn’t do anything about it. …we are now reaping the consequences of the first ‘latchkey generation’, legalized abortion, occultism creeping into curricula, and the Church was asleep at the wheel….and they didn’t do anything about it, either. Seriously…WENEEDAREVIVAL I saw a great quote on Facebook yesterday: “Christians repent FOR a revival….the lost repent IN a revival”

    • Gregg, you have such incredibly poor grammar. I could barely understand what you wrote here, and your spelling is atrocious too. Here, let me fix it for you:

      “Baby boomers are dying because they are the worst generation ever! They disrespected soldiers who were protecting their freedom, and burned American flags! They did this because they were all high on dope, and not for peace. They are just selfish, and will be remembered as being the worst.”

      By the way, the Vietnam War wasn’t a war to “protect freedom”, but an attempt by a larger imperial power to subjugate and extinguish the freedom of a nation that would simply not tolerate being pushed around by the world’s number one bully. The Vietnamese people won, and those who demonstrated against this unjust war were right to do so, regardless of whether or not they were “high” at the time.

  46. Good article …. thanks for the link. I believe that every generation has made its share of contributions and its share of mistakes and that there is both good and bad in every generation. No one particular generation is mostly all bad or mostly all good — some good and some bad in every generation.

    As a baby boomer I can agree my generation did some crazy/awful things but we also contributed greatly in many ways. My parents generation (The Silent Generation) didn’t trust anyone who wasn’t White and just like them. They wouldn’t allow anyone who wasn’t White, and at least middle-class, to live in their neighborhoods and their kids weren’t allowed to attend the school their children attended. I could go on, but you get the picture.

    My point is that no one generation is all bad and every generation has it’s share of horrid, selfish takers as well as evil. We shouldn’t tar everyone from any one specific generation with the same brush.

    The Millenialls really haven’t been around long enough for us to see what they will contribute and what they will screw up.

  47. Have you noticed Science?
    On the good side we have the record if the rocks with an uninterrupted description of all life over the few billion years.
    We have DNA that tracks life back billions of years.
    Neither allows for a “Garden of Eden”
    On the bad side we have the Science contorted by greed that is modrn medicine.
    Kills more people than cancer every year.

  48. Science also tells us a destructive explosion created from nothing created everything, and calls God a fairy tale.

  49. Why is it that the Babyboomers always think the world will end as soon as they are done? Stop being so narcissistic. It will go on and everything will be improved by GenX. Not Gen Y. So stop that nonsense.

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