The Charismatic Male Jezebel – Conquest by Romance and Assimilation



1. He comes on strong, sweeping his victims off their feet. He can be a “hot, passionate lover.” Women are flattered by his intense attention of them, and excited by his male dominant approach to sex. He sexually “adores” them in Romeo fashion.

2. He targets them by falsely mirroring their values, interests, goals, philosophies, tastes and habits. He is “everything you are.” Wow, you have so much in common! You are a too perfect match !

2. He fakes integrity, honesty and sincerity. He convincingly mimics human emotions. He uses people.  He is a “sincere liar.”

3. He can seem very spiritual or idealistic, but this is superficial. His interpretation of scripture, however, may not agree with what God had in mind.

4. He can suddenly play the role of the victim. Similar to the sneaky charming jezebel. Victims take pity on him. They see him as needing them. He is playing on the natural nurturing character of women.

5. He can inspire the woman to attack those who are supposed to be victimizing him. This causes injury to innocent people, and hurts the woman’s relationships with others. Her friends and family can be alienated from her in this way.

6. He wants to marry victims quickly. Impulsive. He wants his victims dependent on him. He portrays false integrity, appears helpful, comforting, generous.

7. The fake sincerity does not last as he starts to change into his true self. He will have numerous romantic relationships. He has no loyalty to anyone except his own body parts.

8. He blames others in the relationship. His victims are objectified and disposable.

9. His lack of conscience is shocking, incomprehensible and emotionally painful to the victim. He can suddenly end the relationship, without any compassion. The woman victim is quickly discarded as he cultivates a “new perfect partner”. Or she may be able to end the relationship, and salvage what she can.

10. He may drop verbal clues about his true character early in the relationship, but victims fail to grasp its meaning. He romances them as he romances others, to exploit what stimulation he can out of each one. Victims are too enraptured with all the sexual attention, to realize that is all he is giving them.

11. Eventually the unmasked Jezebel emerges. His targets suffer emotional and financial devastation and their emotional recovery is lengthy.

12. He will recruit others as he condemns you for being a failure to him. Expect people he knows to gang up on you.

13. Nothing is his fault.

14. You can suffer and die, and he will not care. Maybe he will “pray” for you. This is insulting, at the least.

15. In a church setting, he can be the perfect Christian. Everyone will idealize him and promote him. He may end up as an elder in the church, or a pastor, or in some position of authority. He is so charming that everyone is impressed with him. He is a man’s man, and the kind of man that women secretly admire.

16. When you start having problems with him, he will have the church “pray for you.” He is projecting his sin onto you, and condescending to you. You will be the sinner, lost, and in need of deliverance, not him. He has the demon, but you will get the bad reputation. He slanders successfully.

17. The Jezebel man is not an Ahab (see other posts for this). The Jezebel is a spirit of control and rebellion. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The Ahab is a permissive spirit, that just lets the devil have his way.

18.  Jezebels are cruel, dishonest, controlling and critical, when they show their true colors.

What to do about him:

Abandon your efforts to help or cure him.

His true mask exposed and the false character he portrayed is gone forever.

Accept the reality. He does not want to change. Any “I will change” is a lie.

Seek therapy. Seek prayer and support. You are the only one that will want help. He is not concerned. He can get another woman using the same methods he got you.

Ignore and don’t react to his hurtful words. It is not your fault that you are not good enough for him. Do not let him blame you for the break up.

Don’t take the bait when he blames or lies. They fool even trained professionals. Check out what he says. Get proof.

Do not be vulnerable or naive. Check out his past before you get involved with any man. Look at how he treats others.

Prepare for a nasty divorce. He will slander you.

Accept no abuse. Respect yourself. Learn to fight back.

Do your homework before getting involved with someone. How does he treat other people? How does he treat his mother and sister? What does his father think of him? How does he get along with relatives? Co-workers?

Do you hear many complaints from him about them? Do they complain about him? Does he lie? Does he take advantage of people? Does he respect others?

Look at your own weaknesses that let him in. If you allowed the sex without the real love, then you need to work on that. Check your own value system and morals. He took advantage of your willingness to compromise your values. Work to correct your weaknesses. Close the door to his type.

Understand the biblical principle of bad tree = bad fruit, and good tree = good fruit. If you are not sure about the tree, look at the fruit. Before a woman gets deeply involved with any man, his behavior and moral character should be carefully examined.

Learn about sociopathic behavior.

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    • Oh my goodness, this is such a timely word. My ex-husband fits this description almost entirely. The only reason I was looking this up was he was telling me that God told him that I needed deliverance from the Jezebel spirit. Basically, I married him because he TOLD me everything I wanted to hear, that we were going to serve God together as a married couple AND life the lifestyle I always wanted. I remember saying to God that he was even more PERFECT for me that I remember asking God for in a husband. I was sure I was in God’s will by marrying him. And we had many prophetic words confirming this. That has been the struggle for me to let go of him, plus the fact that he constantly professes his desire to “change” and “get his life straightened out”. He only repents “generally”, he says things like “forgive me for my actions and words”, and can NOT state the exact trespasses and then says “Jesus can forgive me, why can’t you?”.

      The fact that I am still attracted to him, very much physically is definitely explained in this article. I have said many times that he is trying to be “God” to me… perfect lover, my protector, my teacher, my provider, the fulfillment of my destiny.

      Thank you for your revelation, and may God continue to reveal his TRUTH and LIGHT!

      • HI Colleen,

        I am glad this has helped you. I would consider the male Jezebel a much stronger force than the female Jezebel, who can be broken by a strong male figure.

        Inherent manipulation, dishonesty, and insincerity will never allow the male Jezebel to become a real husband to any woman, no matter how attractive he is.

        He does not know who he is, and needs to control everyone’s opinion of him, in order to present himself as perfect. He cannot be sincere. It is just not in him. It is like he has no soul. He speaks empty words.

        I have a friend who was married to one. It is 20 years later, and he still has not changed from the divorce. Since he cannot admit he is ever wrong, they were driving together, and he caused an accident.

        When the police came, he blamed her for the accident, and he was so convincing, that he got away with it. Now the insurance will not pay her for the injuries she received.

        This is someone only God and a supernatural disaster can cure.

      • Hi there – except for the sexual attraction portion, your post could have been me almost exactly! I’m sorry you’ve gone through this. Believe me, I know how it feels. Love to you.


      • Your story is similar to mine..thanks for sharing !

      • I am just escaping from a very similar relationship! I had prayed sincerely for a man with a heart for God, and asked it to be a relationship ordained by God. We spoke on the phone for at least three months and he said exactly the same things that I had asked God for! His class phrase was let God lead this ship. My whole family got taken in by him (including my mum who does not suffer fools gladly and is usually good at testing the spirits) Despite this …

        I lavished him with goods and helped him because I felt sorry for him, I paid for the meals, cooked, bought him gifts and fixed up his studio apartment! In return for nothing!

        Then, I realised he had a drink addiction and a drug (marijuana) addiction which fed his spirits as I became aware that there was more than one! He became cold and I believe was seeing other women behind my back and lying. All the Godly talk changed and he point blank refused to go to church!

        The Holy Spirit did reveal to me early in my relationship the spirit of Jezebel but I was too ‘in love/blind’ to see it or even escape!

        one night I even received a message on my phone telling me to walk out in faith I did but I went back!!!!

        Finally, I realised that despite him not being ‘Godly’ all his previous exs were! I believe the spirit in him targeted ‘Christian women’

        It is an extremely dangerous spirit and I have just escaped with my sanity and faith in tact!!!!

        • I’m so sorry for you having to go thru all this. This mirrored my experiences with my narc, and I still want him too
          But no more.

    • I am growing to learn my ex-husband was and is a male jezebel, but has taken me 30 years to fully believe it. I am getting spiritual counseling for this. But two issues that are confusing, is I’m assuming “jezebel” is a spirit that plagues these people, so why can’t they be spiritually cleansed? Second, do these spirits “talk” to the men/women they plague–reason I ask is because I would catch my ex talking to someone in the shower or just in the bathroom and I would check on him and nobody was there. This was before cell phones even. I used to tease him about it, but he never would laugh back. Now I’m wondering if there was/is an evil spirit plaguing him that he actually talks to. The coincidences are too real for there not to be some truth to this. I am divorced from him now with no contact, but now I worry about my son who is around him and whether he will prey on him now. I have also read the book “Psychopath Free”by Peace and it is amazing how the psychological and spiritual world have merged and have similar insight on this evil spirited person. I pray for healing and freedom from this for everyone visiting this sight. God’s light outshines any evil, so please stay close to Him for safety.–Dottie

      • dorothy

        jezebel is a spirit that infects both men and women…in men it is worse because of the natural authority men have…..

        he will most likely try to influence your son, so your son needs to be educated and know how to resist.

        read up on it so you can teach your son….

        here are some posts on the different types:

        (the orange is introductory,, while the white is the main post):

        take notes and share the info.

        there is also a book called, the sociopath next door….the jezebel is a sociopath, with a modern name.

        most of all, talk to your son about the Lord and holiness and goodness…that will help strengthen him.

    • Thanks for all the insights that we can ask the Lord to use in our lives. May the Lord bless and protect you. But, why the sensual and titillating pictures? Why not protect the imaginations of our brothers (and sisters) and let the Lord arouse our curiosity without these pictures that do not edify? I know the Lord can get truth across without such pictures as this.

      May He purify us all in these dark times.

      • marilynlovesmozart

        the purpose of the pictures is to represent the spirit discussed

        for one pure in heart, it is just a picture.

        for one with issues to correct, it may arouse a hidden spirit within themselves, and they need to face this, admit it, and correct it.

        so in both cases, it has a positive result…

  2. OMW this describes exactly a male I knew a few years back.
    I luckily after a few years realised he had a demon inside him as his eyes even changed when the spirit took over and had the good sense to leave very far away and have nothing to do with this person as he is beyond help. very predatory nature. I infact thoought he had many demons not just one but this Jezebel spirit sums it up.
    it took me many years to ” heal” from all the abuse, but realised
    he was sick and not me. this article has actually helped me shut the door completely. i do recognize that his mother had a huge part to play in this so I am looking forward to your post on the Jezebel mother. Thank you for the eye opener.

  3. Bee,

    These men are very attractive and alluring, and their attention makes us feel so special and loved. However, the results are tragic. I can understand your wounds.


  4. Marianne it’s good to identify sinful behavior and address how to deal with it, that will always be helpful information. But I have to address the extreme harm when you catergorize ‘control’ ‘rebellion’ ‘condescension’ ‘slander’ as “female sin” or “female spirit”. This is an attack against the value and worth of women who are created in God’s Image. Sin does not discriminate between gender, men and women are equally vulnerable to all sin and are equally accountable to God.

    Not only does Christ teach no such thing, but it spreads the lie that women are dirty, not to be trusted, they are to be silent, and a host of ungodly oppression.

  5. Diane,

    I am not saying that the ‘control’ ‘rebellion’ ‘condescension’ ’slander’ as “female sin” or “female spirit”. I am not attacking women as having unique sins. I am talking about men here, as also being capable of doing the same thing.

    I did not originate this term. I just use it because people know what I mean.

    In reality, there are wicked women, and there are wicked men. I just try to describe their behavior to help warn others so they will not be hurt by them. I use whatever terminology is available to help them understand the concepts.

    The term Jezebel does accurately describe a real historical figure. She was a witch. When someone acts like a witch, they might get this label. It is Jezebel’s fault she acted this way, not others who use her name now.

    I do see differences in the way men and women behave in general. Men are more confrontational, and women are more subtle. Men are more physical, women are more emotional. Men are more worldly, women are more spiritual.

    God bless you


  6. Marianne

    I am aware of reality. Sin is not male or female, but it is rebellion against God. We agree…there are wicked men and women. The fact that you are aware of that but choose to catergorize certain sins female and male (it doesn’t matter whose name you use) is wrong.

    Rebellion in children is not Jezebel it is sin. repent
    Rebellion in pastors is not Jezebel it is sin. Christ says REPENT
    Rebellion in the workplace is not Jezebel it is sin. REPENT

    • HI MARIANNE. i just had to comment on your understandin and it is only my opinion but i strongly disagree with your interpretation of a “jezebel” spirit.after i read it.i could only recognize that either a “jezebel” spirit dwells within you and you’re not aware of what is takin place or thrtr is a “jezebel” spirit very close to you cuz only a “jezebel” spirit would use this type of are in danger and you need to be cleared of this type of thinkin which can ultimately destroy you.MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH TRUE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE OF GOD’S WORD

  7. Wow I have expereinced this type and have suffered great emotional pain. It is very confusing though because at one point he comes off as being very sweet and it’s like you get sucked in and then you feel like your so in love with him and he’s telling you no I dont want a reationship with you, but wants to suck you dry. I am still trying to break away, this site has been so helpful. I thought I was the one who was crazy. The part that hit me the most was that you feel like you never good enough, that has really done damage to my self-esteem and confidence as a woman. Thank You for posting this now I can work on getting away and getting healed and will hopefully recognize any future disasters.

  8. Shelia,

    I pray the best for you. You are NOT the problem…… he is.

    You ARE good enough, but he isn’t.

    I pray that you find someone who is worthy of your devotion.


  9. This is my son-in-law and my Daughter has the Ahab spirit, this spirit has emotionally and financially devistated me and ended the relationship I have with my daughter and grandchildren. He is in authority in my old church and everyone is fooled. He didn’t fool me and thats why I am under his attack

  10. Hi joyce,

    This is a real rough situation. It will be a long struggle, because your daughter will not “see” anything wrong. Try to get friends and family to back you up. You will need to do a lot of prayer on this. Expect it to take a long time, but do not give up.

    He needs to be confronted alone, with you and your backup there. Your daughter should NOT be there, if you can manage that. She will just stick up for him.

    It is a divide and conquer situation. He gets strength by recruiting others. You have to fight with the same weapons.

    I will keep you in prayer.


    • marianne i have been following your site on and off for 2 years now and i too am dealing with the male jezebel spirit this is being spoke of and im still dealing with him and if it were not my faith in God i would be out of mind right now we use to live together until i left and i attempted to leave several times under the pretense that he would change and stop the abuse.but he never changed and mind you that the home in which we resided was my family home that my grandfather built from the ground however he as well as the rest of my immediate family are deceased and i was the only left to stay there.the guy im speaking of moved in and basically took over im emotionally destroyed by this spirit and am in recovery and homeless and he continues to think that i was and still is GOD told me to leave it with HIM FOR HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FIX IT AND HE DOES NOT pregnant with his (supposedly) only child and some how i thought would change him but then realized that having his child wouldnt change him but that
      God would have to change him otherwise he would still be the same person only worse so i will continue to let God be God and let him continue to work on me no matter how hard or how bad it may hurt JOY COMES IN THE MORNIN i consider your site therapy GOD BLESS

      • Cheryl

        The baby will not change him.

        In fact, your baby will also become his victim.

        if this is your property, then you have the right to tell him to leave.

        If he does not, then you can call the police.

        There are plenty of nice / nicer men out there who would be better for you.

        Do not waste the best years of your life with a jezebel.

        Jezebels do not change. And you permitting him to continue will just reinforce his behavior.

        God might fix him, but it does not mean you have to be there for it, or that he is the right one for you.

        I know it is hard when there is a baby involved…….but this is a difficult decision, and a but scary for you.

        If you just trust God, you can make it without him.

  11. An exact description of the man I got married to 6 years ago. He has been doing a horrible destruction in my life (finances, emotions, self esteem, etc.). I managed to move separately from him 6 months ago, we have been attending counselling since then at church. The counsellor dealing with our case got to the consequence that he would need psychiatric treatment. He would insist on me, but does not want to change. According to my church I have no biblical reason for divorce, so I have been waiting for a miracle from God, being 36 years old, having no children yet (he did not want any children, in spite of promising before we got married). He has been ruining my reputation in our church, telling lies about me and saying that I have the Jezebel spirit… I have been going through difficult times, but I will not give up my dream that God will restore my life.
    Thank you for this site, it is very helpful!

    • silvia, you make no sense…there is always a reason to divorce….hes abusing you..that is enough. god does not want you in this and you shouldnt have to ask your pastor to divorce. divorce is not a sin. please leave now. you sound confused

  12. Hi Silvia,

    This is such an unfortunate situation. The man here could channel his negative energies into positive ones, and be an ideal partner. But to go the opposite direction is disaster.

    It is typical not to want to change. There are too many advantages to him to stay the way he is. Him accusing you of having the Jezebel spirit is also typical. He is passing the blame to you, so he can look innocent.

    I do not know if you can convince the pastor who is counseling you both, but he must admit what he is. You also need to tell the pastor that this is a spiritual issue, and that a psychiatrist will either see nothing wrong, or say it is hopeless. Psychiatry is based on godless humanism, and has nothing to offer you.

    This is because this is a spirit, not an organic mental disorder. Confession and rejection of the spirit is the only way to remove it. Your pastor seems to want to pass this off onto another counselor. So, you either need to enlighten your pastor, so he can do a better job, or find a deliverance pastor that understands the dark spirit realm, and will work to deliver your husband of the spirit.

    Let me know what happens next.


    • divorce is not a sin. she needs to get out asap. you dont needs your pastors approval tp leave a relationship

  13. Marianne,
    Actually it was the pastor’s wife, who came up with the idea, that he might have the Jezebel spirit, after he started accusing me of having it. He also shows other strange symptoms like addiction of collecting unnecessary things, playing with his hair and shaking his hands without being aware of doing it. He is very irresponsible (he did not work at all for years and made me keep him), he was willing to take a shower once in 2-3 weeks, after me asking him to do so several times. He also have problems with concentrating (he seems to listen to you when you are talking to him, but later it turns out that he was not getting at all what you told him). That is why the pastor suggested that he might need to see a phycatrist in our church, but he almost run out of the room in anger when hearing that. It is probable, that he has a combination of a mental disorder and demonic problems (the pastor also thinks that).
    He has been abusing me verbally from the beginning and the abuse got more intense since we got separated. A few days ago, after a horrible quarrel the pastor suggested him not to communicate with me until things improve. Shame on me or not, I am very happy with this idea and living without him, without that constant stress, abuse and abandonment is like a dream. I know that I need emotional healing.
    All I can do is working on the restoration of my self-esteem, my relationships, my identity in Christ, and wait on God to do a miracle. I will keep you informed but I am prepared for a long process.

  14. Hi Silvia

    At first I thought he was just an uncaring husband, but the extra details you give are insightful.

    He sounds like what I call a crashed spirit. There has been some damage to his spirit sometime in the past, and he basically cannot cope with it, so he just becomes nonfunctional. It is similar to a nervous or mental breakdown. All systems just come to a stop. he cannot deal with any responsibility, because he is just not capable. There is an emotional injury, and repressed anger over that injury. The stress has caused physiological damage. His hands shaking may be due to the stress being released, and a thyroid that is overworked. His accusations may be the result of a paranoia, that originated from the need to protect himself after he was hurt.

    Even with rest, it may take years to recover. He has a damaged spirit, and apparently he was taking his problems out on you. So it is good you are separate now.

    I still do not believe in psychiatrists. They just listen, and do not help, unless they think putting him on drugs is the answer. Psychiatrists do not understand spiritual problems. If he gets put on drugs, he will never get the root cause healed. He does need deliverance, and christian counseling also.

    In all this, you are the other victim. So take care of yourself.

    First, your husband should be seen by a regular medical doctor, to check for illness, tumors, etc. He may be referred to a neurologist. If that turns out negative, then focus on going back to what injured him originally. I sense some form of abuse somewhere.


  15. Marianne,

    Many thanks for your reply!

    English is not my first language, so may be I did not express myself clearly, I am sorry. I mean shaking hands that he moves them like trying to adjust his watch on his wrist or the sleeve of his pullover. He does that when eating at the table, like trying to shake morsels off his fingers. These look like nervous habits, not shaking hands like an alcoholic has. When he plays with his hair, he grabs a mop of hair on the top of his head and twists it around with one of his fingers. He usually does that when thinking and only at home. He had a difficult childhood in a disfuncional home, with a verbally and physically agressive father. This might be the background of the abuse you suspect.

  16. Hi Silvia

    I sounds like he is more emotionally damaged than you are, so just remember that. It is obvious that you are not happy with this sort of situation, for good reasons. The best thing you can do is see that he gets spiritual help, and then pray for him to recover. From what I can tell, from your descriptions, he has deep feelings of shame and frustration (manifested as anger). He needs to sit down and get all his embarrassing and hurtful memories discussed, so he can start to heal.


  17. My husband is everything you discribed, he has ruined my credit,had borrowed mony from my parents, and I cought him recently cheating again. This time he just left me and my son to deal with things owed and the houuse. He just took clothes and had me deal with house. I think my son deserves a solid family, I am praying for him, but am I suppose to let him treat and talk to me the way he does, or am I suppose to stand up for myself? I want our family to heal. But how am I suppose to respond to my husband to come back home?

  18. Hi Dh

    Do you want him back? Cheating indicates something more serious than just irresponsiblity toward bills. He is out of control.

    Will he change? That is what you first have to decide.

    if you do want him back?:

    If he will not change, then tell him he cannot come back unless he agrees not just to change his behavior, but to get professional help. If he agrees, make sure he does not have a female counselor, but a male, so he cannot manipulate.

    This is not just something to “appease” you. This is something where you will be in charge of his life, until he learns to start acting like a real man, and not just a jerk, running around like a hormone hurricane, having sex with whatever he sees. You will be the strong one, in charge, until he gets his act together.

    He needs to learn that he is not that much of a catch for any woman, if she has to change his diapers, and take care of him.

    Cheating issue

    He will have to make a clean break with the woman. And YOU will be there when he does this. (Bring a girlfriend of yours as a witness.) If he wants reunion with you, then YOU (unfortunately) are in charge, since HE is out of control.


    If you do not have a church, find one that believes in deliverance. Contact the pastor AND his wife and ask for a counseling session. Tell them he has lust problems, and need prayer and counseling to get to the root of his problem. The idea behind this group structure is that there will be 3 people in the room with him. 2 females, and one male.

    The females outnumber the males, because even many male pastors can be too lenient toward men who cheat, since it is a “male thing.” Your husband is outnumbered, and will have a harder time trying to fake it, and manipulate.

    He should set up set times to pray with you and the pastor, so he stays in line.


    If he wants money, he needs to get a job. He is not staying there rent free. If he wants to come home, he will have to work and support you. Right now, he might just want to go back in dependency mode.

    Your son.

    Explain to him that his father has emotional problems. And do not imitate him! You will have to watch him, since he may learn negative behaviors from his father, until the father is better. Help your son understand the situation, and be a part of the solution.

    see if any of this helps


  19. Hi Marianne,

    Nice site, I do agree with a lot of things you said. However, it cannot be generalized of all christian because, you know , not all men are perfect, and Christian men some of them do really produce the fruits of the spirit, that can be “mistaken as jezebel”, because they are indeed sincere, kind, loving and take interest in several areas that some women may also have. So it may look “too perfect” to some women. So this may turn into wrongly accusing that man of being insincere, when he is being really sincere to the woman and helping her or love her.

    Because often relationships are formed or are born when a man and woman DO have many things in common, tastes, interests, philosphies, out look etc. It is natural. But in genuine love the man really loves the woman and yes, and builds her up in every possible way in Christ. not break her down.

    So its very important to Discern than Judge just on “outward signs”, because sometimes “outward signs” can be misleading and can lead to predjuding who other wise may turn out to be genuine and good people who can be a really good husband to you and the person God wanted you to meet.

    Best to go by the leading of the Spirit of God.

    • Hi AS

      If you look at the links from this post to others about Jezebel, you will find more negative traits. Your comment made me think I needed to add some of that material her on this page.

      Jezebels are also cruel, dishonest, controlling, and critical. So, the behavior is a good clue, and informed people should be able to tell the difference. Once informed, it will be easy to tell the difference between a wonderful man and a Jezebel man.

  20. These are the same arguements, and sentences Jezebel women use to “undermine” sincere men and isolate them and drive them out. Isn’t it Marianne?

    You want all men show atleast one “evil trait” openly to women ? What if there are sincere and good men?

    what if Jesus stood before these women and dispalyed

    1. Sincerety
    2. True love
    3. GEntleness
    4. Interest in philosophy,compassion
    5. Unworldly and caring

    Any woman would call him “here we go, deciever”.

    Is it safe to judge someone based on these “signs” ? Marianne?

    What if there are real men, who may have had tough childhoods, and yet God has transformed them, or who had good strong values. I know men who grew up in broken homes, broken and abusive homes, yet they decided and chose to be good men, they decided to follow their heart and continue on to be sincere, caring, empathetic, and when they met Jesus, they were enhanced further by His mercy and transformed for the better.

    I can give you several men from history, who were not Christians yet were good men. Imagine them how much is a Christian ?

    Women who get hurt by men must learn to forgive, and learn to judge each man by his fruits, not by seeking him to be “imperfect” or “perfect” , rather see, what God has done in their lives.

    If we find faults in people we will find faults, if we go and seek and try to find good things in people, we will find atleast some good traits.

    Creating suspcion in the mind of women against sincere or good men, only leads women to accept “wicked men”. I have noticed this in my life time. I am still “young” less than 30 years old, yet I saw, all the women in church want to be with a man who “drinks” or “clubs” or has some “wicked trait”, they get a kick, they get some sort of addiction to such men. Yet I notice all the single men in church are the good guys. Sincere guys, who really care, and may “display” all these “signs” that you said, and yet are not Jezebels. Many of them are good looking, may of them have interest in many good things, many of them are emotional. Was not Jesus emotional ? He wept at Lazarus death. Wasn’t he compassionate when he said “I wish to gather you like a hen gathers its chicks”. to a modern person, Jesus sounded like a sissy and gay, but he wasn’t .He embodied the perfect man.

    A man who may have suffered in his life is perhaps in a BETTER state to understand the woman who suffered in HER life, in a better way and empathize with her. Understand her, so that in each other, both incomplete people can be complete.

    It always takes two people to work the relationship well. That is why I tell people, do not prejudge, but DISCERN in the Spirit. I have seen too many women “pre-judge”, oh he is too perfect, so i can’t trust him.

    What then do they expect us to be? wicked?

  21. And I also believe that a true man who also has the traits as mentioned above, but not a jezebel, will own up to HIS mistakes, and accept them. Not just blame it all on someone else. However, there is no need for him to accept the mistakes of a “jezebel” women.

    Each one owns up to his portion.

    If someone comes and asks such a man and says “have you hurt a woman in the past?”

    The man says “yes, I have hurt a woman. and I had sinned”.

    Has that woman ever hurt you?

    The man says honestly “yes, she has”.

    Has he blamed anyone? no. He has answered honestly. And in each cutlure things differ. A white woman cannot simply prejudge a man who say comes from south korea. He may have different attitudes to that of a white man, and may seem much pleasant, then he should not be mistaken to have a jezebel spirit”.

    I don’t want to go on the defensive of such men, rather I wish to question all the rationale being used to judge someone based on just “outward ” signs, that can be too dangerous and lead to a witchunt of people.

  22. Once you have met a Jezebel spirit and you see him unmask, you will not be able to deny the horrid spirit in which you see. I just pray that none of you ever have to deal with the nasty Jezebel. If you even think for a second, that you may have encountered this spirit, do as Marianne has suggested and break all ties immediately! This spirit loves to destroy the prophetic and targets God’s chosen. The male Jezebel is the strongest demonic spirit, that I have ever encountered. I have been doing much research on this spirit lately, and I have unfortunately also been a victim of the Charismatic Male Jezebel. Listen to the Holy Spirit, as he will guide you in descerning the person in question. Don’t fall victim to the Jezebel spirit, the result is devastating.

    • I believe what ever you want to call this I have been married to him for 16 years he has been so cruel to me and cheating and no concern for me what so ever and I have to say the church only encouraged me to stay and I mean a man with no heart to me but I still see the devil behind it behind him so I don’t care what you call the spirit once you see the devil’s prints you no longer need to comply

  23. I have lifed my hole life as a male prisoner of the demon Jezebel but i was freed by the blood of Jesus Christ, Amen. I was basicly a sexual predator, feeding on the most innocent girls who never went to church and was therefore pretty unprotected. Every girl i shagged got the demon themselves after having intercourse whit me. It worked pretty much like AIDS. I fucked them so i could get their innocence inside of me since i never had any myself. It was a nasty way of living and im so glad i have finally been set free. And this is a message to every person who is living whit Jezebel right now: You might have the time of your life in the beginning but trust me eventually the demon is gonna turn on you and you are going to wish you were dead. I allmost died in the disentegrating process and it was the worst time of my life. Everyone answers to the Lord in the end and trust me there is a hell far worst than the one on earth, and i know cus i allmost ended up there myself. Praise The Lord

  24. I am ashamed to say this discribes me in every way. I thought i was going crazy but i now know I am not.
    I hate the way i am and am ashamed to be posting on here.
    I was praying for help and the words Jezebel spirit popped into my head. So I googles and came across this site.
    I know I need to stay out of relationships but its like an addiction for me. I truely believe I am addicted to the strong emotion and the drama.
    What do I do…please help me.

    • dear Pete

      You are on the right path, and there is hope, if you can see this.

      Understand that you will never be happy unless you have real, true love. Lust does not satisfy, except for a minute.

      Go back to your childhood. Look for the wound that started this.

      Pray about it.

      Take action to mend the wound.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

  25. I know what the wound is just not what to do about it…

    The only time I’ve ever felt true love was when i was married and I threw that away in an affair with a woman who turned out to be a witch. My life has been out of control ever since. I hate what I do to other woman…. I try my best to stay away from them but I keep failing.

    • dear pete,

      what was the wound?

      By the way, when you get a message like this from the website, you will be able to hit the reply button, and talk to me off line.

  26. Marianne I am a slain victim of this spirit. I would Like to share my testimony so it might help someone and maybe someone could help me. I am in need of healing. This spirit captivated me stole my identity strength character values self esteem education relationships my heart but thank God it didn’t steal my soul… I had to plead and plead with the man to let me go and he still showed no mercy and insisted that he did no wrong it was unbelievable. I am terrified. Everything- sweeping, false mirroring,faking, playing the role of the victim impulsive, blaming me for trying to love him or get him in a commitment, withholding affection I am emotionally and financially devastated and I am scared for the future. I am scared that if he comes back even though he agreed that he wont I cant stand up to him. Its like the alluring changes me into what it wants. And I am a woman of God, annointed prophet and I just can’t believe the severity of this attack and the disallusionment I was under. All he ever gave me was sex and it messed me up. How can someone show such feeling and not actually have any? The man did raise up from the spirit though and asked me “don’t you want me?” in the middle of I can’t commit I would drive you crazy i don’t want to cut grass– I know it sounds strange. He agreed to let me go to find someone who loves me and takes care of me but he is tormented by this spirit so please pray for me and for him. I know I will find the strength i need but this demon will destroy him totally eventually. I thank God for the protection I had during this because it could have been worse and the spirit became unmasked to me. In Jesus name I pray that this man comes to brokeness and repents. Thank You for helping others -this is serious warfare. Where is the spirit of Jehu in this?

    • Dear Crystal

      You have to look for a Jehu to find one. I would suggest finding a righteous, Christian older couple who would come across as parent figures to you.

      You need to have someone to confide in. The older man would be the Jehu, and the woman would provide balance, as well as a mother figure.

      You need to go back into your childhood, and find out why you are attracted to this kind of person.

      You may also be under your own spirit of deception. From observation, 99.9 % of people who tell me they are prophets, are false ones, but they have been convinced by false church propaganda that they are prophets.

      This leads to speaking from one’s imagination and/or learning to “read” people. People who fall for this are usually insecure, and want to feel more important in their lives, and this false prophecy gives them status and acceptance. THink about it. If you were a real prophet, you would have really heard from God about this man, and avoided him.

      So, repent of any false prophecy spirit, even though it is a popular thing to “be” in the church, and find the spirit of Truth, and submit yourself. The best thing you can be for God is NOT a prophet, but a “nothing.” He will then be able to use you. Jesus is your Jehu.

  27. I am in awe after reading this information. A month after I married my husband, I had to seperate from him because of all of the issues that began to surface. Every single characteristic you named he has it. I tried to divorce and he begged me not too and after 2 years of going back and forth to court, the Holy Spirit told me to drop the divorce. I was angry at first and cried and sought God about this. He simply told me to forgive and pray for him. I did my best to forgive and prayed sparingly and continued to live seperately from him. This year the Lord challenged me and asked if I was going to pray or let go of this marriage…He gave me the choice. I decided to fight and be consistent and asked what I was dealing with and I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say Jezebel. This is how I found your site! A week ago, I had a personal visitation from the Lord himself, He told me that my husband would come home but not now and then he gave me a scripture Daniel 11:35 which speaks of a person being afflicted by God so that they may be cleansed, refined and purified and then the appointed time would come. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to fight for a marriage to a person with a Jezebel spirit but if you do, there is hope if you have faith in God. We just have to understand the warfare is spiritual and not allow this principality to pull you into natural (carnal) fights! God is already moving at this moment my husband is in the process of being evicted from his condo, has 4 vehicles and every single one of them stopped working and he and his mistress have been fighting constantly lately. I expect the Lord to give me victory and I will update you concerning our progression. May the Lord bless you and keep us in your prayers.

    • hi carmen

      Thank you for your comments and story. I hope the best for you. I will put you on my prayer list.

    • hi carmen.
      I believe I am going through the same thing. The holy spirit convicted me and told me to comre back to this page becsuse I never read Marrianne’s reply. God Bless You I knoe exactly what you are going through. The holy spirit told me that I was praying for him for the wrong reasons because he hurt me. When I should be praying for the conditionthat he is in. See my guy did come back and say I am not good to you likethis I need some time alon to think things through ansd then I want to come back to you and be with you. This tore me up because if Satan filled me with every kind of negative thought about myself and so much hatred for him. When I know I am saved and walking right with the Lord- I submitted my life to Christ years ago. So thank you Lord for the confirmation. This has been one of the hardest things to go through because he came to me…(with a girlfriend)… please just love me ..please.. please… we broke up, shes mean… Everything. I never wanted to hurt anyone and anyway its been hard because I have felt so betrayed so used not knowiung if he went back what hes doing. But one day he called me and was so hateful I don’t want a coommitment… blah, blah I just got out of a rtelarionship..but I really do care about you and this song came on by Brit Speasrs called “Sometimes.” Its been stuckin my mind eversince. Pray for me because I knowits spiritual warfare and i know he is in trouble and he just added to the long list of JUDAS’s in my life. People that say they care aboutme but aren’t here for me. I just hope he really meant what he said about needing alone time and he does reach out and grab hold of the kingdom of heaven and gets convicted and a new heart for the LORD. I haven’t seen him in about 3 mos now and I basically just sent him a text and said I lovve u will always love u but Iknow the best gift I can give u is to let u be alone and i will pray 4 u. Its hard not to be bitter because he pulled me in an binnocent bystander trying to take care of my kids alone finish my education and it was hard enough without a broken heart. I pray that he comes to realize what he is doing to himself and the hurt he has brought on others and I atleast want an apology but would like for him to commit and really love me when he gets delivered- he does have some really good qualities and with his past experioences his testimony could bring alot of people to Christ, 🙂

    • Carmen,
      The scripture reference to Daniel 11:35 was such a blessing to me! It gives me clarity on the dream I referenced to Marianne in my post yesterday and the Lord telling me to “be quiet” and be still. I have to trust He has this in His hands…no matter what the outcome is.
      I was wondering what was the outcome of your situation…

  28. Battling a Jezebel spirit, especially in a male, is a very vicious one. I wouldn’t even suggest for anyone to take on this battle unless they knew God wanted them too. If God be for you, He is more than the world (including Jezebel) against you. This Jezebel spirit will search out every wound and hurt you have and use it against you to bring more pain. It is important to stay close to God because he is your protector and healer. I have to keep very little contact with my husband at this time because of his jezebellic condition and continue to allow the Lord to bring circumstances into his life that will destroy the pride and arrogance in him. Since my last post, he is still losing his material possessions, one by one. You can’t focus on the man or else you will be pulled and drawn into jezebel’s kingdom, it’s not worth it. I thank God every day for the victorious end and love Him because He is my first husband and loves me more than any man ever could.

  29. how did god personally visit you carmen?

  30. my next question is for marianne-
    I really have been praying for God to move in his life and since I have been majorly hit or under spiritual sttack. Will you please pray for me and my family and give me some advice.

    • hi crystal

      My advice is to keep praying and fellow shipping as you are doing now.

      We all would like to see loved ones healed so we can quickly reunite with them.

      but it does not always work that way.

      Sometimes it is a very long wait, and you have to put it all in God’s hands.

      lead your life the best way you can, be loving toward others, and be wise in your choices regarding relationships, friends, etc.

      do not isolate yourself. Find quality people and share with them.

      you need to heal also.

      Your jezebel will take a long time to come around (they don’t like to repent), so you need to develop patience.

      Spend time helping others, and doing good.

      Develop your self socially and spiritually so you you grow stronger each day.

      See the good that God sees in you, and love yourself.

  31. HElP! My beautiful chrisitan daughter, a 22 year old college student has now been “captured” by one of these male jezebel preditors. He has boldly come into my house and convinced her to leave with him to live with him 2 states away. He is handsome, smooth, and convincing. He has now 2 failed marriages and is 12 years older than her. He has now seperated her from family and friends. MY daughter has only had 2 boyfriends and has mande a covenant with GOD when she was 18 NOT to have pre-marital sex. I am a certifed nurse-midwife and womnes’ minister. I have openly shared with my daughter the consequences of getting together with such a man and all the devestation that I have seen o ver 25 years of taking care of and ministering to women. She has refused to listen to me and others regarding this man and what is driving him. He told her that “God told him to bring her to his house”. He has her convinced that he is a chrisitan and that all his other failed marriages and relationships were not his fault, but the women who “left him”. She has not been herself since she has bee seeing him. She only listens to him and believes everything he says. She is not communicating with me. He has taken her 2 states away where she has no friends or family and no support but him. What can I do????

    • dear Lavonne

      Being 2 states away makes it difficult, and she is also of legal age to decide to leave with him.

      You will have to take an aggressive position, and do not change it. This does not mean an unloving stance.

      1. tell her she is wrong, he is a fraud

      2. tell her you will pray for her, and the door is open to come home.

      3. be consistent in telling her, if you can, what god says about this sort of relationship, and that she needs to see herself as God sees her right now

      4. make sure you tell her you love her, and want her safe again.

      5. pray for her, and get others to join you.

      6. if any of her friends have contact with her, have them do the same thing you do.

      7. this is assuming you still have phone contact….keep the doors open.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      Where did they move to?

  32. He has a house andjob in Farmington, New Mexico. His father, step-mom, and sister also live there. He has few friends which is understandable considering his know it all arrogance. I have spoken with our friend and his ex-wife who is a mess now. She feels betrayed and has an unbelievable story. He wanted an “open marriage” with her and even offer for her to be “the other woman” after he divorced her. Under the guise of seeking biblical counseling, he got her to agree to meet with an associate Pastor in the large evangelical church they occassionally attended. That proved to be a “gang up ” on her (no women present). She is now not sure there evenis a God. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her. She also told me about the other women that he has destroyed. Of course, my daughter is so brain-washed and deceived by him that she would not listen to sound advice or even consider that he might be a fraud. He is very handsome, smooth, and is adept at finding the weak areas in people. I have not heard from her and am praying that he does not convince her to change her phone number. This whole situation is so unlike anything that she has ever done that I find it unbelievable. I have several prayer warrior friends that are interceeding for her.
    His sister does not speak to him because of the things that he did to his previous wife. They are still friends. Thank youso much for you prayers for her. I am praying that God will move swiftly and that she will be protected, body, soul, and spirit. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do. My husband and I are trying to gather all the information on him that we can at the present time.

  33. thank you for publishing this. sadly, it is a perfect picture of my husband. i was delivered of a jezebel spirit myself, in 2002 and since then, i have had a string of controlling men (friends, mostly because i rarely dated) who have caused me many deep emotional hurts. my husband and i have only been married 14 months and we have filed for divorce, but are waiting on the court. thankfully, we have no children together, but i am having such confusion about whether divorce is my only option. you seem to think that a woman cannot oust jezebel in her husband, based on authority, as if the only hope is to run away, like elijah did. i hope you are wrong. i have come to an understanding that i have more spiritual authority, based on the blood of Jesus, and have decided that i will pray against this spirit in my husband. i know this is a potentially dangerous place to be, confronting her head on. at this point, all i can do is hold tight to Jesus, which is the safest place i can be in this battle. in some ways, this battle isn’t really about my marriage, but about freeing myself from the constant stream of controlling people through my life. it’s time jezebel took her eviction from my life seriously so that the prophetic call God put on my life can be realized. finding your site was just a first step in this journey. i needed to know i wasn’t crazy for thinking such a “nice” guy was a sociopath. thanks again.

    • dear SaltyAppleSara

      It is not impossible for a female to cast out a male jezebel spirit but it is extremely hard, even with the blood of Jesus.

      Female spirits will bow to male authority, but a male, even in normal society, does not bow to a female. Males do not view females as having authority over them.

      So you have to get past the bias of the host person, to get to the jezebel spirit inside of them. True deliverance is based on a free will repentance, and acceptance of deliverance. You cannot force it.

      Normally a male host enjoys the residence of the jezebel spirit because it gives him what he wants, and you are actually trying to bring about a deliverance that is against his will.

      As long as he gives permission for the spirit to be there, it does not have to leave. You will exhaust yourself, and nothing will happen.

      Somehow, his will has to change. Usually, some “disaster” hits him, and this wakes him up. Then he is open to deliverance.

      But like I said, it is not impossible.

      I know several former male jezebels.

      One was actually possessed by a demon. Once it was his will for it to be gone, it left, after he rejected it. Now, he is free. It took major tragedy to jolt him (death of wife and children), and have him realize more major losses were coming (only one child left).

      For yourself, you are taking the right approach. First, arm yourself with the Word and the blood of Jesus.

      Just remember it is in His hands.

      If you pray, he will hear you.

      But remember it may not be through a direct action of yours that deliverance comes. It might be a disaster, and then an act of God that follows.

  34. Wow. This site is so awesome.My Pastor preached on a Jezebel Spirit this morning which led me to google it and came across this site. I have been a victim of this for more than 15 years. I realized sometime back that my husband was possibly a narcassist but never equated it to the same as a Jezebel spirit which makes lots of sense. My whole marriage was a fake, multiple sex acts with young girls that look for extra money (i believe), lying, bad business tactics. just complete non unity as a husband and wife and this has been challenging for me because it could never really be proved and of course he always denied any wrong doings. He has sabotaged my character and I could not get anyone to believe my stories or findings about him. He has convinced my children, friends, family, church colleagues, associates the likes that I have and was the problem. Matter of fact my 16 year son left the home with his dad when he was 13 because his Dad has protrayed himself as the perfect husband, and father and has been influenced him since 10 years old. That is my main concern and prayer that my son does not become a victim like I have over the years. I am more mature as a Christian now and should have just went to GOD asking for him to be exposed, but I needed many people to pray to that end with me once they were convinced of my belief about him. ALthough it has been stressful I hold onto my faith and get reassurance from GOD and a dream I had about my son years before when I really encounterd the marriage disfunction. And the dream was that I visioned my son Micah, with a large transparent dome over him. This for me means that he is sheltered from the elements outside (i.e. his dad’s personality) And I walk by faith not by sight even though it appears he is because he does not come to worship at Church wiht me anymore and he basically has estranged himself from me as he father has. However, I cover him in the WORD more now than ever, as I know that this is a definate SPiritual War. ANd I rest in GOD”s WORD. Isisah 41 v 10 and also reflect on his name Micah which means “WHo is like the LORD”. He will be like his spiritual father GOD and not his Biological Father. Selah. IN Jesus Name.

    • dear CLM

      It is very hard on someone who has this situation in their family. It is like they are canceling every good work and word you put out. We have to remember that God is more than able to fulfill his promises to us. While we may falter, he won’t. He knows the day and time for each person’s salvation. And we can rest in the fact that it will be His work, not ours. Keep the faith, and you will not lose your reward.

  35. Hi Carmen – here is my abuse and I am busy divorcing him after finding the will and way to leave him:

    • Chased me out house and locked me out of the house – telling me its his house – this happened often

    • Locked main house gate so I could not get into home – had to beg and plead for him to open after I went to look for him at about 3 in the morning

    • Locked me out house on several occasions – one time landed in hospital with pneumonia – never brought my son to see me – had to take myself to hospital and take myself home – was terrified for safety of Jordan and even went back while I hospital to check and he was flirting with someone on phone – resulted in massive verbal onslaught

    • Landed in hospital in Witbank – mother and father had to come fetch me – they drove from Johannesburg and took me home to Middelburg and he only brought Jordan to see me once – was in hospital Sunday to Wednesday

    • Threw me out car in Morningside (Tarryn’s 21st) police took me back to hotel – he also had smashed in the kitchen door at the premises where the party was held and lost his wallet – he blamed my family for stealing it but the venue was filled with strangers. Gavin, the father of Tarryn phoned me on the Monday to tell me the venue expected Stef to replace or pay for damages which Stef never did. Gavin sorted it out because Stef denied he did this but people saw him do it. He got into his car and drove through the parking lot dangerously – I jumped in front of the car to try and stop him as he seemed very out of control and reckless. He then got out of the car and walked away. I was in tears and my children came to me and got in the car so we could look for him – he was already walking towards the highway some distance away. We picked him up he drove at his insistence even though he was totally intoxicated and we dropped children off at their home in Morningside and shortly thereafter he leaned across me opened my door and shoved me out of the car. A security guard at a complex near where I was sitting on the pavement and crying called the police.

    • Chocolate incident – threw me and Jordan out car had to beg to get back in and be allowed to go with him to Johannesburg (this was in Potgietersrus). He attacked my morals and values and told me I had no principles.

    • Vienna incident – screamed and went on and on at me because I give the children viennas and not Frankfurters – he said could afford to have his children eat the best – I even consulted the children before giving them viennas and asked them if the Viennas would be ok and they said yes they were quite happy with that.

    • Rustenburg incident – had been drinking – he hit me through the Landrover driver window whilst I was sitting in the car trying to get away from his madness – he smashed the landrover window and hit me in my face with his face – my nose was bleeding and shards of glass had penetrated my chest area and was also bleeding, he also smashed my cell phone, ripped out the trellidor in the study and went to a bar till all hours – very remorseful next day. I had tried to calm him down in the study and locked the door to try and reason with him – I still cannot recall what set him off as we went out to have dinner but then he started drinking to much red wine. I did ask him not to order more and he did order more and then things very quickly got out of control when we left the restaurant and he degraded and swore at me all the way home.

    • Middelburg incident after East London – police called out – had been drinking and kicked me, swore at me and grabbed my cellphone and wanted to phone all my girlfriends for a “fuck “ (sorry about language but that is what he said) locked me out house again and he left in his car when I said the police are coming.

    • St Lucia sms’s 84 (he can produce his records for that time period to see how many abusive calls and sms’s he made to me). Over about a 5 hour period he sms’s me and makes very abusive threatening and belittling calls to me – my sister could not believe it and told me to switch my phone off. I did and later when I put the cell phone back on there were terrible messages from him swearing at me, cursing me and blaming me for his mental state.

    • Kettle incident Middelburg and telling Jordan to call me fucking arsehole – police called out – have police report – threw kettle at me, swore and screamed at me in front of his kids and Jordan. It started when I found an sms on his phone from another woman saying “Thank you I would love to by the way I love camping” – I asked him what this was about and he started becoming abusive – I asked him to come with me to the kitchen as I did not want the children subjected to another outburst as it was clear this was going to get ugly. He pushed me into a cupboard and my shoulder hit a door handle which broke from the impact. I then walked towards our entertainment area and in the reflection of the glass doors I saw the kettle being thrown at me – I turned and deflected it with my hand and it smashed through a window. He then threw a coffee cup with such force that it left pieces of the cup impailed into the wooden frame of the door and broke the other window. He then threw the cell phone at me then he rushed away shouting profanities went and packed grabbed his kids – Jordan and I ran into the spare room and I locked us in the room. I heard him shouting at his kids “don’t say goodbye to that fucking bitch” – he went to his sister’s place and returned the next day begging me not to go and to stay and he will fix himself.

    • Every day calling me a fucking bitch always telling me I am nasty

    • Numerous times telling me he is King and will be treated like a King

    • As long as I live in the house I will cook –he told me this after I requested we do take-aways one evening

    • I had a great fear of him and would tremble when he came near me and sometimes I wet myself

    • Carried on screaming and abusing me in front of my young son despite my requests for him to stop

    • Continually degraded me in front of his children

    • Often threatened total financial cut off

    • Often threatened to cancel cell phone and garage card

    • Stopped all assistance with Jordan – part of the financial cut off

    • I rarely asked him for more money – always used what he gave me.

    • Accused me of spending his money but I never even had access to his accounts in fact he kept his financial affairs a secret and I knew nothing about his monetary affairs

    • He was often out on Tuesday and/or Thursdays – this seemed to become the norm and I suspect he was having affair(s)

    • Marriage started with a sexual messages to his assistant at PPL mine and ended with sexual harassment investigation against him at Middelburg Mine in July/August 2009

    • Screamed and shouted and belittled, demeaned, humiliated and degraded me every day

    • He was always angry and always said he was like that because of me – blamed me for everything never took responsibility for his own actions.

    • Nothing I did was right – it was always wrong and always my fault. I could not voice an opinion without him telling me I have got it all wrong.

    • He was always asking me what value I add to the marriage – as if marriage is a business

    • I fetched his kids for 5 years every 2nd weekend and holidays for him, took them to psychologist appointments, went to some extra mural sports activities, went to prize giving – he often could not make it for some or other reason – in the beginning I used my own vehicle and my own money even buying them clothes and redoing their bedrooms so that they looked like real little girls rooms. Often did their make up and hair for their modelling days. Entertained them during school holidays and took them on holiday. Often took them shopping and did “girly” things with them.

    • His kids used to beg him “Dad, please leave the poor woman alone”

    • He sabotaged my relationship with his children as he was jealous because they had come to admire and respect me and sought out my company before his

    • Left me sitting in restaurants

    • Chased me out of restaurants – sometimes just because I greeted friends who had walked in and he told me it was abnormal. I actually said to him I will be 30 seconds just want to quickly say hi and that turned into another nightmare when I got home.

    • Had huge cell phone issues – I was not allowed to touch or answer his cell and he always placed it face down. I believe it is only someone who has something to hide that reacts so defensively.

    • Continually picked on me – constantly at me

    • Takes DSTV card out decoder many times and tells me its his TV.

    • Disconnected my modem so I could not use PC

    • Had to tell my friend on his instructions that she cannot buy birthday present for Jordan

    • Screamed and yelled at me, asked me how dare I, when I threw the porn video and dildo out – I had the right – it’s my body

    • Separation : the night before I leave all he can tell me is that he will be dating so I must not be surprised if my friends phone and tell me he is seeing other women – this came as a shock because we were to separate with a view to seeing if we could work things out

    • SMS’s me when he is in the same house with me instead of talking to me

    • Could never have a discussion with him – always sending me sms’s and emails

    • SMS to Anita at PPL regarding his sexual desires with her at his new town office (Deans old house)
    • SMS to Cindy Nel – Thank you I would love to. By the way I love camping – had been drinking again – this led to the kettle throwing incident

    • His ex wife wrote a letter which was destroyed by Barbara and Louise from SOAR his Executive Wellbeing counsellors in which she made it very clear he has a VERY bad temper and “we both know it”. He also refused to discipline his children which was an issue in our marriage and interfered with everything – as was her complaint in the exact same letter.

    • One night the abuse got so bad at Rustenburg I left in the middle of the night and went to the house of Louise seeking refuge and help.

    • He almost never kissed me – would not French kiss at all

    • He would never pay me compliments say for instance when I dressed up for functions – he said “what for”

    • He attended a lot of the functions himself only notifying me a day in advance and sometimes on the same day

    • His family at his sister’s party all organised an outfit for him but I was totally excluded – attended the birthday party but it was very strained – he went as a monk

    • Notified me in October 09 via sms that he will be seeing other people.

    • He definitely was engaging in relationships since Oct 09 and definitely December 09 – before that he was always hounding me with SMS’s telling me he misses me etc and then suddenly they stopped and he chose to ignore any correspondence from me which was an indication that he had filled his life with someone else who now was getting the focus of attention – it was always clear in our marriage that he had someone “around” as that’s when he left me alone and when he did not have someone he started belittling and degrading me. If I did not respond to his sms’s he would twist it all against me

    • I never laid charges at the police station despite pleas from the police to do so because he they said he could lose his job and I felt that I could not risk that as he had a family to support – I do have one police report.

    • I have a plethora of abusive emails and sms’s from him

    • Screamed at me and told me to fire maid because he could not find clean running shorts

    • Fishing experience with Marikie and Dean when I got shouted at and lambasted for doing something I did not do at all, I even emailed his email to me to Marikie and asked her if I had done what he accused me of and she said no way not at all in fact he was the one who was “off” towards me.

    • Boerewors incident when his father had to eventually say “For God’s sake Stef its only boerewors”

    • If we had a braai and I went to make salad while he was braaing and not sit with him the whole time he would scream and shout and carry on to the point that we did not share the meal

    • In my last months in the home he swore and screamed at me every day. I spent my days in tears, worn out and exhausted from all the emotional, mental, physical and verbal abuse. I was isolated and felt like a caged animal.

    • I lived with a man who had little to no friends (only ever met John and Alex) and he offered no emotional intimacy. The marriage was a barren desert which I kept trying to cultivate and water only to receive anger, rejection, abuse, verbal ranting and raving and eventually physical abuse.

    • Incident where he screamed and shouted at me after his children had lied to me about the “skating” party they attended – he screamed at me in front of Elaine and Garth at their home and blamed me for things I did not do – his children had lied to me and I trusted them enough not to even question the facts that they had shared with me – once again it was me who was doing something for his children but I got the backlash because I did it wrong

    • Told me often everything he liked and thought was sexy about me he despises and hates

    • Always criticizing and hen-pecking me

    • Used to scream at me when I did not thank him for going out every day and working to support us

    • Often called me a slut, whore, fuckhead, retard, fucking bitch etc

    • Always made me apologise even if I did not do wrong – it was wrong in his eyes

    • Always wanted to be thanked and if I delayed one little bit there was an uproar and he would go at me until I thanked him or apologised for not thanking him.

    • Told me when he advised me of sexual harassment investigation (just after we separated) against him that he is “hot property” now that he is “single“

    • He often sent me messages saying he would be better off dead and if I did not respond then he would tell me I don’t care and if I did respond then it was the wrong response

    • Often made arrangements and would drop me at the last minute – then I have to go by myself and make excuses for him

    • Small issues would become insurmountable and distorted beyond reasonability and I would often stand there shocked and bewildered at what was being thrown at me

    • Found SMS on his phone from his secretary stating “I apologise for my inappropriate behaviour last night) this relates back to not being home at 3 in the morning above) – months later when I asked him about his secretary and their involvement he said he told her “their relationship cannot go any further” so how far had it actually gone? This is Monique and she is still employed as his secretary as at Jan 2010. He said in August 09 that she was told to look for another job???? And that she was involved in the sexual harassment charges

    • He was told by his secretary that he was having inappropriate flirtations and body language with another staff member “Elaine” which he said may have been the reason for the sexual harassment charges

    • He threatened to have himself sequestrated when we were separating and told me then I would get nothing. He also sent me sms’s saying I would get nothing if I left

    • He would not go to some places with me as he said he did not “connect” with the people and had nothing in common with them – yet he raced with all these people. He always said he was unique and different to everyone else

    • There was a huge fallout after I gave Jordan ONE chocolate one evening before bed time in about 2007 – he threw the whole box of chocolates at me and Jordan.

    • Destroyed two of my wedding albums – he started phoning me in December 08 about how I smile in all the pics he was going through all my photo albums – said its not fair etc – when I returned home in January they were missing plus several pictures out of the various albums

    • He went totally ape with me in 2004 when I gave a charity which looks after aids orphans R10000.00 of MY money. I have never seen him put his hand in his pocket for a poor person

    • He got rid of me– pushed me out of my home and his life through a systematic process of breaking me down as a human being and made it clear the night of my leaving that he was going to be dating. I kept living in hope that things would get better – if I loved him enough and changed everything about me – but nothing helped because he is a very insecure and unhappy man filling his void with financial prowess and spending recklessly even buying a boat in 2008 when he kept telling me he had no money.

    • Once I went to Johannesburg to buy a bike for the kids and went with Jaco who also wanted to buy a bike for his kids from the same shop– this was the father of one of kids at Jordan’s school – had a screaming fit how dare I go with a stranger but this man was not I had known him for some time and his wife as I saw them at the school often. Stef actually eventually sold his bike to him and also uses this man’s property in Knysna for accommodation – so much for the man being a stranger. He even accused me of having an affair with him.

    • In Middelburg it was hard to make friends and I was very isolated and had no support systems immediately available

    • He threatened suicide many times

    • He used to sometimes stay in bed with depression

    • The watch incident on Valentines Day/Anniversary 14 Feb 2007 and his abusiveness because I bought him nothing – he had fought really badly with me in the weeks leading up and we were not talking – he bought out of his own free will I never asked for it and it amazed me as he said we had no money but could buy a very expensive watch – another display of reckless spending under financial constraints – so I was either being lied to or he was creating more and more debt – it was an inappropriate gift under the circumstances.

    • Last bought me flowers on 1 August 2006 when we moved to Middelburg. Before that maybe twice at most.

    • He was emotionally unavailable and we shared no emotional intimacy.

    • From October 2008 he kicked me out of the house almost every weekend. December 2008 I spent in Johannesburg with limited finances and it was miserable but I just could not see how I could stay and be with him and his children with the threat of another explosion or violent outburst coming from him and could not entertain the idea of putting the children through anything like that again

    • From Oct 2008 he refused to allow my family to come and visit and when they did he was rude to them or disappeared and had a screaming session with me about it

    • He kept telling me its his house

    • He told me if I leave I will have nothing

    • He used to often say we should never have married

    • He would often tell me everything about me he used to love he now despised – further devaluing me

    • One day his daughter and I drove off in the landrover to meet them at the Wimpy later and he had left his wallet and Porsche keys on the bumper – this was lost – I got a call screaming at me to tell me what I had done. I immediately turned the vehicle around and searched high and low for the keys and wallet but did not find it. I was in a state because I knew this was going to get ugly and it did. He went on at me for days about how stupid I am and its all my fault.

    • I even arranged his anti-depressants for him which he asked me to get “to take the edge off”

    • He would punish me often by hurting me and attacking my character – character assassination

    • When I went to see same psychologist and him I felt like I was subjected to secondary abused by that psychologist – he seemed to take Stef’s side even though I made frantic calls to him when Stef got out of control one evening – he also made diagnoses that he was not qualified to do, research into this revealed that only a psychiatrist can diagnose and only after extensive tests had been carried out. I left this practitioner, as I had no confidence in him and felt he had clearly taken sides and I believe he contributed to further damage in the marriage as he was rammed down my throat by Stef continually and when I left then Stef said I was sick and not facing up to my demons. When we went to Gregory Beck he threw that in my face very day – Gregory Beck unprofessional and after two or three sessions diagnosed me as bipolar – have checked with other psychiatrists and psychologists that this diagnosis cannot be made after such a short time and other psycho symmetric testing had to be done before this could be confirmed and only a psychiatrist could make a diagnosis. Beck shared privileged info with Stef which I had told to him in confidence. He was on the side of Stef because imagine Stef runs a mine with 3500 people on it – so business for Gregory Beck could be very profitable if he supported and cajoled Stef. My current psychologist says I do not display any traits of a bipolar depressive. I have also heard via people in Witbank that he is not a very professional man and always seems to take the side of the man against the woman. He would play people up against each other rather than encourage reconciliation.

    • I often felt “emotionally raped” – lost, exhausted, drained, sad, battled with self-blame as so much blame had been projected on me and had no self-esteem and total lack of self-confidence – my reality had been distorted systematically over a period of time so much so I thought I was going insane and questioned my memory and my capabilities. I felt like I had lost my soul.

    • When the news agency in Potgietersrus did a newspaper article on my biking accomplishments he threw a fit because I dared to not mention him – after that I always included him in newspaper articles.

    • He would shout and rant at me and “pull me down” because I did not use his pictures as my cell or PC screensavers and he did

    • He used the words “how dare you” often and “you better”

    • He would often go out drinking until all hours and get home and become abusive towards me. At one stage he promised not to drink anymore but this did not last long. One evening in 2008 he finished 3 bottles of wine by himself. When I confronted him about it he told me I must stop checking on him and told me I made him drink

    • Once he pinned me to my desk and reaching over me typed an email on my computer from my email address as if I was confessing to or saying certain things and emailed it to himself. I have a copy of this email.

    • I would threaten divorce and this seemed to help as he would behave for a while but towards the end it had no effect as he had already discarded me

    • He would often criticize my body and I went for plastic surgery at my expense to try and look better for him but then he would find something else to make me feel bad about– he often told me I have ugly feet and ugly legs and my “arse” was fat.

    • If I was friendly to people he would tell me I want to “shag” them and then make me feel really bad that I had friends at all. I am by nature a friendly and outgoing person. He critisized my friendships often ge and also attacked the characters of my friends.

    Going through a divorce with his is too terrible he has crippled me financially and continues his barrage of legal attacks on me. He wants to give me less than I took into the marraige and he is work about USD3m

  36. I’m glad you have the will to get out and I pray the God will intervene on your behalf. No one deserves to be abused!

  37. This is so amazing that i have found this sight. I have become aware of the strongman of jezebel in my husband. My biggest fear was god was going to make me stay. I now realize that forgiving him does not mean i have to stay with him. i can forgive and pray, but i don’t want to open myself up to him anymore. I have not gone to church for years because of him and now i see i have to get back and get the support of other christians. If anyone has any suggestions for prayer i welcome them, thanks.

  38. Hey Marianne,

    Sent you a message on FB 🙂 Hope you are doing well? been thinking of you! A friend of mine sent to me this very post for me to read and I recognized it as being one of yours. xoxox

  39. I am so overwhelmed rite now- i cant believe others are going threw this -my now x husband is still punishing me and my children daily because we didnt behave-i have seen and lived all of this -please pray for us-he even had us go to married for life classes to show me i would go to hell if he divorced me -he killed and injured animals to punish us -he would rape me to punish the kids-the courts even sided with him because i was to afraide -my kids and i are all being treated for post tramatic stress syndrome-he has financially devestated me- he destroys everyone we love – he has even left me permanentaly disabled and with std’s for life as punishment- thank you for shareing this info- now i know at least what we are dealing with.

    • dear lisa

      You either need a lawyer, or a better one than what you had. Even if you are afraid, a good lawyer will do his job and represent you well. Get your counselor involved and appeal the case.

      You also need a male attorney, and a male judge.

      You have a warrior jezebel, and they are the cruelest and most dangerous type, causing physical harm. The antichrist will be like this.

      I put you on my prayer list. Please stay in touch, and write as often as you need to.

  40. Marianne,

    I am married to a sociopath, having determined this reality over time (about 2 years ago). He is a pathological liar, a thief, etc. My husband is charming, a smooth talker, seemingly such a “good guy,” so helpful. Much of his persona is false. We have been separated for two years (he walked out), but he moved back into my house over the summer (he is homeless). We have not reunited, let me asure you. The man is self-employed, being a terrible businessman. He has made my life a living hell. I am employed, working full-time, overitme, plus taking on a parttime job to support myself and my children. He is not a normal person. He reminds me of a little kid who is incapable of maneuvering in life. Years ago, when I still thought he was normal and life was okay (he was partners in a successful, growing business), we were on a family vacation. My husband was standing alone on the deck of a rented log cabin and I was standing below on a grassy hill, looking up at him, when I observed a hazy, active mass in front of him. What I noticed was that his face looked uncomfortable, like he was trying to get something under control . At the time, I didn’t know what I was seeing, but today, I think that it must have been a spiritual entity. Starting in 2003, when my husband went solo in his business, is when the mask started to come off and I saw him for how he really is. Unbelievable to say the least. Regarding his upbringing, I personally suspect that this disorder is on the paternal side of his family (his father most likely had it, an uncle had it (he was committed to a mental hospital), a female cousin that I heard about has it, etc.), believing that it’s in the genes, plus the environmnet can produce a sociopath. What I know about his dad is that he physically abused his children and his mother failed to bond with her children (being “unnurturing and unaffectionate”, having his older sister tell me this). I am wiped out by having such a person in my life, never imagining that these people existed. Would God tell me whether I should divorce him or are we free to go ahead and do so, using a free will for our good?

  41. Marianne,

    I am married to a sociopath, having determined this reality over time (about 2 years ago). He is a pathological liar, a thief, etc. My husband is charming, a smooth talker, seemingly such a “good guy,” so helpful. Much of his persona is false. We have been separated for two years (he walked out), but he moved back into my house over the summer (he is homeless). We have not reunited, let me asure you. The man is self-employed, being a terrible businessman. He has made my life a living hell. I am employed, working full-time, overitme, plus taking on a parttime job to support myself and my children. He is not a normal person. He reminds me of a little kid who is incapable of maneuvering in life. Years ago, when I still thought he was normal and life was okay (he was partners in a successful, growing business), we were on a family vacation. My husband was standing alone on the deck of a rented log cabin and I was standing below on a grassy hill, looking up at him, when I observed a hazy, active mass in front of him. What I noticed was that his face looked uncomfortable, like he was trying to get something under control . At the time, I didn’t know what I was seeing, but today, I think that it must have been a spiritual entity. Starting in 2003, when my husband went solo in his business, is when the mask started to come off and I saw him for how he really is. Unbelievable to say the least. Regarding his upbringing, I personally suspect that this disorder runs on the paternal side of his family (his father most likely had it, an uncle had it (he was committed to a mental hospital), a female cousin that I heard about has it, etc.), believing that it’s in the genes, plus one’s environmentt can produce a sociopath. What I know about his dad is that he physically abused his children and his mother failed to bond with her children (being “unnurturing and unaffectionate”, as told to me by his older sister). I am wiped out by having such a person in my life, never imagining that these people existed. Would God tell me whether I should divorce him or are we free to go ahead and do so, using our common sense and/or free to guide us?

    • dear Susan

      If he is a sociopath, he is not saved, not a believer, no matter what he claims.

      The bible does not require us to be in such a union. In fact, we told not to be unequally yoked to unbelievers.

      You have the option of divorce.

      But in the meantime, pray for him. Most jezebels ( sociopaths) do not repent…..they are spiritually blind to what they are, and think there is nothing wrong with them….(“it is you”)…..but there is always a slight chance.

      He cannot change unless he sees what he is and wants deliverance.

      Also, you are not obliged to support him. He needs to be on his own… what is keeps you sane.

      • Hi Marianne, you say we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers but this is an instruction before mariage. If you are already married and then come to the lord it is a diferent scenario. We are told to stay in the marriage, as we do not know if our influence will help to bring that person to Christ. I have been battling all the same things decsribed by others on this site. I was married for some years but then came to Christ; funnily enough, my husband said he too came to christ..he says before me but I know for sure he claimed salvation shortly after….yet the fruit just isn’t there. In many ways he has some fine attributes but I and my two sons are messed up emotionally, and there wwere two other families he messed up before us…except I did not know this beforehand as I accepted his account of the break-up as gospel…I was only 22 at the time and knew didly squat about life.

        Since then, I have moved house about 16 times, each time being removed from friends and family to isolate me. In recent years, since my conversion to Christ, he has become ever more difficult while I have been growing stronger and saying NO to things I don’t want to do. By this time I had two sons and since their birth things got tough too. I have managed to get my husband to agree to accompany me in Christian counselling but he only attended one session after convincing the counsellor (who was a woman) that it was I who need help and not him. He did attend one other session with a guy and woman together but never went back: I however continued and was able therefore to carry on with the marriage until I needed further counselling for rejection issues which were Holy Spirit prompted and received some great counselling that all helped to strengthen me even more. I was by now attending a fabulous church which I and my children enjoyed. My husband came along for a while but then stopped (his usual pattern). When I was asked to lead a ministry group, he seemingly supported me at first but then bagn to find fault in the time I spent preparing etc. Then later my husband dropped thebombshell that he wanted to move to France!!!!!!! This was around the same time he had some issues with a guy I strongly advised him not to become involved with and also I was making enquiries about returning to education so that I could be prepared for when my children were older and be able to provide for them and us financially. My husband is 14.5 years my senior so would be retiring earlier than me.

        To cut a long story short, because I refused to entertain any thoughts of a move to France, he pulled out the one card he knew I could not avoid…the God card. He said, OK lets put this before God and lay a fleece. As our house was on the market around that time anyway I said that unless the house sold to one of the two people we had already scheduled to view it I was staying put! Imagine my horrow whe the very next couple to view our home put in an offer. I was so shocked, I thought God would honour me in the situation knowing I so did not want to move to France. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Seven years later, I am without a church fellowship and my life has been sheer hell. My two sons are livingh through this same nightmare but love their Dad, he is so generous and being kids they are unable to see through him….although my 16 year old is beginning to. I knew I had to stay because I had nowhere to go, no formal qualifications to find work and I am now 55 years old. My husband waited until I was 36 before reversing his vasectomy…again he controlled that!

        I also, having my eyes opened, frercognised how he cut off his child support from his previous family, for very plausible reasons at the time, yet not stacking up now. I did not want my children to grow up in poverty, neither did I want them to come from a broken home but I wonder now whether I have been wise or not. However, waiting did prove fruitful in one way…. via a set of circumstances I wont bore you with, but I will say they took every ounce of my strength til I could hardly get up out of bed… I found myself sharing an investment property that my husband purchased back in my home country… was an answer to prayer!

        So……now I have a bit more security but I still dare not leave my boys and as yet they are happy in France and have not finished their education. I am able to stand against my husband and I point out stuff to him when he is wrong….none of which he accepts. He is like Mary Poppins…practically perfect in every way.

        Yet, he has not held down a job for very long since I have known him (32 years), he would lie in front of me while telling people he was a teacher of economics leading them to believe he held a degree when I know he taught a couple of sessions at night school. He also exaggerates rather a lot. Over the years, I have felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to step back and allow him to make huge mistakes, I had to stop helping him with finances, paperwork etc., so that he would learn not to go into debt etc., I met him when he was separated from his second wife and he came with enormous debts all of which he said were hers…and to this day I dont know how true that was but have to say since I stepped back he has been good with money…i.e. no debts at all now but virtually nothing in the Bank.

        To summarise: I am middle-aged, with no job prospects, I know if I leave I have a house to go to but no income…and I can’t leave my boys in his care alone. I am up a creek and the only way I am going to make it is if I can keep going until our current home is sold….surprise, surprise it is up for sale….and then maybe I will be able to gain some money too. Otherwise I fear he will make sure I go without.

        Currently my husband has chosen to sleep on the couch,, following our latest confrontation, which is fine for me, I stopped falling for that tactic years ago and so he will stay there until of course he wants to gratify himself sexually. I am beginning not to go along with that either.

        Another hope I have is that he agreed to attend a Christian Healing retreat; I am hoping God will meet him there, and deliver him….that is if he doesn’t turn around and run the moment he is challenged….he has done so before… I am not holding my breath. I do agree with earlier statements that God may have to use sickness, accidents, traumas, etc to bring a person to their knees but he’s already suffered four road accidents, two of which significantly damaged his left leg; two lots of viral pneumonia in which he almost died, virtual financial ruin, temporary blindness due to eye injury, and he sufers from a rare lung condition that began shortly after my children were born. Nothing changes him.

        I guess I am sharing this so that if anyone else is also holding God’s hand while he tackles this difficult task….don’t give up unless the Holy Spirit tells you to. get all the support you need from others and if you are isolated like me, get all the help from God you can. Bless you.

        • Vivienne

          your husband needs a strong male figure to talk to him, and look past his lazy irresponsible “perfect” self, and lay down some reality to him. do you know anyone like that? you need someone to stick up for you.

          • Yes, thank you Marianne I do know someone; he’s a holiday home owner who comes over to France about once a month who is a strong male fgure and a Christian. I have spent just over a year befriending him and his wife. Funnily enough, when our new friends met my husband for the first time, the male friend was able to see through my hubby straight away and things got a little heated. I knew if I had any chance of help, my new friiend had to first build a relationship with my husband in order to gain his respect and any hope of him listening…I think we are almost there now but it could have ended after that first visit.

        • viviene you sound lost and no common sense. you can leave a marriage anytime you are not happy and its abuse…please stop with the divorce is a sin nonsense…..smh..simply disgusting and sad and quige sick that some people still think this way. i see religion has enslaved you too

  42. Hi Marianne:
    Thank you so much for your grace and understanding.

    I met this guy at a club we both attend regularly. Prior to the first time I spoke to him, I saw the spirit of jezebel around him and what was a ‘sleezy’ type of spirit. I have no idea if they are one in the same or if there are more than one there operating in him? When we first started talking– he was sweet, attentive, kind and caring. We continued to get to know each other a little (although, he never really divulged much info about himself but would ask others TONS of questions about me and my family and my life behind my back). We were talking for months when he started talking to a woman with a jezebel spirit in the same club. He is a talker and likes to chat with several different people. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then saw there was a weird, sexual attraction there. that was very twisted. He swore up and down that he wasn’t attracted to this woman but I suspect he was lying. He got very jealous one nite because I was talking to a male friend of mine and he started flirting VERY heavily with this woman right in front of me. This went on for at least 20 minutes and he made plans to meet her the following day in the same place and such. He had done this before to other women as well. A weird game he plays with them. Of course he never followed thru and left her hanging there. He did this with a lot of women as a game. I knew, when he first started talking to her that there would be trouble–and there has been. They’ve been trying to seduce him and have also been cursing me. It’s been ongoing now for over a year…this woman is deeply into the occult and often times would manifest openly (talking to herself, anger, rage, strange behavior—sitting with her head back and mouth open and legs open on gym equipment, etc.) she and her ‘group’ of witches have been trying to curse me and my family (a family member of mine has since died, i’ve had financial problems and impossible to find work, etc., relationship problems, etc…) and the guy that we were both talking to also almost died He started this with her by lying about his financial status to get attention, as well as pretending to be single (I found out when he almost died that he is indeed married) and his wife emailed me a few weeks ago to ask what he was up to because she intercepted an email I had sent to her addressing some of this strange behavior and asking him to please stop making so many problems for me and that if that were going to be the case I was going to just avoid any interacting with him from here on out. His wife seems like an amazing and sweet woman. I tried to encourage her that there is hope for them and their family (they have three kids) and invited her to church as well. I could hear the pain in her voice and because I was married to someone like that once—I could relate. This man is a pathological liar, he cons and scams his friends, he manipulates his family for money and he does not want to work.

    I want to pray for him but am afraid of the jezebel spirit attacks. I am worried because I was talking to him and at one time liked him that I may have formed a ‘soul tie’ that needs to be broken. Specially with all the witchcraft involved.

    Any kind of insight would be helpful! Thank you so much!

    • hi

      1. get out of the nightclub. Only weird spirits go there.

      2. do you have contact with these female jezebels outside of the night club?
      you mentioned gym equipment. are you in school?

      3. Stop being timid around jezebels. Unless they work wtih you and affect your paycheck, you do not need to be so submissive with them, no matter how many there are. Be aggressive and tell them off, and stay away from them. tell them the are a bunch of stupid witches and they cannot hurt you. You are protected by the blood of Jesus and going to heaven and they are going to hell. Stick up for yourself.

      4. dump association with the playboy. he is an idiot, and thinks he is hot. He is a stupid man with his head screwed on wrong.

      5. his wife needs the same advice you do. dump trouble and get away from it. Don’t hang around someone who will bring you down. She needs to get a lawyer and sue for child support. the bible says we are not obligated to stay with an unbeliever.

  43. I am so thankful for this post, I just broke up with my boyfriend some time ago, I did not understand why it was so devastating to me, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Now I see that he had all of these characteristics and some of the Peter Pan Jezebel qualities also. I am now working on personal healing from the pain and betrayal that was caused as a result of staying in this toxic relationship and I regret to say the healing has not been easy to recover from.
    My concern is, I think I may still be attracting this same kind of man with this spirit into my life. How do you close the door to these types of men permenantly. I have an interest in a man yet it is hard to determine if he is sincere in his faith and character to get to know him better, or if he is simply another Jezebel type character that I need to stay away from. I have tried to pray about this man, his intention’s, sincerity and so on, but I feel my emotion’s and trust levels are not yet stable to see the truth about this man. I am very cautious and over sensitive to encountering the same person with a different face all over again. I think after you have been in a relationship with this kind of man it makes you all the more suspicious of all men’s intention’s and character.
    I do not want to be alone and drive the right man away either, but one’s perception’s are heavily coloured after going through this kind of devastating experience.



  46. hi, it’s been now 5 years that we got to know that the pastor of our church has committed adultery with a woman in our church and he said that he had repent and he continue to preach ……. but we recently got an information that he is still with that woman……i’m the main singer and my husband was the pastors assistant my husband expalin the matter to the Apostle of the church and he talk to our pastor …..and he said at the very first time that he has end up his relationship with that woman………and he treated my husband so badly that my husband try to escape from him by accepting a job on a cruise ship just to stay away like Elijah from jezabal……… i’m still at that church and this pastor is living in sin………..even the apsotle can’t say a word coz our pastor is really God liar ………can’t say a word coz he will deny everything PRAY for us…….the situation we are living is really painful…

    • esther

      You need to openly denounce and reject him in front of the church, and tell why. You do not need his permission to do this.

      You should tell the church to fire him, since he is a man of sin, and will not repent.

      If he stays, or the church approves of him, then leave this church. You do not need them and should not tolerate this hypocrisy.

  47. thank’s my dear sister really need words like this ,my husband leave the church because of that but i have a deep sadness in my soul because the God ‘s people going to that church and church members when i mention to leave the church….i feel like i’m going to abandon them help sister what should i do this keep me in a spiritual prison………pray for me and my husband ………..

    • hi esther

      If you are not going to confront the sinful pastor, then leave. You are not doing any good staying there. There are other churches where you would be happier. You are not obligated to stay there. The other people also have the free choice to leave.

  48. thank you sis your advice help me ……….

  49. the same pastor it’s been 2 weeks ago he was preaching on the spirit of jezabel…..and he said it’s a spirit in control and was mocking of the attitude elijah has when jezabel was searching for an opportunity to kill him……how he could actual preach on that spirit…..and in our church if you get oppose against him and if you ‘re a woman you are actually called jezabel a rebellious one……..whatever happen you should humble under the autority of God ……advice me sister Marianne so that i can reply to him…..because a sister in church try to raise her voice against him and the elders ,the pastors ..said that she is a rebellious woman and was jezabel herself……how to deal if even i’m in that sister situation……need your advice….

  50. I would love to share his, but the picture is NOT something that should be seen by Christian men, inciting them to lust! Please, pray about changing it!

    • Christian men should not be incited to lust over this picture.

      If they are then they are not what they should be, and their behavioral response is their fault, not mine.

      The picture would only hit a familiar key with them, and expose them for what they are.

      Hence, the picture would be an accurate representation of the spirit described.

      My intention is to expose and destroy the spirit, not hide it.

      So if the spirit manifests in the man after seeing the picture, he should pray for forgiveness, and have others pray for him.

      Unfortunately, jezebels do not repent usually, and so will blame their response on someone else.

      This will confirm what they are to others.

      If you don’t like the picture, you can always copy and paste the text into a word document and share it that way.

  51. Please consider changing your pictures for these helpful descriptions as they are very worldly.

    • hi Karen

      See my response to the person above your comment.

      The pictures are supposed to represent exactly what the spirit is doing.

      Spirits are in this world, and this is what they look like.

      If I painted a nice picture, people would miss the point.

      Or if I painted a evil picture, it would not match up with what they see.

  52. please continue to heal and let GOD teach you how to love and take care of you first.its too soon to attempt any such are very vulunerable right now and satan comes to deceive in many faces.god will let you know when such time is in terms of starting asnother relationship.dont be eager to fail yourself.GOD knows best so just sit back and watch the LORD’S salvation.LOVE YOU SISTER

  53. Hi Marianne,
    The understanding that the Lord has given you is a blessing. Like many above, I have my own story and almost 6yr encounter, with what I now understand (thanks to the Grace of God), was a man with such a spirit. Here’s my thing, now we are in the exiting phase (I ended the relationship) and God revealed ALL the truth about this man and the last five years of secrets he kept. Let’s just say he fit EVERY characteristic described above. At this time, his behavior is unpredictable (one minute he’s texting me and telling me how he’s seeking forgiveness and deliverance, he’s crying and he’s SO SORRY… the next he respects my wish and doesn’t speak to me and he’s texting/calling another woman/women), and unfortunately, i still live really close to him and share a business with him. I’ve been able to cut all other attachments but these two are taking some time. What should I be aware of until the Lord helps me to cut the Business and Living proximity? Pastors, friends, etc. say that even though it’s been revealed that he was fooling around with multiple women, and at this time, he has yet another “new girl.” He’s still will come for me (even after I ended everything). Can you tell me, by the power of the Holy Spirit, what advice can you give for this phase?

    • hi danielle

      What you describe is a challenge. I think you are going in the right direction. Just do your best to maintain your balance and insight as you interact with him.

      tell him to get counseling. he needs to understand what his problem is, so he does not bother you with it.

      be polite and pray for him, tell him he needs Jesus in his life, and in a sincere relationship. he cannot have a good human relationship, if the one he has with God is not good.

      he needs to work on himself first, and not bother any woman until he straightens himself out.

      so when you see him, just remind yourself that he is spiritually sick, and you do not want to get infected with the spirit that is on him.

      What he has to offer is defective, and will not give you what you need.

      you can be kind, but you do not have to take him back.

  54. wow all i can say is HELP! This is my Husband and I have went on a water fast for help, I kept asking holy spirit to please reveal what is wrong with my Husband. He has this demon and it’s ugly…I felt like I was going crazy and was sick in my body from this spirit. My Husband was going to bible college, he is very handsome and charasmatic as describe. On the surface he was ideal husband, but I seen another side, secret emails from women, secret phone text, two women from my church approached me and told me he was hiitting on them and expose him and he acted irrational and curse them out. Another lady from his bible college who found out he was married and who I was called me and told me he approached her as well and he confronted her with curse words and I was shocked , devastated He moved out of the house once exposed and moved to his mothers second house with his sibling , and turned his whole family against me. I forgave him on many occassions to restore my marriage but I notice when he did come home I felt a presence at night laying next to him while he was sleep and I would get attacked in my sleep..I kept saying something is on him and I could not tell him or approach him by saying I think you have a demon because of his reaction. He gives me no financial support, and makes me feel like Im the one who is out of order. I am exhausted, devestated to go through this and lost!
    I don;t know what to do HELP< HELP<HELP

    • Oliia

      I know it is a shock, but at least you found out. Jezebels will not repent usually.

      He benefits too much from the demon. He seeks attention and sex. He would need something bad to happen to him to wake him up.

      The college should be informed about his behavior, and he should be let go from that school, since it is bible college.

      Do you have children? If so, sue for child support . get an attorney.

      Is he well off? Then sue for alimony.

      He will not give you anything unless you go after it aggressively.

      Let him go emotionally. Finding this out was the best thing that could happen to you.

      You are worth more than this.

  55. outHi married to one..fits all many books.? Can one be delivered and how.was instructed by holyspirit 2years ago..there would be a time for you to and pray.afterwards no demon in hell would be able to ever attack our marriage again. Have never heard success stories of this spirit being releasec in ones life and marriage success…are there divorce the only way

  56. This completely describes my ex-husband to a tea.

  57. This describes my ex-husband to a tea. I lost my career, finances, home, reputation, not to mention a heart that was smashed to smithereens. It has taken me years to recover and I still am not completely healed. I stood up to him at every turn when I understood his abuse (but not the spirit behind it) which infuriated him and he threw me and my children out. I barely had enough food to feed us and he refused to help, divorced me after two years of separation and then messed with my head trying to come back, always playing the victim but never showing true repentance. He has now, because of my refusal to dialogue with him at all and attempting to move on with my life, been stalking and harassing me via the internet in some very vile and disturbing ways, even posting offensive, slanderous comments about me. If he gets blocked in one area, he goes for another. I have filed harassment charges against him in my state, but he lives in another. This spirit is vicious, cruel, obsessed, and won’t give up! This harassment has been going on for 4 years now since our divorce, and the ramped up internet stalking for well over a year now. I have prayed and asked friends to pray about what the spirit is and though I recognized witchcraft and manipulation I never thought of Jezebel and now I have stumbled onto this! Please pray that its power will be broken over my life and unable to harm me or my family in any way shape or form. As a side note, i have had to deal with 3 different bosses with this spirit in the last 6 years and also a church leader. I feel like a target and am also wondering why I keep ending up dealing with these people and why I was so attracted and vulnerable to him in the first place. I honestly loved him more than I have ever loved anybody, but it wasn’t the real him but rather the person he was pretending to be. Sick stuff!! 😦

  58. I thought my partner of three years and I had a great relationship.October of 2011,I started noticing slow changes. New Years hit,we kissed like we just met one another.TWo week s later he wanted to leave,but he decided to stay. He said he had this apartment he had to give up. He said he called his friend who was to help him move. A month later, we were out and he was kissing another right of me. HE said they had their tongue down his throat. I said tell you should have backed off. IN MArch he left. Got teh apartment,that he never gave up. I said dont change your address just yet.He said fine. HE already had. We were going to go through therapy but wouldnt tell me what the problems were. Easter night, we came home, he had a mood swing. I told him to calm down. He wasn’t going to driv ehome because he was way above the alcohol level. He started choking me so I would give him back his keys.Then stripped naked in the street I am who Iam . I don’t need you or anyone else. I can do whatever I please> He took off. I was so afraid he would harm someone or himself. He said he couldn’t wait for therapy to put us back together.We went thru therapy.He blamed it ALL on me. So did the therapist without hearing my side. We did see another one after that, who was alot better. We went on atrip. We had the time of our lives. Then he didnt want to hang out with me just casually. It was too hot.Have errands. Then found out he went out. I was hurt by his lies. His lying became more and more. Then said we’re just friends. Yet had sex. Then siad we talk on the phone too much. 2 minutes in the a.m. 2 minutes at lunch. 20 minutes in the evening is too much? We met at a place by coincidence. He was making out with someone. I told him to go slow and be careful. Then he had to leave because he had to get up to go to work early. I told him to call me to let me know he got home.No call.Just an email saying “DONT CALL ME”. Then I confronted him.He needs space for two weeks.What did I do?I prayed about it.God revealed he was under the male jezebel spirit and loads of demonic forces are in him from his ecramic class,his job, his social meeting,his apartment complex.No emails.No phone calls. He acts like achild who wants his own way. You’re mena so I wont talk with you.You hurt me. Im not talking with you.I wnat these off him.Thats not his true nature at all. Sexual perversion.Lying.Hiding,stubborness,manipulation,intimidation,domination,soul ties, perversion,rebellion,anger,offense, witchcraft, confusion,deceive,bitterness, avoids confrontations, not talking,pride, arrogance,accuyses to hurt,blames,haughtiness

  59. i believe he’s been infected with the male spirit of jezebel

  60. Wow…..the Blood of Jesus!!!! Lord have Mercy on out souls!!

  61. This is so real to me right now! I have very recently encountered and been in relationship with someone you describe pretty much exactly! The thing is I began to realize it and started to confront. However, he denied and did in fact tell me that everything wrong that happened in the relationship was my fault! I think the mistake I made was sarcastically saying o.k., EVERYTHING was my fault; I guess operating in a somewhat manipulative spirit myself, which seems to be what tends to happen. My question is this…do I let him alone and allow him to think that he has gotten away and just continue to pray and regain my ground in holy living or is there ever a time to confront and boldly make these people aware that you understand what is going on and that you are believing that they will see it for themselves?

    • dear robyn

      You will not change him. For the short term, until you quit on him, be clear that when he is wrong, he is wrong…..

      do not give into him. sarcasm doesn’t work.

      let him know that you do not approve of his behavior, and maybe you can talk more when he improves his behavior, and he is more honest about his shortcomings/

      once you give him that message, avoid him until he shows improvement.

  62. Hello Marianne,
    Your site is wonderfully informative! I have been married to a man like this for the last year. It seems he may be a mix of the Charasmatic and the Conflicting Jezebel. I was ready to call it quits when recently the Lord gave me a dream that He desired to cleanse us both. The Lord’s instruction to me has been to “be quiet”. I must admit this spirit can get me so frustrated that sometimes I have a hard time with that instruction. I am very familiar with spiritual warfare, and this is the strongest demon I have ever encountered and it has truly had me on an emotional rollercoaster…that I am getting off of. I do believe the Spirit of God is STRONGER than this demon though. Do you have any advice or suggestions regarding specific prayers to strengthen my own spirit, and anything else that may help me in this process. I solicit your prayers as well.
    Thank you and God bless!

  63. Just clarify, I believe my own cleansing has to do with “mastering my emotions” and also being delievered from what people think of me. It takes a lot to make me angry, however I believe God wants me to walk in a level of maturity where nothing offends me.
    thanks again

  64. Thank you. God bless!

  65. I am so saddened to read the stories written here, and deeply ashamed to include my own, all the while knowing that I have little or no will to walk away from my situation. I love him deeply. I have loved him since before I ever knew him (I realize that must make little sense, but I knew him in my heart before we ever set eyes upon each other…). We have been together for nearly three years. He is a pastor, an prophetic artist, and a teacher. He is the very “Jezebel” as described above… passionate, handsome, artistic, romantic, nearly identical to me in every casual interest and intellectual pursuit. He is a gifted seer and prophet, a healer, and charismatic in every sense of the word. He captivates everyone he meets with his charm, attentiveness, and empathy. He is also completely untrustworthy, self centered, self serving, deeply secretive, has dual personalities, and tells such lies that the saints themselves would unquestioningly believe him. He disparages me to anyone who will listen in order that my honor and character be continually brought into question. He then “comes to my rescue” in order to publicly redeem me… sometimes he has even me thinking that I have done something wrong to merit such shame and dishonor. I suppose I have… but not intentionally. He and I have gotten pregnant more than once, (we are not married, this is my fault, for not maintaining my convictions when I said “no” to sexual relations) and on each occasion he accused me of being a whore, a jezebel, and trying to trap him. Each time he walked out on me and the baby, and each time in my grief and suffering I miscarried. When he came back with sweet words of apology and tears of remorse I took him back, only for the story to repeat itself over and over. He has on several occasions attempted to coerce me to participate in a “plural” relationship. I am not sexually intimate in such a way with others, neither male nor female, and his anger when I declined was fierce and frightening. I have toyed with the idea of suicide twice, and his reaction was indifference. So why am I the fool to remain with him? Why can’t I walk away? I am not an unattractive or insecure woman, I have a decent income (twice his at least), I certainly have the intellect to know better, but I cannot expose him to the church or our friends, as his lies about me have shattered any credibility I would otherwise have. And so, like a simpering child unwilling to let go of a filthy, broken toy, here I stay. Like an addiction I keep allowing him back or I keep coming back to him. We pray together for forgiveness and healing in our brokenness, but we always end up back in sin. I crave him like a drowning man gasps for air… what is wrong with me? When we first started seeing each other I felt as though God himself had placed this man in my arms. Now I pray to God to help me to please believe myself when I try to convince myself it was all the lies of the enemy and the man in my arms is demon possessed. Please pray for me. Please pray for revelation that others will see him for who he truly is so that I can find the help I need to muster the courage to walk away from this creature I do truly love.

    • Mara

      Do you have anyone there that you can talk to about this? you need emotional support to walk away from him.

      it is a destructive relationship. I think he is depending on you to not expose you, and he destroys your reputation to make sure this does not happen.

      so he has you trapped. this is not love, it is prison. you need to examine yourself, and look deep inside, to see why you are so insecure that you allow this mistreatment of you. did something happen as a child that made you feel unworthy of someone better?

      you need to be delivered from more than a spirit of deception and lust that he has put on you, (other too , since people believe him), but you also need to find the “original” sin or trauma that opened the door to make you such a victim

      the choice to get away from him has to be yours.

      i would pray that you transfer you craving from him to the Lord for deliverance, guidance, and forgiveness

      • I cannot think of anyone I can go to with this for guidance or support, other than Jesus Christ himself. Which is exactly where I will start! Thank you for your kind and grace filled reply.

        ~ M

  66. Best on john10:10 devil come 2 steal 2 kill 2 destroy, bt Jesus come in odaz 2 heal, restor, esterblesh a complete fulfilmen in life

  67. Thank You so much for your teachings on the Jezebel spirit and how it can affect men.I met a man online five months ago after being alone nearly fourteen years.Since he was a Christian and God fearing,i truly believed this was the husband i had been praying for.But, because of my past,he kept teeling me that he thought I had bad spirits ect….so i asked God for wisdom,and i began doing research….as i read your and others…that concurred.w yous…i realised that it probably was him not me…i mean he justfits the bill 100%…plus je didnt make me feel good about myself after the first couple months….i aways was confused about our relationship…but your description…that was HIM….thank you …he dumped me a couple of days a 52 yr old woman,it made me feel worthless and unattractrive…eventhough i have a nice man likes me now.its just i poured all my feelings out to this i must forgive him…and he was playing mr.holy….and i seen him on the chat line!!!!

    • rebecca

      there is nothing wrong with you. do not let a loser make you feel as low as he is

      a real man would elevate you, and make you feel like a princess

      shake him off, and find someone worthy of you.!!!

  68. Sorry, but casting spells is witchcraft. Your husband has a mind and a will of his own that not even God himself would want to override. Freewill is a precious thing and not to be manipulated by using witchcraft. Just my honest opinion. I pray instead that you both seek help, ask the Holy Spirit for it.


    On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 4:02 AM, Heaven Awaits wrote:

    > ** > Kristian commented: “Great delivery. Sound arguments. Keep up the > amazing spirit.” >

    • cheryl

      I think the answer is obvious, but you are too overwhelmed to see it.

      you must break it off with him and go on with your life.

      he is nothing, and will never do anything for you.

      whatever your dependency on him, find others to emotionally support you and start over with friends only, and get yourself established.

      kick him out of your home as a trespasser, and stop living in a motel.

      if you have to, get the police involved.

      you need to learn some self confidence and courage. the first step will be hard, but you can do it.

      there are good men out there, so do not waste your time on a bad one.

  70. Dear Marianne, first an update on my son’s healing progress since escaping from his Jezabel 2nd wife. He was kind of nuts for the first few months (left her Feb 9th) but is slowly recovering his sanity and putting his life back together. He completely removed all contact of any kind and will only use his attorney for anything that has to be handled. Fortunately, it wasn’t much. She tried every way possible to stalk him but he stopped her at every turn. She went back to her first husband (poor man). There has been harm don to his daughter and she still suffers panic attacks from life under that roof but the attacks are easing off.
    Now for the reason I’m am writing again….my first DIL, my grand’s mama is undergoing a terrible time with her parents, particularly her father. I got to thinking maybe he has this same evil spirit and sure enough fits perfectly into this description. Since I realized that she has lived her whole life being abusively bullied by this man and her mother, I am trying to help her see the need to completely remove their contact with her and her little family (she’s remarried and her husband has begged her not to have contact). I know prayer works because that’s how my son got strong enough to leave but how do you counsel an adult child of a male jezebel? Do you have more information I can lead her to? Sadly, she still wants peace, acceptance and approval which will never come from such toxic people.
    Thank you for providing this site as a beacon for light and understanding. It proved to be the place for answers and specific prayers to help me to help my son.

    • Christine

      thank you for keeping me updated on your family.

      I will add your DIL to my prayer list.

      And I am sending you some prayers to print out and say each day for her, and maybe she will join you in the prayers. I will be in agreement with you.

  71. Than you, Marianne…..more update on DIL…she is “remembering” in the form of dreams that I believe come from repressed memories of her father molesting her and possibly all the children (4 girls, one boy). Once, she even saw her father’s face in front of her husband’s as they were entering intimacy, where upon she promptly screamed and threw up. I have seen this man fondle my DIL and her sister on the buttocks and they didn’t even recognize the inappropriate behavior. Since this is all surfacing now, she and her husband are going to cut themselves and my grand out of their lives. However, I do know how hard this will be to do. Jezabel’s are persistant and persuasive….actually relentless. The older sister closest to her in age seems to have become a “mini me” of him. She can do no wrong in the father and mother’s sight. She often does sneaky snooping to find out what the father wants to know. For anyone reading this story I want to say what you said to me. Never give up in prayer because sometimes you may be the victim’s only help.

  72. […] Ladies, you should also be aware of the Male Jezebel spirit. […]

  73. Yeah, my husband fits this description, and so NOW I”m thinking THAT IS BAD. I’m not necessarily letting him get away with it though, but he thinks he is right now. He has friends in high places and has alienated me from EVERYBODY. BUT I record EVERYTHING said in this house. So when he goes and tells so and so that I started the fight – IT’S ON AUDIO and sometimes video. My husband knows now that I record when I think we’re going to fight, but he’s SO SNEAKY AND DECEITFUL. Even with him being that way with me, I could never bring myself to actually turn him in for anything, UNLESS IT INVOLVED MY KIDS, then he’d be lucky if he made it alive long enough for me TO turn him in. What the dead give away IS that he’s lying to me about something is that when I DO record him acting REALLY MEAN AND ABUSIVE, he gets SO MAD and tries to find my phone, breaking everything in his path, and when he don’t find it he comes at me like I”m a man, trying to physically fight me! HE’S CRAZY! But he also has me stuck HERE WITH HIM. And he ALWAYS has college girls calling him in the middle of the night between midnight and three am, and then he’ll tell me, “oh they had the wrong number”, even though I HEARD HIM TELL ONE, “I can’t talk right now.”. He has turned EVERYBODY against me, and then when they realize he’s lied ABOUT THEM to somebody they come running and crying to me! This guy who use to work for him came running to me when my husband talked lies about him to other workers, and all I could say was, “I TOLD YOU! And so why didn’t you listen to me? Do I LOOK like I make this crap up?” And so THEN, that guy got mad at me, left, then texted me that I better watch my back because whatever he did to my husband he was gonna do to me! Then all my husband would do is call the cops then leave. I’ve NEVER met ANY of my husband’s family and we’ve been married for 16 years – NO ONE in his family talks to him, and if my husband DOES get their number and calls them, they change it to an unlisted number. He’s right about one thing – I AM STUPID! The signs were ALL there, but I ignored them, and so now I just think I”ll take my medicine like a compliant child (if there IS such a one). Seriously though, I keep HOPING that I can get my dream off the ground so I can leave without having to worry about money, and everytime I come close, my husband shuts it down! EVERYTIME. I keep thinking maybe God isn’t allowing me to progress with anything because HE is trying to teach me a lesson, THEN MY HUSBAND WILL DO SOMETHING EVIL and all that other theory flies out the window. I am physically drained, and I’ve gotten to where I just comply, I do what he says, and if something is gonna make him mad I don’t do it. But neither do I hardly leave the house, neither do I ever talk to anyone outside the house, neither do I ever voice my opinion anymore – I just live and comply. I”m afraid I won’t know HOW to act IF I DID leave him. IN the 16 years we’ve been together, I’ve been the owner of THREE different businesses, each one successful UNTIL the day he and I would get into a fight and he would shut it all down out of pure anger – THREE BUSINESSES OF MINE he did that to, again, leaving me dependent ON HIM. The last one closed down right before Mother’s Day in 2011 – since then, I’ve been NOTHING BUT sick, tired, all I want to do is sleep and be left alone and just wait – wait for the consequences of my choices to be over, wait for some change in luck, waiting for HIM to tell me the truth about EVERYTHING. I’ve grown to learn patience though, at least in this thing called a “marriage”. But ALL I can put with MY marriage is deceit, lies, abuse, anger, hurt, etc… I guess in my messed up mind I keep thinking MAYBE he’ll change – but he’s not gonna. So again, THAT makes me every bit of stupid that he says I am – because I’ve stayed with him for THIS LONG, and I allowed him to alienate me from friends and family, I allowed him to manipulate my businesses and take total control of my life, I ALLOWED EVERYTHING, in other words, it’s not his fault I complied with his evil deeds, and now, well, now I”m miserable and wishing I’d listened to my gut instinct in the beginning. But since I didn’t, I’ll take my medicine like a good little girl and hope for the best.

    • robin

      do not stay there. if he hits you again, call the police.

      go to friends or family and stay there. if that is not possible then call department of social services / human services, and tell them you are a battered woman and need shelter.

      you already admitted he destroys your dreams, so you business genius will never pay off until you leave there.

      get help from churches, social workers, nurses, hospitals and police to get out of house and get relocated.

      or report him as a danger to yourself to the police and have them remove him from the home…

      do not allow anything. get out of there before he actually kills you.

  74. My story is almost identical to yours! God warned me of this spirit before I met him but I do blind by loneliness and lust I fell prey to it. We were married for 2 yrs 5 months and it was pure Hell. I’m so thankful God is a loving and forgiving God! He delivered me from under the control of this man and out of this marriage.

  75. Oh my goodness this is unbelievable seventeen years it took For me to get an answer that made sence And so accurate without missing anything on the personality of my husband . This past week he was telling people he was thinking of putting me in a crazy House For nothing more than his own personal satisfaction. So where do i go from here we have two children together, well three the oldest is ninteen

    • dear mzb

      The question is, what do you want to do?

      It sounds like the marriage is over, if he is ready to put you away. And he would tell enough lies to get you put there.

      Would you have a place to go if you left him?

      With minor children, you could get child support. And I don’t know if you work, but if you don’t, you could get a job also…

      if you apply for child support, be aware that he will lie and try to get the children… so have a strong support system ready…..he will probably call you an unfit mother…if he gets the children, then he can get money from you, and have the control

      on the flip side, you have been married 17 years….you stayed together for some reason.

      you make the decision… the meantime, I will send you some prayers for deliverance and strength…print them out and say them each day……I will be in agreement with you.

      • Thank You for your responce . Unfortunatly I already had done this when he came back again sweet talked me in to helping himclear the child support moving in with his parents , when im left with the bill now and no stable place to take the children . I know it can be done its just going to take effort and strengthing my faith in the lord again and I no all will be well. Once again Thank you and God Bless

        • ruby

          where is YOUR family? where are YOUR friends?

          call social services and see if they can help you relocate with financial assistance.

          if you tell them you are abused, battered and fear for your life they should help.

          tell them you are trapped in his parent’s house and they will stick up for him.

          tell them you fear for your children’s safety.

          there are special homes you can go to for a transition while waiting for funding.

          do not contact HIS church…..find one of your own, and ask for help.

  76. I’ve just been the victor (not victim) of a male jezebel. I’ve dated him for 5 long confusing years and, he attempted to murder me and destroy my life. He alienated me. He tried poisoning me, he admitted. He stole my identity and, my daughter’s and her father’s. He put out explict videos of me on twitter. He said he wants to kill all the men I’ve been with because I was actually engaged to him. Be basically tried to destroy my life. I guess because when we met he was initially attracted to my daughter who at the time was 14 years old. I told him he could’nt get with her because she was too young. I guess his plans for my sabotage began there. Thank God I was baptist young and covered with The Blood of Jesus or, I may not have been writing this to you today. Amen I thank God for his mercy and, grace to release me from The male charismatic jezebel who’s also bi-sexual. THANK YOU GOD FOR YOUR REFUGE AND, SALVATION. In Jesus name Amen & Amen. P.s he slept with all my aquaintances.. Even from 25 years before I meet him. How he manage that only God knows.

    • dear catrenia

      I am sorry you had to go through that, but also glad you got out of it.

      your experience will help you help and warn others.

      I am not surprised he was bisexual also, since they are basically sexually deviant to begin with

      may god continue to bless and protect you and give you wisdom.

  77. I’ve read up on sociopathic behavior prior to coming into this page. I am living with a boyfriend who is also the father of my youngest child. I’ve been on and off with this person for two years. A couple months ago after many apologies and promises to change I moved in with him again this being my last effort in reconciling, I see that nothing has changed if anything it’s worse. He has been abusive emotionally mentally and physically and snaps the second things don’t go his way always blaming me for his mistakes. Then goes into victim mode in which he cries if happens so often that I no longer feel sorry for him. It angers me more then anything… I am constantly accused of cheating when I am always home with my children and my car is broken. I know now likely then not he is cheating however if I accuse him it’s world war 3. He criticizes me in every way possible degrades me and later apologies I’m so tired of the cycle. I feel he drains me. I ask God to help me make a way out help me to fix my car although I’m without a job and I’m dependent on him which is what he wants. I know it’s not love. I just want to get out of this relationship although he threatens me. my kids and I deserve to be happy this kind of person has no place in our lives. I know he will torment me, stalk me, spread lies once I leave but I don’t care no more. I pray he finds someone else so here can let me go. I need advice I have no where else to go. I’m legally on the lease but know he is as well… how can I stay strong and deal with someone as demented ad he is? Please give me some advice verses anything.

    • nora

      If you have no family or friends to stay with , then contact social services and tell them you are a victim of domestic violence and you need their help to relocate you and your children. they should help you into a home for abused women.

      he is accusing you because he is cheating on you, and projecting his guilt on you.

      his crying and self pity is demonic manipulation, and is not genuine. he is mentally disturbed and dangerous.

      you can also call the police and tell him he is abusing you, they will make him leave. you can then get a restraining order on him to keep him away from you…

      but call social services first, and your family and friends for help.

  78. This passage probably represents what you are experiencing – but you are not alone. A dear friend of mine was seeking the Lord about some personality disorders she (as a Mom) was experiencing and she heard this in her mind – “the spirit of the age.”

    This seems to be the manifestation (personality disorder) of those “infected with this demonic spirit.

    “But know this, that in the last days [end ofthe age] perilous times will come [stress and turmoil]: For men/women will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents [authority], unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”


    Your dealing with the physical/emotional effects of a spiritual matter.

    See Ephesians chapter 6. Yes, he is a jerk and worse – but it is what is oppressing and controlling his behavior and causing him to act it out.

    Get away (physically, emotionally) as far as possible and pray continually.

    I suggest reading the Psalms as if they were written for you, starting with Psalm 3.

    But, think of the enemy as not in the flesh as much as in spirit (demonic), which oppresses those like the person you are writing about.

    Pray for spiritual and physical protection over yourself and your beloved family.

    Psalm 25

  79. Thank you both for the advice and the verses. I think sometimes I get so caught up with trying to avoid drama and feeling like um continuously walking on egg shells. I feel in many ways consciously and subconsciously I’ve given this person(or spirits) more then I have given to the Lord in a sense I put him first. Which makes me feel terrible as person and child if God. Those were never my intentions but I got blindsided and I know I have to continuously seek the Lord and pray. It seems the second I let my guard down he sucks me back in the cycle. It’s very frustrating for me spiritually…

  80. […] The Charismatic Male Jezebel – Conquest by Romance and Assimilation. […]

  81. Hi,
    II am currently researching all about Jezebel. Am sitting here thanking God for leading me to your teaching.

    5 weeks ago I fled the marital home with my daughter who has disabilities. I am in hiding and have managed to secure a safe home for us to live in.

    I will not…can not ever go back.

    What hurts the most is not only has my husband tried to kill me off but also my church. No one cares no one has contacted me at all!!!!

    The senior Pastor has wiped me and thinks my husband is an amazing man of God…All senior leadership are under their own Jezebel spirits…I have seen 3 clusters so far. They are flocking around my poor ‘victim’ husband.

    My husband and step father to my daughter and 2 adult sons, is a monster and I have only just realised it. I have for years and years had ministry to become a better more submissive wife. I repented and begged God to fix me.

    Your article on the ‘Charismatic Male Jezebel’ is amazing…it was as if you looked at my marriage as you wrote this powerful and eye opening article.

    I have only just accepted my calling….that of a prophet…I have only just realised that I have had a target on my back at my church since the first day I got there.

    The one true prophetic voice has been silenced and discarded as a Jezebel and I am to walk away without seeking an justice…you see God has shown me I am called to the Office of a Prophet and for that the training is intense.
    Here is a copy from a fantastic teaching: (You must stop struggling and yield to what has been happening. When you are falsely accused you must not try to defend yourself and seek justification or vindication. But you must submit yourself humbly and die. And when you do this, all the turmoil will cease. The noise will disappear. And there will come a calm such as you have never known in a long time. And there will come a deep stirring inside you that you will not be able to understand. Now is the time to let go of all effort and ministry. In fact you would probably do better to avoid any kind of spiritual activity at all. Just get involved in something secular. And leave the Lord to do His work in secret, because the body is now placed in the tomb).

    I trained up another budding prophet and she wrote a very challenging letter to the senior pastor the other day…calling him to repentance before its too late. Within mins of reading it he was ringing her and took the letter to bits. He told her it is sad that Karen has had so much influence on you.

    I have broken off all Soul/emotional Soul Ties to my husband, our church and its leadership and can now walk in freedom and embrace what God has for me.

    Currently receiving wonderful Godly Ministry and praising God for his Unending Love for me and my precious children.

    God Bless you for writing your fantastic article.

    Karen xxx

    • karen

      at least you are free from him. many women get stuck in the situation.

      the biggest jezebels are in the church now in leadership

      i kind of disagree with the qupte you gave….I say always fight back, unless they out rank you, then pretend to be nice, and sneak out….I would never allow myself to be victimized by evil…..i may be wounded or worse, but I only submit to God, not man, and not the devil.

      I hope you heal quickly and pursue your desire to serve god….this mission my be outside the church structure, so you will not be restricted to man’s opinion of you.

  82. good day! I am so grateful for this information! I knew my husband was a jezebel. I filed for divorce 5 weeks ago and left him, only 1 year and 10 months married> but we were married 2 weeks when I discovered the fake and cheat that he was1 my life was hell! no pastor believed me! I changed church and are copletly relying on Jesus for everything! I can only give Him all the praize for providing in all my needs because I have no lack. I am busy breaking all soulties, I reside in south Africa at mossel bay, and unfortunately no one here has the knowledge on deliverance, the church here are sleeping! could you please email me all the areas that I should break soulties etc since I want to be completely free of the effect of jezebel?! thank you Theresa Greyling

    • theresa

      I can send you prayers against witchcraft..and some prayers for blessings….print out and say each day….I will be in agreement with you.

  83. thank you so much!!!! please do that!

  84. Absolutely have seen this reality. Thank you for sharing. The picture, however could be more discrete in order to help the reader in their purity as, you have helped to empower them through Truth.

    • hi carla

      unfortunately I am not an artist…I tried to be sure everything was covered…but this was the best picture to show the seduction by the man

  85. Narcissisism in psychological terms. Same thing and yes RUN!!! #victim

    • Repeat everyday “thank you God for restoring my soul.. Unfortunately You also gain soul ties to these kind

  86. Good day I am pleased so share that my healing are improving everyday from the husband I had with the jezebel spirit>>I am a Registered nurse and for some reason I just do not get any open doors for work! Now I have to stil have that contact with X to wash carpets and get an income from that(its his busness) I am praying and trusting the Lord, living in faith andso many times battling to meet ends< feels like either a "blockage" or God wants me in another direction.
    Please pray for me!

    • theresa

      I am glad to hear you have had some progress. do not give up.

      ask God each day to bless you, and provide for you, and continue to look for RN jobs.

      try a staffing agency and let them help you look.

  87. My mind is blown away right now. This entire blog sums up mine and my husbands relationship. I have been married over a year to a man who has done nothing but attack my relationship with God and my family. He had conviced me in everyway that we were meant to be together by God with the prophetic “words”. He has recently become physical with me pushing me to the floor and using a pillow to knock me around. He has broken down in tears and begs for my forgiveness on multiple occasions. But I see the spirit take over him.. Someone mentioned it showing in the eyes and I’ve noticed it for a while but never knew what it was. He constantly accuses me of the spirit. What should I do? how do I deal with this? Can he change?

  88. my goodness, this is me described here. I have been so struggling to overcome this ”thing” in me but i have been failing. Been to many prophets, pastors but to no avail… I really need this spirit to can i do it???

    • miguel

      it sounds like the ministers you went to failed because they did not question you to find out what was wrong.

      but now that you know, deliverance may seem hard, but it is simple.

      repent….stop doing what you are doing….tell the spirit, out loud, that you reject it.

      you have several spirits….lust, control, lying spirit because you have to seduce women to get them

      this means you have no respect for women, and you are unable to love normally..and make a commitment.

      it also means you have no respect for yourself…if you have to use demons to get women, it means you are a failure as a man to get them using normal means, with normal affection and kindness.

      you need to take a good look in the mirror……and ask why you have to make yourself and others unhappy, and ruin everyone’s life.

      I think once you come to full reality of what a problem you are, then you can reject and rebuke the spirits inside of you.

      somewhere in your past, you did not have a healthy relationship with women…mother, sister, etc so you need to find out what, and do something to correct this.

      this takes the authority of jesus in you, so if you really do not have him, then you cannot do it. you have to give up the control and give it to jesus and submit to God… true submission, and true sorrow for your sin.

      once you have gotten to this point, you can read the prayers I send you each day, out loud, so that the demons can hear…..print them out so you have them in front of you….i will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      if you have others who can agree with you in prayer, it would also be very good to do this.

  89. Hello Miguel,

    Well done for recognising that you have issues in this area…the road ahead will be a difficult one as you work towards freedom from this invidious stronghold.

    May I recommend that you seek out someone who is experienced in ministering to those who have come under Jezebel’s influence. Someone who is able to keep you accountable as you journey towards inner healing and freedom from Jezebel’s influences.

    I was married to a Charasmatic Male Jezebel and have studies this subject lots in an effort to understand just what had been happening.

    The books I have read have been written by people who have years and years of experience in this area….I will list some of those books below.

    Steve Sampson – Confronting Jezebel and the partner to this book which is all about the Ahab Spirit….I recogmend that you read both of these books so you can see what’s going on from two different angles.

    John Paul Jackson – Unmasking Jezebel….this was fantastic to read.

    Jennifer Le Claire – Defeating Jezebel.

    I pray that you find the freedom you seek and that The Lord, who loves you and sent his son to die for you will direct you towards people who will be well able to minister to you and walk along beside you.

  90. Wow. This is heavy. I knew a man like this. Thankfully God in me was greater than the spirit of Jezebel in that man. But once his true colours came out… He was and did everything this article says. He misrepresented his values, tried to marry me quickly, and then when things didn’t work out tried to slander me and isolate me from aby type of help. The devil is keen.

    This is the worst type of Jezebel spirit because when it sees there is nothing they can attach to in you it tries to undermine your self confidence or to extend false peace which is simply the calm before the storm.

    But again, thank God for Grace and for not allowing me to be yoked for too long to a man like that.

    And you’re completely right, the jezebel spirit has no intention of changing, even though at first it appears as if it even wants to learn from past errors. That is the tyranny, because the jezebel spirit has decieved itself for so long, it will not repent, and it will con itself out of salvation. That’s why the bible says, regarding the wicked or some, simply that- “though habd join in hand he will not go unpunished”.

    The enemy is a liar. And the charismatic jezebel man will even have you feeling sorry for him, but don’t. Any attachment will drain your energy. The fact of the matter is that everyone makes decisions, and sometimes when one makes a decision to deny the values of God and cares for no one but themselves, then all sorts of spirits manifest and take over. The only thing one can do in such a case is to run for the hills.

    Get as far away, asap, and lay before the Lord who is more powerful than any spirit and help him deliver you from any hurt, pain, or unforgiveness towards that jezebel or towards yourself for having been entangled in such a relationship in the first place. Forgiveness and accountability on your end are key.

    I mean, don’t play the matyr, it takes two to tango, and you can never be responsible for someone elses action, especially when they habe decieved us about who they are to begin with.

    But the fact of the matter is true. And what is written here is true. Your jezebel will not come around to truth, because you are not warring with flesh, but spirit, and your jezebel is honry and even if they somewhere deep down inside wanted to be with you, they are not willing to change and will never take responsinility for how they hurt you. So in short, count your losses, access how it is that they were able to enter in your life. And yes, take the time to get to know that man and his character before getting in too deep.

    And abstain from sexual sin, that is the easiest way to have your soul tied to a jezebel. Your natural defense will keep returning to them trying to get back that piece of your soul you lost or they took from you, but in reality, they are simply snaring you more.

    Let go, and let God, and find someone new to love. Sorry.

    And the good part is that you can get yourself back entirely, but first you have to be willing to let them go completely. And if you’re willing, God will do the hard work, you just let Yaweh unpack those layers.


  91. They are fake. I m saddened by the insincerity and they believe they tell the truth ! And Treat Jesus as if He was their PR man

  92. Hello. Does the person know they are operating in this spirit? God has now confirmed to me after ten months in a relationship with the man you describe and have not stopped crying for two days, well ten months as my heart aches for this precious man who i am convinced JESUS LOVES too! I have prohetic dreams and now realise my course was set for the biggest spiritual attack on my calling. I am devastated; more for this dear man who is hurting so badly as he suffers from rejection by women, everyone he meets and could cry for days seeing his pain and how satan is destroying what God created to be beautiful. I have many friends praying for him the past months but now know ‘specific’. I am a determined person who against all advice have persisted to ‘stick with him’. I will not reject him. Now what? Charmaine

  93. My married life to a T. Left 4 years ago and still healing. Very sad that so many people have a different view of the Jezebel and Ahab spirit. Spot on.

  94. Thank God I came across this site.ive been going through similar jezebel spirit encounter with my husband. Before we got married he portrayed all I had always prayed for in a good husband. Soon after we got married things changed and he is totally in control with which I have no say in anything. Practically everything and I’ve been often told that he can end this marriage whenever he wishes to. Money is important to him and it’s his alone. I am a stay at home wife and spending ‘his’ money is a big issue. Entertaining friends or family at home has to be upon his approval and even so with going out. I shared to a friend and she mentioned about the jezebel spirit. I am praying to God every day for me to be able to fight this spirit cos I am usually the weak one when it comes to confrontation.

    • monica

      it sounds like you are not equally yoked, and he is not a believer.

      are either of you saved, accept salvation through the death and blood of jesus?

      it sounds like he may not, but would it work to discuss this with him? or get him to cooperate and discuss this with a male authority figure?

      if not, you are stuck….jezebels are big on control

      you have to make a decision as to whether you want to stay in this relationship.

      I am sending you a prayer against spirits and witchcraft…..also a prayer for strength….print it out and say it each day…..I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      • Are you Monica Zirpoli? That would be freaky! Thank God we never married, but he did try to come back and then he raped me. He is a crazy really hurtful spirit! I wish you well! Keep the faith, he Will get his worst nightmare!

  95. […] The Charismatic Male Jezebel – Conquest by Romance and Assimilation […]

  96. I had a boy, I won’t call him a man, cz a real man would never treat a woman like he did. Let’s call him Carmen Jezebel Zirpoli, at first he sweeps you off your feet you think you found the perfect mate, not! Cz after a few months he’ll hurt you with condesending remarks and put downs, it hurts really badly, you think you’ve gone crazy cz you thought he loved you so much, but he does not, he loves only his penis, I know really sick! As soon as he’s done using and abusing you ruthlessly, he’ll dump you like you never existed. Thank You Jesus cause eventually this Jezebel spirit will get his and all he will end up with is a bowl of soup and nothing real. It is truly his loss and not yours! Let the experience pull you closer to Jesus, Jesus is real, He really loves you, He died for you. The Jezebel Carmen Z’s of the world will end up totally alone with nothing but a diseased penis!Be grateful he is gone and tell him you hope he enjoys that bowl of soup!

  97. I am asking this sincerley. There are always two sides to a story. What was happening from your side. Were you idolising a man. Did you put man before God. Was man your God that he got so much power over you. It’s called fish love you saw in someone a need that they could fulfill in you. You never loved him you wanted him. You loved yourself.

    • david

      I am not sure if you are addressing the post here or someone who commented.

      no jezebel can work successfully unless they have a willing victim. the willingness may be due to ignorance/naivete , or sin in their own lives as well

      so I agree with you that there can be two sides

  98. […] Source and more information you find here; […]

  99. The female Jezebel is worse. Her tactics are generally accepted by society and even promoted by our culture. When the female version is done with owning the broken man she has made society has nothing to help the male victim.

    • john

      the female jezebel is more prevalent, and so causes more damage

      she gets her power from the male ahab who has authority in the earthly realm

      men need to recognize this spirit, and either avoid it or fight her and win

      the male jezebel is more powerful than the female, the antichrist will be one

      the male jezebel does not need to get authority and power from an ahab…he already has it

      you have to learn your own authority as a male in order to recover from a female

  100. Good afternoon, I was in a relationship with a level ten narcissist for about ten yrs, I have broken free and the only way that I could be delivered was GOD.This individual drove a wedge between me and my family.He stole my house by forging my signature on a quick deed transfer and to this day I’am still homeless,but I don’t care as long as I am away from him. I decided to let go and let GOD.He swore that he would kill my whole family and much,much more.

    • cheryl

      I am always sorry to hear about what these predators do to people.

      if there is any chance to sue to get your house back, due to fraud, I hope you can do this

      where are you staying?

      I wish you safety and provision for your needs.

  101. […]; […]

  102. so is there a prayer to get free from it?

    • julia

      I am sending you some prayers you can use as guides. say them as they are or modify them to fit your situation.

      you may need to act as well as pray. jezebel usually do not repent, so you may need to make plans to either protect yourself physically, etc or move away from this person.

      get a support system from family and friends as well.

    • Spiritually divorce the person before the Lord God. Present their name and face and ask for the spiritual tie to be broken.

  103. Complete bogus, for their is no perfect man. The moral of this article or story is to never reproduce point blank. The one that is full of lies is whomever typed and uploaded this. Stop spreading rumors and false allegations. Live and learn learn to live.

  104. Wow, this actually describes me, i know it pretty well. I am one who knows what I do and continues to do it, if anyone would like to ask serious questions im more than willing to help, its the least I can do.

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  106. To the women whom have fallen prey to Jezebel, get help from a discerning and anointed pastor, friend, etc. Find the source of where the doors were opened that allowed this spirit to infiltrate your life. Seek help to close these doors and never fall in that trap again. I speak from experience and I never imagined I would ever have a man control and batter me mentally the way he did but it happened because I had areas I didn’t heal from like insecurity or afraid of being alone or just wanting to feel loved and seeked it above the love God has for me. This experience has strengthened my relationship with God immensely but at a price. It almost killed me and almost destroyed my salvation. So many though I’ve seen keep going back to the same position of thinking they’re lonely or insecure and this has to come from within, from God, from discerning and anointed support. I Pray for all those women and men who have fallen for a relationship with a person orchestrated by the spirit of Jezebel. May those chains be broken forever and may God heal all those areas in you that allowed that spirit to infiltrate your life. Remember you are a child of God, an ambassador, Jesus took your shame your pain your past, it is finished. Be blessed and be free of bondage in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  107. Hi, could you please email me the complete series on Jezebel & Ahab.

    I am from South Africa.

  108. Identify and control the Jezebel Spirit
    Jezebel in the church- carnal Christianity

    I cannot open these pages and some other.

    It just opens up as blank.


  109. […] The Charismatic Male Jezebel Conquest By Romance and Assimilation […]

  110. I’m glad I read this thank you very much I feel better already.

  111. […] The Charismatic Male Jezebel Conquest By Romance and Assimilation […]

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