The Conflict Oriented Male Jezebel – Spirit of War


Here I assign 2 levels to this. Any truly wicked person starts out with less powerful beginnings. Unless he is checked, he will continue on to something worse. This spirit is destructive. and sadistic.

**** Note:  When people think of witches/”jezebels” in the bible, they automatically think of women. While individual women are occasionally mentioned in scripture, most of the witches were men. Click here for more on male witches in scripture.

Level 1 Low level conflict and deception (hoodlum-delinquent type-terrorist in the making):

Usually NOT religious. Atheistic views. Person could care less about God, and may mock God or others for faith oriented behavior.

May or may not be educated or successful, but is wise in a wicked way.

Internally feels out of control, so the response is to control the environment.

Does not trust others, so has accusatory nature

Likes to start fights

Can go from peaceful to violent in seconds.

Has anger issues and prejudices. Insults people.

Puts people against each other. Victims may be used as their proxy, interacting with others as they set victims up to take the fall while they enjoy watching the performance.

He keeps his allies and targets separate to avoid exposure, so they do not compare notes, and figure out it is him.

Twisting people’s words, to initiate a wrong view of a situation. Starts his own propaganda.

Applies ‘fear’ tactics, faking expertise

Scam artist – tries to convince others he is indispensable, the only expert that can handle the problem at hand.

Steals and cheats

They will agree to anything, then turn around and do the opposite. They will accuse you of breaking the contract.

Legal, custody agreements and normal social or personal protocol mean nothing to them.

They enjoy playing the role of the victim.

Does not like to be contradicted. Will attack you if you do. Will use abusive language and insults.


Best response:

Expect them to disregard the agreement. Avoid involvement. Be self-sufficient. Avoid any “Trust-Me” lines.

Level 2 – Bully-terrorist-dictator :

Often successful and intelligent. He can craft complicated deceptions.



May use constant repetition to persuade others. He just keeps telling the story until people start to believe him.

Religious temperaments:

a. By now, he is more mature, and has learned that religion is a useful tool to control others. He is not sincere, but puts on a show to win support.

b. or has adopted an extreme religious ideology that drives radical thinking and behavior

c. He is at war with God Himself.

Can have either open or secret agendas for power.

Recruits others through intentional lies and propaganda.

He can masterfully fake his abilities and credentials, if he does not have them. He is smart enough to be an imposter and get away with it. An example is a terrorist faking his ID to gain access to a country.

He exploits others, and must be in absolute control.

Intellectual. manipulative, and charismatic.

Backstabs his way to high positions.

He ruthlessly abuses his power. Will physically harm others.

Makes threats, and carries them out, with others he has recruited.

His wicked intent is to harm others he opposes, and establish a strong support base.

He places others in problem or failure situations. He can be in control and deny help, putting them in a dependency mode, where they will need him. Dictators do this. They impoverish the people, and then blame their enemies for this, and start a war.

The bully has no social conscience, and is often suspicious and paranoid.

Violent reaction to being contradicted. Reacts strongly to a sense of being exposed, or having control taken away from him. Becomes accusatory, and takes some sort of action against the contradiction – open conflict, or subtle undermining.

Claims victim hood to gain support.

Others may support him to further their own objective.

Can start open wars.


Will break treaties or agreements. Only agrees to peace to buy time.

Will blame other side for a contrived reason, in order to reassign blame for the conflict.

Best response:

Prepare to get out of the way and put distance between you and them. Don’t get involved in anything illegal. Trying to stop them may backlash with a cascade of retaliation. Or, prepare to defend yourself, because they will try to hurt you.

Environmental development scenarios:

society – delinquent progresses to gangster, crime

family – rebellious child progresses to abusive adult, family problems

church – unsaved person progresses to fake saved status, and causes problems in church, rebellion and sometimes church splits.

workplace: misfit but borderline competent progresses to supervisory position by backstabbing

marriage – disagreeable, cheating spouse progresses to abusive spouse, divorce.

politics – malcontent progresses to terrorist, dictator

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    • Hi Marianne, thanks so much for sharing this revelation.

      I understand that this spirit has access to people by the wounds they carry in their hearts, am I correct? If so, by having them go for a spiritual filled counselling sessions and therefore find healing, the Jezebel spirit won’t any longer have access to this person. Do you agree?

  2. I had a jaw dropping read of this article. I want to congratulate the person who researched this and put this on the web. I am and have been encountering the most hurrendous evil from my husband who I am now in the process of divorcing. He has every last one of the charactersitics of the “male jezebel”. He commited adultery with a relative and has attempeted to corrupt my children with what he is doing and has been relentless in his efforts to force his way of life on us. We want nothing to do with this. He tried to cut of sources of finance, made false accusations, threats to stop child mainitenance.
    Creates situation where we have to depend on him for help etc
    It has been a very good eye opening read. It teaches how to counteract this spirit of jezebel. They do not understand or respect boundaries. They dont take no for an answer, they are consitently rebelious and unconcerned with the pain they cause to to others. They are obsessed with controlling their victims. If they cannot, they step-up the attack. I feel sorry for any wife or husband who has encountered this kind of attack by thier spouse. I recommend also to steer clear of them until they repent. No re-concilation or agreemnet can exist in the stae they are in, neither do they mean anything they say. They are under strong delision, believing a lie, decieveing and being decieved. Its the spirit of the last days. They will agree to anything and oppose it, confusing the very people who trsut them
    God bless and thanks once again, I now realise how very serious this spirit is and that I must sever contact with my husband and his partner from my children. They are the lords, and will always be. The spirit of jezebel is a prophet killer.
    If you have a ministry, especially if it is prophetic, then an attack such as this is a smoke screen to destroy it.
    Praise God for the spirit of discernment he is placing on his people

  3. Dear coretta,

    Thank you for your comment. I am so sorry to see the pain you have been in. It is best to get away, and let God deal with him.

    About 95% of what I write comes from personal experience, and 5% from research. So, I really know what you are going through. That is why I can put the level of detail that I do. I want people to get the help they need, and the freedom knowing it is a demonic spirit, not just “them” as a guilty, or failing person.

    God bless you

  4. I’m personally a male Jezebel and i enjoy the power it gives me.

  5. Sawyer,

    Well, any temporary power is short lived, unless you give your heart to Jesus. This power I talk about is not good power, from from Satan. When you die, all of this will be over, and you will suffer in eternity. I hope you will think about this.


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  7. I have run across 2 Jezebel spirits. One in a male and one in a female. The spirit is every bit as deceptive and wicked as its name sake and its goal is to destroy the leadership of the true grace taught church. Many run-of-the-mill churches have been infiltrated already with this spirit as well as other spirits like the spirit of offense which Christians carry about form one body to another. These spirits manifest themselves in those who come in the name of Christianity but walk not according to the Spirit of God. One thing I noticed about both people I know who embodied the Jezebel spirit is that the were/are sickly as well as seductive and divisive when confronted. We certainly cannot label anyone with some characteristics of this spirit as being possessed or influenced by it. However, to ignore the Jezebel influence and be critical of those who discern it is pure foolery. I thank you for your web site and the courage you exhibit to make known the attack of the enemy through this spirit. “For we walk in the flesh, but we do not war in the flesh …” Thanks be to Jesus the Christ who is victorious and we who are victorious with Him because of His faith within us, the gift He has given us exceeding abundantly.

  8. Dear Sally,

    Thank you for your experience, observations and encouraging comments. Much of what I say is also from experience.

    It gladdens me that you have the wisdom to see spiritual things, so that you are prepared to handle such issues.

    Stay strong in the Lord.


  9. Thank you for this clear and accurate account.

  10. Dear Helen

    Thank you for your comment.

    God bless you and protect you

  11. Need scripture for the baking and better backing.

  12. Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will see if I can add scripture to put it in better context.


  13. A very good expose! It’s one of ou8r functions as Christians to be the light in the dark world, and light illumines darkness and exposes whatever is trying to hide or operate in subterfuge via darkness. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your kind words.


  15. Just discovered this in research. Sally said something about a year ago about the people she had encoutered embracing the Jezebel spirit being sickly. Another spirit often acocmpanies Jezebel. That’s the python spirit, the spirit that sucks the life out of a person or a church or close knit community. Generally this is done with an unusual amount of unusual sicknesses across the board…say nearly everyone in the choir/praise team/prayer team has the big ticket sicknesses themselves or spouses or children. MS and an accident where a person becomes quadriplegic and a few crohn’s and a couple of non-smokers’ lung cancer, a son with autism, a few grandbabies with multiple physical issues, a man whose dad and two brother committed suicide over the years and whose third brother just attempted it, etc. These can be things that are difficult to diagnose or not responding to treatment. Essentially they suck out life…joy, hope. They take the focus off God.

  16. Thank you for your article. I have also encountered the Jezebel spirit. I had just finished studying prophetic ministry, and I was well on my way to continue God’s plans for my life. As a single mother, I had chosen not to be in a relationship with a man, until I felt that God was ready for me to take that path. I, unfortunately, came across a very controlling male Jezebel spirit during my wait. I knew from the moment that I met him, that something very dark posessed his soul. (Although, outwardly he wore a mask to fool those in his path). I believe that he is completely posessed with this spirit, and I am unsure if he is aware of it or not. I let him into my life, wanting to help him, but I became a victim myself. The spirit destroyed my vision and has put God’s plans for me on hold for far too long. Jezebel attacks God’s prophets, and I do not believe for a second that it was just a “coincedence” that I met this man. It is so sad for all of those around him. Not only does he control the numerous women in his life, but he also destroys that of his mother, and his sister…they are also slaves to his work. This is one of the most powerful spirits that I have ever encountered. But, GOD is much more powerful! Praise God that he made our enemies a step stool under our feet!

    I am curious if you ever received any deliverence healing? I am no longer in that relationship, but the Jezebel spirit still tries to control me, through this man. He will find excuses to contact me, and it is impossible to avoid him completely due to family and friendship ties of those who surrond us. I presume that you have the same problem, as your Jezebel spirit was your husband, and you have children together. Do you still feel weak when he is around? I still find myself being weakened by his presence, when I am forced to be in the same room with him, even though I despise the spirit that lives inside of him. I pray for his soul, and all those who become posessed by this spirit.

    God bless you Marianne!

    • HI Stacy,

      It is easy when they belong to a different circle of people and you can walk away. It is harder when they belong to family and they have an excuse to show up.

      When my ex shows up, I leave. He is not allowed in my house, but can come in the yard, to interact as needed. I rarely speak to him on the phone, because he will try to con me into something. When he does show up, I keep tabs on what he does, since he might try to con someone else.

      I do not think you are obligated to entertain this man. You obviously have no business with him, even if others do. Do not be in the same room with him. So, let it be known – to him and others – what you think of him, and why you are keeping your distance. If you explain long enough, and repeat yourself enough, maybe others will get the point, and not have him around either.

      Take care of yourself, and pray that blind eyes be opened.

  17. Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for this eye-opener. I was married to a man with the jezebel spirit for 10 years although it wasn’t until 8 years into the marriage that I realized I was being emotionally controlled. By then his abuse had turned physical. We have one child together and he has made numerous attempts to poison her mind against me. She’s only 10 so we still have contact with other, which I try to keep to a minimum. He is controlling to the point that I get physically sick at the thought of having to see or deal with him. How do you deal with this type of person when you HAVE to have contact with them?

    • hi TJ

      Well, in dealing with this type of guy, you need to forget courtesy and fairness. You have to stand up to him, and keep support people around, so he cannot get away with anything. Jezebels are bullies. You have to be tough with them. You also need to say NO to him a lot, and say “you want this, but I don’t, and I am not going to do that.” He cannot just have his own way all the time.

      It would be good to educate your daughter, or she will end up with someone like him someday also. She will have to understand that “Daddy has behavior problems.” she is old enough. Give her a simple instruction, to protect her from her own father, and also from other men later.

  18. I have recently been inroduced to information about the Jezebel Spirit. A friend of mine has encountered her spirit and through discussing similar marital problems, I have began my own research that has lead me to you. My husband, for the past 2.5 years, has become increasingly violent, nonrepentive, accusatory and abusive both verbally and physically. He lies about anything and everything and then denies it all when he is caught and confronted. He always plays the victim and although he can be overly sweet one minute, if denied what he is wanting (sexual advances, etc) he becomes immediately and intensely adgitated and abusive. I am still researching, but I may have very well found the root of what is going on in my home. I have a daughter from a previous marriage and a son with my husband as well. I have had concerns as to how this is affecting my children and will admit that I have not left due to fear (which is what this spirit apparently feeds off of) in leaving my son with him for visitations. My son is only 2 years old. Thank you for your information and sharing your experience and knowledge. I am definitely upping my spiritual armor for this battle!

    • hi BBB

      You certainly describe a problem personality. You need back up there, people who can take your side in a disagreement, and that will understand the “victim” is pretending.

      Sometimes it is necessary to leave an abusive relationship, so make sure you do have witnesses, because if this continues, he will falsely accuse you of things, to get out of his responsibilities. I had a friend who went through this. He falsely accused her of being an unfit mother, so he could take the kids, and avoid child support.

      Unless he is willing to admit his problem, and get deliverance counseling, you are in for a rough ride.

  19. He is already accusing me of everything under the sun. No surprise. He points the finger to everyone for things he is doing. I’m trying to build a support group now. I am finding that is the hardest part. Explaining to people and asking them to get somewhat involved. Thank you for your understanding and suggestions!

    • BBB

      Include the kids as your support group, so they will not be tricked into turning against you. Explain to them that he has emotional problems, and to talk to you about anything he tells them about you.

      Include the local police, since he could get worse, and hurt you, or the kids.

  20. I have just run into two women who tried to befriend me on a forum. One contacted me then the other, and they turned out to be friends. Saying they didn’t realize each had contacted me separately. They both contacted me because I had posted an encounter I had with the Lord, I have walked in the prophetic gift. Both had complained to me extensively about illnesses I have never heard of. They were looking for deliverance and wanted to know more about me. I kindly showed each compassion, but kept pointing them to Jesus. One had admitted becoming suicidal many times. I mentioned to her that I had a pastors heart. She immediately emailed me back breaking the relationship saying, women couldn’t pastor. That she can no longer speak to me. Her friend then said that she still wanted to talk to me but that the friend that cut me off abruptly,said unless she trembles in the fear of the Lord when praying as she did, she was not walking the narrow path and would not see God. Without saying anything negative about her friend, I counseled her that this was not true. Then she emailed me saying she knew it was true, she didn’t feel well and she didn’t want to be decieved so she was seeking God and could not speak to me at this time.

    I emailed her back warning her to be careful, and then as honestly and politely as possible told her I thought we should just seek the Lord, and give our communications a break.

    She must have been offended, the next day she put up a post accusing me of having the spirit of Jezebel. It blew me away. I have prayed since and the Lord has shown me that these were unstable women. Do you think they themselves could have been operating in this spirit and because I saw it, they accused me of the very spirit influencing them?

    • hi Cheryl

      I do not know anyone personally, so anything I say is not definite. But it just sounds like they are so fearful of making a mistake that they quickly suspect people that do not fit a certain pre-conceived pattern.

      Both men and women are called to spread the gospel and shepherd new believers, to help them get started. The “male only” concept is not biblical. The male rule issue is for marriage, the husband is the head of the wife. This is for order in the home. But as witnesses, we are all equal.

      If you want to post a defense, make it brief and polite. Express love and concern for all. Let it go at that.

      also, do not confine yourself to one web site. You can be useful in many locations.

  21. When I read this it described my father. For over thrity years he has been abusive towards my mother in every way; physical, verbal, and emotional. He has caused so much hurt and confusion within our family. He keeps our mother isolated from the rest of the family, manipulating her throughout the years and making her feel as if no one else in the family is concerned for her.

    She has been severely depressed for many years now ( since I was a child), & on several medications because of it. He has never been arrested for any physical abuse that he’s done to her. There have been times when the police were called, they knew that a domestic incident took place and he would always con his way out of it. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and he managed to talk his way out of it many times. He worked in the prison system and would boast about the fact the he worked in the criminal justice field. He used this as a way to deflect any notion that he could do anything wrong. Any time law enforcement was around, even for simple reasons like car touble, he would immediately try to establish common ground with them; “one uniformed man to another” type of rapport. He is also an alchoholic and very controlling.

    This is not even the begining, for years he has also put on a front as a preacher, using the title “Reverend Doctor and Prophet”. He has no license, is not ordained, & not associated with any chruch of any kind. He has even gone as far as doing radio programs, ” crusade meetings” in hotels, and having people come to their house (parents) for what he calls ” spiritual counseling”.

    There were other things he did in this counseling; I’m not sure if it was just a front to get money from people or if he really practiced some type of witchcraft. He would take the numbers from certain scriptures out of the Bible and give them to people to play lottery or gamble with, he would give them little satchels that he made my mom make from dirt, unusual poweders, oils, and fabric; telling them to carry it with them or to sprinkle something around someone’s house. He has been know in this area and neighboring states as a root man or voodoo worker.

    He can be very violent, paranoid, suspisious of everyone, and prideful; constantly exhibiting grandiose behavior. He hates to encounter someone who is doing better than him or has desire to accomplish and the ability to do sometheing better for their lives. My father, two of my half-sisters, and myself all at one time worked in the criminal justice field. One day, I was at work and was troubled by some issues that I had with my then husband (alchoholism). One of my sisters worked at the facility next door and she came over to console me and I told her that I was tired of dealing with his alcholism especially after dealing with it as a child with my dad.

    My father heard that I was crying at work and thought that I was exposing him and telling everyone about him abusing my mom over the years (agency had a zero tolerance for domestic violence), he manipulated my sister into having me involuntarily committed. Thank God, I explained to the counselors what took place throughout the years, they of course found nothing wrong with me and let me go home. This just shows how vengful and deceitful this spirit can be. My sister has since apologized for having a part in that, when my parents started to harass her a couple of years ago. Remember when I told you that he did not like to see other people around him advance or seek goals. I mentioned that I wanted to get out of the criminal justice field and study to earn a degree, he became very angry and a few weeks later made a false report about me to children and family services regarding my son.

    I read what was stated by Cully about the Jezebel spirit being sickly and I have also noticed this in him. For as long as I can remember, him and my mother have been plagued with one illness after another or several ailments at once. Him having diabeties, limbs amputated, heart trouble, emphysema, unusual infections; her having severe depression, high blood pressure, respiritory illnesses, cancer, and the list just goes on!

    It also seems that within the last two years or so, our mom has started to take on some of his behaviors. My sisters and I thought that she was using this as a way to be safe around him and just agree with everything he says and does to keep herself from being hit or verbally abused. She is 73 and he is 67 this has gone on for over thirty years. I don’t have anyone in my family that I can talk to on a spriritual level, as far as I know, there is not anyone in my immediate or extended family that profess to be saved or even go to church.

    • hi Liz

      Before we discuss your father any further, you mentioned limbs amputated. Which limbs, and how many?

      Also, do your parents still live together?

  22. I must say the Lord has led me to this website. I recently gave birth to a beautiful girl but her father clearly possesses the Jezebel spirit. A Word from God through a prophet mentioned a Jezebel spirit and in my research, especially from this site, pinpointed my ex; my daughter’s father. I still manage to have him around because I believed she needed a “father figure” in her life but I’m progressively understanding that he’s not the figure she needs in her life. The more in depth I read on this topic from this site, the more I realize what position my daughter and I are in. I have an overwhelming feeling the matter will result in a custody hearing and I would like to know any advice you could present regarding my situation. My daughter’s future is in my hands based on my decisions and I know and trust God is going to guide me further on his path. Thank you for your hard work to place such vital information for those like us who have to understand the Jezebel spirit.

    • Hi Asha

      I would have to know more before I was of any help. But a Jezebel man will only bring emotional or physical harm.

      If you are facing any sort of legal conflict, you must document everything. any abuse, any good care you give to show you are capable and competent, get witnesses to back you up, lots of proof how you are the better parent.

  23. Level 1 describes my ex to a T. He could care less about God or spirituality. He didn’t finish high school but it is unbelievable how street-smart the guy is. He causes nothing but chaos everywhere he goes. His brother is a born-again christian and has tried to witness to him as have I, his last girl-friend, and his deeply religious grand-mother-all to no avail. He started out as slightly anti-social as a teenager but has progressed into something now that is unbelievably vile and dare I say evil. I still pray for him and hope that there is a part of him somewhere inside that maybe God can still reach. I tried to help him and just about destroyed myself in the process. He told me that it was a waste of time to try to help him because he chooses to be what he is and none of us are going to change him. I thought he was just self-destructive and ignorant about the direction he was going in but when he told me he chose that lifestyle, I knew that he knew what he was doing and that he had insight into the choices he was making and the consequences. So very sad. But hey, God gave us the gift of free will he’s not going to force us to choose.

  24. My heart breaks for all of the women here who I’ve read about their former spouses having a Jezebel spirit. I fall into that category also. I wish I knew BEFORE I married him that this could exist. I’ve learned so much since a very harrying divorce. Since we have 3 children I can’t break contact but wow. Both the romantic and warring Jezebel spirits fit him to a T. I’ve had to allow God to do some major healing in me because as we became one flesh, that one began to take hold of me and I was a mess after our divorce. I thank God for setting me free from all of it and His continued protection over me!!!

  25. Take a look at The reason is that Kevin was with the Christian music group DC Talk. If you look at his page and his interests you see a guy struggling with darkness but I don’t know if it is a jezebel characteristic but Kevin says he is a believer. By the way I did send him a friend request on facebook but it was denied. lol He made a movie called The Imposter.

    • hi Barry

      I looked at Kevin’s website. Since I cannot tell someones’ salvation status by just appearance, i cannot say much.

      But I do notice that all his photos are of him, not others dear to him, as would typify most sites.

      I get the sense he is on the fence somewhere between 2 worlds.

      Just pray for him, if he is someone that god has put on your heart.

  26. hi helen, namusolee fred uganda/sudan .thanks to over come such mouster.GOD BLESS YOU.

  27. Marianne,Please pray for me,I am a Spirit-filled Christian,(20+yrs.)widow,55yrs.old.,was married for 26yrs.very troubled marriage(physical,verbal and emotional abuse) please pray for my 4 grandchildren,place us on your prayer list please for continuous prayer as the Holy Spirit so leads you and other Spirit filled believers! I would appreciate your prayers,so desperately! I thank God for your website as I was seeking information concerning Binding the spirit of Witchcraft.I have reason to believe that my son and my daugther-in law both are operating in the Jezebel spirit/Ahab.I have lived closed to them or with them(not always by choice,but because of circumstances and needing help from family after my husband passed 8yrs.ago from cancer/and concern for my grandchildren,3,5,7,9 whom I have been around since their births)They are now living with me,but I have not had much “peace” since living here because it was so close to where they lived before moving in w/me needless to say,I have had to demand my “space” and my time alone,as they (son & wife)truly do not have respect for boundaries. I have allowed them full use of my home,yet I am in a constant tug of war to have my bedroom to myself in order to pray and study the Word,and I have constant interruption by my son and his wife more than the children.It is as if they refuse to allow me to be at peace and have times of quiet to study. I feel that I am being tormented even more,I have a hard time sleeping at night then there is constant confusion and chaos during the day,even though I try to have control of “my home,it is as if they are working against me w/each other and with my grand-children Sometimes I feel so “out-numbered” and bombarded.And they have only been living with me for TWO WEEKS!! I did not know what spirit I was up against until now.And I now realize what spirit was controlling my deceased husband,although he did accept salvation and deliverance 5yrs.before his passing and was a devout Christian from all appearances w/truly dramatic changes in his life. I ask for prayer,because I am now seeing all the signs of Jezebel listed here,in my oldest son and my daughter-in law.And I have found out recently from a reliable source that her mother practices witchcraft.They are in constant war with each other and have no problem turning on each other,upsetting everyone around,calling the police,only for someone else to end up going to jail,and then making up by having sex,all in one night!!! They have been evicted 3 times in 3yrs.And they are both very good at conning people,and using people for their own benefit. I have experienced this quite a few times from them both. I am very concerned for the safety of my grand-children
    and I am asking the Lord to protect me,my grandchildren and my finances,so I will not lose my home, I have nowhere else to go.
    ,which neither of them show any concern for my grandchildren as long as I am around to take care of the children and teach them.I was planning to purchase my home,which is really crazy because I haven’t any money,and when I came to this area visiting my son/& family,I wasn’t even looking to rent a place in this area.My daughter-in law was showing me a mobile home for rent and the owner “just” offered out of the blue to rent me this one instead,and after I was moved into this home,he offered to sell it to me.Which I always felt was kind of odd,but chose to believe that the Lord would bless me with what I need to purchase my home which I have come to love so much.It is in the country (in Arkansas, which I have heard from many sources is full of Witchcraft Covens,one not far from me) I have always desired to live in the country and have a garden/small farm, but I never desired to live in AR.I abhorred the thought of ever visiting AR.and now I have been here for 1.5 yrs. and sometimes feel “stuck” w/out any transportation,except through my son & daughter-in law.
    I am finding time to FAST,Pray God’s Word and Study God’s Word and I will continue to “Demand MY SPACE & Godly-CONTROL,& Spiritual Authority of my home,SATAN will not take control of my life,nor my home or the people in it! When they leave I have been praying through my home, and now I will also pray the Prayers I have found here!
    I am so sorry for being so long winded,but I am very stressed,and very concerned.

    • Dear Gwen

      6 people move in on you, and you feel stressed. I would also. 2 of my kids moved back with me, and I feel stressed, and neither brought kids with them. Prayer around here is hard also.

      You will have to make some rules, and tell them to stick by them or leave. It sounds like they took over the house, and pushed you into the bedroom. It reminds me of a time when I had a house full of teenagers. I would lock the door also, and play worship music, so I could block them out.

      I have put you on my prayer list. Do not give up. Lots of parents share your situation.

  28. Hi Marianne,

    This is hard for me to say, especially since I’m not certain about how to assess my situation. I THINK I might have the spirit of Jezebel tormenting me and it has been for a VERY long time now. I am so incredibly tired of fighting it but I honestly feel helpless. I cannot tell you how many times I have BEGGED God to help me/save me/free me. First let me give you a little background on myself. I grew up in a home where my parents claimed to be Christians but they were one way in public and in private, completely different. We rarely had visitors (a pretty reclusive and isolated family) but we were always the ever “polite” family around friends/church members/etc. We attended a Evangelical Baptist church since the time I was born but never developed any close relationships with others. I don’t think my parents either knew how to be close to others or they just didn’t want to be. It was all very superficial. Now, I won’t lie: I am in my early 30’s and I am STILL bitter about this because it’s had devasting affect on my life emotionally and spiritually speaking. My mother was a hard woman who I still see as never really caring about me and I never developed an intimate, trusting, loving relationship with her. My father, however, adored me and took me under his wing (but not in a healthy way). He was lonely because my parent’s had a rocky relationship, so I became the sort of “replacement” wife for him. He never bothered to help me develop into a woman with healthy boundaries, instead he violated those boundaries by choosing instead to dump all his complaints about my mother onto me and treating me almost like his own personal therapist. He would buy me things but they were almost always what he liked (HIS hobbies imposed on me). I felt invisible and used. I won’t lie and say I’m over it because I’m not and I’m having a very hard time forgiving them, forgetting my past and moving forward. Now, I have a hard time seeing myself accurately because I know I deflect observations from others about my character since I don’t want to face it. But Marianne, I am seriously ready to face it. I just need a person I can trust to help me. I have serious trust issues—I am highly suspicious of others and their intentions. I often think the people around me are evil and want to use/abuse me. I am currently in a relationship with a man and I try to cover up my issues as much as possible but they come out—they are always there and I’m afraid he does not know how to deal with it. He somewhat fits the description of an Ahab (but with more potential, I believe). I met him after I moved from my former life to where I am now because I lost my job, my car and my apartment over a year and a half ago. I clearly and distinctly heard the call of God to “Come out from among them and be ye separate”. He closed all the doors to my old life and took me out of the world. I have cut off communication with almost everyone in my past and it scares me but I KNOW I need to do it. I want freedom from this spirit NOW. I have OFTEN prayed that God would take my life because I am tormented mentally and spiritually day and night and have only certain periods of a day when I get relief. Nothing seems to help. I pray but I’m not sure what else I need to do. I’ve told God that I repent of my former ways, I will not return to that life and to cleanse me of all my impurities but I am still stressed, tense, irritable, aggressive often, tempermental, defensive, angry, confused in my thinking, overwhelming feelings of emptiness, not able to retain information and fall prey to destructive behavioral patterns that I seem to get “stuck” in. I recognize that I want my own way and can be completely inflexible. I writhe in agony when I am critisized and just get angry instead of using to it change and I feel completely helpless. I have assumed the victim role much of my life and I tell you I have been miserable for as long as I can remember. I go through serious bouts of depression at times when I have failed in life and it gets harder as I get older. I OFTEN say, “I don’t know why I do the things I do” and that I feel helpless to stop it. It may sound like an excuse but it’s been like this in my life so long, I have almost given up on ever being free to live for God the way I know I should. I’m tired now and can’t write anymore but if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it. I need help and I need it soon because I am so tired of fighting. I can’t live like this. I NEED to be free or else this will take my life.

    • hi Deborah

      I am not clear. Are you saying that Jezebels are bothering you, or that you have the Jezebel spirit yourself, and need deliverance?

      But it sounds like you have been oppressed by the spirit of jezebel, and have been acting like one.

      This is due to emotional injury as you grew up. This left you vulnerable, and feeling like you had to protect yourself from your environment. And the best way would be to control the environment, thus controlling what people could further do to you.

      Here is more information about different types of Jezebel:

      Good news is that you can get better, You can email me back (hit the reply button) when you get this website response, and you will get my private email.

  29. Pray for me also Marianne. I feel I have some characteristics of the jezebel but don’t know why. I used to and kind of do have a problem with lying and maybe this is because im so used to puttin up shields and being scared to being torn down and shouted at by people. I don’t know why i feel this way its ike maybe i caught the jezebel fruit off some people I have met and mixed with. I feel like im deceptive and that im attacked with bad thoughts and like my heart keeps racing and i keep thnking “satan, satan” everytime and I try to say Jesus!

    • hi Lee

      I put you on my prayer list. It sounds like you need to get away from people for awhile, and spend time alone with God. You need to replace the negative influences with Someone positive. God is a healer.

  30. definetely! But my lifestyle always means I can never be away from family. I always scared to think im a curse or a burden to my family espcially my mother. I feel I need to go some place and sequester myself and build myself back up. I feel like I have an anti-christ spirit and everytime I try to break free, it feels like the spirit gets rageful and angry at me and i perceive the world and my flesh telling me I can never be free! and I get threats in my spirit that I will be killed if I break free! i know its a bluff!

  31. i know its just i have gone through alot over the past three years some of it is my fault. one time i tried to tell her everything but didn’t quite. its like when i try be myself and tell the truth, my heart starts to race and i get nervous like the devil is mad at me!

  32. Marianne, i must thank you! I realise i can be annoying sometimes and talk too much and im sorry if i have frustrated you. i just feel like i need to talk to people like you who are spiritually like-minded.

    • Lee

      Everything is fine with me. That is why I am here.

      You will just have to trust your mom.

      Do not worry about making the devil mad. In fact, that would be an accomplishment. He cannot do anything to you if you cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

      I am just telling you, that if you were my son, I would want to know what is bothering you, so I could comfort you and help you.

      I would expect your mom to feel the same way.

  33. I know deep down that your right…i just want to be truthful and “see-through” before its too late… btw, do you have any sons or daughters marianne? have you dealt with something similar?

    • Lee

      I have a son and a daughter. I wish that BOTH of them would talk to me more about their spiritual lives. But, I cannot force them. I just have to love them, and then sit and wait.

  34. Marianne, hmmm I see what you mean. I’m an only child so im scared ill be snatched away because of the spiritual attacks but I have spoken to mymum in part about some things…i ahven’t told her about my sins and mistakes…I told her some things but she said they weren’t true and that the devil is attacking me…like when i told her that once i had an impression that im the anti-christ and that im satan’s son and that i was a curse. She told me thats the devil talking and said he’s trying to quench my productivity for God. she then gave me a scripture about how Jesus gave the parable of the talents and that if i forfeit mines God will be angry because of my excuses. what do you think?

    • Lee

      Just listen to her.. She is trying to help you. What you need most is prayer and a big hug. Ask for lots of hugs and prayers – every day!

  35. ok. thanks very much marianne. nite nite. and God bless

  36. I am so glad for this website. I been a single mom for 8 years and in 2006 i met this man. My mom just pased 2 months after i met him. I was no going to church at the time. I had been separtated for 8 years after my husband had affair with my best friend i took him back and he did it again. i have never felt so distant from God. I stopped going to church. I was becoming a workalcoholic. i made a pledge to stay out of relationship and went into work. back to the man of 2006 we dated for 2years and than i met his mom. all he sudden in 2008 he calls me for a bible. well of course i have a bible. he said he need one right away so i went to give it to him….when i got there is was a mess i never saw this side of him. i started to feel sorry and in need to help….i been helping every since then in a bad way.
    i allowed him to cross my boundries i was lonly and now we are living together i am engage but i has take all the mention things that you say above my relationship with my children i am only need in a mothering way. i see that there is not emotional attachement. i am more lonely than ever. i am not consist in my own boundies anymore and my emotion and finice are a mess so i feel very stuck. the manlipulation on both parts. he does not hold up to his words. how can i marry him. the guilt and remorse i feel for allowing this to happen. I am gratful about one thing i am getting in touch with my own issues. i feel unloved and unwanted. i was in and out of foster care and was suppose to be protected and i was molested by my foster parents.
    i don’t remember all the detail it very dark in there. i start with all the protecting myself and my heart. please pray for me and my son. they get along great and i have fears around that and i know nothing is going on but, this is how satan or the jezebel spirit is tormenting me. this as been very healing and very painful at the same time. a lot of relvation has been revealed. i am working on holding my part in my behavior. this is where i am unaccepted by him and my son. i feel like i am being gang up on. i need prayer. he even ask the pastor if he could marry last year. it is me i guess that is having doubts.
    i want to do what is right and i love the lord we both where bapatized in the church 2009 and recommited. he is the passive kind watches tv sports all the time. please pray for me i feel it is all my fault and take on to much responiblity. i am willing to change and do what i can with what God gave me. Lovin Jesus tc

    • Dear Tammy,

      I would not look back to the past, except to get healing for it.

      Make an appointment with a pastor and ask for counseling. Include your boyfriend.

      Learn to love yourself.

      You are a beautiful, sensitive person, and you deserve all the love in the world.

      You need to make some decisions about what is right for you and your son.

      You can do this. You just need confidence in yourself.

      I will put you on my prayer list, for your happiness and financial security.

  37. This past week this evil man has been coming to our church, He verbally abused the woman with emphasis towards myself. He rebuked openly the jezebel spirit, cursed the rebellion and control. Note this is a man who is not a leader. Who gives him that authority? He was violent too it was so ugly.

    • rw

      Talk to the pastor and others about telling him to leave, and not come back. You do not need evil people coming there and causing trouble.

      • Hi Marianne,
        I have to tell you, I’m actually excited about this study! 15 years ago I was experiencing a violent marriage. I would take my dog with me out into the far pastures to get away, and cry out to God for help and hollar out “Why is this happening to me?” A few years later God removed the veil, and I became “born again”. At this time I was already involved in another relationship, with a man that in the beginning was my protecter from my ex-husband. Then he turned on me, violently. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. He seemed freaked out too! All around the same time I was called to the shelter of the Most High! I was living with this man, started going to Church, my Dad gave me a NLT Bible. Where we lived we could not get TV reception, we had a TV and VCR and would watch movies, but did not have the extra money to have cable or satelite. I was dusting one morning in the living room and I was doing the TV, as I wiped across the buttons all of a sudden the TV came on, there was a pretty little blonde lady behind a pulpit preaching, so I turned it up and sat down and listened to her. She was teaching on Psalm 91, and described a couple of examples to “claim it for yourself” when you are affraid, whether by fear of a burglar or a sickness. She began with the first verse, and very clearly went through Psalm 91. Well that evening, I had a Christian music cassette playing on the stereo in the house, and the man was living (in sin with) was out working in the garage fixing 4wheeler or something, and he all of sudden came STORMING IN HOLLARING WITH TEETH FLASHING, RED FACED, FISTS COCKED ON THE RUN TOWARD ME FROM THE DOOR AT THE BACK PORCH , CROSS THE KITCHEN TOWARD ME IN THE LIVING ROOM. WHEN HE WAS IN THE KITCHEN ON THE MOVE TOWARD ME, ALL IN A MATTER OF FRACTIONS OF SECONDS, THE HOLY SPIRIT REMINDED ME OF THE BLONDE LADY ON TV AND PSALM 91, I URGENTLY WHISPERED “GOD IF THAT PSALM 91 IS FOR REAL I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW”!! BASICALLY IS WHAT I WHISPERED AS HE WAS CHARGING ME, WELL SIR ALL OF A SUDDEN HE WAS LIKE PROBABLY 10 FEET FROM ME ON A RUN AND HE WAS “JERKED TO A COMPLETE STOP” ON BOTH SIDES HE WAS STUGGLING TO GET AWAY TO GET AT ME BUT COULDN’T MOVE! I COULDN’T SEE ANYONE BUT HIM, BUT IT LOOKED LIKE THERE WAS SOMEBODY ON BOTH SIDES HOLDING BACK FROM ME! WELL didn’t I take to laughing , as I just KNEW IT WAS GOD AND THAT PSALM 91! HE HOLLARED AT ME TO STOP LAUGHING REALLY MAD!! I TRIED TO STOP , EVENTUALLY BIT MY LIP TO STOP, I WAS JUST SO SURPRISED AND THOUGHT IT WAS MIND BLOWING!!! I STEPPED OVER TO THE TV, AND TRIED TO SEE IF IT WORKED AGAIN, THE WALTONS were on, his body completely “deflated” and he sat on the couch, watching the Waltons and looked completly “FREAKED OUT”, and remained silent and calm, and exhausted looking! From that moment I knew it was something evil. Which I didn’t really think existed other than in scarry movies. I knew then God was real, I went back to the Psalm 91 to read it again, and noticed the reference to “angels”, the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me they were with me that night. Ever since I refer to standing on Psalm 91 as my 911 Prayer!!! And the pretty little blonde lady I discovered like 5 years later that she was Gloria Copeland! I moved home to my elderly parents home where we grew up, and there was never any nasty behaviour in our home growing up, other than my sister and I fighting like sisters do. Again my family were like my heroes and a safe place to rest and heal. Then my brother who was one of the best closest relationships in my life , began behaving the same way!!! I knew by this time the enemy was attacking my family!!! He was using every man in my life as a vessel in this manner!! I’d cry out to God to stop the enemy and protect my family! In the last 2 yrs it has settled down, I’m waiting for the healing of my brother, for reconciliation. I plead the blood over my family, Satan can not have him, Isaiah 54:17 No weapons formed against me shall prosper! Zechariah 2:5 Lord be a wall of fire round and about me and all of my family, Your GLORY in our midst! and of course ALL OF PSALM 91 and I put the Lord’s suit of armour on every morning, his garment of praise, try to live and walk in forgiveness and love and just keep on seeking Our Loving Saviour for “how do I handle this Lord”? Love you Marrianne for sharing the knowledge God has taught you! Life has been my classroom for the Lord to teach me, it’s been a wild ride, but it’s looking pretty Glorious and Victory is so close I can taste it! My sister is now rising up a little it seems, so I’m on the watch here for my entire family, Psalm 91 protection for every member and each and everyone receive the free gift of the Lord’s Salvation! In Jesus Name I pray Amen! My sister is a mocker, please help me prayer her into the Kingdom Of God! Peace on earth as it is in heaven! The Lord has and will provide all my needs ! Hallelujah! Love ya Sister In Christ, Wendy

        • hi Wendy

          I am so happy to hear your testimony, and that you were given that prayer psalm for victory when you needed it.

          The devil is out there to kill, steal, and destroy, but God’s angels are on duty 24/7 also.

          They respond to the Word, so if we speak it, they will come!

  38. I was wondering what would be the result of having 2 people with a Jezebel Spirit in a relationship a (as in business, marriage or other relationship?)

    • hi Loretta

      If both were Jezebels, there could be either competition for power, or an alliance to meet common goals.

      If one was an Ahab and one was a Jezebel, this would form a destructive partnership that would harm others.

  39. Help, I believe i am dealing with a male jezebel he is my husband. I always sinced he was hiding something just didnt know what. now that we are married oh my is all i can say and i know that Jesus is truly my savior and has kept me this far. even before marriage i had demons threatening me. but i thought that it was because the devil didnt want us together being saved. now thanks to this i know diffrently. Please help me what do i do.

    • dear orrinda

      If he is really a male jezebel, it is unlikely he will repent.

      The bible says we are not to be unequally yoked to an unbeliever ( even if he claims to be one)

      The choice is yours.

      You can choose to either stay with him, and pray for him.

      Or you can choose to leave him, and God will not hold you guilty for that.

      you are not required to stay in a dangerous or unhealthy marriage to a jezebel.

      If you choose to stay, you will need to have as support system of friends and family around you for safety and to defend you in arguments and fights.

  40. Thank you so much for your website. Sometimes while experiencing spiritual warfare, it seems as if I’m alone in my struggle. I have experience firsthand the spirit of Jezebel operating in a former pastor. We are always hearing about the “she” form of Jezebel. However, rarely do I hear of any one speaking about Jezebel in male form. I guess this is because this spirit was first manifested in the female gender in the biblical text. Well, I know firsthand that this is a seducing manipulative spirit that hates order and loves chaos. This was my former pastor. From the moment I walked into that cult of a place, I knew something was very wrong. The women were so oppressed! The men (many of them) were in homosexual relationships with one another. I never wanted to be there but I was sent there and I do mean sent. It was a battle from the very start. This was a rural area where witchcraft ruled many of the churches. My family moved to the area shortly after the Holy Spirit told me that we would be moving to another place to dwell. The place was hell here on earth. Everything was fine until this pastor became aware of my gifts. In addition to this, I had walked in on him and one of his so called armor bearers in the pulpit (clothes on) rubbing their bodies against one another. To add insult to injury, a young boy, age 16 informed me that he had been molested by the pastors armor bearer and that the relationship continued. I became privy to too much of the sin that was occurring in that place. Therefore, this man began telling me all kinds of lies about what people were saying about me. He called my cell morning, noon, and night, filling my ears with garbage about what people were saying. He became very seductive and when I pointed this out to him, he only would laugh. I read him very well and he knew it. He began sending messages through other people to me saying things to cause me to be fearful. Sometimes it worked. Yes scare tactics is another one of Jezebels methods to destroys God’s anointed! There were times when I became so paranoid that I could not tell my left from my right. I literally thought that I would loose my mind.
    He was such a smooth operator and the congregation was oblivious to him tactics. Eyes, but they could not see. In 30 years this man had NEVER ordained anyone! He was a one man show. And guess what? Although he was married, he HATED women but he made the women in the church all think that they were so very special with his smooth seducing speech. He sowed discord in the church causing so many argument among the believers. No one knew that he was behind most of the the discord that was going on. He was called by man and he absolutely abhorred anyone whom he believed was the anointed of God. He hated any evidence of an authentic move of the Spirit. His tears were not real but people would fall for each time. This man was not interested in God nor was he interested in pointing anyone to God. No! The people worshiped him. He began isolating me by starting all sorts of lies about me in the ministry. And get this, when I called him on what I knew, he began telling the church that I was JEZEBEL! The people loved me and he hated it so he set out to destroy my character. He knew he couldn’t touch my gifts because they from from God, but he could kill my character because in this way who would want to hear let alone believe what I said. The straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will, was the time when he circulated a letter through the church about an affair that he was having with me and made it appear to the people that the letter was sent to him by my spouse who is a well respected figure in our community. It was horrible. This man was the DEVIL!!! He is cunning and he is a master manipulator!!! His cult is full of babies that cannot discern anything and that’s exactly how he wants it! He wants them to remain ignorant so that he is able to maintain his POWER!. This is what he is really after. POWER!. His self esteem is very low, he has only an undergraduate degree and so he hates the educated as well. My God help those people who are still there. To make a very long story short, I prayed and prayed and prayed until one night the Lord told me to “depart from that place or risk a spiritual death.” I left never to return. That experience to seminary. Six years later, I am an ordained clergy member with my own ministry focus on hope, healing, and Love. To God be the Glory.

    May I also add, that through your website, I now know that I am not alone! Let us pray one for the other for our sisters who remain bound by this evil manipulating and seducing spirit from hell!


    • Dear Servant
      Yes, the Jezebel male is worse than the female. The male has both more natural and spiritual authority than the female, and so even a female jezebel will bow to the male jezebel. The antichrist will be a male jezebel.

      I can feel for you about the church hell you went through. I went through a similar experience and I only had female jezebels to contend with. However, there was a group of them under an ahab pastor.

      Your story sounds like one I heard on the news lately.

      I would always be aware of any man or woman that needs “armour bearers” to function. They are exalting themselves. And the people are mindless, wanting someone powerful to idolize.

      I wish you well on your ministry.

  41. please help i posted on the other bit about jezebel.but alot of these things seem like my husband we are seperated .but he said its me an my family that have got it and its in my dads church .i realy dont think it is ,its him..the way he manipulates the anger.its like a pattern for a few months he will b ok then he will play the blamr game and project everything on me..he says if i dont cut ties with my dads church etc then he will divorce me,he says hes studied the jezebel etc.but when i read this its all what he is like ,even when we were friends before he used to church hop alot ,he always moans about every church hes been to .i have had a feeling and thoughts that he may b a sociapath or jezebel ,no remorse no true reptance the list goes on.he says he doesnt have to tell me anything ,even when i try and tell him hes out of order for letting me down ,ie,if i was gona go see him and he decides to play up and not contact me.he cant do things like that ,one minute decide to jog his wife on kinda so scared i dont wana loose him ,ive tryed to in a calm way tell him he needs to look at he twists it all the pleading with god to set him free,god dont want him to b like this,and god dont want us apart!..when will god set him free when will he realise its him.?.i get all thses horrid gut like feelings all the time ,sometimes a day or to before he it fear i have ,/.i just cant belive the way he talks to me no honour ,tells me to shut up.

    • hi sarah

      it sounds like he does not know what he wants in life, and he is very unsure about any committment. He is insecure. he has internal frustrations, which come out because deep inside, he does not feel like he has been successful enough as a person, and in the world. so he compensates by blaming others.

      he has a fragile ego, and cannot take criticism. he seems to feel threatened by your dad’s church as you connect better there than with him.

      i do not think either of you are jezebels, even though he seems controlling at times. a real male jezebel is very strong and forceful and this is constant behavior…not on and off. Also, he would take control of any church he came to, and not leave.

      he is just angry and frustrated.

      try asking him if there is anything you can do for him….do not insinuate there is anything wrong with him….if he starts feeling supported, he may jsut calm down

  42. thanks so much for getting back so so confused,its only coz i started investigate about jezebel ,it sounds like him.the control,manipulating ,mentaly bulling ,the arrogance.coz it was saying that jezebel can be descreat,so thats why i thought ,thats why for a month or 2 he will pretend things are ok and then crush me down again.its like a game and a pettern with him.he has alot of knowlegde of the bible and if anyone tries to challenge him he gets all arrogant and thinks hes on a pedistool..i did everything he asked me to do.i told my dad that he was out of order (not that he was) its only coz i called cops on him and he went to i did all that,coz he thinks we tryed to destroy him.rubbish hes done alot of damage really hurt us,but you can never tell him coz he twists it,he still goes on about the he still said last night he should of divorced me ages ago,,last week he said he knows the devil wants us to row and not contact eachother.and he wont let that happen an now this week hes decided to go back on his word.the pain is unbearible.i cannot beleive he can go around thinking hes the victim,after all what hes done hes got the cheek to go on about pleading with god to set him free..sorry it was so long.

  43. also he is using the jezebel thing as an excuse to divorce .coz i read one of the above posts and thats what he said to me.that he cant b part of jezebel..please lord im not jezebel you dont want divorce ,please help john please !!!.and if there is anything i need to get dealt with then i will to save our marrige ,father god please !!!,help us ,i dont know why i get these gut feelings lord is it fear like john says or were you warning me when he plays up,lord we need you!!.

    • hi sarah

      For now, for your own safety and peace of mind, keep your distance.

      He has to come to the end of himself…..or another way of saying it….he has to get so mad at life and everyone that he gets burned out on his own anger and self imposed victim hood.

      When he is by himself, he will eventually need to face himself.

      He will not believe you, but he will hear it again from the judge, that he is out of control with all his anger and personal issues.

      Sometimes, all we can do is our best, and then we have to turn it over to God to deal with the person.

      Gather support around you and keep it there. Ask your family and friends to pray with you.

      I feel for you. There are 2 people in my family who act like that.

      I added you to my prayer list.

      Things may get worse before they get better. You will have to be patient through all this.

      • Great advice Marianne, I’m struggling to figure out what it is I must do, to help deliver my husband. I envy you all this incredible knowledge that you have. The courage you have to help so many people! I love your spirit! I don’t know how I shall do it on a phone, but I want to read every thing you have wrote here! I’m captivated. 🙂

  44. thanks ill pray for u too..i have asked god to bring him to his knees..i have been struggling with myself and i feel like im not genuine for god,i feel im only doing it for my marrige to work ,which it will ,but i need to feel love for god i need to feel genuine i tell god this all the time ,he played up last christmas and i thought it was bad then ,he didnt contact me for a few months and i was beleiving god for a miricale ,then he wrote to now hes at it again,going on about i shouldnt of called cops ,an anger management,but a few weeks ago he said it was a chance for him to help the lost??.hoping to win a boy over to christ..he is used to being on his own thats the thing.he hasnt got any friends only a couple of ministers and our minister like bloke who we go to for minisrty when i go up to see him.i wrote to brian and told him what was going on,but ye i was thinking the same maybe it has to get worse etc..actually the last few months ive been asking god to convict john about all the pain hes caused and the things he hasnt put right,coz i think hes forgot or isnt remorsefull..i dont know but mayb thats made him kick up a fuss..anyway sorry to go on .thanks again

    • hi sarah

      You also need someone to stick up for you and tell john that he is an idiot, and needs to shape up, and act like a man.

      Your minister needs to develop some male hormones, and have a strong talk with john.

  45. I have been dating a person for about 7 months and i believe He has a Jezebel spirit. He is not as extreme as described in this blog but he has effiminate characteristics, but he sexually interested in only me. I have not had sex with him and he respects that as believers in being holly. i really believed God told me this man was to be my husband and I had several dreams that he was. I wasn’t even looking for a mate. So my question is what do I do. i care a great deal about him. It so happens that our church is studying and coming against the jezebel spirit. My pastor knows that we are dating and gave his approval seven monthgs ago. Several prophets confirmed our relationship. Do i confront him or do I let the pastor and church deal with it. i am praying for him and want to see him delivered. Could it be possible that God allowed me into his life to challenge him in this area? I don’t know what to do.

    • dear Diva

      What you have is an Ahab spirit in him, which is similar to a Jezebel, except he empowers the jezebel.

      I think your pastor and “prophets” are full of baloney…….they appear to have no spiritual discernment when an ahab spirit is in front of them and so they approve of him.

      I would not trust what they say.

      I am going to tell you what will happen. He will find himself a female jezebel and will drop you for her.

      I suggest you pray for him but do not get involved with him UNTIL he gets deliverance, which will NOT happen in THAT church.

      they are not qualified to do any deliverance if they cannot recognize the spirit to begin with.

      FYI – it may be that he will never get delivered. So keep that in mind.

      • Starting a men’s bible study next Sat and we begin with the Ahab / Jezebel spirits. The objective of the study is for men to understand the spiritual warfare: recognize the enemy, understand our authority and claim it to defeat the spiritual enemy that is attacking home, church and workplace. Seems to be active within this church. Please provide links, articles, books that can help us. My mission is to have 5 to 10 men within our small church well equipped to be informed Prayer Warriors. One resource will be giving to supplement the study “Secrets of a
        Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince. Any suggestions?

        • hi DJ

          Here are some posts from my site: there are 22

          anything written in gold font is the introductory page, use the Click Here to get to the main page. Main pages are listed in white font.

          print out the pages and use them.

          also, I have had people read the book Jezebel Spirit by Francis Frangipane….and said it was a helpful book.

          John Paul Jackon also wrote a book, but I have heard bad results from husbands, where women actually got infected with the spirit reading it.

          Good luck with the group. It is encouraging to see men do this study. Jezebels only take over when men fail. When a man is in righteous authority, a jezebel cannot take over. She will even submit to him.

  46. My ex husband fits this to a T.
    He now has custody of my 3 kids and I pray daily and wake up in middle of the night to pray again. False accusations are huge. He remarried, had a baby on the way and works at a local church in town(part time but one of the biggest in the city), and has so many allies that are afraid to confront him.
    I pray for my oldest the most because he has been manipulated to testify and side with my ex, and he had a team of lawyers, counselor(who i thought was the kid’s side…) a parenting coordinator, and Dr.
    His boss, whom he got allhis brilliant evil ideas from, helped him out with the A lawyer….etc.
    My last attorney said, IF HE FILES criminal charges, be prepared for a Criminal lawyer! So God help me if that happens.
    He had his wife file an attempted entry/Burglary police report, each time i came on a day he agreed to, yet was not listed on our ORDER of the court.

    Please pray for the situation. The kids are afraid of how he’ll reduce my time, if anything goes wrong at all, we live in fear of his next idea to maintain fear and control over all of us.

  47. Marianne,
    This information is amazing to me. This IS my estranged husband! We have been married almost 15 years and have been separated for just over 5 years. We have four children together.
    I filed for divorce a few years ago and shortly after, he called Child Protective Services on me. They found no fault in me and dismissed the charges. He has moved around so I cannot serve the divorce papers to him. I’m stuck in limbo with little hope of moving forward.
    This man has a control over me at times and others I am able to stand up to him. He is now telling me that I am in rebellion to him and God. He says that two of my children broke bones recently because I am out of God’s Chain of Command. Please pray and help in any way possible.
    I just don’t know what to do anymore and feel so tired of fighting. More info later,

    • dear Fed UP

      It is good you see what you are dealing with. The jezebel always accuses.

      You can move forward anyhow.

      You do not need a piece of paper to do it.

      If he contacts you for any reason, tell him to buzz off, then serve the papers on him.

      Or, you can check with an attorney, and see if sending the papers to the last known address will be good enough, since the post office can theoretically forward his mail to his new address.

  48. Wow, I am blown away by this and now understand this running in my family. It’s destroys everyone and everything in its way. I thank God to know how to pray now, and this has to go in Jesus name amen. God bless you for bring this to light.

  49. I have been married to a very cruel, manipulative man for 13 years. He is verbally abusive and turns every situation to make it about him. When things are good he is very well behaved but when provoked, can get very mean and hurtful. The fighting/getting along are very cyclical and I can’t take the ups and downs anymore. He will lie to support his story, that I am at fault all the time and the trouble maker. His church knows what he’s about. We attend separate churches. His boss fired him because he was insubordinate to a woman boss. He says ugly things to me and he must have his own way though, if talking to him you would think I am demanding my way all the time. He will reverse a situation to make him look like the victim and I am the perpetrator. I believe that God has clearly told me to stay in this marriage but it is excrutiating to stay. God gave me a dream in which He showed me a bright future but that was a year ago and the drudge of staying is wearing on me. He is very mean spirited and unsympathetic. I don’t know what to do.I think I don’t have the nerve to leave and I think I am supposed to stay. Most church friends think I have unending patience to stay in a situation like this. Just recently I began to think that I was dealing with a Jezbel spirit in him and some mental illness in which he appears charming to those who don’t really know him but is almost a vacant human being missing emotion or feelings most of the time unless it is about him. In looking back at the beginning of our relationship, I can see that there was emotional manipulation going on but I had no self esteem to fight it off. I guess I need prayer for wisdom, a clear direction from God on how to handle this, and deliverance from this situation.

    • dear confused

      Are you sure this dream to stay with him was from God? It could have just been from your own subconscious, and wishful thinking.

      It he is harming you, make plans to get support from friends and family, and then leave.

      It is not God’s will typically to force someone to stay in harm’s way like this.

      You are yoked to an unbeliever, and this is not a biblical relationship anyhow. You are free to leave him, especially for safety reasons.

      • My dream did not specify whether to stay with him or not. It was more generic in that there was hope for my future. He has not harmed me physically, just emotionally and spiritually. He claims to be a Christian therefore I am not biblically free to leave him. He is a Deacon in his church and sometimes sounds Christian. I believe he is a Christian and he has even evangelized strangers but at home it is different. He seems to think that his mission is to subjugate me and that I should not have feelings. I am invalidated in all things that I say and do. I don’t feel afraid for my safety. He just smothers me and who I am. He fits the Jezebel description that you gave above. I carry a picture of Princess Leia at the end of a chain held by Jabba the Hut from the movie Star Wars because I feel it represents my marriage in the spirit world. Sometimes I can’t breathe and I beg him to loosen his chain on me. He apologizes and agrees to change and then 1 hour later he is back in my face again. My church has fasted, prayed and done everything in between to try to break this evil off and yet nothing has worked yet. I hope this clarifies things a bit. The scripture that I am resting on is from Isaiah 52:12 “You shall not go out in haste, and you shall not go in flight, for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Isreal will be your rear guard”. Am I fooling myself into believing God will work a miracle soon? I don’t know what God expects of me anymore as the time lags on and nothing has happened. My husband can be so nice alot of the time but when the fights begin he is cruel. I wonder if he really loves me as he says he does or is his version of love really control. As long as I know my place there is peace but if I try to stand up for myself in any way he is vicious and in my face. Any prayer out there for direction or deliverance would be appreciated. Yes, I came from an abusive family. My other three sisters have all fallen into abusive relationships. It seems to be our curse. May it be broken off in Jesus name.

        • dear confused

          Well, only time will tell, but if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result. So something will have to change before you can get him to change.

          You need to be more assertive, and stick up for yourself. You need others to tell him they are sticking up for you too. It helps if it is a group effort.

          someone needs to tell him he is wrong, and it should be all of you.

  50. I am married to a Jezebel male and he is the worse person I have ever met in my life. We have been together for 9 years. I wish this on no one. I am spending crazy legal fees and other money because of this crazy man. I began to research to see how I can at least pray for him because J.N. McKoy Sr. is cause real hell in my life. And I really need help against this demon!

  51. Hi,
    At this point I am barely able to right this. I am completely depleted of everything. I need help but I am not sure where to go. I have a nun I am close to but for some reason I am unable to get a hold of her.
    I have to put this in points as I dont have the energy to explain fully.
    *I have always been close to the Lord
    *After my divorce met a man I thought was “the one” .. warm, handsome, alpha male, said he prayed for a woman who was a christian to come into his life .. even to teach him the St. Michaels prayer.
    *In a very large hall filled with 100s of people he was pointed out that he was a profit of the lord and will be doing the lords work.
    *my mum who was introduced to him, no matter how polite he was, could not stand to be in the same room as him, not even for a couple of minutes. (this is unusual).
    *3 months after dating he was doing some dishes in my kitchen, felt a strong surge of heat go up his spine and lift all the hairs up on the back of his neck. He turned around and there was a dark figure that looked like a man, he was looking straight through him then the entity turned his whole body to the right and disappeared into the wall.
    *This man (I will call him S) when staying with me would wake up in sweats from the nightmares he has about demons and angels. Demons trying to take him away.
    *One of my friends who is very spiritual was expecting us for coffee this day so I could introduce S. When we showed up he explained he could not have us come inside and apoligised. So we left.
    *When we were to consumate our relationship just at that moment the car horn just suddenly started up (11.30pm). Went out and it stopped.. tried again and the same thing happened. I said if the Angels want me to take notice I would need a loud Bang in the kitchen then that would certainly get my attention. Two nights later sitting by myself a loud bang went off in the kitchen .. the top of a maconna glass coffee container somehow unsuctioned itself and smashed itself 2 metres across the kitchen to hit my stove tiles. That got my attention but I didnt know why…
    As S is a Christian and seemed like a good man.
    *Slowely.. going onto 6 months the truth started showing… twisting his stories so i would get confused. Saying one thing then doing another, deceit, emotional abuse, talking to me like I was just nothing or that I was crazy (esp. in front of people), yet in another moment when on our own he would twist things around where I would be thinking he didnt realise what he was saying/doing… he just hasnt been brought up to know any better etc., flirting outwardly with other females, yet in the same moment give me a passionate kisss and tell me how much he is in love with me. Ask me to marry him and buy me a ring… but yet no intention of marrying me. Trying to turn me against my children esp. my son then 6 (he is now 14), and when it didnt work (as it just brought my maternal instincts out and protect my child) he would get extremely angry and then the emotional abuse would start re: belittling me.
    *We do not live together, but he says he hears loud banging on his door and he prays from the bible. He says he has been held down and couldnt move and a loud male voice said Malichi.
    *Through all this I have been going down down down down… even for a long period moved away from God and started giving him what he wanted .. a hoar.. someone to satisfy all his needs, just to keep him.. then I would wake up and feel disgusted, finish the relationship or so I thought, but he would ring or I would ring and straight away get back together. As even though emotionally and physically I could feel myself getting ill, that initial meeting with him would just make me so much better it would feel like relief. But next day I would feel just as bad… Unfortunately when we were seperated I would feel like I would die, I would fill physically ill. I would be shaking.. it was like I was having withddrawal symptoms and when together having that hit to make myself feel better.. but just for a short moment.
    *We stayed over at one of his friends houses whom I hadnt met yet.. and all I could see was blackness.. not from my eyes.. I just somehow saw it. Told S we wouldnt be able to stay the night. His friend was not happy about that. When we were driving home about 11:00pm on the freeway, we both saw to the left of us a dark shadowy figure not like a human figure but more like a large ball or animal but as a dark shadow. It sped across the freeway (not touching the ground, more floating) to the other side where our car was (no other car on the road at that time), then BANG!! a huge bang loud enough to wake the children up. We stopped the car as we thought something had been hit. S got out and checked. Nothing, no dent, nothing on the road, nothing.
    *As time went on (going on 9 years of this), I started disassociating and becoming severly depressed. I would just sit and stare on the couch at home and at work I dont even know what work I did.. eventually in a disassociative state I finalised our relationship. Then tried to take my own life. My mother found me, called an ambulance and I pulled through. I was an inpatient for 5 weeks recovering and still trying to recover. (that was April 2012).
    *I was recovering and feeling more myself and getting it together little by little. My faith was back and I was growing closer and closer to our lord just like it used to be but only stronger. Then one day I was walking through the shopping centre and I saw this figure, it looked like a male figure as big as S (he is 6ft 2 and solid) but yet I could not see his face, it was like everything was hazy but his name flashed inside my head like it was on a billboard in big capital letters. After that I couldnt get him out of my head.
    *I was getting that feeling again of feeling agitated, shaky, I needed to talk to him… I felt desperate.. I rang, he answered. After speaking a bit he let me know he had been to Asia and slept with two Asian Hookers. Hearing this i felt sick to the stomach… his answer over and over “U broke up with me and I was single”… yet still .. even after that I convinced myself yes hes right he was single and I did brake up with him.. so we are now back together.. I am struggling day to day, I am praying, I am cleansing, I prayed for an answer to my confusion and our Lord has sent me here. I feel like I am just a walking body, I cry all the time but yet I find the strength to pray, though its hard, because everything is an effort. Praying is esp hard but I always feel better emotionally and physically after and I know it is not a mind over matter thing. What woke me up and started me praying for guidance to find understanding of what has been happening these last 9 years… who is he? is the fact that he can find no wrong in holidaying in Asia and paying for hookers… he was single … they are an impovished country and need the money. Its not like he was a player like his friends with 2 and 3 at a time. He was lonely and he just wanted company and was doing his best to forget me… He will not listen when I say single or not… what you did was wrong on all levels.. he would understand this if he is a follower or our lord. I have realised he is a follower of our lord when it suits him.
    I used to be a happy, strong, positive person once upon a time.. I feel like I am Elijah and have just withered away to nothing. I have told S as I am feeling stronger with the Lord we will not be able to have sexual intimacy. He was strongly against it at first… but then 90 degree turn and iis now using his charm.
    I need to say Thank you. It is because of your site that I can now see what he is doing. My problem is this: I just have this strong feeling inside of me and always have, that I am to protect this man and free him somehow so the demons will not take him. It has always felt this way to me… I will not be in a relationship with him as I cannot. I feel stronger just talking to you and understanding what is going on.
    Was I brought into his life so that the demon could try and drag me away from our Lord or was I brought into his life to bring him to the lord?
    Oh, yes, the other night he told me he had this dream… the message he received was loud and clear… DO NOT YEILD IN TIMES OF OPPRESSION…
    Please help me…….. Sharron

  52. Sorry… me again… I just wanted to mention that it has always felt like a tug or war between the demons and myself … the demons want him but so does our Lord. And with his friends etc., I have always been the thorn in their side… I have managed (at my own expense) to keep him as close to the lord as I can. But the moment I was unable to do anything about it they came in for the kill…. that is what it feels like anyway…
    Maybe you will be able to see it more clearly or see it in a different light.
    I have said that I am not in a relationship with him and I dont want to be. Praying to God to keep me strong.. but like they say knowledge is power and when there is no confusion there is no delusion… Please pray for me that I am able to get through this unscathed. Should I just step away since this is something I may or should not be dealing with and pray for him. Please answer me…

  53. RUN AWAY MY DEAR SHARON ! The Lord has very capable hands to help the man. The Holy Spirit will get through to him. You must focuss on your OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD and PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM INFLUENCES LIKE THAT MAN .

    JOHN 3:16-18 (NKJV) 16″ For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life. 17For God did not send HIS SON into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through HIM might be saved. 18 He who believes in HIM is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    THE LORD WILL BE YOUR PROVIDER AND PROTECTOR ! READ PSALM 91 EVERY WORD OVER 5 TIMES PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IT’S SAYING AND BELIEVE !Turn on CHRISTIAN RADIO STATION IN THE HOUSE AND CAR AND LEAVE THE CHRISTIAN MUSIC PLAYING LOW AT ALL TIMES. OR TURN IT UP AND SING ALONG BUT LEAVE ON! If you don’t have a Bible , I suggest you get one immediately. The New Living Translation (NLT) or Amplified Version , or New King James Version (NKJV) of the King James Bible. Make sure you go to a CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE. I suggest you get a Bible Promises Book. Author R.T. Kendall’s book The Lord’s Prayer (Insight and Inspiration to Draw You Closer to Him). STAY IN THE WORD OF GOD. STAY AWAY FROM THAT MAN !!! GOD IS OUR DELIVERER NOT PEOPLE !!! THE POWERFUL EMOTIONS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED OF MISSING HIM, IS NOT OF GOD!!!! It is the spirit of lust ! When you find yourself thinking of him , ( go to the ladies room if you are not by yourself) and just at a whisper but with authority say “I rebuke you devil in the ALMIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME ! I am standing on Your Word Lord James 4:7 says “SUBMIT to the WILL of THE LORD, RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you.” And ask for the LORD’S PEACE TO REIGN WITHIN YOU, In Jesus Name and with the Power of the Holy Spirit Amen!, Then lots of THANK YOU’S TO THE LORD FOR HIS PROTECTING YOU!”


    Sharon READ PRAYER AND ALL OF GODS WORD ALOUD AT LEAST AT A WHISPER! And don’t keep talking about what has happened to others, especially around the kids. It’s fine to update here or to other PRAYER WARRIORS , ok it’s just that what we talk about without realizing we can do more harm than good. SPEAK GOD’S PROMISE’S FOR GOOD OVER YOU AND YOUR KID’S LIVES ! Lord we unite in prayer In Jesus Name and with the Power of the Holy Spirit lifting Sharon and her children up to YOU LORD asking for YOUR protection, healing, deliverance Psalm 91 entirely we ask for Lord Zechariah 2:5 Lord be a wall of fire round and about Sharon and her children, Your glory in her midst! Lord we ask that You cleanse Sharon in the Blood of Jesus wash her white as snow, You are our Almighty God full of grace and mercy, YOU are Sharon’s loving Father, Saviour, Protecter , Provider , You LOVE Sharon and her children , so we as for YOUR peace reigns within Sharon , that YOU comfort her, that You protect her and the kids with a Covering of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Lord we thank You and we Praise You Lord , Lord we ask for Your Peace surpassing ALL understanding be given to Sharon and her kids , have Your peace reign within her and her home, Lord Psalm 103:20 says that Your angels hearken unto Your Word Lord so we ask IN Jesus Name that YOU assign an army of Psalm 91 angels to surround Sharon and her children whereever they go and all around her property In Jesus Name we ask Philippians 4:6-8 help Sharon to think only of pure and beautiful things Lord In Jesus Name we ask Amen ! Lord have Your Peace, Your Peace surpassing all understanding within her Lord , we ask for her to be forgiven and to forgive those that have tresspassed against her even if she didn’t realize it, Lord give her strength and wisdom to protect herself and children from this spiritual trickery , the author of confusion is the devil, Lord protect Sharon from ALL forms of contact with that man and that spiritual activity that is not of You Lord deliver her from evil In Jesus Almighty Name we ask Thy KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE IN JESUS NAME AND WITH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WE PRAY AMEN! We Thank You Lord and we Praise You Lord for answering our Prayers for Sharon and her children. Thank You Jesus Praise You Jesus! Amen ! HALLELUJAH , HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH , HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD , OUR GOS IS AMAZING, GOD IS ALMIGHTY HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD!!!!


  56. i have found this to be the most helpful website on the subject of the spirit of Jezebel. i had a feeling this was my husbands problem but this confirmed it, along with the many letters from different people sharing their own stories. i have been married 8 years. i came from a christian home and at 42 i had never been married nor had children. i met him, whom had been divorced twice, with 2 daughters by a woman he never married and who was also a drug addict/alcoholic. i didnt know this at the time. but he supposedly got saved a week after we married. for 10 months he struggled off and on with drugs and drinking til he finally claimed after we separated that GOD had delivered him. while he no longer did drink and use drugs, i noticed throughout the years that his behavior had never really changed. he was just as abusive as always. no real heart conversion, more like a man made conversion, the con artist putting on the christian mask getting ready to con the church. i believed for so long that since he was a new christian that it would just take him time to change and i became what i thought was tolerable and loving, but underneath,i became a beaten down oppressed doormat that felt she couldnt do anything right and was always to blame. we have separated countless times but i always reconciled and forgave. 4 months ago i left him and went to tennessee. due to circumstances beyond my control i had to leave and this was the only place i could come. 3rd night back, he got physical because i slept on the opposite side of the house. he tried to pull me out of the bed, then trapped me in the room and then pinned me down on the bed. i stood up to him and told him i was tired of it (yelling) and that i was no longer gonna allow him to bully me, i was sick of it and it was over. i firmly believed that is was GOD who was doing the talking! that diffused the situation and he left me alone. since then we are halfway civil but thats it. he does try to do things to get under my skin (his way of picking a fight) but i give short neutral answers that do not provoke him so he cant argue. i think this may aggravate him even more.
    for a long time i have been embarrassed to tell this story to anyone. i was afraid everyone would think i am crazy. how i would become physically ill being in his presence, and that i could not find ANYTHING good about him and all i could see was a dark sinister EVIL. This site gave me the courage to speak out and hopefully get some encouragement. i wished i could get out now but i cant. my only fear is should i be concerned about him becoming violent? he has only been violent when he was drinking 8 years ago, he choked me and slammed me against the wall and then let me go. he teaches sunday school (3rd grade) at church ( i know very scary and very sad) but i somehow feel this may be my saving grace. i am visiting another church now but they all know me and i could not really see him doing anything in fear of what the church would say. because i would definitely have him thrown in jail. am i being naive? i dont want to be over dramatic here but dont want to undermine this either. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    and kudos to the writers on did exceptional research and it was written in such an enticingly interesting way. thanks so much, i needed this!


    • dear Jan

      I am trying to distinguish past history from current patterns. Is he still physically abusive?

      only you know how safe he is now to be around.

      you have a fake christian on your hands, and as long as his own church encourages him, he will not change.

      why are you staying with him now? financial reasons?

  57. i am sorry i wasnt clearer on this. he was physical a month ago, he didnt hit me but he was still physical. (pulling me out of the bed, trapping me in the room and pinning me on the bed) but when i stood up to him he backed off and has left me alone. and yes, i am stuck here til i get this job going next week and start making money so i can get out. i do have a question though. i have read so many things about this but i have yet to come across a success story. do any exist?


    • jan


      I hope all goes well with your job.

      there are a few success stories, but it depends on the effort of the victim to get out of it.

      you have to have a stronger personality than he does, assume control, gather more support than he does, never submit to him, and directly oppose him.

  58. Please help, my husband’s mother is the controlling religious jezebel who puts on a show of humility and curses me in her prayers with others under the guise of concern. My husband’s strong attachment to her astounds me. When her pastor husband was unfaithful to her, she emotionally attached to her son whom they’d belittled and disacknowledged all his life and since he was so beaten, he clung to her in her tears and became her defending husband/son. He is with her in her destruction of me and they both have done a good job so that I am almost completely undone except I have the Holy Spirit who comforts me. My husband, like his mother, also has a form of godliness which he is good at acting. His form of communication is constant disacknowledgement but pretending acknowledgement as he acts as if he is interested, he speaks aside of the subject. I feel like a stranger, beaten. I’ve been married to him for almost 14 years and the last 10 with no physical love. I don’t know if I should stay or go. I feel like the eunuch, unable to produce myself as a disciple. Some might call my husband a ‘momma’s boy’ but it’s more like a ‘momma’s husband/son’. He reveals our confidences to her without her even asking. He anticipates and does what she’d approve of but with me he ignores my concerns unto cursing me and God if I dare mention to him what he is doing. I feel this is too strong for me and when I pray, though I see God at work, I see my husband successful at fighting Gods communications off. I expect judgement on him and he is afflicted with cronic pain in his neck as is his mother but he’s able to adjust to it and keep his destructive ways. Do you have any insights and advise?

  59. Please pray for me and my 4 children. I’ve always described my husband of 19 years as an abuser. I’ve just discovered the Jezebel spirit. I wish I knew of this years ago. It’s all making sense to me now. I’ve been praying for a way out and deliverance from this man. He’s got me so run down. I am avoiding him as much as possible. I have been playing praise music on my ipod when I’m around him to avoid confrontation with him. (Name calling, belittling, threats, accusations, control, etc.) . It seems the more I seek and want to serve the Lord, my husband escalates. He claims to be a believer but cannot even say the name Jesus. He refers to Jesus as “that man YOU call God”. He says horrible things about me to our 2 sons and 2 daughters. He has told them that “mommy is not a christian because she doesn’t do what I say”. He also tells them “your mother is a B…. and she doesn’t love you kids”. He tells them “your mom is being an idiot singing and raising her hands to God”.
    He is very controlling and gets angry when not getting his way. He
    projects his issues on others, especially me. He accuses me of underminding him, having affairs, lying and being disrespectful.
    He even tells me that God tells him that I’m lying and that I need to repent because I’m evil. He puts on quite a facad and gets others to believe that he is the victim. He actually goes to church and reads the bible. My bible says “You will know them by their fruits” and “we do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities”.
    He hasn’t worked in over a year. I work evenings and he has tried to find ways to keep me from working including taking the car I drive away that is in his name.
    And so much more over 19 years including physical, emotional, verbal abuse. Does this sound like this awful, evil spirit of Jezebel is on him? Please pray for me, Lynda and my children Mike, Matt, Morgan, and Marleigh. I am worn down and need a way out of this situation. I would also appreciate any advise or comments.
    Thank you so much and God bless!

    • Lynda

      the obvious question here…….why are you still with him?

      are you that dependent?

      Listen, you need to move away from him before he hurts you and the kids.

      you are not obligated to stay with an abusive personality like this.

      you can still pray for him, but it is safer at a distance.

      I will put you all on my prayer list, but action is required also.

      you need to stand up to him, and you need a support system.

      I am assuming he is not used to you standing up to him, and will not take you seriously. please clarify this.

      considering where you live, I would even move out of state,…the school systems there teach immorality to children, so they will get more abuse at school.

      You have been very faithful to try to work this out, but it has been 17 years.

      he will not change…he has too much support from church….get a lawyer and sue for child support.

    • Lynda: Please Marianne said to stand up to him. DO NOT stand up to him. DO NOT leave him openly. I highest murder/suicide rate is in relationships where women leave abusive men. You do need to leave him BUT you must plan your excape safely. You will need money, a place to stay and you have 4 children to take with you. A lawyer means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t have the money to fight his powerful attorney. I worked in Criminal court and Divorce Court and areas and have been through this myself. He will make your life a living hell. So, you have to find a safe place to go. Plan an exscape when he leaves. Have the children pack as little as possible. Once you find a safe haven to go to and once you get yourself established away from him. Then file for a divorce. Controling, manipulating men like this think in thier twisted mind that they own you. You and the children are his possessions to use at his own will. Domestic violence is the most violent of crime where women are murdered. Children are killed if the man can’t control the situation. This is going to take several years to (walk him through you leaving) You can file for a divorce once you and the children are safe and you are working. This could be 2-3 years because he may or may not let go that easily. Do not confront an abuser and/or abusive husband. He will become violent and hurt you and the children worse. Keep calm, be strong, plan and plot your departure. Plan with the children and let them know in advance. For instance have a relative come and collect you and the children all during the day and/or when he is away. Go very far away and in hiding until you are sure you and the children are safe. DO NOT fall into his cries of I love you’s, gifts and flowers. Then you must heal your ownselve from the years of control and mental abuse. Seek God of course and God is bigger. But these people that say “get out” have NO CLUE to this kind of mind set. YOu are right is all about power and control. It is not about love and he doesn’t know what love is. These people telling you to get out aren’t there offering food and shelter either when you have nothing to eat for days at end. I planned my escape for 1 full year. Set myself up. Create a seperate banking account, have all your research done to where your going, transportation, bus tickets, whatever it takes. But do not confront someone after 19 years of abuse. Simply leave but plan it out, have your bags packed for an emergency escape if need be. More women and children are killed in the leaving process than any other time. IT IS VOLITILE!!! DON’T let these people tell you to simply confront and leave.

  60. I have been working on a way of escape. I do have a job and a seperate bank account. My children are aware that we need to get out. My two oldest sons are very helpful and understanding. I am safe and ptotected by Jesus. And you are so right. This will take some careful planning which yes, can take time. It’s all about timing. And I need to stay one step ahead of him.


    • email sent to you

    • Wendy Prime,

      I understand your comment/reply. Been in a similar place for many months several years ago (as how I read your comment). It bewildering, confusing. You may not be experiencing “power, love and sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).
      So, The Lord led me to comprehend spiritual warfare through experience, then I came to better understand the Power in proclaiming the Word of God.
      He gave you (Believers) the Keys. In His name, you can overcome in the wrestling with the oppression of the enemy, coming to steal, kill and destroy your faith, hope and love.

      In addition to what Marianne sends to you, read and meditate upon this – then proclaim, which build a hedge about you.

      Psalm 25, 26, 27 and 28!

  62. Hey DJ,
    I’ve been putting the Lord’s Suit of Armour on everyday, I’ve been standing on His Promises, I’ve been calling Prayerlines, and reaching out over the computer asking to be lifted in prayer against this. Me , my Mom, my wealthy sister, my brother that is a doctor are all going through the Valley of the Shadow of death , since the passing of my Dad last summer. Read Charles Spurgeon’s sermon on this Valley in (spurgeon I’m praying for all of their Salvation. They are empty vessels at this point for the enemy to use. I’m not the very talented at writing ! When I sent the previous prayer request I was tuckered right out, and “praying typing”! I also had cut and pasted a previous prayer request message that I had sent to someone else. Sorry if I confused you, but THE LORD DIDN’T GIVE ME A SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT OF POWER LOVE AND A SOUND MIND!!!!!!!! I’M SOUND DJ , JUST WEARY FROM THE BATTLE, I WAS ASKING FOR BACKUP HERE ! FROM MARRIANNE AND A FEW OTHER ROCKIN PRAYER WARRIORS TO STAND WITH ME AND HAVE MY BACK!




  64. Wendy,

    Okay, I now better understand. Pulling hair out serious.

    I can empathize even with different experiences.

    Hummm? I’ll think and pray about your situation and need. Keep searching Scriptures for help.

    Oh, I just thought of something!

    This seems to apply to you.

    From: Walk Thru the Bible
    To: djmaxwell
    Sent: Thu, Jul 4, 2013 04:00 PM
    Subject: Today’s Quiet Walk Devotional

    July 4

    Ezra 6

    The original decree is found, and permission is given to complete the temple restoration.


    It is often darkest before the dawn. Just as it looks as if the work on the temple is going to be stopped, the Lord turns the situation around. Not only is permission given to complete the temple, but those who had tried to stop the work are required to finance the remainder of the restoration! Worrying does little to further the work of God; He is quite capable of accomplishing His work. Our work is trust, obedience, and faithfulness to our responsibilities.


    Praise the Lord for His watchfulness over your circumstances, and thank Him for being in total control of your life:

    “I will love You, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies” (Psalm 18:1-3).

    Pause for praise and thanksgiving, and pray this confession to the Lord as you seek to keep your life free from sin:

    “Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His, And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning”(Psalm 30:4-5).

    Confess any sins that the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. Now pray this affirmation to the Lord:

    “Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:11).

    God desires to hear the petitions of His people. As you make you requests known to the Lord, include the needs of other Believers.

    Offer this closing prayer to the Lord:

    “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace” (Numbers 6:24-25).

    I receive such messages daily. But, I have not read them for a long time – until this afternoon! This one was very special to me and I share it with you.

    God Bless you Wendy!

    I’ll pray for you now, tonight and when you reply to this post.

  65. Wendy,

    NO PROBLEM. Really.


  66. Wendy,
    I will stand with you and agree wih you in prayer. I too have been going through a similar situation. In my case it’s my husband. But we know who the real enemy is behind this. (For we do not war against flesh and blood) What the Lord showed me was that this wasn’t my battle. And I learned that he wasn’t going to supernaturally pull me out of the situation either. But he was going to walk me through it. He is using this situation to strenghthen you. There is something he wants to accomplish in you through all of it for his glory and for the Kingdom . (From faith to faith and glory to glory) And he will bring you through if you remain faithful to him and abide in him. (Abide in me and I will abide in you) And when he does, you will look back and you will see it and you can count it all joy even now. You will have more faith, you will have more trust in him, and you will see his very word and his faithfulness operating in your life. You WIll be standing on that mountian top looking back but with more trust, more faith, and joy. And you will have the victory! He already knows beginning to end and Jesus has you by the hand and will pull you through it. He already knows the end and has the deliverance for you. He now is taking you to that end and deliverance.
    Don’t look to the left and don’t look to the right. (At the distractions) Keep looking straight in front of you at Jesus! He goes before you because he knows the exit out. HE is your defender. Don’t fight flesh with flesh.
    Don’t give up girl! Keep moving. Not in your own strength but in the name of Jesus! Keep moving.
    Stay in his word even if you meditate and chew on a few sciptures at a time until they are deeply rooted in your spirit and working in action.
    I know the agony and the exscruciating pain and torment you are facing. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown a few times through it but HE kept me. And he will keep you too!
    I will be lifting you up in prayer.
    God bless you and I mean really bless you!

    A sister in Christ,

    Isaiah 54:17 (KJV)
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn.

    Psalm 91 (read whole chapter)
    91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret of the most high shall abide
    under the shadow of the Almighty.
    91:2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

    91:3 Surely he shall deliver thee from thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence……..

    Ephesians 6:10 – 18
    6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  67. Did you read my original post , referring to putting on God’s Armour , Psalm 71 and Psalm 133 ! That is all that I asked is you stand agreement with my prayer. Speaking Psalm 71 and Psalm 133, Zechariah 2:5 Lord be a wall of fire round and about me and my family, Your glory in our midst. That is all, I’m sorry DJ , I don’t know you on here at all so please, just stand in agreement with my prayer. I don’t want to step on anyones toes, but I have a healthy boundary UP,around me and my family for PRAYER TO GOD, JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT ONLY AND THE LORD HAS CALLED ME TO KEEP WATCH OVER THEM !!!! PLEASE RESPECT THIS BOUNDARY LINE AND JUST STAND IN AGREEMENT WITH MY PRAYER , IN JESUS NAME AND WITH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN , THANK YOU LORD ! Please reread “carefully” my original prayer request. Please read and think before you type. This is my family that I am praying for against the attacks of the “enemy”, I love them and pray for them to be delivered into the Kingdom of God. I’m not pulling any hair out. Take care DJ, God Bless.

    • amen, and may deliverance come quickly to this distressed family.

      It is under the blood of jesus now, and the devil has to go.


    HI LYNDA, YES I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SAYING. THE LORD SHOWED ME ABOUT 4 OR 5 YEARS AGO NOW THAT , THE STRATEGY OF THE enemy USES HAS BEEN THROUGH A VARIATION OF THIS spirit. I know it’s the Lord’s battle, but at the same time, on my walk, I have to stay alert with my responses when interacting with people. I tend to get misunderstood or I just plain and simple fail. The snare of the fowler , you know the snare of being offended. That trap , I tend to get caught in and I stand on Psalm 91 where God promises to “deliver me from the snare of the fowler”. The Lord has shown me that I have a part in this battle through prayer and there has been times where HE has given me the spirit if HIS might and made me Bold and Courageous to speak to the vessel that the enemy is using. HE is delivering me through this to fulfill HIS perfect plan for my life, but I have to be on the alert for His still small voice. He reminded me through the story of Gideon that He had to rise up an army to fight and as in the Bible story HE told Gideon how to select the warriors. Thus my prayer request here. It’s time for battle ladies of God , dress for the battle as God has equipped us ! Garment of praise, don’t forget along with HIS armour! LOVE , HIS supernatural love flows through us when we choose to forgive. I pray the Lord helps me hold that state of forgiveness for HIS love to flow through me IN JESUS NAME AMEN! God Bless Lynda!

  69. Amen!!!


    • well halleluyah……. 🙂

      the horses are going to have a revival….

      and I just know you will get answers to your petitions before god.

      Sometimes unsaved loved ones need a shock before they believe….I can see a shock coming to this world…

      they are blessed to have you

  71. ((((hugs))))), hallellujah Praise the Lord , for a road to Damascus expereince for my family members, Lord every single one of them we ask be safely delivered into the Kingdom of God In Jesus Name Amen. Thank you Lord for songs of Praise!

  72. Wendy, I dont know you but I am involved in court battle with ex, jezebel. Last court dealing was his contempt against me on child support, last year his attempt to tried getting suspended visits, he wants total control,..,.I feel so alone in even my mother just added her 2 cents….’if you kept better reciepts., and paid him.,, he wouldnt have taken you to court’…
    My boys are 15, 14. Daughter is 10. He got his judge to flip our order…ex wants me to drop my lawyer.., and wants his lies to not have an attorney to defend,, lthen jail …would have been the last court…deal, if guilty of contempt.

    Please pray for me, my kids, and ex (jezebel)….I get weary ofbthe fight but cwn not jor willni give

  73. Dear J,
    Hey it’s Wendy here. Sure will pray for you the kids and the ex.

    Lord we come to You lifting J , her children and ex husband up to You and ask that You intervene in this situation , we ask for forgiveness Lord we ask that You give strength to the weary, “J” is weary Lord , we ask for Your peace to reign Lord , we ask for truth, Lord please go before “J” and help her to gather bank records of deposits and withdrawls or copies of canceled cheques, her regular monthly bills and help her balance it out to show the Judge evidence of the support payment through adding everything all up. Lord Your Word says that You didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of power ,love and a sound mind. Lord we ask You the Holy Trinity, Heavenly Father , Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to conquer this bad spirit operating amoung this family and causing destruction, Lord we ask You to defeat this , have Your peace reign here Lord we pray. Lord we ask that You be a wall of fire round and about “J”, and the kids , Your glory in their midst. Lord give the ex husband a healthy fear of You Lord, help him to receive Your gift of Salvation Lord , help him to live forgiveness, harmony, and peace, Lord Isaiah 54:17 Lord we pray this for “J”, No weapon formed against “J”, the kids shall prosper . Psalm 91 entirely we pray for J In Jesus Name we pray and with the Power of the Holy Spirit we pray Amen!

    “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

    For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield. Psalm 5:12

    Save Your people, And bless Your inheritance; Shepherd them also, And bear them up forever. Psalm 28:9

    The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11

    God be merciful to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us.
    God shall bless us, And all the ends of the earth shall fear Him. Psalm 67:1, 7

    Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

    Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20

    Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. Hebrews 13:20-21

    Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, And to present you faultless Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty, Dominion and power, Both now and forever. Amen. Jude 1:24-25

    Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work. 2 Thessalonians 2:16

    Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all. 2 Thessalonians 3:16

    The blessing of the Lord be upon you!

    NKJV translation

    God Bless you abundantly “J” in every area of your life,
    Wendy Prime

  74. Hey Marianne , and other Prayer Warriors please join me in praying for my sister’s Salvation and for Psalm 133 Peace and Harmony in our relationship so both of us honour Dad’s last instructions which were , ” I want you to all get along , I want you to all love one another !” Dad said those words strong and with authority and passed away about 10 hours later , they were the last words he spoke. My sister ever since we were little , she is 5 yrs older than me , and has violently attacked me too numerous times to count when we were kids, in the past two years she has come storming in this house a few times, she got her hands on me the first time but I’ve been praying Psalm 91 protection ever since. She is very wealthy , I am very poor, and have been living here with Mom and Dad. She was never heard or seen from around here until last year when Dad was battling cancer. She started coming and taking Mom away to town a couple times a week and never even came in to see Dad. Dad had the Jezebel spirit I’m positive but was delivered from it after the diagnosis of his cancer. He remained in the Word of God til his passing. My Mom actually , the sweet little lady that is not “saved” became very nasty everyday of the last year of his life. Mom was never like that. Now that he’s gone , she can have her good days, then she can be just evil. So I am in constant prayer for her “Salvation”, and the Lord’s annointing and blessing and protection for me to stay on here with her. I have surrendered mylife to the Lord and this is what He has called me to do, is to be here keeping the watch and staying in prayer for the family. MY sister now has really been gettin nasty lately, Mom’s sister , phoned and got Mom on the phone with me . Mom told me she’s an “old 80” year old woman, and she told me on the phone that her feet and legs hurt because my sister took her to a rock concert and got her to stand right infront of the stage through the entire concert! I got my Aunt back on the phone to confirm it. Yup my sister to Mom to a rock concert! Needless to say I was concerned , aswell Mom is “2” diabetic and it is dangerous for her to have blisters or the like on her feet. She was wearing new shoes . I was inquiring about her condition. Then I got this message from my sister on Monday. I prayed and sought the Lord on how I should respond . Please forgive the vulgar speech in her messages, but I need for you to observe the hatred in her, she is poison to Mom’s mind & heart and I beleive the spirit has infected my Mom through her, she has been unforgiving her entire life. This is the messages begining with her first message to me in response to me talking to Aunt Lois :Psalm 133 for Peace & Harmony in this Relationship

    Instead of this Foul One:


    Carol Prime Egers

    Confirmation of friendship

    Unless you want the world to find out the truth about what’s been going on with you and mom up there you sick F–k , you had better shut that hole in your face!!!


    Wendy Prime

    Our parents never raised us to talk like that, stop with the false accusations, just have a wonderful time on your trip. All that bitterness needs to go, it will actually eat your insides up, it’s just like poison Carol. When you force the choice to forgive offenders for the reason to protect yourself , do it ! Cause it does protect ya, when ya do that ! Don’t let the sun go down on the new ones. Get rid of all those old ones, it’s a healthy choice to make! Plus UNFORGIVENESS IS A PRAYER BLOCKER ! You want them Free Flowing Top Speed! Forgiveness is the whole story , that is what it’s ALL about! You know that ! Prayer’s are not in line with God’s will either when ya pray that I’d drop dead ! Sorry , guess we’re gonna have to figure out a way to fulfill DAD’S last instructions to us three kids<3 God Bless with a safe and fun trip Give Mom a hug for me! If her legs and feet get aching , which she'll never say very often, lavender lotion helps take away the achy pain. Remember she was on the wrong drug a few years ago and couldn't get around to well , that gave a little relief, til finally the predizone fixed her up. Please don't be offended I'm just trying to help, she's Mom to all of us.

    Love Wendy


    Carol Prime Egers

    You get your fn head examined!! You've got mom's hose looking like the next episode of "Hoarders" you've been sponging off mom and dad since 1997!!Dad went to Srini and asked for her help to do something with. You. We took this trip to get mom the hell away from your constant bullying…demanding money for cigarettes , gas etc. as if you're entitled to it. If you truly loved mom you'd clear your shit out of her house, and get the hell out with yor cats and that extra horse that you snuck in there. Dad went to his grave scared to death for mom. You refused to let them enjoy they're final years together and I will NEVER Forgive you for that!!!! You continue to make mom's life a living hell!!!
    Wendy Prime

    Quite the accusations Carol , coming from Suzi Homemaker herself. You have quite an evil outlook , it's pretty sad . Did you ever consider that your infectious attitude is robbing Mom of her joy. Just calm down and try to make peace. I'm not going to walk on eggshells around you. I am who I am, and I'm not going try and spend the rest of my life , trying to please you. I'd love to get along, for Mom and Dad. Don't try and twist things there with Mom ,saying she was running away, as she wasn't even sure she wanted to go. Stop with the strife, Carol it's not healthy for you. It's not good for Mom . If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Peace sister.


    Wendy Prime

    Carol just observe right now what your body feels like inside. Are you gritting your teeth, is there anger inside. What if you had a desperate prayer for something other than wanting something bad to happen to me but a desperate prayer to save someone or something. Your prayers get blocked with unforgiveness. You know the Lord's Prayer, say it and knowingly mean every word when you say it and then OBSERVE THE PEACE INSIDE YOUR BODY, DO IT FOR YOURSELF, DO IT FOR DAD & MOM, YOUR KIDS AND GRANDCHILDREN ! YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED THAT FREE FLOW OF PRAYER, GOD BLESS. IT'S AN ON GOING WORK ! BEING OFFENDED OR JUDGING OTHERS IS A TRAP CAROL FORGIVE QUICKLY & YA HAVE TO ASK "HIM" FOR IT TOO FOR YOURSELF , HIS GRACE , YOU NEED PEACE INSIDE ❤ EVERYONE DOES , UNFORGIVENESS IS LIKE DRINKING POISON ! SO INSTEAD OF PASSING THAT BOTTLE AROUND BE A PEACE MAKER , WHEN SOMEONE IS UPSET , TRY TO CALM THEM DOWN, NOT POUR FUEL ON THE FIRE. TRY PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE TRY!

    So Marianne will you unite in prayer with me for the Lord to get my sister and Mom safely into the Kingdom of God , born again both of them. Please silence her mouth with the lies , no more attacks from these two please Lord have mercy, please give her Your supernatural peace surpassing All understanding so there is no doubt what so ever , that the unforgiveness , judging, false accusations, physical attacks, greed, hatred all that garbage goes Lord please don't let them come home from this trip with her still spilling all that evil over me and Mom, Lord have mercy Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper…. Silence the enemy, have Your peace reign Lord, enough, Isaiah 53:5 it explains here that Jesus suffered for us, so please Jesus help me , Heavenly Father help me, Holy Spirit help me deliver this family from evil, deliver us from the evil spirit of Jezebel Lord , please close the mouth of my sister, please protect my Mom 's mind from being poisoned against me Lord have mercy In Jesus Name and with the Power of the Holy Spirit Amen! Psalm 91 entirely for protection for Mom and me , Lord be a wall of fire round and about Mom and me Your glory In our midst , please Lord I can't take this garbage from my sister enough is enough deliver us from evil sweet Lord I pray Amen!

  75. I don’t know why that happy face showed up where it is suppose to say Psalm 133. Again I appoligize about the language , but you can see how evil this attack is and the horrible things she is accusing me of. Ewwww! PLEASE UNITE WITH ME IN PRAYER FOR OUR FAMILY TO BE DELIVERED FROM THIS SPIRIT ONCE AND FOR ALL , LORD PLEASE HURRY , PSALM 91 PROTECTION, DELIVERANC AND HEALING, IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

  76. She is violent , and a major control freak, and creates these false accusations, which really annoys me , well frightens me , for my reputation, surrendered mylife , this is what I am called to do, and my own family the enemy is having success at using as vessels to attack in many directions at me here! Help , go after these in prayer through to the finish I pray it be today In Jesus Name Amen!

  77. Mariann,

    I’m an ordained minister and have been fighting this spirit in my personal life for quite sometime. This spirit was just brought to my attention, through another Christian, who asked me to speak on the subject on her radio show. I never realized this spirit existed until now. I have dedicated my life to Spiritual Warfare and The Lord Jesus Christ. How do I continue on as a minister of The Lord if I’m plagued with this evil spirit. To be honest I’m now in complete agreement that I’ve been attacked……how do I proceed from becoming more vulnerable to this attack? More over. How do I deal with the knowledge I now posses on this subject, without claiming to be a victim?

    Pastor K.

    • dear ty

      are are you controlled by the spirit, where you do damage to others, or are you a victim of this spirit operating in others?

      either way, study on the subject before going on a radio show… you have to have your thoughts together.

      you are welcome to look at the pages I have to take notes from….

      click on the white links, not the orange ones…..there are about 20 varieties of this spirit that i have written on…..not to say it expresses it self other ways too.

      Since it is a spirit, if you don’t have a good prayer to say each day, I will send you something to print out and say each day…..if possible, have spouse and children join you……I will be in agreement with you……

      education is the key… you have to understand what you are dealing with .and taking authority is next….

      they operate by recruitment, so you have to gather support for yourself as well.

      finally, use wisdom……dont show your hand until you know you can win.

  78. Pastor K,

    I have personal experience with Jezebel. My experience with this demonic spirit includes me personally. I had “it”.

    Also, my former wife and her twin daughters (in their 20’s) were oppressed by this “Jezebel” spirit. I lived in a very “rebellious” house for many years.

    A friend of mine recognized and expelled a “Jezebel” spirit from his 14 year old daughter over a year ago.

    Another friend recently expelled a “Jezebel” spirit from his beloved wife. They are doing much better, thank you Lord.

    Therefore – you can say that I comprehend the demonic spiritual warfare that oppresses the mind, body and soul, thank you Lord.

    Some experiences lead us to a deeper understanding with compassion, understanding the behavior/actions of the person, praying for them and against the demonic spirit that oppresses their mind, body and soul.

    Since your eyes are now opening – I suggest reading and listening to subject experts. Subject experts helped me and those two men referenced above with their family members.

    Here are a few experts, suggesting that you purchase all of these books “used” on Amazon.

    Derek Prince, “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” and “Thou Shall Expel Demons”
    Richard Ing, “Spiritual Warfare”
    Mark Bubeck, “The Adversary”, “Overcoming the Adversary” and “Raising Lambs among the Wolves”
    Frank and Ida Hammond “Pigs in the Parlor” (Don’t let the title fool you – it is practical and confirms what you’ll read in the above books).

    Also, you can watch video presentations by Derek Prince on YouTube. Some of his presentations are better than others.

    God bless you – as He puts you on paths of righteousness for His name sake (Psalm 23:3).

    2 Timothy 1:7

  79. There is definitely a lot of truth to this article….thanks for posting! I revisited it this morning after another senseless argument with my spouse. He contains mostly all of the characteristics in the article and it is impossible to have peace with him. I’ve tried every possible resource to get help and deliverance from this vile, wicked spirit but to no avail. Since my spouse refuses help and blames me for every problem I have been praying to leave this home (or he leave). He has created an unsafe, violent, toxic, and unstable environment that is impossible to dwell peacefully together. I used to yearn for intimacy, love, friendship, and communication….now I just want to get out before my unborn children are exposed to this sick and explosive situation.

    Also, I there is information online that identifies this ‘spirit’, but there is not really any information that helps abused spouses living with a Jezebel Spirit. Most pastors/leaders have no clue how to help me and since they don’t know what to do..they do not get involved. It’s been a lonely frustrating journey….I am ready for a change after years of absolutely no progress.

    Praying for a miracle……

    • dear weary wife

      please consider moving out. I am aware that you are pregnant so it may be hard, but eventually he will blow up and hurt you and the children you will have.

      there are safe houses for women to go to…pastors are stupid if they don’t help….go back and tell them you need help moving out…and contact social services for help also….contact family and friends…

      just do not stay there and be a victim…you are worth more than that!

      you can pray for him, but at least do it from a safe distance.

  80. Thank you for this insight….I am in a relationship with a narcissist and only now realize that his is a Jezebal spirit. Jesus is the only way to heal and reclaim your power.

  81. I know this type, exactly!

    • I am asking for agreement in prayer for the kids involved in custody battles with “jezebel” father.
      Its heart breaking.

      • julie

        I will agree with you.

        I am also sending you a prayer for deliverance from witchcraft, and jezebel is a witch. print out and say each day.

        also document everything he does wrong with action, time and date, get witnesses and get a lawyer if you do not have one yet…..

  82. Hello, Marianne

    I was happily single in the Lord. In 2012, I met someone. I didn’t get involved with him immediately, and brought the matter before the Lord. I resisted him, because I could clearly see his wounds and consequently, that there was demonic activity.

    I resisted his advances, because I could not understand why I was drawn to such a sinner. I prayed and fasted sincerely, consulted church leaders and others whose spiritual maturity I respected. All of them counseled me against it. We asked God to remove him from my life, but the more we prayed, the more he stayed.

    However, God spoke to me clearly in my spirit one morning. He gave me Galatians 4 – that He is promising this man to me, and that He will deliver him. He spoke to me about Jezebel and how I had to be like Elijah and withstand the doctrines of this demon. On the same day God gave me Galatians 4, a friend invited me to a meeting. I was new to the city, and knew no-one here. I also did not know I was going to a prophetic meeting, where powerful prophets of the city get together once a month.

    Those people did not know me, and spoke directly into my life what God had spoken to me. Two weeks later, a woman who did not know me came to me and spoke the same Rhema Word in an entirely different church (it was the church I was attending at that stage).

    I somehow got involved with this man, but God stopped it before further destruction could take place. Why? Because I started wanting the promise of God (this man) more than I wanted God.

    It has been three years of hell on earth. We have not been together for these three years, but I still had contact with him. He tried to use me in a sexual way, even though I never slept with him again. I was confused, and in pain, but it was unnecessary because I wanted God’s perfect will to happen my way.

    God revealed to me in a dream in December 2014, that I was entertaining the spirit of lust through him. On the same day, I got a prophetic message stating that I must pay attention to my dreams, because God is giving me strategy for breakthrough in 2015. Strange, for someone who flows strongly in the prophetic, to have tolerated this and not known it, huh? But truth be told – I allowed it. I became rebellious against God in sexual purity in 2011, and thus opened the door for the demonic activity that I was delivered from in 2003 already. I could still hear God clearly, and my heart was to have His perfect will done in my life, and God had mercy on me.

    During December 2014, He showed me this man is indeed His plan for me, but due to my previous rebellion and disobedience his deliverance had been delayed. As long as I was walking in the flesh, I was tying His hands. He also told me that He is infinitely patient – His will, will be done in my life regardless of what I do. The longer I am disobedient, the longer He will not act. He is outside of time, and can wait patiently for me to realize in my suffering that I have delayed my own breakthrough.

    This man has clear characteristics of the Jezebel spirit. Even though God has made me an inordinately strong woman mentally and emotionally, this spirit had an entrance into my life because I had already opened the door years before. I started believing it was okay to sleep with someone outside of marriage. That is exactly what Jezebel does – it deceives you into committing fornication. I was tormented day and night by this spirit. It weakened my service as a prophet. It almost killed me because I was on the brink of committing suicide.

    I decided to tell him to stop sending me sexual chats, and that I will not sleep with him again. I also told him he is not welcome at my house. It was very hard, because everything in me loves him the way God loves him.

    But I let go, and I felt the presence of God. God assurred me that He will fulfill His promise to me in this year because I have obeyed Him. It still is painful, though, to break out of dysfunction. Before any issue is psychological, it is spiritual.

    There is no gender in the spirit. The Ahab spirit tried to infiltrate my life and weaken me, but God’s mercy covered me. The Jezebel spirit tried to kill me, but God’s hand was and still is over me.

    God is going to deliver this man completely, because He loves him with an everlasting love. It is my duty to stand in faith in God and expect Him to act.

    I am by no means completely healed from it – my heart hurts because I don’t have contact with him. Today I feel a deep pain in my inner being, a sort of loss. But through it all, I still proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    I am at a stage where God is instructing me to start a non-profit dealing with gender-based violence. I really want to get to the patriarchal systems in the Church, because the message that God has given me pertains to that. But I will do it the way God instructs me to – start with the symptom and work my way to the root.

    I have no income, and am alone in the city. I am dependent on God for my provision, as are most people in my field.

    Pray for me, that I might stand strong in the Lord.

    Thank you for your ministry.

    • easter

      I think you have deluded yourself into thinking this demon possessed man is for you.

      the lord says to yoke not with unbelievers..

      there is no fellowship between light and darkness.

      • If that is so, the Lord must show me.

        Besides – I have no contact with him. And I will not, either.

        Once again – thank you for your ministry.


  83. This is so very accurately put. Started reading on the Jezebel Spirit recently like a few days ago as a dear person in my family started showing signs of having been possessed of this wicked Spirit. All of the deceptive n controlling ways n nature of this spirit are n have been manifesting in this person. Also have been a victim of this Spirits attack which has ended up in divorce and just as systematically as you have explained. Would like to help set free the one being the host for this spirit. The other partner is the Ahab here giving it power. The children are under attack and one of the children has had to leave home.

    • sandra

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft. best to print out and say each day…also prayer for strength…I will be in agreement with you.

      god bless you for your discerning spirit.

  84. Please pray for me I believe I have been possesed with the spirit of madness lust hatred anger and the big one spirit of Jezebel please pray that the Lord will heal me and rid me of these demons and restore me with the love and peace of God. In Jesus holy name amen

    • dear carolann

      you mention Jesus but your situation does not fit

      so to be safe, I am bringing you through the process.

      First, you have to repent of your sins, and resolve not to continue in a lifestyle of sin.

      Sin opens the door for demonic oppression and possession.

      second, if you do not have Jesus as your personal savior, love him with all your heart, and accept his forgiveness for your sins, as he paid the price for you with a bloody death, then do this next….

      there is no deliverance without this relationship. no other religion or ideology will help you.

      only salvation gives you authority over demons etc.

      and you have to use this authority or be a victim.

      third, once you have done this, and have given yourself to the Lord God, then say the prayers I am sending you

      print them out and say them each day, until you feel a change, and then keep them if you experience a repeat attack.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

  85. This is not a reply to the post above but just a general statement about this site. I am glad I stumbled upon this site. I will share my story but before I do, the reason I started researching this is because I recently discovered, not confirmed by a psychiatrist, that, I think, my husband has a delusional jealousy disorder. I’ve been reading a lot of material about it and the outcomes can be very frightening. However, I am led to believe that the root of most mental illnesses are demonic. I don’t want to continue to stay in this situation and I have been praying to God to bring this situation to a peaceful and safe end. And if anyone on this site believes in the power of prayer and the source of all of our hope, please pray for me and my son that God, our Father, will make a way of escape for us. I have been also praying God will deal with my husband’s heart to see the real truth and the error of his ways before it is too late. Any way this is what I have been going through.
    . I experienced being repeatedly accused and severely abuse verbally. This man has killed any chance of my having any love for him. He is abusive towards our 11 year old. For example, he accused my son of touching his mouse in which my son replied that he didn’t. He continued to raged at him using swaring words. He has even made an insinuation that our son was doing something dirty with me when he was simply cuddling next to me on the bed.
    He pastored and still pastors a church in which I was accused of sleeping around or wanting to sleep around with the men in the church or they wanting to sleep around with me every man at church and I’m accused of having sexual relations with all the males in our neighborhood and it goes on and on. I would get blasted almost every other Sunday when we left church. I made the decision to stop attending his church and find another.
    I knew there was something wrong w/ this man I married (I refrain from calling him my husband because he hasn’t been a husband to me nor has he been a father to our son-only in title) but I couldn’t identify it until I did some research and stumbled across the name ‘jealousy delusional disorder. Early on in the relationship, his behavior exhibited paranoia. Later, I began to notice signs of narcissism.
    There is more to my story but it would be too lengthy as I have been dealing with this for a long time. Too long and it’s time to take action. I‘ve tried to get him to go to counseling in years past but he refuses. He questions my son, gives him grief when my son tells me the inappropriate things that he says and right now I try to avoid any communication with him though we live under the same roof.
    A couple of years ago a charge of mental abuse to our son was brought against him. In an argument we had recently, he told me that he would never forgive me for having the cops come to our home and that I would not get away with it the next time (he rages and has a very threatening tone). I in return told him not to do anything to make me call the cops.
    But I wanted to know how you took the steps to get out of the marriage without fearing what he might do? I don’t want my child to be scarred any more than he already has. I told this man just recently that he had a problem and he needed to get help or leave. I don’t think he takes me serious. But I have considered contacting our community services board about next steps. I don’t relish the idea of social services visiting my home but this is what it has come to it seems. I feel an urgency to act and bring correction. The conflict-oriented male jezebel that you described above accurately describes him.
    I often plead the blood of Jesus over our home and lives for protection. The hymns of old seem to usher in the presence of God and brings comfort to my soul. It it my only comfort until I can physically distance myself and my son from him. Please pray with me and share your thoughts and insights. Anyone.
    Thank you,

    • TS

      if you cannot afford to leave him, then call the police and make legal charges against him for domestic abuse, and communicating verbal threats to do physical harm, and your fear for your safety.

      the police will come and take him away. you and your child need to be in agreement with this, as your son is your witness.

      contact a lawyer and file for child custody and child support.

      get rid of him

      he can rage and swear and scream in jail until he cools off.

      if he manages to get any custody of visitation, then have it supervised.

      have your son testify that he feels endangered by his father.

      make a decision that he is NOT coming home after the arrest.

      so have him arrested….

      also have a court ordered restraining order put out on him.

      as far as his church goes, who cares what they think….let them pray for him

      • Thank you Marianne for your response. Just wanted to clarify that the church did not make accusations against me. It was only him accusing me of the men in the church and accusing the men of wanting to sleep with me. He would use the pulpit to air his imaginations and try to sound all spiritual claiming that God had given him a spirit of discernment to know what people were thinking and what they were up to. He thought that he appeared spiritual but quite frankly he was ashamedly laughable. Thank you for sharing your spiritual wisdom on this site. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for prayers to break the spirit of abuse and got several hits on the jezebel spirit. I was surprised to discover that abuse has its’ roots from the spirit of jezebel. Also, surprising is that I am not alone and that so many people, particularly women, are experiencing the same struggle.
        Thank you again and blessings to you.

  86. I see that spirit is prevalent in many people, if not all people to a greater or lesser degree. But, respectfully can say that most if not all people have hurts. Some are very deep, and as a matter of being together sometimes misunderstandings can happen and only further add to hurt. I’ve read the articles on this spirit and can say that while I’m very clear that I’m certainly not perfect I can also see that differing perspectives can contribute to considering that someone has this spirit on them. Things can become very “unclear” and it makes discernment very difficult. I’ve said my prayers and am still waiting for my answer. I know that there are 3 sides to every story. The truth, as healing as it is, doesn’t always heal both individuals. It is always easier to see short comings in ones partner then it is in oneself. So, I’m hoping that leaving this to God may be the best action I can take in my situation which is similar but with the abuse and finger pointing coming at me from my lady.

  87. Do you have any prayers to take authority over this spirit?

  88. I would love prayers, too, to take spiritual authority over my personal situation with the jezebel spirit working through my husband. Now it’s easily identifiable thanks to this site. Thank God for the spiritual insight provided by you Marianne.

    • toni

      if your husband is a male jezebel, you could be in danger. you will have to assert yourself and be very firm and strong, and maintain your position on any issue.

      you will have to find a sensitive point in him to appeal to as well. if he has one.

      find a support system where you are, friends, family , coworkers, etc so he realizes you have back up from people who will stand with you.

      have others come to house and visit , to show approval of you

      be prepared to call fr help…..if needed… will help him more if he gets out of hand and does get reported….he will learn consequences to his actions.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from jezebel , witchcraft and other spirits. you can pray for your husband with them. also prayers for strength in spiritual battle .

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

      • Hi Marianne,

        My apologies. I just recently opened your response to my post back in October. Thank you for the prayers as I feel the need to cover myself and my son daily.

        Unfortunately, my husband fits the description that you described for a male jezebel. It scares me to think that we could be living with a dangerous person.

        And you are right, I believe calling for help when he starts raging will be the ticket to set things in motion and begin to shed light on our troubled situation. I am seeking professional help for my son and myself due to the emotional distress. The husband will never seek help because he feels that he doesn’t have a problem.

        Thank you for your advice and please continue to pray for our deliverance and safety and that God will bring peace to this situation.

        Many blessings to you,

        • TS

          I am sorry to hear you are still in this situation. Glad you are getting some help. it is typical for sociopathic jezebels to deny there is anything wrong with them. it is always the other person’s fault.

          if you do not get peace, remember safety comes first, esp since you have your son involved as well. you may have to separate from your husband if he endangers you or the child.

  89. Great article!
    (just a little advice, it would be wonderful if everything was written black on white. Maybe I’m color blind I can’t see the yellow words in this article.) Sorry & Thanks for what I can see! Great job!

    • nancy

      I will have to pick a different subheading color.

      you are not the first one to complain about the yellow.

      are you using a cell phone to look at this?

      when I am on my laptop, everything looks fine

      the white on black was use to avoid eye strain.

      I will send you a plain Word copy of the post.

  90. This is scary to read and swallow. Sadly, I, too also have a husband with most of these problems, and a compulsive liar at that. No matter how many times he gets busted he probably use it as motivation right now. Its sickening and pathetic to even stoop to certain levels to do the things he do. I’m looking more towards a divorce, but want to try legal separation first. Its not easy, but I always try to do the right thing in the eyes of The Lord, but still need more improvements and have remorse for what I do wrong, and try to get it right. He’s taken me for granted for so long. Now its time for me to really do what’s best for me.

    • anon

      please be careful. make sure he does not hurt you. try to get others to support you with him, to show him you have people to back you, and you are not alone.

      if you are married to an unbeliever, you are not bound to him. so i support you as you think through this situation and make decisions.

      may the Lord protect, inspire, and strengthen you

  91. I was recently delivered from the Ahab spirit through profetic prayer I received after I became aware of the real reason for my disasterous marrage of nearly 23 years. During al these years of marriage, I always felt that I was not to leave my husband, as God had a plan with his life. As we started a business 23 years ago and against all odds, became quite wealthy.
    At 20, I quit university to marry him and therefore never finnished my degree. My husband had no tersiary education, but always was a very hard worker.
    For many years I did all bookkeeping and admin. Our business expanded to such a degree that we currently have quite a few businesses, with some in other towns.
    During al this time, I was the sensible one working with money. My husband is a compulsive spender, buying himself cars and clothes and things that’s not needed.
    The past 6 years I became aware that he became extremely pride full, trying to controll everything and everyone in all the bussinesses and wanted me out of the running of the bussiness, by means of verbal abusing me, tellng me how stupid and dum I was and mad for always accusing him with our female employees.
    But because he learned through experiance that I am the only person he could trust with his money, he was forced to keep me, although he tried on several occations to replace me with more quallified employees.
    During our whole marriage, my husband was unfaithfull on several occations, without ever admitting it! And therefore there was absolutely no repentance or remourse. (Only once, 14years ago, after a Christianmen-camp, he came back and asked for forgiveness for what he did to me, without giving any detail on what he was repenting of.)

    The past three years I became part of a ministry and through that God started to heal me. This past year was spiritually one of the best years I’ve ever had!
    I was waterbaptised and baptised in the Holy Spirit, and received the gift of tongues. I now know who I am in Christ and that I do not need validation from my husband to feel good about myself or my circumstances.

    Since the second last sexual affair my husband had, I asked the Lord to show me when to leave, as I believe God hates divorce!
    A year ago, I caught on CCTV camera, my husband carrying another lady late at night from our company’s bar, to his car and left and only returned a few hours later, without the other lady and then came home. I then again asked the Lord to release me from this marriage covenant and even jumped on a plane just to go and nuture my sore heart, somewhere far off. But I could clearly felt in my spirit that I needed to forgive him and to return.
    I couldn’t understand it at that stage, but He is so faithfull and started to show me that I first needed to get stronger in Him, before He was to proceed with His plans for me.
    Although my husband went to church his whole life, the past 9 months he suddenly stopped and preffered to watch the service via TV.
    He also started to feel threatened by me now being fully part of a healing ministry and being so restfull, not fighting anymore with him because of his drinking habits.
    I still believe that God can perform a miracle in my husband, but today I was working from my husband’s laptop sending an urgent e-mail and by “pure accident”, an email from a porn dating website appeared in the inbox.

    I went into the site and saw that he was subscribed to it from May this year, inviting ladies to meet with him while in another town where our other bussinesses are situated, for sexual pleasures!
    I was SO shocked and disgusted! I nearly could not help myself from spatterring it all out. Because we are currently on holiday with family members, I had to keep my composure. When we retired to our rooms, it all came out in full digust! Then all hell came loose!! As ussual he denied everything! I showed him the pictures that I took from the website and email, then he told me to shut my mouth and started to get violent when I refused, but I managed to free myself from him, by scratching him.
    My 14 year old daughter came into the room and he showed her that he was bleeding because I attacked him! I just laughed and left the room. After a few minutes I calmed down completely and went back to our room and climbed into the bed. He told me to get a place to sleep somewhere else, I told him to get himself another place to sleep if he wished, cause I was going nowhere!
    I believe this incident was no accident and that this was maybe my key to leave! I know I am a mentally stronger person than my husband.

    I will however first put in much prayer and fasting, before taking any steps!
    As I know that the Lord’s plan is the best plan to follow!

    I am just so greatfull that by reading all your info on Jezebel, filling in some detail from what I already knew, helped me to step aside and to view my marriage from a distance and to realize that it can not go on like this anymore, as the more I grow spiritually, the more it seems that he is shrinking spiritually!


    • eleda

      I am always sorry to hear stories of people going through this ordeal.

      it is a wonder how you have come through all this stress in one piece.

      to god be the glory for the work he has done in you.

  92. Hi! I am the daughter of a Jezebel mother and Ahab father. It has been a long journey and its still going on. I am 29, I have a brother that is 34, and a step brother that’s 37 ( my dads son). We’ve all suffered including our spouses. My step brother’s marriage didn’t make it. They both confided in her and I definitely believe that spirit had a lot to do with their divorce. May I also add that his wife was cheating since the beginning of the marriage and I believe she too had that spirit. Her and my mom were GOOD friends. My mother does not like me, she may love me, but has never liked me. I’m always seen as weak in her eyes. She wants me to be like her and wear the pants in life in general. She even wants me to dress a certain way. Of course while I lived with her, I always abided by her rules. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t. Also she hates my husband. She hates my brother’s wife as well. They are constantly targets! She will do and say whatever she wants to hurt them and us, but when she wants us around she buys us gifts, or the kids gifts, of cook for us, or use the scripture about honoring your mother and father ( her favorite). Its been so much more stuff that has happened and I don’t know whether or not to charge it to this Jezebel spirit. What I do know is that its definitely got a hold on my mom. Should I continue to let my child be around her? Should I cut her off completely? What can I do to still honor my parents but not tolerate this spirit?

    • danyell

      you can honor her from a distance.

      she is using her role as mother to blackmail you and corrupt your children.

      it is all about her.

      tell her she has behavior issues that negatively impact your children, and she cannot see them or talk to them unless she changes her behavior.

      tell her she has disrupted family peace and unity and you cannot have it in your house.

      you are now an adult, and rule your own life, house and family….so it is your decision that it be this way.

      again, you can respect her, but she needs spiritual help, and you are not equipped to deal with her negative behavior, so you suggest deliverance….psychological counseling will not help because jezebels deny their behavior and 99.9% of the time are NOT sorry, and make excuses, like blaming others for their traits.

      in the meantime, you can tell her you are praying for her salvation and deliverance.

  93. Please pray for my wife Alessandra and I. We both have Jezebel spirits…I believe they came into us from childhood by our parents, but am not sure. One thing is for certain…we were both sexually abused and manipulated as children, possibly by people with Jezebel spirits in them. We each had at least one parent who had a strong Jezebel spirit. We recognize these spirits in us and are trying to get help to get them out of us and our ways of living, but when we go into churches the leadership has had judgemental/condemning demons and offense demons (offended when the demons in us make them feel powerless to help us, because they do not know how to get rid of these demons) rather than being completely free of demons themselves so they can truly minister in God’s power.

    And I know this is not just my Jezebel putting those people down because I have seen with my own eyes the way they have treated my wife in every church we have gone into… for some reason they always put her down (rather the demons in them put her down.) It is not a loving correction that loves her enough to tell her the truth and loves her until she can repent, rather it is demons that put her down and condemn her and make her feel worthless and devalued and like she is not truly welcomed and accepted there. In fact if some good person in my workplace who does not profess to be a Christian saw how my wife was treated in the churches we went to, they would be appalled and would probably speak up and rebuke the churches. I choose to forgive them and I know it is not them but the demons they are not free of themselves that did it to her, but it is very frustrating when you are trying to get deliverance and repentance yourself to have people in leadership who are supposed to be leading you into repentance who are not even free and fully repented themselves. I just wonder if I should give up on churches altogether and read only the Bible since I know the Holy Spirit who wrote it does not have any demons in Him and is not in need of repentance.

    I am working on not being bitter about this, but it definitely has hurt my wife really bad, a baby Christian who just gave her life to God, and hurt me, a backslider who has just been able to come back to Jesus and start repenting because of the love of my wife. One of the reasons I fell away from God in the first place was because of how horribly I got attacked by Christians who were unknowingly in bondage to demons (I did not know it at the time either…I was not aware of how many Christians have demons in them that are seeking to destroy those who are on fire for Jesus)… and the betrayal and devastation I went through was so thorough that Satan was able to convince me through these hateful attacks from these possessed Christians that God was unjust, unfair, and had abandoned me and that I should turn to vengeance and hate rather than trying to serve God and love these people.

    It was a work of Satan that was planned out by him and his demon cohorts, but coming out of it is so difficult…the pain of knowing what happened to me, knowing that these people were being controlled by Satan, and that I was able to be so deeply attacked by Satan through my own flesh and blood…I literally got deceived by the devil because I trusted people with an open heart of love and faith… naively trusting that they could never have such hard hearts towards God that they could be filled with and controlled by demons. God told me through His Word that I literally have to forget about them so I can move on with my life…that I have to forgive them but as far as having them in my life in any way…people that I really loved…I have to forget about that and move on. It’s heartbreaking.

    I am praying that one day I will be healed/delivered enough to come back and reconcile with them and even lay down my life for them so they could be set free, but to know that they led me down to hell so badly that I may have to separate myself from them for good really hurts. I realize more and more that I made bad choices as well and that’s why I got into the mess I’m in…that I opened the doors to evil instead of trusting God…but in a lot of ways I was baited into a trap by Satan as an innocent young man who really had faith in people…I believed they were good people who loved God and would never be following Satan. It honestly was a lot what the Bible talks about…a sheep being eaten up by wolves. I have compassion for them because they didn’t know…but ignorance is not bliss because they led me down the path to Satan without realizing what they were doing. And now I am trying to pick up the pieces of my life…possessed by demons including Jezebel, with no clue how to come out of this other than keep reading the Bible and believe that God is still the God who turns the man Legion into an evangelist for him.

    Is there anyone out there in the Body of Christ, other than just Jesus Himself, who is set free enough to love those like my wife and I instead of judging us, with the power and love of Jesus to cast these demons out of us? Or should I just forget churches and read only my Bible looking for deliverance? I am asking honestly and as humbly as I know how wanting to know the truth…what should I do?

    • jeremy

      from the way you write and your descriptions of you and your wife, it does not sound like you are infested with jezebel spirits.

      now it may be that you have been wounded by jezebels, but the wounds would have made you eunuchs and victims…not the perpetrator of wounds in others

      I agree that many churches are full of demons now

      you express compassion, which jezebels do not have. they are quite vicious.

      what negative characteristics do you have that make you think you are just that evil?

      many victims have had blame put on them for the actions of jezebels, who reverse blame onto the victim, so I want to make that distinction in your case and the case of your wife as well.

  94. Hello I just read this article and yes I too had an encounter with. a Jezebel spirit that was possessing my now ex-boyfriend/baby daddy. We have been together for 11 year and have three children together. This Jezebel spirit has been hanging around for the past. month, its been two weeks since my last encounter with Jezebel. It was hell I tell ya! My children’s father spiraled out of control nd I told him to go to a medicine man but of course denied the offer and. Told everybody I was crazy. He is incarcerated at the moment and is more clear-minded.I pray for healing my wounds and my children for having to go through this mess. I pray for him also.I can still feel the Jezebel spirit around me. Im sure she is looking for my kids dad but it just freaks me out but prayer is powerful and keeps it from latching on to me. Even my children seen it! We are all very open-minded. I never thought in this lifetime I could ever be in this kind of situation. Thank you for the article and may the creator be with you😇

    • cynthia

      You are right to want to fight back…..

      I am sending you the prayer against witchcraft and spirits.

      also against curses…..

      best to print out, if you can, and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

      may god be with you and strengthen you

  95. Iam married to a man with the Jezebel spirit it’s been very difficult and devastating seven years.The lord reveal this to me in November 2015 …the spirit in him has taken full control. He has managed to full the whole church..the elders and my pastor.My husband is not aware of this at all..I couldn’t share what the lord revealed.There is so much I could say but I am sooo tired and fighting this in the spirit daily as the lord leads me.I found a pastor and wife in another church to help me as they are not fooled by the spirit at all.Please pray for me as I do not know if I should leave the church for the sake of my marriage…my husband will most likely stay in our current church because he fears what God can do and what God would reveal by getting the help he needs in the other church.I am not sure to stayor leave but I know I must fight because we do not fight against flesh and blood but principalities and rulers and darkness …

    • sandi

      go where you have spiritual support. pray for his deliverance and salvation over there.

      I am attaching a prayer you may find helpful that you can ask others to join you in

      I will agree with you in prayer as well.

  96. This is a great article! I am trying to figure out if I have a male Jezebel Spirit or Ahab Spirit in myself. Hoping to talk with someone real soon about it. I fit a lot of the descriptions of this Spirit but I want to change. I feel terrible most of the time about it but I am trying to do better. I want the respect of my co-workers and management team and I don’t want to pass this down to my kids. Do you have any articles about the Ahab Spirit? Please pray for me!

    • man do better

      I am so sorry. I did not get website notification when you commented, so I did not reply earlier.

      I have a page on the ahab and some on the male jezebel

      search through the list to read what you need. the basic difference between the ahab and the male jezebel is that the ahab has authority, but is more passive about it, and allows the female jezebel to act. so she operates off his authority

      the male jezebel does the action, and dominates the female.

      you have my prayers and are welcome to contact me by email.

    • Do you have a bible and read it everyday? I pray the Lord will quicken His Word to you and place a strong christian Dad and strong Christian brothers in your life that will help the Lord deliver you from evil In Jesus Name Amen. I pray you receive a healthy fear of the Lord which is the first step in wisdom. I pray you read the stories in the Word of God about those who harmed God’s anointed ( a child of God ) to see what happened to them! I pray the Lord help you to turn from your wicked ways. Owning up to your wrong behaviour takes courage and wisdom by way of fearing what God will do if you don’t repent. Are you a born again christian? If you have to think about that question….If you don’t know Jesus as your Saviour and Lord , ( you’d know it by a personal experience ) so simply pray this prayer with me speaking it out loud as you read : Heavenly Father , I come to You in the Name of Jesus . Your Word says, Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved ” and “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead , thou shalt be saved ” (Acts 2:21; Romans 10:9) You said my salvation would be the result of Your Holy Spirit giving me new birth by coming to live in me ( John 3:5-6, 15-16; Romans 8:9-11) and that if I would ask , You would fill me with Your Spirit and give me the ability to speak in Holy Spirit language of tongues (Luke 11:13; Acts 2;4). I take you at Your Word I confess that Jesus is Lord. And I believe in my heart that You raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Thank You for coming into my heart , for giving me Your Holy Spirit as You have promised and for being Lord over my life Amen. Hallelujah Praise the Lord if you just became born again and delivered into the Kingdom of God ! All of heaven is celebrating! Even if were born again but drifted away and now returned ready for a closer walk with the Lord as you have experienced already how “the enemy” can be successful with overtaking our character and hurting people we love or overtaking our character so we don’t have enough guts to stand up to controlling nasty people . Make the Lord number 1 and make sure you are receiving “sound teaching”! Beware of false teachers! Lord have Your Word be a lamp unto his path In Jesus Almighty Name we pray Amen and we give You all the Praise and Glory Lord Hallelujah ! James 4:7 Submitt to the will of the Lord, resist the devil and the devil will flee. This scripture is true, just repeat that scripture over and over especially if you feel stressed or fear!!!!!

    • Please read my post below Marianne’s.

  97. I am going through this with my husband…he has cut me off financially, slandered my name and called me every vile and disgusting name you can imagine…I never thought I would go through this with him. It hurts..I know I need to let him go…He walked out on me and my four children a month ago and we have a six month old together. Please keep us in your prayers.

    • angel

      this type of situation is always horrible and heartbreaking.

      until or unless he gets deliverance, your first priority is your children.

      he cannot just walk out of there, and leave you with all the bills and the children like that. he is obligated to support at least them.

      seek help from social services in your area for food and money help.

      do immediately, as the application process takes time

      you have my prayers for deliverance and healing from this situation

    • Speak Zechariah 2:5 , Psalm 91 entirely,and plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and the kids every single day !!!!! Don’t allow him to be alone with you God will provide your every need! Don’t allow fear of lack, trust the Lord to provide In Jesus Name Amen.

  98. Oh my goodness…my husband is exactly like this…how the heck do i deal with this! I’m a believer and i was wondering what was wrong with him…please help me

    • rasta

      if your husband is a male jezebel, you have your hands full.

      but I need to find out more how he acts with you to advise you

      does he hurt you or threaten you?

      or is he nice to you, but aggressive with others?

  99. My children’s father has a strong Jezebel Spirit on him. He comes from a mother who did not provide love to him and a father who abandoned him. In 2014, things became very physical when I threatened to leave him so he choked me until blood came out of my nose. I ended up getting a restraining order and then months later, I took him back. I have two children with him, my son who is 18 and my daughter who is 2 years old. My son became suicidal because he felt like it was his fault for the abuse I have experience. Long story short, the abuse started again after I had my daughter. I eventually left the situation but the abuse became more emotional. Because he could not affect me, he started affecting my son. So I went to court again to get another restraining order but I lost that case. I realized that I was going about this all wrong. It became aparent to me that I need to be fighting in the spirit. I was seeking how to pray effectively not to get away from him but to forgive him and pray for his Salvation. I thought I could continue to make arrangements for him to see the baby but it would be a way for him to get me to negatively engage. I would get physically sick, full of anxiety and depressed. So I decided to cease communication and get back to praying for his Salvation. I would love for my family to be back together but not on the basis of abuse. The demons that are influencing him hate me so much. He does not treat anyone as bad as he treats me. So my request is very simple… please pray for Nicholas’ (father) salvation. I plead the blood of Jesus over my children’s lives. I want him to be saved because God wants all men saved. My son said he would like a father who knows God. I want the demonic personalities that are controlling him to be casted out in Jesus’ name and he becomes the man God intended him to be. I love him enough to leave the situation but more than enough to see him saved in the name of Jesus. It saddens me that I was not aware of Spiritual Warfare to this level because my life could have definitely taken a different direction. Thank you!

  100. I don’t even know where to start. This level 2 Jezebel is exactly the discription of my ex-fiancé but my fiancé was worse. I was with him for 3 yrs only because I couldn’t get rid of him. when I met him the picture that he posted was not even what he really looks like so I just had played it off and began dating him. He was very nice considerate but I saw some weird things but just kind of brushed it off. A huge mistake! Ive been a Christian for most all my life and about two months after we started dating he lost his job and wasn’t able to pay his bills and actually has had 9 jobs since I’ve known him, so I was helping him and began giving him money to pay his bills in the excess of $5000 because he claimed that he had no money and his parents couldn’t help him then he needs to borrow my one of my vehicles because his was supposedly broke and I just totally got taken by this guy. I did end up getting the $5000 back he did pay that back but it was with vengeance after I cut him off with the money and no more vehicle. I took that back because he was drinking and driving with my vehicle then that’s when he became very erotic and violent he caused me to lose three out of four jobs that I had. He would call my office over and over if I didn’t answer my cell. Mgt got sick of it and let me go after almost 2 yrs there. the second one he called and actually made up a lie that I had violated some financial laws at my last company and that’s why I was let go which is not the case and then he began just calling and showing up at my work places. so I ended up losing those jobs. I didn’t even look for another job because I became so ill I couldn’t get out of bed for days/weeks. then He just started showing at my house at 11, 12- 5 o’clock in the morning. When I wouldn’t let him in my house he would sleep out front and block my driveway. When He would come in at times he began breaking things, stealing, hiding things of mine and even took pictures of confidential information that I forgot to put away only to blackmail me with it later. damaging my house property inside and on the outside if I wasn’t giving him 100 percent of my attention and did what he wanted. he was violent and he was always threatening me harm saying that he was going to kill me and my family and even told me he was putting spells on me. I really started to keep my distance from him because of all that and my suspicion of his cheating, but it was very difficult because he would just show up at any time or threaten to show up. He would call me like 20-100 times a day and really foul foul mouth. words I’ve never heard of would come out of his mouth almost like spells. I moved away and he moved also. I’ve cut off all communication off for the last two weeks I haven’t talk to him at all and he keeps calling. wondering what this person is going to do. he won’t stop if he doesn’t call he’s texting if he’s not texting he’s emailing and it’s every day since I cut off all communication. Sometimes it’s once a day sometimes it’s four times a day. I’ve been in a major prayer about this and deffinatly been doing spiritual warfare. I can tell you after two weeks of researching this on the web I found a lot of information but you have laid out a description of the type of person he is that so spot on it’s terrifying. I would appreciate any input and suggestions on what to expect him to do at this point. He has someone else, he can’t be alone. Thank you.

    • Reilly

      contact the police and get a restraining order on him so he cannot come near you. or call you harassing you

      tell any potential employer about him and request that if he tries to come around to call the police

      he only understands force and violence, so give it to him, and make it work for you

      also get a weapon for self defense

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  102. […] There is another spirit that women need to know about that is often not on their radar because of the name associated with it.  This is called a Jezebel spirit.  Make no mistake, the Jezebel spirit has no real preference to which sex it is going to use as a means to create havoc.  I came across an article that nails the character of the male Jezebel spirit by sharing a number of pages with different attributes.  The one that I first came across was pretty amazing as I looked at the picture depicting the demon.  (Something about the way an artist can depict a personality…) The story of Queen Jezebel, her husband King Ahab and the Prophet Elijah can be found in 1 Kings:18-19.  As you read the scriptures, you gain insight into the characteristics of these wicked spirits.  Insight in the Conflict Oriented Male Jezebel Spirit of War. […]

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