The Jezebel Pastor / Minister



It is not really about God…. It is about him !!!!

He talks about God, but is not in love with Him. God is an academic topic, not someone he has a personal relationship with.

Many claims of exaggerated nature, regarding personal accomplishments, based on self –efforts, not undeserved mercy of God.

He has special “anointing” that makes him someone you need to look up to.

You need to depend on him for prayer and blessings, since you do not have the gifts and favor he does.

He needs to lay hands on you, since he is your intercessor, not Jesus. (He does not tell you this, but he never tells you to go directly to Jesus when in need. He tells you to come up for prayer, and HE intercedes).

* This is different than just praying for someone to show support. We all can intercede for each other as well, but we must recognize the true intercessor, who is Jesus.

Sin of pride. Grandiose self image. Not humble.

Demands attention. Struts around the stage, storms around, or paces around to keep your eyes on him. Very theatrical.

May have a dreamy, far away look in his eyes – this makes him look “spiritual.”

Undaunted by resentment of him, seeks envy as proof that he is something superior that others are not.

Benefits whether – reputation is good or bad- he can use the bad reputation to his advantage, saying the devil is after him.

Overreacts to situations

Boastfully displays God’s blessings as favor from God, and to inspire adulation, imitation, and envy

* Much of his money blessings he got from taking the money you gave to God.

Seeks attention, and special recognition for being so special.

“Be like me” messages.

Manipulates others to obtain status, control, compliance, money, attention.

Effective brainwashing tactics. You believe everything he says, without checking out the content for truth.

Religious cult atmosphere. Too much uniformity in behavior. Putting church as top priority, instead of family. People will let their families go hungry in order to pay tithes to the church, or they will spend more time at church than with their families. Will sacrifice self and family for church, and this puts stress on everyone. Families may break up.

He targets the naive, vulnerable, uneducated or mentally weak. They believe whatever he says.

Great emphasis on money, personal empowerment, prosperity to keep you hooked.

False “power of God” movement - counterfeit – demonic origin. Clue- do you feel no better, or worse afterward, if you are “slain in the spirit?” Think about it. If the real God touches you, He does not do it without it affecting you in a constructive way.

Little or no emphasis on holiness, purity, or humility.

Entertains, or allows, false prophecy to enhance self image or image of his “chosen ones” who help him. God does not choose you, he does.

false prophecy : over generalized, vague, no impact on your spirit, something anyone can say about anyone, or anything. (God loves you, seek my face, come to me, I know your problem, and I will help you, God is calling you to serve Him, this country has problems, etc) Any specific things said were picked up from knowing you anyhow, or they were already predicted in the Bible, and they are plagiarizing it. Or they guess and get it wrong. Future events do not come true.

true prophecy: specific details given, impacts your spirit, unique to you. Say things that only God knows about you, or the situation. No way of knowing these things unless God is involved. What seems like unlikely predicted events actually come true.

He falsely portrays himself to be virtuous, the perfect father, husband, spiritual leader, advisor, mentor, friend.

Controls you by enrapturing you with his spirituality, and you submit.

Can control you by twisting scripture to make you feel guilty if you do not obey him, or do not believe the same way.

Distorts scripture. Puts new meanings on existing passages, or uses them out of context for the purpose of gain.

Feels “gain is godliness” in some way. Poverty is a curse, and you must strive for worldly gain. Jesus “died” so you could be “rich.”


Best response:

Avoid him. Leave.

Know his payoff is attention, money or abusing you.

Be suspicious of excessive charisma.

Ask for fair recognition of anything legitimate you have to offer. If he rejects you as unimportant, take that as a clue as to what he is.

Pray for the church that blind eyes be opened.

If you are brave enough, document wrong doings so they can be exposed later.

Remember that you serve God, not man.

Be ready to minister to any victims he has, and counsel them to leave. Be careful, since he will condemn you to others if he finds out. But do not worry, you do not need his approval anyhow. You only need God’s approval.



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  2. Queen Jezebel usurped her wimp king husband’s authority to accomplish her selfish desires. Likewise, many pastors usurp God’s authority to accomplish their selfish desires. It is important to know that they know not what they do, as Jesus spoke from the cross. It is almost impossible to convince a Jezebel spirited person of their evil trait because they are certain it is God’s desire for them… DavWms

  3. Hi David,

    You are totally right. Very sad, and dangerous. They are spiritually blinded by the spirit of Jezebel, which can prey on males as well as females.


  4. What if the Pastor is a woman? :/

    • I’m dealing with one now and I’m about to leave there. However I just got schooling on WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING 101, and I believe God is going to use me to warn others about this spirit with strength and confidence. My advice is to stay prayed and fasted up, so you can hear GOD clearlly!

      • Miranda

        good idea to leave. and every good soldier has a few wounds that makes him more wise to the enemy’s devices. be blessed, alert, and safe as you warn others.

  5. Hi Sila

    The Jezebel works best in females. But this does not mean every woman pastor is a Jezebel. You have to see if the description matches her.


  6. Help! God help me! THis is my husband. He is a “pastor” and there is a female jezebel that is working with him. After service, one time she told me that GOd told her that “all this” and she pointed (we we’re in the sanctuary)” was gonna be hers.” During praise and worship, she’s the praise leader, she pointed to me and shouted on the microphone “Get outta her devi1!”. She’s done the same thing to my son-he’s 15 and he’s teaching himself to play the organ-so he cannot play all that well. When he makes a mistake on the organ, she points her finger and walks over to him and yells on the microphone, “Devil you are a liar!” She’s called all the members and when they testify- they testify about they are glad that she calls to ask about them. I realize that this is her manipulation. She’s gonna preach her first sermon in 2 weeks and I don’t want to be there because I know we (my children) are gonna be the targets. My husband cannot get two words out of his sermon without her yelling a loud ‘amen”. Sometimes she just yells ‘g-l-o-o-o-r-y’. I hate to admit it, but my husband’s sermons are not biblical. He preaches that people can earn their way into heaven by coming to church…He actually has a saying. He starts it out by saying “No work” and the congregation reply “no pay.” He then says “little work” and they say “little pay.’ I tried to explain to him at home that salvation is not by works lest any could boast. He went into a rage, slammed the door of the hinges and cursed me out. Will everyone please pray with me about these demonic spirits!

    • Kimberly

      You are going to have to grab the tiger by the tail on this one.

      Divide and conquer.

      I am guessing that your husband is an ahab, rather than a jezebel. Ahabs are more passive, and enable the jezebel. If he were a male jezebel, he would be in control and kick her out.

      You are the pastors’ wife. The witch has to leave. You do not have to take her abuse.

      talk to your husband first……you do not need her running to him for comfort.

      Also, he will go with the most aggressive woman, so be aggressive. You do not have to be negative (you can be positively aggressive), but stand up for yourself and the church, and let your authority be known clearly.

      Tell your husband she has to go because she is a know it all loud mouth, who is abusive and ungodly, and has no respect for the pastor and his family. Tell him she has stated she plans to take over the church (he will not like that).

      That is NOT her church. She has to leave.

      Call her outside of church hours, and tell her to leave.

      if she shows up at church, and says anything to the congregation, or causes trouble, then you get yourself up there, and explain to the congregation that she is a jezebel, she is causing strife, chaos and division in the church, and is not welcome there until she learns to repent and behave herself.

      Tell everyone to pray for her deliverance. The gospel of Jesus is a precious thing, and you are not going to let it be tainted. Jesus commanded the church to remove jezebels, and you are obeying God.

      With jezebels, you have to be blunt.

      • women preaching?? not biblical. women are not allowed to preach. 1 timothy 2:11-14.

      • I think you mean assertive not aggressive.

      • Kimberly, I have personally dealt with the jezebel spirit. Very wicked, very controlling. I will tell you what I did. I prayed and prayed and prayed, I then fasted for 6 days(not boasting this is what God lead me to do) … Then God said its time for me to speak to my husband about the jezebel… I told my husband, he then fasted for 3 days. He couldn’t understand how someone who he trusted for so long was really seeking to destroy him and his ministry. After his 3rd day of fast(which is very unusual for my husband to go on a 3 day fast, because he likes to eat) he sought advice from our spiritual leader. Who did indeed tell my husband yes this lady carries the jezebel spirit… Listen tell your wife she is right… I had only been around this lady twice in my whole life… I knew something was wrong, but I had to wait for God to tell me what… When all the other church members just adore her… Some still do, I thank God for removing her out of our marriage… And I think God she doesn’t live her anymore… I suggest pray, fast, read your bible… If the heat gets to hot, al though this is hard to me to advise… Take your children and leave your husband… This jezebel can only be defeated by spiritual warfare… God Bless sister :)

    • Praying for you and about everything you have talked about in in the board.

    • Hello hi Kimberly, remember that the enemy always attacks the weaker vessel and, it sound like to me God has you on a assignment continue to pray for God to break the yoke and stronghold that have that women leader that is speaking over the pulpit at the congregation,and try to stay prayed up for your children because, what this woman is doing to your son can break him in his spirit and cause your children to stray from pleaded the blood over your family in Jesus Christ name…

  7. OBEY ACTS 2:38


  9. what do you mean i guess? are you something else?

    • hi John

      It depends on the definition you are thinking of when you say apostolic. Here are some examples:

      This describes me, although I do not belong to a church with this name:

      I have a different definition of the trinity than they do, however.

      because of this – words of Jesus to the Father:

      Jhn 17:1 ¶ These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:

      Jhn 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know YOU, the ONLY true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

      I also do not care much about church super structures or highly complex organizations. I believe in the simplicity of the gospel, the purity of each believer, and the baptism of the holy spirit. Worship and temporal rewards need to be spiritual, deeply reverent (no worldly music), and not materialistic in focus.

  10. baptisim is the begining of salvation. but how you are baptize is what is important. we were instructed to be baptized in jesus name, according to acts 2:38. so are you saying you believe in trinity?

    • john

      I have been baptized both ways…..

      in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…


      in Jesus name

      are you UPC?

    • John, first of all let me make it clear. If someone has told you that
      baptism is the first step to salvation they are in grave error.
      The first and ONLY step to salvation is Jesus Christ ALONE. You
      cannot add anything to it….not church attendance, not baptism,
      not giving money, etc… I’ve met people over the years who
      say they are saved. When I ask how they know they are saved,
      many will say they were baptized in this or that church. If you get
      “baptized” without first getting saved (born-again according to
      John 3:3) then all you did was get wet. You may as well have gone
      to the local swimming pool instead of church that day. You
      are no more saved by getting baptized than you would become a car just
      from sitting in your garage.
      Jesus is the ONLY way to God. Yes, baptism is important but in
      a different way. Not a path to salvation but a path to identifying with
      Christ. More symbolic than anything else. I’ve been baptized twice…
      once in my first church and another time in another church. But
      not once did I ever think that I was saved through baptism. If someone
      is teaching that in your church, you’d better get out and find a true
      church; one that knows and preaches the true word of God.
      This is the false doctrine of “salvation of works” prevalent in too many
      churches, no matter what method you use to get baptized.

  11. what form of baptisim do you believe in? there can only be one form of baptisim. iam straight apostolic.

    • john

      I think either way is acceptable, if it is done after repentance of sins, and belief and trust in the salvation of Jesus as the only way to heaven.

      since apostolic can mean different things, either baptism type can be used……..some apostolic say Jesus only….other apostolic say Father, Son and holy spirit……

      I also believe in the baptism of the holy ghost, as evidenced in tongues, and the baptism of fire.

  12. no. both ways are not acceptable. we are commanded to be baptize in jesus name. there is no power in father,son,holy ghost. there is power in the name of jesus. in col 3:17 says anything you do in WORD or DEED do all in the name of jesus.

  13. eph 4:5 1 LORD 1 FAITH 1 BAPTISIM.

    there is only one correct baptisim,that is in jesus name.

  14. eph 4:5 1 LORD 1 FAITH 1 BAPTISIM. sorry my name is shano, i put john as my name because i didnt think my comment was going to go threw.

  15. talking about demonic spirits anita beijum should have a jezebel spirit.if you pay 5000 dollars for a pen while kids in africa are starving you must be out of your freaking mind

  16. Tell me… will a Jezebel pastor accuse all the women in his church of having the Jezebel spirit or be explosive if things don’t go his way and tell parishoners to leave the church and never come back? Or say he will hunt you down if you leave… or perhaps blame/accuse/lie when you tell him you’re leaving the church? Does this pastor try to keep people dependent upon his annointing?

  17. Marianne, I just want to thank you for your Godly counsel. I wrote to you in April. I got as far as sharing with my husband what was going on and he flew into a rage (which he does at the mention the this womans’ name by me-he’s very very protective of her- I think because she brings in so many members). My husband ended up telling ME to leave his church. So I did,I stopped attending the church he pastors’for several months-after which time he begged daily that I return. You told me he’s probably an Ahab- and I can see now that youre right. Once I returned to church-the woman I told you about-had complete control of the church members. So, I cant really stand up for them because , at this point they reject me-only a little girl at the church says hello. The only time anyone says anything to me now is when they ‘invite’ me to a womens ministry that they announced she founded (in fact the first thing I did at the inception of the church ministry was to found the women’s ministry-but then again- she did tell me ‘this is all gonna be mine”-referring to herself. I just found out that he loaned them almost $1,0000 to pay her light bill-(he didnt tell me until she refused to pay him back as agreed.) THere’s so much divsion in oour home-marriage and church. The ony person he’s one with is her-its like she has a spell on him. I know that God told me to dust my feet and I know that I am out of His will at this point. There’s so much that I am going thru at that church-but I am better off spiritually, then when I first wrote you. I just want you to know that your Godly counsel helped me profoundly. You had said to be strong and because of that, I have been reading proclaiming God’s Word of “let the weak say I am strong.” I taught Sunday school for a decade-and no one came-but our 2 children. I have since dusted my feet of that. As a result, I have a much better relationship with God because I spent so much time on my ‘ministry’-now I spend that time with God.I am slowly but surely breaking free. Again, thank you.

    • Kimberly

      You need to kick that bum out of the house.

      He has committed adultery – spiritual or physical or both – and he has no business coming home to anything. Sue him for child support.

      He has done worse than that. He has turned his church over to satan.

      Your children are going to be affected by this. You need to protect them.

      To stay with him makes you look weak and enabling.

      Get rid of him, and get that witch on the phone and tell her she is a witch, and come and get his weak, stupid self.

      If he can give that much money to her, he can afford child support + alimony.

      That is my humble opinion, but you make the decision.

      • It’s a pretty sick situation and you’re right-I do need to protect our children. I decided on a divorce months ago. But, again I want to thank you because you-a stranger-have been there for me at the lowest points in my life. I also want you to know that I am not the same person I was in April-I have experienced true liberty in Christ-a much better relationship with God. God has blessed me with joy now. I was oppressed and under the enemies foot and its as if, you brought a light and pointed the way. Thank you!

        • Kimberly,

          You have already proven that you are strong in the Lord.

          You will make it, whatever your decision is.

          Remember, Jesus is your real husband and pastor.

        • Hi Kimberley, its been 3 years down the line. Howz everythin? My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you.God will not give you more than you can bear.

        • Kimberly, Just trust in God darling. Trust in God. God does not want us to be friendly with people who carry this spirit. I’ve even had other church people come against me on this issue. 1 Corinthians 10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils… Marianne is right… Please do God’s will sister Kimberley. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless…

  18. Marianne, I absolutely KNOW that you have encountered the Jezebel Spirit, because EVERYTHING you point out is true! My story begins like this. I am in my 2nd Marriage. I’m married to an Elder. I LOVE GOD with ALL that I have. I live to please HIM! Well, I was reunited with my husband in January (our Fathers were friends) and Married Him in October. It was a Whilwind romance! I had been asked to marry at 2 other people before my husband, but I was waiting on GOD. (or so I thought). My misery became intensified right after we got back from our honeymoon. Some women sent him a txy indicating that he was the father of her baby. another women was emailing me stating that I need to larn how to keep my man! I chalked it up to jealousy or envy. Then the Money mismanagement surfaced! He gets paid weekly. Either the entire check was eatin up by Overdraft fees, or he spent his money on what he wanted and I PAID the BIlls! We both have children, but not together. He lived in my parents old home with me until we could find another (we still haven’t) and there began to be soooo much strife in our home. The only time he (the Elder) picked up his Bible is when he had to preach (which I’ve only seen 4 times) in the year we’ve been married or when I had a question on what I was studying. His “interpretation” of the Word is scewed. It’s crazy! One day in my prayer time I asked the Lord to please show me what I am dealing with…He Led me Here! In fact Marianne, I believe at one time in my life I may have even operated in pride or rebellion. I thank God for deliverance! He has left the home for the past 3 weeks. He runs from the Word…It’s so sad. I don’t miss him, and that makes me feel bad because I really believed I heard from God concerning him…Even though I saw many, many, many red flags. One of his best friends is the Pastor of the church he attends (Ahab maybe?) He preaches this sunday and I am not lead to go. I don’t condone preaching something extremely different than what you are living. The one positive to this situation is that I believe that God has absolutely confirmed the ministry HE will use me for. HE wants me to SPEAK what HE says, no matter the cost. I have died to me! The hardest thing to face right now is, I somewhat feel like a failure…Even though I teach my Children in the Lord, if this marriage fails it will still be a failed marriage. I’m really trusting God to pick up the pieces of my life….Any insight you can offer is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for yielding to your call.

    • hi Letres

      first of all, don’t let him come back. He will never repent.

      second, if you are due any alimony, or property settlements, get that done

      File for divorce….let him play his games….he will burn up at the end.

      You are not a failure…. you just misjudged him.

      You were trusting…now you are wiser.

      Just stay close to God, and stay away from the bozo loser…….

      You do not need anyone dragging you down….so write him off as a mistake, and do not crucify yourself over it.

      you are going to be ok. :)

  19. This site and the information you present is very interesting. I attend a church founded by one well known authorities on the Jezebel spirit. He does say that this demon can inhabit either gender, but gives little information on male Jezebel’s other then Balaam. I have studied my pastors works and others, (especially John Paul Jackson) to determine how to identify and deal with a male Jezebel, and I have independently come up with nearly every thing that you have listed here.

    The hardest one for me was the question of a male Jezebel’s sexuality, and his attitudes toward intimacy, which you have indicated differently then what I was expecting and so far finding.

    You dubbed the male Jezeble with captivating Romeio like traits, and one that can slyly seduce women, which I didn’t think of.
    However, I have found men I believe may be Jezebelic as overly chauvinistic, and perhaps even prude. (at least on the surface)
    This seemed the most logical male counterpart to the female Jezebel as being liberated, and promisecuis, with the reasoning that female Jezebels want to undermine and domenate male figures of authority. But for a man to be promiscuis is not as shocking as when women are, so that wouldn’t be effective. However, for a man to be more prude and chauvinistic would further oppress and undermine women in a sociatiy that does so anyway.
    But on the other hand, putting in the romantic part of the equation does make since because that would be the male counterpart to women being seductive and alluring.
    Have you heard of male Jezebels as being more chauvenistic then most men are?

    I don’t see too much in your blogs on their claims to being prophets. Some, but not a lot, and isn’t being prophetic one of the most major trademarks of Jezebels?

    The other one I’m not sure of is number 6 from your Charismatic Male Jezebel blog, being in a hurry to marry. It seems to me that the opposite would be more likely. That they don’t want a commited relationship unless there is no other choice. Perhaps you have some more enlightenment on this one.

    You have a very contemporary work here, and I am impressed.

    • hi Byran

      There are varieties of personality types within the Jezebel framework.

      I have mentioned the female personality types more than the males. They all have the core traits ( they all lie and control, etc), then, but with variations due to personality.

      For example, with the female, she can be outwardly aggressive, controlling, loud and promiscuous. But she can also be passive- aggressive, quiet, sneaky or whiny (poor little me – the victim) to get attention.

      The male can do this too.

      The impulsive charismatic male will show insincere interest in a woman, to convince her she is to submit to him. Mentioning marriage to a woman signals commitment, and she is more flattered and submits, thinking she has found love in her life. Of course, he does not mean it. He might marry her, but he is not faithful.

      There are also men who are outright bullies….the excessive chauvinistic type. These men will beat their wives, or at least bully them around, and force submission. They are also the ones who can come to power in a country, and oppress the people.

      The prude type sounds more like an Ahab to me.

      The source of power behind the Jezebel woman is an Ahab male.

      He is the one with the authority, but he delegates it to her, so he won’t have to take action himself.

      In a workplace, he is the director, and she is the manager under him. In a church, he is the pastor, and she is the prophetess that controls the church. In a marriage, he is the husband, and she is the one who makes all the decisions in the family. Damage abounds due to the Jezebel female under the Ahab, but the Ahab will do nothing to stop her, and nothing to help her victims. He could care less.

      A true Jezebel will dominate.

      A true Ahab will let Jezebel do it. However, he does have his authority to act independently aside from her. For example, in a workplace, he may have areas in which he does exercise authority just because the Jezebel is not qualified.

      An example is a university department head. He is a PhD. He will make decisions over other faculty because the Jezebel office manager only has a BA degree and has no authority over the faculty. However, she runs his office, and can make the faculty miserable when they enter her territory.

      A male Jezebel who is both prude (more like an Ahab) and chauvinistic (more like a Jezebel) is one I have to think about. I usually write about the ones I have met. If you know of one, I welcome you to write up a description of it, and I can look it over and consider posting it.

      Both the male Jezebel and the Ahab are men with power and authority in their situations.

  20. Oy so now I think this new friend/sister in the Lord is dealing with that. Same symptoms…victim mentality, wants control, takes your weaknesses and uses them against you. Do you stay in relationship or continue to forgive and walk in love?

    • Robin

      Stay away from anyone like this. They will eventually either back stab you, or attack you to your face.

      You can walk in love, but you don’t have to be in their path.

      You deserve better friends than this.

      Good friends build you up, not tear you down.

  21. Well, I’m with my mouth open, but I’m so glad that God givme the revelation that this Pastor have the spirit of jetzabel. I had a dream and when I start reading some websites my dram was more clear.

  22. Hey uhm I just found out that I got the spirit of jezebel I don’t want it.

    • hi vasti

      Actively reject the spirit, in Jesus name. Also learn about it. Here is a link that gives a list of types of jezebels. Knowledge is power.

      One post is healing for jezebel. You need a strong male christian figure in your life to help destroy the jezebel inside of you, and help bring out the real beautiful you.

      You can also write and ask questions. I will keep you in my prayers.

  23. I read some of the posts, as a Christian we need to be careful and discerning. So many of the comments are not even godly not Christian….. col. 3:18-19, We have to take the whole counsel of God. If we do not have a Biblical concel to give it better to be quite and say nothing lest we be the cause of someones distruction 1Corinthina 8:9 But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.

  24. Hi!!! I totally agree the material You have mentioned above coz I personally have been studying bout it with some elderly women n mothers.I Have a true and live example in Mumbai,India.A so called ‘Man Of God’ too and his Leadership Members. His Name Is Pstr.Willie Soans and His wife Beverly also not to forget His Confidante Sister Juliana Leslie. I’m personally sharing this with You coz It’s very Sad to see This Spirit of Filth moving in their Church. VERY VERY concerned for this church most of all for THE BODY OF CHRIST !!! I am concerned coz I have been a part of this Church and my heart pains to see all of it however praying with selected intercessing women and moving practically too… If you allow me to share the Happenings of this church,I would be glad and privilidged to do so thru ur E-Mail adress. Hoping to keep in touch with You!!…

    • I heard him speak this year in the UK. The individual prophetic words he gave at the end to those who went forward seem to have at least some substance. However, his manner seemed somewhat intense and unnatural and, as someone who gives prophetic words myself, I found his words imprecise and fragmentary, In short, that is why I ended up here!
      Nevertheless, I may still be willing to receive whatever may yet be the voice of God regardless of the vessel.
      I would therefore be keen to know your experiences and would ask you to try to write calmly, clearly and understating where possible, as I would be more likely to listen.
      Thank you for your courage in sharing.

      • Further to my comments, here is my email address, if you would like to reply – thanks …

      • Let’s not be quick to judge! I just came across this today..and sad to read what is written here…
        We are called to gracious and our words seasoned with salt.
        Let’s judge nothing and no one before time!
        Harvest is plenty workers are few….
        Let’s be soul winners for Jesus.

    • Prune, you should realize that by openly accusing a man of God like this you are inviting judgment from God. The fact is that God is taking Community of Hope and the church in Mumbai to greater heights in Him, and your finger-pointing is not going to stop that!
      And Stuart, every prophetic word should be weighed with the word of God. If you found Pastor Willie’s words imprecise, the how about mailing the man? Do you find posting blog comments on the issue most constructive? Pastor Willie has been moving in the prophetic for decades, and I have personally witnessed how God has used him to transform lives and change destinies! A man can always make mistakes though, so weigh every word a prophet brings with the word of God!

    • Can someone who has not spent a day with us know us better than God does?
      Then whose report will we choose to believe?
      God’s for sure!
      I choose to believe in the One(Jesus Christ my Lord) who saved me 32 years back!
      For He knows me inside out. Nothing is hidden from Him.
      He knows my entire past that was spent without Him and He forgave me and remembers it no more!
      He has watched my every step after that and picked me up when I fell.
      He never ever left me, He is still working on me, I know the day I see Him I will be like Him!
      So it’s what our God says or think that really matters!
      He loves each of you with an everlasting love!

    • Please specify, facts and details of how is the Jezebel spirit moving in this church. Who is it under? What’s going on there?

      • nathan

        The explanation is given in the post above on this page. Jezebel is a spirit of control. it is charismatic witchcraft. it is under satan, and usually it is in the position of pastor, pastor’s wife, or elder of the church.

        • Marianne, thanks however, I am we’ll aware of this spirit. I wanted to know which church was this cause I have friends who might be going there and they must be cautioned. So, without any hesitation, pls post and educate us about this church and what’s going on

        • Prune, do furnish details. It’s important for the body of Christ when u exposé these acts of darkness and not let them get away with what’s going on.

  25. This is my personal e-mail address…

  26. Hi,
    I am the worship leader at my church, have been for almost two decades. For some reason, i felt lead to look up a controling spirit this morning as i can’t leave the church. I have tried on 5 occassions and have failed. Also my Pastor and his wife have there hands in every area of ministry including the worship ministry. As i read the main article on the Jezebel spirit and this one, i was shocked at how close the descriptions resemble my Pastor and his wife.

    On a seperate note, the jezebel discription also describes my mother.

    I just want to say thank you to whoever put this post together. You have no idea how many people you liberated thru the time and research you spent putting this together.

    Thank you

    • you are welcome, MCZ. Stay strong in the lord an do not let the spirits get to you, esp if they rule in your church. If you have a jezebel spirit in your pastor and wife, the church will go in the wrong direction.

  27. In pastor Jezebel cases, more often then not it’s not the pastor but his wife with the Jezebel spirit. He, having an Ahab spirit simply acts as HER puppet. You won’t be able to tell this though unless you are well versed in recognizing Jezebel.
    However, it can happen that the pastor is indeed a Jezebel. In which case the wife may not have any spirit at all, or may have some other spirit, which is subject to the Jezebel principality. There is not just one, but many Jezebel spirits in the devil’s domain. Most of them are higher ranking like generals, which are known as principalities.

  28. Women are Jezebels more often then men, but seldom ever do they hold a leadership position, or directly lead when Jezebels inhabit a woman. Such cases usually result in a Jezebel in close proximity (such as wife, secretary, or leading a prayer group) to a male pastor which has an Ahab spirit.
    What you are describing Miranda, does not sound like a minister with a Jezebel.

    However what you are describing as what God is going to use you for is really not a calling. It is a cleverly disguised mentality and/or spirit known as accuser of the brethren, (see Rev. 12:10;)
    Nearly all accusers believe they have some kind of ministry or calling in exposing corrupt or ungodly leadership to other churches, believers and the Christian community. They usually identify themselves with Berean;s (Acts 17:11;) because they search out the Scriptures themselves. This is indeed correct and noble, but the record says nothing about them exposing ungodliness from their findings.
    The Word instructs exposing sins of leaders only after several other measures have been tried, and then keep in mind the epistles giving such instructions is addressed to other leaders.

    This isn’t to say you have no recourse if you find yourself under ungodly leadership. You can leave the church in question yourself, but do not draw any kind of attention from other church members about your leaving, no matter how much you would like to.
    A minister of God is still a minister of God, even if he/she has fallen into sin, and therefore is still anointed of God. (1 Sam. 26:9;)
    You may remember how David was chased all over the middle east by Saul, when he was attempting to kill David. If anyone had right or reason to bring down Saul it was David. David had several such opportunities, but refused to because Saul was still anointed, even though he had obviously fallen into sin.
    That standard has not changed, even with all that Jesus did. Leaders MUST be respected and honored.
    Find a new church and be quiet about it, and if you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you into some kind of ministry of exposing sin or wrong, pray about it and obtain conformation.

    • hi byron

      I agree with what you said, but not about maintaining that every pastor is anointed. Many were not called by God, but they, instead, called themselves into ministry, and do not belong there. Some may have fallen, and become ungodly, and others were ungodly to begin with.

  29. Hi Marianne;
    I don’t dispute that some ministers call themselves, and there’s no denying that some just plain don’t belong in pastoral positions. But God honors His spiritual principles even when others don’t. He still covers their anointing because that’s His promise to those who take on leadership roles. However, He does also holds them to a higher accountability as well, so when their judgement day arrives, He will recompense them for their evil. We, (who are not in leadership) have to trust God at His Word, when He said, “vengeance is mine, and I will repay them of their iniquities.”

    Hard as it may be, I’d rather let God deal with them for what they did to me, then to have God deal with me for what I did to them. It’s a far easier choice to simply and quietly switch to a different church, IF a leader has mistreated me, and perhaps in my judgement day, God will honor me for having honored them when they were less then honorable. That seems to me more like what Jesus would have done, and I want to be Christ like.

  30. You make a good point Byron about letting tares alone (which sometimes are found in leadership).
    Mat 13:29 But he said, No; lest while ye gather the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.

    It was a blessing to learn of Eze34 which I never heard preached in church. It describes bad shepherds feeding themselves while neglecting to nurture and protect the sheep, even to the point of kicking sheep out of the flock. Several failures are listed. A high point seems to be Eze34:18 where such a shepherd takes subtle priceless gems of scripture and deliberately twists them into nothingness (fouling the deep waters), thus injuring the work of the Holy Spirit in the sheep’s lives.

    A promise is given in Eze34:12,13 which amplifies Jesus in Mat18:11,12 detailing a future ‘last days’ CLOUDY and DARK DAY when all the sheep would be called to return to the mountains of Israel where the ‘Good Shepherd’ would be their shepherd.

    Mat 18:11,12 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. v12 How think ye? if a man hath a 100 sheep, and one of them is gone astray, doth he not leave the 99, and go to the mountains, and seek that which is gone astray?

    Eze 34:11-13 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I even I, will both search for MY SHEEP, and seek them out. v12 As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the CLOUDY and DARK DAY. v13 And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land(ALL Sheep Aliyah), and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country.

    Eze 34:28 And they shall no more be a prey to the heathen, neither shall the beast(666) of the land devour them; but they shall dwell safely, and none shall make them afraid.

  31. I am going through dealing with the Jezebel spirit in my husband. he did the romeo thing, married me fast & instantly turned into split personalities and hated me. He is a pastor of a congregation here & I know who he is behind closed doors. I am preparing to get away from him and sever all my ties with him. I am concerned now because i made an inner vow never to step foot in church ever again. I don’t want to go to hell over this. Thank you for your site and spreading the truth.

    • dear mary

      You will


      go to hell if you do


      go to church. You would go to hell if you rejected Jesus as your savior.

      Worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, your body and spirit is your temple now.

      You have been spiritually injured. Take time to heal.

    • I pray Mary, that Holy Spirit speak gently and clearly to you, what He feels best regarding the vow thing and the other stuff.

      Rom 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

  32. Hi Mary. I agree with the previous response, but wanted to add that from the description you gave, you husband likely is not a Jezebel, but something else. However, spousal abuse is spousal abuse. Do what you need to do for yourself, and especially to heal, but please do not estrange yourself from church based on your current situation. Get out and set up in a better situation. Then find yourself a new church where the leadership will support you, yet still help you to keep accountable.

  33. Hello Marianne
    How do you deal with this spirit if it is a relative, your mother for instance, who is the pastor?

    • Do not associate with jezebels. It is unfortunate that she is a relative, but to be around her is toxic, and you do not need her. Being a pastor, she is a hypocrite, and her religion is toxic also, so go somewhere else to church.

  34. Hello Marianne

    My eye caught your Jezebel articles and I started reading these because I provide accommodation for a pastor who has spoken since he moved in about how the Jezebel spirit is creating destruction in this village. In afterthought I realized that he might be plagued by this spirit himself; what do you think?

    He started by making exaggerated comments about my talent (I am a classical musician); how he sees financial prosperity come over this house; made observations about my family history which were partly true, but refused to say everything that he “saw”; made a number of false prophecies about what God told him would happen about various things; started to act possessively, as if he owns the house; started relationships with women while he was still trying to heal a relationship with his ex -; started smoking again; telling lies, for instance about how much he pays me for rental of a room; publicly insulted a fellow pastor publicly because he didn’t want to give him a testimonial he needed for his work at prison etc.

    The processes seem clear: flatter to evoke emotional reaction; make predictions to gain position and control; try to dominate; play people off against one another; tell lies; become angry when exposed; don’t show much regret.

    The man comes from a bad background: orphanage with divorced parents, an abusive stepfather, no or very little contact with the real father. Apparently he had childhood visions of becoming a pastor but were reluctant to follow this path because of his background.

    Quite a complex case, as one doesn’t know to what extent he might be anointed. Apparently he is successful in his work with criminals such as rapists, murderers and so on, but one doesn’t know if this is just because they are more easily dominated than other people. At the moment he has been temporarily suspended, because of too many “stories” about lies etc. There are good qualities such as a genuine empathy with the underdog, regardless of cultural background.


  35. Dear brethren in christ.I greet you in the name of Jesus.Am very much happy to see your website to see a woderful teaching. please can you send us teachings which can make grow we hope to hear from you soon.Yours pastor Richard k

    • dear richard

      There is a subscribe button on this page somewhere..maybe at the bottom. There is also an RSS feed button.

      you can click on them to get all the new posts.

      I also send out something about once a month. I will add your email to the list.

  36. Wow! My husband is a pastor and he’s loves people, and has amn outreach ministry, deals with a lot of broken and homeless. This one young adult joined the church about a year ago. Distressed,trouble in her marriage, so we took her in now she is at one of the shelters the church has. In a few minutes she became a minister! my husbands said she was called by God, but it was hard for me to believe. I know God can do anything, but this didnt seem right. She is naive, broken family, always complaining, panic attacks, hurting, to where the pastor gives her extra attention. My children just cant seem to get along with her. She trys to get more attention than my teenage girls because the father (pastor) always doing for our girls. I told my husband i detest a jezebel spirit! she’s over the praise team, preaches, driven my husband’s car all the time at one point, until i had a talk with him. would buy him lunch or dinner if i didnt cook, cause he’s always at the church which open 24/7 you might as well say, because of the homeless needing to come in for shelter. she would always hug me and do little things like take my bags to car and so forth. A few months after she joined the church she became the administrative sec., min., praise team leader, spoke at a couple of churches, drives the church suv, and became pastor’s personal assistant! I didnt feel that was of God, so I spoke to my husband and he said, he needed one and she was a true servant, she loved to serve as he did! He does serves people in need and not in need, My husband is a good man loves me and family, but i think this spirit of jezebel crept in our church and is trying to worry him and pull him down and destroy the ministry and his name. Now she is in love with him! one other leader asked her and she bowed her head down as if she was shamed. I been trying to tell my husband this the first few months when she joined. She is married but is in the process of divorcing her astrained husband. she is younger than my oldest child that is 26yrs. She seem to be sweet, naive, etc. but scared to show me things a first lady should be involved in! She rather send pictures of her dresses or what to wear to church to my husband ratther me or any other woman for that matter. I adressed her about it and she had no answ.
    ive’ been reading about books on jezebel and its it terrible how the enemy can creep in. I recognized few and exposed them and husband finally seen after someone else in church agreed with me, but this one takes the cake. I don’t know rather to leave my husband or continue attending that chruch. He says he do not in any way love her and told her she was out of order! should she “sit down” in the church. (no activites?)

  37. OOPS! on line four in my blog i meant “in a few months” not minutes

    • use your authority as a pastor’s wife.

      She should be dismissed from her assignments, and position, and SUV, and other privileges…….until she repents and matures.

      in the meantime, she should be sent on her way.

      Your husband is dumb. he needs to wise up.

      Get some of the women of the church together who see what you do and confront her together.

      give her your decision that she has this spirit and cannot remain in the church until she changes her mind and behavior, including chasing her husband, which will not be an overnight thing.

      for for the good of the church, and herself, she has to leave.

      do not let her apparent sweetness fool you.

      be firm.

      your husband belong to you, not her.

      since your husband is not doing his job, you do it, and then tell him you are taking charge….he is acting like an ahab, so he needs straightening out too

      he needs to man up and act like a man of god, or resign from his position, if he cannot handle one jezebel spirit.

      if you let this go, she will tear up the whole church with her plans and ideas.

  38. Jezablel man eat insites. need to learn this deeply

  39. This is very interesting to read i praise God for exposing the male jezebel i feel for women who have been manipulated and blackmailed into false relationships or the former married woman whos lives have been destroyed by a man whos purose was to control do’ the devils work to seek to kill steal and destroy a spiritual husband led by the Holy Spiritual does not abuse his wife or use blackmail Genesis 2.24 NLT says. This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his and the two are united into one. Some men have never left their parents some men trap women who are weaker vessel some men use fame money to own a woman but in their hearts they have an abusive attitude this happened to my financee 20 years when she was tricked into a civil marriage when she was 19 a male jezebel does believe in one in marriage but not for Gods purpose this male took full advantage acting to please his parents via manipulation used lies to use his religious and work title to blackmail in the end the my financee now suffered emotonal violent abuse and control she lived in fear i believe in helping my financee escape from the philippines and come here to australia and have her life restoreed i believe a real spiritual man of God leaves his father and mother for the right reasons and joined together with his spiritual wife whom God has chosen so both are united as one to both work for God thank you for sharing your research

    • I am in pain right now because it goes worse day after day.My pastor manipulates my husband and now my husband manipulates me.the last thing my hhusband sad to me was I must not have a spiritual relationship with my aunt(she left the church 2 years ago.
      He don’t want me to pray with her because she is false.I am tired he didn’t have any respect for me anymore.he don’t by food ,go whereever he wants to and tell the pastor everything I am doing.what can I do ,I have four children and have no job he has more power over me.(

      • rachida

        Why are you in this church of sin? Quit the church. Your husband submits to the pastor because of he is more aggressive than your husband, who sounds passive.

        Keep your prayer time with your aunt. Tell the pastor to butt out of your business, humble himself before God, and keep his hands off your husband. tell your husband you will not put up with his nonsense any more, and you will do what the Lord directs you.

        • Hi marianne,
          Thank u for the encouragement you give me. I really want to leave this church,but my husband won’t.and some people say to me,I must follow my husband,the Lord will not answer my prayers,because I am not under the order of the Lord wich is God- Jesus-husband-wife.
          Do you have experience about this?

  40. my dad is 69 hes not even a preacher but has his own wrecker bussiness ,and wow this sounds like him ,he doesnt go around quoting sctpture but he makes mose everything about him and wil punish me and others if he cant get his way ,it was contant badgering tio get his egio needs met wow i suffered so much from him and i even called him 4 months ago he said to never call him again and he doesnt want anything to do with me ,and my kids are out of state im divorced 4 years ago ,and my dad or any of my family wont even come and see my 2 kids ,its a strong spirit of his control wow and hes so full of pride and anger too ,and i been wrking on anger as well from childhood too ,im in my 40s ,but my sister and mom seem to do that too .

  41. and i have had this from others at other places a spirit of attack or punishment ,they tried to treat me bad or convince to me something but it was in there benefit too ,like i coukldnt get good news ,but i think i have done this too others too thinking i was having the control,or taking charge over there not wanting me to do my wrk for themm but them trying to convince me .so we need to have a balance on it .

  42. I’m not sure what to do but I’m thinking of leaving this church because there is a Jezebel spirit in charge. The pastor is 78 yrs old and his son soon to be pastor is being manipulated by his brother a worship minister. The worship minister and his wife run the show.

    • dear george

      I think you are answering your own question. It is sad when a pastor of advanced years and experience allows a jezebel spirit into his church. He should put God first, not family interests.

      Follow your own wisdom that god has given you. It may be that God wants you to have “quiet time” with him, and not be a part of this church. Or, it may be that he wants you to stay to combat this. You may not make a change, but you may just be there to expose the sin, and then leave.

      So think about it. if you stay for a while to expose it, do not expect any appreciation. they will probably attack you. but it may be for the benefit of those who are still there, who are deceived and bound.

  43. What do you do when the leader of the home church is your mother and the rest of the followers are your siblings and their spouses. No outsiders at all ..they all left. She ran them off saying they were rebellious. . I left too a couple yrs ago.. but I have lost my whole family to the spirit of Jezebel .. I am engaged to a man that saw my past and my family sick behavior and loved me through it all but I wonder if he also has this spirit. . My mom never liked him bc he is a ” heathen ” he doesnt want to submit to her teachings and control. Therefore he has schizophrenia.. bc all schizophrenic s are unable to submit to any authority. She thinks I am one too.. I asked the family for forgivness for my wrongs in the past and they act like pharesees .. their words dont match their actions. They treat me like a leper.. no one has a normal relationship with me because of my mothers poison.. I am the only child who questioned her “prophecies” and live away from her control. . But she still manages to make me so miserable.. withholding affection or communication from me through my siblings or herself. I am so broken. I dont want to have this spirit. I feel like is an infectious disease spreading. :(

    • kathy

      put all that behind you. start over with your husband.

      reject all their curses and pray for blessings from god

      Jesus is the source of your salvation, not your mother or the others.

      His opinion counts more than anyone’s.

      find new friends and fellow christians, and let God handle the angry religious mob back at your mom’s so called church.

      by the grace of God you are not like them….be thankful….


    • dear Fran

      I would try to find someway of getting him to a doctor for a “regular” check up. Meet with the doctor ahead of time and tell him your concerns. Maybe the doctor can get him on the right meds.

      also, find someone to agree with you in prayer about his healing and deliverance.

      Most of the time it takes a traumatic situation to make the person face himself and realize “all is lost.” This is the opportunity to go in and tell him what he has and to repent, and seek help.

      one extreme action to take, if you are able, is to have the police come get him as a danger to himself, and others, being bipolar. They would take him to a mental health inpatient unit where he would be put on medication. and treated before releasing him.

      If your own church won’t help you, that tells you a lot. Go to a different one. You are not obligated to waste your precious time in the wrong place.

      see this also:

      orange links are introductory, white links are full pages

      • Was seeking answers when coming across this website and noticed that you speak the TRUTH which is what I NEED.
        The other day my younger brother was giving me a guilt trip because I don’t treat him the way I treat my sister. I’m closer to my sister. I don’t feel close to my brother. He’s needy and sucks the life out of me. I wasn’t a fool to what he was doing. My mother responded saying to me ” why don’t you minister to him” i replied saying ” i am by ignoring his manipulation” i know that I don’t have to have a relationship with someone to minister to them. Yet my brother and MANY people push themselves on me and it makes me feel like I can’t breathe. I know they don’t want to be ministered to they just want a relationship.
        I desperatly want to do Gods will and need guidance. I’ve been in so many dysfunctional relationships attempting to “help” people and was myself in bondage. I’ve been.teaching myself boundaries after being controled by my ex spirtual mother for six years and in the process found out that my own mother controled me and many others. I know that we minister to people by how we live are lives. And i looked up the word minister and it means to help…. Sooo do i only help those that i feel led to help? Anytime i don’t want to be around someone because i get a bad feeling. Someones telling me to be friends with them or to minister to them. I don’t want to be friends with them. And how would.i minister to these people?

  45. Fran; What you are describing is NOT a Jezebel, or any kind of religious spirit. They are mental illnesses. There may, or may not be a spiritual origin, but your case sounds more like plain old textbook mental illnesses of Bi- polar disorder, and schizophrenia. I agree with Marianne’s advice for you to get him to a regular doctor, or specialist. If he refuses, and if he presents a danger to anyone, including himself, (but only if there is a real or perceived danger) you can have him committed. The refusal to work, and marital abuse are not traits of Jezebel, or Ahab in themselves. It may be best to find a different church if they are not helping you. However, if you are claiming that only he has all the issues and that you have none at all, then your church may be at least partly correct. I see, in your letter everything directed at changing him, (which is impossible for you or anyone else to do) Only he can change himself, and unless he is willing, not even God will intervene because of the free will factor.

    That said, now the part you will likely not want to hear. What can YOU do to change yourself to make the situation better?
    It’s often been quoted that over 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce, but let’s look at it another way. 100% of all divorces began with marriage, and 99% of all divorcées will will blame the failure entirely on the other partner, taking no responsibility themselves. This isn’t how God works. He is a very personal God, and He always deals with the individual about the individual. Not about another person. When we get to the gates of heaven, and God asks us for our account, there is gonna be a lot of folks who are going to say, “But Lord, my husband this”, or “my wife that.” To which our sovereign and just God will reply, “Right now I am not dealing with your spouse, I’m dealing with you.” Now what will you say if that happens to you? I don’t want to blindly imply that you are the one with all the issues, but I know that everyone in any marriage has issues, and anyone saying otherwise is from Egypt because they are living in de Nile.
    What are your specific issues? and what can you do about all this?

    If you do switch to a different church as Marianne advised, and find they have come to the same conclusion, then it will behoove you to seek out some spiritual counseling for yourself, and keep your husband out of it until you got yourself in a better position. I apologize if all this hard for you to take, but I have nothing to gain or lose here, and I’m just speaking the truth in love.


  46. Modern Cult of Boss Paul the Pharisee

    Paul (the self-appointed “Apostle”) is a textbook example of “The Jezebel Pastor” that many modern “pastors” today choose to copy, rather than try to imitate Jesus.

    This is especially clear in Paul’s abusive letters to the church in Corinth, where Paul could be accurately described as the founding pastor, and really the only “pastor” who ever had any real authority in the Corinthian church, as far as we can tell based on what is in the Bible.

    After being primarily responsible for founding the church, Paul abandoned the church after only a year and a half, for no obvious reason, and went traveling around again, mostly on his own. Then Paul settled in Ephesus for 2 years and 3 months, and started his own school there, hundreds of miles across the ocean from Corinth.

    And yet, from his new home in Ephesus, (according to Paul’s own 2 letters to the Corinthians,) Paul himself was continuing as “the overseer” of the church in Corinth, controlling all aspects of the church life. He didn’t delegate any specific authority to anyone else. Paul was an abusive absentee pastor, exploiting and manipulating the church from a distance, even blasphemously claiming, “I became your father… Therefore I urge you to imitate me.” [1Corinthians 4:14-16]

    Please scroll up to the top of this thread and read the description of “The Jezebel Pastor” in the header. It fits Paul perfectly! It’s all there.

    It is not really about God… It is about him !!!! (Paul) exaggerated claims, special “anointing”, pride, overreacts, boastful, “Be like me” messages….

  47. We are in a church the pastor do everything my husband is the vice chairperson and there is a church board he only works with 4 that he control they are 10 he don’t want to work with my husband we did nothing wrong everything he says is right he don’t want to be confronted I’m in ladies ministry with his wife she do the same to me how to pray pls

    • berenice

      If they are acting like that….controlling you and everything…..and everyone…then leave….this is not a good place to be.

      they are not serving god, they are serving lucifer.

      • Hi is that a jezebel spirit I really feel we must go but my husband feel he has too finish his term our term is due 2015 the pastor took all the young people out of the worship team and put his family there my husband confronted him and he said he’s the set man God called him everything must go through him he’s only in ministry for 1year now thank you Marianne

        • you need to choose between god and this demonic pastor.

          forget the term, and put God first.

          by 2015, this world will be in collapse, and “holy” people controlling churches will be in death camps.

  48. I’m not sure what is going on in the church I attend, however, here are some of the details of the present situation. I need answers: This is a “full gospel” congregation. We started out with a pastor and his wife as leaders of the congregation. A few years ago, the pastor was promoted to position os “Bishop” and his wife was given the position of “pastor”. He (Bishop) has little authority that I can see in the affairs of the church at this point; everything is filtered through the pastor now. Finances are also handele by the pastor. The Spirit of the Lord gave me a real “burden” for this ministry some time ago, at which time, I did not really understand why, however, these concerns were brought up again to me within the past few months. I’ve began praying about them and the Lord has been instruction me re. spiritual authourity in the Kingdom. I was recently given the opportunity to speak as one of the church’s retreats. I spoke what I know that Holy Spirit gave me to say, which was basically reasons why the church was not progressing spiritually as the Lord would have it, ie. lack of revelation, rebellion, idolatry, lack of personal relationships with God, etc. After that retreat, I was almost ignored / rejected, not treated as well as before this occassion and at a few of the services following this time, there were comments made over the pulput, that sounded like comments spoken to “correct” some of the things I had spoken during my speaking at the retreat. Feelings of intimidation and discouragement came over me, however, I was able to recognize this (reminded of Elijah’s incident with Jezebel). Now I am resisting these feelings, standing firmly on the word of God, that “greater is He that is within me, than He that is in the world”, I do NOT have the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND”. I will not run from this. I want to help this part of the body of Christ, however. Should I just continue to pray until God gives me HIS wisdom in how to handle this situation? I have not mentioned ANY part of this to ANYONE, because I understand God’s authority and I refuse to “touch HIS deligated authority / His anointed.

    • dear ann

      your church is out of order. Irregardless of whether the husband is called pastor or bishop, he is the one appointed to lead this church, not his wife.

      the wife is not qualified. you do not get “promoted” or “given a position” to pastor.

      you have to be called by God to be a pastor. Man does not make that decision , God does.

      apparently the wife resents you making remarks about her doctrines or ways of doing things, and is giving out hints at the pulpit. it seems that if you are a financial contributor to the church, she wants to correct you, but not lose your donations….looking at motivation as to why she is not more aggressive with you…and why she is being so subtle.

      the husband abandoning his duties to lead the church is causing this…..he is an ahab and does not care about responsibility….he is lazy and getting paid for doing nothing.

      as long as he is like that, your church will remain out of order…and I would not expect anything you say or do to change them…..jezebels do not repent most of the time 99%……

      you can pray against the spirits of jezebel and ahab but it does not mean you have to stay there to do it…they will not want or appreciate your prayers.

      and as far as this “touch not my anointed” business….if you look up the original reference, you will find it refers to the chosen people of God…..NOT just the leaders…….

      everyone who has christ in them is anointed for a purpose…people who exalt themselves as god’s anointed and expect special favors are frauds….this in the bible was called the doctrine of the nicolaitans…and jesus hated them….mentioned in rev 2–14510.html

      no one in the body of christ is more anointed than anyone else….no matter how many titles they have or how much they get paid or how successful they are, or how much everyone else adores them, etc

      right now the husband and wife are “touching God’s anointed” by putting others beneath them, and demeaning your contribution to the retreat….this critical approach is just a method of control…..

      control is witchcraft.

      consider leaving this place and going elsewhere or just stay home….if you are close to some other members, you can explain why you are leaving and keep their friendship.

      I am attaching some prayers against witchcraft along with some prayers for strength. I pray you seek god’s guidance in this before acting. but at least your eyes are open now.

      print out the prayers and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

  49. Wow. Sounds like our old pastor. We are no longer at that church for this very reason. He has control of the whole church and false accusations were told about us and it was never checked out to be true. My husband was the youth minister and I pray that spiritual blindness will be removed from the members eyes.

    • dear susan

      I am glad to hear that you left. the congregation is a group of adults for the most part, and it is responsible for what it believes….and chooses to believe….

      and God will judge the entire church for its actions not just the pastor…..true believers do not belong in toxic environments.

      praying for them will bring a blessing to you

      • Marianne, this is not intended to be addressed only to you as I have seen this done over and over again but until now I have not
        said anything about it. Therefore, although I am commenting
        to you does not mean I am picking on you….seeing your
        comment just stirred something in me that I can no longer
        overlook. Several times in the last few months I have noticed
        people spelling GOD with no capitization on the letter G.
        Please don’t discount what I am about to say. This is not a petty
        thing. Think about it. Although you seem to address everyone
        with small letters (…dear susan) in many letters of comments
        people will capitalize the first letter of everyone BUT God.
        Whether we capitalize everyone elses first letter or not, to
        minimilize the name of God, or Jesus, is to me a lack of respect.
        Don’t write this off as being legalistic or small minded. When
        mentioning the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ or our
        Father God Almighty, His name should be capitilized without
        exception. Even if we don’t think its important., how can we even
        think of minimilizing the precious name of GOD. People in the old
        testament would throw away their writing utensil after writing His
        name once, so they could write it a second time with a new pen.
        And we, of the New Testament, won’t even take the time to give
        Him the honor due to Him, even in writing. He is the name above
        every other name, so even if we have no problem with spelling
        john, susan, peter, fran, whatever ,this way, we should have a
        problem with spelling God with a small G. It’s a matter of
        respect, nothing more, nothing less.

        • lin

          I replaced the g with a G.

          I get about 50-100 emails a day, and I have to type quickly….

          there is no disrespect intended

          if you notice, I also do not capitalize any other person’s name either..

          this is because it is quicker to type this way.

          I will consider what you say and try to make an effort when mentioning make sure it is capitalized

  50. Thank you so much for the information. I’m so scared now that I read this but it’s an answer from God to me.Im attending a Ministry which is led by someone who has all the character traits you mentioned

    There’s always a problem in the Ministry and he doesn’t bother solving it as long as people are bringing money..People are advice to come to church everyday of the weak and what I’ve realized now, married women will attend with their husbands for few weeks and the husbands will stop coming to church

    He’s got a very cruel spirit of anger that he can slap anybody in the church.Recently he said no member will ever be rich and be above him.When people don’t give in the church he doesn’t bother asking them why, he’ll accuse them as the enemies of the ministry who are jealous of him, they don’t want him to prosper.

    Our ministry is full of poor people that r suppose to be helped by church.I suggested an outreach offering and people are responding very well.Instead of him to use the outreach money for the benefit of the poor,the treasurer who Is a very close lady friend of his collects the money and the church Is never given a report.

    I started cooking group with two of my friends. We used our own money to cook for the whole church every Sunday and in three months tine, he stopped us and said his church is not a charity organization.

    Anything that helps other people to him is a taboo but when the money is given to him It’s ok.My two friends left the ministry few months ago and I’m still there

    • wisdom

      oh dear God, you don’t have a pastor, you have a devil

      his church is not a charity??????

      it sounds like you need to shoot him or fire him.

      do not stay there….get away from this monster, and take all your friends with you

      do not give any more money to this thief, and report him if you can to authorities for fraud.

  51. I have had the displeasure of encountering such a person. He has prophetic gift, preaches stupendously, but has the character of a serpent. Full of lies, deciept…simple put full of the devil. In his mind he is holy and thinks he’s a man of God. In reality he is a warlock. dishonest,tricky,pretends to love God, while consistently playing mind games and manipulating those that are innocent and or weak. Completely unrepentant, prayer for Gods intervention is our means of bringing about Gods intervention. If God can heal him it will be an outright miracle.

    • dear Gods mercy

      I hope you are staying far away from this wolf. He sounds like bad news for everyone, including himself. may God keep you safe.

  52. Exactly!!!

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