The Lady’s Fertile Time and Tribulation



Throughout ancient scripture and history, YHVH God’s treats Natural Israel and the Church (Spiritual Israel) as his special brides. 

How do the natural feminine patterns give insight into end time events?

*** What is presented here is just an analogy, showing the patterns of nature, and how prophecy might fit into it. It is not to be taken literally, in every detail.

Rev 12 depicts Israel as a woman. So does much of the Old Testament.

Prophecy talks about Israel being in travail, as a woman with birth pangs.

Concept of the feminine in nature

What kind of pattern does the feminine demonstrate when it cycles?

Women, on the average, have a 28 day cycle.

The moon takes 28 days to orbit the earth.

Jews understand a 28 year accordance- when the Sun returns to the exact position in the sky as when it was created, during the 6 days of creation.

However, even in this, the patterns of 28 break down into 7’s and 3’s, reflecting YHVH God’s consistency.

So, some aspects of the spiritual are based on a feminine spirit, or aspect.

What insights might this feminine pattern have for Israel in its current preparation for Jacob’s trouble?

I will try to leave out the details of the feminine cycle, but they can be found here:

But this is basically what any text would present:


The 6 Phases – this will occur if there is no pregnancy

The menstrual cycle can be divided into several different phases.

The average length of each phase is shown below (notice the times):


Summary of 28 Day Cycle

1. Follicular Phase – Menses (4 days) and Proliferative (8 days)

** reflect that 3 1/2 days would take 4 calendar days

2. Ovulation – 7 day Fertile Period- overlaps Phases 1 & 3, but is mainly part of Phase 1

3. Secretory – 14 days and ischemic (1day)

Focus on the 7 day Fertile window

Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down the fallopian tube, and is available to be fertilized.

The lining of the uterus has thickened to prepare for a fertilized egg.

If no conception occurs, the uterine lining as well as blood will be shed.

The shedding of an unfertilized egg and the uterine wall is the time of menstruation.

An egg lives 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary

The most fertile period (the time with the highest likelihood of pregnancy resulting from sexual intercourse) covers the time from some 5 days before until 1–2 days after ovulation.

3 ½ days is mid-point.

For women who have a 28 to 32 day menstrual cycle, ovulation can take place between days 11 through 21.

It is also interesting that the natural solar cycle takes 11 years on the average, corresponding to the earliest ovulation time (11 days) in a 28 day cycle.

Conclusion of the Natural Cycle

A woman (or any human being) begins life with the shedding of blood.

If she mates at the proper time, she will become pregnant.

If she misses this opportunity, then she continues to be barren, and will experience the shedding of blood again.

If she mates when the time is best (mid-cycle), then she will conceive, and give birth.



Comparing the Natural Cycle of the Woman with the Spiritual cycle of Israel/ Church

Let us see how this pattern can be applied.


I presented this, because I find it amazing that the Word of YHVH God is so internally consistent.

Spiritual patterns coincide with the physical ones.

And when YHVH God speaks, we need to examine deeper into what He means, finding all the levels of insight.

If we do this, we will have a greater understanding than if we just accept the Word on a superficial level.

There are so many patterns in nature that YHVH God gives us to understand Him.


What does the current 28 sun creation cycle tell us as well?

April 18, 2009 was Erev Pesach (Eve of Passover), we celebrated a once in a 28 year accordance– when the Sun returns to the exact position in the sky as when it was created, during the 6 days of creation.

Next Fertile Period:

Midpoint of current 28 day cycle: 2009 +14 = 2023

Fertile period is 7 days surrounding midpoint (5 days before until 1–2 days after ovulation) = 2018- 2022

It seems like the creation of a new heaven and a new earth would coincide with a new 28 year creation cycle.


Confirmation from the current (masculine) Solar Cycle 24

We are in the current 11 year solar cycle (2008 – 2019).

Its midpoint (peak) is 2012.

The end of this cycle would coincide with the beginning of the “fertile time” of the current sun creation cycle (2018-2022).

Summary of possibilities

Originally, Natural Israel “died” as an entity as it gave birth to, but rejected, its Messiah.

YHVH God would give Natural Israel another chance in the last days, which is now.

*** YHVH God never gives up on anyone, if he sees the potential for renewal.

Israel is in its final hours as Natural Israel.

A repeat of 69 weeks has been condensed into 69 years, with the last unfulfilled week following as a full 7 years.

Since 1933, it has been experiencing the opportunity of 28 x 3 feminine creative cycles to come to life again.

This is through either conceiving  (acceptance of Messiah), or suffering, through the shedding of its blood.

At the mid-point, it was in its fertile period, yet could not yet see its Messiah, the opportunity was missed, and so now it is heading for the final Ischemic phase, and another shedding of blood.

However, at this point, a new cycle begins, the last week of Daniel, and the time of Jacob’s trouble starts.

This time, at the fertile period, Messiah will (may) show up, save his people again, and their eyes will be open.

The groom would come for his bride when she was the most receptive.


It is an amazing lesson.

Salvation and deliverance is not dependent upon our faithfulness, understanding and vision, but on the faithfulness, understanding, vision, and mercy of YHVH God.

YHVH God looks at the heart, not the behavior.

Our behavior can delay His help, but He will always be there for us, when we are finally ready.

The time for the shedding of blood is near again.

Are you ready yet in your heart?


While the patterns of YHVH God set in nature can help us understand His plan better, and also our own patterns of possible readiness, there is always room for another set of cycles.

Mankind has proven itself unready for many centuries for a Messianic age.

Will mankind be prepared this time, when the fertile window is open?

10 Responses to “The Lady’s Fertile Time and Tribulation”

  1. Hello M;

    You remember me?
    You said to me on my blog, under my very first posting about God and gay that I should become a buddhist. Anyone is free to go and verify my storie. Your comment is still there.

    You said to me many hurtfull things. I believe that you acted wrong. I believe that NO person is allowed to show another away from God. I believe that God is love, and He is perfect, therefor you went against His will. Please do not do that to another person ever again. I beg of you. You almost killed my thirst for God.

    I forgave you a long time ago. And if you dont post this comment, atleast you have read it.

    May the love of OUR FATHER keep you protected.

    Your brother in Christ,

    • Hi Flintie

      No, I do not remember. I checked your site, and everything there is in a language that is not English. That is the only language I speak. I looked and did not see any comment from me. Maybe you can send it to me, and I can look at it.

      You are right. God is love, but he is also holiness. He has established standards of holiness for all to follow. If we love him, we will obey him. There are 10 main commandments we follow – established by Yahweh. There are other religions that do not have these standards, and are easier to belong to.

      I am not sure what you originally said, or how I replied, but the Buddhist comment would only have been made if you disagreed with the doctrines of Christianity, or the 10 commandments. I would have suggested another religion as an option.

  2. It’s not important anymore Marianne. Very captivating blog you have here. I’ll need hours and hours to work through it. INFO OVERLOAD!!

    I’m from South Africa, and my blog is in Afrikaans which is the language of most white south africans. We have 11 official languages!!! Trust me, it makes asking for directions a bit a laugh sometimes. 😯


    Please delete the link after you got it, I know what it’s like to have a list of comments full of links. Please let me know , after you read it, cause i Think that most people that commented on that post could have been a bit more diplomatic. I had to edit the one due to bad language.

    • hi Flintie,

      True, I should have been kinder about it. I was blunt, instead of diplomatic. So, I apologize for that.

      Sin is a tough issue, and I understand how hard it is for young people especially. Their feelings are strong, and hard to control, so they confuse the natural as being the same as what God had intended.

      As one gets older, and starts to wind down, and start to heal from all their mistakes that god warned them about, then wisdom finally comes in, and they get the understanding that they lacked when they were younger. It is “learning the hard way.”

      The problem is now is that there is so much false teachings in the church, that sin is no longer well defined. Those that you quoted, and depended upon for truth, let you down, and you were using that to support your views. You were using interpretations from false teachers.

      This was all predicted long ago in the bible as “the great falling away” from the truth. Those that do not hear anything but false teaching believe what they hear, and think the correct doctrine is wrong. This is a source of confusion for many.

      It does not matter which sin someone has. There are many sins that God has defined. Sexual sins are the biggest struggle, since it deals with the passions, and physical desires. Trying to avoid them is like trying to avoid yourself, but it can be done.

      What God wants is for man to put his flesh under the control of his human spirit, as well as under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

      Homosexuality really was/is a sin, and the Hebrews knew that, which is why long explanations were not necessary, and it was missing in their culture. The verses you used to say it was not a sin, actually clearly said it was.

      Interpreting scripture takes understanding, comprehension of the surrounding verses, and a closeness to the spirit of God, who has inspired the writing. There are heterosexual sins as well, and these have to be avoided as well.

      This is an entire topic in itself. One needs to be open to proper interpretation in order to please God, and be free of man’s definitions. When you are sincere in heart, you will find the truth without any debates or arguments with people. Things will suddenly make sense. You will have peace with God.

      No one can force anyone to think a certain way. This has to be a free will decision. God is patient. But as humans, we are limited in that we only live for a certain life span, and then we die. How we live our life, in obedience to God or not, will effect our quality of life, and inner peace.

      Your comments are welcome here. I am only here to present information. And, in some cases, it is just my opinion, and I will say that. What you accept or do not accept is up to you.

      I am glad you wrote back. I hope I clarified my first answer a little better.

      God bless you, and may he speak to your heart and make himself known to you in a personal way.

  4. Oh, He has Marianne. And I’m still gay.

    God Bless


  5. Marianne, I have never known you to be anything but kind…As for kindness towards gays, it would unkind to allow them to proceed on in their delusion…
    God did not create gays.. He created men and women.. Satan marred their image with homosexuality…They are not accepted into heaven unless they turn around.. This in no way means god does not love them.. He does. But they need to love god enough to be restored into his likeness and image..and to forsake their sins..I sympathise with Gays.. It is a very addictive life style as preplanned by satan..

    • hi ruth

      I understand. I have explained several times, on his site and mine. The rest is up to him. In the meantime, I pray that the holy spirit can minister to him and others. It has to be a free will choice.

  6. Marianne, God has given you wisdom and spiritual discernment of scriptures. God has always used our knowledge of the ‘natural’ in giving us insight into the ‘spiritual.’ I followed you every step of the way in your comparison of the woman’s cycle and ‘God’s’ reproductive cycle…so to speak…concerning the births of His spiritual ‘children’….especially those ‘blinded’ of Israel. Also, concerning Flintie….I know you love gays as I love them. I grieve that Satan is robbing them of the blessing of procreation….of the fulfillment found in ‘two becoming one flesh’….of the ability to live without condemnation….and most of all…..he robs them of KNOWING they are loved by those who TRULY want GOOD for them. Have a friend who rejected the lifestyle after many years. He was a very talented school teacher from a very talented education family. After retirement he confessed his lifestyle to his church (all knew already and had loved him in spite of his choices…leaving his destiny to God). I stopped and visited him some time afterwards. He said, “I fell so cheated.” I said, “You were cheated. That’s was the whole point!” Satan only kills, steals, and destroys. He said, “I’m alone. I have my mom, brothers and sisters, neices and nephews. But I have no companion. I have no offspring. And it’s too late, now, for those things.” He died about two years ago. It took about six hours for the line of people to express their condolences to the family. Virtually all those in the line were Christians and former co-workers of his. They all knew his lifestyle….though he had believed it to be hidden. But our faith in God and in God’s love for this one sweet man….was rewarded with his conviction of wrong-doing before God. Love is honest. Love CARES. Love PRAYS. Love HOPES. Love KNOWS that God loves the homosexual…and all sinners…MUCH, MUCH, MORE than we mortals can. But the small portion of God’s love implanted in my heart by way of the Holy Spirit…sees them with His eyes…and HOPES for the time when they can have the fulness of LIFE that the Heavenly Father desires for us all. And as for Holiness….it comes only through submission to the things God has prepared for us….the spiritual things. Those who choose to serve the lust of the flesh..whether homosexual…whether obese…whether adulter…whether prideful, or whether just participating in the ‘materialistic’ world….cannot be partakers of the things of God. PEACE cannot be bought. It can only be received from God.

    Again, Marianne, thank you for the time and effort you put into the web site. I’m way behind on reading your entries…but I’ll get caught up. I was teaching end-time prophecy to an adult class at church when my children were babies…and I was twenty-five. God put it in my heart…starting in the first grade. It’s never left me.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      That was a thoughtful story about the friend at church. May we all be that loving to those who need us. May God continue to guide you on your spiritual journey.

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