Earth Night of 11-14-08 – what is going on?

A black coating was over the entire earth for several hours and then cleared. What was this?

Pictures taken on google earth.** it is happening again tonight (11-15-08) at the same time of day.

The earth is covered with blackness. This is not the nighttime shadows of the earth, but a blackness I have not seen before.

Normal shadows on the earth look thin and clear.  This is a thick, black opaque coating.

No matter where I went on the earth, the blackness was there, irregardless of the time of day. When it should have been daytime, it was black – every time zone was like this. I just took a few pictures.

There is a huge storm at the south pole. It covers about ¼ the lower part of the globe. In a few hours, the clouds diminished all over the earth and the blackness disappeared.

Notice how things (water, sky) go from black to blue when the atmosphere turns back to normal.

About 5 pm EST:



south pole – see the storms

By 9 pm EST






42 Responses to “Earth Night of 11-14-08 – what is going on?”

  1. […] black coating was over the earth for several hours tonight, and then cleared. What was this? Click here for […]

    • i just thought i’d say no man,woman or child will know when the revolation will start but i can also fell it coming

  2. Oh my…

    looks like a curse on earth… God bless all!

  3. Hi Richard

    Looks like to me too, unless another scientist can explain this.


  4. I suppose it would be strange to ask if there was a malfunction in the satellite imagery?

  5. Hi Brian

    I guess I would have to ask a satellite imaging expert.

    Tornadoes went through here afterward, but I do not know what that would have had anything to do with this.

    Maybe someone will see this that can actually explain it, as a professional.


  6. PS.


    in the second picture down, you can see blue in one spot. So the blue was there. There was just something black covering it.


  7. Isaiah 5:30 And in that day they shall roar against them like the roaring of the sea: and if one look unto the land, behold darkness and sorrow, and the light is darkened in the heavens thereof.

    Darkness means sorrow. When men look into the heavens, their is darkness because they are in distress and see no light.
    We are approaching the end of this age and darkness is surrounding man. The recent election was filled with hate and man senses this darkness approaching and go see it also.
    We have the national I.D. coming in 2009. This will place all of our personal information in a national database, which will also be stored in England, which is linked to the other nations, thereby making it worldwide. Along with this is a global meeting this week where all the nations are preparing to form a worldwide religious system where all religions are recognized, doing faith in all gods except the one that is approved, this is suppose to do away with terroism, (it all started with 9-11). Men who will not except this new global religion will be deemed enemies of the world. This means us. For we will not bow to the new system, therefore we and the Jews will endure many hardships, such as not being able to travel to other countries without the worldwide stamp on our papers. Because we don’t have the stamp we will oneday see our accounts frozen and credit refused.
    This darkness is over the Earth for a reason. The Lord spoke to me sometime ago saying, “look up. I am coming.”

  8. Hi Rev Williams

    Well, at least what I have will last me to the end, since it is os near.

    I will see you “in the air.” 🙂


  9. Really really strange!
    I wonder why this here is not getting much more attention…!???

    Does “google earth” deliever real-time photos from the satellites???

  10. Hi Silvanus.

    I think they are relatively updated, but the frequency of updating I am not sure about. I know on 11-15-08, the pictures had changed over a 4 hour period. When the black film is present, I can actually see things that were not there before, in some cases. I think the film is some sort of interference film. They know we are looking, so they block our view, maybe. I found a military base on the south pole. When I went back the next day to look at it again, there was a protective screen over the area, to block the view. I can send you a picture, if you want to see it.


  11. Ah yes, i’ve heard of that before… pictures would be very nice!
    greets from the north-pole..ähh.. Germany to you 😀
    Good n8

  12. the end is near, but this is silly, it is a glitch or sumthing. technology isnt perfect. what ever it was doing on google earth had no effect in the real world. the world wasnt really covered in dark stormy clouds. or it would be all over the news. google earth ahs a past of actoing up

  13. Hi Kyle

    I hope it is a glitch. But i could see extra things when the darkness came, that were not there before, which is interesting. I can send you extra pictures.


  14. I live in Kansas in the Midwest and I remember this darkness… And I had no idea it was on a satellite pic or worldwide. It was just DARK outside! My husband had made a comment about how dark it was too, and how early it got dark…Maybe the time being so near to Christ Jesus’ return, more and more powers of darkness are trying to deceive the human race and move forth across Earth? I don’t know…I’d like to hear the scientifical explanation for this! Hah!

  15. Marianne- What sort of “extra” things were there that hadn’t been there before? Just curious…

  16. Hi Catrina

    I guess I should put up some more pictures. When the black film is present I see pentagons, double pentagons, triangles….rectangular grids…..I can email you some and also post some more pictures. Someone is playing with the electromagnetic energy around the poles.

    I once found a German base on the south pole, and the next day, someone had put a grid over the area to cover it up.


    • Dear Marianne,

      Could you please send me any images that you have. I would be very interested in seeing them.

      Many thanks,


  17. Maybe yes. Maybe no. But, definitely maybe. 🙂

  18. I was camping out Saturday the 15th. The stars were beautiful, and we had a nice fire. I did not see anything strange. The moon finally came up around 2000hrs.

  19. Hi Leatherneck,

    I went outside and looked too. I did not see anything either. These were taken early evening. I keep wondering if it is a satellite imaging issue, or it picks up something we cannot see…..Then I look at the geometric shapes and wonder where they came from…pentagons, triangles….


  20. The shapes are most likely the holes or overlap when they placed the many many different photos onto a spherical surface. Happens quite often when you look at composite pics. That and it’s not uncommon at all for pictures, especially one like this of the whole globe, to be composed of pictures from different times, since there’s no camera that can take it all at once.

  21. Hey Zacharias

    I was thinking it was artificial in some way too, although I would have expected digital images to be either rectangular or squares. I see pentagons, and triangles. Some images I see look like the clouds are just cut away. If it was just imaging, the clouds should be there somewhere. It is more like information is missing or removed, and different geometric shapes result because of this.


  22. Hi All,
    I have a vision last 1996 when I’m still in the middle east… I saw the earth 30meters where I stand, it was so beautiful but after few seconds it burst.. no one has been saved.. until this time still searching for the answer of that vision.

  23. Hi Joseph

    The middle east is definitely Antichrist territory, but I would hope that some would be saved by the time Jesus came. Maybe the dream relayed the worst of your fears, that “no one” would be saved because the area is so bad. But I know that there are people in the worst of places that are seeking God at this time. Just look at my visit map. They are coming from the middle east to my page.

    There are also many people tuning in to Christian TV in middle eastern countries. So, do not give up hope for this middle east. There will be people coming from every area to the Lord, before he returns for the final deliverance.

    The middle east, however, will suffer the greatest since the judgment will fall hardest on those that terrorized and murdered others.


  24. the images are obviously not true and are digital artist impressions even from the ISS theses images would not be at distances seen… Yesterday 5th Dec we had a blood moon or similar very hazy bluured strange looking

  25. Hi mike,

    These are live shots taken from my own computer off google earth, and the image changed in front of my eyes while I had the program on. I then just saved the file of the image to my computer. I am no digital artist, so I am just wondering what caused this for sure.

    If you look at Catrina’s comment above, she saw the darkness. I did not see any in my area. It only happened when I turned on the “weather” aspect of the program, so the effect reflects something high up in the atmosphere – real or digital.


  26. I just read recently that they were to go dark on earth day (on google earth) but this was not earth day…

  27. Hi Catrina

    That was different. People just turned off their lights. the darkness here was also over the oceans.


  28. Oh God, i haven’t seen it..! But in october (in that day people said an UFO would appear) i saw a very bright light, kinda a shooting star, but so much sparkling.. (we can’t see shooting stars in the city skies..) Very strange!

  29. Its dark out tonight except for bright stars and the odd meteor. My digital camera also confirms what I see.

    I called a few neighbors and asked them to look at the sky and tell me what they saw and they said a dark sky and stars. STRANGE!

    Are they lying just like my eyhes and camera are lying? They do look odd (large heads with big black eyes-no pupils or irises. Plus their bodies are not human but more like a humanoid. STRANGE!

    I called the local tv news about them but they suggested I get some sleep. Are they in on it too?

  30. Hi n. washington,

    You can send me the pictures if you want. I would like to see what you are talking about.


  31. Interesting… I must have missed seeing that day… but I do not think I truly miss it because it was shown to me through my dream… I was shown as night… I walk down the street with a friend.. a friend asked me why the sky look so black.. there was no full moon as it should be… I took her and searched for it.. I found the moon just so faint.. so barely to see.. however there is something else too.. so black looks like black silk in the sky beneath the moon.. then broken into thousands upon thousands of birds in all kind.. flying overhead then settling upon houses and trees… looking at me.. waiting… I just ran toward them.. laughing and shouting them to fly.. They flew upward and toward north… out of my corner eye, I saw several birds fell down from sky dead… I glanced to make a quick check to see why.. and I look around the corner of street and am just looking at either comets mix with blood or rockets… that are heading for the earth. When those does strike the earth… there are huge tsumani wave heading some directions… and the earth began to shake violent as it never been like before.

    I hope that help you for some insights.. I do not know what those means but I do sense that my spirit knew more than I do mortally. 🙂 Love you all and bless you all I request for in name of Jesus Christ’s blood.. amen and amen.


    • Hi Tamera,

      If you look at Catrina’s comment above, she actually saw darkness in the sky that night. She was outside. I was viewing it inside on my computer with the google earth program. Maybe it is some kind of warning.

  32. Yes… it is a warning. I have to apologize because I have to give sometimes coming from what I have been shown over years and rarely ever share it with anyone.. but now I have the strongest feeling that it is needed to be shared now. Marianne, yes it is a warning. And yes he is coming…. I have a question for you.. hopefully you can help me on one issue that haunts me, Marianne… but I cannot post unless you are ok with my request. 🙂

    Blessed be,


  33. Hi Marianne,

    Done a quick search on space weather web and this is what I’ve found.

  34. Maybe they always darken google earth for a launch??


    This may help to clarify.

  36. Hi Marianne,

    If you take the date of 11-14-08 and convert it to the hebrew calendar, it falls on Friday (the evening of the Sahbbat) with 11-15-08 being also the Shabbat until dusk. The Torah portion for the Shabbat that day was Genisis 18:1-22 through Genisis 22:24. This portion of scripture recounts the 3 angels coming to Avrahm, on their way to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. I know this link hasn’t been active for a while, just takes time to get around to things. I also believe America will be destroyed by something resembling a nuclear blast. But for reasons different than normally given. Will get into it later when there is time.

  37. Have just read this entry on 1/10/2012 & looked up my dream diary for 16nov 2008 & found I had a spiritual battle so ferocious that it woke my husband. He decided not to wake me & he just prayed as he watched me mutter and fight. I was binding everything in jesus name but the more I bound the more came at me Iwas trying to say the Lords prayer but forgetting bits, but kept trying. it was all brown in colour, very intense but I did not give in.
    Christine from N.Z

    • hi christine

      Thank you for sharing that. When I think back, this happened one week after the Nov elections in America. We have been in darkness ever since. You were sensing it too, and the darkness is global.

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