The Roots of Jezebel


Babies are born to be normal, loving beings. This is to examine why anyone, like a Jezebel, would turn evil, or be open to an evil presence, that would dominate their thinking. Scripture says we war not against “flesh,” but against (evil) spirits, and principalities in high places. We have to remember that Jezebel is a spirit that infects people, who are victims as much as those people they damage by their behavior.

First, it is important to control or arrest the damage that the infected person is creating. But we should not stop there. We should examine the roots of the problem with the person, and help deliver them out of this situation, if possible. If we can get to the root of why someone has a Jezebel spirit, then we may be able to help free them from that overpowering influence, and help them to recover. Otherwise, the salvation and eternal destiny of their souls is at stake.

Common ways to open the door to this spirit:

1. Abandonment of father, and loss of spiritual and physical protection. This past century, the absence of the father in the home is not just economic. A little child, a girl especially, needs to have a strong male image that teaches her that she is valuable, loved, protected. When this male covering is gone, their life seems out of control and hurtful. The child will immediately go into a mode of self protection, learning ways to control its environment, to avoid further pain and harm. The mother may seem inadequate in some cases, and the child may see the mother as the one who sent daddy away, and therefore responsible for her pain. If the mother is a traditional, stay at home mom, then the child learns that this mother cannot protect her as they feel needed, and they grow up viewing traditional women as weak and incompetent. The mother was not good enough to “keep her man.” If the mother is abusive, then this makes women the enemy forever. If the mother is a “liberated woman” in the liberal sense, the child learns that only women are powerful, and only they should be trusted and bonded with. If the mother has values that are against traditional moral values, then the child will end up on the slippery slope into lesbianism/homosexuality. If daddy seems to make it known that he left for another woman, or that he openly expresses his interpretation and value of love as sexual, then the child will learn that to get daddy’s love, it is sex that will get his attention. This lesson will be transferred to other men that a girl (or a boy) will want to be involved with. The child will look for love “in all the wrong places,” and will use sex, not love, to lure others, since they do not know what true, godly love from a male figure is really like.

2. Child abuse. Child abuse, especially sexual, since it is so intimate, has permanent consequences.….the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN), part of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services compiles data about the number of cases reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) each year, but the fact is the number of reported cases is small compared with the number of actual cases. We can reason this by looking at several studies which asked adults about childhood abuse. Adults are more likely to report their own childhood abuse, because they no longer live in fear of immediate retaliation from the abuser and they have had time to recover from the psychological effects of living in an abusive household.

A study conducted at a large managed care organization in the northeast, which examined the differences in annual health care costs between women with and without histories of abuse, found that “childhood abuse and neglect histories were reported by 42.8% of the women in this HMO sample (sexual abuse: 18.4%; physical abuse: 14.2%; emotional abuse: 24.1%; emotional neglect: 21.1%; physical neglect: 12.2%), with about half of these women meeting severity criteria for more than one type of maltreatment.”

See more here for definitions and signs of abuse, and effects on adults:

The effects, but not all, include disturbances in sexual interest; difficulties during sexual contact; dysfunctions of desire, arousal or orgasm; seductive behaviors, compulsive activity and prostitution; precocious sexual behavior; confusion of sexuality and nurturing behavior; anxiety; self-destructive behavior; relationship problems; re-victimization.

We can see how the doors to the Jezebel spirit are being opened here, since she is known by many of these traits. The abused child will understand sex as physical stimulation only, and will disassociate love, intimacy, and trust from the experience. Thus others become objects of stimulation and gratification. There is no place for a real relationship, because they do not understand what one is.

3. An already established Ahab father, Jezebel mother in a family.

Children can get their identity from their parents, who are the role models.

4. In both cases 1 and 2, there is a lot of anger, rage, and bitterness. There are memories that have never healed, and the person cannot forgive those in their past. This un-forgiveness subconsciously motivates every decision made regarding relationships. Trust is gone, and the person may hold suspicion of everyone that resembles those that betrayed them from an earlier time. The younger and more vulnerable the child is when things go wrong, and the more repeated the injury, the more angry the adult will become. This anger “energy” at the past, that was out of control for them, will be channeled into controlling everything in their present and future. The un-forgiveness acts as a self defense mechanism, since they are acting to prevent further injury by hurting others first, to “disarm the enemy.”

5. Abusive relationships in adulthood. If the childhood was normal, but the person made a bad choice, then usually the person can recover more quickly, and not degenerate into sociopathic behaviors. But, if the person is influenced by negative people around her who misadvise her, and cause her to adopt their views, then there is trouble. However, I think if the person can obtain good counsel later, this mindset can be reversed. If the abusive adult relationships reinforce the childhood abuse, this more deeply ingrains the Jezebel spirit that has infected the person.

6. Lack of general moral values in home growing up, or early social influences outside the home which contradict morality. If there are no moral values taught in the home as to right and wrong, then any value set can arise, which is totally demonic or anti-social. The outside influences include schools, teachers, and fellow classmates, who may come from non-ethical backgrounds. If teachers for example, usurp the authority of the parents, and teach values contrary to the moral values of the home, then the parents can be undermined, and the child can go out of control, and turn into a nightmare for the parents. A good example of this is teaching that homosexuality is acceptable to children as an alternative lifestyle. This moral corruption of children will lead to aberrant behavior later, especially since they are being taught that their parent’s morals are a lie, and they can rebel against the parents if they wish to. Early influences also include those from the media, where immorality and violence is celebrated. Any child who learns early on that there is no God or no morals, and there is no one to answer to for their behavior, ends up creating their own rules. The “do what you want” attitude is godless, and can lead to anything, even murder.


7.     Basic personality type– Even in childhood, we see different personality types.  Some children seem more aggressive and dominant, and others are more shy and passive.  Discipline and positive guidance is needed to guide the children to develop proper social skills, and to bring out strengths of each one. If a lack of discipline occurs, the child may go in a direction that is more self–oriented or more self-destructive.  We call the child “spoiled” for this reason.  When the basic personality type is coupled with a bad environment, then there will be trouble, and they will lack appropriate social skills, and use their own ideology of how things should be done.


The aggressive Jezebel usually comes from 1,2 and 4. The more sneaky charming Jezebel usually comes from number 3 and 5.


Typical question about Jezebel’s motives:

Do you think a jezebel knows she is a jezebel? And why would someone actually go to all the trouble to hurt other people? That is the part I can’t understand. How do you actually sit there and plot who you will hurt, and then feel good about it. Or is it self-destructive behavior on the jezebel’s part so that she can feel bad, and then she is the “real” victim?


yes she knows…….but she does not CARE……

what she wants is more important…

as she grew up, she probably had plenty of fights with other girls, who let her know what she was…..there was plenty of name calling… she learned how to win over them

She does not care if she destroys….she sees the other person as a failure based on their weaknesses…and she is the success because of her strengths… her, it is the other persons’ fault they are hurt. If they weren’t such a loser, they would not get hurt.

Now that we know about her, how do we help the soul that is bound and free her?

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178 Responses to “The Roots of Jezebel”

  1. praise God for the revelation our intercessory prayer group is praying aganist this spirit. and i thank you for the information on this spirit.

  2. This is really intriguing i think the jezebel spiritis so common nobody even notices till they read an eye opener like this!

  3. Interesting insight. Yet…something is missing also. Let me lay out to you.. very revealing from my childhood to adulthood.. Take time to read and think about it with wisdom and understanding that comes from within… struggles.

    I was abandoned at age 2 by my flesh and blood father whom cannot handle that I am deaf.. while my mother was at work.. He left me alone in the apartment with no clothes except dirty diaper. Wandering throughout rooms… until my grandparents found me and sat with me to wait for my mother to arrive.
    Age 5, I was moleasted first time by my youngest cousin’s father through my mother’s sister. I was far calm deep down.. and did not think about myself nor my problems.. My only thought was whole family.. so I bidded my time until they got divcored that I would tell my mother the truth without causing the pain to my little cousin who needed parents.
    Age 9, my mother woke me early in the morning with a stranger male standing next to her at the end of the bed. I looked at my mother silently for an answer.. She told me upfront that it was my real father.. I take a good deep searching soul at him.. and instantly dislike him inside and on sight. Unknown why except felt as if he is a danger rather than a safe male.
    Age 12, my flesh father began to attempt to feed me with lies about my mother and why he left her.. I only listened silently.. and then talk to my mother when I got home from visitation for vertifying the truth.
    Age 12, I got moleasted by different uncle through my half brother’s father brother.. and discovered to my horror who he was….
    Age 13, I got my first bible study and Jesus revealed me himself a week after baptized that I took for my mother’s sake rather than my own.
    Age 15, I had my rocky relationship with my mother from time to time because of being teenager issues and frustration by my flesh father’s forceful ways..
    Age 16, I got pregnant.. and was needing to contact my mother for her advice and wisdom on this issue.. but I was unable.. and was forced to have an abortion against my will..
    Age 17, I finally went to court with parents’ permission and the judge to set me free and let me go live on my own.
    Age 18, I began to explore the reality world and observed for years until now.. and still do.. to learn.. and trying to understand why people do such things…

    My mother was a single mother raising me and taught me the moral values in old fashioned ways in Victorian that runs in her family.. and grew up in my grandmother’s house nearly all my life.. I was never been lacked of love yet I seem always ran away if it gets too much… I feel love in family as a pity.. except only I know the real geuine love came from my great grandmother who knitted things for me with love and no words needed between us.. and real love from my grandmother.. and my mother is all I know… and yes I remembered my favorite second father who I called Clown because of his goofy personality in his gentle yet firm ways.. I only known him briefly before my mother divcored him due to health issues..but still are very good friends even nowadays….I am still my flesh father’s emeny in his own eyes.
    His past related to been a priest.. yet inside him is so rotten that makes me want to hose him down to cleanse him ever so often.

    I had my up and down relationships with many.. yet I held true and will not lie to them.. I cannot hate anyone who have done me wrong.. It is not in my heart because I protect my heart so zealously… And held to that since I made a vow at age 18 after my heart got broken from first relationship.. that my heart will always stay and belong to God alone.. No one else touches it..

    Believe it or not, since little girl I always have had bad dreams with evil ones that seem to chase me all my life.. trying to get to my key to soul.. I resisted … I do stumple.. * smile * I do make mistake.. but learning to correct it… one day at a time… No one is perfect.. and it takes a real courage and real heart to get through it all.. All I know is ” protect people from me rather than me harming them.. ”

    So, I do agree with you about above… yet it seems does not fit me totally.. it almost makes seem as if speaking of outside rather than inside.. Nah.. maybe I am wrong.. I do sometimes doubt myself of self worth.. is only problem I have.

    Anyway, the whole point is.. How can it be fit to all of those if someone have good heart and seeks truth spite of going through ?? That is my real question and makes me sit in confusion because in my real heart and soul knows the real love toward God.. yet shys away from him only because of self worth issue.. and does that make me Jezebal if I speak out in truth ?? That is the question that seems always there…

    • dear Tamera

      A life of suffering does not automatically produce a Jezebel. Most of the time, it produces a person who is sensitive, but with a low self esteem.

      A Jezebel has no morals, she lies and cheats and hurts people intentionally, and does not care. That does not sound like you.

  4. I have a question…can the spirit be caught off guard if say ” I ask “her” what her name is”….and prior to and during I am praying in the spirit …..If I am praying in the spirit quietly then certainly this spirit can hear right?…just curious

    • You can only ask a spirit what its name is if the host human allows you to. Otherwise, you will be told you are asking crazy questions.

      When you are praying in tongues, the demon has no idea what you are saying. It is an unknown tongue.

  5. Is the host aware that they have a Jezebel spirit?

    • hi Vickie

      Many times yes….but it is possible also that the person is deceived, or self deceived, and does not know.

      They might sense something is wrong with their life, or that they are unhappy, but don’t know why.

  6. Marianne, Thanks for the quick reply. I am a bit confused and concerned. How is it that the Jezebel spirit can decieve those who are prophetic? Wouldn’t they pick up on this? Also is it typical or possible for the host to be highly prophetic as well? I am dealing with this very thing, with a highly prophetic person and no one seems to see the truth. I feel as though I am doing something wrong but praying against her and asking the Lord to silence her.

    • Vickie

      That person is not prophetic. They are a false prophet.

      Consider how rarely true prophets have occurred over the thousands of years. Maybe a handful. This are the ones who made it into the bible.

      True prophets are rare. God used to use one man for an entire nation. now we have one on every street corner, claiming they are prophets.

      The holy spirit is not going into an unclean vessel. A true prophet has to be very pure, and undefiled by the world.

      The person you are referring to is seen as prophetic because someone has given them a state to talk on, and they took over.

      A true prophet can predict the future with stunning accuracy.

      A false prophet generalizes and “reads people” like a book.

      This ability comes from association with demons, and training by others, who teach them to read people’s facial expressions and prompt the subject to offer information to them. This is how psychics work.

      see here:

      There are some other links at the end of the post as well.

      • I agree with Marianne on prophets. While in seminary, there was a fellow classmate who straight away said he had the gift of prophesy. I, along with other classmates had just met the fellow. It is safe to be aware of those who advertise their spiritual gifting. Another trait I noticed in the Jezebel spirit is they talk about themselves and are narcissistic. True prophet have their minds on God’s kingdom and serve His purpose, when walking in the Holy Spirit.

        • Thanks Dawn.

          I guess you could say that those that toot their own horn are not tooting God’s horn.

          If someone really has the gift of prophecy, they do not have to tell you.

          The prophecy itself is evidence, and it will sound like God, not man trying to quote God.

    • Vickie, Hi… I feel like you are not doing anything wrong… Continue to pray against Jezebel… I never knew anything about this spirit, until it came about against my marriage… Then I had to pray and fast and seek The Lord’s Will, I too could not understand why other people couldn’t see that this woman has this spirit… My prayers will be with with you Vickie,

      • Hi Iam4real

        I am dealing with this spirit as she is involved with my child’s father, he is blinded and unrecognizable from the man myself and his family know. she has corrupted our 8 year relationship knowing our small baby is involved and tore apart his once very close family, destroyed his relationship with his parents and sister. she is promiscuous but he does not want to believe anything about her and he thinks she is sweet and innocent. He is not the highly moral, respectful person he once was and everyone in his family believe the occult is involved because his change in personality is too drastic. furthermore, he comes from an unbelieving family..I am christian so I don’t even know where I stand in this situation as people are telling me I need to stand in the gap and continue to pray for him..but I have repented for becoming involved in an unequally yoked relationship in the 1st place, I have not been involved with anyone else, just living for God, my child and myself. so I am very disturbed and unsure about what to do because his family are suffering terribly and would like very much for that woman to be out of his life and for me to work things out with him. please can you advise me

  7. wow…these teachings on Jezebel provide the missing pieces to the puzzle that was my relationship to my mother and older sister!
    The truth does set us free! Now it’s the process of getting it all right with God…I was in continual frustration with my mother and older sister. I could never seem to get to the bottom of the pain and frustration I have suffered at their hands throughout my life. I will turn 54 nixt month. My goal is to not pass this evil onto my 3 children. My oldest son struggles with homosexuality, a consequence of this spirit. How can I help him? thanks Mary

    • hi Mary

      Yes, the truth does set us free.

      I was a victim for a long time, and could never figure out what hit me, or what was wrong with me, that I would attract so much hatred from these creatures.

      It took a while to get rid of the feeling that it was me, and realize I was dealing with a spirit that indwelled other people.

      I think your children need to be educated about the spiritual realm, and how it affects the physical one. Share information you find on this site. That is why it is here.

      Be patient with your son. first he has to be open that something is wrong with him. He needs a non threatening explanation that he is the victim, not the cause, of some sort of abuse or influence that has him tied up spiritually.

      Most people are defensive because they don’t want any more guilt. They will relax more when the message is that “it is not their fault. They are the victim.”

      pray for him. Let him know you are praying and invite him to pray with you, if you think he is at that point. If he is not at that point, then let him know you are praying for him, because you love him, and want the best for him, and want him free of any bondage this life is imposing on him.

  8. How can I tell if I have the jezebel spirit and where can I go to get help
    Please respond


  9. There is a book by Jon Paul Jackson called “Unmasking the Jezebel spirit” Very informative and I have used it to heal the wounds from being under the influence of a Jezebel spirit! Another great resource

    • hi vickie

      I am glad the book helped you. I had contact with one man who said his wife got the spirit after reading the book. She apparently became attracted to it after reading about it. I am happy to hear it had more of a healing effect on you.

      Stay blessed and protected, and under the blood of Jesus.

    • Vickie, I too have read this book Unmasking The Jezebel Spirit… Just want to give others advice about this, if you read this book or any others on The Jezebel Spirit, please pray and seek God’s Will… This is important!!! We must pray against the spirit as we learn about it, to keep ourselves from it… Especially me, I am someone who would be suspectible to getting this spirit… This book is quite informative, it is a good read…

  10. I believe I am dealing with a jezebel spirit in both my husband and my oldest daughter. Husband hs the smeaky kind and daughter the agressive one.
    I am dealing with a sitation with my daughter in which she is using my 2 youndg grandchildren…ages 5 and 7 as pawns in a very contolling way and also witholding them from me. She says she is a believer and goes to church but since involving herself in yoga has only gotten worse in her control. She does not seem to care who she hurts. My question is what can I do regarding my gandchildre. Up until about 4 months ago I was at least able to see them every she rarely lets me see them at all. I am considering taking her to court for grandparents visitation rights…she trhreatens to retaliate if I do…I have tried to work this out peacefully with her but she is not one whom I can reason with…yes she has a deep daddy wound from her birth father among many other issues. My husband and I are curently separated so I cannot get any help for him….however hs is not her father…he is her stepdad…who has also let her down. any thoughts or advice concerning taking her to court so I can manitain my relationship with my grandchildren?

    • dear mazzie

      How close does she live to you?

      hard to deal with …….the best way to deal with a jezebel is to be aggressive with them.

      but since she controls the children’s visits this adds extra factors.

      you might have to go to court.

      you can tell your husband to act like a man and do something to help. He is being a wimp.

      in the meantime, pray against the spirit that controls her. Plead the blood of Jesus over the children.

  11. Hi, i have a very agressive and hurtful relationship with my mother and this started 15 months ago after a disagreement and I have almost no contact her at all. After reading your site I bacame very concerned that she might have the Jezebel spirit in her. She has said that there is no mental issues and she is normal. I am married and have two children, she has also convinced my father and my brother that our family is bad and they have turned on us. She has emotionlly hurt my childern and will not have any contact with my husband at all. My parents will only apologise to me and will have nothing to do with my husband. Both my husband and myself have apologised for our part it the argument but this is not accepted and the hurt continues unabated. They have both admitted that they want to split up my family. We are now seeking pastrol counselling to help us. Is this just a mother that is angry or it is something else.

  12. This is all right down my alley. I have experienced this for quite a while now on My Job expecially.Jexzebel has told more lies and harrassed, attack my character and made people to outright believe they are a spokesman and they rule and run things. I need God’s wisdom since this spirit has continue to make and spread rumors and somehow convinced others that I’m the problem when they see and know I do not conversate with this witch.

  13. Could it be possible for the host of the Jezebel spirit to have had a verbally abusive father and passive mother ? There’s someone I know who meets the behavorial characteristcs. She’s going through a divorce and uses that as a means to play the victim. She pops up at her husband’s church to intimidate him and other members. She gets so much control over her children and their father through threatening to have an emotional “freak out.”

    • hi Dawn

      Jezebel can infect either a man or woman. The abusive father is the male Jezebel. The passive mother is the Ahab.

      Playing the victim can be common behavior for some types of Jezebel.

      Why is this going on at church? If the pastor allows it, he is an ahab himself, and going there is useless.

  14. A few memebers of the church spoke with the Pastor and she hasn’t been back. So, I’m guessing he took a stand.
    Many Christians are ‘afraid’ to discuss spiritual warfare. They don’t want to face the fact that once we follow Jesus we’re constantly fighting in the spiritual realm. Many Christians think it should be all worldly happiness! We’re on the battlefield at all times, in every place. Satan sends his cohorts to church too. My former church had a few men and women who positioned themselves in closed relationship with the head Priest/Pastor in order to gain control. In most cases these people were married to Ahab types, they tithed big amounts of money, and appeared to be at the Lord’s service. The sad thing is, not all church folk have the gift of discernment and would be able to tests these types of spirits. In Roamns 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 gifts are to edify the entire body of Christ. Most churches do not give spiritual gifts tests or preach on Spiritual warfare. Did you know that “onward Christian soldiers’ is going to be taken out of the lastest hymnal edition?

    • Lets all pray that God help the churches learn more on spiritual warfare… I have discernment, so when other church members didn’t realize what was going on I did… Pray and seek God to help you… For the church members who don’t have discernment, I help them… Your right Dawn, I think it’s sad that a lot of church members are all Hush Hush about spiritual warfare, it’s time to get serious… We are children of the The Almighty, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, Hallelujah!!!

  15. The Lord revealed to me recently that my husband has this Spirit. He is very controlling manipulating and it fits him to a T, especially the worship of prospertiy. His Dad is also very controlling and loves being a big bully like he actually gets a kick of out of it. So much that he has gotten his big kick out of kicking me out of my husband’s life. My husband will not do anything to stand up to him because if not he will disown him and he will not receive his inheritance. His poor Mother is a also a victim in his evil schemes. He has emotionally abused her and she just sits and lets him do it. Me, I stuck up for myself and that Sprit got really angry cause I would not comply with it’s requests. It wanted to shape and mold me into what it wanted behave like it wanted me to. It’ s so deceiving cause that Spirit paints a picture as if your the problem and it’s all your fault! And your so right on about the person needling to learn the word NO! My husband get really angry when I tell him NO lfor a ligitimate reason and makes it look like Im not respecting him when really it’s just a controlling spirit trying to take over and destroy your character of who you are and who God made you to be. As you said it likes to retaliate well it did. I told my husband NO about something I did not agree with that and that ugly Spirit went and joined forces with the other playing the victim and then it retaliated against me and wanted to destroy me and my marriage my family everything! And my husband is a born again Christian but he is so blinded by this thing! He would never admit to having a Jezebel Spirit. One time I was praying for my husband and doing deliverance prayers and such and that thing spoke to me. The Lord just brought that to remembrance just a few days ago to confirm it is indeed a Jezabel. IThe Lord also revealed to me sometime after my marriage that my Dad also has a Jezabel and this thing just keeps following me around and Ive had it Im done dealing this Spirit. It has destroyed my life enough! God revealed to me the other day that it’s victim spews the poison of rejection and abandonment because it makes you feel less then to look like your the wrong one when you are not. They will not admit they are wrong or apologize at all. I have been on the internet and listening to deliverance ministers to get insight on how to fight this thing. In the name of Jesus is is defeated! Thank you for your website God Bless!

    • hi sharon

      You cannot control their behavior, only yours. So you stick up for yourself.

      WHile they will not admit they are wrong, God will eventually hold them responsible for their behavior.

      You are good to say “NO” to them. You are letting them know you are not their doormat.

      Rejecting you is THEIR loss, not yours.

      Your husband is a combination of Jezebel / Ahab. He is passive around someone stronger, and then releases his frustration aggressively at you when the father is not around.

      Understanding what is going on is half the battle. So you are on the right path.

      Jezebels are all over the place. I have a court case with one right now.

      Society is infested with them, so it is just not in your life.

      Your husband also cannot claim to be born again, and have this spirits inhabit him. No one with unrepentant spirits, and demons goes to heaven.

      Just pray for his deliverance and salvation.

  16. Thank you so much for this site! I’ve been dealing w/ a very controlling co-worker at my job for the past several months who has been attacking me for no reason. She claims that I’m too quiet and too sweet to work in an environment where one must take charge (apparently her idea of being “in charge” is yelling, threatening).

    She appears very aggravated about my peaceful disposition and is often sarcastic about it. She has lied on me several times at the job, I’ve also witnessed her stealing supplies from the job. She is very aggressive, yells, curses, at fellow co-workers. She acts like she runs the place, telling others what to do and what not to do and where not to go, how to do this and that.

    She has convinced many of the higher-ups to give her special priveleges, e.g. as an informal make-shift manager over other staff and then she lies and says they were not doing what they were supposed to even if she didn’t witness it or has no proof. Somehow, she conned our regional director into giving her her own personal key to the workplace and storage (when nobody else has one). She has convinced our director that someone is stealing supplies from the job and many supplies which were once accessible to staff are now locked up (extra toilet paper, paper towels, sugar) She threatens us that we are being watched and usually has designated “spies” checking on us throughout our shifts. I have witnessed her “setting up” people. If someone doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she calls superiors and makes up stories and writes false statements.

    She has threatened to get me fired, claiming that no one is as assertive as she is and no one does the job like she does. I’ve only worked with her directly, a few times (and seen her many more)…but she has all these stories to tell about me. She convinces the manager to write people up, or to write false statements about other staff. Many of these write ups unbeknownst to the staff. Many of the staff are shocked to learn that their job performance is not “up to par”.

    She has caused 6+ managers to be fired or quit, often making them out to be incompetent. They have offered her the management position and she turns it down. She relishes the opportunity to “play manager” until they find a new one, claiming she doesn’t want to be in charge. She seems to have gotten in b/t every friendship on the job to where no one trusts anyone else. No matter how well I complete a documentation, med discrepancy, take care of a patient, or whatever, I receive calls on my days off that someone has reported me about my job/behavior, or that something was found amiss.

    I have witnessed mysterious bruises and marks on some of the patients, etc. but she’ll claim that he/she self-injured, or accidentally did this or that. One of my patients, commented on how friendly and caring I was towards him and the others… Once this same patient hinted that he is scared of someone at the job sometimes when she doesn’t do what he wants…but I work w/ mentally insane, & disabled patients and it doesn’t help that his profile includes attributes like “occassionally makes false accusations against others” and if I mention it, she’ll pass it off as part of his insanity or convince superiors to do the same. But I have a strong suspicion he’s telling the truth. B/c I notice when she walks towards some of the other patients many of them flinch.

    I never understand what I’m doing wrong…No matter how perfect something is…she will find a problem. Then, she’ll make a sly comment like “See, that’s why you don’t need to be working here, no one can run this like me!” I often see her watching me very slyly. I didn’t know if it was a mental illness like Borderline Personality Disorder or a spirit. But I felt something telling me to record, copy, and document, take pictures…of all kinds of things…next thing I know, tonight I received a phone call that the regional director wants to talk to me after receiving several reports from staff about my performance. I don’t know what to do, but I am trusting God in this situation and continuing to pray.

    Didn’t mean for this to be so long, but I need prayer. In this economy, I cannot afford to lose my job, but I know that God is an awesome provider. I also would like to know if anyone thinks that this behavior could be the result of a mental illness or is it spirtual-based…and could it be influenced by the environment in which I work? (Mental Hospital). Thanks.

    • hi patty

      You have a jezebel nurse turned loose in a hospital with an ahab supervisor enabling her.

      Unless you and the others ban together and document all her wrongdoings and stick together, you will continue to experience threats from her.

      Document everything. Get proof. Go over the heads of her and the ahab supervisor.

      Go outside the hospital and report with the proof you have, and how this woman is unethically tearing down the whole place. Describe her behavior……tell them the supervisor is in on the wrong. There are outside agencies also that deal with patient abuse and will come in and do their own assessment.

      she is evil, not mental…she knows what she is doing…and she will continue until someone stops her.

      Also plan to transfer out of there… you can get a job most anywhere in your field. You need A job, not THAT job.,

      Prepare to have a real nasty fight on your hands. It could be why God allowed you to be there…to stop her. see if the others will join you in a group complaint.

  17. my mother has this spirit .they do not like mother was never around.when I needed her she could never be found.when I became an adult she expects me to take care of her and give her gifts and money when she never even spend a day with me as a child.she allways play victim and people fall for her craft.she allways speak curses on my life .i had a three month premature baby instead of her saying he will live she told me if he die I should not feel bad cuz at least I can have another.jezebel is a wicked spirit.

    • hi zara

      You are not obligated to take care of someone who abandoned you. If she is doing this to you, get rid of her. You have a new baby that needs your attention more than her. You should not give your mother gifts or money. Save all this for the baby. Your mother needs to learn what being told “no” means.

  18. Dear marianne

    I do not deal with her or her favorite daughter anymore. Jezebel spirits are not easy to fight, because of this I left her alone. She goes around telling anyone who would hear she doesn’t know what she has done to me.They are good in making the world feel you are the bad one. I never even saw where my mom lived growing up. She never spend one day with me but now she expects me to work and dash out money and gifts on her like she was the best mother to me. Because I don’t do what she wants she makes it her will to make my life miserable. She cursed me having children before I had a child, cursed me that the doctor I was with will never marry me. I could write a book on how wicked this women was to me but I pray to break all her curses and for God to shame her and all those wishing for my downfall.

  19. Ive learned praying against, fasting,does not stops her. only way to defeat the sprit is to obey GOD. Your obedience to God is what she can deal with she has no power then. She feeds off of weakness . Let GOD be your power.

    • hi colby

      to fight against her you need

      group support

      aggressive action

      use the rules against her.



      • Your right about that Marianne, I realize that the Jezebel I had to deal with may come back around… If we do see each other again, it will be in church, I will tell her to leave!!! In the Name Of Jesus!!! I will not do what other church members have done in the past, and just do whatever she desires… For God hath not given us the Spirit of Fear 🙂

  20. Does someone with a Jezebel spirit ever reaps what they have sown?

  21. ..very powerfull ….helpfull..more people should read this ..will e mail lots of people and may God deliver us from the spirit of Jezebel in Jesus’s name…Amen.

  22. I was in a horrific marriage from day one of our marriage, but not while dating. My wife and her friend framed me early on with a domestic violance felony, her and her 19 year old son have assulted me, her and her son have had sex with each other, she extorted money, blacked mailed me, she physicaly, mentaly and verbaly assulted and abused me, had me arrested 16 times, stole from me, lied to me, cheated on me, she even paid someone to kill me. Even with a restraining order and a protective order against her, I couldn’t keep her away, she cunningly convinced the police, the courts, my friends, my neighbors and some of my family that i was the problem, she had sex with everyone. She never lived with me as my wife, she would stay/ force her way into my house and once in, the police couldn;t get her out because we were married, she would sleep in another bedroom always. Out of 6 awful years she stayed at my house maybe 6 to 7 months, but not in a row, a day here, a day there, 3 days at a time and once in a long time maybe 5 days in a row. She could never stay longer than that. I wouldn’t see her for months, but see would call me 100 times a day everyday. Sometimes she wouldn;t call for 3 or 4 days and then she would start calling again. Where or who she was with, I don;t know, she wouldn;t say and I didn’t care. You say change my phone number , I did, but she was screwing my so called friends to get my new number. Room mates as witnesses, she screwed thenm too. She spent alot of time at the free clinic and she was collecting general relief, free government money when she wasn;t steeling or extoring or black mailing me. You say how? She would come to my door when the neighbors were at work or asleep and she would start yelling help, help he’s beating me call 911 as she was hitting herself.. She would hit herself and call the police if I didn;t cooperate. Once in my house I was her hostage till she left. and to top it off I found out she was a dope fien, she loved using the needle. If you see her she has scabs all over her body and her face, she’ll convince you that shes got a medical skin problem. SHE CAN LOOK YOU STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND LIE WHILE HER JUGGULAR VIEN ON HER NECK TWITCHES AT 100 MILES AN HOUR> THESE ARE ONLY A COUPLE OF THINGS THAT SHE HAS DONE TO ME

    • There was more to my story, WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?

      • I spent 4 hours writing my story what happened to the rest of it???
        SATAN AGAIN INTERcepted my story.. This always happens when I try to get help or tell someone. CAN SOME ONE TAKE THIS CURSE FROM ME???
        IN THE NAME OF JESUS, PLEASE get my wife jezeebel out of my fricfen life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • dear fightingback.

          I am not sure if the webpage truncates long messages or not. I looked in the spam folder, and did not see any message from you.

          You can write me directly after you get this message, as my email will be attached to it.

          I hope you are divorced from her now. Moving away from her geographical area might help. She is definitely crazy.

  23. I have been reading for hrs. These decriptions are me all day long. I do not even kno the words to describe wat I am feeling right now. All of the possibilites of y u have this spirit have happened in my life except for #5. All of the ways this spirit make u behave is how I have behave my entire life. I had a breif period in my life where, i was on fire for god, but now as i read this, was that real? What do I do now? I dnt go to church, i dnt have anybody that i could talk to, bc i have hurt everybody in my life. I dnt trust anyone to b conpletely honest abt every single thing in my life. I have asked for forgiveness so many times and resorted bck to “me” that i feel like God has givin up. I have hurt so many people and done some many wrong that its to the point i have absoulty nobody that wants anything to do with me. Other than my husband, but he has traits of this spirit to. I am really at a loss for words. I do not want to b this person, but even i dnt have enough faith in myself that I can do my part so that god can deliver me……………

    • dear nicki

      You are incredibly brave to be able to come to this conclusion. It is very rare that a jezebel can confess and want to change her life.

      this means that your deliverance has started.

      the holy spirit is working with you, whether you realize it or not.

      remember you are not the spirit.

      you are you, and you want the sweet person God made you to be to come to the surface, and the spirit that hurt others to die.

      I suggest that you first talk this over with your husband. maybe you can help him too.

      if he is supportive, try to find a local ….HUMBLE church…to attend and ask for counseling from the pastor.

      If the pastor is not willing, or seems ignorant, then move on until you find a place that seems gentle and encouraging.

      do not settle on a church that seems “powerful,” it may have the spirit there in the congregation, or the pastor.

      Imagine yourself cuddled up in your bed as a child, with a soft mattress, a soft pillow, and a soft quilt over you. this is how the church you pick should make you feel.

      you need gentleness, to be able to heal.

      you have my prayers for a complete healing. I am putting you on my prayer list.

    • I will pray for you Nicki, 🙂

  24. My wife soon to be x-wife has the jezebel spirit/sosiopath. She totally ruined my life, stole everything I owned and than paid to have me murdered. She lied about everything just to marry me, she was pure evil. I will have my day in court soon. I cannot forgive her no matter how hard I try. I pray only to forget her. She found pleasure in the evil and the wrong she does. But GOD will have his way with her, the gates to heaven will not be open to her. All that know me hate her , all that know her stay away. Her only friends are the unaware or purely evil too. Too many wrongs can never be made right when you have sold your soul to the devil and have enjoyed every step of the way of your corruption. SHAME ON YOU!

  25. People that have the jezebel spirit/sociopath enjoy their spirit, they enjoy there life, they do not want to change. They are not a friend and I make that very clear, they are a deciever, they will do anything even good for a minute only to gain your trust again and again and again, they will not stop for they have no shame let alone mercy and well versed in scripture! They have no soul period. They will flatter you and get close to you, to destroy you as they laugh and you cry. This includes family members. Get them the F@#k out of your life, they don’t give a damn about you beneath their smiling or puppy dog sad pathetic lieing face. BE A BIG MOUTH and stop them in there tracks emidiately. Expose them out loud when ever their around. As a group the jezebel/sociopath will flea, so what if they hate you, they never really liked you anyways, you will be saving a friend or someone unaware FIGHT BACK!!!.

    • dear fightingback

      I can empathize with your pain. You have obviously been through a lot.

      Use this bad experience to warn others, like you are doing now.

      You can help many people with the knowledge you have now.

      in the meantime, focus on your own healing.

      You have been injured, and to stay injured, would only give her victory.

      God can use you to stop this spirit at work in the world, but you need to heal first.

  26. I would keep a close watch on any jezebel that you send to any church. You are putting a fox in the hen house when you do that. Its like putting a pediphile in a pre school or a alcoholic in a bar. We will soon see what unfolds at the expense of the innocent!!! May the wrath of GOD and all his might strike you down where you stand if you use or harm one in his flock, jezebel. I hope you can change but I doubt it, we will soon see if the deciever still lives within you! SHONDO!

    • let us pray she goes to a church where the pastor has some discernment.

      • My pastor has discernment, and he prayed her away…. But even after he did this, she visited the church here once a year… If he knows she has the Jezebel (I found out through discernment, and many months of praying fasting reading my bible), then why is she even allowed to still step foot inside the church? Hmmm…

  27. Dear Marianne, I owe you an explaination. I tried to seek help for my jezebel/sociopathic wife. I thought taking her to a christian church would help and change her. I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!!! The Pastor and his wife kicked my wife out of their church and told her never to return. She immiediatley caused division and problems in the church with her suductive, lying ways. I was told to stay and to leave and stay away from my wicked wife. Soon after, she had met with the pastors wife late one night while uder the influence of drugs and in the need of a ride. The Pastors wife and the oldest son agreed to give her a ride to here destination to get her away from their home. On the way and on the road my wife confessed to buying a hand gun and paying someone $1000.00 to have me murdered! The pastors wife came to my house the following morning to warn me. 3 attempts were made on my life soon after. We went to the local sheriffs department and filed a report. I am not with my wife, I haven’t seen her in nearly 2 years, my attorneys are searching for her to serve her court documents. She has made it clear that she would not cooperate and that she would not make herself easily found. My wife is lurking, she is looking fo a victim, this is the way she lives and survives, she does not work, but only on the unsuspected. May the wrath of the almighty GOD strike her down before she finds her next unexpecting, unknowing victim!!!

  28. We tried that, IT DID NOT WORK!!! She needs a exorcizim and a bath in holy water. She loves who she is, she loves and takes pleasure in the UnGODLY things she does!

  29. I agree with you Marianne, lets give her a chance. Our GOD is mighty, he’s a mighty GOD of chances, through his Son JESUS CHRIST all things are possible. 2 Cron 7:14 If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from there wicked ways, then shall I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their lands.
    A very close eye is needed!! And the congragation must be fore told and aware of her presences!!!! This must be a must! I would never forgive you if you invited a serial killer to my house for a bible study, with my family present and unknowing. This applies to putting a fox in a hen house and a jezebel in a church. I ask this, Is anyone willing to take personal responsibility and financial responsibility for any destruction that a recovering jezebel might cause, and please no lip service, how about a oath.

    • if a jezebel wanted to, they would go to a church anyhow, whether I sent them or not.

      the advice was to confess to a pastor as to what she is and get help

  30. I understand, and some people deserve a chance. GOD help them. I once seen a church dissolve and fall apart never to recover due to the jezebel spirit that plaqued a church. That jezebel spirit is a powerful spirit to the unknowing and unsuspected. I thank you for your work and you website and the revealing of the jezebel spirit. I thank you for your wisdom and courage, carry on. I pray the Lord protect you and bless you all the days of your life.

  31. How do you fight back against a jezebel/sociopath ? Lock them out of your life and Do Not let them back in! You must warn your friends that have met s/he. Be a big mouth and expose s/he out load when ever s/he is in sight or near and don’t hold back. A jezebel/sociopath is exactly like a bully .To defeat the jezebel/sociopath you must use the same tactics that you would use to fight a bully. Atain a protecitve order from the courts if nesesary. Stay in the word of GOD. AND MOST IMPORTANT AND I STRONGLY INSIST THAT YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A CROWD OF CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY TILL s/he is finally gone. WHEN NEAR OR CLOSE CONFRONT s/he with your army of friends. A jezebel/sociopath is powerless against a crowd, they will flea against a army. And remember that the only friends a jezebel/sociopaths have are other jezebeles and sociopaths without empathy and they network and share informations about their victims. Most of the times their families like their mother and father sister and brothers will protect them harbour them and will hide the truth from their victims! SHAME ON THEM!!! TAKE A STAND AND FIGHT BACK NOW!!! A survailance camera or a nanny cam works great or even a tape recorder. You can even purchase a video and audio recorder that looks like a pen on line for under $50.00 LETS TAKE A STAND AND FIGHT BACK TOGETHER! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE. Be with us Lord JESUS and help us win the war against jezebel!

    • HOPE IS HERE IF YOU FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, THEY WORK IF YOUR WORK THEM. I was a victim but never again. I fought back and won!!!!

    • I did just that fightingback, I warned everyone, not to gossip but to let them know, to warn them… I got upset when I warned my motherinlaw, and instead of heeding to the warning, she went to go visit with her for 2 weeks… People now think I am wrong because I refuse to be close to my motherinlaw (I really don’t even like her watching my kids) … Most people think Im crazy, I feel your pain though… I know the destruction this spirit can cause… We should pray for these people (like my motherinlaw) and others who protect these seducing spirits… May The Lord Help Us To Fight Against This Spirit… Thank you Jesus!!!

  32. my mom ,sister all have these traits esp .my mom the hidden aggression and control with a hidden type of anger her and my dad ,haVE A JEZABEL RELATIONSHIP AS HE HAS THE TRRAITS TOO AS THEY DID LIKE TO KEEP ME PUNISHED ALOT and i srtated seeing what they did too me i would go to them with the truth .and they dont like it and i called my dad months ago he wabnts nothing to do with me ,and said stay away ,wow and its at the point that when my kids are in town with me for the summers ,my parents or sister wont even come too see them at all ,my entire family is ate up with it ,but i have purged alot of anger because of it and childhood ,its so messed up wow ,thanks for reading.

    • dear den

      We cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends. I am sorry to hear you are having a jezebel experience in your family. I suggest get away from them, and just pray for them. In the meantime, take care of yourself.

    • A jezebel is a sosiopath do your research!
      And no family is PERFECT!
      Pray for wisdom and the strength to move on!

    • Anyone can have anger, and strict parents are just part of life.
      If your parents were true jezebels they would have tried to have raised you as one too! They would take much pride in raising a master of deciet without empathy!
      A powerful family of evil, deciet and wickedness suits them well!
      And a family member of good heart and compassion is hated and shund from the start.
      A jezebel dosen’t happen over night. It starts at a early age and grows and gains wisdom, evil wisdom as they get older which leads to power, they master the use of deciet, evil intentions and rejoyce in the victimization of others. At the right age the jezebel is ready to unleash her/his evil powers and evil wisdom on the world and are eager to test their skills at the game of wits! Their entire life is a mission of opportumity at they expense of others, never being satisfied!.
      Lord JESUS protect us and shield us from the unholy ones. May they REPENT and bow down before you!

  33. Hi, my name is Kandye and I believe my sister has a Jezebel spirit. I don’t even know where to begin except that she is very aggressive and a control freak over her household. She believes she was physically abused by our father and she blames my mother for not protecting her and divorcing my dad. She takes all of her bitterness and unfogiveness out on me and My mother. She has always been very violent, sassy, and disobedient which caused my Dad to overdiscipline. I was very compliant being the youngest and she claims I got away with murder although I saw what she got in trouble for and didn’t repeat her mistake. Her husband and one of her sons have threatened to commit suicied because they feel that is the only way to be free of her. She abused her oldest daughter very violently. Her middle child is very passive and quiet and has no ambition. She wears the pants in the family and controls everything from where her kids work to what friends they can have. She does things for people only to get things in return later and is always the victim. She is extremely hateful and her venomous words have no boundaries, yet she claims to be a devoted Christian and has a gift of prophecy. My dad died last year and tried to apologize to her several times for their past but she is filled with unforgiveness and bitterness. She is very jealous of the relationship I had with my dad. In this past year she has upbraided my mother in the most verbally violent way on four separate occasions. She is very disrespectful to our mother who has done nothing but love her and support her. In the past, my parents have done everything for her to try to make up for the differences in the past but it is never enough. They have given her money when she cries she can’t pay her bills. They gave her a lot to build her first home on. All this time I have never received anything extra from my parents because I have never required anything. She doesn’t want me to receive anything and says when our Mom dies she will tangle the will in court so no-one will receive anything just to make sure I don’t get anything. She told my mom she wished she had been an only child and this really hurts me. All of my life (48 years) I have loved her and helped her in any way I could and my love is returned with resentment and jealousy. She can manipulate my mother by making her feel guilty and mom never confronts her because she is afraid of her. I am no longer on speaking terms with her and this is breaking my mother’s heart but she only hates and resents me. Since she claims to be a Christian, how do you deal with someone like this? She is never wrong and would never seek counseling. She says I am a sick person and lying but everyone in our family including her own children know I have spoken the truth. Please help!

    • Kandye

      This has been going on too long. Neither your father nor mother knew how to handle her, and permitted too much rebellion.

      Understand that Jezebels do not repent, because the spirit that is in them is demonic, and demons don’t repent.

      because this has been going on too long, the demon is well established and feels justified in being there.

      actually, all the kindness and requests for forgiveness from her made the demonic stronghold stronger, as your parents accepted the guilt instead of pointing it back on the demonic presence. now your sister is established in her belief that HER attitude, and hatefulness is everyone else’s fault.

      To deal with her will require STRONG opposition, and a united effort. She also needs a male authority figure that is strong and righteous who will put her in her place. Sometime a strong female figure can work, but it will get more opposition and take longer. But if that is all that is available, then be prepared for a long battle.

      I can tell you what to do, but I do not know what is available there. You will have to give me feedback.

      1. a strong male figure is missing in her life.

      her husband is failing to take the lead in the house. he needs to get in touch with his male hormones and stand up to her. as long as he is the submissive male, she is going to walk all over everyone.

      the husband is as much a problem as she is. talk to him. he is playing the ahab in this situation and enabling her. he needs to put her down and straighten her out.

      he should also protect his children from her.

      if not, a male pastor might work, one from a deliverance background, pentecostal , church of god, or assemblies of god. not sure if you can get one to be interested unless you go to his church, and most will not come to the house, you have to go to them.

      2. cut off the funds. do not support her as long as she is like this. this will cause some trauma, but she is being rewarded for her rebellion and dependency.

      3. get aggressive ( you do not have to be negative, you can be assertive). tell her NO…NO…..NO….she will hate that…but so what , she is already hateful. Let her know you do not accept the guilt for her nasty behavior. you do not have to accept her abuse…..this means you and your mom.

      you have to stand up to her,. she has to be opposed.

      4. many times, it takes a traumatic experience to bring down the jezebel, and get her in touch with her own humanity. if this happens, let her fall. do not pick her up unless she changes, and learns her lesson. she has to “crash” first.

      5. take legal steps now to protect any legacy you might get in the future. make sure there are no loop holes. Also, property and money can be transferred ahead of time, account names changed from single to joint etc. so there would be nothing to dispute later.

      6. tell her you love her, but do NOT accept her behavior. when she repents, and acts like a real human being, you will accept her back. you are not to be bullied.

      7. do not accept the “poor little victim” routine…that is a trick….

      8. your mom needs to stop giving into her out of guilt and realize she is feeding the demon by her submission. tell her to quit.

      9. your sister is not saved. lots of jezebels say they are christian and always want a position of power in the church…

      10 pray for her deliverance and salvation.

      a set of pages on jezebel are on this site…..share with mother and husband.

      and kids if they are old enough

      the orange link is the introduction page…the white link is the discussion and explanation page.

      the key now is the husband who should put his foot down.

  34. YOU MUST ALWAYS VOICE RECORD OR VIDEO RECORD ALL CONFRONTATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND DEFENSE, jezebel will become abusive if she feels threaten. You must be ready to protect yourself legally if need be, always record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A jezebel is DEFENSELESS when you are in the company of 2 or more witnesses, the more witnesses the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Be blessed for a good job yessss in this generation we must fight this spirit if we will experience victory in our lives and ministry

  36. Some people hate sin, some people tolerate sin and then their are those that enjoy sin and evil!
    JESUS will give you the desires of your heart if you will follow him and so will satan.. We that follow JESUS are not to be lovers of the world!

  37. “Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft” is to say Witchcraft is to the rebellion. Defines the Jezebel Spirit.


    PUT HER/HIS @$$ IN PRISON!!!!!

  39. There are two types of female Spirit directly opposite to each other. Encountering them by the Holy Spirit reveals them as there are by there hearts uncovered. The Spirit of Mariam or Mary the definition of a Mother, full of love, mild, longsuffering, gracious, straightforward, Holy, Glorious, does not change in the Spirit or in the Flesh is the same, gift of God, knowing her is a great pleasure reflecting The Christ, the other the Jezebel Spirit -full of hatred, rebellious, selfish, extremely deceitful when known in the flesh, everything not of a Mother, most undesirable, the queen of feminism, non repenting, full of sin(sin that waits at the door step to be taken seeming as extremely desirable on the outside), knowing her is a horror, reflecting satan. Whatever became of Lucifer the torch bearer of God , for God is good & all that He makes is Good, Lucifer was not made this way but made himself this way even unto his female self, Jezebel. Unfortunately that which presently rules America to Obama , Hillary & their people is this wicked spirit. Jesus in revelation states the Jezebel & her non repentance to the subsequent consequences even unto her spiritual children.
    To know some thing about Christ in the Glory is to know that none, even the god of this world standing before His Omnipotence, speak unless spoken to, even unto His second coming. This is my testimony to the revelation.

  40. A Jezebel will show signs of love and motherly nurturing to her children in front of witnesses like at a party or at a family gathering, merely a show and a smoke screen, BUT her true love and pride is for her demon seed prodigy.
    Oh how she adores her demon spawn!!!


  42. Hello. My mother and father fought all the time except when they had sex. My dad Left in the middle of the night one winter nov and came back in June. My parents divorced. My mom was passive promiscous and never disciplined my sister and I. My father yelled at us all the time and whipped us with a belt. If we were hurt there was no one to comfort us when we were little. My dad ignored us when his girlfriends were around. He slept w his girlfriends.

    I was sexually abused by age 5 or 6. I became promiscous with boys and girls. As an older adult I fought lesbian temptations.

    God has left me.

    • leah

      Your parents failed you, and left you damaged.

      But God has not left you, if you reach out to him.

      And Jesus is in the healing business, and can heal your wounds with his love, and deliver your spirit from all the sex filth and garbage that got put in you.

      Go to a Church of God near you, and ask for prayer.

      There should be people and a pastor there that can help you.

      if you do this, you will be ok, but just be patient. You have some work to do to get better.

  43. SWEET CHILD OF GOD, NO he has not left you! DRAW NEAR TO HIM NOW! Yes it is unfortunate your past and most of us have one, but GOD has heard your cries he has seen your pain, that is why his son JESUS paid the ultimate price for us, His LIFE for ours! You can probably say that I could have been the perfect candidate for suicide had I filled myself with self pity and If I submerged myself in all the painful words spoken by the inhumane and jealous. JESUS loves you/us, he has such a better and wonderful life just waiting for you, filled with great joy safety and peace AND it is just around the corner merely moments away! I was skeptical at first too but I said WTH and gave ALL of myself in faith to him. I said here you go JESUS, HERE one final shot at life with you!
    I am the happiest I have ever been, I now love life more than ever, JESUS IS TRUELY MY ONE AND ONLY LORD AND SAVIOR and he is waiting especially for YOU!
    Just get on your knees and pray with every bit of energy that you have and ask him to enter your life, except him, ASK him to forgive your sins, ask him for the power to forgive those who have hurt you, ask him to wash away all the pain and sorrow and make you NEW,ask him to bring heavenly love and peace to your life, ask him to fill you with heavenly wisdom and knowledge and most important his understanding and not ours.
    NOW WITH OPEN EYES, go buy yourself a BIBLE and start reading it. I love reading The Book of Proverbs just about everyday, for me this book is a blessing in time you will find yours. Next get used to getting on your knees and praying, pray to Jesus and talk to him just like you would with your best friend Because now he is your best and only friend, he is your LORD AND SAVIOR. Make him proud and happy of you.
    Then find a CHRISTIAN CHURCH and ATTEND and PARTICIPATE, it might be scary at first but just take the plunge, YOU MUST TRUST in the LORD.
    Now meet new friends and fellowship with them.
    May the peace and joy of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS BE WITH YOU!!!
    Battle on, Battle on, VICTORY is sooooooooo close!!!!!

  44. Today I sit in an apartment with children from a marriage to a woman with a Jezebel spirit. From the outset these folks are loving and concerned, focused on your issues. Really, they are concerned with your faults because it gives them a sense of self worth to be the one to confide in. Really, the world is filled with opportunity to improve, which makes them suspicious of your motives. Refusing to take responsibility or even to try, they then look to turn your blessings into cursing as they try to continue to find fault. Everything that is done to them is by you and then they make you feel the blame for everything. The “do as I say and not as I do” model applies. It’s ok for them to have friends, but you better not. Then they say it’s because of you that you don’t have friends. Lol. The question then arises about morality and God. It’s ok for them to make mistakes, because “they are human”. You on the other hand had better not of you will be condemned. They talk, don’t listen and react at a moments notice. But if you protect yourself, then you are being heavy handed. They pick at your weaknesses like picking a scab. It’s sure to benefit their ends to expose you and try to make your faith walk a lie. No accountability, no remorse, no conviction and a black/white viewpoint defines the historonic personality. Also narcissism and a hint of OCD. Anxiety is also a tool, as well as self righteous judgement. Run! Run far and fast! They seek out people as my spouse told me “I prey on the weak”. Also, quietness is your greatest tool. God says that through quietness and confidence, The Lord is your strength.

    • dear WB

      It always saddens me to hear these stories. the spirit is destructive, and drains the victims.

      I am glad you are away from it now. May the Lord strengthen you and protect you, and bless you in a way that it erases all the damage that the devil has done.

  45. Look, it is said that the road to destruction is trying to please everyone! THAT EVERYONE JUST COULD BE THE ONE YOUR WITH!!!
    I would LEAVE ASAP. Don’t return until a agreement in your favor has been reached IN FRONT OF A RELIABLE WITNESS!
    One of 2 things will happen, 1 a agreement will be made or at least considered OR 2, no need for discussion they don’t want you back! BLUNT BUT EFFECTIVE!!! YOU did want the truth right, well now you will get it!!!
    GOOD LUCK and be a sport about it!

    OR just maybe they don’t want you and you just refuse to except it and you won’t leave. REBUKE that spell, open your eyes AND MOVE ON.
    GOD IS NOT A GENIE that you can summons with a love potion that will convince them to love you, stay with you OR WORSHIP YOU!!!
    It don’t work like that! It is obvious there is no love there so don’t settle for the crumbs, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT I HOPE! Do you feel or think your UGLY and that’s the best that you can do? Don’t let Satan deceive you, IT IS NOT TRUE! Your are a beautiful creation of GOD and you deserve the BEST. It is out there waiting for you. PRAY and seek GOD’s LOVING wisdom and guidance!

  46. PLEASE FOLKS, DON’T LET SATAN DECIEVE YOU THAT YOU ARE UGLY OR NOT WORTHY OF SOMEONE BETTER. You must pray that your rational mind come back and ALSO YOUR SIGHT so that you will be able to KNOW AND RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH!!!
    Remember JEZEBEL loved and enjoyed herself and the evil, wicked things she does!
    IT TAKES A GREAT MAN/WOMEN TO EXCEPT DEFEAT, MOVE ON and never let it happen again!

  47. I was raised in a tight knit “cultish” religious home and community that had followed the religion for centuries. I believed in “God” from my earliest memory. I tried to be like my relatives but even as a child I knew something wasn’t right.
    I was given a bra as a gift when I was 4 and later that evening was sexually abused and raped for the first time. My mother later told me the bra was a “rite of passage”???
    I saw a look of condemnation in my mothers eyes for as long as I can remember. She abused me emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew I had to leave home as soon as I could.
    After I left home, I struggled to find answers. I made lots of bad choices but Daddy God met me out there and has shown me truth…Step by painful step He lead the way and stayed with me as i found victory and healing…I’m finally at peace.
    During those years of separation from my family I kept in touch as I was able. It was difficult to be around people I loved, most of which sided against me. If I felt I needed to stay totally away, I did…this last separation lasted 3 years.
    My mother is elderly now. We started talking again a year ago. I was shocked the first time our eyes met. Instead of the condemnation, I saw fear…as if she was begging me to help her but she couldn’t ask.
    She was now dealing with dementia type symptoms. After researching it, there was only one cause that fit and that was a lifetime of lies and deception.
    After years of leading the attack against me, saying I was a liar and crazy when I refused to say my abuse was consensual, she admitted she believed me but said it was my “perceptions” that she questioned all those years. Then she said “Oh, by the way, I abused you too.” No apology, no remorse…just a matter of fact statement. I finally asked her if she could apologize. She said “of course…” which she now considers her apology.
    I accepted what she gave me. At least she finally believed me. I finally felt whole.
    My entire life I was held to the highest standard, along with Dad, who quit fighting her to keep our family as together as possible…but she was still grieving for “hurts” from long ago and still cursing Dad saying God played a bad joke on her by giving her my dad. I was so offended, I finally told her to quit cursing dad. She was hurt by my accusation and of course denied it saying she wouldn’t tolerate that anymore.
    I’ve known for a long time Mom had a religious spirit. I sought the Lord on how to handle it with her and was told to show love and stand on truth.
    Two months ago I had another revelation…I’d been bitter since age 4. It was instantly gone. I was shocked, then repentant, then excited as my lifelong depression started to lift. I called my mother and told her my news. I know she was shocked. She always accused me of always having to be right and this definitely didn’t fit into her judgement of me. She recoiled quickly and said “No condemnation” then said “God will do a quick work in you. I’ve always known you have a calling on your life.”
    Since then, I’ve asked God to reveal anything else standing between Him and me. I’d share my revelations or miracles with my mother during our daily talks. She’d admitted long ago that she was jealous of me?? I still don’t understand that but anyhow, I knew she was still trying to be like me. I don’t get that either but I read about the orphan spirit and to be freed, one needed love. I shared the information with her. The next day, she called and in a meek, childlike voice said she thought she had it. She admitted in that same voice the religious spirit.
    The past week, I’ve seen A LOT about the spirit of Jezebel. I know that’s Mom. I knew when the spirit knew I knew about it and it attacked me. I felt so dirty! I ran for spiritual cover. In prayer, my prayer warrior repeated “oldest to youngest” three times til I stopped her and asked why she was saying that but before she said that’s what she heard, I already knew…My dad is the oldest, but he’d taken 2nd place. My position as firstborn was stolen by my youngest sibling who has been totally loyal to my mom/the Jezebel spirit.
    I’m desperate for answers on what to do. Unfortunately, her pastor has been manipulated by her. I’m the only family member that hasn’t given in to the manipulation/bribery/punishment. She says in the meek voice she knows her time is short and wants to be right with God but the other voice strikes out in denial rebuking me. I feel like I’m her parent but I give that to God trying to love her through this but this is beyond me.

    • dear truthseeker

      You are not a jezebel, but your mother was. you have some healing to go through as a victim. you are on the right path. I am sending you some prayers for deliverance, to rid your self of any bondage imposed on you, and some prayers to build yourself back up. print them out and say them each day, or as you are able, to break any curses still on you.

      I would also recommend staying away from anyone with these jezebel issues, churches, family etc since they will only bring you down. Find better companions, the world does have them if you look.

      Let God handle your mother. You pray for her from a distance, but do not contact her, she is not free yet and her spirit will flip flop on you and reintroduce injury.

      spend some time in positive things to renew yourself. nice prayers. use psalms from the bible, and find some beautiful praise and worship music to listen to. let the music heal you.

      • Thank you, Marianne. It’s hard to stay totally away due to her age and health. I live an hour away…on purpose…so mostly we talk on the phone. I am trying to get her the right help…there’s a meek, childlike voice that is different than the voice I’ve always heard that asks me for help…thats “Mom”. Everyone around her looks the other way…all manipulated by the demon

  48. IF you read the story of JEZEBEL SHE WAS FINALY KILLED IN THE END. GOD gave her a CHOICE and SHE REFUSED! THUS A TRUE JEZEBEL will not CHANGE PERIOD!!! HOW can one OBTAIN a soul when they were born without one! Answer NOT POSSIBLE! For just as are some that are loyal to GOD, ALSO TOO, are those loyal to SATAN! PERIOD!!!
    It is much like a DRIVE.
    This is part of your normal life function!
    IF some one loves and enjoys sex with animals, there’s nothing you can say or do to change there minds! To them this is there normal function. THIS IS A DESIRE THAT THEY WILL DIE WITH, just as a pedophile or a serial rapist, a serial murderer, a sociopath or a psychopath. THE SAME FOR A TRUE JEZEBEL and not a wanabe jezebel but a true one! THE ONLY CURE IS DEATH!!! OR LIVE AMOUNGST THEM IN DANGER!!!
    I bet my life on that!
    I lived with one, I married one, I KNOW THEM!!!!!
    The only prayer for my wife is that GOD destroy her before she destroys another life! Her only purpose in life is to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and destroy, OVER AND OVER AGAIN without remorse!

  49. What’s funny is that we have ALL been wicked, evil or malicious or even deceiving in one way or another at the very least once in our lives. BUT to a JEZEBEL, A TRURE JEZEBEL, this is just simply LIVING!

  50. Lol…fightingback, you’re a wonderment to me. Funny, scary (coz i’ts like you’re all over the place) yet quite spot on, long-winded but intense and encouraging.

    I too have an Ahab father and Jezebelic EX-mum. Yup, I severed my ties with her but now we’re friends 🙂

    Try to fit me into her controlling-she’s always-the-victim mold. She’s been all, physically, mentally and spiritually abusive to me…dad is same as well. EX-mum a whacko Charismatic “Christian” and a fan of Joyce Meyer (though now no more) and throngs of prosperity gospel and those faith-blabber movement . My spirit has always clashed with her and got manipulated by her when i was a baby Christian..but somehow I felt something not right and always challenged her on her bedazzlement of “prophets” and pastors – Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Kathryn Kuhlman, etc…

    Anyway to cut it short, she LEARNED that i am NOT someone to give in to Jezebels EVEN if I am almost suicidal (deal to depression coz of them my dysfunctional “christian” family). I’d rather die than to submit to witches. I tell her off she no longer my mum when she fail to be Scripture-based and “don’t give me the bs of honor thy parents as a blanket order..when you(she) FAILED to live up to Godly parents standard.) I also told here God did asked us to forsake even our own family if they be found fornication with harlot spirit (false Christianity) so i tell her u explain that to me ?!? She can’t answer.

    But in between, before I tame her through Yahweh, I FIRST got to deal with myself before Yahweh to ask Him to forgive me and I sense some Jezebelic spirit in me too coz growing up in such dysfunctional (and occultic environment). Then Yahweh will later deal with them (EX-mum and family. My dad is also a basket case, an irresponsible self-absorb coward who flung all his inherited wealth away yet never grew up….all in all they were much better than years back through Yahweh’s mercy… but still a lot of hidden crap coz I believe Yahweh only can intervene to the amount that individual is willing and no more, otherwise that will be Him USURPING our will. That is satan’s forte, not Yahweh’s.

    I somehow believe it was a training ground for me to how to identify and deal with these people. My family , those drama, deception, hurt, rejection, resentment, bitterness…my tears, my hurt..only Yahweh help me.
    They now got smart, they dare not cross my path at their whims, at least just once in a while at times.

    I have i way with words and can go straight into that person’s heart and expose them like a double edge-sword…my EX-mum gotten so mad once she step on my clothe to throw tantrum coz i refuse to submit to injustice and unfairness just because she is “mum” and it’s my “duty” to honor her no matter what…lol…now looking back it was pretty hilarious.

    But before I subdued these buch or nut cakes, I first have submit myself to Yahweh..I was venom but i pray for discipline, wisdom, guidance, tolerance/ forgiveness and love. Now, not that i lack that venom skill but i can better discern when and where and how to use it and to what sort of fellas – JEZEBEL. Balance is the keyword here. Still a steep learning curve for me. But at least i got “my” Jeze and Ahab tamed and they know their place.

    But the best part is not me taming or subduing anyone..coz It’s Yahweh working, but she coming more aware of those lies she was in coz i kept banging it into her head about those Babylonian Christian sect…despite the clashes, etc. She is still deceived but compare to years before, at least now much better. Jezebels are hard to knock out…but it’s not our job to decide for them if the do NOT want to change. We just do our part and make sure they no who’s boss. Even if it’s not’s DEFINITELY NOT them. Yahweh / Yeshua.

  51. I was typing too fast..too much grammatical error. Sorry folks.

  52. Ally,

    Great post! The glory and honor belong to the Lord.

    God bless you.
    Malachi 4.

  53. DJ,

    Thank you for the encouragement. Yahweh be with you, my friend 🙂

  54. Idk what to say about this. I’ve always wondered why women who had been raped or molested always seemed so promiscuous, aggressive and bold, almost like they had something to prove. Please forgive me for even saying this, but stupidity got the best of me when I was ever in the company of people like this. “In the back of my mind I used to think they might of asked for it because of how they behaved. Now after reading this thread I know better. So sad.” I would never ever wish anything bad on anyone. I want good fortune and healing for everyone. God Bless

  55. I faced a lot of struggles after my marriage because of my husband. He goes to the extreme of showing love and to the extreme of getting angry. Why he behaves so….. what goes wrong was always a puzzle to me. His behavior many times seemed abnormal but I thought this is a kind of personality. Once one of my friends who is a very prayerful person and wife of a pastor, told me i need to rebuke Jazebel spirit. I just prayed about it once and left the matter. Things were going worse in our marriage, to the extreme of breaking. Recently i went to a inner healing session and discovered that my husband is controlled by jazebel spirit. i read many articles and heard many messages to cross check my doubt. The answer for all his behavior pattern which puzzled me all these years is the jazebel spirit.
    I knew that he needs to accept it in order to get free. very politely and very carefully i spoke to him a couple of times. But he just denies any of those symptoms. When he had to accept certain things, he immediately shifts the blame to me or changes the topic, talks some meaningless and unrelated things. I tried to show him the videos and articles on this topic which i saw. He postpones it and does not show interest.
    Now i am standing alone to fight the battle. He has a good image in the church and society. (But I know his actual spiritual life. It is scrap.), so i cannot have anybody accept and stand with me. Of course i have some female friends who can stand and pray.
    I took up 3 days fasting to fight this battle. Today is my first day and this morning as i was praying and rebuking this spirit to leave my house, i felt a terror in my room. i dint hear any sound clearly but felt the strain on my ears, i could barely hear my own prayer though i was praying at a high pitch.
    But i dont want to leave it half done. Now i know what the problem is and i will not tolerate as it is written in (Rev 2). I want to get rid of this spirit from my husbands life.
    Can you please guide me how i can go about it.

    • dear Beulah

      jezebels do not admit anything.

      your pastor needs to wake up and not be fooled…..if he stays deceived, then he is not led by the spirit of God, and you do not need him.

      collect your female friends and have them agree with you.

      I am sending some prayers for deliverance ( from witchcraft , and jezebel is a witch) and some for strength..

      also for salvation…. your husband is NOt saved, and going to church means nothing right now for him…..

      Print out the prayers and say them each day. give a copy to your friends to say also. I will be in agreement with you.

      it will be a long battle, but don’t give up.

    • Jezebel spirit is but a satanic spirit & highly deceiving is its nature such that a person who sees a Jezebel spirit in another especially in the case of a spouse is but to search oneself for that Spirit, it its cause wherein there is no truth.. The Spirit of division & divorce in the rebellion, the spirit of witchcraft in Biblical terms called ‘”Sorcery” by which the whole world becomes deceived to the Prophecy. This can be discerned only through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the helper come off God.

  56. Thank you Marianne for your immediate response and encouragement to perceive. you said you are sending some prayers for deliverance from witchcraft. I dint receive it. Can you please mail me. And please pray me and my husband. Its really shocking and scary to know that he is NOT saved. Can it influence my children also? I have 2 boys 5 & 7 yrs old.

  57. Thank you Abey for what you said. Yes at times i felt to divorce him, But i know God doesn’t want me to walk out of my commitment but to fight the evil. I started praying for any influence of it in my life to be eliminated.

  58. Marianne, thank you. I received the attachments

  59. Dear Marianne,
    I continued praying for my husband all the confessions and prayers you sent. Sometimes he is so good and some times just the opposite. He got his hands on my mail box and read my mails to you. He is fuming.
    Now he creates an issue, and takes the chance to accuse me of all nonsense. Yesterday he messaged our pastor that demons are working through me, today he was yelling at me saying demons are in me……. etc etc.
    He is driving me as crazy as possible. So tough to hold on peace.
    I continue praying……….

    • beulah

      That is unfortunate about him seeing your emails. He is in denial.

      I wish I was closer and I would talk with him and his pastor.

      Try contacting a different pastor that does know your husband, and discuss it with him. get someone on your side.

      maybe that pastor can speak with your husband’s pastor.

      both your husband and his pastor need to understand that he has a problem, and you are acting out of love to help him.

      jezebels always deny and blame others….he needs to get rid of this spriit, so keep trying.

  60. I met my pastor and told him about Jazebel spirit working through my husband. Pastor could not believe it any way he said that any extreme emotional act can attract demons and my husband goes to the extremities of getting angry or showing love. After a week one incident happened.

    3 days back, that is on Sunday evening, my husband took up a fight on non issue. he slapped me. i immediately called up to my pastor. My pastor came home and witnessed my husband’s aggressive behavior. He was accusing me of being adulteress and worst woman and demon possessed etc etc. He was not aware that pastor would come home. What my pastor witnessed was different from what he heard from my husband all these years.

    I think God is working in my life and exposing my husband’s true behavior.

    As of now, pastor told me to be quiet, not even to talk or relate to my husband in anyway. i dont know what next. I am trying to relax in God’s presence, waiting for Him to work. Please pray for us. I want to save my husband and my family.

    • beulah

      tell pastor that his advice is bad… do not submit to demons…..!

      your pastor is a coward…he should have done something to correct your husband….

      the next time your husband is wild and aggressive, call the police to come and get him

      maybe a night in jail will wake him up

    • When God allowed divorce due to the hardness of the hearts is like saying they sacrificed unto Molech —& for this reason God turned aside (allowed) & gave them up—“. So understand what this “allowed” means & seeing the huge divorce rate in America does denote this & this same comes upon you, yield not to the Jezebel spirit which brings about this remember it is a spirit of Pride against which you Humble , for when you do that you do it unto God even to His words “My people who are called by my name , if they humble before me then I will hear them”. This is called stemming the tide & requires Faith & Patience , even unto the saints.

  61. Dear Abey,
    You mean i need not continue with my husband. Is there no hope of his deliverance from this Jazebel spirit. If i leave him and go, who will intercede for him and help him to set free.
    The matter doesnt end with me, i have 2 kids just 5 yrs and 7 yrs old.

    • beulah

      This is a safety issue. if you , and maybe even the children, are endangered, then you need to leave. you can still pray for him.

    • Belulah: Nope, on the contrary & why do you fear when the Lord is with you , that is Faith. Believe that God brings all things good to which I see a sainthood call for you using the Jezebels to bring about this, Humble unto Him. It is never to running away but to overcoming, so face it, is my advise.

  62. Abey & Mirianne,
    Thanks for your advise and encouragement. As of now i am quiet my husband also is not talking to me. Pastor could not meet him. I feel its urgent to talk and settle the matter, may be my pastor does not feel it so. I cant even include family members because he is from a non-christian (Hindu) background and his family members are not yet saved. My dad is with the Lord and mom sick. Brothers were always against my marriage with him. I am all alone to face it.
    Yesterday i spoke to pastor and he is not completely convinced on the Jazebel spirit, he said he doesnt want to talk anything of the spiritual realm. Right now he will talk to my husband (maybe next week) on how to cope up and then pray and ask God to intervene into the matter. After talking to pastor i actually felt hopeless. I am totally blank. Please pray.

    • beulah

      Maybe inform police if he gets violent. you deserve safety.

      and tell the pastor he is a failure if he does not want to talk about the spiritual realm…..that is his job!

      if he does not know anything, then he should not be a pastor.!!

      do not feel hopeless….people are stupid and unreliable, but God is still there and knows your situation.

      when the right time comes, God will act, if you continue in prayer

  63. Beulah,

    Jezebel spirit (we see this spirit in human behaviors of control, seduction, rebellion), does not work alone but operates with other demonic spirits, playing in the same sandbox.

    You and me are the sandbox.

    Demonic spirits operate in groups or gangs (according to Derek Prince, Frank Hammond and other subject experts – including learning this from my own experiences).

    I suggest you purchase this book for your Pastor, “Thou Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince.

    Jezebel plays in the same sandbox with spirits of pride, haughtiness, and unclean spirits.

    Here is one proof text:

    “Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with outstretched necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, making a jingling with their feet, therefore the Lord will strike with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will uncover their secret parts” (Isaiah 3:16-17, NKJV).

    “The Lord says, “The women in Zion have become very proud. They walk around with their heads in the air, acting like they are better than other people.

    They flirt with their eyes and make tinkling sounds with their ankle bracelets as they take their quick little steps [Jezebel?]. The Lord will put sores on the heads of those women in Zion. The Lord will make their heads bald” (Isaiah 3:16-17, Easy to Read Translation).

    Please read the versus within this link regarding “a haughty spirit”. I think you will see the spiritual issues of our human sandbox after exploring these verses and the context in which they are written.

    One night after weeks of learning and coming to understand the condition of my sandbox, I identified the spirit of pride, expelling it in the name of Jesus.

    The mussels along my spin became tight, ridge for several minutes. I realize the spirit of pride was manifesting in my stiffness. It was painful!

    But, I continued to rebuke the spirit of pride and apply the blood of Jesus (spiritually, mentally) until all at once – my mussels relaxed and I was at peace, thank you Lord.

    I assure you, Jezebel is not the only spirit that you are dealing with in your situation.

    The Lord will lead you to understanding – apply this passage as your prayer, asking Him.

    To You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
    O my God, I trust in You;
    Let me not be ashamed;
    Let not my enemies [demonic spirits] triumph over me.
    Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed;
    Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause.

    Show me Your ways, O Lord;
    Teach me Your paths.
    Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
    For You are the God of my salvation;
    On You I wait all the day.

    Remember, O Lord, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses,
    For they are from of old.
    Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
    According to Your mercy remember me,
    For Your goodness’ sake, O Lord.

    Good and upright is the Lord;
    Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.
    The humble He guides in justice,
    And the humble He teaches His way…

    The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him [respect and worship Him]
    And He will show them His covenant.
    My eyes are ever toward the Lord,
    For He shall pluck my feet out of the net.

    Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me,
    For I am desolate and afflicted.
    The troubles of my heart have enlarged;
    Bring me out of my distresses!
    Look on my affliction and my pain,
    And forgive all my sins.

    Consider my enemies [demonic] for they are many;
    And they hate me with cruel hatred.

    Keep my soul, and deliver me;
    Let me not be ashamed, for I put my trust in You.
    Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
    For I wait for You” (Psalm 25, NKJV).

    I will write you later with a helpful prayer that directly address your concerns and issues.

    You must pray like you know (confidently!) that God hears you and so do the demonic forces your are dealing with; “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12, ESV).

    Psalm 18

  64. Articles like this make me angry. I like how the mom is always blamed in the family for being the cause of this so called Jezebel spirit that men in the church have invented to keep woman quiet and to dominate them. It is never taken into account that a controlling, dominating, manipulative, quick-tempered, out of control father like I had can be the cause for women to be emotionally or mentally disturbed who need true Christians to come around her with love and compassion. No its automatically assumed that she is filled with the devil. Thanks again “church” for spiritually abusing the broken hearted by labeling woman Jezebels. Congratulations for being a vessel of Satan to once again come against the fragile vessel of a woman. Satan hates woman so its no surprise to me that he has used the church to come against woman to harass and abuse woman her. He’s been doing it since the garden through articles like this which condone men to go around calling woman names like Jezebels.

    • michelle

      did you read the post? I do not see where I placed all blame on the mother..

      .in fact, there is more issue with the father here..abandoning the family, abusing wife and children….

      and the spirit is referred to as “she” for writing purposes, but the spirit can be in either a man or woman….

      if it is in a man, it is MUCH more dangerous….because the male carries more natural authority than a woman..

      the antichrist is a male jezebel.

      a female jezebel needs an ahab male to give her the authority to act on her evil inclinations….she is not very effective if she acts alone.

      I am very sensitive to mothers being blamed, especially if they are single moms, who have enough worries already, and get blamed for things the married women are doing.

      I have about 20 posts on jezebel…to see a full view of all of them

      it is easier for a female to be a jezebel if she is married to an ahab husband…the single female, acting alone, does not have much power.

  65. Hi,
    Beulah here again. Recently my husband fell sick. I had a dream a week before that he would be hospitalised and sick to the point of death. (Many times God revels to me things of my life through dreams). As it was in the dream my husband fell sick and after a week he was hospitalised. on the third day in hospital when he was not getting any better, God reminded me the dream. that night i sat praying from 11 to 3 binding the spirit of death, nullifying the events in my dream, declaring healing to my husband and praying in tongues. From the next day there was improvement. He had temporary kidney disfunction.
    For 2 weeks i was completely dedicated to take care of my husband. I hardly slept or ate or took care of kids. i dint even go to office though i could not afford leave.
    After 2 weeks, i got fever because of tiredness. On Saturday for some silly reason my husband started scolding me. i felt bad, went into bedroom continued to do some work though tears were rolling down my cheeks. looking at my tears he scolded me all the more. He accused that i am the reason for his ill health, his hospitalisation was because of me….. he prefers to be in hospital than to be with me……etc..etc. I was absolutely quiet. Dint utter a word. Kept wiping my tears. He walked out of house and came back after half an hour. He dint come to have dinner, so i took dinner to his room. He was lying on the bed pretending not able to move. When i asked him what happened……. he was talking in a low tone and behaving as though he was not able to breath…….. i got scared to death. he said he needs to go to hospital, he is dying and i am the reason. I called people for help. i was crying and shivering with fear. One of our family friends came home, sent me out of the room closed door, i dont know what they spoke…. he said now he is alright. no need to go to hospital. he had dinner and took his medicines and slept. I could hardly sleep that night worried about his health. The next day i came to know nothing happened to him. He was laughing at my crying. He just acted to make me cry. I am so angry on him now.
    Many times i noticed that he would do or say things purposely to hurt me and enjoy my crying.
    Is this behavior also Jazebalic or is it sadism.
    My pastor dint pick up my calls, when i messaged him what happened, he said this week he is busy and will try to meet me next week. We have a church of less than 200 people still my pastor is always busy.
    I approached another couple of our church and asked them to talk to my husband, My husband talks to them everything other than the incident. Even the people who witnessed the incident could not confront him of what he did. He is very talkative and takes everybody on a ride. people forget what they wanted to talk. He ended up putting all blame on me that he is deeply hurt because of me ………….. etc etc. I am fed up.


    • beulah

      I am sorry to hear that you went through this. the devil uses our family to attack us, and it is bad when family cooperates.

      you husband is sick in more than one way….physical and spiritual….it is sick to laugh at someone crying.

      pray and continue to ask people to help support you with your husband….family, church, friends….do not give up on pastor…make him pay attention to this…it is important to you and important that if your husband is acting wrong that another man speak to him…and tell him to be a good man

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft ( jezebel) . and some prayers for strength..print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you

      • I was reading this article after felt the need and a spirit leading me to research on a Jezebel spirit, I see you told a woman you would email her a prayer for a Jezebel spirit and prayers for strength,print and say,without getting into detail I so could need these,as I highly believe my mate is bound by this evil spirit,thanks you

  66. Thank you Marianne. You had sent me these prayers last time. The deliverance prayer and prayer against witchcraft i am praying almost everyday.
    I knew before that my husband has a Schizoid personality. I was reading more about behavior patterns. i came to know it is the behavior of ‘explosive sadist’ and ‘Intermittent explosive disorder’. i was angry on myself for marrying a sadist.
    Is Sadism also demonic or personality disorder.

  67. Oh boy…. we just had an exodus experience, literally walking out Rev 2:19-25. This is a terrible spirit that is encroached upon America (and the world) at large. I want to read more into this article when I have more time to really digest what is said. I just say this as a response to a mutually followed blog. blessings

  68. […] The Roots of Jezebel. […]

  69. Excellent article, I have learned a lot.

  70. Excellent article, I have learned a lot. Please continue to teach the public truth.

  71. The jezzebencil spirit is so demonic and very influencial can only be destroyed through the power of jesus, it’s rampant in churches…repentance and deliverance using spiritual weapons.

  72. Not only do we have Jezebel’s in the Church, the workplace and relationships, we now have one running for president. That is at lease what I saw years ago and still believe today.

  73. I meant at least what I saw, just my opinion.

  74. It is so hard to deal with in the workplace, I experienced it many times during my years of working, now my daughter is going through the same type of thing at her place of employment. It causes strife in the workplace. But during my last years as I had grown closer to Christ in my relationship, I stood on the Word and let the outcome be God’s, and leaned on him only. He totally turned the situation around in my favor, and I did not have to do anything else. I saw the power of God at work, and I am advising my daughter to do the same. I realize it is a spirit and forgive the people that the spirit controls for they I am sure have things in their life that caused this and striking out at them does not change anything. The battle is the Lords. Praise God!

  75. Marianne, Don’t forget the Jezebel is highly intuitive, can “read” people very quickly, and uses that skill to identify others’ weaknesses or character flaws. She may not even leverage that knowledge right away, choosing instead to make a mental note of it and store it away until she wants to exploit it (say, when she’s feeling threatened).

    Also, they are gifted at the art of projection: the things a Jezebel will accuse someone of are actually traits she, in fact, is exhibiting herself. She also gets a psychological release from upsetting others so much that she causes them to cry or break down, at which point SHE feels better.

    Many Jezebels have a lengthy history of legal troubles, since people will be involved in suing her, or she will be suing them, for no other reason than she’s angered someone (neighbor, business partner, customer, employee), clogging the court system with these frivolous suits. Financial reward may not even be her motive for doing it, since she will go to any length and expense to be officially and publicly declared “right”, and her enemies as “wrong”, by a judge.

  76. Wickedness is the integral character of Jezebel evolved out of rebellion against the word of God , the prerogative of the devil. Now that the Beast has universally exhibited its Sodomic Character, it is but now to understand the Biblical false prophet that rides it
    Zech 5 The Flying scroll (Freemasonry) & the Wickedness that governs it (Theosophy) Freemasonry(off that ‘ole iniquity) through QE1, notoriously famous for the modern Africian slave trade . Theosophy by the Ukranian Helene Blatvasky through Tibetian familiar spirits, for the Ephah was lifted between heaven & earth refers to the Principalities & Powers , WICKEDNESS in heavenly like places ,come by these famaliar spirits, the wickedness carried by 2 women with stork like wings denoting spiritual uncleaness are Alice Bailey & Annie Beasant, established in shinar denotes the freemasonic statue of Liberty in New York(One off the three parts that Babylon is divided spiritually,) winding its way to the UN prayer hall . The head symbol of theosophy being the Hindu OM Lo Egypt a sodomic symbol & this denoted by the many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court(in the absence of the temple) & is it any wonder that Tel Aviv vying itself to be the sodomic capital & its roots come off the words of Jeremiah “There is seen a conspiracy among the Princes of Judah” just before the scattering, is to say the same conspiracy manifested as Freemasonry & through it gathered a people in violence having nor giving a day of peace, in the name of god , is but taking his name in Vain
    Two Biblical integral prophecies contradicts this gathering 1)Daniel12:1 ‘ When he would accomplish to scatter the power of the Holy people then all these things would be finished”It is Finished “said Jesus on the Cross & as the Bible says his words are spirit 2) The Prophesied regathering is but unto His eternal inheritance from Earth , for that is what the whole of the covenant is about is mentioned in 2Maccabees2 4-8 a gathering unto Himself in the Spirit even unto his words “You Know not the Father neither rthe Son but them unto whom the son pleases to reveal” So be not deceived by what is potrayed through sodom & its compromises come as the ‘Marker’ unto the Prophecy of the “Mark of the Beast” even as the Beast with its sodomic symbol gathers the nations, by first subduing them thereby installing puppet governments to join it, in its war against the Lamb as Prophesied., till such time satan will deceive the whole world through the Sorcery

  77. […] The Spirit of Jezebel has taken hold of he Globe. But she and her consort Ahab are in you mother, sister, brother, bosses, pastors and other church members. Jezebel is a demonic spirit and 1, 2 Kings, Galatians, Revelations speaks of her to us as a warning. Learn how to deal with her in your family, work, churches, but know that in the world she is already defeated by the blood of Christ. ARTICLES                                                                                   BIBLE VERSUSES 30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit                                              1 Kings 21 Ahab covets Naboth’s Vineyard 4 Keys to Stop Tolerating Jezebel                                       1 Kings 19 The Roots of Jezebel […]

  78. My mom has this spirit as well as much of my family. It’s a family curse with the women being Jezebels married to Ahab men. I praise God that the Lord opened my eyes to this. I spent years chasing my mother’s love and being abused by her. I supported her every “mission” against people that did her wrong, but could never get her to do right towards me. It’s been a life long problem of me putting myself last in EVERYTHING! Jezebels make you codependent! Because they require submission, you must stuff your feelings and treat yourself as unworthy of having needs. If you have needs, you feel “selfish”. And Jezebel will tell you that you are selfish repeatedly. God showed me the reason I ran after the love of a backstabber and it was because I was an Ahab!

    I got on my knees and bound that spirit up and called it out! NOW my mother LOATHES me even more because I no longer attend to her demands and have demanded respect.

    The sad part is that she’s in the hospital again and I desire God’s mercy that I can confront this spirit. I would say that my mom is born again, however, if she doesn’t repent of witchcraft, she will not see heaven.

    And one last thing I noticed in the comments about Jezebels being prophetic. The Jezebel spirit mimics the Holy Spirit with a false familiar spirit. So they may seem prophetic, because they receive false visions. They are much like the psychic who can tell you where your dead father buried $10,000.

    May God bless this ministry and keep you all free from Jezebel. Be not partakers of the workings of darkness, but expose them! HALLELUJAH!

    • Amen. I recently began work for a Jezebel. They’re all over the place as this spirit is being promoted to defile and kill all life and godliness in my opinion. I can’t work for this woman much longer. Today may have been my last day with her because I don’t have time for the nastiness and pure insanity.

  79. […] I cast off that spirit of rejection from you and pray it is replaced with forgiveness and love and that you would stop holding grudges, that you would stop trying to control situations, that you would…. I don’t have to answer questions anymore.They are only intended to “win” some […]

  80. can someone help it says that a jezebel knows she is a jezebel but dose not care, my partner and i have just split up and him and his mother have both said throughout the relationship and after that i have the jez spirit, im not sure as such but i do tick 90% of the traits and 80% of the cause, if i do have it i 100% want to remove it as i am a devoted Christian, but because i can recognize this problem and want to rid of the witch dose that mean i don’t carry the jez spirit could it just be a mental health problem,? should i consult someone from church or a doctor, if anyone would like to help me out please contact me :email: :HomePhone: 09-2822474 nz :Facebook: Esther Shaw, or you can enter my email in the Facebook address bar, please if you have any advice don’t be shy to contact me it would mean alot god bless

    • esther

      i would not know if you have been infected with a jezebel spirit or not unless I talked to you.

      I have to be careful in judgement as many times someone is falsely accused of being one by the real jezebel, and the accused is the victim.

      from your facebook page, I am guessing that you are not saved, born again, but have a secular personality…which is common among young girls…..

      this does not mean a jezebel personality…..but you could be more vulnerable to it

      I am in america. would be hard to call….try responding to email you are getting from me.

      tell me more about what YOU think is wrong, and then what THEy say is wrong.

  81. Hi Marianne, I’ve been reading some of the topics on your blog for quite some time and I found this one to be the most relatable. I agree with your description of a jezebel spirit 100% but there are some things I would like to include based on my own personal experiences with this evil spirit living inside of my own mother as well as my mother inlaw. This is something very evil, it is dangerous to your faith to keep these types around….Cut ties if you feel your faith is not strong enough to withstand the daily struggles they will put you through. In my lifetime I have attempted suicide atleast 5 times, starting at the age of 10, ending at the age of 18. God has kept me alive all this time for a reason, mainly to become a mother of 2 beautiful children and somehow I believe to bring light to our family. Last year I was beaten by my mother with a whip or a ‘sjambok’ INFRONT of my kids, this is just one of many examples including one time she held a knife against my scalp, threatening to kill me. 100% of the time she justifies her actions and manages to persuade even the most ‘devout’ christian into believing she was left with no choice and that I had provoked her. She has beaten her own mother to the point where she needed medical attention and she always kicks us out on the street. Throught the grace and mercy of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, I am still here, rebuilding my life,I am currently separated from my husband(4years) in this period of time I have lost my job, my home, the support of my family and this was always gets thrown in my face. I can go on and on and on….but the point I would like to make is this, approaching the police is all good and well but always have PROOF as a jezabel has the ability to charm the sugar out of a freshly made cup of tea. Be on your guard, do not give them the benefit of the doubt because any act of kindness is merely foundation on which they build their case against you. Nobody is immune to their charms unless they are truly christian. Even their ex victims will stand with them if they have a common opposer and I also believe that this spirit is an attribute or indicator of rebellion against Gods word,my mother always had subtle tendencies but fully subdued herself to this demonic spirit when she had an extramarital affair with a so-called minister who eventually left his 3rd wife to marry my mother(she was strongly opposed to ppl who ruined marriages before) this man is Pure evil and he has an even worse form of this spirit. TO ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN A VICTIM OF THIS… STAY FAITHFUL, Pray for that person’s deliverence and always continue to Love them. And do your best to keep quiet should they falsely accuse u, no matter how convincingly they lie, dont resort to telling lies and do not engage in retaliation plots,thats what they want, they like assassinating ur character and satan’s goal is for u to compromise any good traits u have and destroy ur faith in Jesus Christ. My mother has made several attempts to have my children taken from me, she spat in my face,tried to strangle me and now she tries to indoctrinate my children…. I havent once shown fear or cried when she did those things and that is what it (evil spirit)wants,it feeds off of ur misery and wants to control everything about u. I have moved out since then and can say with so much appreciation I am employed(contractually), renting a place for myself and my children and would like to request that all the loving Christian’s pray for me, my children and the reunification of my marriage. THANK YOU SO MUCH….

  82. Hello
    I could really use some advice and more information on this Jezebel spirit , since just recently God has revealed to me that my 85 year old mother is in fact a narcissist, and has projected her own image onto me since I was a child,it just blew me away that she actually did this to me, and explains a lot about some of the stuff that she did and said to me.I want to say I feel like the chains have been broken thank you God I am not what she said I was.

  83. […] The Roots of Jezebel/ Heaven Awaits, discusses how an individual whether male or female would be open to an evil presence such as a Jezebel spirit. There are two basic types of the spirit, aggressive or sneaky and charming. […]

  84. Thank you for your article.

  85. The washington women’s march was all about death, in comparison to the March for life, is to ask how can the Spirit of Liberty be to death for The Spirit of truth does not Contradict itself, being the same Spirit, Except that the Jezebel spirit is just that Contradiction, come out of the transgression from Eden. For the Woman was created by God to bring forth Life not death.

  86. You should re write this article to address he/she and cite some male examples as you say “she this and she that” inferring that this spirit only indwells women when it does so to men as well. narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths out number women 10:1. This spirit goes after men far more than women. Thank you.

    • helen

      I acknowledge what you are saying. the spirit can affect both male and female. it is easier when writing to say either he or she but he/she is cumbersome. I have other posts on male jezebels, so the “gender” is acknowledged by me as either one operating. traditionally, since jezebel in the bible was a female, people tend to use “she” a lot

  87. Marianne, if you are counselling someone who needs to root this stronghold out of their life, what resources would you recommend? Most of the writings I see out there just go on and on about the supposedly impossibility of deliverance from this powerful stronghold ( forgetting that Jesus terrified a legion of demons with a word) and about the bad behaviours of the one said to be a jezzy. But offer nothing comprehensive in terms of a stronghold removal strategy. And I am not able to pay the likes of certain ministries hundreds of dollars to have their materials which tout themselves as hidden keys to remove this or that .

    • ShieldMaiden

      anyone who charges money to do this is a scam artist….


      you have to really understand what you are dealing with

      find out how it started…life events

      have sympathy for the human, but not the demon

      be relentless and determined against the demon, and show unwavering strength and fearlessness in its presence.

      repent before god for any sins which may have opened the door, or forgive any sins done against the person which wounded them, allowing an open door.

      have others agree in prayer for the victim, as 1 puts a thousand to flight, and 2 puts 10,000 to flight

      it also varies a little if this is for yourself or someone else….

      the blood of jesus, and the name of presence of jesus is vital to claiming authority over it and commanding it to leave.

      never give up, always fight back an keep fighting

      • My grandmother and my mother both had this spirit and now I have it , I am willing to do anything to be delivered of this spirit and to keep my 2 little girls from getting this spirit please help. Is there hope for me or at least for my babies?

        • I need help

          what makes you think you have this spirit? what are your behaviors and attitudes? there is always hope….

          • I was a lying scheming piece of crap , I know I have this spirit the article you wrote basically described me and I’ve asked the Lord what this is and He confirmed it . I just need to know how to be free if possible or at least protect my babies from it . The farthest I’ve gotten is that there is a split inside my head between me and it. I can hear it talking in my head most of the time and it only gets better when I fast and pray. I have one friend who knows everything and apparently the Lord put a burden on her heart to help me . I want to be free and I want my kids protected from this. My husband knows everything and has chosen to stand by me even though I told him he didn’t have to and that if this thing is not resolved soon I gave him permission to put me in a mental institution so he and our girls would be free but he doesn’t want to do that . I want to be free please help

            • need

              ok, I was making sure you were not the victim of a jezebel, rather than being one.

              you are on a journey to recovery….and have taken the first step.

              examine WHY you scheme and lie….what started this?

              for example, was it the only way you could get what you wanted? or was it to protect yourself against rejection or abuse, etc?

              go back to the root cause and revisit the event that pushed you in the wrong direction.

              ask husband for support and help….he can be your Jehu…..this will be a great help

              I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft ( jezebel is a witch spirit ruled by lying spirits), curses, and some to make your spirit more positive….

              say daily…

              talk to god in your own words as well….let him know you want to change….ask him for strength and help

              if you are not saved, ask jesus into your heart

              also ask the holy spirit to baptize you with his fire and power.. and to give you the gift of tongues….this way he can help transform your words from being evil to being holy and beautiful.

              I will agree with you in prayer

              • Thank you . I got the prayers and have already said them and will do so everyday for the rest of my life or until this spirit is gone . Thank you for them and the hope they have provided me that I can be delivered and that this spirit can and will be stopped from transferring to my children. Again thank you and please keep my family and I in your prayers.

  88. Blaming the Survivor of abuse is a form of abuse. I’m going to take for granted that you don’t know this and not say what I really want to say. You cannot deliver people from the spirit of abuse with more abuse.

    • tanya

      the human victim is not to be abused, but it has to know what is bothering him or her, and has to understand the need to remove it from their lives so they can heal.

      it is the SPIRIT that possesses the human host that has to be dealt with. this is an effort to heal the human host, and cast out the demonic spirit.

      unless the human host gets this deliverance, it will continue to injure others through the actions of the demon inside of them

      ignoring the problem will not make it go away

    • That spirit needs to be confronted the victim mentality is what allows it to thrive and cause damage where ever that person goes. I have experience with that spirit and believe me I would rather be confronted now while I’m alive and have the chance to repent than to do nothing and end up in hell and that spirits goal is to drag you to hell.

  89. […] Zdroj: […]

  90. I Plead the BLOOD of Yeshua/Jesus over M J, Please help me Pray for him as there is no one but me, as he is in living bondage , This female demon ,has even blocked family members from even caring about what happens to him , she has made a living zombie out of him , he is controlled by this spirit in a female demon who has moved in his home & taken him over to the point of he does not even answer his phone nor door anymore (for me one who has known & loved him in one manor or another almost 20 years & is envious & jealous of our friendship & has now blocked me )he stays sick and his actions mimick mental illness , & depression & he says he just wants to be left alone, I definitely know she is into the occult & practices witchcraft, I look at her facebook page and see that .Yahwey has revealed to me that is what she is, I have told her I know what she is, I call her by her demon names, she NEVER , disputes it I told her what she is what root & herb she uses to make him a living zombie she didn’t dispute it .. .He is swollen & disoriented . and I fear for his life, as he does have Illnesses as diabetes , may need dialysis , & congestive heart failure , so please tell me pacific prayers to pray for him . as well my Sisters & Brothers in Christ , HELP ME PRAY for his DELIVERANCE from this evil spirit . As I have mentioned there is no one but me. Thank you.

    • sheila

      if this is his and your house, kick her out. she has no business there.

      I do not care if she is supposed to be a friend or relative, she is a big girl and can take care of herself.

      so tell her to leave, and get the police involved if she refuses.

      since he is dysfunctional, you take charge.

      we can work on his recovery once she leaves

  91. Hi, thank you for good teaching, very informing! But I disagree in one thing and it is thst you wrote as fact about a person bei g used by a Jezebel spirit knows about it and does it on purpose and don’t care. By the grace of God I got delivered from being used by a Jezebel spirit.. Number one is my reason, except that this jezebel comes from my dad, who was never present.. I learned to degence my self and I did ut in a sneaky way. People really like me, I was broken but strong willed. But I loved the people that I hurt, I didn’t understood what I had done until my Pastor revealed it to me and helped me through. Then I could see it, but when I was being used, no, I didn’t k ew and no I didn’t hurt those people on purpose. A jezebel spirit often deceived their victim witv excuses and it just feels right, to do the choices you do. But other then that, I really enjoy your articles, Thank you and God bless!

  92. Hi Marianne
    Earlier on the blog someone was speaking about a person who they thought was very prophetic and you said you believed they were a false prophet and that true prophets are very rare. I would tend to agree with that as most prophecies I hear sound pretty fluff n stuff , nothing definite or concrete lots of God thinks you’re just wonderful, never a corrective word, never a definite time/date stamp. Which reminded me of a question I once asked a pastor. I had asked him how one would tell the difference between someone operating in a spirit of divination/python spirit and a true Holy Spirit gifting. I had attended a charismatic church and had noted that everyone seemed to assume that if it was supernatural it must be God. If accuracy or reading someone’s mail was the only test then the slave girl who Paul cast a demon out of would have passed most people’s muster and be accepted as a true prophetess. Is there a way to t ell the difference? The pastor I asked seemed quite offended by the question oddly. Thanks 🙂

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