The Sneaky, Charming Jezebel


**this page is similar to the one for the aggressive type. But careful reading will show differences.

1. They gain power by removing and destroying those they are afraid of. Many times they also have a spirit of fear, and are suspicious of others as threats to their security or position. May be highly insecure, but do not admit it. Anyone who may expose them is the enemy.

2. They are controlling, manipulative, subtle. They will take credit for the accomplishments of others, and have the others overlooked.

3. So “sweet,” “perfect,” deceitful, “timid,” “innocent,” “feminine,” and sneaky, they are able to fool and recruit others to join them. They can be very charming and charismatic. Their charm is learned behavior, and their “sincerity” is not sincere. It is plastic and fake in order to portray a positive image that others will admire. They can use their charm to get into positions of authority, while not even being qualified for that position to the extent that they claim they are. They really “smile” a little too much, and sometimes smile in a situation where it is not appropriate.

4. Quietly records criticisms of others they want removed, sweetly backstabbing. False, contrived documentation kept. Gossip works well. They will hold secret meetings behind their victims back to present their case. Of course, they do not see this as gossip, but label it as “sharing a concern.”

5. They are never wrong. To admit they are wrong would mean destruction of their artificial self image. They have defensive pride to protect their ego.

6. Instead of aggression, these draw on the compassion of others to win support. They become the false victims in a conflict while the true victim gets the blame. They recruit others in their charges against the true victims. They act to persuade recruits, and do not give up this activity until the recruits are won over. If the potential recruits do not cooperate and buy into things, this angers them. They will use charm and pity to continue to persuade others. They also use gender differences to win over Ahab men to their point of view.

7. They are narcissic. While they can tend to be oversensitive themselves, they have no concern for the feelings of others. They are not sympathetic to their victims, and tend to play the role of victim themselves, in order to gain sympathy. This way the real victim is left stranded, and opposed by others if they ask for help.

8. They lie, and they know they are lying. Avoiding the truth, or intentionally acting to withhold truth is part of this. False picture is presented to others. Lying is necessary to protect mistakes they make, and blame on others.

9. Impulsive, failure to plan ahead. Chaotic at times.

10. Lack of remorse after hurting someone. They justify the harm.

11. Consistent irresponsibility.

12. Irritability, subtle back-stabbing, can be quick tempered if they loose their fake “smiling” composure.

13. Failure to conform to social norms. Person is an “outlier” or non-conformist. Has their own ways, but pretends to be mainstream.

14. Psychological counseling will not help, since they deny what they are. Most therapists do not understand spiritual matters, so this makes them unqualified to help.

15. Claims to religious or ethical sentiments, but very superficial in devotion. Unethical. Born-again status is debatable, and unlikely, but would have to be evaluated on an individual basis.

16. Usually women, but can be men. The women tend to control their men with sex. And they pick passive men (Ahabs) so they can dominate them.

17. Sexual manipulation and seduction is very helpful. Instead of trying to overtly dominate the male, a woman will pretend to be submissive and overly in sexual need of her mate, making him feel masculine and protective over her. This actually gets her more advantage than the aggressive approach. However, she does not really care about the sex. She just wants her mate to feel sexy and attracted to her, so she can have anything she wants.

18. Usually married. If single, could be lesbian, homosexual man, or promiscuous man. They could also be a frustrated single person, in general, who cannot find someone, and needs social acceptance, or acceptance in the workplace, by any means necessary.

***Note: When dealing with this situation of victim-hood, it is vital that a proper investigation is made to distinguish the real victim from the fake one. The real one will tell the truth. The Jezebel will be unfair and lie. Position or authority is not relevant. Only character and proof, or lack of it, can tell the difference.

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  1. this is one of the most awesome post i have ever seem, this will bring deliverance to many across the world,

  2. Kingsley,

    Thank you for your kind words. I hope many people do benefit from what is written. I had to learn the hard way.

    • I had to learn the hard way also ; but thank you for the post it was very helpful to identify these influences in the World ;Church and coming under them myself. Wow . Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness .
      I posted this to my Facebook i believe everyone should be made aware. And get help with dealing with them if need be.
      I would like more info: on Ahab. Thank you and bless you

  3. This is an accurate description of the cunning, manipulative spirit that inhabits these individuals. They are sociopathic in their thought and behavior, yet they are capable of fooling others because their performance is so convincing. Beware if you know someone who fits this description; I suffered hellishly because of two women who possessed this spirit and sought to ruin my life, my family, and my marriage. Take heed and be warned.

    • Yup I see what you mean unfortunately I have one of those next door always watching always trying to get the best of me

  4. Cindy,

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I wrote this from experience. I also dealt with 2 women like this. I hope many people who could be deceived by this will see this post and your note, and be aware. Sometimes others, who are innocent, get recruited into a deception, and this increases the damage to you.

    I hope you are healing from this experience you had. It is really hard to completely get over it.


  5. This is so accurate that it’s scary. I made the mistake of procreating with one of these sociopaths, and she has done everything to make me and my twin sons lives a living nightmare. They’re so skilled at lying…judges, therapists, teachers, preachers, they can fool them all. I thank God that he has given me the strength to combat such an evil. Anyone who sees any of these characteristics in someone they’re dealing with…run! Then never, ever look back. They will destroy you.

  6. Hi Sam,

    I pray god’s strength and wisdom for you.

    You are right. They will not repent. They are not sorry. So just stay away from them, or you will get caught in the spiderweb they weave.

    If you are forced to deal with them, have plenty of witnesses present to defend you.


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  9. I to have been in two such “relationships”. I was married to the first one for eight years and the second for fifteen years. I’m not a person who gives up and I hoped over time they had nothing to fear from me. It seemed to make things worse {in hind sight}. I’m very much a catholic which is also another reason I wouldn’t give up. One thing I haven’t heard mentiond is the HATE they are capable of. I’ve been called every dirty word there is and when she couldn’t think of anything else to say about me,she used everything she could think of that she knew ment something to me. She tried to use God against me and she couldn’t care less about God. she used my father who had recently passed away against me. My step son who I raised since he was six wants nothing to do with me. Very soon after we were married she started prepairing paper work against me [legal papers] In my late fifties I became disabled. I had my owm air conditioning business for 30 years. “very good money” She got it all in the divorce, all I have is a disability check from social security once a month. Gentelmen I hate to say this but you can not trust. You have to keep a constant eye on her. Check everything and check it often, don’t let her pay the bills. Hide every penny you can. I don’t me steal it, not at all and if things work out you’ve got a nice nest egg to surprize her with when you retire. Me emotionally I will never recover. I am totaly distroyed.
    May the Lord be with you allways

    • WOW – – TY for sharing this. I believe I have encountered two Charming Jezebels in a local church. Very eye opening indeed.


    • Sorry this is late, Bill. It’s been very hard on you but may God heal you and your heart and mind. I’m currently living with one now. They’re agents of satan and are anti-social which means they sincerely hate human beings. Again, may God heal your heart and mind.

      Father, I just pray over and for Bill now. Restore him. Forgive him for any bad decisions and any compromise he may have made. Restore him and his relationships. Give him Grace and great peace. Amen. Amen. 💙

  10. Wow
    As well
    Very deceiving………….

  11. This sounds too much like my Ex.
    Currently goin thru court and eventually Divorce.
    She has a Phycology background too.
    Went thru alot.
    It does take 2
    You can take a look though at what got you there.
    But I believe to also forgive and forget the past regardless.
    Took me abit to find myself again though…………

  12. Thanks
    God Bless you too.

  13. I came across the toic very randomly and fear that I may be a jezebel myself and my daughter is also. I often looked at my behavior as someone who suffers from mental illness but now I see where I set my intention to hurt others because I was hurt. I felt so diluted by my emotions, as I believe that I am always the victim but now because of my daughters behavior I see how that isn’t the case.where can we both go to heal this demon that dwells in us as I really desire to be healed of this, I live in queens new york, please who can I trust to help with this burden that can really help?

    • hi shannon

      At least you have recognized what is afflicting you. I am not acquainted with that NY area. I would be glad to help you discuss things offline, to get you started.

      What you need is what is called a Jehu. This is – in your case – an older, strong male figure you can trust your problems with. Like a good father figure for you.

      What you need to do is recreate your childhood, discuss what hurt you, and then receive love and support to help you heal. This will take time, but you should start feeling some relief right away, if you pick the right person.

      You do not need anyone your age, because it would too quickly arouse romantic thoughts instead, and this would mess up your focus of getting better.

      A second best substitute could be a mother figure who you can trust.

      The combination of a mother and father figure would be best.

      Let me know if I can help. You can talk to me if you want to.

  14. I came across this topic very randomly and fear that I may be a jezebel myself and my daughter is also. I often looked at my behavior as someone who suffers from mental illness but now I see where I set my intention to hurt others because I was hurt. I felt so diluted by my emotions, as I believe that I am always the victim but now because of my daughters behavior I see how that isn’t the case.where can we both go to heal this demon that dwells in us as I really desire to be healed of this, I live in queens new york, please who can I trust to help with this burden that can really help?

    • Hi Shannon

      It is a blessing when I hear someone understands the situation and wants to get help.

      First of all, go to God, not man, for your deliverance.

      You may ask for support from others, but do not see them as the source of any deliverance.

      Jesus died for you, to set you free. No one else has done that.

      Spend time reading on this site about jezebel. Knowledge is power.

      there are about 20+ posts….just look at a few at a time….

      There is one called “healing Jezebel” you might be interested in especially.

      Pray and ask God to heal your heart, in Jesus name. Cover yourself and your daughter with the blood of Jesus, and ask for forgiveness for anything you have done wrong, and help in forgiving others that hurt you to begin with, that caused all this.

      You can stay in touch with me and let me know how you are doing.

  15. i to got involved with a female sociapath jezebel lasted six years showed all the traits at first all loving id thought i had found my soul mate but as soon as i moved in with her things changed we ended up getting our own house to gether had a daughter together we both have kids from previous relationships but she took over my life no freedom apart from wot she wanted usally diy her hobbie manipulation guilt trips i apolygise for her nasty behaviour just for a quiet life ended up in hospital bloodpressure through the roof but even then no let up my kids wanted to see me but she didnt want to go 5minute drive to pick them up but id do and did anything for her kids conditions for mine unconditional for hers in the end i listened to the voice inside me telling me to leave its been a hard six years she now off with one of my so called best mates another typical sociapath jezebel trait it hurts at the moment but wot im reading on sites like this ive made the right desission my ex best mate is heading for missery just like i did but she appears to fool everyone who cant beleave shes like that behind closed doors i live day by day now love all my kids concentrate on them now

    • hi Terry

      Your story is a familiar one. She just came in and used you.

      But you have a good heart, and you will heal. You have children to love and take care of. Focus on them.

      You are probably a nice quiet man, so this made you an easy target for a jezebel, who like to dominate.

      You can warn your friend, but that is all you can do. It is his responsibility to listen to you, and beware. If he does not heed you, then he will have to suffer and learn also.

      Any true believer will encounter a jezebel, because satan’s plan is to use her to tear us down, and destroy our lives.

      But if you place your trust in jesus, and put you and your children under his wings of care, you will overcome this damage.

      Do not let satan get the victory. Be a great christian and do wonderful things with your children in Jesus name. And you will have victory. Then satan will be defeated.

  16. Thanks marianne for your kind words god bless you

  17. this describes a woman i know to a T. I am so hurt because I trusted her, and my husband to honor me, but she manipulated him and destroyed him, and not it seems like he is full of Jezebel. I have been tormented by demons, in my dreams foretelling evil events that come true, and physically abused by them ( i didn’t know that was possible until it happened) since this woman came into our home “as a victim” and we thought it our Christian duty to and pleasure to take her in. Now my marriage is destroyed… and my heart is broken. My husband agreed that she had the Jezebel Spirit and he would be cautious in dealing with her since she admitted to me she didn’t care to honor me and did not care if she destroyed my marriage… now it seems as if he doesn’t care. please pray for me as I cannot fight this much longer.

    • dear cast down

      Is she still there?

      get some reinforcements in there to support you.

      is she is still there, you need to evict her, and send her packing.

      your husband sounds passive about this, which is typical good soil for a jezebel to breed in……

      it also indicates that he will go along with about anything that the dominant female will propose.

      so get rid of her….get aggressive (you can do this in a positive way) ….take charge

  18. D jezebel thg is a very awful writing this to let people know that d devil like a roaring lion is going up n down seeking whom to destroy as his mission is to steal kill n destroy.
    A jezebel was in my spouse life for 9-10yrs took ovr his life n destroyd him almost killing cos he almost committed suicide he lost all he had workd for soldoff his assets just to make ends meet nothing worked, she realy destryd him even my children were not spared she dealt n almost killed my son bcos she had girls ,but becos is greater than al in His mercy He made my husband to to meet with a man of God who told him to repent n go back to his first n only wife (me) n that God will deliver him.meanwhile i had a revelation in which d strange woman confess to me that she had lost her man to me(she didnt know she was talking to me in that reveltion)until after she boasted abt her.she said hmm they dont know me, i am jezebel mezelda n i said jezebel d first jezebel dogs licked her blood n that she is just a minor jezebel whom iv already overcomer bcos im an overcomer n that one with God is a majority n Jesus is my peace n that in Jesus name she has lost forever.that was when she now realizes it was me she was talking to she was weeping n running away that she didnt know she was talkig wth her enemy, she met me d next day physically n said they didnt tell her i had knowlegde n wisdom of d highest order nwalked away from me almost running into a coming car,, not long after that befor my spouse returnd home she had packed her things n left
    to God b d glory honour n power forever jezebel is a horribl xperience.

  19. Hi,

    i’m new to your site. In my office, we have a tenant/principal office – name is SHARON, very very charming, potential ms congeniality, portrays graciousness to extremes. Got most of us fooled as she’s able to socialise with a variety of persons. Pretty and will always be where the party is.

    Of course she’s in marketing so plus point for her. 1st incident, one of the managers was cross because she had taken our company’s letterheads and kept the whole stack. She is just renting some small office space in our office and had no right to it. She was very upset but didnt dare make a fuss wit the mgr but complained to my boss who is her best friend. She started avoiding all of us. Her sideline biz is selling 2nd hand designer bags, I earlier introduced my friend to her. My friend bought 1 of her bags, payment by installment, I was doing the banking in of money. I made a mistake and paid 200 more. Have receipts to prove, after the incident above, when I tried to get the money back, I was faced with a literal monster, she actually refused to refund stating that it was my problem and I could go to hell, she was abusive. I’m not a fighter and dont like scenes so I kept quiet, following morning when I got to office; I found that she has already started a hate campaign by calling my colleagues to tell them that they should not talk to me as I’m a hateful person. I know she spoke to my boss as my boss refused to speak to me or acknowledge me that morning in the office.

    I was so shocked that I was literally shaking, never felt that way and even as I’m writing this, I’m shaking. I honestly feel sick. Just want to know is this what a JEZEBEL do. My personal buddies advised me to fight back but I’m dont have the strength. Now its like I have horns on my head when I get to office. got so bad I locked myself in the loo to get a grip on myself.

    • dear rebecca

      Find at least one person to support you, and then go person by person, one at a time, (like she did), taking the support person(s) with you, and tell the deceived ones the truth.

      Jezebels use the “divide and conquer” method, so you will have to use the same method to fight back.

      If you don’t fight back, she will do it again.

  20. please please lift me up in prayer im losing my husband to a jezebel she has destroyd my 18 yr marraige our kids are suffering in evry way since he left us he is acting so out of character,i trust GOD and jus dnt knw how to deal when he visits i believe shes doin evrythng to take me amd tha kids out his life

    • victoria

      I am putting you on my prayer list. You need to gather a support system where you are, friends, family, and oppose this as a group. Let your husband know he is deceived, bewitched and out of the will of God, and you are praying for him. If you have any contact with her, let her know exactly what she is, and she is going to hell for what she is doing. She may not care, but you have told her.

  21. In the medical world, they are called, Splitter, Boarderline Personality Disorder..

  22. hello, i am so happy i found this site the spirit of jezebel tried to destroy my marriage until my husband opened his eyes but she didnt stop there she spread lies and rumors about me and my husband i tried to confront her twice but gets upset then plays victim by crying but i know God will protect my family any advice

    • anna

      do not get fooled or stopped by the victim routine. Ignore that. She does not mean it. It is another way to manipulate you and get away with what she is doing. Go ahead and blast away at her. Tell her off, and tell her you are telling everyone about her lies and rumors, and you will take her to court for slander if she does not quit and apologize. Tell her you not only have witnesses, but God himself is going to get a hold of her and send her to hell for the evil she has done if she does not repent.

  23. thats what i did i had the pastor there when i confronted her but she played victim and cried then got angry got teary eyed and smiled and angry again but she said sorry in her own way but my pastor could see she was not serious

  24. Good Eve everyone. Wow…well this is a subject that is very interesting, and I think we would agree that we all have met someone with the jezebel spirit. I admit I either had it or at least some of the characteristics listed. I had my best friend who is a minister & counselor pray over me to cast it out of me once I understood what it was. I have NO DESIRE to have any form of rebellion, manipulation, jezebel, anger, self-pity, or anything else unGodly in my life. I HATE ALL OF THESE THINGS!! They are demonic, and only hold a person back. I was miserable until I got to the point that I recognized it, didn’t want it, and told it to leave. The maintenence part of these evil spirits are that we must not allow them back in. I think that is where people have a “relapse” of sorts, with these evil spirits. If a person is Born-Again, they HAVE AUTHORITY over these spirits. BUT you must not engage them, entertain them, or otherwise invite them in by participation in behaviors where they are rampant. My heart goes out to people that are dealing with these spirits and I pray that it is brought out in the open and exposed for what it is.
    God Bless,

  25. Thanks for this article, Marianne. I am dealing with someone operating in this spirit right now. My friend who lives with me can’t yet see it though. He is used to being around seductive or manipulative women. What is the best way you think that I should take?

    The good thing is that he is a Christian and is actually open about things and wants to know the truth. He once told me that he can often sense the attitude or spirit in people but that some people know how to veil their stuff. Well, this lady I’m talking about has an uncanny ability to veil her stuff though it is overpowering. It’s like spraying a stinky bathroom with air freshener somewhat: the spirit dips in and out constantly, making you confused as to whether or not it’s there.

    • arendale

      just be firm and assertive, tell the woman you want nothing to do with her, and if she asks why, then tell her. remember, you do not owe her any explanation anyhow….you have a right to choose your friends, and you have standards you follow.

  26. I will definitely have to work on this one. My friend has known her long before me, so I’ll let him take the lead here which he said he will. And yes, I do have a right to choose my friends. I can’t be afraid of the negative emotions that may come from people. I can’t be afraid of witchcraft.

  27. Hi, Marianne. I’ve been struggling with not giving people who are broken or are hurting mercy. I tend to be ‘merciful’ to people when I see they are hurting, etc. But people with the Jezebel spirit have taken advantage of it. I know a woman with this charming type. Where I learned to be forceful with the more brazen or mean Jezebels, I haven’t learned to be so with one that is always (instead of just sometimes like other Jezebels) ‘sweet’ and nice’. God is teaching me to throw out that unsanctified mercy and exchange it for “feet of bronze” (bronze in the Bible often symbolizes warfare; Jesus’ bronze feet were also mentioned when He confronted Thyatira, the Church allowing Jezebel to function). Jezebel is a warring spirit no matter how nice it acts (as Jonas Clark’s book so aptly spells out: for anyone who wants to check out the book). It is always plotting to kill, steal, and destroy. Well, I already know that this girl with Jezebel doesn’t like me (or anyone else really), because it’s apparent that I’m not falling into her charms. However, here is what happened the first time I decided to withhold my own natural unsanctified mercy which was yesterday: I had the best day I’ve had in about… well, over two months! My day went so well because I didn’t dole out mercy to this demanding but ‘sweet’ girl; I instead let myself be myself, and it turned out in my having a great day. This girl acts sweet all the time but is so aggravatingly intrusive and demanding that it can drive a person into submission to her or just plain mad. You wrote in another article and I agree: men with Jehu’s spirit are required to execute this spirit. It isn’t a spirit you can allow to wander or put in prison; it needs to be executed. It is rotten and smelly, and poisonous to the thought of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • arendale

      we ALWAYS have to be firm and aggressive with jezebels. you owe them no apologies for refusing them “mercy” where what they want is just pity and sympathy…….do not be afraid to explain to others your reasons….the more the jezebel is exposed, the better

  28. I’m working on it. Thanks.

  29. Marianne, you’re right. I keep telling my friend about the girl operating in Jezebel. What I try to do is to distinguish between the Jezebel spirit itself, the person’s own spirit (character, real person/personality), and the person’s soul (where the wounds are and where the Jezebel mindset works from). I see that this girl continually changes. As I was journaling about it, the word that I got for it was ‘transforms’. She transforms continually, like a transformer from the movies… She changes shape and form and personality just like people with Jezebel are used to and adept at doing. She does a lot of things all at once. I can definitely see the bad; now, I’m trying to see if there is a chance of redemption. Last night, this passage came to me about it: “On some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh” (Jude 22-23). “Making a distinction” is what I’m working on now. As I said, I’ve seen enough of the bad. Since ’98, I have not one time seen something bad in a person and been totally wrong. I was always right on, sometimes seeing less than was there, but never really seeing more than was there. It’s weird, but I just have to trust my discernment. Because I love to live in the light (transparent, etc.), I am quick to note people who are hiding things; I then often discern at least a large part of what they are hiding or whatever spirit they may be operating in. It’s not like I’m looking for bad things in people; rather, I’m looking for good. But that makes seeing the bad so much easier.

  30. I talked to my friend about the girl today. He can’t see it as easily as I can but can sense it. I told him outright where she is coming from and decided that I will have to show him more clearly as he is willing, at this time, to see if it’s true. In my experience, there are two things that expose a sneaky and subtle Jezebel best: love and truth (discernment). Jezebels who love to function in all the power that the spirit gives them HATE genuine love; they can get along great where so-called love is (superficial conversation and interaction), but genuine love (especially if the person showing it to them can see into them and love them anyway) gives them the heebies and makes them RUN for the hills. This is because they don’t want to be healed or exposed. They also hate truth, because it also flushes them out of their hiding. I have decided to show this girl love and to have my friend watch her reaction. From past experiences, I know that Jezebels cannot stand love; they hate it. It exposes them, forcing their heart motives and woundedness to the surface. I don’t see that truth will get to this particular girl (the subtle type) as well as love will. This is just what I’ve discerned, and it makes sense since she is the subtle, charming, ‘let’s all get along and love each other’ type of Jezebel. Love is the genuine article, the true side to her own false charm and niceness. This seems to be the path that the Lord is directing me on.

  31. You’re right. I have to double back and ask whether this is the right way to go. I woke just an over an hour ago (about 7:32am way earlier than I normally wake) from a dream laden with occult symbols and with Jezebel who embodied to attack me in the dream (as she has several times in my life). In the dream, I saw two giants ducks straddling and having sex with two sleeping men (well, they were passed out like they were drunk) and saw a MERMAID (a real one) straddling and having sex with another passed out man. Passed out spoke of passivity for sure. I saw other occult symbols like a komodo dragon with a snake’s head coming out of its right knee, etc. At the end of the dream, Jezebel herself embodied in Felicia, a Catholic aunt of mine. (This same aunt tried to kill me while I was still a baby in my mother’s womb. For all my life, Jezebel has pursued me because of this, and the social anxiety I have is directly tied to Jezebel and her attempts to keep me in bondage which is why I’ve always found myself around Jezebels.) Jezebel in Felicia, with a wicked look on her face and having been sent for the task, then dashed at me to attack, bind, and utterly destroy me. In fact, it is in sharing this dream that some things are dawning on me. Should we talk about these things via direct email or continue here? One of these things is that I see the Jezebel spirit, Felicia, and anxiety all related in my life. Things are beginning to make sense now.

    • arendale

      your dream may be warning you that you are too vulnerable to “be nice” to the jezebel you have in mind.

      usually the best approach is to identify the spirit, and attack aggressively, and ignore pleas for mercy, because they are just manipulation to get you to stop……maybe it is best to avoid this person, if you are not ready….or get group support before confrontation

  32. I actually see the dream telling me some about my own past (I’m from a matriarchal dynasty from who knows how long ago). My aunt who is the matriarch of the family and taking over from her mom (her dad is dead) tried to abort me in my mom’s womb. On another note, you are right about this girl. I am not supposed to be following her around and trying to ‘love on her’ nor am I supposed to try to be a Jehu and confront her. I should avoid her (though not run from her, because she will attack weakness in a heartbeat), because she is always arming herself for war. I am, as you siad, too vulnerable to ‘play nice’. When you say identify the spirit and attack mercilessly, what do you mean? I don’t mind attacking, but if people around you feel differently, the tables can turn on you quickly. Yes, it is best to avoid or get support first. After I woke from the dream, I felt a leading to spend more and more time away from the Jezebel. It is my intention and is wise, but I have to be checking these things as Jezebel and her friends (the other spirits in its gang) have misled me many times in life. Do you have any links to articles on Jezebel and the other spirits (like Athaliah and Baal and the spirits she works in conjunction with)?

    • I have not posted on the other spirits you mentioned.

      mercilessly……attack if you are well prepared.

      best for you to gather support one person at a time and explain your observations, and help them see your view…..once you have enough people on your side, you can confront the jezebel

      • I already confronted her a couple hours ago. It always wanted to come out of me. I finally let it. It was the right time. Her smug smile disappeared, and Jezebel finally manifested its intense hatred and bitterness though she tried to hide it. Her face went from confused to sorry to angry to wicked to bitter to disdain and kept changing. Worry was in there too as she lives with my friend and he was there when I confronted her. He smiled as he acknowledged things I said, but she still tries to weave him into her web. So, I’m going too continue the attack and watch for her wicked scheming. I’m done tip-toeing around Jezebel.

  33. I’m a guy, actually. I guess my masculinity isn’t exactly beaming from me right now. Yes, I want to know how to continue to approach her, however, because she will and already is trying to get back on top and get over on me and others.

  34. Thank you for these posts. My life has been in upheaval and I have gone to spiritual counseling With a family member. One of the counsellors possesses discernment of spirit and said that she felt the presence of Jezebel during the last session. I was devastated and saw myself as the source so I googled and found this site. I may well be the root, but recognize the relationship I have with my older sister. She is so powerful and now my husband is working for her on a remodel job that is OVER THE TOP! I have supported her and work as one of her minions to get him into this mess. Good grief.

    • sue

      I am not clear from what you said if you are the jezebel or your sister is, but it can still be defeated.

      If it is you, then look at the roots of the spirit, how it got in, and shut the door.

      If it is your sister, then you have to take authority and tell her “no” when she needs to hear it.

      Jezebel spirits ( not the host human) have to be treated in a very aggressive way. When exposed, they try to get pity, to throw you off, but you must be persistent, and stand your ground.

      see other pages on this:

      orange link is introduction
      white link is discussion

      • I don’t know which one, but feel the presence of this spirit. I don’t know how it came. It affects my relationship with my sister–I’m sure of that. Just a sad thing that needs to end now.

        • Sue, condemnation is a hallmark of satan and of the Jezebel spirit. It blames you, guilt trips you, accuses you and your heart and motives, and then convinces you that you deserve the condemnation and should feel bad and take all those negative emotions and things on yourself. If you are worried that you may have (i.e. be operating in) a Jezebel spirit, then you are probably being victimized by a condemning spirit (if you are in close quarters or relationship with a Jezebel, 9 times out of 10, the condemnation will be coming from Jezebel) that is trying to make you feel bad and wants you to submit to it and its power. Remember, “condemnation is not for those who desire to follow Jesus and live right, because when you are in Christ, the Spirit who brings Life and encouragement stands on your side against anything that brings you condemnation or discouragement which is a living death” (Rom. 8:1-2, paraphrase).

          Know who is operating in Jezebel, and know who is telling you that you are guilty of operating in it. Jesus is your peace, and everything He tells you will encourage and give you peace even when it’s not the best news. The enemy, on the other hand, can tell you the best thing but the end of it (usually the beginning of it too) is discouragement, guilt, hopelessness, sadness, loss, misery, etc. If you will have freedom, you need God’s truth (revelation) on where this spirit is operating and how it operates. I wish you the best.

  35. Thank you for this post. I’m working on my life and hope to move beyond this paralyzed feeling of emptiness and confusion. Progress is slow, but feels oh so good. Hope is there and freedom too.

  36. Thanks for posting this,

    I’m seeing classic signs of the Jezebels at my job thanks to this site

    I was the victim but she kept going around the office complaining about me even trying to get me fired until they hushed her up. Thanks to the article, I see that she was recruiting others against me. Her and my Jezebel supervisor teamed up against me but one of them backed down and once the other one didn’t have that support to lean back on, she got quieter as well. Praise God for his mercy! I had no idea so many people were battling this spirit

  37. I think there needs to be more teaching on Ahab also. In the meantime, for new or more revelation on Jezebel and Ahab (as well as the Eunuch spirit and the gods connected to these mindsets and spirits), please check out Jonas Clark’s ‘Jezebel: Seducing Goddess of War’:

    I’ve also found more understanding on the Jezebel spirit and the two that work in conjuction with it: Athaliah and Delilah. Sandi Freed (with Bill Hamon) has good revelation on this in her book ‘Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord– How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah: A short and concise article on this unholy trinity by Sandi Freed:;wap2.

    Jonas Clark writes that Jezebel is a destiny thief and will usually oppose a person strongly right before they (or as they seek to) enter their destiny in Christ. As someone who’s been opposed for a long time by this threefold cord (when I learned about the other two who often work with Jezebel but are rarely ever taught about, I then understood why ‘breaking through’ has been so hard: “a threefold cord is not quickly/easily broken”), I can confirm that everything Jonas Clark and Sandi Freed (with Bill Hamon) report on Jezebel (and the other two), Ahab, the Eunuch spirit, and the gods at work behind and with all these is pretty important truth that needs to be added to the overall teachings about Jezebel and Ahab. I hope those links and books will be helpful to someone.

  38. Hi, thanks for your articles they are most insightful. I have had a hellish time in my former workplace as I realise I have dealt with 3 jezebels (2 of them women – 1 the aggressive type (and witch), the other 1 the sneaky type, plus another jezebel (man) who seems to resonate with the characteristics of the charismatic romeo jezebel). There were a couple of directors there but they had no b*lls (Ahabs) and didn’t back me up so in the end I had to leave, suffering so much from anxiety that I couldn’t even serve the usual notice but took my annual leave to serve it out instead. The romeo man also had a bit of the warring conflict jezebel side to him too – I am pretty sure he was backstabbing and creating conflicts while appearing to be outside it all, enjoying the fireworks. He flirted with all 3 women in the office, the 2 jez women worked in the same room and their fighting and hostility seemed to start over this male. It appears they got on semi-okay until the competition for his attention got too much then they were at war. This man was very smooth and I’m sorry to say I didn’t escape getting sucked into his vortex either. His mind games and behaviour got to to be too much, I have never experienced anything as intensely bad as this association with the opposite sex although I was hooked by his allure and attractive packaging (plus all the lead-on comments – and their were many). He seemed to pursue me, follow me round and give me a lot of attention at first – I was not interested in him at all in the beginning. All the while he had a girlfriend overseas who he has been with for 5 years yet he mentioned nothing about it to me when he arrived at the job until after 5 months of being there. Well he certainly didn’t present as someone who had a girlfriend. And this info about her came out once I was hooked and caught like a fly in a venus fly trap. There is a lot more to it than this but it would take too long to go into it all. All 3 jezebels are now nicely ensconced in jobs and I am suffering financially, still trying to find a job. I was manager of the 2 women by the way but was constantly undermined by them and not supported by the Ahab directors who seemed to enjoy every bit of gossip, drama and controversy that arose in the office. I forgive the people involved but just want to get on with my life and move on from the emotional and financial devastation. The workplace was never as bad as it was before this man arrived; I noticed it was far less peaceful when he was there even though it was far from perfect before then. May I be added to your prayer list Marianne? This whole saga has affected my confidence in applying for jobs as well. Thanks and God bless.

    • dear Bek

      You need to identify a source for a job reference and move on. Do not worry, not every workplace is full of freaks.

      You got hit with a lot. once jezebels and ahabs combine, it is useless to fight it. It is something God will have to handle himself.

      Right now , you are gun shy, so I suggest you give yourself time to heal and find some support system, friends, work associates, etc, to lift you up and help you continue.

      You have my prayers, and I will add you to my prayer list for emotional healing and restoration of finances.

      • This article was an eye opener for me. It made me realize that I have this Jezebel in me. I have been very very weary of these two demons, Jezebel and Bilal as my mom had them both.God brough two amazing people into my mom and I’s lives when I was 14 and these people have since become my spiritual parents and have taught me all I need to know about God and his word. They informed me of these demons my mom had and tried to help my mom. My mom however admitted to having these demons but did not truly seek help from God and surcame to Jezebel. She died just over a year ago in a car accident. I know these demons are generational and I think it became strong in me when she passed. It is easy for me to identify these demons in people even at the age of 20. I see it easily but I never picked it up in myself. my lies and manipulation didnt seem too bad and damaging. I basically had no remors for hurting people around me because I kept justifying it, even to myself. I knew I was “naughty” but I never realised that I actually have a jezebel myself. I came accross a male jezebel and my spiritual mother picked it up immediately in him. I however did not until he caused a riff between me & my spiritual parents and she sent me a link on male jezebel & then i realized that she was right about him but i also saw alot of his traits in me except he is a lot worse. he took my jezebel to the next level and my SM picked it up & sent me this link. It is what I do, to the max. It was hard to admit to myself but I have. From here my Spiritual mother and i will pray & break generation curses & soul ties. she is luckily very close to God and has amazing knowledge. I want to get rid of this and finally find myself. Jezebel does not define me. any other tips you have for me? Thank you

        • dear Dom

          I am glad to hear you recognize this as a problem to be solved.

          the key is to understand the harm that is done, and that you would not want to receive this harm yourself.

          remember also that using personality tricks to control others is an aggressive act, even if you are very subtle about it. control is witchcraft, and is condemned by god.

          spend time understanding the feelings of others….get close to the Lord Jesus……if you are not saved, then repent of wrongdoings and give your heart to God, and ask for the guidance of the holy spirit in your every day journey…..

          I am also sending you prayers for salvation, deliverance and strength…print them out and say them each day…..also read the bible each day…first the book of john, then the rest of the new testament…..then the psalms…they are good prayers and they are short and easy to say.

          I will be in agreement with you that you overcome this.

  39. Thanks so much I appreciate that.

  40. This has really helped me understand all that i didnt about jezabel spirits and has answered all the questions i had. The fact that my ex boyfriend sims to hav all the characteristics that hav been mentioned above , just made me realise what he is and why his behaviour is like that.

  41. Sorry about your experience, Maduminga. I had just had a month-long experience with one of these. She sweetly backstabbed me to others, tearing me down and building herself up, and when she realized I was on to her turned them against me and made me look like the bad person (and they all believed her as is the custom in such situations). But thank God I don’t mind, because the last person you want to like you is the person who hates you; it’s a good thing when evil-hearted people hate good-hearted people and there’s nothing to complain about there. This spirit is behind a lot of ministers too.

  42. I think I have the Jezebel spirit.
    Please help

    • NR

      You would have to tell me more, to see if you really had the jezebel.

      in the meantime, I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft, spirits, and jezebel….print it out and say each day….I will be in agreement with you.

  43. NR,

    The follow are excellent resources to assist you in understanding “Jezebel” and other demonic spirits that oppress people, even Christians.

    Please consider purchasing this book by Derek Prince. I’ve experienced and ministered deliverance after reading book and my Bible side-by-side.

    “They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons – Your Invisible Enemies.”

    Derek Prince is a qualified, subject expert on this subject.

    Psalm 18

  44. my former friend Kristy Nance act’s like a Jezebel .i think Kristy has a Demon in her but she wont let anybody help her what can i do to stop her lie’s and slander?

    • kim

      confront her, with back up, and tell her what she is. if she is lying about you, tell her you can arrange a visit to the hospital if she continues…tell her to repent or go to hell….

  45. Sounds like Amanda to me, she has always been this way, she is on youtube as beachtides24.

  46. What finally happens to a Jezebel person if they are never delivered of this spirit.

    • kate

      if they do not repent, they go to hell

      • Hi Marriane,

        I am currently in a relationship with a lady who I am beginning to suspect has this jezebel spirit.
        We met and started dating almost immediately (almost 2months now) – unfortunately, we did some heavy petting and I later turned my ways back to God but she seduced me after a week into another round of heavy petting.
        My major concerns is that she is a feminist and does not believe in the entirety of the Bible – in fact, she believes God was chauvinistic in the beginning and she disregards most of Paul’s writing because she claims he was chauvinistic.
        Please I need help as I do not know what the Lords leading is concerning my relationship with her.

        • processor

          your instructions are in the bible.

          you are not to yoke yourself to unbelievers.

          as she is a jezebel, she sounds like one, you can expect her to cheat on you anyhow

          jezebels are witches

          she disdains paul and scripture

          so you have your answer.

          • Hi Marriane,

            She is a believer and a committed Christian. We are both trying to ensure there is no sex before marriage as per our Christian faith.

            I believe her views on Paul and some portion of the Bible is as a result of her feminist ideology which I have discussed with here severally.

            I have tried to find the mind of God concerning this relationship but no word or direction yet.

            Please can you suggest prayer points and possibly join faith with me in prayers.

            God bless you.

            • processor

              she may SAY she is a christian, but I do not believe it, from your description. talk is cheap.

              she has a spirit of rebellion which has to be broken, feminism is just a soft word for witchcraft.

              she needs to repent and be saved. and you need to open your eyes, and deal with the spirit she has, or she will make your life miserable….if not miserable, she will subdue you into her little personal servant and pawn…. then the two of you together will make others miserable.

              I can send you a prayer for unsaved loved ones.

              and during this prayer for her, pray that this rebellion is broken.

  47. Run for your life.

  48. Hello
    I actually posted earlier on the Jezebel but I’ve never made a Blog and I don’t know if I want to do that right now and then as I was trying to read the post and I bump something and it erased it.
    God has just revealed to me recently that my 85 year old mother is in fact a narcissist and I’ve been trying to stay away from her and my youngest brother who lives with her and has taken on some very extremely intimidating and abusive behaviour towards me. she indeed projected her self-image on to me as a child ,and just last night God also reveal to me that she will go to hell.
    I really could use all the support and help I can get thank you

  49. Pray for your mother. It is not God’s will for anyone to go to hell. God gives us authority… Use it. We are to honor our parents.

  50. Thank you Katya and all you other saints who prayed ,your absolutely right it is not his will for anyone to go to hell ,God’s Not Dead He’s Alive and yes indeed we have the authority to speak in Jesu’s mighty name and all God’s people said amen.

  51. Please, please, please pray for me. I have been apart of a small group (no church affiliation) just Christians 18-20ppl coming together who have been disappointed with the religious church system. From the beginning (5 1/2 yrs ago) I had checks that it all didn’t seem right (drinking, swearing, verbal aggression) but my husband (15 yrs married) said he was going for God & that if I don’t come along with him, I would be left behind. So I followed reluctantly, choosing to trust him as he’s always followed my discernment which hasn’t all been right. Right from the beginning I was told that I had a Jezebel spirit & that I needed to humble myself & submit to my husband. I would agree as I could see that I had lots of insecurities, fears & hatred for my dad who was a hurting, broken, angry man. Also, the hurt from my dad & husband promising me the world & not fulfilling their promises. I had files & files of hurt to forgive & let go of & choose to trust God for whatever He had planned for my life. Through this journey, my husband & I talked to the leaders of this group (personal ministry) about every sin, weakness, struggle we ever had. Confessed all of it, holding back nothing as we want to be free, healed & delivered so we can serve the Lord with pure hearts.
    We brought family & friends out. Some have stayed, some have left. My dad got cancer during this time & died. My little sister got cancer. Quit my career as a makeup artist of 20yrs as I was told that I can’t get free of this Jezebel spirit as long as I stay in this industry. My mom & older sister have no relationship with us anymore because we chose to stay in this group. We have gone through much financial ruin, freak accident (shattered my ankle a year ago). As I read this article, I can see how I’ve allowed this spirit to use me to do its evil bidding. I have been so repentant & broken before the Lord & have asked Him to deliver me & set me free. My heart is not to hurt people & don’t even realize that I am until someone blows up & I see what I’m doing. I’ve learned to operate in a manipulative, seductive way to get what I want, it’s a way of life & patterns that I need to change. The worst part of all of this, I can’t share here but would ask for warfare prayer as the Lord is asking me to take the plank out of my own eye (repent & turn from all the ways I’ve operated in this spirit) before I confront the real Jezebel who is causing all this drama, chaos & destroying good peoples lives. I need the wisdom, protection & power of God to help me as this is the most sneaky, deceitful, wicked thing I’ve ever seen disguising itself as a “Christ”. I am so scared & not sure I can follow through with what I believe the Lord is asking me to do. I’m wrestling with a fear of man & a fear of the Lord & know that if I don’t stand up for what’s right, my life will be destroyed & God will raise up another. I’m pleading for all of Heaven to fight on my behalf right now because I can’t do this in my own strength. I have failed the Lord so much & am so unqualified to stand up to this because I still operate in these ways. I believe I’m forgiven for my past sins but still see how the enemy uses me. I am crying out for His mercy for these people as they don’t know what they are doing. I’ve prayed for 6 months for blind eyes to be opened & for God to help. The situation is so complicated & too much to get into here but the Lord knows it all. He has been so incredibly merciful through it all & I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for Him. We serve a faithful God & I’m trusting & believing He will deliver us through this storm. The lessons He has awakened my spirit to through all of this has been worth every bit of the pain, loss & suffering I’ve endured. I declare that the enemy will repay double, actually 7 X everything he has stolen from us & everyone on this forum. May God get all the glory in the end. Thank you for listening as I’ve had no where to go to share this. All I ask is for your prayers. May God bless & protect you for being obedient in posting this information. It has been ever so helpful!!:)
    In Jesus name. Amen

    • sonshine

      you do not sound like a jezebel to me. I need to clear up some things and ask some questions first.

      a group of people who engage in drinking, swearing, verbal aggression said you were a jezebel because you are a make up artist?

      and your family members have died, got sick or had problems since you joined this group?

      you may be a victim as well of a jezebel spirit, but you do not sound like the cause of other peoples curses and misfortunes.. jezebels hate repentance

      what makes you so deceitful?

      did you intentionally curse or harm family members?

      I am more concerned about this group you are in than you.

      these people quickly diagnosed you with a jezebel spirit, and you accepted this, because you were insecure?

      this group sounds like a cult ………..

      please describe this group more to me.

      once I get some clarity, we can talk more

  52. Dear Sonshine,
    You are in a deep, dark place. I am praying for you. Listen to Marianne. Your confusion is caused by being in close proximity to a Jezebel–nothing will make sense until you get some good counsel, space and freedom. It won’t be easy. As long as you are useful to a Jezebel, watch out. And then, when you are no longer useful, be ready for the real fireworks–the attack is uglier than ugly. I posted to this site in 2013. I went though a very hard time, but thank Christ and the angels he sends in work clothes for my life.

  53. Thankyou for all your support & prayers. The Lord is so faithful!!! It has been tough saying “no” to a male Jezebel especially when they are the pastor but it has been good as it’s given me time & space to examine my own heart & repent before the Lord for my part, especially for allowing myself to come under such abusive control. The Lord led me to an anointed book by Jennifer LeClaire “Jezebel Puppets”. It has opened my eyes to what the Holy Spirit has been trying to show me but I was too under the spell of witchcraft to see/hear clearly. The curses/backlash has already started but I’m trusting the Lord to protect me & defend me. He is all I have as my husband, friends & family are still under the spell. Please please pray that the Lord will break the spell off these people & set them free to love & worship the One True God & bring the leader to repentance. This has been the greatest wake-up call/ learning experience of my life & for that I’m thankful!!! Please pray for me as I still have sooo much anger & hurt, hatred & unforgiveness that I’m having to repent of daily. It’s part of the healing process but I can’t hold onto it as then it’s my sin b4 the Lord. Thank you brothers & sisters in Christ who have walked this journey & are coming out on the other side. My prayer is that I’ll be able to use this pain for His glory!!! XOXO

  54. Sounds like Amanda, beachtides24, tidewatcher27 or whatever online name that she chooses to use or go by, she was like this years ago on Youtube and one other various christian weebsites, truly a user and nasty person, coming at you like a friend and rejecting you when you get close to her.

  55. No end to running into these people. Great article. I’d feel free to edit and add to your articles, Marianne. New info is always surfacing.🙏🏽🙏🏽👍🏾

  56. Actually all of this stuff about beachtides24 is true

    • matthew

      how do you know her?

      • This is not the real Matthew that posted this, someone has been impersonating me on various sites and also writing nasty things about me online, I am Matthew Patterson and Amanda is my best friend and someone that i truly trust more anyone else, this person Mike has been pretending to be me and writing things about me because he hates her and me because i once said things about her years ago which I apologized to her for and repented of, Amanda taught me a lot about God and became my buddy online, she is a wonderful person and not a Jezebel at all, she is a friend and a mother and my Sister In Christ, i only ever met her once but she is an awesome woman, not at all like everyone says, if anyone continues to pretend to be me i will think about pursuing legal action, Marianne she is my friend and im sticking up for her, people say a lot of nasty things about me online too, calling me an idiot and worse, so its getting old, but people taking my name and pretending to be me is crossing the line

        • This is the link to my YouTube channel, beachtides24 no longer exists because stalkers chased her away from there, its sad that a Christian sharing their Faith gets tormented, she is just a kind hearted woman ✝️

          • matthew

            I remember the amanda issue from years ago. I have no real opinion since I do not know her.

            I remember someone looking for her, a lost connection of some sort.

            I am sorry to hear she has had such troubles.

            God will take care of her

            • There are a lot of people trying to connect with her both good and bad, she has a lot of stalkers and has to be careful, she had to close her Facebook account a few times and her YouTube channel, there are a lot of good people that love her and respect her but there are a lot of scumbags too, i know her exact address and city and street and how to reach her, just not her number, but i keep that a secret, she is doing well and is safe, i spoke to her a few months back, she is just a really sweet sensitive Lady trying to live her life and take care of hee son while she works and Follows God, she is my best friend and hero, Amanda is truly awesome and the most beautiful woman I know in the inside and outside, I’d do anything for her

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