The Value of False Predictions


In these last days, many of us tire quickly of self proclaimed prophets who either predict stupid things that do not come true, or predict things so obvious that it is in yesterday’s newspapers. Is there any value in reading what they say?

When I was a child, I remember my parents going to air raid classes. They would come home with instructions about hiding in case of attack, preserving food, and using glass containers for food, since radiation does not go through glass. In school, we learned to go to the inner hallways, and duck down and protect our heads. We learned where to go for cover if we were out in the open.

WE never got bombed, so was all that training wasted?

We go through the same thing today, except now people who want the glory, and attention, of being prophets have added themselves to the news media, to give things added divine flavor.

Anything that is going on now, has already been predicted by the Bible, so all modern day prophecy is just rehashing scripture to fit modern events. We really have prophecy analysts, rather than prophets.

The issue of distinguishing between true and false prophets is a different post.

I usually try to wait on messages I get, unless it happens to match something I heard in the news. Even then, it may not work.

But what is the value of preparing for an event if the prediction is not true?

I think that if any prediction, true or false, helps us to prepare for a real event in the future, then it has value. Time is not really wasted afterall.

We all know that there will be some major events in our future. We may not able to believe the timing given to us when someone predicts something, but we know something will eventually happen.

I, personally, have become a snail, a slow creature.

If I hear something may happen, then I will prepare, but not completely. I will do a certain amount, and then quit. Then later, I will think of something else, and do that too. A month later, I will have more thoughts. This process continues until I do not care.

Then I quit preparing.

Then another “prediction” comes along, which seems reasonable, and I will repeat the process, but I have improved since the first time. I am more prepared, but not completely.

Then I quit again.

This process repeats each time, and each time I do a little better in preparation.

So why go through this?

Because eventually certain things will happen. They are inevitable. The average person has a difficult time adjusting to sudden disaster, and preparing quickly.

Preparation takes practice. And even though some predictions may prove false, they help us practice for the real thing, and slowly prepare ourselves.

Even the military has practice drills. So, we should too.

Civil defense, and fire stations get a certain percentage of false alarms, due to instrumentation errors, but they still have to follow through and respond. They may not know if it is false until they arrive on the scene.

If nothing happens, then that is great. We have more time. Praise God.

If something does happen, then we are more prepared, because we have thought about it, and have done something to be ready.

We are in a better position to handle a disaster than if we had never responded to false alarms. It may save our lives someday.

Spiritual note (contributed by Loose Associations):

The only important preparedness we need to be concerned with is our spiritual preparedness.

We’re all going to die anyways.

If God wills that we survive an attack or famine, then we sure will survive it.

If we perish, but perish in the Lord, then what else need we trouble ourselves with?

We don’t need prophecy analysts. The apostles already told us that we’re in the last days and we must watch and pray. What else do we need?

These material things can distract and bog us down.

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12 Responses to “The Value of False Predictions”

  1. Good post, I see like you, everything is in the Bible, all you have to do is read it,prepare,get saved,live for God.and be holy.. if you do all that ,you don’t have to worry about anything,I pray for my children,and I prepare for them, If something happens,they know they can count of Mama to have food and take them in….

  2. I think the author of this blog previously predicted
    “Barack Obama prepares for UFO arrival, open alien contact”

  3. I do have a link dated march 31/09
    that helps validate Phils’ and Mariannes’ post. But this is not new either … The UK.
    confirms this as well as other embassies.
    It has been in the mix for some time.

  4. How does one prepare for this?

    Sometimes a surprise is just a surprise!

  5. Some early risers in Alberta got a glimpse of a fireball streaking across the sky Tuesday morning. University of Calgary geologist Alan Hildebrand said about a dozen witnesses reported the sight to the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre. A meteor, weighing between 10 and 100 kilograms, broke into pieces southeast of Calgary about 6:30 a.m. local time and likely burned up before hitting the ground, said Hildebrand. Roger Kunkel was driving from Raymond to Lethbridge just after 6:30 a.m. Tuesday when he saw a “great glow” in the sky coming from the southeast and heading north. “Sort of a blue and then breaking up into pieces. It was like you could almost go out into the field and find it, it was so close. It was a beautiful sight.” Callers who left messages on CBC Calgary’s traffic line seemed to have differing opinions on which direction the fireball was heading. “It kind of disintegrated. It was travelling north to south. Very bright. I actually thought it was a plane taking off from the airport and then bits started falling off. Really quite an amazing sight,” said one man. Another said he saw a “flurry of meteorites flying around,” travelling in a southeasterly direction. “Pretty wonderful way to start a Tuesday morning,” he said. People also called CBC Edmonton to say they saw a fireball in the sky. On Nov. 20, thousands of people on the Prairies spotted a fireball that lit up the skies across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Fragments of the huge meteorite were found near the border city of Lloydminster.)
    This is dated 31/03/09
    It is happening elsewhere as well. I think one may need more than a rain suit and a hard hat.

  6. Thanks for your article. The only important preparedness we need to be concerned with is our spiritual preparedness.

    We’re all going to die anyways.

    If God wills that we survive an attack or famine, then we sure will survive it.

    If we perish, but perish in the Lord, then what else need we trouble ourselves with?

    We don’t need prophecy analysts. The apostles already told us that we’re in the last days and we must watch and pray. What else do we need?

    These things can distract and bog us down.

    [Not like I can talk; I’ve been bogged down by many things that waste my time– I’d usually be better off reading my Bible.]

  7. Here are some texts to ponder on:- Time of the Lord’s Coming?

    Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the TIME OF THEIR COMING; but my people KNOW NOT the judgment of the LORD. Jer.8:7

    His WATCHMEN [are] blind: they are all IGNORANT, they [are] all dumb DOGS, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.Isa.56:10

    Message for us to be WATCH-men? Don’t Watch – Don’t know!

    Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt NOT WATCH, I WILL come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt NOT KNOW what hour I will come upon thee.Rev.3:3

    Message to the Christian Church Leaders? Watchmen – DOGS?

    For without [are] DOGS, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.Rev.22:15

    Is it important to WATCH? Are we considered as lazy DOGS in God’s eyes if we do not watch [ie. Search the scriptures for a timetable of His return?] – I assure you it is all there if we just look. We have Computer Bible concordance programs, and we are able to make associations between like passages so we can piece together the puzzle which pre-computer-age Christians were not able to do.

    • hi Olaf,

      I agree it is important to watch. We try to watch and be vigilant. Sometimes the interpretation of what we see is difficult to make. Many things look similar to establish biblical prophecy. We have to wait and see, but there is nothing wrong with preparation.

      For example, if a war or storm is coming, then it will come, so we act to protect ourselves. We should only respond to a prediction if it is reasonable, and agrees with the bible, and current events.

      We also need to use wisdom, and not follow people (dogs) who are obviously wrong.

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