The Zechariah curse


In Zechariah 5, there is a curse prophesied that covers the earth. Most would say that this predicts a nuclear war, because of the damage described. But what is the Hebrew word for curse? Is the word chosen just a coincidence?

Zec 5:1 Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying scroll. (Hebrew word megillah- so cylinder shaped, or something that looks like rolled up paper)

*** this would be a different post, but many have seen this flying object match the measurements of a nuclear scud missile. It contains also, from other passages, a nuclear cap, with radioactivity inside.

Zec 5:2 And he said unto me, What seest thou? And I answered, I see a flying scroll; the length thereof [is] twenty cubits, and the breadth thereof ten cubits

Zec 5:3 Then said he unto me, This [is] the curse that goes forth over the face of the whole earth: for every one that steals shall be cut off [as] on this side according to it; and every one that swears shall be cut off [as] on that side according to it.

The Hebrew text looks like this for verse 3:

וַיֹּאמֶר אֵלַי זֹאת הָֽאָלָה הַיֹּוצֵאת עַל־פְּנֵי כָל־הָאָרֶץ כִּי כָל־הַגֹּנֵב מִזֶּה כָּמֹוהָ נִקָּה וְכָל־הַנִּשְׁבָּע מִזֶּה כָּמֹוהָ נִקָּֽה׃

the curse h423 הלא(this word program reverses the letters, so read from left to right) =’ alah = interesting choice of words.

There are 4 words (nouns) for the word “curse.”

Examples (this word program reverses the letters, so read from left to right):

הלל ק ………….       kel·ä·lä …………….. Gen 27:12

ררא ‘        …………      arar …………………………..Num 5:18

הלא ‘       ………..     alah ……………………………Num 5:21

הראמ …… mĕerah ………………………..Prov 3:33

So, one word for curse, is ” ‘alah,”  which is used in the Zechariah prophecy.

Different words for curse are used in different passages. “Alah” is also used other places in scripture as well.

In Zechariah, is this an intentional use of the Hebrew word “alah” to associate the flying scroll with Allah, god of Islam?

Also, there is a visual resemblance to the curls from a rolled out scroll, and the curls from the Arabic that spell Allah. Curls and round letters are characteristic of Arabic script. This is just an exercise in imagination here.

curls in the paper from being rolled out:


Allah in Arabic looks like curls, as if paper released after rolled up:


The comparison between the curled lettering and the curls from a scroll is interesting, but the main issue is the Hebrew word “alah,” which means “curse.”

While this is just speculative, it is strange, when we see Muslim countries like Iran making threats to destroy Israel, and others with their nuclear missiles. Of course, Iran is not the only one making threats.

Since no detail, to me, is a meaningless coincidence in scripture, it is my own personal opinion that the curse of Allah is over the earth at this time, in fulfillment of the Zechariah prophecy.

While there are many Muslims who want peace, and do not want to die in a war, there are many others who do want war, in the name of Allah.

While it is true that a holy, fair, and loving God sends a curse to punish very wicked people for their sins, a “curse” is characteristically NOT used against innocent people.

Only God knows the heart, and who is truly wicked. It is NOT up to man to make this decision, and act on it. The only one entitled to punish mankind is God, not man. Man is in disobedience, ie. NOT submission, to God when he decides he is the “judge,” and tries to do God’s job for Him.

I encourage everyone, especially Muslims, to reflect upon this truth, since a use of Allah’s name, and instructions, is involved.

While a curse may be over the earth (Allah, threat of nuclear war, or both, or something else) due to sins in the world, not everyone is worthy of destruction.

Those that love, obey, and trust in God can find shelter in God’s promises of protection and deliverance.

To obey God requires some effort, to find out what His laws and commandments are. Loving God, and then disobeying Him, makes no sense.

Take time to know God’s will. Read the Bible. Learn the 10 commandments. Read the gospels, etc. Trust in Jesus and his salvation.

-Update 5-3-09  Here is something that really looks like the scroll described in Zechariah.  And apologies to Muslims, if this is the correct interpretation.

These are flying rods up in space, thought to be UFOs, seen by astronauts.  What are they doing up there, and are thy dangerous?  they look like swarming bacteria, swimming sperm/serpents, all over the space image.

Are they missiles, or living creatures?  Very weird.

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  1. […] described. But what is the Hebrew word for curse? Is the word chosen just a coincidence? Click here for […]

  2. o_O Wow. Um… yeah… that’s pretty out there. Hell of a stretch. Especially since the word ‘Allah’ is simply the Arabic word for God, even the Arabic Christians use the word “Allah” to refer to God.

    • Zacharius,
      They make it very clear that there is NO god but Allah, and Mohammid is his messenger. That is so they can distinguish him from the Jewish and Christian God. They have this written all over the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

    • You’re confused. Since Arabic is designed in a religious setting, and by someone who was ill-educated, proper names are conflated into the words themselves. Hence if ‘allah’ was simply arabic for ‘god’ then the whole phrase that Islam built itself on – “There is no god but allah”- is reduced to ashes.

  3. Hey Zacharias

    Yes, this one is a stretch. But Allah is the name of a particular god. It is not a generic term. If Arabic Christians are using the name Allah, they are wrong, since the name of God in the bible is Yahweh, not Allah. When just saying the generic term for God in Hebrew, or any language, one should say “El,” not Allah.

    The pagan name Allah preceded Christianity and Islam, and was incorporated into the Arab religions from their culture.

    In the same way it is wrong to name Resurrection day after the pagan god Ashtar (Easter), it is also incorrect to adopt a pagan name for god into Christianity.

    Paganizing Christianity to make it more appealing has only weakened the faith, and opened the door to other errors.

    best regards and blessings,

  4. Hi Marianne,
    Did you notice how the arabic word for allah looks like?
    Like the SERPENT (or dragon), which God CURSED in genesis!
    With open eyes, the coincidences are overwhelming..
    Btw (i guess you know :-), that Allah was the former Arabic Moon-God, which Mohammed used to easily establish Islam in Arabic-Nations.
    (PS: Check also the appearence of the Number 666 in hebrew)

  5. Hmmm, should have read the links above before posting…

  6. hi Silvanus,

    Yes, if we have our eyes open, we will see many things.

    Yes, I think there are many things in scripture put there for a reason. God knew all languages, and how they would develop, and how whole societies would turn out.

    Since there are so many clues, the saints have no excuse, and cannot say, they were not warned.


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  10. The world ‘allah’ derived from the arabic word ‘al-ilah’ means “THE GOD “. You may call him with other good names. It will change according to your language. Thats not a matter. but, it should be one. He should be one, GOD Should be one. please pray to him only.It needs not a second god. if one able. If one is not able, he is not GOD

    • Hello Asfsal

      Thank you for your note. I agree that God should always have respect, and there is only one God. What concerns me here is that as man becomes more wicked, there is a curse over the earth because of man’s evil behavior. Many times, God uses the enemies of one nation to punish another nation. If we were good, and not bad, then this would not happen.

    • I dunno, according to the Quran, Allah may be getting senile, since the ONE all-knowing Allah got confused and admitted said confusion for everyone when he openly said that the Holy Trinity is polytheism and failed to grasp the circle of life symbolism. Not that bright of a God, huh?

  11. i found the words is complicated to read. zechariah was also a person in the bible….i feel familiar with zechariah, maybe its my last name.

  12. Does anyone have an idea what does the huge book that are written yet I see flame handwriting before my eyes.. in language that I do not understand.. it wrote fast and faster until I cannot catch it anymore. Just asking… that one seem feel very important… I would appreicate some help on understanding its meaning. Thank you.
    Bless you all and love you all in Jesus Christ’s blood. Amen


    • Hi Tamera,

      Can you reword your first statement? I do not know what you are asking.

      The only way someone could give an impression, is if you sent in a copy of what you wrote.

  13. Okay. The huge book is as tall as a mountain to dwarf a person.. Its written in different language that I do not understand except I see names listed on that huge book. Only thing is catching my attention was flame handwriting… reminds me of bible mentioned about handwriting in fire. Only problem is.. its handwriting are rather in another language.. almost similar as Hebrew language but close.. It wrote slowly at first…my spirit understood.. I don’t. Then it kept writing faster and faster right before my eyes until my eyes cannot read it anymore because it moves too rapidly. It is almost like if it is telling story or something very important.

    ( I was suppose to record all of messages and signs I have seen in dreams but was told not to do so until it is time to pass it to others ) That is as far as I am able to recollect. :/ My apologies.

    If it still makes no sense to you then you have my apologies for asking. 🙂 Bless your heart.

    God bless.


    • Hi Tamera,

      The book could represent:

      THe book of life, where names are added, those who have gone through fire for their faith.

      Because of the fires of persecution around the world, and a work of the fire of the holy spirit to convict people of their sins (to those who will listen and heed), many are being added now to the book.

      But there also those who will suffer judgment for their sins, and not be included.

      The book is closing soon, and then no more names will be added. Then they will suffer fire, but that of punishment, and not persecution, since they reject the faith.

  14. Hi Marianne,

    Makes whole lot sense now. I am surprised God allowed to show that to me to pass to you and others. To be truthful, I am loss at words. I will pray harder for others to add before the book is closing. Thank you for your help and insight on what it means. May God watch over you and loved ones.. and may God have mercy for others.. Is there a prayer that I can find useful that includes for others who needs God’s mercy the most ?

    Thank you so much 🙂


  15. May Allah Almighty(the creator of everything in the universe) have mercy on you…

  16. Saying the connection you made is a stretch is an understatement, honestly. Allah is just a title, an Arabic word meaning God, and thus it is alright if Arabic Christians use it.. While the ‘alah’ you mention is in Hebrew, a complete other language. That’s like saying, you shouldn’t call God.. God.. but call him Yahweh always.

    That’s quite frankly ridiculous that you are making a connection between two entirely different languages with different meanings on the basis of pronunciation alone. Maybe the pronunciation of, say, Christ, means something else in some other language?

    Come on.

    • hi Z

      Thanks for writing. My point is that God, by whatever name is given him in a language, can be a curse to those who disobey him. He can also be a blessing when we obey.

      It is also possible for people to misrepresent God, and his name, in doing evil to others.

      For the Hebrews, YHVH is their name for God, but “alah” is the word for curse. So, if you look at the present situation, and the conflict between Muslims and Israel, you might be able to see the connection they would see.

      For people with other languages, this has no meaning for them.

      Notice that this is just a look at what the name would mean to Hebrews. I also presented an alternative view for the flying scrolls in the video.

      Did you see the video?

  17. For your information. Hebrew and Arabic come from the same root just like the peoples of these two ethnic groups derive from the same father, the prophet Abraham.

    It’s absolutely against the tenet of Islam to hold what is signified by the name ‘Allah’ separate to the same entity signified by the name ‘Elohim’.

    What is signified by the name ‘God’ however, is synonymous with the distorted and falsified idea of both Moses’, Jesus’ and Muhammed’s Elohim = Allah… because God is personified as a bearded old man divinity who lives up in the sky.

    Jesus’ path as well as Abraham’s and all other prophets is completely and most profoundly away from the idea of God distilled from the Greco-Roman culture.

  18. ya allah

  19. very flame thing

  20. ALLAH is ONe no moreeeee Who bbelive is in paradise
    For them Haven’t (HUTAMMEH) We me edrake mel Hutammeh

  21. Hi.
    my name is:jack.
    im:18 year.
    i am:muslem.
    thank you.

  22. thank you marianne. where are you from?

  23. how old are you.

  24. ya allah

  25. thank you marianne.
    i want to sleep.

  26. good morning marinne. i live in UAE with my family.

  27. no god but allah

    • funny, I thought Allah was just arabic for ‘god’, not a name. Oops! Get back behind the curtain, quick!

  28. i live in UAE because my father work in UAE.
    the life hear better than life in USA.

  29. Hi from UAE.
    my name is saleh.
    i am from yemen.

  30. Marrianne wrote:

    To obey God requires some effort, to find out what His laws and commandments are. Loving God, and then disobeying Him, makes no sense.

    ELIAKIM responded:

    The original meaning of the translation of the word OBEY means to LISTEN, AND DO’.

    It does no mean to read a book.

    Who are the people supposed to listen to? To God directly and the prophets that he sends. In this case the Messenger of the Covenant.

    Marianne said:

    Take time to know God’s will. Read the Bible. Learn the 10 commandments. Read the gospels, etc. Trust in Jesus and his salvation.

    The more that you heal yourselves the more God’s will is revealed to you, that’s why the true followers of Christ received revelation every day. Of course the Church rejected them as heretics because they would not what the Church demanded of them.

    The curse in malachi 3 is because people refuse to do the will of God that is delivered by the Messenger of the Covenant.

    The Prophet of Islam was not that Messenger because I was not meant to come until the last days of the end times. The prophet of Islam neither met the criteria or the timeline for the one that God promised would come. The bible predicts that shame will cover the glory of Islam, it tells them to drink and be exposed at this the appointed time.

    “You will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him”

    The word for curse in Malachi in Hebrew is hrm Strongs number 03994.

    Phonetic Spelling

    So how are you robbing God Marianne? How are the Islamic nations robbing God?

    Ponder upon it!

    In the book of Revelation in the Aramaic, its states that the deception of Islam will stretch as far afield as Mongolia and China.

    Hence, why both the USA and the UK are in debt to China.

    The Islamic nations are buying up the corporations and because you refuse to do the will of God the world will is having to pay harshly for not doing the will of God and accepting the one that he sent to help you all.

    • I am not robbing God. I love and obey him. I do get daily revelation, which is where this blog comes from.

    • I listened to the words of the song on your video….he is saying step 6? is to “listen to your inner voice”

      This is a red flag-“inner voice” suggestions points to New Age doctrine-this is against G-d.

  31. The word for flying in Hebrew vw( translated word uwph strongs 05774.

    And it means to fly.

    The word for SCROLL in Hebrew is hllgm strongs 04039

    And it means BOOK, roll, writing.

    The bible also speaks about the one that comes is a skilled writer in other words they are professor writer.

    The Prophet of Islam was not a professional writer as such he did not deliver the flying scroll. A scroll that can fly a book that fly across the world, only now in these last days of the end times can such a thing happen.

    You will also find the scroll mentioned in the book of Revelation and what happens when people consume it.

    The writer is also mentioned in Psalm 45 and the one that wore the golden gown as requested by God for the delivery of the covenant to Israel on 999 in 2007.

  32. Marianne are you the prophet sent from God? No.

    As Prophet Malachi said

    “You will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him”

    Why is that?

    The Messenger of the Covenant is the Righteous and Suffering Servant sent by God to help you to return to him.

    I am the Teacher of Righteousness.

  33. THURSDAY, 8 APRIL 2010

    Skilled Writer – The Flying Scroll

    SUNDAY, 16 AUGUST 2009

    Psalm 45 – The Golden Gown


    “Daughters of kings are among your honored women; at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear: Forget your people and your father’s house. The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.”

    And in the Peshitta “The king’s daughter stands in glory, the queen stands at your right hand in gold of Ophir.”

    The royal bride is the paraclete, the prophet of God and she was instructed to wear gold for the second mission to Israel in 2007. The word Ophir means ‘reducing to ashes”. Study light state that it is a land or city in southern Arabia in Solomon’s trade route where gold evidently was traded for goods characteristic of fine gold. [1]


    VIII, 5 and VI, 89—

    A glittering ornate temple will appear.
    The one (to carry) the lamp and candle to be born in Britain,
    For the Light to shine, the Enchantment of concealment turned aside,
    When they will see the great Meditator in his hiding place.

    Feet and hands kept together, among two joined circles (vesica pisces on my website)
    Face and head anointed with honey and milk.
    Wasps and flies may threaten, but the love of the Father prevails,
    The Cup-bearer tested, worthy to hold the Chalice.


  36. The outfit that the Royal bride wore was made in India but it was purchased in Saudi Arabia by the person that gifted me with the gown. The Princess fulfilled the prophecy without even knowing who she was at that time. The Princess did God’s will in serving his Royal Queen.

  37. “I am the Teacher of Righteousness.”
    By whose authority?

    By the authority of God.

  38. SUNDAY, 18 JULY 2010

    Calling Sons of ZION to help Greece
    Zechariah chapter 9 says that the LORD of hosts will turn the sons of Zion against the sons of Greece to make sure that they are not oppressed anymore. If we cross reference that with Isaiah chapter 60 it is written.

    “I will make peace your governor and righteousness your ruler.”

    May the will of God be done to end oppression and corruption wherever it may be found.

    The Virgin -v- Son of Lawlessness

    There is a text called the Apocalypse of Zephaniah and it mentions the Virgin. This text was mentioned by the highly respected Clement of Alexandria who was the teacher of Origen. Origen translated and compiled the books that were included in the second version of the bible. As I understand it Origen also predicted that she would return when Saturn was in Virgo and this was another timing link for the last days of the end times. She did return to Israel and also to Greece during the Saturn in Virgo transit.


    The Helper of Israel.

    In Isaiah 42 the text continues about the Messenger.

    “Behold, my servant, whom I uphold, my elect in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit upon him, he shall bring forth justice to the gentiles. He shall not cry, nor make a sound, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street. A bruised reed shall he not break, and a flickering lamp shall he not extinguish; he shall truly bring forth judgement. He shall not fail nor be discouraged till he has set justice in the earth; and the islands shall wait for his law.

    Now our LORD God, speaks to his Messenger.

    “Thus says the LORD God, he who created the heavens and stretched them out, he who spread forth the earth and all that is in it, he who gives breath to the people upon it, and spirit to those who walk therein: I the LORD have called you in righteousness and have held your hand and have strengthened you and have give you for a covenant to the people and for a light to the Gentiles; That you may open the eyes of the blind, to release prisoners from bondage, and bring out of the prison house those that sit in darkness. I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory I will not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

    Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things do I declare; before they spring forth I will tell you of them.

    Let them give Glory to the LORD and sing his praise.”

    His Messenger is here….

    Now what will you say to the preachers that did not foretell it? What will you say to all the mediums, psychics and so-called channelers that told you nothing of the Messenger of God that would come to shorten these last days for the sake of the spiritually elect?

    Will you call them out?

  40. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it also talks about God’s sanctuary of peace in terms of the people that will live in the city and this compliments the advice given in Revelation chapter 21.

    God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself, and purity shall endure amongst the cleansed. They shall be priests, his holy righteous people, his host, servants, the angels of his glory. They shall praise him with marvelous prodigies. Songs of the Sages, Dead Sea Scrolls….

  41. You see Marianne I will pull the rug from under your feet every time because you shall not lead the children astray anymore.

    Fo the LORD God almighty as spoken.

    • I doubt seriously that G-d has spoken to you Eliakim-this is evident from the things that you have written.

      Marianne is a spirit filled Christian and this site is annointed by the Holy Spirit.

      Perhaps the “rug” needs to be pulled from under your feet.


      You are not a prophet.

      I’m taking a gamble with that statement, but for 99.99% of us it’s true, so it’s a good gamble.

      It seems everywhere I turn lately, in Christendom, people are talking about how they’re prophets or starting sentences with, “God told me to say …”

      It is my understanding of scripture, and correct me if I’m wrong, that there is a massive difference between someone who is a prophet of God – like some people are pastors and some are teachers (according to the five described in Ephesians 4) – and someone with a gift of prophesy (as described in 1 Corinthians 12).

      The former is a Moses or a John the Baptist – long, uncomfortable, boring training period in the desert and a clear message routinely verified by signs and wonders. Prophets were rarely excited to be prophets. Moses tried to make excuses. Jonah tried to run away. They were asked to do terribly embarrassing things (walk around naked, marry a prostitute, lay in the street for weeks). In Deuteronomy 18 (v. 20), God and Moses are outlining some basics, and He declares,

      “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak … that prophet shall die.”

      How do we know if someone has not been commanded to speak something in the name of God? Two verses later He tells us – if he says it and it doesn’t happen. Duh. If he’s wrong.

      So let’s, first of all, lighten up a bit on calling ourselves prophets. It’s not as glorious as we’ve made it appear.

      That being agreed on, can we go a step further and even be careful about using phrases like, “God told me to say …”? For one, it’s rather presumptuous. And it’s dangerous if you’re wrong. And it’s not even really necessary if you’re right. Can we humble ourselves in our gifts (if that’s even really what’s going on) and qualify our statements with “I feel like” or “Does that make sense to you?” Can we reserve, “God says” for those situations wherein we’re fully submitted to the fear of the Lord?

      Because I don’t think the fear of God is a factor at all in a lot of “prophetic” settings. We run to conferences and evangelists and “prophesy” people/teams to get a “word” from God to make us feel warm and fuzzy and valid. I read through Acts recently with that lens on, and did you know that no one in Acts – the model for the Church – ever has a “word” for someone else that that person – if that person is a believer – didn’t already know? (And even then, it’s always bad news.)

      * In Acts 9 Ananias comes to Saul, but Saul’s already seen him coming in a vision.
      * In Acts 11 Agabus prophecies famine. It’s not really a “word” for a specific person like we’re talking about, but I pull it out to illustrate the “bad news” aspect.
      * In Acts 13 Paul has a “word” for Elymas the sorcerer – not a believer, and again: bad news.
      * In Acts 21 several disciples, Agabus specifically, tell Paul not to go to Jerusalem. Paul already knows what’s waiting for him in Jerusalem, and, everybody now, “It’s bad news.”

      I think if we really took Acts as a model for New Testament living we’d be terrified if someone came up to us and said they had something to tell us from God. You’re full of the Holy Spirit – the presence of God – talk to Him yourself.

      So let’s recap.

      1. You’re not a prophet. Unless profoundly and dramatically proven otherwise. Just play it safe and assume No.

      2. If you do have a gift of prophesy (which you can have without being “a prophet”), be very careful and very humble with it.

      3. Don’t count on someone else to give you a “word” from God. Your identity is written down for you in scripture, and your body is His temple. Be your own conduit.

      ‘Cause I love you, Church, and I think we need to check ourselves sometimes.

  42. Lyndsey the Christ told you that ‘THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU’.

    If you do not go within then you will not hear his voice.

    Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open.

    And Marianne the original ancient pictograph of AL is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is most commonly pronounced as EL. It means chief, leader. It is a picture of the OX head. Does God have the head of an OX? No.

    • John 10:27My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:..”

      Eliakim said: “If you do not go within then you will not hear his voice. ”

      *not true-The Holy Spirit who dwells with us is the voice that we hear-the voice of G-d’s Holy Spirit

      What I have read from your posts sounds a lot like new age.

  43. Thanks fot the info!

  44. Blv in Allah makes u prosper bth now &hereafter.tak it or liv it

    • I guess that’s why the Islamic world has made such vast technological achievements and lifted all of its peoples out of poverty, and there’s no conflicts or bloodshed in islamic nations… oh …


    • dear BISMIKA

      This is an analysis of something in the bible. You do not have to agree.

      Christians (kafirs) are murdered every day by Muslims, so I do not see the love, or the peace.

      Peace only comes when Christians submit to Muslims and give in to their demands, letting Muslims control everything.

      It is my practice to live peacefully with all people, but I have to be realistic about the ideology of those I encounter.

      I do not agree with the ideology of Islam. We do not share the same Lord. To me, Sharia is horrible. So I see no time when we will see things eye to eye.

      I do wish you peace.

      • I beleave with all my mine heart and soul in are lord I respect other ones that don’t but walk away when thy don’t want to here me I pray about them to understand I get laugh at when I talk about the end times and DEC 21 2012 but its OK ran across something I would like to share

        If you choose to believe in God, and if God exists, you go to heaven: your gain is infinite.
        If you choose to believe in God, and if God doesn’t exist, your loss is finite and therefore negligible.
        If you choose not to believe in God, and if God doesn’t exist, your gain is finite and therefore negligible.
        If you choose not to believe in God, and if God exists, you will go to hell: your loss is infinite.

    • We routinely see things like this:

    • I agree wholeheartedly Bismika. Does God really want all this fighting between religions. No.

      Historians and your average run of the mill person knows that they both believe in the same Abrahamic God.

      Like you, I say combine your religious efforts and bring peace to this war torn world of ours…..

      For Heavens Sake People! It matters in “what you believe” (One God, Peace and love) not what you call or label “what you believe”.

      Really?? Some of you folks can’t love and trust the other group who follows the same God because of a cultural difference of words??

      It shows that fear and obsessiveness with semantics, are what is breeding the exclusiveness, creating a desire to seperate the one God you both have in common.

      What if God said, “OK you both want me all to yourselves…. what if I ( God ) split myself in half and gave you each a half, to rename and do with as you please, but by doing so I will cease to exist. So here is the sword of splitting, who will be first to take their half???” If you truly loved God you would put down the sword, stop spreading fear and hug your brother of another religion and hug all the athiests as well.

      Do you see the fallacy of our limited logic and judgement as humans?

      The opposite of love isn’t hate………….IT’S FEAR!!

      Love is all there is……….that’s worth anything anyway. Grow yourselves with loving actions and don’t worry about the others. Our Creator/Allah/God/Larger Consciousness System, will work things out for the greatest good.

      Have faith. Not fear.

      • dear Ed

        Different religions have different definitions of god. Hence, they are different gods.

        One has to be moved by the holy spirit of god to see which is the correct God, and which ones are false.

        So, we can be loving to others as you say, but we cannot turn our backs on the true God, and say our “brothers” from another religion and we share the same god, so we should just “get along” with each other.

        If another religion wants to kill me because their god says to, then I cannot accept that attitude , or that god as holy or legitimate.

        If someone from another religion has the false god, but wants to be friends, I can accept that.

      • Sorry, but there’s thousands of pages of text that define the religion that people choose to identify as. Here’s my question (taking an aside from the obvious conclusion any rational person has already made realizing that Mohammed was a con-artist and that Allah of Islam and Judeo-Christian lore are different based on the texts): If It’s the same God, why choose the version that emphasizes intolerance, enslavement, confusion and murder? Why not stick to Christianity whose tenants are essentially as reduced as you think people should be, which is to simply be compassionate and forgiving? It’s the same God, right? (Even tho this same God that made arabic ‘the language’, but toppled Babel in order to spread people to different languages — and this same God decided it’s best to subjugate, dismember and tax previous devoted faithful adherent for not following a new pedophile war chief who couldn’t read or write?)

        Historically speaking, even when the Bible was compiled, there were many concerns as to whether the God of Christianity was the same of Judaism. The bottom line is maybe there is one vast God, but the ones depicted in Abrahamic lore are creations of the prophets whom claiming guidance from God benefitted. Especially with Islam. Even Mo’s 9 year old bangmaid caught on when she observed that “Allah moves hastily to please you”.

    • No human being who is limited to a speck of time and carbon-based life on one tiny planet out of BILLIONS knows the ‘Truth’. That includes you, Bismaka.

  46. LA ila ha illa Allah

    my dear fellows
    this is noting he is talking about
    this is no issue
    he is to stick to a religion but

    as a matter of fack

    there are many words in many languages that sound the same but they have their own meaning in the speaking language

    • So then I guess that debunks the Muslims’ claims of Mohammed being mentioned in the bible when they cite a word vaguely similar but has absolutely no connected to a murderous con-artist, right? Different languages and all that?

  47. another thing i want to mention that

    whenever we speak a sentence of that pure language

    all words are from same language

    let us have a exmple

    i say F*CK

    in persian it means the pale
    or fading of colur of face

    if one speaks the english all through the speech then should we find their alternate meaning in other language

    i can give more examples

  48. if any of you want to know more

    here is my id

    i think this person is distracting people

  49. allah is my life

  50. […] […]

  51. I’m Israel, and the fact is that Ishmael was labeled as donkey, which is an animal that will go against the people. Why do I mention the animal and Ishmael? Well it’s because the truth is if you go to google translator that can not lie or twist around the correct meaning of words, it translates curse in a list if hebrew words that mean just that “curse” and one listed under the hebrew noun is Alah, אָלָה and the aleph itself has a few meanings and one is “oxen”, which is a beast or animal, and the lamed means “to teach”, and the heh means revelation and the hebrew letters come from the Ancient Canaanite alphabet- aleph-bet, and so does the Arabic letters and so the meanings of the letters are never going to change. And so no matter what way you spell or pronounce Alah or Allah, the phonetics and meanings of each letter is the same. And this means אָלָה is the beast teaching revelation. The koran itself speaks of Islam sending a beast over the earth. And many nations were labled as animals. Greece was labeled as a goat, Egypt was labled a dragon or sea creature, even the Pharisees and religious leaders who taught the people were called brood of snakes. The book of Daniel speaks of many nations as beasts and the book of revelation speaks of a seven headed beast who had a wounded head that healed. This means a government would revive. The seven headed beast is seven kingdoms, the first head of the beast is Egypt (the kingdom that enslaved the Jews and ordered the death of the male Jewish babies), the second head of the beast is Assyria (the kingdom that brought the Jews into exile), the third head of the beast is Babylon (the kingdom that destroyed the Temple and city of God and brought the Jews into exile), the fourth head of the beast is Persia kingdom (the kingdom that authorized the extermination of the Jews in every province, modern day Iran), the fifth head of the beast is Greece (the kingdom that adopted the Phoenician alphabet and desecrated the restored temple of God and persecuted the Jews and established itself in Syria and Alexandria in Egypr, then there is the sixth head of the beast which is the kingdom of Rome (they helped the religious leaders crucify God’s Anointef Son and they destroyed the Temple of God, and they established Roman territory in Constantnople in Turkey, which is now called Istanbul, and the seventh head of the beast is the Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire ruled by Islamic Caliphs) and it was wounded and now Islam is trying to revive the Ottoman Empire.

  52. It’s also important to remember the Muslims have different definitions of what ‘peace’ means. ‘Peace’ in Islam is a state of the world without war *because* every single person is a Muslim or ruled by Islam. ‘War’ is what they perceive as the state of being until that time arrives. So to say ‘Muslims want peace’ is not as simple as it should be.

  53. In view of what is happening right now with the HORDES of Muslim “refugees”, mostly young men, crossing borders uninvited (as would be the case in an invasion) Zachariah 5:2-3 takes on a clear meaning. A flying scroll 30′ x 15′ looks more like an Arabic flying carpet filled with their rhetoric covering the earth with the curse (ALAH). Alah, or actually alar in its primitive root, is what Yahveh called SATAN in Genesis 3:14; he is the cursed one that was tried and found guilty for causing the heavenly rebellion for which he was cast to earth along with its band of renegades.

    Satan has the ability and has in fact has appeared as an angel of light to bring confusion and mayhem. His ultimate objective is to destroy and oppose Yahveh’s eternal plan. Yahveh allows it, for a while, to bring about His own plan which is not going to be circumvented by satan or any man knowingly, or unknowingly, doing the fallen ones bidding. This is the case with the majority of Muslims that have been led to believe they are serving the Almighty when in reality they are pawns in Satan’s hands. Alah, or earlier on Ilah, was the name of the Arabic moon deity whose symbol they still use. Regardless of if Mohamed, who was illiterate and married a little girl, actually saw or did not see the angel is as debatable as Smith’s angel appearance which led to formation of the Mormon Church. Both groups have some family values and both groups see no problem with a man having many wives. The main difference is Mormons just ride their bikes to your door and try to convince you of their beliefs whereas a Muslim may recourse to the sword (or whatever weapon is at his disposal) to cut off your head or blow you up if you don’t agree with his way of living and his mistaken religious views. This of course is in total contrast to the character of the Almighty who has given all free will. Although He could, He does not want to force us to love Him, but for us to come to Him and love Him freely. Furthermore, He is not an Elohim that needs man’s help to achieve a single thing; no man will gain entry to paradise for killing other people to bring about their misguided cause, in this case the cause of Satan, the alah or cursed one’s cause. Vengeance is mine says Yahveh. We are not to judge and decide for Yahveh who lives and who does not live. Doing so may indeed wind us in hell keeping company with the cursed one, with alah.

    Yes the curse has been let out and is among us. Like the scorpions in Revelation they are being allowed to sting those not in true covenant with Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua’s blood has done away with the alah or curse, is up to us to really follow Him, doing as He said and staying under His talit of protection. May His rechem (merci) cover us and our families till He returns as Yeshua Ben David to establish His kingdom where He said He would, in Yerushalayim.

  54. There is writing on both sides of the scroll. This is the same as Ezekiels scroll and Revelations scroll both with writing on both sides and curses. IMO it is the scroll with Seven seals that once it’s opened releases the Wrath of God (Trumpet and Bowl Judgments)

  55. Thank The Most High Creator for His Blessing upon U. I agree with U on Zech 5.02 100% about the flying roll/scroll depending on which Bible U are Using.
    There are websites that elaborate on the stories of the flying carpet. Some claim that there were carpets that really did fly. Will try to forward info to U.

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