This Is the Government that the Democrats Will Usher In After a Coup Against Trump


During the Jade Helm 15 and 16 days, I was given a summary of a set of new governmental principles of what one-day would replace the American Constitutional Republic.


Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 – 15:26. 

Jade Helm was an Obama exercise that was about crushing resistance to the coming coup. This was during the time when the Trans-Pacific-Partnership was being pushed through in stealth by the Obama administration.

I have been permitted to reveal some of the following and this information is not proprietary as many of my colleagues have released some of the information.

But to the best of my knowledge, a comprehensive document arising from a coup against the Untied states government has never been surfaced with the following in one place. I have now been asked to release the following information. It is quite disturbing.

The following represents the plans to replace the Constitutional Republic with a corporate dictatorship which parallels the former Trans-Pacific-Partnership that Trump cancelled when he became President.

Here are some of the elements of the new government brought in by the “Justice Democrats”, the same group that brought you radicals like the squad *(eg Ocasio-Cortez).

Here is what a coup will usher in.

The new regime will replace the Constitution and it will be a corporate dictatorship and it will bring down the U.S. government and cause a collapse of the dollar.

The Army will be reconstituted and the new martial law force will oversee the governmental transition from a Constitutional Republic to a corporate dictatorship based upon the Trans-Pacific-Partnership principles.

The Special Operations Forces of MS-13, etc, will extract and/or eliminate as many opposition leaders as possible including the key members of the Independent Media and key members of the Congress and Senate (eg Devin Nunes and Rand Paul).

Conventional units, which will be captured by eliminating their primary officer corps leadership through abduction and execution, operating under the auspices of the FBI, which is still a rogue organization controlled by the Deep State, and it will impose martial law once the extractions are complete.

Riot control measures will be in effect including the assassination of perceived public protest leaders. Snipers will be employed for this purpose. Maximum terror is a goal.

The troops will be told that most of the protestors are domestic terrorists in an attempt to depersonalize them in the eyes of the troops, thus making it likely that lethal force will be ordered and complied with.

The MSM will be releasing stories about the “public enemies” on a 24/7 basis.

Families of perceived key opposition leaders will be rounded up and used as leverage to force the surrender and capitulation to potentially key opposition members. 

A type of Jade Helm-style force will assist in the transition between the former United States and the new regime. This is what some who were running Jade Helm believe the ultimate goal of Jade Helm was which consisted of the ushering in of this philosophy in to the new government.

The public will be told that the Constitution was based upon racist policies by racist “white men”.

The message will also contain the message that the Constitution is outdated, the Electoral College is outdated and a popular vote will decide the President.

The tremendous influx of illegal aliens (take that New York City), guarantee the fact that Democrats will become the dominant majority.

The Internet will fall under the control of the United Nations and a social responsibility system  (ie social credit) will be employed.  Retinal scan or fingerprint swipe will be needed to access.

The consequences for violating “responsible and non-inflammatory speech,” will be the same as China. The first offense will result in loss of job, housing, travel privileges’ and attending trade and/or post-secondary education.

A national work permit will be required to hold a job. A form of a loyalty oath will be attached. Holding a job demands the payment of taxes and submission of the new governmental authority.

Workers can be reassigned to other geographic areas based on the needs of industry. This is consistent with Obama’s Executive Order 13603.

A 22 person tribunal will act as an overseer of all governmental actions. They will have complete veto authority over any state, local and federal law-making. This body will wrestle control away from the Supreme Court.

Civil disobedience will be re-categorized as treason and will be a capital offense.

Home-schooling will be outlawed. Mandatory community service on behalf of the state will be required. It could be as much as 20 hours per week.

It will be a felony for parents if their children’s vaccinations are not current.

State governments will be dissolved and 10 provinces will be established. Each of the 10 governors will be appointed by the Supreme Tribunal.

Political parties will be allowed but both their platform and their leadership must be approved by the Central Committee of the Supreme Tribunal.

All CO2 producing entities will be phased out. This means the eventual end of automobiles and non compliant and deemed-to-be-eco-unfriendly businesses and homes. Mitigation will be a private expense and failure to meet the standard will result in forfeiture of the property to the State.

Carbon credits and carbon exchanges will become a parallel currency as the economy and its energy usage will be brought under the control of a central energy authority.

The authority will be global and derive its statutory power from the United Nations.

Six corporations will rule the planet as it will control all health care, which will be age-rationed, energy, military and public transportation. All businesses must be approved by the global authority and home provincial authority.

Travel between provinces and countries will require a smart passport. Any history of dissident behavior will prevent one from travel. This include a history of “negative activism” prior to the transition to the new governmental authority.

The military will be privatized and the control and operation will be under the auspices of an assigned corporation.

All military personnel will be under the control of the corporation that their unit is assigned to. There will basically be six corporate-controlled armies on the face of the earth.

No private ownership of guns unless one has a permit issued by the local ruling authority. Ownership will be limited to security guards, payroll transport, etc.

The practice of all religions will be exist solely based on a permitting process.

Zoning regulation will be used to tear down churches. No religious practice will be allowed that limits the personal life-style choices of any member of society.

In other words, if Christians condemn homosexuals’ behavior, the church would lose its charter to operate. Further, if the religion offends another state-approved religion, the religion will also lose its charter to operate.

The state maintains authority over all matters regarding child welfare. Parental authority will be defined by law as custodial and parents must submit to the authority of the state in all matters.

We are already seeing this with regard to laws protecting and funding childhood gender reassignment.

i have had the bulk of this information since the days of Jade Helm and long-term followers of the CSS will remember I was dialed into DHS, FEMA and the Border Patrol at that time.

Much of this is UN driven and it represents the TPP on steroids. I was asked to withhold the information as a body until it was needed. Three years ago, this was still theoretical. It no longer is. This is the blueprint for the Deep State and their Democratic Party minions.

A coup is planned to take out Trump. Representative Talaib let the cat out of the bag when she proclaimed that they were going to take Trump out of the White House in handcuffs. This was not supposed to have been said because it is planned for.

The impeachment is dead for all intents and purposes. A coup is all the Democrats have left.

This document summarization tells you where the country is going if a coup is successful.

Maybe some of you would like to get off of the sideline and get to work. That begins by waking up your ignorant family members and neighbors.

36 Responses to “This Is the Government that the Democrats Will Usher In After a Coup Against Trump”

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  2. Trump won’t be there for ever and it will be a case of kicking the can down the road. Jesus said that we are able to tell the weather by the sky the day before but we have trouble reading the signs of the times.
    This breakdown in our Christian based democracy rests completely on the church for not saying or doing very little.
    We let them get to this point.
    This has happened on our watch.
    Every town, city and village has in its centre churches as testament to what we were. These buildings were best buildings in the community and everyone went to church.
    Preachers peached fire and brimstone and heaven and hell without apology.
    Everyone knew what was required for true salvation.
    Today most preachers cower away from speaking righteousness for fear of offending. Refuse to mention politics because they believe that church and state are separate.
    Yet Jesus is KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.
    Paul was commissioned by God to speak to kings and governors.
    Jesus was always at odds with the ruling class in Israel and it was these people who made and enforced laws.
    Doesn’t get any more political that!
    Most Churches today have a happy hour once a week where they lock themselves into a room and sing and forget all that is happening to their communities.
    They make tax free agreements with governments that murder babies and homosexualize children. Isaiah 30:1-3.
    How could God be happy with His church doing such things?
    This truly is the Laodicean church that Jesus spoke about.
    Is time for the church to wake up before it is too late.

  3. I don’t live in USA but I can see that things are not going good in your country as far a politics is concerned.
    Australia has very bad drought problems and this is becoming a polical issue.
    As far as I am concerned it looks like just about every major country in this world has big problems whether it is polical or environmental. The leaders of each country should start to wake up and start to do the right things by its people and the environment. If we don’t do the right things we are slowly destroying this world and I can see a major war around the corner.

    • lynnette

      amen. time to pray without ceasing

    • Lynnette, China is going to invade Australia & New Zealand & it is for an Aussie & New Zealander genocide When they come they will not be saying “good day mate” & smiling friendly at you Aussies!!!!! In 1949 when Mao & the communists took over China, they called Australia(& New Zealand), “New China” & for many years & decades Australia was concerned !!! In a September 1963 article in National Geographic magazine on Australia, the journalist met with the Australian prime-minister at that time. The then prime-minister said “we either fill this land up with immigrants or we will loose it”(to China)!!!! China will also invade Russian Siberia !!!!! China is a “monster-dragon” !!!! This is why they want the guns in your Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & here in America because the Chinese want it “easy” when they take over !!!!!

      • ronnine

        no decent person is safe ….anywhere…. now. we need to be vigilant

        • 10~21~2019 Eighth and Final Day of Succoth called “The Last Great Day.”

          reeman, sadly, your post does NOT make a whole lot of sense to me and so many misspellings. Why is that? No, not all presidents were puppets. Abe Lincoln was assassinated for going against the Vatican’s wishes. So was JFK. Nixon resigned because of impeachment threat , the real reason for helping Israel during their ’73 war. President Trump IS different! He is the first president to recognize the nation (NOT state!) of Israel and he moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. These have made The Vatican VERY ANGRY! A future president (I do NOT believe Trump) will enforce “The Mark of the Beast” which is Christianity. (Meaning of the #666 in Revelation 13:18, Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web). This is because the U.S. Government is “The Two Horned Beast” of Revelation 13. It turned over its power to the first beast in Revelation 13:1 (a very long time ago!) which has become The Vatican.
          You are also very WRONG about The Web. THIS generation is so blessed to have it! However, everything should be tested by what’s in Yahweh’s word, The Bible. Anyone now can freely post their testimony and beliefs on Facebook. WHY be scared of this FREE resource? You can see, I’m NOT!


  4. What Crapolla !
    Marianne, you ought to be ashamed ! You’re no better then the garbage propaganda you spread …
    I’ve been a Christian my whole life and a Democrat … this is a belligerent essay of false narratives.
    If there were ever a coup de tat being worked up it would be this radical right wing of cult evangelicals reconstructionist who seek to destroy the freedoms wrapped in our constitution and civil liberties given every human being and worthy of in the sight of God.
    I’m sick and tired of hatred and bigotry being purported by movements like yours.
    The Republican Party is an evil entity and horribly corrupt cult movement that doesn’t even remotely resemble Christ’s redemption and love.
    Please emerge from you’re insidious bubble …

    • Christian and Democrat have become oxymorons… you should be ashamed of yourself. Get rid of your idol called Democrat

    • Democrats are all about big government and punishing their political enemies (or fellow Dems who don’t stick to the party line). What was once regarded as “mainstream media” has become Democrat Propagandists. I understand that you, as a Democrat, do not want to believe your political party could possibly be evil. Just be willing to step back and look objectively at what is going on. With the current impeachment, for instance… note that there was no vote of the full House of Representatives. The basis for the Impeachment Inquiry was the claims of a whistleblower about what was said by Trump in a phone call… but then when the transcript of that call was released to the public NOTHING of what the whistleblower had claimed was said by Trump had been said—yet the Impeachment Inquiry was NOT called off! Be willing to set your Trump hatred aside and recognize what is going on for what it is… a coup attempt against the administration BECAUSE it is not a Democrat administration.

    • Madeline

      the agenda described above was taken from democrat sources. democrats want to establish a totalitarian socialist state (nazism/communism) ,, kill Christians, along with President Trump. Democrats are demons from hell, and are psychopathic liars. They are trying to kill Trump because he has evidence, not speculation, that they are all corrupt, guilty of treason, sedition, murder, and fraud. FISA report is coming out tomorrow

      you are a fake christian. you support child and human trafficking, abortion, destroying the Constitution, Communism , slander, sedition, treason, hatred against Israel, homosexuality, and assassinating the president, which is currently underway. these are all democrat goals.

      if you even know what repentance is, you’d better wake up and do it. you are on the fast t rack to hell, along with your demonic democrat over lords.

    • madeline

      ps I also forgot to mention islam taught in public schools, perverted sex ed classes for children, drag queen hours in libraries, the Russian hoax, Ukraine hoax, impeachment hoax, imaginary whistle blowers, satanic pedophilia, fake news, hillary’s pizzagate and cocaine business, murdering 4 americans in bengazi, land seizure of the bundy’s, pelosi’s taking bribes from al chapo, all embraced by democrats

    • Madeline, I agree with you. It is extremism. A person can stand up for all the right moral things and still not have the love of Christ. In the past whenever a religious force united with government it always ended up very badly. God said that all their Israelites’ acts of righteousness were filthy rags…and if you read I Corinthians 13 you will see you can give all your goods to the poor and even become a martyr for God and still not know what love is.

      • blue

        madeline thinks that truth presented here is extremism. she shows no love herself, except for those who hate god and disobey..look at my response. to her, love is approving of sin and permitting it

    • madeline

      I got your email and will not reply.

      FYI….truth is not hate

      permitting sin and abominations is not love/

      you are surely spiritually lost

      may you truly find the Lord and be saved

    • Madeline, THE BATTLE OF ATHENS TN. AUG. 1 & 2 1946. A stolen election caused 2-300 local residents to take up arms(many were veterans of WW2). They marched to & surrounded a police station where the ballots were taken & demanded justice. Instead the corrupt mayor(Paul Cantrell)phones the governor in Nashville(Jim Nance McCord)to mobilize the national guard. The police chief(Pat Mansfield) tells the crowd & a shot is fired at him. This caused a 6 hour gun-battle with 2-3 dozen police officers at the police station & then the use of dynamite to blow open the steel armored doors of the police station. They raided the police station, made citizens arrests & retrieved the stolen ballot boxes to count the ballots. They also found out the police had shot off all the ammo they had & were just waiting for the national guard who came 6-7 hours after the battle ended. On Aug. 2 1946 the local government, police department & judicial court judges resigned, ending 10-12 years of corruption & injustice !!!! BTW, mayor Cantrell stole the 1940, 42 & 44 elections & was trying again in 1946 but this time it did not work out for him !!!!! A 1992 movie, made by Hallmark, titles, An American Story is on you tube about this incident. Several books have been written on this & more info is online !!!!! This incident validates America’s second amendment & the use of guns worked out good in post WW2, mid-twentieth century America!!!

  5. 10~17~2019 Fourth Day of Succoth The TRUE Thanksgiving Day!
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, please remember that Dave Hodges is a Christian preacher or evangelist. He mentions the U.N. becoming in charge. The U.N. and all the other nefarious groups like CFR are all under the Vatican’s control as is, sadly, the U.S. Government. President Trump has not gone along with its agenda as evidenced by his great actions for Israel. I do not believe that he will be led out in hand cuffs because he has done NOTHING wrong. However, like JFK he CAN be assassinated. Trump will be in Dallas on Thursday so we should all pray for his safety. Someone told me that they won’t kill him because that would make him a martyr like JFK. But what ELSE can they do? He’s already had a number of attempted tries at it.
    If that happens, whoever comes into office most likely will be the one to enforce “The Mark of the Beast” (which is Christianity!). This could also happen with the election in 2020. I believe that Trump would easily be re-elected if he survives. The year according to Yahweh’s Calendar began on Yom Kippur. I am wondering if THIS one will be the final one (finally!)


  6. Any comment that leans right or left aere worthless..until all grasp the reoublucan vs. dens or rught vs. left or even just luberal vs. conservative is…abd always has veen an illussion.of course there will always be a few topics that everyone wont agree on..but cmon..its always been 1 system..of evil….to believe trump is any differebt than obama..clinton..busch..reagan..f dr.abe lincoln.. to george washington..all just puppets in the play. To argue otherwise is the sane as kids arguing whos really the goid or bad guy in the now wwe wrestleing.. voting is nonsense.its nothing more than yoy giving your consent to the slave/ beast system. There is NO constituitional even states righrs for any of us..hasnt been for a ling time..try to research anywhear but in the internet.anyone who says do your own research..knows most will jump right on the….pray..use your inner the most high…and please realize all is all to keep the sheep divided with this nonsense..its all 1 system..even uf all the players dont even know they are being used. They are..well its clear most know..but there could be a rouge small town nayor or judge..that just aint big enough to ruffle to maby feathers

  7. 10~21~2019 Eighth Day of Succoth called “The Last Great Day!”

    reeman, I answered your post here but it is printed under Marianne’s comment to Ronnie Safreed (way above). I do not know WHY but I am NOT writing all of those words AGAIN! My prayer is that YOU will receive the understanding that Yahweh wishes you to have.


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  9. It says in the Bible that if you are a leader you will be judged twice as much as an ordinary person when you die. This applies to all leaders in the world. I sent a message to the Prime Minister of Australia telling him that he and other leaders of the world will be judged twice as much than other people in this world and to wake up to the problems of Australia especially the drought.

    The Prime Minister has just started to wake up about the drought and is using Isreals technology for recyled water and desalination plants.

    You should write to President Trump if you can about the problems in America that need urgent attention.

    • lynnette

      I have contacted the white house ( residence and office of the president) several times.

      • 11~11~2019 Veterans Day Honoring All American Soldiers
        Yahshua the Only Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        We should ALL remember that the Nazis in Germany were of the Far Right. They also had the Swastika, “a crooked cross”. The Communists also had a type of cross, the Hammer and Sycle (crossed). The English and the Spanish had the Christian cross. It is happening again before our eyes. Whatever evil force gets hold of the American government will also have a CROSS!


        • jayna

          there could also be a moon and a star (islam)

          • Marianne, NOT according to the Greek translation of the #666 in Revelation 13:18! (Greek Diaglott Free on The Web). No MOON or STAR in THAT translation! There is a CROSS in that number (X as in Xmas!) Islam, started in the 6th Century, also comes from The Vatican. When will you (or won’t you?) ever see the light? Why teach others and NOT be saved yourself? This is becoming pretty frustrating for true believers!
            The events of Daniel 12 for certain are in the past, 167-168 B.C. to be exact. Daniel 11:36-45 describes the rise of Antiochus Epipafanes. He died a madman a few years later in Babylon, 164 B.C. The “Abomination That Maketh Desolate” began on December 25 with a sacrifice of a pig to Zeus (now Jesus). The persecution of the righteous Jews lasted 3 1/2 years, 1335 days. Hanukkah celebrates the restoration of Yahweh’s Temple to His worship known afterwards as “The Feast of Dedication”.
            If (IF?) this prophecy portends a future fulfillment, I do not believe that it will involve a rebuilt temple and/ or animal sacrifices. However, it MAY begin on December 25 and last the same 3 1/2 years because the verse says “Daniel will stand in his lot at the end of the days.” Daniel 12:13 Yahshua’s Return and Resurrection?
            It will also involve the enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast”, Christianity, as it was then. However, it still seems to me that Yahshua returns at the end of the 120th, last Jubilee year, and last of the 6000 which is determined by the day of Yom Kippur. We still alive shall see!


    • Lynnette, it seems to me that President Trump is well aware of the problems America faces. From much earlier in his life videos show this. It seems that he is doing what he can as long as he can. Please keep in mind, sadly, this government was turned over to the Vatican a very LONG time ago. The Pope kissed the ground here (only does once to claim the country as his own) in President Carter or Reagan’s time (both devout Christians, meaning Catholics). It seems to me that President Trump is NOT following The Vatican’s orders. Sadly, from past history we can guess what may happen to him. I’m just THANKFUL that we will have President Donald J. Trump for however long it is. ( A faithful president like JFK!)


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