Thought Police, fMRI, and the Mark


The mark of the beast on the hand would be for buying and selling. But what would the mark on the forehead be doing?

These are excerpts from several articles I found on the Internet.

Thought Police: How Brain Scans Could Invade Your Private Life


Researchers claim fMRI can probe the workings of the brain as never before—revealing everything from when you tell a lie (read: interrogations) to how you fall in love (read: divorce court)—while critics counter that reports of digital mind readers are premature, and we should think twice before using fMRI in our public and private lives. (includes military experiments and government publications)

The intent is to take brain signals (nanotechnology for augmented sensitivity and nonintrusive signal detection) and use them in a control strategy (information technology), and then impart back into the brain the sensations of feedback signals (biotechnology).”

At this time it is necessary to use electrodes placed on a person’s head. A small special-purpose computer scans the peaks and valleys of the EEG to determine what the person is concentrating on and what he is ignoring.

The computer makes a brain-wave graph which is interpreted by scientists.

At MIT, however, scientists are studying magnetic brain waves that can produce graphs much like the electrical brain waves now being measured. Magnetic brain waves can be picked up over a foot away from the subject and amplified as if the brain were a radio transmitter.

By the 21st century it may be possible to detect and amplify brain waves over several miles. It is not beyond the imagination to picture globe-encircling satellites that carry on-board mind-reading machines that scan the earth.

Psychologist Dr. Adam V. Reed of Rockefeller University seems to be one man who thinks implanting a computer in the human brain would be a good idea. (!!!!!!!)

This, he contends, would make it possible to read other people’s minds.

He says, “Once the neural language of human thought and memory has been decoded, it will be possible to program a computer in it and to transfer programs directly to the computer from the appropriate neurons of the human brain.

Ideally the computer of the future should be an electronic extension of the natural brain…it should share with the brain the implementation of the informational processes which we think of as our minds.

It should also cease to be an external, consciously manipulated artifact and become no different, from the user’s viewpoint than any natural part of his brain.

The limiting factor in the development of directly linked computers is likely to be our knowledge of the location of relevant neurons and of the internal code of our minds.”

It is rumored that the Soviets have deciphered “the internal code of our minds.” We know the Soviets have experimented with mind-altering microwaves.

Directed Energy Attacks & Mind Assault


IS this why we are going digital on our TV sets? Limit your TV time!!!

Below is a diagram of a neural implant electrode stimulator & receiver connected to a radio wave transmitter.

This configuration could be used to extract & input information remotely to a human or animal brain.

clip_image004 clip_image006

Telemetry of the EEG and radio broadcast directly into the brain and nervous system.

The system is being used to spy, harass and torture the implanted victim.

These actions include remote electroshock, burning of the skin near postulated implant sites, radio broadcast of voices into the skull involving insults for twenty four hour periods as well as sexual harassment by groups of ten and more people who work in round the clock shifts while the victim is at home at work or college (of which the victim was forced to drop out from due to these techniques).

The broadcasters attack along racial, religious and ethnic themes, they also attempt to alter, demoralize the normal heterosexual persona of the victim using methods of torture as the broadcasters have identified themselves as including gays, and minorities, & claiming to be a “hate watch”.

These techniques are reported to being used in the United States, Czechoslovakia, England, Canada, Taiwan and Brazil. The technologies are being used as weapons and as such as any weapon can be used on anyone.

They may or may not require some form of implant.

These radiation waves are invisible, noise-less (except the painful howling of victim), no external injuries evidence, & without physical contact, so there is no trace of any evidence of their crime. They are never held responsible by law.


Reported Symptoms of microwave mind control

1. Microwave hearing
2. Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
5. Manipulation of emotions
6. Reading thoughts remotely
7. Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
8. Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
9. Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
10. Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
11. Control of sleep patterns.
12. Computer-brain interface, control and communication
13. Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

fMRI – the biology of how it works


Could your computer be psychic?


a pop-up game window.

Basically, you’ll be asked to do some simple arithmetic, and then look up a symbol on the chart provided. Then you have to think hard about the symbol, while you follow another link.

If your computer can read your mind, it will show you the symbol you were thinking of.

What is going on here?

There is more on this subject. This is just to introduce you to this, so you can research it further.

32 Responses to “Thought Police, fMRI, and the Mark”

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  2. Great research Marianne! I have found similar things concerning the transhumanist movement – they actually come out and say that they are intent on becoming gods. This technology certainly could be a part of the mark as mentioned in Revelation.

    • Hi Doug,

      From what I could tell from one of the links, this is already being done in places like Russia, or Europe, and the writer was a victim. They flooded his mind with sinful thoughts and images,as well as atheistic political agenda, to convert him to their ways. He said they totally tormented him 24/7. They all took turns, and this went on for months. They did this from a remote distance.

      The bible cautions us to beware of the darts and arrows of the enemy. Normally, we think of a spiritual dart, maybe a lie or deception. If you look at the image of the brain chip, it looks like an arrow. So, it is possible for the enemy to change our minds through brain waves, and we are not even aware of it. Indeed, this is a time to be cautious.

  3. Excellent article!! thanks for sharing 🙂
    There’s also news about the “chip” containing a poison, if you ever do disobey, thy have the ability to kill you by remote 😦

  4. Well, since not everyone has a right hand, I can only imagine that it has the same function as in the hand.

  5. I have found this in relevance to the swine flu VACCINE.
    I think it is noteworthy.


    Implants are now smaller than a hair’s width and are
    injected with VACCINE and flu shots. Millions have
    had this done unknowingly. These ‘biochips’ circulate
    in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling
    the victims to hear ‘voices’ via the implant. There are
    many kinds of implants now and 1 in 40 are victims from
    ‘alien abduction’ statistics, though 1 in 20 has also
    been gauged. The fake alien abduction event, revealed
    to be actually the work of US military personnel using
    technology to make hologram spaceships outside, virtual
    reality scenarios of going onto a spaceship with humans
    in costumes, has been astutely perceived. Though real
    alien abductions do occur, the ‘alien abduction’ scenario
    has been useful to stop any further investigation or
    accountability of government authorities by poor victims
    who would face mockery and appear silly.

  6. millions of victims had died here in Singapore they are not aware this chips implant has been a major threat since decades if i explain they dont understand even the police says this is the first time they hear this harrassment via computer they dont know the existence. InfacT DOCTORS GAVE THEM WRONG MEDICATION as they dont know victims will be able to hear voices from the skull doctors misdiagnose illnesses and worse still giving them alot of tranquilizers My God ive been thinking how to prevent misusing of cybernet computers thse weapons are really life threatening I hate to see this weapon continue and many more lifes are at stake

  7. Im singapores victim since late 1978 more or less i feel the intensity is getting higher the electrowaves is so intense i have 50 chips implant in my brain the perverts want to stop or disable my brain function and memory i hope their plan wont be successful they are very cruel torture my mind uses abusive dirty/filthy words 24 hours around the clock using the same words again and again im very tired of the harrassers robbing away my privacy. I like to share this, when i attended the promoting course for my job im so upset they had used high energy to disable my memory even i know the answers very well i had failed it my.. they are very cruel they had ruined everthing, my life robbed whatever i own its a long story its so messy and ugly…. my God I ve to wait patiently till someone to trace microhips implant without consent in me.

    • dear Samiah

      Can you get help to remove these chips? Why are they in your head? What was the reason to put them there?

      You need a doctor to help remove the chips. Can you travel to the Philippines?

  8. In Philippines they can solve this problem?

    Normally where will they plant?

    I am a victim.

  9. can you contact me? I totally sure that my thought can be heard by ppl. And I dont have mental problem at all. The noise they make is definitely not from my brain.

    My email :

    • gz999

      I just trying contacting you at the email given, and I got disconnected from my email, with a message saying my email was not safe. It may not mean your email but mine. So there will be a delay before you hear from me. I have to wait until this problem resolves.

    • I tried again, and your email address failed. Perhaps you typed it wrong. Anyhow, for now, you will have to contact me here.

  10. I have brain implants.I know they are there b/c I hear nonstop harrassment, even verbal reactions to dreams during sleep.As you might imagine this is VERY annoying and dangerous –I don’t know what else these implants are capable of; they could cause cancer for all I know & I’m trying to either disable them, if that can be done, or to actually remove them if possible with magnets.But before I do anything, I must know the size of the implants and the most common implantation sites, if anyone has this information please, I’d really appeciate it.You can also contact me @(323)301-8586, anytime.Thanks.

    • dear anonymous

      Let me think about this one.

      I would normally suggest seeing a doctor, and getting an x ray and MRI of your head.

      Then, telling them you are having bizarre symptoms, but you are in otherwise good health, physically and psychologically, and there is no reason for this to occur.

      But then, the doctor may not believe you, and put you on anti-psychotic drugs.

      • Wow,

        Please be careful. The wording, and grammer from the above is one of education. I could be wrong, but I have seen part of the world system try, and shut down what it does not like at another web site.

        This web site would be a target. In this case you suggest seeing a Dr. Well done.

        If I am wrong, plese forgive me.

        • you talking about the post, or the comment from anonymous?

          • The comment from anonymous. Bait?

            • well, my post is rather vague. I do not know that much to be a threat, and there are other sites the government would consider more of a threat than me. I just acknowledge such things exist. I posted what I thought was the right thing to do.

              • To lucifer’s system you are a threat, as you futher G-d’s kindom, and have freedom of speech. If you care, I thought you handled it well. I was just worried with such good grammer, how was it they have implants? I call BS, but if I am/was wrong I hope I can be forgiven for lacking in compassion.

    • maybe this foundation can help

      Dr Leir has surgically removed brain implants before, but now he is ill.

      Someone on this website may be able to help you, and find another doctor to help.

      this site gives a way to detect the implant

    • help em goole sammymcloughlin csis 8 abbotsbury way lowerham plymoytg devon csis mi5 stops mail calls go to address

  11. Hi, this is anonymous again.The reply to to the article was from anonymous to Marianne.Just wanted to clarify.

  12. Hi there, this is Danielle.I hope this post doesn’t end up looking too confusing but the gov’t ‘s losers are really messing with my keyboatd right now.Anyway, I am wondering if anyone can tell me the exact size of these brain implants as well as their implantation location because I am trying to pull my ear chips out with neodymium magnets as safely as I can

    I posted my comments under the name anonymous to t
    ry to prevent being baited myself-just being careful but my name’s Danielle.And does anyone know the actual size of these dart-shaped brain chips?I want to pull my ear chips out with magnets as safely as I can without pulling any frontal lobe brain chips

  13. Ive had an Association with the Goverment for years ive been chipped through my eyes, i have neodymium magnets how do i deactivate these chips, any advice-Marc

  14. This describes perfectly my condition. What do i do?

  15. help em ne505944b 725514236 Calgary Canada 403-2441880 joan crockatt mp knows did nothing cover up fram eup torture soubnd 24-7 help em go to addtress stops emails to you 8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devonm

  16. csis and mi5 here in Calgary Canada attacks me 24-7 sound please contact my family in Plymouth in person thank you mp joan crockatt knows did nothing david eby mla knows wally opal lied to me david matas lawyers has a note go to 8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pol22hs tell them I am in Calgary Canada refused welfare I live out side and eat out of bins to live here in Calgary,torture sleep deprivation 24-7 365

    • stan

      I cannot contact contact your family in person….I am in north carolina, USA….call a church for help…tomorrow is sunday….go to a pastor and ask for help

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