Tsunami Risk for the East Coast of the USA


How realistic is the threat of a “mega-tsunami” to the eastern seaboard of North America?As I hear predictions of natural disasters hitting the USA for its sinfulness, I look, as a scientist, to see how God may use his own creation against man in judgment.

Normally, I would think the west coast is the general target area, but apparently the east coast is very vulnerable.If hit, it would also create more disaster, as it has a higher population. The source of the tsunami could be the currently very unstable Cumbre Vieja, the most active volcano in the Canary Islands.The violent earthquake that would erupt would spread across the Atlantic and directly hit the east coast of America.

A second cause is if an asteroid hit the Atlantic Ocean.Here is an asteroid watch and risk site by NASA.So far, the risk is low.





Any place on the coast is at risk of tsunamis, and the East Coast is no exception. In 1929, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Newfoundland triggered a large underwater slump that ruptured the new transatlantic cable in 12 places. The slump also produced a tsunami that was recorded along the eastern seaboard as far south as South Carolina and across the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. In Newfoundland, the tsunami reached heights of over 20 feet and claimed 29 lives.

Earthquakes do occur along the east coast of America. The 1886 Charleston, South Carolina earthquake was felt as far away as New York and Wisconsin, and it had a probable magnitude of about 6.8. It didn’t produce a tsunami, but demonstrates that large earthquakes can happen on the east coast.

Large earthquakes do occasionally occur elsewhere in the Atlantic that may pose a tsunami risk to the east coast. The 1755 Lisbon, Portugal earthquake produced a very large tsunami that was observed in the Caribbean and probably produced waves along the east coast.

There has been quite a bit of media attention on east coast tsunamis caused by large landslides.

In 2000, potential landslide sites off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina hit the headlines.

Failures of unstable sections of the continental slope are thought capable of sending 18-foot-high tsunamis towards the coast. There has been even more attention paid to a mega-tsunami caused by the partial collapse of one of the Canary Islands in the Eastern Atlantic.

Of particular concern is Cumbre Vieja volcano, which shows signs of fracture. A large failure could impact most of the Atlantic Ocean. There is no agreement on the probability of such a failure, but there is no question that such an event is far rarer than large earthquake-driven tsunamis typical of the Pacific basin.

Because of the potential for an east coast tsunami, a bill to strengthen the U.S. tsunami warning system currently winding its way through Congress proposes to install several deep pressure sensors in the Atlantic and Caribbean as well as add more in the Pacific basin.

If a tsunami were to take place close to North America, at which location would it most be expected to take place? The least?

The most likely? Alaska by a long shot. Faults associated with the Alaska-Aleutian subduction zone are capable of producing more earthquakes and larger-magnitude earthquakes than any other region of North America. In the past century this zone produced great tsunamis in 1946, 1957, and 1964, with numerous more localized tsunami events, including the highest tsunami wave heights ever recorded—over 1,700 feet in Lituya Bay in 1958. The least likely coast is also a no-brainer—the arctic coastline of Canada. There are no plate boundaries and few faults in the Arctic Ocean.

If I were to rank the North American coastlines from most likely to least likely, I would probably list them like this:


Middle America trench along Mexico and Central America

West Coast of North America

Gulf Coast

Atlantic Coast

Arctic Coast

If you want to know which city in the U.S. continental mainland (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) is most vulnerable, it’s Crescent City, California. Eleven people in Crescent City died in the 1964 tsunami, there was significant damage in 1960, and observable tsunamis in 1946, 1952, 1957, and 1965.

Anatomy of a Tsunami


More about Cumbre Vieja


Cumbre Vieja, the most active volcano in the Canary Islands, lurches as a violent earthquake wracks its upper slopes. A third of the mountain breaks away and plunges into the Atlantic Ocean, pushing up a dome of water nearly 3000 ft. high. They don’t yet know it, but tens of millions of Americans from Key West, Fla., to South Lubec, Maine, have just 9 hours to escape with their lives.

The collapse of Cumbre Vieja unleashes a train of enormous waves traveling at jetliner speed. The first slam into nearby islands, then the African mainland. By the time they reach the East Coast of North America, the waves are up to 80 ft. high, and in low-lying areas, sweep several miles inland.


The tsunami’s potential range of destruction 9 hours after the collapse of Cumbre Vieja.


One can see that a tsunami hitting the east coast of America is quite possible.As only God can control a situation like this, it is good to have his favor on us.If we do not deserve his favor because of unbelief, and/or sin in or lives, then it is wise to consider that God does use natural forces to punish man for his wickedness.

Update  November 2, 2013:

Another possibility is a tsunami from an asteroid impact:

News from the Wall 18 – Part 1 


News from the Wall 18 – Part 2 


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  1. […] I look, as a scientist, to see how God may use his own creation against man in judgment. Click here for […]

  2. hope that never happens… I live in the northeastern part of the US.
    However I do think that this state is full of sins not as much as L.A or Nevada but it could be punished. In the Bible God is talking to some one about the destruction of a city and the asks him if there were 1 good person would he destroy the city. God say no, hopefully we got at least some ppl that God finds favor in them.

  3. Hi Gabriel,

    I hope it doesn’t happen either. I live on the east coast too. There are scriptures indicating that God would protect the righteous in time of trouble, so I will have to trust in Him. I guess knowing this too might make us more alert, and hopefully more mentally and physically prepared also.


  4. You are a scientist and you believe the religious shit?! Why doesn’t this terrible god of yours just punish everyone like he did in the OT and make them eat their own shit, or he will spread their shit on their faces. Or better yet, maybe once again he will cause a ‘situation’ where his chosen can either worhip him in ‘joy and gladness of heart’ or be forced to starve or eat their own kids. What a real bastard you serve. Superstition belongs back in the dark ages and it is very scary that people in this age can believe such foolishness. I see someone made the comment that this mythical god will protect the believers. Millions of ‘believers’ die in tragic situations just the same as anyone else. Also, an estimated 200.000 innocent children disappear each year from this country and many will be raped and killed or tortured. The majority come from believing homes. Where the hell is your useless god when that happens? Oh, I forgot. In the OT all children who were not hebrews were fodder for rape and enslavement. Imagine a god leading a pack of hebrew perverts and rewarding them for their murders and theft by giving them little girl virgins and you shitheads worship that damn child fucking monster? You people are so damn stupid it is sickening!

    • Jake

      God has already proven himself.

      Only the wicked are punished by God.

      God has saved his people many times, when they called upon him to do so.

      The Jews never did what you said, and you are listening to anti-Semitic garbage from somewhere.

      The evil you see on earth is not due to God, but due to evil people who reject God, and his commandments.

      What you are saying is that God only exists as someone to blame for evil, but he is not allowed to exist for anything good that happens.

      Very inconsistent of you.

      You need to think through what you said.

    • Hey Jake,
      Nice rant, but just remember this. After Adam sinned God gave mankind 6000 years to reign on the earth (the age of Man). During this time the world is on its own for the most part and men can do whatever they feel like. Satan and his demons were cast out of heaven when Christ ascended there and he has been wreaking havoc on mankind for almost 2000 years.
      Between imperfect man and the Devil the planet has gotten totally F***ed up, I agree. God rarely intervenes with free will or even mother nature. So don’t blame Him for our problems.
      But here’s the good news – the 6000 year reign of man is almost over. When Christ returns everything will change. All those rotten bastards and even Satan himself will be destroyed or locked up and the earth will be exactly the way you think it should be if God were in control.
      How do I (and other believers) know this? Bible prophesy!
      Over 1500 biblical prophesies have already come to pass – dozens in the last 60 years. All accurate, just read your history books and read the newspapers. Everything is happening just as predicted. Get a mathematician and calculate the odds of so many predictions coming true. I did it on 12 of them and was over a trillion to one.
      Also consider that scientists have discovered the actual Noah’s ark in Turkey, 17th dynasty chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea and the ruins of the city of Sodom – burned to ashes with 1-1/2″ balls of pure sulfur (brimstone) imbedded in the ashes.
      Bottom line: the Bible is true and God is real. Try to disprove this and you will become a believer as I have.
      But don’t worry, you will have a shot at eternal life if you want it. There is coming a great war in which God will destroy the invaders of Israel and make his existence and presence known to the entire world. (Ezekiel 21-29).
      But the good news is that you will still have free will. You can reject the Lord and eternal life if by then you still hate God. Many will so you’ll have plenty of company. But one thing is sure, you WILL know that there is a God, so get ready to make your choice. I hope I’ll see you in the next millennium.

      • hi james,

        trying to clarify what you are saying….

        Since hell is not real, from your comment on another post, where does satan go when he is finally locked up?

        • According to my Catholic bible dictionary, Sheol, the Hebrew word often mis-translated as Hell is”The ancient concept of the abode of the dead who were pictured with no activity or emotions surrounded by the darkness of oblivion.” Until Jesus introduced the idea or resurrection, this was the afterlife of the Jews – no burning hell nor angelic heaven. Just sleep, as Jesus mentioned many times such as when he said that Lazarus was asleep (dead).
          So maybe Sheol could be a big cave or just a grave but there ain’t nothin’ happenin’ there.
          Revelation says the Devil will be chained in the bottomless pit. John was probably referring to a very deep Sheol where nobody is likely to dig him up by accident. He won’t burn in the lake of fire until the last judgement. You could call that hell but only the Devil, Antichrist and false witness will be in there forever. Everyone else gets a pass on eternal hell-fire. They either live forever or die.
          Check it out carefully.
          If there was a hell, don’t you think Jesus would have explained it in every detail to his disciples so they could pass it on? It wasn’t until the church merged with the roman empire did it pick up the roman concept of hell. You can’t just read the bible, you also have to study history to get the true picture.
          By the way, going to heaven was also a roman concept as was purgatory. None of them were taught by Jesus.
          Check it out!

          • James,

            I looked up hell in the blue letter bible (online search bible). You can do a search. There seems to be more going on in hell than just darkness:


            • If you take all the references to Hell and replace them with the word Grave these verses still make perfect sense. There is no passage in the old testament that define Sheol as a place of eternal fire and damnation. The wicked are cast into the grave. Their punishment is death. The word in the Jewish Torah is always Sheol. Just because the King James writers changed it to Hell doesn’t change the original meaning of the word. I believe this pagan belief came from the Romans and it will be purged from the church in the destruction of the Whore of Babylon – the paganistic church that rides the 2nd beast – the Vatican.
              Oh yeah, so will Christmas.

            • Check this search I just did for Sheol. Note that Hell (Sheol) is properly translated as Grave in the second example and lowest pit in the first. Its just a hole in the ground, not a blazing inferno occupied by billions of sinners.


              • well, even the righteous die and go to the grave. Many have also suffered horrible deaths at the hands of evil people.

                So where is the punishment for the wicked in just going to the grave?

                • They are punished by losing everlasting life. That is all Jesus promised at the resurrection. He said the wicked would be reaped with a sickle and thrown into the lake of fire where they are burned up and it is over for them. That is the Second Death of Revelation. Just death not eternal torture – that is only for the Devil, Antichrist and false prophet.

              • well, even the righteous die and go to the grave.

                Many have also suffered horrible deaths at the hands of evil people.

                So where is the punishment for the wicked in just going to the grave?

    • God’s gives everyone a choice about how they live. There is every abomniable sin in the USA imaginable. Sex trafficing, widespread porn use, even among ministers. Child molestation, satanism/human sacrificies. There are over 100K satanic cults alone, not including the number of people within them. God cannot bless a lawless nation. He gives us a choice about living right. If we do not, we will bring destruction to ourselves. God created us. He created the world. We have determined to destroy it and ourselves through living like animals and doing everything imaginable under the sun. Every society that rejects God asks for severe consequences. We were not created to murder and be addicts to everything imaginable. We were created to love God. If you don’t believe it, you’ve struck out already. God is not obligated to turn his face from such evil forever. He gives us a choice. We need to pray for God’s mercy because America has polluted every country of the world with the filth that comes out of Hollywood. We need to repent for being wretched sinners. It’s not God’s fault and He isn’t a bastard God. He gives us choices and consequences. We have brought all of this on ourselves.

  5. Marianne, you are a total brainwashed f**ing moron!!! If you teach this s**t to your kids, they should be removed from your home. That is child abuse and people like you should be ‘fixed’ so you can’t bring children into the world to pervert. The god of the bible is an insane sack of rotten s**t and his followers are chips off the cow patty. If you have anything to say to me, do it on this forum and STOP sending me personal emails. I am not interested in you or your sick god. For someone who claims to be so ‘holy’ you sure can write a ‘come hither’ message. You need help!

    • Jake

      I wish you well.

    • This is not s**t. It’s God’s Word. People will be amazed by the disasters that are about to be unleased on the USA. It’s been prophesied by mighty men and women of God, who hear cleary from God. God has sent warnings to us repeatedly and He has said that people refuse to repent. They love their immoral, sinful ways. But this world belongs to God. He can do with it as He pleases. If people continue to rebel against Him and desire an evil path, they will have to face consequences. People who teach the truth about sin to their children are people God calls righteous. The Bible says, “TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO. WHEN HE IS OLD, HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT.” It is a command of God to teach our children God’s ways. If we do not, we will stand before Him one day and give an account of it to Him. It’s true that government leaders will one day jail Christians for living by God’s Word. We are hated more each day. If you join with them, God will judge you and you won’t like it. It’s a choice. We just happen to read God’s Word and know what it says. We act on it, to do what God desires. It causes us to be blessed and have a secure future. Without Him, we are doing our own thing, from a sinful nature. If telling our children the truth of God’s Word is moronic, what does the ignorance of God say about you? It says you are in for a very bad end. Anyone that rebels against God is considered the same as a witch. “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.” I Samuel 15:23. The Bible is the same thing as GOD. “In the beginning was the Word (Bible) and the Word was with God, AND THE WORD WAS GOD.” To despise the Bible is to despire God. It is to rebel against Him, which has huge consequences. He is a loving God but He is righteous. He did not create humanity to be evil and to do anything that comes into their carnal minds to do. He created us to love Him and to love others. How well are we doing that today? Children are rebellious against their own parents. In the olden days of Israel, any child that considered rebelling against a parent was stoned to death. That is how serious disorder is with God. He is a God of order and when we live well, He blesses us richly. It’s our choice. We are all accountible for ourselves before Him. Please open your eyes to the truth. If you never read it, how will you be aware? How can you live rightly? You will be blind spiritually and will fall into the pit that most will fall into. It’s your choice to accept or reject the truth. You are just spiritually ignorant about God.

  6. Jake, I like your strong unwavering position on religion, nothing to be taken seriously. But I really do not think that your attack on Marianne is warranted. Everybody have their right to believe whatever they want to believe, And i think we should grant one another that right. That’s the only way we can live together in this planet without religious conflicts and such.

  7. Jake, I sense great anger in you. REPENT and be baptized. Even you will one day be brought to kneel before Christ, and asked to give an account of your works. Don’t make it harder on yourself, you need to soften your heart, repent of the evils you have done, and allow Christ to take the burden of sin.

  8. I think Jake is getting a bit angry but I think that this god stuff is b*s*.

  9. Well, many times people ask, “Why did God do this?” Or “why did He allow that?” First of all, if you ask these questions, you must assume that if God exists, then so does eternity and Heaven. Now, to an atheist it might seem senseless that God would allow Christians and innocent children to die unjustly. But to those who believe in God and Heaven, what is this short life compared to eternity in Heaven? It’s less than a drop in the ocean. God thinks of our lives in terms of eternity. We don’t always understand why God does certain things, but in no way is He ever sadistic or unjust. The most important thing to Him is that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven. That would explain why God allows Christians to suffer. He wants them to be spiritually cleansed. It is in our human nature to be careless when everything is doing well physically. We don’t think we need
    God anymore. But it is when hard times strike that we remember where our true hope and life is: in Christ. He is the only one that gives us hope no matter how bad our earthly life may be. And what does this hope consist of? It is that after this life (as easy or hard as it may be) is over, we will live eternally with Jesus in a much better place. Does this not explain the phenomenon that is observed in China? Where thousands of Christians are tortured, imprisoned, and killed because they believe in Jesus. And yet thousands more are converting to Christianity at an astonishing rate. Why? Because only faith in Jesus gives us hope in this unstable, cruel world. It gives us comfort that this isn’t all to life. That there’s something more to us, and that after we die it’s not the end. It’s only the beginning of something better. That is why when a true Christian goes through a major life crisis, he/she doesn’t go jumping off a bridge, thinking that there’s nothing after death and that this life just isn’t worth it anymore. A Christian finds comfort and hope only in God, and he/she understands that all this will one day be over, and all of God’s children will be in paradise with Him where there will never again be any tears or suffering.

    But this promise only holds true to those who truly follow God’s commandments. Not the millions who merely proclaim to be Christian, but do not live by Christ’s teachings.

    For those who curse God and call Him names, I must truly say, I fear for you. I don’t expect you to fall on your knees and repent, but at least have some fear. You really don’t know Who you’re dealing with. Just because you don’t see Him does not mean He doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe in God, that is your decision. He never forced anyone to believe in or follow Him. But at the very least, keep your mouth shut and don’t curse God. Our God is not only merciful, but He is also just. And He knows how to stand up for Himself. Those who foolishly curse Him will sooner or later experience His existence, and then they will wish they never said all those rotten words.

    I wish you all well.

  10. Aangiere,

    Lots of wisdom in your words. I hope people pay attention, and heed what you say.

  11. Marianne.
    If I were you.. I would not response to negative commenters .. Pray for thier lost soul and let God handle that person.. save your precious time…. hopefully someday he will turn around and repent and accept God into his life…

  12. Hi James,

    So the punishment of the wicked is not everlasting? What about this verse?

    Dan 12:2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame [and] everlasting contempt.

    And also these verses?

    Mat 25:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

    Mat 25:46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

    Jhn 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

    2Th 1:9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;

    It seems like whatever happens, it is “everlasting” in nature.

  13. Hello again,
    Let me explain these verses as best I can.

    Dan 12:2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame [and] everlasting contempt.
    The shame and contempt are everlasting, not the punishment. Hitler is long gone but he is still held in contempt even by atheists.

    Mat 25:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
    This is for the Devil, not humans as in Rev.20:10

    Mat 25:46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.
    Their punishment is separation from God and loss of eternal life – forever (dead). You assume it will be in hell from church tradition.

    Jhn 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.
    The wrath of God is DEATH.

    2Th 1:9 Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;
    Same as Mat 25:46. Death is the loss of God – that’s what is so terrible about it.

    Try this with all other verses and you will see the logic works as well. And remember, Hell=Sheol=Grave

    • hi James

      Just a thought.

      If the wicked are extinguished due to instant annihilation, then there is no punishment, because they are no longer around to experience the separation from God.

      So there is nothing terrible about it. They no longer exist, so they feel nothing.

      There is no everlasting shame and contempt either for the same reason. How could they know everlasting anything? They no longer exist.

      As soon as the wicked are snuffed out, they are off the hook.

  14. Sorry Marianne but you are trying to make God out to be much more vindictive than he really is. It is your idea that they should scream in agony for eternity, not God’s. The early church adopted it from paganism to keep people in the pews. It worked then and it still does today. Thank God (literally) it’s not true. Otherwise every Sunday worshipper is in for a hot afterlife. Just ask any Jew.

    • hi james,

      I guess I do not see it that way…..a quick extermination is an act of mercy…….

      God does not want anyone to perish…that is why he provided Jesus for our salvation……I think God is not vindictive, but merciful.

      Jews do not believe in hell either.

  15. Well, there you are – God IS merciful and makes death quick. Jesus did not believe in hell so I guess there is no such place. I’d had to think all my non-believing friends are going to go to Hell for a lapse in judgement. Just missing out on eternal life will be bad enough for them.

    • james

      it will not be so bad….after all, they will not be here to know about it.

      but like I said, quick extinction is an act of mercy….it is therefore NOT punishment….so the wicked will not be punished, only removed…according to this thinking.

    • How can you say Jesus did not believe in hell? It is clear then you don’t understand that Jesus is the Son of God therefor doesn’t believe but knows what is true and false. JESUS is of God and to know God is to know Jesus to know Jesus is to know the Father (God) Jesus does not believe Jesus knows! Or knew because Jesus was, is, will always be….. Jesus is the Word. The one God spoke to in the Garden about Adam. It is always easy to use your own understanding but when you apply Jesus words of Lazerous in Abraham’s bosom you know of a place as part of hell/sheol/grave or whatever word you want to translate like God/Jehovah/yehwah/son of man/light/prince of peace/rabbi/teacher….. if you get my point hear you get that no matter how translated the description of suffering from the man begging for a drop of water from Lazerous means he is able to understand the difference between his own choices in life and the choices of Lazerous and then concern for his living brother. Where is this person if not living but able to see or understand his place is not content but also able to see Lazerous is content until Jesus calls Lazerous to come forth….. you sound like a very educated man who gets that God is there but doesn’t believe or want to see God does and has the right to judge. Remember Moses had to make a staff with a snake design for those that were bit by snakes to look at as a testament that they could be redeemed for there punishment of murmuring and complaining….. some like Jake can’t and won’t accept God has this right and because it’s not them that is the creator or have any control themselves turn against God and begin to blame murmur and accuse complain and therefor in time God does punish for God says vengeance is His….. I will always accept that vengeance is God’s not mine to understand and that whatever happens after death is something God/Jesus knew and understood and I will not have to prove anything other than I Trust in Christ Jesus that no matter where I will be I will be with Christ Jesus asleep or not with Christ is where I want to be so teaching rather there is a hell/grave/sheol just doesn’t seem like a big deal as teaching Jake that because he feels that if he were God he would stop all suffering and all free will help anyone. Thank God for His free will for all and that one’s like Jake can’t stop me from giving my soul to Jesus. And Jake gets to choose his destination wherever that is but I do pray for Jake to see the light for all have a choice no matter if they believe they do or not.

  16. I’m not sure where in the TO it is, but there was a time when God hid his face from the Israelites as punishment for their wickedness, Separation from Him is considered by him as the ultimate horror. Flames are not necessary.

  17. watching someone die in one….

    • First of all, this video is not a tsunami of any sort. These waves occur about 100 miles off the coast of California due to a rise in the sea floor that causes deep-sea waves to break there. Some have been estimated to be over 100 feet high – much higher than the one that hit Indonesia a few years ago. Surfers take boats out there and use jet-skis to tow them into the path of the waves (as seen in the beginning of this video).
      So once again, don’t believe everything you see on YouTube.
      But speaking of tsunami risks, did you know that Spanish officials have evacuated 10,000 people on the island of Hierro, 70 miles south of Cumbra Vieja in the Canary Islands due to 8,000 earthquakes and an impending volcanic eruption. And just like Cumbra Vieja, Hierro has the potential to cause a landslide several miles deep which could cause a tsunami that would spread out throughout the Atlantic and eventually reach the east coast of the U.S. When this last happened about 50,000 years ago it created a wave over 300 feet high on the east coast, so the same thing might happen any day now, truth be told.
      So get your surfboards ready people and prepare to kiss you sweet asses goodbye!

  18. http://www.ucsc.edu/news_events/press_releases/text.asp?pid=355



  19. http://www.rense.com/general13/tidal.htm


    What damage would a mega tsunami cause?
    No coastline in the North Atlantic would be spared. Britain, France, Spain and Portugal would all be badly hit North Africa would be hit by 100 metre waves, but the main wave would travel west. It would storm across the Atlantic in hours, hitting the Caribbean and Brazil badly. However, the real damage would be to the East coast of the USA.

    By the time it had travelled the 4000 miles to America the wave would be lower and wider. It would now be just 50 metres high but many kilometres long, allowing it to sweep up to 20 miles in land, destroying everything in its path. Boston, New York and Miami would virtually be wiped off the map. Skyscrapers would be bulldozed as if they weren’t there. Bridges would be ripped from their foundations. And virtually every human in these cities would be killed.

    There would be indirect consequences around the world. The events of the 11 September wiped millions off stock markets around the world. What would be the effects of the destruction of not only the rest of New York, but also the rest of the East Coast on the world’s economies?

  20. Whew! It’s out there, all right. However I would not call God a mass murderer…Scripture says God does not desire the death of the sinner. Why not put the blame squarely on our suicidal abuse of nature and our cruelties? I suppose you could call it “God” since God made the earth pristine with immutable laws which we so frivolously scorn for profits.

    • hi Deanna,

      True, god does not go out of his way to kill sinners. But suppose a nuclear war begins, and there are bombs and explosions. This would shake up the earth. This would be man’s fault, not God’s.

  21. We want God to clean up our messes and prevent the ordinary outcome of our greed and follies. And I believe with prayer and fasting, His heart is moved to do just that. But sooner or later there is too much folly and not enough prayer, not enough fasting from selfishness, waste, etc. There will be a tipping point because God is also just and there is a lot of innocent suffering…
    But for faithful, loving people everything will be supported in the Father’s love by angels.
    Marianne, what do you think of Christians getting awards for staying married a long time, for parading their respectability and being comfortable in that? I don’t think Jesus was respectable…that’s why almost everybody left him.

    • Deanna

      Ideally, Christians should stay married forever, and not divorce. But this should not be a source of vanity.

      There is a good “respectable” and a bad interpretation of that.

      Jesus is the good kind. We should be also.

      The bad kind is just fake.

      If they are looking for rewards on earth for being married, there is something possibly wrong with the relationship.

      The relationship should be its own reward.

  22. YOUR BLOG IS A BLESSING… I’ve added it to my favorite folder!!

  23. Marianne, don’t know if you’ve watched the programs on THE DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL concerning this subject?? They have been airing these special programs for the last 3 years. It’s interesting to note that some scientists are recognizing that there are dramatic changes taking place within the earth. Our warnings have come through others country’s disasterous earthquakes and tsunamis. For some reason America doesn’t think that this could happen to them??? (it has happened in the U.S. before… we have very short memories) My prayer for the United States of America, is that she REPENTS & turn from her wicked and “God-hating” ways!! God is merciful.. and wishes that NO ONE perish and enter a Godless Hell!! But this choice is up to every individual… Choose Jesus Christ and LIVE!!!

  24. I hope there is no tsunami for the east coast, but today they got a 5.9 magnitud earthquake 😦

  25. Plagerism…I read one of the sites…

  26. Sorry I miss read the excerpt part 🙂 Please forgive me!!

  27. http://www.rense.com/general56/tsu.htm

    A Wave of Destruction Will
    Destroy America’s East Coast
    By Ian Gurney
    The Daily Express – UK

  28. In the Name of the Father, Elohim, YHWH, Lord and God of the Universe, the Compassionate, the Merciful, I come to you now in this your greatest hour of need. I come to you as dark water, unknown, that you might be spared that which is soon to come. For it is written that when that Man of Sin is revealed it should be taken as a sign to flee to the mountains for your own salvation, not to tarry, not to go back for your belongings. This is done that the faithful might be spared, yet it is also written that you shall not believe he who comes in the name of the Father, and this too shall be for many will disregard the Message of the Lord to their own peril. It is your belief that your leaders are the ones making the decisions regarding the outcome of terrible events of nature, you are wrong. There is among you a king, though you know it not. He walks among the people as the least among them and it is he who has decided how to best deal with your situations. It is this king who warned of the category five hurricane that would hit Louisiana, but the people did not listen. It is this king who decided that the only way to spare the city of New Orleans during Katrina was to blow one of the levees in order to prevent the complete failure of the entire levee system. It is this king who ordered that the stadium be opened as a sanctuary knowing that people who remained would face hardships. It is this king who ordered that the weather channel film the series “It Could Happen Tomorrow” which has prepared many for the disasters which they have faced and will face in their regions. It is this king who ordered the survival series on your television networks, that many would know how to survive through the chaos that soon follows. It is because of this king that the people of Joplin, MO were spared from more deaths. It is this king who warned of Japan’s tsunami and nuclear fallout, but the people did not listen. It is this king that ordered that US troops be stationed in the region ready to assist with the disaster relief, but Japan refused aid. It is this king who warned that the Mississippi would flood and ordered the Morganza Spillway opened to spare the city of New Orleans once more. It is this king who warned of 9/11 and it was his decision that it be allowed to happen, yet you know not the reason. Therefore know now why your king dwells among you. He has lived among you in order to find those who were responsible, and to find those who would have been responsible for more heinous acts of terrorism. His decision to allow one act was done to prevent something far worse from occurring. It is this king who has spared the people of the world from the global pandemic that their biological weapon would have unleashed. It is this king who will prevent your nuclear war, but one city shall fall. For that City of Sin, he shall warn, but he shall not spare. This too, is done for reasons that are as yet unseen to the masses. But, before that occurs this too shall happen, that the islands of the Bahamas and the Keys will be swallowed by the sea, that the once great cities along the coast shall be caught up in the deluge and many will die who could have otherwise been spared if only they would have recognized the signs. It is this king who will therefore reveal himself to be the Man of Sin, so that the wise might be spared, yet he does so to his own detriment. For his sins, for who he proclaims to be, he shall be killed, yet he will rise again. All of these decisions were made before this decade began, long before the first disaster struck. Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh, that His Kingdom may be established, yet he will not wear the crown before he is once again killed, for your salvation. You say how could this be? How could the Son of Man be the Man of Sin? Well I tell you now, that it is written that none of this shall transpire except that first there is a falling away and that that Man of Sin is revealed. Only Christ has the authority to give up his throne to the beast. The devil could never give up that which he does not possess. When it is spoken that the beast will inhabit the temple, it refers to the bodily temple of Christ, the Anointed born again on this earth, who must once again die to fulfill that which is written. When it is written that Christ calls the faithful to rise up and meet him, it refers to them living as he has done, selflessly knowing only love and compassion, and having none whom he would call an enemy. For this is the message which he preached. Know now that within the month that Man of Sin shall be revealed, and he who restrains shall be removed. For this is the message and the wisdom of God Almighty, that mankind should not die, but live on to dwell amongst the stars. It is for this that your king sacrifices his life. Though you may say blasphemy, know now that I speak truth. I am Dark Water, Unknown.

    • Um….. hi there Dark Water,

      Now this is just my personal opinion here, so please don’t take this personally whatsoever, but that was pretty entertaining.

      I believe that there is so much that is wrong with the above proposal that is contrary to scripture, that I don’t even know as to where to start.

      Others can decide for themselves though.

    • dark water

      Jesus is without sin. How can you equate him with the man of sin, who is satan in the flesh.?

      Scripture does not say Jesus will give up his throne to the beast. his throne is in heaven , not on earth. Satan will take what man gives him , or allows him to have.

      So, in your opinion, how far inland will the deluge occur along the coast?

  29. If you want my opinion, here it is, but this is only my opinion:
    The disillusion consists with people reading, but not understanding scripture. First off, the temple of God is the body of Christ. Therefore, for the antichrist to sit in the temple, he must inhabit that body. Since he is only human, he cannot possess the body. The only time that two souls can inhabit the same body is in the case of parasitic twins. If this were the case, then the parasitic twin would literally sit in the body, not having legs of its own. Furthermore, were the twin to be removed, the soul would remain, so once again the soul sits in the body, waiting to trade places with the other. A person as such would be very difficult to kill, because each time that person dies, the other soul takes over. Yes you are correct that Jesus’ throne is in Heaven, but remember that he also comes to inhabit the kingdom of earth, and how can he do that if he does not first establish that kingdom? Either way, it does not change the fact that when he is come in the flesh, he must step aside and give that kingdom over to another to rule. Were it any other way, then history would be undone. Did you not ever stop to consider the scriptures regarding the end of days? Why do you think that ten years of his life are not spoken about? I’ll make it simple for you: you read about the antichrist overcoming the saints of the Lord in Daniel and you place it in the context of a monk or a priest, but in Daniel’s day saints took a more active role, they were spiritual warriors. They wore armor and helmets and fought right alongside the other soldiers as force multipliers. Now Daniel has a vision of some time in the far distant future and he doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but he sees these saints doing battle on a field. They are wearing helmets and armor, but it is made from material he is not familiar with, yet they wear the fluer de lis which is the mark of a saint. He figures, surely technology has come a long way from what it was in his day, but to assume that soldiers no longer face off one-on-one would not cross his mind. There was no such thing as guerilla warfare then. Remember, he never got the explanation for most of his vision and the rest was sealed up till the end. Now in present time there is only one place where that vision might take place, and that’s on a football field. So the vision is of this man overcoming football players, most likely over a dispute about their pay. Now as far as Jesus being a man of sin, remember that he wasn’t born a man. He was once a child and as a child no doubt made some sinful mistakes, however, being who he is, he would definitely punish himself for each and every one of them more harshly than the law would allow. Now you ask what would Jesus do? If he were trying to prevent the destruction of all life on this planet, because after all, there is still the thousand years of peace, which cannot happen if there is no planet, is it not too far-fetched to think that he might proclaim himself as such to spare humanity? You see, even if it was his twin that actually did the sinning, he would still have knowledge of it and would punish the body accordingly, but make no mistake that he would give up his life to spare his followers. It is unfortunate that people don’t fully understand the Christ-Antichrist connection, otherwise you could have a benevolent king instead of a tyrant, but then again this is all just theoretical anyway, right? No one knows when that time will come, not even the son, only the Father. Regarding your question about how far inland the deluge will go, consider this: the wave is caused by a small asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean; it reaches four stories up on the west side of Key West, after having consumed the Bahamas and lost some of its momentum along the way. How far inland it will travel depends on what obstacles are in its way where it hits the shoreline and the relevant elevation in those places. For a state like Florida that is relatively flat, it might go from one side of the state to the other, but for places where there are cliffs on the coast it might not crest over the cliff at all. Now you do the math on what a forty foot wave traveling at 800 mph will do. Now whether you want to believe it or not, this is going to happen soon, and don’t for one second think that NASA or your government would warn you because they wouldn’t. It would cause riots and pandemonium on the streets. So you kill your true king and allow his brother, who has been restrained, to take over the body. Just like the Jews, the Christians follow suit. No one can accept their savior as being just a man, he has to be more. The truth is, you want a scapegoat. You don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions so you say hey it’s OK, Jesus will die for our sins and redeem us, then you go straight out to the nearest bar and all is forgiven? BIBLE: Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. What it takes to go from a class zero civilization that is doomed to destroy itself to a class one civilization that has escaped its own destruction and colonized another planet. A New Heaven (stars you’re unfamiliar with) and a New Earth (an alien planet), because the old earth and old heaven have passed away, (you traveled a long way to get there). After 2000 years, one would think that people could understand such a simple notion. I do believe that Jesus came in the flesh and is come in the flesh once again. I do believe in Heaven and angels because I have died before. I do believe in God and I certainly know how the devil deceives. All I ask is that you consider every possible scenario before giving yourself over, that you be alert and use wisdom before adhering to false dogma that has clouded the truth for far too long. Jesus IS the Son of God, but as He is your creator, aren’t you as well? I do know one thing for certain though, as a man I would never claim to be a God, and neither did Jesus. If the Bible is all encompassing as the last verse in Revelation suggests, then why aren’t the Dead Sea Scrolls in it as well? Did you not ever stop to consider that an apostate church, one which bows down before statues of the virgin Mary, and prays to it, would not leave out some key elements in the transcription to maintain their control over His followers? Since all of the Bibles you read come from that church, which is not to say that Catholics are evil because there are some very good, spiritual people even there, don’t you consider what they may have hidden even from their own congregation? I don’t ever recall Jesus saying start an inquisition. His message was about love, charity, and faith. Faith in God and faith in each other. Jesus never said worship me, he said worship God and God alone, but follow in my footsteps that you might better serve God. Once again, this is just my opinion and what would I know, I’m just a man of sin, just like you all.

  30. This all sounds like an interesting screenplay, add a few Klingons and Vampires and you got yourself a hit movie.

  31. Dear Marianne:
    I too am getting “revelatory messages” about this coming Tsunami disaster that would arise from the Canary Islands. I believe that because not enough people understood the message behind the 9/11 attacks, that this could be the next BIG messenger.

    The message, I believe, is simply to begin to rapidly dismantle the materialistic/business/financial/war machine–and the male/mind paradigm behind it. (Women have adopted this mind too.) I believe it is time to allow/invite people to notice what REALLY makes them happy. We are at a maturation point where we can now begin to really spiritualize our lives–and put that point of view first. Make it our foundation.

    I personally believe that a return to valuing The Feminine– in all. It is She who connects us to our Divine Self, to our creativity, to compassion, to intuition, to TRUTH. This reconnection to Her would bring about HUGE world changes. I believe she is trying to reassert herself now in both women and men.

    Children simply ARE Her. But they need to be supported in retaining their natural God’s eye view of things. As it is , the curriculae in most schools simply destroy this precious power our children come in bearing.

    So, I am looking to hook up with other spiritual people (and scientific) who feel that this Cumbre Vieja Tsunami can be avoided by learning the spiritual lessons I have alluded to above–and more.

    World Wide communication is easy now. With a focused effort on the part of those who understand what is going down right now–we can get the word out to everyone on the planet, and make adequate movement towards a New World Order–a spiritual one–that will allow us to avert this disaster.

    Are you interested in working together–with me and others–towards this goal? Obviously, you are doing a lot already with your website. I am working assiduously in many ways myself. Please answer here–but also please send me an email of your answer.


    • hi Brenda

      Things have been set in motion by the Creator, in accordance with his timing and purpose.

      there has already been recent activity in the canary islands, with one island evacuated.

      while focusing on the spiritual will definitely help the individual, the world in general will not listen, and will eventually perish due to this negative position.

      Just pray and do what you can to bring love into this dark world.

  32. Atlantic tsunami and USA due to pole shift

    the adjustment in the Atlantic that will cause the tsunami, will occur within hours after the major New Madrid adjustment in the United States.

    This adjustment will be atleast magnitude 9 so do not confuse any lesser earthquakes along the New Madrid to be the one in focus.

    Therefore, when this MAJOR adjustment occurs along the New Madrid, get ready for the Atlantic to follow within hours. A clear warning.


    • Marianne,
      Do you know how ridiculous this statement is?
      Well, of course not, but still, it is ludicrous to think that a 9 point quake on the New Madrid fault in Missouri would trigger a quake/tsunami in the Atlantic. First of all, it is the mid-atlantic ridge that slowly pushes the American plate westward about 2.5” per year causing occasional quakes as the crust slides across the mantle, NOT the other way around. Second, the New Madrid fault is not capable of such a large quake.
      Third, the mid-Atlantic is a spreading center where magma oozes up through a crack and pushes the plates on either side out sideways at maybe a tenth of a millimeter per day. There is no fault involved, so the only movement is the magma oozing out slowly, so the largest “tsunami“ possible might be half an inch.
      And as far as the whole pole-shift idea, it is as mindlessly stupid as planet Nibiru and you know how I feel about that. (And where did that thing go anyway? Wasn’t it just recently passing by the Earth?)
      These “Zetas” are either idiots or just out to have a good laugh at the expense of gullible people everywhere.
      I checked out what they have to say about the relatively safe city of Chicago:
      We have frequently mentioned that Chicago will suffer during the coming New Madrid adjustment and again during the coming pole shift. The rock under Chicago will lose support, pulling apart and dropping during the New Madrid adjustment, creating the implosions we have predicted for some cities when the infrastructure drops. Chicago did not suffer during the last great quake on the New Madrid fault line in 1811, and thus the residents may be smug about the coming adjustment. The telepathic warning given during the UFO display relayed the reality of what is coming. Some will listen, but many more will choose to continue with their comfortable life and ignore the warnings.
      A telepathic warning during a UFO display? Really? Is that where they get their information? Would you vote for a president who said he would get all his foreign policy instructions from a passing UFO?
      Give me a break. Bad science plus science fiction! These guys must have got hold of some acid or a bad screenplay or both.
      Please, everyone reading this, go ask a science teacher or get on the USGS web site and see what they say.
      Just don’t be surprised if they can’t stop laughing.

      • james

        I just report what is said, if it relates to the topic. You do not have to believe it.

        the madrid, according to them, which yes, are questionable to many people, does not cause the tsunami…the pole shift does.

        the madrid quake is just a preliminary sign that the tsunami is the next event…..since it is already a more sensitive area to disturbances.

        Personally, if the global quake, which is predicted in Rev 6 occurs, I am not sure that it would trigger a tsunami. The bible mentions destruction by fire, but not by water.

        I also use this site to record information that I get. I am not asking people to agree with everything I put in the comment section.

  33. Locations and flood risk during pole shift


  34. We here at The Conundrum Group have recently investigated the zetatalk web site and through one of our contacts have uncovered some disturbing information.
    It seems that representatives from this organization have been contacting numerous real-estate investors in undisclosed locations in an alleged attempt to exchange money for favorable reports on their areas. Apparently it is an attempt to scare people into moving into safe locations around the globe with the involved land brokers benefitting from a more favorable report.
    While we have as yet not had independent verification of this, and we do not have all the specific details, we are not surprised that this type of thing is going on.
    We have noted a large number of web sites that are presenting a “doom and gloom” scenario based on flimsy scientific evidence in order to sell survival information or even the actual supplies.
    We at The Conundrum Group are dedicated to the exploration of the mysteries of the universe, however we can not condone the types of practices we have seen at the zetatalk website and many others with similar motives.
    Please be cautious out there friends.

    • hello

      I appreciate your input. I consider the zeta information, but have a wait and see approach. I go by the bible predictions, and I do not see the flooding they describe. I see fire but not water…but maybe I am wrong…..anyhow…. I do agree that we should all use prudent judgment in evaluating sources we use to collect extra information.

  35. im doing a report on stunamis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  36. Gulf Coast could be hit by a Mega Tsunami. The outcome to 35 million plus would be unthinkable. Florida is the most vulnerable to several potential threats. Prayer and being prepared is key!

  37. Just curious where you got this info. There are no major faults or landslide risks that I know of in the gulf so this scenario sounds highly unlikely – except the Atlantic side of Florida of course.
    Tell us more…

  38. Twilight Zone had an episode of a stranger who helps by pouring water by hose in an empty gas tank. He then pops a pill in and tells his new found friend to start the car. It runs better than before. My point is water is one of the most abundant potential fuels man has on this planet virtually unlimited. Algae is in advanced stages and is being used to make baby food in UK. Algae made in labs-ponds has no pollutants and is being made to replace oil and its by-products. Synthetic diamonds made stronger than the Hope-Diamond are just years away. These man made diamonds are stronger allow electricity to flow easily without heat making them perfect for future TV, Computers, Cell phones, Space Ships etc. Man made Gold is also coming to past and is the best shield in planes, space vehicles etc. The next ten years will be like our last 120 amazing. Car paint with solar cells mixed in will make unlimited driving a reality. Nanotechnology is rapidly approaching mainstream. Now that is worth celebrating life.
    Unfortunately unless some get prepared for the upcoming calamities they will not see these wonders. Yes Mega-Tsunami’s even Super-Mega-Tsunami’s is in earths near future. Money makes the world go round. 15 Trillion and counting requires real solutions less gov. intervention. So people of the USA 2012 is the most important Presidential election in “Earth’s,” history. Without a viable America what will the world look like? The US will need Trillions for these approaching disasters. The world will need help if the US is weakened and unable what will these people do? This to me is a warning to those who just vote Democrat, wake-up! Government will kill America plain and simple so vote any Progressive out or “PERISH!” Warning-Warning………………..PRAYER is key folks…………

    • hi Larry

      you are right. God has blessed man with wonderful intelligence to accomplish great things. but will he cooperate with God or go against him, losing everything?

  39. Carribean Plate is suspect and under Puerto rico a ridge that is 25,000 feet deep has had major landslides in past. I also understand the gulf has areas with past landslides. Unfortunately I don’t keep info to send. You might look up Edgar Cayce he stated that the gulf area of US would be much sooner when referring to New York and east coast flooding. I have been doing research because of my last ten years of enlightenment and I don’t mean religious.

  40. In the next ten years because of synthetic diamonds our computers will be super-super fast without heating up. This will free up those looking for answers in the Bible-Code. Unfortunately because of mans intervention and missing text it won’t have complete sentences so interpretations will abound. Maybe this is what the bible says are false prophets? I will tell you after years of my own experience I finally can state without question beings are amongst us and very active now. Dec. 21, 2012 solstice must have some significance I wish I knew what. Earth is several Billion years old the Universe is estimated to be 16 Billion plus. Hundreds of million earth like planets just in our Galaxy so yes people we are not alone. I read a report that every 3900 years there seems to be calamity on earth could be earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, Landslides, slight pole shifts etc. Keep in mind this is opinion based on some facts of actual events. Science is mere speculation of cumulative factual reason. Fact, the human brain has tripled in last 200 years. Monuments around the globe were built by advanced people not cave-men! Do I believe something is in the works, you bet. The reason I use Edgar Cayce is his innocent truth and 8 grade education with no back ground in the sciences etc. Look him up if you wish to have a valve to God and real prophecy in our lifetime and beyond. He was the real McCoy people! He took only donations and lived close to poverty even though he would have been very rich for his info. Show me another who lived to serve and gave readings that astound Doctors, scientists, Geologists etc. today!
    Okay, 15 year of a 33 year Volcanism. Increased earthquake, Plate tectonic movement, Pole shift, higher than normal warm trend and you have a scenario for a disaster. My opinion only; be prepared things will get dicy. Will the earth end; NO? God has much bigger plans for us. We humans have free will and unless in America it is used to VOTE out Obama-Progressives-Socialists-Communists in our government then it won’t be pretty aftr 2012. That is my TRUTH and I suspect most Americans are waking up to that reality. PRAY…………………..

  41. I’ve found that debri from the tsunami will be hitting west coast in a week, maximum two weeks, and it will be really nasty, you can see pics and videos here: http://www.thetruthsource.org/wake-up/the-great-pacific-garbage-patch-to-get-hit-with-debris-from-japanese-tsunami

  42. waves would be about 30-100 ft high

  43. What happen with this video pic from april 16, 3-2012! Is this story real or fake!!! The East Coast in DANGER of Mega Tsunami in Floirda.

    • hi maria

      This is a hypothetical video showing what would happen if the volcano in the canary islands off the west coast of africa were to erupt. It is currently unstable. It would not be “real” unless the eruption occurred.

  44. Some activity jan 2 , 2013


  45. Canary Islands Red Alert: “Eruption At El-Hierro In Near Future Increasingly Likely”


  46. The end is near!
    East coasters need to sell their homes and move inland IMMEDIATELY!
    Good luck, you’re going to need it.

    • easy to joke when you live on the west coast.

      I thought you believed in science.

      this was a report about a volcano.

      • It was not a joke. I live 15 miles from the San Andreas fault where it is due to break in the near future. Tens of thousands will be killed or injured. That is a scientific fact.
        The east coast, more than likely, will suffer a major tsunami in the near future. There is nothing you can do about it, so you can either make fun of the situation in order to ease your mind a bit, or take it too seriously and try to move away from the danger.
        So, if you’re not going to move (I’m not) then I really do wish you luck.
        And send some luck my way while you’re at it if you don’t mind.
        Welcome to the “Immanent Disaster Club.”
        It’s only a matter of time…

  47. In one hand, you’ve produced a very informative and helpful scientific article on tsunamis and the risk of one hitting the east coast of the United States. On the other hand, you end this article with, “As only God can control a situation like this, it is good to have his favor on us. If we do not deserve his favor because of unbelief, and/or sin in our lives, then it is wise to consider that God does use natural forces to punish man for his wickedness.”

    I’m definitely never visiting this site again.

  48. ‘Tsunami Watch’ For Atlantic Ocean Until June 5th: Dr. Simon Atkins & The Advanced Forecasting Corporation



  49. Sorry Marianne, but this is bogus science, once again.
    Tiny charged particles from the sun have no effect on massive tectonic plates deep under the surface. Plus there are no fault lines in the Atlantic ocean capable of creating a tsunami.
    This guy is a quack.
    Any Atlantic tsunami will come from a landslide in the Canary Islands. This would be from a volcanic eruption, not an earthquake. A mountain of fire falling into the sea, just as Revelation predicts. Anything else would not be a “biblical” event.
    So there.

  50. “Mini” tsunami hits east coast…….


    I hope they stay that small

  51. I hope it hit the people here is jersey are so selfish loud gross rude and evil…I can’t wait to move…ahh the places the military moves us….I hate the east past America could do without them

  52. NOAA Helps Prepare East Coast Communities for Tsunami, Storm-Driven Flood Threats


  53. Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 03/14/2011
    Could a tsunami strike the U.S. East Coast? The Washington Post


    concern that at some point a mega-tsunami could engulf the entire East Coast with a wave almost 200 feet high sweeping everything and everybody up to 20 miles inland.

    history of tsunamis on east coast listed

  54. Rense regarding the canary islands


    30-45 ft waves but also up to 330 ft

  55. tsunamis and tidal waves


    pole shift as cause


  56. vision

    • This guy is describing a History Channel show I saw over 5 years ago. This is not a vision from God but a warning from scientists and TV producers.
      So all this is nothing new or unexpected by any means. Does it match up with bible prophecy? Sure it does. I recognized that fact as soon as I saw the TV show. It is by far the most likely candidate to fulfil the prophecy in the given time frame. So why would God send this guy a repeat of the same prophecy that we already figured out years ago? I don’t believe this guy is a true prophet, nor did God give him a vision. He has seen too many disaster movies and had a dream. That’s all.
      Call me a skeptic (please…) but I’m not going to praise God for delivering His word thru the dreams of some stranger. That would just be foolish, and you know how God feels about fools.

  57. child vision

    • Well, sorry but this is just another child’s dream and is totally out of proportion. It just can’t happen as described.
      First of all a 1000’ tsunami on the west coast is just not possible. There is no subduction zone in California and the main fault, the San Andreas, is a strike-slip (sideways) fault and can’t produce a tsunami. Remember, even the tsunamis in Indonesia and japan were less than 30 feet high, and they were very close to subduction zones. Only landslides can cause the kind of waves that are predicted for the Canary Islands, and there are no large volcanos near the California coast. The 1964 Alaska quake caused some damage in northern California, but the wave was only a few feet high when it reached there.
      But then she says the east coast tsunami was 100,000 times higher than the first, or 100 million feet high. That is almost 19 thousand MILES high!
      Some little girl didn’t do her math homework!!
      Besides, I don’t believe God speaks thru little girls. Nor does he need to lie or even exaggerate about His prophecy, nor would he choose someone who would do so.
      How do I know this?
      He told me so.

      • james

        maybe so but i post it anyhow, to err on the side of caution.

        gov also expects this to happen, and the little girl did not know this.

        when nibiru passes, it will pull on the earth and cause it to rotate. this unusual pull will dislodge the bulge of water at the equator, and it will add extra height to tsunamis.

        the canary islands are unstable, and would be disrupted by any kind of planetary disturbance.

        • The Canary Islands don’t need Nibiru to make them erupt. And besides, the earth is already rotating, so is Nibiru going to speed it up or slow it down? How does a nearby body cause it to spin? Why isn’t the earth causing the moon to spin like crazy, being so close and all? Your statements have no basis in facts and can not be possible from a mathematical standpoint.
          Besides, if Nibiru is as you claim always visible next to the sun, then it must have been captured by the sun’s gravity and is in a permanent close orbit to the sun and therefore it will never make it out to the earth. That is simple laws of physics. Since these photos have been posted, the earth has gone around the sun many times and traveled over 500 billion miles, yet Nibiru still hasn’t traveled the 90 million miles out to the earth’s orbit? Give me a break. Learn some math. Crunch the numbers. Nothing adds up. There is no Nibiru and the pagan myth has nothing to do with bible prophecy.
          Just like the two dreams above.
          Don’t try to turn ordinary people into prophets of God. All you need is the Holy Word. Giving credence to people’s dreams is straying from the faith. That applies to all who read this blog.

  58. M6.0 – Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    2013-09-05 04:01:35 UTC


  59. 200 ft tsunami, 25 miles inland, first few minutes of video, according to augusto perez

    200 ft tsunami, canary islands, part of mountain breaks off. 300 ft tsunami, half of east coast states flooded, florida covered. New jersey gone. West coast some flooding also but less than east coast. California separated from US. Water flooding into Nevada. Gulf states flooded to half gone to totally gone. Louisiana gone. Safe mid USA. August 20- 31st time period.

    NYC, New jersey. 200 ft. God’s people will be protected. Florida, Miami, when tsunami hits, north Carolina hit too, water stops? First 5-8 minutes

    government planning

    3000 ft….maybe 100 miles inland….by usa 30-100 ft high after crossing atlantic, john moore

  60. I believe this will happen.

    While I have never had a dream about the east coast of the US, three years ago I had a dream about the west coast where I saw and was shown that a volcano triggered a tsunami. A few days later while wide awake, I heard the word “cascades”. I knew it was associated with my dream a few days earlier.

    I recently read that a very large underwater volcano exists off the coast in the Pacific NW. Based on what I feel God was showing me in my dream, this underwater volcano may be part of the Cascade mountain range which is littered with volcanos all throughout the NW…..only time will tell if this happens. But God has never lied to me.

    I very much feel that a tsunami could happen on the east coast as well, whether it is God made or man made or both.

  61. cumbre viejo unstable now.. a stunami would start out at 3000 feet high, travel across the atlantic and by the time it reached the east coast of north and south america, it would still be 30- 100 ft high. time 8:40 min

  62. canary islands …….volcano active… eruption imminent



  63. volcano activity


  64. remote viewing……


    50 miles inland……major cities destroyed on east coast…miami…etc

    1.5 mile high Tsunami will reach
    35-70 miles inland due to tectonic
    plate realignment

  65. dream

  66. I have had 5 dreams of tsunami hitting the east Coast of Florida. http://www.kaseyburt.blogspot.com, also several regarding the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Yesterday an asteroid did hit the mid Atlantic ridge.

    • kasey

      what you dream is very much in realistic possibility. the bible predicts at least 2 major impacts into the oceans and waters…..

      this will happen during the wrath of God (trumpets in revelation)

  67. Three of my tsunami dreams Seho Song made a video of. KB

    • Kasey

      Do you still live there, where you saw the waves and tornado come in?

      maybe you should have an escape plan ready….or move…God may be giving you this to have you move.

      you mentioned feeling like you only thought of yourself….which would be normal if someone is dying…..they are trying to hold onto their life.

      I would warn others around you the best you can, but expect a lot of disinterest and unbelief.

      this tsunami is of great interest to me…I also live on the east coast, in north carolina….so I am at risk also.

      the bible talks about a great fiery mountain crashing into the sea….Rev 8:8

      this gives us a general time frame for it to happen, if the tsunami from the canary island volcano is the correct interpretation.

      1/3 the sea would be blood due to all the deaths along the coastlines of the atlantic.

      this happens at the 2nd trumpet, time of God’s wrath…..which is after the 6th seal, the way I see it….

      jesus said in matt 24 that the signs of the sun, moon and stars and a great earthquake would occur before his return for us…….this great earthquake would set off most volcanoes….including the canary islands.

      believers should be gone by the 2nd trumpet, as we are not appointed unto wrath.

      this is how the situation would either be sodom or nineveh to people

      it would be nineveh if they repented, and were taken in the rapture.

      it would be sodom if they did not repent, and were taken in the tsunami.

      so it is not a matter of location, but TIME.

      we are either here on this earth for this event, or we are GONE with the Lord.

      anyhow, those are my thoughts.

      • if the tsunami dream does not refer to rev 8, then we all need to prepare somehow.

      • Marianne: God moved me to Kentucky in 2005, but the dreams continued. I have tried to warn others about what is coming there. I believe we are in the 5th Seal now, so you are correct, there isn’t much time left. I believe we will be here and will know about this event, but if I am wrong, then I will be with God. I have been praying for those who will be affected who have not yet accepted Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah, for them the horror will never end and my heart in rent in two over that. I also have prayed that God will have mercy on His household that will be swept away as well, for His judgment rains on both the just and the unjust. KB

  68. Marianne and all,

    When (not if) this volcano explodes (similar to the Mt. St. Hellen event), this just may be “like a great millstone thrown into the sea” (Rev. 18:20-21).

    An earthquake does not generate a volcanic eruption. The building up of magma and gasses cause trimmers (quakes) and then the magma has no where to go, releasing the pressure – up and out.

    The passage from Revelation 18 continues – “with violence the great city ‘Babylon’ shall be thrown down and not found anymore.”

    Not only will there be great physical, structural damage to NYC and everything on the coast (many miles inland too), but there will be radiation flowing out of multiple nuclear reactors along the sea coast waterways into the Atlantic current, extending into the gulf and seas of the hemisphere, killing sea life (Rev. 16:3).

    This volcanic event does not need to be classified with “wrath”. It can occur with one volcanic eruption and not be connected to any “end of the age earthquake”.

    This particular volcanic eruption seems to take place after the judgement of that great city (NYC) occurs in one hour (Rev. 18:8, 10, and 19). Then, comes the “millstone” event – according to the sequence of events.

    This mega tsunami event could happen any time after NYC “receives it judgment in one hour” (Rev. 18). A tsunami event with less than 9 hours of notice to the USA, end the lives of thousands and put thousands more into FEMA camps (if there is room).

    It would also impact/destroy the Bahamas and other islands with one volcanic eruption.

    Click to access La_Palma_grl.pdf

    Rev. 12:11

  69. First of all before killer tsunami, second coming of Jesus or Armageddon, false religion will fall on a global scale as in Revelation 14:8. Remember Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple because they were making a place of worship a den for thieves. Jesus made five loaves of bread and dishes many to feed the crowd. This means he could have turned sand into gold or rocks into diamonds but did not. God does NOT want your money but your time and worship, do good and be a better person. For atheists, they found out that all primates have monochromatic blindness. That means they can not see the colors red, green, blue, purple. The lower animals can. That means that there is no link between man and ape. No go find

  70. http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/09/the-coming-atlantic-ocean-tsunami-2464094.html

    due to asteroid?

    • http://kaseyburt.blogspot.com/2014/02/tsunami-coming-to-ormond-beach-florida.html

      I don’t know when, but I do know it will happen. KB

      On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Heaven Awaits wrote:

      > Marianne commented: ” > http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/09/the-coming-atlantic-ocean-tsunami-2464094.html > due to asteroid?”

      • kasey

        your link does not work

      • First of all, the kaseyburt site is all about some ones dreams. Are you really going to place your faith in another persons dreams? Lets get biblical here, remember all the false prophets that Jesus predicted. Are you going to listen to Christ or to some internet dreamer?
        And the before its news site is just a spoof. Look at some of the articles… a tidal wave on the Great Seal of the U.S…. really?
        All the articles are jokes – not intended to be taken seriously. I certainly hope nobody here actually takes them at face value.
        To use them here as biblical references would make the bible as much as a farce as the articles themselves. I hate to see faithful Christians getting caught up in such nonsense. It makes us look like gullible fools always claiming, “the end is near!” and looking like idiots when nothing happens.
        It seems that only Christians make predictions based on their faith and for millennia, they have always been wrong. It makes it appear that our religion is false and as silly as the YouTube videos some of our predictions are based on.
        At least try to stick to the facts here. That’s all I’m saying…

        • jim

          cynicism can be an asset or a liability.

          dreams and visions have been a part of biblical prophecy since the time of JAcob.

          you have to evaluate the validity of the dream by how events unfold, not condemn them before the events have a chance to happen.

          I have heard this dream several times, from different people.

          also, there is biblical basis for an asteroid hitting the ocean and causing death….

          Revelation 8:8 reads: “…something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turns into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

          asteroids have hit earth many times before…so it is also science, not just the bible.


          I agree however, that not everything in before its news is reliable…but there are some true stories in there

          • We know these things will happen from the bible. So anyone who dreams about something they read in the bible doesn’t make them a true prophet. Look back at all the previous predictions I have ridiculed. None of them happened as scheduled by the dream. Sure, some of these things will happen eventually, but no one knows the date. God is not speaking through these dreamers. If you believe them you will only be disappointed.
            Just consider this… if you were to round up every prediction (dream or whatever) you would end up with thousands of different dates and areas around the world. So who are you going to believe? The one with the prettiest web page? Maybe the slickest YouTube video?
            What you need to do is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person is a true prophet of God. If you can’t do that, then I would not bother listening to them.
            It‘s not being cynical, it‘s being careful.

            • jim

              Neither I nor the other person is claiming to be a prophet.

              dreams CAN be from God, to let us know, after thousands of years, that something is finally due

              I have had many dreams come true….and so have others.

              dreams also cannot be from God, and just be impressions,

              dreams that line up with the bible are genuine

              but you do not automatically assume you are so special that you can immediately discard everything you hear….and claim NOTHING is from God


              • I have read of people that have dreamed that Jesus would return on a certain date. Even though the dream is about a real biblical event, they have always been wrong. In most of your own dreams yo have posted, they didn’t make sense the way you saw them so you assumed they were a metaphor for some biblical event and would not actually happen the way you saw them.
                If God is going to reveal some new unknown event to someone He would show you what WILL happen, not something that will NOT happen. Your attempt to tie your dreams to some real bible event is futile. Everyone would like God to speak to them in some fashion, but I seriously doubt you have a direct pipeline to God. If you did He would have shown you that Nibiru is false and that the 70 weeks of Daniel were completed long ago (among other things).
                As for everyone else, I must assume they are just as flawed and so they can’t be trusted either.
                As I said, if you believe every dream people say came straight from God you would be inundated by a flood of bad information and probably none of it would be correct. All we need is the bible, not dreamers, psychics or soothsayers.
                You are playing with fire here and eventually you will get burned.

                • like I said, I have had many dreams that came true….so I did not get burned….some of them were warning dreams which helped me avoid problems.

                  you are generalizing too much about dreams…

                  some are true

                  and some are not.

                  it is that simple.

                  as for you, you cannot prove nibiru does NOT exist… you just assume it does not.

                  • If dreams were coming from God they would ALL be true. Anything else is blind luck.
                    Your logic about Nibiru is like that of a child with an imaginary friend. But if it does exist it is nowhere near where the You Tube idiots say it is, so I CAN prove it is nowhere to be found.
                    Satan must be laughing his ass off right now seeing all the Christians believing in a pagan myth. First pagan holidays, then Sunday worship, then idol/Mary worship and dozens of other pagan practices, and now Nibiru. He’s even got us to take our eyes away from the apostasy in our own churches and into believing that Islam is the end-time church that will be destroyed. And we think we’ve got him outsmarted.
                    So dream on, believe all you dream but you should keep them to yourself lest you turn yourself into one of the false prophets (or false interpreters) that Jesus spoke of.
                    But then what ever would you write about? 🙂

                    • james

                      you cannot be that dense…..

                      some dreams are from God….these are true.

                      other dreams – most of them – are NOT from God and may or may nor be true.

                      do you want me to draw you a picture?

  71. So what is God telling you in your dreams? Are these dreams notarized so you can verify the source? Sorry but I’ve seen to many evangelists claim they talk directly to God every day and yet they ran apostate churches, so pardon me if I don’t trust everyone who tells me they have a direct line to God.
    I’m not cynical, I’m just not gullible.

    • jim

      most of my god given dreams are for me only, and are personal…there is no need to “notarize” them…

      God given dreams are not for sensational reasons, to make us famous around the world. most god given dreams are personal….a few may have global significance.

      some dreams warn us when we are wrong, so we can correct ourselves or situations

      personal…….for example, when I was warned of problems at work, God usually points out enemies to me in my dreams, so I can protect myself.

      I also had dreams when my mother was sick, to let me know she needed me.

      Other dreams and visions are in my book, Lions and the Bride…….

      some are posted on this website…..as this is a blog, and I write them down in case others can relate to them or gain some benefit from them.

      since you do not have a “direct line to God” I can see why you are so cynical…

      Jesus is the direct line to God…. this is one of his purposes for coming here…..there is no way to the Father except through him…

      by having a personal relationship with Jesus, it opens one to the holy spirit for inspiration, and opens the door to the throne of the Father in heaven.

      • I have heard many such dream stories from people of all religions around the world, even atheists, so apparently a relationship with Jesus is not necessary to have them.
        If they have helped you in your personal life, that is great and none of our business. What I am super cautious about is when people say God has given them visions of coming events as He did with Daniel and John. Many people on this site have said they received just such visions regarding prophecy and they have all been proven false.
        So I’m here to caution others not to be fooled into believing in such nonsense even though the writers swear they have a direct line to God. Call me cynical if you want, but so far I’ve always been right.
        Its all a matter of patience I think. So many people are so anxious to see the return of the Lord that they will believe any interpretation that brings the date closer to today. They hear about an imaginary planet and immediately embrace it as a sign that Jesus will soon be here.
        While it makes them very happy for the time being, ultimately it will result in disappointment and perhaps despair.
        If I can help some people avoid this, then my job here is done.

        • jim

          it is ok not to be gullible.

          but it is not ok to lack faith in anything from God as well.

          you have faith in nothing.

          we are to test the fruit of the tree, to test the spirits, to see if things are true, not just automatically discard what we hear.

          you discard everything you read…..

          there are those who are false prophets.

          there are those who have had true dreams or visions, but misinterpret properly, this is not god’s fault, but human error….so the dream is true but the interpretation may be off.

          there are those who had had true dreams and actually get it right….so maybe we should take heed….

          to think that NO ONE in the modern world can have a vision like daniel is a bit narrow minded….

          like I said, we have to test the spirit, and examine what has been said, NOT with personal opinion, but with research and facts, and waiting to see if it comes to pass.

          • Marianne,
            You are funny…
            You say, “like I said, we have to test the spirit, and examine what has been said, NOT with personal opinion, but with research and facts, and waiting to see if it comes to pass.“
            Clearly you do not follow your own advice, at least when it comes to Nibiru. I have urged you for years to read a little science and you would quickly be able to dismiss all those fake YouTube videos that you constantly fall for.
            You are singing my tune here girl, I’ve been advocating research and fact-finding for years now. I’ve read you the facts on Nibiru and have waited several years now until all the YouTube videos you posted back then were shown as fakes and have been taken down. Facts + time = FAKE!
            Yet you continue to believe it is real. Now THAT is Opinion!
            I never assume anything stated here is true or false. If it has a basis in science I analyze it and assess it for truth. You may think I’m jumping to conclusions because of how quickly I make my assertions, but I am not.
            As for prophecy-related predictions, I can only compare them to the bible itself and if I see inconsistencies then I can assume that the information is not from God. In your case you hear of a dream and say, “Oh, that was a message from God describing events in the tribulation.” And then you have a discussion with others of like minds about how the dream should be interpreted so that it matches some part of prophecy.
            But there is a danger in that. Unless the dream was truly from God you may end up chasing false predictions, as in the case of Nibiru. They merely take your attention away from the truth. They may seem to be of some value right now but in the end will prove to have been nothing but a waste of time.
            And I simply don’t have the time to be chasing other peoples dreams.

            • jim


              I have repeatedly said Nibiru is supposedly on its way, I have see evidence for it, and it is not due until the 6th seal.

              so I am still waiting to see how it turns out.

              you, on the other hand, jumped to conclusions….

              if a dream matches the bible, what are you complaining about ?

            • Jim, I am going to interject here because this is a forum but just from observing your discussion with Marianne, it is very clear that you operate from your “head” knowledge ie: YOUR intellect. Not a bad thing BUT
              ….pay attention to the “but”….the WISDOM of God via the Holy Spirit is HIGHER than man’s wisdom. WAY higher.

              The Holy Spirit was sent to us on the day of pentacost in order to help our “limiting” (human) understanding and YES Father God does “speak’ to us thru dreams, visions and prophecies just as as scripture satates:

              Let’s review: Acts 2:17: ” And it shall come to pass IN THE LAST DAYS, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

              Act 2:18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:”

              So scripture is saying right there that there shall be LEGITIMATE dreams, visions and prophecies that come FROM the Lord via His Holy Spirit.

              It’s just a given. It is written. God’s word states it.

              We are living in the “last days” are we not? Actually,we are living in the VERY last of the last days of this age.

              Are their charlatans who “make up’ their dreams? SURE. Or, who “think” they are hearing from God -it could be they “think” they are hearing from God but in reality, they are not. It could be from demonic, false influences as well, self aggrandizement or what ever.

              We see a lot of that self exaltation in the so called “church” nowadays. Everybody wants to be a “star’. Bottomline, that’s just pride and ego.And God does not “speak” to prideful people thru His Spirit unless it’s a rebuke of He’s doing a major humbling of that person.

              BUT….. that does NOT nullify the fact that God STILL speaks to His “listening’ children thru dreams, visions and prophecies.

              Why don’t you humble yourself and ASK the Holy Spirit to show you if these things be true? God MAY speak to you thru a dream if you are willing to humble yourself before Him and not be so stiffnecked and prideful about what “you” think you know. Cuz you DON”T know it all. None of us do.

              Only Father knows it all.

            • Jim,

              Consider that God can and has spoken to believers WAY in advance of certain things happening……happened all the time with the prophets in scripture….MANY of their “dreams’ and prophecies have yet come to pass…

              But we as believers, are anticipating that they DO come to pass, no?

              So you can’t apply your own human logic to this…

              If something TRUELY is from God, it WILL come to pass.

              Just because it hasn’t happened, doe not mean that it won’t. We see thru a glass darkly. NO one has the whole picture…but we CAN have glimpses from the Holy Sprit for comfort and edification. AND preparation.

              Do we major in prophecy, making it an idol to the exclusion of the salvation knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ? Certainly not.

              But scripture does warn us NOT to despise prophecy.

              1Th 5:20:
              “Do not despise prophecies”

              (and dreams and vision etc.)

            • Jim, you wrote:

              “And I simply don’t have the time to be chasing other peoples dreams.”

              Then WHY have been you posting on this forum for quite a while now?

              Marianne posts dreams, visions, as well as other topics for those who have an interest in them as well as for her own record of her own dreams and such.

              It is bothers you THAT much, why don’t you go post on another forum?

  72. watchthebeast,
    I suppose when it comes into believing in other peoples dreams you have three choices; you can believe every single one of them, reject them all or believe some and not others. We both agree that simply believing everything someone else says would be foolish, so the question is, if we don’t want to toss them all out, how do we decide which ones are worthy of our consideration.
    Obviously, they must fit the bible. If a Muslim dreams the Mahdi will return and Isa (Jesus) will murder all Christians and Jews who won’t convert, we will reject that dream out of hat and not wait anxiously to see if it actually happens.
    If it matches our own interpretation of scripture, what then? Well, if it simply regurgitates known prophecy, then the dream is of little use. We don’t really need confirmation of the bible… you either believe it already or you don’t. But if the dream contains specifics such as times and places, how should we respond? If someone here had a dream that said your home town was to be destroyed next week, would you quit your job and remove your family to another location tomorrow? Would you take the chance to be skeptical and possibly lose your life? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!
    It is one thing to chat about these things and embrace the Second Coming with others, but would you let any of these dreams affect your life in such a drastic way? NEVER!
    How do I know this? Ask Marianne. This very topic is about an actual upcoming event that could wipe her and her family out in a minute, and yet she fails to act upon the information and move to a safer location. I live in southern California and we all know the “Big One” is coming, yet no mass evacuations have begun nor will they until it is too late.
    My point is that none of these dreams will have any effect on us so discussing them is a waste of time, except for the dreamer, who may be convinced they have heard from God and it may give them comfort. But these dreams don’t give ME any comfort… I get that whenever I speak to the Lord, and I don’t need Him to talk back.
    As for why I post here, well it depends on the topic. I was an astronomy and geology major in college and have an engineering degree. So tsunamis and planets are my area of expertise so I have a lot to contribute on these topics, for those who want the truth. Many faithful Christians have no idea how the universe works and so they end up with warped interpretations of bible prophecy and end up believing in certain things (like Nibiru) that will never happen. As with dream-following, I feel this can be a colossal waste of time. Consider all the hours of research and typing that Marianne went thru to post two different Nibiru posts… all that time wasted that could have been used for something actually biblical.
    Harry Houdini spent much of his life exposing phony psychics and spiritualists while trying to contact his dead mother. He failed to find a single one that wasn’t a fake. It was easy for him because as a magician, he knew all their tricks. Well I’m here to expose all the bogus YouTube videos and charlatans out there who prey on gullible Christians who are looking for proof of bible prophecy.
    That is my calling. That’s why I’m here.

    • Jim,
      There is a difference between dream FOLLOWING and dream “considering”….in other words: listen, pause and consider it, pray about it, then, put it on the shelf.

      IF it is from God and God is warning someone, as you yourself said, one *should* heed those words. What one does with the information is up to them at that point.

      But again, dreams are given to God’s people for their EDIFICATION- in other words, their “encouragment” or building them up.AND also “warning’ us of things to come.


      You asked a question: ” how do we decide which ones are worthy of our consideration.” ?

      You know HOW you know? You ASK God and ask Him to show thru the Holy Spirit if certain dreams are “worth” being concerned about. But yeah, you are right. We don’t “major” in dreams. We are not supposed to.

      If you are a true “born again” by the Spirit of God “Christ” disciple and have the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and understanding, THEN you can “discern” and consider what someone says is true.

      There is a balance here. Scripture tells us we should not “despise” these things. But on the same hand we should not make it your idol or your everything. BALANCE ……..THATS how you approach the subject of “dreams, visions, and prophecies.”

      Bottom line; ya need the Holy Spirit in you to discern if these things be true.AND not every professing “christian” actually HAS the Holy Spirit living inside of them.

    • jim

      I do not move to a place of safety because the Lord told me to stay where I am. I am needed HERE, not elsewhere.

  73. I just cant stand so many ignorant people.But soon all of these ignorance will open many eyes.God have mercy.

  74. Thank you so much for all this information…

  75. I had a dream in January 2011 of an earthquake and huge tsunami (im talking stories and stories high. I was being shown it as in 3rd party view. I had never seen the place in my life but noticed the clock tower and what time it was etc and a specific hotel amongst other details. There were people running around with major fear in there faces and they were of mixed races, there were black body bags stacked as far as the eye could see (i felt as though this is an event that signifies a major loss of life). Last night 5/8/2015 i believe the lord showed me where this location is. North carolina popped in to my head and i prayed about it and was shown it was to do with the dream from 2011 and then i went on to google and found indeed the same clock tower and hotel i had seen in the dream. (I am from the southern hemisphere and not familiar with the geographic locations of the usa) I have been praying and praying for the lord to have mercy on these people and that they would come to know jesus as there saviour and repent before its too late. Please if you don’t know jesus as your personal saviour, humble your heart and accept him before it’s too late, don’t let pride or ignorance or anything else stop you from finding him, your eternal life depends on it! I don’t know the date of this but i feel as though it is coming very very soon. Other saints from around the world have also been prompted to pray through various dreams they have had also. god bless you all and may the lord be with you.

    • dene

      clock towers here in north carolina are usually associated with universities.

      what is the name of the city?


      it is on the beach and so hotels would be around it.

      Raleigh ( NC state university) an Chapel Hill ( UNiv of north carolina at chapel hill) both have clock towers.

      thanks for sharing your dream

    • Where?did God show you where in nc? I stay on nash county area. But i am a true believer of Jesus Christ. I live with my mom. We planning on moving far west of NC. What date and year did he show?

  76. Thanks for sharing those dreams.

    What city is the clock tower located?

  77. If tsumani do hit NC ….how far can it go? What is the safest place to move to high ground? I am really concern. God is all powerful.

    • cindi

      I do not know for sure, I live in raleigh, and the Lord told me I would be “sprinkled.”

      you are closer to coast, but more north.

      just pray about it, and do what is best for you

      • Thanks Marianne. Can i ask something. In Noah time God put a rainbow in the sky to promise no more floods. So why will he allow this tsunami to happen? I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and I know he will protect his people.

        • cindi

          God meant a world wide flood, killing all humanity, not a local one.

          if you watch the news, you will have seen tsunamis in parts of indonesia, japan, etc,

          this predicted tsunami will come from either the caribbean, near puerto rico,


          or the aliso viejo volcano in west africa, or both

          it may go inland up to 100 miles, but it depends on the distance from impact origin. it also depends on altitude, how far above sea level you are.

          those near the coast, at lower altitudes, near origin, will be killed.

          others more far away, at higher altitudes, have a better chance.

          then there are most of us who are “in between” …..

          I can send you some prayers for protection. God is faithful to protect those who call upon his name.

          I was planning on moving to the mountains, when the Lord told me to stay where I was…so I am in his hands….


          one clue I had was from a young student in a different country, who had a dream vision before he came here to stay with me…he had no knowledge of american monuments, architecture, or terrain, but he shared this with me:


          at first I thought the event would occur when he first arrived.(2012) ..but he described a time when he would be in school here, and the “tower” he saw was a NC State university, not the washington monument, which had water around it. I thought an earthquake and a pipe busted.

          he is currently at a community college and should transfer to NC state in the fall. 2016.

          the water confused me about the location, because there is no water around the bell tower, but it took time for me to realize this was a result of an earthquake and flooding from a tsunami. the water amount was small, and the local area had some damage.

          so this cannot happen until he becomes a transfer student into NC State this fall…or sometime after his attendance starts.

  78. Russia has planted mole missiles off the coast of america, which would create tsunamis when activated

  79. Marianne
    Thanks for the update. I haven’t checked in for a couple of years and was really surprised to see this ongoing debate about whether or not God speaks to His people in dreams and visions.

    I took my site down a few months ago, just to take a break from all the chaos. To date I have had 11 dreams regarding Tsunami’s, I believe they were a warning from God that a catastrophic event like this could happen in our life time.

    I think for me, the main purpose I had in sharing those dreams and a hundred plus others, was that humanity as a whole, has turned it’s back on God. Even those who would call themselves “Christians” and “believers” have cast down God’s word, caught up in some argument of who is right or wrong etc. Because so many have, should their death come without the chance to accept Jesus/Yeshua as King and savior; the consequences would be eternal. If we as believers look no different than the unsaved, if the fruit we bear is ugly, unkind and hateful; there will be no place for us with God. He just won’t have us.

    I have never claimed to be a Prophet and I never will. If I were one, then the fruit that I bear as a believer would be evidence enough. What I will add to this is that there were many prophetic voices in the Old Covenant, many of these passed away never seeing what God said would happen in their lifetime. The same is true now, I may never actually see in my lifetime all that God has shown me and that’s okay. As long as I am obedient to God, it really doesn’t matter whether I see it or not.

    Lastly, I am adding you to my prayers; you are under heavy spiritual warfare here. Blessings, Kasey Burt

    • hi kasey

      believe in the dreams god gives you.

      for me, tsunamis can come from different sources for east coast

      the volcano off the west coast of africa

      an asteroid hitting the atlantic

      russian nukes off the east coast in international waters

      planted nukes along the coast by our own government

      whatever the cause, we are in god’s hands

      thank you for your prayers….you have mine also

      be blessed

  80. Is it possible to show all fields of the item, rather than just the columns that are included with the view?

  81. Why are we even talking about this , only God knows what can happen .I don’t believe in Nasa , at all.

    • Elizabeth

      It is just for information and discussion. It is good to know so one can prepare if they want.

      • Don’t mind if is for discussion or to be prepare ,but in my opinion no one can prepare themselves for something like this .We will not be warn. From: Heaven Awaits To: lilly4916@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, February 11, 2019 8:54 AM Subject: [New comment] Tsunami Risk for the East Coast of the USA #yiv2525883300 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2525883300 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2525883300 a.yiv2525883300primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2525883300 a.yiv2525883300primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2525883300 a.yiv2525883300primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2525883300 a.yiv2525883300primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E !important;color:#fff !important;}#yiv2525883300 WordPress.com Marianne commented: “Elizabeth It is just for information and discussion. It is good to know so one can prepare if they want.” | |

  82. The Canary Island volcano is now active. Magma is rising. Hundreds of earthquakes are occurring on the island and the number keeps increasing. This is a warning if this blows the East Coast will be flooded with a tsunami it may kill many many people

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