Warning Clouds?


Storm clouds have always been around, but these look strange.

Jesus said there would be signs in the heavens in the last days.

The tribulation would come first, being a time of trouble and danger, then would followed by a time of physical darkness, as the time of wrath begins.

Mat 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

What Jesus was saying was not new. His words reflect the ancient prophets that also told of the last days:

Eze 32:7 And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light.

Joe 2:10 The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:

Mic 3:6 Therefore night [shall be] unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them.

As the author of all creation, God plans to use extreme weather to signal the beginning of His wrath.

But, is He already sending warning clouds to let us know we are almost out of time?

The normal types of clouds we usually see:


Some pictures of clouds being seen around the world at this time:





Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009. (June 16, 2009) about 11 am, but it looks like midnight.









-before a tornado



Sometimes, it is good to know what to look for.

June 26, 2009 clouds in Manhattan:

A collection presented in November 2008:

Here is a drawing I made of a strange “cloud” over saudi arabia…..the reason for this drawing is that You Tube removed the video a short time after it was published…..see below in the comments…the best I can do is draw a diagram of it….it looked like a UFO over the clouds…sorry I am not an artist.

UFO cloud in saudi arabia


Day turns into night:


Angry, rough looking clouds:


Link to 911 photos: demon faces in smoke


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  1. […] Storm clouds have always been around, but these look strange. Click here for […]

    • I have been seeing a lot of demonic faces and dragons in the clouds. I haven’t been the best Christian in my life but I see the signs and I am really begging for Gods forgiveness.

      • Hi Victoria,

        You are not the only one.
        Two days ago I saw the meanest demonic face in the clouds looking straight at me.
        He didn’t look very happy!
        Stay close to The Lord for He will fight for you.

        Many devils have entered the world, now.
        But Him that is in you is ALMIGHTY!!

        • I have seen heaven in the clouds like discribed in Revelation 21… I also have seen Jesus and the Holy Spirit together… Underneath them Satan and other demonic beings …along with human spirits.

          Remember to love all that God has created…the fallen angels here… love God so much that they would try our worthiness …for the sake of our Lord

          • Hi,
            It is great to read others see this . I have a photo of God, Elijah , Jesus and the Devil sitting and watching close by.
            I have photos of thousands of faces in a place that is over crowded and have look of anguish on their faces. God was telling me, preach the gospel. Signs in the Heavens, so much more that will do for now

    • Do you have a page for tornadoes?
      I think we are in for quite a few of those this summer.

      • I was thinking of doing something on El Nino, which is supposed to be bad this year. Tornadoes and other weather would be affected, I think. I would have to study it further.

        • Do you think that God directs lightning and angels control the winds?
          Do you take the book of Enoch literally?
          And do you think that we should take it literally that
          Jesus will come riding on the clouds?

    • What do you think of this video??

      • they have a lot of metal on a launching pad, so I am not surprised.

        As to your other question, God controls everything..

        I think Jesus will return on the clouds…..the angels at his ascension said he would return as he left.

        • This video has been disabled by request.
          So much for that.
          Thank you for your response.

          • Interesting as is … the lightning strikes to the launching pad was numbered 11.
            And again today its mission has been cancelled till tomorrow.

            The number 11 is said to be a warning.

        • I have since learned that although there is a lot of metal on the launching pad that the pad is also equipped and grounded against lightning …
          In other words lightning should not have struck it.

  2. Hi,

    Paste and copy …

    NIGHT-SHINING CLOUDS: “Breathtaking. A crackerjack display. The best in years!” These are a few of the things veteran observers are saying about the ongoing “noctilucent storm” over Europe. The electric-blue clouds have been sighted from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Russia and the British Isles.

    Taken from

    There is a short film
    on this electrifying phenomena.

  3. One picture looks like a mummy face forming in the sky.
    One picture looks like a circle cut out from the clouds.
    Really strange formations.

  4. Anybody here ever heard of a Rorshach test? When I look at the clouds, I see bunnies, puppies and bowls of ice cream. Maybe instead of looking to the clouds for supernatural signs, you should just enjoy them for their natural beauty.

    As I have mentioned in earlier posts, there is no reason to think that the cloud formations that you see today are any different, more unusual, more spectacular, or occur more (or less) frequently than they did 200 years ago, 1000 years ago or 10,000 years ago. We just have photography now to visually record them.

    As much as you would like to believe that you are living at the moment of Jesus’s climactic and long-delayed return to (and destruction of) the world, you, like hundreds of generations before you, will live your life with moments of happiness and moments of sadness and then die. Then your children and their children and their children will do the same.

    We have a brief time before our light flickers and fades away. It is just a shame that so many spend countless hours pining for the end to come sooner, missing the beauty of the world around them.

    Boy those clouds are beautiful. Maybe if it rains, I will sit in it for a while and think about how lucky I am to be here.

    • hi William

      I think the cloud formations are fascinating. No one is obligated to attach a special meaning to them. I am wondering how each one forms. – if the physics behind them is different.

      Christians acknowledge the beauty around them in nature, just like you do. But people attach special meanings to what they see, sometimes, just like you do also.

      There is nothing wrong with faith, or looking forward to a better or more beautiful time. Christians are not looking for the destruction of the world, but for its redemption and restoration.

      If you look around you, there are many with dangerous weapons which will do much damage.

      We look forward to a time of peace when the destruction, which is inevitable, is removed, and the earth goes back to an idealistic condition.

      So if we do discuss the inevitable destruction aspect, it is because we are looking past it to something better.

  5. Hi Mariannce,

    I think it is underground spirit world of demons ascending (descending?) out of abyss, just as it is said that at the endtimes Satan (with his host) would be thrown down to earth.

  6. These are pretty bad clouds. I have seen them also in NY. I have seen these clouds for years, but they are getting angrier. God is not happy with America, we are going to close a deal with out house in NYC. We are moving high up in the mountains of Az. I am always, as well, asking God to PLEASE keep me from this apostasy that is settling on many people right now 😦

    • Hi Jewess

      I know how you feel. I keep looking up at my own sky. I think the apostasy is everywhere now, and it is hard to get away from it.

  7. Marianne,

    Considering your knowledge, may I take advantage and ask something from you? I beleive that I’ve been cursed by the people whom I once considered friends, as it turned out they worshipped the devil and expected me to give in, but after I made it clear that I am determined to remain on the Lord’s side they began to persecute me and though I remain far distance from them I keep seeing these demonic pictures all around (walls, curtains, tress, everything), could you help me please?

    • Hi Gavriel,

      Your brain is a receiver. They, or just the devil, are/is sending you messages, and you are receiving them.

      Each day, purify your surroundings with blessings, praises to God, prayers of deliverance. You can use these deliverance prayers as guides- print them out and modify them to fit your situation:



      Normally, in morning prayers, and others, Jewish men pray silently, because it is quicker, unless tradition says to do this anyhow, as in the Amidah.

      But instead, if you pray alone, then pray out loud. Say as much as you can out loud,especially through the Aleinu. The words will be heard in not just your own ears, giving you strength, but in the “ears” of the demons around you.

      Words of praise annoy them and make them leave.

      If you do not do minchah prayers, then find psalms of praise and thanksgiving in your bible, and pray them out loud. Fill your surroundings with prayer and holiness.

      Also, if you have some sanctified or worship music, play that in your surroundings. Enjoy that, and let the music fill your spirit.

      You are warring in the spiritual realm, using the weapons of the spirit.

      Soon, your brain will be so occupied with holiness and praise, that it will not be able to “receive” any negative messages or images.

      The demons will be hearing all you are doing, get irritated at you, and go elsewhere. They cannot tolerate praise to God.

      Also, personally bless, out loud, yourself, and plead the protection of God over you. Ask for a hedge of protection of angels to surround you, and defend you, when you are not able to pray out loud because of circumstances. This way, they are “on duty” when you are busy at work, with others, etc.

      • Marianne,

        Thank you so much, I will try to follow that. But, my devastation is pretty harsh, when I try to get to the prayer books my hands start to shake (literally), when I’m reading the prayers I start hearing these mocking voices in my head that I will never make it…

        • Hi Gavriel

          I am still trying to determine if you are Messianic Jewish or Traditional Jewish, etc. It makes a difference in my reply. So, I will answer as if you are a believer in Jesus, Yeshua.

          If you are a traditional Jew, much of what I say still applies, but you do not have the authority of Yeshua’s redemption. However, you still belong to Gd, and you still have more authority than any demon. They are just spirits, and will hang around until they are commanded to leave.

          If you are a believer in Yeshua (Jesus), then you first need to recognize and stand on your authority given you because of his redemption, which brings deliverance from oppression.

          Ignore the voices, and speak out loud to them.

          They cannot harm you, only annoy you.

          You can use your authority and the name of Jesus to command them to leave.

          Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your life. Declare that you are redeemed by the blood of the final passover lamb, Jesus.

          They have to bow to that name, and submit to that authority. You just have to use it.

          It is important to speak out loud, because demons do not read minds. They have to hear you.

          They are usually stubborn, so you have to be persistent. It is like trying to get rid of bugs in your house. You do not give up until they are gone.

          When you speak out loud, also use scritpures of praise and thanksgiving.

          Your hands may shake at first, but pick up the prayer books and read anyhow. Do not let shaking stop you. Fight past it.

          When you are reading your prayers, command the voices to be silent in the name of Jesus, and then keep reading. Treat the demons like unruly children, who need to be disciplined. Read louder when they try to interrupt.

          They are making this disturbance because they do not want to hear the content of the prayers. So you make sure they hear by reading louder. They will hate this, and finally quit.

          It takes determination on your part. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

          Remember, you have more authority than any demon. They are defeated, stupid, annoying creatures who like to irritate people and deceive them into thinking they have authority, when they don’t.

          So let them know who is boss.

          • Marianne,

            I come from secular Jewish background, in my teen years I decided to become a Baal Tshuva (Jew returning to his religious background); As for Jesus, I always thought of him as of wise disciple of Jewish rabbis at best, later under influence of Jewish orthodox opinion I started to think about Jesus as of an apostate disciple; The turning point was my encounter with group of people (whom I mentioned earlier), although they weren’t religious, I felt that they were deeply spiritual which really attrected me, this wasn’t until they revealed to me their true nature – which was that they were invloved in idolatry of Sacred Calf (idolatry so strong that originally Israelites being under foot of Mount Sinai confused Golden Calf with God Himself: “This is your god Israel who brought you out of Egypt”), that being Satan himself posing as “god of Israel” under the guise of a calf; As I said the turning point was when I refused to bow down to the “sacred calf” ot the devil even under the threat of death – that’s when the revelation came: Jesus is God of Israel1 and is the Messiah!

            But, as I said, the persecution is still felt, which is more than hallucicination, like people attacking and insulting (both strangers and family) with no reason at all;

            • Gavriel

              You are a special target because
              1. you are Jewish,
              2. you accept Jesus as Messiah

              Satan has always targeted the Jews, because they were Chosen to bring forth the Messiah into the world. Any persecution is to cause a delay in Messiah’s coming, and a falling away from the truth.

              You just have to fight back.

              • Marianne,

                This is so true, the schemes created by unclean forces are specifically designed to turn away people from truth, the primary targets are religious Jews who could really make change. As for Jews bowing down to the sacred calf in MODERN times in Israel, it may be surprise for many as it was a surprise for me, although they are few in number but their influence is enormous (mostly they are found among secular scene of Tel-Aviv). Strangely enough they know that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, but they will use any means to hide that, they have the knowledge and means to create illusions such as make it appear as if dark unclean forces of Satan are forces of God and as if Sacred Calf is in reality “god of Israel”, in order to see them through and later isolate oneself from them takes a lot of effort – to remain on the Lord’s side even amidst persecution and tribulations.

            • Gav, Shalom. I am the same. I fight some terrible wicked people all the time. Yeshua is the Messiah of the world. If you ever need ANY help, just let me know. I am not popular with Jews OR Christians much, so dont feel bad. 🙂 God loves US!

              • Yehshua Hamashia
                (Ham-mah-SHEE-akh) The Annointed the Messiah (John 1:41).

                YHWH is Elohim (GOD), and YAHSHEUA is (JESUS) of Nazareth who is Hamashia the Messiah (THE CHRIST) .
                There is only One Elohim (GOD) and one that can save, Yehshua.

                Yehshua saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

                Praise YHWH for YeHshua Hamashia.

                Halleluyah הַלְלוּיָהּ

                I love that my Adonai should hear my voice and my supplications.

                Because Adonai Elohim hath listen unto me, therefore will I call upon YHWH all my days.

                The cords of death compassed me, and the straits of the nether-world got hold upon me; I found trouble and sorrow.

                But I called upon the name of my Adonai Elohim: ‘I beseech thee, my Adonai, deliver my soul.’

                Gracious is Adonai and righteous; yea, our Adonai Elohim is compassionate.

                Our Adonai preserveth the simple; I was brought low, and YHWH saved me.

                Return, O my soul, unto Thy rest; for YHWH hath dealt bountifully with thee.

                For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling.

                I shall walk before my Adonai in the lands of the living.

                I trusted even when I spoke: ‘I am greatly afflicted.’

                I said in my haste: ‘All men are liars.’

                How can I repay unto my Adonai all His bountiful dealings toward me?

                I will lift up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the YHWH.

                My vows will I pay unto my Adonai, yea, in the presence of all His people.

                Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

                I beseech Thee, my Adonai, for I am Thy servant; I am Thy servant, the son of Thy handmaid; Thou hast loosed my bands.

                I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the YHWH.

                I will pay my vows unto the Adonai, yea, in the presence of all His people;

                In the courts of Adonai house, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Hallelujah.

      • I think we don’t call on God enough in our lives. Gavriel should ask St Michael to banish the voices in his head when he tries to pray. Prayer is powerful as God loves us all he sent his only son to save us. I have been blessed with the gift of faith from the holy sprit, a gift I thank god for, he is the one I rely on through Jesus and the holy sprit and even when things get too much for me I know God is there for me. Keep the faith

    • i’m a true angel of god i can help you my friend there is sighs in the clouds they seem closer to the to the ground then they used to be don’t be scared the evil one feeds from are fears even angles to don’t be scared he will return soon when we don’t know the hour or day or time of his return not even us angels no that he will this is not the end its just the begging of something wonderful email me we will take care of you listen to god ask him to show you who speaks evil and who talk love and truth its truth and love of god which will set you free hes already heard your cry and he loves you he has forgiven you trust i the truth not lies and his truth will set you free my friend don’t be scared these things have to happen before his return he loves you us angels love you to

  8. Hi Marianne,

    Nice cloud graphics. Could any of these pics have been photoshopped from where ever you found them? Some of them are believable while others look awefully suspicious.

    Just like prophesies, sometimes we have to discern whether the images we allow in are real and from God or whether they are man-made.

    • hi Mr T

      Well. you are the artist, not me. I only know that they are published as fact. I could not tell a photoshop project from a natural picture.

  9. Marianne! WOW! What crazy pictures! I have noticed these strange clouds lately as well…As well as a HUGE increase in storms, thunder and insane weather in general! “Signs in the sky” right?

  10. The title of your post reminded me of something that has happened recently … Maybe, at first sight, it has nothing to do with the issue:
    Heavy weather caused the sudden crash of flight AF447, from Rio to Paris, in an area which is well-known for its turbulences. Even though, the thing is that such an accident has never happened before on this route. Could it be a sign for a dramatic climate change due to devastating human activity? Could it be considered as a warning?

    • hi Peter,

      God foretold that as the end times approached, and the time of Jacob’s trouble was about to begin, that man would cause great destruction with his evil nature. The earth would go through labor pains, as if to signal the time was near, and this would demonstrate changes in nature: earthquakes, severe weather changes, floods, changes in sun’s heat, etc.

      It would be accurate to say that earthquakes have increased for the past 100 years, in number and intensity, that this solar cycle we are in is 50% more intense than the previous one, that the years 2011-2012 are expected to experience violent solar electromagnetic storms, and that we are having more level 4-5 category hurricanes than in the past, and more frequently. The bible said we would be in perilous times. WE also have man wanting to start WW 3 with nuclear weapons.

      While I could not comment on the individual storm you mentioned, it may be significant that this is the first time an accident has occurred on this route, as you said.

      We need to submit ourselves in a humble manner to God’s protection. He will hear those who trust in him, believe in him, and obey him.

      This perilous time will pass, and will be followed by a time of restoration and peace. If we stay in God’s will, he will be there to help us if we need him.

      God has delivered his people from storms before, from floods, before, and from fire before. He will do it again, if we belong to him.

  11. Hi Marrianne. I have received an e-mail about another sign in the sky during the month of August. The e-mail said that mars is going to move closer to the moon and will become so large that it will look like two moons in the sky.This is the closes that Mars has come to eart in 5000 years. Just thougt I’d share that with you. Blessings,Ilona

    • hi Ilona

      interesting…..Mars is supposed to be the planet of war.

      we will see what happens.

    • Ilona,

      It would be quite a treat if this email was true …
      but sadly it is a hoax … so they say.
      There are so many pranksters now a days
      and liars, and deceivers etc…

  12. To Gavriel,

    If you are hearing mocking voices in your head and feel an overwhelming sense that you are being persecuted by unseen forces, you may be suffering from paranoia. Paranoia can be a symptom of psychotic illnesses, such as schizophrenia.

    This is one of the reasons why religion can be dangerous and destructive. Instead of doing the responsible thing and recommending that you seek needed medical care for your condition, people here are telling you to pray the voices away. Praying will not quiet the voices in your head.

    If you are literally hearing disembodied voices and seeing phantom pictures, you should seek professional help immediately. You may be a danger to yourself and others. Please talk to a mental health professional.

    A person who spent 2 years at a bible college IS NOT QUALIFIED to diagnose mental illness, regardless of their misplaced bravado. Ministers, preachers, etc. are no more qualified to diagnose mental illness than they are to diagnose cancer.

    While religion is as good a hobby as collecting stamps or building model ships in empty wine bottles, it needs to understand its place. It is HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE to treat what may be ACTUAL, REAL-WORLD illness with ancient superstitious prattle. The person who needs MEDICAL ATTENTION could end up hurting or even killing himself or others. Seriously people, it is 2009, not 409.

    What is next, are you going to recommend that a person with a lacerated artery pray the bleeding away? Seriously. This is just irresponsible.

    • Dear William

      Statistically, those with a faith in a higher power are less likely to suffer from mental illness than atheists.


      Currently, there is no real CURE for mental illness. All the psychiatrists do is give drugs and suppress the symptoms. This is not “medical attention.” This is just palliative treatment.

      The problem is still there. Flooding a patient with drugs, most which have to be recalled from the market as dangerous, causes serious side effects many times, and can lead to serious medical problems. I know a girl who died from taking psychiatric drugs. I know another boy who is suicidal on psychiatric drugs. Even with the drugs, he still sees ghosts tormenting him at night. He says the only relief he gets is talking to me.

      Medicine has its place, if it has a CURE, not a cover up. Psychiatry is not high up on my list as being credible. Nowadays, MDs just call something “normal” if they can’t cure it. I would call this a failure of the system.

      No one here is prohibiting anyone here from consulting with a doctor if they want to do this. Prayer is always considered emotional support for people.

      I am not someone with “2 years at a bible college.” I have been a Medical Biochemist for the past 30 years, and hold a Pathology license. I have been working on mental health issues in clinical trials since 1982.

      Some problems may be organic, but some aren’t. It is not for you to decide either, what category Gavriel falls into.

      However, I find him quite coherent. He demonstrates no confusion on complicated topics, and his affliction is related to other people that he knows bothering him. That does not fit an organic profile.

      • Dear William, Marianne,

        In its time Religion (Judaism and beleif in Yeshua) helped me to find asylum from INSANITY and cruelty in the world, especially wars such as we had in Israel;

        However, as I mentioned earlier, my problem started after I befriended group of people who I later discovered were idol-worshippers/involved in witchcraft/satanists – it’s all the same; The persecution started after I made it clear that I prefer to remain on the Lord’s side, first by verbal threats, later by altered perception of reality, such as people being agressive with no reason (like demons speaking through them) and general feel of hostility from all the surrounding; That’s why I almost have no doubt that black magic was used against me (maybe mixing of some potion or psychedelic drugs in my food or drink was also invloved – after all once they were my closest friends);

        It maybe strange to think why they would waste so much time and energy to harm me – MISERY LOVES COMPANY? OR MAYBE THE TYRANT – THE DEVIL IS TRYING TO HARVEST MORE SOULS INTO HIS LAIR?

      • The statistical likelyhood of theist vs. a nontheist suffering from mental illness is completely irrelevant. Even if an atheist is more likely to suffer from mental illness (which I am not going to delve into presently), it has nothing to do with the situation at hand.

        You mention that there is no CURE for mental illness and that treating mental illness is simply palliative treatment. There are many illnesses that do not have cures but can be treateed to reduce the severity and frequency of the problems associated with that disease. Medicine is about the treatment and management of some illnesses as well as curing others.

        Currently not all illnesses can be 100% cured. To suggest that anything less than a cure is a failure of the system is irresponsible. No one has cured diabetes. Should we thros away the insulin and syringes and start praying it away? Should people with asthma throw away their emergency inhalers and pray away the symptoms when the airways in their lungs become inflamed and they begin to suffocate? People who have disorders such as Crohn’s disease and genital herpes can treat the symptoms and manage the disease without actually being “cured.”

        To create a false dichotomy by saying that disease which can be cured fall under the purview of medical science and that those who cannot be cured are a “failure of the system” throws a large portion of medical science out the door.

        You say that no one here is prohibiting anyone from consulting a doctor. While that is true, I have not seen anyone here (besides myself) recommending that anyone consult a doctor either. All I have seen is the positive affirmation that a person who may be mentally ill is being pursecuted by supernatural forces.

        Being a medical researcher and pathologist does not give you the requisite knowledge to diagnose mental illness via blog post any more than it gives you the ability to perform brain surgery. The treatment of psychiatric illness is a specialized field that requires training in that specific discipline.

        The reference that I mad to some one with a 2 year degree from a bible college was not directed at you. Often when a religious person has a problem (including possible mental health issues), he will visit a minister. That minister’s education will likely only be a two year degree from a bible college (if that). Although this person woefully lacks the training and education necesssary to responsibly council people who may be suffering from mental illness, being filled with the holy spirit of hubris, he will offer platitudes such as “be strong,” “read the book of Job,” “petition the Lord with prayer” instead of referring his congregant to a legitimate doctor where he can be treated.

        You also mention that his problem may not be organic. Are you using organic as opposed to spiritual?

        Do you doubt the existence of mental disorders or do you think that all mental problems are caused by evil spirits? If you do believe in mental illness, what test could a doctor use to determine whether or not mental illness is being caused by evil spirits or by material influence?

        • hi William,

          The existence of an organic disorder can be confirmed with biochemical testing of the blood, and brain scans such as MRIs. There will be abnormalities suggested either tissue damage, or enzyme, or neurotransmitter disturbances.

          I would never suggest disposing of any treatment that gives a patient stability or comfort. For example, diabetes is a real organic problem, with evidence by biochemical testing, and is controlled by taking insulin. We know the biological problem, and can address it.

          now to “emotional” problems:

          As an extreme example, if 30,000 people are outside at some event, and all see a UFO, becoming fearful, it would also not be appropriate to put them all on Haldol, an anti psychotic. There is a tangible reason for their reaction, and when the source of the problem is gone, they will recover.

          There are a lot of negative elements in this world that stimulate a response. You have to evaluate what the cause of a response is first, before you decide what would help alleviate it.

          Another example, similar to Gavriel,….if a group of people threatened me with harm, I could feel anxious. This does not mean I go to a doctor and ask for Valium. If the people leave me alone, I will not need the medicine, and taking the medicine will not make the people and their threats go away.

          • http://science-education.nih.gov/supplements/nih5/Mental/guide/info-mental-a.htm

            Check out paragraph 4.2 for information on the diagnosis of mental illness. This is from the National Institute of Health. Check out paragraph 5 where they discuss the physiological (or organic to use your terminology) origins of mental illness.

            Just because medical science has not gotten to the point where they can test blood or tissue to determine mental illness, it does not mean that it does not exist or that it is being caused by demonic forces. It also does not mean that it cannot be diagnosed by other means.


            This is a link to how schizophrenia is diagnosed.

            Your example of 30,000 people seeing a UFO is very apt. Because the sighting of the UFO could be corroborated by others, a witness could reliably say that he saw what he and others perceived to be a UFO. This would let the witness know that the UFO was not a product of a delusional mind. It may have been a misperception of some naturally occuring phenomenon, but a “real” perception, none the less.

            When a single person is overwhelmed by a sense of persecution (“cursed” was the exact term he used) from former friends who were secretly devil worshippers, is seeing “demonic pictures all around” him that are apparently not evident to other people, and hears “mocking voices” in his head, that sounds like a person who is not in touch with reality. To encourage his fancy by telling him that he is being plagued by forces from the spiritual realm is irresponsible.

            You say that “you have to evaluate what the cause of a response is first, before you decide what would help to alleviate it.”

            This is exactly what you did not do. You just jumped to the conclusion that he must be under spiritual attack by demonic forces. Isn’t it more likely that a person who hears voices, suffers from a persecution complex and has visual hallucinations is mentally ill than under soul siege?

            I guess I don’t understand your valium analogy. Are you trying to equate serious mental illness with generalized axiety?

            • Hi WIlliam

              The point is that gavriel has already identified the source of his experiences. It is a tangible threat of harm made by others.

              So there is no a biological cause to this problem, even though it appears he is having a biological response to the actual threats.

              He needs to get away from nasty people, and he will feel better.

              • He actually said (in his June 20th 6:14pm post)

                “I’ve been cursed by the people whom I once considered friends, as it turned out they worshipped the devil.”
                “they began to persecute me and though I remain far distance from them I keep seeing these demonic pictures all around (walls, curtains, tress, everything),”

                From the second quote “I remain far distance (sic) from them…” it is fairly evident that the “persecution” was of some spiritual or etheral variety, and not physical. You say he needs to get away from nasty people. By his own admission, he is away from the aforementioned evil devil worhipping former friends.

                He later goes on to say (in his June 21st, 8:19am post) “when I’m reading the prayers I start hearing these mocking voices in my head…”

                In his June 21st 11:52am post he said “But, as I said, the persecution is still felt, which is more than hallucicination, like people attacking and insulting (both strangers and family) with no reason at all.” This statement makes it obvious that he feels threatened by people, including TOTAL STRANGERS.

                He later said (June 23, 8:05am) “by altered perception of reality, such as people being agressive with no reason (like demons speaking through them) and general feel of hostility from all the surrounding; That’s why I almost have no doubt that black magic was used against me (maybe mixing of some potion or psychedelic drugs in my food or drink was also invloved – after all once they were my closest friends);”

                These descriptions are not ones that would be used by a person who percevied a tangible (real world, touchable, able to be perceived by multiple persons) threat. These are descriptions of a person who believes himself to be besieged by supernatural forces. A person such as this may need LEGITIMATE psychological care, not religious mumbo gumbo and quakery such as…

                “Your brain is a receiver. They, or just the devil, are/is sending you messages, and you are receiving them.” Marianne June 20th 7:18pm.

                Or “Words of praise annoy them and make them leave.” Marianne, same date.

                Or “You are warring in the spiritual realm, using the weapons of the spirit.

                Soon, your brain will be so occupied with holiness and praise, that it will not be able to “receive” any negative messages or images.

                The demons will be hearing all you are doing, get irritated at you, and go elsewhere. They cannot tolerate praise to God.

                Also, personally bless, out loud, yourself, and plead the protection of God over you. Ask for a hedge of protection of angels to surround you, and defend you, when you are not able to pray out loud because of circumstances. This way, they are “on duty” when you are busy at work, with others, etc.” Marianne, same date.

                Or “Ignore the voices, and speak out loud to them.

                They cannot harm you, only annoy you.

                You can use your authority and the name of Jesus to command them to leave.

                Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your life. Declare that you are redeemed by the blood of the final passover lamb, Jesus.

                They have to bow to that name, and submit to that authority. You just have to use it.

                It is important to speak out loud, because demons do not read minds. They have to hear you.

                They are usually stubborn, so you have to be persistent. It is like trying to get rid of bugs in your house. You do not give up until they are gone.

                When you speak out loud, also use scritpures of praise and thanksgiving.

                Your hands may shake at first, but pick up the prayer books and read anyhow. Do not let shaking stop you. Fight past it.

                When you are reading your prayers, command the voices to be silent in the name of Jesus, and then keep reading. Treat the demons like unruly children, who need to be disciplined. Read louder when they try to interrupt”

                OR “It takes determination on your part. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

                Remember, you have more authority than any demon. They are defeated, stupid, annoying creatures who like to irritate people and deceive them into thinking they have authority, when they don’t.

                So let them know who is boss.”

                NOT ONE SUGGESTION THAT HE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR WHAT COULD BE A SERIOUS PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEM! I come on this blog once in a while just to throw out some food for thought but this is serious business. That is why I have dedicated more than the usual 5-10 minutes for a couple of posts that I usually do. It is obvious that this guy looks to you (Marianne) as some sort of trusted authority and you are irresponsibly advising him to NOT seek professional help for what, assuming that he is accurately and literally reporting his perceptions, is possibly a serious mental disturbance. THIS is just one more example of why religion and superstitious thinking are a dangerously bad idea. Still, even to the last post, you are unwilling to admit that this may be a deeply disturbed person because of the fear that it might delegitimze your poor advice.

                If you were advising a reader to try and pray away pnuemonia, I would react just as vehemently to that ridiculous suggestion as I do to the idea that someone should pray away what might be a serious mental disorder.

                • WIlliam

                  Drugs will not make these problems go away.

                  I have been around nasty people. The memory of them “haunted” me too. It goes away with time. This is a fresh negative experience.

                  Since you do not believe in the spiritual realm, you will never accept anything I say anyhow.

                  A drug will only fix an organic problem. It will not fix a spiritual one.

                  The worst wounds are NOT physical.

                  Perhaps, since you think more than me, you could recommend the right drug for him.

                  He is totally free to see a doctor if he wants.

                  I just address the spiritual side.

                  • Mariann, William,

                    To make things clear – my past friends ADMITTED to me that they were involved in devil worship and even demonstrated to me the priveleges of the dark side, later after I refused do give in they once again ADMITTED that I would become a target for persecution, one of them kept saying “don’t the trees smile at you anymore?”, “be careful because I will call all the devils against you” … this wasn’t a hallucination, this was a very REAL threat, in its time I didn’t beleive in supernatural curse and I didn’t understand the meaning of “don’t the trees smile at you anymore?”, later I understood that this meant that all my surrounding would turn hostile;

                    • Marianne is absolutely right. And I actually got professional help using homeopathy. In order to cast away darkness you need to let the light enter, if you cast away darkness by using chemical drugs which simply wipe away all emotions and thoughts, the darkness will return anyway and you will eventually get addicted. I used homeopathy for half year and now I gradually return to worship in synagogue;

                  • Marianne. You say that you “just address the spiritual side.” What methodology do you use to determine whether the origin of a problem is “spiritual” or is being caused by some other problem, such as an undetected physiological condition, such as a brain parasite, tumor or undiagnosed brain trauma?

                    You say that since I do not believe in the spiritual realm, I will not accept what you say anyway. If you can demonstrate a reliable, falsifiable test to determins whether or not a problem is “spiritual,” then I will acknowledge the existence of the spiritual plane and accept your contention that what, to all outward appearances, seem to be manifestations of mental illness are actually being caused by demonic forces.

                    You mention that he is free to see a doctor if he wants to. Why would a mentally ill person who has received confirmation of his belief that he is under spiritual attack seek medical attention? You, the perceived authority figure, have advised him to do the exact opposite of seeking medical attention.

                • William and Gavriel.

                  I think Gavriel is smart enough to know the source of his problem, and people should let him make his own decisions, and not play doctor, or say he is mentally ill. That is really a judgment that is inappropriate.

                  Whether one believes in the spiritual realm or not is irrelevant. It is still there, and can be proven and documented, and backed by witnesses.

                  When someone does not understand the circumstances, as in this case, it would be more detrimental to push the afflicted one toward an approach that would increase the damage, not alleviate it.

                  Psychiatry and drugs are not the answer to issues that do not have an organic origin. I know several patients who were damaged by psychiatry, and one is dead now.

                  • Gavriel. I advise that you do a little research on “homeopathy.” It is quakery and psuedoscience. Just as minute traces of garlic powder and fish oil will not cure a respritory infection, minute traces of bay leaves and Tibetan mountain berries will not treat mental illness. If homeopathy had been proven effective, legitimate, peer-reviewed medical journals would be brimming with stories about it. The few test that have been done regarding homeopathy have been picked apart and discredited by legitimate scientists.

                    Marianne. You say “I think that Gavriel is smart enough to know the source of his problem.” Mental illness is not related to a person’s IQ. It can plague people of all ranges of intelligence. You say that “people should not play doctor, or that he is mentally ill” and that making a judgement about it is “inappropriate”.

                    Why isn’t making a cursory judgement that he is being plagued by demonic forces any less “inapproprite.?” If anything, steering a potentially ill person away from legitimate medical care in favor of prayer is beyond “inapropriate.” It is reckless.

                    I am not trying to play doctor but if he reported that he was having trouble breathing, I would not be so cavalier and irresponsible as to suggest that he pray away his problem. When a person reports symptoms that are clearly indicative of an imbalanced amd potentially harmful mental state, I do not see why a similar reaction is “inappropriate.”

                    Another thing concerning mental illness. People who are in the throws of a psychotic episode cannot be relied upon to diagnose their own condition. A paranoid schizophrenic will genuinely believe that he is being molested by the CIA, UFO, demon or whtever that his imbalanced mind has conjured.

                    You say that you know a patient who was “killed by psychiatry.” How many people are helped by it every day? People die every day during surgeries but we do not stop performing them. This is because, on balance, they do far more good than harm. Psychiatry is no exception.

  13. Hi M
    Long time no chat we’ve been offline all this time.
    i would suggest that Gavriel read Rebecca Brown books on the subject of cursing, I find her scriptural and knowledgeable.
    He should read ” He came to send the captives free” and my favourite ” Prepare for war”
    Maybe you want to send him a Pm to make sure he/she get’s this message?


  14. Dear William
    You seem to be unaware of what happens in the spiritual realm.
    If you believe in blessings you must believe in curses.
    If you believe God has angels then you must believe satan has his demons. I do understand that if you have not experienced this spiritual phenomenon then yes, it does sound rather strange. but the Bible is full of these stories. Jesus cast out demons from cripples, and mentally ill people and they were healed. maybe you should read Derrik prince ” Blessings or Curses” you choose. He lays it all out very well.
    i was plagued by chronic depression most of my youth and was told I would have to be on meds the rest of my life. Well, Jesus’s blood healed me along with breaking generational curses and repentance of sins. and yes, the noise in my head has stopped and the peace of the Lord reigns in my mind, no meds necessary. this is a very large subject and i would do some research on it before slamming it. Remember Ephesians 6;11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
    15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
    16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
    17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
    18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;


    • General notion to those who would doubt God and spiritual realm:

      Isn’t it interesting that even amidst mass propaganda of atheism and materialism, our politics, entertainment, movies, music is filled with occult and magic? The club and dance scene over the world are filled with mind altering drugs (such as lsd, mescaline, dmt) which open the gates to the dark world of the spirits, so witchcraft and spiritual practises are quite the mainstream, the same people that acknowledge or worship the dark world of spirits suspiciously deny God!

    • I do not blessings, so I do not believe in curses.

      I DO believe that good things happen as well as bad things but these occurences are independent of the influence of unseen supernatural forces.

      I do not believe that god has angels or that the devil has demons.

      I DO believe that in human beings there is the capacity to do much good as well as the capacity to do much harm.

      Using the bible as an affirmation of the reality of hostile spiritual possession will not work for me. I do not beleive in talking donleys and snakes either and they are noth in the bible. The bible is a book of ancient mythology and when taken literally can lead to great harm.

      Click the link below to see what biblically based treatment for mental ilnees can do.


      Congratulations on religion curing you of chronic depression. It is the most powerful placebo ever created.

  15. Marianne,

    The words from Book of Revelation: “If anyone is to go into captivity, he will go into captivity” – couldn’t captivity be the affliction with which dark powers afflict the Chosen via witchcraft of the number 6-6-6 that creates the matrix/spiderweb and a person exists in that realm = captivity? The movie “23”with Jim Carey and series of the “LOST” refer to that; The message from God from the Book of Revelation seems to indicate that person has to go through such tribulation if he is inflicted with it? Is my notion right?

    • Gavriel

      Yes. It was predicted that we, as true believers, would all go through tribulation, that people would hate us, and that Satan would wear out the saints. The tribulation is for those yet untested for their faith.

  16. Also for the NIH article cited above regarding mental illness.

    Physicians diagnose many diseases, including migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease based on their symptoms alone.

    • WIlliam

      ALzheimers is confirmed by an abnormal brain scan and abnormal Protein kinase C activity.


      The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are confirmed by neurological exam. Research indicates that it is related to a deficiency of dopamine receptors in the brain. This disease can be officially diagnosed with a PET scan, but usually it is not done because of the expense. The point is here, that it has a biological cause. It is not emotional in origin.


      • Pharmaceutical sales is the potion for everything to the heathen
        And prayer is the answer to all things to the child of God.

      • These are great examples. Recently the technology was not available to find a physiological cause for these disorders. Now there is. Science marches on. It is a good thing that the scientists and doctors who discovered these diagnostic techniques didn’t just shrug their shoulders and say “Gee, I can’t see anything wrong with this guy, he must just be plagued by demons.” That is where supernatural thinking leads. Beginning with the presupposition that medical maladies have a real-world origin, we can work hard and find cures and better methods of diagnosis.

        Contrary to your repeated protestaions, not all mental problems are caused by an emotional imbalance. A person could have a head injury, an undetected infection, a brain parasite such as toxoplasmosis, a tumor or numerous other issues that are causing problems. Even if the brain is not physically damaged in a way that can be detected using existing technology, that does not mean that there may not still be a problem.

        • William

          The first thing one must do is listen to the patient, and actually hear what he has to say. You do not do that. He explained the source of his conflicts, the threats which would instill fear or dread in someone.

          Most humans contract toxoplasmosis by eating cyst-contaminated raw or undercooked meat, vegetables, or milk products. Humans can also become infected when they come into contact with the T. gondii eggs while cleaning a cat’s litterbox, gardening, or playing in a sandbox, for instance. Once infected, an individual is immune to reinfection. The incubation period or period between infection and the start of the disease ranges from several days to months.

          I guess we could ask him if he has a sick cat.

          These are the symptoms of toxoplasmosis
          * enlarged lymph nodes
          * muscle pains
          * intermittent fever
          * general sick feeling

          The “patient” here did not have any physical complaints.

          Brain tumors, etc, are also associated with certain physical symptoms.

          Thoughts about persecution alone are not physical signs…they would have to be associated with dizziness, vision problems, memory failure, headaches, etc.

          Emotional threats can cause one to become hyper vigilant.

          For example, if you were to threaten to kill me, I may end up so tense that I see you around every corner, I think i see you in my yard, I think you are tapping my phone, and I think you are following me in my car.

          This does not mean my brain has a physical problem. It means I am processing your threat, and I react by becoming defensive or afraid. I “need” to see you everywhere, because if I do, you will not be able to hurt me if I “see” you, and take measures to shield myself from you.

          This is a response on the psychological level, which is not physical in origin.

          The spiritual level is also real. But then, we cannot really talk about something you do not believe in too well. Maybe that is a different discussion.

          • Marianne, you said that you have to listen to the “patient” and have him explain what is causing his fear.

            What if he were to say that he is being tormented by an angry, invisible troll from antoher dimension? Would you just take him at his word and assume that what he was reporting was accurate? At that point would you begin to think that he was potentially mentally ill? What if he told you that god was telling him to smite godless doubters and the troll will go away?

            When people are mentally ill, they lack the capacity to accurately report their own state of mental health. Have you ever seen a person with schizophrenia walking around talking to himself? Do you think that person is in a state of mind in which they can determine whether or not they need help?

            Besides that. You immediately reinforced his belief that he was under attack by evil spiritual forces. You never once suggested that there could be any other cause for the “manifestations” that he is experiencing. Do you believe that hostile spiritual entities are the sole cause of mental illness? It seems that way from what you have written.

            You say that the “patient” here did not have any physical complaints. You have no idea of his physical condition. He could weigh 90 pounds and be or death’s doorstep for all you know. You cannot diagnose a person’s health by reading a handful of blog posts. The holy spirit has filled you with hubris beyond measure.

            Thanks for the rundown of toxoplasmosis and brain tumors. My original point remains that he could be suffering from either of these ailments or any one of dozens of others. You do not know because you have not examined him. Your attempt to diagnose via blog post is as irresponsible as it gets.

            You mentioned that you are a pathologist. I don’t know if you are an MD or one of the lab tech variety. Either way, diagnosing illness via blog post (or more accurately dismissing potential illness) is just wrong.

            Again I ask you. How do you accurately determine whether or not a person is suffering from mental illness or if they are under demonic attack? So far, all you have said is that if the person experiencing what appear to be symptoms of mental illness says that the cause is spiritual, the default assumption is that the cause is spiritual. As I have pointed out, a person who is suffering from severe mental illness is not able to accurately self-daignose.

            So, let’s try again. How do you determine if a person is under attack by demons or invisible trolls? If you can demonstrate consistent and falsifiable methodology, I will acknowledge the wisdom of your recommended course of action.

            • Your suggestive designs of communication are an attempt of poking holes in the fabric of sanity of an individual whom you’ve chosen to demoralize and dispirit … and …
              And then you seem stubbornly pursuant to validate your own assumed diagnoses of this individual by trying your hardest to publicly accuse and discredit the host of this site.
              I do not believe it is because you are ‘concern’.
              Rather your comments leads me to conclude that you sir are very aggressive and have some ulterior motive to your discourse.
              Could it not be because … you …
              And as for my professional diagnostic I conclude Gavriel does suffer and his suffering is psychologically equivalent to ‘The Stockholm Hostage Syndrome.’

              Bravo Gavriel!
              Your tormentors must bow out!
              You will find solace and strength …

              You have found a friend in Marianne.
              And you will know again the difference between a foe and a friend.

              • William,

                You put to question my sanity and practically diagnosed me mentally ill with no basis to do so. I haven’t said that I witnessed anything supernatural, but that the source of my experience was supernatural;

                • When a person shows multiple symptoms of an illness, a responsible person should feel obligated to recommend that they visit a medical professional. If you were to come on this blog and write that you are having chest pains, having trouble breathing, and are running a fever, I would recommend that you visit a doctor. If I saw tht someone suggested that you pray your symptoms away, I would feel morally obligated to disagree with that person. This situation is no different.

                  You have described

                  A. A generalized anxiety and feeling of persecution.

                  B. Have withdrawn from your peer group due to the perception that they are devil worphippers and mean you harm.

                  C. Are having what sounds like visual hallucinations (demonic paintings all around).

                  D. Are expereincing what sounds like auditory hallucinations (hearing “mocking voices” in your head and hearing demons speak through people who talk to you).

                  These are all symptoms of mental illness. Maybe you are fine. All I am recommending is that you see a doctor and let him or her make that determination. No one on this blog, despite their pretentions to the contrary has the requisite expertise to diagnose illness via blog post.

                  The biggest misunderstanding here is that I am trying to offer a diagnosis. I am not. All I have said is that you have shown signs that suggest that you may be suffering from mental illness. The only people involved in this discussion who have attempted to diagnose your condition are those who immediately jumped to the conclusion that your ailments MUST be being caused by evil spiritual forces.

                  Mental illness exists. It is a fact. If someone can demonstrate a reliable and falsifiable methodology to determine when the symptoms of mental illness are being caused by spiritual forces instead of natural causes, I will not touch the subject. Until that time, it is irresponsible to assume by default that symptoms such as yours are being caused by malevolent supernatural forces.

  17. Nah 1:3 The LORD [is] slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit [the wicked]: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds [are] the dust of his feet.

    Clouds are the dust of His Feet.

    Something for psychiatric research to research.

  18. Hi Marianne,

    The Lord helped me find the perfect song for this page of yours.
    Hope you like it!

    This rose in my Spirit.

  19. Hi Marianne,

    Here is a little video for a biological mind.

  20. William

    You are way out of line.

    Gavriel is not mentally ill, and it is not up to you to determine that.

    You are a bit arrogant. How old are you anyhow?

    How far did you get in school? You cannot even understand English.

    He has already stated he was threatened by real people, not trolls.

    Your tendency to change the story is wrong, and indicates someone who cannot accept any truth, even if it is about the weather.

    You have a need to CHANGE the truth.

    You said

    a person who is suffering from severe mental illness is not able to accurately self-diagnose.

    Gavriel, compared to you, is quite rational, and can accurately describe his situation.

    You are not even able to repeat it properly, which shows you have more problems than he does.

    Once again, Gavriel has no physical symptoms.

    William, you mention me being guilty of hubris.

    I would suggest you take a long look in the mirror. Maybe some day, you will see what others do:

    Someone who is a “know it all,” HAS to be right about everything, no respect for others, closed to any truth, treats others like they are liars, or stupid or mentally ill, because they do not agree with him.

    You are still welcome to post here, but keep it less personal.

    Gavriel is a real person, he is not a troll, since you cannot tell the difference between a real person and a troll. He is smart enough and clear headed enough to know if he needs to go to the doctor, which is more than you can say.

    You basically call him a lying mentally ill person, and you think you know more about him, than he knows about himself. This is arrogance.

    Believe it or not, he has rights to have his statements respected, and you have violated him, by making him into a troll- delusional person on the internet. That is getting close to defamation of character.

    I do not support people picking on others here. Any more comments about him will be deleted.

    Again, you can post on my site, but do not discuss individual persons here. Discuss concepts only.

    • William showed himself incompetent not only in spiritual sphere, but medical sphere which he advocates, first by attacking homeopathy as “quakery” and “psuedoscience”; Homeopathy is acclaimed method of healing in all civilized countries and a good doctor would first recommend such medicine unless the case is fatal; Do you know how many lives were ruined by “Valium” and similar antidepressants? Especially in America use of such drugs are way out of proportions and doctors perform “silent genocide” upon the patients by “calming” patients to death;

      You again showed to be incompetent by deciding I’m mad because I saw negative and hostile pictures/faces in surrounding objects, people always distinguish different figures in surrounding objects – that is game of imagination, however, what concerned me was that the experience was always negative accompanied by negative feelings – by American shrinks the diagnose would be depression, by the method of using abstract painting and asking the patient “what do they see”; However, those initiated in spiritual practises know that such experiences, “depression” and “strange coincidences” can be purposefully inflicted by witchcraft – many of such practises are nowdays proved by science, for example it is known that the water can be charged by positive or negative information and then transfer such information to another person by making him drink this water;
      The protection against such influences can be either by giving in to the dark side and learning witchcraft – that would bring immidiate results, or by trusting in God, but trusting in God takes a lot of patience and self-transformation; In the end-times the power of witchcraft becomes especially stronger and the more person is close to God the more he is inflicted with tests and seductions, not trusting in God in our times and dealing with the problem with non-spiritual means is like bringing the knife into a gun-battle;

      • OK Gavriel. IF homeopathy is not quackery and psuedoscience, can you please point me to an accepted, peer-reviewed study of its effectiveness in a legitimate medical or scientific journal. By legitimate I do not mean “The Journal of Homeopathy” or some other intellectually hollow echo chamber. I mean a legitimate, mainstream medical or scientific publication. Think Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association.

        While you are at it, I would love to know where you read “many of such practises are nowdays proved by science, for example it is known that the water can be charged by positive or negative information and then transfer such information to another person by making him drink this water.” Was this information presented in a recognized, peer-reviewed scientific publication? Can you provide a link to this information?

    • Marianne,

      Again. I am not trying to make a diagnosis that anyone is mentally ill. I have repeatedly suggested that he visit a qualified medical professional to make that determination. You are the only one here who has made a diagnosis. After a single post in which he described his symptoms, you made the diagnosis that he was being plagued by hostile spiritual entities and wrote him a prescription for prayer.

      If he had described having chest pains, breathing difficulty and dizziness and you had recommended that he pray it away, my reaction would have been no different.

      Upon what grounds do you judge me arrogant?

      As far as my age, I am 37 years old.

      I am not sure why you say that I cannot understand English. My grasp of the language seems more than adequate.

      As far as education goes, I am not a doctor. That is why, unlike yourself, I am not attempting to diagnose mental problems here, merely pointing out that he is showing the symptoms of mental illness and should seek advice from a qualified medical professional. You are the only one who has made a diagnosis and recommended a course of treatment. Are you a doctor?

      I never said that Gavriel was threatened by trolls. The point of that hypothetic was to fill in another supernatural entity to see if you would recommend the same course of action. Gavriel said that eh origin of his issues was with his former friends, but he clearly believes that he is being plagued by supernatural forces, so the analogy is valid. Since you have avoided the issue, my guess is that you would not recommend the same course of action (prayer) in that situation.

      I do not know what you mean that I am “changing the story.” I have used examples and analogies to illustrate my point but my “story” has remained consistent throughout. To sum it up, here it is in a nutshell..

      When a person says that they are having symptoms that may reflect mental instability, it is irresponsible to diagnose their problem as being caused by hostile supernatural forces based upon a few sentences posted to a blog. A person who may be suffering from mental instability cannot accurately diagnose himself. That person should seek professional help to determine the cause of his maladies.

      It is as simple as that. Everything else I have written is exposition and illustration.

      You insiuate that I am not being rational. Please explain how this is so.

      You also mention that Gavriel has no physical symptoms. Did you evaluate him between blog posts? How do you know what his physical condition is? Has the holy spirit granted you the power of remote medical diagnosis?

      I never suggested or insinuated that anyone is a “troll.” The troll example was used as a hypothetical situation in which one supernatural entity was replaced with another to see if your recommendation for a course of action remained constant.

      I have not called anyone a liar or suggested that they are being less than honest. My only point that even remotely approaches this point is that a person who is mentally ill cannot diagnose himself.

      I have made no attempt to defame anyone. If a person were to be mentally ill, that is no cause for derision. It is an illness. If I told him that it sounded as if he had a cold, would you consider that defamitory? If not, then what is the difference?

      I am not picking on anyone. I am completely value-neutral concerning mental illness. As far as I am concerned, a person who suffers from mental illness is no different from someone who has diabetes or a bacterial infection. People get sick. To suggest that someone who displays potential signs of illness might be sick in no way defames their character. At no time did I insinuate or suggest that.

      I have avoided the subject up to this point but, although I am not a doctor, I do have intimate personal experience with this issue. My mother is a paranoid schizophrenic. Her condition is bad enough that she is considered 100% disabled. If she were to come to this blog and post, you would find her to be, for the most part, lucid, intelligent and articulate. I doubt that you or anyone else on this board would be able to diagnose here condition via blog post. Rest assured though, she is mentally ill. She takes medication to control the symptoms that allow her to function but there have been occassions when she has completely lost touch with reality. These periods are usually marked by social withdrawl, a persistent feeling or persecution, auditory and visual hallucinations.

      These are the same symptoms that have been described here. I am not talking about a subject that I am unfamiliar with. I grew up in a house with a mother who was mentally ill. I would hate for someone on a blog to suggest that she could treat her illness with prayer.

      Modern psychiatry and pharmceuticals have allowed her to lead a fairly normal life for the last few years.

      Again I will ask. If you knew nothing about her and she posted on this blog, what methodology would you use to determine whether she needed professional medical care or prayer?

      • William

        Notice that no “symptoms” were experienced until the people, who admitted were into witchcraft, made direct threats. No symptoms were there before the verbal threats. This is not the normal course for an organic condition.

        The onset is associated with threats from witches.

        It did not occur before the threats.

        It gets aggravated during prayer. No organic situation is aggravated during prayer, unless you can think of one.

        It takes some reasoning ability to see this.

        put 2 =+ 2 together….it is a very rational insight, if you can get it.

        You are assuming here that someone is mentally ill, and therefore cannot diagnose themselves as healthy, but that you know he is mentally ill and should see a doctor. That is the only avenue he is allowed to take, or you would not push so hard for it. You are closed minded.

        Mental health people, for the most part, are atheists, and have no knowledge of spiritual issues or forces.

        They are not qualified to distinguish between mental illness and spiritual oppression, because they only know one thing.

        They do not know the difference.

        It is like asking a painter to design a spaceship. It is just not his area of expertise.

        Also, most mental health treatments do not cure people. They cover up the symptoms, and the person remains sick.

        Your mother has had this your entire life. If I had a mom in this situation, I would be considering (open minded) every remedy possible to help her, instead of leaving her in the hands of people who do not know what to do with her except give her pills.

        I have seen truly mentally sick people helped by the love and power of God.

        • You say that mental health professionals “are not qualified to distinguish between mental illness and spiritual oppression.”

          How does one determine whether what appears to be a mental health issue is being caused by spiritual oppression? Is there a test that you can do? Do you have a demon-ometer that measures hostile spiritual activity?

          What if the person thought that they were being plagued by time travellers who visited them at night and downloaded hostile thoughts into their mind?

          This is a serious question. I would like to see if your methodology would be consistent in each of the scenarios.

          • hi william

            medical tests – MRI, CT, biochemical, EEG, would have to show some type of physical problem for it to be physical in origin.

            function tests – having the patient do different tasks, testing different aspects of the nervious system.

            blood tests – see if blood and cells are ok

            enzyme tests – to check for abnormalities.


            If all tests come back negative, then it would be inappropriate to say that the person had a physical problem.

  21. Hi Marianne Shalom;
    I took pictures as well of these clouds. Strange phenomenon that God is doing, but he did promise this in these days. I will put it on my friends blog, and link it here.
    Have a great day 🙂

  22. What is a warning?
    Is it not a threat as well?
    Here is a link to a story relating again to North Korea.
    Maybe it is the shark that I saw so well in a vision???


    These clouds seems to be of nuclear in nature.

  23. Marianne

    I followed the discussion with Gabriël.
    We experienced the same with our son (25)- the doctors in the psyciatric hospital gave him drugs that had bad side-effects and worsened everything.

    Our son is a believer in Jesus Christ/Yeshua haMashaich.
    This is what helped him to discern what was going on-
    it’s a book of 1912 about the ‘War of teh saints’


    Gabriël: our Lord Yeshua has all the power and has defeated satan.
    In His Name satan must go.
    In Him is all the victory!

    William- you better read the Bible, because Yeshua treated mental and fysical illnesses the way His Father wanted Him to do.

    In the Netherlands doctors from the Amsterdam University have been talking to pastors of the churches how to treat mental illnessess that have no fysical explanation.


  24. Ominous clouds ?

    Russian subs off the eastern shore.

  25. What is this??
    Have you ever seen anything like it??

  26. Dang.. crying shame that I have not seen that video because it is now removed due to terms of use violation. 😦 Must be very interesting.. and they are hiding it.. tsk.

    • abigail and tamera

      The best I could do is draw a picture of what was seen….look above in the post.

      • Good drawing!
        It was huge … I’m not good at giving measurements but it was enormous.
        Quite disturbing since it was cloaked in and above the clouds.

  27. Here is a video I’ve found that expresses a WARNING and a serious one at that!

  28. And in the news today another ‘warning’…

    WHO predicts ‘explosion’ of swine flu cases, urges countries to react swiftly to limit deaths
    “At a certain point, there will seem to be an explosion in case numbers,” Shin told a symposium of health officials and experts in Beijing. “It is certain there will be more cases and more deaths.”
    WHO earlier estimated that as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years – nearly one-third of the world’s population.

  29. Morning, Marianne.. I see your drawing… It reminds me of one thing… it is like if the cloud is the ufo’s mask while it flies overhead.. in any size.. but this one looks huge.. mothership possibly ??

    And Abigail.. I ain’t gonna take those swine shots nor will I allow my kids receive any.. They are aware of it.. I warn my kids daily in any reports 🙂

  30. Eh, * cringe * I am aware of that part, Abigail, about amaze attack on Washington DC… I believe in amercia will end up war zone.. :/ I hope I am wrong.. but my heart knows otherwise.

  31. Guess what I found …

  32. * shuddering * Why do I feel so creepy when I look at that youtube you posted, Abigail ?? It makes me feel like to arm myself and ready to battle 😡 .. Honestly that’s how I feel. Thanks for that youtube.. I wouldn’t be surprise if there is WHOLE lot more hidden that will be reveal and the blinded people’s veils will fall away from their eyes to see the truth.


  33. I have found 2 videos of clouds which are different from those presented so far.

  34. Why are Christians so fearful these days, even the formation of clouds frighten them?

    When I was young we would play in the fields and lie down in the long grass, looking up at the clouds in the sky, and we would play a game of how many pictures we could see in the clouds.

    All sorts of animals, shapes and faces of all sorts of things we would see, I guess this is what children who lived out in the country would do as one of their pastimes.

    Deasr brothers and sisters stop being so afraid, read this prophecy which Adonai gave me recently,

    This prophecy came to me this morning the 21st August 2009
    Adonai Said

    Fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom, but this fear can be overcome.

    The fear that stands in front of you is an angel with a flaming sword, it turns this way and that way, although you cannot see it, yet it is there standing with a flaming sword with great fear in its hand.

    Do you remember the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, which was guarded by an angel with a flaming sword? Adam was forbidden to eat from the tree of life, yet he did eat of the tree of knowledge, and you can also, but your fear must first be conquered.

    For the angel which now stands in front of the tree is not an angel of Adonai, but an angel of the devil.

    Remember Moses, he overcame that angel by believing that YHWH’s LOVE is greater than the fear that stood in front of him, for perfect love casts out all fear.

    Moses saw the fiery mountain, and the great noise of the thunder, which shook the very ground beneath him, and for a moment he too had great fear. But, then he remembered YHWH’s LOVE was so great for him that he would be able to overcome his fear and climb the mountain.

    When Moses came down from the mountain, he could not tell all that YHWH had told him, to the people, because the people could not overcome their fear of the angel with the flaming sword which made the mountain blaze with flaming fire.

    Moses kept a veil over his face, for the people feared the knowledge which shone from his face. Moses could not share all the wisdom which YHWH gave him, because the people were so afraid.

    Some fear today, and this fear keeps many in the dark concerning the Holy Wisdom and Knowledge of Adonai.

    Thus saith Adonai.

  35. I quote—

    (* shuddering * Why do I feel so creepy when I look at that youtube you posted, Abigail ?? It makes me feel like to arm myself and ready to battle .. Honestly that’s how I feel.)

    shuddering, creepy, (I believe in amercia will end up war zone,)

    (I have been seeing a lot of demonic faces and dragons in the clouds,)

    (I keep looking up at my own sky. I think the apostasy is everywhere now,)

    do I have to say more

    • No Billy you’ve said it all.
      When I was a child … maybe 3 or 4- I used to fear that something would be hiding under my bed, so I would take a run followed by a dive to and in my bed.
      My daughter feared something would be hiding in the closet.
      Others fear the dark and others suspect that Chemtrails are hiding something …
      Yet others have evidence of something hidden in the clouds.
      It is a healthy to fear it alerts your thought system to ‘pay attention’
      and rushes your adrenal fluids through your blood stream.
      When survival kicks in I say it is a good thing.
      To fear does not mean that you are deprived of power …
      but at times fear arms you (empowers) with the necessary modes of action.
      I do not fear at all.
      The Heavenly giants will soon be walking amongst us.
      But I trust that every aspect of the family of God will be taken care of.
      Maybe in the instances of the clouds… the sky has become a mirror.

  36. There is nothing healthy about fear.

  37. Beautiful song cornish
    All things come from The Lord and all things return to God.
    Fear is the beginning of wisdom and so it is good.
    The spirit of Fear of The Lord is His delight.
    Why ???
    Because those that fear Him on Earth
    Love Him in Truth.
    When I was a child I feared Him …
    When I grew older I fear Him …
    Until I see His Face I will fear Him.
    Fear and Love are closely knit.

  38. “I shall fear no EVIL…” – definition of SUPERSTITION is fear of the devil and the demons, and the devil and the demons DO exist!

    On the other hand “Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” – no way going to heaven unless you only fear HIM – eternity of each one of us is in HIS hands.

  39. Do not be in terror of the evil one.
    Because The Lord is with thee.

  40. Well, it is a good song. I guess we can agree on that, the Lord bless you all.

    • It is a very beautiful song!
      Be not in terror.
      For The Lord is with you.
      He Himself will strengthen you.
      He is the One that Forms us.
      He is God and He will take care of His.
      And All is His.

  41. HI Marianne.

    those Clouds sure are very interesting.!! it does showed signs and we have to learn the different patterns of signs in the clouds to give us a meaning , what kind of warning, what the signs for which country.. I love to scry the clouds just to see what God showed me in his way to send messages or image.

    I wonder if I could get those clouds pictures from above to send it to my deaf Messinaic jewish Friend who she is a leader of signs and Wonders minstry and she can posted it in it and have other deaf people to take a look at it.. that will help all of us to recognized God s signs and help us to understand him more and be closer to him.

    is that Possible. let me know what I need to do.

  42. Oct 15/09
    over Russia.

    • Marianne,
      Obama is scheduled to tell the world about U.F.O.’s, 27/11/09
      Just thought to let you and others know.

  43. Hi Marianne … found an interesting article …

  44. Very interesting Blog.



  45. Marianne is righton regarding the psychology versus evil torment discussion! William is wrong! Thank you, Jesus!!

  46. Now this IS a different type of cloud.
    Does this remind you of something Marianne?

  47. Now this IS a different type of cloud.
    Does this remind you of something Marianne?

  48. Strange … not natural.

  49. I have been noticing the clouds in the sky over the past few weeks…alot of cumulus?..strange shapes; beautiful clouds with the rays of the sun shining behind them..I have taken pictures on my cell phone so as soon as I can download them I will post. I dont’ remember the sky being so full of clouds all the time…the past few weeks we have had huge cumulus clouds every day! One actually was shaped like a horse today and another one looked like a huge dove..

    • I like You Tube … it enables visual communications with sounds and songs.
      It also allows opinions and comments to globally be shared.
      You can find any news release, scientific studies, documentaries, acts of God and acts of animals on its web.
      It allows poor photography as well as excellent photography. It doesn’t discriminate.

      Anything which enables communication amongst the children of God is a good thing!
      We do not perceive the world the same … hey! but so what?
      Expression of this nature should never be denied!
      We are not machines, we are flesh and blood pulsating with breath.

      The need to be together as one must be a divine pulse,
      for we all need to share.

      • You tube is ok for expression. But it does not always contain accurate information.

        Much is just opinion or conjecture presented as fact.

        One needs to use wisdom and discernment in distinguishing truth vs falsehood.

        There are evil people on the internet spreading propaganda for their own ways and opinion. We have to be on guard, so as not to be deceived.

        Take what is good and true, reject what is evil and false.

    • Beautiful

  50. those swirls look similar to the surface of jupiter,and the blue and white picture is underneath the ice,definitely fake pics.

  51. look closely

  52. totally agree, also we cannot ignore that someone has been also playing around with making clouds and adding heavy metals in the atmosphere, but the changes that had ocurr naturally have to do with the changes around our planet in the solar system and the universe which in other words is God, so yes the signs are there 🙂 I see it too.


    • dear lora

      Your testimony is awesome! I love it, and I am so glad to hear God is blessing you. Stay blessed.!

    • Friend please God clearly speaks to you. Please pray for me and for a direct word from God for me and the members of my family!

      • cana

        I pray for all your family needs to be met. not sure what they are, but God knows. May harmony peace and finances be assured to you and may you all have a blessed holiday season. And I pray the Lord gives you a sure word as to your specific needs.

    • Also what did Jesus look like? Did He resemble the Akiane Kramarik paintings?

  54. I have also been seeing things in sky. Yesterday i saw demon on way home.

  55. the above video i posted is of and angel face in the clouds, its int the top right, as if looking down , also in the bottom left there is a demons face, i caught this on video on day, after saying to God if he showed me something to prove he existed, i would tell everyone i know…

  56. farmer’s almanac explains the cloud types


  57. GIGANTIC SPRITES OVER THE USA: With the arrival of summer, thunderstorm activity is underway across the USA. We all know what comes out of the bottom of thunderstorms: lightning. Lesser known is what comes out of the top: sprites. “Lately there has been a bumper crop of sprites,” reports Thomas Ashcraft, a longtime observer of the phenomenon. “Here is one of the largest’ ‘jellyfish’ sprites I have captured in the last four years.” The cluster shot up from western Oklahoma on June 23, so large that it was visible from Ashcraft’s observatory in New Mexico 289 miles away:

    “According to my measurements, it was 40 miles tall and 46 miles wide. This sprite would dwarf Mt. Everest!” he exclaims.

    Also in New Mexico, Jan Curtis saw a cluster of red sprites just one night later, June 24. “I’ve always wanted to capture these elusive atmospheric phenomena and last night I was finally successful.”

    Although sprites have been seen for at least a century, most scientists did not believe they existed until after 1989 when sprites were photographed by cameras onboard the space shuttle. Now “sprite chasers” regularly photograph the upward bolts from their own homes.

    If the video link doesn’t work go to: SpaceWeather.com

    I never knew “sprites” even existed until seeing this.

  58. I have a question. I’ve been going thru some extremely bad times after losing my husband to suicide 3 yrs ago plus everything else I’ve worked my whole life for and my home and favorite dog. Even though I don’t attend a church I’m a strong christian with a heart for the Lord. I have several spritual gifts of which one is the gift of discernment. I saw something in the clouds and I know it means something but I can’t figure it out and wanted to know if anyone had a clue.

    I was at my kitchen table crying and I looked out the window and saw two faces clear as can be and both were frowning and looking right at me. In the background but kind of faint was a huge face but all I could see was a beard and eyes cause the other two faces were in front of it. I stared at it but couldn’t put names to the faces. Then I said, is that you and Nevaeh Duane (my dog and husband). I continued by saying I’m sorry I’m so sad but I can’t help it. I’ve lost everything. As soon as I stopped talking the faces disappeared. Any ideas of what message I was suppose to get out of that?

    • desiree

      if the clouds represented lost loved ones, they would not be frowning at you.

      I would wait and see what happens next.

      I am sending you some prayers to build you up

      you sound very discouraged.

      you have my love and support.

  59. I haven’t seen any faces, but since spring of 2011, I have thought that the seasons across America alone is a sign.

    A sign we have earned troubles for turning our backs on G-d’s laws. Adam did it first. Now, our country is the last of the nation states to go down the rabbit hole of the New Age agenda.

    Can’t wait for summer.

  60. I positioned myself and family on high ground over looking a vast creek bottom. Unless G-d sends an earthquake that opens the ground, it’s the fish, turtles and snakes that better worry. I’ll be after them.

    Folks on lower ground are in danger this evening. Some have died and some are missing in OK. Bad stuff.

    Peace and I hope your Memorial Day is a safe day for you and yours.

  61. I have noticed a big change in clouds where I live. Its not everyday, but once in awhile, lately, the sky looks strange. Thank you for this information. The truth is never freely given. It has to be found!


  63. Idk where to talk about this but I guess this site would be good. November 1, 2015, I saw in the clouds the image of a woman giving birth to a horned demon. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The demon child was swaddled so only the head showed but it was the most detailed, most disturbing thing I’ve seen. The eyes were bulging, its mouth was open in an evil grin with fangs showing, the face was bony and sickly, and it had two sharp, curved horns on its head. Even now I’m still disturbed by it and I fear the antichrist may have been born. Watch the date in the future.

    • d

      by now the antichrist has already been born…..but soon he will reveal himself, which might be what you saw.

      in revelation 12, the woman gives birth to the christ/church child and the dragon attacks it

      it looks like what you saw is referring to this in some way

      the time is upon us, all we can do is prepare and pray for god’s protection

      many people are going to die.

      if we are not ready for this, we will suffer greatly

  64. I agree with what you’re saying. I have been capturing the most interesting clouds. They sure seem to have a demonic presence. They seem to have taken notice. They seem to be enjoying me taking photos of them. The experience has affirmed my belief in God. God bless .

  65. I have a great vantage point of the sky from my home and I have witnessed several UFOs in the same spot in the sky and the weirdest clouds I have ever seen in my life. Odd shapes and colors, square edges and forms that are just nor normal.

    The other day I actually saw forming in front of me, took up about 1/4 of the entire sky clouds that came together to form a near perfect army helicopter. I mean is that a coincidence? I think not. This thing was huuuugge and had separately windows, pontoons, a rotaty blade system on top, a pointed front like a helicpter, a tail that was a little comic like as it lookedmore like a fish tail but still in proportion to a helicopter tail. You didn’t have to shake your head and look at it twice to know it was supposed to be a helicopter and what is even weirder is how it acted.

    First off it stayed in original form for almost an hour – what clouds do that – hold their shape like that for almost an hour? Then close to the end of it’s
    formation it subtly moved nose down a little til it was tipping as if it was going to land behind a very large black cloud. But instead of disappearing behind the cloud it started to sort of melt and distort and that was it – gone.

    It looked like the helicopter from hell or something out of a futuristic Independance Day movie. It was shocking and yup a little frightening. Of course I didn’t have a camera, dern it, but I do now so next time whoever is creating these unreal clouds has a go at artwork I will be ready.

    I googled the net for ‘odd shaped clouds’ and is anyone going to really tell me that clouds just by accident form into perfect helicopters (complete with all parts) or as in one photo a perfect rabbit? Coommmmmeeee on.

    What’s doing this, or who, what does it mean? Something is going on big time on earth and it has been around a long time. When are they going to tell us? Do we really want to know? Sigh. I’m 50-50 on that one.

    Na nooo na noooo, may the force be with you all.

    • jenn

      maybe it was not a cloud, instead a UFO….there have been many sightings lately

      both the US government and the supernatural have been busy too

  66. I have pics of faces n the cloud i witness nd seen

  67. I have been taking photos for past 2yrs & the most amazing was Jesus & a Lamb….have a couple with devil in one corner & Jesus in the other……

  68. I was leaving a store and I looked up and saw a cloud that looked like it said “All HELL” Or “I’ll HELP” a message from God? And it looked like fire after the words…the clearset word was H E double hockey sticks.. (sorry I just don’t wanna say it)

  69. I’ve been seeing some strange things in the clouds as well on the skycams. Ive seen many serpants and reptiles and some faces that have left me feeling uneasy. I saw one face that was being attacked by a reptile, the face had a nose ring in its nose and everything really freaky…here is a link to a video I put together showing the most recent things I have witnessed… https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NPmrU0gYbNLWlheFhUaENfODQ/view

  70. “Sometimes you have to know what to look for” that picture gave me chills I’m not sure if you zoomed in and out and truly dissected each piece but that my friend is a picture of the devil , Satan bobbafet himself. I know because I watched this land on the NASA live feed right before the Russian woman started yelling and the American, Chinese and I believe French gentleman switched radio frequencies and cut the feed. What you have in that picture is right above us all day and all night. I know I will wake up soon and my my beautiful friends and family will all be gone …. Most already are. Please I plead to anyone reading this put your phone away write your legacy and place it in a n air tight water proof bag with pictures and important books. This is what the future generations will need to teach there young and start over. God bless you all.

  71. This is all I could think of.

  72. Oh my I was in Texas and now in Oklahoma and I have been taken pics with demon faces also look like the unknown aks ET coming out in the clouds also God his cross and the ark in one pic Angles and some even look like me and people close to me living and that have past I really would like to show my pics to someone and get them interpreted if u know someone who can help me please have them email me

  73. Where can I send you a photo? It makes these look like kids stuff. This was a chem or con trail that in moments turned into what looks like a two horned devil full with tail.

  74. Wow really amazing clouds…

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