When God Rejects Us


We pray for legitimate help. We wait, and there is nothing.


Those who insist that every prayer is met with victory, if you pray hard enough, or tithe long enough, are wrong.

Jesus prayed to avoid the cross, but he died on it anyhow. The apostles were faithful in prayer, yet most were also crucified, as Jesus was, or put to death for their faith.

People get depressed when God does not seem to answer, or His answer is obviously “no.”

Sometimes God helps, sometimes He doesn’t. Why?

I have found that the longer I know the Lord, the less He helps me.

That does seem opposite of what I would expect.

But as I mature in faith, my faith is tested more. And I have to wait longer for anything, if I am to get it at all. God is present to help me grow in faith. If he answers too quickly, then my faith stays where it is at.

Many of us have legitimate situations. We are in serious difficulty: unemployed for years, out of money, terminal illness, etc.

We have to accept the reality of our situation.

If it is meant to be cured, then it will. If it goes on too long, we will die because of the situation.

Sometimes, we do not get another job in time, before we lose our house, and sometimes we do not survive cancer.

But this is the time to draw closer to God anyhow, because he may be all we have left. We need to also accept that it is not God rejecting our prayers for help.

God gives life and he takes it away. Our life is in His hands.

Maybe it is our time to go and be with Him.

Our heavenly reward will not be based on our success in life, or how well we got God to answer our prayers, or quickly overcoming an earthly problem.

It will be based on our faithfulness during a testing time, when God does not give us what we want.

It is the dark times when we are nothing, our life is nothing, and we have nothing, that we earn our crowns.

So when you see this happening to you, just look up to Him. He is watching you grow, and he knows the pain you are in.

He has allowed it, so that you will not only come to know Him and His sufferings, but also a greater weight of glory when you meet Him.

Do not give up.  Be encouraged.  God is not rejecting you.

You are closer to Him now, than you ever have been before. No matter how hard it is, just rest in Him.

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  2. We’ll Stated and Presented! (ENDURE) It Shall All Come To Pass!

  3. What a blessing. I’ve been in these dark times for years now and I have to say I love the Lord even when there is no answer. Because no answer, is an answer. It is not always what we want to hear.

  4. I have experienced this. The Father and I used to have conversations, and visions and words from Him were commonplace. It had all the warm fuzzies we so like, even tho He was putting me thru awful trials for a long period. During that time, He kept His word that we would experience what He experienced. It was at once both the best and worst of times.

    When the trials ended, life went on with not hearing His voice for a while. Then came a serious decision making time for me, and I asked Him for guidance. Nothing. I asked and asked. Nothing. I finally had to make the decision myself, and it came out well.

    But I was confused and frustrated at not hearing His voice. I sat down and asked Him rather stearnly why He had not helped me. He said, “David, I put you thru those trials to give you wisdom. Now use it!” That was over 10 years ago, and I have not heard His voice since. I still get visions and words for others now and then, but nothing for me.

    The 10 years were a “cave” time for me, for that seems like where I was. I lost all my friends, and had zero face-to-face fellowship. Isolated with no way out, tho I desperately tried. I had no purpose anymore, and begged Him to take me home, over and over. One nite at a meeting, a prophetess stood and spoke out, “Someone here is asking God to take him home.” And she sat down. I asked her if there was more, but there wasn’t. So it was God telling me thru her that He heard me, but no. So it went on and on in utter loneliness.

    In the last 6 months, it seems I’ve come out of the cave and am now actually in fellowship face-to-face with some men. A situation developed where I was the only choice to take in a couple of kids while their parents are in prison. A 4 yr old girl, and 9 yr old boy, both undisciplined. It has been life-giving to me, having them around to nurture. So I have a purpose again, PTL.

    Now, I have run into others who also are going thru isolation, and most find nothing in churches that feeds them at all. They are still faithful to the Lord, but confused at not knowing where He went.

    As I mentioned earlier, we are to experience His experiences. I have wondered if we also experience His waiting for the Marriage Supper, as lonely for us as we are lonely for Him, just waiting for that blessed day. That is the only answer I can think of for why He would leave us lonely for His presence.

    Early on, God made me know that Isaiah 40:31 was my personal Scripture verse. “He who waits upon the Lord will…etc;” Many times that verse fit with what I was going thru, but now it fits more than ever. So I wait. DavWms

    • God will never be there for me. I’m not even saved and I want to be and said the salvation prayer 900,000,000 times and I mean it but I know he’s not there.

      • dear goat

        why do you say God is not there for you?

        If you said the salvation prayer and meant it, then you are saved……it does not matter what you think you know….or whether you can feel him there.

        he is there, whether you can feel him there or not

        the real question is, why are you so down on your self?

        what is wrong that makes you feel like you do?

      • Try reciting these words: I INVOKE GOD’S GRACE, WHICH FILLS ME WITH LIGHT. LIGHT DISSOLVES ALL DARKNESS. God has bestowed, by Grace, these words with the power to dissolve what blocks our ability to believe. God bless.

        • Same here OneMiserableGoat. Very depressing when you have absolutely nothing in this world and God won’t give you the time of day. Life is absolute hell and I feel like popping a cap in my head. Only thing is, I’m afraid things will be even worse once I depart this life. God seems terribly cruel.

          • chris

            I can see how someone would feel like you do. but truth is not based on feelings, but fact.

            the word of god , and his promises, are sure and cannot be violated by even god himself.

            life can be hell, but it is not god doing this….satan is actively destroying souls, and stealing from them , and lying to them. people get burdened down with what satan does to them, and are so frustrated that they think god did it, not satan.

            god made you because he loved you. satan hates you and cannot create anything but trouble and traps. you have to be able to see who is at work in your life…..and choose the good over the evil, and reject the evil.

            you are right, things would get worse if you killed yourself. you would end up in hell forever, being tormented by the one who torments you now. once you get there, there is no way out.

            god is not cruel. satan is.

            I encourage you to seek god with your whole heart…read the new testament…see in there that god gave his only son to pay for your sins. jesus WILLINGLY died to take the punishment for your sins, so you COULD be happy and go to heaven. He took beatings for your healing and deliverance, and for your FREEDOM from satan.

            jesus makes it possible to have victory in this life, not failure. all he asks is that you are sorry for your sins, and accept the sacrifice he made for you, and turn away from those sins, and give your heart to god

            this process is called salvation.

            once saved, jesus transfers his AUTHORITY to you, and you just have to use it to get victory. of course, if you don’t use it, you would be defeated. and many don’t know they have this authority and don’t use it. but it IS there.

            you have value, you are loved, and you are important to god.

            I hope this helps shed some light on your issue. if you want to know more, I would be glad to talk to you more, and you can respond to the email this comment will be in, and write back.

            • Marianne:

              Thank you so much for reaching out. Deep down, I agree with you most of the time. I just can’t understand why my life has been so grim and why God seems to ignore my prayers. Here are some highlights of my life in the last 22-1/2 years:

              * My wife is diagnosed with breast cancer in 1/93. After battling chemo, radiation, stays in the hospital, etc, she died in 11/94, leaving me with a 6 year old son with autism/borderline MR and a 4 year old daughter. I prayed for her deliverance all through those 22 months.

              * Remarried in 1996 and it was a marriage made in hell. Prayed for us all during that struggle but it ended in 1999 after 3 separations and a lot of emotional damage to my kids and myself.

              * At the end of the marriage, I had to close down my company after 14 years. Filed bankruptcy. Many prayers unanswered.

              * Remarried again in 2000. Marriage began falling apart in 2004 and in 2006, she forced a separtion. Finally, I filed for divorce in 2011 after she had moved to Virginia with our son 2 years earlier and it was very clear that there was no hope of reconciliation. I prayed for our marriage and reconciliation throughout but to no avail.

              * New wife unexpectedly got pregnant at the outset of our relationship. Son was born with severe heart defect and underwent two major open heart surgeries. At age 2-1/2, he was diagnosed with autism. Today, at age 14, he is non-verbal and will have to live in an institutional setting once my 2nd ex-wife and I are gone.

              * Lost my job in 2009 after my company went bankrupt. Stayed unemployed for nearly 2 years and then under-employed for nearly a year, all the while praying.

              * I seem to have lost some cognitive skills and was terminated from another job in 2013 after 11 months. Prayers unanswered.

              * Lost another job in 2013 after only 4-1/2 months.

              * With my last savings, tried self-employment again because I was unable to find employment. (No one wants to hire someone my age, especially when they were terminated from their last 2 jobs.) After a year and a half, I am just about broke. My autistic/borderline MR, 26 year old son lives with me and we may end up homeless. I don’t know what is going to happen to my son when I am gone. He is not capable of living on his own. Don’t own a house, have about $6,000 cash and owe much more. Depression and anxiety are over-whelming sometimes. I have prayed for deliverance, pleaded, begged, cried for hours at a time………all to no avail.

              * My son has problems with employment because he cannot follow compound directions. He has been terminated several times and is currently working 20 hours a week with a janitorial company at minimum wage. He is frequently beaten down emotionally when I pick him up because his supervisors get frustrated with him. Also, he was arrested and jailed back in February for stepping on someone’s foot while exiting a bus. After $5,300 for an attorney, he is on probabion. He has never had a friend. (I think I have spent more time in prayer for him than anything.)

              * I am starting to get behind on bills and child support. I have a hearing with child support on Monday because I cannot continue the monthly $816 payments. My ex-wife owns her house in Virginia outright (completely paid for) and has approximately $1,000,000 in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

              I just cannot understand why God would let me go so long in such agony. I have sat alone with my .357 and wondered what would happen if I blow my brains out. I became a believer in 1974, but would God break his promise and send me to hell anyway? But maybe I am not really saved. Maybe I deluded myself into thinking that I am. All I know is that I have begged God to transform me and make me useful to the kingdom but nothing ever happens. At age 61, it’s starting to look pretty hopeless. I do plan on using the .357 if/when I get kicked out of my rented place. I am not willing to live under a bridge.

              Is God cruel? I don’t really know. I do know that if someone was abusing any of my children I would fight to the death to protect them.


              • But God said that, “He would never leave us nor forsake us”……… Hebrews 13:5

              • You should try listening to some Dan Mohler!

              • Dan Mohler on Youtube!

              • “…………. blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”….John 20:29
                We must first believe that he sees us and hears us and is for us before we can then be able to receive Him.
                First you have to believe that He has “never left you nor has never forsaken you” only then will you receive Him.

                First believe what His Word/promise says about you, when it says that “God is for us and not against us.”

              • chris

                you responded by email also. do you want me to answer here or by email in return?

  5. Hi Rev Willliams

    As dark as this world is getting, only those who have survived the darkness will have the light others need, when the pain begins. God is digging the well of compassion in you. It will have to be very deep, in order to serve him in this last years. You have not been overlooked.

    You are preparing for the next “Passover.” God will only “pass over” those who have been faithful to the blood of Jesus, and have honored the Lamb. The rest will be punished. Get ready to move out in His Name, in the near future. The desert is ahead of you, but so are the miracles and provision.


  6. Hi david,

    A broken heart can mend the hearts of others. It has not been a waste of time. There is a purpose in the solitude. Only when we finally die, are we then alive again.


  7. Thank you both for those sound words of wisdom. I have been alone so long I sometimes forget I’m not alone, because thousands are going through as I am. I find little notthing in the church but a lack of God’s presence, yet I trust Him regardless how I feel. The two of you know what I’m going through and I thank you for your words of encouragement. Be faithful. Love Bro. P Williams

  8. I love it when I go thru the different Christian sites and find input from you there, Rev. Patrick. It is wonderful that now many of us going thru this isolation are finding each other. There is solace in company, even if it is not face to face.

    I had a marvelous thing come about when I was about 3 years into my “cave.” No one I ever talked to could even believe God would isolate one of His children. It added to the loneliness, that no one would even believe me. Then came an email from a stranger. How she got my email addy, I don’t know, and she would not give info past just sending me printed sermons she heard at her church.

    Those sermons explained the “cave’ experience. What a wonder to find that someone else even knew it was real! He even knew this was different than being put into a wilderness experience. I already had two of those, 7 yrs long each. They described what I was going thru, almost to a T. The only difference I found was the writer’s advice to grow closer to God while in the cave. I had no idea how to do that with a God that kept His distance, tho I tried everything I knew to do so.

    Oh, how we search our heart in the cave, wondering what sin I committed to send my God away. But I only had the encouragement of knowing He will never leave nor forsake me, and those sermons to get me thru the rest of the decade in the cave.

    Let’s keep on keeping on, til we hear from Him again.. Love, Dave

  9. Look how Jesus suffered,Would anyone think they should not suffer in life? We are to be like Jesus,so why should we have everything we want? God is with us all the time, high on the mountains and low in the valleys….Praise God!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Deb

    Amen to what you say!


  11. On another note, I received in your email about latest additions a link to some article about Obama signing a declaration re: Palestinians. I got it in from a secular blog myself earlier today, and when I sent it out a friend sent me back a note to tell me that it was false with a link to prove it. I could dig it up if you would like.

  12. check it out here http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/o/obama-palestine-refugees.htm

  13. hi Paul

    Thank you for sending the clarification. I want to keep the facts straight regarding Obama. I try to be fair.


  14. Some very encouraging words. As we enter into these finale days of the world as we know it, the darkness will most likely be surrounding all the saints. It gets hard I know. Inquity abounds and we are surrounded. Our love can not grow cold.

    On another note regarding these sites like snopes that so many seem to put their faith in when someone questions an incident or mysterious happening. I want to share with you something that I found out and it was all Gods perfect timing in revailing this about sites like Snopes. Snopes , does not reconize Christ or anything pertaining to christians. I found this out several years ago personally.

    We had an incident that took place not far where I live and it was in the national headlines. It was regarding a group of christians that entered a restuarant to eat on Sunday evening after church. They ordered their food, and one of the young girls in the group stood up in a chair and ask the entire restaurant to pray a blessing with her. Many in the establishment complained, the manager came telling them not to pray or they had to leave. The police was called and the whole thing really got blown up. It just happened that one of the adults with the group was a Woman Doctor.

    An e-mail was being forwarded all over the country regarding this incident and christians were rising up due to the fact it was evident that restrictions are beginning to be seen regarding just saying a simple blessing before eating in a public place.

    Well, I got e-mail after e-mail back after sending on the forward of the story, saying that Snopes said it was not true.
    I personally called the woman doctor and talked extensively to her about the entire incident. And the entire incident was true and she admited also that the entire secular majority of the community was really playing it down.

    In Short:
    There are many hindrences out there sent by satan to try to hinder the truth of such things. There is another story circulating now regarding a Moslem father in Egypt murdering his wife for reading a bible. This father also after killing his wife buried a nursing daughter and his other young daughter alive with her in the sand in the desert. The Daughters by the grace of God survived and tell how a man with wounds in his hands and feet came to help them during the days they were buried. This word of this incident has been spreading throughout Egypt. Many have recieved an e-mail with this story. Snopes says the incident is false.

    Anyway consider it when you read news of God’s mysterious work and some secular organization says it is not true.

    Imagine what the majority will think when the two witnesses appear publicly. They will try to deny that too until they realize it is these two witnesses that have been sending upon the earth all the plagues and other birthpains that are to come.

  15. I don’t understand the “Cave Experience”, but can appreciate it must be difficult feeling away from God. I have prayed that God will be truth to you in this time of darkness. God bless.

  16. Hi Archie,

    I do not quite understand the term Cave either, but Dave distinguishes it from a wilderness experience. Perhaps he could write something explaining the difference.


  17. Hi Buzza,

    Thank you for sharing that about Snopes. I did not know that.

    As for the 2 witnesses, maybe it will be the man with wounds in his hands and feet that brings them back to life, after they have been killed!!!!


  18. one of the young girls in the group stood up in a chair and ask the entire restaurant to pray a blessing with her.,

    I think prayer is between you and God.only.. not to make a big show of..Jesus said Not to pray as the Heathern do, in public making a big display out of it,and too.. lots of people complain and comdem people who do not go to church,on Sunday,but yet they all crowd at the cafes and the resturants to eat on Sunday,, Keep the Sabbath… that always got me! but for prayer,I think Jesus said to go into a closet and pray, I think the same thing applys to blessings before eating, bow your head and thank the Lord yourself.. I asked a Methodist Preacher to say a prayer over some food,I work with this guy, he is retiring and his dinner,just several people in the office,but he would not.. saying “our boss whom is Muslim,would get offended,, but to me, We get offended if we can not .crazy world…

  19. Hi deb,

    I do not think the girl in the restaurant should have done that, since it was a mixed crowd, and she would have been forcing everyone to go along with her. But her punishment was a bit unrealistic also. Buzza was just using that as an example of how Snopes will report a story as “not true” when it is true. The merits of the case is a different matter.


  20. God answers all prayers, but not always the way we want them answered. He either answers “YES”, “NO”, or “WAIT”. Just my thoughts.

  21. I’ll try to explan what I see as differences between the cave and wilderness experiences. They have many similarities such as silence from God and generally a feeling of being set aside. My first experience with a wilderness came in my early born again days. God rightfully put me in a position that chrushed my pride. I turned from Him with a vengeance, even eventually becoming an atheist. To prove I no longer believed, I even answered a Christian aquaintance by trying to vocally blaspheme the Holy Spirit in an effort to stop his arguments. It was a miserable 7 yrs as everything I tried to do failed. That period stopped when I heard how easily the Israleies defeated the surrounding enemies attacking them. I remembered what I had read in the Bible and knew that was a miracle. I pled with God to show if there was yet any chance to return to Him. A thot came to my mind. Charismatic churches meet on Wed. nites, so I headed toward a church in a nearby town. I had the choice of 2 places to go at the intersection, to the church straight ahead, or turn right to the other. There were two young men hitch hiking and I turned right to give them a ride. Near the town, I asked if they knew where that certain church was. One of them told me it was turn right at the next corner and you will see it. “Besides, that’s the corner we want off at.”

    I went in, and would you believe the sermon title? It was, “So you thot you committed the unforgivable sin.” As he explained the subject, I realized God had arranged that, and even the 2 angels to guide me right to that church. So that wilderness ended that nite.

    I ended up in another church where the Spirit was moving mightily. My wife and I loved it. But in time, I began seeing what was going on behind the scenes there. I did not know this was “discernment.” Over and over I tried to get filled with the Spirit at altar calls, without the signs they told us would follow. The combination of knowing evil was going on behind the scenes and my feeling rejected by God, I quit going to church, and again found myself in a wilderness of everything going wrong.

    7 Yrs later, I heard words that sounded like they were God speaking to me. But I could not make sense of them until I went in the bedroom and found my alcoholic wife dead from liver damage. Then I knew what He had told me was about her dying, and that He had her in Heaven. That began a much closer relationship with God than ever before, even thru the grieving my wife’s death.

    That lasted 7 yrs, and it was awesome to walk so closely with Jesus. At the new church I found, I learned so much more about the spirit world. But again, I began seeing the evil going on there too, behind the scenes. By then, I well knew I was a prophet, but not the kind that has words of blessing for everyone. I was called to challenge the church leaders about the evil they were hiding from the people.

    Many things came from that, but most of it was persecution from the leaders as they tried to get me to leave the church, yet keep it all quiet from the sheep. I was finally accused of lies, and put on trial. They found me guilty of those lies and took me out of the 3 ministries I was in. This, even tho the accuser, (a young man I had taken in to disciple) repented and told them it was lies he had accused me of. (He later went out and hung himself.)

    Time went on and I noticed God was not speaking to me any more. I had an important decision to make, and asked and asked Him to tell me which way to go. I finally had to make the decision myself, and it turned out well. But I stearnly asked Him why He had not told me which way to go. He said, “I put you thru those trials to give you wisdom, now use it.” I have not heard Him since. I still get words and visions for others, but never hear His voice.

    I became aware no Christian liked me any more. I kept thinking, “I’m in a cave.” I was isolated from any fellowship, no matter how hard I sought it. The rest of this was mentioned above, how things went for the last decade in the “cave.” In the first 2 wildernesses, there were people I could talk to. In the cave, there seldom came conversations with anyone. When I went to the store for instance, it would surprise me to hear my own voice when talking to the cashier. I hardly ever had words with anyone. The cave experience is isolation, to the extreme. DavWms

    • Im going thru this now and I don’t think I can handle anymore. my whole life has been filled with disappointment. I feel as if God has given me these trick trials, ones that I cannot pass because I am human and have human needs but feel that if I don’t pass them I will be punished for it. And its not fair. I wait and wait for him to answer me, to provide my need and he doesn’t answer. I’m left all alone, facing terrible things, and he doesn’t come. but he sure shows up as soon as I cant handle anymore and punishes me for it for sure. I am so angry about this. It doesn’t make any sense.

      • dear Lynne

        I wish I were there to personally encourage you. What you are going through is called the dark night of the soul…when testing feels unbearable….

        why are we tested like this? only God can understand it….

        I can only tell you that I went through hell, and no one was there for me….I thought god had abandoned me, but my needs were somehow met on a day to day basis…..

        these periods of time may last years at a time……

        some things may feel like punishment…..like when your enemy wins….but somehow this will turn around at a future time…it will not be the way we want, but we will wake up one day, and THEN we will understand all the suffering.

        then the next trial begins.

        this is because the enemy is wearing out the saints at this time.

        this was predicted in the bible….the saints would go through tribulation……but jesus said to endure to the end, so we must hang in there and obey him.

        I went through many losses and unbearable things, and now I am helping others.

        so you are being prepared for some assignment where others will be facing loss, disaster and despair….

        because you have already traveled this path, people will look to you for advice, and guidance…

        so do not give up

        you will make it through all the bad stuff, and God will be there at the end for you….he is with you, even if it does not feel like it

        he rewards us in testing, NOT for how much he helps us when we ask, but for how much we trust him when he does NOT help us.

        you will be ok.

        I am sending you some prayers for strength.

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  23. I should mention one more thing. As I said above, I challenged the pastors of this great church for the evil going on in it. In a short time after I was “crucified,” I was in that church one day, shortly after the leader over the church had died. I had with me a young lady whom I had led to the Lord. As soon as worship was over, she turned to me and said she thot she had a vision, but it must not be. She said she saw the now dead leader in Heaven, and he had HUGE glasses on. She said it must not be a vision because they don’t wear glasses in Heaven. I told her to ask God for more, and to note the big glasses, as they would be important.

    That nite I had a dream and saw the same vision, but this time the leader was talking. He said, “Now I see. Now I see.” I awoke at this point and believed that was a message to go ahead and publish my book. I really was struggling with this, because many would recognize the un-named pastor I wrote about, and I did not want to hurt people’s memory of him… DavWms

  24. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for defining cave and wilderness. I always think of Jesus in the wilderness, where he was tempted, and King David, before he was king, hiding from Saul.

    When did you have the dream about the leader with the glasses?


  25. Yes, I went thru all the “cave” mentions in the Bible to try and determine why He had me there. I saw that David lived in a cave for some time, trying to avoid Saul. The dream about the pastor with the glasses took place not long after he died, about Jan of 1998. The church was still mourning his passing late the year before. DavWms

  26. I felt that God have reasons that he did not answer us. He wanted to guide us through life and he send massages to our mind in order to do something. He, Jesus, always with us and if we agree to let him to control over our lives then you’ll be with God forever until the end of life and he will lead you through times when you’re having difficulties. God created all of us so whatever we do, he knows it. He’s like the same as what we are, we are flesh and God is the same.

    • Dear Rabbit,

      You have a beautiful way of writing that expresses your soul. You are stronger than you think, and have a lot of wisdom.


  27. I cannot resist to read all of this. I admit I am going through this situation for a long time. I began to notice that people don’t talk to me neither write or call. And I also noticed the strange of feeling being alone.. To be perfect honest, it is abousate no fun. I told HIM myself ” Gosh, if I must go through this in spiritually as I have gone through hell growing up spite of my sunny personality.. then so be it”
    In a way, I wish I do not have those emotions that would rock me between weepy at night and sad in day looking around people and everything almost like in new eyes. *shrug* It does not mix well with three pre teenage kiddos.. *sigh* Yet here I am walking thru the darkness.. feeling very tired and not well physically.. yet spiritually stubbornly keeps going to finish the best as I could.
    I might be ingorant where everyone are concerned.. I gets furious too easily lately every time I hear or see about Irseal being abused or ingored.. without help and all. I get furious at people for being foolish and blind… but at same time.. I love them all.. knows that they don’t know what they are doing.. * sigh * Believe me, I wish crazy emotions are buried.. but it doesn’t. I have gone without emotions for years.. mastered it so well under easygoing and happy smile that no one knew. Now it is overflow.
    Anyway, I better zip my lips for now. I do wish to share more on other things than eh… rather my ” dark place ” … ( I do not give up easily… but when I gets to a point when I want to give up so badly.. I would turn to God every night.. I admit.. every night.. but still feels alone.. always does. Feels like everyone doesn’t listen to me nor care base on my needs or feelings.. Eh.. what can I say.. really ? I am simply lost in wild forests )

    • Tamera

      Thank you for sharing that. It is ok to do that here. I suggest, if can find any, find a few people you can pray with or fellowship with. There is usually someone God will give you that will give some friendship that will help you carry the burden at times. It might just be a phone call to make the day a little brighter. also, see a doctor to be sure you are not physically sick.

      I am guessing you are a single mother? You did not mention a husband. Being a single mother is very hard. God is with you in a special way.

  28. Morning, Marianne 🙂 Eh, frankly, people avoid me because I am curious by nature and would ask every questions about God or strangest things *chuckle* which set me apart from others, I guess. It might relates to my hearing loss since birth is what always stood me out among the entire family who can hear. I have seen my doctor. My mother just recently found out she has tumor.. beside her OTHER health problems.. Doctors can do nothing. That’s the fact. I don’t trust doctors very often.. only on rare occasion if needed.
    I was raised by a single mother.. my very own mother. And yes, in that sense, I am single mother raising three hearing impair children which I consider is a blessing because we all can communicate. 🙂 But, on other hand, I do have a man who I consider my best friend of almost 12 years spite of our love for each other. We are together in heart.. yes.. But.. problem is.. I am fiercely independant and doesn’t like to depend on others but God alone. He knows that I have problem with men. Yet he sticks around loving me no matter what. ( He frustrates me sometimes because he sometimes doesn’t see nor sense what I can. I guess that is my another nature also.
    Burden is no stranger to me.. unless you are in a tight spot with stubborn kids who wouldn’t listen nor follow rules… *laugh* which happens to be in pre teen stages.. Forgive my humor. They are wonderful in many ways.. BUT their heads need to be cracked sometimes when they are so stubborn. lol lol..

    I am not as good as hearing people to write and express words.. I grew up reading people in different languages.. by their bodies languages.. and expression facial languages and lipreading and much more.. that taught me NOT to listen to words.. but their bodies because it is more telling than the words does… I always pray alone.. always. I tried to pray with others.. it feel not so right to me at all. It feels like.. no privacy between me and God. Makes sense to you ? I tried to go to different churches… Believe me, everywhere I go, I see different things inside than looking at people. Eh, it kinda feel weird.. So, for once in my life, I just do it at home.. and do research, and talk to people.. reading.. so on is only opinion I got here with me nowadays.

    Feeling alone is not really burden… it is rather feeling.. isolated.. and lost.. not knowing self as well as you know others.. That is something I don’t like the feeling but.. I learned to get use to it and go over it to next step. I am not that kind of person who would really go such length to do like everyone else does. What most would call me as ” turtle and caution learner ” lol.. I am always caution in life.. too careful.. too watchful.. not trusting one single thing or a person.. I know it is not a way of living, I agree. But from all my previous childhood bad experiences is what taught me to steer clear of anyone and everything.. but live the life as best as possible. Is there any way we can communicate in different ways ? I love to learn everything .. *sigh* it is almost like if there is never stop to learn every single day. 🙂 God bless you. And I still enjoy learning and reading in this site of yours daily..to remind myself what I have forgotten.. even if they wounds deep but it means the truth comes thru 🙂 Hope to talk soon.


  29. Job said “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Job had a lot of faith. We need to as well. I was told God always answers prayers, sometimes he says no because what we ask is not good for us to get us into heaven. This teaching has stayed with me all my life.

    • hi Jill

      Yes, sometimes he says no. and sometimes he says “wait.” if we are asking for something according to his word, we will eventually get it. It will just take patience on our part.

  30. Hi Jill and Marianne,

    Job is an example of Adam and Job was a very righteous man.
    Job was tested to extreme measures.
    Many wise men have seen ‘the sufferings of Christ’ in the Scriptures of Job.
    ‘Job had a lot of Faith’, Jill writes …
    Imagine this if you will … Job had everything, sons, daughters, a wife and many other possessions.
    And in the matter of a few hours everything was devoured by the ‘devourer,’
    yet Job did not loose the covenant with God by blaspheming God.
    Job simply says …’naked came I into this world’ and he blessed the Name of The Eternal.
    Even to his own flesh was he afflicted with sores and boils and pain.
    He became the refused of the earth at the hand of Satan.
    Everything Job valued in the ephemeral was destroyed ….
    but I think Job had the most precious living thing in him ….
    And that is ‘The Heart of God’.
    ‘The barrel was broken, but the wine was not spilled’.
    His Life … the eternal aspect of man was preserved in The Hand of God.

    Christians hear this because the hour is late…
    It is not the things of this world that matters….
    When you pray to The Lord ask for ‘Him’.
    Seek ‘Him’ … First …
    because without ‘Him’ … forever will be long.

  31. Amen!

  32. I would like to share with you all one of my favorites:

    “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You have need of patience, that after you have done the will of God you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:35

  33. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:

    -There is none to stand in the gap and intercede for the people of the Lord. All seek their own gain. People roam over the mountains like sheep without a Sheppard. But the Lord God of Hosts will not allow the mischief of the evil one.

    -The people relied on Corporate America for an unfailing check and have not prepared for these times. Corporate America became greedy, therefore transferring all the work the people had to places where they can profit not a 100% but over a 1000% if possible. They used the people to extract the sketches of what it took to build this great nation. Your children engineered the trains, the factories, the mining machines. Yet all has been taken, and the people are left to be slaves to greed and be consumed.

    -The Government needs complimentary support we can provide. Governance is countered by selfish interests, legal manipulation and corruption. Blindly and unwilling they have been used in the exodus of Jobs, manufacturing and wealth to greener pastures.
    Where there is no vision the people perish. The country suffers for lack of knowledge to decipher the times. Where is the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Leadership of the Church?

    -Church arise encourage the people. The state does not want to stand with you but you can stand for the People. Provide Manufacturing skills, help reopen factories, restore trade with developing countries. Quit criticizing the Government; use the little support they provide grow the country. “Occupy till I come” said the Lord Jesus Christ, engage for God’s sake.
    Watch what you listen in the News-media; Despite our advanced education, there has never been a people so misinformed as ours. Distortion of facts and control of knowledge as this is worst than Communist propaganda in the Cold War era.

    -Help the people with raw material procurement, import and exporting. The world still buys and sells, or else China would not still be in business, we alone willow in politics and speculative financial demagogies. You can still afford homes, if only there were jobs and home values were not manipulated. China prizes our products, Africa, Asia and Mediterranea still need what we make, and Europe wants a competitor.

    -Gather your strength, resources and knowledge. For the sake of the body of Christ, the Land and the People we will provide engineers, researchers and developers in any field there is. Engage for sake of the people. Contact us: vpinc@mail.com

  34. Me too. I have searched for answers! I’m a new Christian God use to talk to me he told me he loved me, that everything was beautiful, that he would never leave me and always love and take care of me and that I was saved from hell (one day when I got scared and thought I wasn’t going to make it to heaven). But now I get the cold shoulder. I have developed a habbit of self mutilating because I feel so utterly rejected from God. I’m so afraid he’s angry with me. I say God is mad at me and others will tell me no he’s not. Everyone enters church with a big smile on their face as if everything is wonderful. I would like to just be honest one day when they ask how I’m doing? An: Terrible I’m depressed lonely and miss my Father. I thought its sin that is keeping us apart but I asked forgiveness of everything even the sins that are little in some Christians eyes. Generational curses, occult practices you name it I renounced it. I have a lot of problems though with repentance. I’m always afraid, I am bitter, angry, depressed. But I try so hard to tackle these things. God has helped me in some cases but now I think because I have not repented is this why God turns his back on me? But oh God how I try how I pray and weep. At times I can eat or sleep I don’t even remember the last time I’ve had my period (forgive me if that TMI) Fine God don’t show up but I beg you at least let me have my period! People think I’m crazy, I’m addicted to God I just want him but I’m left thirsty. So when I see this I feel a bit relieved. Sometimes faith has to be enough but its hard not to get jealous of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are filled with the Spirit, having dreams and visions while I’m stuck fasting with no results. But I appreciate this because I’m not alone even when my emotions get crazy I know deep down that God sees it all. Even when I say to God you hate me! I know deep down his love for me is unfailing incurable unwavering and never ever ending. But I miss my daddy. Its like everytime I fall he pulls me back only to feel a big door slam in my face. Then I fall again and he brings me back. I’m glad I saw this.Maybe it is sin or maybe God is producing greater faith in me. Paul said consider it a joy when you face many trials. So I will try to choose joy even when I weep at night. I look at it as this I’m still alive he wakes me up everyday, he chose me from before the world was created. He has a plan for me! I will keep yall In prayers!

    • dear shevonne

      You sound very sensitive and withdrawn. You must not hurt yourself. Please understand that God is not rejecting you. Silence does not mean rejection. It is just silence.

      I also went through a wonderful period where God manifested himself to me. There were many wonderful miracles and experiences. Now there is nothing, it seems.

      But the previous time was a time of making me strong, so I could stand alone and help others. It gave me beautiful memories to hold onto, to help me through this time now.

      God has also done this for you. You had a time of strengthening. Now you have to stand alone, to grow and help others.

      God is still there, loving us, even when he is silent.

      This is the test:

      we love him when he shows us attention, and gives us miracles, happiness, and blessings.

      But will we love him, when everything is wrong, and unhappy, and he is silent, and does not help us?

      I encourage you to thank and bless God each day, and tell him you love him, even though he is silent, and he is not helping you.

      You are a lot closer to God now, than you were before. You just do not know it.

      Do not worry about others, who are “happy.” They have not had their testing yet.

      They are going through the strengthening period now, and later they will be experiencing what you are experiencing now.

    • Stop hurting yourself, he isn’t angry with you, go back and repent, and believe he loves you, self mutaliation is what is separating you from him, repent and go back to serving him, time is short.

  35. Jesus shed his blood for the remission of sins. Nothing is more powerful than the Blood of the Holy Cross. When you repent (turn away) from a life of sin to live a life of righteousness and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins something very powerful happens. The Accuser no longer has anything to accuse you of. Not only are your sins forgiven, it is as though they never existed: the slate wiped clean and sanctified. So when The Accuser tries to make you feel bad and say God has rejected you, simply say “Get behind me Satan! You have nothing on me! In the name and authority of Jesus and by the Blood of the Holy Cross, I rebuke you and all of your works and false promises!” You are new. You are born again.

  36. I would really like to know who drew the picture of despair? Any info would be appreciated

    • devvon

      I will have to research this picture, and figure out where I got it.

      You might be able to google search for “Angel sorrow” and see what you get.

  37. This is happening to me….financially everything is falling away. It’s okay, I can decide to leave this life. Then when I meet God, I will do so with teeth clenched.

  38. Been going thru this for a long time….everything financially going away. It’s okay…we can leave this life. Then when I meet God, I will do so with teeth clenched.

    • hi ufa

      Do not give up. These times are very hard for the saints. it is the last days, and the devil is working hard to harm us. The bible says he will wear out the saints. Keep looking up to heaven for your hope. I think Jesus will return very soon.

  39. I read “when God rejects us” and expected that it is the final doom with no hope for regaining a contact with God. Was relieved to know this is for a trial of faith and not a total rejection. I want to know if there is a real rejection like the rejection of Saul for which there was no reversal of such a prospect.

    • hi madan

      as long as one repents of sins, they will be forgiven.

      the only exception is if they blaspheme the holy spirit, calling the holy spirit evil or the devil, mocking or rejecting him

  40. I hate the word “accept” right now. Because I hear voices at night that tell me to wake up and I have nightmares of God condemning me and I’ve had a “vision” telling me that I’m going to die in 2 weeks that I am hoping was just a dream. I don’t want to do that, I want to fight for my life. Not only does the word “Accept” have an infuriating meaning to me right now (basically giving in to believing God hates me, has damned me, and I will never get a good nights sleep again – he’s killing me by SEVERE insomnia and illness-, but also it has an annoying sounds. The “pt” and the hard “c” make it a really annoying word for some reason. So it’s annoying all around. I’m gonna keep trying to get better and not believe all this doom and gloom stuff even if I’m insane for doing it. I don’t think anyone could blame me. I haven’t slept a good night’s sleep in 6 months. And I’ve heard, through “voices”, dreams, coincidences and bible verses that God isn’t going to forgive me and my past is so awful that he’s cursed me to die at 20.

    • Next time you hear that voice say the following words: I INVOKE GOD’S GRACE, WHICH FILLS ME WITH LIGHT. LIGHT DISSOLVES ALL DARKNESS. These words have been bestowed with the power to dissolve all forms and manifestations of darkness at its very source never to return. Keep repeating it and you will achieve a heightened sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. God the Source of The Light has no darkness at all and would never say you are going to hell or that you are going to die. Jesus says he is The Light. Jesus also says he must go away and he would send a Helper… the Holy Ghost. My prayer is a transformational gift of the Holy Ghost, which appeared to me in 2004. I received the prayer the following year and it has been helping thousands of people overcome the tricks and power plays of darkness. Only by believing and receiving the Holy Ghost (The Light) can you finally overcome the influence of darkness in the world. Many blessings of The Light.

    • Rebuke Satan and his minions, just believe in Jesus and Ask for his Help, he loves us all, yes you included. Satan is trying to stop you from completing your purpose, don’t let him, seek God, fall on your knees and say Help me Jesus!!!!!!

  41. Oh and by the way, I’ve never said it out loud, but I have an out of control mind. In my thoughts I have blasphemed the holy spirit, mocked God, AND called Him evil. It comes out of a deep, deep anger at God for the way he created reality and all the pain I’ve been through and all the unforgiveness I’m seeing now. I literally hear voices shout at me against my will that say “God is NEVER going to forgive you” (As I typed that a voice just said (“Well said”). I really don’t have any hope and I am miserable and psychologically tortured.

    • dear anon

      God has not rejected you.

      You are being tormented by demons who are lying to you.

      Ask the father God in the name of Jesus to help you overcome this.

      also, find some church support near you.

      get people to pray for you and show you the love of Jesus.

      I love you and so does jesus. there is hope for you. do not give up.

    • have you heard about ‘the silence of Heaven ‘ , it does not mean that God does not want to help, God ‘s love endure forever , His love never change.
      during the time of silence, it might be a time that God want to test us, or
      God want us to seek him more, or God want to use the trial to make us mature , personIly I went through one mignight without any answer from heaven. during that time, I really confused and troubled why God keep silence. after that I receive some revelation throuth pastor preaching .
      he taught about the silence of Heaven.
      do not condemn youself, if you repent your wrongdoing before God, that is it. His Blood will make us clean and by His blood, come boldly before His mercyseat to keep asking and seeking Him , He will help you !!!
      We ask God’s healing touch over your body,soul(emotion) and spirit.
      in Jesus Name we pray , By His stripe , Anon receive your healing from Jesus, we praise you Jesus, please keep Praising God ,
      read psalms 149 , when we Praise God, through the Praising , God has Way to heal us and intervine into our life, God bless you !

    • You aren’t alone. I have always had an extremely close walk with God and I pray and do NOT ask for anything except my Loved ones to be safe yet each one of them has died way too soon and before I stopped needing them. To make things worse, I was plaqued with people who scolded me for grieving. NOTHING I ask for is ever granted yet the evil prosper and have everything. It is so easy to get angry with God and curse Him and to the exact extent as you described. I know He hasn’t abandoned us but just simply is perfecting us. I believe that God chooses His people and suffering is just part of the deal. We could be no use to Satan even if we tried to sell our souls to him because God has already called you HIS. BE PROUD. The Bible says to rejoice when God chastises us and causes suffering. It is hard but just think of what you will one day have that not many will have. Tell God THANK YOU for Loving you enough to chastise you.

    • Recite these words as frequently as possible… I INVOKE GOD’S GRACE, WHICH FILLS ME WITH LIGHT. LIGHT DISSOLVES ALL DARKNESS. Your “out of control” thoughts will diminish and gradually stop altogether. God bless.

    • Dear anon, the voice is Satan, and are not hopelessly lost, rebuke the voice, call upon Yahshua(Jesus).
      Ask Yahshua to destroy the voice and restore your sanity, believe he will save you and he will. Much love always.

      Your Depressed and tortured Brother, who lives you and wants you to come home

  42. I don’t know if I can hold on anymore. I feel like I’m living in denial when I try to convince myself that I’m ok. The demons aren’t leaving. And God isn’t forgiving me, I think he’s told me over and over again.

  43. I think about going back to heroin all the time or blowing my head off. Or trying to get back with my ex who is still using drugs. Worldly things. Comforting, numbing things. This is really melodramatic I know, please pardon that. But I’m really upset.

  44. I couldn’t imagine someone like me in heaven, and I’m probably right. Heaven is for those who love God perfectly, or well enough. (“Well said” – heard a voice say that again.) I’m not one of those people.

    • you have not heard from God yet. only the devil.

      you are lovable…you just do not believe it.

      tell that voice to “shut up” in Jesus name

      I am sorry that I am too far from you, or I would come over.

    • Anon,

      Heaven is for those whom God loves perfectly,..and you, at this very moment are one of those.; and DON’T let any “voice” tell you otherwise..You are half way there, because He is calling you now…and He will never let you go! 🙂
      Call upon Him every breathing second of the day…He won’t forsake you!

      Bless you!

    • Anon

      Rebuke Satan and his minions, just believe in Jesus and Ask for his Help, he loves us all, yes you included. Satan is trying to stop you from completing your purpose, don’t let him, seek God, fall on your knees and say Help me Jesus!!!!!!

  45. Anon, have you read 40 healing scripture before, e
    please start to confess them and read with loud voice. do not focus on youself, focus on the Word now.
    keep calling Jesus , Jesus ,
    do not foucus on yourself, rightnow KEEP SEEKING JESUS ,
    calling His name, reading His WORD. read loud /confess 40 healing scripture to yourself. God Bless
    in Jesus name ‘ rebuke the devil out of you/ and your thought.
    keep calling Jesus , He will help you !

  46. Anon, we are praying too, you also keep calling upon Jesus
    Jesus Help

  47. Sorry I took forever to call back :/ That was really rude of me. Thank you guys for all the comfort and support. It helps, definitely

  48. well he has certainly Cursed me with Loneliness.

    • dear seriously speaking

      I feel for you. Loneliness is a very painful experience. I hope you can find others to associate with.

      I would like to suggest that you find people in need of your help, and benefit from the experience of helping others. engaging in that kind of activity should help you meet nicer people whose company you might enjoy.

      Also, I pray that God gives you relief and fellowship and love in your life, so that you will be encouraged.

      • It is very true that there are many of us good men out there that are very seriously looking to find love, and i speak for so many other men like me looking for a good woman to connect with too. Loneliness is certainly no fun at all since there are so many Very Blessed men and women that have met one another and have a family just like we would had wanted as well. and when the holidays come around it is much worse for us too. thank you very much for your support.

        • It could be a blessing, please seek Jesus first, then seek a mate after you have connected with him, you might be one of the 144000 which will be Kings during the 1000 year riegn of Jesus.

  49. I have prayed for my favourite job as an artisan. I never got it. I started a bussiness it never worked. I got married to a beatiful caring wife, she passed on. I resigned from my old job which was strenous, became a drunk and lost my house. Now I started another bussiness and still prayin. Nothin changes. I am not sure how long
    God will reject my prayer. I try to pray twice everyday but nothing changes. I really am not sure who God is and think I should forget and live this flatbroke life. I’m tired of hering what God did to others that he cannot do for him. Why must I bother him so much when he is not interested?

    • chabe

      please do not feel rejected….there is a reason behind everything….what makes us look like a failure to ourselves and others may be Gods plan for a special assignment he has for us….

      we are not in this world to have our desires met, but to do God’s will…some people have high callings, and some have lower callings….in the eyes of the world , one might seem more successful than someone else with less money and glamour, but to god, they are equal in value.

      please know you are valuable and precious to god. you made good efforts in life, and you did have a good wife. business is difficult for many people now, and many have no jobs at all. he IS interested in you, more than you know…..do not give up, keep praying…and I pray now that god blesses you and gives you favor in your business.

  50. In a very dark world such as ours, we need an arsenal, and we must never let down our guard. We must pray every day, not just when we have to or when things go wrong: by then it may be too late to make a difference with what is happening right now. I believe in prayer with the power to dissolve the true instigator of all of life’s difficulties and despair: darkness. The only way to truly make a difference in this world is to dissolve the influence of darkness and to heal our lives, our communities and our world. 1 Cor 4:20 “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power”. I offer you a prayer that can do just that… I INVOKE GOD’S GRACE, WHICH FILLS ME WITH LIGHT. LIGHT DISSOLVES ALL DARKNESS. God bless.

  51. Thank You so much for this article because it hits so close, it took the wind out of me. I pray fervently and it seems the more I pray the less I get. I watch others pray and with amazement, I think they have such favor with God. I often felt God just expected more from me because I Love HIM so Much and I would never abandon my Faith. After loosing everything I love too soon to death, I wondered if He had just simply turned away from me. This came at the Perfect Time because God knows how much I struggle with His Love and desire for His perfection in me. Thank you again. I Love God and I would never leave Him and this assures me that He is there and perhaps just perfecting me. God Bless You for Being God’s messengers.

  52. its cruel

  53. In order to understand Rejection we first have to understand True Acceptance. Acceptance comes through knowing and walking in the Truth.

    Questions we all should ask ourselves…

    1.) So now what is Truth? Answer is God’s (Real Name is YHVH or YEHOVAH ELOHIM) Word
    2.) Who or What is YHVH’s Word? Answer is Jesus Christ The Messiah (Real Name is Yeshua HaMeshiac) is.
    3.) If Yeshua is The Word, what Message does He bring ? Answer He came To Point us Back to The Father, who offers Abundant Life To All .
    4.) If Yeshua (The Messiah, The Word, The Way, The Truth, The Life), came to point us back to YHVH (God, The Father, The Creator) what do we have to do or have to recieve to have Abundant Life? Anwer is We are Commanded to go and bear Much Fruit. (The Good Fruits of Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance )
    5.) If The Command is To Bear Much Good Fruit, how do we do that? Answer is Read The Torah (The First Five Books of The Bible- known as The Books Of Moses) and Obey YHVH’s Commands ( The Ten Commandments or The 613 Mitzots)

    Feel Free to email at evdominiquemoore@gmail.com for more 🙂

  54. Good topic….but the one thing thing you left out is the JOY that can come from “the waiting”.

    Because it is a joy that does not come from this world or anything this world can “give” us…..but this joy supernaturally comes from Jesus by His Spirit.

    It’s the same JOY He had when He knew He was to endure the crucifixion. That joy came from the heavenly Father to Him via the Holy Spirit.

    The JOY of the Lord IS our strength.

    That’s why it’s SO vital that we need the Holy Spirit living inside of us….because WE cannot do it in our own flesh….BUT Him living inside of us CAN overcome all things Christ said. He overcame ALL things.

    And when He’s living inside of you, YOU can overcome all things as well because He is LIVING inside of you. He does the work. We are just to trust Him in this work. The Holy Spirit will help you.

    We need to lean upon HIM living inside us and let HIM carry our burdens.

    Then we can have JOY in the waiting till we see the complete redemption of our bodies.

    • for me, joy comes when I die and leave here….

      • Yes, the ultimate JOY is when we are with Him forever and ever and ever….very true!

        Here is a good video that tells it like it is about what a TOTAL DECEPTION this present world we live is. Everything is LIES. Everything about this world and it’s ways is a lie….and leads to death.

        Jesus made a way OUT of this death world, this mess.

  55. Did that video post?

    It’s called :

    “The Only Truth That Matters (R$E) ” from RoundSaturnsEye on youtube

  56. I am tired of my God working behind the scenes, I want, no I NEED him to feature in my highlight reel !

  57. No comment this is how its always been doors closing none opening i just give up i dont question jesus nor god …..i just dont have the belief that ….if he loved is and were obidient and faithfull …and i have see evil deeds wickedness rewarded many have come against me pesurcuted me seek to to destroy me and ive never met them a day in my life my own family rejected me friends rejected me and thats ok i dont lack social skill they just being rebucked by god from me i pray i pray i cry jesus hear my plead my case my cry nothing i feel like job david then i realize god helped them and when i get back on my feet bad things happen where i cant exsplain …i dont hate i honer but i feel a darkness coming over my spirit ….cause evil deeds wickedness get everthing and doors open for them and ive wittnessed it and me being a child of god suffer far more lack far more and my heart is pure ….and my family keep saying god is testing you im like well he been testing me my whole life ……i got to point where all whom have did evil to me got blessed …and that ok …my mother says you are a david you are a daniel you are a moses i could have never survived what you have ….i say to my mom im at my breaking point …..and have you ever thoufht mom jesus and god hates me so much that they know they have the power to keep me in a position where they say ingnore keep her there until she break ….is this love ….i love the jesus and the lord thy god and the holy spirit with all thy heart and all thy mind and all thy strenght …and the love thy trinity gives me in return is visions that are warnning nothing good nothing im done ….to have yet to see a blessing or a mircle from god for me ..im done …..my faith is beyond tested its at it peek

    • dear lynn

      first of all, I just noticed your comment. I did not get an email copy of it, like I usually do with comments from the website. I am sorry about that.

      second, you are loved by God, but you are weak because you do not know how to fight, I was this way too, and was defeated constantly…thinking god did not love me

      third, I am sending you prayers for strength and deliverance from the evil, witchcraft, and all the spirits you are being attacked by

      you need to learn spiritual warfare..this is normally not taught in churches so most christians get attacked and lose. you fight with prayers and collecting those around you to support you and defend you.

      print out the prayers , or download them to computer, and say them each day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      as for the vision of “nothing good’ I am not sure what that is about, but in the very near future, nothing good really is coming, and saints will be persecuted as the tribulation has started, and some saints are already being killed.

      the bible says “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” this is one reason many saints are weak.

      weakness on our part does not mean God does not love us and wants us to suffer

      god loves the weak saints and admires their faithfulness during suffering

      REV 3:4 addresses the weak saints not to give up

      “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.”

      But he really wants us to have victory by knowing our rights as believers and our authority over evil.
      and he promises to remove us from severe danger when the time of wrath starts

      Rev 3:8
      “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

      so do not give up, you are the Lord’s bride, and he will be coming for you soon, to protect you and bring you into his glory.

  58. God has certainly Punished me with No wife and family.

    • dear speaking the truth

      I would have to know more about your circumstances to reply to you.

      not having things or people is not necessarily a sign of punishment, unless you are a mean person who hurts people.

      usually it is due to either bad decisions, like marrying the wrong person, then breaking up, or shyness, or isolation, or lack of opportunity, or something else.

      God wants the best for you…and I pray this comes true for you as well.

      Let me know if you want to talk further

    • That is no punishment, if you keep calling on Jesus with Shameless persistence you could be a elect, one of Yah’s priests.

  59. I have had a long rocky road walking with the lord. I recently got the idea to write about it for some reason. I have spent my whole life walking with him. I have had times when I was angry with God, but I was just a child at the time and I really had nobody but God. I felt like he betrayed me somehow by taking my mother to heaven. I felt him strong most of my life. Right now a lot of things keep going wrong I am in a lot of pain and I have been praying like crazy. I feel ignored. I keep begging God to give me strength or to help in some way. Nothing has been happening there. It is like I lost my only friend/family. I feel like I am seeing him through a wall of glass that is unbreakable and I cannot reach him no matter how hard I try. This feeling is heart breaking. I wonder if I have even been saved. If I have ever had the relationship with God that I thought I have had. I keep asking mainly for the pain in my body to not hurt anymore.

    • sherri

      this is a hard one for me too, since I have pain also. and I have had many things go wrong also.

      I would keep praying and not take it personal if you do not get quick replies from god.

      he does not reject our prayers, he may DELAY giving a response or what we ask for, but he does hear us, and know what we want.

      I do not understand all of god’s ways, because he is too high for me.

      JEsus said to ask and we would receive, if we are in gods’ will

      asking for healing is a legitimate request….and Jesus healed while he was here to prove that.

      God is working in our lives even when we do not see anything going on

      we must believe and pray and ask, and leave the results up to god.

      He may approve, or deny us for some reason that is to our spirtiual advantage…..that is his sovereign decision.

      for example I have prayed for people to get well, but they died anyhow….this discouraged me at first, but I do not know what work god was doing in their lives.

      I have a friend who was born with cerebral palsy….parents and friends prayed for him since birth…he is now 30 years old, and not healed….but that is god’s decision….and god has a good reason for it.

      but god still loves him, and he still loves god.

      same with me…I pray each day for healing, and I do see some improvements….but it is not an instantaneous response from god where I immediately get what I want….maybe he is teaching me patience….

      I have had many tragedies…and I lost much, but looking back, god has shown me what went wrong, and why I had to lose…to get rid of the world and get closer to him.

      so I continue in faith, pray, and let the wisdom of God rule in my life.

      someday, god will reveal to me why he handled my prayer requests the way he did, and I will just glorify him for it.

      god is closer to you than you think..it is when we are the weakest that he is the closest….

      he is working on our character, not just our bodies.

      so learn patience, and do not be discouraged, and continue to pray in faith, and give thanks to god each day for what you DO have, and the blessings will come in a good way, when the time is right.

      and the spiritual result is more important than the physical.

    • “…………. blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”….John 20:29

      We must first believe that he sees us and hears us and is for us before we can then be able to receive Him.

      First you have to believe that He has “never left you nor has never forsaken you” only then will you receive Him.

  60. To Marianne, i always seem to meet very unfriendly women. And years ago the good old fashioned women were the best compared to the women that are out there these days which makes it very difficult meeting a good one for me. Many parents raised their daughters very well to meet a good man to settle down with to have a family, and today many of their parents just don’t care at all since much more women today are very high maintenance and usually want a man with a very large bank account. Years ago many men and women both struggled to make ends meat, and most i would say made their marriage work. There was no such thing as a high maintenance woman back then since both men and women hardly had any money to begin with, and now these days many women are very independent, selfish, and spoiled as well and expect the best which they will not settle for less. Very obvious why our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles had very long lasting marriages back then since it was much easier meeting each other in those days, and it is very hard for many good single men like us looking for a good woman to settle down with today. Today many women have certainly changed for the worst, and i wish that i could’ve been born many years sooner to avoid this mess today which i most likely would’ve been married with a family myself now instead of being all alone now. It is just too bad we don’t have a real time machine to send many of these women back in time to see what it was really like which many of these spoiled women today would’ve had it real tough.

    • truth

      all you can do is pray that, in this materialistic world, there are still some good girls left and you will find one. ask god to help you find her.

  61. Thanx for this wonderful and encouraging words.

  62. Maybe you should go listen to some DAN MOHLER teachings on Youtube. He could help you guys get the proper perspective.

  63. I strongly feel that God has jeccted me…like a puppet rejected by its maker, kicked into a corner and ignored forever…favoring only the ones He likes…cause I can’t do anything right. He never answers my prayers…it’s kind of cruel. My existence is a mistake…I shouldn’t have been born… And now while I’m still breathing, I need God to make me vanish peacefully and never to be seen again for eternity cause I don’t want to be burned in hell..it’s horrible. I never chose to exist and never even wanted to.
    I need God’s forgiveness, love and peace…and I need it now, not tomorrow.
    Pray for me, please.

    • apollos

      are you born again, saved, by the blood of jesus?

      despair is very common among those who are not saved.

      life is evil, and satan attacks us constantly. it is satan that is abusing you, not God.

      which god are you praying to?

      is it Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

      Is Jesus the Lord of your life?

      Have you turned everything over to Him, and asked HIM for protection?

      have you submitted your life to Him?

      if you have not done this, then he is not obligated to help you.

      you do state that you believe in god and a hell and want forgiveness, love and peace

      Yahweh always forgives those who are sorry, and want to change their lives.

      You just have to put your faith in Him

      Please clarify your spiritual status with me, so I can help you further.

    • I just emailed you, but the email came back

      “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.”

  64. Killing yourself isn’t enduring till the end. The closer we come to Yah the farther we get from the world, but to endure for Jesus here is to have a Greater position there in The New Heaven and Earth, so be of food cheer no matter your sircimstance, for our reward will be worth it.
    Much love always.
    Your Brother

  65. Hi, this seems to be where I and my family are at. (I is first because of being first in spiritual responsibility). I pray endlessly various selections of battle, forgiveness, being in sinc and in the moment with God’s will, but still get like slow cereal killer kind of slices in through my back into my lungs then feeling wierd attempts of sexual torture, and as if a poison is being slowly blown into my lungs. Then I can’t catch my breath, heaviness in chest like never before 20 or more times a day and night. I sense itching things slowly sliding down my face. Little white balls firm on the sides of my nose and everyone around us which I call (seeding) cause they roll of your nose when they itch intensely then attach to someone else. This is clearly witchcraft, voodooism, warlock and demonic toil. I claim all authority as instructed, never let down my stand. This was put on us when we tried to stand up against a group of registered sex offenders in our complex who were active. Then their kid would run through our apartment up to Windows where his sex offending dad would take cell pictures from outdoors while I am taking care of an ill family member. I refused to stand up to then but God kept saying I had to. So when it hit us I did. Now, after asking for protection before we did stand up, the attacks continue all day and night. I get double rainbows when I ask God if we are safe and going to be ok. Twice in one month I got the double rainbows in the moment I asked for them. I asked why double, he said you asked if you were true course on your walk, the double represents: the bottom is Kevin who you love and take care of, the one above is you. Its more transparent because he comes first. The rest is your journey I am going to reward you for your stand Michael. Your name was inspired for a reason. You do have protection. So I put up with them but difficulty forgiving the parents sending the kid over. God said then: I will charge the father, as a father, I will double charge the woman as both protector of her families truth, and her role as wife and keep mate to her husband. For she sets up and serves his taste, using her children as bait. The child will may be lost because of who they serve. But I must comply and forgive them even though this behavior caused my partner to have a heart attack. And during cpr, he ran into my house and posed by windows while dad took photos of him at the window. This has been them trying to live their pedophilia by blaming us. I have served my country, now I serve my God

    • Michael

      get a witness and report them to the police for stalking you.

      if possible, take a picture of them on your property

      get a restraining order

      why is their kid able to run through your apartment?

      I agree with you in prayer against them

  66. And perhaps you are predestined to be a vessel of wrath and will go to perdition anyway. I’m cool with whatever His will is.

  67. This reminds me of a little skit about trusting God called “Having a Bad Day?”

    Me (in a tizzy) : God, can I ask you something?
    GOD: Sure.
    Me: Promise you won’t get mad?
    GOD: I promise.
    Me (frustrated): Why did you let so much stuff happen to me today?
    GOD: What do you mean?
    Me: Well I woke up late,
    GOD: Yes
    Me: My car took forever to start,
    GOD: Okay….
    Me (growling): At lunch, they made my sandwich wrong and I had to wait
    GOD: Hmmmm..
    Me: On the way home, my phone went dead, just as I picked up a call
    GOD: All right
    Me (loudly): And to top it all off, when I got home, I just wanted to soak my feet in my foot massager and relax, but it wouldn’t work. Nothing went right today! Why did you do that?
    GOD: Well let me see….. the death angel was at your bed this morning and I had to send one of the other angels to battle him for your life.I let you sleep through that.
    Me (humbled): Oh…
    GOD: I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that might have hit you if you were on the road
    Me (ashamed): …………
    GOD: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick and I didn’t want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn’t afford to miss work
    Me (embarrassed): Oh…..
    GOD: Your phone went dead because the person that was calling was going to give a false witness about what you said on that call, I didn’t even let you talk to them so you would be covered
    Me (softly): I see God
    GOD: Oh and that foot massager, it had a short that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn’t think you wanted to be in the dark.
    Me: I’m sorry God.
    GOD: Don’t be sorry, just learn to trust me………in all things, the good and the bad
    Me: I WILL trust you God
    GOD: And don’t doubt that my plan for your day is always better than your plan
    Me: I won’t God. And let me just tell you God, thank you for everything today.
    GOD: You’re welcome child. It was just another day being your God and I love looking after my children.

  68. But if God know I am in pain and suffering and it’s not just me suffering it’s my child suffering to why do God allow us to stay in the situation if He can help us. We are homeless and hungry. I have a job but I can’t afford to pay rent nowhere because I bring home only like $400 and that’s every two weeks. Because I can’t afford childcare, so I’m not able to work like I need to. Where is God why is He watching us suffer why is my child this baby have to suffer because of me?????

    • monica

      first of all, we all get into situations because of poor decisions we make.

      God knows about you, trust him. ask God for help, and if you have already done this, keep asking for help

      there is some reason there is a delay….

      also the church today is not doing what it should to help the poor. many churches have become materialistic, so it is their fault, not God’s. God has turned the main responsibility over to them, and they have failed.

      back to your immediate need:

      try the union gospel shelter, 3211 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX. (214) 637-6117 i see mixed reviews but something is better than nothing until you get back on your feet.

      please try here and see if you can get help here. let me know. I am far from you, in north carolina.


      genesis womens’ shelter
      Address: 4411 Lemmon Ave #201, Dallas, TX 75219
      Phone: (214) 389-7700

      shelter ministries
      Address: 2929 Hickory St, Dallas, TX 75226
      Phone: (214) 428-4242

      housing and human services
      Address: 825 W Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060
      Phone: (972) 721-4800

      google search your location for more shelters and help

      let me know how this goes. I am in NC

  69. The Lord looks over us from where He rules in (His) heaven.
    Gazing into every heart from His lofty dwelling place, He observes all the peoples of the Earth.
    The Creator of our hearts considers and examines everything we do……….Psalm 33:13-15

    The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good……Proverbs 15:3

    For God sees everything you do
    And His eyes are wide open as He
    Observes every single habit you have……Proverbs 5:21

    “Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” said the LORD God Almighty…..Jeremiah 23:24

    “My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes.” said the LORD……Jeremiah 16:17

    There is not one person who can hide their thoughts from God, for nothing that we do remains a secret, and nothing created is concealed, but everything is exposed and defenseless before his eyes, to whom we must render an account……Hebrews 4:13
    Naked is Sheol before Him, And Abaddon has no covering…Job 26:6

    Even hell itself holds no secrets
    From the Lord God,
    For all is exposed before His eyes,
    And so much more
    The heart of every human being……Proverbs 15:11

  70. Hello everyone,
    Life lesson about God we are here for His divine purpose not for our own do regardless what we are handed we should just know what is good and what is evil. When God rejects you you will waste away so if you are feeling rejected yet you are healthy praise Him please. He is good and just in all His ways repent whilst you can.

  71. This piece of writing, “When God Rejects” was so very helpful to me this evening. I am thankful that I found it! God bless you!

  72. A cruel but realistic and supporting text.

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