Will I Always Be Alone?


No answer……

Dream : March 7, 2014

Jesus and I are eating lunch together.

I am younger, and there is a small child about 3 years old with us.

I ask Jesus, “Will I always be alone?”

Before He can answer, the small child interrupts and speaks, like small children do, about something interesting to him.

Jesus does not answer.

Then the dream ends.


I never got an answer.

I was referring to human fellowship, not being left alone by Jesus.

Jesus was there, and the child.

I wish I had a follow up dream where Jesus gives me an answer.

Neither life nor God gives us all the answers we want.

I have found that when He does not answer, it is because the answer is not an encouraging one.


I have to just have faith in Him.

Sometimes, it is best not to know our futures.

If He told us, it would cause us to despair and give up, when He wants us to go through something, and endure to the end.

I have asked the Lord about my future.

I get messages about the welfare of my soul, and the souls of others.

This is where He wants me to focus.

I have seen enough of my future to expect serious danger.

So, I need to prepare for that.

Physically, I can only do a little.

Spiritually, I can do a lot if I submit to God, and obey Him.


Are you ready for a future you do not understand, where God gives you no personal, specific answers?

We have the Word of God.

We should focus there, when we do not get a specific answer to a question we have posed to God.

We are to walk by faith alone, using the wisdom God has given us.


23 Responses to “Will I Always Be Alone?”

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  2. This is a brave position to take, Marianne, for much of our life is alone. I wrote in answer to your yesterday’s post about some alone times for me. I have found that fellowship does cross my path. Some days I am alone, without fellowship. And then fellowship appears. It is sweet, like rain after a drought. May be all experience this, and continue to experience it as long as we are here in Earth.

  3. I know how you feel Marianne. Sometimes I don’t get an answer because I’m not doing something right. Then I figure it out and He comes back. Sometimes though, things do not have a definite answer because we have free will and our choices help choose our path. God guides us and gives direction, but sometimes we get silence too because He wants us to discover some things on our own. Either way, I know how it feels. It can be difficult.

    As for me, I feel somewhat lonely in my journey too. I desire fellowship with others too, but many churches and Christians I’m around just don’t understand me and I’m looked at like I’m crazy. Often I find myself isolated and alone, but if not for my faith I’d be completely lost.

    It is possible our faith alone may isolate us during these times, but have faith in where the journey eventually leads. It is a beautiful place and I’ve seen its reflection of love in my dreams. There is always hope when we trust Jesus. Hang in there Marianne… the answers are coming, it just takes time and patience.

    Blessings to you =)

  4. Jeasus is with you always Marianne.Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding think about him in all your ways, and he will guide you on the right paths.

  5. Hi Marianne,
    “Wii I be …. Alone?” Be of good cheer! You are not the only one, all-most all spiritual giants asked this question. At one time or another, godly people have experienced loneliness in their spiritual journey. Elijah cried to the Lord once, and said: “It is enough! Now, LORD, take my life,…” (1 Kings 19.4). I had been there. I have walked in this path a very long time. All along, Jesus Christ was my constant companion – Sometimes I felt His presence so close that He is holding my hands, and at other times, I felt as if, He is far away from me. Though we do not know what future holds, we have His Precious Promises. This one Hymn often comforts me:

    “Because He lives, I can face to-morrow;
    Because He lives, all fear is gone;
    Because I know, He holds the future,
    And life is worth the living….Just because He lives.”
    The Scripture: “Therefore I am going to allure her, I will lead her in the desert and speak to tenderly to her.” (Hosea 2.14) (NIV). Sometimes, God will take us away from our busy environment and lead us to a desert area, so that He can talk to us tenderly and we will listen to Him!!!
    Be of Good courage. God is with you. Keep on doing the good work.
    God Bless.

  6. Wow. Marianne, I got a completely different feel of your dream. You shared:

    “Jesus and I are eating lunch together. I am younger, and there is a small child about 3 years old with us. I ask Jesus, “Will I always be alone?”
    Before He can answer, the small child interrupts and speaks, like small children do, about something interesting to him. Jesus does not answer. Then the dream ends.”

    Well, first of all – who wouldn’t just love to be sharing lunch with Jesus. Then, you ask the question about being “alone” and this 3 year old child speaks up . . . what did the child say? Was your “answer” perhaps in what the child said?

    For me, sometimes when children speak up it feels as if they are interrupting the “adult” conversation that is going on, when in fact, what they have to say is more relevant than what was being discussed.

    And, yes. The path of God can feel very alone (lonely) at times, and any form of reaching out to connect with another leaves us feeling even more alone and misunderstood. And our faith is tested further. I know that I feel “validated” when there is someone in my life who mirrors back to me how I feel.

    And, the further we walk along the path, it seems, there are fewer people who mirror back. Can you recall anything at all what the child was saying?

    • denise

      I do not know what the child said….I was so focused on waiting for jesus to say something that I did not hear the child….it was some kind of chatter…..I do not think the child said anything profound.

      • Well Marianne, Dreams come to us from the master who once taught in parables and still does, and who values even the little children, especially the spiritually so. In my understanding and experience in spiritual dreams, when the Lord or his angel says nothing to our querry, it does not mean trouble, but rather that the answer is already provided in the detail, and hence for us to figure out. The Lord ordinarily is of few words.
        Now in respect to having a meal with the Lord, and tiihe child is good news, that u r in communion with Christ, and sso also is the child that you happen to be ignoring. It is the instruction of the Lord to you in regard to this three year old youngling in the spirit, that the babblings he utters in the presense of the Lord r of essece. IIt is for you to decipher the child’s identity from among the living, and the age of three years is one hint, the others being that its someone you already are in contact with but whose words you often ignore as childish platter.
        The Lord already has sent you spiritual companions from among the living, and only that you are not appreciating them do you then suppose you are alone in the humanAls relation aspect.
        Also ofcourse its you have Jesus, and He is keeping us all i isolation for His grand purpose. Imagine how easy it would be for the agencies of evil to wage war against the saints were they to be in one location. But when concealed all over, the defense is achieved. Likewise one cannot betray the brother he does not know, and this is for the sake of false brethren. At present you may not know who is who and might recieve those who afterward should sell you out. Apprediate therefore the wisdom of God and in all patience endure all things.
        Also identify the three year old child in your dream as the Spirit thus testifies of his babblings and communion.

        • thank you john.

          usually for me, a young child represents a relationship, and his age indicates the length and age of the relationship.

          so for here, the child is 3 yo, so it is someone I have known for 3 years.

          the babbling makes no sense, but he is young…..and positive

          • You certainly already have the basics to unraveling the mystery of your dream. Probably to point out one more hint, you are younger in the dream, probably about the age at which you encountered the hidden manna. Think of what age this was and it was at that time also that this other child was about the age of three years. Now you are older as so is this other person. This too and not to discount your realization as above mentioned. Besides, even though the follow up will not be in a dream, in the real the answers will be given to you, for you have asked, and you shall certainly receive. Patience.

  7. This is a good continuation of the last article. Sums up: Trust and Obey, eyes on Jesus> GOD is Love..no matter what.
    This life=but a vapor…
    (I once heard, when we dream, we play all the roles; this child could be you when younger, less knowledgeable, or having”child like faith”= needed to Trust, especially when feeling alone,) Great and powerful dream!
    It speaks to me.

  8. I agree. As Christians we are not to judge others, and remembering G-d loved us enough to die for our sins. So, we should be humble, and wait for answers G-d will place in our heart to our questions.

    BTW, I am not able to read the latest posts on the front page. Trying to only causes the web page to scroll down, or up. I think it is a virus.

    • I know about the missing posts on the front page. tech support tells me it is my widgets but there is nothing wrong with the set up…..so there is no help on this yet.

  9. Oh how this thread has spoken to and ministered to me . Thank you so much . My heart to yours Marianne .

  10. I reflected on your dream a bit with no clear answers , except that it struck me that the child is a representation of other believers who are spiritual babes . I know it does not answer your question about aloneness.
    I feel that too sometimes , like being in a desert of sorts .
    He is our everlasting consolation as you know .

  11. I think so…when we surrender all our burdens to the LORD completely, we would not worry anymore including the future that may seem scary. Having a blind faith when submitting to GOD, knowing that HE would guide us to the path that is good, for HIS plans are good for us.

  12. Amen.

    Psalm 23:1-3

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