Wings and sacrifices of the Temple


What is a wing of the temple?   What kind of sacrifices are to be stopped?


The Wing (Kanaph)

The “wing” of the Temple indicates a perimeter or fringe area of some kind, which might be the Western Wall.


It is possible that a new Temple does not have to rebuilt in Israel before the Abomination can take place.

The very scripture in Daniel which associates the Abomination with the Temple site suggests this to be unnecessary.

The KJV reads like this:

Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the (1) sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the (2) overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

That scripture, can also read like this:

“……And in the middle of the week, he shall cause the (1) sacrifice and the offering to cease, (2) and on a corner, desolating abominations, even until the end”(9:27).

The “abominations” will be caused “on a corner.”

The Hebrew word, KANAPH is used here, which means corner.

On a corner of what?

Some English Bibles have translated “corner” as an aspect of the Temple or altar. The NIV translators thought to use, “on a wing of the temple.”

The word “kanaph” has been translated, however, as “overspreading.”

This translation is derived from “wing,” although not the wing of a building, but the (overspreading) wings of birds.

This Wailing Wall (also “Western Wall”) was one of four, not of the Temple building itself, but of the very outer walls which surrounded the entire Temple site–outer courts and all.

Kanaph could be

1. an edge/wing of the Temple altar, or

2. an edge/wing of the Temple building, or

3. an edge/corner of the Temple area in general.

As kanaph is defined as “an edge” or “extremity” in Strong’s concordance, the Wailing-Wall sanctuary on the extreme western edge/wing of the Temple site befits the word very well, and certainly much better than the Holy (Place) in the central area of the same site.

Of course, the Holy Place no longer exists, while a piece of the Western Wall yet stands.

The western wall is all that is left of the holy place, and the temple area.

SO, it is possible that the abomination could take place at the western wall, the remaining corner (wing) of the Temple area.


The sacrifice

God’s original commandment was to offer sacrifices only at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Sacrifices consisted of animal and meal offerings. The Hebrew word used in Daniel 9:27 is “zebach.”

Zebach is a clean animal that is properly bled, slaughtered,
cleaned of its fat and kidneys, and then its flesh is cooked to be eaten.

This was the original, ideal situation.

The temple however, was destroyed in 70 AD, making this impossible.

The Jews were also scattered to the 4 corners of the earth in the Diaspora for the next 2000 years, making their absence in Jerusalem also a problem.

If they were not there, they could not do sacrifices there.

So, how do they compensate for this dilemma?

The Jews now perform mitzvahs (acts of charity and prayers) instead of animal sacrifices, since there is no actual temple.

The mitzvahs are modern substitutes for the original animal sacrifices, until another temple can be rebuilt.


Mitzahs instead of animals

The Talmud (tractate Berachoth 26b) gives two reasons why there are three basic prayers:

Each service was instituted parallel to a sacrificial act in the Temple in Jerusalem: the morning Tamid offering, the afternoon Tamid, and the overnight burning of this last offering.

According to one sage, each of the Patriarchs instituted one prayer:

Abraham the morning,

Isaac the afternoon and

Jacob the evening prayers.

This view is supported with Biblical quotes indicating that the Patriarchs prayed at the times mentioned.

However, even according to this view, the exact times of when the services are held, and moreover the entire concept of a mussaf service, are still based on the sacrifices.

Orthodox Judaism regards halakha (Jewish law) as requiring Jewish men to pray three times daily and four times daily on the Sabbath and most Jewish holidays, and five times on Yom Kippur.

Mincha prayer (derived from the flour offering that accompanied each sacrifice) may be recited from half an hour after halachic noontime

There are three basic prayers

1. to recall the daily sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem,

2. and/or because each of the Patriarchs instituted one prayer:

Abraham the morning, Isaac the afternoon and Jacob the evening.



1. Wings/Corner: The Western wall is what is left of the ancient temple area, and is considered a wing, or extreme corner of the temple area.

The abomination occurs on a corner.

Giving the Muslims this Western Wall portion would definitely be seen as an abomination by the Jews.

This could happen by the division of the city, and taking the Western Wall away from the Jews.

The temple mount is already in the hands of the Muslims.

If Muslims were to perform their own sacrifices here, or allow some tribute to Allah there, it would be considered “strange fire,” and an abomination to the Lord.

2. Sacrifices: Causing the sacrifices to cease might also mean to cause the daily prayers to cease, which are sacrifices of prayer.

Prayers are said 3 times a day at the Western Wall.

Once the Western wall “corner” is removed, there will be no official, holy place to pray.

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  1. Excellent thought! Isaiah states that in the end of time, the Lord will reject the sacrifices of Israel….(Is 1 and 66) Why? My theory is that since the Lord has already given his only son, that Israel will be “rebellious” by starting up the sacrifices. The scriptures say, Because of rebellion, the host of the saints and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. (The Antichrist) ..prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground, and…Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for (that day will not come) until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.
    Might it be that the rebellion here is the act of Israel of starting up the sacrifices again? The consistent theme of the prophetic scriptures are that Israel will be invaded on the day of the Lord when she has signed a peace treaty. Perhaps the terms of the treaty will allow here to begin sacrificing again. And that very act may be the reason the Antichrist will be allowed to invade the nation which is normally under God’s divine protection. They also have developed the red heifer they can begin them once again…I have always wondered what that term meant, “On a wing of the temple..” GREAT INSIGHT!!!! Alan Brooks END TIME SECRETS REVEALED!

    • What makes this an abomination To the Lord is this …
      He became the sacrifice …
      But they just do not believe.
      This will be done BY Israel!
      And it will be their destruction.
      Yes !!! the red Heifer has been chosen!!

  2. The makes sense. The western Wall is the MOST HOLY site and their prayers are their sacrifices.

    Wondering if the abomination does indeed take place at the western wall perhaps in the form of a “prayer note” placed within its cracks. Leaders such as the Pope, presidents and senators have visited the Western Wall.

    If the Western Wall is included in Obama’s plan to divide Jerusalem….Its just down hill from there.

  3. Matthew 24-14,15…And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. This gospel of the kingdom is the gospel the false prophets bring.. It is the gospel of antichrist.. It is the gospel of 2 corinthians 11, 4,14..IT IS THE KORAN…
    Verse 15…When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
    The koran gospel of the kingdom is the abomination that makes men desolate of God…Satan’s Lies desolate men same as the Adams were made desolate..

    As for antichrist sitting in god’s temple…it means the spirit of antichrist indwells men.. the temple is your body…
    2 Thessalonians 2-Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; THIS SON OF HELL IS REVEALED IN MEN.. He sits in them and claims allah is god and greater than all god…SO VERY SIMPLE…

    • The Holy Gospel of The Kingdom … is the false prophet?
      It is the gospel of the antichrist??

      You are SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruth, can you clarify what you meant? I have read it twice and it is confusing as to what your trying to say…are you trying to say that the Koran is the abomination?

      And..”As for antichrist sitting in god’s temple…it means the spirit of antichrist indwells men.. the temple is your body…”

      Satan counterfeits all that G-D does, so I guess this would make sense…Baptism in the Anti-Spirit could happen just as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Alot of the new agers and pagan worshipers (recently at stone henge) would most likely invite that whether knowingly or not.

      I think this is why Jesus sent the comforter-HS- to indwell us as G-Ds’ children so that a) we would be sealed b) to have understanding of the ways of G-D and his word and c) to be protected from ever being indwelled by spirits not of G-D-Anti-Christ.

  4. Jesus made a substitute for Passover sacrifice, not Daily sacrifice of which speaks Daily…so Daily sacrifices are not an abomination…after Antichrist kills Mashiach ben Yosef at the walls of Jerusalem, Muslims (probably incited by Antichrist) claim that God rejected Jews and offer that both Jews and Muslims offer a sacrifice and see which sacrifice shall be accepted, similar to Elijah’s showdown with priests of Baal, but this time fire comes down upon the sacrifice of the wicked and terrible times begin…

  5. Friends, the Temple being built is Solomons Temple, erected by the Masonic Brotherhood… so what are your further thoughts on this?

    • Hey Silvan,

      What are the resources? Fact? It had been stated back in March that the Third Temple was being built in March-nothing happened-it was a rumor.

      And if the Masons have any connection to the Jewish Temple…form what I have read and been told-this is NOT good!

      Is the Red Heifer chosen and ready?
      I do know that the Menorah (made out of 1 piece of gold and worth $3 million) was complete and put on display in Israel. Along with this are the priests apparel and other necessary items for the temple.

      • Hi Lyndsey, I hope all is well with you and your kids!
        It was so hot today, my daughter could hardly fall into sleep…

        The resources are the best one can imagine – straight out of the horse’s mouth, it is absolutely amazing:

        “Of all the objects which constitute the Masonic science of symbolism, the most important, the most cherished, by the Mason, and by far the most significant, is the Temple of Jerusalem. The spiritualizing of the Temple is the first, the most prominent and the most pervading, of all symbols of Freemasonry … Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die … ” [“Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry”, by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company.]

        Let us repeat the critical understanding that the noted 33º Masonic author, Albert Mackey, has just given us:

        “Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die … ”

        Therefore, the first understanding we want you to grasp is that Freemasonry is absolutely, completely, 100% devoted to the Solomon Temple, without which the entire structure and foundation of Freemasonry would die! Thus does Masonry stand in stark contrast to genuine, Biblical Christianity. In other words, Freemasonry is rooted at its deepest foundation to the First Covenant of the Old Testament, while Biblical Christianity is rooted to the Second Covenant of Jesus Christ as delineated in the New Testament!

        Mackey makes this fact quite clear also: “Masonry has derived its temple symbolism, as it has almost all its symbolic ideas, from the Hebrew type …” [Ibid] Since the Old Testament was written originally in the Hebrew, and the New Testament in the Greek, Mackey is clearly stating that Freemasonry is rooted in the Old Testament!

        In the Masonic Bible, quoted above, the Temple Illustrated Edition, the author of the Foreword sheds some further light upon the importance of Solomon’s Temple to Freemasonry.

        “The traditions and romance of King Solomon’s Temple are of great interest to everyone who reads the Bible. They are of transcendent importance to Masons. The Temple is the outstanding symbol in Masonry, and the legendary story of the building of the Temple is the fundamental basis of the Masonic rule and guide for conduct in life … The cream of Masonic historical and philosophical writing has been drawn upon for his description of the Temple and its relation to Masonic ritual.” [The Holy Bible: The Great Light In Masonry”, King James Version, Temple Illustrated Edition, A.J. Holman Company, 1968, Forward entitled, “The Bible and King Solomon’s Temple in Masonry”, by John Wesley Kelchner].

        Let us review the important segment:

        “The traditions and romance of King Solomon’s Temple … are of transcendent importance to Masons.”

        The word, “transcendent”, is used by genuine Biblical Christianity to describe God Himself. Just as the dictionary explains, God is truly “transcendent”, “to pass beyond the limit that humans can grasp”; “to exist above and independently of material experience or the universe”. In other words, Solomon’s Temple is to the Freemason what God is to the genuine Christian!

        Thus, belief in Solomon’s Temple transcends all of Freemasonry itself, existing above and independently of it. Masonry has placed its “transcendent” faith in a building that the True God Himself destroyed, not once, but twice!


        Starting at the end of the quote from the Temple Illustrated Edition Bible, above, we read:

        “… In all the rich symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry two symbols, or symbolic themes, predominate. One is the search for light; the other is the labor of building. The source of light is the Holy Bible, and the grand representation of the builder’s art is King Solomon’s Temple …. It was natural that imaginative stone Masons, long before the development of anything like our modern fraternity, should have felt a kinship with the great builders of all ages. It was natural also that they should have acknowledge a peculiar attraction for the most famous and glorious of all building enterprises, King Solomon’s Temple and Citadel. Interest and attraction for the wonderful structure on Mt. Moriah have increased rather than diminished … until today the Temple of Solomon is the spiritual home of every Mason.” [Masonic Holy Bible, Temple Illustrated Edition, A.J. Holman Co., 1968, p. 11-14]

        A short while later, these authors explain: “King Solomon’s Temple was the perfect architectural expression of the religious faith of a people.” [P. 25] “Perhaps Masonic interest also increased from a more or less incidental notice of the Temple to a final preoccupation with it as a symbol of spiritual man. [P. 29; Emphasis added]

        Indeed, Masonic leadership has spiritualized the meaning of the Temple in the life of each and every Mason. Albert Mackey explains: “To the Master Mason, the Temple of Solomon is truly the symbol of human life … it becomes a fit symbol of human life occupied in the search after Divine Truth, which is nowhere to be found … Such is the symbolism of the first Temple, that of Solomon, as familiar to the class of Master Masons.” [“Encylopaedia of Freemasonry, Mackey, p. 774; Emphasis added]

        However, while Solomon’s Temple is the symbol of mortal human life to the Master Mason, a higher class of Masons ascribe a different interpretation to yet another Temple. Listen to Mackey explain:

        “But there is a second and higher class of the Fraternity, the Masons of the Royal Arch, by whom this temple symbolism is still further developed. This second class, leaving their early symbolism, and looking beyond this Temple of Solomon, find in Scriptural history another Temple, which years after the destruction of the first one, was erected upon its ruins; and they have selected the second Temple, the Temple of Zerubbabel, as their prominent symbol. And, as the first class of Masons find in their Temple the symbol of mortal life, limited and perishable, they, on the contrary, see in this second Temple, built upon the foundations of the first, a symbol of life eternal, where the lost truth shall be found, where new incense shall arise from a new altar, and whose perpetuity their great Master had promised when, in the very spirit of symbolism, he exclaimed, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up’.”

        “And so to these two classes or Orders of Masons the symbolism of the Temple presents itself in a connected and continuous form. To the Master Mason, the Temple of Solomon is the symbol of this life; to the Royal Arch Mason, the Temple of Zerubbabel is the symbol of the future life. To the former, his Temple is the symbol of the search for truth; to the latter, his is the symbol of the discovery of truth; and thus the circle is completed and the system made perfect.” [Ibid., Pages 774-775; Emphasis added]

        The Temple is so very important to the Mason that he took the final step to spiritualize its meaning. Master Masons look upon Solomon’s Temple as their symbol of human life, while Royal Arch Masons consider the inferior Temple of Zerubbabel as their symbol of eternal life! The two symbols, taken together, form a spiritual circle, thus “perfecting” the Masonic symbolic system!

        Now, you can understand how the Temple of Solomon became such a “transcendent” issue for the Mason!


        Since Freemasonry reverences Solomon’s Temple so very much, and since this Temple holds such a pre-eminent position in all of Freemasonry, from its foundation to its very roof, is it much of a stretch to understand that Freemasons might fervently desire to re-build Solomon’s Temple on the only place on earth it can possibly be built — the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

        Let us examine some of these writings to see the fervent desire of Freemasons to rebuild Solomon’s Temple!

        “The Freemasons have, at all events, seized with avidity the idea of representing in their symbolic language the interior and spiritual man by a material temple … The great body of the Masonic Craft, looking only to this first Temple erected by the wisdom of King Solomon, make it the symbol of life; and as the great object of Masonry is the search after truth, they are directed to build up this temple as a fitting receptacle for truth …” [“Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry”, by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company, p. 774]

        The word, “avidity” is defined as “eagerness, greed”. Therefore, we can see that they are “directed to build up this temple” with eagerness and greediness! Mackey then goes on to talk about this new temple and some of its new fixtures.

        “… new incense shall arise from a new altar, and whose perpetuity their great Master had promised when, in the very spirit of symbolism, he exclaimed, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up’.” [Ibid.]

        “New incense” arising from a “new altar”, in a Temple that Mackey has just associated with the “great Master Mason”, Jesus Christ! In other words, Mackey has linked the new Temple with a Christ or Messianic figure. In another book, Masonic author, Edward Waite, is even more explicit. Listen:

        “The Temple of Masonry is hence forward the house of Christ’ … [Edward Waite, p. 486-7, “A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: The Rites, Literature and History”, Volume II, reprinted in 1970 by Weathervane Books., p. 314]

        The new Solomon Temple is henceforth to be called the “house of Christ”. The naive might think Waite is referring to Jesus Christ, but Waite did not say that, did he? Do you know that the term “Christ” literally means the “office of the promised Messiah”? Jesus fulfilled that office when He lived and ministered among men, and He was recognized as having fulfilled that Messianic office. Listen:

        “And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” [Matthew 16:16] Notice Peter said “Thou are the Christ”; in other words, Peter recognized that Jesus was the Divine/human fulfillment of this office of Messiah.

        “And the high priest answered and said unto him, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God.” [Matthew 26:63] The high priest asked Jesus point blank if He was the fulfillment of that Messianic office.

        “… the people were in expectation, and all men mused in their hearts of John, whether he were the Christ, or not” [Luke 3:15] Even the common Jew understood this distinction between the office [“the Christ”] and the man Who would fill it.

        However, the Bible says that another Christ shall arise, and he shall be the Antichrist, or one who comes in the guise of Christ, pretending to be the Messiah. Unfortunately, most the people living at that time will be deceived into believing him to be Messiah, and will enthusiastically follow him [Revelation 13:3b-4].

        Since Masonry is a counterfeit Christianity, it seems logical that Mackey and Waite might be talking about Antichrist, not Jesus Christ. Therefore, Waite really said:

        “The Temple of Masonry is hence forward the house of [anti-]Christ”.

        If plans are really afoot to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, it will be for Antichrist, not Jesus Christ. And the Bible foretells just this kind of event, does it not? Listen:

        “And many false prophets will rise up and deceive many into error [Verse 11] … “So when you see the appalling sacrilege [the abomination that astonishes and makes desolate], spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the Holy Place ….” [Matthew 24:15; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

        Jesus is quoting Daniel 9:27, 11:31, and 12:11, in which Antichrist will go into the Holy of Holies and commit the “Abomination that Causes Desolation”. The Apostle Paul gives us more insight as to why Antichrist’s actions are so offensive to God.

        “… and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition), who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshipped [even to his actually] taking his seat in the Temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God.’ [2 Thessalonians 2:3b-4; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

        Matthew 24:15 suddenly depicts Antichrist walking into the Holy of Holies to declare himself to be God, and proudly demanding that he be worshipped as God. Revelation 13:15 tells us that Antichrist will actually erect an image created in his likeness; this image will not only be able to speak, but will possess the supernatural power to kill anyone who does not worship it!

        Now we understand. Antichrist will walk into a rebuilt Temple standing on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, declare himself to be God, demand to be worshipped as such, and erect a talking image made in his likeness!

        Therefore, the re-built Temple of which Jesus foretells is directly linked to Antichrist! Why should we be surprised to learn from Waite that “The Temple of Masonry is hence forward the house of Christ”? This planned new temple shall be the Temple of Antichrist, in complete fulfillment of Scripture.


        “… in the High Grades [of Masonry] we hear of a secret intention to build yet another temple at Jerusalem.” [Author, Edward Waite, p. 486-7, “A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: The Rites, Literature and History”, Volume II, reprinted in 1970 by Weathervane Books].

        In the late 1800’s, Masonic author and authority, Edward Waite, boldly stated that a secret plan does exist within Freemasonry to “build yet another temple at Jerusalem”. This poses a problem, does it not? In the mid-600’s, the Muslim Dome of the Rock was built squarely on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Therefore, any “secret intention” of the top Masonic leadership to rebuild Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem must necessarily include a plan to remove the existing Dome of the Rock!

        Thus we read of just such a plan being executed, in New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, writing in his book, The Armageddon Script: “… it may be possible for the New David to ride into Jerusalem in all his resplendent majesty. Note the word ‘ride’ … on a donkey as predicted in Zechariah 9:9 … it would seem advisable for the new Messiah to repeat it, donkey and all … The processional route will, of course, lie directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount … he must be duly enthroned and anointed with oil (in token of Psalm 45:6-7) amid the rubble of the dome of the Rock …” [P.. 233-35]

        Thus, you see clearly the plan to reduce the Dome of the Rock to rubble so Solomon’s Temple can be rebuilt; further, Lemesurier ties this destruction of the Dome of the Rock to the appearance of the “New David”, the New Age Christ — the Masonic Christ actually, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

        Adding to the declaration of the fervency of this “secret intention to build yet another temple at Jerusalem”, we read:

        “Perhaps Masonic interest also increased from a more or less incidental notice of the Temple to a final preoccupation with it as a symbol of spiritual man.” [Masonic Holy Bible, Temple Illustrated Edition, 1968, P. 29]

        To Reiterate:

        Masons are “preoccupied” with King Solomon’s Temple.

        They are so “preoccupied” that they have gone to great lengths to justify building a new Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Listen:

        “Concerning the building of this temple, the Zohar teaches that Solomon’s Temple was not built according to the original plans … In a word, the Lord did not build the House, and they laboured in vain that built it … There is a time, however, to come, when the Holy One shall remember His people, Israel, and the Lord shall build the House.” [Author, Edward Waite, p. 486-7, “A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: The Rites, Literature and History”, Volume II, reprinted in 1970 by Weathervane Books].

        To Reiterate:

        “Zohar teaches that Solomon’s Temple was not built according to the original plans … In a word, the Lord did not build the House, and they laboured in vain that built it … There is a time, however, to come when the Holy One shall remember His people, Israel, and the Lord shall build the House.”

        Now that we have been told that Solomon did not follow God’s original plan in building his Temple, we realize the importance Masons lay upon a “Holy One” that shall come, to “remember His people, Israel”, and shall commemorate that remembrance by finally building a house that He had originally intended Solomon to build! In other words, King Solomon messed up the royal plans for the Temple! He did not follow God’s original plan, so God allowed Solomon’s magnificent Temple to be destroyed! The Coming Christ will rebuild it, but shall build it according to the original Divine Plan.

        Now, can you appreciate the ruling handed down a few years ago by the Orthodox Jewish leadership that “only Messiah can build the Temple”? When the Masonic Christ shall come, then shall be fulfilled Waite’s quote, “the Lord shall build the House”!


        Shockingly, the modern Masonic Bible, quoted above, verifies the fact that the Solomon Temple will have to await the appearance of a very special man. Listen:

        “It is known to every reader of the Bible and student of Solomon’s days, that an amazingly detailed description of the Temple and its associated structures has been carried down from the mists of antiquity by the Scriptures. Lineal measurements, materials employed, and ornamental detail are so graphically presented that restoration of the Temple, at any time within a score of centuries past, awaited only the coming of a man with the vision to recognize its historic value, and the imagination to undertake the task.” [Foreword, “The Bible and King Solomon’s Temple in Masonry”, by John Wesley Kelchner, 1968, A. J. Holman Company.]

        To Reiterate the Key Point:

        “… restoration of the Temple … awaited only the coming of a man with the vision …”

        More here:

        • Thank you Silvan! Wow this was LOOOOOONG-you lost me at Hello! LOL

          I remember reading this article a few months ago….would love to see “the antichrist and a cup of tea”…I was thinking “wouldn’t that be somethin….he was “under our noses” the whole time”! HA!

          Prince William is just toooo cute to be bad Silvan!! LOL I sincerely hope not though. He would fit the “idea” of what people have come up with. I have been trying to search the scriptures to get a better description of who he really is-not much luck. Maybe I am searching with the wrong words or something…I keep putting in “Holy Bible and AntiChrist and description and/or characteristics of” in Google …not a good result..

          • BUT…it is interesting to say the least concerning the Coat of Arms…and I have often wondered why in the world would Queen Elizabeth quote exactly what was found in Revelations to Prince Charles upon his coronation…”This dragon gives you your power and you throne and your authority”

            I know I wouldn’t have said this to my son if I had known it was in Revelations and referring to the “Beast”….did she know this?

            At his coronation (investiture as Prince of Wales) in 1969, he sat on a chair with a large red dragon emblazoned on it. During the ceremony, his mother Queen Elizabeth II said, “This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your own authority.” His response to her was, “I am now your Liege-man, and worthy of your earthly worship.” Liege is an old English word meaning “Lord”. “I am now your Lord-man, and worthy of your earthly worship.”

      • “Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold…”

        1 Kings 10:14

        Note that not only the 3rd Temple bears Solomon’s name..

        Solomon had also a star sign… the SIX-pointed star..

        interesting isnt it..

      • The Masonic Christ, the Antichrist, who according to Jesus will be accepted by the Jews, will definitely insitute a mystical esoterical world religion, based on “enlightenment” achieved in different steps, when finally “the consciousness is raised” on a global scale..
        Its the New Age religion.. derived from the ancient Mystics, on which is Freemasonry is built, but just with modern and christian terms..
        The Jewish Mystic (Kabbalah) is absolutely similar to the New Age.. no wonder – the Jews are prepared for the Masonic Christ..
        We find esoteric already in many churches! Coming out of the Whore in Rome.

        Hinduism is the other, eatern, side of this medal of esoteric mysticism.

        • Silvan,

          YHVH handled desing, location and structure of the Temple to David and Prophet Samuel;

          Temple physically was built by Priests and Levites in highest state of purity;

          Holiest artifacts like Art of the Covenant, incence altar, vessels etc were created by Moses and Betzalel in the desert of Sinai – which previously stood in the Tabernacle in wilderness;

          Solomon only dedicated the Temple and commanded to buid it – when he was in highest state of purity – he was then 17 years old !!!

          It’s true that when he got old he was charmed by his egyptian wives who were daughters of Pharaoh and great witches! But, he still remains the wisest King of all times…

          But, why do you slander the TEMPLE OF GOD ?

          Even if Solomon got into wichcraft at the end of his life, he was the most righteous and wisest person while he was carrying out building of the temple – he was 17 years old only! He got “mad” shortly before his death…

          • Shalom Gavriel
            I will get back to here later, for now let me say..
            The Temple of Yahweh Yah’shua is the body, and nothing else.

            1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

            This Truth is universal.. so a physical Temple is against the Word of God and THE abomination on the Mount.

            May I give you a well-meant recommendation? Stay away from the Talmud and the Kabbalah, put it out of your mind and heart and put the BIBLE in instead.

    • Silvan,

      Solomon built the temple by design handled to him by his father David (like David in “Messiah son of David” who refused to sell his soul to the devil and made possible for Saviour Jesus to reveal himself on earth as his descendant) and that’s where the Ark of Covenant stood;
      Second Temple was built by Zerubabel, which partially resembled Solomon’s Temple – with very “interesting” feature that distinguished it from the first Temple – that if you’d look (upon Zerubabel’s Temple) from above (not entire Temple with courtyards – but main building: Holy of Holies – Holy Place and Porch) it resembled guess what – THE CROSS, as Prophets Haggai stated:

      The glory of this latter house (Second Temple) shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts. Haggai 2:9

      How can this be true when Ark of Covenant didn’t even stood in Second Temple??? Because, LORD JESUS CHRIST was destined to enter it in the future time – which by light of his salvation eclipsed to the point of a beautiful piece of box!

      And while in Second Temple, only the main building resembled the cross, the Third Temple described by Ezekiel will resemble the Cross (God’s atonement for entire mankind) in its entirely including courtyards – if you look at it from height of bird’s view (three pairs of parallel massive gates on north, east and south in inner and outer courtyards form the upper part of the cross) extending downwards towards the east with Temple Building – forming the perfect picture of the cross);

      Masonic Brotherhood? No joke! No one except for Levites and Cohanim can participate in erecting the at this point there is no fear from them to profane ritually the Temple structure…even Satan won’t allow them to do this – Satan saves the “best” for the last – he preserves the prerogative for act of desolation for himself and who do you think he’s gonna betray the first – the very ones who sold him their souls, begining from Illuminati and ending with Lady Gaga? LOL)…let the wicked to the dirty labour and we shall eat the fruits thereoff…

      We heard of revenge of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach against nations that rebelled against Him and His annointed people Israel – all this takes place in Mount Seir (Wilderness of Edom)…all the prophets describe this great and terrible day of the LORD, afterwards he crosses the Jordan river where he was baptized and ascends on Mount of Olives splitting it in two (the domino effect that will have all over the world by activation of Syrian African rift – bringing earth closer to its edenic form – Lebanon will dance like a deer, mountanis of old (Caucasus, Himalayah) will simply melt…prophets describe all these events in great details, both literally and spiritually revealing inner processes of all these events…

      But what happens after Yeshua Ha’Mashiach splits Mount of Olives? We know that Jews will drive foreigners to the valley of Jeoshaphat for Judgment – the valley separating Temple Mount from Mount of Olives – but Mashiach, after splitting the valley, heads directly towards sealed (?) Eastern Gate and…THIS IS THE GREAT MYSTERY TO BE SEALED UNTIL THE END AS TOLD BY PROPHET DANIEL!

      What LORD Jesus sees when he overlooks Jerusalem and particularly Temple Mount’s Holy Place occupied by Antichrist (who is not personality really anymore, because there wouldn’t be a single cell in his body not possessed by Satan) – Antichrist’s wound must have killed him from all medical explanations – but his body is activated by power of Satan alone…and what Satan will be doing in the Temple at this point – Persecuting and Killing Jews and Christians? NO, WRONG GUESS! He’ll be sacrificing his very own devotees, who empowered him enough at that point without whom he’d never dare to rebel to such point (because they disgust him most – at least devil has some quality taste like trying to devour pure spiritual energy hidden under the throne of God), while his devotees are obsessed with red carpets, rare seafood dishes, exotic accessories like chihuahuas and cambodian children…

  6. “The Holy One blessed-be-He, said: I will not enter the heavenly Jerusalem until I enter the earthly Jerusalem” (Taanit 5a). For until the earthly Jerusalem is firmly established as the praise of all the earth, the King will not fully enter the heavenly Jerusalem. But as the repair of the lights brings them to greater and greater perfection, their power will spread with great force and the Holy Temple will be built in the lower world. But in the absence of this state of repair as a result of sin, the earthly House is destroyed.

    Nevertheless, the Heavenly Temple never ceased to exist. If it did, the entire universe would be destroyed in a moment, as I said earlier. It is just that its original brilliance has grown dim and it lacks the intense joy it radiated when it was the glorious residence and resting place of the King.

    The First Temple: Chochmah

    What you must know is that until now all the lights and all the levels have been based only on Wisdom (Chochmah), whereas in the future the concealed beginning [Keter] will be revealed and all things will ascend to the greatest, most precious levels.

    Know too that the sin of Adam spoiled everything and caused all perfection to become concealed, with the result that the world was not even able to return to its previous state [i.e. the level of Wisdom] except in the days of Solomon, when the Temple was first built. Thus it is written: “And God gave wisdom to Solomon” (I Kings 5:26). For then Wisdom was revealed in all its beauty and radiant glory, enabling all the lights to shine with great strength and joy. In those days, on every level in all the worlds there was only holy power and delight the like of which had never been seen. Even so, because everything was based only on Wisdom and did not reach the ultimate goal [of Keter], this peace and tranquility came to an end and the Temple was destroyed.

    The Third Temple was built above at the time of the destruction of the First Temple

    And now I will reveal a very great secret, so apply your intelligence resolutely in order to descend to the depths of the matter. Know that this future Temple is the one that Ezekiel the Prophet saw immediately after the destruction of the First Temple. You have already heard that the Temple above never ceased to exist even though the Temple below was destroyed. For the Temple in this world could only be built through the great power of the lights [the Sefirot], which radiated from level to level until they reached this world, producing the Temple. In the absence of this power the Temple could not remain in this world. But this did not mean that the Heavenly Temple had to be destroyed. It simply became darkened and did not shine as at first.

    However, those familiar with the paths of wisdom know a great secret: had those who lived when Solomon built the First Temple not fallen into sin but held firm to the path of purity, they would have ascended from level to level until everything was perfected. The world would then simply have changed directly from one state to another, and what was to have been revealed would have been revealed.

    But the influence of evil and the proliferation of sinners caused the destruction of the First Temple that was built according to the initial design. When this happened, the Heavenly Temple no longer stood in its original form. In a single moment it disappeared and was rebuilt in a different form and structure: that of the future Temple. One building disappeared and the other appeared without so much as a hairsbreadth between them. However the new structure was not revealed in the lower world. Only in the future will it be revealed. But in the upper world, from that day on, so it was and so it is.

    That is why Ezekiel saw it, for it was already built and standing. Had the Jewish People only been worthy, the redemption in the time of Ezra should have been like the redemption from Egypt, and their entry into the land should have been like Joshua’s entry. Then they would have built the Temple according to the plan seen by Ezekiel, and the two Temples, above and below, would have been perfectly aligned.

    Differences between the presence of the Shechinah in the First and Second Temples

    Since the people failed to improve their ways, the redemption in the time of Ezra was a quiet affair and they did not have the strength to build the Temple according to the plan of the future Temple. On the instructions of the prophets among them they built it partly like the First Temple and partly like the future Temple which already existed above. But the time was not ripe for them to build it entirely like the future Temple.

    Thus in the time of Solomon the two Temples – in this world and the higher world – were in perfect alignment, and accordingly the Shechinah found a resting-place and dwelled in the earthly Temple. But the Second Temple was not similar to the Heavenly Temple and the Shechinah did not dwell in it.
    Presence of the Shechinah in the future Temple

    However, in time to come, not only will the two Temples be similar, but the Upper House will extend until it reaches the lower world. This is the meaning of the saying of our Rabbis that the Third Temple will be the work of the hands of God. For the Heavenly Temple will not be uprooted from its place. Rather, it will extend until it reaches the lower world, and then around it will be built a physical structure as fitting in this material world, and the two structures will be joined and become one and will never again separate. God’s glory will be fully revealed there, as it is written: “And the glory of God will be revealed, and all flesh will see” (Isaiah 40:5). Then there will be complete peace and happiness forever.

    Understand that there is a special place known to her where all these roots come together. [This is the Heavenly Temple.] In that place is the root of all things, both those that depend on her and those that depend on the other higher lights. In that place are the roots of the earth and all it contains, the heavens, the heavens of the heavens and all their hosts without exception.

    In the middle of the place where all these roots come together, there is a single “stone”. [This is in the Holy of Holies of the Heavenly Temple.] This stone is most precious. It possesses every kind of beauty and charm. It is called the Foundation Stone (Even Shetiyah). There is a corresponding stone in this world – the lower world – in the place of the Holy of Holies, as will be explained later.

    Stretching out in all directions from this stone are channels and pathways leading to all things. At their start these channels are great highways governing and regulating all the different orders and species of created beings, all of which have a deep inner knowledge of their root paths. From here they all receive their share of the constant sustenance given to them by the King.

  7. When I first opened my eyes this morning, I looked towards my window.
    I can usually gage the time of day since my bedroom window faces east.
    My curtains were drawn … and strange as this may sound …
    the folds of my curtains formed the Menorah !

    • I almost bought a star of david at the jewelry store the other day-thank you for posting this!

      Ya know, I remember as a little girl, I counted the points on the “star of david” and I couldn’t figure out why they had 6 points….I was trying to figure out the difference between the jewish star and the devils star….

    • Isn’t this a beautiful verse:

      Numbers 24:17 “I see Him, but not now; I behold Him, but not near; A Star shall come out of Jacob; A Scepter shall rise out of Israel,

      Scotti said this on January 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm | Reply

      hi Scotti

      Another nice thought.

      Out of jacob….came the star…..

      out of the star ….came the Word……

      star and word (alphabet) are ONe.

      Marianne said this on January 30, 2010 at 3:58 pm | Reply

  8. They have all taken the mark of the beast.

  9. Remember, God created the star, not Satan.

    How man or Satan uses what God has made should be considered in interpretation.

    There are 5,6 7,8 and 12 pointed stars. So what?

    Normally, witches use a pentagram, not a hexagram.

    But an upright 5 pointed star is also used for Taoism, on flags, Ba’hai faith, paganism, and even Christianity.

    It means something different in each use.

    There is nothing wrong with using the star of David.

    It originally was chosen to represent the Jewish people, and is the main use of the symbol, just as the eagle represents America, the maple leaf represents Canada.

    By the way, since the maple leaf has 5 points, maybe it is demonic too, since the 5 pointed star is mainly used by witches?

    Witches also use an upside down cross in their ceremonies. I guess that means Jesus is canceled as well?

    This is foolish.

    Satan has taken a symbol meant for something positive, and corrupted it so that Jews could be demonized.

    To demonize the star of David is to encourage people to reject it, and the people it represents.

    The Jews have been the channel for the Messiah, which will destroy Satan. Jesus came first for the Jews, and he will return to Israel a second time, to save them as well.

    Because of this, Satan has always tried to demonize and destroy the Jewish people.

    So do you want to be a part of this?

    You are falling for this deception, and are supporting an antisemitic agenda.

    Wake up.

    Use some wisdom when you look at all this Satan inspired media.

    • HI Marianne,

      I was deeply bothered/grieved not sure what to name the feelings I was experiencing after seeing the above videos. I had wanted to buy a star of david as my way of showing my public support of Israel. After viewing the above, I felt as if “you can’t trust anything”. What if something else was not of G-D and I inknowingly participated. Regarding the 6 points, I remember seeing where the star of satan is actually separated at the top so as to make 2 horns, so that is how I was able to separate the two.

      I don’t think G-D’s people would allow the star of david to be on their flag if they thought it meant anything else. And after giving it more thought last night and today, I don’t think G-D would have allowed it either-it would have been torn, set on fire something so as to get His message across that He dissapproved.

    • And I have to agree with Marianne in that it makes sense that Satan would want to demonize the star of david-this kind of propaganda? is how Hitler rose to power and convinced people to participate in the Holocaust. It is dangerous to entertain this thought process and should be seriously prayed upon.

      G-D knew how upset I was over this last night…..and although I didn’t hear anything spoken from His HS, I did have the thought of “why would G-D allow this star to represent his people for this long”? G-D makes himself quite clear when he is angry….earthquakes, volcanoes, meteorite over wisconsin when the judge who lives there declared Nat’l day of prayer unconstitutional, Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Oil Spill-the day after Obama stated to the UN that America would no longer automatically support Israel……I am convinced that G-D would in NO WAY allow a satanic symbol to fly over HIS LAND and HIS PEOPLE.

  10. Symbols are a language … this is the most evil symbol of all the occult.

    • Abigail

      You are hopelessly deceived. Do not post any more of that hate media here.

      Would you also be first in line to cut a Jewish person’s throat, destroy their home, and expel them from their own country?

      you are on that path.

      • FYI the Menorah is the symbol of Judaism.
        FYI the above video which I did post are photos of world wide through out history, uses of the symbol.
        FYI it is an historical account of some places where you find the ‘star’.
        FYI ‘I’ would certainly NEVER NEVER kill anyone !!!!!!
        FYI much less ‘be first in line to cut a Jewish person’s throat, destroy their home, and expel them from their own country’

        And FYI ‘you are on that path’.???
        The path I am on is the narrow and strait path that Jesus Christ set my feet upon.
        Obviously you walk the the broad way!!
        Your hatred of righteousness is obvious!

        • FYI The Menorah is only ONE symbolism of Judaism.

          FYI THE star of David is also a symbolism of Judaism.

          FYI Satan has been around for a long time.

          FYI Negative Words and thoughts can kill. They did in Nazi Germany.

          FYI The straight and narrow path does not include slander against God’s people.

          • I have slandered no one!!
            Satan does not dare come around me …
            But he is behind!

            • The star of david videos slander the Jewish people, by accusing them of being satanic in practice. Don’t play into this.

              How can we reach the Jewish people with the gospel, if we identify them as evil?

              You see, this kind of behavior is exactly what Satan wants.

              • Satan is a liar!
                The videos does not slander anyone!
                If you want to use a pitch fork to represent yourself … it is no concern of mine!
                Hashem has given his people the menorah …
                if they rather use a pagan symbol that is no concern of mine.
                All !! all !! will answer to GOD!!

                There is no wrong in MY behaviour!
                I love the TRUTH above ALL else!

                • the videos twist the Star of David to represent Satan, thus identifying Israel with Satan.

                  This is wrong.

                  To support the video is to play into Satan’s purpose.

                  If you love the truth, then listen to me.

                  If you love the truth, then get to know the Jewish people. They are not Luciferans.

                  • It is NOT the star of King David!
                    It is the Seal of Solomon.

                    Judaism have The Holy Menorah!!
                    The same candlestick that Jesus speaks of …
                    ‘These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;’

                    • you are a parrot, voicing the opinion of video makers.

                      Jews should know what represents them.

                      Solomon only reflected what his father David passed onto him.

                    • after some discussion David Wolffsohn informed those gathered that there was a flag already in existence. He displayed the Jewish prayer shawl (tallit).

                      “The tallit with which we wrap ourselves when we pray: that is our symbol. Let us take this Tallit from its bag and unroll it before the eyes of Israel and the eyes of all nations. So I ordered a blue and white flag with the Shield of David painted upon it. . .” says David Wolffsohn.

                  • Marianne you said:
                    “If you love the truth, then listen to me.

                    If you love the truth, then get to know the Jewish people”

                    Marianne, a true child of God does not say this.
                    He says instead:
                    “If you love the Truth, then listen to the Holy Spirit.
                    If you love the truth, get to know THE TRUTH”

                    You dont know who The Truth is…

                    • see below.

                    • Silvan,

                      If I may interject here…it is not fair or right for you to “judge” a person for whether or not they are a “true child of G-D”; this site in and of itself is annointed by G-D with Marianne as it’s author. As children of G-D we “argue, debate, fuss and make up” just like siblings. You had asked me in another post to let you know what the HS said if anything regarding the star of David and i posted it. Here it is again..” they defame my name, those who accuse My people of worshiping anyone other than Me…ask yourself, who was David; I am their shield”.

                      The HS brought to my remembrance that David was “a man after G-ds own heart”…so, the star of David = star of “a man after G-d’s own heart”; Israel is a Nation after G-Ds own heart. The flag was designed after a prayer shawl-a tallibt?…Knowing the G-D of Israel the way that His children do, do you honestly believe that He would have EVER allowed the flag to be raised the first day if it represented anything other than G-d’s nation…People…Holy Land?! Remember….I will bless those who bless you…..

  11. Peter was hanged on upside down cross (infamous symbol of Satanism), so maybe Peter secretly worshipped Satan? Makes sense, according to logic of those who accuse Star of David being Satanic;

    Moses, David, and all other saints had horns or unicorns, it is mentioned many times in the bible if you read it in original Hebrew;

    Devil appeared in form of a calf, Ephraim and Mashiach ben Yosef are also called bulls;

    You think you are WISE because you think you can detect Satan by symbols or pictures? Actually, Satan himself puts such thoughts in people’s minds and laughs at them as he distracts them from his true nature!

    • hi Gavriel

      The bible predicted that saints would be killed, by those who thought they were doing God a service.

      I originally thought it was referring to Muslims, but it includes Christians as well.

      The bible warns against evil imaginations, but so many fall prey to them.

      • At the endtimes, gentiles complain to God and ask them to also have share in Torah, so God gives them only one commandment to test them – commandment to sit in the tabernacles (Succoth), while God sends them strong heat and they find it unbearable, and they throw off the roof (GAG) of the booths in ANGER and REBELLION and say: Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.’

        But, He that sitteth in heaven laugheth, the Lord hath them in derision.

        • Gavriel your beliefs are to a good extent based on Judaism sources – Kabbalah, Talmud, Zohar…

          These are dangerous sources and are leading you into serious error.. symbolic and esoteric interpretation is prevalent in your mind.. that twists the true and plain and beautiful meaning of scripture.. which could tell you so much deep wisdom

          Again, throw all those books out of your home, mind and heart and digest the Bible, the true WORD OF GOD, and only infallible source of Truth!

          I am so sorry for you.. really..

          Marianne, please, get right with the Lord and speak words of truth, wisdom and righteousness, and please do not support Judaism..

          Honestly, I am nearly at the end here with your page, I cant take it much longer, those unfruitful works in the holy Name of the Lord and this rampant tolerance against non-Truths. It is luke warmness. It is an abomination.

    • Yep, Satan is laughing alright! He got us all here arguing about a star!

  12. King David Almighty shields
    The name David in ancient Hebrew (during the time of King David) is made up of three letters “Dalet”, “Vav” and “Dalet”. The letter Dalet in ancient Hebrew is actually a triangle. King David used the six pointed star as his signature (the two triangles of his name). The middle letter “Vav” means six – The six pointed star. The six-points symbolize that God rules over the universe and protects us from all six directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. King David used this symbol in the battlefield on his shield as an omen from God.


  13. lyndsey,

    Have you ever listened to Israeli/ Jewish music?

    Music is the key to the soul. About 90% of their themes come straight from scripture. This group praises God more than Christians do.

    It is this heart that chose the Israeli star and flag, with much thought and care. It was a heart after God, not satan.

    If you go to you tube, and search for Israeli music, you will find nothing satanic about it. It is full of joy, peace, respect for God, love for life.

    examples- adon Olam – king of the universe

    oseh shalom – prayer for peace

    Gam Ki Eilech – even though I walk in the valley of death

    Arim Roshi – song for fallen soldier- I will raise my head – notice they pray on the battlefield

    Avinu Malkeinu – our father our king

    Do these people sound dedicated to the worship of Satan? They would die for their country, each other, and the flag that represents it.

    Learn the Israeli / Jewish heart, and you will understand the star of David.

    David’s star represents their hope for the coming of the Messiah, the Branch, the son of David.

    Another example: the Rose represents love and beauty. The cross represents the cross of Christ. Yet the Rosicrucians use these two symbols combined for their occult system. Does this cancel the love and beauty, and the work of Jesus on the cross?

    • I enjoyed the music! I cried when viewing the one about the fallen soldiers. The rabbis were praying over the tanks!

  14. Hi Lyndsey, you have to find out if the Jews are really Yahwehs people, if you want to know more. Love to the Truth ABOVE everything (own feelings, presumptions, etc.) is the requirement to receive the Truth.
    You seem to have an open ear for the Holy Spirit, do not rest until you get revelation about this, and let me know what you heard, please.

    Hi Marianne, I am sure most of the Jews are normal people (like everywhere in the world), not “good” people, because “NO MAN is good” (Jesus).
    They are not satanic, NO ONE SAID THAT.
    The most are just as deceived, as everyone else.
    The ordinary Jews did NOT choose the flag, i believe.
    Why is it, you accuse Abigail (and thus me) of antisemitism, hatred and thoughts of murder?
    I know the reason, but do you?

    • silvan

      “Truth” according to godless websites and you tube producers is not Truth according to God.

      There is nothing sinister about the star of David in its original purpose as a symbol on the Israeli flag. The flag is the prayer shawl, and the star represents the Davidic Branch – hope for the coming Messiah.

      If satan, the NWO, and the Luciferans want to prostitute it, then they will be punished for this, along with all the other sins they are guilty of.

      Their corruption of the symbol will not change the current pure use of it by Israel.

      Misrepresenting the star of David, misrepresenting the jewish people IS an act of antisemitism, if done intentionally, and out of a sense of condemnation.

      If done in ignorance, then it needs to be corrected.

      You tube is not the bible. Don’t believe everything you hear on it.

      • The great deception is greater then you could imagine.. when someone is deceived he does not realize it. thats the problem of a deception.. and the Holy Spirit is not helping you, because you dont listen to Him.

    • silvan,

      I heard Him say- this evening- when I asked Him to please talk to me regarding the star of david and what is being said…I believe i heard Him say (for I know I didn’t come up with this-it felt like a “shock in my heart”)…..”they defame my name..” (I asked Him WHO defames your name-I was thinking he was saying Israel and I was shocked…)..He continued with: “those who accuse my people of worshiping anyone other than Me…ask yourself, who was David…..I am their Shield”

      • Asking myself who was david….I remember He was a man after G-d’s own heart…acts 13:21Then they asked for a king, and God gave them Saul the son of Kish, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, for forty years. 22“After He had removed him, He raised up David to be their king, concerning whom He also testified and said, ‘I HAVE FOUND DAVID the son of Jesse, A MAN AFTER MY HEART, who will do all My will.’ 23“From the descendants of this man, according to promise, God has brought to Israel a Savior, Jesus, 24after John had proclaimed before His coming a baptism of repentance to all the people of Israel. 25“And while John was completing his course, he kept saying, ‘What do you suppose that I am? I am not He. But behold, one is coming after me the sandals of whose feet I am not worthy to untie.’

      • Lyndsey, YES, YAHWEH IS THE SHIELD !!

        Not some man or a star symbol!

        This is what He is telling you.

        • It made sense when I read that the star of david is also referred to as the shield of David. It should be the shield of G-D.

          G-D loved David and again, he was a man after G-D’s own heart DESPITE his infidelity with Bethsheba. He was a little guy, probably 5’9, and he went running up to this HUGE 9 foot Giant with a sling shot and G-D!
          1 Samuel 17: 45 Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head. And I will give the dead bodies of the host of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, 47 and that all this assembly may know that the Lord saves not with sword and spear. For the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hand.

          HS said..”ask yourself, who was David?”…HE WAS BRAVE and had every Faith in the G-D of Israel..would you tell a 9ft tall man that your gonna cut off his head and serve him to the birds and beasts of the field? Everyone else ran AWAY from Goliath and David Ran towards him! WOW!

          This is totally off the subject of this post, but just trying to figure out what G-D meant by what His HS said last night…”Ask yourself, who was David”….

    • Jews are Yahwehs people! This I know within my Spirit…G-Ds’ Holy Spirit.

      Why are you saying that they are not?

  15. Silvan

    I said what I did because Abigail uses you tube videos for her source of “truth.” The you tube media presented is very antisemitic, and not true, or it is twisted truth, which is worse.

    Abigail has not once used the bible, or the Holy Spirit, to prove her case against Israel.

    That is because there is no place where God has abandoned Israel. God promised to bring Israel back with a renewed heart, and this is what he has done.

    Israel is blind until the time of the gentiles is complete, and then it will have the greatest revival in the history of the world.

    You use secular websites for your sources. How do you condemn me as not listening to the Holy Spirit, when you and Abigail use secular sources?

    I do listen to the Holy Spirit. I do listen to the hearts of the Jews as well. I also read the bible, and Jesus upheld the Torah, which the Jews still follow. He did not come to destroy Judaism. He came to fulfill it.

    Judaism, in itself, is holy. It is the basis for Christianity. But for those who have not yet accepted their Messiah, it is an incomplete faith.

    I am not going to throw out the Old Testament because the world, which is secular and godless, condemns Israel and Judaism.

    The redemption of the world is not complete. Israel is not saved yet, and the same is true for many others. Regarding politics, and a star of David, there is no righteous justification for condemning Israel.

    In all my posts, regarding Israel, I provide scripture to show God’s continued favor on Israel and Zionism. Zionism is God’s idea.

    He made this promise that he would return the Jews thousands of years ago. He also promised that any nation that hurt Israel would have to answer to Him, during the MEssianic reign, and maybe before that.

    Israel was attacked by 5 arab nations in 1948 to destroy it. They failed, because God was with Israel. They tried again in 1967. They failed again, because God was with Israel. The point is that God wants Israel there, and he will punish anyone who comes against it.

    This is stated repeatedly in scripture, including the book of Revelation. At the battle of Armageddon, Jesus is returning to save the Israel you see there today.

    If Jesus is for Israel, and planted there by the Father in heaven, why should I oppose him, and grieve the Holy Spirit?




  17. If you do listen to the Holy Spirit … then open your ears now.
    This is the Parrot and I will parrot the Scriptures to you!
    This parrot will voice the Holy Scriptures to you!!
    My ‘case’ is not against anyone!
    My ‘case’ is is against symbolism of the so call ‘star of King David.’
    It does not belong to the King …
    It never did and never will.

    It is so called the ‘seal of Solomon.’

    But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

    And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through [the fire] to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I [am] the LORD.

    Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever [he be] of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth [any] of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

    And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.

    And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not

    Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

    Because that they have forsaken me, and have worshipped Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, Chemosh the god of the Moabites, and Milcom the god of the children of Ammon, and have not walked in my ways, to do [that which is] right in mine eyes, and [to keep] my statutes and my judgments, as [did] David his father.

    And the altars that [were] on the top of the upper chamber of Ahaz, which the kings of Judah had made, and the altars which Manasseh had made in the two courts of the house of the LORD, did the king beat down, and brake [them] down from thence, and cast the dust of them into the brook Kidron.

    And the high places that [were] before Jerusalem, which [were] on the right hand of the mount of corruption, which Solomon the king of Israel had builded for Ashtoreth the abomination of the Zidonians, and for Chemosh the abomination of the Moabites, and for Milcom the abomination of the children of Ammon, did the king defile.

    Then did Solomon build an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that [is] before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon

    Act 7:43
    Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    Act 7:40
    Saying unto Aaron, Make us gods to go before us: for [as for] this Moses, which brought us out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him.

    And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands.

    Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices [by the space of] forty years in the wilderness?

    Act 7:43
    Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness, as he had appointed, speaking unto Moses, that he should make it according to the fashion that he had seen.

    Which also our fathers that came after brought in with Jesus into the possession of the Gentiles, whom God drave out before the face of our fathers, unto the days of David;

    Who found favour before God, and desired to find a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.

    But Solomon built him an house!

    Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

    Heaven [is] my throne, and earth [is] my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what [is] the place of my rest?

    Hath not my hand made all these things?

    Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers [did], so [do] ye.

    Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers:

    Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept [it].

    Act 7:54

    When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with [their] teeth.

    They stoned Stephan!!

    For this very reason now you are condemning me!!

    • This is not relevant scripture.

      It has nothing to do with the star of David.

      There is also no archeological connection between David’s star and Remphan.

      All is conjecture based on dubious web sites by amateurs, not experts.

      If you had bible evidence that David stole his star from Remphan and then committed idolatry, then you might be closer to having a case.

      • It has NOTHING to do with David!
        But all to do with Solomon!
        And with freemasons! And with Lucifer!

        • since when are you an expert on ISraeli history?

          Solomon was never a mason, and never met Lucifer.

          He went astray for awhile (strange wives), but came back to God in his old age.

          His prayer of dedication of the temple he built brought down the glory of God, that was so great, none of the priests could stand up.

      • Marianne how do you know it is not relevant scripture?
        Have you done research what the abominable Star of Remphan is?

        • silvan

          why do you depend on gossip web sites for your information? What are their credentials?

          Answer, they have none.

          There is no real archeological proof that the star of Remphan is the star of David.

          However, the devil would like you to think that. His goal is to destroy Israel and turn public opinion against them. Are you to fall prey to this?

  18. Just read that the star of David is often referred to as “Magen David” (Shield of David)…..then I remembered what the HS said…”ask yourself, who was David…I AM THEIR SHIELD”

    • David wrote the psalms … He knew that God was his shield.
      Not a stupid pagan star.
      666 is the number of that pagan abomination.

      • From what the HS said as I posted above, we cannot accuse the jewish people-G-D’s people of worshiping anyone other than Him. This would be defaming His Name! David did write the Psalms, but this is not what the HS said…He said, “Ask yourself, WHO was David….I am their shield”. The last part, “I am their shield” I did not understand how it related but when reading that the star of david is also referred to as the shield of David, then it made sense. Who David was? “a man after G-ds own heart”…this is my understanding and I know I heard Him correctly-I am always careful. May we agree to disagree and place it in G-d’s hands and let Him worry about Israel’s flag.

        • This is none sense. Do you think that all jews love God?
          That would be like saying all americans are christians.
          I have met a lot of jews … and most of them are in what is called
          ‘spiritualism’ …
          The true Israel of God is not defined by DNA, but by faith … thereby is righteousness counted.

          Do not take me wrong … I actually find it sad that young men study to become Rabies only to be thrown into a soldier’s uniform.

          As far as DNA goes with the jews … they are not physically built to fight.
          Some nations were specifically bred into fighting and for fighting.

          But Israel itself as a state is well supplied with weapons …
          they are far from being harmless.
          150 nuclear warheads … is not a small thing.

          Anyways … believe what you want to , I am done with this subject.
          If you wish to cover your shoulders … then do so.
          I don’t care what motif the cloth has.

          • Yes, I do believe that all Jews love G-D for it is part of their heritage, their education, THEIR DNA etc…unless otherwise adopted and raised differently and even then G-D knows who they are and brings them to Himself.


            Alot of your posts come across as screaming and abrasive. It is awesome to be passionate about our G-D but to come across as “all or nothing” and “your wrong and I’m always right” is certainly no way to bring others to HIM!….what comes to mind is this-1 Corinthians 13:1 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

            Where is the love Abigail?!

            • p.s. He was speaking of ‘The Love of God.’
              If I had not love I would not have continued addressing the subject after being that my thoughts were on murder. And all the other insults which were spit at me ever since I have come to this site.

              If I were to wear a prayer shawl over my body I think I would prefer one with a Menorah motif.
              That is if I were to pray in secret …
              If I were to pray while in public … I simply just pray and God hears my prayer.
              I am not ceremonious … I am me and God knows my every thought …I never try to impress Him. Don’t have to …
              Everything that I am He has made!

              • And Everything that the Jews are HE has made as well!

                And p.s. He was speaking of LOVE period!

            • That should read …’ after being TOLD that my thoughts were on murder.
              How loving would you say that is??
              Think on that.

              • abigail

                You presented virulently hateful media created by antisemites to harm the reputation of the Jewish people. Then you supported it. Hate and slander is murder in intent. You participated in it. That is why I opposed it. It is there to incite hatred and elimination of the Jewish people…the same kind of garbage people were passing around in Hitler’s time.

                • I demand that you present evidence here of which one of the videos and what is said that is hateful, slanderous, antisemitic, that incites people, that would lead to murder …as you have accused!!

                  And present evidence here which would lead to ‘elimination’ of the jewish people.

                  There is none of that in what I have presented!

                  • If you cannot discern the spirit of a matter, then you should not be involved in presenting it.

                    • You have falsely accused me contrary to the ninth commandment of God.
                      ‘Thou shall not bare false witness against thy neighbour’

                      You owe me an apology and quick!

                    • continue the thread below.

                    • You have falsely accused me contrary to the ninth commandment of God.
                      ‘Thou shall not bare false witness against thy neighbour’

                      You owe me an apology and quick!

                      abigail said this on June 28, 2010 at 3:34 pm

                      ….BUT isn’t this what YOU are doing regarding the Jews and their FLAG?

                  • abigail,

                    What I felt after viewing the videos was shock, disbelief, unsure of everything and everyone, sad…confused and just lost! My spirit grieved and I didn’t know who and what I could trust anymore…as I wrote these words to Marianne last night, the HS said clearly, “Trust Me”. I will NOT Trust YOU TUBE; I will NOT Trust other’s opinions of what is or isn’t of G-D. I will go to the source and get my info there! The HS said nothing about the star of David being Evil! I asked Him to please talk to me about the star of David and what is being said on here-his response, once again..”they defame my name, those who accuse my people of worshiping anyone other than me…ask yourself, who was David…I am their Shield”.

                    Abigail, if you are in anyway infering that Jews are “evil” because they allegedly have a “pagan” star as their mascot, you are defaming G-D!

                    Satan wants nothing more than to divide and conquer! He is clever-Again, Knowing our Heavenly Father-the G-D of Israel, do you honestly believe in your heart that He would have allowed a PAGAN symbol to represent HIS PEOPLE?

                    Are you going to go to Israel and say, “according to you tube you must take down this pagan flag”!?

                    Why don’t you just ask the HS to tell you the TRUTH about this situation instead of searching the “scriptures of YOU TUBE”!

    • You name it 🙂

      David is irrelevant.. **I** AM their shield

  19. And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

    Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly

    Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me.

    But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

  20. Yes, I am here, because I love you, and I am speaking boldly and downright, because of that. It is my last resort.
    Should I whisper when someone is standing on the railroad and the train rushes up?
    Normal arguments WITH scripture are not regarded.. not adressed.
    So what’s left what can I do?
    Just praying..

    Marianne, I do this now public because others should be warned and see it:
    Your book ‘The Lions and The Bride’ contains reverence and adoration for a SORCERER, who demonizes people.
    I asked you to at least put a disclaimer on it.
    You would not, because YOUR feelings.
    It’s possible that your writings lead others to one of his “services” and into demon possession!!
    Nevertheless, you WON’T tell people the truth about him, but praise him…

    THIS I mean when I say, Love the Truth more than yourself.
    You love yourself more, Marianne.

    • silvan

      You read too much garbage on the internet. My book was about my relationship with God, not Benny Hinn.

      I just went to some of his meetings, which were very godly at the time, and I learned some things which were biblical, and I shared them.

      People were being delivered from demon possession, not the other way around.

      Lots of what I read on the internet about Hinn is NOT true. He is being misrepresented. He now teaches some things I disagree with, like the prosperity gospel, but that is no reason to demonize him.

      Just like people here believe certain things that are disagreed with, there is no reason to totally condemn someone for what is believed to be a mistake in reasoning.

      But people love to write and read evil things. I cannot help them.

      It sounds like you have completely missed the point of the book. This saddens me, but there is not much I can do about it. I still love you like a brother.

      • Marianne, right… it was about ..YOUR… your whatever..

        Benny Hinn has EVER been a false prophet, he made many prophecies which did not come true.. how can you deny this? It is on tape and many sources!

        A false prophet is a deceiver!

        Two examples of his numerous false prophecies:

        Orlando Christian Center, Dec. 31st, 1989.

        “The Lord also tells me to tell you in the mid 90’s, about ’94-’95, no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America. [audience applauds] But He will not destroy it – with what many minds have thought Him to be, He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved, and many will rebel and be destroyed.”

        Orlando Christian Center, Dec. 31st, 1989.

        “The Spirit tells me – Fidel Castro will die – in the 90’s. Oooh my! Some will try to kill him and they will not succeed. But there will come a change in his physical health, and he will not stay in power, and Cuba will be visited of God.”

        Benny Hinn claimed that God revealed the above prophecies to him. Now either God has erred, or Benny Hinn invented these prophecies and he never heard from God. The truth should be obvious – Benny Hinn does not hear from God, he is without doubt a false prophet.

        Jer 14:14 Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.

        He has NEVER been a true man of God!
        He raises millions of Dollars because he promises blessings for those who sending him money!

        He even speaks with the dead!

        Hinn has publicly stated that Kuhlman’s grave carries a supernatural “anointing.:
        “One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee’s tomb in California. This Thursday I’m on TBN. Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Kuhlman’s tomb. It’s close by Aimee’s in Forest Lawn Cemetery. I’ve been there once already and every so often I like to go and pay my respects ‘cause this great woman of God has touched my life. And that grave, uh, where she’s buried is closed, they built walls around it. You can’t get in without a key and I’m one of the very few people who can get in. But I’ll never forget when I saw Aimee’s tomb. It’s incredibly dramatic. She was such a lady that her tomb has seven-foot angels bowing on each side of her tomb with a gold chain around it. As—as incredible as it is that someone would die with angels bowing on each side of her grave, I felt a terrific anointing when I was there. I actually, I—I, hear this, I trembled when I visited Aimee’s tomb. I was shaking all over. God’s power came all over me. … I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee’s body. I know this may be shocking to you. … And I’m going to take David [Palmquist] and Kent [Mattox] and Sheryl [Palmquist] this week. They’re gonna come with me. You—you—you gonna feel the anointing at Aimee’s tomb. It’s incredible. And Kathryn’s. It’s amazing. I’ve heard of people healed when they visited that tomb. They were totally healed by God’s power. You say, ‘What a crazy thing.’ Brother, there’s things we’ll never understand. Are you all hearing me?”11
        11. Benny Hinn sermon, Double Portion Anointing, Part #3, Orlando Christian Center, Orlando, Fla., April 7, 1991. From the series, Holy Ghost Invasion. TV#309, tape on file.

        If this is not enough, watch Hinn in “action”:
        This is totally disgusting and UNHOLY, frighening and demonic!!

  21. Here you can find audio clips about his false prophecies and how he CURSES his opponents

    Unimaginable evil is this man, and full of demons!
    Do you hear his voice in the video above??

    Marianne, I fear for you

    • silvan

      he is not full of demons.

      You say the Holy Spirit speaks to you and then you say things that are wrong. Does that make you a false prophet also?

      I am not defending any predictions of Hinn that went wrong. He is not a prophet. He is called to be an evangelist. So he should stay in that role, not venture out to do something else.

      The beauty of the love of God described in my book has completely eluded you. This shows you did not discern it when you encountered it.

      The astounding acts of mercy, the amazing miraculous experiences, all went right past you.

      You really missed a lot. You were so preoccupied looking for something bad in the book, that you missed its blessing.

      I have had people experience miracles and healings just from the book, and you got nothing out of it except a need to condemn someone mentioned in it. This was not due to my own efforts and writing, but due to the presence of God on that book.

      I have been to those meetings. The fire of God really falls on people. I have been healed at a meeting, and I have had several friends healed. One had a severe back injury and was scheduled for surgery, to put rods in her back. After the meeting, the surgery was not necessary. Years later, she was still healed.

      You are being influenced into negative thinking. I am trying to show you this, so you will reach for the positive instead.

      • For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

        Know them by their fruits…!

        He curses people => against the Spirit of Jesus and scripture = Antichrist

        He takes money for anointings = against scripture

        He speaks with the dead = against scripture

        He states publicly that the Holy Spirit has spoken to him and makes false prophecies = FALSE PROPHET

        I have said just one time that I received something from the Lord, it is/was about False Armageddon, and this didnt fail yet!
        And if I would have said something false prophetic, I would deserve severe punishment!
        AND If I had, would it change ANYTHING regarding false prophet Hinn??)

        Your book may be beatiful..
        Be PROUD of it !

        • Your videos about the star of david are wrong information. Do not rely on these unreliable sources – people with no credentials in history or archeology.

          Like I said, there is no authoritative proof what Remphan star looked like, and the Magen David should be accepted as a positive symbol for Israel. It was meant to be positive, a sign of Messianic hope and prayer.

          People who post these videos that are wrong, and claim God showed them this information, are false prophets also.

          • I see, you are speaking of false prophets… very well… how ironic that is..

            Ok, this leads to nothing.. one day in the future you will discover that the Jews are not mainly semitic but turkic, Edomites.
            You will be told you idolized the Jews in your heart.. not be able to discern the truth.

            This has to do with the Great, great great great great deception.. naive who thinks he could play with it..

            • Silvan

              we are obviously in disagreement.

              I do not believe as you do, but I am also not deceived.

              I have first hand evidence for myself.

              These Jews that you reject as false, I see them pray 3 times a day, honor Yahweh in their daily lives, and obey all the commandments in the OT. THey also talk about their coming messiah.

              The edomites would not do all this.

  22. Abigail

    You are not entitled to boss people around here.

    No one owes you an apology. But you owe the Jewish people one. Your “you tube” videos are a false witness against the Jewish people.

    You cannot continue to demand rejection of them, which is antisemitism, based on you tube garbage that their star is evil, so they are evil too. You are listening to the wrong voices.

    You need to get with reality. Your videos are wrong.

    • Marianne, if I may shortly interject.. it is one thing to post a video about the origin of a flag (true or not), but it is another thing to draw directly a line to intents of hatred and murder..

      This is bossing around.. even worse then that..

      • silvan

        I am not the one who originally demanded that

        1. the star of David be condemned
        2. everyone who disagrees with me owe me an apology.
        3. that I am lost because i do not listen to the holy spirit

        I am just responding to these demands. I am pointing out that one should have the same standards for themselves that they expect of others.

  23. In all frankness, if you are falling for the wonders of Hinn, how much more you will fall for the False Christ..

    • no I’m not. I see the good and the bad.

      I had some good experiences and I acknowledged them. Not all is pleasant, like this page.

      There is good and bad on it.

      I focus on the good and go forward. I do not get entangled in the negative.

      Some will always focus on the negative and stay there. That will be all you ever hear from them. I choose to reject the negative, and focus on what God would have me do.

    • Hey Silvan,

      When I was in college-Birmingham, Al- I had severe lower back issues/pain. Long story…I heard about Kenneth Copeland coming to Birmingham for one of his meetings and it was I went. While sitting there and watching him give prophecy..I asked G-D to please talk to me and let me know if I was where he wanted me to be….a few min later…in this HUGE arena Kenneth Copeland points me out and says “G-D is healing your lower back”. I never asked G-D to heal me…it was a big deal because by attending school in Birmingham I would have to find another doctor to treat me and I couldn’t carry my books, couldn’t participate in a required health class which required running a mile and the pain/injury was so bad I couldn’t put my chin to my chest or pick up an empty clothes hamper….the reason for my posting this is in response to your posts regarding Benny Hinn. Kenneth Copeland is now accused of being a Mason…a false prophet etc….Does that make my Healing from G-D any less true? (I ran a mile a week after G-D healed me and later I hiked 13 miles in Jasper, Alabama! )

      Benny Hinn is not my choice if only because of his style….Personally, I think alot of what happens in his services should be private-it does come across as being “entertaining” and NO, noone should ever “sell” the gifts of G-D.

      However, shortly after I received the baptism in the HS, I started experiencing extreme heat and electricity in my hands….I had NO CLUE what was going on because I didn’t read the rest of the book..LOL…I didn’t know there were gifts that accompanied the HS and that He dispersed them accordingly.. I was told by someone familiar with the HS that this was the “gifts of healings”…it did happen ALOT while around sick people! LOL…AS I stated before in another post, I failed miserably…STILL asking G-D to forgive me for that….this was over 20 years ago!

      My reason for mentioning this? Is that I noticed in the video Benny Hinn stated that He would explode if he didn’t release it! I completely understand what he was talking about….the heat and electricity was unbearable and even tho the HS is a gentleman, when He urges you to do something, whether it is laying hands on someone or speaking a prophetic word it can get a bit uncomfortable!

      I don’t know Benny Hinn! G-D knows him and his heart and his intent…he may very well be annointed and with that annointing comes great responsibility! I couldn’t handle it-and regretfully I asked G-D to take it away…the gifts may still be there, only G-D knows…but we have to be careful of whom we judge…let G-D do that! The annointing is REAL…now how Benny handles it is between him and G-D-the one who gives it!

      • Lyndsey have you watched the video?
        I am not judging, I just know him by his fruits.
        AND it IS possible that counterfeit spirits are doing miracles!

    • I don’t think Marianne is falling for Hinn….he played the role that was needed in Marianne’s life at the time when she needed it..G-D orchestrates this….G-D always turns things for Good for those who love him..

  24. abigail,

    Do you remember on another post:

    …you said “please notice the star of david stamped everywhere on these beautiful bodies”
    Abigail said this on December 18, 2009 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    Regarding the below video…

  25. Abigail,

    According to your arguement and posted videos regarding the star of david, this would also make the Indians pagan and luciferan etc….Can you not see how dangerous this is:

    The Indians were targeted and killed (went thru their own Holocaust) in addition to the Jews! Somebody was AFRAID of what they didn’t understand and with one false statement…growing into further misunderstanding….etc etc….

    WHO are YOU to say the “star” worn by the indians and the jewish people is EVIL? You cannot tell me this is FROM G-D, for if it was, it would 1) synchronize with scripture

    Your resources are from YOU TUBE….NOT SCRIPTURE…

    And have you ever considered that the 12 sides to this star could represent the 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL!

    The YOU TUBE version is based upon the number 666….well according to other research done, this number could actually be 616 if going back to the original Hebrew transalation.

    Again, I stand by what the HS said to me. Again, I stand by what my G-D is capable of doing if He doesn’t approve of something-this Flag would have been LONG GONE if in any way it represented anything EVIL.

    And if you do realize that you have been wrong…please do not let PRIDE (the first sin EVER) get in the way….we love you Abigail and will move on.

  26. A long time ago, someone told me that in order to test the spirits just remember what G-D represents and what Satan represents…..after 1st viewing the videos I felt confusion, lost, unsettled etc…this is NOT what G-d would want me to feel. G-D’s TRUTH brings peace, understanding…peace that surpasses our understanding!

    Since these videos are spreading Hate…confusion…then we know the source!

    Satan is the father of lies, for there is not truth in him…John 8

    Lets not give HIM the stage any longer…he is laughing!!!

    • lyndsey,

      I had near death experience while I was in coma, I was haunted by different kind of spirits, all of them accusing and mocking me, my beleifs and the life I lived, they seemed very powerful and superior to me, until I asked “who is Jesus?” (I even didn’t beleive in Jesus and was secular Jew) The answer was very suprising…asking this question was similar to lighting up room full of cockroaches…in panic they started calling out to their “father (Satan)…since then I became Messianic Jew…

      BTW, regarding what HS told you regarding Shield of David…here’s the clue…David means “Friend” or “Beloved” in hebrew and his name written in original hebrew looks like two triangles divided by line…like in Song of Songs – I am to my beloved (Dodi) and my beloved is unto me…both God and His people are called “Dod” – beloved, one and the same…

      • That is awesome Gavriel! Even when you didn’t know the power of Jesus’ name you knew of him and when spoken all the demons of hell flee!!

        When I asked the HS if I heard Him correctly, before I could even finish my thought, He said “yes, you heard correctly”…He cracks me up sometimes..LOL He knows what I am going to say and write before I do And he already has the answer! 🙂 LOL

        I am seriously leaning towards becoming a Messianic Jew…because the HS has placed on my heart over this past year a longing and desire to know and learn about the Jews. This past Feb, a few weeks after my father died, while vacuuming I believe, HS told me that I needed to learn the Jewish Holidays-He sounded as if it were urgent. I forgot about it shamefully, but with 2 kids…yada yada…then He reminded me again just shortly before Passover (I didn’t know it was coming up) and the second time sounded more urgent…long story short…not understanding why it was urgent and not understanding the relevance of the Jewish HOlidays…after looking into it I discovered that the Jewish Holidays had ALOT to do with Jesus’ and HIS second coming! WOW-had no idea, but of course HE did and this is why I have to listen to HIM…I’m just not that smart! 🙂 LOL

        • Interesting how it works in both direction, it’s all God’s providence…

          At that moment when I had this experience, I only thought about how to end suffering…it was like pre-taste of me going to hell…spirits taunted me based on my sinfulness…I tried by reminding my “good deeds” to stop them but it wouldn’t help…until I didn’t recognize that Jesus is God of Israel – God appears like an enraged and roaring lion when the lizard – satan tried to “claim” souls of his chosen ones and Holy Spirit appears like devouring wolf – devouring a repented sinner by fire of holiness…

          All Jewish holidays indeed mimic and symbolize the role and mission of Our Saviour Jesus Christ…try to read this:

          • Lyndsey please dont get sucked into Kabbalah!!
            There should be no distinction between Evangelicals and Messianics, they are all one in Christ, the New Covenant Israel.
            Every believer is Israel and thus has to obey the Law.
            The Israelites who are not Christs cease to be Israelites and become Jacobinians again.. Jacob was the deceiver, and was converted through 21 years of hardships, and became Israel the overcomer.
            Please read this instead this spiritually dangerous Mystics.

            Gavriel, when the Jews and Kabbalah speak of “Maschiach” they speak of the coming FALSE CHRIST!
            Wake up!


            • Thank you Silvan! I will take heed and be careful. I am not interested in Kabbalah…I only wish to combine my upbringing, knowing that Jesus is the Son of G-D with the culture of G-D’s people, the jews. The HS asked me to learn the Jewish Holidays..he didn’t say to observe them, just to learn them. I have chosen to observe them by first observing the true sabbath. When I tried to do the week of unleavened bread…wow…that was hard and when I thought to myself ‘why do we have to do this’ the HS said “I wanted you to know that you can’t do this without me”. I realized later what He meant when I read that the unleavened bread represented the sin in our lives and that there really is NO WAY we can get rid of it…there will always be a trace of it somewhere or someone’s SWEET CHILD will drag it bag into the house!! Laughs 🙂

              • Lyndsey, yes that is exactly the same what I learned from Unleavened Bread!! 🙂

                You have to learn now that Yahwehs holidays are NOT jewish holidays, but Israelite Holidays, and now in the new covenant EVERYONE who is born again by faith in Christ becomes an Israelite.
                The Jews are not God’s people.. they are not from the tribe of Judah (just 1 tribe of 12!) nor are they in Christ.
                Even if they were all of Judah, they would have ceased to be Israelites because the old covenant has vanished (Heb.8)

            • You are mirroring the thoughts of Satan.

              Rabbi Akiva was cut into pieces by Romans by order of Jewish authorities for secretly beleiving that Jesus was Mashiach;

              Only God knows how many Rabbis secretly beleived the same and had to suffer and refered to Jesus as “Metatron” “Messiah son of Joseph” and many other names…

              Satan is speaking through you, because YOU as a gentile know that you stand NO chance in front of observing Jew who beleives in Jesus, it makes you envious because you deep inside your heart will never make it to such level, in fact you didn’t made it to the level of “righteous gentile”;

              JACOB overcame yet when he was called JACOB, your slander against JACOB is unforgivable;

              • Gavriel
                1) Jacob was given the new name AFTER he overcame – READ THE BIBLE

                2) I am actually an Israelite by Faith in Christ, and Jesus has forgiven me everything, made me righteous, and a NEW CREATURE – READ THE BIBLE

                3) only the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is unforgiveable – READ THE BIBLE

                4) The Jews are waiting in fact for the Antichrist – READ THE BIBLE John 5:43

      • Gavriel I dont say that to attack you!! Your mind/spirit has been intoxicated by the Kabbalah, Zohar, Talmud !!
        If you really want to follow Jesus you have to renounce it in HIS NAME!

  27. Here is another interesting video. These Indians are singing about the Diaspora. (Dispersal of Israel tribes to around the world)

    They obviously feel or know about a connection to Israel. Here, it is the girl’s turn to dance. 🙂

    Both Indians and Israelis like to dance barefooted.

    Also, notice that the name of the director is
    “Israel Inga Patoja.” Coincidence?

    • I love the beat! Coincidence…….A. Einstein: ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

  28. A ha!…”I have received several e-mails pointing out that the numerical value of Vav (often transliterated as W) is 6, and therefore WWW has the numerical value of 666! The Internet, they say, is the number of the beast! It’s an amusing notion, but Hebrew numbers just don’t work that way. In Hebrew numerals, the position of the letter/digit is irrelevant; the letters are simply added up to determine the value. To say that Vav-Vav-Vav is six hundred and sixty-six would be like saying that the Roman numeral III is one hundred and eleven. The numerical value of Vav-Vav-Vav in Hebrew would be 6+6+6=18, so WWW is equivalent to life! (It is also worth noting that the significance of the number 666 is a part of Christian numerology, and has no basis that I know of in Jewish thought).”

    SO…the STAR of DAVID = 18 NOT 666…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO…the STAR of DAVID is DAVIDS’ signature! AS he wrote it in HEBREW!

  29. “Set me as a seal upon thy heart”
    (The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s, 8:6)
    King Solomon, the son of King David, established Jerusalem as the city of justice and peace. His name reflects the original name of the city, Shalem. Solomon is said to have been given both “wisdom and knowledge”, this is usually taken to mean wise government, the ability to distinguish morally between good and evil, and a thorough understanding of the universe. “Behold I have given you a wise and understanding heart; there has been none like you before you, nor after you shall any arise like you” (Kings 1, 3, 12).

    The legend of King Solomon’s Seal, of the wondrous signet ring which he received from heaven, is common to Judaism, to Christianity and to Islam. King Solomon’s Seal, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites, whose significance is manifold as much as it is multi-cultural. It reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolizes super-human wisdom and rule by divine grace.

    In 1536 ce, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ordered extensive restorations on the Temple Mount and converted the church which had been built on Mount Zion during the Crusader conquest into a mosque. By building this mosque, Suleiman linked himself both to Solomon the son of David and the Davidic Messiah who, according to Christian belief, is Jesus. It was Sultan Suleiman’s messianic consciousness which led him to develop the link between himself and King Solomon. On the walls which be built around Jerusalem are stone decorations in the form of two interlocking triangles Stars of David, known to Moslems as Khatam Suleiman and to Jews as Khatam Shlomo (King Solomon’s Seal) whose function was to protect the city. The symbol of the hexagram, the star-like figure formed by two triangles, has many connotations, especially when it is enclosed by a circle; super-natural powers have been attributed to it in many parts of the world since ancient times. Beyond the Jewish national associations which have only become attached to it in the last few hundred years, the abstract element of the figure (which is connected to the celestial stars) and its geometrical completeness make it a universal symbol. Together with the five-pointed star (the pentagram, which is of much earlier origin) the hexagram represents the development of mathematics and geometry by the Greeks and their successors around the Mediterranean.

    Through geometry, in which the Pythagoreans and their followers saw cosmic symbolism, the hexagram and the pentagram became an expression of heaven and its reflection on earth, the divine and its reflection in creation and of the connection between heaven and earth, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and between spirit and matter.

    Islamic civilization was a vibrant crossroads of culture through which the achievements of the ancient world flowed into modern-day Europe, through which information passed from east to west and back again, and in which various ethnic groups of different languages and religions lived side by side and contributed to cultural advancement.

    King Solomon’s Seal combines strength and beauty, symbolism and illustrative quality and all within a geometric figure, the most important characteristic of Islamic art. The Moslem artist’s love of geometry allows the true essence of King Solomon’s Seal as a symbol of the connection between the two worlds to be expressed; in this context, it symbolizes the link between science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic, astronomy and astrology, the art of irrigation and its influence on the garden, and the symbolic connection between pleasure gardens and the Garden of Eden, between the sky and architectural domes and on traditional cosmology and its connection to religion.

    Today, the hexagram is known as the “Star of David” and is seen as the definitive symbol of Judaism the term is even used in Islamic countries. There is a degree of confusion about its origins, name and associations. In Europe, the pentagram is usually known as King Solomon’s Seal, while the hexagram is known as the Star of David; and it is often assumed that this was always the case. However, the evidence points to the gradual evolution of the hexagram from a Roman cosmological symbol to a religious and magical symbol which was not specifically connected to one religion or people. Research suggests that both motifs were used by different religions and that the clearest meaning of the hexagram is associated with magical techniques to ward off evil forces. Professor Gershom Scholem, the noted scholar of the Kabbalah (Jewish mystic writings) studied the protective function of the hexagram and its entry into Judaism from Islamic traditions. In a series of articles on the Star of David and its history, Scholem made the following claims:

    First: The hexagram is a universal symbol, whose Jewish associations developed gradually. It began as the symbol of the Jewish community in Prague, probably in the 14th century, though it might have been only in the 17th century. It was recognized as the symbol of the Jews as a whole in the 19th century.

    Second: Several Jewish and Christian examples of the hexagram and other decorative motif, exist from the ancient period and later on in Islamic art. In the 13th century, the motif passed from copies of the Bible, which had been transcribed in Islamic countries, to Hebrew manuscripts in Germany and Spain. In Spain, until the 13th century, the hexagram was known as King Solomon’s Seal by the Jews; from the 13th until the 15th century, both names were used simultaneously. It was only later that the term Star of David gradually became dominant in Ashkenazi communities, while King Solomon’s Seal became identified with the pentagram.

    Third: The hexagram or the pentagram, appear first on “magic” mezuzot (doorpost scrolls) and later on various talismans in literature. The magic drawings of the hexagram and the pentagram were known as seals, in keeping with the idea that a person “stamps himself” with these signs in order to protect himself from harmful spirits. This term is connected to the legend of King Solomon who controlled the demons by means of a special signet ring on which was engraved the Tettragrammaton. The seal only had power for one thing to provide protection from malevolent forces.

    It is possible that the hexagram served as a symbol of the Temple at an early stage in its development. A Jewish drawing from the tenth century is the earliest example of the connection between the two symbols; we do not know whether its origins in Jewish tradition were earlier, or whether it reflected a connection with Islamic art. In Spain, starting in the 13th century, Jewish religious books were decorated with Stars of David, sometimes as the colophon in books written in micrography. The hexagram had appeared earlier as a decoration used to fill spaces or to show the divisions within chapters in both Hebrew and Arabic manuscripts. In some Hebrew manuscripts from Spain, several Stars of David have been drawn next to verses which speak of the longing to return to Zion.

    Except taken from Israel from ‘Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.’

    • Abigail, excellent.. finally some truth

      • yes. it is a better discussion. Contradicts the videos she presented earlier. I am glad she is doing more homework before posting.

        • It does not contradict the videos but confirms the HEXagram
          1- It is NOT the star of David.
          2 -The symbol of magic and sorcery.
          3 – Is associated with the Seal of Solomon.
          4 – Is a pagan symbol.
          5- A thing given power ‘to protect’ from malevolent forces (devils)
          6 – Is associated with Islam.
          7 – Is associated with astrology and magic and metaphysics.
          8- Greek influenced with all their gods.
          9- Was known by many cultures of ancient times.

      • yes. abigail finally gave a better discussion. Contradicts the videos she presented earlier. I am glad she is doing more homework before posting. Proud of her ….

        By the way, Jesus did not “hit” me. I fell under the power of God, which felt like a force “hitting” me. It was a very gentle “blow.” When you are in the presence of God, you are immediately brought to your knees. That is how I ended up – on my knees.

        I was having a good time. and he said I was avoiding his pain….that I needed to share in his sufferings…

        • The IMFA says that the hexagram is originally the Seal of Solomon.. i dont know where this contradicts the videos..

          I believe, Jesus would NEVER say that “Feel my pain”..
          His spirit gives absolute peace and healing.. not pain..
          I could imagine that this was one of Hinn’s counterfeit spirits..!?

          • The videos presented the hexagram as satanic.

            Phl 3:10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

            • Allright.. but it is established now that it was originally the Seal of Solomon!
              And the Temple of Solomon will be built.
              The Antichrist will be welcomed with those things!
              That does not in any way need to mean that the Jews are satanic.. do not confuse this.
              The whole world will worship him.

              • The AC just forms a covenant with many…most likely regarding Israel…it never says the Jews really like or accept him, or think he is the Messiah.

                Israel gets forced into a lot of agreements they do not like….it is trying to survive.

                • Of whom is Christ Jesus speaking here if not the false Christ?

                  “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” John 5:43

            • It does not contradict the videos but even confirms the Roman, Greek Islamic civilization and their association with the metaphysical, magical symbol.
              It confirms as do the videos that it is NOT the Star of King David but The Seal of Solomon and is a pagan symbol.

        • Please recall that Yahweh prophecied “false prophets shall show great signs and wonders;”

          Hinn is indisputable a false prophet, and thus not working with, in, by the HOLY Spirit, but counterfeits who can show “great signs and wonders”.
          Please, Marianne, even if it means to question many things in your life, but face this truth.. “STRIVE to enter through the narrow gate! Many will say to me LORD LORD but I never knew them!”

          • I have not seen Hinn in 10 years…..

            I think you are obsessed with him.

            Give it a rest.

            • When you put a warning at your book I will give it a rest, or when you ask me to leave … anyways I said I’ll leave anyhow..
              Hinn is a false prophet at least since 1990.

              • Book was written in the year 2000. Any time for notations is past.

                You really don’t know him….all you know is what you read on the internet.

                I am just asking for you to be more objective.

                You do not have to leave……your comments are still welcome….but since I am trying to help several people at once….I may not be able to keep up with your comments, at the fast pace that you post.

                God bless you.

                • I hear him make curses in demonic voice..
                  I see him throwing strange fire at poor people..
                  I hear him making false prophecies..
                  .. enough fruits for me to see whos child he is..
                  but yes the internet is so devilish, yeah, and it is so hard for you to admit to be deceived by him… sad

                • Where I am not objective???
                  It is YOU who can not see the facts!!
                  Jesus bless you too!!
                  Open your eyes, sister!!!

                  • I love you Silvan. This issue, you know, has nothing to do with the topic posted for this page.

                    My eyes are open. I just rather spend time praising God, and discussing the bible, than having arguments about public personalities.

                    I would suggest not criticizing something you don’t understand. I think you would have to be there to grasp what is happening.

                    I have been healed in those meetings, and so have some friends. I have seen people set free. …..the devil does not heal or cast out his own demons. Any harsh voice is for the devil, not the person afflicted.

                    • We are mostly talking offtopic, 🙂

                      Your book is public and Hinn is public.

                      Now, when it is getting uncomfortable you rather want to change topics?

                      There will be many people who did healings in the name of Christ, but Jesus will say to them I never knew you.
                      And the false prophets are able to do great signs and wonders, exactly as it is written.

                      I think when I would be there I would feel his appeal, which has bewitched you until this day.

                    • You really do not know that the Pentecoastal and Charismatic Movement is demonic???

            • Obsessed is direct hit.. but it is not me..
              I am “obsessed” with the Truth

        • Ok, I overlooked that.. Amen we need to take up our cross.. blessed are those who suffer for Him!

  30. Lyndsey, can you imagine Jesus would strike you and force you on your knees and shout at you:
    “You want to feel my joy, but you dont want to feel my pain!!!!”

  31. @All
    Of whom is Christ Jesus speaking here if not the false Christ?

    “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” John 5:43

    Of whom is Jesus speaking in Rev 2:9 and 3:9 ?

    “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. ”

    “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

  32. I have already stated my position. I have tried to be patient and fair.

    This page was not meant for ranting against public figures or accusing me of being bewitched.

    If you don’t like my book, then put it down and don’t read it.

    I will not apologize for the contents, since it was the most blessed time of my life. The love of God was experienced throughout… sorry some cannot feel the love that was there.

    This page will close since no one wants to discuss the topic posted.

    There is a thick spirit of strife, false accusation and condemnation here which needs to stop.

    When those who create strife and self contradictory arguments actually do something to serve God, then maybe they will have more room to complain about others.

    Just because one sees only evil and darkness does not mean the light is not there.

    Remember, secular, godless websites and you tube do not substitute for the bible, which also has to be read with a spirit of wisdom.

    I have posted a new page which seems to be what some want to discuss more than the “Wings and Sacrifices of the temple.”

    I might re-open this page, if I think there will be more scholarly interest in it.

  33. […] Others have suggested a new temple need not be built because the abomination could be placed at or by the Western Wall which (they say) is another way of translating the word for wing. I think that is less likely. […]

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