Worship Time (2)

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  1. Submitted by Gavriel

    “Davijale, modi chemtan Upalo”

    “I am tired, come to me Lord” in Georgian;

  2. Why have you abandoned me, son of man?
    Why have you turned your back to the One who loves you?
    Why have you surrendered to Mine enemy?
    Remember, for you I have descended from heaven,
    Remember, for you I was born from a woman;
    Remember, for you I became an infant;
    Remember, for you I was put to shame,
    for you I was considered a wicked,
    for you I have lived a mundane life,
    for you I was persecuted,
    Remember, for you I was hanged among the wicked;
    Remember, for you I died a humiliating death;
    Remember, for you I was buried;

    You are a sinner, and yet I have payed for your sins;
    You are guilty, and yet I was punished;
    You are a debtor, and yet I have payed your debt;
    You deserve death, and yet I died instead of you;
    I am the light, but you cannot see me;
    I am the path, but you do not follow me;
    I am the truth, but you do not beleive in me;
    I am the life, but you do not covet me;
    I am the instructor, but you do not listen to me;
    I am The Lord, but you do not worship me;
    I am your God, but you do not try to be like Me;
    I am your best friend, but you do not love me;
    And if you are doomed, do not blame Me for this;

  3. further…

    Why have I descended from heaven? – You brought me up there;
    Why was I put to shame? – Because of you I was once again dignified;
    Why was I considered a wicked? – You helped me to fulfil my righteousness;
    Why was I humiliated? – You game me an honour;
    Why was I baptized? – You were the one who baptized Me;
    Why have I died? – Because of you I was ressurected;

  4. The Georgian Harmony Choir : “Mze shina” (The Sun at Home and Outside).

  5. “Sacred Georgian Chants”. The Georgian Harmony Choir

    Christ has risen, conquered death with death…

  6. “Thou art a vineyard,
    newly blossomed out.
    Tender, beautiful,
    planted in Eden,
    Aloe-scented from Paradise.
    God adorned thee,
    no one deserves praise as thou,
    And thou art thyself a brilliant sun”.

  7. Georgian Orthodox Chant

  8. hh i am feeling myself very sad and i dont have any courage have family problem i want someone to help me out

  9. i am not feel myself wel in my boby and have lot of problem say a prayer for me n tell me how to get better

  10. If you are tired of this world and feel that you are hanging on by the finest of threads, don’t despair, for the thread is unbreakable, however fine it may appear at times. If we belong to Jesus, then nothing can sever it.

    The Kingdom is all but a heartbeat away, so let’s throw all our anxieties upon the LORD, just as He commanded us, knowing that we are all but “home”….the place we always knew we belonged; and so we found it!

    Blessings to all.


  11. http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/16996109

  12. ………………………………………

  13. The only thing to evolve from evolution is blindness!

  14. 🙂

  15. Love is indeed a many splendoured thing…and how much does it cost? 🙂

  16. You are More

  17. Meant this one:
    Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am

  18. Hang on folks…we’re nearly there!

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