WWTD- What would terrorists do?


I have been thinking. If I were a terrorist, when would I attack next, and what would I do?

This is just a thought game. I am not giving a prediction.

It helps to reflect on and anticipate the devices of the enemy, so we can block his plans.

It seems apparent that the terrorists are preoccupied with numbers that have special meaning for them.

9-11 happened at 9 am in the 9th month on the solar Gregorian calendar, but on the 6th month on the Islamic lunar calendar. There were 3 planes, and 3 buildings went down.

11 and 19 are also a special numbers to them, in their numerology.

They tend to favor the anniversaries of religious, or historical, dates also. For example, I understand the 9-11 attack was on a date where they had experienced a defeat in history.

They have 4 months where they are not supposed to wage war, although that did not stop the WTC 1993 attack. However, they did use a bomb loaded truck, instead of suicide jihadists, so technically, they had the day off.

9-11 happened on Jumaada Thani 22, in 2001. This is the 6th Islamic lunar month.

For 2009, Jumaada Thani 22 occurs on/ about June 16th, which happens to be the 6th solar month on the Gregorian calendar. So June 16th would be the 8th anniversary of 9-11 on their Islamic calendar.

If I were a terrorist, I would not pick another September 11th, but would stick to the Islamic calendar.

2009 = 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11

The Number 666 fascinates them also.



So, if I were a terrorist, and would attack this year, 2009, I would pick Islamic 6th month (Jumaada Thani 22 anniversary, which is June 16th.), in 6 cities, at 6 pm.

I heard one opinion that planes may not be used next, since that had already been done. Possibly, suitcase bombs left in large public areas.

This may be totally wrong, but it is still important to study patterns of thinking and behavior, especially if our security depends on it.

If anyone else has any ideas or thoughts, go ahead and express them. Maybe a crazy thought could save lives. We need to be alert, and keep thinking.

Remember also, that the attack does not have to be with a bomb.  It could be a programmed biological threat, like this current bird/swine flu situation taken to a higher level.

Or, it could be a combination of things.  First, weaken the population with illness, so they cannot fight, then bomb them.

Think outside the box!


The future years, 2010 and beyond, would require further scrutiny.

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  1. […] have been thinking. If I were a terrorist, when would I attack next, and what would I do? Click here for […]

  2. I live behind a shopping center
    that has a CVS/Caremark in it.

    Yesterday the (2) flu vaccines
    were delivered to the CVS.

    I spoke to management there.
    this morning (Thursday, April

    They are either confused about
    what they have or they are confused
    about what they are supposed to tell
    the public.

    The “pharmacist” denies that they
    have Tamiflu.

    He says the “other” vaccine for the
    Swine Flu is on “back order.”

    He says a prescription from a “Doctor”
    is required for the vaccines.



    May God Have Mercy On Our Republic.

    • hi fill,

      How convenient, or rather inconvenient. If we are sick, we first have to make a doctor’s appointment to get the vaccine. So we will have to have $120 for a doctor’s visit.

      This could take a week. By this time we are dead or violently ill. This has to be treated within 24-48 hours.

      Then we have to wait in line for the prescription? And give the shot to ourselves?

      The health department should give this away free, on a walk in basis.

      But so much for tainted vaccines. I was told by a health department nurse this week that they have no vaccines ready yet, so I wonder what is in the bottles at CVS?


      Someone sent me a herbal remedy for the bird flu. Maybe it will work for this also. It is nothing but spices, etc. so it will not hurt to try it.

      All Natural Spices and Ingredients:

      4 heaping tablespoons tumeric, 2 heaping tablespoons Cayenne pepper or
      Paprika (either will work), 2 heaping tablespoons dried/powdered
      garlic, 2 heaping tablespoons powdered ginger or fresh, 2 heaping
      tablespoons black pepper, 2 heaping tablespoons cumin, 2 heaping
      tablespoons powdered cloves or all spice (either will work), 2
      heaping tablespoons powered oregano (can use reg. dried oregano too) ,
      (or light), 6 ? 8 pcs of cinnamon sticks, 2 heaping tablespoons black
      pepper, 2 heaping tablespoon horseradish (if you can find it), 1
      heaping tablespoon – marjoram, thyme, lemongrass (OK to skip
      lemongrass it can be hard to find fresh or dried) I mix them
      together (for convenience) …4 cups boiled green tea (if unbagged tea
      then strain), 1cup lemon juice, 1 cup honey, 1 cup dark rum .

      Simmer all ingredients on low for 2-4 hours in a large saucepan?stir
      regularly? (Don?t worry about getting drunk…all of the alcohol in
      rum will boil off)?FYI: Dark rum? minus the alcohol?leaves molasses
      and brown sugar?then sweeten mixture with honey a necessary to make
      toddy pleasant. Mixture will be full of lumps and stuff…keep
      them…just add them in…Cool and store in well-sealed screw-on
      jars?like mayonnaise or peanut butter jars. Keep at room temperature.

      Adults: 2 Tbsp in a cup of tea for a toddy

      every 4-8 hours?daily? until well

      12 ? 16 1 Tbsp in a cup of tea for a toddy

      every 4-8 hours?daily? until well

      Younger than 12 take 1 tsp mix in a cup of tea?as hot as can stand

      every 6-8 hours until well

      Remember: Drink the dregs

      • Also heard that fresh sauerkraut cures bird flu. I guess we can google it and learn more. Thanks for the herbal recipe!!

  3. i know i am the fool but i believe its a waste of time to worry about terrorists and bombs. life has enough stress as it is.

  4. I was reading an article on Quayle’s web,

    May 1: May Day Satanic New Year’s Day

    These feast days are intimately connected to all the major pagan holidays of the sun and the star Sirius practiced in our times, especially Christmas. The Illuminati backed New World Order works closely with them. We should pay close attention to the events of the next few days. If the Swine flu pandemic is elevated to level 6 by the World Health Organization, it will most likely occur between May 1st and May 5th

  5. Here is the link for this article


    • Hi Abigail.

      Remember that not every “pit pickin” is a celebration of Baal. If it is, the churches in the south are in big trouble. 🙂

      But it will be interesting if the abomination occurs on May 1st.

  6. Hi Marianne,

    Didn’t know you were looking for a date to the abomination.
    I thought we were speculating for another 9/11 type of terrorist attack.
    You know with me one has to be very specific.

    But if you are looking for the abomination date, I think between May 11 and May 16.
    Wormwood is suppose to become visible to the eye by mid-May.

    • HI Abigail

      I do not see how wormwood could be due yet……we have not yet had all 6 seals yet, and the appearance of wormwood occurs at the 3 trumpet. We also do not know who the Antichrist is for sure, and he has to be revealed first.

  7. Hi Marianne,

    Wormwood can now be photographed around the sun and has been filmed.
    I’ve posted a video to this effect entitled ‘ Chemtrails hiding the dark star,’ on your page entitled ‘The Serpents’ line of crop circles.
    It is estimated that the whole world will be able to see with the naked eye as it moves away from the sun by May 15th.
    You can also view it on google earth skies.
    But even now anyone can photograph it.

    As for the antichrist May 11 will most certainly reveal him.
    Interesting to note that obama will be in office 111 days on May 11.
    The 111th. Pope will be on the Temple Mount on May 11.
    This is a very interesting month to say the least.

    Tell me if you can interpret my dream that I had last night.

    My mother came to me amongst a multitude of people.
    She said to me in her native tongue, these words.
    ( translation may not do this justice but I’ll try.)
    ‘Those that left are everywhere, everywhere.
    Those that stayed are here no more.
    You and I will leave together.’

    My mother is a prayer warrior, and as been so many years.

    • Hi Abigail

      I guess the best dream interpreter would be you and your mother….but this is my impression:

      the people from all over the globe (everywhere) will be raptured.

      Those that will stay behind will die.

      You and your mother will be raptured together.

      As far as May and Obama is concerned, we will see what happens next, in the next few weeks.

  8. Hi Marianne,

    I know this vision is speaking of the rapture.
    But here is an interesting link

    • Hi Abigail

      Well, that means the Vatican is on the Arab’s side of any conflict. Notice they did not include Israel in the agreement.

  9. Hi Marianne,

    I’ve sent you a link probably went to your spam folder.

    Isn’t May 11th also lyar 17th.??
    Isn’t this the day the windows of Heaven were opened?
    In May we have the second passover and Pentecost.
    Do you not have a link on your site pointing to Noah and Lyar 17th??

    And also Marianne, I would love to point out to you that your rapture is assured.
    I know you think at times that I push things a bit too far,
    But I have to because time is so short and many need a wake up call.
    Thanks for understanding.

    • Hi abigail

      I checked the spam..there is nothing there from you.

      Yes, May 11th is Iyar 17, 32nd day of the omer.

      So you must think since Noah entered the ark on that day, that maybe the rapture occurs in 2 weeks….well that is possible.

      My post on Noah and the rapture is here:

      You are fine with me with your energy level……I just figure you eat more vitamins than I do….. 🙂

  10. Hi Marianne,

    Another important date in May is Lyar 22.
    Consider this,
    God commanded The Sabbath AFTER
    He sent the Bread from Heaven,
    the 22 Lyar 1313 BCE.
    On that friday morning, enough manna fell for two days’
    worth of meals,
    as on the Shabbat it would be prohibited to gather the manna.
    The ‘Two loaves’ of chellah bread that formed
    the foundation of the Shabbat meal are in
    commemoration of the double portion of manna.

    Also consider the 22 Lyar 1731
    Giovanni Antonio Costanzi, the Vatican librarian
    and author of a catalogue of
    the Vatican’s Hebrew manuscripts,
    directed searches in all Jewish quarters throughout
    the papal States to confiscate
    Jewish Holy books.
    The confiscation began on the 22nd
    lyar in 1731 and continued over the next twenty years.

    Also noteworthy of this day in the history of mankind
    is the beginning of thousands upon thousands of Hungarian Jews
    deported in 1944

  11. Hi Marianne,

    Don’t know if you are aware of this or not.

    Knowing what I know, this is noteworthy.

  12. If I was a foaming at the mouth moon god worshiping jehadi, I would be putting small groups across the open southern border to link up with Mosques that give them food, water, and AK’s. At the appointed time, I would unleash these beasts of Mohamed to raid schools, raping and murdering innocent children like Belson.

    This would bring martial law, and the economy to a stand still.

    The moon god worshipers would not win in the long run, but in the short run blood, and sorrow in the name of allah would bring about a bigger war.

    That is if I was a moon god worshiper. As a Christian, I could never murder, but I am allowed to defend myself, family, and friends.

    BZO, or Die!

  13. Hi Marianne,

    Some do not seem to know who the antichrist is.
    Since the antichrist will rule the ENTIRE world it seems important to know who he is .
    And since he proclaims himself to be God it also seems important to know him.
    As Judah Escariot was one of the twelve and was then the son of perdition, so is
    the antichrist.
    So I am presenting a link 1 of 10 to a lecture of Dr. Veith.
    The lecture is in english.

  14. Prayer and natural suppliments:

    In the case of sudden viral biological attacks you can at least have some measure of protection from commonly available natural Godly supplements.

    Oil of oregano – antiviral and antibiotic, antiseptic
    Olive leaf extract
    Black elderberry extract

    There are others,…do a google search on Oil of oregano. I use this myself, and it works!

  15. You’ve really put a lot of thought into this. The terrorists do put a lot of value in dates, numbers, etc. But the bottom line I think is, they would take any opportunity to attack inside the United States again, specifically now that we have a weak President and weak government.

  16. some good news onetime:
    US soldiers in Afghanistan have been filmed with local language Bibles and urged to be “witnesses for Jesus” despite anti-proselytising rules.

    9/11 wasnt by islamic terrorists.. there were 2 planes in NY but 3 builduings came down with documented explosions in the baseground and Supernanothermit found in the dust.

    Ask any expert, they say it was blowed up. The builduings were pulled down, they were in freefall for a few seconds. a few Liter Kerosin doesnt have this extreme powerful impact to demolish the whole builduings to FINE dust, DESPITE they were build to resist such plane impacts.
    There are tons over tons of evidence that the shadow government was behind this not Obama Sin Laden (;-)!) and his desertsquad, who couldnt even fly a propellerplane.
    He is already long time dead (even Pakistan says!). The FBI does not and DIDNT search after him, they admitted recently there were no terrorcells since 2001 to 2006. The purpose was ruling into the Dictatorship with the Patriot Acts and other Police State laws.
    Also, Saddam wanted to go out of the oildollar, for that he had to be removed, he never had weapons of MD.
    And one reason: encircle Russia!
    The USA is in the globalists plan the Army-Country i think, wasted, they cut and wasted the industrialproduction from 25 % in 1960 to 7 % today.
    And this Elite of the Elite is Luciferian, who observe occult dates and signs, which i think have negative influence also, in washington are placed many of them near the governments. The occult babylonian Eye of Horus-Pyramide is on every one dollar bill!
    Venus plays a role, too.
    They meet in occult gatherings like Bohemian Grove.

    Maybe they have universal planetary signs to coordinate actions, also with the spiritual dimension, which i believe the evils minions have contact with. If we believe there were fallen angels (Genesis 6) who had sex with women, why not believe this angels are nearly the same as today, material and able to speak?!

    This signs and forewarnings/hints of their actions are very often in Hollywood-Films (9/11 was played out 6 month before in the Serie the The Lone Gunmen. The maybe new warning you can see here:
    PART 1 of 5

    i may be wrong in this particular case but i think the Jesuits, the blackpope (General) and the Vatican are with the Illuminati-Bloodlines (Highfinance, Aristocrats, Industrials) the head… , but through Bilderberg, CFR, TLC, UN, High-Degree Freemasonry there are since at least 1776 plans for the NWO/World Government, now announced publicly.
    Everytime i did research, the same Names: Dynastie Rothschild, Rockefeller, Astor, Warbutg, Onassis, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush (both fams were in B.Grove, Clinton is definitive Freemason) and other Families.

    I have really got to know this vast thing through about 1000 hours of reseearch.. but nevertheless i couldnt find the link between the efforts of the Globalists/Eugenists/Satanists and the Islamic-Demographie/Religion threat, which in my eyes will very well may be the false worldreligion…(?)
    Also Ezekiel 38/39 foretells us the Gog-Magog war between on the one side Russia/China/Iran and allies like Turkey/NorthKorea/Pakistan against the 12 tribes of Israel. The tribes are the western world documented by Steve Collins Books, Articles and Blogs.
    My guess is, we will get first a trilateral Worldstate-System, the NAU (Amero?), EU and AU.
    The EU has no a own Police exercised against protesters lastly.

    Than worldgovernment through Global Currency (Globo?), UN, BIS/IMF, World Court, EU-Military.
    The UN is influenced by Helena Blavatsky -Satanist

    I must highly reccomend wnd.com , globalresearch, infowars at least to stay informed daily..

    Mankind, and me almost, should repent and love God from all heart now.

    • Silvan

      Osama bin laden admitted to 911 on TV….

      you seem to think that terrorists only fly airplanes, but do not know how to walk into buildings and plant bombs.

      This is like saying that because I can drive a car, I do not know how to walk into the store, and buy groceries.

      I think there is more than one threat in the world to global security. They might be competing against each other.

      Our soldiers have “guts”….when it comes to their faith….if they have the duty to die for our country, they should have the right to witness their faith before they die……

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2xRLiRqb8M !!!!!!!!!!

        FOXNews about the Video from 3 years after 9/11:
        !The image of bin Laden reading a statement was dramatically different from the few other videos of the Al Qaeda leader that have emerged since the Sept. 11 attacks.!

      • Marianne, what do you say about the other Facts?
        There are a lot more, believe me.
        I never say anything against your soldiers, they fought with good intentions!
        Sorry, but its the plain truth, you cant deny the facts.

        • opinions are not facts…

          • Hmm, why are you so angry about that?

            Sorry if i have hurt you, was not intented by me

            • Hi Silvan

              I am not angry. 😎

              This is just a discussion where we do not agree on everything.!!

              • Hi Marianne
                now back from work, sunny weather with a REAL blue sky today and the best NO CHEMTRAILS!

                Ok, thats very fine, lets discuss.
                You seem to disagree with everything iam posting about 9/11 and the men behind the World Government plans. Right, or not?
                In fact, i laid out a lot of evidence for it, not only my opinions. Everywhere i did NOT wrote the word maybe, i can show you evidence for it.

                Now its your turn 🙂
                Please show me evidence that the theory of a conspiracy by bin Laden (“Tim Osman”) is correct.

                Your government, the intelligence and millions of americans etc. say/know that it was not bin Laden. What are your sources than, just a video with a similar appearence of bL ?

                A false flag attack was commonly used in history (eg Reichstagsbrand burned by Hitler himself) for reaching strategic goals. Its normal!

                You have to ask everytime sth happens in the world: Cui bono? Who benefits?
                Its no secret that the Bush-Family is heavenly involved in weapon and oil industry. Moreover i posted already another billion worth and strategic benefits- like encircling russia with military bases.

                Who you think is behind the NWO? Note that this takes a long period of time to prepare and accomplish this plans for NWO.
                Who has the power to carry out global plans?
                Do you know that the FED is privately controlled since 1913?
                Whoever controls the money supply has the real power! Since the DOllar is the global reserve-currency the FED has/had also much power around the globe.
                The financial system we have (had til now) is a cancer because the money is based on DEBT and with the interest we got a literally enslavement of all who use this private papermoney. This system crashes about every 60 years, for the compound interest grows exponential !
                If we hadnt this system, everybody would have much more purchasing power! Most of our workpower and purchasing power is sucked out by the interest, which is in EVERYTHING you buy.
                The economy HAS to grow therewith this ill moneysystem works. But some day (NOW!) the point is reached where the natureal resources and workpower isnt sufficient enough for maintaining the bubbles.
                Note also, according to Proverbs 22, the borrower is a slave to the lender. This divine truth shows perfectly the real circumstances in our daily life and the real division of power!

                You said to me, Obama is a dictator.. you really think he has no men behind him who are more powerful? He was a nobody, and now the President. Hard to believe, and in fact not true, that he got there through his own effort.
                No, the Elite needed a Messiah after Bush, a new face, a man whom the masses love. When someone says sth against him he will be declared as racist.
                In fact, Obama promised change but he is doing now axactly the same as Bush did. Also he appointed only people who are in the CFR, TLC and Bilderberggroup.
                Bilderberg is (fact) the power behind the Euro and the EU. You can see here hoe powerful they are. And, in fact, the most mighty leaders in the world meet every year.
                The open goal (fact) of the CFR is world government.
                The U.N. is luciferian (fact!).

                The IMF and BIS will get the global control of the financial system, who will control this Bank.

                The WHO is also an institution- not elected nor authorized by us (like NAU/SPP Security and Prosperity Partnership) – which was set up by the Globalists to take global control in crisises.

                Their strategy is creating crisises to take more power and wealth by creating the solution and the fears of the masses.
                The media is naturally owned by the rich and mighty (see eg. Berlusconi, Murdoch etc.) and their mouthpiece. (fact!!!)

                • HI Silvan,

                  I am not disagreeing about the quest for power in the world government systems. I think the NWo is real, and is antichrist in nature. I agree about the economy.

                  There are 2 political parties in America- Democrats (atheists) and Republicans (Christians). Everyone agreed that it was bin laden who did 911. bin laden also attacked us in 1993, but President Clinton did nothing about it, showing weakness. He also did nothing about the USS Cole ship that was attacked in the Mediterranean Sea, or the terrorist attacks on US embassies. Clinton is a coward.

                  Everyone was in agreement about 911, and WMDs, issuing public statements to this, to begin with here. We knew about the WMDs in the 1990s, because they wre documented by the UN inspectors.

                  After the 1990s, The Republicans (Christians) won the elections in 2000.

                  Then the Democrats became obsessed with destroying President Bush, so they could regain power, after he won in the elections. They slandered him, and accused him of causing 911, and other horrible accusations.

                  They are all political lies. These lies spread around the world, and the world believed them.

                  Now that the atheists are in power, they will destroy America.

                  • Oh yes, than we are close together! I thought, someone who denies 9/11 was a falseflag attack couldnt see the NWO and the globalist plans, and who they are. This was so until now my normal experience 😉
                    But – i believe in a staged politic theatre. Controlled Opposittion. Good Cop- Bad Cop.

  17. So.. who will win?
    The hundreds of trillion worth Illuimati, who are soon reaching their goal of the NWO and the population reduction, through new falseflags (Martial Law!), pandemics, Codex Alimentarius, GM-Food, Chipping, Chemtrails….
    They as Luciferian, ie true believing Satanists, are eugenists.

    You can read their “ten commandments” on the Georgia Guidestones, erected by the Rosicrucians (“R.C. Christian”) a lodge of the Freemasonry.

    The catch phrase is “Sustainable Development”.

    An former adviser of Bill Clinton said recently about that Britains Population should be reduced to 30 Mio.
    Please note in this context also the African Continent.

    Nothing is by chance.

    Or do the Islamic Conquerers win?
    Or Russia and China?

    Do they fight or cooperate? First cooperate- than fight maybe.
    That is the crucial issue.

    Is due to the deceptional use of BlueBeam one religious leader, like a Pope, Maitreya or someone declared as Iesuoa or AC?

    • Hi Silvan,

      No one wins except Jesus. 🙂

      They will kill each other off, trying to have all the power, or God will destroy them Himself.

      • Yes, and thats 100 % for sure 🙂
        And HE : the highest and mightiest and holiest King of Kings comes very very soon on his white horse! Thats for sure
        Revelation 19 – Tune

  18. Does someone know if the saints have only two options? Rapture or dying as martyrs?

    • Rev 12 describes the “woman” as fleeing to the wilderness. She has the testimony of Jesus Christ. This is for the 3 1/2 years.

  19. Marianne;

    Have you heard of Magnetic Pulse Attack?


    What to do to Prepare?

    This is a real Threat.


  20. Marianne;

    Newt Gingrich co-authored a book with William Forstchen about the Electromagnetic Pulse Threat. It’s currently in developement with Warner Brothers as a major Motion picture:



    • HI Kitti

      I wish Hollywood would not give terrorists ideas with their movies.

      I think the military have back up systems, as well as the government and hospitals. But business and general population does not.

  21. NO ONE has a back up in the event of an electromagnetic pulse, no matter if it is from the Sun or from some enemy exploding a nuclear bomb in our atmosphere. That’s what the book is about, questioning WHY our government will not recognize the threat and make some kind of plans and provisions.

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