Yellowstone Park Volcano



When will it erupt, and what will happen?

Under “normal” geological conditions (inactive), there may be little threat

Yellowstone’s next major eruption will probably be centered in one of three parallel fault zones running north-northwest across the park, a new study predicts.

"It is not an imminent hazard," Girard said. "Every study has concluded that there is no magma that is ready to erupt within any foreseeable future."

True? Hope so…

The bible predicts large global earthquakes. If one occurred, it could disrupt what is now considered normal, and inactive, and make the volcano a threat:

The biggest concern with an eruption the size of Yellowstone is ashfall. The force would shoot ash into the atmosphere up to 30 kilometres high where the easterly jetstream would carry it as far away as Europe within three days.

The volcano would also eject sulphuric acid into the air forming an aerosol that remains in the atmosphere for years, screening out sunlight, causing global temperatures to drop and killing crops for years afterward.

Even 1 millimetre of ash will close airports, cause damage to vehicles and houses, and contaminate water supplies.







How to Prepare for an Eruption

Before an Eruption

· Be prepared to take shelter or evacuate and review your plans with family members.

· Pick a safe place to meet.

· Put together an emergency supply kit.


If you evacuate:

· Tune in the radio or television for volcano updates. If told to evacuate do so. It can be dangerous to wait out an eruption.

· Listen for disaster sirens and warning signals.

· Take only essential items. Be sure to pack at least a one-week supply of prescription medications.

· Fill your vehicle’s gas tank.

· If no vehicle is available, make arrangements with friends or family for transportation, or follow authorities’ instructions on where to obtain transportation.

· Turn off the gas, electricity and water.

· Disconnect appliances to reduce likelihood of electrical shock when power is restored.

· Follow designation evacuation routes and expect heavy traffic and delays.

Experts say being prepared is key to surviving a natural disaster.

If you take shelter:

· Keep listening to your radio or watch television until you are told all is safe or you are told to evacuate. Local authorities may evacuate specific areas at greatest risk in your community.

· Close and lock all windows and outside doors.

· Place damp towels at door thresholds and other draft sources. Tape draughty windows.

· Turn off all heating and air conditioning systems and fans.

· Close fireplace and furnace dampers.

· Organize your emergency supplies and make sure all household members know where the supplies are located.

· Fill your clean water containers.

· Fill sinks and bathtubs with water as an extra supply for washing.

· Make sure the radio is working.

· Go to an interior room without windows that is above ground level.

· Ensure pets and livestock have clean food, water and shelter.

· Store all vehicles and machinery in a garage or other shelter.

· Call your emergency contact – a friend or family member who does not live near the volcano – and have the phone available if you need to report a life-threatening condition.  Remember that communication services may be overwhelmed or damaged during an emergency.


During an Eruption

· Don’t panic – stay calm.

· Follow evacuation orders, if issued by authorities.

· Stay indoors.

· Avoid areas downwind and river valleys downstream of the volcano.

· If outside, seek shelter (e.g. car or building).

· Keep doors, windows, dampers and ventilation closed until the ash settles.

· Use a respiratory mask, handkerchief or cloth over your nose and mouth.

· Do not tie up phone lines with non-emergency calls.

· Listen to your local radio for information on the eruption and cleanup plans.

· If there is ash in your water, let it settle and then use the clear water.  Water contaminated by ash will usually make drinking water unpalatable before it presents a health risk.

· You may eat vegetables from the garden, but wash them first.

· Remember to help your neighbors who may require special assistance – infants, elderly people and people with access and functional needs.


After an Eruption

· Go to a designated public shelter if you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home.

· Stay indoors until the ash has settled, unless there is a danger of the roof collapsing.

· Keep all heating and air conditioning units and fans turned off, and windows, doors, and fireplace and woodstove dampers closed.

· Clear heavy ash from flat or low-pitched roofs and rain gutters.

· Let family members know you are safe.

· Listen to the radio, watch TV or check the Internet often for official updates and information about air quality, drinking water and road conditions.

· Avoid running vehicle engines. Volcanic ash can clog engines, damage moving parts and stall vehicles.

· Avoid driving in heavy ash fall unless absolutely required. If you need to drive, keep speed down to 50 km per hour or slower.

· Protect yourself from ash by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, using goggles and a respiratory mask

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  1. I was going to say we needed to pack a go back pack to have on hand for the end times because i due be leave we are going to be here for some of the time I due be leave we need a bible in it because before long we wont have them so to me that’s the first thing these are the times that anything can happen and we are looking for it to happen so we need to be reedy for anything that may come are way theirs going to be a lot of people out there that’s are hungry and will kill to get it house will only be safe for a while we need a sec or third place to be safe a place to meant if needed a place to keep more food for a later date and so on its already bad but will get much worse the weather the wars people all a round will become worse here in Arizona theirs killings every night you here about them the next day its not safe any more are world is so full of evil I fill it sense it even see it in people I now thy all be leave thy will be gone before any of yhis happens god bless

    • Hi flybird
      You are so right about the bible being a part of our preparedness supplies. I do already! I love my 2 larger bibles so I don’t want them packed away, besides they are too heavy to carry. Depending on the situation, if it is a case of an immediate escape like an earthquake, I would probably not carry a larger bible on the ” run”. And since earthquakes & safety seem to make you “go” I might not remember to grab my bible. So, I purchased several small pocket sized ones. One for the car, one for the supply kit, and extra for anyone who may want one. They may not be the best or exactly the version I would prefer,especially if one needs to not spend too much money, but they are the bible! Even the Dollar store carries small ones! I’ve often wondered what I would do if I were stranded w/o a bible, certainly a possibility & that has reinforced, for me, remembering key scriptures,etc. & really focusing on my relationship with the Lord. He loves us to converse with Him…He will be with us bible or not, but it is comforting to have the Word with you…blessings!

    • FLYBIRD,you might want to take into account, a year or so ago the lord told me to sell my motorcycles,because he was going to destroy all the roads and there would be no where to ride them ever again,then he showed me how the roads would look and all the roads were busted up so bad even a fourwheel drive would have trouble crossing them,the roads looked like a cracker that was stepped on,THE ROADS were so messed up ,americas roads will never be repaired,every road will need to be scooped up and a whole new road layed down,NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…………………

  2. If this one erupts significantly there will be no place for me to go…I will be killed by ash if not by anything else. You can see from the predicted fallout that it will cover most of the US. The ash will suffocate people, animals and crops. So I am not planning on leaving except to Heaven. One could not, in any case, drive fast enough and far enough to evade the fallout.

    I live on the flanks of another extinct supervolcano, usually called Casa Grande. In northern New Mexico. This volcano formed all of the ash soil on which we live here. It last erupted long ago (forget exact estimated eruption time), but it is still active in the sense of sending up steam…not so active as Yellowstone. But it could be reignited if it is somehow connected underground to Yellowstone. Stan Deyo thinks these eruption points are often connected underground, and even under the ocean.

    • Hi Muriel,
      Over the past year or so we have gained so much information about the conditions of our country’s earthly fabric & I don’t see that anyone is living in a safe area, whether it be volcanoes or something else. I live on the fault infested, coastline in So. Ca. Tsunami possibilities as well! I keep clothes to grab by my bed because earthquakes are scary & I’ve been in the big ones here. The 1st one in the 70’s (I’m from NY) I was soo scared I ran out of the house with practically no clothes on, lol! Never again!
      I do believe these volcano/earthquake systems are connected underground from what I have heard & read from reliable sources such as Caltech, Scripts, etc.
      I haven’t heard the Lord tell me to leave here. I hear Him say “trust in me”.
      …We are all in this together. I do feel the same as everyone here, the feeling of the end times has a certain sadness but ultimately the joy of “going home” is where my heart is.
      It’s hard sometimes to keep striving to maintain this earthly existence when it is all going away..maybe that’s what the Lord means when He says the saints will grow weary when the end times come! Praying for joy & peace for all the saints….

      • Hi Elle,
        I too am a transplanted New Yorker living 15 miles from the San Andreas fault in So. Cal. We can forget about bugging out of town after the Big One due to the fact that virtually every freeway overpass will collapse cutting off both the freeways and the roads that cross over and under them. In addition the aqueducts will likely be destroyed in multiple places and won’t be restored for 6 months to 2 years.
        So even if I had 2 good legs I couldn’t get far, so I have placed my trust in God. Either I I’ll be safely transported to a place of safety promised by Jesus, or take what comes. After all, death will be almost the same as the rapture (which won’t happen but I’ll use it fir the analogy) in that as soon as my physical body dies, in the twinkling of an eye (to me anyway) I will find myself rising to meet the Lord in the air at the Second Coming. Piece of cake.
        So anyone who fears death by natural disaster is not giving God credit for His promises. There are a million ways to die but only one way to eternal life.
        Once you’ve got that, your worries are over.

        • Hi Jim,
          Yes (!) the freeways will collapse. The architecture of these 3 level, expansive ramps & overpasses is ominous. The construction is supposed go be built to quake code but I don’t anyone knows the codes for the big one! And by the looks of the gov. help or lack of, for the Sandy victims, I doubt the freeways will be rebuilt. It would cost millions in concrete alone.
          If our cars survive it would be for very local travel or a possible shelter for some. Then there is the possibility of marshall law & imposed restrictions.
          However the “end” comes upon us, God gets the credit/glory for His promises & eternal life is the prize!
          I am looking forward to meeting our Lord in the air as well..can we even imagine a life in heaven?! Peace & blessings…

          • A few of the “Older” freeways may collapse in Southern California but it will be limited to the older “on-ramps/off-ramps” and a few “over-passes”…period! Will the newer ones collapse? NOPE! “Some” of these “3-level” transitions sit right on top of known faults, contrary to what you may believe.

            I’m a California Class “A” General Engineering Contractor and have been since 1990…these transitions will NOT collapse…guaranteed! Will they sustain damage…probably! “Collapse?” NO!

            What you see on topologically in concrete…is “double” underground, so…NO! They will NOT collapse!

            Sorry to disappoint everyone that like to live in “fear!”

            • Collapse/damage, whatever the case…this is NOT fear just conversation…. You are entitled to your opinion but many disagree.

              • That’s not his opinion! He’s schooled in Engineering and knows about these things. He is speaking using factual data. You, on the other hand, are giving just an opinion. A very uneducated one at that. The bible is not true. Open your eyes, sheep.

                • The information I have is from the USGS on the findings of faults that were not known before..The destruction is predicted to be much worse than the Japan earthquake, not much will survive. These are educated findings by the best in the world…

                • Did you type something wrong…”the bible is not true”? by this time next week if you really believe that, you won’t anymore.

                  • Well, genius, it’s over a week after January 7th. I still believe that AND the world is still here. What are you folks so afraid of? Is it dying? Open your eyes. Baaaaa!

                    • i love you Jim, you are a perfect troll. they were talking about earthquakes in california, there was a warning up, so they assumed something bad would happen within that week. but science, not god was wrong. however, bobby was right. people in california have been warned for decades about the “big one” that supposed to occur one day. so they are just waiting. Elle lives there, and was not talking about an 8.0 earthquake. she was talking about the global earthquake predicted in the bible, which would be off scale…maybe a 15-20 earthquake….that would bring the bridges down.

          • Hi Elle!

            Yes! “some” of those 3-level freeways WILL collapse! However, the ones built here in Southern California…WILL NOT! I can’t speak for anything built elsewhere’s as I can’t tell you if they are built to the STANDARDS for Los Angeles County where “I” live.

            California, in general, has without a doubt, the most stringent “Building Codes” in the World. Then, you come to Los Angeles County, and you will find that California Codes DO NOT meet “our” codes as we HAVE even MORE STRINGENT CODES THAN THOSE OF CALIFORNIA!

            The Los Angeles County Building Codes ship many more books outside of Califonia than are sold in California.

            As I mentioned before, these freeways in Southern California WILL NOT collapse…sustain damage? Most likely, but NOT COLLAPSE!

            There are two Interchanges on the 105 Century Freeway that runs East/West to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) which have FOUR (4) LEVELS (possibly five) of interchanges. They reach 175 feet into the sky! I know for a “FACT” that ONE of these is BUILT DIRECTLY ON TOP OF A “KNOWN” FAULT LINE! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, AND EVERYONE ELSE…THESE INTERCHANGES WILL NOT COLLAPSE IN THE EVENT OF AN EARTHQUAKE OCCURRING ON THEIR FAULTS…PERIOD!


            Simple, these are “shallow” faults capable of creating a MAXIMUM 5.7 to 6.0 “QUAKE!” These Interchanges (as ALL interchanges) are built to withstand a MINIMUM 8.0+ “QUAKE!” Some of these are built to withstand even higher levels of quakes depending on their locations. They ARE designed to STAND and NOT COLLAPSE!

            “…’nuff said!”

            • You’re trying to reason w/ people who can’t be reasoned with. If their bible says the roads in LA are going to collapse then that is exactly what’s going to happen. Enough of your wizardry and foolish scientific facts! 😉

              • Literal Jim, your comments are rude & unwarranted. As suggested by Maria ne below, we can’t change your unbelief. Look this up for yourself…I will not knock myself out either….discussion is over…

            • Bobby,
              The information I am referring to is regarding quakes here in so. Ca. as well as the entire coastline of western U.S & the estimated damage that will result. Most of us living here realize the interchanges, ramps, etc. are built to withstand 8.0 + quakes. But there is a limit to the + magnitude. The new findings of faults here & their relationship to a “web” of oceanic faults, etc. will devastate California & the entire western coast of the U.S… I have been talking about the Big One in my posts..

              P.S. did you know that writing in all caps is equivalent to yelling?!

  3. Happy New Year to all.
    I’m not sure about this year, but the day for me to see my dear Lord gets closer.
    After Sandy, I feel that what this country needs and deserves to wake up is much more than that. Yeah, a few Sandy’s, a few Katrina’s, a few this and a few that a year for next four years would be enough for Obama to show what puny power he has to dole out false promises and to assure with his catch-all phrase – “Obama Cares!” (esp. for 49% of population).
    As I get older, I think I’m entitled to become more critical, cynical, and a little pinch of sarcasm sprinkled in. Is it time not to late – to get a gun and to get trained on how to use ( ) before Obama confiscates all and, then, send off on export to the world, with the bullet aimed right back at my own head?

    • hello Ounbbl

      I agree that it will take a lot to wake up this country. Unfortunately for us, we have a government that is willing to do this for us. Judgement is here, we need to humble ourselves before God.

  4. Amazing. The article starts off stating that “every study has concluded that there is no magma that is ready to erupt within any foreseeable future.” Science. FACTS. YET you go on to say “The bible predicts large global earthquakes. If one occurred, it could disrupt what is now considered normal, and inactive, and make the volcano a threat…” Not based on anything real. FICTION. All you do is try to scare people into believing in a god. My grandparents, extremely devote Catholics, believe that global warming is being caused by a comet headed for Earth. Any thoughts on that?

    • jim

      Some end time events are due to the predicted aging of the earth, some are due to the abuse of nature by man, and some will be due to cosmic changes that affect earth.

      The bible predicts changes in the sun and stars, and an object called “wormwood” that falls and poisons the waters.

  5. Again, the “bible predicts”. There is nothing factual about the predictions made in the bible. Not one fact. The predictions made in Revelations are no different than that of the Mayans or of Harold Camping’s. Don’t come back with “the things predicted in Revelations are coming true all around us” because they’re not. You could choose any time period from 3000BC to now and the predictions could be considered “coming true”. It’s like the Nostradamus believers…where were they on September 10, 2001 yelling warning us about what would happen the next day? It’s easy to take broadly-made predictions and apply them to the past. Anyone can do that. It’s all scare tactics.

  6. I wounded to say I be leave there’s a strong delusion going around stating everything is fine if we go back and think about Noah art he was told to build a art because there was a storm coming thy laugh and partied thy didn’t be-leave thy died to me hes giving us a choose to be leave in something we cant see or not are choose he said we will know but he didn’t say how to me god has is way of dueling things some times I don’t understand but he does it and it works out

    • Okay…what? I’m not sure how to respond because it’s hardly English. I’ll assume you mean Noah’s ARK. If so, that didn’t happen. There’s no proof whatsoever that the Earth was flooded. Even if it was there was no man who built a big boat and put 2 of everything on it. It’s a ridiculous belief.

      • we cannot help your unbelief. that is your choice.

        the evidence is there for Noah’s ark. it has been seen by several witnesses on mount ararat, just as the bible states. It is under the jurisdiction of Turkey, if you want to go see it. You will need an airplane or good hiking gear, plus permission from the government of Turkey.

        the earth was flooded. all ancient manuscripts mention this. also the midatlantic ridge was formed as the fountains of the deep burst forth and flooded the earth. there is evidence of rapidly formed strata in the earth layers showing trees buried upright. there is more evidence, you just have to be interested enough to research it

        • No one has found Noah’s Ark. Come on. A team claimed to have found it in the area you mentioned back in 2010 but refused to give it’s exact location. Please. You’re smarter than that. Noah’s Ark didn’t exist. It’s all stories. Did you ever notice some amazing things happened during the time of the Bible? Noah’s Ark, Lot’s wife and just incredible miracles occurred all over the place…where is that now? No miracles today? Why? The people that lived in those times were given an easy path into heaven…all that stuff was happening around them everyday. How could they not believe? NONE OF IT HAPPENED. It’s all stories created to help control the masses. My friend was born into a Jewish family. He’s Jewish to this day. Goes to Temple every Saturday. My born-again Christian father-in-law tells me my friend won’t get into heaven because he won’t accept Jesus as his savior. He lives his life as a wonderful Jewish man and he’ll be denied entrance into heaven? It’s all a side-show act. Open your mind. I’ll assume you don’t believe the Earth is 4.5 billion years old? Why believe in actual scientific facts when you can believe in nonsense…

  7. I am not a smart person but I know who my Jesus is why he was born and why he died on the cross I also learned through trials what it is to have to go over road blacks in life and I knew I couldn’t with out Christ through him not-hen imposable through Christ that’s why are lord is so wonderful he gives us chances to before given and chooses to go and be leave are own ways are choose of heaven or hell cant be Luke warn we have to be on fire for Christ we have to tell everyone whats happening that’s what god wants us to due he its having faith in something you cant see I didn’t see Jesus born but I know he was I didn’t see him die but know he did I never saw heaven but know he want there to prepare a place for me he said he will return and I know this also to be true god bless

    • You’re as smart as you believe yourself to be, my friend. Don’t sell yourself short…you just need to learn how to use punctuation. 😉

  8. Hi Literal Jim!

    Check this out if you want “proof!”

    It called, “Fingerprints of Creation!”

    There is more “proof” of the Bible being REAL…than there is against it!

  9. Obviously…you would say something like that as you have NOTHING better to say!

    • You can’t just throw out a statement like “There is more “proof” of the Bible being REAL…than there is against it” and not back that up. Your faith is not proof. It’s faith. That’s why it’s called FAITH. You have FAITH that it’s true, but you can not prove any of it to be concrete. My belief is that the bible is full of stories used to control the masses…and it’s done that very well.

  10. Go to Proof Directory and check out the video…”Fingerprints of Creation”

    or do you prefer the heroin addicted stories of Darwin?

    • Yeah…that’s it…Darwin was wrong and your book written thousands of years ago about 2 people starting the population in a mythical garden. My favorite part about the book is when people live to over 900 years old! Yeah, Darwin’s far fetched… (rolling my eyes)

      • Have you read about the new findings about the so-called “Neanderthal Man?” OBVIOUSLY NOT! He never existed. The elongated head of Neanderthal is what happens when a human being lives hundreds of years. hmmm…there goes you “fable!”

        Get a life!

        • If you choose to believe the rhetoric written by right-wing dummies, that’s your fault. The “new findings” you claim are not backed up scientifically and were put out by people who ultimately don’t believe in Darwinism. You’re just like the sheep who watch Fox & MSNBC News. Both are heavily slanted to one side and neither realize that they’re just as bad as their counter-parts. My heart truly goes out to your family for having to put up with you day in and day out. I know how they feel, I have people like you in my family who are constantly trying to “bring the word of the lord” to us. We usually just don’t invite them over if we can avoid it…

          • say something nice or I will have to block you. I want to have an open site, but it has to have standards of courtesy and respect.

            • I see…so when bobby calls me names, it’s perfectly okay because you side w/ bobby’s beliefs. I see how it is.

              • bobby has to behave himself also..

                we should display the love of Christ…. you like to irritate people, but we need to learn to be patient with you

  11. LOL! Alright Jim! I hear ya!

    NO…the Bible is NOT like the “Cult of Islam” as it (the Bible) gives each and everyone the option to believe or not believe…unlike the religions of “man!”

    I once thought as you did…after a lifetime of study I have more than just “faith” in the teachings of Jesus Christ through The Holy Scriptures.

    I will not attempt to change what you “believe” as you WILL believe whatever you want too…no matter what I say!

    Take Care and God Bless!

  12. Ya see Bobby, I was a preacher for 23 years. I’ve forgotten more about the bible than you’ll ever know. One day my eyes were opened to the hypocrisy of religion. The bible is one fable after another that will only lead you to ultimately serve yourself as you try to get into “heaven”. I’m sad for you.

  13. “…yelling?” who’s yelling? I can’t put anything in “italics” or “bold” so i use “quotation marks” and CAPITOL letters.

    Yeah…the tectonic plates of the Pacific Coast WILL devastate the California coastline…eventually. Over the next ten thousand years or so! Nothing of that nature will occur within the next hundred years at this point…unless of course, you know of an asteroid that is going to hit California? Short of that…just NOT happening! Historical data shows that the faults of California can go for hundreds of years without any major quakes. An 8.0 to 9.0 and greater? So what! By the time it reaches the city of Los Angeles it will have been reduced to a 7.5 or less. We’ve HAD quakes that strong with major damage ONLY to the “OLDER” structures which should have been replaced a long time ago!

    Go to: The Southern California Earthquake Data Center (SCEDC)

    • Bobby…. I did not say you were yelling..but just so you know all caps is used for that..I have no way of knowing what limitations you have that’s all… I just don’t have the time to continue directing you to view this topic & if your choice is not to that’s fine. The USCG has their data on faults sitting dormant for up to a thousand years or so if I remember correctly..and their conclusions as to why events in the near future may occur…it’s there to read. I did not write these things from fiction & some opinion…
      That’s really all I have to say on this topic…blessings.

    • It’s amazing how they conveniently choose to ignore FACTS when presented with them. They WANT to be living in the “end times”. That’s the bottom line…

      • jim

        You have nothing to say that is good. Unless you change, you will be removed from the website. Try to find something positive to contribute.

        • Go ahead and remove me…I’ll just come back w/ another email address and name. Welcome to the internet where people are allowed to post whatever they want. It’s tough hearing criticism, huh?

          • sweetheart

            everyone has to behave themselves here.

            if you have an opinion, then prove it….

            if someone else has an opinion, then they can prove it

            this is voluntary

            remember this is a christian site, so we will believe a certain way…..

            there are other sites which also might interest you more, and be more consistent with what you believe or don’t believe.

            this is NOT a site where you can say anything you want.

            I have certain standards of behavior here.

            cooperation with these standards will keep you here.

          • Literal Jim, it’s interesting you were a preacher for 23 years. Did God never talk to you during this period? If He did maybe you brushed that still small voice aside? Just wondering.

            • There was no small voice. I stood back one day and realized that the entire belief system is just full of hypocrisy. If something good happens, it’s the work of God yet if something bad happens it’s God testing us. It’s just a tool to control the masses. There’s literally no hard evidence of any god existing. None. The bible has great lessons to be learned if you follow it to serve your own life. Be good people because it’s just good to be a good person. Don’t expect anything in return…like “everlasting life”. It’s selfishness.

              • It sounds like you encountered mystery babylon, not true christianity.

                Jesus said in revelation to “come out of her,” which is what you did.

                but now you have to rediscover or discover, what and who you believe in

                believe me, if you ever had a face to face encounter with the living God or his son, you would be on very firm ground as to what you believe now.

                but your teachers failed you, and you followed after them, as most of us did.

                many of us were disappointed in “church” as the answer.

                the encounter has to be face to face and deeply personal before you really understand the Almighty.

                I pray you get that chance soon.

              • Literal Jim, I agree with Marianne, and I suspect you still want to find God, but feel angry and disappointed because God didn’t behave in the way YOU thought He should. If that’s not the case, then why hang around this website?

                True and humble believers are not naive, and usually have had at least some prayers answered in amazing ways. So just what type of hard evidence would satisfy you, taking into account you can’t tell God what to do?

              • Jim

                I found something for you about Noah’s ark. and the scientific evaluation of the Ark on top of Mt Ararat.


                • Here’s how you know the article isn’t on the level:
                  1. Multiple times it uses phrases like “scientists use microwaves…” & “Scientists have determined…”. Who are the scientists? No where in the article does it cite ANY actual scientist or paper.

                  2. It’s a wordpress site. Like Wikipedia, anyone can write it. There are wordpress sites on just about every topic…from Creationism to Darwinism…doesn’t make them both correct, though.

                  3. IT’S A RELIGIOUS BLOG.

                  • ok. at least I am trying….I do not see you searching at all….originally, I had seen a documentary on TV where a Turkisk man and his boy had walked up and saw the ark, describing it. they then led others there….they were able to take videos and pictures.

                    It does not matter if this link was a wordpress site or not. the author had actual images that you should look at. they match those on the documentary.

                    yes there is still debate on the issue because people want to be certain.



                    the use of microwaves is an accepted method of measurement for scientists….they are not just for heating your food..

                    there has been several groups of scientists on the site…some are very convinced, some are not.

                    but you should not base your unbelief in God on a site on a mountain that has not been confirmed yet. remember, the ark would be thousands of years old, and difficult to identify…if Noah had left some written records, that would have helped, but apparently he didn’t

                    • I’ve done plenty of research on Noah’s Ark. I’m convinced that what is in Turkey is not it, mainly because Noah’s Ark never existed in the first place.

                    • prove to me it never existed, especially after the bible predicted the boat would be found on top of Ararat and there is now a boat like structure up there. wood and all…

          • Literal Jim. You say the prophecies of the bible are basically untrue. Also, you were a preacher for 23 years. Wondering …Jesus prophesied many would fall away and their love would grow cold (later in the New Testament) . How do you feel about that prophecy?? It came true in your own life? Anyways, I share your disgust with the hypocrisy in religion. I do find Jesus to be the Anti-hypocrisy that I was searching for.

  14. That’s ALL you got…your opinion?

    And I “thought” you actually had something…

    “My BAD!”

    NOW…I know you’re just “STOOOOO…PID!”

    • bobby

      who are you talking to?

      • The other part of this thread is getting too hard to read so I’ll reply here. You “found” Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat because you really wanted it to be there. If it really were Noah’s Ark, don’t you think the Christians of the world would be demanding it be looked at more closely? It would be one of the most incredible finds in Christian history. Not only that, the archaeologists of the world would be all over it as just an amazing archaeological find. It’s just not there because it never existed. It’s a tale in an old book.

        • actually, expeditions are rare, because it has snow 12 months a year up there……so they have to wait for the snow to melt…’

          I guess some hoax ster went up there and planted a big boat about 100 years ago, so that archeologists would be fooled.

          • Yeah…we can get to the top of Mt. Everest but Mt. Ararat (at more than 12k feet lower) poses a huge problem. Amazing they were able to get all those pictures that “proves” the Ark’s existence. If it were the Ark, archaeologists would absolutely find a way to get to it; snow or not.

          • The Titanic is 12,500 feet below cold, Atlantic water and we’ve been able to get to that. Come on…stop using your bible brain and start using common sense.

  15. sorry Marianne if this went the wrong person…it was intended for “Literal Jim” my apologies…even to Literal Jim…I really don’t think he means any harm…

  16. WOW!

  17. hey Jim, you’re absolutely right! As “right” as all the voters that put OBOZO back in office! And, just like them “…you can’t see the forest…huh!”

    nevermind…got NOTHING more to say to you!


    • I’m guessing good ol’ George dubya was your savior anyway. Now THERE’S a murderer…

      • love you….wish you peace

        • One of my favorite Christian responses…not as good as “I’ll be praying for you” though. You don’t wish me peace & you certainly don’t love me. I stand for everything you’re against in this world. That’s a typical Christian response when you don’t have anything plausible to offer anymore.

  18. Hi Elle!

    I think this is what you are referreing to:

    However, in a “nutshell” this what the article says:

    “…scientists don’t yet know how big those tremors need to get before they explode into a mega-thrust quake. And that means a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest could still be hundreds of years away. But, he added, those tiny tremors are a good reminder that we always need to be prepared…”

    • I think what elle is referring to is the global earthquakes predicted in the book of revelation, and isaiah.

      these will be way bigger than an 8.0……maybe a 30.0 or greater.

      no bridge or any structure will hold up

  19. LOL!

  20. I wanted to say that no matter what satin through s at us we are over

    comers like with me I have a 4 grade education thy said I had a mantle

    block couldn’t learn any more but throw the years I thought my

    self to read not the best but enough don’t know punctuation at all but

    that’s OK I can read my bible good I know it said in the bible we would be

    hated because we follow him he said these days will be bad and thy are

    my not be smart but I am not dumb and I know if I post there will be some

    that will cut down don’t care you are a person of god you are spreading

    gods word if it doesn’t come true as you say then its because god is given

    us more time like dough ting Thomas if he couldn’t see it it was so my

    words to me this is were faith comes in I be leave in what you say and the others on this post

    I be leave I didn’t just run onto this site I was guided to it satin is trying

    stop this site and he wont through the grace of god it will

  21. I sure hope god still uses this web site to keep everyone inform of what is down the road for us had no updates and its not right for the ones wishing to par take from everyone’s thoughts visions and gods word it is at times spooky but it needs to be told so we may be prepared and for warned you bring it down so people can under stand I stand by what you say I sense your a person of god and always will be it makes no different what a person has to say about you or anyone on this sit thy choose to come here on there own some have to be shaken up by god to get the point then still miss it

  22. He has probably been banned.

  23. If you want to know the science behind all this, keep an eye on the Earth’s magnetic field, the South Atlantic Anomaly and the Van Allen Belt’s altitude.

    • I’ll bet you anything you want that NOTHING happens in the next 50 years to the Earth’s magnetic field, the South Atlantic Anomaly and the Van Allen Belt’s altitude other than the normal changes. Nothing. Stop living in fear, Sven.

  24. Next 50 years??? Don’t worry Jim…it’s already happened in 2012. Remember in the first half of 2012 we were engulfed by a solar flare? Well, the “magnetic poles” completely “flip-flopped” for a period of time, and guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED! Yeah…quite contrary to what ALL the “scientists” SAID WOULD HAPPEN…huh!

    never mind…y’all don’t believe me anyway!


    • That’s my point; nothing happened. It’s not completely unusual for the poles to switch. It’s happened many times over the life of the Earth…which is 4.54 billion years old, not 3,000 years, if you’re one of these religious nuts on here.

    • BTW…great article by NASA on the subject. But what do they know with all their “scientific data”…

      • Just because they have scientific data does not mean they know everything.

        • Yeah…why ignore facts when you can believe in the completely unproven bible?!

          • the bible has been proven many times in history

            • Not exactly. A lot of the people mentioned in the bible existed, but nothing in the bible has ever been proven. Another Christian myth.

              • many biblical prophecies have been fulfilled…


                there is more, but I am not going into all that now. i would have to write a book. there are already books on this, so check your local bible book store.

                • Yeah, that’s a completely reliable, non-biased web site. It says in the 1st paragraph, “approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter—no errors.” In the first prophecy it talks about the death of Christ. The prophecy states “…the Messiah would be cut off” but then assumes that “cut off” means killed. The bible’s predictions are no better than those of Nostradamus. Any event that occurs can be made to fit the “predictions” made in the bible. If you want people to take the “predictions” for real then predict something before it happens. Stop using hind-sight to force the predictions to work with what has already happened.

                  • the bible predictions came true.

                    prophecy can only be seen as fulfilled using hindsight, since it is foresight that predicts it.

                    better to have sight, than to be spiritually blind.

                    blindness is a choice.

  25. I thought the 2007 magnetic field breach was interesting (look it up) particularly because it accompanied a doubling of the earthquake activity in the same year. No wonder Revelation mentions huge earthquakes.

  26. Yogi and his friends are not the only ones that needs to take precautions.

    “On the precipice of a shift: Geologically speaking, we may be on the verge of witnessing something unprecedented in recorded history, as more aggressive change progresses within the interior of our planet. 

    From January 6 to 13, in a span of only seven days, no less than 10 volcanoes were stirred into activity [Japan].

     Six volcanoes in Kamchatka, along, are reporting activity. At the planet struggles to equilibrate its thermal cycle, more and more of the planet’s systems that utilize thermal energy will be thrown into disorder: tectonic plates movements, sea-floor spreading rifts, sesimic events, climate, volcanic systems, and ocean circulation patterns. Change has come to planet Earth, and the effects will only become more pronounced and extreme over time”, (The Extinction Protocol).

    Keep an eye on the range of “dormant” volcanos in the Great Northwest. Two dreams from two people that don’t know each other and another source leads me to believe this scenario has potential in the coming months. 

    “From Mt. Lassen, the southernmost of the Cascades volcanoes, the mountain chain extends north for 1,000 miles to Mt. Garibaldi in British Columbia. The Cascades range is dominated by some 20 major volcanoes. From north to south they include Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams in Washington, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, Belknap Shield Volcano, Three Sisters, Broken Top, Mt. Bachelor, Newberry Caldera, Diamond Peak, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Mazama and Mt. McLoughlin in Oregon…

    Mazama, Shasta, Lassen, Hood, Rainier and famous Mt. St. Helens are composite volcanoes, as are many of the Earth’s grandest mountains, like Mt. Fuji in Japan and Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador. 

    Composite volcanoes are built of alternating layers of lava, ash, and cinders. They rise upwards of 8,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. Because composite volcanoes tend to erupt explosively they can pose considerable danger. 

    Shield volcanoes, in contrast, are built almost entirely of fluid lava flows, usually building a gently sloping, dome-shaped cone. Many of the largest volcanoes are shield volcanoes. Along the Columbia River gorge, between Washington and Oregon, numerous shield lava flows, totaling more than a mile in thickness, are exposed.”

    Prepare your spirit, soul and earthly survival supplies (James 5:7-11).

  27. Again, the thread is too far to the right (literally & figuratively) so I’ll reply here. Science was not wrong. You are hysterical! Not one scientist said something was going to happen that week. They simply gave out the data they were collecting and you people assumed it could be the “big one”. Scientists don’t assume. They make educated guesses based on facts…things that just don’t exist in the bible.

    • jim scientists issued the warning…which proved to be no event as a result.

      there are watches, and there are warnings.

      usually, when it gets to the warning stage, something is expected to happen

    • Dear; liberal jim

      A word to the wise from ISIAS; ch 33, 18-19

      “Thy heart shall meditate FEAR: where is the learned (educated)? where is he that pondered the the words of the LAW? where is the teacher of the little ones?”

      “The shameless people thou shall not see, the people of profound speech; so that thou canst not understand the eloquence of his tongue, in whom there is no WISDOM.”

      Have a NICE DAY

  28. Yellowstone is one potential eruption that may occur.

    Here is one, which a dear friend of mine “saw” in a dream ~
    the East coast gone. She does not read Heaven Awaits or tracks with these posts. She
    had this vision weeks ago. Today, I’m sending her this message/link.

    There is a volcano purculating today, capable of tremendous “Revelation” size devistation. 

    Please watch this video as it
    presents professional, scientific content. 

    In 1883, the volcanic island of Krakatoa erupted in Indonesia. The blast destroyed two-thirds of the island and sent 130-foot-high waves surging across the Indian Ocean, killing 36,500 people from Indonesia to India.

    When Krakatoa erupted it made an impact all over the world. The explosion could be heard from across the Indian ocean, thousands of miles away. Dust fell 3,000 miles away, 10 days after the explosion. It caused massive tidal waves, including one that made it past the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. 

    In 1755, a massive 9-magnitude earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean caused a 400-foot-high wave to come crashing down on Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

    It killed an estimated 60,000 people and resulting fires destroyed two-thirds of the city, according to the US National Geophysical Data Center. Waves were seen as far away as Ireland.

    Such events (occurred in history)
    will take place during the Great Trubulation period.

    Psalm 29

  29. Marianne,
    I had a dream yesterday that I am unsure of. It was regarding volcanic activity around St Louis…Yes I know, there are no volcanoes there. That is why it is puzzling to me. The Dream was a mixed blessing. I saw a fountain of Lava, and flowing over the streets of the city, burning and destroying everything in sight. The blessing came shortly there after as a guyser of Water came and quickly cooled down that Lava thus creating a Large wilderness area across the midwest. This area, though I did not see how vast it was, became a quarantied area, but in the dream it also became a wilderness of safety for the saints where we were cared for by the hand of God. The blessing of this was unmistakeable.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    • dru

      I think the volcano represents an eruption that could occur there, but it would be due to problems with the New Madrid Fault, not an actual volcano.

      God’s mercy heals the problem, so even though the geology has been affected, God has made a way for those near the problem area.

  30. dru, 

    The Lord gave you a dream, which others have come to understand is coming and they are preparing – a “safe place”.

    Your dream matches up with a few folks around here (Iowa) expecting a whole lot of people coming for protection and to live, under the care of the Lord. 

    Have you seen the US Navy Dept of Engineers  map of the US? They present water covering the center of the US – much of Illinois down to St. Louis ? The Mississippi looks like a lake from St. Louis down to what was Louisiana.  

    They say the map represent a “global warming effect”. I don’t think so. 

    That New Madrid seems to have opened up like a zipper, very deep (lava?), and water floods in from the gulf via the Mississippi. 

    Global warming effect or massive earthquake? Depends on your understanding of God, the end of the age, His judgements and man’s power over nature.

    If you knew the geography/terrain  like these US Navy  engineers, there is a natural valley within Illinois just waiting for massive water flow to fill it up. 

    On that same US Navy map, the West and East  coasts are flooded, Florida is about covered by water.  Well, there is this volcano in the Atlantic (Canary Islands), perfectly constructed and positioned to bring a super tsunami. Marianne has a post on this too.  

    When? I don’t know. Lots of people around here were told in recent dreams or just a quite word to “prepare for house guests with extended stays”.

    God Bless you dru. 

    He gave you a powerfully important dream.  Psalm 27

    • you might want to look at this map also

      the east coast may not need a tsunami from the canary islands….the east coast fault line may “blow”

    • DJ
      What was strange about the dream, I have never been to StLouis in my life, nor have I seen it apart from seeing it on TV. I do not know what the terrain is like, Nor am I aware of any volcanic activity there. I did find something on volcanic activity “Millions” of years ago, But not sure if that is relavent.

      Do you have a link for the map?

      The comet Ison also intrigues me. We will pass through its tail possibly, and That will occur this fall.( Nov/December) It is said that it might disintegrate as it approaches the sun, which makes me think of Shoemaker Levy 9.

      What is curious also, it will come from the east, and then take a sharp turn to the north. Makes me think of the verse about news from the east and the north will alarm him (Daniel 11:44). Though this is a “stretch” for those verses. Interesting path as well through the constellations. Click on the map for an enlarged map. Around Kislev 24, it will make its sharp turn to the north.

  31. A Possibility to consider:

    12 And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. 3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. 4 His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it. 5 She gave birth to a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, 6 and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which she is to be nourished for 1,260 days.

  32. Click to access FS2007-3060.pdf

    not sure why I am posting this, other than the fact that it might be related to our discussions??? The map of Missouri is quite interesting.

  33. is illinois by chicago safe when yellowstone erupts or in ohio?

    • h

      you are outside the general path of the major damage

      but chicago is on the hit list for nuclear attack, and other judgements

      like earthquakes, flooding

      but by that time the entire USA and the world is in trouble.

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