You are not gods


What is your value?

Satan’s promise in the garden to Adam and Eve was that they would be like gods.

This would give them the same “value,” and standing, as God himself.

This also implied that, as they would be as gods, that others would have less value than them….that is, others who would not be as gods, as they were.

I wonder sometimes, as Adam and Eve had all of God’s love, why they would want to be more than they already were?

How could they possibly feel deficient in some way, that they would actually feel like they had to be “more?”

Was it just a human trait that went hay- wire?

God instilled a creative instinct inside of man, to be productive and fruitful in this world.

This productivity would not PRODUCE his value, but merely express it, as man could “create” in his life, as his heavenly Father God created him.

This is a positive spiritual quest, if man is in balance with nature and the will of God.

It becomes an obsession, if it is out of balance and against God’s will.


Man’s eternal quest for meaning in life is really an attempt to find out that he has a purpose or value in this life.

The attempt to make oneself valuable drives most people to find careers or positions in society where their “value” is appreciated.

One way to have one’s value affirmed is to be paid well.

If one does not work or has less income, their value is increased by marrying well, to someone who has a large salary, or net worth.

Another way to have value is to be physically attractive.

Or, to have social power.

Also, being an intellectual, or having many accomplishments, can win the respect of many.

For others, the opposite is true, and being evil actually wins the respect of other degenerate and wicked people.


As smart and “valuable” as Einstein was, he still saw “value” as something we had to try to achieve, or just become.

But God created us with intrinsic value.

This means we have it when we are born, so we do not have to work to achieve it.

No one can take it away from us.

They may deny our value, but they cannot take it away.


There are NOT 2 groups of people:

(1). People who are “as gods,” who have all the value


(2). Those who are not “as gods,” with no value.

There are only people, with good or bad behavior before God and man.


Those who think they are “as gods” need to get over themselves, repent, and come back to reality, and submit before the Father God, Yahovah. .

Power, money, and worldly success does not make them gods.


Those who have been beaten down as “NOT gods” need to realize that this is all a lie.

They need to know,and express, their value especially in times of opposition to it.

The world cannot grant value, based on its standards of human performance, like it does with materials and objects.

While one can evaluate the value, or worth, of a service performed, one cannot evaluate the value of the human person, based on that work performance.

The work performance may be bad, but it does not mean the human is a bad or worthless person.

The reason I mention this is because I have seen people’s reputation and character attacked over a work performance.

Or a child makes a mistake, and they are verbally abused as worthless.

This is not fair.

Someone may not be able to make good hamburgers, but it does not mean they cannot do something else better, or that their character or personal value should be degraded.

A child is still learning, and needs patience, not condemnation.


You are priceless, of great value

Know what your Creator thinks of you.

Isaiah 43:4

4 You are priceless to me.
    I love you and honor you.
So I will trade other people for you.
    I will give up other nations to save your lives.

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me

Isaiah 49:16

" ‘On that day,’ declares the LORD Almighty, ‘I will take you, … ‘and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you,’ declares the LORD Almighty."

Haggai 2:23

Psalm 139:14

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knows right well”


Jesus thought you were so valuable to God that He came from Heaven to die for your sins, and to save you from an eternal punishment.

All you have to do is accept your own value, that you are worth his self -sacrifice for you.

And reject the rejection of others.

And for those who think they are “gods,” you need to repent of this pride, arrogance and deception in your lives.

It will not get you to heaven, but to hell instead.

There is only one way to the Father God Yahovah in heaven, and that is through Jesus / Yeshua.

Not “Jesus, a prophet only,”


Jesus / Yeshua, the “Son of the God,” Savior, Deliverer, Prophet,  King, and Sender of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of God, to those who would believe.

24 Responses to “You are not gods”

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  2. The lie was told to Eve who saw the fruit was good to look at and believed Lucifer that G-d would not kill her, or would not die for eating it.

    This is like global warming, or climate change. Man made by industry. When in fact it is our refusal to love G-d as he has died for us. This is the real reason the world is in upheaval. Following Old Knob’s lies.

    So Eve died spiritually when she did eat. This opened her eyes and I am confident she was scared. Adam saw what had happened, thought it through and tried to save her by eating of the fruit also.

    Because both repented, humans were given forgiveness with a price. The Dragon was cursed, given respite and held the deed to earth until Christ took it back by exposing the Arch-Angel’s lie on the cross.

    G-d could have used force to cause all to worship the creator. But, G-d showed his laws are just by paying the price of sin so we might live forever.


  3. “Man’s eternal quest for meaning in life is really an attempt to find out that he has a purpose or value in this life.”

    Marianne – I believe an extension of this quest for meaning in life is also expressed through our individual sense of separation. Much of life is spent wanting to “belong” to something, in something – our family, our community – to GOD.

    In this quest for meaning, or perhaps from Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden, many of us feel separate from God during different periods in our life.


    I don’t know. God is as close to us as our next breath. I have a sign by my front door that I see every time I leave the house: “If God seems far away – who moved?”

  4. Beautifully written…..For Life is a precious Gift of God……

    A Story of a precious Life…..who had touched my Life and so many
    others in the community where I once lived…….

    A call had gone out to the area churches in the community from a Mother
    in need…..I had happened to be in a little Bible study that day when the
    call had come……

    She was in need of volunteers for Her Little Baby Son named Scottie….

    The Mother had had 3 children and had separated….God had brought
    them back together…..and Scottie was born a late in life child…..

    It took some time for the mother to accept and be ready to realize
    there was something wrong with little Scottie……It turned out, Scottie
    was born without a Brain Stem and suffered 30 seizures a day and
    could only just lay there….Not to walk or talk or move His little arms…..
    Thus began the Journey for this Christian Family…..

    The mother had turned down the thought of the institutions the Doctors
    recommended, as they said He would just be a nothing a vegetable…..
    The mother refused to accept this and turned them down….She
    chose to have Faith in God through Jesus and brought Him Home…..

    She needed help with little Scottie, and with patterning Him….Moving
    His little arms and legs and whatever she needed us to do upon
    request…..You could not help but fall in love with Little Scottie….
    We all did…..

    This was going to be a long journey for the Family….Definitely
    not an easy one for sure…….It would take hours and hours to write
    of it all…….

    Many to Jesus through this little life in their Home…..Scottie’s life
    was bringing others to Jesus……

    One day, Scottie’s Mom had a thought from Our Lord Jesus…..

    There was a lot of state land around and there happened to be a
    detention center for juvenile delinqant’s there….just some young boys
    from not so good circumstances were there….They would rake leaves
    and things for the state…..

    Scottie’s Mom stopped there and asked if the boys would like to
    help work with little Scottie……This turned out to be one of the
    best things in the world for these boy’s……Many Many Blessings
    and there was quite a write up back in the day in the paper
    about Little Scottie and Scottie’s Mom and the Boy’s.

    This precious little life of so great a value sent from Heaven
    to earth touched so very very many lives…..Other’s came to Jesus
    through little Scottie and a Mom of Faith in Jesus and a Dad’s
    Faith in Jesus and little Scottie touched us all.

    The amazing thing to was, Little Scottie lived on Hope Place….
    The very name of His Home was on…….

    Scottie lived up until just a few years ago……….The Lord Jesus
    to Him Home…….

    The lives and hearts He touched for all eternity still live on…..
    Scottie still lives in mine…..

    The precious value of a llife…..

    God’s ways are not Our ways and we need to Trust as He say’s
    and God will direct Our paths………

    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

  5. “Satan’s promise in the garden to Adam and Eve was that they would be like gods.”

    Actually there is a mis-translation here. It should read, “You shall be as God knowing good and evil.” Up to this point all they knew was good. This is true because later on in this chapter God says, “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever…”

    Can you explain what “the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil” means?

    • david

      it sounds like the Father and Jesus were discussing man…and what happened.

      • Just literally interpretating what it says. God confirms what the serpent said. Serpent: if you eat of this fruit you will be as God knowing good and evil. God: the man has become as one of us knowing good and evil.

        Now I know the devil through the channel of the serpent did tell a couple of lies: Lie #1, Has God not said you can eat of any tree of the garden? Lie #2, You shall not surely die. God had said they could eat of any fruit of the trees except the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God said if you eat of the forbidden tree you will surely die. The fact they didn’t die that day was because the Son of God had offered to die in their place(Gen 3:15). And something did die that day. The Son of God told Adam to take two lambs and kill them to atone for their sin and God clothed them.

        The devil sold a lie sandwich with a bit of truth in between. The devil can tell the truth when it serves his interest to do so. The devil told the truth in verse 5.

  6. I saw an article in the newspaper where a famous scholar said that man/women will destroy himself by his aggression towards other men/women. It is so true – people are becoming more aggressive towards each other making out they are better than any one else. People are turning to more drugs and alcohol than before because they are not happy in themselves. They think that they have the best paid job, top bank account, best house and car in the street as well as the best education that they are more superior than anyone else “they think they are Gods”.

    Also, if any one does something outstanding say invented something, they have the “tall poppy” syndrome, where they have to nock and criticise that person on their achievement.

    People who are dissatisfied in life always want “to be a God” by using material things in the world and aggression to achieve them. Happiness is when you have a caring and loving attitude towards other people and God, By doing this, we will have a better world.

    The ISS is using aggression to overtake this world at the moment and using the name “Allah” or God for their evil crimes. It says in the Bible “Do not kill and love one another”. Murdering people and using God’s name as an excuse is false. Religious sects are man made. God made us to worship him and obey him and to love one another. We are all going to be judged by God whether we are rich or poor for our evil misdoings and whether we repent of these evil misdoings.

    • amen

    • Dear Lynnette,

      Thankyou for sharing this as I am reading, and I feel your words are so right.
      God is All Love and wanted us to know Him to Love Him in this world
      and go on to be with Him in the next world. God had said,”who ever loves
      this world, the Love of the Father is not in Him.” For it was God who so
      Loved the World to have sent His only Begotten Son for us into this
      world where Satan runs around and tempts and comes to rob steal
      kill and destroy in the Spirit realm…..The battle is in the Heavenlies
      the unseen realm….Jesus had said, “my kingdom is not of this world
      this world here on earth as is spoken as I read the scriptures as toward
      the end of times would become worse and worse as in the days of
      Noah……The Scriptures speak of the Love of many will grow cold….
      because of sin in the world increasing…..So many distractions today
      in this modern world of Technology and fast pace and time and
      obligations seems set up by the enemy to keep us going farther
      and farther away from knowing God and spending more time with
      Him……and yes, Satan blinds the minds with so many distractions and
      draws like the pied piper farther and farther away from God…..and
      then the other things of this world can easily replace what seems to
      be important such as You have written…….I have a phrase for it………….
      The one uppers which is all ego and opposite of humility and realizing
      we are all sinners saved by God’s Mercy Grace and Compassion
      through Jesus……..and God wants us to know Him and spend time
      getting to know Him and God says if we draw close to God He will
      draw close to us and we can learn more of Our Heavenly Father…………

      We are only passing through this world…….So temporary……
      for without Love we have nothing…..Love is the Greatest Gift of them

      It is very difficult many times to try and give the Love to others
      and they do not wish to receive the Love maybe because they don’t
      know what Love is …… The world shows of things and creates the
      images of what sometimes others may think Love is and it’s importance
      becomes very materialistic and this worlds view of success………
      Yet, all of these things do not go with us when we leave here…..
      Love is all that matters and the colder this world becomes and the
      less of Love for Oneanother and the more and more destructive it
      becomes wars pestiance and famine and Darker as in Revelation
      Our Loving Savior’s return becomes closer and closer or there
      would be no humans left here upon this earth……..

      I Loved Jesus words from the cross…….Forgive them Father, for
      they know not what they do………..

      God Bless You today and Yours,
      Love In Jesus, Praying Carol

  7. This made me cry because it seems that so many people are willing to do anything to be better than someone else! You see it every where, it is so sad!

    • rosa

      It is sad….

      adam and eve had no reason to feel deficient when God made them. They were perfect, and had no excuse.

      today we are all born with a sin nature, inherited throughout all generations. we have sin in us, which DOES make us deficient.

      unless we repent, and have the sin removed, we will continue to seek to compensate for this defect by making ourselves important in the eyes of the world.

      and the worldly importance still does not remove the sin or the sense of deficiency.

      this is why being born again is so critical….to not only our happiness, but to how we treat others, and also for our eternal destiny.

      • Dear Rosa,

        Thankyou for writing and yes very sad…..

        There was once the Golden Rule of Do unto others as you
        would have others do to You……..seems things have been
        sliding in the world more towards a narcassitic society unfortunately
        and desensitization through the medium of tv and other things
        of this world and seems to have become a more of get verses
        give…..more it seems to be becoming……I always think of the
        story of Jesus in the desert and how Satan tempted Him and had
        said I will give You all of this……..The kingdoms of this world
        we are in……however……it did show what the enemy wanted for
        Himself here……as to say to Jesus, this is my world presently
        I am running the show here…..Jesus knew who He was dealing
        with and knew His time would grow short…….a picture of the
        Spirit realm shown clearly in the picture……..what we do not see
        and who is behind the scenes of many things……Certainly not
        the good……….so we as God’s children stumble ourselves
        and God’s Love pics us up once again, brushes us off just as
        a little child falls down and skins their knee and we pic them
        up and clean and bandage the hurt and wrap our loving arms
        around them and comfort them through Love and help them
        to walk once again…….God is there each time we fall and we
        keep learning through each experience and growing …….
        Trials and Testings of Our Faith we will have here on earth……..

        Thankful for people with the Love for Jesus and oneanother to
        help each other through and the many many Prayers

        Thankful to be here writing and for Marianne and
        and this site to bring others together and share……

        God Bless You and Yours
        Love, In Jesus
        Praying Carol

      • Dear Rosa and Marianne all who come here as I thought I would
        share of this I had been listening to this morning and I believe
        it was God who directed me to it:

        Site: Vision: Jesus draws lines in California, Texas, Georgia,
        NYC, Illinois mega churches!
        It is a u-tube……

        This truly spoke to my heart and spirit this morning and just thought
        I would share with You.

        God Bless You and Yours
        Love, In Jesus
        Praying Carol

  8. I didn’t follow this from when it was posted so I missed a lot. Marianne, you wrote:

    “I wonder sometimes, as Adam and Eve had all of God’s love, why they would want to be more than they already were? How could they possibly feel deficient in some way, that they would actually feel like they had to be ‘more?'”

    I believe you hit the answer when you said, “How could they possibly feel deficient…?” That’s just it: they knew God was more, but they never felt like they should ‘measure up’ to God until satan made them feel deficient (like they lacked somewhere).

    The Bible called satan the most cunning of the creatures, and he cunningly made them feel they weren’t whole and had to measure up. He targeted in Adam and Eve what he continues to target today: man’s sense of value and self-worth.

    • arendale

      I think the secret to happiness is to accept that God will always be “more” than us, and to just sit back and wonder at Him, and give him praise.

      • Yes, the secret to happiness is be content with who God made you to be. The Bible says not to think more (or less) of yourself than you should.

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