You need to help the poor more……


How does God do that?

He can read my mind.

After 4 years of joblessness, living on nothing, debilitating medical problems with no solutions, living each day as it comes, taking whatever money came my way, I finally looked forward to retirement.

I would finally have a steady, dependable income.

Last week, I finally felt some relief from the previous years of financial hardship, although I would be still working through the medical issues.

Finally, I thought, I have a few extra bucks coming in.

Then out of the blue, the Lord says to me,


That stopped me.

I smiled.

I saw wings on dollar bills flying away from me.

But inside my spirit, I knew it was ok.

It’s all about love. 

I am thinking well, that just like Him, since He always asks the impossible.

I know that nothing is impossible with God.

And all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

Only He would ask someone who has been broke for 4 years, and about to live on a fixed income, to give to the poor.

The Lord’s logic is different from ours.

I am also sure he enjoyed the look on my face when he said that. He has a sense of humor too.

I think he misses the “Peter walk – on – water” experience, and wants to see more of it from us.

Jesus must have had fun that day, watching Peter walk on top of the water.

Maybe I should give more to the poor.

Maybe I will walk on water, like Peter did.

I think I will give to the poor more.

Now I feel better.


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  1. Marianne, So happy for you that your financial hardship has ended. What a blessing. I pray the Lord will heal your health issues. Being broke is a difficult, depleting experience, to say the least! The Lord has blessed you and yes, he would ask you to give to the poor! 🙂 Even just a few dollars helps someone to eat, a little can go along way sometimes. I think I will do the same, even though my “ship hasn’t come in” yet! And that makes me smile too! Thank you for the inspiration! Blessings!

    • Hi Elle

      One of the problems is that many people say they had “nothing” while in fact they still had some. There is a mathematical difference between something and nothing.

      When I say I have nothing, that is what it means. I walked out of the raw end of a business deal ten years ago with two cents in my pocket.

      In my country (check A Third Cry from South Africa here on Marianne’s) the situation is much different from Britain, Canada or the USA, for instance. When I still owned two paid-for German luxury cars, it was rewarding to help others – one car I lent indefinitely to someone and the other I gave away for free to an elderly lady whom had undergone surgery. I have been walking ever since, ten years at that, but I will have a car when I need it. The once I gave away was a low-mileage Mercedes 230 in perfect nick. Easy to drive and very reliable, cheap to run. It makes sense to her as she needs more interior space than the average car offers and she needs to be safe when she is driving alone.

      Gave away many new computers to those needing it more than I did. It is no issue at all. What does hurt is when His plans get sabotaged and we miss out on huge opportunities. I have 600,000 people needing help desperately.

      That is why I become super annoyed, peeved and irate when Christians do NOT consult with God, act upon their own depleted, anemic insight and sabotage His purpose.

      Let His ***perfect*** will be done, Rom 12:2.

  2. Dear Marianne,

    I am so sorry dear sister to hear of your plight, but in how you wrote about it above, I just had to laugh. It is so true that God, being God, would ask you to help others now. LOL. Too funny.

    But it does make perfect sense though. Simply because you possess the experiential knowledge, and capacity to empathize with what it is like to experience poverty. Your heart has been softened towards others that are even possibly worse off.

    I know personally about what I am saying here as well. With out going into any great detail, I looked after my best friend of 18 years, and helped him and his wife as he died of cancer. Less than 3 months later, my second best friend died in a fluke accident in his home. I then proceeded to help his widow and kids sell their house and relocate to a different city. When I finally got back on my feet emotionally, I secured employment with a company that went out of business a year later. Then my Mom,(my last remaining family member),was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So I moved and cared for her 24/7 for the next 2 1/2 years. This was done with no personal income whatsoever.
    Then when her deterioration became more than my love could care for her properly, I placed her in a home and moved back to my home town. I secured work, then tore the meniscus in my knee, and damaged my back, but was denied by the Workers Compensation Board. This had placed me in such a state of poverty, that at the age of 54, I eventually became homeless.

    Yet, just prior to that happening, I felt the Spirit ask me to give to the poor. Heck, I was the poor. lol.

    But we have a choice to obey or not, so off I went to donate.

    I ended up spending 3 months living in the local Salvation Army shelter here, as just part of the general population. While there I helped to counsel others with their addictions, (since I have been sober now myself for over 26 years), and witnessed for Christ when I felt the Spirit lead me.

    So now, although God delivered me from that facility, since I can’t really work, after paying rent, I live on a whole $200.00 a month. lol.
    However, without that,(this) experience, there was no way for me to fully understand what it is like to be destitute.
    The experience, though very difficult to endure, actually changed my heart, enriched my life, and made me a better person.

    I personally have no idea as to what God is doing in my life, yet I still have Hope. Which leads to Faith, which leads to Trust.
    No matter what we endure as His children, during our darkest times, He is in control and we just have to trust.

    Can I go for a walk on the water with ya?

    God Bless

  3. Hi buck,av read ur story en my u have blessed my life,u went through all that en u r still strong in the lord,wow this is a blessing to me,for i have been praying for financial breakthrough en didnt realise how blessed i am,u have helped me to count my blessings en take none for granted en to always give glory to God for everything,May the lord almighty bless you abundantly en never let go of ur hand,thankyou

    • Dearest Mercy,

      You have no idea as to how grateful I am that my story has helped to lift you up. Praise God for that.
      I am always blown away when out of the blue, I see Him work first hand when I least expected it.
      Praise Him also for Marianne, and for the wonderful site that she has here too. (Marianne, here is more evidence for you in respect as to how you heal, by casting your shadow. 🙂 )

      Mercy, God is fulfilling a good work in you. Know that deep in your heart. Trust it with everything you believe in. Adversity builds perseverance, and character. Attributes that the Father wishes for His children to possess.
      Hope in turn builds Faith, which then allows us to believe and Trust.

      The process of Sanctification is not an easy one, but what of any value is?

      Press in and abide in the Lord. When you are weak, He is strong.
      All things are possible through Christ. He will pull you through all of this. Not in anyway that you might expect Him to,
      because His ways are not our ways, but in the end you will look back upon this journey, and see that because of it, you are more than you ever thought you could be. And in the end, God is glorified by it all.

      Praise and glory to God, Jesus, and the Spirit. May they cradle you with their loving kindness.Amen.

  4. Marianne

    That is the sad bit – after 2 millennia, it is still the “poor widow” offering her last quarter. Those whom can afford it, cling to it……may THEY be placed in OUR position so that they can get new insight. Tithing is taboo, that is gone past. ALL we have, belongs to HIM.

    For years, I had been reaching out to hopeless American teens, working with my 15-year old glasses on the tiny screen of an old Nokia 2760. A former prostitute then sent me a used 7-year old laptop which, despite its ailments, is a HUGE blessing in my life, through which I can encourage others. No more chronic eye infections due to the strain….


    I am a disabled man with bad health, at the hand of Christians had been arrested and had to sit in police custody three times now, lost all I ever owned, saw my son arrested on a Christmas day……ridiculed, intimidates, assaulted, abused…..finally got assaulted by racist black police on Good Friday, 2009 and got my coccyx damaged so that I cannot even SIT any more, I can just lie down or walk, but not sit or stand (for a different reason.)

    My family and I had to move at as little as a few minutes’ notice THIRTY SIX TIMES WITH NOWHERE TO GO AND NO TRANSPORT, KICKED OUT ON THE PAVEMENT EVEN PAST MIDNIGHT by own family, Christians and especially pastors. Even the name PASTOR has become a SWEAR WORD in my house.

    On the Internet, where I had been helping American teens when the horrors of high school became too much and they mutilated themselves, a PARENT ousted me because I said something about SMOKING. The damned parent wants to fix the American government, is vocal about how wrong all others are and DEFENDS HER SIN OF ADDICTION seemingly with her last drop of blood.

    That her children had to take ice cold showers and went hungry during a Minnesota winter seemed to have escaped her. Her constitutional right is to SMOKE and kill with her bare hands anyone whom even (as I did) inadvertently step on her toes!

    I see that supposedly spirit-filled Christians get to run after all sorts of spiritual witchcraft in churches, running after gold dust falling from the skies or gold in teeth, etc.

    In all things – be SOBER.

    As for going to my Father to ask HIM about trinity, that is EXACTLY what I did and, over a period of THREE YEARS, that was the very clear answer HE had given me! That He is ONE GOD and that Jesus and the Father are ONE, that the Holy Spirit is HIM.

    We are also a “trinity” yet each of us is ONE person! I am spirit, I have a soul and I live in a body. Even that is Biblical!

    As I am desperately needy and poor and EVERY day is a fight for survival, not to get out on the street…….as the RESULT of how I was treated over 25 years in CHURCH, I became a very hard man as that is what is needed for SURVIVAL.

    When dealing with Muslims, New Agers, animists, etc., I don’t need to be because, unlike 99% Christians, they have LOVE.

    I live in a 7 bedroomed, dilapidated house where my wife and my 18-years old son lives with me. We pay PER DAY and cannot move because we cannot afford to. My wealthy cousin drives PAST my house and spends over a thousand US$ per night in Africa’s best hotel…..that is 5 week’s rent for me! he is a CHRISTIAN but I am not allowed to contact him.

    My entire life is spent absolutely obeying God and remaining true to my calling, regardless. Unlike the vast majority of Christians who, instead of following their calling, are just doing their own thing!

    This is my ONLY contact with the world out there…..and I cannot even afford this! That is why I emailed Marianne and asked her to post for me! Browsing takes 1 – 2 MB per click, so I rather use POP mail and use a few KB at a time.

    From my tiny room, there is no view. I have to be in here always and listen to sounds from adjoining rooms that get rented out by the HOUR. Women screaming in ecstasy, we inhale the marijuana smoked by others, we live in a brothel but we are blood-washed Spirit-filled and very obedient disciples.

    And very compromised. We live here partly because of God testing those around us – Jeremiah 6:27.

    I see christians in witchcraft, Christians blaspheming (unknowingly) in tongues because they do not know to SHUT UP in church when there is no interpretation. On more than one occasion, witchdoctors could interpret “prayers in tongues” from Christians and it was blasphemy.

    Talk about calling God bad names…….

    I am EXPERIENCED to what you in your wildest dreams may not be able to imagine. Not hearsay, own experience, seasoned. And He knows how weary we as a family are….had to deal with pastors whom were fraudsters, stole money, extorted, even attending “worship in a coven” yet being a celebrity on a Cape Town Christian radio station!

    And, even after he was exposed, the Christian radio station STILL has him on air – THREE YEARS later!

    Put yourself in my shoes… see that, when we lived in freakin’ TOY TENTS in a pool of water with howling winds from the antarctic trying to blow us over…dark nights fighting to remain rooted to earth…even THEN they come in the name of Jesus and want to PROFIT from me!

    Christianity is a false, very false religion whose followers follow their OWN MINDS and their religion, but NOT their very own misunderstood God!

    Do you expect from me to be the “reasonable man” which is a test in court? Christians are quick to help others but FAIL THEIR OWN, with the exception of a precious FEW.

    I am signing OFF here, and won’t post any more.

    I cannot AFFORD to come here, anyone wanting to argue with me can do so

    • Umtumgu you have experienced how decayed so-called Christian culture is…Christianity that is only a habit and custom. Of course people who persecute others are not Christian at all…not in character where God wants to find it.
      I’m sorry you’ve suffered so much. Hope your family finds joy in the Risen Lord. Try to have a sense of humor about the place you’re in right now and don’t be bitter. You cousin is not a happy man down deep. Someday you will have a lot of great stories to tell…you’ve already begun here!

  5. Buck, my income is S140 per month. My rent is $30 per DAY…..or out on the street. I don’t have $200 AFTER rent and you think you are compromised?

    • Regarding your statement “Buck, my income is S140 per month. My rent is $30 per DAY…..or out on the street. I don’t have $200 AFTER rent and you think you are compromised?”

      *May I ask, what do you want us to do for you? How are we able to help you-are you wanting help? Are you in need of money in order to get out of the described “brothel” above…..I have a good friend who is from Cameroon and she sends money to them often as the dollar is stronger there…are you near a place where you can receive a money order or something to that affect?

      There are good people on this site and they have reached out to you, only to be attacked. On a psychological level, This is understandable considering your circumstances, however, remember clearly that these Christians are offering to help you with NOTHING IN RETURN, while your “good friends the muslims” only see you as prey and either a potential convert or victim to their consequences of NOT converting…be careful with whom you align yourself!

    • What is that in ZAR?


    1. Open a savings account at the bank.
    2. Deposit $1 – $10 only
    3. Inspire/challenge a thousand others to deposit just 41 each.
    4. Send to the person in need.

    Many ants build a strong house.

  7. How timely,
    This is what just came in my email from Dr.CharlesStanley.

    October 12

    Advancing Through Adversity
    Ephesians 3:14-21

    “One noteworthy trait of the apostle Paul was his determination to advance through adversity. There are many people who get stuck in life’s hard spots. They are either too scared or too bitter to move through the hardship.
    Instead, these folks wait for the Lord to remove the trial, but He doesn’t always work that way.

    How a person responds to hardship reveals his or her true character. Hard times are when God’s people most need to match actions to words. It’s easy to say, “I trust God” or “My Lord is faithful,” particularly when life is good. But unless we recognize that He is sovereign even in adversity, the same lips will complain and seek pity. Believers who trust in the Lord’s faithfulness and supremacy will steadfastly focus on Him and thereby keep their anxiety and doubt subdued.

    In order to conquer adversity, we must begin moving through it. It is essential for a suffering believer to surrender to God’s will. We may not know what His purpose is. We certainly won’t like the pain, and we’ll definitely want the situation to change—fast. But giving the Lord free rein allows Him to mature our faith, conform us to the likeness of His Son, and fulfill His unique plan for our lives.

    Surrendering does not seem like a way to advance anywhere. But in reality, we’re just handing over the controls to God and saying, “You guide me where You want me to go.” Doing so requires a lot of trust. We serve a Lord who is worthy of our faith and confidence.”

  8. Buck, I know all these things…..we have tremendous UPS and tremendous DOWNS. After such a long time, it does affect the mind and body even when the spirit is strong. I have a very specific calling for the end days and I am in the sights of satan.

    As for Marianne: I have a call for AMERICANS for whom this would be easy, why not establish a fund for her and recruit donors to each transfer/deposit as little as $1/month into that account for her. With 1.5 million reading this, there should be a thousand or so whom would do this????


    1. Open a savings account at the bank.
    2. Deposit $1 – $10 only
    3. Inspire/challenge a thousand others to deposit just 41 each.
    4. Send to the person in need.

    Many ants build a strong house.


    • Dear Umlungu,
      I personally am not sure that I want to respond to you here. (It appears that it is extremely difficult to have a simple conversation with you, without unfortunately, having it turn into a long drawn out rant.)
      However, since you continue to be constantly “popping” up in my mind, there is the possibility that it is God that wishes me to speak. So I will open up my heart, and say the following.

      I think that as Christians, many of us possess the intellectual knowledge that we require to have an understanding of our Faith. However, though knowledge is a good thing, if its not totally accepted within our heart, it really has no affect.
      It becomes impossible to “live the life” if for whatever reason, our hearts are not fully in it. You say,”That you know all of this.” Yet, how would you be able to honestly say, that you are living what you know?

      It is obvious that you are hurting, and experiencing hardship in your life. And I am truly sorry for you for that. However, it is also obvious that you have become bitter, and are focused on your self.
      I am not saying this to berate you in any way.
      I am just expressing an observation.
      I am also not judging you, or saying that you don’t have value as a person, or as a child of God either.
      So please don’t take what I say as some form of personal attack. Because that is not what this is.

      This is merely an effort to in some way, offer you some form of encouragement, brother to brother.

      I think that you have become overwhelmed by your life’s circumstances. I think that you are focused too much on what could have possibly been your shattered dreams for your life. And I think that because of all of the disappointment that you have experienced, that you now find yourself at one of life’s crossroads.

      You can continue to struggle, and be defensive, striking out at others if you perceive them to be a threat, before they have a chance to possibly hurt you further. (Whether in actuality they are or not.)
      Or, accept that life is difficult, accept that you are afraid, and simply surrender it all to God.

      I am not suggesting that you are to give up the fight in any way. What I am saying is that you surrender by allowing Christ to take away your fear, to accept His peace, and to participate in a union with Him for your life. Right now, where you are emotionally, you have the opportunity to express the depth of your Faith. You can surrender the pain, let go, and let God, and instead of living in anxiety, and fear, simply trust in Him.

      God loves you. As my brother, I love you.
      But I can’t develop your relationship with Him.
      That is your choice and up to you. God chastises His children for our own good, and I think that you know that intellectually. And though it is difficult while being in a valley of darkness, Paul still tells us to rejoice while we are going through it.

      Take your thoughts captive, rebuke any thought that continues to be negative. Place your own difficulties aside for awhile, and seek out others that you can show love to. Refuse to stay in the darkness, and instead be a light. You say that all the Christians there are hypocrites. Here is an opportunity for you to be an example to them. Be an out pouring of Christ’s love to all, and especially to those who have hurt you.
      Rise up above your circumstances, and allow for Him to take control.
      Focus on Christ and allow Him to take you through whatever is His good pleasure, as He molds you, kneads you, to reflect more of His heavenly image.

      Also, I would start by dropping that name that you go by. You are dearly beloved by the Father, as one of His children. Created in Their image, and deserve to be called by something more befitting. To accept that label is self defeating. You are worth far, far more than that, in the heart, and eye’s of God.

      I pray that you find comfort, and that your heart is filled with the Spirit. Allow for only love to reign.
      Focus solely upon Him.

      • Buck

        I think he was just trying to explain his history and current circumstances.

        • Marianne

          you are so right – all want to preach things I already know and am a veteran in. Thing is – one’s system can only take so much. One does reach a point where your body simply won’t cope with a strong spirit.

          it is the body here that is balking, the mind that is overladen to the hilt and the sprightly spirit in me just wants to solve the world’s problems.

          spirit is atop maslow’s little pyramid, the body is crushed underneath a huge brick at the bottom.

      • Buck, my text below within yours it lost formatting but my comments are indicated.

  9. Buck, I know all these things…..we have tremendous UPS and tremendous DOWNS. After such a long time, it does affect the mind and body even when the spirit is strong. I have a very specific calling for the end days and I am in the sights of satan. As for Marianne: I have a call […]

    Dear Ayoba,
    I personally am not sure that I want to respond to you here. (It appears that it is extremely difficult to have a simple conversation with you, without unfortunately, having it turn into a long drawn out rant.)

    [Ayoba:] Buck, yes, I realise that and I do apologise.

    However, since you continue to be constantly “popping” up in my mind, there is the possibility that it is God that wishes me to speak. So I will open up my heart, and say the following.

    [Ayoba:] I am popping up in my mind because perhaps you are the person I need to restore my faith in humankind, along with Marianne. She has been a blessing and a pillar as of late.

    I think that as Christians, many of us possess the intellectual knowledge that we require to have an understanding of our Faith. However, though knowledge is a good thing, if its not totally accepted within our heart, it really has no affect.
    It becomes impossible to “live the life” if for whatever reason, our hearts are not fully in it. You say,”That you know all of this.” Yet, how would you be able to honestly say, that you are living what you know?

    [Ayoba:] Buck, your perceptions are very wrong simply because it is based upon a bit of information that does not even represent the little flag at the tip of an iceberg. I am not blaming you, all I am saying is that you cannot appreciate the situation without having the full information.

    It is obvious that you are hurting, and experiencing hardship in your life. And I am truly sorry for you for that. However, it is also obvious that you have become bitter, and are focused on your self.

    [Ayoba:] I have held very well for over a decade of absolute extreme situations. I am not bitter, I am too battle weary, tired and cannot handle simple “stupidities” any longer. I cannot explain here what the REAL situation is, at it is way too sensitive for a blog in public. Four, five or maybe six times per year, the Lord has given enormous opportunities in line with my purpose and calling. This purpose and calling is why I have hardship, the answer is found in this: 17 The dragon grew angry with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep God’s commandments and hold Jesus’ testimony. Revelation 12:17 (World English Bible)

    Now, three times arrested on false charges after I had exposed criminal conduct of others, including a pastor that had defrauded a few thousand people, a Christian girl whom went to Kurgan in Siberia to have four inches added to an already perfect body and whom earned the bucks to do so in the privacy of her bedroom or as a “high end waitress.” Our abusive landlord also had my son arrested on a Christmas day, as it has been his habit over the past forty years to abuse his staff and tenants.

    I am usually a very loyal, compliant, amicable and hard working fellow. In the military, I was known as “the most approachable rank in the unit.” Buck, what you have been preaching my way this morning, are things that I can recite in my sleep, all of it plus more had been part of me for many, many years.

    But the human soul and body can only take so much. We just saw yet another CHRISTIAN mess up a solid business deal worth an enormous amount of money, beyond your wildest dreams. God’s plan sabotaged, His dream in shatters and over half a million very desperate and destitute people remain in that situation as a result.

    I am not saying this to berate you in any way.

    [Ayoba:] I understand….

    I am just expressing an observation.

    [Ayoba:] Which on the surface is logical.

    I am also not judging you, or saying that you don’t have value as a person, or as a child of God either.
    So please don’t take what I say as some form of personal attack. Because that is not what this is.
    This is merely an effort to in some way, offer you some form of encouragement, brother to brother.
    I think that you have become overwhelmed by your life’s circumstances. I think that you are focused too much on what could have possibly been your shattered dreams for your life. And I think that because of all of the disappointment that you have experienced, that you now find yourself at one of life’s crossroads.

    [Ayoba:] In the past month, I saw that business deal fail even after it had the approval of one of the very top bankers on earth. My daughter, whom had not been kissed until age 18 at the very least, went after an unsaved man on Facebook and he moved in with her. She deserted us 3 years ago on my wife’s birthday and she was to see us in late September, did the turn-around on my wife’s birthday yet again even before we could see her.

    You can continue to struggle, and be defensive, striking out at others if you perceive them to be a threat, before they have a chance to possibly hurt you further. (Whether in actuality they are or not.)

    [Ayoba:] If Christians did not give me sufficient reason to deeply distrust the, it would have been different. Contrary to Matt 18 and 1 Cor 5 & 6, the church is a very lame animal when needing to purge the filth from within yet it points fingers at others all the time. The enormous damage done by gossiping pastors alone should have sent the church into mourning long ago. Instead, the victims get shunned and ousted whilst the culprits get protected at all cost.

    Or, accept that life is difficult, accept that you are afraid, and simply surrender it all to God.

    [Ayoba:] Yes, I do that – but I am no island either.

    I am not suggesting that you are to give up the fight in any way. What I am saying is that you surrender by allowing Christ to take away your fear, to accept His peace, and to participate in a union with Him for your life. Right now, where you are emotionally, you have the opportunity to express the depth of your Faith. You can surrender the pain, let go, and let God, and instead of living in anxiety, and fear, simply trust in Him.

    [Ayoba:] I just need a break, nutrition and stability. The constant daily battle not to get evicted alone will drive all else insane. 36 times……..
    God loves you. As my brother, I love you.

    But I can’t develop your relationship with Him.

    [Ayoba:] I do that myself, I also just get tired. That is the main thing. People ridiculed a former health minister here when she said that AIDS victims should eat their veggies and garlic before they take their ARV’s. I understand what she had said – even a paracetamol tablet is a shock to one’s body when you are weakened the way we are.

    That is your choice and up to you. God chastises His children for our own good, and I think that you know that intellectually. And though it is difficult while being in a valley of darkness, Paul still tells us to rejoice while we are going through it.

    [Ayoba:] God does provide, but it takes a TEAM to get the job done. The biggest problem is that the CHRISTIANS involved DO NOT CONSULT WITH GOD but want to act upon their own wisdom and insight. That is when they bung up the job.

    Take your thoughts captive, rebuke any thought that continues to be negative.

    [Ayoba:] Buck, I know all of this, have been living it for decades. I am just VERY TIRED, being worn-out is the issue here.

    Place your own difficulties aside for awhile, and seek out others that you can show love to.

    [Ayoba:] I have been reaching out to others ALL the time, didn’t you read what I have said about how I was spiritual father to many teens, for instance? Many American ones, from the Columbine school shootings until recently. I stopped it a month ago because I was being exploited.

    Refuse to stay in the darkness, and instead be a light.

    [Ayoba:] Buck, I have been shining my light into darkness for very long. My last heart attack, about 13 months ago, took much of my capacity and it wasn’t the first, I also had strokes. My wife and I are busy ministering to others whit what little we have, we work at building His house much more than building our own. You say that all the Christians there are hypocrites.

    Here is an opportunity for you to be an example to them.

    [Ayoba:] As if they would take notice, these idiots have no idea who God is but all preach, sing happy songs and worship religion. They promote acceptance of the mark of the beast and deny Jesus Christ.

    Be an out pouring of Christ’s love to all, and especially to those who have hurt you.

    Rise up above your circumstances, and allow for Him to take control.

    [Ayoba:] I have been doing that for very long, here is what now really had bogged me down: June saw major violent strikes by anarchists, we lost much of our informal income. July was FIFA worshiping the soccer god on my doorstep and with draconic laws that kept us from hawking our handmade items. August saw yet more strikes and we suffered financially. My son and my dad ended up in hospital on the same day, both with intestinal problems. My son has a bleeding stomach ulcer and there is little medical care. My dad is elderly, lives sixty miles away and had three surgeries in one month. There is no way we can visit him. On top of this, business on my side that failed, my daughter’s disloyalty and also disease here in my house.

    [Ayoba:] Your troops return from Iraq a bit weary, they get pay and rest, they get food. Our tour of duty is in its 12th year with NO support from anybody and ONLY more trouble from the church. I went to one down the road and asked for prayer, was told to return in two weeks as they were busy feeding the illegal immigrants.

    Focus on Christ and allow Him to take you through whatever is His good pleasure, as He molds you, kneads you, to reflect more of His heavenly image.

    [Ayoba:] Yeah, right. Been doing that, now I am just tired, our metabolisms are down, we are supposed to be treated for PTSD but that doesn’t happen. One needs emotional energy and bodily substance of some sorts to do this. Tell me, Buck, why is it so easy to tell me what to do although you did not, as I have asked, contacted me privately for the details? I can NOT disclose some issues here….

    [Ayoba:] If you want to give advise, listen before you speak, please, as you are singing to the choir.

    Also, I would start by dropping that name that you go by. You are dearly beloved by the Father, as one of His children. Created in Their image, and deserve to be called by something more befitting. To accept that label is self defeating. You are worth far, far more than that, in the heart, and eye’s of God.
    I pray that you find comfort, and that your heart is filled with the Spirit. Allow for only love to reign.

    [Ayoba:] Do that on an empty stomach, with a weakened body, no friends, relatives fled long ago…… I challenge you to swop places with me and apply your own wisdom. I am a VERY strong and enduring spirit, but even I can get just tired. Please understand that.

    [Ayoba:] What hurts is that our Father did provide the outcome, I needed a nudge to collect but the CHURCH, family and Christians repeatedly sabotage it because CHRISTIANS DO NOT CONSULT THEIR OWN GOD IN MAKING



  11. Praise God Marianne. God is good. I remember being homeless twice in my life, with my five children right there with me, and had no one to turn to but God. You think it can’t happen in America!!!

    I looked for work but no one would hire me. One day I heard the Lord say “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.” Within a week every place i’d applied for work called. Now that’s God.

    Even before that it worked a job whereas after paying the bills i had 30 dollars left over, and I would split it with my wife every week.

    Years later I was sitting in my living room when the Lord spoke clear into my spirit, saying “I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU BACK YOUR RETIREMENT.”

    YOU SEE GOD HAD GIVEN ME A CHOICE TO STAY IN OR GET OUT. He told me some things were going to happen, and after I got out many soldiers were forced to take certain medications; He forewarned me.

    I HAD A CAREER IN THE MILITARY BUT CHOSE TO FOLLOW HIM, leaving THE SERVICE. Years later, He gave me more than I would have made if i’d stayed 30 years, and i retired at age 46. He’s awesome. I found it isn’t so much giving that moves God, but obedience and a desire to serve Him. Now there will be many who will argue otherwise, but the facts are the facts, I did’nt give a dime.

  12. Rev. Patrick, Your point about not giving a dime moves me to say that many people do give money for the wrong reasons, thinking they are buying a ticket to heaven, so to speak. But that is not what our heavenly Father wants of us…Obedience and service, yes. Giving from the heart, whether it be a dime, your time, faith, love, a helping hand, etc…in the name of the Lord, but with nothing expected in return. That is truely trusting in Him. Blessings and prayers of healing and peace to all who are suffering…I am too!

  13. Rev Williams

    My “king” or business calling came from Isaiah 23:17-18, Isaiah 45:14 for the purpose of Deut 26, Is 58 but especially Haggai2. I cannot disclose more in public, but I can assure you that something mind blowing is developing like a tropical storm, right now in the doldrums of the silence before the storm.

    Our 36 relocations were modelled on the desert trek of the Israelites and we had no control over it. It sounds romantic but the opposite is true. However, we have been pro-active all along and built into the lives of others where we went.

    HE had also used me to test the fibre of His people, an integrity check, mostly the saints were exposed as frauds and two prostitutes plus a tax collector came out being His absolute best witnesses, as did two Rastafarians.

    While the ire of the local Christian radio station and their fake apostles was like a fire burning me alive, a homeless lady had pity on us as we walked by and fished some edibles from a dustbin. I watched in horror as she produced it but noticed that the bin wss very clean – and then she said “this is my pantry, a new bin stolen from the municipality before they could use it.”

    In my instance, God is driving me forward and leaves me NO choice at all. In “tessting His people”, He is watching how His children react when this motley little family passes by – Jer 6:27.

    The true church will need to go underground the world over, there is going to be hard days ahead and we as a family are being prepared to then help others.

    While I have always helped the poor when I was quite comfortable, this experience has served as an apprenticeship teaching us exactly how false the church is, its unloving ways, its hypocrisy, that it is built upon reputation and not character. Like a diamond mine, one needs to sift through a hundred metric tons of dirt to find just one gem of two carats.

    Gideon could use less than one per cent of those around him and even today, that is no different. This is because the church had been making mere believers instead of disciples. Obedience is not taught generally, few churchgoers realize that they all have a calling and a purpose, that God has a specific will to be served and that sin is to fail in one’s life mission.

    Christians think that it is all about them and their nice, air=conditioned trip in a luxury coach to heaven.

    In my case, huge financial blessings are to come. There is an Abigail waiting in the wings, but my little army of three is just as battle weary as David’s was just before she came with raisins, bread and wine.

    I have shared my bit as above with the sole purpose of even shocking readers so that they can wake from their deep sleep and realize there is another world right next to them… that they can regard their neighbor in a different light as the guy next door is probably in need of something that you may have, even if it is just a kind word or a cup of water.

    My future millions will be given away and not kept. I cannot take a dime to His dinner but I can line my robe with saved souls, save up for heaven!

    Tithing: nope. It isn’t how much of my money I should give but rather how much of His I should keep. All belongs to Him, we never should own anything and be stewards of His.

  14. Elle, you are right. many will only do something when they have an audience. Others will take unfair advantage of the poor, such as the street work mission in Cape Town forcing homeless people to wear “Jesus Saves” bibs when they show up for sweeping the streets. Even if they have worked a full day and did not wear the bibs, they do not get paid their $5.

    Or the “shelter” that offers no shelter but food. To qualify, the poor have to attend a service first and, even so, get shouted at and and verbally abused by these very righteous Christians.

    Like the food, these poor people also feel that they had gone beyond their “sell by” date. These paupers are still created by God and should not have their last bit of dignity taken away from them.

  15. Buck, must we now see others suffer and praise God for letting them…. so that they can be taught a lesson? Such overwhelming love from Christianity might just convince someone to become a Muslim. Muslims care for their own.

    17 Perhaps a man has plenty of food and things. He sees that his brother needs some. If he does not want to help his brother, does he love God? 18 My children, we must not only talk about loving people; we must show we love people by what we do for them. We must really love them. 19 And this is how we will know that we are true. This is why we will not be afraid in front of God. 1 John 3:17-19 (Bible in Worldwide English)

  16. Please visit these links and see how compromised others are…..and left to wane and die on their own. There is no political or news value that can benefit world leaders, so nobody is taking notice. yet this is very serious as His children are being trampled underfoot.

  17. Never storm into someone’s life unless you are very sure that you have heard right – poor people are usually also hurting and it is best to first consult with our Father. My advice to anyone reading this: do NOT take any step in life unless you have cleared it with Him first. If you don’t, you are on dangerous ground as you are then acting upon your own insights. This is, after all, what Christianity is about…..obeying the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

    • Yes-I agree

    • Ayoba

      Poor people need to get past their sensitivity, be willing to accept what people are able to do for them, and especially what people are NOT able to do for them.

      In bitterness, they could be pushing away the ones God sent to help them. But there is a time for everything.

      Communication is important. If the poor resent others trying to ask questions, so they can see how they can help, then they are defeating themselves.

      Not every question is a “storm.”

      If I ask questions, it is for a reason. I am a person of limited means. I am also very organized, and I plan most of what I do. Getting answers helps me plan my future month or year, or who I might talk to next.

      Usually those who are willing to help the poor, have been there themselves. They are not desperate anymore because they made certain decisions and took certain actions, with the help of God. Or, maybe they are still struggling themselves. Giving a willing hear to another one’s problems may be all they can do at the moment.

      If one is in need, they should welcome help in any form. The help may not always be money. It might just be someone to talk to, if that is all the person can do. Others may have money, but money is not what everyone has to offer.

      For example, I was recently talking to someone in need about medicine. I was asking a lot of questions about what was available, what the cost was, what they were currently using for their ailment, how much they made in wages, to see if they could afford the medicine. My conclusion was that the medicine was available but they could not afford it, based on the wages.

      I was actually trying to figure out how much the medicine was to see if I could afford to buy it for them. However, they got angry with me and assumed I was wasting their time, and tormenting them with questions.

      So, I never had an opportunity to do this for them. I feel my efforts were not appreciated. I have been through a lot of abuse before, and I have to leave when people start attacking me, and misinterpreting my good intentions.

      The poor need to learn to be patient with those who want to help.

      • If you already know beforehand that the people are desperately poor, can’t keep up with rent, are by law prohibited to get a job, etc., why further extend their emotional effort by taking through this, well knowing that you cannot and will not do anything about it? All it does is to show them how hopeless their situation is – thereby possibly taking His peace away. Said conversation as stated above started with “are there any meds you and your family need?”

        They got angry when you, for a second time around, tried to send them house-hunting whilst you knew very well that they could not afford it. Now you want to cover up yoru wrongs by blaming themm, which is downright cowardly.

        Maybe finding out whom Jesus Christ is – and not some angel that went missing – it will help. You are an amzing person but you are too big in yoru own eyes and through what you have done today, coming in your OWN power, was uncalled for. When you wound already almost fatally wounded people and they go into defending themselves, you see it as an “attack” on yourself.

        Those not wanting or intending to help – which clearly was NOT the case, as it is in writing, do need to be sensitive when dealing with those coming from a real battlefield, not an armchair one. Your hardships are minimal in comparison with so many where I live, you may have had a hard time but then you may not have made it to the end if you had lived here…….

        Those in need is glad when help arrives, not when they are getting tormented for it. You knew very well what the situation was and disregarded it. Once again, you came in you own power, with yoru own understanding and tried to act as Jesus. he is the pro in that, leaave it up to Him.

        If you really think that me, as a certified financial planner and tax consultant, with almost 30 years experience need your help in working out a very basic household budget, think again. Have you, like me, managed with great success a multimillion dollar budget in a large organisation?

        If you think that you are right, join the Marines, go to Afghanistan and ensure that you wound every wounded soldier once a week by shooting into their healing wounds – maybe with your logic, you can speed up the process.


        And now let us wiat for Christianity to stone me……….as is typical.

  18. Ayoba, I agree also. To invite people to know & accept the Lord IS our mission! Captivity & control is what we are trying to eliminate, not replacing it with another form & calling it “Christianity”…! Everyone has the right of free will. We all hurt, some so much more. We all need compassion, empathy & kindness for starters. We know love wins those to Christ, so simple yet many can’t grasp it. We know why, we know the evil ways. We will be still, stay close & strong in the Lord. Talk to our Father, who art in heaven, everyday, listen for His voice… We are all where we need to be (like it or not!) & when we can accept that (very hard to do @ times) we begin the marvelous work He has for us in His name. We’ve all heard this many times I’m sure. I know I need to remind myself daily, to be thankful for my not look under the sun but above the sun…Peace is a gift from our heavenly Father, we do not earn it. When you feel peace, you know He is in your heart & in your life, gifting you…shalom

    • Beautifully said Elle!

    • Dear Marianne, and Elle,

      I couldn’t agree more with what you both have said above.
      However do you honestly believe it will be understood by the intended recipient?

      When I responded to a post on, October,12th.@ 9:44 pm, I chose to respond out of love and encouragement. (Though there was a definite temptation to instead give him a piece of my mind.)

      Instead of accepting it for what is was, he defeated its purpose by disregarding its content,”as something he already knows” and continued to wallow in his “pity fest”.

      In a post he makes to Elle, on October 13th,@ 2:06 pm.
      He doesn’t acknowledge her trials at all, or offer up any encouragement. Instead he belittles her own circumstances, by again expressing his own plight, as possessing “nothing”.

      He had demonstrated his self absorption previously as well, in his post to me on October,12th,@ 7:32am, where he stated,

      “Buck, my income is S140 per month. My rent is $30 per DAY…..or out on the street. I don’t have $200 AFTER rent and you think you are compromised?”

      He is simply void of any compassion for others.

      Though he accuses some of us for not understanding him,(which is difficult to understand, since he goes on in great depths about himself all of the time), he has made no attempt to understand any of us, or of what our personal trials may consist of. Which is in itself hypocritical.

      It simply has to always be about him.
      “Whoa is me” is his religion.”
      He says, over and over again that he has “nothing”.

      Well he has “love”. He has a wife. Mine,(now ex), will live in a Hospital for the rest of her life, with an IQ of a 10 year old due to a vehicle accident.
      He has children. Where ours has died.
      Has has blessings in his life that many of us don’t have, yet he maintains that his life is worse. That his trials are harder.

      In my opinion, this guy is empty pit that can’t be satiated. He is a sponge that will grasp, and soak up, everything that is offered to him, and it won’t ever be enough. You can’t assist anyone who is constantly in denial, and who obviously is so self absorbed.

      This is the last that I will say on the matter. I personally don’t have the energy to deal with him anymore. I find him such a negative influence, that I won’t be returning to your site.
      So Ayoba, please don’t waste everybody’s time, in writing a response, because I won’t ever read it.

      I am grateful that one of my posts here, helped Mercy at a time when they needed it. And I wish everybody else, peace, and the love of Christ to reign in their heart.

  19. Helping is one thing, imposing yourself upon someone is another. And, if you have the background and then still press your way through a minefield, don’t be surprized when it explodes.

    This does not come from a regular suburban citizen but one that has to keep faith, keep going in circumstances equivalent to the Gulag, do it without friends, faily or a body of believers.

    And still get manipulated by Christians when he finally risks going closer to a church….the plaace where the abuse started and where it is being fuelled from.

    On the other hand, the Muslims give love and they help…..please take note……. I came here with my pain, got lectured what I already know, get told to find meds which I can’t buy, rent an apartment that I can’t…..and has to cope with a wise American know-all whom KNOWS this yet cuts open wounds.

    marianne, the attack is called SELF-DEFENSE!

  20. Marianne, it’s a sad thing. I’ve been in the same situations where a person in need has rejected help, mine & others (as you know I’m limited by finances too). I’ve been through a great deal of abuse as well & I want the world to be a better place for everyone, as you do. I’ve come to realize that people have their own journey, their own process of stubborn will, the “pride” that goeth before the fall. I see it in some when I go to the hospice, even in their closeness to death. When my help, whatever form it may be, is shunned, I say, “bless you” & go about my life. Yes, It’s hard to see someone suffer, needlessly, at least in our mind & heart, but that’s our assesment. The spirit of receiving isn’t for the hardened heart. Receiving help, or a gift in the spirit it’s given is a gift of love these people can’t grasp yet. I gave up my frustrations & realised I gave them a gift w/o them realising it, the gift of the “issue” itself, the beginning. I walk away sooner, no hurt, leaving the door open for them.

  21. Elle, I did not reject any help. To the contrary, Marianne did become demanding and started telling me to find a flat, go buy meds we can’t afford – not that she intended to help. I know she said it as above. bit it is a lie as I have the opposite from her in writing. Even though she know our very desperate situation very well, she did as she did a few weeks ago – let me even call a landlady at a place I can’t afford, I cannot show up asking for a room and have to pay a month in advance, plus deposit, while paying rent of just ONE DAY at a time is a challenge. The meds she wanted us to buy = 1 day’s rent! You call this “help” ? She knows my background yet, despite this, pressed on that I should contact my cousins whom has money.

    Who gives Marianne the right to put me in such a spot and demanding answers – the other day she jumped on me for not giving her info on meds quickly enough, but it was NIGHT in Africa!

    Look I have tried to explain it over and over – we are WORN OUT. I wept for hours after Buck’s “reprimand” simply because of being t i r e d. This trauma is awaiting every christian, this is how the world is becoming with the rise of the antiChrist.

    If christianity is too insensitive and too cowardly, like Marianne whom now tells YOU a different story, so be it. Marianne did not play her cards open with me, she should have stated her intentions properly. We have know each other more than long enough that she has no excuse – this was the SECOND time it had happened, not the first!

    Elle, if you thinks I am so stupid to fight anyone wanting to HELP me……my IQ is above that. I have written enough above for anyone with a little bit of common sense to see that this is not the regular situation, yet you all expect of me to conduct myself as if I am well rested and living in comfort.

    Do not expect from anyone coming from an ordeal as this to think straight – because our bodies are too weak, our minds have been overloaded? Compare it to being raped every three months for 12 years……of have a still birth as frequently… is similar.

    No, Marianne, you did not INTEND to help. You were working out to see what my budget was and put me through strain to do it. It is because you wanted to manage and manipulate me, even though I am way better qualified than you can dream to be in finances. You did not need to question and grill me as you already knew the answer – I have on record where it was sent to you before and where it was discussed between us before.

    I have no stubborn will but I seek His will and purpose in all – and I have sacrificed what anyone can – EVERYRHING – to get into His will. I did it at enormous cost in many ways.

    Elle, I have matured in Him long ago – what I have said on these pages before, is that my family and I are simple battle weary beyond your comprehension. Stop making assumptions as above as you really do not have the background. My email is above, if you really need to have a discussion, take it up with me privately. I was hurt by Marianne on Skype, I only got angry when I saw her cowardice on this page and how she swings this to make me look like the villain and she looks good.

    To my armchair critics – you will get where I am and then you will understand……….

  22. Ayoba, Please calm down with me. HOW was I supposed to know this was about YOU?? Your name was NOT mentioned anywhere. You have no right to degrade & attack me, do not do that again. What is between you & Marianne is just that. I was not speaking of you, however, I stand by what I said. I’m sorry you all are battle weary. Of course your trails must be far worse than mine, but frankly, I am battle weary too & I do NOT need/want your scathing, innaproprate remarks. You have no right to hehave this way towards me….What is it you really want here?

  23. Umlungu

    I did not fatally wound anyone.

    A need was expressed for a new place to live, because the current one was too expensive, dirty, moldy, and too unfit to live in. The landlord had given notice to leave, due to renovations. This was not my idea to find a new place. This need was expressed to me and I tried to help, to find a cheaper place, or one that the deposit could be pro-rated so one could move in easier.

    Medication was mentioned, which was not working well, so I suggested a better alternative – one that would be more effective. I was given a list of medications the son was on, so I assumed he was taking them. I asked if they even sold the better medicine there, and it was said yes. So naturally, I asked the cost to see if it was something one could afford, if the other medicine was exchanged for this one. I did not know until today that no medicine was being purchased at all, so that any purchase would be out of the question.

    Neither of these activities would be considered an imposition by anyone seeking help.

    Like I said, I was trying to figure out a way to help, but my intentions were seen as negative instead.

    Maybe in time, the viewpoint will change, and hopefully, circumstances will be more gracious to you, and you get the relief you need.

    I think it would be better to just to get some rest, and calm down.

    I want the best for you. If I cannot help, I pray someone else with more to offer will come along. God bless you and your family.

  24. Marianne, Lyndsy & Buck, Thank you for your kindnesses…Won’t be the last time we will be misunderstood! Peace & love be with you…

  25. I think when people are very tired and discouraged, they may not understand others, or maybe be misunderstood themselves.

    Let it be.

    I wish everyone a good nights rest and much peace.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

  26. I see two points from this thread. The first is Marianne’s original point. AS Christians, we should be give-oriented. The first century Christians dedicated their lives to helping others, rather than focusing on their own needs. A good section of scripture pertaining to this is Isaiah 58. As we reach out to help others, God is able to meet our own needs.
    The second point is that there is an Adversary and that people sometimes go through periods of suffering. In dealing with suffering people, we should always be kind, even if people have a need to “vent”. We should never be like Job’s friends whom he later called “miserable comforters”. They thought Job’s suffering was due to some sin in his life which it was not. Finally they came to their senses and Job prayed for them, at which time both he and they received God’s deliverance.

  27. Richard,
    You make a very good point here. Perhaps you would be willing to email this individual, and personally put into practice what you say?

  28. Richard and Ben-Ben-Ha’or, Buck and Lyndsey, elle

    I think patience is always needed. Venting doesn’t bother me, although it makes communication difficult. There is a willingness to help, but help does not always take the form of money.

    Sometimes people who do not have money to give, can still work to relieve the situation in other ways. Help can be in the form of service, or a listening ear.

    The individual here is asking for $1000, so they can move. If he continues to rent a motel apartment he will need $900 a month. His income is $140, his son makes $10/day, and his wife sells home made jewelry. Just to pay the rent and utilities, he will need a $1000 gift every month to make it.

    What do you suggest? I was trying to find a cheaper place for them.

    • a church sponsorship?

    • Whatever happened to asking God for help, and then waiting on the Lord? I had to wait and it hurt. When my wife and I split 30 dollar a week I quietly said Lord “help us.” I didnt seek hand outs from others in the Church, but turned my attention to God. This should be the example whether living in poverty of not.

      One thing became clear. Many times we want to remove ourselves from hurt and pain when it is God’s will we endure it for a season in order to grow. God builds character through suffering.

      The Bible leaves us in no doubt that suffering is a normal part of the true Christian life. Hebrews 11 portrays the suffering witnesses of the Old Testament. The New Testament presents us with our great Example who was ‘made perfect through sufferings’ (Hebrews 2:10), and also with the many followers who ‘became partakers’ in His sufferings (1 Peter 4:13). The whole emphasis in the teaching of the early church was on ‘rejoicing in the midst of sufferings.’ It is ‘through much tribulation’ that we enter the kingdom. (Acts 14:22).

      God will remove us from our suffering in due season, if we are faithful. We may not get what we want, in the way we want it, but to God be the glory.

      • Rev Williams,

        I believe that was the point that Buck was referring to with his post that he made on October 12, @ 8:17am, and then with his subsequent, more personal post, later that same day, @ 9:44 pm.

        As Christians, believers in the fullness of Yeshua, we all have to live by applying these truths to our lives.
        Yet, if one appears to have given up their right to apply these truths, and by virtue deny their trust, and faith in the sovereignty of God, they may in essence separate themselves from receiving His blessings until His timing is fulfilled.

        With God there is a reason for everything. We will just have to wait and see how this all unfolds.

  29. For all my new friends-whom I have never met but love you just the same…enjoy

  30. Found the safest place for him to live according to this site

    Found several apartments according to this site

    And According to the conversion table of South African Rand to US dollar…..his rent would be the equivalent to .62 cents in US dollars! I have to be doing something wrong here

  31. Marianne, there are how many homeless people in this country? I know of people in my area, an affluent coastal town (!) who are in the same situation in the sense of not having enough money for rent/food/meds, etc. We know it’s especially difficult long term. I volunteered @ the shelter here, many years when I was between jobs. We have wild fires, floods, mud slides from torrential rains, every few years, in both cases, entire homes burned, or slid down the hills, totally destroyed, businesses wiped out. We can barely even take care of our own here…then the ecomomic down turn. We are a historic tourist area. As a town long dedicated to help the homeless, we have mana.ged to build a new shelter/TEMPORARY housing this past summer. These efforts were mainly supported by local churches, businesses for supplies & volunteers. It is very adequate, meets building codes, etc. There are multimillion dollar homes here all around me, from ocean fronts to the top of the hills, many are 2nd homes. (cont. next comment)

  32. Many homes sell from $I,000,000 to $22 million. It seems like a crime that life is so unfair, it’s at least a crying shame… What can we do? I live in a small 1940’s cottage, overlooking the sea, inbetween & surrounded by some of those million dollar homes. I can’t even make the “small” ends meet! My heart is heavy & helpless @ the moment for the poor people here, Afrca & worldwide…I don’t have any suggestions.. Venting is ok, even necessary, but as christians, we have the right set the boundaries to maintain civility towards one another.. Where are the ricest people in the world? The cost of one home could take care of so many sick & poor… I will continue to pray…shalom

  33. Lyndsey, Love you too! You took my very next words right out of my mouth, “Where is Oprah, Bill Gates, Multimillion dollas salaried atheletes, etc, etc??” They have done very good things already but there is so much more…I couldn’t sleep at night if I had that kind of money sitting around…or better yet paying expenses on homes sitting around that I didn’t even live in…mercy…!!

  34. Rev. Patrick, I certainly agree with enduring and persevering through our trials and hardships. To be in complete trust in our heavenly Father for keeping His promises. I do believe looking for hand outs is a “opt out” of responsibility and accountability, seperating oneself from the Lord’s plan. But, is there a scripture that says we aren’t to lend a helping hand? Is our helping hand possibly an act that the Lord had us do? Or, is it interference with the Lord’s purpose for both the helper and the ones being helped? I ask you this guestion with all sincerety!

  35. Jesus said to make disciples, He never meant mere believers. Even the demons believe and tremble with fear. The nouns “disciple” and “discipline” obviously share the same root; therein lies a truth misunderstood by almost all calling themselves Christian.

    Seasoned missionaries will all tell you the same story: take one physical step at the wrong time, or in the wrong way and you are dead. Or you miss that flight, get a visa denied, etc. Many times, there is no second chance. Jesus may have been preparing a city, region, country or individual for the Good News, He may have been preparing an individual for decades to go on a special, covert mission to take the message there, only to see it fail because of one minor mistake.

    It is easy to wipe out ten or twenty years of preparation by uttering one wrong sentence – I have seen it happen a few times, this surely is no joke. For instance, twenty years of very intimate friendships and ministry towards Muslims in Cape Town was dealt a death blow in the mid 1980’s when a pastor made a ruckus about the Halaal sign on food. Even today, in 2010, the damage done seems irreversible.


    Damage control means that a whole new set of circumstances need to be created, new missionaries need to be called, developed and eventually sent. This may take months, years or even decades to accomplish. Ignorance and lack of insight in how these things work have cost the lives of His saints in the past and will continue doing so in future.

    We may mean well and have good intentions when we see someone we want to help; just tread carefully as even the best of intentions do not justify compromising or frustrating His will and purpose. Our spiritual enemy is real and, while we have the Upper Hand, we still are open and prone to damage. WE HAVE TO DEVELOP A CULTURE OF ABSOLUTE DISCIPLINE to survive, if we are dealing with situations outside of the normal. There is a huge difference between the field operations of SPECOPS, Navy Seals and SAS compared with the average GI or infantryman.

    Many Christians – of the infantry battalion type – think that they know how to do His will, while they meanwhile merely reflect the culture and tradition of their unit. I am talking here of the average church-going Christian. Their morning parade is called a church service, they show up and act in a familiar way.

    Those of us working behind enemy lines are covert and discreet, we go places where even military forces tread with apprehension. We have sent in teams and were very closely involved in operations where even the US Marines are having their butts kicked. Swarms of B-52’s blanket bombing mountains and plains, followed by fighter jets, A-10’s and swarms of Black Hawks and Apache’s go in to soften a terrain where the Marines have to invade. Then the artillery and armoured mechanized infantry move in, after the sappers had done their bit of breaching mine fields. The world watches in awe as CNN and Al Jazeera screens the progress of this huge, brute force. And only then do teh Marines ride in.

    Meanwhile, our frail young missionary hides with her friends in an effort to keep them safe. She has seen bloody battles being fought in another closed country, was caught in the crossfire many a time. The crack of grenades, mortars and automatic rifles in her ears, she one day ran into the streets in between fighting groups, crying out loud in the name of Jesus for them to stop killing each other. That was in a countries where women are killed if they appear on street; they are not allowed to be seen in public at all.

    This missionary is a lady weighing less than eighty pounds, a tiny, frail little thing. You thought that you Marines were brave?

    It had taken YEARS of planning and preparation, absolutely discreet and covert, to send her into a closed country. On the receiving end was a Muslim girl whom had this guy with His robe and a red rose appear at night when she slept. She has never seen a flower of any sorts in her life, as there are none in her desert world. The fragrance of that rose was overwhelming, she could not wait to get to bed at night and begin to dream. She could not talk about this as she would have been branded as a whore and killed. Romanticism has no place in that oppressive country’s culture.

    So Jesus decides to send in Babsi (pseudonym.) She had to be prepared and the first phase was sending her on a survival course (SPECOPS style) into a local desert. A year later, she was deployed to a real closed country in preparation. A closed country is where binging the Good News or having a Bible may invoke the death penalty or life in a filthy prison. She spent a full year and started a school in someone’s garage. She was called Bérivon by her audience, meaning “bearer of milk.” That is because she had brought them “sweet milk” which, in their culture, is goat’s milk and cheese. Such is how the Gospel is regarded. She contracted serious intestinal disease and so did we, thousands of miles away. The imams sent a curse to her and her supporters and we all contracted the symptoms of Brucellosis or milk fever. She grew very thin and was basically a skeleton covered by skin.

    Then the main operation came, when she was to be sent to a certain point as a tourist and, from there, had to be smuggled with military precision across a well-defended border. She came to a village before dawn and was quickly taken into a house and blended in with other womenfolk. Over the weeks to follow, she was taken aside by one lovely young girl in her late teens, whom asked her what this dream about this guy with the red rose could mean….?? So Babsi could tell her about her troubadour, Jesus the Christ. Eventually Babsi was caught and taken to the commons to be shot…..we all had a strong inner conviction that something was very wrong and interceded. Her life was saved, we still do no know how but we have her back here where she and her husband are continuing His work.

    It had taken an enormous team to send her in – it is akin to sending a fighter jet into battle. One pilot, one plane….and up to forty ground staff to handle anything from intelligence to logistics, HR, finance, technical support, armouring, etc.

    My veteran family and I are doing our bit SOLO – absolutely no support and, even the few whom do try, do it without consulting Jesus as they come with solutions that contradicts His very specific guidance and instruction. They cannot discern between emotion and guidance by the Holy Spirit. They then act in ways opposing His very specific plans. A true profit will always say “let us go together to Jesus and get His answer.” When someone wanting to hel,p fail in doing this, the end result will be disaster.

    I am not friendly toward anyone displaying an attitude of wanting to assume His place because, at that moment, that saint turns into a deceiver, a saboteur and a false prophet. Enough damage had been done over the past decade by exactly this very same kind of thing and the end result is that a few hundred thousand people remain suffering in my back yard. Anyone opposing His will, coming with a different message will get me breathing fire as I will defend His will with my life. If anyone feels offended by this, I suggest you take a year in your life, get alone with Jesus and get to know Him intimately. Being a disciple isn’t a leisure activity or an added dimension to your life. Jesus Christ is your reason d’existence. Mutineers don’t get mercy in the military.

    There is a very good reason why we need to be guided by His Spirit and not our own understanding.

    And Christianity is missing the point entirely…………..Matt 7:21

    • ayoba,

      You cannot campaign a delusional account of a well meant attempt to help you. It is inappropriate to lecture others when there is a beam in your own eye. If you want to post here, you have to stick to the topic and refrain from any innuendo about false Christians who are not false. If you were really a missionary, you would not spend so much time on the internet, in long posts and efforts to discredit others.

    • You’ve got some issues “ayoba”. G-d is SIMPLE! If it isn’t simple, it isn’t G-d! He doesnt’ require his disciples to be militants in the physical sense as you so described above. The armor of G-d is SPIRITUAL.

      You keep insulting Christians over and over and over meanwhile praising the Muslims! On a spiritual level, I believe you may have “caught” a spirit that dwells among them-Religious Spirit to start. You are making yourself miserable and this IS NOT G-d! G-d is Joy, peace, LOVE, Mercy, compassion, understanding etc….When was the last time you felt any of the above?

      Further, G-d answers our prayers in many forms-most often he uses other people and other times-divine miracles. For ex: there once was a man who found himself climbing to the top of the roof to his house due to a flood. There was no way out as he could tell due to the water rising. He prayed and asked G-d for help. Soon after, his neighbor comes by in a boat and tells the man to get in-the man tells his neighbor “no thanks, G-d is going to help me”…..minutes later, as the water continues to rise, a helicopter arrives and lowers a hoist to help the man into the chopper……the man yells up and says “no thanks, G-d is going to help me”…….As the water completely submerges his house and causes him to start floating away a huge tree log floats by with its branches….the man watches as the tree and its limb float away as he cried out to G-d and said “why didn’t you help me”….G-d said “I did help you-3 X–I sent your neighbor in a boat, the helicopter and then a tree log with outstretched limbs for you to grab hold of-WHY DIDN’T YOU RECEIVE MY HELP?…the man of course drowned and had all of eternity to discuss this with his Lord…

      Do you see my point Ayoba!!??

      You have been praying for G-d’s help. You arrived on this site (which is annointed by the Holy Spirit, just FYI). Marianne and others offered to help you. One of which who actually sent you money, but what did you do? You complained about the amount of money being sent; you complained about the questions being asked so as to better assist you; you insulted those who offered their help. G-d tried to help you!! NO, we are NOT G-d, but HE USES HIS CHILDREN TO HELP OTHERS-DONT YOU GET THAT?

      You do need some help Ayoba, but not in the material way of which you have so asked. You need to be delivered of this religious spirit for starters……and on a material level, take care of your family FIRST and let G-d worry about the 600,000 people whom you say are homeless and in need of YOUR HELP….YOU ARE NOT G-D and YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS ALSO.

  36. The point is: I did not ask to move, Jesus led me to this place. Never did Jesus tell me to move on either. My outcry initially was that we as a family were exhausted, depleted, worn out, what other words I still need to use until someone understand.

    If He had wanted me to move on, He would have told me and my family first. As was proven by today, the entire effort to get me away from this address without His command, was nothing but deception by satan. What was needed was firstly ***prayer*** and then waiting upon Jesus for an answer. While others wanted us to move on and suggested options not in line with Him, He did bring solutions right where we are living.

    By this evening, we have a brand new TV installed in our apartment by our landlord. A week ago my son was given a job 200 yards from here, even that (in my country) is a miracle.

    Why suggest that I should move just because you feel I should? Learn from this: Christians do not make such decisions without HIS command. In providing a solution, I am proven RIGHT that Marianne assumed the position of a false prophet in wanting me to move on because she suggested this from her own mind and not God’s. All of you have a long way to go in learning about doing His will.

    And as for Muslims: Jesus died for all and wants all saved, we are His messengers taking our feet where He wants us. We obey His command and not do as we please. Neither me nor my friends are suckers for punishment.

    ONLY obey Jesus, not your own minds, please.

    let Him be Him and don’t try to assume His position.

    • Go preach to your friends the muslims “ayoba”!

      Your insults, misrepresentation, judgements, false accusations, contradictions, misinformation and religious spirit is getting old!

      Spending time on your false claims could have been spent on someone who truly needed help!!

  37. Ya know,
    My curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to return here to see how all of this had played out. It seems that I was fairly correct in my assumption in respect to my post on October 13th. at 8:28 pm.
    Ya know, just because we receive Salvation spiritually, does not mean that we become whole emotionally. I believe that that is a whole other journey in itself. If someone may perhaps be afflicted with being say Bi-polar, receiving Christ does not necessarily change that condition.
    I am not saying that this is the case here, but there is definitely something “not quite right” if you know what I mean.

    To the person that personally sent some money to help,(and I suspect that it was you Lyndsey, being an expression from your heart, and if not, whoever it was) The act was not diminished at all, simply because it was not received. I’m am pretty sure that God was pleased with that persons generosity. Whether it was of the Spirit, or from the heart. God Bless that person. We need more of them in this world.

    • I agree…regarding the money sent, it wasn’t me…and the person that sent it was treated horribly by the receiver.

  38. That is such a shame. There are so many people out there that would have deeply appreciated, any gift that would help.
    The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

  39. you can watch it on you tube…here is part 1

  40. …It’s in the Lord’s hands, we don’t need to understand it, really. As I said before, everyone has their own journey….there is a beautiful, simple song, about where our help comes from, whether we have dollars with wings (!) or not. I would like to share it with you all. I can’t seem to send the link (using my cell phone)..sorry! but just go to youtube, type in “Let My Words Be Few” willcain..(willcain put the video together so you will need his name to get the right video)…follow it to the end, it is refreshing, humble….I haven’t seen the film, Lyndsey, but I’ll check it out, thanks…

  41. sounds like a good idea.

    this way, you personally do not reap what you sow…but

    the kingdom of god reaps what you sow……so…

    this way produces more “fruit.” 🙂

  42. Video post requested by Elle:
    (only wanting to help the poor or challenged spirit & for all, to take a moment, to remember WHO it’s all about! )

  43. After having had to relocate 35 times……

    • Jesus said we would stay put and nobody would get us unsettled
    • He has provided even for my son a job less than 200 metres from us
    • Any white male finding a job in this country….is a miracle
    • We got a new TV and a very loving kitten
    • We did not ask or want to move, we are weary, tired and that is our complaint: having to do this alone, having to wok at least 20/7/365 – even this morning we only stopped working past 4am and were up less than 4hrs later.
    • Jesus never said we should move
    • Moving was impossible anyhow.
    • Don’t you think that normality and stability is what we needed?
    • Relocating seems simple if you are across the Atlantic, yet it would bring NEW problems to face and hardly solve existing ones. Worcester is 62 miles from where we can earn a living.
    • Relocating even within our suburb would have brought extra costs.
    • We are already hurting after so many relocations on top of endless other challenges.
    • We have no furniture or even bed linen of our own, not even kitchen utensils. How would moving away from existing facilities provide in that?

    The problem here is that nobody is asking what God’s will in this was and, regardless of the honest intent, it remained outside of His will and purpose. The only issue that needed to be addressed was the fact that we are battle weary, worn out, tired beyond comprehension. Nobody thought this through or prayed for proper guidance in advance and THAT is where the problem with the church is.

    As for Muslims, surely Jesus died for them as well and will be too glad to see some of them become reborn. Hating them is not what Jesus wanted……read 1 Cor 5:9-12 yet again.

    We needed love but got manipulation, criticism and many lectures in return. No wonder Muslims won’t want to turn to Jesus then.

    • One more time PIETER, aka “ayoba” aka “Umlungu”…..regarding your statement above “• We did not ask or want to move, ”

      Oh yes you did and I have seen and read the conversation between you and Marianne that was SAVED. Stop lieing and START apologizing to Marianne for the horrible way you have treated her and spoken about her-THAT would be the Christian thing to do don’t you think?! Or are you “waiting” on YOUR god to tell you what to do?

      I feel sorry for you Pieter.

  44. I believe that the only way for this to stop, is for everyone to completely ignore any further posts he makes.
    Just look at all the energy that has been expended here by everyone. All of that with nothing accomplished, other than extreme frustration by those that had offered to help somehow.

    Maybe he “gets off” on all the personal attention that he generates for himself? Perhaps it’s his way of attaining some sense of affirmation? Whatever his motivations are, they are negative, and all we do is end up feeding them.

    I personally am going to disconnect, and simply leave it all in God’s hands. This way I can free myself up to be available to perhaps help someone else.

    We would then at least, all be able to share within this community some poignant thoughts as they relate to Marianne’s posts, without getting side tracked in what has unfortunately been a futile endeavour.

  45. I suggest that people just talk about the topic posted on the page.

  46. Compromised people aren’t dumb, uninformed, illiterate or incompetent necessarily. Do not just jump in an try to fix their lives, learn to listen, hear them out. Your assumptions and subsequent actions can be damaging. Good intentions isn’t enough to prevent disaster. Sometimes, advice and help may aggravate the situation if not done right.

  47. We were taken to this church by a friend in 2007. The pastor had an entire sermon on how willing members should be to take in a family such as ours for a year, into their homes, and see if they could serve God in that way. When we got kicked out again, soon after, I did approach this church and the idiot of a pastor did not even get any background information but told me off and said I should find a local church. I put the phone down in his ear as he called me at a time when he shouldn’t, even on my email to him I asked that he call at specific time; so he called instead when I was on very expensive internet time. His authorative, know-all attitude had me really peeved as he was not at all prepared to listen to me at all.

    Talk the talk but not walk the talk. It is soooo typical – they only do good when they have an audience. I am so sick and tired of the falseness of these self-proclaiming “christians” whom are deceivers as they run a business, keep people busy with their agenda and getting big bucks for that. Already on my very first visit there, there was no sermon, just a lengthy presentation about their new church building that they wanted to put up. Asking money for their selfish little empire.

    So, even this church is none other than hypocrisy and pretence, all for the show when they have an audience, none to show when God sends someone to test them.

    At the time they were called Friends First.

    I went to a church in Sea Point asking just prayer and was told to “come back week after next as we are busy with the aliens.”

    I have tried several churches in the city and had no response. There are many “true” Christians whom know about our plight, also down at the clinic, the chief administrator is one. Even he told us that my family is my church and that we should find solutions ourselves.

    Members of Hillsong (Brian Houston from Australia’s ministry) suggested we approach their church here in Cape Town, which we did – sending them an extended list of activities in which we volunteered – dead silence even two years later.

    Two years ago, Hindu Pakistani’s wanted to help us with fifty thousand Rand so that I could take up my diamond grading studies at EGL which is half a mile from me. I needed this to get my diamond trading licence. The course costs R10,000 which would have left me with R40,000, enough to pay for the license as well. As I needed a banking account, I also needed proof of address – which even my own parents refused us. We had then recently lost our trust account due to our daughter’s disappearance – under FICA (our equivalent Patriot Act) we needed her proof of address but she was astray. In similar fashion, we also missed out upon a US$100,000 seed finance gift from abroad.

    Muslim customers of Karen’s helped me get a bank account in 2009, so we at least now can receive funds. Sadly, the Pakistani’s have gone back to their country in 2008 already.

    Do you see how God provides and then Christians muck it up? Can you understand my anger and frustration at CHRISIANS? If Hindu’s and Muslims are prepared to go the distance, why are Christians so awful in resisting God’s purpose?

    By now, I want nothing to do with greater Cape Town’s churches. They are only here to take money from the poor and to polish their own image. Real Godly love was found in the Rasta on the station, or the Rasta on the beach, people whom had reached out to us when we were burdened, hurting and bleeding.

    The church here is a crippled with a strong leg called Reputation (Image) and the other was amputated. it was called Character (Integrity.) Our churches here in SA limp along on crutches coming from

    27 “I have made you a tester of metals and a fortress among my people; that you may know and try their way. 28 They are all grievous rebels, going about with slanders; they are brass and iron: they all of them deal corruptly. 29 The bellows blow fiercely; the lead is consumed of the fire: in vain do they go on refining; for the wicked are not plucked away. 30 Men will call them rejected silver, because Yahweh has rejected them.”

    Jeremiah 6:27-30 (World English Bible)

    No surprise, then, that the Bible teaches us to “come out of her, My people.” – pastor lives in a mansion and drives his umpteenth Porsche his ex-wife had an enormous collection of very expensive shoes….and poor people contribute from their meager earnings and “tithe” their 10% which is not even Biblical in our dispensation.

  48. what businessmen should be doing and i had the same vision long before i knew of this man.–LeTourneau.php

  49. every time we answer a question, wounds are re-opened. listeners want us to explain why tho churches didn’t act, we don’t have those answers. every question takes us back to remembering past abuse and rejection. the commonground pastor had absolutely no info, thus no insight either, just barked instructions and lectured me on ‘the local church.” did he ask where we had been, did he ever ask why we were in this position? no, of course not. marianne, so this was our last attempt at the local churches.

    we had good news last night, we can expect an end to our ordeal, maybe just a few more months, getting there……is hard, very hard!

    • Ayoba

      You have been introducing and discussing your wounds since August, 2010.

      So the wounds were already opened, and you opened them.

      People only asked you about topics you introduced yourself.

      WE just want to see your situation healed, so you need to understand that.

      The church I contacted on your behalf was not the church you mentioned. Sometimes if an outsider makes the contact, it gives more creditably to the situation.

      I am glad about your good news, but not sure where it came from, what you mean, or what kind of change is indicated.

  50. Ayoba, You, & your family have been in my prayers everyday…I’m praying the good news will come to be helpful very soon. Can you share that w/us? A thought entered my mind… I was wondering what your ultimate dream come true would be for you and your family? I hope this guestion does’t cause any hard feelings. It’s a question that we all can/do ask ourselves…but more importantly, asking our Father in heaven, what can we do to glorify Him….I know your internet time is expensive, so a reply need not be lengthy!

  51. Ayoba, I made a typo! The comment posted above was by me, Elle, not Elke!!

  52. Lyndsey, Last night some friends and I watched the film “Pay It Forward”. It was great that everyone (in the story) who learned of the concept “pay it forward” was willing and even excited to pay it forward. (Don’t want to give the plot away). But, in the interview with Trevor, at the end, he says his idea of paying it forward wasn’t as successful as he had hoped. Why? he said, because people had fear, they didn’t believe that others, especially strangers, would want to give any help, freely, not expectin.g anything in return… that is a sad state of affairs. Good movie, thanks!

  53. Hi Elle

    Marianne helped a lot, contacted a church, suggested I contact the, which I did…..the pastor made an appointment which he never kept.

    The church that turned us away were quick to want to mend their reputation when I mentioned them in public.

    I will never, ever trust the church again. While forsaking their duty, they allow a convicted child molester David Kotze to be involved in youth camps. David was sentenced in July 2007 for sexual deeds with minors by judge Cathy Lehmann of Bellville Magistrates Court near Cape Town. Part of his sentence forbids him to deal with children. Pedophiles are allowed to work with children, making the church an accessory to the crime. David was a well-known gospel singer and all churches, christian radio stations, even commercial radio stations, schools, etc., are very much aware of the situation. They protect people like this and participate in his criminality. I am sorry to say: I cannot go with this kind of double standards.

    Perhaps time for the church to sing Don Francisco’s Steeple Song on Sundays, and practise what they preach.

  54. I wasn’t always like this. In the military, I was known as “the most approachable rank” in a very large unit.

    The church here and how it deals with their own, is why I became as I am.

    It is because I speak the truth and expose their works. They hate me when I:

    1. Confront them when they promote the use of the RFID microchip which is part of the “666” system – they advocate its use even on national radio. Two Christian radio stations were also involved, one of which has specialist ICT knowledge in-house – and continued doing so even after a written explanation, done amicably, yet falling upon deaf ears. Said letter was vetted by the former head of security of the largest IBM mainframe system in Africa, before sending it to the radio station. Three years later, they still promoted the use of the chip implant. I had been in IT between 1982 and 2000 specializing in retail systems. I am also an experienced financial planner.

    2. Expose a pastor with a fake PhD whom defrauds the public by using another NPO’s registration number and, in addition, issues false Section 18A receipts which donors can then use to claim tax deductions. He and his wife were both involved in the crime and had me arrested on false charges to try and cover their tracks. My family and I were also evicted as a result.

    3. Expose a pastor whom is not qualified, not ordained, lying blatantly whilst on Christian radio. Him and his ex-pastor friend, an elder in his church, have their vendettas and divide their community. Both were deeply into the habit of gossip and caused extensive damage into the lives of their flocks.

    4. Expose a fake pastor whom had called one of the ladies in his flock a whore after he was approached to counsel with her as she was burdened by severe sexual and violent abuse over many years in childhood.

    5. Expose a sentenced child molester whose deeds are known to the churches around Cape Town. They turn a blind eye or even protect this man whom, in defiance of a court order, still is involved with Camp Escape. They are quick to point fingers at the Roman Catholics yet they are accomplices in the crimes of this pedophile.

    6. Expose a Christian mother and daughter whom had been operating a brothel inside their own home, where the daughter did “high end waitressing” to earn money for a very painful lengthening operation done at Kurgan in Siberia. The daughter was a former head girl of a private Christian school. I was arrested upon false charges when I exposed their fraud, also that of a car belonging to Wesbank but was given as collateral for a loan. She also kicked out my wife and children after midnight, with nowhere to go to, while attempting to also have my wife arrested.

    This woman did this even after I saved her home from being repossessed by the bank, making use of my tax expertise to solicit n urgent audit and credit repayment from SA Revenue Services.

    The ministry at Anatoth off the Bottelary Road between Kuils River and Brackenfell (outside Cape Town, SOuth Africa) was approached in 2004 for helping us when we were homeless. They needed a caretaker and someone with administrative skills, in which I excel, yet they turned me down because I had a wife and children. I have subsequently tested them a bit – as I had good contacts abroad back then, I could arrange for a humanitarian grant. They were quick to call me when I left a message on their answering machine, whilst they were difficult to reach when

    As long as especially Protestantism continues on this path, I see no reason why I, as a disciple of Jesus Christ should have anything to do with the so-called “church” or its various fraternities. The church had proven itself to be a beastly animal devoid of love or compassion, of fundamentalist hypocrisy and laying as a dead, rotten dragon at the entrances of heaven, blocking the way of the saints.

    Those maggots feeding upon her filthy flesh will one day discover that their party is over, that the feast is no more and they will find themselves outside of the New Jerusalem.

    If the church wants to prove me wrong, start doing so by taking up your intended role in society. As intended by El Saddai Eloha Adonai.

    PS: Some Christians become “Jewish” when they accept Jesus Christ. A pastor whom so far had been rejecting me, a fundamentalist with a PhD, attacked such “Jews” recently in South Africa’s JOY! magazine, invoking the ire of a director of Woolworth’s food stores, whom then decreed a ban on the sale of Christian magazines in their shops. These theologians have time for such nonsense while their own beds are burning.

  55. What would YOU have done in this situation?

    • Pieter (Ayoba),

      This kind of stuff is everywhere, unfortunately. You did what you could, following your conscience. The only thing left to do now is to pray for G-d to reveal them. “vengeance is mine saith the Lord”

      Personally, I have seen similar evil amongst providers who take care of our special needs population. Several special needs adults have died under the care of one particular provider as was stated by a friend of mine who was the caregiver and also on the “inside” of this provider. They would ask her to lie, several times, in her case notes/documentation so as to cover up their being at fault.

      As a support coordinator at the time, I reported many of these providers and while some were placed under investigation, some were not-due to “red tape” they were found not guilty-despite the fact that they had a dead consumer. It is frustrating, I KNOW ALL TOO WELL, but in the end, all we can do is PRAY and KNOW that G-d SEES EVERYTHING and is TAKING NOTES.

      Deuteronomy 32:35 It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

      AND: Romans 12:17Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”d says the Lord. 20On the contrary:

      “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;

      if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.

      In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”e

      21Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

  56. Hi, I’m glad to see you know Marianne’s true heart. My first thought is the same as Marianne’s why not contact the pastor again to see what happened? But if the situation is such as it seems, expecting help from them may be futile. I would like to stay on topic, but I will just say this one thing. There are many, sad to say. churches here and all over the world that are being exposed for many of the same issues…even our schools. We all need to be diligent to protect the innocent, yes. But no one can do it alone. If I can be helpful at all I would say that as disciples of Jesus, we need to follow His ways, not easy for us humans! I ask myself what Jesus wants me/you/us to do? What would glorify the Lord in these horiffic situations? We need to pray, give it ALL to the Lord, LISTEN for HIS voice…Let Him do His work.. We cannot STOP what is going to happen, prophesy will be..You have been through alot, there is nothing wrong with focusing on the immediate needs of your family and let the rest be for now..

    • Elle said “nothing wrong with focusing on the immediate needs of your family and let the rest be for now..”

      Absolutely! Take some time for you and your family so as to strengthen yourselves.

  57. in my culture, we are not used to this….we are a nation of decent people, or at least used to be until perhaps just 15 years ago. all of a sudden, the new South Africa bares its teeth……also, I am a white Afrikaner, we are people with enormously strong ethics. You have the 4th of July, we still suffer under some English attitudes…..we are not one nation, we are like different slices of pizza in one box.

    who is left? we have become so alienated, isolated, what Christianity is up to was not expected, it came as an enormous shock. all we believed in, our deep trust in another….all of a sudden, we see people doing this. if it came from unbelievers, it would have been different.

    it is even more confusing when Muslims reach out whilst Christians reject.

    the pain of being forsaken by friends and family, of going through the everglades alone in a dark night……

    of course, our Father is with us but sometimes we need tangible people…..

  58. Ayoba, I agree with Lyndsey too. Well said, Lyndsey! This country was founded by my direct ancestors. I grew up saying the Lord’s prayer EVERYDAY. As a generous, sharing nation we invited all nationalities to join us in the American dream. Ha! Well the LORD’S prayer was abolished many years ago because OTHER nationalities who live here OBJECTED! My children grew up NOT having the freedom or right to say this precious prayer….unbelievable, but true. I’m a white woman, I have become a minority in my own country!!…Yes, we all need tangible people, & the enemy will give you many. Be still for a time…pray in expectation…I know our Heavenly Father has a plan for you & yours…We all have been served-up our trials, they can be “earthly dramas” until we learn to trust in Him who IS in control. The hardest part at times is to let it go, give it all to HIM. Rest your family & self in His arms , seek His comfort, He WILL give it to you!..One set of footprints in the sand, Jesus WILL carry you if you LET Him…

  59. P.S. My apologies for not adding scriptures supporting my views. I don’t have a computer as it crashed and I just can’t afford a new system. So, I am working with my cell phone, 2″x2″ screen..holding it in one hand, typing with the other!! Can’t cut and paste, etc. and only have 1024 characters per post! BUT, frankly, I am thankful for my ability to communicate at all! Lyndsey, those were great scriptures above, thanks for posting them!

  60. Well, to be clear, I was speaking above about praying the Lord’s prayer EVERY morning in school before our classes started. We also recited the Pledge Allegience to The Flag along with the Lord’s prayer, neither is allowed anymore….WE MUST HELP each other, true christian brothes and sistes to stay strong in our faith, afterall, we ARE the enemies target…Satan knows what is written in the Bible, he KNOWS his destiny…think he wants to “go out” as written??!! As the end times draw near he will be (and is now) even more relentless…! But don’t let him wear you out, don’t let him make you think there can be no peace until you have solved all the problems, it is the Lord’s battle. Often times our best qualities can become our worst qualities in that they can work against us, too much determination, etc..for example: the artist that doesn’t know when to put the brush down and overpaints, ruining the vision!! Pause and prayer refreshes the mind and spirit…it is the art of a true warrior!

  61. Ayoba,

    I heard back from the pastor I referred you to. I asked him, like I told you to do, what went wrong.

    This was his reply:

    Hi Mariane

    Our internet system was offline and I could not access the details of our meeting or let him know.

    I think it was due to the Luasanne conference that was held in Cape Town last week. 4500 deligastem crashed with all the activity. Will try and meet up with him still.

    Regards Jacques.

    I would suggest dropping the generalized negative attitude toward all churches, and be nice to this pastor, so he can help you.

    Remember, no one owes you a living, and with some understandable exceptions you mentioned, not everyone deserves your wrath.

    You need to cooperate, be humble, and do your part in receiving help graciously.

    Think of your family. They will be affected by how you interact with churches and pastors.

  62. Gosh! Overwhelmed by the suffering I read about here.

    I too have suffered many yeas with rare blood diseases (plural) and have had a lot of financial misery in the last ten years on top of that,
    but I will take this admonition to heart and give to the local charity which feeds the poor. I had made a donation to an information ministry and did not think I could also afford to give to the “feeding” charity, but now I will.

    It has been my experience in the past that when I reached out and gave a lot and trusted the Lord, that nothing good came back in the
    areas of finance, health, or human support–EXCEPT that my husband and I became closer and more loving and we had a very good forty year
    marriage. Taking my husband away was the loss of the main good thing
    in my life. But my husband was born again, so he has the victory, and for that I am happy.

    But now I do have MORE choices to make concerning health, some of them expensive. This is, as in Marianne’s case, a long struggle, decades, not quickly resolved or over, just more complex, less understood by remaining family or even doctors. No moral support from my son, who is anti-Christian, a lot of his antipathy based on
    real issues with the “church”.

    I believe we CANNOT understand why the Lord asks us to suffer as we do. He asked us to pick up our cross and follow Him. We have to do
    that without full understanding.

    Bless you all, may His comfort come quickly to you all.

  63. I have finally learned that anything that is material is a tool. GOD blesses us so we can bless others..there has been times that I have cleaned out my closet and pulled several 33 gallon trash bags full of clothing to give away and then turned around a week or so later and pulled out more…It really feels like everything I give to others is multiplied back to me…GOD provides!

    • hi sharon,

      it is so good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. You are ahead of me. I have not cleaned out my closets yet. I keep thinking I will fit back into the clothes someday.

      What you are saying is true. Just small gestures like you mentioned bring back more blessings than a large check, written by someone who can afford to give it away.

    • When my 10 year old was born, I had too many baby clothes. I packed up a box (1 box) of his extra clothes and gave away to an unwed mother. Not long after this I was arriving home to unpack the back of the van with clothes that had been given to me, I realized for the first time what G-d meant by “cup overflowing”. I had about 12 boxes of clothes given to me for just my one son.

      I hadn’t thought about it prior to receiving the boxes but as I was unloading I remembered the 1 box of baby clothes that I had given away not too long before that moment. G-d showed me in that moment how the “laws of giving” are just set into place and all we have to do is act upon them-“give and shall be given to you..”

      Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

      **the funny thing was that I had too many clothes and so I gave more away….then I was given more clothes….I gave more away…..then I was given more clothes….this went on and on for years. I finally had to ask G-d to slow down-I couldn’t keep up with all the clothes! LOL It was amazing to watch.

  64. Beautiful post, Marianne! We only ‘increase’ as we ‘decrease.’ It’s one of God’s ‘mysterious ways.’ In God…the resources never run out. Joy (the real deal deep inside the heart) only comes as the fruit of service to others. Best wishes to you in all things.

  65. Just now read the comments/discussion with Ayoba. My soul is stirred deeply. The desire of my heart has gone to God …agreeing…’thy will be done.’

  66. My wife and I, without taking anything for ourselves, have solicited the following from donors, only to find out that there are pastors and churches that say they don’t know whom to give it to, or gave it to a private nursing facility driven by profit. That is whilst there are homeless and hungry people within 500 yards from where they live.

    A large quantity of household and bed linen items from Cape Grace Hotel.
    A truckload of blankets, bed linen, pillows and curtains – the entire write-off stock of Garden Court De Waal hotel.
    A washing machine.
    AAD gave us 80 complimentary tickets for orphanages and disadvantaged children. AAD is the largest air & defence show in Africa, with a youth development programme and career exhibition of note.
    Air shows and fly-ins.
    Brand new double beds, top of the range, enough for four or five 4-metre trailer loads.
    Clothes to fill up a 1-ton (metric) pick-up truck more than ten times over. Ackermans.
    Curtains, linen ware and household items from Zevenwacht Wine Estate’s hotel.
    Enough paint, crack filler, brushes, pans and rollers to cover a huge 5-bedroomed home in two layers of undiluted paint.
    Food in regular supply, over and above cash donations.
    Furniture to fill the 5-bedroomed house.
    Household appliances, cutlery and crockery from Boardmans.
    Took compromised youth to the Naval Festival, on harbour tug rides, into a submarine, onto corvettes and other battleships.
    Two computers, complete. Yet we did not own one although we much needed one.

    Some useful tips:

    If they are too poor to pay for a roof over their heads, they also can’t make phone calls. Don’t ask or tell them to.
    Anything beyond its “sell by” date will make them feel that way. Read Malachi 3.
    Don’t tell them how they feel.
    Don’t tell them how they should be feeling either.
    Don’t add to their burden. Try put yourself in their shoes.
    If you haven’t prayed WITH them, not just FOR them, any action that you may take will become a snare.
    God may be busy with something that you can’t see. Using your own insight will frustrate His purpose and cause conflict.
    Rejected people do not need yet more rejection.
    It took three years and the umpteenth church to find a pastor prepared to listen & pray; not command and teach.
    If you cannot give love without teaching them Bible verses, shut your trap. As that is what the tongue is.
    Watch the movie “God grew tired of us.” That is how such people feel. Fundamentalist dogma from your side will just wear them out more.
    They aren’t poor because of their sins. They may be God’s way of testing YOUR love. Jeremiah 6:27.
    They aren’t poor because of their sins. They maybe are poor because someone elsewhere did not obey God when He provided………
    If you can’t love without telling others how to live their lives, rather don’t give.

    At the time, we were living in a 2-man tent. If we could do it without having any resources, how much more can YOU achieve? We were homeless ourselves!


    We have prayed for a Minnesota family that went through winter without heating gas and electricity (but both parents are chain smokers.) God provided so abundantly….clothes, food, furniture – they could sell of the excess and have heat & light!

    We did NOTHING other than just PRAY! Look at the miracle, it is like filling the cans with oil for a widow.

  68. Compromised people lack mental capability because of prolonged enduring – do not expect from them not to feel pain, do not expect from them to be rational either. And do not add to their burden.

    Such people need love before your own limited wisdom. It is God’s department to save, not yours. Help in a way that don’t cause even more harm. Expect trouble if you place compromised people under duress.

    • Ayoba

      Trouble or not, the needy are expected to be responsible for their own responses to offers to help.

      There is no reason why a true believer would have a compromised mind.

      Everyone here has had long periods of enduring terrible events. Yet, even under duress, they are gracious, faithful, and humble.

      Peace of mind comes with the presence of the holy spirit.

      Acceptance goes both ways.

      Help that is offered should be accepted in peace, without strife.

      We will pray that you get what you need.

  69. Ayoba, In my area, the christian volunteers, who are jobless or homeless, etc. that help gather & distribute donations, from clothing. bedding, food, appliances, dishes, utensils, school supplies, etc. etc. are also welcomed to any items for their own family needs. The food donations often have a “sell by date” but all food, if kept properly is just fine & usable for 5 to 7dys. after that date. The date doesn’t mean it’s spoiled (I buy it myself sometimes when it is on sale). I know it’s just fine because I have cooked LARGE meals, made salads, etc. & served deserts from our kitchen in the Resourse Center/shelter, feeding many grateful people. We all eat together, those that come for help & those that help. We believe that needy families/people are entitled to resources whether they are helpers or not. It’s all in the spirit of the Lord…is your family not allowed to have the benefit of donations & then have to suffer? Whose decision is this? I pray to our heavenly Father, for HIS will to be done. Shalom

    • Hey Elle,

      Your absolutely right with what you wrote.

      *there are some that you can try to help, reach out to, find resources for and exhaust yourself doing so but unfortunately, they have issues that only G-d knows about that keeps them from receiving that help.

    • hi Elle,

      I think most needy families are eager to accept help, and quickly take what is offered. Some don’t, so all we can do is encourage them to be more receptive.

    • Everybody here, just pause for a moment: I said right at the beginning that this is to make readers of this page understand how the poor experience it. I say it from their perspective, not mine. I am used to much less than even expired food. This is about how others experience it and should be for readers here to understand better how poor people feel. As for my own situation, prayer is what I had asked from Day 1. Suggestions came later.

      This is also NOT directed at anyone particular but a general observation.

      I had one lunch at a shelter where they forced the people to attend a church service before they fed them, and then they were verbally abusive towards some of the very poor.

      As for expiry dates, some FRESH foods such as sandwiches and pies are only sent back to the suppliers after a full two weeks on the shelves. I was IT manager in a retail store and I also marketed retails software solutions for years. I know how it works out there.

      The issue is not the old food; it is taking people’s dignity away from them.

      And, after having started off in a good mood long ago, trying to find a PASTOR (caregiver), scores of churches visited, emails sent, letters under the door – it took an effort since 2007 before Marianne found a very good one. The point I am trying to make is that it isn’t as easy (at least here) to find a church that really cares.

      Elle, here they don’t eat with the people. They give them a sort of gruel on the pavement. As for us taking some of the spoils for us, here it would be seen as theft. When we needed blankets ourselves, we needed to beg and even then only got four. The rest was stored ceiling high and not distributed. (We have no car and could not collect and distribute ourselves.)

      Cultures differ, I am sure that even within my own country you will find people handling things differently. I grew up in a small-ish town (you call it a city, regardless) where this was done differently from Cape Town, even though it is just 60 miles away.

      I am writing these things as the in an effort for others to see what (can) happen elsewhere, that giving help in Rockport is different from giving help in Evansville. It also means that your understanding of what happens on my side will be understood by you in a way that differs from the *local* realities. And I am learning from what others write here as well, that is the purpose of this.

  70. I had found a flaw in myself that had to be addressed, that perhaps has some merit here. I was always a giver. Sometimes taking it to extremes and placing myself into jeopardy.

    However when life became life, and I was now required to be on the receiving end, I had great difficulty in doing that.
    I realized after pondering as to why, that it was simply because of my own pride.
    I had always relied on my ability to be self sufficient,(which perhaps God wished to change?) by placing me in a position were I was left with only having the ability to rely solely upon Him.

    Pide, I still have battles with that.

  71. Hi Marianne and Lyndsey. Yes, we agree! So, I encourage all to understand their health and welfare ARE important to many of us and, most importantly to our heavenly Father. We are giving in love and in spirit, I give mostly my time and whatever else I may have. Sometimes I neglect myself…can’t hold anyone else accountable for that! I, too, have had plenty in my life. Not so now and life goes up and down. I have had to learn how to be on the receiving end at times! But, I always have my heart and smiles to give away, free!! And I will admit It IS always wonderful to get a smile back, when that happens. We all need to feel the love. 🙂 Blessings!

  72. Buck, I am not always like this – all I say, is get into my shoes before you judge. You are missing the point here; my entire effort is one of “this is what we experience where we are.” There are things that you can learn from me just as I do learn from you, Marianne, Patrick, Elle…..which is WHY this blog is up.

    And I so wish someone will just notice what I have said about prayer and how effective it is. We can have many talents, expertise, education, willingness, the means – yet we may very well apply our ability wrongly with regard to that person’s situation. Prayer is when our Father answers our call for guidance – I can not emphasize this enough. Prayer is the first step, not a last resort.

  73. Pacific Garden Mission

    Most shelters here charge too much for the poor to pay, nobody takes in families, not all “shelters” give accommodation, just food during daytime. I was taught to eat what was placed before me, since I was a toddler. I am not squeamish but I can assure you that some pigs in this country are fed better than many of the homeless here.

    Elle, health is very important but being conscious is of no value to the pauper whom can only afford half a loaf of (poisonous) white bread.

    Me and my family have no problem in receiving, Buck, we just cannot make phone calls when asked to as telecoms are crazily priced here. Everybody has a cellphone but few make calls on them. Now, someone not working for a salary and whom needs to be working by the hour, cannot just leave everything and run to a shop to get information. Practicalities are not easily understood.

    My brother’s friends in America get food coupons despite the fact that both hubby and wife work. They have 3 TV’s and three cars, two of which have V8 engines. That sounds like heaven to us……

    Being poor here has a different meaning altogether. Then go to other countries and you will find it worse………

  74. This is bring to your kind note that i am seeking for missionaries help to serve poor people in the way of their education, health, food and cloths, specially for children. I am post graduated qualified woman and married. Now i am in Ethiopia with my husband and children. He is working as a professor for university. Since my childhood days i have a passion that serve poor people in a variety of ways that to meet their minimum required things. I am very particular about poor children health and education. I have more information around my native place in India where is poor people, where is people are waiting for love and food.

    Now i have very good time to implement my passion towards service for poor people. In this connection i have more support from my family members. I have seen lot of backward things here in Ethiopia but the same conditions also known in around my places in India. In this connection; i observing how missionaries providing funds for children education and health here in Ethiopia. Now i am thinking to serve poor people in India with help of christian missionaries forever.

    kindly consider my proposal to build a school and hospital for poor children initially. I have a vision that serve people forever with standard quality services through missionary help. If you are interested; i can send my proposal where i want to develop my project in India.

    I am waiting for you positive reply. Thanking you.

    with best regards kalyani

    • dear kalyani

      I wish you well on your goals. If you wish you have your efforts evaluated for support, you need to contact someone there who can prove what you are doing as charity, and then help you arrange for support.

  75. thanking you friends me also waiting that person.

  76. I tithe, I give offering, I give first fruit. Give to prisons and to charity, but my finances have never improved at all. I need money.

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