You Raise me Up

angel grief grief

For all those who have lost a loved one. 

He died. Then rose from the dead.  He will come back as promised.

You died also.  Someday, I will see you again too.

Such is the nature and hope of the spirit.

The spirit lives forever.


In your memory……..


12 Responses to “You Raise me Up”

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  2. Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints – Psalms 116:15

    • Thank you Gavriel. That was very sweet of you.

    • There’s a spirit that says i destroyed child & i will burn in hell forever. Didn’t Jesus claim victory over the realm of the grave/hell. Jesus will have the last say concerning the soul of everyone.

      • This to the Great Yahoveh & the Son Yeshua it doesn’t matter what the devil says about you or this situation-you’ve always known what was best for your created world and creations. Please remember my name for you are Holy & i’m not. Even on my best day – my righteousness was as King David said filthy rags. Your word also said that you-Yeshua would never leaveor forsake Please don’t forsake even your enemies!

    • Grieving IS hard. Perhaps quietness would help.

      “I’m deeply sorry for your loss…

      May Heavenly Father cause his angels to walk with you and comfort you, till you feel ready to lift your countenance back up with the rest of us who remain in this life. Amen.”

  3. Here is a true experience.

    My Journey With You Lord

    Seeing it is but a short journey
    here in this world,
    Why would you seek anything but your brother?
    Or why would you spend it as if it were permanent?

    The purpose of this world
    is the purpose of Elijah.
    The Holy Spirit is the vehicle.
    I am supported by God.

    I am resting in the Palm of His Hand.
    He rested my legs.
    We moved about me and God as One.
    I asked Him:
    “What are mountains?”

    I felt the mountains under my being.
    I also felt all of its valleys.
    Then I heard myself say:
    “Teach me about creation,
    I may know you My Father.”

    In the invisible I saw hands
    being laid on my head,
    above my head.
    Everything is fixed in God

    Heard an Angel saying:
    There is a light that comes to transform your being.”

    “I will teach you to see vertically.
    I will teach you everything.”
    I saw a pillar of light.

    He polishes those He redeems.
    He polishes those He saves.
    He polishes those He loves.
    He polishes those He cherishes.

    The things of God are too wonderful
    to speak!
    “When you go through the valley
    put your hands together.”


  4. The lyrics to Michael Jackson’s most famous song.

    1st Verse]
    It’s Close To Midnight And Something Evil’s Lurking In The Dark
    Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
    You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It
    You Start To Freeze As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
    You’re Paralyzed

    ‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
    And No One’s Gonna Save You From The Beast About
    You Know It’s Thriller, Thriller Night
    You’re Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller

    [2nd Verse]
    You Hear The Door Slam And Realize There’s Nowhere Left To Run
    You Feel The Cold Hand And Wonder If You’ll Ever See The Sun
    You Close Your Eyes And Hope That This Is Just
    But All The While You Hear The Creature Creepin’ Up
    You’re Out Of Time

    ‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
    There Ain’t No Second Chance Against The Thing With
    Forty Eyes
    You Know It’s Thriller, Thriller Night
    You’re Fighting For Your Life Inside Of Killer, Thriller Tonight

    Night Creatures Call
    And The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade
    There’s No Escapin’ The Jaws Of The Alien This Time
    (They’re Open Wide)
    This Is The End Of Your Life

    [3rd Verse]
    They’re Out To Get You, There’s Demons Closing In On Every Side
    They Will Possess You Unless You Change The Number On Your Dial
    Now Is The Time For You And I To Cuddle Close Together
    All Thru The Night I’ll Save You From The Terror On The Screen,
    I’ll Make You See

    That This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
    ‘Cause I Can Thrill You More Than Any Ghost Would Dare To Try
    Girl, This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
    So Let Me Hold You Tight And Share A Killer, Diller, Chiller
    Thriller Here Tonight

    [Rap Performed By Vincent Price]
    Darkness Falls Across The Land
    The Midnite Hour Is Close At Hand
    Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood
    To Terrorize Y’awl’s Neighbourhood
    And Whosoever Shall Be Found
    Without The Soul For Getting Down
    Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell
    And Rot Inside A Corpse’s Shell
    The Foulest Stench Is In The Air
    The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
    And Grizzy Ghouls From Every Tomb
    Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom
    And Though You Fight To Stay Alive
    Your Body Starts To Shiver
    For No Mere Mortal Can Resist
    The Evil Of The Thriller

  5. Take courage!

  6. Through the most Holiest name of all creation-Jesus the Christ we shall all do valiantly including my brother Pastor Vincent Hodge, his sister, his mother, neice, & all of his children b/c he’s a truth bearer & a true intercessor.


  8. He died. Then Raised from the Dead. He Will come back as Promised

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