You Won’t Be Here


It was the last thing I expected to hear.

It was 1999.

I was in excellent health.

I had a nice job.

In my personal time, I frequently attended prayer meetings, met new friends, and enjoyed prayer, praise, and worship music.

It was a time in my life where I had discovered the power of God in my life, but more importantly His Presence.

I had been blessed with dreams and visions, and it was a time of great favor from God for me.

I felt excited, and expected that life would always be like this.

I was walking from the employee parking lot, at one end of Manning Drive at UNC-Chapel Hill, to my laboratory building at the other end of the road.

These were 20-25 minute walks for me.

It was all uphill.

I had recently gotten one of those notices from Social Security telling me how little I would earn at retirement age, which, for me, was 66 years old.

As I pondered, and asking silently God in my mind how I was supposed to live on that small amount, I heard the words:

“Don’t Worry.

You won’t be here.”

I stopped in my tracks.



At that time, I was (obviously) younger, working full time, in good health, with a long life ahead of me.

There was no reason to think I “would not be here.”

That was the last thing on earth I expected God to say to me.


It is now 2016.

I will be 66 years old this fall.

17 years has passed, and the world, and I, have changed a lot.

My health has rapidly declined.

I had to stop working due to poor health.

I took early retirement so I could have something to live on

Savings have been almost depleted.

I can barely get around without pain.

Relationships are gone, as I stay alone now.

My main contacts are online.

But there is more.


The world has become dark and evil.

It is dying.

Corruption in churches and governments.

Apostasy is everywhere.

The world seems to be heading for a crash.

Animals are dying everywhere, land and sea.

Terrorists are invading Europe and America, and other countries as well.

Sin is legitimized, and decency is abhorred.

Christians are punished for who they are, and

Their killers are praised.

Good is evil, and evil is good.

There are things in the heavens speaking volumes to many.

Things implying an end to life as we know it.

I never thought life would change this much in such a short amount of time.

So now, I look toward the rest of the year, and wonder how much more it will change.

The words from 1999 are still with me.

I rush to finish projects I had planned.


Will my life be over before my birthday?

Or did the Lord mean, I would not be here in general, ie, I would not live to be of old age, like my Mom?

I could see an extra few years that way.

But, I really do not know how much time I have left.

Do you?

As I reflect on the shortness of life, I am preparing in my spirit for leaving here.

Where I am going, is a wonderful place.

What I am leaving behind is a very desperate and lost world.

I have asked the Lord to let me stay a little while longer, to be there for my loved ones.

I hope He grants my wish.


We all have to be ready to leave here, and face our Creator, to give an account of our lives.

Will he judge us as acceptable, or will we fail in His eyes?

Thinking about dying and the afterlife is a serious matter.

But we all will face death.

And judgment by God.

Are we ready?

Are YOU ready?


There is only one path to the Father.

His name is Jesus / Yahshua.


If you belong to Him, you have an intercessor with the Father during judgment.

If you don’t, you are lost, and will face judgment alone, for all your sins and mistakes in life.

The Father God is holy, and righteous,

No sinful soul can come before Him, and be accepted.

Being covered by the sacrificial blood of Jesus / Yahshua is essential for acceptance into heaven.

Please look at your hearts, and see if you are in a right relationship with God.


71 Responses to “You Won’t Be Here”

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  2. a loving God knows when to call his children home….

  3. I really enjoyed this posting, and hope it speaks volumes for all of us.We so easily get entangled by the things of this world, that can take our eyes off Jesus.This man is right regarding the times we are in!…Just like the days of Noah, the increase of sin is getting stronger and stronger.Jesus said that the road to Hell is wide, and that the path to Life is narrow…this gives us an indication of the expected numbers toward each destination!…In my Spirit I feel we have no more than 16 years of current earthly history left, and that it may be even less.So to all my brothers and sisters I say, live wisely…by all means plan things as though Jesus were not returning at all, but live your life, as though he were returning at any hour!

  4. Ahhh, 1999. So much has changed in this world and in myself as well. Marianne, you said:
    “I had been blessed with dreams and visions, and it was a time of great favor from God for me.”

    It took me a long time to learn that even when things weren’t going “my” way, when my health was faltering, and when the dreams and visions seemed to be few and far between – I am still blessed, perhaps even more so than when things are easy for me. It tells me God trusts me to put me in the fire and still carry His torch.

    You also said:
    “But, I really do not know how much time I have left. Do you?”

    No, I do not know, and so I live my life today as if it was the last day on this planet. I have no “bucket list” – only that I may be worthy to serve Him.

    But, for those who want to know, there is a “Death Clock” based on our current health, lifestyle, and where we live:

    I forget how I came across this site. and I have checked it out a few times, and always ending up with the same date. According to this “clock” I will live to be 89 years, 3 months, and 0 days old. Friday, 15th of January, in the year 2044 is my day of departure (according to my current health) and unless God calls me home sooner.

    So today I do what I can to care for my health, I go to bed each night without regrets knowing I may not wake up (here), and that the day and time of our Lord calling me home, or calling for me to be judged, will be much sooner than later.

  5. I always figured I would have to work until I die, and I have no problem with that. “Retirement” is not in the Bible.

    • hi david

      retirement can be lots of work, except the pay is not as good. 🙂

      • I will need the money from working I expect. I always knew Social Security and the government in general would be broke by then. But yeah, I could find stuff to do to keep busy, that would be easy.

  6. 5~8~5998 (out of 6000) American Mother’s Day
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    This reminds me of when I was about 21 (’72 ish). A thought came to my mind: “What if Yahshua does NOT return by the time that you are 50 (1998)?” I quickly dispelled THAT thought from my brain because I just KNEW that Yahshua would return very soon! It seems now that that thought was from above as a warning. Like a bright flame my love for His appearing could have quickly burned out. I had also had a dream of seeing Him come so I was really stoked. I still am at times. At least I pray that I am NOT asleep spiritually. I do know now that the timing of EVERYTHING is in Yahweh’s Hands and NOT our own, What a relief!


    • 4

      we must be about the same age, if you were 21 in 1972, I was 22 yo.

      we know so little about ourselves, and how ready we are,

      but He knows all, and has been preparing us, putting us through tests

      we have to endure to the end, and submit to whatever he lets come our way

      • 5~14~5998 (out of 6000) Sabbath Happy Birthday Israel!

        Marianne, I am 68 having been born on January 12, 1948 about four months before Israel was reborn. I knew NOTHING about Israel growing up. I really learned everything after June,1967 when my roommate mentioned the Sixth Day War in Jerusalem. There is an understanding that those who are alive when Israel is reborn will be of the final generation. Personally, as you know, I believe that those who are saved and sealed in the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua) will survive these end times to see Yahshua return. (No pre-tribulation Rapture.) In my opinion your message may have been a warning about this. I came out of Christianity when I was 22. There is no safety in staying in it and having “The Mark of the Beast”

        • 4 Yahweh

          I did not know about Israel either growing up. it was always a non-topic around my house, and it stayed that way for a long time.

          the Lord led me to the awareness, and the strong connection we have with Israel.

          I agree we are here, during the tribulation, until it is finished….I define the tribulation as the seals in chapter 6, because they match the description on Matt 24

          • Marianne, the riders on the four horses have been riding them for a very long time. Death has been riding that horse for centuries! The plague (from the beasts of the earth) was killing thousands in the 1300’s. Fukushima is now killing millions! Uncensored News:
            The fifth seal were the martyrs of the Vatican’s Christianity since the 3rd Century culminating in the persecution of the believers in Yahweh and Yahshua during the 15 and 1600’s , the TRUE protestants. Many were burned at the stake. None of these martyrs were Christian but they were murdered BY CHRISTIANS! Millions of people were killed by the Nazis who were also CHRISTIAN!
            According to the Seventh Day Adventists, verse 11 is the Investigative Judgment in Heaven when confessed believers are judged which according to them began on Day of Atonement, October 22,1844 and culminates shortly before Yahshua’s return. The events of verses 12 – 13 already have happened in history and apparently will be repeated . Verse 17 The day of wrath may be an entire year. There isn’t any artificial separation between Revelation 6:17 and 7:1 the describing of the sealing of the saints. This sealing either goes on for a very long time or it’s a test that comes suddenly on us all with this government’s enforcement of “The Mark of the Beast” ( the latter also first taught by the Adventists in 1888.)
            The only ones surviving the tribulation are those SAVED and SEALED in the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua).

            May Yahshua return VERY SOON is my prayer! HalleluYah!

        • I agree what I be leave is if I am ready even if it’s pre in the middle or post I would be ready I be leave my body is the church

  7. That is a great story. We do not know the day nor the hour; but we are told to recognize the times and the seasons. I too was given a story much like that when a salesman wanted to sell me a cemetery plot for the future; and without hesitation I said to him, “Thank you very much sir; but I won’t need one!” If you will notice that the one phrase equals ten words; but it is divided into two sections of five words each. IE: of the ten virgins mentioned in Matthew, there were five wise virgins and five foolish virgins. After I had thanked the salesman I never thought about the issue again. Then many years later the Holy Spirit reminded me of that saying after I had come to know Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. Since then I have always shared that I would not die here on earth before the coming of the Lord. Maranatha!

  8. He is coming very soon and I think many of us will experience the rapture. We don’t know when for sure but they are really trying to divide Israel up which speaks to Daniel 9:27 and the beginning of Jacob’s trouble. Ezekiel 38+39 are set up with Russia, Iran and many of the Gog and Magog countries. There are so many prophecies being set up right now. I can imagine us being raptured within the next year and maybe sooner. Maybe this month who knows! Keep on keeping on and occupying till He comes. We will make it if it’s God’s will! Hang in there! Blessings.

  9. The Church is not mentioned after Chapter 3 in Revelation.

    • true, although it may be cloaked. jesus said we would face tribulation.

      maybe what he meant was if we face tribulation in our lives ahead of time, he won’t make us go through it all over again.

      I look forward to meeting you in the next life

  10. Marianne,
    I remember you telling me that story years ago and I remember feeling that it is great that the Lord told you that. God does not want us to be concerned about these things. It is harder said than said than done for sure. Even when we have had visions, etc. & He has done amazing things in our lives. My life is nothing like I ever expected, a disappointment in so many ways. I can totally relate to your story & have been in a similar mind set myself. Like how am I going to sustain my life, etc, etc… And, I am tired of this work life that is very unpredictable, etc. I can’t do this forever! I was getting alittle “down” & felt a little helpless. I prayed to hear God’s voice. A few prayers later and while I was doing some things I heard Him say, out of the blue “I will take care of you” it stopped me in my tracks! Tears of thankfulness streamed down my face. I instantly felt so relieved, He took my burdens! I think God was telling you, by saying “You wont be here”, that He will take care of you! As you said, the world has changed so fast & in astounding & shocking ways…He has a better plan for His children! I tell myself that daily & it certainly is beyond my understanding, but iin Him I trust! It is such a blessing to know He still speaks to us & I want to listen more! He will take care of us…Blessings to you!

    • thank you elle.

      just think, maybe someday soon, this tall blonde, and this short brunette will finally get together in god’s kingdom. 🙂

      we both started out blessed, then our lives both crashed in different ways, but we both stayed faithful

      soon, our burdens will be gone. someone wrote me and told me this post was a confirmation for her mother, who was told the same thing I was,….she would not make it to 71 years old, and she is 70 now.

      what all this means, will be revealed soon

      • Yes, 😊 see you in God’s Kingdom, soon! It’s a curious thing but I have never imagined myself being a really old person waiting to die! I understsnd it more now in these days of end times…I am not catholic but I remember just last yrear when the Pope, as well as others, warned this will be our last Christmas. Who really knows, of course? But I do belive the time is near & God will be calling us home…. Halleluiah!

  11. There false vioces. I’ve heard a lot of things. That were not God just keep plugging away Andes be grsteful

  12. What frustrates me is that Conchita knows the date of the first sign but won’t tell anyone. This is despite the fact that it would give great solace to millions.

  13. But the Miracle is around the April after the Warning so I don’t really know what Conchita has to offer any more.

  14. That is not strictly true. The chastisement will be the “birthing pains” (late first half tribulation). Then the Abomination will follow THEN the trumpets (30 days )and then the rapture, before Michael defeats and cast down Satan. The raptured will not experience the casting down of Satan and his wrath. About two and a half years between Miracle and rapture. But I can’t work out the years. Please don’t say “only god knows” the Daniel clues are not just for fun. But I still cannot confirm the years.

    • steve

      we have different definitions of events.

      to me, the first 5 seals are the tribulation

      and then we leave at 6th seal acc to matt 24

      then the wrath begins for the wicked

      • Yes I agree. I think that you are right in that the rapture is at the seventh seal so 1 Corinthians 15 last trump rapture must be the last trump followed by God’s wrath of seven trumpets. The Abomination and sixth seal immediately precede these events. But the Garabandal miracle must be many months before this…. or you end up with

        “At the sixth seal,when you see the Son of Man in the sky across the whole world, buy a ticket to Spain”

        That doesn’t sound right. 🙂

  15. Conchita could but she refuses to. I have absolutely no idea why.

  16. Steve – When people mention a Bible verse I always like to read the before and after to have a context of their reference. Your Luke 21:11 certainly portrays the happenings today, inclusive of the verses before and after.

    Luke 21:9-13:

    “9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end [is] not by and by.

    10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

    11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

    12 But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute [you], delivering [you] up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

    13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony.”

  17. Steve

    My best calculations are

    688ad (dome of rock abomination)+1335 = 2023 ad = End of wonders
    Garabandal Miracle 2017 April
    2 years of chastisement of 5 seals
    Abomination set up 2019
    Sixth seal (Son of man in sky) hide in caves.
    Trumpets 30 days (1290-1260) Wrath of God
    Michael’s battle with Satan
    Great Tribulation 3.5 years
    Armageddon 2022
    End 2023

  18. Yes Denise and Gregg

    and all you need to know is that these Satan is called Ego. Now watch the politicians and “religious” leaders speak. The article above is correct

    “Don’t Worry.

    You won’t be here.”

    Love Rocks

  19. … And Ego sucks

  20. Hi Marianne,

    question again

    What is the fountain we drink from ?
    I guess the fountain is Trinity God Himself ,
    Father God, Lord Jesus , Holy Spirit , His Word, His Presence.

    there are also a lot of activities going on in the church, such as blowing shofar, waving flag/banner, golden dust manifest ,supernatural experience…vision, dreams,…….. ,

    these things are by-product from God, these things are not God.

    I totally support all these things, when other people doing these things,

    people have freedom to do what they feel lead to,

    But when it come to me , I would have caution ,why ?

    once it happened to me , for a while I sought for supernatural experience
    (such as vision, dreams, visit Heaven… ) , sought for anointing , at that time, I almost lost focus on God,

    the motive was self-seeking , not clean and righteous motive.
    when we doing these things (anointing , blowing shofar, waving flag/banner, supernatural experience,….. } ,

    we need to check what is our passion go after, our passion is after Jesus or what ,
    if the vision or dream , supernatural experience , or activities lead us to Jesus, lead us to Truth, to Holiness or not ,

    I am not against any prophetic move or any supernatural things when other people doing.

    Any thoughts and correction, thanks God Bless

    quote from website below, some people say this : flag waving:
    1. It ushers in the presence of God
    2. It is a sword used in spiritual warfare
    3. Help focus our faith
    4. It is spiritual warfare by movements, actions, sounds, and colors.
    5. It brings anointing (whatever, in this context, that is)
    6. Destroys the works of the devil.
    However, the Bible tells us the the weapons include:
    1. Truth
    2. The Shield of Faith
    3. The Gospel
    4. The Bible (the real Sword of the Spirit)
    5. Righteousness

  21. Very well said. Thank you and God Bless.

  22. This blog post has touched me profoundly. I am on disability, 56 years old and facing a similar future of uncertainty and deprivation. When I read the words God spoke to you I felt their power deeply. Thinking about my own blog now, I am asking myself… What words would I blog to be left behind as a source of comfort, faith and courage for others if I knew that I too may not be here soon…

    • leah

      each blog has its own personality and character.

      i believe the words will come to you

      trust god, and rest in him, and the words you need to say will be given when the time is right

      we also can also pray that we, or our loved ones, “escape these things” to come

  23. fyi

    Your posts are strange. It is like you don’t have your own mind. Do you just follow the words of preachers?

  24. You are NOT Christians you are deluded judgemental Satanists. The ultimate deceiver.

  25. Hi Mariane,

    66 this fall, and the age at which you hoped to retire, at 66. Guess am reading close to 666.

    On a seripus note, its a greatly written testimony.

    And a prophecy.

    Why doesnt anyone seriously believe Jesus Christ could return before end of this year? Before you actually turn to the year of the number of the beast minus 600?

    I watch prophecy alot, and the 24th June 2016 is an implied date with destiny. The other day I had been watching out for was 12th May 2016, snd it did not dissapoint. NATO just achieved to escallate tension against Russia, through that Missile defense system operationalisation in Romania. Its close to the Cuban missile crisis but in reverse. How will the Russians counter?

    Perhaps too it was your personal rest that was being implied, and the best one can do is go embrace all manner of eventuality. Sometimes I feel terrible yo witness the deaths of anyone younger than myself and wish God would have granted them more days, or in exchange with my own. Then I figure, that death to God is meaningless, as He has gained victory over that too, for us too.


    • hi john

      I cannot say if jesus will return this year, but it does look like the trouble he predicted will start this year, at least for most of america.

      much of the world is already in turmoil. the 2 witnesses have not shown up yet in jerusalem, and there has been no abomination in a temple that is not there yet also.

      for many people , 66 years old is the time for social security. not just me.

      I have to wait and trust god to see what will happen. I have asked to be here for my family, but god may decide I would be in his way as he deals with them, for purification, and take me.

      right now, I have no major illness or terminal disease, so how I leave this earth is not clear, unless I get killed.

      maybe he also meant 66 as a general time frame, and I will still be here this time next year.

      from dreams I have had, posted here, I will see martial law occur before I die, or “leave”

      I do not know. but america is going to be punished severely for its sins. we now have to deal with a leader who wants men to be allowed to use women’s bathrooms. that is wrong. sodomites are in government now, and so are our enemies.

      God will destroy america to disallow these evil people from having the country.

  26. Yaaahooo.right on. You just blessed me. An old friend and myself think that 5 years is about what the saints..the grafted in ones who obey his commandments have left here. Then to be gathered up and hidd for 3-1/2 years from the face of satan. Probably to be taught how to rule and reign with the Lord as i sure don’t know how to now .I’m a bit to easy on things but he said we will rule with an iron rod…yikes. .now i think i need a tune up!

    • meryl

      ha ha …..I need some WD 40 myself to keep going.

      we may have less than 5 years, the way america is going,

      I hope the rest of the world does better than we will…..

      • Hi…lol…well if you look a our illustrious leader here in Canada. .it makes you wonder where we will be in 5 years. We are loading up with muslim warriors. The kik the military families out of the base homes then put so called refugees in. Were having a lot of trouble now and they are not all here yet. The young people voted for him as they thought he was going to legalize weed. The things he’s pulling off is crazy. We have a good alternative media well worth book marking. Check it out..rebel take care

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